An interview with Senior Bowl standout David Moore

My latest interview in the draft series is with Grambling State offensive lineman David Moore. He was named O-liner of the week for the American team at the Senior Bowl and as you’ll see in the video, he’s quite an athlete.

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  1. cha

    Great one Rob. Please keep these up.

    Marvin throwing his hands up after being dominated in the rep is awesome. Fun sharing a laugh with David about it!

    • TomLPDX

      He was probably pouting too! 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  2. TomLPDX

    This guy is a human wrecking ball! Loved his moves and could you imagine having him next to Duane controlling the left side! Really great interview, again, Rob! Where do you see him being drafted?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to say — would probably need testing numbers to project

  3. Trevor

    These interviews are so well done Rob love them. Gotta get the word out to non Hawks fans because anyone interested in the draft will love these. Great stuff.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Trevor

      If anyone has the ability to share the videos on other sites, please do

  4. Rob Staton

    This community saw this coming. As per.

    • TomLPDX

      He’s just stating the obvious as far as I’m concerned. Russ will play out next year, give our new OC a chance, watch the (stupid) moves that JS/PC make and decide at the end of next year what his major move will be.

      Note to Pete: This is your last, best chance to go out as a top coach. Built a SB-caliber team with a franchise QB, Swallow your pride a little bit, do what’s best for the Seahawk organization (as you preach), and WIN BABY!

      • cha

        I just want to bury the 2020 offseason and forget about it but it just keeps coming back to haunt this team.

        Imagine if they’d been able to actually get some real offensive and defensive line talent with $50m and a raft of draft picks.

        How different would things be right now? You can’t say they’d be hoisting a trophy and everything with Russ would be hearts and flowers but holy smokes was that offseason a total and complete failure.

        • TomLPDX

          It really was a complete failure and a big reason I know “trust in PC/JS” as we used to say, just doesn’t hold any water anymore. Pete/John – Time to prove you are still relevant. No more free rides, at least from this lifelong fan.

          • BobbyK


      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t assume Wilson is ready to waste a year, if that’s what he thinks sticking around will be.

        “I’ll just give this new OC a chance” doesn’t chime.

        He’s going to need more than that.

        • TomLPDX

          If he had anything to do with the OC hire, though, it does…at least for 1 year, no more.

          • Rob Staton

            It really doesn’t.

            If you’re thinking you’re better off elsewhere, or maybe even convinced you are, the appointment of the OC matters little. And while it was a positive appointment, we don’t know for sure he had anything to do with it. And even if he did — he might not trust that he’ll be allowed to do what he wants.

            • TomLPDX

              And that’s what it boils down to. If he thinks he is better off elsewhere, no matter what is happening now, then you are absolutely right. If, however, he did have some say in the choice of our new OC AND (this is a BIG and) Pete recognized his meddling ways from the 2nd half of the season and needs to back off just a bit and bring in someone from the outside from a coaching tree that shows some talent (McVay’s) then there is the potential for hope here.

              • Rob Staton

                There is no potential for hope when the QB is making it very clear how dissatisfied he is. You already have your answer.

                • TomLPDX

                  If Russ has given up, what’s the point of saying anything then. Just makes him look bad in the public’s eye and he should just bide his time and make the move at the most opportune time.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Because it’s Russ.

                    He talks to the media

    • EP

      Russ is so jealous of Brady haha. Jokes aside it does seem that we are in for a long ride this offseason. Never a moments respite with this team.

      • BobbyK

        I think every great QB is jealous of Brady. It’s human nature.

    • Trevor

      Cap hit % for Suoer Bowl winning QBs since 2010. No team ha even gotten to the SB much less won it when the QB makes over 13% of the cap, That says a lot I think.

      2021 Tom Brady 12.2%

      2020: Patrick Mahomes: 2.4% (Rookie)

      2019: Tom Brady: 12.4%

      2018: Nick Foles: 1.0% — Carson Wentz 3.6% (Rookie)

      2017: Tom Brady: 8.9%

      2016: Peyton Manning: 12.2%

      2015: Tom Brady: 11.1%

      2014: Russell Wilson: 0.6% (Rookie)

      2013: Joe Flacco: 6.6% (Rookie)

      2012: Eli Manning: 11.7%

      2011: Aaron Rodgers: Uncapped season

      2010: Drew Brees: 8.7%

      • James Kupihea

        With the cap coming down, Russ will be taking up a larger portion of it too…he’s scratching 18% if the cap falls below 180 million…

    • Dinosaw13

      We saw it again in the Superbowl. The Trenches win football games. If you dominate both on your O and D lines you win period. (Mahomes welcome to Russell’s world.) Simple invest in the lines. you can’t be sentimental here. Trade Bobby, be big enough to admit a mistake and trade Adams. Trade lockett also .All high priced vets that aren’t o or d line should be shopped. With regards to Russ keep him unless a kings ransom is offered.

  5. Rob Staton

    My next draft series interview is scheduled for Thursday with another player

    • cha


    • God of Thunder


    • Sea Mode

      Which position group…?

      • Rob Staton

        OL again

        • cha

          Gimme some Ben Cleveland

          • Rob Staton

            It’s not him but I’m trying on that one

  6. Leonardo

    Do we know when the NFL will officially announce the new cap for 2021? So much of my optimism or pessimism hinges on that. Will the Saints suddenly have the space to pull off a RW trade? Could we potentially have the room to go and sign a blue-chip OL like Scherff of Linsey?

    Right now we’re just in this uncomfortable purgatory where we know our best player is looking fondly at greener pastures, but we have no recourse to make the situation better.

    • JLemere

      Officially, probably at the start of the new league year, which I believe is on March 17th.

  7. Trevor

    I still think the Antonio Brown fiasco pissed off Russ beyond belief then watching him catch as TD and win an SB with Brady and Bucs was like a kick in the balls.

  8. Sea Mode

    Hey, he’s asking for OL upgrade, which is exactly what we all want to prioritize as well. I could care less whether it happens “because of him” or on the front office’s own initiative as long as it actually happens!

  9. Gaux Hawks

    wilson to NO… wouldn’t he be partially cutting his own achilles by accepting the “costs” of this trade?

    is there a team that is better prepared to absorb his cap, part with picks, and retain talent?

    i keep thinking about MIA, but still no peyton.

    • JJ

      If we are going to go down this road I would think the Colts might be interested.

    • cha

      It’s possible a three team trade could work.

      Miami gets Saints players

      New Orleans gets Russ

      Seattle gets players and Miami’s high pick(s)

      • JJ

        How many 3 team trades has the NFL had in recent years?

        • cha

          I said possible. Not likely. LOL

  10. Scot04

    Great podcast Rob.
    Definitely looking like a good draft for interior offensive lineman.
    Also I’m guessing Wilson would love to put a rubber stamp on your offseason plan to get done.
    I also don’t why many think Wilson will play out this year. It sounds more to me like if he doget some say in personnel decisions; he will want a trade.
    You were spot on before the playoffs when you said if we go one adone there could be problems with Russell.
    Well here we are….

    • Rob Staton


  11. Denver Hawker

    Russ was a hot topic on the Denver sports radio today. The rest of the country and media see this situation much differently than Seattle fans and media do.

    Denver sports guys talked about how this time the trade chatter surrounding Russ feels different. They recognize that he’s always been a company-guy, calculated speech, full suit, all business, and cares deeply about his legacy. He’s stepped out a bit more with his comments this offseason and it feels different. While they generally don’t think a trade is imminent, they’re listening intently to the rhetoric and see very clearly what it’s signaling- that he isn’t happy. Almost every NFL fan base is hanging on every word about an opportunity to trade for him.

  12. Sea Mode

    Jason La Canfora
    · 6h

    Hearing multiple teams interested in Ravens Pro Bowl OT Orlando Brown, who has permission to seek a trade. Based on level of interest, good chance a trade that makes sense for all parties comes together. Brown has strong relationship w/Ravens, who would want value for him.

    • Scot04

      I know we want draft picks, but Baltimore would be a team Adams would fit. Maybe we work out a trade like Adams for Brown and a pick. I might do it straight up. Brown only 980k this year. See if he would play RT one more year then start at LT next year.
      Yes it gives us 3 starting Tackles. I’d rather have that problem and figure it out; than trying to resign Adams.

      • Sea Mode

        Brown only 980k this year. See if he would play RT one more year then start at LT next year.

        Ok, but don’t make the same mistake as with Jamal: you have to have an extension agreement in place!

        • Scot04

          Lol. So true

          • JJ

            Obviously the argument to sign Adams at time of trade would have been cheaper, but knowing now that he doesn’t fit our system at least give us the option to trade. At least not stuck with a $16-18 mil contract for the next few years.

    • Poli

      Orlando Brown and Marquise Brown for Jamal Adams, Brandon Shell and David Moore

      • Poli

        Forgot Moore was a UFA

  13. Rohan Raman

    Thoughts on this article? I don’t know much about how the cap works, so it’d be interesting to get a more knowledgeable person’s take on this.

    • cha

      I wrote something similar a couple months back here

      For both the options Evan wrote about, in essence you’re taking salary that is on the books for 2021 and converting it to bonus money, which allows you to stretch it out over the life of the contract and lessen the 2021 cap hit.

      Many teams do this all the time. Particularly the aggressive ones like New Orleans, the Rams and the Vikings. They keep pushing the expense down the road. It’s predicated on the cap continuing to go up every year.

      The Seahawks are typically much more conservative in these areas.

      Eating up future cap room to create present cap room carries risk. Particularly when you’re talking about (as Evan cites) two players like Lockett and RW.

      Lockett because he’s in his late 20’s. A third contract with a lot of guaranteed money on it is gambling that he won’t have a major injury or a serious performance decline for at least 2 or 3 more seasons. If he does, you’ve pushed a bunch of 2021 money into those years and you have a large cap hit for a player who isn’t providing large cap value.

      Russell, because of what has been happening the last couple days. If you create $10m of cap room as Evan says, and then Russell says he doesn’t want to play in Seattle anymore, you’ve got to account for that cap room when you trade him, whether you’ve pushed it into the future or not. So now you’ve got a dead cap hit (money on your salary cap for a player no longer on your team) that can absolutely cripple your franchise for a season, maybe longer.

      It’s all about managing risk. How much are you willing to take on?

      The Seahawks, will very little cap room and plenty of roster spots to fill, will have to create cap room by either restructuring contracts, signing extensions, or cutting/trading players with expensive cap hits. Maybe a bit of all three.

      So do you risk trading a key player and having a hole on your team? Or risk your future salary cap flexibility?

      • dcd2

        Well said Cha. The article also cites extending Diggs (30), Dunlap (32) and Duane Brown (36). In order to get the cap savings he’s talking about ($30M), you would need to take these contracts out 4 years or so to make it happen. At the end of which, you’re on the hook for big chunks of money paid to guys who are inevitably declining (likely in dramatic fashion).

        There is some room to maneuver, but to say “they have a deep amount of cap flexibility to aid pretty much any acquisition or move they’d want to make,” certainly carries its own significant risk.

        • Submanjoe

          Oline and Dline are precisely who can play into their 30s. Watch what Trent Williams will get.
          Diggs just turned 28 after this last season. Dunlap will be 33 in a few weeks. Brown 36 when the season starts. What are the alternatives I ask? So if Seattle has 3 players on the roster who are in their 30’s, Russ being the 3rd, are they suddenly an old team?

        • Rusty

          Why are you adding 1-2 years of age to all the players lol. Diggs turned 28 two weeks ago

          • dcd2

            I just clicked on their names on OverTheCap and that’s what came up for each.

            • dcd2

              Dunlap is 32 in a couple of weeks and Brown will be 36 in August. Point being they’d be 36 and 40 by the end of those deals. Whitworth is 38 and tried to retire. You’d be expecting Duane to play two years past that and his body is already breaking down.

              Calais Campbell is the oldest DL in the league and he’s 34.

              I just don’t think you can be comfortable extending guys like that too far in the future. A year or two, sure… but that doesn’t free up the cap space that the article suggests.

              • cha

                It’s actually not too terribly hard. You just don’t make the conversion to bonus money a huge number, and the extension has no guaranteed money in the last year or two. So if the player retires or declines quickly, when you cut them you just have the prorated bonus money as dead cap.

        • Rob Staton

          You’ve got to be very very careful borrowing on the credit card IMO. Especially with older players.

          I think they’re better off simply being honest that it’s not worth paying certain players. They need to shift their resources.

      • Submanjoe

        The article mentions Brown, Diggs, Dunlap, Lockett. It says maybe as much as 20-30 million could be opened up this year by extending those players. There is always risk of injury etc with any player. Lockett is such a stud, he is so reliable, fantastic hands, he should be extended. The article offered a 4 year 60 mil extensions with 15 mil signing bonus, Seattle doesn’t typically guarantee more than first two years, I’d say that is a pretty safe investment. Brown, Dunlap, Diggs, I think similar extensions would be just fine. How can Seattle get rid of Brown? They have no replacements. Dunlap is similar, team goes backwards without him. Diggs turned out to have good year, little slow at first but turned it on as the year developed. Seattle needs to cut the conservative cap crap and make strategic extensions like this to free up space and add the likes of scherff or whoever, bring in a beast for the interior of the dline, another speed rusher, Sherman. They don’t need a lot but they need critical pieces. And some extensions would help open up cap space. The time is now.

  14. Denver Hawker

    Big question for the FO to figure out: is Russ the QB worth using all the teams resources to pay and stack players to support or are they better off adding speed and youth to the defense while getting back to a power run game.

    Russ has had to be more public with his demands which really forces the issue. Hawks need to either pay up for a competent O-line and weapons or trade him. It really is starting to look that binary of an outcome.

    Tricky part will be getting a read from the top FAs about interest in signing with the Hawks, Russ campaigning, etc.

    If they can’t recruit the best OL FAs then do they trade him as a result? There’s also a big of a catch-22, to afford top OL they’ll need to trade Wagner and other to free up cap, unless Wilson takes a cut. So then they have less leverage to maximize trade value on those players before the trade. Teams may just wait for them to be cut.

  15. DC

    I’m behind the times a bit. Just watched the Meinerz interview. Good stuff Rob!
    If the offense could add a good C, LG & RB or 2 to pair with everything else they already have this unit could be great. That seems doable to me even with our famine of draft picks.

    • God of Thunder

      “That seems doable …”

      That’s the 64 million dollar question. I’d like to hear more! I’m hopeful. But I’m just a fan.

  16. Sean Gros

    Seems like Russel is signaling that the only way he’ll be content is if the Seahawks follow the main thrust of Rob’s off-season plan. He wants an upgraded line and at least another target (TE or WR3), and we’ll need to invest in RB…the only way to pay for that is to reduce investment in the defense, whether it’s at LB or Adams. Or Dunlap, which seems unthinkable.

    I just hope Pete and Russ and Waldron can get on the same page. If not, it will end badly one way or another.

  17. Aaron Bostrom

    Great stuff, Rob! Love the video interviews. Can we draft him already? Although the ATV comment brought back some painful memories 😉

  18. James Z

    I’m not so sure that R.W. trusts PC/JS as much as he would like to, and as much as PC/JS would like him to. I’m not saying he doesn’t respect them, he obviously does, but he doesn’t completely trust in the plan and execution of the plan after 9 years in this management regime. He knows who they are, how they think, and how they want to go about things, but after the 2020 season and the debacle of $50 million spent on exactly what, he may be ‘all-in’ competitively because that’s hard-wired in him, but trust is another issue and I’m not sure he’s a true believer right now.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure it’s trust per se.

      I think Wilson has complete clarity on what he wants and how he thinks he will get it. He’s also turning 33 this year and he’s feeling a sense of urgency.

      And he perhaps thinks he’s better off playing for a different coach, with the kind of sway that Brady has had in Tampa Bay.

      I think it’s as simple as that — and now we just have to wait and see what Carroll does about it.

  19. Rob Staton

    Rule #1 — protect the team

    “Russell Wilson frustrated by ‘getting hit too much,’ wants more say in Seattle Seahawks’ moves”

    • Submanjoe

      Is it possible Russ is just so naive and just serious that he simply wants Seahawks to sign stars and better players, real o line men, and that he doesn’t realize the implications of all this him speaking out publicity?

      You wrote the other day that you thought Russ would be fine playing out his career in Seattle if he is able to accomplish his goals with them. I tend to agree. But all that just begs the question of what is going on here.

      • Rob Staton

        Well for me, Wilson seemingly isn’t convinced he can achieve his goals here.

        And I think what we’re all seeing here is a powerplay.

        To find out if the Seahawks are serious about doing what he thinks they should do. And if not, to work his way out of town and likely to somewhere he wants to be, such as New Orleans.

        • Submanjoe

          A lot of us are quite skeptical about how Pete and John have built the team for several years now. Russ has a front row seat. If Russ wants to prod the FO, that’s fine, someone needs to. If he wants out, this way doesn’t make him look good. It’s clearly a power play, it’s nba spoiled superstar style power play.

          • Rob Staton

            Well let’s be right — there’s no way to look good if you want to force yourself off a team.

          • James Kupihea

            So many people want to drop the term spoiled on an athlete, but it’s a business from Goodell, all the way down to the grounds cleaning crew. The big difference for players? The window for success is miniscule. If someone right now, is willing to pay you MORE money, to do the SAME job, in a setting that YOU think you’d be even more successful in, and perhaps more say in the organization…why would you turn down an opportunity to improve?

            Do you think Kevin Durant gives one iota of a %#@#@ about what anyone thinks as he polishes both his NBA Championships? If you’re not doing everything you can to position yourself for winning a championship, then what the hell are you even doing?

            • Submanjoe

              As far as I know Durant has never made a public spectacle demanding or insinuating he be traded. I refer more to the recent Harden drama, Kyrie a few years ago etc.

              What NFL qb has ever gone out to the public making these kind of statements about being a part of roster construction, having the offense play in a certain way (let Russ cook), etc ?

              I don’t think I made any mention about his money or contract at all. Just the public spectacle of it all. It’s Rodgers but a little more.

    • John_s

      IMO this is Russ’s way of saying he wants out. He’s not going to outwardly say it because he doesn’t want to look to be the bad guy

      • Rob Staton

        I think we’re getting close to that, yes.

        I’m not 100% sure he’s ‘done’. And I wonder if the vacancy in New Orleans is turning his head a bit.

        But I think we’re not far away from him wanting to move on. And the Seahawks bringing him back on board means Pete ceding control… on personnel, philosophy and vision. How likely is that!??!

        • Submanjoe

          There can never be two CEO’s

        • Gohawks5151

          I just don’t think Pete wants this fight. He wants to win and Russ is the meal ticket. He doesn’t want to start all the way over with the team up for sale in 2 years. He probably won’t make it to 2023, much less 2025 if they go rebuild. New owner may want a new coach anyway. I still think Seattle caves first. Everytime Russ puts his game face on they work it out. Both contract negotiations went his way, they let him cook, they picked his OC. They will listen to his opinions

          • DC

            I agree with this & it’s the best case going forward imho. It’s a marriage not a dictatorship. We all want to win. The franchise QB is the cornerstone of the vast majority of championship teams.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m sure they will. But right now I don’t think RW is campaigning for money or an OC.

            I’m starting to think he simply wants out.

        • Chase

          I think the NO opening AND watching what Brady had in TB this season is what’s making him second guess his future with the Hawks. The thing about Sean Payton is that he wouldn’t need to cede any control to Russ for their values to be aligned IMO, and Russ knows this. Whether it’s this year or 3 years from now, I think seeing Russ in a Saints uniform is not out of the question.

  20. KD

    Are there any real weaknesses in this draft class? I don’t see anything too glaring other than maybe CB and LB. Edge might be a bit thin but overall seems to be more balanced than in previous years.

  21. Trevor

    When was the last time you saw a starting NFL QB on multiple national media radio shows and throw his OL under the bus. That tells you all you need to know I think.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Awfull from Russ side. Throw bunch of shit over his team mates. Guess Duane will have something to say to him. Pete too. Protect the team!

    • Rohan Raman

      Aaron Rodgers has been throwing his team under the bus for years at this point.

      • Trevor

        I would like to see one example where he threw his OL under the bus. Or any NFL QB it is very rarely if ever done and an awful look particularly given the fact that Russ is directly responsible for a ton of the sacks,

    • line_hawk

      He did not specifically throw his OL under the bus. If you hear him and especially the Brandon Marshall clip, what they are saying is that the play calling doesn’t support quick throws and is ancient due to Pete’s meddling. Sure, reading the media bits makes it sound like he is is complaining his OL is crap (which I don’t think is unfair given they are the bottom 10 spenders) but I did not take it as the main point. And neither should his OL.

  22. Leonardo

    I’m pumped to hear the Brock and Salk podcast already just based on the title haha. They’ve never hid their disdain for Mark Roger’s antics, and now they’re roasting Russ too. The last show in town that has anything interesting to say about the team.

  23. millhouse-serbia

    If i had to choose between Russ on one side and Pete/John on other, i have no doubt, give me Pete and John all day every day.

    RW for Pick no1? Head for Head, RW for Lawrence, yes or no?

    • Parker

      I’d choose Pete and JS as well. Trade Wilson, Jamal Adam’s, sign Colin Kaepernick while they find their future QB. Kaepernick is as old as Russ, but with less wear and tear at this point. Maybe he’s toast, but his final couple years he was checked out in what seemed like a dysfunctional end of the Harbaugh era.

    • Poli

      I thought Tom Brady just proved why great QB’s should never be let go, and always let them have input.

      • Poli

        QB >>>>>> head coach and GM

        • Scot04

          Hopefully the trade would be for 4 jets 1st round picks these 2 in 2021 and 2022 plus more.
          Because if Kap is our QB those picks we sent tobthe Jets will be high.
          If we had to trade Wilson and he didn’t have a no trade clause I’d be hoping for Jaxonville, Jets or Miami to call. In that order. Unfortunately that no trade clause will eliminate quite a few teams.
          I would much prefer seeing Rob’s plan go into action though. I think we have to trade Adams to start the offseason on a good note.

      • George Sperline

        Somebody should do a movie about George Blanda.

      • Trevor

        Please don’t compare Russ and Tom Brady It is like comparing Jordan or Lebron to James Harden.

      • Ryan

        In my opinion, no. MAYBE he proved why Tom Brady should not be let go. You see another Tom Brady around here?

        What he most likely proved is that if you subtract a below average QB from a team with a great receiving corps, great DL, great LBs, very good OL and DBs, and replace him with a very good QB, you give yourselves a great chance of winning the championship.

        For every other team in the past 20 years, “hang on to the ‘franchise’ QB at all costs” has proven to be a losing strategy.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s zero chance of getting Lawrence.

      Jacksonville has hit the jackpot there.

      • clbradley17

        Urban Meyer would have been foolish to pass up this job. A QB at #1 coming in with similar hype to Andrew Luck, almost 80 mil. in cap space for FA, and a soft schedule for 2021. They also have 10 draft picks besides Lawrence at 1, another 1st from the Ramsey trade, 2 2nds, and will probably trade Minshew for a late day 2/early day 3 pick.

  24. Jordan

    To NYJ: Russell Wilson and Marquise Blair
    To Houston: 4 first round picks form NYJ and Sam Darnold
    To Sea: Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt

  25. UkAlex6674

    Parker – when you say ‘while they find their future QB’……that could take a long time of looking. I do think CK has something left in the tank though, and would have a serious point to prove.

    Millhouse – at this stage I wouldn’t take TL for RW. When RW won the Superbowl we had an elite D and run game. We don’t have either at the moment, so as good as TL is projected to be, I’d rather stick with a known talent that we know can win games despite the lack of D and run game.

  26. Mick

    Feeling a bit sorry for David Moore that instead of talking of him we speak of Wilson. He’s a really likeable guy and a strong lineman.

    • James Kupihea

      I agree! However, what more can we say about this kid a this point? We have to wait for his pro day performance, wait for the draft, and if he makes it the distance and lands on the roster, we’ll have to discuss whether or not Russ is the QB lol.

  27. Scot04

    Lol. Other teams sites already quick to put their Russell Wilson trade proposals up.
    Here’s Indi’s 1st.

    • James Kupihea

      Colts fans still hanging on to Andrew Luck rumors at this point. They’ll take any piece of news and run with it lol.

    • All I see is 12s

      Unfortunately for Indianapolis, despite how good that team may be, there is no way he would ever move to that market with his wife.

  28. charlietheunicorn

    Walter Jones (perhaps the greatest Seahawk of all time) was not pleased to hear what RW said about his OL. RW might have had some valid points, but Big Walt mentioned keeping it in house than airing it out in public.

    I heard that it has been Mark Rodgers, his agent, making the stink…. more than RW himself….. but an agent works for their client, not the other way around… so there is some smoke.

    • Poli

      He likely did keep in in house, but nobody listened. 9 seasons of garbage pass protection, what do people expect him to do?

      • Trevor

        They expect him not to throw teammates under the bus. If he wants out say I want out don’t be a prick and passive aggressive.

        • Chase

          +1, This put a dent in my level of respect for him, seemed very immature.

  29. Peppapig

    I’m tired of Wilson acting like a spoilt dick.
    Please trade him Pete.
    Go Hawks

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect more fans will start to feel this way soon.

      Either that or they will turn on Pete.

      It’s sad that it’s come to this.

      • Gary

        I have turned on Pete.

        • Rob Staton

          As I said, this is where we’re at now.

          The fan base is going to unhealthily split as people pick sides.

          • Chase

            With the way that Seahawks Twitter and Reddit have been the last few years you could have stopped at unhealthy.

    • Poli

      All we know is that he wants better results, and believes he knows how to get that.

      Thinking he’s a spoiled dick is delusional.

      • Rob Staton

        ‘Delusional’ doesn’t seem like an appropriate pushback.

        I might not agree with what he said but he’s not ‘deluded’ given the noise coming from Wilson’s camp over the last few years (especially over the last few days).

        • Poli

          Unless he personally knows Wilson, he’s indeed delusional, just like 99% of people on the internet when it comes to anybody famous.

          • Spectator

            Doesn’t that also make you just as delusional to think he is not one? Or do you personally know Russ and that is why you get defensive and insult someone who is criticizing him?

    • D-OZ

      I have always thought Russ has a little Prima donna in him.

    • Denver Hawker

      Usually he’s quite humble, spreading praise, trying to be a leader. We’ve all suspected this speech as rehearsed and canned, but nonetheless that’s what he says.

      He has top of market money, two superstar WR, a good O-line (per PFF) and said he wanted to sign Olsen after the pro bowl rapport and they did. Now he has the OC he wants (reportedly).

      To still be complaining and not speaking to his own faults or responsibility for his results absolutely sounds spoiled and I’m sure this behavior will not sit well with PC/JS.

    • Trevor

      I don’t know about being spoiled but he has always been very passive aggressive and it is not a good look. Be a man and state your position. At least Watson just comes out and says I want to be traded. Not my OL sucks and I get hit too much so I want to make roster decisions now. Terrible loom for a supposed leader.

  30. millhouse-serbia

    Since 1995 highest % of salary cap QB has occupied (SB winning QB) is 12,21%. Tom Brady in 2018.

    Wilson will be 17,7% this year.

    • Trevor

      In the salary cap era no QB has even been to the SB when taking up more than 12.5 % of the cap. That is not a weird stat it speaks volumes to the importance of having a complete roster and depth.

  31. millhouse-serbia

    I have just finished listening Brock and Salk. They had a lot to say about this situation. As Brock said, ha cant say Pete and John how to do their job.

    only reason why i still think trade wont happen now is because it will increase cap hit for 7mil. And we allready dont have money. And we would need to pay another QB who is able to win games. To much money as final result.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ve already been over the cap thing

      • clbradley17

        The NFL almost has to look the other way on the cap this season. At over the, they still show the Rams with Jared Goff, and almost 27 mil. negative with him. With trading him they take an additional 65 mil. dead cap hit, and paying about half of Matt Stafford’s 30 mil. #, they’re going to be close to 100 mil. over the cap. These trades couldn’t be made if teams were worried about getting way over the cap. Houston has a 67 mil. dead cap hit if they trade Watson, and are already 13+ mil. over the cap.

        • cha

          You’re looking at the “cut” numbers. The “trade” numbers are much lower.

          $22m for Goff
          $21m for Watson

          • dcd2

            Goff is the biggest dead cap hit in league history at $22M. RW would be almost double that.

            The thing I wondered about after the Rams and Lions deal was that both teams were eating a huge chunk of dead cap. $22M for LAR and $19M for DET. Do GM’s feel like those kind of even out? In that the Rams are ‘only’ paying Stafford $20M this year (instead of the $33M he would have hit the cap for on DET’s roster).

            Makes me wonder if a RW deal could include a player(s) with a sizeable chunk of dead cap to ‘balance the scales’. Tua for example has a cap number of $6.88M, $8.25M & $9.6M with MIA. With us, it would be about $2M, $3.4M, $4.8M.

            Tua is just an example, but maybe a player with a favorable contract in return helps take the sting out of a $39M dead cap?

            • cha

              Draft picks would be the big prize

              Teams would only pay Russ


              The next 3 seasons.

              There’s a fair argument to be made that Russ is talented, etc and that’s why he returns such a massive haul. But teams that acquire him are also ‘trading for’ the $10-15m of cap room annually they would ‘save’ while having a top QB on the roster.

              Even if the team reworks the last 3 years of Russ’ deal, there are all kinds of ways to make it friendly.

              • dcd2

                I agree from the other teams’ perspective. From ours though, we’d be high and dry with no QB and $39M of dead cap.

                Getting a player or two back who’s ‘half price’ because all of his bonus money has been paid by another team is valuable. Just a thought experiment based on looking at the Stafford/Goff deal.

                The picks would of course be the meat of the deal.

                • Rob Staton

                  Well if Wilson wants out badly enough, it’s up to him to redo his contract to make it possible.

  32. Burner

    As I said on the other thread, I’d be calling Houston and asking about Watson, sending Wilson and Adams in the other direction.

    Is that plausible Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Not at all, I’m afraid

      Wilson won’t clear the trade clause for that

  33. millhouse-serbia

    Does anyone know, is it possible that they somehow restructure Wilsons contract now, that if they trade him, dead money isnt bigger than current cap hit?

    • Rob Staton

      Who knows?

      Please let’s not talk about this all the time

  34. D-OZ

    Great interview Rob! Really like David Moore. Two Great small school guy’s. I would be happy with either or both. Looking forward to your next one. Thank you for all your hard work Rob. Cheers!!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks, much appreciated

  35. Rob Staton

    Hour and a half of draft and Seahawks talk here:

  36. Denver Hawker

    One thing that stands out about Brady is how well-liked he is by his teammates. He’s one of the guys in the locker room and brings out the best in players around him. He has his off field quirks to be sure.

    Brees, Peyton have the same way about them. I don’t get this feeling with Russ. I think he’s respected, but I don’t think he’s merited personnel direction the same way the others have.

    I wonder if the subtly ends up becoming a reason for JS/PC to consider a trade.

    • Rob Staton

      I think if we’re being honest, you’re right.

      There’s a level of professional respect because Wilson is clearly an exceptional talent.

      But I think it’s pretty clear that many member of the LOB-era Seahawks didn’t take to Wilson, for whatever reason. And I suspect calling out your O-line publicly is hardly going to do him any favours this week.

      • AlaskaHawk

        This is anecdotal but they miked Wilson on the sideline one time. He was standing in front of a bunch of players sitting on a bench, and he was just throwing out these meaningless sports phrases and they were ignoring him. I got the feeling from watching the players, that his chatter was annoying. I know I was annoyed after 15 seconds of listening.

  37. vbullen65

    Hi Rob, just wanted to say you really nailed it several years ago, in regards to Garett Bolles. You were really high on him and the Broncos ended up drafting him. After some initial struggles, he has turned into a total stud and is one of the best young left tackles in football. Once again, your eye for talent and potential is amazing.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks bud

      • clbradley17

        You were right on about Keanu Neal too, he had over 100 tackles and 5 forced fumbles his rookie year, helping them make it to the Super Bowl. Hopefully his injuries are behind him, and we can get him this year after trading Adams.

  38. TomLPDX

    Florio keeps fanning the flames…this time with odds on Russ’s next team.

    • Sea Mode

      Interesting as well. In the segment, he points out that because Mark Rogers (RW’s agent) is a baseball agent with no other clients in the NFL, he doesn’t have to worry about souring his relationships with other teams/clients by pushing too hard for Russ. Other agents with other clients in the NFL have those business interests, but he does not.

      Still, I think about this whole situation right now:

      1. RW doesn’t mind being the headline everyone is talking about. It’s exposure for his brand one way or another.

      2. He wants to win and wants the keys to the offense for the full season this year, not just half a season.

      3. His media game last year worked and got him what he wanted, so why not do it again and keep building your leverage? What does he have to lose?

      I don’t think his teammates (OL) are going to take offense. He’ll just tell them he wants to win and wants to be put in the position he feels gives him the best shot to win. Plus, I saw it as more of a shot against scheme/coaching than against the OL.

      Some fans will turn against him, but most will take his side when they see the sack numbers he’s pointing to and no further. He’s their hero and pretty much nothing he can say or do will change that at this point for the vast majority. (a simple scan of reactions on Twitter confirms this)

      Honestly, as I mentioned earlier, I think he is just like most of us here on SDB: fed up with the status quo and trying the same thing over and over each year with the same results. He can see just like we can that the game is won in the trenches and that’s not where the Hawks have enough of their cap space invested. (On display in the Super Bowl) But unlike us, he actually has leverage to try and force this change. So why blame him for using it? Wouldn’t you?

      (And before anyone suggests he should just go sit down with Pete and John instead of making a fuss through the media, I’m 100% sure that’s what he’s been doing for years, but it has never been enough to force Pete to change until the first half of last season when he did it through the media. This year, he’s pushing for more: new coordinator, new scheme, keys to unleash the offense, more investment in the trenches. And so far, he’s getting it.)

      • cha

        On your last point, I could totally see Russ being happy/satisfied that Waldron was hired.

        Then the week after, talking to Pete and coming away with the impression that nothing will be different in 2020.

        Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        Then deciding to go the airwaves.

        • cha


  39. Big Mike

    The Seahawks get LESS for Russ when he’s traded than they paid for Jamal Adams. That’s how bad the FO has become imo.

    • Big Mike

      And they’ll use the excuse that he demanded the trade so they were stuck.

    • Trevor

      If he didn’t have the huge dead cap hit I might agree but they can’t trade him unless they get a sick deal when he has a $38 mil dead cap hit. It is also a move that would out them in full rebuild mode and likely involve the trading of Adams and maybe even Wagner and Brown as well.

    • Simo

      I would be shocked if they got less than they gave for Adams in a trade for Russ, provided you are projecting a trade to occur sometime in the next 2-3 years! If the trade occurs 5-7 years down the road, then I agree with your prediction!

      Russ is a multiple pro-bowl QB still in his prime, he has tremendous value around the league. Just imagine how good these teams would be if Russ was on the Colts, Saints, Dolphins, Browns, Raiders, and even the Niners. Any of those teams would salivate at the thought of having Russ on their team.

      If this relationship goes bad (worse), then they better act fast and get a king’s ransom for their franchise player!

      • Big Mike

        This off season and I stand by my prediction

  40. clbradley17

    Love these player interviews Rob! If we can make a few trades for picks, would like to see us get Meinerz on day 2 and Moore on day 3, and be set at G and C for years to come, combining them with Lewis. One of the other small school guys at OT from the Senior Bowl, D’Ante Smith of E. Carolina or Dillon Radunz of N.D. St., and we’d be set at backup tackle too. Of course we need a RB, DB, DL and WR or TE in the draft too.

  41. Rob Staton


    • cha

      Secret underlying reason RW might like N.O.

      Sure they might have to give up a king’s ransom for him, but they can retool faster than PCJS can.

      • Big Mike

        Drafting man. Winning in the NFL because of the salary cap is always going to be about how well you draft. Seahawks won a Super Bowl because of 2 fantastic drafts though I am not looking at you Bruce Irvin. Most of the drafts peak and John have conducted at least the last 5 years have been marginal at best in my opinion, DK Metcalf obviously excluded (blind squirrel, acorns?).

    • Trevor

      I think that sums up the Hawks problems perfectly as we have discussed here on the blog in depth. They simple have drafted incredibly poorly. Almost ridiculously bad to the point that a person following this blog could have done significantly better. The Hawks will not win an SB till that changes. Look at KC and TB drafting as well. It was a huge part of their success.

  42. JLemere

    My offseason plan

    1. Cut/trade the following players: Wagner, Dunlap, Adams which creates 33.55M in cap space
    2. Extend Lockett, Brown, Reed, Shell, and Dickson which creates another roughly 20M in cap space
    3. Restructure Wilson’s contract, converting 9M of base salary into bonus money which creates 6M in cap space
    4. Sign the following players: Brandon Scherff (10M cap hit), Corey Linsley (5M cap hit), Leonard Williams (7M cap hit), Poona Ford (2nd round tender ~ 3.5M), Yannick Ngakoue (12M cap hit), Richard Sherman (5M cap hit), Gerald Everett (4M cap hit), and Leonard Fournette (5M cap hit)
    5. In the draft, focus on OT, WR, and CB. Any remaining picks should be used on BPA.

    • Simo

      I like your offseason plan, although would love if they could figure out a way to keep (extend/restructure) Dunlap. I know his cap hit this year is pretty big, and he there’s no dead money if he’s cut, but man he sure added a legit pass rusher to the DL group. Pairing him with Leonard Floyd would be nice! I’d even bring back Mayowa if he’s willing to take $2m or so!

      • JLemere

        With regards to Dunlap, my thought process was looking at the current core players and deciding if they would be beneficial for the team in the next three years. With Dunlap, I felt he would only be beneficial for another year, and looking at the free agency, there are a good amount of players who could provide the same impact that he did, but for a longer period of time, hence cutting Dunlap and signing Ngakoue. In regards to Floyd and Mayowa, remember that we have Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson and I think SEA needs to commit to those guys as rotational pieces or what Rob mentioned in a previous article, just go young on defense and let Taylor/Robinson be the starter, which in that case you could take the 12M cap hit from Ngakoue in that situation and go get RW a #3 WR like a TY Hilton.

    • SonGoku

      Would you rather have Ngakoue or Lawson?

      • JLemere

        Ngakoue because throughout the PC era, an established LEO makes the defense hum. Cliff Avril for Michael Bennett, Frank Clark and Carlos Dunlap for Jarran Reed. Sure you can save a little bit of money for a guy like Lawson who can become an established player, but with the window closing day by day and RW getting more P.O. by every report/interview, it’s better that you get someone that you know will work in the scheme.

  43. Rob Staton

    Josina’s been on the phone.

    I have absolutely no idea what she’s trying to tell us here. It makes no sense. Classic Josina.

    • Hoggs41

      She just wants to make her self look important.

  44. Sea Mode

    We knew to expect this, but still:

  45. Hoggs41

    This whole thing reminds of a dating couple in there 20’s…lol. The man eventually gets put on the clock and has to make a decision if he wants to marry her or move on. Seems like Russ just put the Seahawks on the clock with about a season or so to make a decision.

  46. Happy Hawk

    Everybody wants it so why not just do it ..tank! Dump all our marketable best players for prospects/draft picks. Total rebuild – look forward to 2024. All the worst teams do it!

    • Scot04

      I’m sure the Jets would love your idea since they own our 2022 1st round pick

    • Tony

      Create a narrative.
      Create scenarios.
      Create your own stories.

      This well is dry, im not sure why nfl media has to keep doing this. They are even admitting in the stories and scoops that hes not being traded. So this is all just dumb clickbait. There is no story here. But its borderline harrasment on trying to pry RW out of less exciting market to a bigger market.

      It reminds me of when felix had non stop rumors of trades every year in his prime. Even after mariners straight up said hes untradable. The difference here is RW is on a consistent winning team.

      • Matt

        The Mariners Front Office seriously considered dealing Felix for several years – that wasn’t just a rumor. They pulled back because they thought they’d lose the fan base. I can promise you that is 100% true from 3 different sources at the highest levels of baseball.

      • Rob Staton

        The NFL has a million things to talk about.

        Brady, Chiefs, Andy Reid’s son, Wentz, Jimmy G, Dak, Deshaun Watson.

        This idea that the media has made up a Russell Wilson trade rumour for ‘clickbait’ and to fill time makes no sense whatsoever.

    • cha

      I am guessing the Raiders have opened up some cash flow since moving to LV.

      They were so poor at one point they couldn’t provide enough guaranteed money to pay Khalil Mack.

      Forget 30 year old Derek Carr at $19m per. I’ll take 28 year old Mariota at $11m for 2021.

      • TomLPDX

        I’m with you on Mariota over Carr if there was such a trade. His style work work here.

        I actually thought this was a decent scenario but I wonder what kind of draft stock would be included to make it a no-brainer deal? Currently the Raiders have picks at 17, 48, 81, 112, 146, 179 and 212 for the 2021 draft.

    • Sea Mode

      Honestly, Vegas makes a lot of sense if Russ is just focused on his star power. But if he wants to win…? And could they put together a package that would actually convince the Seahawks to bite? I have my doubts unless Russ decides to go full nuclear.

  47. Sea Mode

    Interesting little video montage you put together, Rob. Just trying out something new to see what sticks?

    Or is that for the next article we’ve got coming…?

    • Rob Staton


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