Alec Ogletree (LB, Georgia) vs Alabama


  1. Michael

    While watching it live I knew he was playing a good game, but after re-watching it, I think it was a great game. If ‘Bama didn’t have a lineman instantly at the second level on every run this would have been an even more impressive performance. Can’t wait to see what this guy can do at the combine. Please be there for the Seahawks Ogletree!

    • Rob Staton

      Sensational game. And he’s tailor made for this defense if you ask me.

  2. Drew

    Watching this, and yes Ogletree looks awesome, but Holy.Shit. the Alabama guard Chance Warmack is incredible.

    • Rob Staton

      Warmack, Jones and Fluker were all immense in this game. All of that Alabama offensive line will play on Sunday.

  3. kevin mullen

    Looks like he sheds tackles well, very quick lateral speed and recovery. Also, noticed him going after the ball a lot, not a clean tackler but maybe better at creating turnovers?

    Seems to me if he adds ten to fifteen pounds he could really do some damage, tackling wise. He looks underweight, is it just me?

    • Rob Staton

      According to the listings, he’s 2lbs lighter than Leroy Hill.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Random scattered notes I had on Ogletree:

      He plays light. Although the stop at the goal line was beautiful in the bama tape, I was particularly underwhelmed by his ability on the inside. The contrast between Arthur Brown who attacks linemen and appears very comfortable patrolling the A gaps, and Ogletree is pretty remarkable.

      Ogletree really doesn’t strike me as a player comfortable with taking on players in between the tackles. When he’s in the slop, he treads gingerly like he’s on eggshells. He also has a real tendency to give up on plays. Way too much standing around watching players fighting to go down. When he overruns the ball, he doesn’t really seem to be that into correcting the mistake and pursuing.

      His speed is electric. And when he does decide he’s going to attack a gap, he makes everyone look like they are going in slow motion. That is a gift from the gods. My only issue with him is that he doesn’t seem like he embraces the physical aspect of linebacking. To me, his first instinct is avoid/go around blockers. Filling a hole isn’t his forte. When he does attack a gap, it’s virtually ALWAYS an open gap.

      In reality, he looks like a less physical Kam Chancellor. He doesn’t play linebacker with the necessary violence that I would expect of a first round pick. I think he plays scared of getting hurt and it shows on tape.

      If he does get over his affinity to not engage in physical contact — he could be great. At this point though, he’s a flashy/finesse backer. I can’t say I’m as impressed as others here. The great impact plays he makes are jaw dropping. And if he’s not blocked — he can make outstanding plays. But he’s a feast/famine kind of player. And chances are, he’s going to have to take on blocks in the NFL. He’s very weak at the point of attack even at the college level. You can see it by how he dances around with blockers and gives 5-10 yards away. He just doesn’t look at all comfortable taking on a blocker and filling a hole.

      That is … not good if you plan on playing linebacker in the NFL.

      My take: He doesn’t like to play physical and his instinct is to try to avoid blockers entirely by circumventing them. He plays well from the inside/out where he doesn’t have to take a blocker head on and uses his speed to keep his outside arm free. Actually, when he races a blocker to a contain point laterally — he is very aggressive and physically attacks the point. As of draft day, he’s a pursuit backer only. Does not have the mental makeup to be effective between the tackles.

      Extremely fast. Gives up on plays. You find him standing around a lot of tackles while his mates are fighting a guy down in front of him. The kind of linebacker who Lynch would get 5-8 additional yards when he’s fighting 2 defenders.

      I don’t like the mental part of his game yet. He just screams SOFT to me in almost all aspects. Doesn’t want to take on linemen. Even big backs. He chases down players, but will often times offer only a weak arm tackle if they come straight at him. Doesn’t want to stick his nose in a pile. Doesn’t fight hard to get back into a play if he overruns it.

      From the tackles to the sideline, he could be a complete beast. And he wouldn’t be the first rookie to come into the league needing to toughen up … A LOT. Ray Rice was one such player. Alec’s ability in space and in pursuit, you can’t coach. He could develop into a player that can embrace the physical nature of the position. Taking Ogletree means taking a guy you have to rebuild a little bit.

      On second thought, that kind of sounds like a guy Pete would really be interested in. Seems he likes those kinds of players and trusts his ability to polish the rough edges of a players’ game.

  4. Zach

    To me, this guy is a top 10 pick. There is no way he stays into the 20’s. If the Seahawks want this guy, they need to move up. The way this draft class has been very solid everywhere, how much do you think it would cost to move up? Lets say into the low teens, from the mid 20’s.

    • Rob Staton

      It didn’t cost too much to move around in round one last year. But nobody traded from the 20’s to the teens so it’s difficult to compare.

  5. Caleb

    On a separate note:

    Holy, T.J. Yeldon is going to have quite the career in alabama.

  6. Barry

    I saw one play that was head up straight take down tackle for Ogletree. A lot of the time he was getting washed by the TE. Every time I saw big 89 come down and seal him off from the play with little or no resistance from Ogletree. Makes too many plays after the spot he settles in for his stance. I’m sorry but I still don’t see I player worth a high pick. I see a very very lean kid that’s got some nice legs who’s a great chase down player but you can find a player like that after round one.

    I’d put him at safety, but he’s not as smooth as someone like Earl Thomas, and not as big or powerful as Kam. The kids built slight and I’m not sure if its lack of upper body strength or not securing leverage but either way he has a issue with use of his upper strength disengaging. What worries me about his frame is he moves like his body is still developing (awkward jumbled movement as comes to a stop) but he doesn’t look like he can add say 20 more lbs. Although I’m sure if he is around the age of 20 his body would still be growing.

    Not trying to hate, just want to like this dude based on what I hear. I’d like him a lot more in the second round due to his speed and flexibility, but not a high first. He just doesn’t seen to have enough “stud” qualities for a LB to go in the top 16 picks.

    • adog

      i have similar doubts about our 1st round pick last year, Irvin. He seems a bit small to play with his hand down in the NFL. With Ogletree, he has still has some time to grow, yet Irvin is probably down growing. That’s not to say he cannot get bigger in the weight room, yet will it be at the risk of losing speed? It’s was a very interesting pick from JS\PC, they usually draft bigger rather than smaller.

      • Barry

        Thats a good point Adog. But as a specialist Irvin wouldn’t be on the field even 50% of the plays. Everyone knew BI could rush the passer and as that’s all we needed from him. That pushed his value up even more for PC and JS. As a LB your expected to be out there at least 60%. Ogletree is young and does have time to add weight. And a lot of players actually gain speed and quickness if their body isn’t done growing from adding muscle wight. But that means time to develop and a top 16 pick at the LB spot you want out playing now. other wise you could look for the same type of player after round 3. And as you said PC and JS usually draft bigger, i believe they like bigger LB’s with speed or some sort of edge over just straight speed.

        • adog

          Lo and behold, Irvin had a really nice inside rush on what looked like a twist stunt today. Perhaps at this stage of his career, Bradley and Carroll need to design plays for him so that he has no choice but to go with an inside rush. Otherwise, Irvin just runs an 8 yard curl on every passing down…and finds himself so close to the qb, yet so far away.

  7. Jim Q

    I see this kid as an above average LB prospect, perhaps worthy of a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He seems to take some plays off and needs to improve his ability to disengage from blockers. He did have a few good to excellent plays on this tape, although the blocked kick he returned was a gift that bounced into his hands. He seemed to be out of position a few times and missed some tackles that perhaps he wouldn’t have if he was as good as he is hyped. He does indeed look slim and probably could benefit by adding a few pounds of muscle. He appears to run fast enough to be a good cover LB, however I think he is maybe more fast than quick and I’d worrry a little about his instincts in tracking the ball location. The Seahawks could probably use a kid like him

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