A second attempt to produce an A+ draft for the Seahawks

Will McDonald could be an ideal pass-rusher for Seattle

I promised a second go at producing a draft class for the Seahawks that would earn an A+ grade. You can see the breakdown of my first go at this by clicking here. Here’s the list of names in full:

Will Anderson (EDGE, Alabama)
Brian Branch (S, Alabama)
Jahmyr Gibbs (RB, Alabama)
Jonathan Mingo (WR, Ole Miss)
Luke Wypler (C, Ohio State)
Jaquelin Roy (NT, LSU)
Jordan McFadden (G, Clemson)
Corey Trice (CB, Purdue)
Tyler Lacy (DE, Oklahoma State)
Chris Rodriguez (RB, Kentucky)
Ventrell Miller (LB, Florida)

In this second attempt, I promised to draft a quarterback at #5. If one wasn’t available (as was the case in my previous attempt), I’d restart the simulation.

I used the Pro Football Network simulator for this article.

The top four picks were:

#1 Carolina — Bryce Young
#2 Houston — C.J. Stroud
#3 Arizona — Will Anderson
#4 Indianapolis — Will Levis

Tampa Bay offered a trade deal to come up from #19 but I rejected it.

Let me know what you think about this haul in the comments section. I’d give it an A+. Would you?

#5 — Anthony Richardson (QB, Florida)
I think there’s a very good chance the top four will play out as it did in this simulation, unless of course someone trades into the #3 spot. Adam Schefter reported today that six teams have inquired about the pick. That would leave the Seahawks with a decision. They can either invest in the long-term future at quarterback with a player so physically gifted he’s practically peerless in terms of upside. Or they can take the next available defender with Will Anderson off the board. For me, this would be a no-brainer. Draft Richardson, sit him for a year and let him learn the offense and what it takes to be a pro. He has the entire physical package to be a MVP candidate one day. I think it’s worth taking a shot to see if he can deliver on his potential. The upside of it working out is a decade of success, maybe more. If it fails, wasn’t it worth taking the chance anyway? How can you not be excited by the thought of Richardson throwing to D.K. Metcalf with Ken Walker in the backfield?

#20 — trade down
The Saints offered pick #71 to move up from #29. With Michael Mayer on the board I was tempted to stick and pick but getting a high third rounder to move down nine spots felt like a generous deal. New Orleans selected Quentin Johnston at #20.

#29 — Calijah Kancey (DT, Pittsburgh)
Mayer was eventually taken at #27, which was frustrating. I would’ve picked him at #29. Having taken a quarterback at #5, this felt like a good opportunity to try and add impact to the D-line. I understand and appreciate the concerns around Kancey’s length. With 30.5 inch arms, that’s worrying. There’s short arms and then there’s short arms. However, watching him on tape is quite an experience. You go in promising yourself you won’t compare him to Aaron Donald. Then you watch Pittsburgh and you feel like you’re watching Aaron Donald. His pass-rushing skill, quickness, twitchy ability to avoid blocks, exquisite hand-use, raw speed and agility is just so reminiscent of Donald. I appreciate you can’t make a ton of exceptions but in the case of Kancey, I’m prepared to take a chance on the length not being an issue. Nobody will ever copy what Donald has achieved in the NFL. He’s a legendary player. Yet Kancey’s testing profile and playing style is so similar, it feels like a worthy gamble to see if you can even get 65% of what Donald has been. Seattle hasn’t had an impact pass-rusher in the trenches in a long time. Kancey can be that man.

#37 — Will McDonald (EDGE, Iowa State)
As soon as I saw McDonald was still on the board, I took him immediately. The thought of adding Kancey and McDonald to the pass-rush is mouth-watering and shows you don’t have to take a defender at #5 to upgrade the defense. He’s perfectly suited to Seattle — with 35-inch arms, exceptional balance and bend around the arc (the best I can recall), heavy hands despite his lack of great size and counter moves and savvy to keep blockers guessing. At the Senior Bowl, he had Darnell Wright on toast. Wright is the best tackle in the draft. He shut down Will Anderson when Tennessee played Alabama. McDonald beat him in back-to-back reps in the 1v1’s easily, then did it again in a scrimmage session. There’s every chance he can be Seattle’s answer to Brian Burns. You can super-charge your pass-rush by adding Kancey, McDonald and Dre’Mont Jones this off-season. This would be an immensely exciting start to the draft. One other thing to note, new pass-rush specialist BT Jordan spent time training McDonald before being appointed by the Seahawks.

#52 — Jonathan Mingo (WR, Ole Miss)
Our own Curtis Allen requested I don’t repeat picks in this projection but I’d already completed the sim. I also think this pick, in this range, is an easy way to secure an A+ grade. I rate Mingo as the second best receiver in the draft. He has a good frame (6-2, 220lbs) with enormous 10.5 inch hands and he runs in the 4.4’s. He’s a perfect ‘big slot’. The Seahawks experimented with a bigger slot receiver last year with Laquon Treadwell. What does he do well? His routes are extremely precise and he’s nearly always where he needs to be on time. Mingo has soft hands and is adept competing for the ball in the air or tracking it over his shoulder. He has enough speed to get downfield and make the big explosive play, plus the size to box-out and win with physicality. He can also make the spectacular happen — such as a stunning one-handed grab downfield last season or the best ‘Moss’ we saw in 2022. As a blocker, he has no peer in this receiver class. If you want your receivers to block — this is your guy. He loves to get after it. I’ve been promoting Mingo for a long time and believe he’s a top-50 player who could go a lot earlier than people think and in this range, he’d be a home-run pick.

#71 — trade up
Part of the reason I traded down to get this pick in the first place is to create some flexibility to trade up later on. I haven’t addressed the center position yet and I want to make an investment there for the long term. Therefore, I call the Bears. They have the #64 pick. I offer a fourth rounder (#123) to move up seven spots. It’s expensive, granted. But I’m worried about Arizona getting my target at #66. They haven’t addressed center yet and I want to jump them.

#64 — Luke Wypler (C, Ohio State)
Another repeat pick from the last mock but there are really two key players at center who fit Seattle’s physical profile — John Michael Schmitz and Wypler. I’m convinced one of the two will be a Seahawk. Wypler has the traits for the blocking scheme. He’s athletic and agile — running a brilliant 4.53 short shuttle. He has a wrestling background which they like. He had a tremendous game against Georgia in the college football playoffs. He said at the combine he’d already started studying the Rams blocking scheme because it fit him so perfectly — so he’s already well versed in Seattle’s system. This pick would give the Seahawks a chance to have a settled center position for the first time in years.

#83 — trade down
Trading up was expensive so I wanted to try and get a pick back. Jacksonville offered a deal to move up from #88. It involved a fifth rounder next year. I wanted a pick in 2023, so I countered for a fifth this year. That offer was rejected. I went back and offered to swap my seventh round pick (#237) for their fifth rounder (#185). That was accepted.

#88 — Israel Abanikanda (RB, Pittsburgh)
With ideal size for the Seahawks (5-10, 217lbs) and an explosive testing profile (41-inch vertical, 10-8 broad) — he’s what they look for at the position. He also has the speed to be a home-run threat and can plant and burst to accelerate through gaps to deliver chunk-yardage. He’d create a terrific 1-2 punch with Ken Walker, with Deejay Dallas taking on third down duties. This would be a home-run pick, providing great value and early impact potential. With Mingo, Wypler and Abanikanda — the offense would be more or less complete for 2023. You’d have an extremely athletic, exciting group. Then you throw Anthony Richardson into the mix in 2024 or 2025. What a thought.

#151 Corey Trice (CB, Purdue)
My final repeat pick — but I just like him so much for Seattle. He’s an excellent cornerback prospect with fantastic size (6-3, 206lbs, 32.5 inch arms) and he runs well (4.47 forty). He’s quite scheme specific but screams ‘Seahawks’. He wants to be physical and scrappy in coverage. On any dump-offs and screens he does a great job getting off blocks to hammer ball carriers. He reads plays better than most other cornerbacks in this class — often making the right decision to gamble to undercut a route or passing off the correct receiver. There’s so much potential here and if he’s available in this range, he could compete very quickly to play outside across from Tariq Woolen.

#154 Jay Ward (S/CB, LSU)
Ward would be a tremendous pick in this range. He’s an A+ alpha and highly regarded by his team mates. He has positional versatility having played safety and nickel. He actually has the frame and length to be tried at outside corner by the Seahawks. He could be a special teams demon as a rookie and then settle into a permanent role at safety, nickel or cornerback from 2024. He loves to hit, he’s good against the run, he has 32.5 inch arms. There’s a ton to work with here.

#185 Anthony Bradford (G, LSU)
The combine really brought Bradford and Alabama guard Emil Ekiyor to my attention. I thought they both looked excellent. I then went and reviewed their tape and I think both players are being slept on. I think it’s very unlikely Bradford will last to this range and he’ll likely go in the fourth round area. However — I think there are some really good guards and tackle-to-guard converts set to be available on day three. Bradford is 6-4 and 332lbs with 33.5 inch arms. He’s an explosive tester, scoring a 3.17 in TEF and a superb 105.2 in weighted TEF. If they want to stick with bigger, more explosive guards (and they might do, given Damien Lewis and Phil Haynes are set to start this year) then Braford fits that profile perfectly. He can be a quality backup in year one and potentially take over as a starter in year two, with both Lewis and Haynes only contracted until the end of 2023.

#198 Keondre Coburn (NT, Texas)
With the way John Schneider spoke about the nose tackle position last week, it made me think they might be prepared to wait on this position and just get someone who has shown they can handle early downs and anchor. Coburn is big (6-2, 332lbs) but has short arms (31.5 inches). That could be off-putting for Seattle but they have shown a willingness to come off ideal traits in the late rounds. Coburn is strictly an early-down nose but he does the job well and he can two-gap. He’s basically an ideal option for Seattle apart from the arm length. If he’s available in round six, it might be a very easy decision to take a chance on him filling the void left by Al Woods.

The class in full

Anthony Richardson
Calijah Kancey
Will McDonald
Jonathan Mingo
Luke Wypler
Israel Abanikanda
Corey Trice
Jay Ward
Anthony Bradford
Keondre Coburn

Final thoughts

I think there’s a lot to like here. You get a long-term investment at quarterback and take a player with limitless potential for the future at the most important position in the sport. Meanwhile, you’re still able to add two impact defenders to your front seven — creating a scary looking group when you combine Calijah Kancey and Will McDonald with Dre’Mont Jones, Uchenna Nwosu, Darrell Taylor, Boye Mafe and Jarran Reed. There’s youth and talent here to be good for a long time and finally fix Seattle’s pass rush.

You also fill needs at center, WR3 and RB2. You now have excellent club control on those three positions, plus LT1, RT1 and RB1 — all drafted last year.

On day three you add two exciting, physical, athletic defensive backs to increase competition there, before drafting a guard who can be a quality backup in 2023 and a possible starter in 2024. You finish things off with a nose tackle who has been durable and effective in a two-gap system.

Again it’s disappointing to miss out completely on a talented tight end class and it’s tricky to add a young linebacker — although that’s less of a desperate 2023 need with Bobby Wagner and Devin Bush both signed.

I challenge anyone to see this as a disappointing draft, unless you’re stubbornly opposed to Anthony Richardson or the concept of drafting a quarterback early. This draft highlights how you can have the best of both worlds. This can be an impact class who help drive you on in 2023. It can also be a draft that produces a potential long-term franchise quarterback.

It’s different to the previous draft in the positions it ticks off early and the overall strategy. I think both work and it shows a path to success whether you take Will Anderson or Anthony Richardson with the fifth pick. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve focused on those two players and feel very comfortable with either.

Finally today, I wanted to react to Peter King’s latest article which includes the following line:

Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter is due to visit two teams in the top seven, Seattle (five) and Las Vegas (seven), in the coming days. How can Vegas GM Dave Ziegler and Seattle GM John Schneider finish their evaluation of Carter before sitting down with him at length? They can’t. So if you hear, “Carter’s out in Seattle,” for instance, it’s just not feasible.

Adam Schefter has since added that Carter will visit Seattle tomorrow.

Firstly, this is absolutely the right thing to do. This is what the official-30 visits are for. Schneider made that point on 710 Seattle Sports. They typically use these meetings to complete evaluations on players they’re not sure about, including where there are character questions. It’s why certain players have a lot of visits and others, such as Josh Downs (one of the cleanest players in the draft), have zero.

Carter’s agent recently announced he would only visit with teams picking in the top-10. The Seahawks had to take advantage of that. It’s an opportunity to hear his side of the story, get to know him and spend some time with him in the facility.

That said, it doesn’t really change anything. A case in point. Let’s say the Seahawks have no interest in drafting Carter in the first round. What if he then falls to the second round due to his character concerns? You’d be kicking yourself for not completing the evaluation.

What if he’s available down the road? Via trade or as a free agent? Don’t you want the information to make an informed decision?

While I appreciate King noting that no boards are complete, it’s also worth pointing out that the Athletic reported on March 30th that Carter was off the Raiders’ board. He’s also having an official visit to Las Vegas, per King’s report. Josh McDaniels refuted the report but that information was still put out there (and there’s every reason for a coach, when quizzed about it, to deny it).

I’d guess the Seahawks have a pretty good idea about whether they’re prepared to draft Carter before this meeting. I’d argue it’s equally not feasible to think things hinge on tomorrow’s get-together. Yet having the luxury of being one of only 10 teams to actually host him for a visit, it’s a completely worthwhile exercise.

There was one other line in King’s article that I think was even more interesting:

I think Jalen Carter could be drafted fifth or 25 and I wouldn’t be surprised.

And that, right there, sums it up. There wouldn’t be a chance of him lasting that long unless the concerns were legit.

I stand by everything I’ve written about the likelihood of Seattle drafting Carter. If I’m wrong, I’ll front up and own it. I still think the most convincing point anyone has made on this subject so far is — if Kayvon Thibodeaux wasn’t a first round consideration a year ago, as reported by Dave Wyman, why would Carter be considered this year?

One thing I think we can all agree on — April 27th can’t get here soon enough, so we can finally talk about what did happen, rather than what might happen.

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    bottom line Seahawks want to Other teams to fear that they could draft their guy
    that includes QB
    there might be a situation where both Carter and Anderson is there at 5 (albeit slight)

    • CHaquesFan

      Disagree that it’s slight especially with news of teams trying to trade up to 3 – I think as time goes on it’s becoming more possible bc QBs might go 1-2-3-4

  2. Andrew

    Homerun, not just saying because Iam in a QB with first pick camp but the value in the next 5 picks was outstanding & getting a Pete Carroll corner he can coach up, Cherry on the top. Smashed it!

  3. Jay

    Carter slipping to 20. Thoughts Rob?

    • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      Let him keep some other GM up at night…

      • Spectator

        As much as I dont like the thought of Carter on the Hawks, at 20 or 37, it has to be thought about. I really cant see him getting past the Eagles, but if we were able to grab one the QBs at 5, then Carter is there at 20, if we take him there, i might be very excited. The presumption being that JS and PC had their meeting and took him because they felt comfortable enough with that meeting to grab him at a value spot.

        • Ketch

          I think we are suffering this year from “money in our pocket” with draft picks, and they are burning holes. McDowell was drafted 35th, and Seahawks fans are still really aggrieved by that pick. So, taking a chance on Carter at 20 or 37? What are those picks worth? Let’s look: Ed Reed (24th), Aaron Rodgers (24), Drew Brees (32), Gronkowski (42), Calais Campbell (50), Davante Adams (53), Anquan Boldin (54), Andrew Whitworth (55). Baskets more All Pros in the 20’s. I wouldn’t fault them for taking a chance on Carter with 20 or 37; I might even be excited. But those are VALUABLE picks, and it’s worth reflecting on all the years we WISHED we had a pick at 20, or even 37. We shouldn’t feel they are there to play with just because we are rolling in ‘em this year.

        • Wilson502

          Id rather use 20 and or 37 to move up and lock down our QBoTF than take a flier on that bum Carter. Let him be some other teams problem.

          • Hawkster

            20 *and* 37, now *that* is an iron price. None of this move up using just a 2nd fantasy.

            • Wilson502

              Hence why I put the and or qualifier in there

              • Hawkster

                I think it takes more than just 20 to get to 3, question is how much more?

                • Wilson502

                  I used the PFN simulator and traded 37 and next yrs 2nd to move up to 3 and it was accepted everytime. I realize the simulators are somewhat unrealistic, so I imagine either 20 + 53 would get it done or perhaps 20 + 2024 2nd might get it done.

                  • Hawkster

                    Im not aware of a recent example of a trade into the top 3 that even vaquely resembles what Ive been seeing tossed around. Trey Lance, Sam Darnold. Thos stuff isnt ancient history, it is real trades, and it is light years removed from valye charts and mockbots.

  4. Zane

    I would be thrilled with this draft, but how likely is it really that McDonald or Mingo last that long?

    I also, I have a feeling TE may be the bigger need than WR. I think PC/JS are higher on Dareke Young than people realize, based on their comments after the season.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, a year ago I would’ve never thought Abe Lucas would be available in R3, or Woolen in R5

      • Zane

        Crazy PFN outcome:

        5. Will Anderson
        20. Bijan Robinson
        37. Michael Meyer
        52. Calijah Kancey
        83. Zaach Pickens

        • Rob Staton

          That would be lovely

    • geoff u

      I feel like there’s a lot of players bunched up in that range, and all it takes is another team taking other players based on need, and then BOOM — a guy like McDonald or Mingo slip to you. Players slip in the draft. It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of who, and which teams are prepared to pounce.

  5. Sea Mode

    Breer with even more breadcrumbs pointing towards Young at #1.


    I also found his point about the Texans interesting. We already know they were involved in trade talks with the Bears before Carolina pounced. Might that mean they like one QB over the rest? (Otherwise why try to trade up?) Maybe there is a chance they trade out or go defense after all…?

    And we’ll, at least he’s neither ruling out a QB for Seattle nor dismissing the issues with Carter.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Well they thought they had the #1 pick right up to the last quarter of the last game. Could be they do have one target in mind.

      I said before, if any QB of these 4 was tailor made to run a Shanahan offense, it’s Bryce Young.

      • Elmer

        If they are able to draft Young it brings up the possibility of creating cap room without cutting Adams.

        Draft Ypung
        Trade Geno for 2024 draft capital
        Lock starts Game 1 at QB
        Young takes over when ready

        Is this feasible? Depends on Adams’ injury status, if they really trust Lock, and how quickly Young can progress.

    • Rob Staton

      Not really much info in the article

      • Sea Mode

        True, not much new for us here who follow every draft tidbit closely, but I do appreciate he is one who often manages to piece the puzzle together in a way similar to our interpretation. And the detail on the Teppers seemed interesting to me given how involved they tend to be.

  6. geoff u

    Are there mock draft simulators where you can input your own player scores? And team needs? I think that would be ideal, as simulators rate players differently than you do, Rob. It be interesting if you could input your own data, than run a simulator. Not sure if you can do that anywhere though.

  7. DW

    I would cry tears of joy.

    For those that want to cry tears of pain, check out Corbin Smith’s fan voted mock draft.

    1.05: Jalen Carter
    1.20 JSN (I’m fine with this one, although I would have taken Ade Ade)
    2.37 Ocyrus Torrence (over drew sanders, Will McDonald)

    It’s still going as of right now, have to imagine it only gets worse.

    • GrittyHawk

      Ugh. So tired of seeing Torrence mocked to us. At least this one puts him in R2.

      I have recently realized this regime has never taken a “pure” guard higher than Lewis at #68. Carpenter and Ifedi were drafted to play tackle, and Pocic to play center. Not making any predictions about this year’s draft but I find it interesting how many guards we’ve taken in the R3-4 range over the years. If nothing else it’s all the more reason mocking Torrence to us makes no sense, I suppose unless he happens to fall all the way to 83.

      Damien Lewis (R3 – 68)
      Phil Haynes (R4 – 124)
      Rees Odhiambo (R3 – 97)
      Terry Poole (R4 – 130)
      Mark Glowinski (R4 – 134)
      John Moffitt (R3 – 75)

  8. Beacon of half truth

    I like this draft better than last one. Especially of they land Kancey. As far as visit with Carter? Ladies and Gentlemen I give you an actual smoke screen .

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s a smokescreen

      I think it’s due diligence and 100% the right thing to do

      But I doubt it changes anything

      • Patrick Toler

        I was listening to two former GMs (Spielman and Mueller) talk on podcasts about how they dreaded the discussions with their training/medical staff pre-draft because they knew that talented players would end up being removed from their board. It got me thinking about Carter – teams desperately want as many high quality prospects on their board as possible. They will want to give him every opportunity for him to provide an explanation that makes you feel like he is a good bet. But it is hard to imagine what could be a sufficient explanation to justify the demonstrated lack of football character and maturity to make a team feel like he’s going to come in and be a professional.

        • Producehawk

          Will Levis
          QB Kentucky
          trade icon

          Michael Mayer
          TE Notre Dame
          trade icon

          Calijah Kancey
          DT Pittsburgh

          Mazi Smith
          DT Michigan
          trade icon

          John Michael Schmitz
          OC Minnesota
          trade icon

          Drew Sanders
          LB Arkansas

          Sam LaPorta
          TE Iowa

          2024 NYJ 2nd
          2024 PIT 5th

          This shows how silly the draft simulation can get

  9. UkAlex6674

    This is a quality draft. If we came away with that we’d have smashed it.

  10. Rowdy

    It’s looking more and more like Carter could be the pick. His position is the only position we seriously need and they know he will be there. If he wasn’t on their radar they wouldn’t be bringing him in unless they think he could drop to 20. If that’s the case I don’t think I’d be too mad if we got Anderson at 5 and Carter at 20.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s looking more and more like Carter could be the pick.

      No it isn’t. Nothing has changed. We just know now that one of 30 official visits is being used on Carter. I would’ve expected that anyway. He’s also going to visit the Raiders, who reportedly have Carter off their board.

      • Peter

        People need to check the top 30 visits history.

        The only thing I can glean from it is that’s where you’ll find priority udfa’s.

        Beyond that there’s no real evidence to suggest anything else trend wise. Draft some guys from a visit. Pass on a whole ton of guys that visit.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          I am reminded of Scott McLoughan: the 30 interviews are for people you aren’t sure on. UDFA’s and guys you have questions on. If Carter was their lock, they’d not need to bring him in. What if he drops to 20? They want to have questions answered.

          • Jordie

            Nevermind 20, if they bring him in and he answers some of the huge questions then if he slides to 15/16/17 then you start to ask a team about cost.
            However if he doesn’t clarify things positively then you can categorically rule him out. Makes absolute sense to get him in.

        • geoff u

          This year is a little different due to picking in the top five and needing to thoroughly check out all of these players in that range. However, 3 of our 9 picks last year we did meet with, two were top 30 visits.

          Combine meeting:
          Round 3: No. 72 – Abraham Lucas, OT

          Private workouts:

          Round 2: No. 40 (from DEN) – Boye Mafe, LB
          Round 7: No. 233 (from KC via MIN) – Dareke Young, WR

          None in 2021, but we only had three draft picks.

          • Peter

            I agree it matters.

            I just don’t see any pattern yet to track exactly what it means. Take mafe. Great testing. Good senior bowl. Pj fleck and Minnesota loved him.

      • Malanch

        “It’s looking more and more like Carter could be the pick.” –Rowdy

        “…if Kayvon Thibodeaux wasn’t a first round consideration a year ago, as reported by Dave Wyman, why would Carter be considered this year?” –Rob

        As an aside, I’d have to give this latest mock of Rob’s two thumbs up based on getting (stealing?) Anthony Richardson at #5. The rest is gravy. But then I could be dead wrong about Richardson, so there is that…

        …As for this Jalen Carter conjecture, I went back over Todd McShay’s defense of his 4.0 mock, which has Carter going #5 to the Hawks. He suggests that Seattle might be more willing to gamble on a character risk this year, because they already loaded up on high-character guys last year—but I get the feeling that he doesn’t really buy that himself. His 4.0 has Arizona and Indy swapping spots, and then the picks going Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and then Will Anderson.

        Field Yates: Let’s dive in to Seattle at #5. I think one of the things about the Seahawks is that—because they have (a) the same leadership in place that has been around for awhile, (b) they’ve done some stuff over the years that has been unconventional—they kind of make for a fun Top 5 team, because you can convince yourself they’re gonna do anything. They could take a quarterback; they could take a player that fills the most pressing need; they could take the most talented player regardless of position. You have them taking Jalen Carter, Todd. Walk us through that decision-making there, because it felt like maybe two, three weeks ago, perhaps Carter was drifting down boards as the legal situation percolated. Are teams growing more comfortable, you believe, with where that’s at, and that’s why he’s a fixture inside your Top 10 now?

        TM: Listen, Field: Talent is always going to outweigh character, so long as it’s not going to affect his playing time—and it’s not with all organizations, but generally speaking. And that’s why I said before, when you look at it, and you’ve got Seattle picking at #5 and then all the teams picking from #6 to #10, I just think—Detroit at #6, Las Vegas #7, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia rounding out the Top 10—he could go to any one of those teams based off of need. So, Jalen Carter has a one-year probation, he’s got some community service, a $1,000 fine, but he’s not going to miss any playing time. Now, there’s a lot of football character stuff; practice habits: not giving great effort in practice, talking back to coaches, coaches not being able to coach him hard. There’s a lot of that stuff, and it’s all based on seven different sources that I have, so I’m not making anything up—just like I wasn’t making anything up prior to the incident that happened off the field: him gaining nine pounds, him not being able finish (his pro day workout)—none of this is made up. I would never do that. I’m pulling for all of these guys, whether they’ve had some “pasts” or not. But the bottom line is, you as an organization have got to figure out, ‘Can we deal with this, and do we have the culture around enough veteran leadership?’ So, John Schneider last year, and Pete Carroll, they had a draft that was full of high-character guys that came in, and I think it was the best draft of any team in the NFL last year. So, there’s one of two ways of looking at this, and Pete Carroll has always been historically a guy, it’s kind of, ‘Hey John, John, let’s bring this guy in. I can…in our system…we’re out in Seattle; he’s gonna be just fine.’ And John’s just—they kind of go back and forth on that. But do they think, ‘We got all these high-character guys a year ago; the three quarterbacks came off the board; if it’s not Will Levis, do we take the number one player in this draft knowing what we’re getting? And there’s going to be some problems in practice, and he might not be everything that we want for six days a week, but on Sunday he might be one of the best interior pass rushers and players in the league? Or do we pass, take a lesser player, or take a quarterback at this spot, and just go in a different direction?’ So, it’s going to be a fascinating pick for this Seattle Seahawks team, because quarterback is clearly in their sight line. They’ve been to every one of the big pro days, they’re taking selfies with all these quarterbacks, and it’s not just to send a message that, ‘Hey, you’ve gotta get ahead of us. We’re gonna take a quarterback.’ They legitimately will take a quarterback, because they don’t plan on picking at #5 anytime soon.

        • geoff u

          “So, John Schneider last year, and Pete Carroll, they had a draft that was full of high-character guys that came in, and I think it was the best draft of any team in the NFL last year. ”

          Good conversation, but the above part is what gets me, so we have a great draft last year that was different than all the others BECAUSE we narrowed it down to high character guys, and now we’re just going to go back to what wasn’t working years prior because he got some high character guys? And ruin them throwing a low character guy in there? Wouldn’t make sense to me. Stick with what worked so great last year and keep it rolling.

          • Malanch

            Exactly. It’s like McShay is catching himself in a contradiction in real-time. I mean, this is about as red-flag as it gets: “He might not be everything that we want for six days a week, but on Sunday he might be one of the best…”

    • Malanch

      Just as I believe it would be irresponsible to pass on Anthony Richardson if he were to fall to #5, I admit it would also be irresponsible not to find out as much as possible about Jalen Carter first. And if the Seahawks do end out rolling the dice on Carter at #5—with the Malik McDowell debacle still visible in the rearview mirror—I would have to assume they’ve got a mountain of research backing up their decision.

      • Beacon of half truth

        I’m sure Malik McDowell said all the right things during his visit too…

        • Joe

          That’s not how he earned the title of worst interview ever

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    I’d happily give this draft class an A+

    I wonder were Ade Ade went relative to Kancey?

    Adding an offensive trio of Mingo, Wypler and Abanikanda would reallly set up the offense to shine in 2024.

    I don’t think Carter lasts to 20, and even if he does, I don’t think Seattle are taking him. But it’s fun to watch the uproar

  12. Mick

    That’s the definition of an A+ draft, not even one player I question. You nailed it. I’m not sure they will like Kancey and they might pick McDonald after a trade down from 20, so that opens the door for another DT at 37.

  13. PJ in Seattle

    Any mock where we can land Richardson at #5 is immediately off to a great start. I think we may have to be ready to cough up capital to move up to #3 to ensure we get him – something I would have zero problem with. But if he just naturally fell to us it would sure feel like a home run.

    The rest of the haul is definitely A+. Plenty of blog faves – Mingo and Wypler seem like guys who are almost a lock to be Seahawks and we may overpay to ensure it. I think they are both second rounders. A lot of mocks don’t even have Mingo in the fist 4 rounds, which strikes me as insane.

    I like Karl Brooks DT Bowling Green as a late option as well, but Coburn works just fine. This would really be a draft to get excited about. The first six picks each feel like a gift. Well done!

  14. Wilson502

    Like this mock a lot more, and I agree with PJ above that there’s a good chance we need to move up to secure Richardson, which they should absolutely do whatever it takes to do to move up.

  15. TCHawk

    I’d really like such a draft! Better in my opinion than the last one, but really because I want a QB 1st. I would prefer Ade Ade over Kancey (the super short arms give me pause), and Jerrod Clark over Coburn, but that is nitpicking.

  16. Allen M.

    This looks like you’ve been reading my mock drafts 😁. Seriously, a lot of my drafts come away with most of these players and this would be an absolute home run. Kancey, Mcdonald, Mingo, Richardson would be a pants off draft. Nailed it.

  17. Sea Mode

    A+, I would be stoked for this draft! Just over 2 weeks out!

    Mayer instead of Kancey would have made it A++ for me. But that’s often the way it goes in the draft: there are “upsets” (players you wanted taken right before your pick) and you have to pivot.

    I guess I just question Kancey’s fit in our scheme. Wouldn’t he fit best as a DT in a 4-3 knifing into the backfield from the interior, beating slower iOL with his quickness? And are you getting value in R1 for someone who might only play on clear passing downs? Or do you think he can hold the edge as DE in our 3-4?

    Love the trade up for Wypler. Great thinking and perfect range I’d be happy to take him in.

    • Ben

      I don’t understand his fit and I LOVE his archetype. Maybe just a case of the best case being worth ignoring scheme to some degree? Or he does this one thing so well the rest can get figured out?

  18. Jason C


    Amazing work. Thank you for all you do!!

    I’ve seen a lot of discussion about trading up or down at #5. But I am interested in your thoughts of moving up from #20. By most draft value charts #20+#37 roughly equals #9. I would be very excited with 2 top-10 picks. The counter argument perhaps being that the top 10 is not as valuable this year. But if something crazy happened in the top 5 (like AZ taking Wilson), I could see a world where we get Anderson ant #5 and Levi’s slips a little and we could get both. Am I crazy?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m up for anything. I would be all for aggression.

    • geoff u

      Getting Anderson AND Levis would be entirely worth it and the Bears could be willing to trade down. I don’t see Levis slipping, but you never know. These things do happen.

  19. Donald_Duck

    Rob & Zane: From your lips to God’s ear. May it be so.

    • Malanch

      But I keep hearing God is a Cowboys fan. Not sure why, but then the big fella is known for those mysterious ways…


    I trust Rob Knows and has inside knowledge on more then I will forget
    If they take Richardson at the top I’m happy this team clearly will have the future in mind while building a competitive roster
    If Anderson is taken I feel they decided to to Build safe and Strong Go for it now in a weakened division

    and if Carter is the Pick well its not only win now but a pick that they deliver with sweaty hands realize they moved ALL the chips into the center

  21. Ashish

    Rob, I like this version of draft a lot better because here we are addressing the needs with top character and quality players. They also expensive positions to sign in free agency.
    Everyone should understand there is no way all needs will/can be addressed.

  22. Palatypus

    Well, Rob, I can’t give you a grade on this draft because they don’t give out grades at Evergreen.

  23. cha

    Just to round out the Carter talk a little.

    Last year, Pete Carroll talked about the character of the players being a factor, that’s been covered.

    But he also talked extensively about the rookies’ workout habits. That they need to be in shape to benefit the team in camp and be ready to give their max and not get injured for trying to exert themselves beyond their conditioning.

    June 9, 2022:

    The biggest part of this offseason is the next six weeks for our guys getting back to camp. We know that if you’re in great shape you have your best chance to stay healthy. And so for our individual guys and for our team we want our guys to be here and be able to answer the call and and stand up to the work.

    And that means they’ve got to run run like crazy and really get in great shape so they’ve adapted their bodies and they’ll come back at their strongest fastest weight to us. This is the biggest offseason of our life and there’s only one way to look it’s only one we got so hopefully the message is clear.

    I know just judging from the the mentality of these guys that are here with us there’s no question how they’re gonna do it. So in years past i would tell you that i was kind of worried about these six weeks more so than what i’ve seen in the last couple years. Of our guys responding and coming to camp ready to go and i think they’re going to do the same but we need to do better. So that’s what the challenge is that’s been posed to these guys and so we’ll count on that happening.

    On Melton and Young being hurt in OTAs

    Those guys should both be fine, they just had they they had some tightness that we had to keep from being hamstring pulls. But both of them from the workload you know, and that really to me that tells they weren’t they weren’t good enough shape, because they came out flying and did really well when they had their chance.

    And then by the second week it seemed like it started to catch up and they just got susceptible to what happens. It’s just that soreness that is that the onset of a pull coming so we just were real careful with them to not let that happen.

    • Rob Staton

      That first answer is exactly part of what I’ve been talking about

      Does anyone really, truly expect Carroll to speak in those terms and then in 12 months, basically go back on everything that was said and worked with the 2022 draft?

    • Palatypus

      I have absolutely no doubt that Will Anderson and Anthony Richardson are going to be in shape for the rookie mini-camp.

      I am almost absolutely certain Jalen Carter will not.

      • GrittyHawk

        Levis would be taking hourly mirror selfies at the VMAC and I’m very much ok with that


          I just lost my sip of coffee with that comment and totally agree

          question is Do they trade down and snag Levis

        • cha

          He literally has a Bible verse tattooed on his bicep:

          “Be strong and do not be discouraged, for your activity will be rewarded.”

          People are worried Levis is working out too much but Jalen Carter can’t get in shape for the college playoffs or two months later for the combine, or two weeks later, for his Pro Day, and it’s all ‘he’s 21, he’s stressed about the legal messed he caused, let’s give the kid a break.’

          My goodness.

          • GrittyHawk

            In all fairness, it can be really difficult to deal with *checks notes* the consequences of your own actions.

          • Rob Staton

            Welcome to the NFL Draft

          • Peter

            Have we considered that Levis is broadly is too handsome for Seattle?

            I grew up watching a lot of Almost Live!, and they regularly panned dating shows and riffed on the state of eligible bachelor’s in Seattle. A list as scientifically developed as anything you’ll find on PFF’s YouTube channel:

            Zorn, fatherly math teacher

            Kreig, guy most likely to be making airplanes at Boeing

            Hasselbeck, fun uncle with a heart of gold who teaches valuable lessons in a sitcom.

            Whitehurst, taller David Tennet with a beard who did calisthenics.

            Tjax, just a regular guy who gets to the gym 3 nights a week

            Wilson, lovable scamp, short

            Geno, taller guy who gets asked if he played basketball at UW.

            • Palatypus

              Almost Live!

              Zorn, Krieg, and Hasselbeck are “The High Five-in’ White Guy.”

              • Palatypus


              • Peter

                I still watch…embarrassing but a ton holds up.

          • Malanch

            “People are worried Levis is working out too much…” –cha

            The complaints I’ve heard on Levis’s yoked-up physique have been in response to: (1) his posting of bodybuilding photos on social media, and (2) his tightly wound throwing mechanics. Point #1 I find ridiculous, so I throw that out, but Point #2 I can at least appreciate might present a worthy factor for consideration—although weightlifting isn’t necessarily the cause of this tightness.

            I mean, Russell Wilson was every bit as ripped as Levis during his combine, yet his mechanics were still very fluid; you could see the efficiency in his stroke when he let it loose during his Underwear Olympics throws. And Anthony Richardson is as muscular as any QB prospect we’ve ever seen, but his upper body remains pretty flexible as he torques through each throw (even though he’s not sure what to do with his feet).

            This gets right at my number one complaint with Levis: his throwing motion. I really can’t stand it. Don’t get me wrong: It’s quick and compact to the point of potential deadliness. However, to my (unprofessional) eye, there appears to be significant overall binding going on. I wince a little when he slings it, because it looks like it hurts. NFL evaluators could very well see it differently, but if this part of his game does merit reworking, the process will be no cinch.

            • Allen M.

              Levis has a great arm and perhaps more importantly: a lightning quick release.

          • Wilson502

            The mental gymnastics in this fanbase is too stronk

  24. Trevor

    Pete and John have said repeatedly over the years how they like to be in every deal and at least look at it. I think having Carter in for a visit is exactly that. It probably changes nothing and I agree Rob there is a 99% chance they won’t have him on thier board. It costs them nothing to kick the tires and talk to him.

  25. PJ in Seattle

    Forgot to add that I too question the scheme fit, but if Calijah Kancey = only 50% of Aaron Donald’s production, that’s still a good value at #29. I keep telling myself it’s the uniforms but he looks so Donald-like in his game tape that it’s not hard to see him being an impact player. There are plays where he gets erased by double teams and I need to go back and see if there is comparable AD college plays like that, but he is far more a disruptor than a gap filler. I could see him doing a lot of what Bennett did for us in the glory days.

    And if he somehow turns out to be 75% or more of Donald’s production, you have an absolute steal of the draft.

  26. Bankhawk

    Rob, my man; you are simply slammin’ it this year! You are the God’s honest Thor’s hammer in NFL Draft Valhalla!
    Your A+ 1.0 had a lot to like::I mean, I cut my teeth as a nipper doting on Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones, Rosy Grier and Lamar Lundy! But I am also squarely in the camp that wants to see us tag “TQOTF” at pick #5!
    This mock gives me enough of everything I’d like to see to be an ironclad
    A+ draft.
    Add this to last year’s off season/draft class, and I think I’ll declare the Wilson trade “The Crime Of The Century” (also a Supertramp fan)!
    Thank you Denver!

  27. Trevor

    Since this draft season started and Rob started doing interviews etc there are 3 guys ( Ade Ade, Will McDonald and Julius Brents) I have just felt were destined to be Seahawks with the Atlhletic profile they look for and similar character / attitude to last years draft class. Oh and all three were at the Senior Bowl.

    Dream A+ draft for me would be similar to what Rob has but the first four picks would be.

    Anthony Richarson
    Ade Ade
    Will McDonald
    Julius Brents

    Four absolute freak athletes with high character and off the charts upside at premium positions.

    Then fill out the middle of the OL / DL , RB, LB and Safety with the remaining picks.

  28. YDB

    I like this one better than the last, although I would like to get Anderson at #5. I do think he is going to be a very special player that is being discounted because he didn’t meet his INSANE production numbers from 2021. A large part of that as that he was the focal point of every OC he faced this year, but he still had outstanding numbers by any other measurement. If/when he lands in AZ he is going to provide us with a monster headache for years.

    I really like the idea of going Kancey/DL and McDonald/edge early as opposed to Safety & undersized RB.

    • Rob Staton

      I do think he is going to be a very special player that is being discounted because he didn’t meet his INSANE production numbers from 2021.

      I also speak as an Anderson fan — and I’d be very happy to draft him

      However, I think there are some issues that have emerged that aren’t really discussed that warrant some tempering, beyond production. His get-off is surprisingly not great. He has a false step off the snap and he lingers too long to engage. A top speed rusher has the tackle on skates and attacks the edge with burst and quickness. That isn’t Anderson and it does make you just think… hmmmm. Is that ever going to be part of his game?

      It also has to be acknowledged that among the masses of stats from 2021, he didn’t have a lot of typical speed-rush wins. There’s a lot of unblocked stuff and backside pursuit on the TFL’s. He plays with aggression, 100% effort and attitude and I like that about him. But the comparisons to people like Von Miller are just wide of the mark. Still, he’s a terrific player with a DeMarcus Ware ceiling and that would do for me.

      • YDB

        He seemed to have developed that delayed get off as a means to combat always having the OL protection (and often a rb) slid to his side. His footwork and especially his hand usage aside from that have allowed him to win early and convincingly in the SEC at such a consistent rate that he has shown the tools to be a consistent probowler. I think its fair to nitpick, but at the end of the day we are talking about a x2 Defensive player of the year and maybe Saban’s favorite player ever.

        • Rob Staton

          He seemed to have developed that delayed get off as a means to combat always having the OL protection (and often a rb) slid to his side.

          I’m not buying that. There’s a definite false step in there and he just doesn’t attack the tackle and bend the arc consistently. This isn’t a nitpick either. It’s a detailed explanation on a flaw he has. I’ve said many times I like the player but we need to be realistic about what he is.

          • YDB

            I think Ware or Aldon Smith are fair comparisons, and if eather of those 2 were available at #5 I think you absolutely go and get them.

            As for the false step, when he doesn’t face a double team + a chip you see him crashing down the line and blowing up plays as they develop. There were times vs Tenn & FLA that he looks like he may have had contain responsibilities, so he didn’t just fly upfield. He definitely is not as flexible as Von, but we are talking about a historic level talent there. What he does do is make up for any stiffness with his ability to create leverage through handwork & footwork.

            My thoughts on round 1:

            Anderson = over the moon stoked
            Richardson = exited and very optimistic for the future
            Stroud (trade #5, #20, 4th rounder) = greatest possible outcome

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t see much Aldon Smith in him — Smith was much bigger

              It’s not about crashing down the line or facing double teams or chips. It’s purely how he attacks the outside edge. It’s how slow he is getting to the outside shoulder and it’s unquestioned there’s a false step and his get-off isn’t elite. Not sure how else I can make this point.

              • Wilson502

                Geoff yesterday threw out a comparison to Clelin Ferrell, my question to you Rob is how do Anderson and Ferrell compare (coming out of college that is)? Ferrell was another highly touted Edge prospect and was taken 4th overall and has had a very lackluster career in the pros so far, so just wanted to get your thoughts on the comparison between the 2.

                • Wilson502

                  *it was another commenter not Geoff, my mistake

              • YDB

                I wasn’t so much referring to the 1/2″ height & 5-10lbs Aldon had on Will, but rather the way they have such a dominant feel for leverage.

                I agree with you that he is not at the elite level of get off, but I think he can accomplish elite levels of production through football IQ paired with his strength and technique.

                • Rob Staton

                  More like 10-15lbs

                  And he got bigger early in his career

      • jed

        DeMarcus Ware, NFL HOFer, would be a great pick at #5. I’ve fallen for the potential of AR, but a decade of great defenses can be built around Ware.

        • Chris

          Dude, Ware can barely move now. He’d be garbage.

  29. Mick

    My PFN mock – it’s an A++ in my book but open to critiques:

    5 – Will Anderson, EDGE (wanted Richardson but he went at 4; didn’t want Levis)
    20 – Traded to Jax for picks 24 and 88
    24 – Traded to Ari for picks 34 and 66
    34 – Calijah Kancey, DT
    37 – John Michael Schmitz, OC
    52 – Mazi Smith, DT
    66 – Steve Avila, OG
    83 – Daiyan Henley, LB
    88 – Jayden Reed, WR
    123 – Luke Schoonmaker, TE
    151 – Tyjae Spears, RB (strongly doubt he falls this far, but we can dream)
    154 – Traded with pick 237 to NYG for picks 160 and 206
    160 – Dorian Williams, LB
    198 – Jake Haener, QB
    206 – Juice Scruggs, OC

    • God of Thunder

      I prefer a QB in this draft but this would be a dream as a lot of good players were available to you late in this mock!

      • Mick

        I hoped to land Richardson, Young or Stroud at 5, but they all went early so the pivot to Anderson was a no brainer. I’d take Levis at 20 but not at 5. Haener in the 6th was a nice developmental option though. My main regret is failing to address the secondary.

    • Sea Mode

      I wanted to like Jayden Reed and I did for a minute, but I don’t think he showed dominant production stats-wise which I feel helps uncover those who will shine at the next level.

      • Mick

        The production is fine for me. 1k yards and 10TD in 2021, then battled injuries in 2022. I have him at WR7 in this class.

  30. Schrub

    Cool mock, similar to my recent ones with a lot of similar names. I tend to take Mayer at 20 though, but i get the value in a trade down there.

  31. LouCityHawk

    Have to say, this draft left me wanting more?

    The more I watch of McDonald, the more he reminds me of Darrell Taylor, do we really need another?

    Kancey in the 2nd is great value, I worry less about his arm strength than I do about his fit. Running Coburn off and Kancey on between downs would be interesting. I’ll need to look for more tape of Kancey facing double teams.

    Maybe this is more an indictment of Hurtt’s D, but I’m not so confident in the scheme adapting to a player the way I am about the offense.

    I do like the trade up, and Abanikanda is a nice runner never mocked to the Seahawks, so yay on that.

    Richardson and some the late round selections make this a B-/C+ draft for me.

    • cha

      The more I watch of McDonald, the more he reminds me of Darrell Taylor, do we really need another?

      I have a couple very nice bottles of whisky in my cabinet.

      The day Rob has to write an article titled “The Seahawks Have Too Many Pass Rushers, They Need to Get a Right Guard and Another Linebacker” I will happily crack one of them open and pour a nice long sip.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Would you do a player swap trade with Indy — Taylor for Buckner?

        Buckner’s cap would have to be reworked. But from a personnel standpoint, I think there’s a compelling argument for doing it.

        • LouCityHawk

          I would, fwiw, a situational pass rusher for an every down lineman? I think the value would be there.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            The only value problem is swapping Taylor’s younger age and cheaper cost for Buckner’s

            But Buckner has always struck me as Calais Campbell adjacent and we could definitely use some of that

        • cha

          If Indy did that I would in a heartbeat.

          But they won’t, unless they’re overdrawn on cap and have no other options.

          • LouCityHawk

            Or he parked in Irsay’s spot or something like that.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I don’t follow them close enough to know where they are now, but weren’t they up against it earlier this offseason?

            • cha

              They have about $12m effective space.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Probably not desperate enough

      • LouCityHawk

        Lol, well played.

        My point is do we need more of the same? McDonald can pin his ears back, but watching him on running downs looks eerily familiar.

        • cha

          The DL coaching and scheme last year was a disaster.

          I’m generously thinking Taylor can improve with even a moderately consistent scheme and some coaching.

    • LouCityHawk

      Took my own shot at an A+ draft in anticipation of todays update. Used PFN, same rules as Rob – adjusted for my own opinions about what I think is realistic.

      Much like dreams and bms, it probably isn’t interesting, but I hate to critique without offering up my own effort.

      #5 Stroud – draft went Young, Anderson, Gonzalez, Richardson. Thank you very much.

      #20 a ton of RB, WR, and TE talent on the board here, while I almost always take Mayer of available (he was), the Bengals offered me 28 & 60, which might be unrealistic, but I took it and ran. (They pick Porter)

      #28 Downs – Zay and Mayer came off in back to back picks, so I took my consolation prize.

      #37 comes around, McDonald and Kancey both go, TE run happened, Tippmann went R1 and JMS goes, I couldn’t get a trade up partner, so I’m stuck, luckily the Falcons offer #44 and #113 (they take Musgrave)

      #44 Ade is still sitting there, and while I’ve become concerned about his feel for the game, this is the definition of value.

      #52 Young (Ala)- I want Byron, Cameron, Byron & Pickens…I can’t have them all, so I take the one that looks to be the best fit.

      #60 LaPorta – was targeting Derick Hall, went at 59, computer taunting me. With 4 other edges ranked higher. Mayer, LaPorta, Kraft, that is my TE wishlist, I want one of the three, I got one, yay.

      #83 Wypler – was locked into CYoung or Pickens here, but Wypler still on the board screams “take me!”

      #114 Ji’Ayir Brown – athleticism worries (Tedric Thompson comp), but an appealing leader. His tape suggests more, at #114 I’m willing to take the chance.

      #123 RezJohn Wright – I dig the dude, athletic match, plus PNW connections.

      #151 Young (Ten) – all the same stuff Rob wrote yesterday. Great place to take a guy who could contribute right away.

      #154 DeWayne McBride – unsure if he will be there, but it is possible. I like his fit as a physical runner.

      #198 Anthony Bradford – no clear answer on guards, he could end up going a lot higher, but there were a lot of appealing guards there, so I took my favorite remaining Senior Bowl guard.

      #237 Evan Hull – seems like he could still be available. His range is 5-7. He is a nice receiver out of the backfield and I thought his pass pro looked ok.


      JBrown (S)
      Young (Ten)

      Biggest omission here is NT from a needs perspective. Would need a vet and UDFA big body to try for that spot. Second omission was off ball LB, they all went higher than I graded them, Banks from TN was still available in the 7th…. This draft is not as heavy on getting after the QB, but it does add some rocket fuel and insurance to the offense.

      I hate kicking the can down the road, but hopefully 2024 would have a better class for aiding with the PR, plus Taylor, Robinson, Mafe, and Tyreke can have 1 more year to prove it.

  32. God of Thunder

    An A+ haul in my estimation.

    I prefer this one to the previous, which was solid but this is more promising. Great fun.

  33. hoggs41

    I like the talent added. Really like the pick of Coburn as I could see him or Jerrod Clark as a couple of nose options. I still feel like we need to draft a TE as we desperately need Fants cap space and the class is solid. If you already had drafted before Curtis comments we could change out Sam Laporta for Mingo in our own minds. I also just love the thought of adding Kenny McIntosh. He is kind of a lesser Gibbs who might be a late third round option, then maybe draft Chris Rodriguez later. Love the though of having a trio of Walker, McIntosh and Rodriguez as they all have different skill sets. In all though a solid haul and love the exercise.

  34. Chavac

    I’d be excited with this draft. Not a huge Richardson fan, the accuracy and touch really scare me, but if he was their guy I could buy in.

    I’m curious how others would rate him without the running threat to his game. If he ran a 4.7 and a mediocre shuttle, would he be late 1st, 2nd, 3rd round?

    • Rob Staton

      Isn’t that a bit like saying if DK Metcalf ran a 4.7 what would you think?

      If Myles Garrett actually weighed 300lbs would you still want him to rush the edge?

      Etc etc.

      Richardson is a unicorn as an athlete. We can’t just ignore that.

      • Chavac

        He definitely is. But to me Richardson the pocket passer is a day 2 or 3 pick, which is why im curious how others like yourself see him. At a position where 80+ percent of his production will come through the air, what is his 50th percentile outcome 4 or 5 years down the line when he’s not running as much? I’ve watched all of his games and that gives me pause.

        • Rob Staton

          People would’ve said the same about Josh Allen

          And Richardson has plenty of really good moments in the pocket, I don’t think we need to go OTT and say ‘day three pick’ standard. Come on.

          • Chavac

            I get that and thanks for the response. I wasn’t trying to argue one way or another, I’m certainly no expert, just honestly curious as to whether people have his arm as legit first round grade (which it seems is the case).

        • CHaquesFan

          Calling him a pocket passer just ignores his rushing abilities which open things up in the pass game

  35. AJ


    The draft can’t get here soon enough. I am playing out ridiculous scenarios in my head. Bit of doomsday draft question. If the Hawks have Levis and Richardson further down on their draft board (Randy Mueller has 2nd round grades on them) and Stroud, Young and Anderson are gone by pick 5. Where would the Hawks go at that point? Trade down? I realize it is an outlier scenario, just curious. Great job with blog, it is a must read for me every morning.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really see the point in these doomsday scenarios AJ. What if they equally think Richardson and Levis are amazing? What if they think everyone touted to go in round one sucks? What if Will Anderson is allergic to coffee?

      I just don’t really see much worth in discussing a scenario I don’t think we need to consider. I think it’ll come down to the four QB’s, Anderson and probably Tyree Wilson.

      • Big Mike

        “Allergic to coffee”? Screw that, I’d rather be dead.

        • geoff u

          Just put a little mayo in it and it cuts out the allergies. That’s what i heard anyway.

  36. Awm

    A+ The only minor addition for me would be double dipping at NT in the later rounds.

  37. jed

    On the Carter visit, I think it would be negligence for the Seahawks to NOT meet with any talent worthy of the top 5 pick. It’s why they went on the QB selfie tour & are supposedly meeting with Tyree.

    They’re investing tens of millions of their bosses money and staking their own and their subordinates careers on this pick. Pete’s got plenty money, but I doubt John and the rest of the folks making the decision can retire at the end of next year if they get it wrong and all get fired.

    • Rob Staton

      On the Carter visit, I think it would be negligence for the Seahawks to NOT meet with any talent worthy of the top 5 pick.

      100% agreed

      This is absolutely the right thing to do

      • Lord Snow

        I hope you’re right about the 99 percent certainty that they will not draft him comes true. I’m skeptical and I’ll tell you why. Pete carol. I notice it’s circulating around that Carter would be under a perfect coach in Pete Carroll to make him a better person and a person who loves football. And another person who probably believes that would be: Pete carroll. In my life I don’t know if I’ve seen a football coach with as much hubris and arrogance as him. I actually think he would be the WORST coach for this kid. The entire legion of boom turned on him. The first time Marshawn Lynch left the team he really didn’t like Pete the point where people thought that that last play in the Super Bowl was to prevent Lynch from getting the MVP. I know that’s nonsense yes but people actually knew about their relationship to speculate like that. They paid Michael Bennett to go away. Earl Thomas flipped him off. Percy Harvin left Golden Tate lying unconscious in a hamper. I don’t think Russell Wilson is happy with him and that will have to be repaired. We know what Bobby Wagner said the first time he left . It baffles me that people think Pete is the perfect guy for Carter because the history suggests otherwise

        • Chris

          Agree with everything you said. The idea that Pete would want to draft this guy is nonsense. He might not shy away from character concern IF it’s a guy that otherwise has grit and loves football. Never has Pete been attracted to lazy players. The media acts like all character concerns are the same.

  38. KennyBadger

    ‘Look darling, Johnny Mingo – the deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill they say’.

    Love this draft, A+. I am worried about all the trade chatter at #3 though. What a draft to be at #5 if 4 qbs go 1-4.

    Continued thanks for all the work you’ve put in lately Rob, I hope you are still enjoying your vacation.

    • BK26

      We will draft him and I will always talk about him with Doc’s accent. He will be our huckleberry.

      And I’m going to call this draft class “The Last Charge of Pete Carroll and his Immortals.”

      There’s an OK Carroll joke there too somewhere…

      • KennyBadger

        I hope you’re right BK!

    • bmseattle

      “Should I hate him?”

      • KennyBadger

        If he ends up a niner yes. Or a steeler.

  39. MontanaMike

    This one was a triple A+ for me, seeing how we snagged a huge haul of outstanding players who fit needs and a generational QB to boot.

  40. Blitzy the Clown

    Just occurred to me — if Carter was the mystery prospect Seattle worked out last week, would he be coming in for a VMAC 30 a week later?

    Probably not.

    • Peter

      Colonel “tyree wilson,” mustard in the sunroom with a candlestick.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Either that or the other guy in the motor pool

        What? Too soon?

        • Peter


      • Hawk Finn

        I find it eerie that you say this, as I just introduced my kids to the Clue movie last night. After nearly 40 years of thinking Miss Scarlett was played by Susan Sarandon, I find out it was her doppelgänger.

        • Peter

          That’s awesome. And now I’ve been schooled as well. Beause I also thought the same thing.

        • cha

          Most quotable movie of all time.

          I use “sorry, I said ‘no’ meaning ‘yes'” on a regular basis.

          Also “yep, two corpses. Everything’s fine.”

          • Hawk Finn

            It’s a matter of life and death. Now that he’s dead, I have a life.

            • cha

              Wadsworth : But, he was your second husband. Your first husband also disappeared.

              Mrs. White : But that was his job. He was an illusionist.

              Wadsworth : But he never reappeared!

              Mrs. White : He wasn’t a very good illusionist.

          • Big Mike

            Most quotable movie of all time.

            Surely you can’t be serious.
            I am and don’t call me Shirley

            (as you can tell I disagree)

            • Lord Snow

              Aliens 2: That’s it man game over game over

              • DJ 1/2 way

                My household prefers Princess Bride, Pulp fiction and Men in Black.

    • Rob Staton

      Almost certain that prospect was Tyree Wilson

  41. Troy

    Chefs kiss, and it illuminates the depth at DT/DE.

  42. MountainHawker

    Fantastic draft. Love the players, trades and value.

    Where did Ade fall vs Kancey? Curious which one ends up having a better NFL career.

    • Rob Staton

      Ade was there early R2

  43. DONNOD

    Love this, thanks for the time and effort Rob! Only changes I might personally prefer would be taking McDonald late 1st, then aiming/hoping for Gibbs at #37 and going Byron Young(BAMA) at #88. Essentially addressing the same positions but swapping the order with who I personally feel are better fits

    • DONNOD

      My attempt:
      #5 – Richardson
      #20 – trade back; was able to get NO #29 & #71
      #29 – Will McDonald(would be ok w/Ade Ade)
      #37 – RB Jahmyr Gibbs
      #52 – C Luke Wypler
      #71 – S Jordan Battle
      #83 – DT Byron Young(Bama)
      #123 – WR Bryce Ford-Wheaton
      #151 – LB Dorian Williams
      #155 – G Nick Broeker
      #198 – DT Keondre Coburn
      #237 – TE Josh Whyle

      Few less trades than your map, jumped on Wypler a bit earlier to make sure we get him. Went with Ford Wheaton in place of Mingo at later round. Trice was gone at 151 so I went with Dorian. Flyer on a TE w/final pick. Went earlier or later on a few positions than you did, kind of swapping order essentially

  44. Big Mike

    One thing I think we can all agree on — April 27th can’t get here soon enough, so we can finally talk about what did happen, rather than what might happen.

    Amen brother.

    Love the draft Rob, but I just don’t see them going way beyond their preferred measurables with a pick as high as the Kancey selection. And his arm length is “way beyond” is it not?

    • jed

      Agreed on the 27th coming faster. I think Google is going to tell me I’ve visited the mock simulators too many times and I’m not allowed back for my own mental health.

      Here’s my latest with trades that’s super realistic :). It’s tough to fill all the holes with the current roster, so the WR room is going to be lean unless Dee can figure something out.

      3) Will Anderson trading out 5 & 37.
      15) Levis as he drops because of reasons. Costs 20 & 52 and gets 15 & 116.
      83) Wypler
      122) Ja’Ayir Brown (S). Costs 116 & 2024 7th for 122 & 166.
      123) Cory Trice (CB)
      151) Luke Schoonmaker (TE)
      154) Moro Ojomo (DT)
      166) Dorian Williams (LB)
      198) Chris Rodrigues, Jr (RB) to run through a few faces
      237) Karl Brooks (DT)

    • Rob Staton

      Yes and you might be right

      But Donald excelled in this scheme so maybe they’ll think Kancey can too

  45. MyChestisBeastMode

    Rob, my understanding is our D lineman need to be able to 2 gap and adequate arm length is necessary. From what you’ve seen of Kancey, does he have tape 2-gapping well? That’s my biggest concern. Otherwise, I agree that he’s got other traits that look special.

  46. samprassultanofswat

    If Anthony Richardson is still on the board (without moving up to take him) the Hawks are going to have a fanstatic draft.

  47. samprassultanofswat

    A front seven of Calijah Kancey and Will McDonald with Dre’Mont Jones, Uchenna Nwosu, Darrell Taylor, Boye Mafe and Jarran Reed would be a major improvement in our pass rush. No doubt about it. Youth, depth and talent.

    • Hawkdawg

      Opponents might not need to pass much….

  48. samprassultanofswat

    I like the idea of finding a explosive talented running back in the third round.

  49. JimQ

    Late round & overlooked WR “Sleeper” alert.
    WR-(slot)-Derius Davis, TCU, 5′-8″/165, 29-1/4″-arms, **4.36/40** with **1.46-10yd split**, 4.38-3cone at the combine. Currently ranked LATE Rd.-7/UDFA? Could have “sleeper” value as WR and more importantly as a Punt returner/KO returner on special teams. A good punt returner that has a high average per attempt would be an improvement over the current situation on those potential “game changing” plays.

    Career stats: 112 rec., 1513 yds, 9-TD’s receiving + 52 KO ret for 1145-yds, a 22.0-yd average & *1-TD* + 44 punt ret. for 658, a 15.0-yd average & **5-TD’s**. (I love long punt returns & TD’s and think they are among the most exciting and impactful plays in the NFL).

    As a backup slot receiver and a dedicated return specialist he would seem to be an excellent use of their rd-7 Seahawk pick @ #237, or perhaps as a PUDFA if he falls. I think his rather pedestrian receiving stats are the reason for his ranking, while his special teams’ contributions are being ignored, so he’s a sleeper. -IMO.

  50. geoff u

    Love the Jalen Carter visit. Accomplishes three things:

    1. He is a supreme talent and at #5 you absolutely have to do your due diligence on the guy, and try and find out what other teams are interested.

    2. Makes other teams at least think you’re interested him, which could hopefully put him back into top 5 consideration for someone like the Texans or Cardinals.

    3: Gives fuel to all the mock draft experts who will now resume their regularly scheduled program of slotting in Carter to the Seahawks at 5 so they can all look silly on draft day and mess up the rest of their picks.

  51. Tatupu51

    I like this draft a lot more than the other one!

  52. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, who do you rate higher, McDonald or Ade (assuming QB with P5)?

    • Rob Staton

      I like both in the same range

  53. CHaquesFan

    Rob I remember last year you were banging the drum for Jermaine Johnson but he fell to #26 – how has he been with NYJ this year? It doesn’t seem like he played much

    • Rob Staton

      I banged the drum because nobody knew publicly about the character concerns

      • Peter

        I still don’t think you’re wrong. He and mafe have had about the same level of success only 14 picks apart.

        I don’t know what the character concerns may be or were but I think he’s still going to be pretty solid.

  54. MountainHawker


    another reason the Colts (and Hawks) will like Levis. Doing well on this test has predicted NFL success quite well

  55. Gaux Hawks

    Wondering if this Lamar Jackson contract drama will help Richardson drop to Seattle… I haven’t been following, but considering his style would be somewhat similar to Richardson which would drive up the price and risk… but I might be way off base.


    TBH, mostly just trying to create false hope that we get a top QB…

  56. no frickin clue

    A spin of the wheel and off we go.

    I made one trade…traded #20 and #237 to the Bengals in exchange for #28 and #60

    Draft Haul:
    #5 – Will Levis, QB, Kentucky
    #28 – Ade Ade, DE, Northwestern
    #37 – Calijah Kancey, DT, Pitt
    #52 – Luke Wypler, C, Ohio State
    #60 – JL Skinner, S, Boise State
    #83 – Zach Evans, RB, Ole Miss
    #123 – Zach Harrison, DE, Ohio State
    #151 – Emil Ekiyor, G, Alabama
    #154 – DeMarcco Hellams, S, Alabama
    #198 – Puka Nacua, WR, BYU

  57. Forrest

    I feel like the meat of this draft is from about 26-60. How about a draft where the Hawks trade back several times and make their first pick at 20.

    By moving around, I was able to get:
    Mazi Smith
    John Michael Schmitz
    Darnell Washington
    Tuli Tuipulotu
    Jalin Hyatt
    Jahmry Gibbs
    Julius Brents
    Hendron Hooker
    JL Skinner
    Lonnie Phelps

    If the Hawks don’t like their options at 5, I’d be okay with a haul like that.

    • jed

      I’ve done this a few times too. The thing I don’t like about this option is that it keeps them as 7 to 10 win team.

      The depth would be good and it would allow them to move off of Fant and the expensive Safety duo, but it would require quite a run of good luck to go deep in the playoffs.

      • Forrest

        How can you make a blanket statement that it “keeps them as a 7 to 10 win team”?

        You would have filled all of the team’s holes, improved areas of weakness and added exposition to both sides of the ball. Can you imagine an offense with Gibbs and Hyatt adding legit home run potential, an incredible blocking TE who offers unique attributes in the passing game, on 3rd down and at the goal line and have “one in the chamber” at QB (actually two with Lock). You’d have SO many options for play calling. Combine that with a complete defense that has all kinds of options as well…

        Do you really think removing three of these players for Levis or Anderson makes this team massively better than the above?

        • jed

          Agreed, it would fill the weaknesses & make the Seahawks more complete.

          The reason I said it would keep them about .500 is just how I view the NFL. It’s something Jacson over at Cigar Thoughts says and I agree with. The difference between the Chiefs and Texans isn’t like 10 vs. 1. It’s more like 9.7 vs. 9.1.

          Pretty much everyone in the NFL is great. But, you need those next level guys to win. Whether it’s Mahomes or Donald to push you to the championship level.

          That’s why I’m rooting for a QB falls to them at 5 and I’m hoping it’s AR. I think the difference between Mahomes and Geno is bigger and more important than Geno and Trevor Siemian or Mazi Smith vs. Poona.

          Doesn’t mean I’m right, but that’s why I think a draft like that, while fun, wouldn’t move the needle too much.

          • Forrest

            That’s where I agree with you. If it’s AR, I’m all in. But, If it’s Levis who’s there at #5, I think a case can be made that three of the above players make the team better.

            • Rob Staton

              And if Levis had the benefit of playing for Ohio State, Tennessee, Washington etc I’m sure people would have a different view

            • jed

              I can see both sides, especially if you’re not sold on one of the QBs. On the simulators, I usually trade down or restart when Young is there because I’m wary of his size, not his skills.

              Although I did figure out how to scam the PFN simulator. You can get AZ’s 3 with the 20, 37, 52, and next year’s 1 or 20, 37 and next year’s 1st & 2nd. I usually end up with AR or CJ at 3 and Anderson at 5. I prefer to keep 52 because you can trade down and get a 2nd back next year.

    • Rob Staton

      No no no

  58. cha

    What would Lance Zierlein ask Jalen Carter if he was Seattle?


      • Roy Batty

        People keep bringing up Frank Clark. I don’t think Clark had a lack of motivation. He had legal troubles.

        And guess what? Those legal troubles came right back to the forefront once he made his big payday.

        On the flip side, Carter will have his big payday from day one. He won’t have to earn it. Even if he’s a bust, he will still have tens of millions in his account.

        • Big Mike

          People keep bringing up Frank Clark. I don’t think Clark had a lack of motivation. He had legal troubles.


        • DJ 1/2 way

          If you draft Carter could you include in the contract that he has to drive a Prius? I would also add weekly drug testing. That photo Rob used a few articles ago sure looked like he was stoned.

          • Rob Staton

            Fixed it

            If you draft Carter could you include in the contract that he has to drive a Prius ride a bicycle?

            • Peter

              Actual lol!

      • Peter

        The comments though….

        “Carter reminds me of Aaron donald….”

        Do you even know either player. Even carter’s flashes aren’t like donald. Add that donald plays about 82% of all snaps.

        Please let the draft get here.

        • BK26

          I see Reggie White too much……that’s stupid.

          • Peter

            No….I just found the ark of the covenant level comment on Seattle sports:

            If you’re racing 100 mph and your opponent gets nailed who won the race?

          • Peter

            Reggie white college career: multiples of carter’s production in every category.

            Carter: that time he threw a guy to the ground looks like the time white did it…..ipso facto same player.

            • BK26

              Reggie White was the definition of generation. Carter is the Reggie White impersonator that you hire for your kid’s birthday party.

              He still has huge amounts of talent, but he isn’t close to generational.

              • Peter

                Great image!

    • Roy Batty

      That’s what I find so absurd about Lance still saying they have to take Carter. He knows, for a fact, that Carter was lazy about attending practice and training sessions. Yet he still claims that he’s worth it.

      So the highest pick that this regime has ever had needs to be a gamble, not on someone who needs time to learn the position, but someone who refuses to work hard?

      He then talks about a few teams have Wilson over Anderson and that Anderson isn’t all that. Has Lance ever considered that he’s being used by GMs and agents, just like Clayton and Cowherd were?

  59. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: Sometime before the NFL draft. YOu might consider a mock draft where the Seahawks trade with Arizona and move up to the #3 draft pick.

    BTW: Do you have any interviews coming up before the NFL draft?

    • Patrick Toler

      Something I would love to see discussed: What if they don’t like the options at 5?

      While I agree that it makes total sense that Schneider will like all 4 of these QBs, they know a lot more about them than we do, having met with them and very thoroughly vetted them. If it’s Levis at 5 and (for example) Liam Coen passed on some concerns to his former colleague Waldron, what would Seattle do then?

      Again, I don’t necessarily think this is likely, but I don’t think it is impossible either. I’m at a bit of a loss as what they would do if for some reason they didn’t like whoever falls to 5. Pick Wilson? or Skoronski? In this scenario you would almost have to trade down?

      • samprassultanofswat

        There are 5 good options for the Seahawks. Young, Stroud, Richardson, Levis, and Anderson Jr.

  60. cha

    PFN just added 2 players for each team to include in trade.

    Noah Fant and Quandre Diggs are Seattle’s players available to trade.

    • cha

      Crazy-making that’ll never happen but was a hoot:

      Traded #5 to LV for #7, #70, and WR Hunter Renfrow

      Traded #7 to Indy for #35, #79, a 2024 2nd and DeForest Buckner

      Traded #20, #83, Diggs and Fant to Tennessee for #11

      Traded #37 and Hunter Renfrow to Tennessee for #41 and a 2024 2nd

      11. Will Levis QB Kentucky
      35. Michael Mayer TE Notre Dame
      41. Josh Downs WR North Carolina
      53. Jahmyr Gibbs RB Alabama
      70. Luke Wypler OC Ohio State
      79. Zacch Pickens DT South Carolina
      99. Ji’Ayir Brown S Penn State

      (I stopped at the 4th round but would’ve picked up a Guard, DT, and CB later)

      DT D.Buckner
      2024 IND 2nd
      2024 TEN 2nd

      I think + Buckner + the cap charge for dropping – Fant – Diggs makes it cap neutral or close.

      Silly fun.

      • jed

        This is going to kill my productivity and sleep. Bye bye Quandre & Noah!

        On a more serious note, I wonder who would be willing to trade for Fant. Maybe a win-now team like Buffalo that misses out in the draft? Thinking a conditional, late 2024 pick to get him?

      • Glor

        I’ll take it! 🤣

    • samprassultanofswat

      They are both good guys. They do have value. But is there a demand for these players? Is another team willing to trade for these players so that they can help the Seahawks salary cap situation? I don’t think so. I don’t think to many teams are lining up to trade for an overpaid banged up Safety whose best years are behind him.

      Time and time again Rob has mentioned about how the Seahawks overpaid for Diggs.

    • MountainHawker

      The safety market tanking and a quality safety draft feels like it’s taken a safety trade off the table. Nobody wants those contracts of ours.

  61. bv eburg

    I will give it a “A” Rob. The only thing not making it a “A+” is not selecting a second running back late in the draft like you did in the 6th round with Rodriquez in your previous draft. I don’t see the Seahawks, a team notorious for chewing through running backs, going with 3 and a practice squad player.
    To be fair your reasoning on the last few picks was solid.

    Having said all that I still think Arizona trades with Detroit as I outlined this morning.
    Could Houston trade with Arizona so now they pick 2/3? Stroud/Anderson, thus having alpha leaders on both sides of the ball. Houston has lot’s of picks for trade bait.
    Las Vegas 1/2 add up nicely with a slight overpay to move up to 3.

    I think we need to prepare plan B like you did with last mock, all QB’s off the board and no trade partner in front of us.

  62. Matt

    I like this mock a lot. As for Carter – I heard a quote from Colorado coach Deion Sanders that was interesting. He said for the quarterback position, he’s looking for a “clean” prospect. He preferred QB’s who came from a 2 parent household, high GPA, community service, the whole nine yards. But for a defensive end, he was looking for a guy from the hood who just wants the opportunity to get his single mom out of poverty. I thought it was interesting because basically there’s different ways to assess character. At QB he wants a future politician or CEO but at DE he wanted someone hungry, who “has that dog in him”.

    The problem with Carter is it doesn’t seem like he gives a damn about football and doesn’t seem to “have that dog in him”.

    Thanks for the continued great content Rob. Looking forward to the draft.

  63. Justaguy

    This mock Seahawks draft would be A+ for sure

  64. Troy

    Prior to this last draft class, it’s been several consecutive years of head-scratching, eye popping picks for JS, especially early picks. I don’t want to sound the alarms just yet, but conceivably we could be looking at something like this:

    Young/Stroud/Anderson/Levis……Tyree Wilson.

    Just feels like the letdown we were all getting so used to until 2022. Honestly, I will cancel the season tickets if he by-passes on Richardson.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Wow. Doubtful and very negative. Too bad.

  65. Pran

    What are the odds of Carter arriving in shape at VMC for visit?

    • samprassultanofswat

      I would 50/50.

    • Cysco

      Via an Uber

    • MountainHawker

      You’re not going to get into shape in a month. It’s a process. And you can’t just power through it. Overworking your body does more harm than work. The discipline and dedication that it takes is what makes it difficult, not the actual workouts.

    • cha

      How would we know?

      These visits aren’t workouts. It’s all interviews and X’s and O’s discussion.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Just need to run sprints 10x a day until then and throw in a few high knees.

    • KitsapHawk

      I don’t think we need to worry about Pete ripping off his shirt.

  66. Troy

    my understanding for this visit physical testing is not allowed. But if I had to put money down, he’s likely at least 10lbs bigger than his pro-day. If it’s glaringly obvious he’s puffing out, they should wrap up the meeting in 10 mins and get on with their day.

    • samprassultanofswat

      That extra 10 pounds is probably muscle. Correct?

      • Big Mike

        Table muscle

        • Peter

          Top five pick for a 330-ish two down nose tackle?

  67. samprassultanofswat

    Question of the day. Jalen Carter has a difficult time NOW motivating himself. How is he going to motivate himself after he signs a 20-30mil dollar contract?

    • Big Mike

      The point Rob and any number of folks here have been making for a while now. The answer: he isn’t.

      • Hawkster

        I’m so firmly in the camp of QBs going 1-4 that I put a filter on this mock removing the cost of getting to #3 which basically means subtracting Kancey, Wypler and presumably Bradford. Some of them might be acquired with other picks, subtracting those instead, but otherwise I expect a draft where SEA doesnt get a QB.

        Assuming we get to the draft with ARI still at #3 then that is goung to be one hell of a 15 minutes.

        • Hawkster

          Where my reply lands being, of course, entirely random

          • Peter

            Pretty funny hawkster.

    • MarkinSeattle

      The old saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink” is applicable here. Anybody who is not motivated in college to workout won’t suddenly find motivation in the pros. There are a lot of NFL examples of teams trying to motivate players and pair up trouble makers with good examples. Sometimes it works in the short term but it never works out in the long term.

    • geoff u

      Well, for one, he’ll get a proper and really dangerous performace car to race around in…

      • GrittyHawk

        He already has a 707-hp SUV, I think the proper and dangerous ship has already sailed

        • geoff u

          Yeah but it’s an SUV, can’t really corner or race those like you can a McLaren, and he only got up to 107 mph. Weaksauce.

    • Pran

      If i have to guess, Carter is waiting for that one contract of guaranteed money and no looking back..

      • Old but Slow

        Judging by the quality of his ride, it would seem that the money has been flowing for some time.

  68. jujus

    mock draft from PFN

    Anthony Richardson
    QB Florida

    Adetomiwa Adebawore
    EDGE Northwestern
    trade icon

    Will McDonald IV
    EDGE Iowa State

    Julius Brents
    CB Kansas State
    trade icon

    Keeanu Benton
    DT Wisconsin
    trade icon

    Luke Wypler
    OC Ohio State

    Israel Abanikanda
    RB Pittsburgh
    trade icon

    Emil Ekiyor Jr.
    OG Alabama
    trade icon


    Luke Schoonmaker
    TE Michigan
    trade icon

    Andrew Vorhees
    OG USC

    Chris Rodriguez Jr.
    RB Kentucky
    trade icon

    2024 DEN 3rd

    • DW

      Another dreamy one. I essentially just have a list of guys that if we take Richardson or Levis at 5 and then get a third of them, I’m more than happy.

  69. Shawn

    I like this draft better than your prior one.

    Getting Anthony Richardson, Calijah Kancey, and Will McDonald IV in any draft is an automatic B+ as I see it.

    Adding Jonathan Mingo bumps it to an A-

    The rest is gravy and easily moves this to an A/A+ grade.

    Is there any feasible scenario where we get Richardson, Kancey, McDonald, and Mazi Smith?

  70. Matt


    In comparison with the previous mock – Now this is what I’m talking about. Just awesome. I’d be totally stoked if we came away with this draft haul…

    Anthony Richardson
    Calijah Kancey
    Will McDonald
    Jonathan Mingo
    Luke Wypler
    Israel Abanikanda
    Corey Trice
    Jay Ward
    Anthony Bradford
    Keondre Coburn

    Truth is I’m a bit scared of Kancey given the size restraints, but I’ll trust your view on him as well as him being a unique player with good upside who can hopefully reach it.

    After a draft like this though we’d be addressing so many key spots. TE will be an issue next offseason, but maybe one more trade down can add a pick to take someone like Brenton Strange.

    Also will need some more LBs, but that’s one of the easier positions to find cheaper vets to fill (or perhaps tap into smoe UDFAs). The issue is just creating some cap space to be able to do that.

    That said this draft is the argument to take a QB at #5 – Because the draft shapes up to pick a lot of the other positions the Seahawks need.

    Great job overall. LFG

  71. Zane

    Does Levis remind anyone else a bit of Jake Locker?
    In good and bad ways.

    • MountainHawker

      I know a lot of people comp Richardson to Josh Allen because of comp% and size/arm/athleticism, but Levis reminds me more of Allen than anybody.

    • Matt

      Not sure how a top 10 pick who becomes a bust and retires after only a few seasons could ever be viewed in “good” ways.

      • Zane

        He had many extremely desirable traits (arm strength, athleticism, leadership)

        • Matt

          Jamarcus Russell had “desirable traits.”

        • dregur

          Jake Locker was a one read or run QB, that was his greatest weakness. He didn’t really diagnose plays pre-snap either.

    • geoff u

      No. Jake Locker couldn’t run a pro offense or make reads and his highest completion percentage was 58%. I don’t think they’re even close, Levis is a far better player.

    • Rob Staton


    • Peter

      Sure….they both have nearly the same hair color.

      • BK26

        2 syllable last names that star with the letter “L.”

        • Peter

          Even more granular….nicely done.

    • Brashmouse

      I would look back further to Stafford and Elway coming out of college.

  72. TimDB11

    If Seahawks not into Jalen Carter…why he being brought in for a visit? For all us dumb folk there is still a chance JS drafts Jalen!

    • Rob Staton

      Someone hasn’t read the article

      • TimDB11

        I stopped reading your articles heartfully so when i make a comment different to your take you resort to calling a person to stop being stupid. Only jumped on because you put out a youtube video calling everyone one out to stop being silly if they believed Seattle had Jalen Carter on their board at all. I think this visit says otherwise

        • Glor

          Then comment on the yt video, not an article where he answers this very question. (In his opinion)

          • TimDB11

            How do I respond until i have proof that Jalen is on the board which is highly suggested by a visit. Not 100% but im commenting on the fact he is a visit. Expand dont put into boxes where we can only respond to a youtube or article at the time it is presented. Let facts come out.

            • Glor

              Fair point to having something worthy of comment (ie, at least for now we know Carter is on the board, we just don’t know where on the board), but should still read the article you are commenting on.

        • Rob Staton

          I have never called someone stupid

          And I never did a video like that. I know people like to accuse me of all sorts of weird and wonderful things, but me giving a detailed breakdown on why I don’t think Jalen Carter will be picked by the Seahawks is a world away from a video saying people are “silly” and “calling everyone out”

          I’m sure you’ll also agree it’s fairly ridiculous to join in the comments on a blog post… without actually reading the blog post

          But based on this exchange I’m not surprised. Now if you don’t mind, the rest of us would prefer to talk about football

          • Palatypus

            I have considered rocking a Top Gun hat and a Seahawks Draft Blog shirt at next year’s Senior Bowl and getting horribly drunk.

      • Glor


    • Hawktalker#1

      If you don’t read the article, your second sentence may have given you the answer you’re looking for..

      • TimDB11

        Read the above

        • Cysco

          “Read the above”

          Oh the irony.

          • TimDB11

            Glad to be of service

            • Rob Staton

              I’m stepping in here

              This community isn’t interested in stuff like this

              • TJ

                Thanks Rob, the Carter debate was initially interesting, but now it is boring me to death. In my opinion your explanation of the reasoning behind this second A+ draft was brilliant. Thanks for all the great work.

                • Rob Staton

                  Thank you

                  the Carter debate was initially interesting, but now it is boring me to death


                  Apologies I’ve felt the need to talk about is as much as I have

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Tim: I am 100% against drafting Carter but 100% in favor of talking to him. Read Rob’s article a couple back as to why not draft him at 5.
      1. Why not? Look him in the eyes and make him prove he has fire to play
      2. Optics. Seattle can say they did due diligence
      3. Find out what teams are interested. Ask him
      4. Due diligence. Maybe he drops to 15-20 and you learn that is where you’d draft him
      5. See what he looks like live. Is he fat or has he firmed up?
      6. Bringing him in (or anyone) doesn’t mean he is on your must draft list. These are the people you have questions about. UDFA, late rounds, and guys you want to meet face to face. I bet they don’t bring Will Anderson in. Don’t need to.

  73. Zin

    If grindingthemocks is to be believed (which, given the wisdom of crowds, has a higher probability to be closer to the actual draft than an average mock draft), they have C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young, Will Anderson & Anthony Richardson as the top 4 players off the board, and Seattle picking… Tyree Wilson.

    If this were to happen, it’d be pretty underwhelming and disappointing. And while I’d trust that PC/JS have done their homework, and are looking to re-live their 2022 draft success, I’d much rather prefer them to take a chance on Will Levis than on Tyree Wilson (because in the end, the draft is all about taking informed risks, and the Return on Investment [ROI] on Levis would be much higher if he succeeds, as compared to Wilson’s success ROI).

    • Hawktalker#1

      If you’re evaluating group think, what do you expect?

  74. cha

    Speak of the devil…

    Aaron Wilson
    offensive guard Anthony Bradford (6-foot-4, 332, 5.08 40-yard dash, 34 bench reps, 30-inch vertical, started 12 of 13 games last season) visited #Vikings today followed by #Titans #Panthers this week followed by #Seahawks next Monday, per a league source

    • Peter

      Big boy. I like it. Less jam and go oline more push you around.

  75. Glor

    Ok, I played with the simulator
    Traded down from 5 with the raiders , as things got a little weird in the top 4. Received 7, 109 and 24’ 2nd
    7: Levis, QB
    Traded down from 20 to 26, received 58 and gave up a our 24’ 5th
    26: Mayer, TE
    Raiders again moved up for Jones, so I moved downtown one spot for a swap of our 24’ 6th for their 24’ 3rd
    38: Kancey, DT
    52: McDonald, edge – offers, but stayed put
    58: Gibbs, RB
    Traded 83 and Diggs for 90 and Dallas’s 24’ 2nd
    90: Smith, S (with diggs gone, went safety)
    109: Mingo, WR
    123: Brown, S (doubled up on safety with diggs gone)
    151: Bennet, CB
    154: Byron Young, edge
    198: Terel Smith, CB
    237: Corburn, DT

    Ended up with a couple extra 24’ 2nds and a third.
    Probably not realistic at all, but fun to play with.

    • MarkinSeattle

      I would be ecstatic with this draft.

  76. EIEIO

    Food for thought for those interested and who have not yet viewed, here’s a link to Kurt Warner breaking down film of Will Levis, Part 2 of 2. Part 1 covers the good stuff; part 2 the not so good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7HS3OJMxG8

    • EIEIO

      This film review, especially Part 2 might change how you think about Levis at #5, or not. It does make me question his upper body bulk from weight-lifting. As some have commented here, perhaps it adversely impacts his smoothness, especially on short or touch throws. I would think he will definitely need to work on his mechanics. But is it because of his bulk? Is it a concern? Is it fixable? I played baseball at a high level as a young man…pitcher…many moons ago. Back then there were similar concerns that too much weight-lifting adversely affected pitcher mechanics. Advancements in the biomechanics and peak performance have debunked much of that, but I’m pretty sure there can be too much of a good thing.

      • Glor

        For what it’s worth, and it ain’t much, that PFN simulator, I can’t get a draft where Levis isn’t the last QB standing. AR is actually getting mocked #1 more than half the time

  77. Brodie

    Mock Draft Monday!! My personal A+ with picks and why I think so. Thanks Rob for all of the content and putting more guys on the radar. Looking forward to watching Trice and Ward some more.

    * Traded down from 20 to 34 & added #66. Arizona took Joey Porter.
    ** After drafting Mayer on Day 2, I traded Fant and 198 to Chicago for #103 (the first pick of day 3)

    5. Richardson QB – Happy to get him after Anderson and 3 QB’s went

    *34. Michael Mayer TE – Not my original plan, but good value and allows me to move Fant during day 2/3

    37. Will McDonald EDGE – Love his pass rush, but he’s admittedly light and not the greatest run defender.
    3 picks in and I haven’t addressed the DL yet. That’s about to change.

    52. Mazi Smith NT – Will he be here on draft day? I tend to think so. I think he and Kancy might last longer than people are projecting. Mazi is one of the true NT’s with some upside and while I don’t think he’ll be a priority for the Hawks, this was solid value at maybe the biggest hole on the team.

    66. Keeanu Benton DT – With the other pick in the trade from Arizona, I grab another big body for the DL rotation. Benton is one of the better run-stuffers available this year and can fill all 3 spots on the DL.

    83. Luke Wypler C – I’d love to get a center that can develop with AR. I’m not sure if he’ll be here on draft day, but he was on this sim. Other options to pivot to if not and Evan Brown can work if the pick needs more development.

    **103. Zacch Pickens DT – Big win here as day 2 closed out with Pickens still available. I sent Fant and our 6th for pick 103 to land our 3rd big boy of the draft. Another DL that can fill either DE spot and NT on passing downs.

    123. Tyjae Spears RB – One of my favorite RB’s to watch, he falls because he didn’t blow anyone away in testing and has had an ACL. He’s electric and hard to bring down though and with the major needs addressed, it’s time to go for upside.

    151. Kenny McIntosh RB – All of the WR’s I had hoped were gone here and McIntosh’s testing was terrible. That said, when you watch his tape he had amazing contact balance and rarely goes down on 1st or 2nd contact. He also has amazing hands and runs great routes. I’m happy to try him in some slot WR looks and use him for our jet sweep game. Kupp isn’t a burner but he was very effective running sweeps.

    154. Nick Broeker OG – Braeden Daniels was my target (love his versatility) but he went earlier. Broeker is a good pivot though. Happy for another OL reinforcement. Not great length, but the Ole Miss guard was still 2nd team all-SEC and didn’t allow a sack.

    237. Marte Mapu LB Sacramento State – I passed on some safety options along the way knowing that I could get Mapu here. He was the DPOY in the Big Sky and has had a number of visits (so the cat’s probably out of the bag). He moved from safety to LB at Sac State, but the plan would be to move him back. He’s got good size and coverage ability to play the big nickel and excel on special teams.

    If these all seem to unrealistic to land where I have them, my alternative would be to miss on Mazi, bump everyone up to the earlier pick and take Jerrod Clark where I have Broeker.

    • Brodie

      Oof, that’s a bigger post than I expected. Putting up a TLDR would just add to the mess. Sorry!

    • Brodie

      Pivots that fill a similar role, if not as well:

      Mayer – LaPorta
      McDonald – BJ Ojulari
      Mazi – wait and get 2 gapper late
      Benton – Dexter
      Wypler – Tippman, Scruggs
      Pickens – Not sure. Maybe Stills but much later.
      Spears – McBride, Tavion Thomas
      Kenny Mac – Deuce?
      Broeker – Daniels, Bradford (admittedly, scouting OL isn’t my wheelhouse)
      Mapu – Earlier: Skinner, Overshown, Antonio Johnson

  78. Hebegbs

    Liked both drafts. Like #2 even better though. Great work Rob!

    And I also agree the Carter visit doesn’t mean much else than finishing up their evaluation. They needed to do that. No way he goes 5 unless Hawks trade that pick and they aren’t going to.

    • Frank

      Agree, I liked 2 better as well. I’m not sure Macdonald doesn’t end up the better player. On Carter, if he falls beyond ten and you’d be the only team that had a meeting with him. I won’t cry if they take a shot at 20. If it isn’t a big concern why isn’t he being mocked 2-4 anymore?

  79. Benito

    I Love this mock I’m so jacked for the draft right now I hope this happens.

  80. Troy

    Wrapping my head around what the team would be thinking. Trading RW with a plan – as Rob’s spelled out a few times. Year 1, success on several fronts – bookend tackles, stud RB, stud CB and now FA signings that are down the middle with D.Jones, Love, and BWags. I believe a term Rob used, sniffing the top, take the full snort. Why think Arz would do any business with us, why give us the keys to success….but recent info coming out that Young is the target for Carolina. Then noise from Lance Z who lives in Houston and has some ears to that ground.

    Not a new scenario, but Seattle could be in play for CJ Stroud at #2….built the capital to make it happen, likely have had this in the works for a year now….and then I read a summary on CJ’s background today (credit Dan Brugler) This kid IS a Pete Carroll guy without a doubt.

    Trade up for CJ – let’s do it!

    BACKGROUND: Coleridge Bernard “C.J.” Stroud IV, the youngest of four children, grew up in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, about an hour east of Los Angeles. He was introduced to sports, mainly basketball and football, at age 5 by his father (Coleridge III). Stroud was a quarterback throughout youth football (won two youth-league titles) and middle school, playing for the Pomona Steelers in Snoop Dogg’s football league. When he was age 13 in April of 2015, his family faced intense adversity after his father was arrested on charges of carjacking, kidnapping, robbery and misdemeanor sexual battery. He pleaded guilty and is currently serving a 38-year sentence at Folsom State Prison. He previously had been convicted of felony drug possession and receiving stolen property in 1989, receiving stolen property in 1991 and armed robbery and second-degree robbery in 1992. C.J.’s mother (Kimberly) filed for divorce in 2012. With his father in prison and not eligible for parole until 2040, Stroud’s family has faced numerous financial challenges and often moved around, including living in a small apartment above the storage facility in Upland, Calif. where Kimberly worked. Stroud attended Rancho Cucamonga High School, where he played quarterback on varsity all four years, serving as the backup as a freshman and sophomore (348 passing yards and 5 touchdowns combined over his first two seasons). He became the starter as a junior. Despite the team starting 0-4, it finished 7-1 over the final eight games as Stroud posted 2,343 passing yards, 19 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. As a senior, Stroud led Rancho Cucamonga to a 9-4 record and the state playoff semifinals. He finished his final season with 65.9 percent completions, 3,878 passing yards, 47 passing touchdowns and 9 interceptions, adding 4 rushing touchdowns to earn U.S. Army All-America honors. Stroud, who grew up participating in AAU tournaments around the country, also lettered in basketball (his first love) and was Rancho Cucamonga’s starting shooting guard.
    A four-star recruit, Stroud was the No. 2 pro-style quarterback in the 2020 recruiting class and the No. 4 recruit in California (behind Bryce Young, Justin Flowe and D.J. Uiagalelei). He was ranked as the No. 42 overall recruit nationally. Stroud didn’t grow up with a quarterback coach or other training resources and faced a much slower recruitment process than his peers, especially with minimal tape from his first two years of high school. He didn’t receive any scholarship offers until after his junior season. Colorado was his first offer, followed by several other Mountain West (Boise State) and Pac-12 (Cal, Oregon State, Washington State) schools. The summer before his senior year, Stroud attended multiple Elite 11 recruiting camps but was often overlooked until the Opening Oakland Regional, which earned him an invitation to The Opening in Frisco, Texas in July 2019. There, he earned MVP honors and led his team to the 7-on-7 championship. It was at that event where he bonded with Julian Fleming and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, two highly-ranked receivers who were committed to Ohio State. They recommended Stroud to the Buckeyes’ coaching staff and Ohio State reached out with an offer a few months later. Stroud skyrocketed up the recruiting rankings and added offers from Georgia, Michigan, Oregon and others. His final choice came down to Georgia and Ohio State, with the Buckeyes winning out, primarily because of Stroud’s relationships with Fleming, Smith-Njigba and Gee Scott Jr. Stroud has two older brothers (Isaiah and Asmar) and an older sister (Ciara). His father was his “best friend” growing up, but Stroud didn’t talk with him throughout high school following his father’s incarceration. He rekindled the relationship after enrolling at Ohio State and the two often talk on the phone. Stroud elected to skip his final two seasons and enter the 2023 NFL Draft.

  81. Reggie

    Rob, I appreciate all the work you do! Just listened to Walterfootball’s after dark podcast and he unsurprisingly had the Seahawks picking Carter. Someone, not sure if it’s a reader of this blog or not, had mentioned that the Seahawks have been focused on character and that Thibideaux was not on the board because he was so focused on his brand. He didn’t immediately dismiss the comment and said that it’s something to watch and see, but that Carter’s character is a different animal than Thibideaux’s. He said at the end that they will have Seahawk news as the draft gets closer.

    This begs the question: What reporters have been more accurate on Seahawk news? Mort had the RW pick, JLC was the only one to link Frank Clark to the Seahawks on day. Last year, Walterfootball said the Seahawks really liked Corral and also said that they love Bryce Young. Friend of the blog Tony has had his hits and misses on Seahawk news. Who do we need to be paying attention to in the coming days?

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Seahawks have really tightened up on leaks and very little gets out now

  82. Jabroni-DC

    Just did a 4 rounder.

    5. Anthony Richardson, QB Florida
    20. Peter Skoronski, OG Northwestern (opportunity knocks)
    49. Luke Wypler, C Ohio State
    52. Will McDonald, EDGE Iowa State
    80. Sam LaPorta, TE Iowa
    83. Zacch Pickens, DT South Carolina
    123. Daiyan Henley ILB, Wazzu

    • Trevor

      I would replace Skoronski with Mayer but that would be quite a haul.

  83. Peter

    Rob really enjoyed both drafts.

    I will say after looking over both drafts I wonder if the boards didn’t fall right or maybe you can help me with something…

    It’s just my gut feeling but dline whether tackle or edge feel like bigger needs still.

    Jones, Reed, Mone I guess, and not much else. I like your selections and understand late NT’s….it’s just a hunch I have that two non NT’s will be selected per Pete’s comments after the niners game.

    Per the wisdom of crowds….watched a mock with Smith and Rang….and the “crowd,” selected Carter….then did next to nothing the rest of the draft at DT. Regardless of Carter, that’s not enough to do one thing about the line.

    • BK26

      You are definitely correct. They need bodies. One player does not fix a giant problem. I expect 3 total: 2 fairly high and at least one later.

      I don’t get how Carter can solve it all, but that is what most fans think. Even if his talent was good enough to be worth it, you still need depth, a rotation.

      It’s that quick fix mind set: Geno pro bowl so he’s good. Adams sacks guys so he’s good. When we won the Super Bowl the offense and defense were both machines: all the right pieces and then replacement/emergency pieces were ready when needed.

    • Rob Staton

      D-line is without doubt the biggest need

      But #5 is a bonus pick. So is #37 to an extent. You can address that need with 10 picks, it doesn’t need to be at #5 or even #20

      • Peter

        I loved both mocks for different reasons.

        I’ve just got a sense that dline is going to be a bit more need than bpa just to fill out the field.

        Maybe there’s handshake deals in place with Harris and others.

  84. Gross MaToast

    I feel bad for so many of us – the trauma from the mid-late teens until last year left us with group PTSD and we’ve become ok with trading down, down down – away from premium players so that we can snag an extra Alex McGough or Kenny Lawler late. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    • Rob Staton

      But we desperately need to get the next Cody Barton

    • Peter

      My favorite thing going is king of positivity himself: Corbin Smith did an article and his daily podcast about how the trades down have sucked and the trades up have generally been good to great.

      And in the comments sections fans because reading, listening comprehension is bear rock bottom keep saying that we need to trade down. Turn 10 picks into 17.

      And I’ve lightly argued that trading down for cap reasons is a horrible way to build a team….and recieved a solid amount of pishback generally that “I’m an idiot.”

      Can’t pay Richardson…..here’s skoronski!

      I just have to assume these are the people cheering when Seattle is trying to make offensive adjustments.

  85. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have been thinking about Seattle Seahawks pick 20 I think it’s very possible that they move that pick .and who would like to move up for that pick. I am thinking Kansas City we have had history with them in first round trades. Kansas City has 11 draft picks my question is if Kansas City offers pick 31 and 64 would this interest JS. I am thinking do you think that Seahawks would want to fall that far back. Because I think KC would love that deal.

    • Trevor

      Guess it depends on who is there at 20. If there is a guy they love then likely won’t given they already have 20 picks but JS does love his trade backs.

      The trade makes a lot of sense though. The Chiefs need an OT and I could see them moving up for a guy like Anton Harrison or Broderick Jones at 20.

      If the Hawks want to rebuild the trenches then there will be two nice options at 31 and 64. Perhaps say Ade Ade at 31 and Wypler or Cody Mauch at 64.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure you’d get a second rounder for that

      The Chiefs would have to be totally sold on who’s available

  86. UkAlex6674

    I think we need to move up on the draft to cover the picks we don’t have between 83 and 123. A lot of good talent will be available in that range.

  87. Rushless pass

    I’m kind of cold on Walter football but was going through Charlie Campbell’s mock for the Seahawks. With our second 5th round pick he had us taking Darrell Luter Jr., CB out of south Alabama. He said the Seahawks have shown a lot of interest in him but I haven’t read any reports about this. Have you taken a look at this guy at all Rob?

    • UkAlex6674

      And r5 seems to be a sweet spot for drafting a Seattle CB

    • LouCityHawk

      I like mocking Luter to the Hawks in late rounds. I think Rob has him listed as round 5? He is a project, but you know PC likes to have a project.

      They have done a virtual visit with him I believe. He popped at the senior bowl as well.


      • Rushless pass

        Thanks for the info Lou!

  88. Aaron Bostrom

    Rob, I’d absolutely love this haul. A dreamy realistic scenario.

    Chris Simms w his top 5 edge rushers is wild.
    1. Wilson. Gamewrecker can’t miss talent w room to grow. Head and shoulders above the rest. A Myles Garrett level player.
    2. Van Ness. Uber athletic, strong, and agile.
    3. Nolan Smith.
    4. McDonald.
    5. Anderson. Clearly a tier below the others. Good in several areas, nothing special. Production was largely schemed up.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve enjoyed Simms’ analysis in the past

      This year it has felt rushed and purposely controversial

      Will Anderson in tier three is a total nonsense. And he went from saying, “I haven’t studied these QB’s yet” to basically a few days later revealing a tiered list with breakdowns.

      On Anderson — it’s possible to acknowledge his flaws as we have, without needing to go OTT (which is what Simms has done — and it can only be to draw attention and get clicks/views)

    • Peter

      I really enjoy Simms with florio in season.

      Those two are greater than the sum of their parts.

      Macdonald as a pure pass rusher Ala taylor might be “better,” than Anderson. Better player? I don’t know. Anderson can play every down. Maybe Macdonald can. But right now Anderson is, to me, tge overall better prospect.

      If you haven’t watched Wilson skip highlights.

      What I do to start is take a look at ther best game log as long as it’s not against some big sky or lower level of competition. Then look at their worst game.

      Wilson has fantastic powerful moments. He also is doing a lot of nothing. I think he’s pretty hot and cold with his motor.

    • BK26

      Oh boy…bless his heart for trying I guess. I’m a Hawkeye fan and I wouldn’t have Van Ness that high.

      His player analysis reminds me of his playing career: gave me a weird constant ringing in my head and irritability to match (I was a Bucs fan at the time when they drafted him).

    • Peter

      Can someone explain Lucas Van ness to me?

      Good not great production. Just fine testing. Nothing elite.

      Best I can get is people are wish-casting that a big, jockey, bluntly, white guy is going to be a future Bosa, Watt, Jared Allen.

      It feels very generous of a projection.

      • BK26

        He’ll be solid. Won’t be one of the top pass rushers in the league, but he’ll have a good career. Like everyone from Iowa. Not top end, but the next tier that you need to fill out the roster and you don’t have to worry about their play.

        His production at Iowa was because they rotated heavily. They are deep enough to do it. I am very surprised that he’s been raised up this high. I would have guessed late 2nd at best before the draft season started.

        • Peter

          Thanks for that. He does have the advantage of youth. So maybe he builds even more strength and moves.

    • McZ

      Last season, he put Nik Bonitto and George Karlaftis over Thibodeaux in his rankings. Not a first rounder, by a fair margin. He hyped Walker and loved Johnson.

      For context, due to (these manually compiled) PFF grades, these are the top 10 DE playing in 2022:

      Aidan Hutchinson 80.0
      Micheal Clemons 78.7
      Kayvon Thibodeaux 71.9
      Jermaine Johnson 71.7
      Sam Williams 70.9
      Cameron Thomas 69.9
      Boye Mafe 65.8
      Arnold Ebiketie 64.5
      Drake Jackson 64.1
      Amare Barno 64.0

      Travon Walker is #11 featuring a 60.3 grade. Bonitto and Karlaftis are healthy scratches.

      • Peter

        Pff…we make data the old fashioned way….we manipulate it to fit our needs.

        Good info. From you. Not good info from pff.

        Here’s some grades where Hutchinson played 84% of snaps and jermaine johnson played 34%.

  89. samprassultanofswat

    What is John Schneider going to do? A perfect scenario for Seattle is Anthony Richardson falling to number 5. In the draft. That is by far the perfect scenario for Seattle. However, Rob mentioned that 6 teams have had discussions with Arizona about the number three over all pick. So it seems highly unlikely that Richardson will still be on the board at number 5. Arizona saw what Chicago received. It was massive. The bears received the Panthers number 9 overall pick. Plus a 2nd round pick this year. A 1st round pick next year. A 2nd in 2025 and Carolina threw in wide receiver D.J. Moore to boot. In 2017 the same Chicago Bears paid dearly to move up 1 spot. Besides there number three pick in the draft. The Bears also gave up the third and fourth rounds in the 2017 draft. Plus there 3rd round pick the following year. Just to move up one spot. That trade proved to be a disaster for Chicago.

    Arizona will expect a ton from a team to move up. Seattle would not have to pay at those numbers. But they are going to have to pay a price to move up. So the question is. What is John Schneider going to do? There are plenty of teams unhappy with their QB situation. Don’t know if Schneider will pull the trigger or not. This decision could be the defining moment for Seattle for the next 10-15 years.

    • Sean

      The perfect scenario would be Richardson falling to 20. Given his shortcomings in college, that would be a better spot to take a flier.

      • Rob Staton


    • Hawkster

      If you look at what the Jets paid to move from 6 to 3 and then use the value chart to ask how much they paid and yada yada yada, and do the same for SF re:Lance, and wave your hands a couple of times, round up instead of down (in division) then the way I see it is SEA needs to come up with at least 2700pts on the good ol’ chart. #3 is “2200” on said chart, but again that is jus tnot what has been paid to get into top 3, mor elike 2700, call it 2750.


      My goto has been 5+20+123 = 2599, which I think is mot an iron price, a bit more like tin.

      • Hawkster

        hit return early … but in these parts folks are figuring 5+37 gets it done, so I played along with a watered down, but the jets paid:

        6+37+52+169 + a future 2

        (1600+530+380+22+ future 2) = 2502 plus a future 2, call it 450 for a whopping 3000 (roughly).

        49ers was #12 plus 2 future 1s (assumed to be late round) to get to 3

        12= 1200
        future 1s 700 each = 2600 + a R3 comp (~100), so basically 2700, but 3 1s which has a nice ring.

        Long and short, I figure 2750 is not crazy to expect for #3.

        5+20+83 gets it done (except the division thing), 5+20+123 is hmm.

        • Hawkster

          So if you do the trade of 5+20+123, get a QB, then IMO try to trade 37 back to the 50s plus get something in the 80s (use NYG as an example, say the see an RB like Gibbs at 37 and decide they want him, or they really want Porter and he’s there, then they give up 57 and 89.

          Sea is then looking at
          52 and 57
          83 and 89
          151 and 154
          198 and 237

          But to me, 5+20+123 alone likely doesn’t do it, based on SF and NYJ recent trades into 3 for a QB, which seems like a not ridiculous comp.

  90. LouCityHawk

    Does anyone know why Cameron Young DT (MissSt) has been removed from the PFN simulator? I can’t find any news saying he will not be in draft. He is one of my favorites.

    Thanks much

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t think they ever added him

      • LouCityHawk

        Am I wrong in thinking he is a top 100 player? He looked great at the Senior Bowl.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’s definitely a top-100 player

  91. Qoolio

    And toward the other end of the grading spectrum is Mel Kipper’s recent mock draft:

    5. Jalen Carter
    20. Myles Murphy
    30. Hendon Hooker (traded both 37 and 52)

    Wow. Please no. What a squandering of resources this would be.

    • LouCityHawk

      Hooker is such a weird one for fans to be listing over. I know Rob has him on the board, I don’t think I would draft him.

      There have been an influx of commenters are other boards and on Twitter, nasty tones.

      They want something that looks like:

      Carter, JMS/Torrence, Hooker, Siaki Ika, Brents, weird Edge they think will be available (FAU/Ojulari), a bunch of other prospects that will likely go earlier (spears, etc…)

    • Rob Staton

      He has them passing on Will Anderson to take Carter

      Clicked off after that, because it aint happening

      • Aaron Bostrom

        At least he didn’t have us passing on any of the four qbs. All gone 🙁

    • jed

      Are you saying Mel Kipper’s draft is a little fishy?

      Football Outsiders has a 1st round mock up today too. They also have Murphy at 20, but have AR at 5.


      • Rob Staton

        That’s one of the best mocks I’ve seen

  92. IDhawk

    Here’s my attempt using PFN.

    R1/5 – trade up with Houston using picks 5, 20 and 151 and select CJ Stroud.
    R2/37 – John Michael Schmitz
    R2/52 – Yaya Diaby (I’m very high on Diaby)
    R3/83 – Tyler Scott (also really high on Scott)
    R4/123 – Moro Ojomo
    R5/154 – Tyjae Spears

    Getting Diaby and Scott in the 2nd and 3rd would remind me a lot of the Clark/Lockett draft. Plus you get an elite QB prospect and a very good center prospect. Spears and Ojomo at those rounds would be steals as well.

  93. Mdanger

    How about Cards trade out of 3, Seahawks get Anderson at 5, while Carter slips and we pick him up at 20?

  94. Rob Staton

    Why are pro athletes so crap at working out?

    WHAT is this?


    It’s not a dip. It’s a great way to F your shoulders up though

  95. Big Mike

    Kiper has his 4.0 out. Anyone seen who he has going to Seattle?
    For a number of years I wasn’t to fan but hes gotten a lot better.

    • GrittyHawk

      Carter and Murphy. Incredibly disappointing. Mel’s mocks have been among the best so far for us this year but this one is atrocious.

      • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        I’ll go ahead and assume the “they had him in for a visit so they’re gonna draft him” mindset. Way to join the group thank Mel

        • Wilson502

          Draft seriously can’t get here soon enough. It’s every day with the smooth brain mocks and dumpster 🔥 takes from “fans” and media.

          • AL

            Seems like it has been particulary bad this year for some reason. Have to think it’s pick #5 and the controversy over what to do with the pick.

            I’m so tired of hearing/reading folks argue about it that I just don’t care anymore and just want the draft to happen.

            And the mock drafts, terrible, just terrible stuff. Seems the pundits can just throw anything out their and the fan base just eats them up

            • Wilson502

              My theory on why it’s been so bad this yr is I think RW being on the team really masked a lot of this smooth brain garbage from the “fans”. Add the fact we got a #5 pick and Geno was better than expected (although he regressed into JAG status 2nd half of the yr). RW not being on the team anymore really exposed just how many delusional idiots are in this fanbase IMO.

    • GrittyHawk

      Oh god, I stopped reading at 20 but apparently it does get worse. He has us trading both our R2 picks to move back into the first round to take Hooker. Then to pour salt in the wound, the Eagles use those picks on Jahmyr Gibbs and Derick Hall.

      Mel is straight trolling us. Sounds like his editor sat him down after his last mock to tell him it was too realistic and they weren’t getting enough hate clicks.

    • Qoolio

      Don’t forget about him also trading our two second rounders for a late first and getting Hendon Hooker…

  96. Calgayhawk

    Sorry Rob, I just don’t think Seattle takes a QB early. I believe they already have their QB of the future on the team. I know, not sexy or fun but Carroll says they still have a lot of work to do with the Defence to get it to what they want. So, I am just going to through this out for discussion. If a team other than Indy trades up with Arizona to draft a QB, that could leave both Anderson and Carter on board. Would a trade up by Seattle with Indy be a possibility. It would take a lot of draft capital, ie.- #20, both seconds and a 4th without touching future drafts. BUT, with picks #4 and #5 Seattle walks away with the top two defensive lineman in this years draft. Comes down to number of picks vs quality of prospects and Indy’s willingness to trade.

    • BK26

      They don’t have a quarterback of the future. Look at the two contracts. The team literally said that they aren’t any real future plans with those contracts. That is black and white, a fact. I really don’t get the whole head in the sand thing with this.

      They aren’t going to win anything with Geno and Lock is a trade throw in. Both of their careers are what they are. They are in for a quarterback and it has been talked about for a few months now, example after example. The team has showed that there is no future quarterback and the solution is to draft one.

      And with your example, you just tanked the draft. Threw picks away for a kid that is trying his hardest to not get drafted. I have never seen one group so weirdly in love with one player and so deathly allergic to a legitimate route that the team is likely to take.

      The draft needs to get here ASAP to get this over with.

      • Calgayhawk

        I feel Carter’s problems are more about maturity than anything else. Time and being around the right people should take care of that. Pretty much all scouting reports call him the best talent in this tears draft.

        • LouCityHawk

          I’m glad that you have spoken to over a dozen well placed sources, uncovered the real truth, and also know PC, Hurt, etc… so well that you have comprehensively mapped their personalities to know that Carter is a dream made in heaven.

          Next up, there is this problem in Ukraine that we’d like you to solve.

        • BK26

          They don’t have the time to babysit. That isn’t the business. Kid doesn’t prepare like he wants to be out there. Is there anything more that Pete will hate?

          If his talent is so good, why is his tape so lacking? Why does he have trouble staying on the field. He’s getting talked about as generational and he isn’t.

          They can’t take that risk. Just like they can’t afford to not take a quarterback instead. Spend a few picks soon after on the line and you are better off.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      This will be fun to read the comments. You are new around here aren’t you?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Maybe I misunderstood…

      Are you suggesting Seattle trade virtually every other pick in 2023 besides #5 to trade with Indy for #4 so Seattle ends up with picks 4 and 5?

      So they can pick Anderson and Carter?

      Firstly, I don’t think Indy would make that trade. It takes a LOT of capital to move from 20 to 4.

      And secondly, why would you sell out your ENTIRE draft to come away with only 2 players, one of whom has such serious questions about his commitment and desire to play football he may not even be a top 10 pick anymore, and the other, while definitely an excellent defender, is by all estimations, not a game changing player?

    • Rob Staton

      Sorry Rob, I just don’t think Seattle takes a QB early.

      You don’t need to apologise.

      I believe they already have their QB of the future on the team.

      They don’t even believe that, given the structure of the two contracts they gave out.

      I know, not sexy or fun but Carroll says they still have a lot of work to do with the Defence to get it to what they want.

      And he’s spot on. But they have 10 draft picks, not just the #5 pick.

      Would a trade up by Seattle with Indy be a possibility. It would take a lot of draft capital, ie.- #20, both seconds and a 4th without touching future drafts. BUT, with picks #4 and #5 Seattle walks away with the top two defensive lineman in this years draft.

      People are bored of Carter talk so I want rehash that here but I don’t see them drafting him period, let alone trading a haul to get him.

    • McZ

      You’re right.
      Geno is good enough. Not sexy, but he does the job. The job of loosing in the first playoff game to a friggin’ 7th round rookie QB in almost abysmal unimaginable fashion.
      No need for high end talent.
      Trade down, bring on more “depth”.
      Job safety through calculable mediocrity trumps elite.
      Next year we win. Believe. Miracles and fairies.

      The state of affairs with this franchise.

      • Calgayhawk

        Apparently I do have to apologize for raising an alter alternative draft scenario suggesting the Seahawks don’t draft a QB early and I get get nothing but aggression and rudeness in return. You are all right, Seattle should use at least 3-4 picks on QB’s.

        • Calgayhawk

          It’s so sad this site has gone so far down hill the last few years. It SHOULD be open to more than one view.

          • Rob Staton

            I love this

            Calgary posts an out there suggestion of basically trading the entire draft class to get two players

            People didn’t agree and responded in kind

            Now the site is going down hill because everyone didn’t say, “wow amazing idea!”

            Mate, the site isn’t the problem. If you’re going to post stuff that’s kind of out there, don’t start crying when people disagree

        • McZ

          You wrote that the “not sexy” QB of the future is on the team. Who clearly isn’t on the team. Even the team itself isn’t believing he is.

          Then you talked about work on the defense. We have worked on the defense since 2016, and the results are crap. Not good enough. What elite defender will you draft at #5 who changes the whole modus operandi of this defense?

          Last year, I thought it was Davis and was right. This year, I hoped for Carter, but we are in no position to make this work.

          I’ll be honest… the amount of dillusion on this fanbase has stopped amazing me. And the more Twitter and YT I watch, the worse it gets.

          Really, what are we trying to achieve in Seattle? Good enough is not good enough, IMO.

          Sorry for erupting that way.

  97. UkAlex6674

    Falcons trading up to 3

  98. Aaron Bostrom

    Falcons trading for number 3. That hurts.

    • Aaron Bostrom

      False alarm. 3rd overall two years ago. Okudah lol

      • Hawkster

        a small piece of the internet died for a second

    • Mick

      Is this a breaking news somewhere or another mock?

    • BK26

      Is this trading for Okudah, who was a number 3 overall?

      You almost gave me a heart attack hahaha.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Please be more responsible when posting crap like this

  99. Big Mike

    I don’t believe anyone has posted this here so I’m gonna give this a shot…. Is it possible that Seattle is bringing Carter in for a visit to fake out the teams below them into thinking that the seahawks won’t be drafting a quarterback thus making it less likely they trade up with AZ?

    • Rob Staton

      No — I think that suggestion is no different than those who claimed the QB meetings were 4D chess.

      I think the Seahawks are doing legit homework on everyone. And so they should.

  100. Brashmouse


    You have put a ton of research and love into these drafts and I appreciate it. The one item I think you may be overlooking is the scheme and its impact on needed players. You went for best talent on the line with penetrating tackles and ends with the best talent. I suggest that you should instead look forthe seahawks to need an inverted 3 man front with a pair of 1 tech/2tech NT players like Mazi Smith to sit at the two DE positions to punish pulling guards and create a stout enough line against the run with an athletic twitch 3/4 end 4/3 DT at the NT to compliment the light OLBs and Safety backers they are alluding to with the 3 safety look. Being that light makes it critical to keep them clean which requires more than one base point along the line to slide off of. Covering both guards with outside leverage makes the Tackles blocks pressured by the two way risk and allows for a minimum 2:1 against the center (or 3:2 if the lead with an H-back or FB and they respond by moving a safety inside).

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, I do think I’ve spent a ton of time talking about those players. This is one projection. And I’m currently reflecting John’s somewhat laid back comments about how easy it is for a nose tackle to translate to the pro’s, hinting there’s not a massive priority being placed on that position.

      • Brashmouse

        You have and I agree, I just think they need two not one and with Jones and the rest they already have in house the need for the penetrating lineman is just not there in this format which I think they will need. If Hurt sticks to traditional positional roles for a 3-4 line then I suspect we will have another repeat of last year regardless of the level of talent injected.

  101. Dirty Mike/Gang

    Will Levis (#5)
    Anton Harrison (#20)
    Jahmyr Gibbs (#37)
    Drew Sanders (#52)
    JL Skinner (3rd)
    Keondre Coburn (4th)
    Cory Trice (4th via trade)
    Tre Tucker (6th via trade)
    Dee Winters (6th)
    Dante Stills (7th)

  102. David

    Well, here’s my two cents on the draft. Id be open to picking Carter at #5 instead of trading back IF he passed the interview with PC/JS. But I haven’t had a chance to talk with them yet. Lol Anyway, Bresee AND Simpson are a good return on #5 in my opinion.

    10. Brian Bresee, DT (trade back for #30)
    25. Ade Adebawawore, DE (trade back for #89)
    30. Trenton Simpson, LB
    37. John Schmitz, C
    52. Will McDonald, E
    83. Israel Abanikanda, RB
    89. Keanu Benton, DT
    123. Jonathan Mingo, WR
    151. Tyjae Spears, RB
    154. Mekhi Garner, CB
    198. Nick Salvadori, G
    237. Tim DeMorat, QB

    • Rob Staton

      You’re not making a decision on Carter based on him ‘passing’ an interview

      There’s too much baggage for a decision to be based around this visit

      • David

        Ya, you’re right. I’m not making a decision on Carter. PS/JS will. And ya, that interview (Tuesday I think it was) will be a legit part of their decision making process. Along with a ton more information and data than either you or I have. Personally, I agree with you based on the small amount of information I have… it’s a hard pass of Mr Carter.

        But my post wasn’t really about any of that Carter intrigue. Rather it highlights how many top 100 players the Hawks could realistically draft in a couple of weeks. Seven, realistically, if they trade back twice. That’s a lot of bites at a really good apple. Personally, I think that adding such a haul of highly athletic & good character guys PC/JS would be well on their way toward transforming the Hawks into SB contenders. So that opportunity is what’s exciting to me about this draft.

        And ya, I never get tired of saying it, thank you Russell Wilson for providing a lot of this! Lol!

  103. swedenhawk

    After many trials, I finally managed an A+ draft. Is it realistic? Perhaps not entirely. But one can dream…

    Anthony Richardson
    QB Florida

    Josh Downs
    WR North Carolina

    John Michael Schmitz
    OC Minnesota

    Jahmyr Gibbs
    RB Alabama

    Derick Hall
    EDGE Auburn

    Cameron Young
    DT Mississippi State

    Ji’Ayir Brown
    S Penn State

    Anthony Bradford
    OG LSU

    Tyler Lacy
    DT Oklahoma State

    Hassan Hall
    RB Georgia Tech

    Ventrell Miller
    LB Florida

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