What I think is going on with Russell Wilson

Let’s just get one thing straight.

Tom Brady has just won a seventh Super Bowl. People are wondering what happens next with the Chiefs — not to mention the horrific story surrounding Andy Reid’s son.

Deshaun Watson has requested a trade. Carson Wentz is going to be traded. Matt Stafford and Jared Goff have been traded.

The Dallas Cowboys always make headlines and they’re facing a dilemma surrounding their quarterback Dak Prescott.

This idea that the national media is ‘making up stuff’ about Russell Wilson to create news is so beyond the realms of reality.

There are plenty of things to talk about right now. They don’t need to manufacture stories. The reason we’re talking about Wilson is purely down to the man himself.

He has inserted himself into the news agenda. His agent, Mark Rodgers, is clearly talking to journalists and dropping little nuggets for them to use. Wilson then appears on the Dan Patrick show, where he’s grilled about his future and his thoughts on the offensive line. You then have former Wilson team mate Brandon Marshall flat out stating that the quarterback wants to be traded.

It’s quite easy to dismiss Marshall’s words. You can make a stern phone call to him right now and ask him to retract them.

That hasn’t happened.

Despite what some fans and media members would like you to think, this isn’t a non-story. The question we need to ask is what’s the motivation here? And what’s the end-game?

This is my best guess…

1. Wilson wants a lot of authority

He’s watched Tom Brady ask for Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette and get all three. He’s seen Patrick Mahomes surrounded by talent and admitting in interviews he’s consulted on who they draft.

Wilson craves that kind of input and he doesn’t have it. Thus, he’s not so subtly making it clear he expects to have a big say in personnel decisions. If he isn’t getting it, he will likely push to go somewhere where he will.

2. He feels empowered

Wilson admitted this week that he wasn’t that enamoured with some of the names being linked to the offensive coordinator job. In the end, the Seahawks appointed someone who is said to be ‘Wilson’s guy’.

This was an important off-season matter but it wasn’t the only one. Having seemingly steered the Seahawks in a certain direction with this hire, Wilson might feel like it’s worth testing to see if he can shape other aspects of the off-season too — namely what they do in free agency and the draft. Thus, that might be why he’s making comments relating to the poor pass protection. It feels like a nudge to what his expectations are.

3. He’s conscious of time

Wilson turns 33 in November. It won’t be long before he’s in the ‘ageing quarterback’ category.

The Seahawks have only won one playoff game in four years. I suspect there’s a sense of urgency from Wilson. If he believes he is philosophically opposed to the Head Coach — and if he isn’t having input into personnel — then he may think he needs to go somewhere else to achieve his aims.

After all, Wilson doesn’t do an interview these days without talking about legacy.

Pete Carroll wants to end his career doing things his way. Wilson likely wants to do the same. That means playing his preferred brand of football, with players that he wants to play with.

4. His head might be turned by prospective suitors

We all know Wilson is a big admirer of Drew Brees. Now that Brees is likely retiring, it must be tempting to be the man to replace him. Especially in a scheme that delivered legacy-defining moments for another shorter quarterback.

If you take your Seahawks-specs off for a moment, can you think of a better partnership than Sean Payton and Russell Wilson?

In 12 months time, the Saints might not need a quarterback. Right now, they do. And Wilson might not want to miss this opportunity.

5. He simply wants to move on

Brandon Marshall’s comments were full of bad info, such as the Seahawks only spending one pick on the O-line which obviously isn’t true.

However, Marshall doesn’t talk in this way usually. He’s not a hot take artist, at least to the extent of suggesting a former team mate wants out.

It’s perfectly plausible that people close to Wilson, maybe even current Seahawks or the man himself, have spoken to Marshall and while he’s not au fait with the details, he’s filling around the simple, pure message that has been planted in his mind to broadcast to the masses.

He’s accused Wilson of wanting out. While ever that isn’t retracted or denied, it’s worth acknowledging that it might simply be true.

So what now?

People say a trade isn’t possible because of his $39m dead cap hit. I would suggest if Wilson wants out badly enough, it’s up to him to rework his deal. He can’t expect the Seahawks to pay $39m for him to play somewhere else.

If he wants out that badly, he has to be willing to make it possible.

The Seahawks clearly, based on initial reports, have no interest in moving him. Yet here’s the thing — they can take that position, much like the Texans have done with Deshaun Watson. If the face of the franchise wants out though, and everyone knows he wants out, what are you going to do?

There’s no going back after that. It’s a recipe for disaster and turmoil.

I think Wilson knows this. The Seahawks basically have two options now that he’s seemingly making his feelings clear. They can trade him away, or appease him.

Either way, Wilson kind of gets what he wants.

There’s no middle ground where they don’t trade him, don’t do anything he wants and the two parties play out a year of awkwardness, delaying the inevitable.

And that’s why it’s creating a fascinating off-season.

The Seahawks are being challenged to be bold by the quarterback. Fans should probably appreciate this. He isn’t settling and he’s trying to hold the front office to account in a way nobody else seems to be.

They’ll either step up to the plate and make some difficult choices, as I laid out in my own personal off-season wish-list, or they’ll lose their QB.

The ball has been served to the Seahawks side of the court.

How will they try and return it?

Here’s an update today from Dan Patrick, citing a source…

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  1. God of Thunder

    “ I think Wilson knows this. The Seahawks basically have two options now that he’s seemingly making his feelings clear. They can trade him away, or appease him.

    Either way, Wilson kind of gets what he wants.”

    No quite. Trading him is “digital”: either/or. He’s either moved to another team or he’s on the roster.

    But appeasing him is more complex. What counts as appeasement? That’s in the eye of the beholder. You can appease by grovelling and changing your entire philosophy or you can — at the other end of the spectrum — “appease” and go about your business as you wish.

    You can remind RW that you’ve added a new OC, one more conducive to the style of play RW presumably wants, that the OL has been top ten since 2017, that ~400 sacks IS too many, and you can confirm that you do want a stronger OL.

    Maybe not mention that the star of the franchise shouldn’t be throwing his OL under the bus, and that it might be good if RW doesn’t hold onto the ball for 4 seconds, etc.

    Personally if I were PC and JS, I’d utter some appropriately soothing sounds, and continue doing what they think is best for the ‘Hawks.

    • God of Thunder

      I should add I’d trade Adams and cut salary via other trades, or releases. The new OL could come at the cost of Bobby Wagner… Rob’s thoughts on these kinds of moves are thought provoking.

    • Rob Staton

      What counts as appeasement?

      Shifting resource from LB/S to the O-line.

      Getting him a running game and at least one more weapon.

      Allowing him to run the offense that he wants to run, not forcing him to run Carroll’s offense.

      Personally if I were PC and JS, I’d utter some appropriately soothing sounds, and continue doing what they think is best for the ‘Hawks

      We are well past the point of a few ‘soothing sounds’ being enough.

      • God of Thunder

        Thanks, good point. I’d be happy with a shift of resources to the OL and the DL, from LB.

  2. BobbyK

    “Fans should probably appreciate this. He isn’t settling and he’s trying to hold the front office to account in a way nobody else seems to be.”

    BINGO! We have a Bingo! Thank goodness!

    • OlyHawksFan

      YES. My favorite point of the post. I wonder if Jody Allen is paying attention. Or at least people in her “camp”. Even if she’s not heavily involved with the day to day, at some point she has to determine whats the best move for the business she wants to sell. Old man coach, or HOF QB.

  3. Gaux Hawks

    i like the idea of trading russ…

    not because i know what’s best for the team but because the change/activity would make for a wild ride the next few years. put me in the impulsive/adrenaline junky fan bucket.

    i’ll take a nasty defense over an explosive offense any day.

    who’s name pops in your mind when you think of the 2000 ravens super bowl team? trent dilfer?

    • IHeartTacoma

      I’m in. Nasty defense, strong running game, QB that can convert third down passes. Is that Pete ball? Or is it now called Bruce Arians ball?

  4. Denver Hawker

    Nicely summarized Rob!

    I’ve been thinking about how much longer he has left to play competitively. He’s very sure he’ll play into his 40’s.

    When I compare him to Brady, Peyton, Brees, and others, I do t see it adding up for him. I believe the strength that the first 3 mentioned have leaned on is not Russ’ strength. They are masters at dissecting a defense and getting the ball out quickly. They are accurate and make great throws, but are not mobile.

    By contrast, Russ’ strength has been his ability to extend plays and throw a great ball. Reading a defense, and decisiveness, not so much. His accuracy and decision making are great when he has a year to throw, but defenses solved that problem this year.

    We all saw what’s left of Brees’ arm, Peyton’s arm his last few years, and declining throwing ability of Rivers, Roethlisberger, etc. which all occurred in their late 30’s. The best QBs have extended their careers a few years due to the aforementioned cerebral mastery of the game, not their physical traits.

    Russ may realistically only have 4 to 5 years before his strengths rapidly decline. If he can’t develop the mastery that Brady, Peyton, and Brees possess, he’s done.

    So what?

    I’m inclined to take the under based on this data and more heavily consider maximizing his trade value now. If I’m JS/PC, I’m weighing this consideration heavily against his request to allocated cap long-term to pieces that build around him vs. what they would prefer to spend.

    • Ross Nelson

      Agree with this 100% RW’s style of game will not last like Brady, Manning, Brees, and Rodgers unless he can do better and dissecting and quick decisions. Perhaps a new OC will help him with these elements – i’m not sure.

      This is a tough situation for PC. He doesn’t have the luxury to see what he can get for RW before making a decision on whether or not to trade: once you start poking around and entertaining offers, the deed is done – you’re trading RW. Similarly with asking RW to restructure his contract to make a trade possible – once you ask him to do that, it’s over.

      This off-season could really blow up. I like RW but a trade to MIA or OAK for high draft picks and players is very interesting. We’ve seen what PC can do with a good young QB and an elite defense.

      • Jeff

        What about the past six or more years of drafting makes you think Pete would get an elite defense?

        I honestly don’t mean that to be snarky; the defensive drafting since 2012 has been pretty dismal. There is the occasional bright spot (Jordyn Brooks played pretty well, Shaquill Griffin has been decent) but mostly it’s just a record of futility. I mean there’s a reason that 3/4 starting DBs are from other teams!

        • Ross

          Fair point. But with RW’s money and draft capitol from the RW trade, there would be a lot more resources to draft and sign FA than PC typically has. I’m not saying it’s a slam dunk, of course. I’m merely saying that it’s the one way we’ve seen PC succeed.

          • Jeff

            We’ve seen Pete fail more than succeed with drafting.

            I think people do not appreciate just how ridiculously over the top lucky the Seahawks got with the 2010-2012 draft classes. It doesn’t matter how many picks you get, you’re almost certainly never going to get a run like that ever again. That was maybe the best run of draft success in modern NFL history!

  5. Mac

    I just laugh at some people who want us to trade Russ, you’ll watch Pete fumble around another failed rebuild until he’s 74 then give up. No franchise qb, no future. I think the trading of Russ word hurt the bottom line of the franchise as well, for your acquisition, you get at a Coach in his 70s, more liabilities than assets on the team and an investment that could be easily beaten by $SPY.
    I think Pete needs to bring Russ into the fold, he needs to be held accountable for the miserable job he’s done with roster construction.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Or the same duo who produced a franchise QB in round three could find a solution.

      2. The Panthers were just sold for a record amount with no franchise QB and no real prospects. It doesn’t mean anything… the coach or the QB.

    • GoHawksDani

      He might fumble around…but what’s the worse that can happen?
      SEA would be awful until Pete retires. New ownership appoint new HC (hopefully a good one), new HC will cut/trade most of the roster creating 100-130 million, potentially have draft picks. They start a rebuild, suck for 2-3 years and hopefully with the ton of resources they get another PO/SB candidate team (or not).

      What happens if you put all your eggs into the Russ-basket?
      He becomes a HoF getting the team another SB, kept by the new HC, etc.
      What could also happen?
      An employee think he’s also the manager, Russ demolish the roster, making (forcing the FO to make) stupid decisions, while never go to another SB while slowly declining and from 1-and-done PO team, we became 8-8 and after that 6-10 and after that 4-12 team, and we cannot even trade him.

      It’s a risk either way.
      Do I trust Russ to be a top5 QB in the years to come? Nope.
      Do I trust the FO to be able to build a good team? Not really…

      But without money or picks this team will go as far as Russ takes them. And I doubt he can take them by himself to another SB.

      And I think that it’s easier to build (for this FO) a good defense, a good running game then a crazy college-like SF/KC/BAL style offense.

      Give me a top3 D# a top3 running game and an OK game manager QB who doesn’t make stupid mistakes and can make the easy passes.
      They won’t likely have an elite QB if they trade Russ, but they can easily get a QB who can make the easier shorter passes, even able to run some and can make some longer passes too.
      They can get a shutdown corner and a good CB2, and a couple of passrushers with resources.
      They can also get a good LG and C and hopefully a younger LT in the near future.
      They won’t get Lynch but there are potentials every year at RB
      It’s not as easy as I wrote it, but it’s certainly doable

  6. Jordan

    I think, in part, that it may be that he has up until a recent point kept his desires for the roster relatively behind closed doors (in private conversations with JS). Resulting in some moves that he would definitely be happy with (Duane, D Lew, DK) and others that most certainly is not happy with.

    By going public, perhaps he feels that it is now out there, that there may be added pressure, public pressure now, on JS to seriously compete for the likes of Scherff, Linsley, Golloday, Robinson (not all obviously)

    Enough asking nicely.

  7. James Cr.

    I think an interesting comparison is Rodgers. Pretty clear he doesn’t have much authority when it comes to personnel moves (no WR help, drafting Love etc.). I would suggest he has an even bigger stature with Green Bay than RW does with Seattle. I don’t really think Rodgers ever wants to leave Green Bay and I get the same feeling with Wilson. He wants to be treated like a Franchise QB, and have the team built around him. I think he has a point, but I keep coming back to the belief that Pete doesnt think RW is on the same level of Rodgers, Mahomes, Brees, Brady.

    • BobbyK

      Bart Starr won a bunch of championships, including the first two Super Bowls. Favre is a HOF QB who brought home a Lombardi. I don’t think there’s any way Rodgers has the same stature in GB as Wilson does in Seattle. There’s too much QB greatness in GB history, whereas Wilson is all we’ve really had with a good/great QB. He’s the man, whereas many GB fans wouldn’t put Rodgers on the pedestal that Wilson is in with helping to bring home the only Lombardi ever.

      I think you’re right about Pete not thinking Russ is a Mahomes or Brady type, because he’s not.

  8. dcd2

    What I wouldn’t give to hear a RW and Pete interview conducted by Rob and Saulk with an “off the record” pre-cursor.

    • Rob Staton

      It would be a dream

  9. Trevor

    Russ talented, driven durable and tough as hell. You would think that would all result in him being a great leader of men but clearly he is not. He comes across as corny, fake and selfish perhaps this is why he was not respected by the LOB. QBs need to be leaders and can’t throw thier OL under the bus, Even diva Arron Rodgers does no bash the guys protecting him.

    The Hawks have been mired in mediocrity with him time for a change and rebuild IMO. Find a new leader ans rebuild the team and identity.

    • BobbyK

      Can’t tear down to rebuild when you don’t have your #1 pick the following year. Imagine how horrible it would be to deal Wilson and end up with your top 5 pick going to the Jets. That’s Bill O’Brien crap (and part of the reason he’s unemployed).

      • Trevor

        You can if you acquire multiple 1st round picks over the next couple of seasons. If they go that route then Adam’s and Wagner need to be traded as well. Perhaps it will be the Jets who trade for him. Russ would love the lights of NYC.

      • GoHawksDani

        Trade Russ to the Jets for our R1s and McDougald and additional high picks (R2s, R3s, maybe even 2023 R1 too)
        Trade Adams to someone for R1.
        Problem solved. We can happily suck in the next year as our original pick returned 😀

        • Mike

          You forget, russ will only agree to go to a contender, who has weapons. Thats a short list of teams, none of which have high picks.

  10. Rob Staton

    Not heard it myself but apparently Dan Patrick said, citing a Seahawks front office source, that the team is really pissed off with Wilson for going public on his displeasure.

    • Rohan Raman

      Is it a tweet of some sort?

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve found it here. Quite early in the hour.


        “Speaking to a source about this… the Seahawks management are not happy with RW and his camp for taking this to the media”

        “You wonder if Russell and the Seahawks can coexist. The current situation is not sustainable, that’s what I was told.”

        • Matt

          I’m at the point where I think he’s forcing his way out now. Not even a “do this for me.” I think he’s outright done with this team.

          • SonGoku

            I also have the feeling that this might not have an happy ending…

            • Matt

              We are watching that once happy couple now (verbally) sh*t on each other at the Christmas Party. Like whoa…this really went south quick, didn’t it?

          • BobbyK

            Can you blame him? These idiots have screwed away important draft capital and wasted millions of dollars on bums. The front office won a Super Bowl almost a decade ago, they’ve been horrific the past half-decade+.

            Get Russ a damn left guard/center that’s actually worth a crap. Lets see what happens with a top 5-10 type OL. Lets invest in the right positions, not frickin’ going psycho for LBs and a SS.

            • Matt

              I don’t blame him at all. In fact, I admire it – he’s taken a ton of crap from fans, fellow teammates and his own coaches. You get one shot at being an NFL QB – he’s going for it. Will never blame anyone for doing that.

            • Lil’stink

              “ Can you blame him?”

              Yes. Wilson is good, but not as good as he seems to think he is. And those idiots built a legendary team that are responsible for his one ring.

              • TomLPDX

                And that same management team has managed to piss away the ability to build a good team into a great team. $60M last year went to scrubs for cryin’ out loud. I’m with Russ. There, I said it!

            • GoHawksDani

              They won the SB almost a decade ago…with a D# that might be the best ever in the NFL. One of the very best RBs in the league ever. The highest paid OL…and a really talented QB.

              RW was always good, but lets be honest…that SB is not won because of him. The team needed him to win, but it was Lynch and the LoB 90%.

              If you give Russ an amazing RB, a top5-10 OL and a good WR3 and TEs he might lead us to the SB again. But remove Russ and change him for an OK QB…would that QB lead us to the SB also? He might be (with a good OC).

              Nick Foles won an SB. Not because he’s an elite QB, but because the offensive playcalls and the supporting cast were A+. He played really great, but all in all he’s an OK QB

              • Rob Staton

                These are fair points to raise.

                Personally I think the Seahawks are an absolute mile away from the SB.

                So you can either keep on being a mile away, which they’ve been for years, or do something different.

        • Rob Staton

          And here’s the highlights I edited for twitter: https://twitter.com/robstaton/status/1359632351647703041

          • cha

            Thank you Rob. Might want to @ Dan patrick for credit.

            • Rob Staton

              The video contains the image of his logo and iHeart radio’s logo.

              • cha

                If he retweets it, it explodes

    • Mick

      This is turning into a situation where trust is broken beyond repair. As important as I think Wilson is for us, you can’t keep him and trade a whole roster who’s against him, or fire the whole team management. If he doesn’t take a step back soon, he is putting us in a place where we have to let him go. It’s hard for me to figure out what he thought he would get: involvement in decision making? not the way to achieve it by going public. A trade? there would have been finer ways to leave. A big name signing now? kind of hard to do right now. I wonder if getting Orlando Brown from the Ravens wouldn’t get him happier.

  11. Hoggs41

    I like what you said at the end and I agree. Basically get me some players that can help us win or I want out and you have 12 months to show me.

    • Rob Staton

      No, it isn’t you’ve got 12 months to show me.

      It’s do it or I’m off. Now.

      • Hoggs41

        I get that but right now in the next few months you can only get the guys on the roster. It takes the actual season to tell if the moves worked. Thats why I said 12 months.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s the act that counts more than the results at this stage. Because without the act there won’t be any results.

  12. Sea Mode

    Pauline says if the Jets move on from Darnold, Zach Wilson would be a terrific fit for the offense they want to run.

    And Rondale Moore WR3 after Chase and Smith. 42 inch vert:


    • IHeartTacoma

      Thanks for the link. The 42 inch vertical is Dominique Wilkins territory.
      Would that be fun or what?

  13. Hoggs41

    It will be interesting how they attack the C/LG positions. You would think one draft pick one free agent. There are limited options at LG with really only Scherff and Thuney (and they might not even make it to FA). The cap casualty list might be interesting to follow.

    • Rob Staton

      Without creating resource, it’ll be Jordan Simmons and Damian Lewis…

      • Big Mike

        “Creating resource” means Pete admits he was wrong in giving up the farm for Adams after fubaring the entire offseason and trades him. Color me skeptical.

  14. Tomas

    Carroll coaches as though he has Tyrod Taylor at QB. That’s a waste and a damn shame.

  15. cha

    I was lukewarm on a Jamal Adams for Orlando Brown trade.

    But it would be a big swing to show RW how serious the Seahawks are about protecting him.

    Take that savings and plug a serious LG or C in, and draft the other with a high pick and bam, OL investment.

    • Rob Staton

      Orlando Brown says he’s only willing to play LT

      • cha

        They can get around that for a season. A huge extension and the promise to move to LT in 2022 would work wonders.

        • Scot04

          I thought this could be a win/win trade that I’ve liked since the day Brown became available. Adams fits the Ravens; and it might be as good a value as we can get for Adams.
          I agree 1 year at RT with a promise to move to LT, plus an extension would be a good start.

  16. Sean

    The team will need to make some significant moves soon to appease RW. Since there is little FA money or draft stock, Russell is saying that they either need to trade him or trade some other players to acquire the picks or cap space to invest in players (or at least positions) that Russell wants.

    What the team can do in the next few months is start planning how to approach trades, FA, and draft. If Russell said all this in April, the team would already be well into their off-season and could not realistically meet all his wishes even if they wanted to.

    He has stirred up a lot of attention now. If he actually wants to stay on the team, I’d think he’ll quiet down now and see if the team responds to his wishes re: roster construction. If he does not relent before giving the Hawks a little time to consider their position and formulate a plan, I think that means he has decided he wants to leave, period.

  17. DC

    Rob has mentioned multiple times that since the passing of Paul Allen (GOOAT) Pete Carroll has functioned with zero accountability to anyone. He essentially blows off anything or anyone that questions his methods, choices or his declining on field results. I believe Russ is choosing to fill that void now in a very real way & as the only one who can. Knowing what we know about Russ’ persona I believe that he tried every private avenue of dealing with the situation first. With growing frustration & unsatisfactory results he went public to finally be ‘HEARD’ by Pete. The Seahawks will either become a holy trinity of The Pete, The Russ & The Holy John or they won’t & this era will end. Pete has been served.

    Obviously I hope it works out the way Russ wants WITH the Seahawks. Time to make him a full partner in the firm.

    • Big Mike

      I think you’re on to something here DC.
      Unfortunately I think Pete just rids himself of the burr in his saddle.

    • TomLPDX

      The era will end, and frankly we all saw it coming.

  18. DAWGfan

    I don’t think RW3 gets traded, and while the FO may not be happy with what he has said in multiple interviews the bigger question is how the locker room in particular his O-line group react once they are back together. If he’s lost those two, he needs to be shipped out and that is very sad as a Hawks fan.

    • Burner

      Correct, just listen to what Walter Jones said. Wilson has overstepped the mark with his criticism, he was calling Duane Brown the GOAT on twitter not so long ago and now this.

      Are we also supposed to forget how bad Wilson was for most of the second half of the season and his car crash performance in the playoffs?

      If a trade for Watson is out of the question perhaps Dak could be a possibility? Wilson’s ego would fit in nicely there.

      I wouldn’t be bothered if we traded him now, something that was unthinkable a few months ago.

      • DAWGfan

        We can’t trade him until June 2nd. The difference is a $30+ million cap hit vs a $13 million cap hit and then we would need him to waive his no trade clause. The only other way would be for him to restructure his contract now. No matter what, this is not how you want to start your off season.

        • Brik

          If he wants out I would guess they can restructure the contract to make it possible. I want Carr and some 1st round picks, if Watson is out of the question.

  19. Rob Staton

    Well, now there’s this: https://twitter.com/CorbinSmithNFL/status/1359634347041583104

    “Two sources I’ve spoken with indicated he (Wilson) was lukewarm on Shane Waldron, but felt he was the best candidate for the coordinator role. He wasn’t ecstatic about other alternatives.”

    • Matt

      The marriage is over. They need to just mutually part ways. The tooth paste is out of the tube now. I’m 99% convinced RW is actively trying to get out of here.

      • Rob Staton

        According to Brandon Marshall, that’s exactly where we’re at.

      • Big Mike

        Agree Matt. It is over.

        • Positrac

          Back in the middle of the season, when Wilson was sitting on the bench looking dejected during a game, I commentsd on this blog that the reason for that behavior is he realized during that game that he will have to change teams. Looking back now I think his heart may have not been in it after that. Sure there were injuries, but his body language and play told me he checked out of this organization mid-season.

          • Matt

            I really hope people don’t scoff at your comment because I agree that his level of dejection was just different this year. I do think there’s credibility in the idea that maybe there was a harsh realization that it’s just not happening with this team, under this leadership.

            Whether he is traded or not; the marriage is over. If he is here next year, this is a “let us save it for the kids” type move; that will inevitably get even worse.

            Mutually part ways, now. Not next year.

  20. George


    Just to lighten the mood around here. If Scherff is retained by the Redskins, what about a former household SDB name in Forrest Lamp at LG? Pretty sure he’s a soon to be free agent, likely cheaper, and had a solid bounce back season from injury last year…Not saying he will help Russell Wilson sleep at night, but him, Lewis, and a 2nd rd RG/C seems like an improvement. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe but Forrest Lamp has short arms. I’d look at the draft.

  21. dand393

    Wow tell us how you really feel

  22. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob tell me if this makes any sense but the Jets make a little sense there new head coach has previous Seahawks ties from the super bowl team there new defense coordinator has Seattle Seahawks ties. they have 75 million in cap space plenty of draft picks .new York market would probably be to Russ liking.but dead cap is the forbidden door 39 million I believe in 2022 it goes down 26 or so probably more likely.although the Rams are over 30 dead money between goff and gurley this year if they can figure it out

    • Rob Staton

      I think Wilson would rather go somewhere with a proven, offensive minded coach and a franchise that has show competency in recent years.

      • Parker

        Forcing his way out and cutting any leverage the Hawks might have by most likely insisting on the Saints, or maybe Dallas. Hard to see how any of this works out for the Hawks getting fair compensation.

        • Rob Staton

          If it got to that stage I don’t think compensation will be a problem. Replacing him will be.

          • Gary

            I’m ready to roll the dice on that though. Will it be any worse than a first round playoff exit and a low first-round draft pick season after season? I’m ready to take a shot with a roster with a young, fast, aggressive, physical, cheap defence, investments in O and D lines, and a QB on his first contract.

  23. no frickin clue

    If there’s one absolute certainty I’ve come to in watching RW for nearly a decade, it’s that (1) he is almost always unfailingly upbeat, and (2) nothing he says is accidental. There’s always a message, always a purpose.

    So to start actively complaining about getting hit too much, and the bevy of fed sources discussing concerns about the direction of the team – he’s doing his level best to hit the road. That much is clear.

    We should all get ready for an April press conference where he ends it with “Go Jets”. Or something like that.

    • BobbyK

      Sad thing is we’re all mad about the “direction of the team.” I’d be mad if I had buffoons collecting “talent” for me if I was the QB, too. There’s always hits and misses, but this regime has gone from historic highs with the first 3 drafts especially to being pretty pathetic when it comes to acquiring new talent and mortgaging the future of supposedly the most important method of building a team by dealing draft picks away like Russell spews up carefully crafted crap from his mouth to LT and coke.

  24. Andy Muhs - Hawks4Ever

    This is such a crazy situation. I see both sides, we have had a patchwork line for many of the years that Russ has been here. The other side of that coin is Russ holds the ball too long on the regular and isn’t the same scrambler he used to be. Not to mention he has a beautiful deepball but can’t make quick or intermediate throws very well.
    I would be excited about the prospect of trading Wagz, Adams and Wilson and quickly reloading if two things
    1) Schneider had not drafted so horribly the last 5 years and 2) If there was someone super intriguing that we could actually get (the only intriguing option for me is Deshaun Watson)

    For that reason I think our best shot is to trade Wagz, Adams. Appease Wilson within reason and hope that the relationship between Waldron and Wilson is an honest one where Russ starts to understand he needs to pull his weight as well. And by weight I mean take a paycut like Brady to build a solid team around him and stop with his Hollywood bs aspirations

    • God of Thunder

      Agree with a whole lot of this, well said

  25. MoBo

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t RW be traded as soon as the league starts but still count as a after June trade? His salary would still be on the books till June but would be reduced to 13M in 2021 and 26M in 2022 after June and could possibly create some space for signing draft picks, practice squad and injured reserve. Would give us a little extra money to maneuver trough FA

    • Rob Staton

      No. You can do post-June 1st cuts but not post-June 1st trades.

      If Russell Wilson wants to be traded he’s going to have to re-work his contract first to make it possible.

  26. DAWGfan

    MoBo you are correct. It’s a $13 million cap hit post June 1st, if RW3 is traded prior to that date It’s +$30 million. Florio just confirmed that earlier today on KJR.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll say it again though. If Wilson is minded to force his way out of Seattle, he’ll need to rework his contract.

      • Hoggs41

        The $39m would be dead money from his signing bonus though. Thats dead money regardless. Not sure how you rework that.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I thought signing bonuses were already paid to Wilson. It just isn’t charged on the books until each year of the contract. So Wilson would have to pay back part of the signing bonus to make this fair.

          • DAWGfan

            The bonus is already paid out but it is prorated through a portion of the contract which is why you get the dead money hit if you trade/cut someone in the first few years of the new contract.

  27. Frank

    It would be really easy to take a non nuanced approach, thru contract negotiations, cap hit, playing politics, a nearly flawless record of saying something cringe worthy every time he speaks, I find myself genuinely not liking RW. Part of it I’m sure is that he looks at sports like baseball and basketball and wants the same type of player controlled league where everybody just agrees at the all star game where to meet up for a championship. It has tanked the NBA ranking already, that lack of parody is horrible for the league popularity.

    My problem has primarily been that Wilson isn’t a truly elite QB, and through no fault of his own QB have been paid almost unrelated to their talent for years. He can protect his stats for contract day, but in general his play is just pretty good not great. He’s the new QB purgatory, you have to strip your team to afford them but they can’t make up the difference on the field. We see teams are starting to figure it out and bail on the big contract QB like Wenz, Geoff, Jimmy G. Dax shows just how hesitant teams are to get into another one of these monster contracts and he’s the closest comp to Wilson in the league. We just got unlucky enough to have the market peak for Wilson. We don’t really have a choice, we can’t get past 12-4 and a first round exit. If the opportunity to get three first round picks or Watson you absolutely have to take it.

    Alternatively, the bad publicity from the Chad Wheeler sure did get swept out the the google search when you google Seahawks in a hurry. Certainly a guy with bipolar disorder, history of violence during manic episodes, a side of white privilege, and concussions should raise some serious questions about who is ultimately responsible or if it another Hernandez situation? At least they didn’t fail a covid test though.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Is he better than Stafford?

    • God of Thunder

      Can you cite his prior episodes? I’m not defending the guy. His gf said he’d not been violent ever in their relationship.

      Can you cite his white privilege?

      My take is he’s genuinely contrite but messed up. Jail time but also treatment seems in order. I guess. Surely the psychiatric professionals can have a look and see what can be done.

      Seems to be jumping the gun no pun intended to bring up Hernandez who with his long history and likely multiple homicides really is (was) a psychopath.

    • Rob Staton

      Terms like ‘white privilege’ can stay on twitter.

      This is strictly a football community.

  28. Pran

    Poof…. Seahawks story since 2012 will make a great movie…

    • IHeartTacoma

      Early highs, Malcolm Butler, then a bunch of delusion.

      • JUJUS

        I was playing MAdden 18 again.

        The last year we had the LOB alive.

        If only health and Blair walsh was good.

        That was a superbowl team.

  29. Rob Staton

    I’m watching quarterbacks again. Sigh.

    • TomLPDX

      Who do you like outside of Trevor?

      • Mexican Hawk

        Zach same name Wilson looks like the real deal.

        • Andy Muhs - Hawks 4 Ever

          Totally agree on Zach Wilson
          Looks like a future star

  30. Bankhawk

    Rob, nice takes on the Seahawks Playbook and Emerald City Sportscast! From what I could hear, there was little departure from your earlier “What I Would Do” hypotheticals column from about a week ago. Any revisions to that plan given the flap-a-doodle of the past couple of days in the media/social media?
    Seems to me to still be a solid approach to the current sit-rep, and maybe even more so. Also, there is a part of me that is starting to see Brandon Marshall as a bit of a tabloid-style sh**-stirrer, and another part of me that feels that would be a bit unfair to him as a friend and confidant of Russ’. 🤷‍♂️

    • Rob Staton

      No changes to the plan yet.

      I wouldn’t feel that way about Marshall. That’s really not what he’s about. I think whoever is talking to Marshall knew what he was doing.

  31. Happy Hawk

    Spot on assessment Rob! Assuming ( a possible reach) Wilson and the Seahawks try to work with each other for one more year to make things right Rob when do you see them selecting a QB in the draft as a possible replacement. If they do it this year would that signal the end and piss off RW? If we do select a QB in the draft who looks appealing Mond? as a possible replacement or is a FA QB better during a possible rebuild.

    • Rob Staton

      I think, if Wilson remains, even with a couple of trades they’ll struggle to justify taking a QB. They have too many holes this year.

  32. DC

    Yet another high profile player ‘turns’ on Pete.

    What’s going on here?

  33. STTBM

    Can’t hardly believe what Russ is doing. Can’t hardly believe that idiot Jody Allen is letting a 70 year old failing coach run one of the 5 best players in the NFL out of town. This is utter madness.

    Carrol is done. I want his ass fired so bad I can taste it. I’m so sick of his bad trades, worse panic-driven drafts, horrid clock management and pathetic propping up of the defense by ruining the offense.

    He’s not Bellicheat. He’s old. He’s micromanaging every aspect of the team. He’s pissed away a kings ransom for a safety who doesn’t fit his scheme, and refused to fire the DC who is dumber than a bag of hammers.

    I’ve loved Seattle since I was six years old in 1983. Some of my earliest memories are of my father cheering and groaning over the Seahawks. But after 8 years of crappy drafts…if Carroloses RW, I’m going to have to drop this team and try to become a fan of his new team. Because it’s clear to me Carrol is washed up and there is no accountability for him.

    Keep in mind I watched every goddamned game the year we went 2-14, and proudly wore my Seahawks T-shirt every Monday to class no matter how bad Ken Behring and the team sucked.

    But losing Russ will be the end for me.

    • Tomas

      Well said, I couldn’t agree more. Buy Pete out and retire him with honor -like now.

    • God of Thunder

      I don’t disagree with much … but RW isn’t top five talent in the league. He’s not even top five at his position. And I say as someone who likes what he brings to a team.

  34. TheOtherJordan

    Great post Rob. Enjoyed reading it. You continue to be the best Seahawks source by far.

    • Rob Staton


    • DC

      If we actually end up losing our Wilson then the QB I’d hope for is BYU’s Zach Wilson.

      • BobbyK

        Yes. Definitely would need a replacement.

        There are two teams in the NFL. One have QBs, the others don’t. The teams who don’t, for the most part, suck. Like the Bears – they actually have a somewhat decent team but the most important position in pro sports sucks for them. The Colts have a chance to be legit Super Bowl contenders, but they won’t with the clown show at QB, whether someone who isn’t good or someone who’s 593 years old. I can’t handle going back to Jeff Kemp, Trent Dilfer, Dan McGwire, Rick Mirer, John Friez, etc.

        • DC

          Kelly Stouffer, Gale Gilbert, Stan Gelbaugh, Jon Kitna & on & on. Been there, done that, no thank you.

          What this means to me is that trading Russ in 2021absolutely requires the #2 pick in this year’s draft as it’s foundation. That would guarantee that we can select Zack Wilson. It also means that our trading partner has got to be the New York Jets.

          Sell it to Ciara first & let Russ envision the brightest lights of the Big Apple blazing down on him. There is no bigger stage. The Jets have work to do but that’s part of the challenge. They have decent young OTs. The rest is up to him. If he wants out that bad, sell this as THE option.

          The Jets have #2, #23, #34, #66, #87 plus 5 more later round picks in the 2021 draft. They may also move Darnold & gain something there. They have 2 1sts 2022. I would be looking for the largest return in league history by a large margin considering the player involved. As an absolute minimal starting point we would have to get back the Jets #2 & #23 this year, our 2022 1st rounder & another 2nd & 3rd round pick. I would ask for the moon (& we already gave them half of it).

          This isn’t what I want but if we’re going down this path then the FO can absolutely, positively, under no circumstances F this up & return us to QB purgatory. No sir! A Wilson for a Wilson. That’s still a huge risk for us. Eat the cap hit, let go of our last championship remnants & move on with a new, young & hungry crew. Crazy times get crazier.

  35. JLemere

    I wonder how much frustration is going on in PC’s mind for not being able to trade RW two years ago.

    • TomLPDX

      Can we trade Pete??? Sorry, just at the point where I don’t care anymore…

      • STTBM

        We’d have to give up picks and cash to get anyone to take Pete…

        • Big Mike

          But he traded all our picks for the 52nd ranked Safety so we don’t have any. Great thought though

    • dcd2

      Knowing where the road has led, I bet there is some frustration on both sides.

  36. DAWGfan

    Your absolutely right Rob, that might be a reality check for him. If Seattle said give us a list of 5 to 7 teams you are amicable to be traded to and you have to rework to make it possible, you won’t lose $ but it’s not possible this year otherwise. Team needs to make the call not let the player dictate the terns.

    • DAWGfan

      Sorry, this was supposed to be below the thread above about his contract.

    • Simo

      Do you, or anyone else, know what a rework of Russ’ contract would look like so a trade could be facilitated and the Hawks wouldn’t be stuck with an enormous dead cap hit?

      As things currently sit, any team that trades for him this year gets a pretty good bargain at approximately $26m/yr for a pro-bowl QB in his prime!

      I just can’t see this type of trade happening without reducing that terrible dead cap hit!

      • DAWGfan

        It would likely have to be an extension which would be even more difficult to work out since RW would have to totally sign off. He would forego becoming a FA in a few years to capitalize on what would likely be a much higher cap range.

  37. Roy Batty

    It is fun to peruse some of the other Seahawk blogs and marvel at the absolute denial going on. So many writers and fans vehemently arguing that they will not be trading Russ.

    To me, the writing was on the wall the day after Pete pulled the plug on the passing game. Everyone was wondering if Russ’s crappy, sub-standard play was a result of an injury. All I could see was a dejected player sporting a new, tight leash. When you are, quite literally burning up the record books with your performance and your coach shuts you down after a couple of bad games, that can be pretty damned stressful. Especially every game day when you know what you want is the absolute opposite from the guy who controls every single facet of your career. Frankly I would have loved for Russ to audible the crap out of every game, once Pete pulled the plug. But, that ship has sailed and sunk.

    Russ is gone. There is no way this gets any better. Too much has been said. Too much has been unsaid. He will willingly restructure his deal, allow the team to take a much smaller cap hit in 2021, and become a Dolphin. In return I think the Hawks will get at least 3 firsts and multiple day two and threes, or Tua in lieu of a few picks.

    I have zero faith in Pete (and let’s not even take anyone else into consideration since Pete is in complete charge) will bend to Russ’s demands. Russ knows it and that is why we are all talking about this and the relevant parties are not.

  38. Denver Hawker

    We’d be naive at this point to believe or suggest that a trade is not a possibility.

    We’d also be naive to believe or suggest that a trade will result in a better QB than Russ. So, a trade would need to offer a competent QB, AND cap room, AND talent (either in players or draft capital).

    The goals are:
    1) Be in position to win the SB
    2) Stay under the cap.
    3) That’s it.

    We all can agree the team as constructed is not capable of winning a SB and needs improvement. This is surely something Peter and Russ can agree on. Regardless of who the QB is, these positions need upgrading: LG, C, CB, and RB.

    My criteria for a QB has more to do with locker room leadership than outright talent. Preferably it’s both. Wilson, in my mind, only demonstrates the latter. It appears that the draft may have several players that meet the former. However, they’ll be young, and will take years to establish the respect of any veteran players so maturity is important. Waldron is an x-factor here and could potentially maximize a QB with lesser physical traits.

    In terms of veteran QBs, I really struggle to identify any potential trades that could produce a SB winning QB. Carr, Wentz, Darnold, Tua, Lock, really?!? No thanks.

    Which leads me to the conclusion that any trade needs to involve a combination of improved cap space, talent, and draft capital. To the latter, sufficient to draft a QB in the first round. Ideally, it’d be Lawrence, but there are others that could work out with the right support.

    If it doesn’t, we’re better off finding ways to support Russ better. Trade Adams, Wags, etc. sign O-line, 3rd WR.

    I suspect we’ll keep Russ because the alternatives do not provide a clear path to achieving the aforementioned goals.

    • Scot04

      Trade is definitely a possibility. That’s why we need to trade Wagner for a low 2nd or 3rd if possible. And hopefully a 1st for Adams or for a player (Brown)
      The one thing Rob mentioned in his offseason plan was to pick a number for Adams and stick to it. Lets say that number is 16M for the Seahawks and he actually agrees to it.
      I’d rather just trade him. Because if he accepted That’s 16M in a safety we really don’t need.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup. Can the OL be a bit better? Sure. Does Russ need to learn what a checkdown is? Yes.

    • dcd2

      Yikes. Those are some bad ones. The last VS the Giants, he has a pocket and a WR open by 15 yards in any direction for a 20 yard gain. Instead takes the sack for a loss of 15.

    • Mike

      This is what has been my thought. He has always been a QB with certain handicaps that tall QBs don’t have. He also had strengths, such as agility, to counteract that. His ability to be agile is only going to keep declining.

      His in-pocket performance this year really left a lot to be desired. He got sacked plenty with open receivers. How many times did he only stare at one guy and not even look at the other side of the field? He talks about how much he see’s the field better, but it appeared that he started to see the field worse.

  39. GerryG

    I don’t like any of this, but I can’t really blame Wilson. A lot us posting here have been completely wtf over almost every draft since 2013, and last year’s off season. They’ve gone bargain hunting on the OL for years, and somehow thought they could move on from premium DL talent (Clark) with journeyman and so-so youngsters.

    They have drafted some really good players since 2015: Clark, Lockett, DK, D Lewis. That’s it. Carson is a steal, but can’t stay on the field.

    They’ve constantly traded away draft picks, including late rd picks for position-less TE and slot WR who hasn’t caught a ball. Both could have UFA signings.

    • dcd2

      Agree. I always like this idea of moving up a round by dealing a 5th for a next years 4th. Instead, we seem to be the ones consistently leveraging ‘next years’ draft picks, and rarely to any benefit.

      The other thing we’ve done a poor job of recently is acquiring comp picks. Year after year, we are coming up empty with comp picks. In 2016 we had a chance at 4 comp picks, due to players leaving and got none. In 2017 we got two and took Shaq and Lano. Nothing the last two drafts, and nothing for 2021. Fant would have been a 4th and Jefferson would have been a 5th.

      2019 we lost Jimmy Graham, Sheldon Richardson and Paul Richardson. Those would have been 4th rounders, but we offset with the likes of Ed Dickson, Shamar Stephen, Jaron Brown and Barkevious Mingo.

      You can’t get comp picks every year, but their awkward approach of attacking tier 3 talent early in FA, then waiting for value later on sabotages any chance at comp picks of late.

      • GerryG

        Agreed. It’s not like comp picks are the key to roster building, but there is a cost-benefits analysis that needs to take place. Potentially this goes back spending draft picks in trades. They feel they need to sign a vet to fill a roster spot (instead of getting the comp pick in a year) because they dont have enough picks to fill out the roster. Then that snowballs into trading down to acquire more picks instead of taking best player available. Regardless of one’s opinion on this roster building philosophy, what cant really be argued is that the net result is not enough talent to be a true contender.

  40. Brik

    Another random thought. Maybe the problem with our drafting the last however many years has to do with all the attitude problems our star players had. Bad break ups with people like Earl Thomas and some other aging stars. Maybe Carrol/Schneider are choosing attitudes over talent right now. Results aren’t so great.

  41. Ashish

    Even I don’t like to think Russ will/can/should be traded but I like the conversation. This will definitely create some heat and force Pete to rethink. Pete got his fair chance to win SB now its Russ chance. I hope someone convince Pete situation is lot different now when your franchise QB is not same page.

  42. All I see is 12s

    Rob, thank you once again for the great article and posting the podcast. One thing, and this really is trivial. I don’t know if anyone else had ever thought this, but I always thought that Kenny Meyers Twitter photo was actually a photo of Kenny Powers the old HBO show about the minor-league pitcher. Amazing how a zoom chat can you get me good and corrected. LOL

    One other thought, while I don’t agree with the way he’s going about it, in some ways I feel like Wilson is delivering the message to the front office that many dedicated fans have been screaming for years. The frustration after last year’s off-season and the season that followed is boiling over and I feel like Wilson is in his own way championing our cause.

  43. UkAlex6674

    One thing for sure, if Russ stays and they get the decent O line help he is wanting to go with the OC he allegedly had his input in, then he had better ball out next season. There will be no excuses for him. He will have everything he wants.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s nice that the national media have caught up on a brewing situation we were anticipating and discussing in December…

      • SonGoku

        Rob, how do you think this will continue? Will they be able to come together or is a parting inevitable?

        • Rob Staton

          It remains to be seen.

        • Sea Mode

          I think they will get over it just like last season and pin their hopes on things getting better with Waldron and the revamped offense hopefully reconciling Pete’s vision for the offense with Russ’ ambition.

          Honestly, they don’t have much choice IMO. Russ would have to go full nuclear, NBA style, as well agree to tear up his existing contract to make the dead money manageable for the Hawks, and the trade offer would have to be MASSIVE, including a track to a top 3 pick this year (and he would have to like one of those teams), in order to make the risk of moving on to an unproven or reclamation QB worth taking a shot. And the rookie QB would be under constant pressure to be able to replicate the winning that Russ has been able to deliver, at times dragging the team almost single-handedly.

          And what would the fallout be with the players like Duane Brown, DK, or other potential veterans who you can recruit because of your star QB? Are the players really going to rally under Pete or are they going to side with their fellow player and hold that Pete made the wrong decision? I think the answer is clear…

          • Roy Batty

            I’m sure there will be fewer vets wanting to sign with Seattle. However, the list of those who did sign in years past is not exactly huge and filled with top talent. Duane Brown? Sure, but all the other aging, past their prime players have done nothing to create a top tier team. It’s hard to entice anyone truly notable if you can’t pay them because you have so much money tied up in the very QB that they supposedly wanted to play with.

            In the end I believe Pete will revert back to building a dominant defense and a clock management offense. After trading Russ he will pour the majority of the team’s draft picks and cap space into the D and go after good value on the O.

            • BobbyK

              That’s so overrated (players wanting to play somewhere). 95% of the time the players go where they get the most money.

              • Sea Mode

                If there is a big difference between the offers, of course they go for the money. But if the offers are close, scheme fit, location, familiarity with coaches, and playing on contenders makes a big difference, especially for guys near the end of their careers looking to chase a ring.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  There are lots of veterans who want to play for a super bowl team, even if it is for a little less. Not everyone is a star, they just want to be on a team that is skyrocketing and pick up a reasonable salary. Every year you hear about players like Antonio Brown. He chose that team as much as they chose him.

  44. GoHawksDani

    Accountability is great.
    Accountability by the QB is not so much.

    Will Russ bang the table for a CB? Or a DE?
    He might…but if he has to choose to upgrade RT over CB what would he choose?
    He cannot and won’t be objective.

    And consulting him for the draft is nice and good. But letting him basically choose players wouldn’t work. He’s no scout, no GM, no OC, no HC. Ask his opinion, ask him to give you the 10 guys who might be available in your range and think are the best. If you’re torn between 2-3 guys, ask him which one would he prefer.
    But he cannot say he wants OL or WR in R2. He might not see the big picture

    And taking this to the media is just disgusting. He tosses players and coaches under the bus along the way. He could’ve go to PCJS and told them, that he wants to be consulted in decisions….if things stay the same, he might want out. Maybe he did that, maybe didn’t. He had his say in OC appointment. He didn’t become empowered, but power went into his head. He demands stuff…he demands everything.

    Is he right? Maybe…in some cases likely. But that’s not how you behave as a leader, as a teammate, as a “good man”.

    I’m a bit fed up with him…if someone is willing to give good compensation, I’m down, ship him out of SEA.
    I’d be fine with these scenarios:
    1, a top5 pick this year, R1 next year, early R2 this year, R2 next R3 next and a player (CB/DE/DT/OG/C/RB) – 2x R1, 2x R2, 1x R3 and a good (not necessarily elite) player
    2, mid-late R1, next year’s and the year after that R1, next year R2, 2x R3 from some year – 3xR1, 1x R2, 2xR3
    3, good/elite players for positions we need – 3 players and some picks (1x R1 next year, R3 this year or something like that), OR 4-5 good players and a pick (R2 next year or similar), OR 2 players and some picks (R1 this year and R2 next or R3 this year R2 and R3 next or similar). For positions: CB, OG, OT, OC, DT, DE, RB, QB are the most interesting

    • BobbyK

      He’s no scout or GM. But do we have any scouts good at talent evaluations anymore? He couldn’t be worse than drafting Malik, Ethan Pocic (of zero strength), LJ Collier, Blair, Ifedi. The hit on DK is almost laughable because those idiots thought that Collier and Blair were better than DK. What’s Gary Jennings up to these days? The talented Seahawks scouts probably don’t even know.

      • GoHawksDani

        I agree mostly with you…but just to be the devil’s advocate.
        They picked Damien Lewis in R3. He’s a pure iOL, so the ceiling for draft position would be mid-late R1 likely. He’s not the best, but he’s definitely better than R3 (probably early-mid R2), so he’s a steal.
        They did not play Alton Robinson much, but he flashed pretty great motor and upside. He won’t be an absolute top3 DE, but he’s definitely better than R5, I think he could become a player who’d everyone be happy to draft in late R2-R3. Another potential steal.
        Swain is R6. He’s statline is 13/159 and 2 TD as a rookie. Not fancy, and definitely personel/scheme is also in these stats, but not awful for an R6 rookie. He could become a WR3 or WR4. Not a written-in-stone starter, but he could be a talent more likely go in R4. Wouldn’t call him steal, but he’s worth the R6 for sure.

        Last year DK in late R2. He’s a top20 pick. That’s a steal for sure. Not much beside of him, 2019 sucked

        I’m torn with Dissly. I feel he’d have upside, but he just doesn’t really work now. Is it the injuries? Scheme? Russ? But if they work him in the rotation, he has the ability to catch and a good blocker, so I think better than an R4 TE. Not by much, but late R2 or R3.
        Dickson is a punter, so not sure how much higher he could’ve been drafted, but he’s better than R5 for sure
        Jacob Martin was traded, and I think that was a mistake. Not a plain fix starter, but tbh he wouldn’t be much-much-much worse than Adams. They basically both rush LBs (lol), so in R6 he’s a find, he could’ve been drafted in R4 based on some talent

        In 2017 David Moore was selected in R7. He’s not a great WR, but as a WR4 he would be solid. Based on talent he could’ve been selected around R4. Carson was also selected in R7. He’s not a workhorse, he had injuries, some fumbling problems in ’19…but man…the way he runs…I love Marshawn and he’s the beast, but Carson is just vicious…If he’d be durable, and you could count on him to run even 30-40 attempts if you’d need that he could be even better than Lynch…Big words, but this dude is a battering ram…sad he can’t stay on the field. But he’s definitely better than R7 (I’d put him in R3)

        In ’16 they selected Reed in R2…well…not sure how good he is…If he’s on a good line, he can deliver 8-11 sacks I think. Put him on the SF line, and he could be a game wrecker. But he can’t consistently beat double teams and cannot beat triple teams at all. So R2 is about right, but late R1 could be OK also for him in my opinion.

        2015 was a good year.
        Clark in R2 while he’s a mid R1 talent in my eyes.
        Lockett in R3 and he could be a late R1 WR

        So yeah…not much happened and they cannot deliver stars in every year…heck not even a starter in early rounds in some years. But sometimes they hit it well.
        It’s probably on PC or JS. I think the scouts work well as I guess they have more saying in later round picks and they make steal picks in R5-R7…
        Reality is it is really-really hard to get a star in R2-R3. And they traded back a lot, and even when they didn’t go out of R1, they select at the very end.

        They made mistakes, and their medical team also made mistakes recently in draft and in FA.
        But we cannot expect them to draft like they did in 2010-2013. In those period they picked 28 guys in the draft. From that 28 guys 14 were/are clear starters (maybe not first choice but even Okung, Sweezy, Carpenter, Malcolm Smith and Turbin were able to find jobs in 2020 or at least 2019). 5 potential HoFers (Kam, Sherm, Russ, BWagz, ETIII). That is not normal, those years were outliers.
        Probably insider info, ton of luck.

        If they’d have a pick in every rounds, I’d be happy if in 3 years we’d have these kind of players:
        1 potential HoFer or at least elite guy for his position
        5 solid starters
        3 rotational guys/potential starters for the future (after 2-3 years)
        3 rotational or backup guys

        I think they need to re-focus, clear out some mess in the medical, scouting, positional guys, and they’ll be able to bring that.

        As for Russ…he’s biased (to passing and mostly to the offense). And he wanted Olsen which was a bad decision…so I’m not sure he’d be better.
        But I agree that they should listen more to the players.
        Not just Russ but the better players, the leaders.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I agree that their drafting last year was better than normal. Some might argue that great linebackers can be found in the 2-3 rounds, but Brooks did start and played well. Lewis started and played well. Later round picks like Robinson look promising.

          It was only the injured 2nd round pick Darrell Taylor that I would count against their drafting effort. Dee Jay Dallas is probably another swing and a miss.

          But the free agent drafting was terrible. Between spending $50 million and all the draft picks for Adams. If I were the owner I would have been pissed at them for that.

  45. Trevor

    Has any player in the history of professional sports ever talked about his own legacy more than Russ. From the very beginning he has been discussing “his” legacy. At first I thought it was kind of cool and he is clearly driven and a hard worker. That has to get old with teammates and come across as selfish after a while.

    This going to sound silly because Draft Day was spectacularly awful but every time I think of Russ now I think of Kevin Costner talking about Bo Callahan and how the star QB had a birthday party and none of his team mates showed up. I can picture that with Russ, Ciara, a bunch of celebrities taking selfies and posting on social media.

    This past week has only amplified that feeling as he threw the OL under the bus. Russ is talented, an incredibly hard worker, tough and durable but clearly he is not a leader of men. As the leader of the team they have won nothing and been average. Not only that they have gone from being the bullies to being viewed as soft. Time to move on and rebuild unless you want another 5 years of frustration, drama and mediocrity.

    Oh and JS needs to revamp the scouting staff and proces because they have been awful for 5 years as well.

    • Jordan E

      The one thing that riles me up about all of this is that Wilson – Unlike Brady or Brees – demanded to be the highest paid at his position. He got his millions and put the Seahawks in a hole. Remember we chose him over beast mode and L.O.B. Coaches wanted the Golden Boy to be the hero- hence why they threw it at the SB.

      Now this guy is whining about how we can’t surround him with better talent. If this guy truly thought about winning a SB he wouldn’t let his ego get in the way and demand to be paid so much. Brady, especially has consistently taken less because he understands that you need to pay other players especially as they are not as popular as you.

      A true leader and winner would not demand to be highest paid to comfort their fragile ego. Russ is at fault as much as the Hawks for harming his own career. If hes serious about legacy he should take a page out of Bradys book and take a salary cut. Wilson looking hella selfish right now.

      • BobbyK

        I thought we already established the fact that these idiots in charge of the team can blow $50 million and it doesn’t matter. Say Russ gives back a few million? Anyone here think they can actually put that money to good use? Maybe they’ll just use it all on a backup TE who never hardly plays. Makes no sense.

        • Jordan E

          Name me a team with a 30+ million salary cap hit that won the SB. Mahomes doesn’t count because last year he was on his rookie contract.

          • Scot04

            I think that’s the point bobby is making. Russ could be making 15M, but if team doesn’t use the money correctly it doesn’t matter. Last offseason they blew 50M. So Russell’s salary is irrelevant.

            • Sea Mode

              That’s like the people saying, “we suck at drafting in R1, so we don’t need our R1 pick”. The solution is not to have less money or picks, it’s to use them better.

            • Jordan E

              I disagree. Yes money should be used correctly; and in the modern QB area no QB making huge money like that has been a good investment (if the goal is to a win a SB versus making it to playoffs).

          • BobbyK

            Do you realize that QBs making over $30 million hasn’t been a thing for very long, right? Remember just a few years ago when Derek Carr became the highest paid QB in the NFL at $25 million? Of course Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Ben Rapistberger, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees never made $30 million per year. By that logic, why hasn’t Brees been to a Super Bowl when he’s been making much less than Wilson the last few years. Saints sure used that money to get them to the Super Bowl. Or not.

            • Jordan E

              Arguably the Saints could have gone if there wasn’t that blown call by the Rams and then the Minneapolis miracle.

              The Hawks did pull the trigger on bigger name free agents with Avril, Bennett, Sidney Rice, Zach Miller when Russ was on his cheaper deal. It could also be easily argued that the Hawks have been even cheaper because their cap space is so limited with Russ’s gigantic salary.

              The main premise of my argument is that Russ got his millions and was the highest paid in the league. If his main goal was really winning a SB he should have taken a paycut like what Tom Brady has done.

        • dcd2

          We can’t know that. If they had an extra $10-$15M, maybe they get Conklin instead of Shell. Maybe they get Fowler instead of Mayowa.

          I think it’s a moot point though, because I don’t think RW would take less.

    • Mike


      Guys before him: Brady, Rodgers, Manning, Brees, Roethlisberger..

      Guys after him: Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, Watson, Murray, and more to come..

      Does he think he is standing out compared to the other QBs of his era? He isn’t. He wants to be the greatest ever, but I don’t see that happening. Mahomes just basically lost that challenge, cause Brady got another one. Brady will have been THE QB of the past decade+. Rodgers will be the one that is seen as the challenger of that era.

      Mahomes will be THE QB of future decades. The challenger is up in the air, but I’m not confident Russ will be it.

  46. L80

    Every year we go over all the possible players in the draft and even F.A. for months on end here. Only to have the team pick someone that leave us all going….WHO ?????…..Every year, every draft…..They leave Chubb for Penney…..they pick McDowell over Watt……One could go on forever.

    If you looked at the team as a roller coaster ride and the SB is the crest of the highest drop, then the ride has definitely hit the last section of track.

    Another aspect is RW himself has contributed to the downfall of the team simply by his salary, which we all know is “the going rate” for the position, this for a guy who can’t take what the defense gives him. Brady has won 7 SB’s throwing mostly short passes, Wilson seems immune to doing it or becoming good at it.

    It’s kinda like when a power pitcher loses velocity on his fastball, time to develop a nasty slider. Take what you are given. I’m afraid the ship has sailed.

    • Trevor

      The Chubb/ Penny and McDowell /Watt picks if reversed certainly would make for a different looking roster. The Hawks have been dreadful with their early picks for 6-7 years now. I don’t think they have ever picked up a 5th round option on a 1st round pick in the PC/ JS era. That speaks volumes.

      • BobbyK

        Long live Christine Michael!

    • Big Mike

      I think some of the lack of short passes is on him but some is on Pete wanting the big play and/or his OCs not designing the offense or game plans to include some of that. Re-watch the Super Bowl v. Denver if you have the Blu-Ray/DVD. He threw a bunch of stuff over the middle.

  47. SonGoku


    • Rob Staton

      I think people only noticed that Dan Patrick line because I tweeted it out!

      • SonGoku

        Yeah, have also seen it a few times, everybody is reposting it

      • Scot04

        I must admit i somehow missed it until u posted it Rob. Thanks fthat by the way.

    • Denver Hawker

      “Russell Wilson’s been doing interviews for a decade and he’s never said anything interesting”. Truth.

      I hear a lot of hawk fans grumbling this is all the usual offseason stuff, nothing to see here.

      It’s different this time.

      • Whit21

        Yeah, you’re right about that.. i remember back with the playoff game against dallas and the lady was interviewing Dak and Russ.. She already knew he was gonna say some rah rah generic stuff and basically was like… ok russ whats ur take.. u have anything…. new.. whereas dak was a bit more unique and far less clichés..

  48. Rob Staton

    Brandon Marshall is basically telling you what the problem is.

    It’s philosophy.


    But Gregg Bell, who seemingly was appointed Seahawks GM this week, says everything’s overblown and he isn’t being traded….

    • Matt

      Greg Bell with a bad take? Must be a day that ends in “y.”

      How some of these guys are paid to report on this team is beyond me.

      • Huggie Hawk

        Gregg Bell does great work, he traveled during a pandemic with the Hawks, I would suggest not stooping to childish insults. Disagree with his takes all you like, but that was a cheap shot.

        • Matt

          Greg Bell is an uninspired reporter and he is also obnoxiously political. I won’t apologize for not liking your dad or uncle.

        • Rob Staton

          Gregg Bell would be doing great work if he looked into what exactly is behind all of this and shed a bit of light, instead of just repeating ‘Wilson won’t be traded’ — which he can’t possibly say. Because if Wilson requests a trade, you reach a point of no return. The two people who can’t be off-side going into a season are the Head Coach and the franchise QB. If either wants out, you can’t function. Literally any other player, you can handle it. Not the QB.

  49. Mark Quinn

    Another superb article, Rob!

    Russell’s value has never been (never will be?) higher than it currently is both inside and outside the organisation….

    If they are contemplating trading him, then now is the time to do it for maximum return… alternatively, Wilson has to DEMAND change in the both playing and team-building philosophy. Jody Allen may not be an active owner but surely she will listen to what the face of the franchise is telling her?

    I see a couple of difficult seasons ahead for the very reasons that you’ve highlighted in recent articles. I want to believe that others inside the organisation see it also.

    You are admitting defeat if you trade away your franchise quarterback – especially when it’s clear that it wasn’t part of some larger plan, but rather that your hand has been forced. It’s an admittance that something is very badly wrong.

    For that reason, I think Pete & John dig their heels in a refuse to accept the possibility of trading Russell. And I don’t think that Pete changes his approach. Consequently, we have a season in limbo at best, turmoil at worst, going backwards and ultimately, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Carroll and Wilson are gone in 2022.

  50. Salemhawk

    Hey Rob. Thanks for the great write up as always. I’m curious about what you would think about a trade involving Daniel Jones and other considerations. I remember hearing rumors about Russ and NY? I’ve been a bit of a DJ fan so it would work for me. It could also be done after June 1.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Jones played well at times in 2020 but I just can’t get excited about him in Seattle.

    • BobbyK

      Daniel Jones fumbles like Dave Krieg. No thanks to that alone.

  51. joyodongo

    “He isn’t settling and he’s trying to hold the front office to account in a way nobody else seems to be.”
    This is the key. Right now PC is the fucking boss of the Seahawks, there’s no one to hold him accountable: of horrible drafts, nonsense trades, bad game/time management, nepotism/horrible coordinators. If it’s Russ who challenges him (even though I think he’s not 100% right), it’s really welcome. Let the war begin …

    • Big Mike

      Well said my friend. Agree with everything you said (including “he’s not 1000% right”).

  52. dand393

    Hey Rob if the Seahawks did go and trade Wilson would you still want to trade Adams or do you think keeping him and trying to build defence is best option and also I wonder if Adams would even want to sign with Seattle if Wilson is gone

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure. I still don’t think Adams is a great scheme fit.

      • cha

        Corbin Smith did a quick youtube ‘offseason plan for the defense’ and mentioned that ‘some are talking about trading Jamal Adams.’

        I don’t think there is anyone else talking about it. So SDB is helping shape some of the conversation out there.

        • Ashish

          I will like to see Adams traded for both draft picks + cap and Bobby for cap and getting some help with draft. Sign good offensive line, resign Dunlap and one more blue chip player on DE may be 1 or 2 year deal. We have seen even Mahomes needs decent OLine 🙂

          • Roy Batty

            If they kept Adams they would really need to stay in a Big Nickel scheme the majority of the time. Three safeties, with Blair healthy. Otherwise Adams is going to be killed in coverage again.

            • cha

              That’s the dilemma. They don’t know what they are on offense OR defense at the moment.

              Pick a style and commit to it.

              • Big Mike

                Is it just me (it’s not) or would you think that a coach that’s been around as long as Pete Carroll would/should know this?

                • Roy Batty

                  And, that right there, is the gun barrel Russell Wilson is staring down for his 10th season. Either the man who controls everything is going to revert back to a ball control, boring offense, or he is going to invest in a defensive juggernaut, while Russ can only sit back and hope the gun misfires so he can exit looking the hero.

  53. Frank

    There is a tone in the article that assumes Russell Wilson input into the decision making process would be a good thing, based on absolutely nothing. We can all look at the tremendous success former great players have had in Rooster construction, Jordon, Millan. Robs pretty good at this type of stuff, and doubt he’s ever played a full pad game of football. The best players don’t just make the best talent evaluators, or GMs. We shipped off basically the best team ever assembled, to fit his contract and need to be the focal point of the locker room and team, and that’s fine if you want to be a good but not great every year. Nobody seems to want to register how many of the problems in Seattle have came down to Wilson, from Cap, to Chemistry, to causing much of the pressure on the oline, to playing like crap in the playoffs every year. We all know good not great QB can catch a free ride to a Championship ala Manning or Brady, and I’m sure RW is looking for a stacked Roster to pad his HOF credentials. There are other problems to be sure, but RW wanting input isn’t a good news situation, his input disassembled the legion of Boom, cost us a Super Bowl win against the Pats, and has made Roster construction a nightmare. He’s pretty good at football, and would be missed on Sundays but at some point enough has to be enough of this 💩.

    • Osprey

      Didn’t we already see Russ’ 7 million dollar contribution to roster management?
      239 yds & 1TD 😭

  54. cha

    FWIW, Russ’ $19m 2021 base salary becomes guaranteed tomorrow per his contract.

    • Henry Taylor

      It would still be paid by the team he’s traded to rather than the Seahawks right? If he was to be traded that is

      • cha


  55. SeaTown

    I keep wondering how things would be playing out if Paul Allen were still alive.

  56. Happy Hawk

    Went back and watched Zach Wilson in his biggest game of the year v Coastal Carolina – basically a playoff qualifying game for BYU. IMO he looked horrible, anxious in the pocket, poor reads and seemed rattled by the stage. 19-30 240 yards (1) INT and (1) Td. Byu lost 22-17. One game does not a career make but if we are floating a Z Wilson in place of R Wilson foe the next 5-8 years…very skeptical.

    • icb12

      I think it’s reasonable to have doubts about Zach Wilson.

      But personally I’d base it on the body of work and not just that one game.

      You do realize that they agreed to that game on Thursday and played it on Saturday? And that Zach Wilson was 3′ away from winning that game in the last 7 seconds? 3 feet from leading a game winning 91 yard drive in 55 seconds?
      The INT was a hail mary where wilson throws the ball 60 yards in the air to the goal line with no time left on the clock in the half?

      Like I said, reasonable to have skepticism, but I wouldn’t be basing it on that performance. If that’s his worst performance.. throwing an INT on hail mary with no time left and very very nearly leading a game winning drive the length of the field in less than a minute. I could probably live with that.

  57. TomLPDX

    Interesting discussion by Florio and Simms:


  58. Scot04

    I just know if i have a choice between having Wagner & Adams vrs a Top Guard, Center, and keeping Wilson. It’s a pretty easy decision.
    If they decided to trade Wilson they should still trade Wagner and Adams. Build up the trenches regardless. Rob’s plan works either way. Only thing that would alter Rob’s plan is if Adams did take the Seahawks offer. Lets say they put limit at 17M for 5 years and he signs.
    I’d prefer just trading him.

  59. GerryG

    Maybe this was discussed and I missed it, but is it even possible to rework the contract to address the dead $?

    • cha

      Yes, there are ways to make it happen.

      For instance, Carlos Dunlap converted $3m of his 2020 salary to a 2021 roster bonus to facilitate the trade to Seattle.

      • line_hawk

        That’s apples to oranges. A player can help his future team by converting salary to bonus, thus pushing his cap hit to future years. But, the hit to his past team can only be pushed forward to next year (by having the trade consummate after June 1). So half the dead money is this year and half next year.

      • GerryG

        Yes, but I think this would require moving a signing bonus into salary, since I believe this is where the dead money is tied up. At which point you would think Russell would technically have to repay the Seahawks. The money then would get reworked into the contract in terms of salary, roster bonus etc. We have never seen anything like this done, is it even allowed under the CBA?

        • cha

          I’m going to guess

          1) that’s not allowable under the CBA and
          2) there’s no way Russ will PAY to facilitate a trade. He’ll rearrange, maybe take less, but there’s no reason he should pay back money.

          The way I outlined is probably the ‘cleanest’ way to make it happen. Russ would have up to the veteran minimum available to move to a future roster bonus. Of course that means a team has to rework the next 3 seasons so they’re not hammered by a huge cap hit but that’s on them.

          • Sea Mode

            Well, the base salary he can re-work to bonus is $19m (minus vet min., negligible). But you have to spread that out anyways over the three remaining years and it all just accelerates back to this year anyways if you trade him (pre June 1). So it’s $39m either way. I believe he would have to tear up the current deal completely in order to lower the dead cap hit for the Seahawks in any way.

            There was one interesting theory floated, though I’m not sure it would even be allowed, that they trade him on a handshake deal now, but only do the paperwork post June 1 so that they can spread out the dead cap over the next two years. I’m fairly certain it would get nixed by the league, but who knows. Maybe no one has ever tried it…

            • cha

              No you’re thinking of signing bonus.

              Roster bonus is different and movable.

              • Sea Mode

                ok, thanks, I’ll have to brush up on the difference between those two.

          • John_s


            • cha

              If anyone can get greased up like a pig to slide out of a tough spot, it’s the Eagles.

              I imagine the NFLPA would have some things to say about Wentz forking over half of his bonus money to escape a bad contract.

              Not to mention Wentz’ accountant having a stroke for the tax implications alone.

      • cha

        You know what, scrap that. I was wrong. Dunlap adjusted his cap hit for Seattle, not for Cincinnati.

        There is a $39m dead cap hit either way, because that is RW signing bonus $.

        So unless there’s some screwball CBA loophole, it’ll probably be that hit if he’s traded before June 1.

        • line_hawk

          May be both parties agree to void the current deal, and replace it with a new deal with zero signing bonus & the money RW gave up converted to a first year roster bonus for the new team to pay. Simultaneously, he gets traded. So, in theory RW has to pay the Hawks his past signing bonus back but the money comes from the new team’s bank account instead or RW’s. Basically, the Hawks get money back, RW gives up his old signing bonus & the new team pays him the same money as a roster bonus. Not sure if the league will allow any workarounds but lowering his hit for the Hawks would have to be unprecedented.

    • Scot04

      I believe Rob said Wilson would need to do something with his contract if he really wants to be traded. So I’m guessing yes

    • line_hawk

      It’s not possible unless Wilson gives his signing bonus money back to the Hawks which would be unprecedented. Most people don’t understand how contracts work.

    • Simo

      This is the same question I would like answered. It’s just not realistic (regardless of what RW wants) to trade him and take on such a huge dead cap hit, especially in a year where the overall cap is likely reducing by $15m!

      I’m not sure how you rework his deal to make a trade more manageable. Right now any team that trades for him gets a nice bargain at around $26m/yr for a pro-bowl QB in his prime. The Hawks have already paid the signing bonus and will incur cap hits for the bonus for the rest of his contract.

  60. SonGoku

    What do we make of the Shane Waldron hire now?
    Few days back, most people thought his signing was a sign of PC and RW coming together, now you read RW was lukewarm with him, but he isn’t the classic PC guy either.

    • dcd2

      My guess: Pete wanted a diesel truck, Russ wanted a Ferrari and they got a SUV.

      • icb12

        Or maybe they got an Audi R8 v12 TDI….

        Guess we will find out.

  61. Scot04

    The Seahawks need to find out is this something that can be fixed with Russell if we do something similar to Rob’s offseason plan; or does Russ simply want out.
    That has now become the #1 thing that needs to be figured out.

  62. Sea Mode

    I’m going to push back a little bit on Brandon Marshall saying that Russell Wilson “got Pete his extension” when they were 6-2. Nah, that was coming anyways pretty much regardless of their record.

    And now he doesn’t “repay” Russ by “believing he can drop back 40 times and be successful”.
    Come on… It has nothing to do IMO with believing or not in Russ’ talent and everything to do with Pete’s philosophy and the kind of football he wants to play, running the ball down their throats and taking care of the ball to win the turnover battle.

    Russ wants to win and put up gaudy numbers doing it, even if that means risking a few more turnovers. Pete wants to win by not risking those turnovers nor caring about putting up numbers. Russ wants to win in the 1st quarter, Pete wants to win in the 4th quarter. Nothing to do with all that other stuff.

    • cha

      Agree. Also not crazy about Marshall’s reasoning that RW had all these Walter Peyton MOY interviews lined up and somehow got trapped and said something he shouldn’t have.

      C’mon man. You know better than that.

      Like the Nick said, “RW has been giving interviews and not saying anything for years.” It’s not like he was caught in an unguarded moment.

      Especially with JLC leaking that Russ is unhappy with the OL just before that. If Russ is so media savvy and didn’t want that out there, he’d scrap the interviews and go back underground until things blew over.

      • Denver Hawker

        I rewatched the DP show. I don’t think Russ intended to use that platform to say what he ended up saying. DP pressed him HARD. Russ even squirms in his chair, looks away, and is clearly uncomfortable saying in public how he really feels.

        I’m sure that Russ and Pete have had a convo in the past 24 hours to air out the issues.

    • Mike

      Why doesn’t pete see 3 & outs as turnovers? They functionally are nearly the same thing.

  63. SonGoku

    RW3 will be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow

    • Mike

      I’m sure that will be some hard hitting journalism lol 😂.

      I should give Ellen some credit she will probably ask harder questions than the Seattle media.

      • Sea Mode

        It’s supposed to be about their new fragrance fwiw… 🙄

        • Mike

          I’m surprised it’s not about cheeseburgers cause it looks like russ has been eating a few 😂😂.

          Maybe he’s going with the James harden routine and eating his way out of town

  64. Sea Mode

    Resisting… temptation: shot… at… Pocic.


  65. Happy Hawk

    the discussion on possible landing spots continues:

    • cha

      Really? Dallas at #2?

      • Scot04

        I would think if your Seattle you would try to work out something with the Jets to get your own picks included. That 2022 could become very valuable if you trade Russ. I’d be looking at 2 1sts in 2021 and 2 1sts in 2022.
        Many assume Russ would say no to a Jets trade. I’m not so sure.
        Unsure if we could get 4 1sts from the Jets but I would ask for more and hope it ends up there.

        • BobbyK

          If they dealt him to the Jets – you’re right about the Hawks #1 in ’22 becoming quite valuable.

          Personally, I’d require the Jets to trade Becton in part of a package for Russ (a franchise stud left tackle). I think that part would be funny and ironic.

          It’d definitely take a lot more than that for me to be happy with a trade though. We’d need the Jets 1 this year, our 1, Becton, and our 1 next year… minimum.

          • BobbyK

            While they’re at it… dump Adams for a #1, too.

          • Scot04

            That’s why i proposed asking for more…
            But ending up at both their 1sts this year and both next year.
            So 4 #1 picks.
            I can’t see them trading Becton. You have to leave them some attractive assets if you expect Wilson to agree to the trade.
            Yes you still trade Wagner and Adams.

            • BobbyK

              They don’t need Becton. They have George Fant! lol

    • Brik

      I’ve made it clear that I want Derek Carr from Vegas, but looking at this list shows me that it is the best possible option in my opinion. By that I mean, we can get a QB who can win now, plus some ammunition for the draft. Keeping Russell in the division is a bad idea as well. I can see why they put Miami first though. For some reason Tua reminds me of a young Russell, but he lacks the arm strength needed for a star NFL QB. Serviceable as a point guard QB though. Seems like the kind of decision our front office would make.

      I liked Darnold out of college, but I’m not seeing it anymore. Can’t be easy with no weapons, and when you’re seeing ghosts. Would Pete feel nostalgia with the USC ties?

      I agree Dallas is a long shot, but it is possible. Partly because Russell would agree to go there. He has to sign off too. My list of teams in no particular order are Vegas, Miami, NY, Dallas

  66. Sea Mode

    New segment, led by Pelissero, but Garafolo drops the real hint at the end:


  67. Rohan Raman

    Thoughts on Joe Haden as a potentially cheap veteran option opposite DJ Reed? Ideally, it’d be Sherm b/c familiarity with scheme, but Haden has played some really good ball….mostly getting cut b/c of money.

  68. BobbyK

    Random Thought:

    If anyone says anything stupid like “Having Darrell Taylor is like having a #1 pick in the upcoming draft,” just ask them who the hell their 2nd and 3rd round picks were last year then.

    • cha

      Completely agree.

      It’s been mentioned on the airwaves and on some other sites like it’s some big windfall coming that minimizes the impact of the Adams trade.


    • Rob Staton


      • Scot04

        Lol. That sounds like something Carroll would say

  69. cha


    Cut Bobby Wagner right now.

    Excellent angle, good closing speed and great wrapup. Drives through the tackle.

    • Scot04

      Nice, no Qb gonna stiff arm her. Great take down

  70. Sea Mode

    Per Breer:

    NFC Exec 2: “The influence or perceived influence the QB position is having on decision-makers!”

    We all saw what Aaron Rodgers said after the NFC title game, and what Russell Wilson said this week, and you’d be a fool not to consider the trend there—though I think the intention of those guys (who both knew exactly what they were doing) is a little different than you might think. It’s easy to interpret it, of course, as a player shooting his way out of town. I actually think it’s more of a warning shot than that.

    Look at what Buffalo did in trading for Stefon Diggs, what the Bucs did in collecting experienced, accomplished skill players (Leonard Fournette, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown) and what the Chiefs have done for the last two or three years (Sammy Watkins, Le’Veon Bell, Mecole Hardman, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, etc.) All acted with a sense of urgency, and Josh Allen, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes reaped the rewards.

    I really think this is what Rodgers and Wilson were getting at, in basically instructing their teams to build with more urgency. Whether or not listening is a great idea for those teams is a fair question. But I feel very comfortable saying that this is where these guys are coming from. So it’ll be interesting to see where both guys stand, and what their teams have done, a couple months from now.


    He also thinks the lack of the Combine feeling out the top of the market for FA will lead to a lot of 1-year, prove-it deals. Interesting.

  71. Matty

    I luv watching great defences, Superbowl was a pointer.
    I also like RW is pushing and challenging the front office, the owner needs to understand that they are the critical edge for coaches and GM s and not the qb to have to go public and risk being the whistleblower/stirrer to make change.
    JS and PC are defo going to have to earn their money this off season and if they ‘fall flat on their faces’ in their choices/change, surely everything will be tense next season.
    Big challenges ahead, hope The Hawks get it right

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