An interview with the Senior Bowl’s Jim Nagy

Time for one of my favourite conversations of the year — an interview with Reese’s Senior Bowl Executive Director Jim Nagy. We discuss numerous players attending Mobile this year in a 30 minute conversation.

Check it out and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Tomorrow I’m hosting a live stream with Jeff Simmons at 2pm PT.

The interview with Jim is also available via ‘The Rebuild’ podcast streams.


  1. Steve Nelsen


    I love your stuff with Jim every year.

    Would you be willing to do a “Front 7 Rebuild” article to help frame Seattle’s draft/FA needs? How are the positional roles different from the 4-3 that we have all become very familiar with.

    Last year was Year One in a new 3-4 scheme and so it was a reasonable plan for the team to start by seeing which current players could capably transition to fill roles in the new scheme. I think we all agree that the overall results were poor. This feels more like an overhaul than a tune-up and I think Pete’s presser shows that his assessment is similar.

    I respect your player assessment insights very much. I’m curious about how you are adjusting your evaluations for team fit in light of the new scheme. I think you could help lead all of us through this paradigm shift.

    For instance, I was told, “If your ends can’t set the edge, your run defense is screwed.” That really hit home for me because I think our ends did in fact do a poor job of setting the edge last year and our run defense was poor. But, which FAs and draft prospects can set the edge? That isn’t as easy to find out as sacks, tackles for loss, and WB pressures.

    I think a lot of us are still evaluating potential additions through our long-standing 4-3 filters.

    • Rob Staton

      I will certainly do a ‘mock off-season’ article down the road that will include rebuilding the front seven, 100%

      My mock coming this week (probably Thursday) will also be front-seven heavy

      • Steve Nelsen

        Thank you for asking about Skinner. With Jim mentioning his range and ability to play deep I am wondering if FS is a possibility.

        “Lots of speed” was an encouraging answer to your question about how the LBs look.

    • Elmer

      Screwed without a kiss.

      It seems like we say it every year about this time, we need more team speed on defense.

    • London Seahawk

      Great points here.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Great discussion with KJ Wright on Brock & Salk this morning. KJ went through every guy in the front 7 based on talent and scheme fit. He concluded with the need to turn over about half those guys.

      • Steve Nelsen

        These were the individual assessments:
        Shelby Harris – “potential cap casualty”
        LJ Collier – “replace”
        Poona Ford – “not a scheme fit”
        Al Wood – keep but needs a young player to rotate with
        Brian Mone – “injured”
        Darrel Taylor – keep
        Myles Adams – keep
        Quentin Jefferson – not a scheme fit
        Cody Barton – replace (maybe ST role)
        Jordyn Brooks – injured
        Uchenna Nwosu – keep
        Bruce Irvin – replace with Boye Mafe
        Boye Mafe – keep
        Tyreke Smith – injured

        They also discussed FAs Da’Ron Payne and Fletcher Cox.
        KJ supported the idea of adding Payne but mentioned the cost being a potential barrier. He felt Cox was better fit remaining with Philadelphia.

        • Peter

          I’m enjoying that KJ gets to play the voice that we need in the media since he’s a former recent player, smart as heck, and clearly follows the game intently.

  2. Zxvo3

    Haven’t each watched it yet and I know it’s going to be great. The interviews with Jim Nagy are always the most insightful. Thank you Rob for all you do.

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate you watching and reading

  3. Peter

    These are the best. So many names to keep an eye on.

    Grateful you two can do these and I only wish you both had more time together to break down more players.

    I ton of interesting stuff especially dline, and possible center options.

  4. Romeo A57

    Rob, I just finished watching this interview. I am curious as to what you would rate as Seattle’s biggest positional needs in the offseason. I have seen some people say that they should look first at improving the IOL and adding another reliable pass cathcher. Carroll’s comments from yesterday seem to indicate he wants to focus on improving the defensive front seven which would show where his priorities lie with Edge, DT or LB.

    I read an article on CBS Sports that had the Seahawks Team needs as : C, S, LB, DT, WR, OG. I found this list interesting for having a Safety as a need with all of the money inversted in that position. I know that many here would not be sad to see Jamal Adams permanently replaced.

    Obviously the Seahawks currently do not have a QB on the roster for next year so resigning Geno or drafting a QB very high should be priority number 1.

    • Rob Staton

      Biggest needs are DL, interior OL, linebacker and QBOTF for me

      • Rick

        If we release Diggs and Adams we will need to look into a safety as well.


        One of these need to be added in the first three rounds
        Maybe two if they don’t think that Ryan will be well enough to play next year

  5. Sea Mode

    Love the interview with Jim every year.

    Great list of names to dig into.

  6. cha

    I always love listening to you guys talk prospects.

    I especially appreciate how Jim has a different feel on some players than you do Rob, but you’re on the same wavelength about what makes players move up the board and teams take notice.

    Game recognizes game.

    • Rob Staton

      Honestly I was just pumped he also has Alabama’s Byron Young in R2 🙂

      • cha

        He’s this year’s Abe Lucas.

      • Trevor

        Could Byron Young end up being an inside out guy like Micheal Bennett. They have very similar measurables except Young is a little heavier.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Young is going to be at his best working inside at the next level or as a 5-tech in a 3-4

      • samprassultanofswat

        Bryce Young in R2 makes so much more sense.

        • Rob Staton

          Byron Young not Bryce!

          • Elmer

            Big difference.

  7. Roy Batty

    This is must see TV, Rob.

    Him speaking to Andre Carter’s ceiling really affirmed my thoughts on the guy. An academy player is someone who will follow direction of team staff and thrive with the proper coaching. Freaky measurables that will allow him to rise in the draft. Such potential.

    Thank you so much for this.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Carter’s a bit too raw though — and while he might not last as long as Tariq Woolen, it’s a fair comparison. The media has pumped Carter up a bit too much but he could provide some good developmental value in R3-4.

      • Trevor

        I think Jim is with you on that assessment and why he made the Wollen comp.

  8. Ashish

    Just listen to Pete last press conference need to give credit to reporters to ask some very good questions. Yes there was how good two receivers are. But QB is very good option at #5.

  9. Rob Staton

    If you’re on twitter and can share this with a RT it would be much appreciated

    I want as many people as possible to see the interview

    • Trevor


      Now have to check out some Andre Carter clips / tape.

      • Rob Staton

        Carter’s highlight flashes are ‘wow’ moments

        He’s just so raw

        But then they might be prepared to go for a bit of that to try and find special…

    • Hawkcrazy

      Done. I just love your interviews! Wish Jim Nagy still worked for Seahawks. He is a wealth of knowledge so happy that we got to enjoy this.

  10. Trevor

    Awesome interview Rob. Great content and rapport between you and Jim was excellent.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Trevor

  11. Sea Mode


    • cha

      Doth protesting a bit too much

      • Peter

        The comments tho…

        Quandre is a God

        The game against the rams with three of their best players out says it all….

        It does indeed, commenter, say it all about Seattle fandom.

  12. Jordan

    Pumped to see what Drew Sanders does at the combine. I would love confirmation that he is an elite athlete.

    If Isaiah Simmons underwhelming career to date can be taken as a bit of warning against Trenton Simpson (who also doesn’t seem to have a natural position/fit); then Micah Parsons should encourage teams to see what kind of off-ball/edge disruptor lber you might have in Sanders, even if he were to be a ‘diet’ version of one of the games best defensive players.

    • Seattle Person

      Sanders looked really explosive in highlight tapes. I really like him so far. He also seems to excel at rushing the QB as well.

      He might fit the Parsons-lite mode.

  13. glor

    Interesting to hear Jim mention “Nolan Smith” as being a top guy that won’t be able to show up due to being injured this year. Do you think he would still go early or a possible latter round steal?

    • Rob Staton

      Smith has always been a day two for me

      Fantastic athlete and seemingly a very likeable person

      But he’s the definition of a tweener — what’s his NFL position??

      • Glor

        Ya, no idea, that’s what I read the blog for 🤣😉

  14. Sea Mode

    Dianna Russini

    The Cleveland Browns plan to hire Jim Schwartz as their defensive coordinator, per sources.
    Schwartz who won a Super Bowl as the Eagles DC in 2017 beat out Sean Desai, Dennard Wilson, and Brian Flores for the job.

    • GoHawks5151

      The gooooooood old boys club. Keeping people past their prime in the league

  15. Rob Staton

    The new mock is written

    And it… errr…. will intrigue

    • Ashish

      Are you going to tease us for 2 days.. 🙁

      By the way retweet the Jim’s interview.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

        Sadly yes it needs to wait until Thursday with the Jim interview today and the Jeff stream tomorrow

    • Trevor

      Looking forward to seeing a mock that just does not follow the main stream narrative.

      • Rob Staton

        You’ll certainly get that 🙂

      • Scot04

        Not following the mainstream would have us taking a QB. Especially Richardson, seems like only way we get him in mocks is at pick #20.
        I love how Rob continually gives us different looks with his mocks.
        Excited for the front 7 rebuild draft.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Not sure what perspective you will be coming from for this mock (simulating a Pete or John mock), and I know from previous comments you like to mock what an actual draft could look like, but given how much value those here assign to your opinions (even over those of Seahawks management), I’d sure like to see/request a mock at some point that was from the perspective of “Rob the GM” so we can see how you would build the team if YOU had the power.

      Thanks again for all the time and hard work!!!

      Love this stuff!!!

  16. Volume12

    Huge Daiyan Henley fan. Athletic, great burst, all heart, plays smart, good frame, productive. Excited to watch him.

    • Sea Mode

      I definitely need to check him out. With LBs though, until we have their testing numbers it almost seems pointless as far as scouting for the Hawks.

  17. TomLPDX

    Rob, My favorite interviewee each year! You and Jim covered a lot of guys in your quick 30 minute chat. Would you break down each guy discussed? There were so many and honestly I got lost in the discussion.

  18. BobbyK

    Great interview!

    I’m guessing we’ll either get Wilson or a QB at #5. If we don’t get Wilson, I’m thinking Carter may be an alternative later. As Jim said, their definitely not the same player even though both are so tall (Carter needs to bulk up) but I can see them adding one of those two in this draft. That said, they’ll still need an interior guy like Ika or Young. Again, two totally different players but good DTs nonetheless. And obviously help at LB. This can be done with 3 or the first 4 picks (even with getting a QB at #5).

    I’ve done a few mocks, Rob. Who would say is the dumbest guy ranked on the Mock Draft Simulator? I know you talked about the Seahawks taking little Beast Mode from Kentucky in your mock a few weeks back (3rd round, I think?) but the simulator doesn’t even have him in the top 200.

  19. Orcas viking

    Great interview. Opens your eyes to a lot of players not on the radar and that there are a lot of quality players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. If the Hawks drop back, would it be a “good enough haul” to swap the 5th pick to Carolina in exchange for #9, 40, 61 and a 2024 pick (2nd or 3rd). Hawks would then have 9, 20, 38, 40, 53 and 60 this year. Could address a lot of holes with that draft capital.

    • Glor

      But to Rob’s point, we don’t need a ton of ok players, we need a few really impactful players. Spend the draft capital at 5 and get a stud, hell, spend some more to trade up and get another stud.

      • BobbyK

        Yes. Let the draft tell you what to do at #5. If a franchise QB is there, take him. If they feel a difference making pass rusher is there, take him. Like Nagy said in the interview, guys like Wilson simply don’t last in the draft. If you want them, you have to take them early. “Guys like that don’t last.” Not many things more important than a franchise QB and then a difference making pass rusher. Don’t get cute here. You can get cute at #20, but not with #5.

      • Rob Staton

        I agree with this

        They have ‘quantity’ in terms of picks already

        Time to get some ‘quality’

      • Sea Mode

        +1 for “go get your guys” approach in this draft.

    • Glor

      Hawks near the bottom of the bucket

    • Orcas viking

      I hope JS and Jody Allen take a hard look at this diagram, especially after PC’s comment yesterday about brining all of the coaching staff back because they are “ our guys.”

      • Scot04

        Pete wanted to bring it all back last year prior to the Jody Allen meeting.
        100% agree & Hope there’s another reality check coming in regards to defense.
        Hope she also increases JS power even more in regards to player personel for this offseason.

    • BobbyK

      Wow! Extra embarrassing!

  20. Rob Staton

    I’m jealous of the Lions

    So much energy around that team. So much momentum and they play their arses off. They remind me of us in 2011.

    And it must be nice to have a seriously in-demand coordinator

    • Jabroni-DC

      What do you think they’ll be eyeballing with that #6 pick?

    • TomLPDX

      Don’t be jealous, be happy that they are on their path. I hope they knock it out of the park and are a force to be reckoned with for the next few years. I’m loving the whole vibe around the Lions this year (and next!). I want the Seahawks to re-find that as well.

      • Rob Staton

        I want the Seahawks to re-find that as well.

        That’s why I’m jealous!

        • TomLPDX

          We’ll find it.

          • Hawktalker#1

            Added to my bucket list, because getting it before I die might be a dream at the rate we’re progressing. Ouch.

          • Big Mike

            Gonna be tough with Carroll as head coach Tom.

            • Scot04

              I’ll be hoping Jody increases Johns power even more for this offseason.
              Would also be nice if she gives Pete a reality check about the defense & asks why he believes they can make the 3-4 work.
              No reason to put the draft capital & resources into rebuilding the front 7 for a 3-4 without 1 hell of a good answer.

  21. Troy

    I think these are my favorite interviews you do Rob, just a joy to listen to Nagy and get all the inside takes on the prospects.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it

  22. Rob Staton

    If anyone has the ability to share this interview on reddit or any forums you visit, that would be much appreciated

  23. Jabroni-DC

    Keion White is certainly intriguing. His ability to match RBs and WRs in coverage is ridiculous. He’s got the size to play 3-4 DE with obvious pass rushing ability. Sounds intelligent when speaking. Seems like one of those guys that fires up ‘media’ draft boards through the pre draft process. Fits the Seahawks #1 need on defense.

  24. ShowMeYourHawk

    So… hit up PFN to do a mock. I realize these usually get scrolled right past but would be interested how reasonable the results look by the crowd here (Rob included), based on our needs and Tony Pauline’s rankings, which I don’t know how often he updates:

    – 6. Anthony Richardson
    QB Florida
    – 29. JL Skinner
    S Boise State
    – 37. Calijah Kancey
    DT Pittsburgh
    – 55. Zach Charbonnet
    – 61. Byron Young
    DT Alabama
    – 83. Daiyan Henley
    LB Washington State
    – 120. K.J. Henry
    EDGE Clemson
    – 148. Luke Schoonmaker
    TE Michigan
    – 151. Tykee Smith
    S Georgia
    – 184. Andrei Iosivas
    WR Princeton

    And, the trades that made this possible:

    – DET Received: Pick 5 – Quentin Johnston
    SEA Received: Pick 6, Pick 55

    – BUF Received: Pick 20 – Bijan Robinson
    SEA Received: Pick 29, Pick 61

    Levis was still on the board at #5, so I figured that moving back one spot was a prudent decision. Went with Richardson, as I figured bringing back Geno (yuck) seems like the likely move for the front office. Richardson could use a year to learn the system anyways, versus Levis who would likely compete for the starting job from day one. If we don’t resign Geno, obviously, Levis would’ve been the pick.

    Really like how it shook out, so that likely means that no one will be available where they slotted. 🤪 Thoughts?

    • Jabroni-DC

      Did a 4 rounder leaving Sedrick Van Pran off the board & attempting to be ‘realistic’ in my personal bias with player availability & trades.

      5. Anthony Richardson
      QB Florida

      31. Siaki Ika
      DT Baylor

      43. Keion White
      EDGE Georgia Tech

      52. Zay Flowers
      WR Boston College

      63. Luke Wypler
      OC Ohio State

      83. Daiyan Henley
      LB Washington State

      109. Chris Rodriguez Jr.
      RB Kentucky

      120. Stetson Bennett
      QB Georgia

      • Trevor

        Would love that draft! Not sure we need Bennett as well if we take Richardson but I do like him a lot as well.

        • Hwaktalker#1

          Bennett as QB 3 and space some $$ ?

        • Hoggs41

          That is a good looking draft. Sign me up as well.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Jabroni = I like your draft

    • Gross MaToast

      My first go at 2023:

      5. Will Levis
      QB Kentucky

      20. Bijan Robinson (if they give you Bijan at 20, take Bijan at 20)
      RB Texas

      37. JL Skinner
      S Boise State

      62. Byron Young
      DT Alabama

      83. Keion White
      EDGE Georgia Tech

      120. Joe Tippmann
      OC Wisconsin

      130. K.J. Henry
      EDGE Clemson

      SEA 148.
      Ainias Smith
      WR Texas A&M

      151. Tykee Smith
      S Georgia

      184. Roschon Johnson
      RB Texas

      2024 KC 7th

      Seahawks of whom I’ve seen enough for the rest of my days:

      The Safeties
      Penny, DeeJay & Homer
      WR3s who get concussed week 1, play 1 on jet sweeps
      The post-Unger Centers
      The Linebackers

      Great interview, Rob.

      • Big Mike

        I read this morning in an article by Tim Booth that the team is set at Safety.
        Suppose if mediocrity is your goal at a position group then yeah, the team is indeed set.

        As for Eskridge and the Centers…………….well, you know where I’m going with that one. 🙁

        • Rob Staton

          I’m sure a lot of writers made similar assumptions about Bobby Wagner a year ago, not to mention Russell Wilson

        • GrittyHawk

          So much of it will depend on what we do with the roster before the draft. As mentioned (I think in the Curtis Allen post), Diggs will have to be cut by mid-Feb or his salary becomes guaranteed and we no longer save by cutting him. I really don’t think we’ll cut Adams but who knows. I’d personally cut them both, not as post June 1st, and just eat all that dead money in a year when we’re realistically not going to compete. I hate the idea of pushing tens of millions of dead money into 2024, unless it’s to fit in a long term UFA deal for someone like Payne or Hargrave.

          That will never ever happen under this regime, though. Pete’s greatest asset and his greatest flaw are both that he always thinks we can win a Super Bowl.

  25. FortheFuture

    Thinking about market inefficiencies. There were at two body-type prejudices that led to Sherm (long corners) and Russ (short QB) and which the league corrected for. Mayfield doesn’t go 1st overall without Russ, and I don’t think Bryce Young would have a prayer either. We spent many subsequent years trying to find market inefficiencies because we were never drafting high enough for true blue-chip players.

    I’m wondering if there is an opportunity around the win-now mentality that pervades front offices because “win or you’re gone, coach.” Assuming Pete adopts a mentality of long-term success (win forever, you might say), is there an opportunity to systematically leverage current draft picks for future higher ones?

    We have this one year to draft a truly elite prospect, and we likely won’t again until we make a big trade. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if we use one of our 2nd round picks to acquire a 1st rounder next year? Would a team give a 2024 1st for a 2023 2nd? What if that team is desperate to win now, flops and we have another high pick? Can we discipline ourselves to not use every pick now for a stacked future?

    Rams did the opposite and it bought them an Owl, but now they are in the dark for a long time. And if you are cap-limited, trade a star like SF did with Buckner. Just a thought

    • DC1234

      I think team dont trade a future 1st for the current years 2nd.

      Also team might be weary of trading future ones, unless you are moving up to draft a Qb.

      So many team that traded a future one, ended up not having good seasons,which resulted a hight 1st.

      Tunsil trade to Houston netted Miami a 1.4 pick
      Jamal Adams trade netted Jets pick 1.10

      This year three teams traded a future one, the 1st round pick ended up being a high pick
      Russ trade, Stafford trade, and Saint moving up to pick Olave

      • FortheFuture

        So it certainly seems like players net a future first. Looking at 2022, a few trades involved future firsts. So it’s not totally out of the question. I’d also be looking to stack up later round picks for bulk volume.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The drafting strategy for smaller quarterbacks has to be different than taller quarterbacks. Small quarterbacks will in all likelihood not make it past the first 4-5 years of football play. Or their injuries will accumulate to the point that they won’t improve beyond that point. So it would seem like a team has to be committed to searching for a new quarterback every four years.

      The advantage is you can find some exciting quarterbacks for a cheaper cost. They will probably peak while on their rookie contract, so the team should expect to replace them on a quicker rotation.

      Of course there are plenty of larger quarterbacks who fail too, either through lack of talent or injuries. It’s just magnified in small quarterbacks.

      Now I know your thinking that Wilson lasted a long time, and so did Murray and Brees. But were they really as competitive in their mid to late years as they were on their rookie contract? For the most part I would say no – with Brees being the possible exception.

  26. Palatypus

    This interview can be summarized by the last sentence.

    “I love sitting with someone who knows football that asks good questions.”

    • Trevor

      100% that was as good an interview as you will see this entire draft season.

      • Sea Mode

        As much as I love it (and already said so above), I do kind of wish, if Jim were open to that kind of thing, that Rob would turn off the excellent reporter for a moment and let out the draft nut a bit more.

        Obviously, it would become less of an interview and more of a conversation at that point, but it would be so fun to hear Jim give feedback on some of Rob’s evaluations, or even on Rob’s board.

        Hopefully off the record they had a good few minutes at least to chat about some things, maybe Seahawks or a couple non-seniors.

  27. samprassultanofswat

    I still would love to see one of our first round picks be a center.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Don’t want to overpay in a deep center class.

      • Peter

        I honestly don’t get the over pay thought here.

        Five years of club control. Lock down the line.

        Center is a total premium for teams like chiefs or eagles who got kelce late but now gladly pay him a ton of cash.

        Apples to apples sure if there’s a dominant pass rusher that’s more important than center. But for a team that wants to run and has a young line a good center is a must.

        • Seattle Person

          To me — it’s like the RB debate. Some people are going to complain about taking a RB high in the draft and they have a point. However, if you do select one it better be someone with major upside and with elite athleticism for the position.

          If there is a center that fits this bill in the first round then I have no problems with it.

        • ukalex6674

          We won’t be able to lock down the line for long in any case – the FO won’t pay the big contracts for everyone moving forward.

          • Peter

            Good problems to have if they somehow drafted three olinemen who all were worthy of second plus contracts.

        • Sea Mode

          Also the bonus this year if you draft a QB and a Center then they can both develop together from the beginning.

          • Peter

            Been thinking about this for some time.

            In regards to my whining about mediocre centers upgrading qb and center at the same time would be a boon.

            Additionally we rarely talk about it here because the centers have been meh for years but the goal with a good center is someone to organize the line. This rotational, “fungible,” center experiment has had to have had some negative impacts over the years in regards to other linemen positions.

          • AlaskaHawk

            They only have their newish tackles locked down for 3-4 more years. So I’m for finding a new center right now. Let the entire offensive line grow together.

            I’m still uncertain whether Lewis is better at left guard than he was at right guard. But ours is not to question Pete’s judgement.

            • Peter

              At this point I think you keep Lewis at LG. Pair him with a good center ( which I doubt they do,) and let him build chemistry with Cross I think he’ll be alright there.

  28. samprassultanofswat

    Rob Mentioned Bryce Young as a R2 pick. This make me think of Kyler Murray. The Cardinals signed Murray to a long-term deal/gave both Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Klein long-term extensions. This three deals could rank right of the with the Denver Broncos and the trade for Russell Wilson.

    Just think Bryce Young is even is not even as strong as Kyler Murray. He will probably go in either round one or round two. For me personally. I wouldn’t even look at him until at the very earliest round four. Maybe?

    The N.F.L. is a brutal sport. Can a QB of his size hold up?

    • Zeke

      Young was sacked 39 times in 2021……

    • Rob Staton

      Byron Young, not Bryce Young

      • cha

        I think he means Bryant Young.

        1999 Comeback POY ready to run it back for 2023.

        • Big Mike

          49er fans are excited by that prospect cha.

  29. Jabroni-DC

    Rob was talking about ‘Byron’ Young, the Alabama DL, as a potential 2nd round pick.

  30. Stuart

    Fabulous Rob!!!

    Couple things-

    1. How in the world do you draft LJ Collier and Marquis Blair in the 1st and 2nd rounds?

    2. We need JS to crush this draft and avoid those WTF choices. Based on that interview when he named super talented players that had the Tariq Wollen wow factor, those seem like players you cant leave the draft without getting.

  31. GoHawks5151

    The 34/43 defense confusion is a buzzkill for me. Assuming we actually stay with a 34, penetrators and guys who offer some versatility like Cancey or Keion White are tough fits. Byron Young and Siaki Ika would fit, but even a guy like Mazi Smith may not fit a 34 role. There is no use drafting a Cancey and sticking him at the 4i or 5 tech. They will just waste his gifts like Poona or Taylor. He is a 1 or a 3 tech, gap penetrator best suited for the 43.

    Pete said that they want to stick with the 34 and run “their version” of it. Is this a combination and how much does that muddy the roles up front? It is going to be a tough evaluation for some of these guys. I don’t think this will affect who they take at LB or Safety. Though I’m fairly sure that they went to the 34 to get the most out of Jamal

    • Starhawk29

      To be fair to Kancey, Aaron Donald spent years playing in a 3-4. He’s a HOF player and arguably the best DT ever, but it’s still important to recognize that the player we are comparing him to plays in both schemes very well. Under Brandon Staley (Fangio scheme), Donald was a 3-4 DE and had some of his best years. Is Kancey a prototype for the position? No, but he’s not a prototype for ANY position. You have to have a plan for how to use him, but saying a guy like this can’t work in our scheme is false.

  32. CL

    So at what point do you think it’s “safe” to assume that Pete is definitely back, because he would’ve already announced his retirement otherwise?

  33. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, has Nagy’s man crush on Daiyan Henley got your attention? I winder if he could be a Cam Chancellor-type safety. He is a former WR.

    Can Seattle put Nagy back into their draft room please?

  34. Roy Batty

    Rob, there’s one thing I forgot to mention: How relaxed Nagy always looks while talking with you. He looked like an old friend filling his buddy in on what’s been happening in his life.

    That’s a testament to his appreciation of your efforts and approach to all things NFL draft.

  35. Denver Hawker

    The 33rd team updated mock:
    – Seattle trades back with Carolina (who drafts Stroud)
    – Seattle picks Tyree Wilson at #9
    – Seattle trades up from #20 to #16 to get Richardson.

    Logic presented was that Richardson could fall if he makes it past Carolina.

    This would be Robert Redford nodding head meme level satisfaction.

    • Rob Staton

      If you want Richardson enough to trade up for him, take him at #9 and don’t risk it

      (I’ll be surprised if he lasts to #16)

      • Denver Hawker

        I don’t disagree.

        I also don’t agree with the Carolina logic of paying so much for Stroud over Richardson, but these are the kind of things some GMs seem to do each year. Different strokes.

    • Madmark

      Tyree Wilson is one those physical specimens that I think Seattle likes. The reason I say this is Bruce Irving was one of these guys that they took in round 1 pick 15 and everyone thought that was a reach.

  36. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Has the post season soiree with Jodi Allen been announced yet. ?

  37. Sea Mode

    Creative way to do it. Another good move by Nagy.

    • Peter

      I have no real idea whether it would work or not but I do wonder if Nagy would make a great GM one day.

      His connections, energy, smarts, and creative solutions plus his relentless desire to seemingly scour anywhere for players it does make me wonder.

      I know it’s a product/event vs. Running a team but having following the blog for years tge senior bowl has turned into much watch viewing since he’s been there.

      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        If I was an owner, I’d at least want him as a #2 to assess the predraft process.

  38. samprassultanofswat

    Geno Smith has mentioned that he wants to remain a Seahawk. I think there are a number of reasons. Probably the number he is developing a bond with the Seahawks. Their is a mutual respect between Geno and the players on the Seahawks. Geno also completely understands the playbook. He is totally comfortable with the offensive scheme. But also I think this team is loaded on the offensive side with talent. The Seahawks got 23 points against probably the best defense in the NFL. They were actually on their to taking back the lead in the 3rd. But that penalty(lineman illegally downfield) changed everything. The Hawks were well on their way to dropping 30+ against the 49er defense. So the talent/confidence is their. I don’t think their is a better situation for Geno other than where he is right now.

    BTW: If Geno does return. It will be interesting to see who has a better season in 2023. Geno Smith or Russell Wilson. I do think there is a good chance Wilson will rebound and have a pretty good 2023 season.

    BTW: Can you image if the Hawks some how came up with both Siaki Ika and Keeaunu Benton in the draft. That would go a long way to shoring up the run defense.

    • Peter

      I’m a little concerned that geno is regressing to his own mean.

      He started white hot but the second half of the season he threw almost 2:1 td to interception ratio.

      Love his story but if that continues at a significantly higher price point I won’t love it.

  39. PJ in Seattle

    Interesting take on Nick Saldiveri OT Old Dominion as a center prospect. Good thing this class seems to be real deep at IOL. We should be able to spend top picks on defense and QB and still bolster our interior OL fairly easily.

    • Scot04

      He’s 6’6 like Pocic & Pete said he wanted to move off of Centers of that body type. Unfortunately he said 6’4+.
      That would eliminate all the top Centers. Too me if they’re good they’re good period.
      Maybe it’s us and how we develop them
      Pocic looked awfully good in Cleveland.

      • Peter

        It is completely nuts to move off a type unless you’ve found a decided advantage.

        I don’t love arm length, wingspan, etc, but those have real reasons to exist.

        Short, small centers? Wtf. Why. What’s the advantage. Low man wins? I’d rather a center that isn’t getting walked into the runningback.

  40. Trevor

    Just read a CBS Mock and they had Will Anderson at 5 and Siaki Ika at 20. If the QBs they like are gone at 5 it would be hard to argue with this. If they don’t get a QB at 5 this is the best case scenario for the Hawks IMO if they plan on sticking with the 3-4.

    • Rob Staton

      Ika at 20 is way too high

      • Spencer

        Rob if you have a minute (I appreciate all you do while having a full-time job and family, so no pressure) could you tell me your thoughts on Ika? Strengths, weaknesses, best fit, etc.? I was one of his teachers in high school and would love to see him in a Seahawks jersey.

        • Peter



          And same as a seahawk.

        • Rob Staton

          Surprisingly inconsistent vs the run, can actually be a liability at times there. At his best can have a big impact on games as a very active, mobile nose tackle. Flashes pass rush quality. Has a lot of games where you wonder if he can be arsed but Iowa State was a sign of what he’s capable of. Doesn’t anchor like some of the smaller DT’s in this class. I just didn’t see enough games like Iowa State to think he’s worth going as high as some think but I upgraded him on my board recently.

          • Spencer

            Great! Thanks Rob!

    • Tien

      I saw that CBS draft also Trevor and in that draft, they had the Hawks pass on Richardson to get Anderson. Like many others on this blog, who knows when we’ll get a pick this high again so if a talented QB (like Richardson) is there, I really hope the Hawks pick him.

  41. Trevor

    Why is Zay Flowers at the Shrine instead of the Senior Bowl? Was really looking forward to seeing him at the Senior Bowl because he is one of my favourite WR in the draft.

    • Trevor

      Zay Flowers = Tyler Lockett for me. Small guy with elite speed, incredible ability to separate and amazing ability to track the deep ball.

      • Rob Staton

        I think he is a bit different, Tyler doesn’t change direction like he does, not sure anyone does

        Josh Downs reminds me more of Tyler

        • Trevor

          Downs is a good comp.

  42. Trevor

    Rob it was awesome that you brought up Zach Harrison and to hear Jim talk about his need to improve lower body flexibility and the improvement.

    Harrison looks exactly the type of player the Hawks would love if he is there in Rd #3.

  43. Trevor

    I know the Hawks have spent way too much capital (cap and draft) on the Safety position but Brian Branch is a flat out baller. So smart, smooth and tough. He is exactly the type of player / leader the Hawks need in the secondary to bring everything together.

    At Safety really hope the Hawks designate Adams and Diggs Post June. Then resign Ryan Neal and either sign Chauncey Gardner Johnson or draft Branch. That would be a massive upgrade at the Safety spot going forward.

  44. Roy Batty

    Brock stating that post June cut or trade for Adams has to be looked at.

    Love it.

    KJ talking about Geno’s number has to be around $20 million.

    Love it.

    • Rob Staton

      At last the conversation is being had about Adams although a trade is going to be virtually impossible

      KJ is right too about Geno

      • Trevor

        I don’t think the market is going to be anything close to the $30 mil people are throwing around and his agent knows it. I always run through the teams and ask myself who is going to offer Geno a big deal after 8 good games with Seattle? The Russ collapse this year only makes that a harder sell for Geno and his agent. The starting point being $30 mil that I hear daily in the media and on Twitter is crazy talk. There is zero chance Geno is getting that kind of $ on a long term deal.

        3 yrs $60 mil with $35 mil guarenteed and a structure that allows for a small cap hit year 1 is the absolute max IMO.

        Draft an Anthony Richardon at 5 give him a year to develop then hopefully Geno has trade value like Alex Smith did. Like Rob has pointed out numerous times.

        • Peter

          It’s russ and let’s be right here others as well.

          Carr. Cousins as of yet has done nothing of note in his career. Tannehill.

          It’s a big risk for a team to give Geno with 1/2 to 2/3 of a good season in a decade of football, at his age, and without probably bringing Waldron or at least someone associated to Geno’s development along and give him huge money while hoping that you get the good and none of the average with him for a few years.

          • Cambs

            I’m very much for fans holding Seattle teams to higher standards than they have done, but god grant that most of us not face judgment against the yardstick by which Kirk Cousins, a day 3 pick of a trashfire franchise turned repeat Pro Bowler with 250 career TDs, has “done nothing.”

            I mean Matt Stafford I guess had done nothing as of this time 12 months ago? There are points on the spectrum in between washing out and a bust in Canton.

            • Peter

              I know this is going to seem contrary because I generally love stats…

              But since football is a team sport. I literally do not care how many yards or tds a player has in their career when you never think of them as a serious threat to win a big game.

              While it’s nice that cousins has had a long and productive career….if our former qb was a broken down shell of a player who never apparently lifted the team up and only ever won apparently because of everyone else and not himself…

              Then what does that make Cousins?

              He of the nearly 202 million in earnings who somehow has one playoff victory in all his time in the league and still one of the worst prime time game records.

              So yeah done nothing checks out. Having a ton of yards but throwing 29 tds to 14 ints in the regular season and getting bounced by the giants….maybe paying him a boatload of money isn’t the best move. Thus paying Geno a ton may be a fools errand as well.

              • Big Mike

                The last pass this season that Kirk Cousins threw is all you need to know about the guy. 4th and 6 and your season is on the line and pressure starting to come but it’s not there yet and he throws a 2 1/2 yd checkdown to his TE. Season over.

                • Peter

                  It’s honestly like a glitch or the yips in baseball.

                  Almost any other decision even with a loss would have seemed better.

            • Ben

              Kirk’s passer rating is solid and hard to complain about, but his QBR is more toward average with I assume the sacks and lack of run game. Russell Wilson put up higher numbers in QBR because he threw more TD passes and was a plus runner for a good portion of his career.

              I think if Richardson came into the league and put up Cousin’s passing numbers, but became a top running QB, everyone would be more than happy with that.

              Honestly the expectation that a great QB alone can lift a team to a Super Bowl win is ridiculous. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl and I can’t imagine anyone would be against getting a guy of his quality on this team next season.

              • Peter

                I agree with you generally that people talk about a great qb lifting teams and I do eye roll a bit because great teams often have great players at other positions.

                The superbowl is not the end all metric.

                It is for me however how I review teams and players. In as far as do I think this player would be a catalyst or even a part of a superbowl team.

                I’m down in cousins because while his own personal stats are very solid. Some seasons almost great….he himself has actually done things that have prevented his team(s) from moving forward.

                Bringing it back to the hawks and Geno and his big payday I worry if we are not seeing a bit of that in Geno towards to end of the season.

                • Peter

                  And hopefully the final thought experiment on weird kirk cousins day:

                  Cousins $35 million 29 tds/14 ints. 4200 plus yards

                  Geno smith: $$$…? 30 tds/11 ints. 4200 plus yards.

                  To me, neither are worth anywhere near that number.

          • JimQ

            IMO – The best offer from the Seahawks for Smith should be no more than: 3-years, $45,000,000. with about $15,000,000 guaranteed. His new contract will likely have an easy out if performance doesn’t match his pay, and maybe voidable in the 2-nd and/or 3-rd year. QB’s are much more of a risk factor when they approach their mid 30’s which justifies such a contract compromise.

            If Smith declines this offer, I’d wish him luck in finding another team that would pay more than that. He will likely be out of the league entirely if he thinks his market is actually higher than that.

            15-mil. is the maximum per year that Smith is worth and even with that pay, the Seahawks need to protect their Cap as much as possible by structuring the new contract that provides an OUT, after the first year, or at least the 2-nd year, IF Smith “underperforms” his pay (as many here expect).
            **** Drafting a 1-st round QB of the future is a big imperative for the Seahawks long term future.

      • Roy Batty

        He was brutally honest about the defensive front 7, too.

        I loved that he wanted to get into a conversation about the interior Online.

        • Roy Batty

          Also, Brock is continually talking about NOT paying Geno anywhere near $30 million. He talked about if you gotta roll with Lock because you need the cap space to build the defensive front 7, then roll with Lock.

          And pointed out that loco came from a team that just made a HoF trajectory QB look like a scrub, and how the Seahawks current scheme helped Geno get to the Pro Bowl.

          • cha

            Hand Lock a two-year contract not unlike the 2022 Geno deal. $3.5m in 2023, plus escalators and incentives if he has a season like 2022 Geno.

            2-yr $18m all in with incentives. They’re covered for 2023, and if he does a Geno they’ll have two years of the cheapest salary to production ratio in the NFL.

            Then tell Geno to go out and find his best deal in the marketplace and come back and we’ll talk.

          • Rob Staton

            Brock is making some great points then

            By all means keep Geno but only at the right price

            • Roy Batty

              The really interesting part was Brock saying he would release Adams with a post 6/1. He didn’t even hesitate. Said it was a mistake to sign him, extend him, and above all else, center a defense around him.

              Very refreshing.

              • Rob Staton

                I remember when saying they shouldn’t extend his contract and should chalk it down to experience was considered an opinion worthy of dogs abuse from this fan base

                • Roy Batty

                  That’s an understatement.

                  Funny thing is, there are still plenty of holdouts who believe Adams is still a great player and would have been a difference maker this year. Someone they need next year.

                  Brock was point-blank honest in his critique. As he put it, if you are relying on a SS to be your main focal point, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The trenches will always will be the focal point for any successful defense.

                  It was the most refreshing conversation by KJ and Brock that I have heard about this franchise in quite some time.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Brilliant point by Brock and well done to him. There’s no point avoiding these topics. It’s not about being ‘negative’. There’s no point writing articles and doing broadcasts if you’re not going to get into some meaty topics.

                  • Big Mike

                    Brock was 100% correct about the trenches being the main focal point, not the SS.

                  • cha

                    25 of a possible 53 games with Diggs & Adams together:

                    13-12 record

                    21.49 pts per game conceded
                    378 total yards per game
                    272 passing yards
                    105 rushing yards
                    More first downs conceded than any defense except NYJ’s

                  • Ben

                    With all that said, it’s still better for our payroll if we find a way for him to negotiate down his current contract and give him a chance to please closer to the minimum? (Someone mentioned around 3 mill? Was it cha?)

                • Big Mike

                  There were a number of us here that said the same thing Rob. You and we were right then and we’re right now in saying he should just be cut and the team should move on. Sadly, Carroll’s ego will in no way allow it and he’ll be a salary cap albatross for at least one more year as well as an on field albatross.
                  Prove me wrong Pete. I’ll happily chow the crow if you do because it’ll be better for the franchise and that’s all I really want.

                • BK26

                  Oh those places still exist. It’s easy to guess where. “Defense was horrible because Adams was hurt, Diggs is still one of the best, Carroll should be part owner now for what he’s done in his time with the team, Geno is now the godfataher of my child, the playoff shelacking taught the rookies so much, it’s either Carter or Anderson and if you say otherwise, then a curse on you and yours.”

                  The world is starving for common sense anymore…

                  • Rob Staton

                    Carroll should be part owner now for what he’s done in his time with the team


                    I can actually imagine seeing that written out

                    Love the Geno line too 😂

            • BobbyK

              Like maybe $4.25 per hour. Nothing more.

  45. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    After listening to press conference and Pete w/ Brock and Salk, I’m going to assume that Geno is in Seattle next year. And…. Pete praising the front 7 of SF makes me think they’ll go heavy D in the draft and try to go bargain hunting for a QB in R 4-7.
    I believe they can do all this and still grab a QB at 5-9 (trading down)

    • Peter

      A thing I really *enjoy* about having a fairly old coach with a few years left on his contract, a team in ownership Flux, and a good not great qb who is a folk hero is that the team doesn’t have to look to the future.

      I hope I’m wrong. I give John a lot of grief but I hope he is looking at the future.

      Loading up on the defense seems perfectly reasonable. Until you see that SF had to do it for years and years to get where they are.

      • Ashish

        And then you have to pay the DL super star, so the window of owning the great players is small. Compare to having a good QB take care of the offense most part.

  46. swedenhawk

    Thanks for this terrific interview, Rob. Lots of great insights. Were you at all surprised by Nagy’s apparent backtracking on Levis?

    • Rob Staton

      It was interesting but I still think he likes him

  47. samprassultanofswat

    Looks like K.J. Wright just lost a friend. It is really interesting that K.J. Wright places a 20mil price tag on Geno Smith. Don’t think Geno would be too happy with that number. But that might be where the market is for Geno. Personally I think these NFL QBs(for the most part) are OVERPAID.

    • Big Mike

      Considering his regression as the season went along, it can be argued that 20 per for Geno is still too high.

      • BobbyK

        Way too high!

        • AlaskaHawk

          At the end of the day he still seems like a career backup.

  48. Rob4q

    GT DL Keion White currently rated #246 on the PFN SIM. What range is he realistically expected to go? Maybe 2nd-3rd round? Really like that dude!

  49. Scot04

    Been so many great write ups over the last several days.
    Loved the Nagy interview. If Tyree blows up the combine, I could easily see him higher on Seattle’s draft board than Carter.
    Tons of great information & breakdowns are getting me excited for what I hope will be used to complete part 2 of rebuild; & viewed as such.
    1 year will not make this team a Superbowl contender.
    I finally saw a mock a couple days ago by SI, where all 4 QBs gon by pick #7.
    While order could be different it seems very realistic. I would obviously prefer Levis or Richardson over Tyree Wilson. Rob’s too 6 all gone in top 7.
    Thanks for all the great continued written & video content Rob, Cha, & Robbie.
    Could be another interesting offseason of shocks & surprises.

  50. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Brock would be an interesting guest

    • Rob Staton

      Would love to, would be a dream guest

    • Roy Batty

      He’s been pretty vocal about realistic expectations and making tough choices.

      I think this was Pete’s last year on Salk’s show. Same with KJ.

      There seem to be more honest opinions coming out of that station, possibly because Pete will no longer be a featured guest on Mondays. I could be wrong, but hopefully he stops doing a regular radio show. I hatebit when on air personalities seem to temper their opinions in case they offend a regular, paid guest.

      And, absolutely, I would love to hear Brock and Rob discussing the franchise.

      • Rob Staton

        I wonder if they’ve lost flagship rights

        Hearing Salk start the interview saying, ‘maybe for the last time ever’ made me think that maybe they’re not going to be the Seahawks flagship any more

        I actually think an unleashed Brock & Salk show, without needing to worry about flagship relationships, could be a brilliant show

        • Trevor

          Agreed! Would love to see Brock as a guest as well. He has seen and covered so much college ball nationally that he might have some good insight into the draft prospects.

        • Roy Batty

          As much as I’ve knocked him, Salk has let slip his true feelings, if only slightly, with Pete’s coachspeak in the days following his regular Monday show. With no weekly meeting, I believe you are right. He and Brock will hold nothing back.

          • Cysco

            and in doing so would help change the hive mind opinion of a lot of Seahawks fans. For a lot of fans, their opinions on the team are a direct reflation of what they hear on the radio.

        • Madmark

          I miss the professor. Clayton was the absolute professional with the analytics.

          • Roy Batty

            I felt bad for Clayton, after he passed. He kept thinking he had the inside scoop on Russ and Pete. He really had no idea they’d been planning on trading him.

            • Rob Staton

              Someone was feeding him and Gregg Bell some terrible info

              Perhaps they should’ve been less aggressively convinced but still

  51. Trevor

    Two under the radar DL free agents I hoops the Hawks target are.

    Charles Omenihu – who flashed a lot against the Hawks this year. According to PFf he has been on a tear as a pass rusher over the past two seasons, especially after the Houston Texans traded him to the 49ers. Omenihu’s 20.4% pass-rush win rate since 2021 ranks 12th among edge defenders, and his 13.6% pressure percentage ranks 24th. Omenihu also brings versatility along the defensive line with his 6-foot-5, 280-pound frame enabling him to line up over tackles or as a true end outside.

    David Onyemata – Canadian kid I have liked since he came out in the draft. He is a legit BAMF. Onyemata is known primarily as a run defender but has also shown to be a very effective pass rusher from the interior, racking up 35 quarterback pressures. Over the past three seasons, Onyemata’s 11.4% pressure percentage ranks 11th among interior defenders. Onyemata just turned 30 years old this season but still has some good football left in him.

    These two guys should not break the bank and would add some nice size, toughness and a pass rush to the DL. If the Hawks release Jefferson and Harris for cap savings these two guys would be nice cost effective replacements to compliment hopefully one high end DL signing and a high draft pick or two.

  52. Big Mike

    Still doing the stream with Jeff today Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, 2pm PT

      • Big Mike


  53. Elmer

    I noticed that PC was quoted as saying that Poona was misused (played out of position). I wonder what implications that may have for the draft, for current DL personnel, and for the scheme itself. I wonder if the scheme is something that PC didn’t want in the first place…

  54. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Any truth to the claim that Jalen Carter was hobbled with a high ankle sprain at end of season? I never heard this even offered until today

  55. Julian L

    Great to get a heads up on these prospects from Mr Nagy. We’re lucky to have a pro asking the questions so astutely.

    He clearly holds Will Levis in high regard and I sensed in your discussion a certain frustration that he hadn’t got him on board just yet. I’m hoping perhaps he’s the QB still to be announced this week?!

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