Instant reaction: Seahawks decimate woeful Cardinals

That was like watching a heavily one-sided boxing match. Unfortunately, nobody could throw in the towel for the Arizona Cardinals. Seattle moves to 8-5, remains in the NFC West title race and most importantly came away unscathed. They also scored 58 points in the process. It was an early Christmas gift from a pathetic Cardinals outfit.

As great as all of that sounds, it comes with a caveat. Even during Seattle’s pretty depressing period between 2008 and 2009, they were never this bad. Arizona looked like a weak college team playing a powder-puff schedule-filler against the Alabama Crimson Tide. In fact, that’s probably being unfair to weak college outfits. The Cardinals were a shambles. Remember when they won in New England after beating the Seahawks at home? It feels like a different lifetime tonight.

Arizona’s quarterback situation is a shambles. They turned the ball over like it was fashionable. They rolled over for a tummy tickle in the first quarter and enjoyed it so much, they stayed on their backs for the rest of the game. Pathetic.

The Seahawks essentially had a scrimmage session in front of a big crowd. Yet I wonder if such a comprehensive walk-over will leave the team undercooked? If you want to be considered legitimate post-season contenders, you fly to Toronto and beat the Bills in a neutral venue. Buffalo just lost at home to an improving St. Louis and they’re 5-8. It’s Seattle’s final road game in the regular season. They just won in Chicago. This has to be targeted for a win.

So why the concern?

Well, this all sounds pretty familiar. Miami lost to the Bills prior to playing the Seahawks. Everybody expected Seattle to go to Miami and win. They were fresh after the bye. And they turned up in South Florida undercooked and lost a winnable game having led in the fourth quarter. Miami has the same 5-8 record as Buffalo. Hopefully the outcome in Toronto is slightly different because the Seahawks have to keep rolling here. There’s no reason why they can’t win out.

Finish 11-5 and there’s a fair chance it’ll equate to a home playoff game, division title and a fear factor for other teams. Nobody will want to face this Seahawks outfit at 11-5. And if they can win out, don’t rule out the possibility of earning the #2 seeding. Even if they don’t win out – Seattle’s two toughest games, it could be argued, are those two final games at home against San Francisco and St. Louis. Lose in Buffalo and you might have to win both home games to even make the post season. They can avoid that ‘must-win’ pressure by winning next week.

People are going to dream of 11-5 and all that comes with it after the Cardinals thrashing. Today’s game was that easy. Almost too easy. And the hardest task this week is probably going to be avoiding over-confidence, keeping minds sharp and focused. The Seahawks won’t meet an opponent as pathetic as Arizona were today for a couple of decades. Maybe longer.

What were the key positives that could run over into next week? Anthony McCoy had a big day and could actually develop into a useful target over the next few weeks, especially now that Braylon Edwards has been cut. Bobby Wagner continues to have an underrated season and should win defensive rookie of the year. Who else should win it? Luke Kuechly? Wagner has achieved much more than Kuechly this year, but doesn’t get anywhere near the same national attention.

Walter Thurmond had a good game, certainly good enough to suggest the Seahawks shouldn’t feel the absence of Brandon Browner too much. It’s easy to forget Thurmond was locking down Larry Fitzgerald last season before his latest injury. Richard Sherman’s suspension appears likely to be pushed back from December 14th. It could easily be moved into next season, which would allow the Seahawks plenty of time to adequately prepare for that situation. That’ll be key – because Sherman again showed today why he’s so important to this defense.

I always like to end these pieces with an angle on the draft. But what did we actually learn today? There’s only one thing I can think of. In the second half, Matt Flynn led Sidney Rice over the middle for a completion. Rice got slammed by a defensive back, drawing a flag for an illegal hit. The Seahawks were a concussion away from too much reliance on Golden Tate next week in Buffalo. So while the receivers have performed well in recent weeks, the depth needs to be improved. And it’s not an area that can simply be brushed aside for later rounds. If the best player available when the Seahawks pick in round one is a receiver, they have to consider it. There should be several options for the Seahawks if they wanted to go in that direction – Brandon Coleman, Markus Wheaton, DeAndre Hopkins, Robert Woods, Tavon Austin and Justin Hunter to name a few. This team can’t do enough to make life easier for Russell Wilson.

And speaking of Seattle’s quarterback, he was a little off today. He sustained a couple of nice drives again, but also threw his first interception at home. It seemed like an avoidable situation, with the Seahawks getting greedy with the points piling up. He also missed on a couple of potential scoring throws, in particular a shot to Sidney Rice that had too much juice and an under-thrown ball to Robert Turbin. He made up for it with a touchdown to Zach Miller before half time, but it was a fair reminder today that even in a 58-0 beat down – he’s still a rookie. And he’s not incapable of having a slight off day. Fans will have to remember that, especially if this team does get into the playoffs. Expectation is high for Wilson which is understandable. But it still needs to be managed.


  1. Colin

    They CANNOT let today get to their heads, because let’s be honest: This AZ team had ZERO interest in playing. It was cold, wet and meaningless for them. This performance will get their HC fired at seasons end, and todays performance is indicative of how far below bad they really are. Even that defense of theirs had no desire to play well.

    I hope Pete keeps them on their toes this week.

  2. Turp

    Totally agree Rob, Buffalo looks like a trap game after this scrimmage. At least we know RW will not show up flat. He was the only bright spot against the Fins; now we just need other parts of the team to show up on the road and we’ll be fine.

    Does this game change your opinion about a DT being the #1 need for the draft? I was surprised Rice was still in the game, he definitely didn’t need to take a shot like that for the second week in a row. Very thin without him.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think anything will change my mind now on the #1 need – apart from an unfortunate injury. The defense – in my view – cannot function to its maximum capability without a penetrating three technique. I like Alan Branch and I hope there’s a way we can re-sign him and keep him as part of the rotation. However, we’re running a scheme with very specific role players. And the whole point of using Bryant and Clemons – in my opinion – is being undermined because we aren’t using a natural three-technique who can collapse the pocket. So one way or another, that need has to be filled. My preference would be to sign Randy Starks as a free agent if he hits the market. But if not, that’s the top need for me. But that doesn’t mean you reach in round one. And if there’s better value at another position like WR, then that’s the direction you go.

      • Stephan

        I don’t really like doing hypotheticals, but in your opinion, would you rather have Michael Brockers or Bruce Irvin?

        • Rob Staton

          I would rather have Irvin. I wasn’t crazy about Brockers. The more LSU tape I watched, the less I liked Brockers. He left an impression during the season and when it became apparent he might declare, I thought he’d be a realistic option for Seattle. But when I actually sat down and watched multiple games concentrating solely on his play, it put me off. I think when the Seahawks do find a legit three-tech, we’ll see what Clemons/Irvin are truly capable of.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            Completely agree. I think a 3 tech, above and beyond what he will provide on his own — will be the last piece of the puzzle that unlocks the production ceiling for Clemens and Irvin. A legit 3 probably translates to 2-3 additional sacks each for Irvin and Clemons. You can also add reduced completion percentage as a result of QBs avoiding sacks too.

            The ends just aren’t complete until that in the face pressure forces QB to pull it down and try to evade a rush. So many sacks are of the clean up variety. But we can’t force a clean up situation until we force QBs to adjust to pressure.

            I’m also with Rob on Brockers. I don’t think he’d even be a first round talent compared to the guys available this season. He really doesn’t even look as good as the Carpenter pick in the high 20s.

            • Snoop Dogg

              I wasn’t high on Brockers either, but…..

              don’t look now! He leads all DT’s in sacks with while missing 4 games this year from injury.

              (not bad for a run-stuffing DT)

              • Michael

                leads all rookie* DT’s…

  3. kevin mullen

    As much as you made a case for a 3tech in the first round, I feel that getting an offensive threat would allow the deficiencies of our pass defense get overlooked, while sustaining drives and winning time of posecession. Our TE’s played important roles today, McCoy had his best game yet. I think the middle of field is very open, we just need a “JerMichael Finely” type TE.

    • Michael

      So your saying we need a guy with stone hands that consistently underachieves despite playing with a perennial MVP candidate at QB?

      All kidding aside though, I see what your getting at. McCoy sure looked good today and might finally be turning into that threat in the passing game that we need. Hope he can carry this performance with him into the Great White North.

      • kevin mullen

        I think it’s safe to say that McCoy isn’t gonna be a featured threat, I think he’s a nice complement to Miller but if we had a more athletic TE, we could really do some serious damage.

    • Rob Staton

      I still think there are guys out there on offense that have to be considered if they are there when the Seahawks pick. Any of the favoured receivers (Coleman, Wheaton, Hopkins, Woods), the tight end Zach Ertz. I think you can definitely make a case for that. Seattle can afford to be open minded here, even if the biggest need IMO is the three-technique.

      • kevin mullen

        Well, in your piece above, I agree that we’re at a point where the ‘Hawks can choose the BPA approach, whether it be a DT, WR, TE, or WILL. I’m comfortable with our depth, I think we’re a couple pieces away from perennial playoff team.

        If it were up to me, we get a playmaker on offense first round, depth on defense in second and third rounds.

      • Seameat

        The 3-tech is a clear need for the line. Is there any 3-techs that may drop to round 2 that would be a steal so they can pick up an awesome playmake on offense? I wonder since they will be picking in the 20’s it may be better to attempt WR/TE first.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Absolutely agreed.

        This team is not a broken team any longer. Certainly there are positions we would derive greater benefit. But at this point Seattle is in a position to really look long term at round one. Other than QB, any position really is worth adding elite talent to it.

        I would much rather see us get an elite prospect at a position of lesser need — even strength — rather than just a guy for a position where we are less complete. Even though I don’t necessarily like Ogletree *right now*, even despite that I can see he has elite qualities. I’d still much rather we take a prospect like Jonathan Cooper over Ogletree. Cooper to me is like having a Nick Mangold/Logan Mankins drop to you. We may not desperately need Cooper, but he should be a solidifying influence on our line for many many years. And truth be told, he could easily be the most elite ZBS ready lineman that we would have an opportunity to draft in the entire course of Pete’s tenure here.

        This draft, it really looks like we should be adding any elite piece we can. This is a solid team with good young depth. An overabundance of OL talent is not something that would go wasted for this team. Just the opposite, this is one of a handful of teams that would maximize that kind of surplus by design.

        It will be an interesting draft for hawks fans. Since it will be the first glimpse of the draft philosophy of this front office from a position of stability. It’s been silly great at adding talent in large numbers. I am curious to see how they view prospects from a BPA standpoint now. Since hopefully we enter an extended period of plenty over the next decade.

  4. PatricklovesLeah

    It’s good to be back!

    I used to go by simply “Patrick” but this is my first post as “PatricklovesLeah.” After this game, I had to come back and post!

    Living in Orlando I wasn’t able to watch the game, so I checked at work for highlights afterwards. Trust me: if you turn off the volume and watch the highlights this game really looks like a bad slapstick comedy show. Or the Harlem Globetrotters. That says a lot about our opponent and it’s very nice to be on the 58 side of thing. But yet I couldn’t help feeling worried throughout. As you said Rob, Wilson had an off day and without Sherman we probably won’t be as convincing down the line. Here’s hoping next week we can continue this trend. Some things I noticed:

    A) This game really put the Wilson > Flynn debate to rest for me. And I don’t think it’s an exageration to say I wanted Flynn to start more than most. I loved Flynn last season and when we signed him I rushed out to order his jersey (THANK GOD I got tired of waiting for the Flynn jerseys to come in and got a Sidney Rice instead). Either way, I was upset when we drafted Russell Wilson and after the St. Louis game I cursed Pete Carroll many, many times over. “Put Flynn in! Put Flynn in!” The New England game made me a Wilson fan and last week I told my friends I’d never badmouth Wilson again. But yet I still said I’d rather have Flynn playing right now. Well, Pete + Russell… I was wrong. Clearly Russell Wilson is a better option than Flynn. I really owe you a fruit basket or something. I still hope Flynn gets a chance to start somewhere else next year. I could see Baltimore making a play if a team like KC or ARI breaks the bank and lure Flacco away. Flacco is by no means “elite” and has been a huge disappointment this season, but I’m sure Arizona would love to have him.

    B) As of this message, Kris Durham has 2 catches for 31 yards in the Lions v. Packers game. I was always a Durham fan and I remember he was the Seahawk I was most excited about after the 2011 draft (Sorry Sherman!). So as painful as it is to see him start to shine on a different team, the point is WR has been an issue since the season began. I think with Rice and Tate shining it has been easy to forget the lack of WR talent on our team but we absolutely need depth. I wondered what Pete and co. were doing when younger guys like Butler and Durham were released for other veterans like Obomanu and Edwards as the season began. But in a way it reminded me of Tavaris Jackson and the QB position. Take a solid if unspectacular veteran this year, but draft next year. I fully believe Pete would love to get a new WR next year and wouldn’t hesitate to grab him in the 1st.

    C) Rob, quick question: how do you feel about Malcolm Smith? Pete Carroll seemed pretty excited about how Smith played last week. He even mentioned Leroy Hill’s starting job could be in danger. Do you think Smith could be the next man up and maybe LB wouldn’t be such a large need? I remember the knocks on Smith were his durability, but the speed was there.

    Wow, I forgot how wonderful it is to post on this site. I look forward to your Instant Reactions every week Rob! Keep up the good work! And Go Seahawks!!

    • Rob Staton

      Good to have you back, Patrick. On Smith – I think he has a legitimate chance to win the job full time. As you say, he’s fast enough. He’s fluid. He has the nose for the ball you’re looking for. And more than anything he fits the system here. Pete wants to create turnovers and the best way to do that is to play a lot of coverage and still be able to create pressure with a front four. So the Seahawks aren’t asking their linebackers to do a lot of rushing. Smith fits that role outside and it’s why I’m open to non-rush linebackers like Arthur Brown being possible first round options for this team. But if Smith keeps playing to the level we’ve seen the last two weeks, it could become a moot point. He’s doing really well.

    • Michael

      I don’t know if I would call 2 catches for 37 yards “shining”. Especially since the only reason he was elevated from the practice squad is because Ryan Broyles and Titus Young are both on IR, and he has a built in rapport with Stafford from their days together at UGA.

      I don’t see us looking back at that decision with too much regret over the years.

      • PatricklovesLeah

        That’s fair. I did get a little ahead of myself and it appears his stats were a bit misleading. It sounds like he had an overall uneven and almost awful night. But with that said, I always liked his potential and I still believe it was higher than Braylon Edwards at this stage in his career. Hopefully we draft a WR next year, making this a moot topic.

  5. adog

    I’ll make this statement first, I believe Russel Wilson is a franchise qb. However i can’t shake the notion that no matter what entails this season at the qb position for the Hawks, i think that Carroll will make a move in this draft for Matt Barkley. It seems moronic to draft a franchise qb when you already have one(a young one at that), yet i think this would be a great move if Barkley falls outside the top ten of this draft. Negatives to drafting Barkley in the 1st round…none. Positives…high level of competition at the most important position. Competition will make that position more efficient as in stats, leadership, and most of all wins. I could see Carroll throwing two or three number ones to move up and grab Barkley.

    • Rob Staton

      That would make almost no sense. Even if Barkley fell to the Seahawks in round one without the need to move up, it’d create an unnecessary controversy with zero upside. However much Carroll likes Matt Barkley, the time has passed now. Wilson has ended the QB saga in Seattle. And there certainly won’t be any trading up to do this. That may well have been the loose plan prior to Wilson’s emergence, but it’s a moot point now. Time to build around the QB on offense and add the last couple of key pieces on defense.

      • Alex

        Agree with this. Don’t think Carroll will pick QB, but nevertheless, just saying. You can throw this pick out there in the future if Barkley works out.

    • Alex

      And if he’s good, you can dangle Barkley for 2 future 1st rounders. Buying low, selling high.

      • Rob Staton

        But why would a team spend two first rounders for a quarterback who won’t have an opportunity to prove he’s worth that level of investment? Considering he’d have to fall to Seattle and likely past several potential suitors too? They’d have to hope Wilson gets injured just to pay off on this gamble. The whole scenario makes little sense really. I’ve no doubt Carroll would’ve loved to work with Barkley. But that opportunity has passed with Wilson’s superb rookie season.

        • Bellevue

          And Wilson is Schneider’s guy too, he loves him.

      • Bellevue

        And if he sucks? You just wasted your 1st round pick for a QB that you don’t need (don’t see how that is buying low)

      • kevin mullen

        Wilson has provided enough to solidify his position. Adding Barkley would add nothing more than turmoil in the locker room. It’s a bad move to pick him in the first, but if he were to fall in the 2nd, that’s a different story… (which by the way, that wouldn’t happen, no way he takes a Jimmy Clausen type fall)

        • Seameat

          If he fell to the 2nd I would expect the Hawks to pick him up especially with the question with Flynn next year and no other QB on the roster. That would be a dream come true. Two young QB’s… I would feel lucky in the Greenbay and Indy sorta way.

    • Bellevue

      You’re right, moronic pretty much sums that up. No way they draft Barkley with Wilson playing the way he has. They have other needs and it would be a waste to draft a QB in the first. And you ask about negatives drafting Barkley in the first? Well the negative is that you don’t fill other important positions of need, QB is definitely not a position of need right now. And you think Seattle with throw away 2 or 3 number ones to move up and grab Barkley? I think you’re just trolling at this point because there is just no way in hell that would ever happen.

      • Rock

        Keep and eye on Matt Scott. He might be a better fit for the backup QB position in the middle rounds.

        • Rugby Lock

          Have to agree on the Hawks getting depth in the mid to late rounds. They should draft a QB every year for depth and development just in case anything happens to RW.

      • adog

        I think it’s a real possibility. It would not make financial sense with the old CBA, but now teams can draft a first rounder and let him sit for a couple of years without making anymore of a financial investment than say the Flynn deal. First round picks are not as make or break as they once were due to the new CBA, and i think the same goes for the current roster of the Hawks. It’s logical for a team that seems like they will be drafting BPA in three positions…Dline, WR\TE, and LB to extend that to QB. Schnieder had an active role in the drafting of Rodgers at Green Bay(i think), and i doubt he would have any problem choosing Barkley over two to three late first round picks. This is far from a troll. Two franchise qb’s are much better than one. I would not be worried about locker room turmoil if they drafted Barkley, it’s Wilson’s team.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If you want two franchise QBs then you must be discounting Flynn. At this point I would be happy to trade him for another first rounder. Any takers —- Arizona or Kansas City? Seems like they are in the same position as we were last year. Need to draft a QB and bring in potential QBs for a competition.

          We will be fine drafting a late round backup QB. For that matter, why don’t we ever play Portus? Seems like he will be cut when he runs out of his rookie salary scale… or have to take low pay extension.

          • Phil

            Portis was cut from the Practice Squad on 11/27 — to my knowledge, he’s out of the game.

            • Seameat

              Yes, Portis is cut. Only two QB’s at the moment.

        • Bellevue

          Tha’t just crazy man, getting one player that you don’t need and giving up 2-3 potential starters in positions that you do need. Think about that for a second.

  6. MJ

    After this game, I am sold on getting more offensive weapons. Hear me out…our WRs struggled all day getting any separation outside of broken coverage by AZ. STL, SF, and AZ are buidling great defensive teams, and I think it’s important for us to get a true speed/deep threat. Sidney is a hit or 2 from another significant injury and I like Tate’s development, but he is not a huge threat besides YAC. I think Wheaton, Coleman, Patterson, or Hopkins would be excellent choices.

    I really think it’s important to commit to RW and give him everything he needs to succeed.

    • Rock

      We are looking for a 4th or 5th WR to backup Tate and Rice. A first rounder seems a bit rich for a guy that would not play much right away. i think we can pull somebody out of round 2 or 3 as we did with Tate.

      • GH

        I agree with this. I just don’t see spending a first rounder for a depth move. Many of the WR’s seem to be available in the 2nd, and 3rd rounds. I think the first round pick goes to a more immediate need. Depth at WR is nice, but you can get it later on.

  7. Elijah

    Emotionally and morally, I needed this game from the Hawks. I needed us to go out and cream a team and show that we are capable of playing like an elite team. I liked a lot of things I saw today, and have a couple thoughts and musings:

    1) Anthony McCoy looked really good, which is an obvious thing to say due to his stat line. But I mean he actually LOOKED good, not sure if he’s been losing weight or something. I hope he gets more playing time in these last 3 games to show if he’s part of the future or not. If he emerged, I’d feel better about letting go of Zach Miller.

    2) The Darnell Dockett situation is one that could become very interesting. The regime in AZ is likely to be drastically changed this off-season, meaning there could be housecleaning. Not sure how Dockett is viewed by the organization, but the recent fine has me hoping he could be wearing out his welcome. I think Dockett would be a dynamic 5-tech/3-tech hybrid player, providing our defense with a lot more versatility with the fronts we play and how we disguise them

    • Rugby Lock

      Yeah, it sure nice being able to relax and enjoy some cold ones during a Seahawks game for once…

  8. Kenny Sloth

    So, you keep talking about a “natural three-technique” But what about using unconventional wisdom and going with the undersized Jason Jones as a starter at that spot? He’s been an absolute savage in the nickel packages and I would love to see what he could do to our base personnel.

    • Colin

      I think they want some size at that position to stop the run on early downs. I don’t think that suits us real well to move him there.

  9. Rock

    Rob, I cannot disagree with your list of needs for the draft, WR, TE, 3-Tech and LB all seem to be on the list. I guess I just do not believe we will pull a 3-Tech in the first round. Sheldon Richardson is the only one I like anyway. He will probably be gone before we pick. My guess is we trade for a 3-Tech. Starks would be fine. Perhaps, Darnell Dockett wants out of Arizona.

    I would add OT to the list. I am not comfortable with our depth at the position. It is just like with WR, one injury and we are in a world of hurt. Omiyale is 31. Giacomini still looks average. We need a swing tackle. Recently, I have been enamored with Jake Matthews. He may be a future All Pro and should be available about the time we pick. He can play either side and is used to being on the edge. This might allow Zack Miller to release into the pattern more often.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not convinced Mathews will be there when we pick to be fair – I think he could go top ten.

      • Michael

        I don’t think Matthews will be there, but I would not have any problem with the pick if he was. If Giacomini could be turned into a pretty good second stringer, I would really like the depth on our O-line.

        • Michael

          That’s the great thing about having fewer needs, we will have more options and can probably go BPA

    • Alex

      Not too sure about Jake Matthews. Can he be a pro bowl LT? Sure, if he maxes out his potential. I think his ceiling is a Joe Thomas (who he himself admits is a liability in run blocking). That said, he is a someone who clearly is superior as a pass protector compared to a run blocker. Unless you plan on shifting Russell Okung to the RT spot, you won’t get the most out of Matthews at the RT position. He just isn’t physically strong enough.

  10. Darnell

    #1 need is still DT, even though Mebane is a probowl talent, Jones/Branch are very good and Scruggs looks promising.

    The more I watch, the more I am falling for Sylvester Williams. I doubt Richardson lasts until the Hawks pick, but if he does it is likely because he puts some teams off with his Richard Sherman-level arrogance (which I like) but that would not put the Hawks off.

    1. Sly Williams
    2. Markus Wheaton
    3. Dri Archer
    4. Jelani Jenkins
    5. Tyrann Mathieau (yeah, I went there)

    • Darnell

      Also, I do find it somewhat risky that they are only operating with 3 NFL caliber WRs right now: Rice, Tate, Baldwin.

      Given the high level of effort I saw from Edwards every snap as a blocker I am doubting that work ethic/attitude had anything to do with his release – probably just a numbers game because of the CB situation

      I wouldn’t doubt Edwards, or even Deion Branch (seemed to leave on good terms) may be on stand-by once the CB situation clarifies.

      • Rock

        I think they may have reached a point in the season where they really wanted to evaluate the other guys on the roster like Jermaine Kearse. The starting three were all healthy. Braylon was not going to be on the team next year. The question is does Kearse, McCoy etc show enough or do we need to make WR/TE a high priority in the draft.

  11. Kip Earlywine

    Last year we had T-Jack and Whitehurst at QB. This year we have a QB who posts an 11.4 YPA on an “off” day.

    Times have changed, haven’t they?

    • Rugby Lock

      That they have Kip!! Now quit slacking and get to work on an article for the site!! 🙂

  12. AlaskaHawk

    Great win today? I enjoyed watching both McCoy and Miller make catches up the middle. Did they finally add throw up the middle to the tightened to their playlist?

    I was also impressed by Wagner and the other linebackers , and old pro bowler Sherman. I liked Jason Jones energy and his hard tackles.

    • Rugby Lock

      But… But… I thought Russell was too short to throw over the middle??

      • Rock

        As long as his target has the length of a giraffe he is fine with it. McCoy even runs a little like a giraffe with that long stride of his.

  13. Jim Kelly

    Rob and Kip, good job.

    I feel that the Hawks are more desperate to find a Will, or a wide receiver to take the pressure off of Sydney Rice and Golden Tate. I’d love to see a pass rushing 3-tech, for I feel that’s the only thing from keeping this defense from being… devastating. If other teams had to worry about the interior line on first and second down, the Hawks’ defense could take that next step. I’d like to see Jason Jones fill that role, but he’s just too small for what they’re trying to do. Jones would wear down, and become a liability as the season would roll on.

    Since I don’t see that unique talent at DT slipping to the Seahawks, a top notch wide out would alleviate so many fears for Hawk fans, and create just as many nightmares for opposing defenses.

    Leroy Hill is getting old. Didn’t think I’d be saying that, but this is his eighth year. He’s slowing down, but damn, has he given his body to the Hawks. If he would’ve had this attitude several years ago, he might not of lost his big contract. He still needs to be replaced, and if Pete Carroll and John Schneider feel that they already have his replacement on the roster, then so much the better.

    Best Player Available is such a great concept, but I feel that the Hawks are still one year away from feeling comfortable using that drafting technique. With that said, it’s still one to two years ahead I where I thought they’d be.

    Free agency is going to be an integral part of this offseason, even more so than in the past. That could just be wishful thinking on my part, because over the next eight weeks, I expect the Hawks to be lowering their draft position.

    Have fun, guys, and enjoy this win.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Jones may be even better when he plays at defensive end. He is quick and a good tackler.

      Bruce Irvin could do better if he roamed around and blitzed from behind the defensive line or off to one side. If he moved around more then the offensive would never be sure which angle he is coming from.

      I think it likely that the Hawks go for the three tech in the first round, and then a wide receiver in the second. I am really torn with the idea of picking a great line backer. Right now we are known for our secondary being tough. But with Wagner in the middle we could build an awesome linebacking core too. It’s fun to watch!

      • Davison Phipps

        The Titans thought the same thing about Jones, and moved him from tackle to end. He went from an up and coming star to a completely useless player overnight. I’m not sure why it happened – his body type and speed seem more suited to DE, but he just hasn’t performed in that role. I’d prefer to keep him around and give him more opportunities on early downs. It’s frustrating when other teams are able to run up the middle on you, but pass defense is simply more important.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Maybe Jones needs better coaching at DE? I like his energy level and want to keep him on the team!

  14. Steven in Spain

    Remember when we were all bummed that we missed out on Mychal Kendricks after trading down in the second and had to settle for Wagner? 🙂 Still, Wagner won’t win DROY just by default. He need to put himself on the map by doing something special when people are watching. He’ll have that chance in the Week 16 game vs. SF, which will almost surely be flexed into national prime time.

  15. Soggyblogger

    Hi everyone, great game. Sherman for DPOY. This game allowed all our players to play and I think our DBs are set. Same with our LBs. The D line is so specialized at this point we are paying big bucks for too many players. One great three tech replaces both Branch and Jones. Though I would keep them both for small enough contracts. Branch could be a utility backup. Scruggs has also earned that spot, and for a lot less money. Howard has been injured most of the year, but looks good when healthy. So free agency with Starks is the best and most reliable answer. Otherwise, rely on our scouting team to come up with a fit.

    With our primary draft picks we need OL, DT, and WR depth. I’ll leave the actual decision to our capable FO. I hope we get more chances to showcase Flynn’s talents. The college ranks do not inspire confidence that this draft will appeal to those needing QBs. And the list is long. So why not trade a first round pick for Flynn? Just because they failed to bid on him when they had the chance doesn’t means they should pass up a second chance. I think whoever gets him will be happy. I’d hate to see him go within our division, though. Hate to get beaten by Flynn to Fitz.

    What’s the deal with Dockett? Might he become available? Is he a good teammate? Flynn for Dockett? Is that possible?

  16. Phil

    A really nice win for the Seahawks with TDs coming passing, running, on defense, and from special teams.

    A couple of observations:

    (1) Why was Sidney Rice running a pass route in the middle of the field when the game was already decided? It looked like PC was apologizing to Rice later in the game for calling this play.

    (2) Good pressure early in the game against Skelton. I think I even saw an all-out blitz with Wagner, another LB, and even Kam joining in. I still hope for more pressure from Irvin, although he did get a sack.

    (3) Nice for Flynn to get a chance to show a little of what he can do. With the stock of some of the draftable QBs dropping, maybe there will be more interest from some teams who need QBs to see what the ‘hawks want in trade for Flynn.

    (4) Loved to see Turbin running a wheel route out of the backfield. Just missed on the throw. I’d still love to see someone like Tavon Austin drafted as a 3rd down, change of pace back, slot receiver, kick returner (competition for Leon).

    (5) Only saw one read option play where RW kept the ball. After watching the Redskins game and the reckless way they use RGIII, I don’t want to see RW running any more than is necessary.

  17. AndrewP

    I think yesterday we finally saw the threat Anthony McCoy can be. That, coupled with Tate’s emergence, puts the hawks in the very enviable position of just sitting back next April and letting the draft come to them and truly taking bpa. Their situation is also enviable b/c while I don’t see a glaring weakness on the entire roster, I do see several spots where a minor upgrade could transform both units -offense and defense- from good, to elite. Upgrades on both lines, and at olb as well as WR could make this a very difficult team to stop, and with the youth already in place this franchise could be on the verge of a Pats of the early 00’s and the Steelers of a couple years later type of run… Very excited about the state of this franchise.

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