Seahawks off-season preview with Jeff Simmons


  1. Romeo A57

    I have to wait another 50 minutes for this:(

    I am seeing another article proposing a 4 year/ $150 million contract for Geno. If that happens someone better do a welfare check on me. I would seriously be upset. I can’t even fathom how anyone could think that would make any sense. I can’t see another team offer half of that based on one good year by Geno in the past decade.

    • Matt

      I will be lamenting with you.

      My proposal…””

    • Peter

      We need to start organizing those checks for the whole community in case 4yrs/150 million gets to be a thing.

    • Rob Staton

      Who is pitching that!?!?!

    • cha

      Did it say – What’s the structure? Guaranteed money?

      You can sign Geno to a 5y/$250m deal and it’s a good deal if there’s little guaranteed and has outs.

      • CHaquesFan

        If it’s the one on FG the author just suggests Genos market will be in the tannehill ballpark

        • Peter

          Honestly good for geno if he gets north of 60 million guaranteed.

          Bad for us. But good for him.

          I hope the fo looks at that contract as the ceiling not the floor.

          • glor

            That wouldn’t be bad for us, probably good for us, considering it would be another team killing their ability to compete by signing him to that contract.

            Would we get a good comp pick out of that scenario as well? Probably the highest 3rd comp pick they award I would assume.

            • Peter


              My bad I meant bad for us if we paid him upwards of 120 million for four years.

              Or in an even more ridiculous scenario franchise tagged him three times.

      • Romeo A57

        I have very little understanding of cap hits and guaranteed monry; that is your expertise. I get that the First Year would be much less than the $35 Million per year average. I just can’t understand where starting a contract with the Franchise Tag as the starting point makes any sense.

    • 805Hawk

      Absolutely nightmarish article on Fieldgulls. The comments section might be worse, though. This is why I try to avoid that sight in recent years. If it hadn’t popped up on my Apple News feed, I never would have read it. Some are saying, “well, if Tannehill, Wenz, Carr, etc are getting that, we have to be willing to pay Geno that.” No, why copy bad contracts? Just cause someone else pays too much, do we have to?

      • Rob Staton

        I would encourage us not to discuss their comment section to be honest. They tend to obsess about what people are saying in other comments sections on other sites and I don’t want us to go down that road.

        • BK26

          Don’t worry Rob, a lot of them read your stuff every day!

        • 805Hawk

          You are right. Also, there were some good comments that were made. I did mean that the whole idea of signing him to a 4 year $150m contract is what is nightmarish, not necessarily how it was written. I just can’t fathom that.

        • NOVAHawk

          Yup! I got sucked into commenting on their boards the last few days. Until recently I rarely post anything. Just enjoy the articles and commentary. But somehow got sucked into the trap. Toxic.

          Thank you Rob! You have the best Seahawks site going!

      • CHaquesFan

        I took the article as talking about what Geno will demand not what they should give him

  2. Rob Staton

    Aside from looking ridiculous in his work clobber while doing this, it’s a totally pointless and potentially damaging exercise

    Joel Seedman would be proud (especially if he hopped on one leg too while balancing a gym ball on his nose)

    • Connor

      Agreed on the outfit. Main problem with the workout I see is the pivot. If it were a straight line or a loop or something I’d say it’s fine. Certainly not the most useful workout, but farmers carry has been around for a while. Far cry from dumbbell press while doing a bridge on two separate medicine balls with a chain around your waist while someone calls you demeaning names. Cause let’s be real. The hardest thing to carry is your peers contempt.

      • Rob Staton

        Why would you ever do a shrug on the move though??

        A shrug is a muscle building exercise. You can’t do those AND cardio at the same time 🙂

        Plus he’ll absolutely hammer his back and shoulders trying to get his form right while wandering around

        • Connor

          To be fair, a farmers carry isn’t cardio either, but I agree. Combining disparate workouts can be a good idea, but it’s often a terrible one.

    • Silly Billy

      I’m a little confused as to why PFF is @ing Bellevue HS?

      I know they are also the wolverines, but still thrown off.

      • Silly Billy

        Oh Never-mind, he’s there for a recruiting event.

        Jealous. I played for one of the “other” Bellevue schools, it was the equivalent of a JUCO team playing Georgia each year.

        • pdway

          Fun fact, I am a Bellevue High grad. I was there before it became the crazy H.S. football powerhouse it is today.

          Addtl trivia, we won the state championship while I was there, led by our transfer star running back, Chuck Knox, Jr. Son of the coach of you know which team during that time …..

          • Palatypus

            Buffalo? The Rams?

    • glor

      He is a character if nothing else. lol

      • Rob Staton

        He certainly is!

  3. samprassultanofswat

    Romeo: As John McEnroe would say: You cannot be serious.

  4. Ace

    Jason Myers extended through 2026. Deal worth up to 22.6mill, making him the second highest payed kicker behind Justin Tucker.

    Honestly, not mad about it. We could make the argument that he *is* the best kicker in the league, behind Justin Tucker. Fair deal.

  5. glor

    my ceiling on Geno pay is 20/yr maybe two years guaranteed. But, knowing our back office, they will probably do something absolutely stupid and keep us in cap hell.

    • glor

      I will go buy my Drew Lock Jersey with no issues if Geno gets to greedy as well!

    • AlaskaHawk

      That would have been my offer at midseason to try to extend him. But after watching the last part of his season I would offer considerably less than 20 million. Frankly I don’t give a rats ass whether he is on the team or not next year. So that makes me a cheap bastard that is not willing to overpay. Let me add, who are these teams that will bid for Geno?? There is about 10 veteran quarterbacks that are all looking for jobs including Geno’s backup Lock. He’s just one of them. Plus we the fans intend to replace him with a rookie as soon as they find that magical rookie that can take the team farther. So I wouldn’t be inclined to offer Geno Smith or Lock much money.

      • Peter

        Agree this whole geno “best qb ever?” Talk and him talking about retiring as a hawk like he’s some hometown hero has me over it.

        He’s a bridge. I’m more than a little worried that he is going to get substantial money from the hawks real no real suitors Ala many members of the recent hawks rosters and his tailing off of his limits are going to be exposed in full next year.

        • Glor

          To be clear, I agree with both of you, I would never offer 20 either, but it’s more about, what would be the max they offer him that doesn’t make me sell my season tickets in disgust! lol

          I really felt Geno in the 2nd half let the first half of the season go to his head. We had the Bye week, and he came back and was all of the sudden no longer taking what was being given to him, he wasn’t distributing the ball to 11 different players in a game, etc. It seems like he was trying to prove he could hit all this big throws and I felt a lot of the over the middle stuff just disappeared. His yards per attempt went up quite a bit in the second half, as well as his ints

    • Scot04

      I had him for 3yrs 22M per, but could handle a max of 25M per. That would be where I hope the Seahawks hold the line.

      • pdway

        Yeah – I agree w you both in terms of what I think could happen, and where I’d max out on it.

        It’s interesting, when you look up the QB salaries for ’23, there are about 15 QB’s making big money, ranging from Rodgers at $50M+ and ending w Tannehill at $29.5M. Then there is Jameis at $15M, and nobody else over $10M.

        And then there are all the non-star starters (like Geno) and the young guys – so other than Jameis at $15M per, there is no other QB w a salary between the range of $10M-29.5M.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I think you could make a 3-year/25 million deal work. I think it would be seen as fair to Geno and affordable for the team. You risk losing fans and you risk losing the locker room if you go cheap on Geno.

        But, if Geno isn’t affordable. Well then you draft a QB at #5 and use the savings to address other areas of the roster.

  6. Mr Magic

    What I am dying to know is what sort of market is there around the league for Geno. What teams might even care?

    I was thinking about Tampa. They have some room to move contracts/cuts/restructure and could afford a decent number for Geno. Do they think they can run it back with Geno and compete or may they go full rebuild here? They don’t have the draft capital to get a top qb.

    Also Washington, could they see Geno as the guy to help em over the top. They were close this year and Wentz leaving opens up $25mln. THey don’t have the draft spot to get a qb.

    Outside of those two maybe Atlanta but they seem happy with Marietta bridge to Rider who was getting looks at season end. Carolina is in a good spot in the draft to move up and doesn’t really have the room cap wise. Saints could make some cap room but they have so many needs I cant imagine they would look to Geno with the holes in their roster.

    So if we let Geno test the waters, what is he legitimately looking at?

  7. John

    Not that anyone gives a rip about a fanciful mock draft on PFN, but just as an experiment, I essentially took any trade offer that includes a 1st next year and didn’t move down more than about 6-8 spots. The result was as follows: (My selections were entirely based on name recognition from this site. I have not watched any film, so some of the choices might be ridiculous)
    1.21: Kancey (DT) <– reach? no idea
    2.37: Van Pran (OC)
    2.40: Skinner (S)
    2.42: Nolan Smith (Edge) <– because Georgia, i guess
    2.54: Byron Young (DT) <– I think he got mentioned here once

    And for doing all that, i got 4 1sts (Cle, GB, KC, LAC) and 3 3rds (Pit, NO, Ten)

    I have no idea if its logically possible to create that many move downs for 1sts next year, but I guess the question I'm trying to get at is could we get more value by taking a delayed value approach?

    • Peter

      It’s not a bad idea.

      I’ve been playing around with a draft. I don’t have all the names yet so it’s a total work in progress.

      Trade five to Carolina to nine plus a second and a fourth.

      #9: Anthony Richardson, QB (of the future)

      #20: Mazi Smith, DL….saw a report that he does have the appropriate arm length. If so it’s a no brainer for me.

      Round two:

      #37: trade alert! Payne. Fell in love with this idea listening to Rob and Jeff today.

      #41: Sedrick Van Pran, Center. If he declares this is an instant upgrade and completely revitalizes the interior oline.

      #53: Keion White, DE. Long. Huge. Unreal speed for his size. Work ethic. My 2023 boye mafe draft crush. Replaces Shelby Harris.

      Round three:

      #85 (?) Mingo, WR. I think he’s gone but if he’s not run to the podium. A big reciever that plays a different game to Lockett and metcalf.

      Round four: lost on the numbers now because of comp picks….

      Pick from Carolina: Chris Rodriguez, RB. An absolute hammer to pair with Walker.

      That’s all I’ve got thus far.

      Cuts to harris, jackson, Diggs. FA lb. FA rg if possible.

      • Seattle Person

        To piggyback off of you and Rob but Drew Sanders at #20 is something I’m falling in love with. We really need 2 LBs to replace Barton and Brooks (part of the season).

        I’m down with SVP at #41 but I’m also down with either Skinner or Bryon Young. I would love a tandem of Payne and Young at those 5T positions. I dig Keion White too.

        Chris Rodriguez is a hammer. Roschon Johnson is also a hammer but with 22 mph speed. I’m really digging him. 2nd string at Texas. Plenty of legs in him.

        • Peter

          Drew sanders. No doubt. And frankly if they got wild and went for Payne or Buckner then Sanders early probably switches my pick.

          Like Byron Young and really like Skinner but now we’re getting to the part where uncertainty makes everyone a second round pick.

          Thanks for the heads up on Rochon Johnson. Looking into him today.

  8. James Z

    I have zero, zilch, nyet faith that Geno can come to equalling his first half of the season rating. I’m think the 2nd half of the season is his ‘ceiling’. Unfortunately, I expect, but certainly don’t hope that JS will overpay for him.

    • samprassultanofswat

      James Z. Agree 100%

    • Connor

      I think he’s slightly better than the tier of qb’s wholly dependent on their supporting cast because he can still make some plays and extend drives when the positions around him are getting thin/injured. Can he replicate the first half performance? I’d say yes, just not if everything else is suffering. He’ll be average-ish if it they are.

    • GrittyHawk

      The thing that concerns me with Geno is that he wasn’t just “less good” at the end of the year — he was downright awful. He had an 86.3 passer rating and 6.4 Y/A over the last 6 games (including playoffs). That is dreadful, bottom-5 production, and the scary thing is how much worse it could have been considering how many other pick-able passes he threw in that time. I’ve seen people pin it on the o-line and running game too, but that’s a bunch of hooey — his pressure rate was actually lower (19.4%) in those games than the first 12 (23.9%), and we ended the season with 4 straight 100-yard rushing games, including 197 against the Rams which was Geno’s worst game of the year.

  9. samprassultanofswat

    To be honest. I would LOVE to see what Drew Locke can do. I just do.

    K.J. Wright said 20Mil. If Geno wants to settle for 20mil. Fine. However, if Geno wants the big dollars. Sayonana. Let him go.

    • Peter

      Same, Sampras, same.

      Would like to see what lock could do.

  10. samprassultanofswat

    When you look at it. The only thing Geno Smith did was save Pete Carroll’s job.

  11. Ian

    To Rob’s point about strength of schedule, our 2023 opponents’ record for this past season is .522. As with the stock market, past results do not guarantee future returns, but it is an interesting contrast.

  12. Seattle Person

    I’m really glad that you mentioned Drew Sanders in your podcast Rob. I recently was watching his highlights for the last week or so and that’s what stood out. The speed and ability to just go. Once he makes up his mind — he just goes. It’s so valuable when spying those QBs. Then the more I dug into him, the more I liked. He can rush the passer and he makes plays in the backfield.

    When Pete Carroll talks about being more dynamic, he has to be looking for players that can get some TFLs.

    Payne can. Kancey can. Sanders can. I’m hoping it’s a theme for the front 7.

    If the Hawks can net a QB at #5, Sanders at #20, trading for Payne at #37, and getting either a Center or another impact position at #51 then that’s one hell of a start to the draft. I hope Skinner is there at #51 but he’ll probably go by then.

  13. Madmark

    Well Rob I your video with Jeff and picked a few things. The first is and don’t take this the wrong way. I think you should be wearing a Seattle Seahawk baseball cap or one with your website logo on it. It’s basically a free hour of advertisement. I always plug your website when I call into John Clayton show. I was really surprised that you dropped Drew Sanders ILB from Arkansas and be looking were you see him going. I will interested in his combine scores because I’ve been watching him all year. He was my sleeper and what I read he’s 6’4” at 244lbs. If we are going run a 3-4 defense you need linebackers and have be bigger and faster. The QB story I think Geno 2years 50million is reasonable and if the QB they like is at 6 they take him also. Jamal Adams I believe is gone. My interest in this can Adams pass the physical because it sounds like he has multiple injuries. Digs is big question mark for me, can we afford to pay? I’ve seen Seattle pick Bruce Irving at pick 15 because of his physique and combine scores. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyrell Wilson kills the combine and with his measurements I could see him here Seattle they like the freaky athletes. I also want good center and another big physical RB I have lost faith that penny can remain injury free. Well Rob thanks for the website and don’t take baseball cap bit personnel.

    • Peter

      Tyree Wilson.

      If he is really truly dynamic in testing I’ll shut up a bit about him. One ting I remember about Irvin was he was so athletic that his team had him line up all over the line. Even in DT spots.

      On the one hand I’m a little leery about big-12 defenders on the other hand without breaking down games of his I slightly suspect that he may have been doubled more often having played on a roster with no other real forces to worry about.

      • Madmark

        Irving may have played different position in college but here he was picked for Leo and kindia moved into the strong side LB when Cliff Came in from Detroit.

        • Peter

          More in reference to how wilson was used. As in I do not know.

    • Madmark

      There it is mock simulator has moved Drew Sanders from 69 all the way up to 40 now.

    • Cawww

      If I heard correctly Rob’s mock sneak-peak was Seahawks taking Sanders at #20. So I just went and watched his highlights…..WOW. May have just changed my mind on taking a LB in the first round.

      Rob, I hate throwing BAMF out there often as it needs to be saved for players that truly are those, but could get a glimpse of it with Sanders on the highlight tapes. Do you see him that way?

  14. UkAlex6674

    If I see another post on other sites about we need to bring back the LOB/ create LOB 2 then I will explode.

    The LOB was a one off. That period will probably never be replicated by a Seattle team.

    It’s really unfair to compare and totally unrealistic.

    • Peter

      Unfair. Unrealistic. And just unaware.

      I’m not doing a how good is so and so bit here….but

      How good would woolen, Bryant, Jackson, and neal be if the dline had an Avril and a Bennett on it and two LB’s playing at wagner and Wrights level?

      The defense is such a strange interconnected unit. And this team is both talented poor and scheme limited for all the units to function properly.

  15. Mick

    Really enjoyed the discussion Rob, thank you.

    My two cents:
    – KJ is (W)right 🙂 we shouldn’t give Geno more than 20 mil.
    – even if we extend Geno and even Lock, we should draft a QB. If that doesn’t catch, repeat next year.
    – I’m unsure about getting a LB high. I would rather go with a lower pick or even better, with a vet there. If we do, see what we can get for Brooks.
    – again I’m not sure what to do at EDGE: we have Nwosu, Taylor, Mafe, Robinson, Tyreke Smith, so there’s plenty of depth there. But the production should be better and the fit to scheme should be better, so if we have a chance to get a top guy we should go for it (and perhaps ship Taylor if someone is impressed by his 9.5 sacks).
    – Myers is too expensive, I wish the Cowboys didn’t have right now this mess at the kicker, I’m sure it played a role.
    – I’m done with DJ Dallas and even with Homer. If we can keep Homer cheap for only special teams, I’d be alright, otherwise the entire position needs restructuring with Penny hopefully gone too. Here I’d draft someone with a lower pick and also sign a vet.
    – I liked, like everyone else, the idea of giving up a second rounder for Daron Payne. But then I wouldn’t draft Carter. I would not bring back Poona Ford and I would get rid of Jefferson. With Shelby Harris I’m torn, he did alright but he is too expensive. Wonder if we can restructure his deal there.
    – I’d double dip at IOL: a C with a high-ish pick and a G with a lower pick.
    – at least one of Adams and Diggs should go.
    – get a WR in free agency, Cade Johnson and Dareke Young aren’t enough backup for DK and Tyler.

    • Roy Batty

      I would love to keep the guy, but I doubt he restructures at a significantly reduced salary, which is what they would want from him. He will be paid over $3 million, if cut, and be able to sign with someone else. He has no real ties to this organization or city, so a dependable DT like him would get a decent contract somewhere else. A contract that already has a nice escalation in it via Seattle paying him that $3 million.

  16. Trevor

    Still think the best option is to sign Drew Lock or Sam Darnold to a 2yr deal similar to the one Geno had this year and draft a QB at 5 to be QB of the future.

    It would give Lock or Darnold an opportunity to rebuild their value and resurect their career like Geno did while the rookie QB develops so would be a win for all parties.

    Then release the dead wood (Diggs, Adams, Jefferson, Jackson ) and use the created cap space to try and sign a young impact defender at each level of the defense up the middle.

    DT- Option #1 Payne #2 Javon Hargrave
    LB Option #1 Termaine Edmunds #2 Bobby Okereke
    S Option #1 Chauncey Gardner Johnson #2 Von Bell + Resign Ryan Neal and Abram.

    It would be a significant investment but if the deals are structured properly should be more than doable if they don’t spend big money on a QB. Adding a young impact player at each level of the defense would go a long way towards fixing the issues with the defense and can be complimented but adding more young talent in the draft.

    • Orcas viking

      I am in the Lock camp and agree 100% here. Lock has been schooled in the system for a season and would likely play better or equal to Geno’s second half of season…use the money saved to get Payne and two high quality vets (LB, IOL, WR3, etc).

      • BK26

        Just as a counter point, Lock played in the same system in Denver and couldn’t even be decent. And it was a simpler offense. I doubt he plays close to what Geno was at the end of the year. I don’t want to get cheap in the wrong areas and try to get cute. If it isn’t Geno, get a veteran. Give the rookie someone to actually learn from.

        • Trevor

          Do rookie QBs actually learn from the other QB or the coaching staff? I am guessing a little of both but mostly the latter.

  17. Trevor

    I know the cap space needs to be used to fix the defense but JuJu Smith Schuster would be the perfect #3 to go with DK and Tyler. He seems like he has been in the league forever but is still only 26. Played on the cheap this year in KC I wonder what it would take to sign him?

    • UkAlex6674

      Not a bad shout Trevor.

    • BK26

      I live down here in KC. They aren’t going to let him go. I even think they’ll get a bargain for him, sounds like he loves it down here.

      • Trevor

        Have to think playing with Mahomes makes a place pretty desirable.

  18. dand393

    I see that Vic Fangio is interviewing for the falcons DC job I think Pete should make a call and offer him what ever he wants to come to Seattle and be the DC

    • Roy Batty

      As Rob stated, that’s almost assuredly a non-starter for Vic. He would want total control of the defense. That is something Pete would never relinquish.

    • Big Mike

      As Rob has astutely stated on several occasions, Carroll would never give Fangio the complete control of the defense he would require. Better to hire cronies. Amirite Tater?

      • Big Mike

        You type faster than I do Roy.

        • Roy Batty

          Neural implant.

    • Orcas viking

      This is where JS needs to step in and show some BALLS!

      • Pran

        Listening to Pete in end of season calls talk about roster, contracts etc, i do not have a good feeling that JS is in control. may be he has the final say on draft picks, thats about it.

    • Rob Staton

      If only

      Really wish Pete & Vic could co-exist but they wouldn’t be able to

  19. Palatypus

    Just got a schedule of events for the Senior Bowl in the mail. I forgot I was on the mailing list.

    Want to see a free Nelly concert? 8pm, Mardi Gras park. Guests are Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

    Think Adam Sandler will bitch slap his ass?

    • Roy Batty

      Nelly just played the Spokane County Fair last Summer.

      I’m guessing it was a quick stop on his casino headliner tour🤣🤣

      • Palatypus

        Or maybe he just wanted to see Bobby Bouchier go Will Smith at-the-Oscars on Chris Rock. They should go full Andy Kaufman with it.

        Oh, and I meant snail mail, not E-mail.

  20. Happy Hawk

    Do we know if J Allen had her annual season ending meeting with JS and PC? Otherwise it appears that both are coming back and ALL the coaches are as well.

    • Roy Batty

      I doubt any heads will roll on the defensive side. A new scheme, wrong players for that scheme, and one year removed from an already fresh culling.

      That all adds up to a pass for this staff.

  21. Nick

    My draft wish list goes as is

    at 5, Take the QBOTF. I don’t trust Jalen Carter, and Will Anderson’s subpar season, after being an absolute monster two years ago, concerns me. Did he lose motivation? his draft stock had nowhere to go but down, and it did. IF Levis, Stroud, or AR is there at 5. Dont stare a gift horse in the mouth.

    at 20, fortify the trenches, don’t care how (trade for Payne) just get tough and mean on the interior lines If you are going to trade 1st round stock on a player, ffs make it on a young, stud d lineman. I know that is easier said than done

    use 37, and 52 to further add talent to the defense. If you value a safety, to draft and cut one of the ridiculous contracts(JA and Diggs), fine by me. Cut them both and start fresh, is fine by me. DLine again or OG. continue to find tough dudes

    3rd round at 75 if Kenny Mcintosh or Chris Rodriquez is there, Lets move on from Penny. provide some quality depth to support K9

    other needs: Linebackers that can tackle, speed. Center A true WR3

    Id bet my first born child that JS trades down and accumulates picks tho, not from 5, but any other pick is fair game to add depth and talent to this roster

  22. Julian L

    I just can’t see Daron Payne being traded for a 2nd round pick. I’m don’t have reference to any precedent, but I’d have thought for Washington to franchise tag him, then trade him, they’d want at least a 1st and possibly a day 2 pick in 2024 maybe in exchange for a day three pick for Seattle or something like that?

    I think the Deforest Bucknor trade for a 3rd round pick would be more likely and I like the idea. As an Oregon alumni, he’d be comfortable moving to the PNW you’d have thought as Calais Campbell did in Baltimore, he still has something to offer from the interior at 29yo. I think mentoring a rookie IDL’men, he’d be a great addition.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Has Da’Ron Payne been franchise tagged?

      I must’ve missed that

      • Rob Staton

        I would expect Payne to be tagged

    • Peter

      Really like Buckner. But I’d rather a lower pick. At 29 plus whatever his contract might be would he be part of a rebuild or just more of a stopgap player as the team continues to reload?

  23. Palatypus

    From the Senior Bowl website.
    MOBILE, Alabama – The Reese’s Senior Bowl today announced that Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy (American team) and Las Vegas Raiders Defensive Coordinator Patrick Graham (National team) will serve as head coaches for the 74th annual Reese’s Senior Bowl to be played on Saturday February 4, 2023, at Hancock Whitney Stadium on the campus of the University of South Alabama.

    So the defensive coach has KJ Henry and Keion White.

  24. HawkfaninMT

    My goodness there is a lot of good DC and OCs out there that are currently unemployed.

    • Big Mike

      Not Leftwich. It couldn’t have been a 45 year old guy at QB that should’ve retired after last year but is hanging on because he lost his ass on crypto. Nope, it’s all Byron’s fault.

      • Peter

        Hope byron goes to a goofy college and turns them into something.

        Hope Brady goes to Miami or Las Vegas and gets worked over by tge likes of Allen, mahomes. He’s already the goat what he’s put there to prove is beyond me.

        I like the idea that he lost his ass to crypto.

        Alternately was amused by the notion that he didn’t go into broadcasting because of his impending divorce….check notes….from his wife who has made a not insignificant more money than he has.

      • HawkfaninMT

        I know I wouldn’t be upset if Roman were brought in as Assistant OC/Run game coordinator. Especially if they Hawks were to draft a QB with some rushing upside

  25. Hebegbs

    The problem I have with the FG Tannehill/Geno comp is that Tannehill has been the starter there for awhile vs Geno 1 year. NFL is a comparison pay structure but hopefully there is some middle ground in the negotiations for Geno based on time as a starter, where last year was really only his 1 good year.

    People on other sites I post on think I’m crazy for talking up Richardson at 5 vs Carter. I know everyone is hungry for a D line we love but despite PFF grades on Carter I’m having a hard time with him at 5. 5 was our gift and I feel there are 4 QB’s worth taking at 5. This is our shot to get one. In my mind the flip side is if they don’t, and say Geno does resign but has a mediocre to bad 23’—to get a top QB the Hawks are then trading their 24 and 25 first round picks plus probably a 2nd to move way up due to their middle of the road draft position. This is the year, IMO, to go QB early.

    Taking a lot of flak for suggesting Young, Stroud, Levis and Richardson could all be gone by pick 6, if not by pick 5. But that is what I believe plays out here based on the pool I see.

    • Peter

      No flack from me.

      Take the gift and consider mazi smith, keion white, byron young, and a few others later.

  26. BoiseSeahawk

    Would you rather…

    A) Draft Jalen Carter at 5

    B) Draft Siaki Ika and Mazi Smith at 20 & 37 and use #5 for something else

    • BoiseSeahawk

      C) Draft Jalen Carter at 5 and ALSO select Siaki Ika and Mazi Smith at 20 & 37, and select 6 more DTs

      • Jordan

        Who’s unavailable at 5 in this scenario?

  27. JimQ

    A day 3/UDFA QB? Does anyone know anything about this small school QB-Tyson Bagent? Could be worth a shot in the coming draft as a QB (in training)? You have to like his #’s, although he’s from a spread/RPO type of offense as well as he’s from a tiny school. NFL scouts are supposedly somewhat high on his potential. So, maybe the Seahawks take a chance on him, especially if they don’t get a QB early? Tape is likely pretty hard to find so who knows?


    • Rob4q

      Yeah, I read about him as well. Senior Bowl will be critical for him to show he belongs. If the Seahawks miss out or just don’t draft a QB with their first pick, they will probably look to draft one later. There are a few interesting looking QB’s later but you just can’t replace the traits the guys at the top have…

  28. Hawks4life

    If Pete stays (which looks likely) and we miss out on a QB at 5, I’m going to have a very hard time giving a shit about this team next year. We all know it’s going to be an off season of “we’re so close” and will be in this same situation next off season with even less draft capital

    • BK26

      Agreed. It’s like a really nice looking house that has termites through the foundation. You can hide it and cover it with occasional first round exits and good-but-not-great seasons, but the structure of it just means that sooner or later it’s all going to crash down on you. Live in it as long as you can but don’t worry about the future.

  29. cha

    Jeff, really appreciated having you on.

    One question: You said something about the Seattle FO expressing surprise that Geno was declared the starter so early over Lock by Pete.

    Was that reported somewhere? I don’t recall ever hearing that.

  30. UP Hawk

    Nick Foles= Geno. Foles won a Super Bowl, signed with Jacksonville for 4/88. Seems like a better comparison than Tannehill (starter hx, younger), Carr (starter hx, younger), etc. Even with them, which of their teams would do it again?

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