An attempt to create an A+ draft haul for the Seahawks

A possible backfield partner for Ken Walker?

I went on to the Pro Football Network mock draft simulator (still the best on the internet — and free, unlike others) this weekend with the intention of trying to execute an A+ draft for the Seahawks.

The rules were simple. Look for value but be realistic. If the simulator has a player graded unrealistically, I wasn’t going to select them.

One such example is Alabama’s Byron Young. I think he’s a top-65 player. He’s never going to be a game-wrecker but you’ll get at least four years of cost-effective, valuable defensive line play from him — plus leadership, physicality and a ton of snaps. I think he’s a superior prospect to Phidarian Mathis, the 47th pick last year.

Even if I rate Young higher than the consensus, the simulator has him as the 241st best player in the draft. That means he’s always available in rounds six or seven. I think he’ll be a second or third round pick. For once I didn’t mock him to Seattle (even though he’s ideally suited to their scheme) and thought it’d be unrealistic to take him in the later rounds.

So here’s what I did come up with for the Seahawks. I would give this an A+ grade. What do you think? Let me know in the comments…

#5 — Will Anderson (EDGE, Alabama)
The four quarterbacks were gone and it left Anderson available for the fifth pick. I think the Seahawks, or at least John Schneider, are more intrigued with this quarterback class than some people think. Yet I also think they’ll be delighted if Anderson is available at #5. He perfectly fits the character preference they’re looking for. He’s an A+ alpha and the ultimate pro. His effort and intensity, week-to-week, is flawless. When I spoke to a source in the league recently, he gushed over Anderson’s ability to communicate with team mates and say the right things to the media. I was told he has a terrific family background and will have received virtually perfect character grades. The same source said Anderson wasn’t ‘special’ but was a ‘damn good football player’. He’s a perfect scheme fit for Seattle and will provide immediate impact against the run, he’ll disrupt and challenge opponents in the passing game and he’d give the Seahawks a vocal, heart-and-soul leader for the long term on defense.

#20 — trade down
It feels almost inevitable that Seattle will drop down a few spots. It could be that they drop into the mid-20’s and select the center John Michael Schmitz — who is another ideal fit in terms of character and scheme. Usually on the simulator I get a nice offer from a team in the 20’s that includes a third round pick. Not in this instance. Dallas offered a fourth round pick (#129) to drop to #26. I took it. Michael Mayer and Bijan Robinson were both gone, which is unusual for the simulator, so I didn’t stick and pick. I could’ve taken Josh Downs or Schmitz but opted to get another pick to move down — even if the value wasn’t earth-shattering.

#26 — Brian Branch (S, Alabama)
I wasn’t planning on drafting a safety this early. I think the Seahawks are almost certain to take one at some stage. The parting with Ryan Neal feels like a situation where they can save a chunk of money and find a cheaper replacement on a four-year deal. However, when I got to this pick I just fancied Branch. His testing numbers were surprisingly average. Yet on tape, he played like a Rolls Royce. He was impactful and instinctive. Most importantly, he can play the role of deathbacker/nickel DB perfectly. If the Seahawks plan to run a lot of three-safety looks as we’re told, Branch’s versatility will be ideal. It’s not easy to play the ‘star’ position in Nick Saban’s defense (essentially slot corner) but he did it better than most, flashing excellent football IQ and read/react. I think he can play free safety too. Furthermore, he’s also a willing hitter who plays with grit and intensity. Branch is another high-character player and although it’s a bit of a luxury to take him here — isn’t this what the Seahawks are supposed to be trying to do? Draft talent, rather than just reach for need? I was tempted to take Adetomiwa Adebawore to pair with Anderson, to produce a thoroughly dynamic defensive front. Schmitz and Downs were also considered.

#37 — Jahmyr Gibbs (RB, Alabama)
This was another position I wasn’t planning to address here. Josh Downs left the board at #30 and John Michael Schmitz followed at #32. I could’ve drafted Mazi Smith to play nose tackle. In the end, Gibbs stood out in terms of pure talent. I don’t think people truly realise how good he was in 2022. There were multiple games last season where Alabama toiled and turned to Gibbs to get them out of a hole. He delivered every time. He’s a 4.36 runner at 200lbs and you see it on tape. He just accelerates away from everyone. He’s a dynamic home-run hitter and would be the ideal ‘lightning’ to Ken Walker’s ‘thunder’. Also, he can play two different roles. Gibbs is such a brilliant pass-catcher who runs excellent routes. It wouldn’t be out of the question to move him around formations, lining him up in the slot and looking for mismatch opportunities. Finally, he has experience returning kicks and could be useful on special teams immediately. Like Walker last year, he’s a first round talent who might suffer due to positional value.

#52 — Jonathan Mingo (WR, Ole Miss)
Regulars will know I’m a big fan of Mingo and see him as the second best receiver in the draft. He has a good frame (6-2, 220lbs) with enormous 10.5 inch hands — but runs in the 4.4’s and is a perfect ‘big slot’. The Seahawks experimented with a bigger slot receiver last year with Laquon Treadwell. Mingo could be an ideal WR3 for the team after the failed Dee Eskridge experiment. What does he do well? His routes are extremely precise and he’s nearly always where he needs to be on time. Mingo has soft hands and is adept competing for the ball in the air or tracking it over his shoulder. He has enough speed to get downfield and make the big explosive plays, plus the size to box-out and win with physicality. He can also make the spectacular happen — such as a stunning one-handed grab downfield last season or the best ‘Moss’ we saw in 2022. As a blocker, he has no peer in this receiver class. If you want your receivers to block — this is your guy. He loves to get after it. I think he’s a top-50 player who could go a lot earlier than people think and in this range, he’d be a home-run pick.

#83 — Luke Wypler (C, Ohio State)
I nearly didn’t make this pick because it perhaps strains the boundaries of realism. There’s a chance Wypler goes in the late second or the early third. Because Arizona traded up for JMS at the end of the first round, I let this pass. They are the team who might take Wypler off the board at the top of round three. If he does last into this range and Seattle still needs a center, it’s a perfect fit. Wypler has the traits for the blocking scheme. He’s athletic and agile — running a brilliant 4.53 short shuttle. He has a wrestling background which they like. He had a tremendous game against Georgia in the college football playoffs. He said at the combine he’d already started studying the Rams blocking scheme because it fit him so perfectly — so he’s already well versed in Seattle’s system. This pick would give the Seahawks a chance to have a settled center position for the first time in years.

#123 — Jaquelin Roy (NT, LSU)
We’re five picks in and you’re probably asking — where are the defensive linemen? This is part of the problem. It’s not a deep, rich class. If you go in other directions early, you’ll miss out on the names everyone’s talking about. The Seahawks will have to determine whether they want to draft for talent or need early on. Personally, I hope they don’t force things. They’ve admitted that has been an issue in the past. It’s also worth noting that, Jarran Reed aside, they’ve typically waited until the middle round to add at defensive tackle. Only last week John Schneider was playing down the nose tackle position. LSU’s Roy would be a good option here. He’s been durable. He plays a ton of snaps. I think his tape is inconsistent and average but we’re talking about a fourth round nose tackle. If you can develop his technique while he plays in year one, he might be able to anchor the line on early downs.

#129 — Jordan McFadden (G, Clemson)
This is the pick acquired from Dallas. I really like McFadden and was pleased to see he’s taking an official-30 visit to Seattle. He played left tackle for Clemson but his natural home is kicking inside to guard. He’s 6-2 and 303lbs with 34-inch arms. His frame and length are ideally set-up to win leverage battles. He’s athletic too, running a 4.99 at the combine. The LA Rams have regularly converted college tackles to guard for their blocking scheme. The Seahawks might start doing something similar. Either way, with both current starting guards out of contract in 2024, investing in someone who can possibly step-in next year is important.

#151 — Corey Trice (CB, Purdue)
I only started watching Trice just before my last horizontal board was published. I’m glad I took the time to watch him. He’s an excellent cornerback prospect with fantastic size (6-3, 206lbs, 32.5 inch arms) and he runs well (4.47 forty). He’s quite scheme specific but screams ‘Seahawks’. He wants to be physical and scrappy in coverage. On any dump-offs and screens he does a great job getting off blocks to hammer ball carriers. He reads plays better than most other cornerbacks in this class — often making the right decision to gamble to undercut a route or passing off the correct receiver. There’s so much potential here and if he’s available in this range, he could compete very quickly to play outside across from Tariq Woolen.

#154 — Tyler Lacy (DE, Oklahoma State)
Nobody is going to watch Lacy and think he’s going to come into the league and wreak havoc. He is what he is — a very solid, sturdy, physical and competitive 3-4 defensive end. He’s 6-4 and 280lbs with 33-inch arms and massive 11-inch hands. On tape there are minimal splash plays or big pass-rushing moves. What he does do very well is make first contact, read the defense, disengage and then fill a gap. He’s a battle-tested warrior who could work into the rotation immediately and provide some very solid, sturdy reps up front. If the Seahawks come out of the draft with Jaquelin Roy and Tyler Lacy, they might have missed out on the star power for the defensive front but they’d have a couple of guys who are going to bring it and take on a decent chunk of snaps. They’d still need to go out and get one more veteran — potentially Shelby Harris could return.

#198 Chris Rodriguez (RB, Kentucky)
If you missed my interview with Rodriguez, check it out here. The Seahawks need to add a couple of backs to their stable. Rodriguez is a two-time team captain at Kentucky and says he’s very prepared to take on special teams duties when he arrives in the league. He has the size and physicality to take on the workload if one of the top two backs goes down. He can be a fierce tone-setter and he’s a better pass-catcher than most people realise. He’s modelled his game on Marshawn Lynch and you see that with his running style. I’m sceptical he’ll be available in this range but given it can’t be ruled out, I took him.

#237 Ventrell Miller (LB, Florida)
It was a pleasure to watch Miller at times in 2022. He’s a limited athlete. He isn’t going to fly around the field and make rangy modern-day linebacker plays. Yet when Florida needed someone to give the team an inspirational speech on the sideline, level someone to get things going or play through a series of serious injuries to gut it out and try and get his team a win, Miller was always there. If he lasts to the seventh round, he’d be a fantastic pick for special teams duties and to provide a bit of depth at linebacker.

The class in full

Will Anderson (EDGE, Alabama)
Brian Branch (S, Alabama)
Jahmyr Gibbs (RB, Alabama)
Jonathan Mingo (WR, Ole Miss)
Luke Wypler (C, Ohio State)
Jaquelin Roy (NT, LSU)
Jordan McFadden (G, Clemson)
Corey Trice (CB, Purdue)
Tyler Lacy (DE, Oklahoma State)
Chris Rodriguez (RB, Kentucky)
Ventrell Miller (LB, Florida)

Final thoughts

There are obviously some areas not addressed here. Is there enough for the defensive line to function properly? That’s debatable and highlights the bind the Seahawks have got themselves in, with no depth up front and no money to do anything about it. I’m not sure they can force this though and they have to avoid a need-focused draft. They have to find a way to free-up cash to complete their roster.

Did I need to take a safety at #26? No — but you can easily make an argument that Branch is worthy of that selection for a scheme that is placing a lot of value at safety. He’s a good player. I suspect they might be the team that goes for John Michael Schmitz in the 20’s, making this all a moot point. But in terms of defensive talent left on the board at #26, you could make a case for Branch.

No quarterback is added. Personally I would be disappointed to come out of the Russell Wilson trade having not added a QBOTF candidate. It seems to be mostly forgotten that there were two sides to Geno Smith’s 2022 season — a sensational first half, followed by a very average at best second half. His contract is excellently structured to provide team flexibility and player incentive but if he doesn’t deliver, you could have a major problem at the position as early as next year.

It’d be preferable to add a linebacker who can potentially start in 2024. This isn’t a good linebacker class, though.

On the plus side — I think this is a talent-rich class. You get two impact first-round defenders who could be the future of the unit in terms of performance, attitude and leadership. You add even more playmaking quality to the offense — plus a long-term option at center. The day three picks can all contribute quickly, even if it’s just competing for a job or special teams.

I think they’d be in a very strong position to take another step forward with a class like this. You’re never going to get everything done in a perfect, satisfactory fashion. I think a draft like this, however, would make you more talented and more competitive and I’d be giving it an A+ grade.

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  1. Blitzy the Clown

    I really enjoyed this mock. Seems reasonably realistic, excepting maybe for Rodriguez lasting that long. Not unrealistic, but unexpected.

    I will be disappointed to miss out on a QB, but not disappointed to add Will Anderson to the roster. Nor Gibbs. My goodness, a RB tandem of Walker and Gibbs is instantly the best in the League.

    They have to find a way to free-up cash to complete their roster.

    Did I need to take a safety at #26? No — but you can easily make an argument that Branch is worthy of that selection for a scheme that is placing a lot of value at safety.

    One benefit of making a ‘luxury’ selection with the second pic by taking Branch — who is the top safety prospect in this draft — is that it really allows Seattle, nay it compels them, to move on from Jamal Adams post 6/1, free up his $8.5m or whatever of cap space, and go get themselves a few more pieces to complete the roster.

    Thank you for the content good sir

    • Peter

      Exactly right. Going into the season with near 43 million on safeties..good grief.

      I think if they take Branch it’s maybe not just a June 1st cut. It might be that they know something more about how far out JA is in recovery.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think they know too Peter.

        Too many signs. All the attention they’re paying to the safety class. Adding Love, letting Neal walk for a little more than a rookie’s salary.

        And some weird tweets from prez himself. Nothing concrete I could point to, but all of it has me feeling a certain way that his rehab just isn’t progressing sufficiently and the team is preparing to move on

    • Malanch

      Too bad the “best” mock draft simulator on the internet can’t do realistic mocks.

  2. Brian Miller

    Question on Will Anderson – just watched the Tennessee game where the RT stoned Anderson play after play – while fast and bendy he seems undersized for even the illusion of power? Tyree Wilson it seems has more potential & higher ceiling to overcome his shortcomings – not suggesting Tyree @5 but maybe at 20 instead of Anderson – thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Anderson’s two big issues for me are his get-off isn’t good and he has wasted motion before engaging contact. It prevents him from attacking the edge with the suddenness that the top, elite pass rushers manage. I think it’s fixable because it’s a technique and timing issue. With Wilson, I just don’t think he has a speed rush in his locker. He’s a big, long bulldozer at his best. I wouldn’t say he has more upside. You hear all sorts with Wilson. Some love him, some think he’s overrated. When I watched his tape I’ve always been left wanting more.

    • Seattle Person

      If we are talking about upside, I think Will McDonald has the most upside out of all of the rushers in this class. That’s my opinion though. He’s not better than Anderson right now though — not really all that close.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Potentially as a pass rusher. But I think Anderson is one of the more complete 3-4 OLBs I’ve seen.

        I said it before but Anderson’s strength vs the run reminds me of Clowney in college. They both set wicked edges and plays just didn’t get outside them. They’re more anvil than hammer in that way.

        • Rob Staton

          100% agree

          Anderson’s run-defense is excellent

      • Rob Staton

        One thing he is better than Anderson at is bending the arc

        He had Darnell Wright on toast at the Senior Bowl

        When Wright faced Anderson at Tennessee, Wright shut him down

        That was eye-catching

    • Comfect

      Not saying these are bad observations but remember Rob has that TN right tackle (Darnell Wright) extremely highly rated. It may be more on him doing well than Anderson not being worth the pick.

      • Peter

        Great point. Rob and just a few other mocks I’ve seen placing Wright as high as #12 overall.

      • Malanch

        The Mock Draft Database consensus aggregator currently has Darnell Wright at #25.

    • Raybones

      Definitely an influx of Offensive talent. A little surprised that a TE from the deep pool wasn’t taken. Hard to critique when you have no idea who was still available at the time of the pick. Love the Gibbs selection. I have to wonder if Drew Sanders wasn’t available at 37? I would have taken Duece Vaughn in the 150+ range if the Gibbs pick was Sanders. CheersRob. Thank you for making the mock silly season enjoyable once again.

  3. Seattle Person


    I love the Gibbs pick. I am really hoping they snag him if he lasts. He is such a lightning rod in the run and pass game. Follow that up with a hammer with Chris Rodriguez.

    I really see Gibbs taking on that role that Waldron had for Eskridge. All of the motion stuff — Gibbs can do in his sleep. I really do think Gibbs can be a WR if he wanted to.

  4. Big Mike

    Without the top 4 QB I simply can’t go A+ Rob.

    Gibbs would be a great pick and add Rodriguez and we’re talking a RB room that can survive injuries with little loss of production.
    Finally a Center!
    Needed WR
    Anderson would be awesome but………..

    Solid A. However, if like Blitzy said drafting Branch would mean a post 6/1 cut of Adams, it goes up to A+

    • Blitzy the Clown

      There it is! Big Mike finds the silver lining in the cloud that would be missing out on a top QBOTF

      Thanks buddy cuz that would really sting

      • Rushless pass

        If I were John Schneider, I would let blitzy be the one to tell Adams He’s out June 1st.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Already working on material!

          • Big Mike

            “You’ve been the by far the biggest disappointment of the PCJS era. See ya.”

            • Big Mike

              Or just go Arnold on his ass: “Hasta la vista babeee”

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Think I’ll go for more of a Dale Gribble at Stik Tek vibe

              • Palatypus

                I think you should roast him like Jeff Ross.

      • Big Mike

        It would my friend but cutting Adams would be addition by subtraction at least.

    • Chris

      Yeah, wouldn’t be an A+ for me either. As good as they may be, a 2nd RB and a safety picked high is a bit lukewarm (even Anderson is a bit redundant given the current roster). Not that there was much to do about it given the hand that was dealt, but this team has major issues in the trenches and long-term QB. Center was nice, but realistically he could’ve been gone by then.

    • Wilson502

      Completely Agree Mike, cant give it an A+ without a getting a QB. QB is the most important position and has the potential to impact the long term trajectory of the team far more than a “good” edge in Anderson.

    • Malanch

      Did Ozzie Newsome slip into Rob’s war room or something?

  5. hawks

    I like this generally–and thanks for all the content–but I think that’s too much draft capital for Gibbs. If Walker’s healthy, Gibbs is probably getting 10-12 touches per game at most.

    I’d prefer to take a shot on Hooker at that spot. IDK he’ll be available at #37 IRL, but he’s almost always there on the PFN site.

    The upside of “getting it right” w/Hooker is just so much higher than having a good RB 1A.

    • Rob Staton

      He was available on this simulation

      I’m not a fan of taking Hooker that early — for me I just don’t feel it with him. The scheme at Tennessee bothers the heck out of me. Everything was wide open. There are some really nice throws in there too — but I am not sure how he’s going to handle being out of that scheme.

      Gibbs I feel can be more than a RB2. You can be very creative with him. He runs better routes than some receivers. He can return kicks. He’s lightning quick. He’s a first round talent in this class.

      • Big Mike

        Buffalo could really use Gibbs. So could KC. Not sure he makes it to 37.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Bills more likely to go OL or WR given they spent a high pick on Cook a year ago

          KC possible — but unless they part with CEH, he can backup the seventh round wonder

          • Seattle Person

            KC or Buffalo might trade up for an OT like Dawand Jones. I can see that.

            • Rob Staton

              Word on the street is teams are not happy with Jones for not doing any testing and it might cost him a round

              An intriguing player but someone who has squandered an opportunity this draft season by picking and choosing too much

      • hawks

        Yeah, I think I’m higher on HH & Bryce than you and somewhat lower on Levis. I’m not a TN fan, but I’d be very happy with any of Hyatt/Hooker/Wright/BYoung where they normally go in the PFN mock.

        I think Hooker can provide Geno-level production. Getting that cheaply for three years is super valuable. I’d rather roll the dice on a 20% chance of top 10 QB play vs. the 80% chance of Gibbs being a good player at RB., which I believe he will be.

    • MountainHawker

      Why would you spend a pick on Hooker when you have Lock

      • Malanch

        I tend to agree with that, MH. The practice squad is obviously not an option for Hooker, and for him to be worth the extra roster spot he would have to be QBotF material. I’m skeptical of that.

        • Malanch

          …Although Hooker’s medical situation might open the possibility of an IR designation, freeing up a redshirt like with Tyreke Smith last year.

  6. Peter

    The thing I like best about this mock. Is how realistic it looks. I know we all secretly hope pur favorites hit each of our picks like the rest of the league won’t know these players but something like this mock seems bound to happen.

  7. One Bad Mata'afa

    At first glance , it doesn’t feel like a flashy haul. But what I see are 5 or 6 dogs who could quickly be playing meaningful snaps…much like last year’s A+ result.

  8. hawks

    Agreed, but they took James Cook last year presumably to fill a similar role.

    • hawks

      This was supposed to be in reply to Big Mike above re: Gibbs & Buffalo

      • Big Mike

        To you and Rob: I wasn’t impressed but maybe they were. I will say you guys are probably correct tho.

  9. LouCityHawk

    This draft would be a haul, and would make almost too much sense.

    I’ve drafted almost the same raft of players with a couple exceptions.

    I’m not really sold as Roy, Coburn/Clark look better on tape to my eye. I always try to add one or more of Young (ALA), Young (MissSt), or Pickens – really like Lacy though.

    I’ll need to watch more of Trice, I’ve been mocking RezJohn and Luter every draft I do.

    The biggest bummer is not getting one of the top 4, but what can you do? And missing out on the TE class.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Cameron Young a lot more than Roy — I fear he’ll go earlier than people think though

      • Julian L

        Bizzarely Cameron Young isn’t on the PFN Simulator. I’ve been substituting him with another player, usually in the fourth. I’m presuming this is good value place for him to go?

  10. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: You make it very compelling case to select Brian Branch. But if Adetomiwa Adebawore is still on the board at 20. I am not even trading down. If you have Adetomiwa Adebawore, Dre’Mont Jones, and Will Anderson on third down rushing the passer plus throwing in either Boye Mafa, Uchenna Nwosu Darrell Taylor. Nice.

    Even if the Hawks to Anderson and Adebawore the Hawks still are in need of a run stuffing nose tackle.

    Just learned a few more things about Richardson. Seems that not only is Richardson more athletic and more talented than Cam Newton. It appears he is even physically stronger than Newton. Gut feeling is that with Greg Olson as the QB coach he will fix Richardson’s flaws. But Olson probably help Geno Smith and Drew Locke reach their full potential. SO it is a mixed bag.

    If Seattle somehow did land Richardson (in my opinion) Seattle is the RIGHT team for Richardson. Seattle has Geno Smith as the starting QB. If Richardson does go to another team, there will be pressure to put him in the starting lineup. Even if he is not ready. For example, one bad game by Derek Carr/Ryan Tannehill, Desmond Redder or any other starting QB you are going to be hearing fans, local media demanding to see Richardson play. That would not be the case in Seattle. As Scot McCloughan has stated the worst thing you can do to a QB is to play him before he is ready. Remember Seattle was able to baby Russell Wilson his first season. So Pete Carroll does know how to protect a young QB.

    There is so much to learn for a rookie QB. It’s a lot more than reading defenses. You have to know not only your responsibility as a QB on every play. You also need to know what every player on every play is going to do. These play books today are unbelievable. It is almost like knowing the bible word for word. The information a rookie QB you have to learn nowadays is almost over whelming. The average Joe Six-Pack wanting the rookie QB play doesn’t have a clue. And in many cases neither does the owner. Look at all the QBs the Browns draft in the first round. How many those guys worked out? Ryan Leaf was forced to play before he was ready. The list is almost endless.

    Patrick Mahomes waited a year before he started. Josh Allen even though he started day one (I think) he took his lumps. Trevor Lawrence almost didn’t make. Fortunately, Doug Pederson came along at right time. That pretty much saved Lawrence’s career. Right now, the only QB I can remember that was successful day one was Joe Burrow. And even he ended up on the DL list during the second half of his first season.

    The big question is should the Hawks trade up to the number three spot in the draft. And what would be the price. I suspect that Arizona is looking for a major haul. Even if they only trade down to the number five spot.

    • Big Mike

      If Seattle somehow did land Richardson (in my opinion) Seattle is the RIGHT team for Richardson.

      100% agree, and for all the reasons you mentioned. His career could end up difficult in say Tennessee. At least they and the Raiders have a vet so less likely to push him in too soon. Carolina, Houston and Indy would be a disaster I suspect.

      • Allen M.

        Losing Neal for nothing then using a first round pick on a Safety doesn’t sit well with me, but I like many of the other selections. Gibbs & Walker would be dynamite and Anderson gives us an outstanding stalwart at Edge. Mingo is a nice pick, too. Center & NT solved.

      • Seattle Person

        I think Seattle is a great landing spot for Richardson. But I actually think Detroit is the most ideal spot for him. They have a potentially loaded roster soon in a couple of years.

        Dark horse team to trade up for Richardson. They have 2 first round picks. They have the potential clean Smith-Mahomes like transfer. It makes a ton of sense.

  11. cha

    I must be PFN-ing all wrong.

    Levis is ALWAYS available at 5 in their sim.

    I’ve traded back from 5 as far as 11 and still managed to pick up Levis.

    I don’t like the Branch pick. I wish I did. I just don’t. I’d take Mazi, Ade or Will McDonald before I took Branch. Power that DL up with protein and make your lower-level LBs and Safeties more effective.

    • Rob Staton

      I get a mixed bag with Levis

      Half my sims he’s off the board at five but I’ve also seen him last too

    • Mick

      I share your take on Branch. As important as the safeties seem to be for our scheme, we need to make it work with a 5th round pick like Hufanga.

      I also wonder if it isn’t more realistic that we take a C at 52 and Mingo is still available at 83, as an Abe Lucas steal.

      Another big positive of Rob’s draft for me is not forcing the QB with Hooker.

      • cha

        The pick of Branch is not unlike drafting Jordyn Brooks with Wagner and KJ on the roster. It looks bad now but would look much better in 2024 when you are looking at picking up $20 million in cap on JA & Diggs.

        • Patrick Toler

          Yep, Branch feels like a pick I’d be slightly disappointed with on draft night, but like a lot two years down the road.

  12. OakleyD

    Also using PFN:

    5. Will Levis, QB Kentucky
    20. Michael Mayer, TE Notre Dame
    37. Adetomiwa Adebawore, EDGE Northwestern (DE for the Hawks)
    52. John Michael Schmitz, OC Minnesota
    83. Matthew Bergeron, OT Syracuse (OG for the Hawks)
    123. Bryce Ford-Wheaton, WR West Virginia
    151. Cory Trice Jr., CB Purdue
    154. Colby Wooden, DT Auburn
    198. YaYa Diaby, EDGE Louisville
    237. Evan Hull, RB Northwestern

    Just based on pre-draft buzz, I’d expect JMS and Diaby to be gone by these picks, but I’d happily take Wypler at 52. if JMS was unavailable and at 198. you’re just taking the BPA regardless of position.

  13. Matt


    Curious…Why do you like the PFN mock draft site over the PFF one?

    Have you tried PFF? The user interface is so much more dynamic. Plus the ability to see the probability of trades going through and tweak the tendencies of the selections is very impressive.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t like the PFF one at all

      Too busy, not clean

      Not free either

      • Matt

        Cool. Respect. I started on PFN, but I am a paid member of PFF so I understand. You can only use basic services there, but if you wanted to try full access I think you’d get very used to it and see how much more dynamic it is,.

      • Mick

        Rob have you tried this one? I found it pretty fun:

        • John

          Dude the trades on this one are amazing. I managed to get
          Bunch of other guys
          More guys

          29! 2024 1st Rounders (including 3 from each of Az, Hou, Chi, and KC
          12 2024 2nds
          14 2024 3rds
          Numerous 4th, 5th, 6th

          I think THIS is an A+ draft

      • Hawkster

        PFF took down the wall, at least yesterday. An entirely diff set of players makr it into late day 2 on PFF.

    • cha

      I like that you can trade players on PFF.

      But I hate that I can’t see the board as players are picked. Is there a way to make that show?

      • Hawkster

        Only wat for me is to scroll up through all the picks.

      • Cheese22

        Ditto. After doing so many of these mocks I end up forgetting who I took in the first few rounds. It would be pretty simple for them to add a column showing who you’ve picked.

  14. ErickV

    Great draft Rob! At the end of the day , you just want to bring in good players to your team. It’s funny how a lot of fans say they want to go BPA route yet take linebackers in round 2 of mock drafts. I would be perfectly fine with drafting running back on day 2. Seahawks twitter be damned 😂

  15. Denver Hawker

    This mock delivers some clarity on what trading up to #3 for a QB looks like. I don’t have the answer, but is trading Anderson and Branch for Stroud or Richardson a good trade?

    I love getting more talent, but I also think we’d be condemned by the football gods for not picking a QB with the Broncos pick.

    • Wilson502

      Absolutely, I would not even hesitate to make that deal. QBoTF is far more impactful to the long term success than a good edge rusher would be.

  16. Matt

    No question this draft makes the Seahawks more talented and with more of an aggressive attitude.

    That said on principle alone, and especially still due to the putrid Jamal Adams trade, I feel like we cannot take a safety in the 1st. Now if the Seahawks want to post June 1 cut Adams and sign back Harris/Woods/other DL, then I can get on board.

    I’m all for BPA, but for me Branch isn’t “Ed Reed special” enough to spend more draft capital and cap space on the safety position. Especially when at the end of the 1st there’s some good DE/DL prospects along with WR.

    This team is desperate to add on both the DL and interior OL. We know you win in the trenches and it’s much easier to find a “Ryan Neal” out there at safety in FA (or deep in drafts) then it is quality or great OL/DL.

  17. Alex

    Rob, I really like for us to take a QB at 5. Otherwise have you considered trading down from 5 couple times and 20 and accumulate 5 second rounders. That would give us 7 total. Could fill many holes.

    • Rob Staton

      have you considered trading down from 5 couple times and 20 and accumulate 5 second rounders


      • Peter

        Art imitates life.

        You were just joking about this yesterday.

        Building a roster and your local road maintenance crew are pretty different skillsets.

        Also what if every trade down is lj collier?

        • Matt

          “Also what if every trade down is lj collier?”

          Then I’d want Schneider to have as many picks as possible to hopefully pick some “non-Colliers.”

          • Peter

            But Matt we’re stuck in a wrinkle time vortex. 😀 hats off Corbin Smith breaking it down but they have had many many times more colliers from trading down.

            Jokes aside. 10 picks. No movement. Get the dudes of the future. They have a very bad track record trading down. I’d hate to hope we get all the names we like trading down but other teams keep taking the dudes.

            • Matt


              But did anyone analyze what happens when Schneider trades UP…?

              I know it got us Lockett, Taylor, J. Reed, and Metcalf at least, so maybe take those 10 picks and make them a stellar 7 studs. 😉

              • Seattle Person

                I believe Corbin did both trade up and trade down. They have been very successful trading up. Draft down is full of decisions.

  18. MountainHawker

    This draft made me realize I’m 100% in on a QB at 5. It’s crazy that I feel disappointed landing Will Anderson. Maybe I should take a break from draft stuff.

    • Wilson502

      Not alone in that feeling at all, several of us (even Rob admits not getting a QB would be disappointing). For that reason alone I can’t give it an A+. Not crazy at all to feel landing Anderson would be disappointing, he doesn’t change the long term trajectory of the team all that much compared to a potential QBoTF with a high ceiling. I’d argue they have to get aggressive and trade up for one by any means necessary. This is likely their only chance to do so, because they will likely never get a chance like this again.

      • Cheese22

        But, what if PCJS are convinced they’ve identified a QB they can get in the middle rounds that they can develop? That would be a beautiful thing. They could add 4 or 5 horses and still get the QB they want.

        • Wilson502

          The drop off from the top 4 to other guys is massive. Gambling on a mid round prospect that likely has a much lower ceiling when u have a top 5 pick just seems stupid to me.

          • Peter

            I was around when Wilson was selected. He was the best pure passer after luck in that draft. The only reason he went third round was that he was short.

            There are exactly zero qbs after the top of the draft that are anything like that. There are short ones, tall ones, old ones, young ones….but there are none that look like the athletic, hyper accurate, arm talent for days Wilson “to develop.”

            DTR…..would be my guy if they can’t get a qb. But he’s got high quality multi year back up in my eyes. And that’s fine. People need to get right. There are just not that many guts getting developed at qb in the pros. For every Dak, cousins, Wilson there are dozens and dozens of project guys that do nothing.

            Geno himself is a total outlier. From bust to back up to probowl. Does this team have a decade, a half decade to hope a guy pans out?

    • Huggie Hawk

      Same boat. This does look like a great draft, buuuut dang I want a top qb

    • Jhams

      No QB of the future, spending #5 on a guys whose ceiling is slightly above average starter, not landing one of the top DTs, adding to an overcrowded and overpaid safety room, no LB of the future… honestly I’d be really bummed about this draft. C- or D+ at best.

  19. hoggs41

    I love the pick of Gibbs at 37. Having a 1-2 punch like would be fantastic and Gibbs is a guy who could handle the load if Walker was out for a game or two. I think we need to come out of this with two quality DLineman. Doesn’t have to be early but at least two. I don’t like the Branch pick unless they already have it in there mind one of Diggs or Adams is for sure gone. I still believe they will draft a TE between 20-52 as they desperately needs Fants cap space (trade). Overall though some great quality players.

  20. Cody

    Thoughts on the NFL Draft’s subreddit mock today?

    • Rob Staton

      Like thought process here

      • Peter

        Pretty cool project to look at it.

        Love the comments. Specifically those so anti richardson that their “smart opinion,” when you look at the facts sounds pretty silly….

        A lot of ” why would they do that……Seattle has a MASSIVE hole at edge….”

        Hold up partner. Like TE soon they will. Probably. But right now?

    • Matt

      Is 5 and 20 for 3 and 34 a realistic trade? If so sign me up for this option.

  21. Jhams

    Maybe it’s just me, but taking a guy at #5 overall when even his biggest fans all have to throw in a “he’s nothing special” caveat is really disappointing. It just seems like drafting for floor not ceiling and at 5 I want a swing on a gamewrecker not someone whose ceiling is just pretty ok.

    • Wilson502

      Completely agree, they need to be bold an go get their QBoTF. Whether thats Richardson, Stroud or Levis, I dont really care, passing up the opportunity to just end up with a “good, but not great” OLB is just massively disappointing to me, and really devalues the RW trade for me. No long term answer at QB will really limit the long term trajectory of this team, Im tired of being stuck in mediocrity. Anderson doesn’t make this team great, a OLB just doesnt impact the team as much as a QBoTF does.

  22. PJ in Seattle

    I love Gibbs. He gives me Alvin Kamara vibes. Our backfield would be deadly.

  23. hoggs41

    Tried one myself, and to do it realistically.

    5…Will Anderson
    20…Michael Mayer
    37…Jahmyr Gibbs
    52…Keanu Benton
    83…Olu Olawatimi
    123…Zacch Pickens
    151…Dorian Williams
    154…Nathanial Dell



  24. PJ in Seattle

    Traded down from #5 to #12 since Richardson and Anderson were both gone in the top 3 and made a couple minor moves back along the way. Tried to avoid unrealistic fallers like Byron Young as well. I doubt Downs and Mingo are there with those picks, but I could not resist the double dip.

    Will Levis
    QB Kentucky

    Michael Mayer
    TE Notre Dame

    Jahmyr Gibbs
    RB Alabama

    Mazi Smith
    DT Michigan

    Josh Downs
    WR North Carolina

    Luke Wypler
    OC Ohio State

    Jonathan Mingo
    WR Ole Miss

    Jaquelin Roy
    DT LSU

    Moro Ojomo
    DT Texas

    Jarrett Patterson
    OC Notre Dame

    YaYa Diaby
    EDGE Louisville

    Chris Rodriguez Jr.
    RB Kentucky

  25. lil’stink

    Getting Branch at #26 would be a steal. I can’t help but think of Tyrann Matthieu when I watch him play.

    Doesn’t stand out in terms of size or 40 time, but with a great play speed, instincts, ability to take on larger players, etc.

  26. Peter

    Damn Rob.

    Hats off to you.

    Just for fun I went back to April 2012. Reread an article from then regular contributor Kip Early wine talking about Wilson could be the greatest seahawks qb ever.

    This year whatever you post gets easy 200 plus comments on any topic, idea, day of the week.

    That post: 20 comments.

    You’ve really created something great here.

    And Kip, since you still lurk😀, hope you’re well. Loved your articles then to pair with Rob’s.

  27. Dubb

    Interesting draft. The Branch pick stands out. Would they be hedging for next year, dumping Diggs and or Adams? If so, why not wait until next year. Also, I don’t understand the 3 safety concept. If the team was terrible against the run last year, why pull out a linebacker for a smaller safety? If it passing downs only, then is the nickel (Coby Bryant) pulled.

    Im a casual fan that don’t follow the nuances of the game, so I need some football minds to help me out.

  28. cha


    Seahawks trade up to 3 and take Richardson

    Atlanta trades up to 4 and takes Will Anderson

    Indy at 8 has Levis fall to them

    Seahawks take a CB at 20 (Cam Smith) with JMS, Bijan, Mazi, Branch, Ade Ade, Will McDonald, etc on the board

    • Wilson502

      I like this mock, though I would rather take Ade Ade or Will McDonald at 20. Will McDonald for me has the potential to be every bit as good as Anderson if not more so.

  29. Whit21

    Not a sexy draft.. but the most plausible draft after seeing so many mocks.. “professional” and amateur mock drafts.. looks like a draft PC JS would make bases on need and history..

    We shall see how many picks you get right, rob!

  30. Sluggo42

    Interesting that with Anderson, this is a good draft. But, so many comments that Anderson isn’t a ground shaking edge, but rather just a slightly better than average good player.
    If this is truth, then the trade up to get one of the 4 QB’s sounds imperative

    • Wilson502

      This is where Im at. I look at it like this. Does Will Anderson take this team from medicore to great? I think the answer is clearly no. Does a potential Franchise QB take this team from medicore to great? We all know the answer to this one. The latter has MUCH more impact on the long term trajectory than the former, theres just no way around that.

  31. MarkinSeattle

    Rob, who in the draft do you think could be difference makers/perennial pro bowlers? I am assuming that all four QB’s have that potential. I also assume that you have Will Anderson in that category. But of the remaining guys, who do you think has the physical potential and based on the college career to fit in the category?

    I am going to assume you have Mayer and Bijon in that category. Do you see Ade Ade, Will McDonald, Julius Brents, JMS, possibly Kancey as having the physical talent to eventually become multi year pro bowl types?

  32. Ben Dobbs

    I don’t get investing a 1st round pick in a safety given how cheap safeties could be had this off-season. Neal feels like he’s a solid safety, dumping him for 2 mill says we shouldn’t be investing much at safety. Is Branch even better than Neal and his 84 PFF grade?

    Also given how much we’ve already invested in safeties in the past, why invest so much further?

    • Ashish

      100% Agree

    • Seattle Person

      So you can move on from said expensive safeties with good young players.

      • Ben

        Sure, but if 2 years, 12 mill buys a pro bowl safety (wasn’t that for Poyer?), why not just pay that price and focus on a position that costs more to fill? Defensive lineman can cost a lot, so it would seem the better investment is a guy like Ade Ade or Kancey. If they pan out, we don’t need to spend a whole lot in free agency.

        If Branch had elite athletic skills, this might be a different conversation. He doesn’t, the value of safeties has plummeted, and we could’ve retained someone who succeeded with the Seahawks probably as much as we’d hope Branch does, but chose not to. It tells me that safety is either a lower priority, a lower value, or both.

        • Seattle Person

          Makes sense. I have long said I feel like Ade Ade is the pick at #20 or the pick even if they trade down.

          I do understand a safety pick though. That makes sense too. Branch has ugly testing numbers and that does give me a lot of pause.

      • Palatypus

        Everytime I see “Seattle Person” I consider changing my handle to “Florida Man.”

        • Seattle Person

          The weather must be nice down there. We are still stuck in winter mode here…

          • Palatypus

            Warm, overcast, and rainy today. High of 78.

  33. Simo

    I really like your draft Rob, but like others I might quibble with the pick of Branch at 26. Not sure who was still on your board at 20, or 26 for that matter, but I’d probably prefer to beef up the def line over adding another highly paid safety.

    Like most, I love the Gibbs pick. We definitely need another dynamic RB, and I’m all for adding Rodriguez as well.

    Don’t think you were drafting for need necessarily, but you did tick off quite a few holes in the roster by selecting C, Edge, DL, RB2, WR3.

    Overall, you selected a bunch of good, solid players and they would likely be very happy with this haul.

    • Seattle Person

      I love Branch but his testing times concern me. He isn’t fast but his agility numbers were fine. As a safety I think he’ll be a hell of a player. As a pure nickle — I don’t know…I just wished he ran a little faster.

  34. Ashish

    I would replace first pick with Richardson/Levis and 2nd pick with Ade Ade. Both positions are the need, players are great character and important. Both positions are paid high i.e. saving on cap. Enough of Safety nonsense from PC. To be honest they could have replace Neal for Jamal and got same output. Jamal is not even able to fit/available.

    • MountainHawker

      I agree with you regarding the 1st round picks, but in this scenario QBs went 1-4 and we didn’t trade up. Hence Anderson at 5. Ade is on my must get list. I don’t think he makes a huge impact day 1 but 2 or 3 years from now I think he’s going to be a problem in the league. Hopefully he’s wearing our colors

  35. KennyBadger

    Certainly I want a QBotF like many here, but I’m wary of the price. I’d like to think #5 and #20 or next year’s first rounder would be enough but you only have to look at SF to see what the price of moving up can be and I think there could be many offers for #3. What level of compensation are posters willing to commit to? 🤷‍♂️

    • PJ in Seattle

      I think #5 and #37 will get it done with AZ if Richardson or Stroud are there when they go on the clock. They could push us for #20 instead and if JS loves the QB, he’ll do it.

      The advantage we have is that while other teams can offer more, only Seattle can trade with AZ and put them in a position to still grab Will Anderson. We have the capital to do it. Indy could get crazy with future picks and outbid us to move up a slot, but I think they will hold at #4.

      If AZ trades with anyone other than us or Indy, Anderson is gone for them. I think they would take less now if they can still draft the player they want at #3, rather than drop down later in the top ten or into the teens and know they are moving quite a ways down their big board.

    • JJ

      The SF trade isn’t a comparable. The had to move from 11 not 5.

      • KennyBadger

        No doubt JJ, im just pointing out the cost may be high and I do think there’s something to the price being higher for Seattle because of being in the same division.

        • Wilson502

          Look at it this way, the cost of QB purgatory will be dar greater than whatever picks you use to move up and get your guy. Anderson isn’t much of a consolation prize if it means we’re stuck in QB purgatory for foreseeable future because you didn’t want to take your shot at a potential QBoTF.

          • KennyBadger

            I get it and I’m more on your side but if ‘whatever picks’ is 3 first rounders, is that still worth it? Do I think that’s the cost, no but it’s easier to define what you’re willing to part with than what Arizona wants or what other teams are offering. I’m simply curious about how much people think it’s worth to trade up.

            • Wilson502

              If it’s 5, 20 and next yrs first to move up, I would obviously like to pay less, but if it’s what it takes to secure a QBOTF, then yes I make that move.

              • KennyBadger

                That certainly is an iron price but one I’d be willing to pay too. Of course I’d love it if AZ took a bag of peanuts or Jamal Adams (their choice) instead.

  36. 805Hawk

    I’ll echo many here, saying that coming away without a QBOTF in this draft would be very disappointing at this point. This would probably mean at least two if not three or more years of Geno, which I really, really struggle with. I think it points to a mediocre team barely making the playoffs or just missing and never drafting in the range needed to get a top signal caller. We might get lucky with a later pick, I admit, but I, honestly, want a light at the end of the tunnel this season that I can point to in the form of a future at QB. I hate that that is how I feel, but deep down, that’s where I’m at.

    • Wilson502

      💯. This is exactly why I think coming out of the RW trade without a long term answer at QB is a massive fail no matter how u look at it. Sorry, Will Anderson just doesn’t elevate the team all that much.

  37. ErickV

    Man , the thought of Mingo and DK together gets me super excited. Maybe they build a special connection like DK had with AJ Brown at Ole Miss. Especially since they’re all from Mississippi. This mock draft definitely helps us in building a truly elite offense.

    • PJ in Seattle

      With you, my man. I get super pumped at the idea of DK, Tyler, and Mingo on the field together. Maybe Dareke Young continues to develop or Eskridge can finally put it together, but I’ve got to believe Mingo is WR3 for us the minute we draft him.

      And our WR depth issues are solved in one stroke.

  38. Cheese22

    The safety position situation is getting very interesting.
    They released Neal which sounds like they are comfortable with where Adams is at in rehabbing. PC keeps giving positive info like they are counting on him, again. But, could they be saying those things to bide time in order to try to trade him? I admittedly don’t know anything about NFL rules about possibly trading Adams and picking up some of his salary, but that would make a lot of sense. Is it possible they are waiting to release him until they see who they get in the draft? A Love/ Branch duo would be pretty exciting to watch. I also like the safety from Texas A&M in a Kam role. Either way, I feel like they have a plan that we’ll see unfold on draft night.

  39. Andrew

    Not interested in 3 Alabama players from there worst team in sometime..If Draft goes this way here comes QB purgatory…For me its a QB or bust, Anderson does not move the needle for me..

    • Jordan

      Did you read the part where Rob said the QBs went with the first 4 picks?

    • Wilson502

      💯. I feel exactly the same way, I even use the same phrase describing Anderson. He just doesn’t move the needle for me or change the trajectory of this team at all

      • Lord Snow

        I like Anderson a lot better than you guys however if they come out of this draft and have to spend the next 10 years recycling guys like Sam darnold Josh Rosen Baker Mayfield Zach Wilson etc etc then the post Russell Wilson rebuild was a failure in my book

        • Wilson502

          IMHO, if you dont come out of this draft with a potential QBoTF, then the value of the RW trade vastly diminishes for me.

  40. Hunter

    Honestly outside of Mingo and Anderson I would be extremely disappointed by this entire draft, a safety and another running back in the top 4 picks feel like a complete waste with what this team needs and positional value. And adding in not getting a qb of the future I’d think this team isn’t even making progress for the future years. What players were on the boards at each of the first 3 picks?

    • PJ in Seattle

      You are sleeping on Jamyr Gibbs then. You shouldn’t. He immediately upgrades our backfield in a major way and can be a swiss army knife in the passing game. He reminds me a lot of Alvin Kamara.

      You might assume that drafting a RB means they get maybe 10 carries a game to spell Walker. Gibbs would play a lot more than that and be split out running routes even when Walker is in the backfield. It would be a massive headache for D coordinators.

      And if Walker gets hurt, Gibbs can be a bellcow too.

    • Malanch

      Hunter, the Mock Draft Database consensus aggregator currently has Jahmyr Gibbs at #35, and that’s right in line with where the elite three-down running backs have been going for years now. Yes, the league has devalued the running back position, but not as far as you would like. Teams recognize that the best backs can flat-out transform an offense, and getting a young, explosive skill threat on a cheap rookie deal is a proven means of maximizing value. Late-round stars at the running back position are rare, and you can only do so much with a stable of D.J. Dallases and Travis Homers. So, if the Hawks managed to get Gibbs in the second round, fans would be prudent to remind themselves of what they got in Ken Walker last year—and thus cheer vociferously.

      • Hunter

        I don’t think the best way to manage high draft capital is drafting 2 running backs two years straight. This team isn’t a 2nd running back away from being elite, it’s a defensive line, a line backer, a center/guard. A running back isn’t the smart move even if he’s a good player. Get better positional value

        • Rob Staton

          So let me propose this

          Derrick Henry is available in the range he was drafted in round two

          Should Seattle pass on him to draft Ross Blacklock, a defensive tackle?

          Of course not

          You have to grade and judge every player on their own merits. If a top, top player is available at RB, you can’t just ignore them for the sake of drafting a position on a spreadsheet

          • Hunter

            Kind of cherry picking players there Rob, picking out the best RB in the league and a defensive tackle that is JAG. A backup running back just doesn’t have the value to be worth a 2nd round pick. Also the same can be said about using a first on a 4th string safety. Just bad drafting strategy

            • Rob Staton

              Cherry picking is perfectly acceptable to illustrate my point because you are speaking about positional value and ‘never’ taking a RB in this scenario, irrespective of talent. So the impetuous for me, in countering, is to show that if you constantly go off positional value (ie/ I will never take a RB that early and would go for a DL because of value) then you will 100% always miss out on players like Henry because you will never consider them.

              That’s why I made the point I did. You have to judge players on talent, not the position they play. If a shit hot running back is available you shouldn’t be saying “no” just because the play a certain position.

              • Rob Staton

                Case in point with Gibbs, he is commonly compared to Alvin Kamara. It’s a legit comp.

                If you pass on that simply through philosophy over positions and he goes on to emulate Kamara’s career, it would be an error.

            • Peter

              How about the non cherry picked list:

              Derrick Henry. Or the following in order of the actual players selected right after him.

              Ashawn Robinson DT
              Michael Thomas WR….with no Brees on the titans
              Jason Spriggs G
              Jarran Reed DT
              Nick Martin C

              Pretty sure Henry is the better pick.

            • PJ in Seattle

              The ‘backup running back’ we took in the second round last year turned out to be a tremendous value. Your needs on draft day may not be your needs mid-season.

              I think the point here is the Seahawks have done well when drafting for talent and not purely focusing on need. When we’ve gotten myopic with the attitude that “we have to draft DL round one this year” we’ve ended up with the likes of LJ Collier.

              Not saying we don’t need DL talent – we do. We will come out of this draft with some, that is certain. But there is nothing wrong with going BPA with these first 4 picks this year. Gibbs will likely be a home run for whoever takes him.

          • Matt

            Of course if you can get a player at the top of their position you should be taking them almost every time – Especially if they are best player available when you pick.

            To that point..I think any team from about #15 on in the draft should trade down if they’re not prepared to take Bijon Robinson.

  41. Terry

    Just listened to the Football Insiders podcast with friend of the blog Tony and Trey Wingo. Tony spoke at length about how Dawand Jones is falling down draft boards. He had the one good day at the Senior Bowl, shut it down there and at the Pro Day, and only did positional drills at the Combine. Apparently he didn’t even sign a particular form for teams to do a background check and Tony believes he’s sitting on the cusp of the end of second round/early third.

    Rob, your interview with Tony can’t get here soon enough!

  42. KitsapHawk

    Jordan Howden visiting VMAC this week.

    Charlie Weis thinks Hooker is a better prospect than Richardson or Levis. I wonder how many other NFL personnel would agree. If Houston believes that, it makes the Anderson at 2 scenario quite plausible.

    • Big Mike

      If I remember correctly, Chris Simms thinks that too
      Of course he thought Zach Wilson was better than Trevor Lawrence 2 years ago so there’s that.

      • Peter

        With respect to Weiss. He’s the proof that just because you are employed in your job doesn’t mean your necessarily the most qualified to that.

        • KitsapHawk

          Not saying I agree, you understand.

          • Peter

            Kitsap he can honestly be right for all I know.

            And frankly depending on how you run your team hooker could be tge better prospect.

            I was more busting chops cause Weiss is a bit of a goofus as well.

    • Rushless pass

      At least weis didn’t take Rich Gannon’s stance that Kenny Pickett is a better prospect than any quarterback in this years draft.

  43. Palatypus

    4.49 forty. 1.55 split. No 3 cone.

    • LouCityHawk

      I don’t really like sharing mocks, because as a fan it is like telling your coworkers about your dreams.

      I did want to share this one I did a while ago when people first started talking about trading up, I wanted to prove that trading up wouldn’t destroy your ability to have a good draft. I didn’t save all the trades or the prospects I passed up.

      I double check trades using over the cap, and try to not draft players who obviously should have been drafted earlier.

      3. CJ Stroud
      30. Mayer
      54. Zay
      62. Derick Hall
      83. Pickens
      123. Bradford
      125. Chase Brown
      151. RezJohn
      154. Hellams
      198. Scruggs
      237. Coburn

      Looking back I still feel pretty strongly that this makes a good case for trading up not hampering your overall draft. It is a lot harder to fill out your roster with impact players this way, but it can be done.

      • LouCityHawk

        Reply fail, sorry

        I guess I better lay off the phone for the night.

      • PJ in Seattle

        “I don’t really like sharing mocks, because as a fan it is like telling your coworkers about your dreams.”

        I laughed a lot at this.

        Guilty as well. It’s like poker players recounting bad beats. Nobody really cares about your story, but you feel compellled to tell it anyway.

  44. MontanaMike

    Excellent draft, i there’s no QB left, then it’s a good haul. I would take Ade Ade at 20 though but that’s just me.

  45. Seattle Murphy

    Always love your mocks. Felt like you were doing a BPA mock here, with Branch and Gibbs. Which I agree is better than reaching. I think any mock where we land Anderson is an A+, but would be very happy with any of the top 4 QBs. You’re right, 5 is a great spot. I personally hope it’s a QB. It’s too good of an opportunity. You could go Ade or McDonald in the 20s, and 37 is still early. When I ran this same simulator last Levis was the odd man out, with the Colts taking Richardson. Thanks Rob.

  46. Peter

    Gotta be honest I think some of us here read this as gospel and not the thought experiment I read it as.

    Do I think Seattle would be dumb enough to draft a safety round one….yeah I do. One good draft in a decade of weirdness leads me to this.

    Re: Anderson. I’m Mr. Qb. If anyone trades up and it’s a manageable amount I’m gonna freak out of seattle doesnt best them. But what if the trades are ridiculous? Maybe not…

    But on Anderson. I know Rob has said there’s no Garrett or bosa in this draft. What if….Anderson who was more productive in the SEC than either bosa and was last years consensus top pick fell to five? Say they can’t trade up? Anderson won’t change the fortunes of this team. Almost no defensive player can. But he’s not some JAG.

    If we miss on being able to draft a qb he’s LITERALLY one of the best players at any position in this draft.

    • Peter

      Addendum. We all love macdonald. What if I told you he was two years older. Played five years and never bested Andersons production and Anderson in three years completely destroyed him at any stat that matters…..

      • LouCityHawk

        Fans are being weird this year.

        Anderson is going to be a fantastic pro. He isn’t Von Miller (my favorite comp for him), but he is almost Von Miller, and I am great with almost Von Miller.

        For some reasons fans hear not Bosa, and they go looking for brand X. Maybe it is the flatness of the middle rounds.

        Then again, they seem to elevate JMS and Mazi Smith to near first round hype.

        • Rob Staton

          To be honest I’ve never watched Anderson and thought of Von Miller

          I think the Ware comp is a good one. But Miller was all get off and twitch and that isn’t Anderson. Miller doesn’t have a false step and he doesn’t take too long to engage and that sticks out like a sore thumb watching Anderson

          • Peter

            On this site we tend to trend towards qb.

            But if you can’t get the qb….getting a Demarcus Ware is not really a terrible spot to be.

            • JimQ

              RE: Anderson.
              I think after the amazing stats he put up in 2021, Anderson may very well have played the 2022 season a little more “carefully.” By that I mean he perhaps played it just a little bit safer to avoid injury and preserve his potential draft status and future fortune. That would also explain why his stats were down somewhat in 2022. Anderson and his 2021 stats that were so impressive may just be the tip of the iceberg once he has secured a nice fat contract. If, and only if, (IMO) all 4 of the top QB’s are gone, Anderson would be a super great pick with a very promising future as a Seahawk.

    • LouCityHawk

      Funny story, I get asked a lot, what if Anderson is gone and the QB there is one the Seahawks don’t like (in the hypo it is usually Levis, but sometimes Young), and no one will trade with them!

      My Answer is Mayer, Branch, Bijan. And if this is 2015: McDonald, Ade

      • Spectator

        You’re taking Mayer, Branch, or Bijan or even McD or Ade at 5?? No thanks.

        • LouCityHawk

          Ok, you can’t take 1 of the big 5, Carter, and you can’t trade down, who do you take?

  47. Sea Mode

    Happy Easter, SDB!

  48. Malanch

    I’ll say this about Rob’s mock: It’s one of the very few I’ve seen that actually reflects knowledge of the Seahawks. No “Jalen Carter is the perfect Pete Carroll pick” bulls**t here, boy.

  49. Julian L

    I think as long as the Seahawks keep projecting into the future and don’t reach on players they think can make an impact straight away, there’s a lot of promise and depth in this draft. Most of my projections in the following mock, won’t be year 1 starters, but most have promising ceilings.

    #5 Will Levis QB – Richardson was gone

    #20 Bengals offered me #28 and #92, I managed to tag on #163

    #28 Will McDonald Edge – even if Anderson was taken at 5, I’d take McDonald here. Five years of Anderson and McDonald off the Edge would be a frightening prospect for NFL teams.

    #37 Adetomiwa Adebawore DT – I might trade up for him if he’s still on the board at the start of Day 2 though here i waited as I like Keion White as good alternative

    #52 Luke Musgrave TE – still on the board here, he might last due to last years injury? Tucker Kraft would be also be fun.

    #83 Darius Rush CB – some say he’s a better than team mate Cam Smith who’s projected in the 1st round.

    #92 Ricky Stromberg C – His explosive and agility testing 4.47 ss is super impressive.

    #123 Bryon Young (Alabama) DT – I would take Cameron Young a two gapping DT here, but for some reason he’s not on the simulator

    #151 Chris Rodriguez RB – Rob’s right, I wouldn’t risk letting him fall further than here

    #154 Jay Ward S – versatile DB, another future building block

    #163 Anthony Bradford OG – a block for building the offensive line with. Seattles Trey Smith?

    #198 Tre Tucker WR – diminutive as was Tyreek Hill, explosive but slightly less so than Hill, will be an asset to special teams as a gunner and punt returner

    #237 Bumper Pool LB – recent hip surgery is a concern, but size and tackle stats make a punt at this stage on a future position of need, worthwhile

  50. bv eburg

    Much prefer this draft compared to your last one. My only quibble would be the safety late 1st. Seattle has so much capitol expended there it just doesn’t seem necessary to spend more. I would prefer any of the others you considered in that slot, particularly JMS. That would also free up the Wypler pick who I don’t think will be around there anyway.
    Anyway love the reasoning with the 2 rb’s, 1 slot, 1 center. To me this really helps Geno and the offense as a whole which should keep them on the field more.

    • Rob Staton

      But alas it won’t help much if Geno plays like he did in the second half of last season, and majority of his prior career, which is what concerns me.

      If this team throws its chips in with Geno Smith or just some ‘play it by ear’ approach at QB, it could easily undermine anything and everything else they do

      • bv eburg

        Totally agree and if a QB is there at 5 I would take them. Was Pete blowing smoke last year when he said he had two number 1’s?
        But in your scenario all 4 were off the board so you went with Anderson. I’ve been good with that plan all along. But you are starting to talk me out of it with some of your comments on Anderson. It’s sounding like he would be very solid but not spectacular. How far off is macdonald to you compared to Anderson?

        • bv eburg

          As I think about this more…..with the weapons the offense has after this draft couldn’t a high processing game manager like Brock Purdy be a good solution? Stacking the box/ great Mingo, DK, Lockett, Fant go off. Playing nickel/dime/ great for Walker and Gibbs.
          Combine that with the young rock solid line and what QB wouldn’t want to join that group?

        • Peter

          I’m going to give this a go as I imagine Rob getting ready for Easter ham or whatever the tradition is in the UK.

          Macdonald has better bend. More explosive of an athlete. Good against the run. Apparently he had some weird coaching playing him inside on the dline. Probably needs to add weight in the NFL his combine weight has him quite a bit lighter than Mafe, Nwosu, Taylor. Very good production.

          Anderson. Ran a slower than expected 40. “Only” a 1.61 ten yard split….sub 1.6 = elite.

          On the other hand. Anderson is a machine. He’s two years younger than Macdonald. And in three years destroyed Macdonalds five year production. It’s not close. Not just the flashy numbers but the boring as well like Tackles. Dude is on the field getting after it play after play. Some say he had a down year in 2022. Maybe. But when your down year is better than nearly everyone else’s best year…is that really a loss?

          • bv eburg

            Thanks Peter,
            No doubt there is something to be said for constantly be in the right place at the right time, football instincts, production and just being a machine. That machine comment is putting me back on the Anderson bandwagon.

            • Peter

              BV Eburg- I was kind of floored when I looked at the output myself. I knew the flashy numbers. But I never realized how he was doing the expected work at such a high level.

              Like I said above I’m Mr. Qbotf.

              But in a scenario like Rob posits that all are gone and there was too many ridiculous trades to move up ( titans with three 1st rounders….no thanks)…

              You’re getting a chance to draft 2021’s near consensus number one overall pick with Anderson.

          • Patrick Toler

            It’s not like Anderson was lined up in a wide nine either. More often than not he was inside, head up on a player 60+ pounds bigger than him. Amazing showcase of his prodigious play strength that he could be so productive.

            • Seattle Person

              Both Anderson and McDonald were asked to play odd roles. In college — teams played all sorts of defenses. It will be interesting because I think both can make an impact as a true pass rusher.

              Anderson is a complete Edge. He does most things really well.

      • bmseattle

        It’s very confusing to me how so many fans are just all in on Geno now.

        We all saw how average he was the last half of the season… how can anyone feel confident enough in Geno going forward, to just completely flick aside the thought of rolling the dice on one of these top QB prospects?

        Even Hawkblogger… who has *always* been on the side of “take a risk to be a great team, rather than play it safe and be a mediocre/decent team”, has somehow convinced himself that we have a championship level future ahead of us with Geno… as long as we build a great team around him.

        I really don’t get it.

        Most fans salivate at the idea of drafting a QBOTF in the top 5 of a draft.
        For some reason, Seahawks fans (and the local media) refuse to see the benefits and upside of taking a shot on a guy like Richardson or Levis.

        And the folks that are *still* on the “upside trumps the risk* train of thought on Carter… refuse to use the same line of thinking on Richardson.

        It’s just baffling.

        • bv eburg

          Rob’s scenario for this mock was all 4 QB’s gone.

          • bmseattle

            I understand that.
            I was commenting to Rob’s “what if Geno plays like he did in the 2nd half of the season..” comment, above.

            • bv eburg

              I saw it and totally agree. But that subject has been beat to death. I for one am glad he took the mock in the direction he did. JS said they go into a draft with Plan A,B,C, D…..Z. And this scenario has to be up there, all QB’s gone by 5.

              • bmseattle

                I’m glad Rob did this mock as well, I wasn’t criticizing it.
                I was simply responding to Rob. If you think that “the subject has been beat to death”, that’s understandable.
                You are under no obligation to respond to it or give it any more of your energy.

            • Peter

              If I had to guess there are at least two forces at play here.

              1. Geno is seen by many as “our,” guy. Team friendly deal. Says a lot of the right things. Probowl season. Great, unexpected output. Many have even convinced themselves “that with another year in the system,” hell even be better. Not taking an objective look that after ‘x’ games were played and the league got more tape on him is when he started to trail down to less dynamic.

              2. And legitimately the defense was actually so bad that if they hit the middle of the pack the seahawks would most likely have won the division. So it makes sense to improve the defense. Without bothering to look behind the curtain that even DROY candidate Hutchinson for detroit did not move that team anywhere away from worst defense in the league.

              Hawkblogger and others actually seem to think that,and I’ve watched enough Seattle mocks this year, if we draft Carter or Anderson and no one else presto chango top ten defense here we come. And seem to forget that to get a niners or eagles defense it’s going to take years or every pick goes defense and every pick hits.

              • bmseattle


                I think that you are spot on, on both points.

                It’s not as easy to build a great defense as some fans seem to think.
                A lot has to go right, and the timing has to work out as well.

                I can understand the perspective that if we go all in on defense this draft, we could *potentially* have a good defense this year.
                Good enough to compete for a Super Bowl? That’s a stretch.
                And if Geno is “2nd half Geno”, then that throws a monkey wrench in the whole plan.

              • bv eburg

                I concur about the whole defense about one high end defensive draft pick drastically changing the how good the D is.
                I will throw this out there again. The last 6 Super Bowl teams defense gave up 22 points per game, Seattle 23.6. So the defense isn’t as far off PPG as people think.
                Seattle offense averaged 23.9 PPG but the last 6 Super Bowl teams averaged 29.

                Could the defense get a little better and give the offense back the ball one more time per game? Sure, but how many points does that convert to?
                Conversely, with Rob’s draft how much more time is offense on field, how much less time is defense on field.

                Fun team building exercise. If you can’t tell, when I coached is was all about the offense. If my team was going to lose at least we would be entertaining.

                • bv eburg

                  Going back over Rob’s mock above, does Anderson, a couple DT’s, Reed, Dre’mont, Nwosu, mafe get you close to the 22 ppg of the last 6 SB defenses. I think it does. Couple that with all the offensive firepower Rob adds it get’s the offense closer to the 29 PPG of those 6 teams.
                  So to me this is a solid plan B if all 4 QB’s are off the board.

                  • bmseattle

                    I agree, particularly with your examples on defense.

                    However, digging deeper into last years “average” on ppg of the offense….

                    First 9 games: 26.7
                    Last 8 games: 20.75

                    So.. the whole dilemma is, which half of last year is most indicative of where our offense stands currently?
                    Because we have 6 more points to make up (on average) per game, if we are more 2nd half than 1st.

                  • bv eburg

                    It wouldn’t let me reply to your comment below.
                    Good point on the Offensive ppg going down in the second half of the year. Is that all on Geno? Walkers ankle? Lockett missing time? Abe dinged? Again I think Rob’s Mock helps with more firepower. And my only adjustment would be JMS instead of safety.

  51. Zane

    Just rewatched the Wild Card game highlights- what a horror show for the defense. The whole unit looks so tepid and slow. Trying to imagine how to improve it, but it’s hard when you can’t even see a bright spot. Bruce Irvin looked like our most effective pass rusher…

    • Zane

      I’m thinking you just need to bring in as many young, hungry, athletic players as possible.
      Maybe part of their reasoning in letting Woods, Jefferson and Harris walk.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Shelby is still unsigned and I’m hopeful they can find some way to get him back in the fold with the cap. We will have a lot of fast, hungry youngens in our D next year and there’s value in having a journeyman DL like Harris or Woods to bring that veteran presence and lunchpail production to the mix. Bobby will help in this regard as well.

  52. Hoggs41

    Here is a question for the community. If we were to draft Levis do we think we would release or even try to trade Drew Lock? Eat his dead $1.75m to gain his $2.25m in cap space and make Levis QB2?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly, probably

      Lock is a hedge and/or a backup for 2023

      Levis being versed in this scheme makes him a much more viable QB2 than Anthony Richardson

  53. MontanaMike

    And letting Cody Barton walk, addition by subtraction. to be fair he’s decent in coverage probably for a 4-3 team.

    • Palatypus

      That kind of fairness will not be tolerated around here.

  54. Jeff

    Love this exercise. I’m obsessed with the PFN mock simulator this time of year. I don’t know if it’s realistic, but I know the best feels I get after a mock are when I come away with at least two of Mazi Smith, Adetomiwa, and Will McDonald. Would that be drafting for need or just marrying up a big area of need with guys who should be at the top of the Hawks’ BPA list too? The other part is, I’m always left a little unmoved when I don’t get one of the top 4 QBs. What are we doing with the Wilson trade if not planning for the future at QB? Is the difference between the Wills (Anderson and McDonald) so drastic that it’s not worth taking a shot at the most important position?

    • Palatypus

      You know, it’s not realistic. But last year people on this board were saying, “There is no way we are getting Boye Mafe in the 2nd round” and “There is no way we are getting Abraham Lucas in the 3rd round.”

      Then it happened.

      I think this may be one of those things where the simulator is being run about a million times a day and actually starts to shape people’s opinions. By measuring the phenomenon, you determine the result.

      You know, Shroedinger’s Elvis.

    • PJ in Seattle

      The blog consensus here is clearly ‘no’. Trade up if necessary, but coming away from this top-5 selection without our QBOTF would be a pretty big letdown. No knock on Anderson, but if we end up with Stroud or Richardson I think it will set this franchise up for at least a decade of success.

      Of course, this runs counter to 90% of the mass media and fanbase takes out there. There are people who legitimately argue that if we pass on Jalen Carter, we will doom this franchise. I’m 180 degrees off that. If we take Carter, we’ll likely rue the day we did and spend many years crying over what we could’ve had.

      • Jeff

        Agree. I’m a hard pass on Carter.

    • Trevor

      Those 3 guys ( Mazi Smith, Ade Ade and Will McDonald) are the 3 guys I hope they target at 20 and 37 as well. Would add Keion White to that trio as well.

      If they could come out of the draft with a couple of those guys the DL would look a whole lot better.


    I would lose my $#1! if this was the Hawks’ Draft
    defiantly a better fit Anderson is at 5 than Smith and to your point, we would be getting that young Lead dog on the Line to set the edge and blossom a lot like Clemmons did .

  56. Trevor

    If the Hawks miss out on a QB and end up with Anderson at 20 my dream option for the next pick would be Devon Witherspoon even if they had to move up a little to get him.

    Adding Anderson and Witherspoon to this defense would be a complete game changer as both guys have the attitude and toughness the great LOB defenses were built around.

  57. cha

    Scoring Will Anderson and then a sturdy DE in Lacy would open up some interesting roster possibilities for the group.

    At the very least they would be forced to make a decision at the bottom of the group. Alton Robinson would probably be the odd man out. Onto the practice squad if they still like him. Forgotten man Tyreke Smith would feel the pressure as well but probably has more time.

    Or it could change their perspective at the top. If Nwosu is not interested in extending this fall and wants to explore the market in the spring, fine. Taylor may be an interesting trade chip for a team needy on pass rush. Maybe a solid pick could be had for a guy who has 16 sacks in 2 seasons.

    Boye Mafe has total job security but is not guaranteed major snaps. He’d feel the heat of competition and need to show progress from Year One if he wants to get on the field on Sundays.

  58. geoff u

    Gibbs, Rodriguez, Wypler and Mingo would vastly improve the offense and it’s dept. No mater what happens at 5, this would be great. Safety wouldn’t be great at 26, but he’s the best player available and that’s the way the board falls, that’s the way it falls.

    My 1 and 2 priorities are nearly always getting a franchise QB if you see one there (even if you got one) and pass rush, then BPA. But you can’t reach on subpar players simply to fill a need. There’s a reason we skipped the QB class last year despite a glaring hole at the most important position. No point in grabbing one if you’re pretty sure they aren’t going to pan out.

  59. ImUrHuckleBerri

    Got a pretty good haul with a 3 round draft simulation I just did. Bengals offered #28 and #60 for Seattle’s #20. That was the only trade I accepted. Although a bit lopsided according the draft pick trade value charts. Seattle would have to possibly give up a 4th rounder to make it more palatable for Cincinnati.

    5. Anthony Richardson QB
    28. Michael Mayer TE
    37. Mazi Smith NT
    52. Tuli Tuipulotu DE
    60. Cody Mauch OT
    83. Julius Brents CB

    • Trevor

      Love that group of players.

  60. Trevor

    Did a mock on the PFN simulator and the draft went.

    1. Stroud
    2. Anderson
    3. Richardson
    4. Levis

    Then the Texans offered 12, 33 and a pick next year to move up for Young.

    Also traded back to #24 from 20 and picked up a 3rd round pick.

    Tried to be realistic with the ranges even if the simulator was being generous. Would absolutely love this draft for the Hawks.

    #12 Devon Witherspoon- The Hawks get a heart and soul player for the secondary. Perhaps the toughest player in the draft. Witherspoon and Woolen could be the top duo in the league for the balance of the decade.

    #24 Michael Mayer- one of best players in the entire draft falls to the Hawks at 24 and gives them a stud in both the pass and run game. Geno gets his elite 3rd receiving option.

    #33 Will McDonald- he does not get the hype of the other big name edge rushers but just might end up being the best. Explosive and had an incredible ablility to bend around the edge. He is a legit doible digit sack guy.

    #37 Mazi Smith – If you are going to run the 3-4 effectively it helps to have a stud NT. The Hawks get one and solidify the middle of the run defense.

    #52 Sydney Brown- great athelte and another heart and soul type player. By adding Witherspoon and Brown to the secondary they truly can become the LOB 2.0 but a lot faster. Woolen, Bryant, Love, Brown and Witherspoon would be young and incredible IMO.

    #83 Luke Wypler- Hawks get their Center for the future.

    #88 Israel Abanikanda – A freak RB who would be a steal here and day 1 starter if not for Walker. Would give the Hawks a dynamic 1-2 punch at RB

    #123 Moro Ojomo- incredibly under rated and ideal base DE in the 3-4. Would be ideal rotational piece for the DL.

    #151 Dorian Williams- Athletic and rugged LB who could come in and learn behind Bobby with the idea of starting next year.

    #153 Andrew Vorhees- tore his ACL at the combine but he is an ideal fit at G for the Hawks and after a red shirt year could start next season.

    #198 Chris Rodriguez- They add a tough nose power back.

    #237 Matt Landers- big athletic WR who can fly. Great on special teams with the potential to make the roster.

    I absolutely loved this draft for the Hawks. If they can’t get Richardson or Anderson this would be a perfect Plan B.

    • Matt


      This draft is pretty darn amazing. Problem is that I see Witherspoon, Wypler, Ojomo, and Dorian going ahead of where you got them.

      That said if we get anything like this would be stellar.

  61. Sluggo42

    Last years defense was soooo bad, that with just a few more stops each game, to give the red hot offense another go or two, could have radically changed the W/L record and all that goes with that- conversely, a few more first downs could have done the same thing- but of the two, I would say the defense hurt us more- the inabilities to stop the run specifically hurt us more than anything-
    Whereas on one hand I can’t help but wonder what a strong offensive draft would do, like a serious RB/ WR / TE / Center / Guard- and then count on Geno/Lock to provide strong game management of a very well balanced offense juggernaut- just imagine another monster RB with KW3/ and a monster OLine- then another WR – also keep in mind that WR often don’t show up until year 3, so Young or the Esk could finally get it and become dangerous. Some say the best defense is a strong offense.
    Then a few DL / and resign Poona, and hope the current edges and DB’s show immense improvement and get those few extra stops we need to let the hounds loose again on offense.
    There are more than one ways to skin a cat…

    • Rob Staton

      To be fair the offense wasn’t quite as red hot in the second half of the season

  62. Thomas

    Everyone probably knows by now, but Seattle is hosting Carter.

    I don’t think he’s off their draft board yet.

    • Rob Staton

      This has been discussed already

      See earlier comments or wait until the new article is published where I rehash everything

      But this is fairly irrelevant news

      The Raiders are also hosting him and it was reported two weeks ago he’s off their board

  63. MountainHawker

    ESPN has a show on ESPN+ called On The Clock. Just watched the Bryce Young and Hendon Hooker episodes. Covers their college career and gives you a feel of the their personality. Shows them coaching high school kids at the Manning passing academy. Plus some Manning brother banter which I find amusing. It was interesting and a good watch. Next two episodes will be Levis and Richardson.

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