An interview with West Virginia’s Darius Stills

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  1. no frickin clue


    Great interview, love this kid. Seems highly motivated, big chip on his shoulder. Watching those video clips – remind you at all of Geno Atkins?

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t want to make that comp because Atkins is a bit of a unicorn but certainly he has a lot of attractive qualities

  2. JimQ

    Yet another great interview Rob. This guy is really well spoken and obviously intelligent and a nice young man with his head on strait. He would seem to be an ideal DL-man to target in the draft. It would appear he may be in the round 3 area of the draft from rankings I’ve seen. Maybe in the top 65-80 range? When would you estimate his selection? Also, did you ask him about what he thought of the Seahawks and perhaps being drafted by them?

  3. TomLPDX

    Another great interview, Rob, and again someone I would love to see in a Seahawks uniform.

  4. Volume12

    Good stuff Rob.

  5. Rob4q

    Another excellent interview Rob! It’s really cool to listen to these guys and get a feel for who they are…and I’m sure they are happy for any added exposure right now! Stills seems like he has the right attitude and definitely some skills. On your board, you have him slotted in the 4th round and on the PFN SIM he is listed at 159 currently which is mid 5th. If he’s available in that range, mid 4th to mid 5th, probably would be really good value pick!

  6. Rob4q

    Since Rob has already posted his 4 round board, I’ll ask some of the others on hear (Cha, Sea Mode, Vol12, etc.) who look at prospects. There are a few guys that stand out to my untrained eye when looking at highlights and measurable that are available…what am I missing with these guys or are they just mid-late round prospects?

    1) Erroll Thompson, LB Miss St
    Watching some of his highlights, he just looks like he gets it – seems to read and react very well. There are clips of him in coverage, going sideline to sideline, blowing up OL to disrupt a play and even blitzing the QB. Looks like he can do it all, but might be strictly a MLB? Has good size, speed and looks athletic enough on tape. Played in the SEC. Looks legit to me! Maybe a Wagner replacement…

    2) Trey Hill, OC Georgia
    Big dude at 6’4″ 330 and has some athleticism, started 22 games at OC in the SEC and was previously a OG. There is some tape of him that shows he is smart and understands the OC position and he has a little nasty to him. He did have minor knee surgery and doesn’t always show the foot speed to get to the second level. PFN SIM has him listed at 138, which is late 4th round. But putting him in between Lewis and Cleveland on the middle of the OL? Oh my…

    3) Jaylon Moore, OT Western Michigan
    He’s 6’4, 311, 33 3/8″ arms with an 82″ wingspan and has started 30+ games at LT. Here is Tony’s PFN write up on him:

    Positives: Underrated offensive tackle who was a three-year starter for Western Michigan. Bends his knees, blocks with consistent leverage, and stays square. Strong, turns defenders from the line and seals them from plays. Keeps his feet moving, makes good use of angles, and anchors in pass protection. Keeps his head on a swivel, immediately picks up blocking assignments, and can be an overwhelming force. Attacks assignments and always looks to finish off defenders.

    Negatives: Lacks quick and fluid footwork off the edge. Bends at the waist. Average ability blocking in motion.

    Analysis: Despite not being graded by scouts coming into the season, I’ve had Moore stamped as a Day 3 prospect since his sophomore campaign. He offers potential at right tackle or even inside at guard. He’ll fit best in a system that does not ask him to block in motion.

    • Rob4q

      And here is what I just drafted on the PFN SIM after a few trades:

      69. Ben Cleveland, OG Georgia
      111. Keith Taylor, CB Washington
      129. Trey Hill, OC Georgia
      131. Darius Stills, DT West Virgina
      168. Jaylon Moore, OT Western Michigan
      174. Erroll Thompson, LB Miss St
      209. Chris Evans, RB Michigan

      Some young talent for both lines, Cleveland and Hill could compete for spots right away, Stills could find his way onto the field in passing situations. Added a CB that fits what the Seahawks like as well as a possible Wagner replacement. Then take a chance on a RB with some upside late…already have Penny & Collins on board for 2021.

      Would have to go to FA to find WR #3, but letting the young TE’s they already have on the roster compete would be good. Parkinson has a chance to play more and Mabry is an interesting player…

      • Rob4q

        BTW – every 3-4 times I run the PFN SIM, the Bengals try to trade up into the late second round to draft Deonte Brown!

        And usually in the later rounds, the Chargers or Broncos will offer multiple late round picks to move back up into the 5th round or so – I’ve had some pretty crazy offers from those teams!

  7. TomLPDX

    Do we go after Kyle Rudolph?

    • Nick

      Gosh, I hope not. Hopefully we learn a lesson from the Olsen signing…

      • TomLPDX

        He’s not Olsen, but I hear you. Still, this guy has years still in his play and he ain’t no slouch.

        • John_s

          Russ is already on the phone begging for another aging qb that he will ignore

          • John_s


  8. Brik

    I know this is unrelated, but I had a random question. I searched on google about it and it didn’t really clear things up. Can we trade someone now, and get the picks, and designate it as a post June 1st trade? Like how they designate players as a post June 1st cut. What I did see was they might not even be allowed to do that this year because it’s the final year of the CBA.

    • Rob4q

      I think that was asked a while back and the answer was no, it doesn’t work that way. They would have to make a gentleman’s agreement to do something like that and it would be tough!

      • Brik

        Alright, thanks for informing me

  9. cha

    Schefter podcast that talks about RW doesn’t have much.

    Says the Raiders are the best fit for a trade partner. But that’s mainly based on they have a QB to trade back. He basically struck the other 3 teams because they don’t have a QB the Seahawks would like.

    Very unimaginative discussion.


    • Rob Staton

      The conversation around this massive story is absolutely rubbish.

      On a local and national level.

      Nobody is getting into the meat and bones of the issue.

      It’s very, very frustrating.

      • Denver Hawker

        Denver radio is 100% on it and I suspect any local media of a team desperate for a QB would be as well. Just today they were discussing the addition of JJ Watt and implications for Russ and how it only adds fuel to the statements he’s made about needing help.

        Also Watt is a close comp to the Von Miller situation. Nearly same age to the day, HoF talent, injuries, but good production left in the tank.

        Same radio convo here also discussed how the 12-4 Hawks are a mirage, were bloodied by a broken Goff, injured Donald and couldn’t stop the run. Went so far to predict Hawks don’t even make the playoff next year even with Russ. Context was predicting that Von would not desire to sign with Seattle given how far away they are from a SB.

        • TomLPDX

          I actually agree that Seattle is not even a playoff team next year. They’ve dug a hole so deep that they won’t be able to get out of it next year. If they make the playoffs next year I’ll actually be surprised.

        • Rob Staton

          Wow… so nobody starts booing Mike Florio or shouting and ranting at anything negative about the Head Coach?

          • TomLPDX

            Sorry Rob, not following what you are saying here. My comment about a deep hole is about the FO, not Russ. Why should I boo Florio? He’s just reporting what he sees and feels…always has.

            • Rob Staton

              Hi Tom — that reply was in response to Denver’s post about Denver radio. I know the comments system wordpress provides isn’t great so it can be confusing.

          • Denver Hawker

            Ha! No fluff here, shoot straight. The station even bashes Elway which is sacrilegious in these parts.

            • Rad_Man

              because DEEEEAAAAAAD CAAAAAPPPP

  10. Gary

    The worst thing about watching these interviews is falling in love with the character and athletic traits and then being crushed when the Hawks don’t get them. What a great interview, and what a great Seahawk he would make! With our luck he’ll end up elsewhere in the NFC West. Every time I watch another interview I like the player even better than the last one! Thanks Rob for helping us getting to know these players and turning them into people whose careers we will want to follow.

    • dcd2

      Damien Lewis from last year was one of Rob’s interviews. I hear you though. A lot of players to like and not many picks.

  11. dand393

    Good article on everything that’s been said here already but good to see someone in the national media understands

    • Trevor

      Make sense actually.

      • Rory

        I like the article with one exception. 2 first rounders, a second, and Carr (to me) isnt enough.

        • Rob Staton

          I would consider three first rounders from New Orleans, another pick, Marshon Lattimore and the rights to convince Drew Brees to play in 2021… then draft an heir apparent.

          • Rad_Man

            not for nothing but look at that Saints O line. Across the board 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounders all drafted and developed in house. And 3 (?) of them are good/very good that Seahawks passed on. Tell me Russ doesn’t notice that.

            Seahawks dealt themselves this hand over the past 5 years. It’s criminal negligence to do this to an O line in this division.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s right in the sense that there are only two options:

      1. Make things right with Wilson now, eliminating any future drama

      2. Trade him

      You can’t just sweep this under the carpet, live in a world where a trade is inevitable but hey… let’s wait until June 1st or next year to make a deal.

      If it’s over, it’s over. You move on now. If teams that are $40-75m over the cap can make it work, you can at $5m over the cap.

      But those are your options — sort it, or trade him. I don’t know why people even give the idea of waiting until next year minus a long term resolution any credit.

      • Ryan

        It’s probably bc there have been some very successful teams (in the short term, anyway) that had players/coaches that didn’t get along.

        And you have to look at it as an option, whether you agree with it or not. If the Seahawks determine both that they can’t live with the cap hit AND they won’t placate him if they think it isn’t the best move for the team, what else is there to do? Wouldn’t be the first couple that wanted to divorce but gritted their teeth and bore it for a while bc of economics.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s probably bc there have been some very successful teams (in the short term, anyway) that had players/coaches that didn’t get along.

          I’m not sure why that’s relevant at all. There’s no reason to repeatedly say ‘ah it’ll be fine this year’. Especially when all the evidence is to the contrary on an extreme level and you even introduce a guest who says it’s gone from 95-5 to 60-40 in the space of a fortnight.

          And you have to look at it as an option

          Never said it wasn’t an option. My complaint is about the auto-pilot response that is triggered every damn time that ‘next year is more likely’. No. This is a serious issue, right now. You have two options. Sort it out or deal him.

          If the Seahawks determine both that they can’t live with the cap hit AND they won’t placate him if they think it isn’t the best move for the team, what else is there to do?

          If they won’t placate him and a departure is inevitable, they live with the cap hit. It’s as simple as that. It’s the most overblown thing in this whole saga, the dead money.

          Wouldn’t be the first couple that wanted to divorce but gritted their teeth and bore it for a while bc of economics.

          This is a poor analogy though because they’re not a couple. Dead money means jack to Russell Wilson. If he wants out, he’ll want out. He’s not in any way obliged to say, ‘oh well it’s slightly easier for them next year so I better just hush hush for 12 months’.

          If a trade is inevitable, you do it now.

  12. Rob Staton

    Dan Orlovsky was really strong on the Wilson situation here.

    Someone who actually talks about relevant things:

    • Ryan

      I noticed today that Florio said basically the Saints should call the Seahawks and say ‘just tell us who you want.’

      Now where have I heard that idea before? Hmmm.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d be fascinated to know what Seattle would ask for, if that question was posed, and how receptive NO would be.

        • Mike

          A very interesting documentary could be made if a franchise gave access to trade/contract negotiations, draft evaluations, etc.

          obviously a team wouldn’t want to do this, but if it was filmed and then made a few years later when the coach/him aren’t working anymore it would be interesting.

          Certainly a lot more interesting then the crap they show on hard knocks.

          • cha

            ESPN’s 30 for 30 “From Elway to Marino” about the 1983 draft was amazing.

        • Rad_Man

          And a certain personality on 710 just skewered Orlovsky for being part of numerous toxic NFL environments

          • Rob Staton

            Of course he did.

            But let me guess… did he call him Dante Oslo-key.

    • ElPasoHawk

      Russ and Pete have the same always compete mantra. The MVP is an absolute must in Russ’s eyes in his quest for competing with the greatest QB’s of all time. Unfortunately Pete’s style and philosophy on how to best compete to win is not conducive to the QB being an MVP candidate. Someone in this relationship is always going to be uneasy with the path forward. It’s time to move on from one another. I really liked Orlovsky’s take on the situation, thanks for sharing.

  13. swedenhawk

    really REALLY like this kid. great interview Rob.

    • swedenhawk

      just picture him and Poona Ford anchoring the seahawks’ d-line!

    • Rob Staton


  14. Mick

    Nice interview Rob. I have so many favorites in the meanwhile, I think the draft class isn’t that bad after all.

    • Rob Staton


  15. cha

    Shut up and let PC run the franchise will you

    • Submanjoe

      It’s not as if Pete asked Paul Allen to die so Pete could have all the power. It’s all pretty shitty really. Russ may well get the message across. I believe Russ when he says he wants to be in Seattle, it’s not like Pete and John can make any major additions today. New league year and free agency begin soon enough, then things may heat up….one way or another. I still sorta think Russ just doesn’t realize how strong he came across with all this. I also don’t think he’s lying or making false threats. It is all so fascinating.

      But ya, the 710 crew generally speaking, do seem to all be employed by the Seahawks. I keep wondering why they’re so adamant and almost defensive.

    • Ok

      this is so…..I truly believe that the local radio personalities are putting these bad faith arguments out there. Stelton was doing a similar routine. My tinfoil seahawks hat is that the radio folk know that they need to defend the franchise, because that is what the majority of fans/listeners will positively react too. Mr Staton wrote very well thought out, accurate articles, criticizing the team, that were shown to be emphatically true, and the response was terrible.
      I do not understand the position that a good regular season record, and little to no recent playoff success, is beyond reproach

      • Rob Staton

        I do find it interesting that I got a years worth of abuse for predicting:

        – The pass rush would be a major problem

        – The season would end in a similar way to the last five

        – There was trouble brewing with Russell Wilson


  16. Brik

    It’s hard to think about stuff not related to Russ in some way. I looked at the top 101 free agents on my NFL app and saw that there is a way to “fill holes”. I rarely see the Seahawks getting in a bidding war with the top free agents, so what else is there?

    -WR- Curtis Samuel or Juju Smith-Schuster at 24 and 25, maybe? Corey Davis at 32 (I hope we’re looking for someone who can start, and not just be depth)
    -TE- Jonnu Smith or Hunter Henry at 27 and 28. Already know we’re looking at Jonnu. Is Gronk gonna play? Gerald Everett would be decent if we just want an average starter.
    -RB- Marlon Mack is at 84, coming off of injury but showed promise before that. About the only possibility I see of a quality starter for not too much.
    -OL- Daryl Williams if we aren’t sold on Shell at RT. David Andrews at C, or maybe Austin Reiter. Any guards might be too much.

    I don’t see us having enough money right now to get a top 20 free agent and be able to fill in all the other holes. Just looking at offense for now. I haven’t actually watched any of these guys play, just basing it off where they are on the free agent list.

    • Rob Staton

      A year ago I poured over the FA list.

      This year? I haven’t even clicked the link on

      The teams in a right state. No picks, no money, unhappy QB, holes everywhere. I can’t even think about who they might sign, short of a guard or center

      • Brik

        Yea it’s sad. I’m trying to be positive but we are gonna need some magic to happen. I do like some of the talent in free agency though.

  17. Scot04

    Another Great Podcast Rob. Saw a couple games he played. Very quick off the ball. Loved where he did the air quotes when talking about size.
    Came away from the Podcast pretty impressed. Seems like a student of the game. It’s guys like him where you just get so frustrated the league couldn’t figure out how to put on a combine. Especially after how well the senior bowl went. Just sad.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Scot

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