An interview with Kentucky running back Chris Rodriguez

Absolutely loved this interview. Chris was great to chat to. We discussed his admiration for Marshawn Lynch, his mentality/running style, his team mate at Kentucky Will Levis and much more. Check it out…


  1. Mr. Anderson

    Thank you for highlighting this awesome RB Rob, guy runs with some anger, he would be a nice pick up for the Hawks. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

    • Rob Staton

      Having a great time, thanks!

  2. Rob Staton

    If you’re on twitter and can share this with a RT it’d be much appreciated!

  3. Peter

    This was great!!

    Are we sure Rodriguez isn’t smokescreening us about levis?

    Let’s check the things we know:

    – great interview with Rob
    – kentucky loves him.
    – Rodriguez speaks highly of him

    On the other hand…..unnamed sources from a creep on Twitter

    Rodriguez playing special teams? Probably but also nah. Come to Seattle and carry the rock with walker.

    • Rob Staton

      Everyone needs to hear what he said about Levis

      Anyone who thinks Levis has character issues or ‘won’t get on with DK’

      Listen to what Chris Rodriguez says

      • Peter

        The part that really stuck me was how Levis goes out of his way to be included/include everyone.

      • geoff u

        Why wouldn’t he get on with DK? They’d probably bond over having a chiseled body competition

  4. Spencer

    Sorry, not a comment related to the video. In fact, not a comment at all but rather 2 questions…(for Rob but also everyone)

    Who are the draft analysts/pundits who you feel USUALLY have a decent perspective on players and teams and who are the ones who you…feel differently about? I feel like some of these guys don’t look at teams individually, but collectively, so they ask ‘how do all these pieces fit neatly?’ instead of doing the work to understand the mindsets of each front office.

    Among many other stale or weak takes that I’m tired of, what about this ‘Pete loves guys with character issues so that’ll be the perfect fit for Jalen Carter’? When has Pete ACTUALLY done that? I think Pete loves being a teacher and loves his guys (to a fault, maybe) but I don’t see any actual examples of what people are claiming. Marshawn? Was that character stuff? Or was it just a bad fit in Buffalo? I don’t think his passion was ever a question mark. The LOB were all just different players than the league was accustomed to. Kam was too big, Earl too small, Sherm was too slow. Russell was too short. None of these guys were ‘projects’ though. But I trust the memory and logic of this community immensely, so I’d like to hear your takes, regardless of whether they are in-line or differing from my own.

    And as always, thanks for the top work, Rob. When the draft happens and so many of your takes are vindicated, we’ll force the clowns on Seattle sports radio to hear you out!

    • LouCityHawk

      I listen only to a few, and for different reasons.

      I read fast, so I tend to consume more written media.

      Rob is great in both his takes and in getting interesting interviews with players that aren’t getting asked the same questions over and over.

      I like Corbin Smith and Rob Rang. I like MSD. The guy who does cigar thoughts is entertaining. The guy who does 3 in and 3 out is entertaining. Mina Kimes is worth a listen. I pay attention to what people like Charlie Campbell and Tony Pauline are saying. It is all with a grain of salt though.

      For example: I was not all doom and gloom with Geno, I thought he would be a top 15 QB and that was ok with me. He wildly exceeded my expectations. It didn’t bother me when a commenter was trashing him, so long as it was well-reasoned.

      Not everyone is going to have the same opinion, we are all wrong about something. I wasn’t much in the mood for commenting last year as I got pilloried the time I did (different site).

    • cha

      The ‘Pete is a wizard with questionable character guys’ card that gets played in relation to Carter fails to take into account the fact that about 95% of the time the Seahawks take on a guy like that, they’re paying pennies on the dollar. It’s a Hail Mary ‘what have we got to lose’ type play.

      Not when they’re mortgaging their franchise’s future.

      • Roy Batty

        I got into a back and forth at work with someone over that very point.

        You take on a character concern with a lower pick. You do not take on a character concern with the 5th pick. A pick reserved for alphas who eat, breath and sweat football 24/7. Alphas who will lead your team, almost from day one. Alphas who acknowledge their faults, endeavor to correct them and help others to correct theirs.

    • TatupuTime

      It drives me absolutely nuts how broadly the NFL uses “character concerns” to describe so many radically different issues.

      Pete is absolutely willing to take shots on guys that have had difficult upbringings, been in trouble with the law or have made mistakes. He also lets guys be themselves without needing them to conform to any set personality. That SB winning team was an absolute circus of personalities and egos. Pete managed all that with aplomb and banked on his overall culture of compete and team take care of things.

      From taking a shot on Bruce Irving (who was homeless, in jail and out of football and they took him 15th overall) to letting Marshawn be himself. I don’t think Marshawn has the career he had without a team culture that let him be who he is. I think Pete genuinely believes in his ability to connect with people and get them to buy into his culture and the program.

      But (and it’s a massive BUT), all those guys with “character concerns” that Pete’s gone to bat with have been absolute maniacs on the football field. They are all in on football and competing. If you are willing to be like Marshawn and run through a MF face over and over and over again Pete will bank on his team culture for a lot of the other stuff. If the “character concern” is whether you love football or compete level then I think Pete’s all out (other than the curious case of McDowell where I think they lost themselves in hubris a bit).

      I genuinely believe that if Jalen Carter was a dawg on the football field that loved competing and working out that Pete might take a shot on him despite the rough family upbringing and criminal issues.

      • Rob Staton

        Well said

        Perfectly put

      • Spencer

        Yeah, if Carter is a dawg more than just those highlight plays, then NONE of the conversation about him is happening…because if he has the heart and focus of any of the aforementioned players (obviously McDowell excluded) then he’s going #1 overall to the Bears who wouldn’t have traded.

        Hey Rob, I’m curious of your thoughts on the first question I asked. But if you don’t have time or would prefer not to say then that is very understandable.

        • Rob Staton

          There are several people whose content I enjoy and/or have got to know over the years. I have to say I disagree with them so much on players — but it doesn’t matter. I know they put in the work. Tony Pauline has become a friend as well as someone I respect. Tony’s passion for the draft is infectious and I know how hard he works at this. The effort Lance Zierlein puts into his scouting is equally outstanding. Again, I disagree with probably more than 50% of their evaluations but I respect they put the work in. They aren’t blaggers — and there are a ton of blaggers out there.

          I also thoroughly enjoy Mel and Todd. Their podcasts and general thoughts are pure entertainment for any draft geek. They do an excellent job IMO.

          What I will say, though, is I’ve taken on a massive workload scouting players over the last two drafts it’s hard really to pinpoint anyone else I would say, ‘that’s my guy’. The amount of work required it takes to build a board with 250-300 names on in your spare time is absolutely crazy. Since the last draft I’ve basically spent all of my free time scouting and writing and streaming. I finish work, eat, say goodnight to the kids and put in about 5-6 hours of work on the blog. When you do that level of study, you don’t really feel the need to rely on anyone else. You know the players. That doesn’t mean you get everything right. You never do. You get loads wrong. But I know them — I feel like I can give opinions on everyone on my board. Most people out there talk about the options at #5 and #20 and they’ve watched a highlights video, listened to someone else’s opinion or they had half an eye on a college playoff game at the end of the year.

          So the guys above are the guys I associate with the best draft coverage — but I do disagree with them a lot and I feel like I’ve done the work to be able to back my own views without relying on others, even if I get loads wrong. And if that happens, I’ll review my process and work like I do every year.

          • Spencer

            Love it! Thanks Rob!

  5. LouCityHawk

    Loved watching Rodriguez in college, violent and punishing runner. I really like his pass-blocking and think it could be even better at the next level.

    Great interview, really love these interviews, especially with prospects who are projected as day 3 guys.

    He was already on my wishlist, even more so now.

    Kentucky played much worse with him off the field last year. Would love to see Levis and Rodriguez reunited in Seattle.

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview but very much looking forward to it.

    Meanwhile, Buccs got Neal for a song:

    Greg Auman @gregauman

    Bucs did well to get safety Ryan Neal from Seattle, and they did so with great value — it’s a veteran salary benefit deal, with minimum salary, plus $152,000 bonus and $108k guaranteed. Chose Tampa for opportunity to play a key role.

    7:40 AM · Apr 6, 2023

    Which tells me Seattle have other plans for the safety group. And I mean PLANS. They’re not winging it here

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Took a look through the most recent comments on the last thread and there’s a lot of hand wringing over losing Neal to Tampa Bay

      But only from Seattle fans

      In other words, 31 other NFL teams said no thanks to Neal at the vet minimum, including Seattle.

      Seems like an overreaction

      • STTBM

        I was super pissed about Seattle letting him go, but rather than freak out, I decided to wait and see if he wanted out or got a good deal. Guess we’ll probably never know what went down.

        Neal has outplayed Adams every year since he got here, yet his hard work, passion and leadership weren’t worth keeping around but Adams is? Personally, I think it’s a crappy look for Seattle: come play for us, we’ve wrecked our cap by making poor decisions and overpaying bad football players, so come play for us on the cheap, and when you exceed expectations we’ll jerk you around and let you go, instead keeping a guy you outplayed whi also always hurt and costs 17 times your salary because we gotta prop up our bad decisions and we can just replace you in the draft…

        Still can’t believe they let him go while holding onto Adams. Total Ego move, not a Football decision.

        And it’s not going to help them in Free Agency recruiting one bit.

        • Peter

          Great point. Hey hope our guys go out and recruit!

          But also let’s jam Neal up and then wait til Free Agency is ice cold to release him.

        • cha

          Doesn’t help that Sherman is loudly saying they tried to squeeze Bobby Wagner in negotiations.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            Sometimes I think Sherman just likes to stir the pot. I mean, how is it disrespectful to say to a guy “we want to sign you, but we only have X amount of dollars?” There is a salary cap involved, Sherm.

            • Rob Staton

              I think we’ve all heard enough from Sherm at this point

              And stuff like this is why I want to draw a line under one era and start a new one

            • STTBM

              But the two main reasons Seattle has Cap problems are 1) Poor decision making by JS and PC and 2) Ownership constraints.

              It’s not because it’s impossible to have built a better roster or because the Ryan Neal’s of the world want to get paid above league min when they ouplay a guymaking 17 mill. The nerve of that Neal kid…

              • Group Captain Mandrake

                Sure, poor cap management has got the team where they are, but the end result is still the same. I’m sure they would happily pay Bobby more if they could – they usually do with “their guys” – but they really can’t. That’s not disrespect, it’s reality.

          • Chris

            Isn’t that what a GM, with the interests of the team in mind, suppose to do? The question I have is why does Sherman seem to care more about the interests of Bobby Wagner than he does about the Seahawks?

            • Rob Staton

              Because he’s obsessed with the Seahawks and doesn’t seem able to move on

              • Roy Batty

                Much like Earl, I do not want them bringing him back for a tribute. Ever.

                Sherman has been trying to settle a score for a very long time and his schtick had gotten old many years ago. It really does show his petty nature and inability to turn the page.

          • Elmer

            There are times when we all need a clutch between our brain and our mouth. Some of us move than others, it seems.

      • UkAlex6674

        Superb point Blitzy! Spot on.

      • cha

        I’d gladly take

        + Love
        + a bunch of dead cap for cutting Diggs & Adams
        + the howled cries of fans upset at the dead cap
        + the need to draft a safety being bumped up
        + another top defender (SF’s cap hit for Javon Hargrave in 2023 is $6.55m!)
        + another $6-8m of cap room
        + Diggs can explore the market and come back at a more reasonable rate if he wants

        To what we have right now on defense.

      • Peter

        Feels a tiny bit reductive.

        I like the Love signing but you sign one guy lose another because you’re paying franchise qb money for an old player with injury risk and another perennial injury risk to a position that the coach says isn’t even that valuable.

        Maybe it’s the right move but for a team that “rewards,” as often as they do maybe reward a guy that has bailed out your mess to the tune of nearly nothing in dollars.

        It’s not like Seattle has been good at drafting and developing safeties in recent times.

        • HOUSE


          I completely agree. Ridding ourselves of the Adams black eye would’ve been a step in the right direction to me. I know people would piss and moan about the dead cap for Adams, but a rookie safety, and or having a rookie quarterback under contract, for the next few years would easily absorb that. Like you also mentioned, the available cap space would’ve got us another defensive lineman. I truly hope that the front office sees great recovery in Adams and this keeping him around wasn’t just a way to try not to eat crow.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I guess we have a relatively high pick earmarked for safety, so I guess we have that to look forward to. There are definitely good ones in this class.

      Still feels like a mistake to me though to let him walk for such a cheap deal, but wtf do I know?

      And Rob’s right – everyone should listen to what CRod has to say about Levis. If Levis ends up a Hawk, you almost have to bump Rodriguez up a round in value just on the entertainment value of having that tandem back together. Certainly would juice us in the chemistry and character categories.

    • Rob4q

      So who in this draft class is the Diggs replacement? Or could that be Love in 2024?

      I could see them targeting JL Skinner after a short drop because of his injury, but he’d likely be the Jamal replacement.

      I also like Jason Taylor out of OK State, and he might be a mid round pick. But also not a Diggs replacement. Rob’s board shows there are a lot of good Safety’s in this draft…

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think Love is a big part of it. As they’ve stated publicly, they didn’t expect to be able to afford him.

        I also think they think paying a R2 or R3 rookie is preferable to paying more (or even the same depending on how high a pick they spend) for Neal.

        And since Neal signed for vet minimum + and after several weeks on the market, I’d say the rest of the League agrees.

        About that, as many have noted the safety market is trash. Which only makes the Adams and Diggs contracts sting all the more. Seattle are seriously overpaying at the position. And that’s an understatement’s understatement.

        Which makes it hard for me to understand why so many are upset they’ve appartently learned a lesson and are moving on from overpaying Neal.

        Yeah I get overpaying a few hundred thou for Neal doesn’t compare to the millions being lit on fire for the other two. I get it.

        But three wrongs don’t make a right. And it’s far far easier to move on from Neal.

        And I still expect at the minimum a restructure of Adams’ contract, if not a renegotiation or a post 6/1 (post draft) cut.

        I’m pretty excited to see who they target. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they double dip at the position, given the broad talent plateau in this safety draft class.

        • Peter

          I appreciate your pragmatism.

          I’m pretty unwilling to call this lessons learned. If they do something about Adams in June then I’ll rescind my viewpoint.

          This team just signed a LB that 31 other teams didn’t want at his price.

          There’s still a good deal of bloat on the books and now we are personnel short at safeties for a team with an actually bad track record at drafting the position. A great high pick on safety and a find for Kam has now been o ershadowed. Y all the intervening years.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            This team just signed a LB that 31 other teams didn’t want at his price.

            Unless I’m mistaken, Wagner stated he accepted less from Seattle to come back home.

            Unless you think he’s lying?

            Also not sure how they deal with a hole at one position pertains to the logjam they have at another.

            • Peter

              They don’t have a log jam at safety.

              They have Love. Great. Big nickel different looks. And Quandre. That’s two that we know can play. Where is the third for three safety looks?

              I’m not saying Bobby’s lying. I’m also certain we’ll never know. But I am saying this is a team that pays whatever price they want for anything.

              You position seems to be lesson learned by saving a few hundred thousand.

              I think the following contracts: bellore, Haynes, wagner, Bush that’s just this year point to there’s not as much as a lesson learned but rather…whoops we’re out of money.

              Again I’d rather save a few hundred thousand from each of those players, keep neal and then draft a safety and see where you’re at. Now they have to draft safety and maybe you get Kam or maybe you get the 2017 draft class again.

              Birds in the hand, hedges. Etc.

              • Rob Staton

                How they ended up paying $40m at the safety position really warrants greater scrutiny

                Especially since the positional value on the market has collapsed

                • Matt

                  Literally this.

                  If you’re going to spend around 40M a season on a position it should be at some combination of QB, tackle, defensive line, or (healthy) all-pro/hall of fame player.

                  Unless you have Ed Reed in his prime back there, the safety position should be filled with modest salaries…Definitely not what Schneider is paying Adams/Diggs – Much less what he gave up for Adams.

                  I keep trying to ignore the thought of if the Adams trade never happened, how much better shape the team would be in now.

                  Jesus was that the worst move Schneider ever made and it’s at least wondering if he felt pressure to get a “pass rusher” in while Wilson was still on the team.

                • TatupuTime

                  It’s a mind boggling amount invested at safety. Made worse by the fact that I don’t even think Diggs-Adams amounts to a game changing tilt of talent from the position at this point.

                  This is an entirely different team if you could somehow magically erase the $36M Diggs/Adams cap hit and reallocate $30M of it to other positions. If their safety room was lead by Love + Neal + a day 2 2023 pick would anyone be freaking out? How would this team look with that safety room and $30M more invested on their DL right now?

                  There are some smaller cap hits that don’t make sense (hello Bellore) – but it’s really the $45M+ to Diggs-Adams-Dissly that’s the entire salary cap problem for the Seahawks. Those three guys together have a higher cap hit than Patrick Mahomes.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Fair enough. Not lesson learned (not yet at least). But rather, we’re out of money.

                Kudos to them for trimming some of that fat from the most logjammed position group on the roster, salary cap wise. For seeing that one of this draft’s strengths is safety, and for taking steps to remake the position group through FA and the draft.

                Not sure why we’re making it more complicated than that. Especially since the draft hasn’t happened yet, and that appears to be a major component of their solution to this problem.

                • Peter

                  And you’re right. There’s tons of players to like.

                  Like I said if they do anything about Adams from restructure to cut…I’ll be hat in hand saying they’ve learned something.

                  • Blitzy the Clown

                    They have to, don’t they?

                    For the love of all that’s good, they have to.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Following up on how Carroll might see Love’s impact on the position group:

          Corbin K. Smith @CorbinSmithNFL

          It definitely is apparent in every answer from Julian Love how much Pete Carroll played into his decision to come to Seattle.

          “He has energy, he has juice, he’s for the players, and that’s what I wanted.”

          Love reiterated that he’s just scratching the surface of his ability and he wanted a place where he could grow.

          He said football-centric conversation with Carroll made it clear to him that Seattle was the place for him to become the player he believes he can be.

    • TJ

      I would love to see LJ Skinner in Seattle. He would be an excellent big-hitting box safety who is also good in coverage.

      • Blitzy the Clown


        If they add a thumper like JL Skinner or Sydney Brown, do we really expect they’ll keep Adams too, with his massive cap hit and chronic injury history?


        • Blitzy the Clown

          Speaking of hard hitting safeties…

          Saw V12 tweet about Seattle and their standard for safeties to have a high RAS, and that got me to thinking Jamie Robinson, though definitely a hard hitter, may not be athletic enough for Seattle.

          Anyone else have an opinion about this?

          • Rob Staton

            Seattle’s picks at safety have generally been a mixed bag in terms of athleticism, as far as I can tell

            • Brodie

              Tedric Thompson was one I remember as being a below-average athlete and surprising pick.

              Just trying to think back – Blair, Mike Tyson, Ugo, Flowers… I don’t think any of those guys were RAS monsters. Maybe I’m forgetting someone, but doesn’t seem to be a lofty standard

              • TatupuTime

                Delano Hill erasure!

  7. Rob Staton

    Will Levis isn’t getting past the Colts:

    • LouCityHawk

      I’m still team trade up to #3 if your guy is there.

      #4 is a long way from 2nd round or UDFA

    • JDH

      One of the comments to the tweet said this was the group they were sending to all 4 QB workouts. Not sure why this additional info means he’s not getting by the Colts? At least, why this changes the picture from what you’ve said before, that Levis has the tools the Colts are looking for and can start sooner than Richardson. I’m just hoping AZ stays at 3 and takes Anderson and Richardson falls to the Hawks, so Levis going to the Colts would be fine, depending on what AZ does (or a Houston surprise).

      • Rob Staton

        It just adds to it

        And yesterday Mort said essentially Levis is a top-five lock

    • Gaux Hawks

      Arizona should trade down to the Colts… then trade down with the Seahawks

      If Seattle choses Anderson, then they should trade down again for the team that wants Richardson…

      That is not a terrible risk considering the potential reward.

  8. Whywouldntya?

    Great interview. Great work. Thank you💪

  9. Palatypus

    Is that a framed GWAR poster in the background?

    • Rushless pass

      If it is then we definitely have to draft him!

  10. UkAlex6674

    Always liked this guy. I normally draft him around R5.

    Would they take him if they draft Levis?

  11. PJ in Seattle

    As much as his downhill power and personality made Marshawn one of the best RBs of his era, I think many overlook one of his brest traits: his balance. Low center of gravity, always falling forward, and able to recover quickly from contact and keep running. Both strong as an ox and nimble, which is a cheat code pairing.

    Rodriguez shows a lot of that as well. Maybe not as violent a runner as Marshawn, but certainly has plus balance. Would be fun for him and us to see him in Seattle.

    • jed

      This is one of my favorite Marshawn plays. Granted this video is from 2011, but he jukes Ray Lewis to the ground and then makes another defender miss and hit Ed Reed.

      • Rob4q

        Marshawn was just so awesome, one of my favorite players ever!

      • Hawkdawg

        One of my favorite football clips ever. Fascinating to watch. As I recall, that move got them a first down on a play that looked doomed…

        • PJ in Seattle

          Marshawn for President in 2024

  12. Palatypus

    I see the Raiders are taking a look at Stroud and Hooker.

    I don’t think Hooker will last until 38 and I don’t think you take him at 7.

  13. LouCityHawk

    FieldGulls just dropped this article

    Arguing for a high RB pick

    • GrittyHawk

      I hate type of argument. “The players we have drafted in later rounds before have been bad, therefore we must draft a 1st round running back.” I don’t see how that argument is any different than the people who say we shouldn’t take a 1st round QB because of Rick Mirer. This also does not include undrafted Thomas Rawls, and does not consider that Spencer Ware and Alex Collins went on to have a few halfway decent seasons after we cut them. Most of the top RBs last year were 1st or 2nd rounders but there were plenty of good performances from later round players. Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams, Rhamondre Stevenson, Tyler Allegier, Dameon Pierce, Austin Ekeler, Isaiah Pacheco… all good players we’d be lucky to have paired with K9.

      • LouCityHawk

        It is a nice read though for someone to chime in and drop a link to Rob’s interview.

        Rodriguez could be a day 2 pick.

  14. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    A pre-draft rarity: #UNC WR Josh Downs, likely a Friday pick, has no official visits set up, source said.

    A clean prospect from strong NFL bloodlines — his father Gary was a pro RB and his uncle Dre Bly was a pro CB for a decade — Downs has had a quiet process.

    • Peter

      I wouldn’t read too much into this. I think teams probably have a pretty strong gauge on who and what he is as a person, player, and teammate.

    • Rob Staton

      Not surprised in the slightest

      One of the absolute best interviews I’ve heard — speaks like a 10-year veteran already

      If he lasts to Friday, he could be a Seahawk easily


      • Zeke

        Gotta admit the outrage would be pretty entertaining if the Hawks end up picking a QB, WR and Center with their first 4 picks

        I’m just hoping they pick who they think is the BPA regardless of position, but hopefully they are at positions of need 😉

        • Peter

          And yet that order is very possible.

          Saw some rando on 710 or similar comment ” I’m SO done with this team if they take Richardson.” Normally I let it go but couldn’t that day….said ” nah. You’ll be the first to tell your friends you knew him along if he works.”

          • GrittyHawk

            Having all the people like that renounce their fandom and stop posting on social media would be a dream come true. I can hardly think of a better reason to draft Richardson!

            • Peter

              Well when you put it that….if you weren’t sold before that’s got to be the final pitch.

          • Brett

            I’ve been bookmarking a lot of tweets on Richardson. It’s a long game, but I’m looking forward to revisiting them in the future.

            • Peter

              That’s hilarious.

        • Ashish

          People change the their tone very easily. If you go back 2 months no one was discussing 4 QB can go in top 5. Over night now they think AR can be start and so is Levis. I guess everyone has short term memory.

          • Big Mike

            Naw, everyone just loves to pretend they’re smarter than they are and know more than they do. Social media has just exacerbated that like 10 fold.

            • Wilson502

              We call this the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    I really enjoyed the interview Rob. Chris is highly affable, humble and sincere. Absolutely no character or personality issues with him.

    Physically, and play style, he’s different from the RBs on roster. Definitely a throwback to Lynch and that style. They’re remarkably similar — stature wise, athletically. PJ noted another trait they share — strong balance,

    I think his value peaks in the 100-120 range and would be thrilled if they take him at 123. In that way he reminds me a bit of Mike Davis, who was drafted at 126 by the 49ers.

  16. Group Captain Mandrake

    Great interview Rob! I’d love to have this guy get drafted by the Hawks. Interesting what he had to say about Levis. Seems like a completely different perspective than the NFL people who think he’s a narcissist because of a selfie. Granted, he probably would never say anything bad about him, but that seemed like a very honest answer.

  17. Hawkster

    I must not watch enough football, I thought 7th founder Carson wasnt so bad

    • Hawkster

      Reply fail

  18. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    Former Texans’ free-agent defensive lineman Rasheem Green is a signing a one-year deal with the Bears, per source.

    11:26 AM · Apr 6, 2023

    I wonder why the light never turned on for him. Especially after watching him run down Kyler Murray in the open backfield

    • Seattle Person

      A lot of tweeners have a really hard time in the NFL. If you’re an edge that doesn’t win with speed or power then it’s pretty hard to cut it as a pass-rusher.

  19. Rob Staton

    Tony says the Seahawks showing a lot of interest in RB Hassan Hall

    He’s only 196lbs so maybe suggests they’re open to a slightly different body type in this blocking scheme

    • cha

      scouts also like his potential as a return specialist,


    • Seattle Person

      Just watched him. For someone so slight — he has no problems putting his head down and driving through a pile. More power to his game than slash.

      I know it probably won’t happen but a fun idea I’ve thinking about is the idea of Jahmyr Gibbs in the 2nd round (if he lasts to 37th pick). Gibbs lined up in the slot quite a bit in college. He can do all of the jets/orbits motion stuff. Fun weapon to have. Essentially can play 2 positions.

    • Nick

      Hello Jahmyr Gibbs at 37!

      • Rob Staton

        If he lasts that long, he’ll probably be BPA

  20. Brodie

    Looking at some testing numbers I found a few shockers:

    Kenny McIntosh: 4.7 40, 7.69 3-cone (pro day)
    Andre Carter: 4.93 40, 11 reps at 256
    Mike Morris: Tested in the bottom 6% for everything except bench

    I’d be surprised if any of these guys are on our board.

    Also Emmanuel Forbes is 6’1 – 166 lbs! That’s 2 inches tall and 30 pounds lighter than Dee Eskridge :0

    • Hawks Fan 0503

      Seattle had Mike Morris in for a top 30 visit. Sounds like they might be interested in him…. Late rounds?

      • Rob Staton

        Are you sure that’s an official 30 visit? Or just a meeting

      • LouCityHawk

        All I could find was a combine meeting

        • Brodie

          Maybe they met him before he tested.

  21. Matt

    Hey Rob,

    I’ve listened to all your interviews…And this one was the best. Yes Chris Rod was great, but honestly you’ve never smiled more. It looked like you were having more fun than at any point this offseason. Truly great to see that side of you.

    Keep it up.


    • Jabroni-DC

      Vacation will help the smile come out!

      Rodriguez is very well spoken. Rooting for him. I’m a recent transplant to KY so it would be extra cool to add any Wildcats to the Seahawks. It would help convert some NFL fans here to the Hawks. The more the merrier.

  22. OakleyD

    Reminds me more of Thomas Rawls than Marshawn Lynch, but seems like a great kid on Day 3 who is a good fit for what we like to do in the running game.

  23. Glor

    Great interview, hope this kid Marie’s makes it

  24. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: I see you update your grade on Hendon Hooker (2nd Rd). Just curious. How much of an upgrade is Hendon Hooker over Drew Locke? Also Do you see Hooker as a potential franchise QB?

    • Rob Staton

      Late second/early third round grade for me

      Not really, to answer your last question

    • MountainHawker

      Not Rob but I don’t see Hooker as any sort of upgrade over Lock. He’s only a year younger but has the ACL injury. Lock has been in our offense for a year instead of the one read Tennessee offense. Lock produced more in college. Was also a second round pick. Has the size/arm/athleticism they like. Has multiple years in the NFL already. And he’s cheap

    • LouCityHawk

      Not Rob.

      Not a fan of that Hooker, even though I generally support them.

      He isn’t even on my board for QBs this year. I basically have 7 QBs as draftable. The top 4, DTR/Bennett, Jaren Hall. After that, consider the XFL for superior talent.

  25. Allen M.

    Arich, Levis = trade up to ensure one if you really love them
    If you’re content to take what’s left at 5 then you could do worse than Anderson/Levis/Arich/QB that’s left at 5.

    Will Mcdonald, Nolan Smith, Ade Ade…the edge class is deep enough to still add a talented one if you take a QB top 5. The QB class ends up a pass unless you take a flier on Hooker or Dorian which could be projects and Hooker is a bit old for a project.

    It seems to me the team needs to make a decision, make a move for a QB if they love these guys. This is the year to do it. All that said: our defense would look amazing with Will Anderson.

    I’m still curious if the team will extend Nwousu to gain cap relief. They could also save money by trading Noah Fant. This is an amazing TE class. I’m a big fan of Kincaid, testing be damned. He moves gracefully and has outstanding hands. That said, and of the top 5 or so TEs would be great additions and Kuntz later is an absolute freak.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Kuntz is really interesting to me. His testing numbers are off the charts. He’s like the Richardson of the TE’s.

  26. geoff u

    Ryan Fowler
    Louisville EDGE YaYa Diaby has Top 30’s scheduled with the Jaguars, Seahawks, and 49ers, source said.

    Impressive athlete that lit up the combine running 4.51 at 263 lbs.

    • Palatypus

      He had a pretty good Senior Bowl too. If I recall correctly, his best day was the third day (Thursday) of practice.

    • Allen M.

      I’m glad to hear we are showing interest in Diaby. Eltie athlete, and could be molded info a fantastic edge. He’s my Josh Sweat of this year’s class.

    • Cheese22

      Explosive on tape. Really think he’s underrated, but is he a tweener in a 3-4?

      • Seattle Person

        He’ll be an edge. It’s about the same size as Mafe.

  27. Sea Mode

    Rich Cimini

    #Jets finally address DT need, signing former Seahawk Quinton Jefferson, team announces. Played 17 games last season (3 starts), recorded team-high 5.5 sacks.

    • cha

      Good for him.

      Not sure what “team-high 5.5 sacks” means. Maybe he led DT’s? Uchenna and Taylor had 9.5 each.

      • bmseattle

        I think they meant “career high”.

        • Palatypus

          I think they were reading it directly from the Jets press release and that’s how they spin it.

  28. Simo

    Just got a chance to listen to the interview, and I love this kid! What a great attitude and desire to be good and help his team. He should make a team and be successful, wouldn’t mind if it’s the Seahawks!

    Also love what he had to say about Levis. Why would anyone hate on a guy who works hard as hell on his craft!! Haters gonna hate I guess.

  29. Denver Hawker

    I feel a little bad for Frank Reich:

    Man can’t just get the keys to get his guy- there’s hope for all of you who bet AR at #1 tho.

    • Peter

      I don’t know if I feel all that bad. The gm and owner set him up wit a great chance to succeed right out of the gate.

      Carolina could do very well next year even if they “miss,” not selecting Richardson.

      • Denver Hawker

        I don’t disagree- they’ll get a great QB no matter what, but he also got fired from Indy after never having a decent QB. Seems like a good dude, players respect. He’s probably not wrong in seeing AR as the best QB and still in a situation where he can’t call the shots and gets his first choice overridden.

        • Peter

          Oh I get it. I like him as a coach.

          I’m mostly kidding to a degree.

          It does suck getting overridden. But Carolina though different regimes they already did that flashy qb thing.

          Plus on the sarcastic side….don’t want Stroud? I’ll have him in our team.

  30. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Brock on 710 has been featuring one player a day he thinks would make great Seahawks. I have enjoyed it. Counting down from 20 to 1. Today was Edge Felix Anudike-Uzomah. Called him a R2 target. His film is impressive. Dominates at times.

    Rob, What is your assessment of FA-U?

    • Palatypus

      FA-U too!

      • LouCityHawks

        Day 3 if you want to go FAU.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought underwhelming

      And he hasn’t had a good draft season

      Not excited about him

  31. Matt G

    Rob, I forget how I discovered this blog, but it was a year or two before they drafted Wilson. I didn’t watch college ball and wasn’t much interested in the draft, but I enjoyed the analysis of the Seahawks games, their needs, and their players.

    I realized that (pretty much entirely) because of your writing, I’m actually excited for this year’s draft. I know a lot about the top players and the likely mindsets of the Seahawks and other teams, and can’t wait to see what happens and who we get. Bravo!

    • Peter

      Same here.

      Last year ruled just knowing the names.

      Hope that continues this year.

      And also I have zero idea how I found this place going back to the same time.

  32. Peter

    Anyone else catch Schneiders show on air today?

    Mentioned they attended a private workout.

    Been trying to guess with whom.

    Think if it was Carter his camp would sing it from the mountain top.

    • Geoff u

      We need someone tracking their private jet like they do Elon’s 😆

      • Peter

        I know. Where’s a bored kid when you need one?

        • Geoff u

          It’s public knowledge, I wonder if teams track each other’s jets? I could see the Patriots doing do it.

          • Peter

            Robert Kraft probably 86’ed this once the reports kept showing his jet being in the vicinity of “massage,” parlors.

            • Geoff u

              Omg so true….😂😂

      • Peter

        I guess I don’t understand why they would keep it a secret…

        He’s the sneaky move back pick?

        The over reach at five?

  33. Awm

    Tyree Wilson

    • Palatypus

      Yes, the private workout could have been with Tyree Wilson.

      • Wilson502

        Would be a terrible waste of a pick at 5.

        • Peter

          I hear ya. I still think Anderson will be great. Not my choice. But I totally get it.

          But tyree? He’s one of the very first players I’ve watched this year. And he’s a big mauler. But slow as dirt. Can not redirect even when he wins. Just leaves sacks on the field since he has zero game plan besides push dudes backwards.

          I honestly see him as a valuable but entirely unremarkable pro. ie, not a top pick.

          Get me Pickens, benton, white, ade ade later.

          • Rob Staton

            Underwhelming and disappointing will be the words that come to mind if they take Wilson at #5.

            And another older BIG-12 defender.

            Because they’ve worked out great for us…

            • Peter

              Good morning!!

              Totally agree. Will be absolutely deflated if he is the pick.

            • Wilson502

              Would completely undo any good will he garnered last yr with the draft class, and we will all be right back on the bandwagon of seriously questioning JS as a GM.

            • Big Mike

              Completely agree with all 3 of you.

    • Peter

      Can tyree work out yet?

  34. HOUSE

    Does this alter our need for a linebacker? Does this mean we would be looking at taking a safety in the draft? I find it a little curious that this is being discussed right now, but in a time where there’s not much to talk about, it had to come out. With Ryan Neal only getting league minimum from the Buccaneers, would it have been smart to try to keep him around? I know we have a ton invested at safety regarding this year’s salary, but keeping Neal would’ve made sense in my head.

  35. JJ

    They have been looking at a ton of safeties. Likely drafting one

    • Rob Staton

      Almost certain, I would say

      • Trevor

        If they are drafting a Safety so they can move on from Adams / Diggs next off season could JJ Skinner be an option if he falls to day 3 because of the injury?

        Not normally a fan of drafting guys to injury redshirt them but given the Hawks have 10 picks the idea of drafting two quality players Skinner and Andrew Vorhees on day 3 who could be legitimate starters next year at Safety and Guard is pretty appealing. Both are thought to be great character guys as well.

        • Rob Staton

          He’s one of many options

  36. Coach

    Just watched a video that rates Ricky Stromburg as the top rated center in the draft. What are your thoughts on him?

    Thanks and Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Reasonable athlete, tape was fine, awful Shrine Bowl 1v1’s put me off a bit

      • PJ in Seattle

        I like Stromberg as a potential fallback option late if we miss out on JMS or Wypler. His size matches what they look for at center. His game tape is pretty decent but as Rob said, he looked like JAG at the Shrine Bowl. His ceiling seems to be ‘serviceable starter’, which is fine for a R5+ pick.

        But #1 center in the draft? Not even close. JMS and Wypler are almost ideal for us and have shown far more ability. I think Tippman could be dominant at the next level, but he’s too big to be a C in our scheme. Patterson’s interesting, as is Mauch. Juice Scruggs is about the same size as Stromberg and opened a lot of eyes at the Shrine Bowl, where he dominated. Olu Olu has shown more against better opponents and checks the same size boxes.

        I’d have all seven of those guys ranked ahead of Stromberg at C in this class.

        • Rob Staton

          He has a poor short shuttle though

          That has been key for this scheme

          • PJ in Seattle

            I haven’t seen his shuttle, but any reason to drop him below #8 C in this pool? IIFC Mauch’s shuttle was like top 3 for IOL. And his hockey-toothed goon grin is a free bonus.

            We totally look for centers at the right size who show the necessary quickness and agility. I’m not hating on Stromberg because some guys just get shit done during games despite traits and his tape is not bad. Happy to spend a round 5+ pick on him if that’s all that’s left, but I think we will land a much higher ceiling center before that.

  37. samprassultanofswat

    Enjoyed the Rodriguez interview. The only drawback is that he has close to 600 carries. There is only so much tread on the tires.

    • Geoff u

      He has 53 more carries than Bijan but 40 less receptions. So about the same number of touches. Guess we’d better stay away from Bijan too.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Geoff: The only way we get B.J. Robinson is with our first pick.

        Surely you wouldn’t take Robinson over Will Anderson Jr. Would you?

  38. PJ in Seattle

    Another day, another facepalming mock. This one from Rotoballer.

    Once again, Levis left on the board for Tampa to move up and get while we take Tyree Wilson at #5. Then, Pete and John finally break all tradition and spend a 1st round pick on a CB. And it’s Kelee Ringo.

    Some of these mocks almost feel like they’re auto-generated with a very poor AI.

    • Rob Staton

      Most of the people doing these mocks but almost no thought into it

    • Big Mike

      McShay’s 4.0 had Levis falling to Tampa too. And to make it worse, he had us taking Carter. Pathetic

      • Peter

        I said it before but now I’m not joking. Tampa Bay is patient zero for the Will Levis “drops in the first round talk.”

        What team has a former hawks staffer and what qb would the team at least been looking at if not intrigued by last year at this time?

        • Peter

          Listened to an actually interesting seahawks podcast, for a change, and he was talking about the pros of Levis.

          I’d love Levis on the hawks but if Tampa wants to really give us a boatload to come up to five for him….okay. That’s the trade that would net you multiple future firsts.

          When mocks have him falling that far my brain shuts down.

          The jets
          The commanders
          Las Vegas
          Houston if they get weird and go defense first

          There’s too many teams at Seattle pick between Tampa that actually need a qb and for a host of reasons can’t or won’t trade up to say AZ for the pick to stop this phantom fall.

          • Rob Staton

            Chris Mortensen says he’s a top five lock

            • Hawks

              I wouldn’t pay attention to these mocks. Most of these people do it for conversation starters and shock IMO. I think Rob has made it pretty simple on #5. Take whoever is left from Anderson (fingers crossed), Richardson, Levis, Stroud and Young. Don’t over think this guys…

              I’d focus more on what they do at 20 (hoping a small trade down to low 20’s for 3rd/4th round capital) and what they do with their two seconds. For me, I’d look at one wild card pick (RB, WR, TE) and a couple D-line guys and center. Again, don’t over think it…

    • Big Mike

      Or you could just be honest John and admit you’re overpaying Diggs and horribly overpaying the pompous peacock who may drop in to join the team around mid-season.

      • Geoff u

        They may admit it internally, but no way they say that publicly until both players are gone

      • AL

        While I liked Neal, the rest of the league didn’t show much intertest in him, so I have to wonder if he only looked as good as he did because the other guy looked so bad.

        • Seattle Person

          I thought he played really well. The reason question is this who he is this season and beyond? The NFL and the Seahawks say no…

    • PJ in Seattle

      TLDR: Sucks to lose him but we’re broke and still want to sign other players. He’ll be back on the market next year and maybe by then I’ll have figured out how to get out of this 40M+ at safety bed that I have shit in.

    • 509 Chris

      It sounds like they messed up using the tender instead of letting him shop the market. They overestimated the safety market but by the time they realized it they’d already committed a few million or whatever it was to him. Had the team told him shop the market, he would have seen a cold reception and they could have signed him for significantly less. I’m surprised he only got league minimum but maybe he wanted to go somewhere he could start and bank on a bigger deal next year. If Seattle would have got him for 500k or so I would have felt great about having the depth.

  39. SevenD

    Grand Hyatt Dubai!

    • Rob Staton

      Correct, well done

  40. Trevor

    Great interview Rob in a draft class that does not seem to have a tone of tone setting Alpha type players a guy like Rodriguez has even more value IMO.

    Who are some other guys with this similar type attitude? Particularly on day 3.

    So far some names that come to mind are.

    Devon Witherspoon- perhaps the most physical player in the entire draft class.
    Will Anderson
    Nolan Smith
    Darnell Wright
    Sydney Brown
    Micheal Mayer
    Cody Mauch
    Dorian Williams

    • Rob Staton

      I think there are quite a few:

      Kenny McIntosh
      Michael Mayer
      Tucker Kraft
      Darnell Wright
      Dawand Jones
      Will Anderson
      Derrick Hall
      Nolan Smith
      B.J. Ojulari
      Tuli Tuipulotu
      Zacch Pickens
      Adetomiwa Adebawore
      Byron Young (ALA)
      Devon Witherspoon
      JL Skinner
      Sydney Brown
      Ji’Ayir Brown
      Jammie Robinson
      Jordan Howden

      • OakleyD

        Rob, you seem higher on Byron Young (ALA) than most.

        He seems solid all round but doesn’t seem to have any ‘unique’ traits either physically or athletically that the hawks seem to usually lean towards.

        As you tend to dig further than the rest of us, what is it you are seeing that other scouts are not?


        • Rob Staton

          I think he’s exactly what they need. Big, forceful player. Reads an offense brilliantly so we know he can two-gap for this scheme. The number of times he shoots into the backfield and draws blocking attention to allow To’oTo’o or Branch or whoever to scream into the backfield on a late blitz is scary. He’s perfectly sized, great length, big heavy hands. Impacted games week-after-week in the SEC without getting the stats or the plaudits. Alpha, leader, personality reminds me of Red Bryant. Love him.

        • Madmark

          Byron Young he’s a monster. 6’3” 294lbs arms 34 3/8”, Hands 11”
          Before the combine he was considered a pick around 71. Guys like this don’t fall as far as everyone would like to believe and if he does I think he’s a steal at 83 thats flying under the radar. He’s a 3 down player that will start day 1 and improve run defense and collapse the pocket on pass plays.

          • OakleyD

            Thanks guys, nice under the radar player to keep an eye on.

      • Trevor

        Thanks for the list Rob.

  41. PJ in Seattle

    Just to test my AI theory, I tried to get chat GPT to create a Seahawks mock. After multiple rounds of cajoling where it said it couldn’t possibly predict this with any accuracy, it finally gave me a list of position players. All from last year’s draft. It is apparently limited to data prior to October of 2021.

    So instead, I offer you this poem it created for me about what we can expect with pick #5.

    The draft board looms before us,
    A sea of names and faces,
    Each one a chance, a possibility,
    A path to future graces.

    But there’s one name that stands out,
    A shining star in our eyes,
    A quarterback with skill and heart,
    A leader on the rise.

    We picture him in Seahawks blue,
    A hero on the field,
    A master of the playbook,
    A weapon we can wield.

    With every pick, our hearts beat fast,
    Will he still be there for us?
    We hold our breath, we say a prayer,
    And then we hear the fuss.

    The pick is in, the moment’s here,
    Our choice is clear as day,
    We’ve drafted our quarterback,
    And he’s on his way.

    The future is uncertain,
    But we know we’ve got a gem,
    A player who will lead us,
    To greatness once again.

    So let us welcome him with open arms,
    And cheer him to the sky,
    For with him as our quarterback,
    We know we’ll never die.

    • Mick

      Funny one. But at least it drafted a QB not Carter or Wilson.

      I wonder how can I work in AI (broadly put) and have never tried ChatGPT.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Full discolsure – I steered it to QB. lol. It doesn’t even know what players are in the 2023 draft pool. Or it’s pretending not too.

        • Geoff u

          Let’s hope this is how John apparoches Pete in the same way at #5. “But John, what about all these other players?” “Other players? You mean like, Hooker? At 5? Don’t be ridiculous, Pete.”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Open AI are rolling out plugins that allow ChatGPT to access the internet so give it a few months and we’ll be seeing AI generated mocks everywhere.

  42. LouCityHawk

    Wow, why do the Nat Media guys hate the Hawks so much?

    From Nick Baumgardner at the Athletic

    No. 5 (via DEN): Tyree Wilson, Edge, Texas Tech
    No. 20: Calijah Kancey, DT, Pitt
    No. 37 (via DEN): Steve Avila, G/C, TCU
    No. 52: Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee
    No. 83: Nick Herbig, LB, Wisconsin

    • Wilson502

      I think it’s more laziness than anything else.

    • Peter

      My favorite is CBS and their cut and paste mocks.

      “The more you watch Wilson’s tape the more you love it…..”

      Uhhh. No. The more I watched it the more confused I was about how this guy was a top ten consideration.

      • Rob Staton

        The more I watched it the more confused I was about how this guy was a top ten consideration.


        • Wilson502

          If he blows this pick on a guy who doesn’t even look like a top 10 talent we should seriously question JS as a GM of this team. Frankly, this team will have wasted a once in a generation opportunity on drafting a “meh” DL. Would definitely reduce my interest in the team going forward making a move like that.

      • GrittyHawk

        I started writing a comment to that effect this morning that got too long and I deleted it. But yeah I’m on the same page. The more I watch, the more I question if I’d even want him at 20. Yes his length is incredible, and he’s certainly strong (albeit against college kids), but he has no moves other than a bull rush, no bend, questionable speed, inconsistent motor. Half his sacks seem to be on plays where he was completely unblocked. He has the worst first step I’ve ever seen in a player at any level. As a standup OLB he takes a weird hitch step backwards before he starts his rush, and in a 3/4 point stance he’s a good .5 second behind everyone else on the field. He just looks oddly unprepared for the ball to be snapped on any given play. I don’t see any way he projects as a 3-4 OLB. Maybe he could be a decent 5-tech if he added 15 lbs but then you’re talking about a 2-3 year project player, and everyone talks about him as if he will be a day 1 impact guy. He’s every bit as big a project as Richardson would be, if not more.

        • Rob Staton

          He has a ton of snaps where the bull rush works initially and he jolts the blocker backwards, then the tackle works his hands inside and re-sets and that’s it. He gets stoned. There’s no counter move.

          You can coach some counters into him but you’d think for a top-five pick he’d do a better job disengaging. I also wonder how many of those reps count towards his positive ‘pressure percentage’ that always comes up. But the combination of lack of counters, lack of burst off the edge, lack of true edge speed — that’s not a top-five type for me

        • PJ in Seattle

          Totally agree. I don’t get the love for this guy as a top 10 pick, for all the reasons you mentioned. He’s definitely a physical freak so I can understand why many are drooling over him becuase he’s a rare body type.

          But he’s almost ridiculously slow off the snap – a lot. And you have to wonder if that can be coached.

          • GrittyHawk

            No idea, honestly. I’ve seen him compared to Michael Bennett a number of times, but aside from a similar weight and I suppose some level of inside-out flexibility, I cannot for the life of me understand that comp. They couldn’t be more different as players. Bennett relied on snap anticipation (so much so that we all know how often he jumped offsides) and a lightning quick first step to split gaps and knife into the backfield. Wilson does none of that. It’s like he wants blockers to get into a backpedal to give him space to get a head of steam before engaging. There is nothing quick or twitchy about him at all.

            • PJ in Seattle

              Comping him to Bennett is ludicrous. Bennett’s greatest strength was his ability to disrupt from all over the line by knifing into the backfield like it was his mission to get there before the ball hit the QB’s hands. Cancey shows a lot of this.

              That is the exact opposite of WIlson. I guess the hope is that he’s so long and strong, he can easily make up the ground he loses at the snap. I wouldn’t bet a 1st round pick on it. And his lack of testing spooks me too. It’s like his agent knows he’s not going to test that well, so better to let his highlights and body measurements do all the talking.

        • Peter

          Exactly right about pick 20. There are, for me, about four players on dline that would feel like reaches at the time that I think are more polished or have higher upside. Or both.

    • Geoff u

      I’m telling ya, they do mocks by putting players they like to teams they like and know, and then slot in the leftovers to whatever teams they dont care about, like the Hawks. Thinking is hard.

    • AC

      Don’t think its hate so much as they want views. They get views by mocking the best players to east coast teams – i.e. “did you see that mock where the Jets got Anthony Richardson?”

      Which means Seattle can’t take the best players. And has to mock pick mediocre ones.

      • Wilson502

        It really just boils down to my above comment. These “analysts” are just being lazy more than anything and not putting much thought or research into it.

  43. Matt

    There’s a Seahawks Twitter talking point I want to brutally murder here.

    “If you have faith in your culture, bring bad guys in and let them be changed by it.”

    Now I know most of these people never played or coaches sports, but “building a culture” is the singular hardest thing to do in coaching. It takes time. It takes hard decisions. It takes *everybody* buying in.

    It takes everybody buying in to build/maintain it; but it only takes one person to destroy it. Once you start making exceptions…that’s the snowball. The other part of this talking point is “Pete likes to think he can change people.”

    “I can fix him,” is a young, inexperienced coaching mantra. You haven’t been burned by the “I can fix him” guys yet and your hubris is at an all time high. I’m not terribly sure Pete, at the end of his run, wants to jeopardize his culture for a lazy player who plays 40% of the snaps

    • PJ in Seattle

      Amen. Makes me think of Scott McCloughan’s point in Rob’s recent interview about making exceptions. You start making them, and one day you realize you have a locker room full of exceptions.

      Sometimes, the best way to build and preserve your culture is to make sure you don’t poison the well by bringing in people who run counter to it.

    • Geoff u

      I go back to this quote, because it’s an important and great one.

      Scot McCloughan:

      “I won’t say any names but there’s a player this year who is highly, highly, highly talented at a position that’s hard to find. I’ve been there before and I’ve taken that player. I learned early, I didn’t listen to it because the talent outweighed the character but my first boss told me if you make one exception, you’ll end up with a team of exceptions. I never understood what that meant until I got older.”

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      “Bad company corrupts good morals”

    • Dharma Dan

      One of the blind spots I think people have is this: They think that saying “This player has too many red flags to risk taking him with a premium pick,” is the same as saying, “This young man has made a lot of mistakes and therefore we think his life should be over and he should never get another chance in life.” It’s absurd when you spell it out like that, but it’s this unspoken subtext in many arguments.

      They hear you say “He’s too much of a character risk” and it triggers all kinds of sputtering. It’s almost like the fact that Carter is apparently all messed up is a reason *for* drafting him, rather than a reason *against* it.


      No, you moron, We’re not saying that at all. Helping young men to reach their potential is an awesome feather in your cap if and when it works out. But it’s not the Seattle Seahawks job to fix society one troubled kid at a time. It’s their job to win football games, and drafting this guy is a bad risk-reward calculus if you’re trying to win football games.

      • Peter

        I feel a lot of this.

        When I say pass at five I’m not saying pass forever he sucks. I’m saying that at five I want extreme upside or production and in a perfect world both.

        Wasted two hours of my life at the dmv and two hours listening to a podcast ( so four hours though they were at the same time) listening to all tge reasons from rotation, scheme, etc, for Carters greatness but none of that charity extended to Levis ( Lee vyes the jeans, har har).

        Honestly it’s the Carter truthers that have me more off Carter than Carter. If someone said you could get a guy with tremendous flashes who needs coaching later in the first round after securing Anderson or qbotf I probably wouldn’t care.

        But it’s this wild defensiveness that a large chunk of the fanbase seems to think he’s literally the singular d-tackle in this class and there is no one else even draftable that has irked me.

        The “smart take,” now is that drafting Carter first makes the rest of the draft easier? How? Why? That doesn’t even make sense.

        That would literally only be true if each players future output was entirely predicated on slotting on draft day.

        • Rob Staton

          The “smart take,” now is that drafting Carter first makes the rest of the draft easier? How? Why? That doesn’t even make sense.

          Ah — I see the smart 12’s are back

      • PJ in Seattle

        Day two and three is where you take a chance on a kid that maybe has all the measurables and potential you want, but comes with injury or character or work ethic baggage that you have to hope you can help him overcome.

        Guys in that range flame out for all kinds of reasons, and some do overcome those headwinds and turn out to be excellent value picks. But you can’t waste precious 1st round capital (particularly top 5!) on a player that you have to hope you can help put it all together. If he doesn’t already have it together, he’s not a top 10 pick by default.

  44. Brian Chase

    Mortensen predicting Bryce Young as the first pick

    • AC

      Bryce 1st overall, Houston takes Anderson, Seattle gives 5 and 20 to move up and take CJ.

      Who is on board?

      • Rob Staton

        Everyone should be

        • Ben

          But why trade up when you’re guaranteed one of Stroud, Richardson or Levis?

          • Geoff u

            If they trade up, it’s because they like one (or two) far more than the others. They have access to far more personal information than we do.

          • Peter

            That only works and might with John if all are rated equal. If there’s degrees of ranking then the matrix changes.

          • Rob Staton

            Because Stroud is the dogs bollocks

            • Ben

              Yeah, but Richardson…

              The whole point of Arizona trading to us was when they’d still get Anderson. So it seems far-fetched they’d trade to us with 3 QBs left.

            • Peter

              I just can’t even wish a little wish that 21 year old Stroud falls to Seattle. Him dropping the most catch-able ball to help DK and his often clusy mitts would be a thing of beauty.

            • Geoff u

              After looking into them more thoroughly, I would rate them:

              1a: Stroud
              1b: Young
              2: Levis
              3: Richardson
              97: Hooker

      • PJ in Seattle

        I’d give up #5 and #20 for Stroud. #5 and #37 for Richardson. #5 and #52 for Levis. Primarily because of the ascending odds of each player being available at #5 anyway.

        • Peter

          Pretty well reasoned honestly.

    • Mick

      If that means we have the slightest shot to get Stroud, I’m happy.

  45. Henry

    Wow, the Real Hawktalk crew is so confident that the Seahawks will not take a QB no matter what that they put up $900 that it won’t happen. Even Jeff Simmons initially bet 2K that it wouldn’t be a QB. They are absolutely convinced that the pick will be Anderson or Carter. Draft night can’t get here sooner!

    • Rob Staton

      This sounds like a really dumb, reductive angle to take on this topic

      And if they’re wrong, they’ll be shouting and wailing like they did with the Ken Walker pick


    • Wilson502

      Hope these clowns all lose their ass and eat so much 🐦‍⬛ they go extinct.

    • LouCityHawk

      Most of my friends won’t bet me on football stuff anymore, not because I’m right all the time, but because when I say “I’ll bet you a steak dinner with our wives” they know I’m betting with a high degree of confidence.

      I’ve offered up some steak dinner bets on Carter, not passing on Richardson or Levis, none have taken me up on it… maybe I should slide into Jeff Simmons DMs…😂

    • Peter

      It was a weird conversation. Best I could gather was John has had some hits, shown great judgement, and some whiffs….ipso facto don’t chance it with a qb.

      Yet I keep returning to this team almost can’t draft dline…Reed in the second and clark. So maybe they should just focus every pick on wr and fourth round and later corner.

      • Rob Staton

        When did this part of the conversation happen?

        I’m not that interested. I just want to take the piss out of Jeff when we next speak 🙂

        • Peter

          I haven’t got to the bet yet.

          But on the latest real hawk pod at about an hour in brian just shakes his head and says “he’s just putting it out there….don’t take a qb…” minutes after talking about how John gets enamored with players, like Allen.

        • Josh

          It starts at the 1:09:20 mark.

          • Peter

            Damn I’m stuck at the dmv and I’m like two minutes away😆

        • jed

          Hope you guys can do that before the draft.

          I usually really like Jeff’s takes and it would be interesting to hear you guys talk about your differences. Seems like you could have that conversation without it turning into the usual bad faith, personal arguments that happen in Seahawks fan land.

          • Rob Staton

            100% it would

            But whenever I’ve talked to Jeff on a stream, I thought he was generally on the same page as me! So this is all a bit surprising

            • Peter

              I think this would be cool as heck.

              You two do great pods. Are well versed.

              But this one very important issue you two are opposed.

            • jed

              Yeah, it seemed like you were pretty closely aligned the last time you chatted.

              I’m the kind of person that thinks it’s fine to change your opinion on things, especially when it comes to sports, movies, music, etc.

              But, Jeff must have changed his mind and it would be interesting to know why.

              • Wilson502

                My theory on Jeff is I think he just plays to his audience and just goes along with the general vibe from a given audience. I think he just suits his opinion based on the viewing audience, that’s my best explanation on that.

                • Mr drucker in hooterville

                  Agrees. He agrees with the host. Adam and Robbie are better

    • BK26

      Lucky me. I literally unsubscribed when that video popped up. Was tired of getting irritated every time they had a new video come out.

      And Rob is right, it will be the fit of fits if Seattle takes a quarterback. It’s amazing how many people think that they know more than a championship front office.

      The draft take last year was the stupidest thing I’ve heard, failing the whole draft because of Ken Walker…. That backfired already.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m so bored of this level of discourse within this fan base

        There always has to be ‘one way’ something needs to happen. Reasoned debate is gone. Now it’s just pick a team and rant away. We’ve become a fan base of Skip Bayliss’.

        I don’t think there’s any chance they’ll take Carter. I’ve written numerous articles explaining why in detail, including a 3000-worder this week. I’ve sourced for this opinion and tried to back up my thought process with evidence.

        It’d be easier to just go on a stream and yell ‘they won’t take him! I bet 900 dollars!’ but what the f does that actually achieve?

        Peak wank

        • LouCityHawk

          I’d be curious about how your viewership and engagement is going, as a long time lurker on your site if feels like there are more comments, and more frequent commenters.

          Whether it is here or on other sites, I’ve found that saying something positive “I really like Will Levis”, and remaining positive eventually brings a lot of like minded folks out of the woodwork. I’ve also seen a lot of people saying “Rob Staton turned me on to Mingo” and the like.

          It sucks to stand in the barrel and get pummeled by other commenters, but I try to hold my own. At your level I’d probably want to tune out altogether.

          • Rob Staton

            This year traffic to the site has doubled and the views on my YouTube channel in March were up 235%

            The fact Seattle has the #5 pick has played the biggest factor here admittedly — but I also think putting in the extra work studying the players has at least been worthwhile (phew)

            It’s also led to a similar increase in people badmouthing me and the site for some reason — but at least the abusive messages I have to delete are generally down

            • LouCityHawk

              That is great to hear, it is one place where the comments and thoughts feel the way they should as opposed to knee jerk reactions.

              Your interviews are also one of my favorite features. I’m guessing they take a lot of work too (not a journalist) because other platforms with more workforce don’t do them. The focus on lesser known prospects who could be Seahawk matches is really enjoyable.

              Scruggs may not be a Seahawk, but I’ll be watching where he gets picked and following his career.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Scruggs improved his short shuttle at his pro day to 4.63s which, while not quite as good as JMS or Wypler, is probably good enough to keep him on their Day 3 board if they don’t take one of those other two early.

                • LouCityHawk

                  I’m fine with any of the 5 top Big10 centers. Just want to not draft one until Day 3.

        • cha

          If you will allow me to get some things off my chest…

          For me the big thing that differentiates SDB from other areas is the desire for Seahawks success overrides the desire to be proven correct.

          Summer of 2020, the Seahawks need pass rush. This is critical to moving the team forward. Abuse, backtalk, arguments without a rational basis followed. The result? The DL was horrible and badly handcuffed the whole team despite a winning season. Saying so wasn’t carrying a torch, it was the truth.

          Late summer 2020 – the Seahawks would be unwise to sell the house for a strong safety. He can help the defense in a number of ways but he cannot single-handedly transform the DL into a successful unit. They have so many needs in other areas they can’t mortgage their future for him.

          The Seahawks gave so much more than we thought, it was only right to ask what in the world they were thinking and attempt to piece together their thought process.

          Week One – Adams is sensational. Everyone at SDB thought so and said so. Holy hell, this might actually work if they keep using him as a deployable weapon all over and the team can somehow, someway get just a even league-average output from the DL.

          That positivity was met with abuse for not shouting from the rooftops that everything was amazing and the Seahawks are going 19-0.

          The crucible of the season revealed they had no viable plan at DL, and when Adams was healthy, their best thought was to blitz Bobby Wagner into the A gap to draw attention and free Adams. He was being schemed open, and the cost was tremendous. The team is giving up league-history levels of yards and only Russ Cooking is keeping them afloat.

          We’re discussing that extensively on SDB. The reaction is we’re trying to entrench ourselves in our position that Adams was a poor trade. We’re babies filling our diapers because the Seahawks did something we didn’t like.

          Nevermind that we are clothing RW in glory that he is MVP-ing this team to wins every week.

          Nevermind we are begging KNJ and PC to come up with a solution to make this defense work.

          Nevermind that we are talking about ways to make that happen, and signaling that the Seahawks’ success is not sustainable with what they’re doing and they need to get better.

          Yup. We’re all just misfits carrying a torch to be proven right. The intervening years have shown that the Adams trade has been an absolute disaster. Even some of the most pro-Adams fans have come to that conclusion.

          And yet there is still – unbelievably – a strong contingent of Seahawks fans who think Adams can be the impact player he never has shown to be in three whole seasons in Seattle, and are trying to deflect all the concerns about Adams as sour grapes that the Seahawks made a trade we did not like and because we don’t like Adams’ false bravado with the press and on social media. Apparently, we are so entrenched in our Adams position we want to get rid of him for showing us an expensive coffee cup. It’s got nothing to do with his play.

          It is ok to say out loud that Adams has not performed as hoped, and that the trade was bad.

          Same with Geno Smith. Seeing him in 2021 and preseason 2022 inspires little confidence and we said so. He came out and performed incredibly well, to everyone’s surprise, including PC. We praised him, were thoroughly happy at his performance and Rob even did an “I was wrong” video we all were more than thrilled to agree with.

          Yet many pulled an “I was right” victory march around the internet and proclaimed they knew all along that Geno was going to be awesome.

          Which led to talk that Geno was going to land a massive, massive free agent contract. Two tags guaranteeing $60-70 million was the starting point for negotiations, and here are the PFF article projections and media talking points and data to say so. Anyone who says he is not worth that much is just contrarian, because Geno saved us all from Russell Wilson’s ego.

          Nevermind his age, his small sample size of good play, his limited market, that a franchise tag would obliterate their cap this year, and the fact that Geno himself said publicly he wants to reward the Seahawks for the faith shown in him. This guy is an MVP-level talent and his agent will laugh anyone out of the room that suggests caution be worked into his contract.

          The contract we proposed in November was laughed off with scorn.

          Geno looked at the market, and signed nearly the exact contract we proposed.

          Reaction from outside SDB? Was it “I was wrong about the Geno contract”? No.

          It was “It’s not like you correctly predicted his market. Geno clearly gave the Seahawks a hometown discount. He chose to leave tens of millions of guaranteed money on the table.”

          The excuse-making and lack of nuance and maturity is stunning.

          And it’ll continue. If the Seahawks throw caution to the wind and draft Carter at #5 and he becomes a smashing success and the QB the Seahawks could have had flames out, we will all rejoice at the Seahawks’ success. And you know what? We won’t be afraid to give the credit to JS and PC for hitting big on a serious roll of the dice.

          This isn’t rocket science. We all want the Seahawks to WIN. The enjoyment comes in talking about how they can best do that. If they take an unconventional, illogical path to it and still find a way to make it work, we will say so and praise them for it.

          Meanwhile, other sites will continue to trumpet their correct calls from the mountaintops, and silent-treatment their big, massive, boneheaded misses.

          • Rob Staton

            Thank you for writing this Cha

        • John

          Sounds to be like it it would get you $900, which is better than a sharp stick in the eye. Or Jalen Carter on our team.

      • Peter

        I like the diverging spirals.

        I’m the second mate of the good ship “maybe Pete and John need to go,” and I’m starting to think they may actually be remembering how to build a team…

        And on the other side if the spectrum is team JS/PC 4evah…and now they are starting to talk themselves into the idea that the team who won round one of the rebuild would actually be the dimmest duo in the league if they even THINK about qb at five. If they trade up? Might have to follow a whole new team….it’s ridiculous.

        I still like their pod. Broadly. Just take it with grains of salt and a healthy eye roll when they do mock drafts but don’t know the players and just use the simulator rankings.

  46. Mr drucker in hooterville

    That show is unwatchable.

  47. clbradley17

    JL Skinner hit. If he last to rd. 4 because of the injury, run to the podium to get this BAMF player. That’s a KAM play if I ever saw one. The other player looks stunned and limping a few seconds later.

    • PJ in Seattle

      He’s definitely a big hitter. I worry that he leads with his helmet a lot. That can be coached, and he survived CFB without an undue amount of targeting calls from what I can tell, so maybe it’s no big deal. He’s reminds me of a bigger Marquise Blair.

      On the field though, he sure looks like a young Deathbacker Kam. The pec injury sucks for him, but it may drop him into the value range where he ends up a Seahawk. Before that, he was pretty much consensus late first, early second and I think we have too many other needs to address there. It’s possible this hit to his draft stock works in our favor.

  48. LouCityHawk

    Found one player who gets almost universal approval from the Seahawk fan diaspora…

    Michael Mayer, baby Gronk himself, even the most ardent Carter Truthers seems seduced by the idea of Mayer in action green. Even the commenter who only posts 🥩 emojis starts to type actual words.

    So, that is one

  49. StevenD

    Great interview – good preview as we’ll need another RB given the loss of Travis and Rashad.

    Rodriguez’s comments on Levis were interesting – affirming of his leadership and the likelihood that he goes to the Colts at #4. It begs another question please:
    – In contrast to Young, Levis, what do we think about Richardson from a strictly leadership perspective?

    Rodriguez’s first words on Levis:
    “…if you get Will Levis, regardless of whether start him right away or you sit him a year, he’s gonna be that dude.”

    Rob, you’ve cited Will’s leadership, his high character, etc… intangibles. So, in that light, how do we feel about Richardson’s leadership? Is he an alpha? Is he gonna find that cliques that he should interject into? Is he gonna be ‘that dude?’

    We get the tangibles, the freaky twitch athlete, the effortless throws. But sometimes, the easier the games comes, the more visible the tangibles, the less likely someone is to work at the intangibles. I wonder how Richarson’s stacks up on that front?

    Looks like we could end up with a shot at Richardson at #5. If so, hope he’s more than just someone who can uniquely run fast and throw far.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not spoken to anyone at Florida about AR but by all accounts he seems like one of the guys, very well spoken and personable, hardly any ego, mature. I have no concerns there. But Levis has a legendary reputation at UK for the way he led.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Rob – have you reached out to see if you can get a 10-min O’Cyrus Torrence interview? Would love to hear what he has to say about his huddle-mate and the fact that many have him mocked to Seattle at #20 is a good lead in.

        • Rob Staton

          I haven’t — I just don’t have much interest there. I mean, what could I ask him? ‘I think you’re quite the overrated player, discuss…” — or maybe, ‘What was it like getting ploughed by Ivan Pace at the Senior Bowl?’

          • PJ in Seattle

            You’ve got to hide your scouting bias, bro. Beyond his insight on AR, you ask him who are the toughest defenders he had to match up against in the SEC? What OL greats does he admire and try to pattern his play after? How would he feel about coming to South Alaska where so many mockers think he will be a stalwart on our line for the next decade?

            But yeah, don’t ask him if he thinks staying latched on to a guy while he collapses the pocket on your side counts as a win. 🙂

  50. Jabroni-DC

    I’m strongly of the belief that Seattle makes the selection at #5 or higher but we’ve entered the mock the mocks doldrums so I will pose a question for entertainment purposes.

    What would it actually take it terms of compensation for the Seahawks to even entertain a trade down offer?
    A 2023 1st & 2nd, 2024 1st & 2025 1st?

    • Rob Staton

      A Trey Lance or Panthers 2023 level deal or it shouldn’t even be considered IMO

      • samprassultanofswat

        I am really torn about trading up to get a QB. I want to trade up. But then I see all these front line all these OL/DL players the Hawks could use. I would be happy with Will Anderson Jr. Then taking DT Adetomiwa Adebawore with our number 20 pick. Then take a center with one of our 2nd round picks. Also would LOVE to have Dawand (the road grader) Jones destroying defensive lineman.

        There is a huge drop off after Levis, Stroud, Richardson, Anderson Jr. Young. The Hawks are guaranteed to select one of those players. The only other player at this level is B.J. Robinson from Texas.

        One last thought. Don’t know if Aaron Donald is the player he used to be. Last year he played 11games and only registered 5 sacks.

        • Hawkster

          I feel your pain but am inclined to think they can get good football player in e.g. R3.

          Trade up to #3 (the iron price of #20 and #123).

          Trade out of #37 for a late 2nd and a late 3rd.

          Get a QB, two late 2nds, 2 late 3rds, 2 5ths, and a couple more. Maybe trade back twice from 37 and somehow a 4tyh shows up.

          But then

          With the two 2nds something like Mauch and Benton (or better, see who falls)
          With the two 4ths something line Ji’Ayr and Mingo (a safety and a ball catcher)
          With the two 5ths finds somebody from Ekior, Broeker, Young (TEN), Rodrigues, Gray
          BPA the last two. Maybe TE Strange or an RB if the 5th ends up being all trenches.

          So one passes on Ade Ade and the Downs etc who might be around at 37, takes the pill that is the iron price, and adds a late 3rd

          • Spectator

            If we are giving up 2 firsts this year and a 4th, it better be for number 2 overall, not 3. Hopefully for Stroud. If not, stay out and take Richardson or Anderson.

            • Hawkster

              It has been beaten around a fair bit and I get what you are saying, I just don’t think ARI is going to give up #3 to SEA as cheaply as is often argued.

              I think the plan has been to use the RW capital to go get a new QB, the DEN pick (#5) and their own. Sure, one could ditch that plan, but I am in the stick with that plan camp. It definitely has costs though.

              Looking at past trades like this, #5 and #20 is in the ballpark, but on the short side of the ball park, and given the “in division” aspect so I chucked #123 (and as an exclamation point against the idea that they can do this with just #37, I think that is loco).
              Ideally one has a trade option pre-loaded and sees what happens in #1and2, but what does ARI get out of wait and see?

              If one sits and the QBs go 1-4, they take Anderson, and can then upgrade a few of the other picks, they can actually get a wow piece, Mayer, Downs, higher end DL talent like (although I like Benton, both the Youngs, Mojo … none of which need #20 of #123 to happen) so I get it.

              I just fall on the side paying the iron price and getting one of the top 3 QBs, and I think there is enough talent to trade back from 37, invest in the lines and a safety with later day 2 picks, and get the rare QB opportunity.

              It’ll be exciting one way or another, although there are some being mocked to SEA that would be a real put-off.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Being as cash strapped as the Hawks are it would be hard to take an incoming player in any deal like the Bears did with DJ Moore. Fant would likely be a throw in if something like that were to materialize to open up some space. If one of the ‘Big 4’ QBs is available at 5 that would be the most likely scenario where a team would be tempted to offer Seattle a massive deal to move up. If it’s Will Anderson on the board at #5 maybe a team like the Texans, having secured their QB at #2 & possessing an arsenal of draft capitol would pitch a massive package to Seattle to add a cornerstone defender.

  51. samprassultanofswat

    The team to watch is the Houston Texans. If they go QB. Then there is a good chance the first four picks will all be QBs. Was waching NFL network. Arizona is desperately trying to trade out of the 3rd overall pick.

    • PJ in Seattle

      If this is true, it ought to be Seattle or maybe Indy they’re talking to. Anyone else and it would have to be for a serious haul worthy of passing on Will Anderson.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I don’t think they’re desperate to trade down so much as they’re desperate to get a haul of picks for trading down. I expect they want somewhat similar to what San Fran gave Miami to move up for Lance — two R1s and two R3s. They might settle for two R1s and a R2.

  52. Hawks Fan 0503

    As Lloyd Christmas would say “sooooo you’re telling there’s a chance???? YYYEAH!!” (Dumb and Dumber reference… Tribute to JS right there as he likes to use movie quotes on his interviews with Wyman and Bob)

  53. LouCityHawk

    First domino may be falling, Young to the Panthers…

    If Texans go Richardson things are about to get interesting

    • Wilson502

      Hawks need to pay the freight and move up.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      With all due respect to Mort and others, I don’t think Carolina have decided what they’re doing yet. So for now, this comes across merely as PR for the pro Young faction within the organization.

  54. ErickV

    I know a lot of people on the blog are pretty low on Young , relative to the other the 3 quarterbacks. But I would be pretty excited at the prospect of getting him if he fell to us. The fact that we could get the quarterback that many people have listed as the top prospect is exciting to me. I’ve said it before that what infuriates me about the Geno crowd is that they defend Geno by saying “ he’s good enough”. I want us to put resources into building a truly elite offense. Could you imagine the fury of Seahawks twitter if we took a QB and a WR/TE on day 1? 😂😂

    • LouCityHawk

      Young is really impressive, he is also really light, look at the historical comps for QB weight. No one is down, just realistic about his drawback, which could limit his availability on game days.

      I love Geno, I believe we can win a Super Bowl with him, and I still want a QB at 5.

      My dream scenario is QB, TE, WR (assuming no attractive Edge is available at 20, 37)

      I also advocate trading up to 3, up from 20, and back into Round 1. And not just because I want to watch certain fans self-immolate

    • geoff u

      Young’s football intelligence is off the charts. He has no issues with passes in the middle of the field (where short guys typically struggle) because he knows where everyone’s supposed to be, even the defense. He’s already doing offensive line protections, a very rare thing for a QB in college. If he can develop his game to be more like Drew Brees than Russell Wilson, not holding onto the ball and getting it out quick when needed and only getting sacked 15-25 times a season, his durability concerns will become moot.

      • PJ in Seattle

        This. Brees 2.0 is the comp. You either believe it or you don’t, but the tape doesn’t lie.

        • LouCityHawk

          Lightest QB last season was Zach Wilson at 214lbs, and he was injured a lot.

          Lightest good QB I can recall was Mike Vick listed at 210lbs, also couldn’t get hit.

          Russ is listed at 215, Drew was listed at 209(!)

          Russ and Drew looked bigger to my eyes, Vick looked smaller.

          Bryce Young was listed at 194, and probably was closer to 185, he looks slight in person.

          I’ve been challenged on this a lot, but Young’s weight is a concern

          • PJ in Seattle

            It absolutely is a concern. And it’s legit. But it’s also the only reason he’s not the most hyped QB prospect since Andrew Luck and obvious #1 pick in this draft.

            I was not a big Young fan until I started scouting him with the idea he could fall to us at #5. He shows all the same traits that allowed Brees to covercome his own physical limitations. His football IQ is evident and I think his mobility is overlooked. Sme guys just know how to put every element of their game into play to beat the team in front of them. I believe Young is that guy. I am 100% convinced he can lead a team to a Lombardi in the right situation.

      • chavac

        To me it’s just the build on Young. Take one look and compare him to to even someone like Wilson or Brees and the difference is not subtle. Both were taller, stockier, and looked like they could take a hit. I would be willing to roll the dice on a short QB, but I struggle with a QB who is that short with that build.

        • Geoff u

          I agree, that’s why I’d prefer another team take the chance on him. However, getting hit much less will go a long ways to extending his career, and that will come down to his style of play. Russell Wilson takes quite a few hits and it shows, having to play repeatedly through injury. Also, the new NFL rules to protect the quarterback will also help quite a bit.

    • cha

      I think Young is my #4 choice at QB but would be an amazing consolation prize at 5.

      I’d turn in the card without a second thought. It might even prove to be like Bobby Wagner in 2012. The Seahawks wanted Mychal Kendricks and the Eagles poached him the pick before Seattle – the Seahawks having traded down 4 spots.

      All’s well that ends well, right?

      Where I diverge from the pack is, the Seahawks have to keep their options open with Young. If he becomes a great player, on the dawn of their 5th year option being exercised, they are duty-bound to see what is out there in the trade market for him. They’ll have to gather all their health data and project whether his thin frame is worth a $60million/year contract in 2027-32, and then not be afraid to make a call that will have the fanbase up in arms.

  55. Ashish

    Mock draft so terrible just can’t imagine how someone makes money out of it. The moment i don’t see QB at #5 i close the page. Height is now people are selecting random CB saying paired with woolen.

    I don’t even see a need of CB. Am i missing something here? They may take 5th or later as developmental/ST.

    • cha

      PFF proposed the Seahawks trade up from 20 to 15 to take Banks at CB.

      Again I’ll say it – PFF: amazing data pulling on games. Terrible, awful, dumb takes on offseason pieces like free agency, the draft, and team needs.

      • GrittyHawk

        I really wish they had a cheaper subscription tier that just gave you access to their proprietary stats, but not their meaningless player grades or crappy analysis. I’d pay that in a second.

    • LouCityHawk

      Hawks are always looking for CB, beginning in round 4.

      Luter is my new CB crush, now that other people are hopping on the RezJohn train

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Yeah I came here to say something similar.

      But in fairness, he has us trading down with Buffalo from 20 to 27 and I can totally see that happening, though not necessarily to take Zay Flowers. Then he has us taking JMS at 37 — solid pick to be sure — before taking Gervon Dexter at 52 🫤

      But he redeems himself a bit with Daiyan Henly at 83 and Jorden McFadden at 123.

      There’s no way Seattle draft Joey Porter Jr at 5. And I hope they don’t draft Dexter at 52. But otherwise, it’s not a bad draft.

  56. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Got a text from family that rumor is that SEA met secretly with Carter. The cult continues.

    • LouCityHawk

      My response to nonsense like that: “the truth is out there”

    • Peter

      Did you ask…..why that would need to be a secret? Cbs, nfl, espn has been mocking Carter to Seattle for three straight months. Surprise league!!! We drafted the guy every non crititically thinking pundit said we would!!

    • Blitzy the Clown


      First rule of Carter Club is never talk…no wait, the first rule is rabid mouth foaming fandom above all else

    • Mick

      We had to meet him, the plan is that when he drops, we get him at 123. But that’s a secret, hence the secret meeting.

      • Peter

        Is the secret that he’s the former top ten pick we sign in 2027-28 FA that flames out with his first team and then we begin the rehab project?

        Pete loves a project. Keeps him young. He’ll need it then.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Jalen Carter smells like the next Robert Nkemdiche to me. I would much rather take that on a rebound, reclamation flyer than waste a draft pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Apparently SeaHulk and Captain Seahawk were hiding in the bushes with binoculars, watching Jalen Carter run a 4.86 forty in front of Pete. Then he did a backflip, sprinted right over to his bicycle (he doesn’t drive any more) and rushed straight over to the gym to lift. John winked at Pete as they both watched Carter ride off into the sunset, knowing they’d found their man.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I just read this and spit-taked milk out of my nose. And I wasn’t even drinking milk!

  57. Blitzy the Clown

    Gaming out and ranking some trade up scenarios

    I’m more in favor of spending a little more to trade up with Houston if Carolina do in fact take Young over Stroud.

    I think Stroud is pretty clearly QB1 given his athletic and physical edge over Young. I don’t mind if others disagree and I respect the argument that Young is the top QB.

    But if Stroud is available at 2, I’d want to trade up to get him. Both R1 picks this year plus a 2024 R2 pick should do it I think.

    If Stroud goes first overall as I suspect he will, then I hope we trade up with Arizona for Richardson. 5 + two R2 picks (one this year one next) should do it. Or perhaps both 2023 R1s.

    Otherwise, I’m totally cool sitting tight at 5 and taking either Anderson or Young, if he were to fall.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Or Levis at 5. That goes without saying. But I’m saying it anyway.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      One other option would be for Seattle to trade down from 20 first. Again, there’s buzz around Buffalo being aggressive in R1. If they’re a trade partner, make that trade first, then trade both R1 picks — in this case 5 + 27 — to Arizona for 3 (or Houston for 2).

    • Hawkster

      The Jets gave up #s 6, 37, 49 and a following year R2 to move up to #3.

      The 49ers gave up #s 12, 29, and following year R1 and R3comp to move to #3.

      Comparable, IMO, is #5, #20 and #123.

  58. samprassultanofswat

    Brock Purdy. Brock Purdy was the LAST player taking in last year’s draft. So, I would not be desperate to trade up for a QB. Brock Purdy was in the right situation. He is a good QB. With talent around him. And he has Kyle Shanahan as his coach. He was in the RIGHT situation. Now in Seattle there is plenty of talent surrounding our QB (Whoever it is). Seahawks hired Greg Olson as their new QB coach. I feel that Seattle was very fortunate to higher him. Olson is known as a QB guru. So, I don’t think it is a necessity to trade up for one of the top four QBs. If one does fall. GREAT. But I don’t think it is a necessity to trade up.

    Just my opinion.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Situation has a whole lot to do with it. I think Bailey Zappe or Kenny Pickett could’ve done as much or more than Purdy if they had been forced to start in SF.

      Maybe I’m wrong on Purdy and he’s another mis-scouted gem, but I think you could plug in any number of talented, smart, but not elite rookies into that SF situation and they would’ve done just fine. Benefit of the doubt goes to Purdy though, since the playoff injury is the only thing that killed his momentum.

  59. WILL

    wow very impressive young man spoke freely and comfortably ,looks and sound’s like a good guy.
    I started watching him last year after you first started to talk about Will levis , he is a good good player and I would think he would be the perfect compliment to KW what a combo they would be .
    do you think seattle will look at him and if so what round would you have to pick him at ?

    • Jabroni-DC

      Reference Rob’s Big Board. He has CR as a 3rd round talent.

      • will

        cheers Jabroni

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