The need for value & problem solving players in the draft

Ben Cleveland — ‘the Mountain’

I’ve said it a few times now. I think it’s completely wrong to write off this draft class.

One of the justifications for the massive cost of the Jamal Adams trade was the unique nature of this draft. The lack of a combine. The limited information.

Why not have a ‘blue chip’ player instead? A proven commodity?

That’s one way of looking at it. Here’s another.

The NFL is facing a cap crunch due to the impact of Coronavirus on the global economy. You are going to need to find cheap starters.

There are two ways to do that. Exploiting a free agent market that’ll be very different this year. And the draft.

By trading so much for Adams, the Seahawks have put themselves in a position where, just as NFL belts are tightening and the need for value has never been greater, they face the prospect of trying to finalise a record breaking contract. At the worst possible time. For a non-premium position.

For some reason this is never discussed. The Seahawks received media approval for turning their back on the draft class, largely just because things are a bit different. Hardly anyone has questioned why they thought it was a good idea to make a major investment in a safety, when cheap value is so clearly the order of the day.

Teams need players like Damien Lewis on an $800,000 salary, starting and playing at the standard he did.

We didn’t need a combine to realise Lewis could play. It was obvious — thanks to the tape, the Senior Bowl and the interview we did with him pre-draft.

There are plenty of players in this class who look the part too. Writing them off would be foolish, simply because they didn’t have an opportunity to take part in the underwear Olympics.

I know I’m seriously flirting with ‘flogging a dead horse’ territory here but I do think it’s important for the Seahawks to get back in this draft. Four picks in total and one pick in the first two days isn’t enough in the current climate.

This is a rich class in the top-75. I think you have to take advantage and play the hand the pandemic has given you with the reduced salary cap.

I don’t think it’s good business to have Jamal Adams instead of three cheap club controlled players. Not in this environment.

And before anyone points out Seattle’s recent draft record — that’s no justification. You don’t throw in the towel and give up on the draft because you’ve done a bad job over the last few years. You do a better job. There’s no other choice.

Furthermore, paying Adams $18-20m a year from 2022 will be a massive waste of resources. No safety is worth that much, even one you blitz 8.2 times to manufacture 0.8 sacks a game. It was a poor trade, devised through sheer desperation because the Seahawks had failed to add any impact players to their defense by the time training camp had arrived.

One of the off-season priorities should be damage limitation. Get what you can for Adams, save money, get back in the draft and move on.

The Miami Dolphins have four picks in the first two rounds. Adams would be a superb fit in their defense. The Belichick tree loves hybrid safeties who can play up at the line. Cleveland needs a splash in the secondary. Contact them.

See if you can get a first and a third, or two second rounders, or a second and a third. It’s a discount price but I think, ultimately, you’ve just got to bite the bullet. Better that than tying yourself to a big extension.

With the $18-20m you save in 2022 you could structure a contract for Corey Linsley, filling the hole at center with a stud addition. Give him a low year-one cap hit and make the most of the room you created by dealing Adams.

You would save $9m this year too and you could restructure/extend contracts to create more room — providing a chance to fill the various holes on the roster.

I better apologise now. Whenever I write about what I think the Seahawks should do — I’m going to bring this up. Because to me it’s not even a consideration as to what is best for the long term future of this team.

Having an insanely expensive box-safety who blitzes a lot is not something I would commit to. Especially at a time when the quarterback is making it very clear he’s open to a trade. Now is the time to build around him — by shifting resource from positions like safety and linebacker and converting it to the trenches.

While I’ve talked about the players below already, I wanted to again emphasise why I think certain prospects would really boost the Seahawks on offense — and why I think there’s a lot of value in getting back in this draft.

Ben Cleveland (G, Georgia)

The Seahawks have two big problems that they’ve been trying to solve for ages. One, they never have an answer for Aaron Donald. Two, they’re not physically intimidating.

The first issue is difficult because Donald is one of the greatest players ever. The only true way to stymy his impact is to limit the damage with scheme.

You can still put someone in front of him to give you a fighting chance.

The second issue has long been a thorn in Seattle’s side. They crave being the team they were from 2011 onwards. They’ve tried everything — from the Adams trade to focusing on specific types of players in the draft. The reality is the Seahawks don’t scare anyone. They are not a physical team. They never beat anyone up in the trenches. Against the Giants and Rams last season, they got their arses kicked up front.

For all the guards and centers in this draft, I would have no problem drafting Ben Cleveland very early.

He’s legitimately ‘the Mountain’ from Game of Thrones. He’s just over 6-6 in height and he weighs 354lbs. Yet he carries that frame wonderfully. There’s hardly any bad weight on him. He’s just massive.

As I noted when I’ve written about him before — he took Auburn’s soul away in 2020. Their defensive linemen were giving up against him. There was no route through. They were throwing their arms up in the air. They were visibly frustrated. You couldn’t beat him.

He was tipped to break the bench press record at the combine and the Georgia trainers had to stop him at 45 reps to avoid injury because he’d just go on and on.

He’s a far better athlete than many draft types will have you believe. He’s good on the move and pulls well. I’ve seen some very nimble shifts to allow the center to progress to the second level, with Cleveland stepping across to confront the nose.

The sheer presence, size and brute force of the man would deliver such a physical, brutal edge to Seattle’s O-line.

Is he flawless? No. He can do with learning to sustain blocks a little more rather than constantly looking for the devastating blow. Is he the prettiest player? Not at all.

But if you want someone who is just going to get out there and kick some arse and give you a fighting chance to set the tone up front — this is the guy. More so than the other interior linemen available.

If they took him at #56 — no complaints from me. Of course, I don’t have all the information teams have. I don’t know if you’ll need to consider him that early. But I do think a line consisting of Duane Brown, Cleveland, Linsley, Lewis and Brandon Shell could give you a chance to beat a few teams up (for a change).

Brevin Jordan (TE, Miami)

Twitter is awash with talk of adding another veteran tight end. Some of it is in jest, some of it is semi-serious.

Whether it’s the recently released Kyle Rudolph, the seemingly soon-to-be released Zach Ertz or a younger player such as Gerald Everett or Jonnu Smith — the Seahawks appear determined to add someone who can contribute as a third weapon next to D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett.

Here’s an idea — instead of an expensive, ageing re-tread or an expensive, younger alternative — why not draft someone with the potential to be great?

For me, Brevin Jordan just oozes class.

He’s charismatic during interviews, he makes explosive, eye-catching plays and he just looks like a top-quality tight end should look.

Time and time again we’ve talked about the correlation between the best TE’s in the league and their agility testing. Jordan’s 4.21 short shuttle at SPARQ, despite weighing 250lbs, was sensational.

You see it flash on tape too. He’s adept at motion, working across the line on shorter or crossing routes and creating the subtle separation to provide easy completions. When the ball’s in his hands, anything can happen.

He has the suddenness on the short range to beat coverage on slants. His release on the post is special. He’s not going to run an Evan Engram-style 4.4 forty but he doesn’t need to.

He’s basically everything the Seahawks need. How often do games become a chore because the offense can’t move the ball early and then they resort to looking for the kill-shot rather than finding those easy completions to get a few drives going?

Jordan’s ability to move well in a short space, combined with his massive frame and ability to turn up-field and create YAC, would make him the ideal #3 target.

There’s every chance in a few years we’ll wonder how he lasted as long as he did if he goes in the second round as most people expect.

Use Will Dissly as your main blocking tight end in 2021. Just use Jordan as a big slot as he learns the ropes. Feature him in the passing game. And if you take him in round two, he’ll cost about $1.6m a year.

That to me is far more ideal than squandering millions on the position, as they did with the +$10m they spent on Greg Olsen and Jacob Hollister in 2020.

Javonte Williams (RB, North Carolina)

You don’t need to see Williams run around in shorts and a vest to know he’s exactly what the Seahawks need at running back.

He’s a prototype for their historic ideal at the position (5-10, 220lbs) and he runs with the kind of toughness and unforgiving nature that Pete Carroll loves so much.

It’s why I don’t understand why people are so keen to write this draft class off. I can’t for the life of me imagine Carroll watching Williams and not being positively giddy. This is what he craves. This is exactly the type of runner he wants.

He flattens defenders. He runs them over. He’s a yards-after-contact machine.

He ranked #1 in the NCAA for broken tackle rate (46.5%) in 2020.

He had a record 0.48 broken tackles per rush attempt, registered 7.0 YPC and 4.59 yards-after-contact per carry.

You just put on the tape and watch him plough through contact and take it to the opponent. How can you not want this?

The idea of going out there next season with Williams running behind the proposed offensive line suggested above would be tantalising.

Compare it to the suggestions we’re seeing elsewhere. Bring back Ethan Pocic with his 59.8 PFF grade in 2020 and mediocre numbers in both pass-pro and run blocking. Bring back Carlos Hyde — who was barely any healthier or more reliable than Chris Carson. Go and squander millions on a tight end.

What kind of plan is that? Really?

Give me Javonte Williams running behind Corey Linsley and Ben Cleveland. Give me Russell Wilson on a bootleg with Brevin Jordan running across the field for an easy completion. All for a fraction of the price.

They’re not the only coveted options. East Carolina’s D’Ante Smith played so well at the Senior Bowl, he could be a fantastic guard/tackle project for the long term. Quinn Meinerz was outstanding too. Cade Johnson lit up Mobile with his routes and could be another Tyler Lockett in the making. D’Wayne Eskridge is absolute dynamite.

What exactly is the great mystery with these players that you need a combine to prove?

And how can anyone seriously suggest that getting a collection of these players on tiny contracts, in the midst of a huge economic collapse in the NFL, is not more attractive than having the opportunity to pay PFF’s 53rd ranked safety in 2020 a kings ransom, that costs you the opportunity to sign other players at other positions?

Be bold, Seattle. Trade Adams and start Marquise Blair at strong safety — the player you deemed good enough to warrant the #47 pick in the 2019 draft. The player you selected 17 spots ahead of D.K. Metcalf.

Use the money to make a splash on your O-line — in order to stop your franchise quarterback running for the door. Then use the draft stock you’ve acquired to tap into the exciting options in this class.

There’s been too many bad decisions over the last few years. Spending money and picks in the wrong areas then going cheap elsewhere when investment was required. Where’s the forward planning? Thinking long term at key positions.

If you’re going to spend this year — make it on someone like Linsley. And get back in the draft to build around your franchise quarterback, ending the madness.

What about the defense? Ideally you’d address that too. But the priority right now has to be offense. Russell Wilson’s made sure of that.

There are three potential starting quarterbacks for Seattle in 2021:

1. Happy Russell Wilson
2. Unhappy Russell Wilson
3. Somebody else

The only option you can’t live with this year is #2.

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  1. Aaron Bostrom

    Great stuff as always, Rob. I’d love to see it happen.

    • Rob Staton


      • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

        You are not flogging a dead horse. That horse is alive and well. Keep on hitting it. This post is genius level writing that also targets a very specific audience. I sure hope that the FO also reads it!

  2. Hawk Finn

    Excellent analysis, as usual. Trading back from #56 seems likely, but do you think they’d get enough value to warrant potentially missing out on one of the “blue chip” prospects you mentioned? We always seem to get such poor return in trades.

    • Rob Staton

      If they trade into the top three and take someone like Ben Cleveland, I’d be game.

      But I want them back in rounds one or two, by trading Adams.

      • Big Mike

        I know you think that’s possible Rob, but I do not due to the likely fact that Pete views him in the same light as Kam. I sincerely hope I am able to come in here in the next few weeks and happily admit I was wrong.

      • SD37

        Is Adams down year definitely due to be miscast here or was it simply a down year due to injuries? Is there any chance he bounces back in this system and becomes the player he was with NY?

        • SD37

          Didnt mean to reply to you, my apologies.

        • Rob Staton

          He’s simply not a fit in Seattle.

          We’ve talked about this a lot. In the 3-4 you have four linebackers on the field dropping or rushing. You vary your pressures, you bring pressure from everywhere. You can show/disguise everything.

          In Seattle his blitzes are basic and predictable. Yet they have to do it to justify his presence and prop up a crap pass rush.

          It’s a complete mess.

          • Big Mike

            And the injuries are imo, directly related to him being used in that role in Seattle. I haven’t seen much of his Jets tape but I have a feeling he came unblocked a lot more often in that scheme. That lilted his chance at injury.
            Obviously that’s not the only factor. Some of it might just be basic wear and tear. Regardless, he’s player that’s not getting younger and he had a season ion the Seattle system where he missed 4 games due to injury and was making “business decision” and thus very ineffective in 2 others (including the playoff game loss). That does not bode well for ma healthy future in Seattle.

            • Big Mike

              lessened not ” lilted”

              Damn this format needs an edit function

  3. Peppapig

    Great stuff as always Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  4. CB

    Good morning and another fantastic article, Rob. I truly hope that your vision for this off-season comes to fruition. What you have outlined here works with or without Russ. We definitely need an injection of talent on the defense as well, but I am firmly in the trade JA camp. Thanks for the tremendous effort and thought you put into this work, we all are very appreciative.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks CB

  5. GerryG

    To me, a schmuck who cant evaluate talent and reads a draft blog, this is the perfect opportunity to get better value from the class than normal. Sure, it is a tough year with less games played across the nation, no combine, and a potential uneven playing field with the differences in state covid regulations.

    I think this all screams opportunity! Do your homework teams. Research these guys as best you can, and know that you might be able to get a guy in Rd2 that in any other year might have ‘Combined’ his way into Rd1. When others cry about the situation, its usually an opportunity to take advantage.

    And the cap crunch isnt just this year, its going to extend into other years because teams borrow against it, and next year they will still be behind where it was projected two years ago. Draft a bunch of kids, and dont F it up by getting too cute. Get the best players available.

  6. Roy Batty

    Aside from keeping him, my biggest fear is negotiations don’t start until after the draft and they are forced to trade him. By then the team has crap for leverage, since many teams will have signed quality FA’s , or drafted a safety.

    Adams is not Frank Clark. Schneider will not have teams bidding for his services. As you stated Rob, there are only a few teams that value his skill set enough to garner decent draft capital.

    I am dreading the lead up to the draft, as I have near zero faith Pete will part with his favorite new player.

    • GerryG

      Yeah I have zero faith whatsoever in this team making the right moves anymore. I know it sounds dire and defeatist, but there’s just been so many misses, it just feels like a house of cards, apparently Russ thinks so too.

      • Big Mike

        Concur Gerry.

    • Scot04

      It only takes two teams being interested. I think they would do ok in a trade for Adams. ( At worst a 2nd and 3rd ), but thats just me. I think you could get a 1st this year and a 4th next.
      Unfortunately because of Carroll; it feels like 20% chance Adams traded and about 70% chance Wilson is traded instead.
      To me it’s an absolute embarrassment if they end up trading Wilson.
      The Adams trade seems like just a no brainer as the best way to start improving this team, with Wagner be the 2nd piece. Sometimes bold decision need to be made. Wagner maybe a 3rd and 5th. Say Jacksonville for picks 65 &146.
      I hope PC & JS prove me wrong and move on from Adams, I just think disappointment is coming.

      • Roy Batty

        Either way, we will find out if Jamal’s statement deserved an asterisk.

        “I’d run through a brick wall for Pete Carroll.”*

        *For $20 million.

  7. Henry Taylor

    I fear the chances of Wilson getting traded are much higher than Adams. Which is a pretty damning statement.

    • Scot04

      Unless someone helps Carroll see differently, it sure feels that way…

  8. BobbyK

    I’m so sick and tired of Pete Carroll’s narrow vision. “ComPete” is fine if there’s a balance between “going for it now” vs. having a long-term vision. He has no long term vision anymore, as evidenced by trading a pool of vital draft resources for a SS that can’t cover. It’s not even that he traded those picks, but first round picks are generally your best trading chips at adding additional draft picks. Lord knows the Seahawks don’t have enough draft picks! In any other organization in the NFL – there’s no way anyone would have traded a 1/1/3 for Adams because no one person has all the clout Pete does. There would have been someone in every other organization saying how narrow minded the trade was and it wouldn’t have happened. Instead, Pete obviously insisted and our future got bent over the railing because of it. Pete won in that moment, the rest of us (and him) got screwed for years down the road.

    • Big Mike

      “absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    • BobbyK

      I have Pete Carroll’s email address. I asked if he would like to contribute a short quote for Kenny Easley’s book we’re working on/finishing. He didn’t answer (I provided credentials). I simply feel he doesn’t care. It would do no good to apologize to him because he’d ignore us low-lifers who dare to think TJ Watt is better than Malik McDowell. LOL!

  9. BobbyK

    And I’m really sick and tired of Pete Carroll thanking John Schneider on “all the hard work” he did on the Jamal Adams trade. If I was the GM of the Vikings and wanted to trade a 1 and 2 to the Seahawks for Jarran Reed – I could do it and the Seahawks would accept it because it’s such a dumb offer. How would that be “hard work” on my part to orchestrate such a lopsided trade?

    • Tomas

      The more I read (and listen), the stronger my impression is that Pete calls the shots in terms of personnel … and Schneider makes the phone calls. If this is even largely true, isn’t John something less than a real GM? And if this is so, why is he held in the highest esteem by so many? Or reviled? What am I missing here?

      • Rob Staton

        I think John basically works to a plan. He makes recommendations. He has ‘his guys’, for sure. But ultimately the buck stops with Carroll.

        • Lex

          We have Schneider to thank for Russell Wilson. John was adamant about drafting him, wanted to do it earlier, Pete couldn’t be convinced. Obviously, we were lucky to have landed him. More and more, this head coach / QB relationship is reminding me of the Tom Laundry / Roger Staubach debacle.
          I still lament Paul Allen”s unfortunate passing. The man did wonderful things for the City of Seattle & held all accountable. I would be much more comfortable with our current drama knowing Pete had to answer to Paul.
          For all the chirp, chirp, cluck made of the running game, the investments do not match. The Marshawn trade was epic, Duane Brown trade was excellent. Love the Damien Lewis pick. Am I wrong that beyond those moves, success on the line and at RB has been meager?
          My mini 2021 draft wish list of Quinn Meinerz & Ben Cleveland probably can’t be supported by our current draft capital. A year ago we had a huge number of picks to work with, a decent safety class to pluck from, a safety on the bench and safety we traded. A year later, we’re out the next two years first rounders, an addition third round pick & the asking price for our HOF QB starts at three firsts; the math here is confounding to say the least!
          Rob, you’ve gotten particularly good. Much appreciation for the content and analysis, big time respect knowing you’re doing this with two young children at home and a job to boot!

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks Lex

      • dcd2

        Just my guess, but I think John has autonomy on the ‘less valuable’ assets. I think he’s got providence to pick the day 3 guys (unless Pete gets a call from Ed Ogeron saying Sullivan is great… in which case he needs to go get him because Pete said so).

        I think the trade-backs and manipulation of the board are John. I think that has worked out well at times, where we add some picks and potentially get a guy we want later. I also think it has backfired, as in two years ago where PCJS seemed so deflated after Rd 1.

        The Diggs, Dunlap, MacDougald type deals I think are John, as well as the waiver – DJ Reed types.

        I think other GM/FO’s know that any ‘Value’ trade or pick was probably at John’s hand. While any “Blockbuster” deal was probably at Pete’s direction.

        • Roy Batty

          Pete hands him a position shopping list and tells him to make it happen.

          • BobbyK

            Could never have done without Ed Dickson!

            • Tomas

              Many good points and info regarding my query. Thanks, gentlemen.

  10. Big Mike

    A serious question for folks………outside of wanting a good laugh, why do you even listen to 710 anymore? 950 isn’t the Hawks’ flagship so I’m guessing you’d get a more balanced approach?

    (I’m not in the area so listen to neither)

    • Simo

      I used to listen to Brock and Salk, as I always enjoyed Brock’s take on things as a former player. Since they no longer do a daily show, I don’t listen to 710.

    • Rob Staton

      I only listen to the Brock segments these days

  11. Simo

    Nice analysis Rob, hopefully they can get back in the draft and fill some key positions with cheap talent.

    In addition to trading Adams, I also think they should explore trades for Bobby. As you have said a number of times, he’s just not worth as much as he’s making. Sure, trading him along with Jamal would be a hit to the defense, but it’s time to plug in Blair and Brooks (both high picks). They gain some picks and some cap space.

    Do you think it’s realistic to get a couple decent picks for Adams (say a mid to late R1 and an R3) and a pick or two for Bobby (maybe late R2 or early R3 and another mid rounder)?

  12. Feindt

    Not one NFL Team has less resources than the Seahawks:

    I am going to cry if they sign Jamal Adams to a long term deal, Russel Wilson will cry as well, probably not in Seattle

    • Rob Staton

      But nobody wants to talk about the serious, big decisions needed to rectify this

      • RugbyLock

        Nobody outside of this blog for sure Rob.

    • cha

      Another angle to illustrate how awful the Jamal Adams trade was:

      This was 5 months into the pandemic, and all indications were no fans were going to be allowed in stadiums. Which means the 2020 revenue that determines the 2021 cap was going to be severely impacted. So when PC and JS made the trade they KNEW they’d have 1)less cap room to work with and 2)no premium assets to backfill the roster and keep costs balanced.

      Everybody clutching their pearls about ‘borrowing on the credit card’ in the next year seem to have no problem with burning draft picks that could be converted to multiple cheap talented players and then paying a misfit toy top-market salary plus 20%.

    • Big Mike

      Aaaaand I just got even more depressed. “House of cards” as GerryG put it indeed.

    • SeaTown

      God this is so depressing.

      • TomLPDX

        Join the club, it’s getting bigger and bigger.

  13. SonGoku

    Cardinals are expected to be interested in Core Linsley, per Chuck Harris.

    • Rob Staton

      Well it stands to reason. Hopkins, Watt, Lindsley. It’s what they do.

      We’re going to sign whoever played a bit of guard, bit of center, but was mainly a backup, for the Steelers.

      Meanwhile — Kyle Rudolph’s coming in for $10m a year.

      • SonGoku

        Don’t jinx that signing.
        Russ already liked the Vikings’ tweet about releasing him…

      • BruceN

        “We’re going to sign whoever played a bit of guard, bit of center, but was mainly a backup, for the Steelers.”

        We’re probably scouting one or two of the division I (NCAA BB!) backup centers or PF to convert to a G or a C. In the meantime the Cardinals are smartly taking full advantage of Kyler’s rookie contract window.

        Rudolph for $10M is too scary even as joke. But sadly we can’t rule out the possibility.

  14. Trevor

    If they took him at #56 — no complaints from me. Of course, I don’t have all the information teams have. I don’t know if you’ll need to consider him that early. But I do think a line consisting of Duane Brown, Cleveland, Linsley, Lewis and Brandon Shell could give you a chance to beat a few teams up (for a change).

    I absolutely love this OL idea for next season regardless of who the QB is. Cleveland makes too much sense IMO.

  15. Rob4q

    So the trade with the Jets for Jamal Adams breaks down like this:

    Jets get
    2021 1st, pick #23
    2021 3rd, pick #86
    2022 1st, unknown pick
    Bradley McDougald

    Seahawks get
    Jamal Adams
    2022 4th, unknown pick

    Is that correct?

    And if they were to trade him before the draft this year to try and recoup some draft stock, the potential trade destinations could be NE, Miami, Cleveland and?

    Miami could be
    2021 1st, pick #18
    2021 3rd, pick #81

    NE could be
    2021 2nd, pick #46
    2021 4th, pick #120
    2022 1st, unknown pick

    Cleveland could be
    2021 1st, pick #23
    2021 3rd, pick #91
    2022 4th, unknown

    Which deal are they taking???

    • Trevor

      If they trade Russ NE because they could suck this year giving next years #1 great value.

      If they don’t trade Russ the Dolphins to get him OL and Weapons this year.

    • Big Mike

      None of them because Pete thinks #53 ranked is a BAMF.

      • Rob4q

        Maybe, but that wasn’t the point…what would Big Mike do?!?

        • icb12

          I take the Miami deal. No question in my eyes.
          Rob said it, you want to be in the top 75 as much as you can this draft. The Miami deal gets you there. Flip that 18 into a couple more top 75 picks, 81 might be close enough to get a dang good player, or you flip that too.

          The 2022 1st from NE IS appealing, but 120 is too far down to flip up again.
          Cleveland deal I take if it’s the only option on the table.

          • Rob4q

            Yeah, you could always try and trade back with the two high Miami picks for sure. It’s what makes something like this so interesting and this FO had to know that if it came to this, they could flip him to another team for a decent haul back. Obviously not getting the full value of what they gave up, but still getting something decent for taking a shot on him fitting into the team & scheme.

            I went with the NE trade scenario:

            2021 2nd, pick #46
            2021 4th, pick #120
            2022 1st, unknown pick

            And did this in the draft after a few trades:

            46. Javonte Williams, RB UNC
            56. Brevin Jordan, TE Miami
            129. Aaron Banks, OG Notre Dame
            152. Jaylon Moore, OT Western Michigan
            163. Darius Stills, DT West Virginia
            168. Jaelon Darden, WR N. Texas
            185. Joshua Kaindoh, EDGE FSU
            209. Erroll Thompson, LB Miss St
            223. K.J. Britt, LB Auburn

        • Big Mike

          You asked “Which deal are they taking” and I answered as I feel “they” will approach any thought of trading Adams.

          If it were me, which again was not what you asked, I would take Cleveland for the extra pick in round 4.

          • Rob4q

            True, I did phrase it like that…I guess what I was getting at is “if” they were going to deal Adams and these were the three options, which would you prefer they went with?

            And I get why you say that about the Cleveland deal…getting that third pick back helps restock on low cost players like Rob is talking about. And it still gets us back into Rd 1 this year along with a 3rd as well.

            • Big Mike

              Yep, that was my thinking. This team badly needs a lot of inexpensive young talent.

    • Scot04

      I’d be thrilled just to get pick 18 from Miami. Anything more is a bonus. But just on the options above, definitely option 1.

    • pepoandart

      I think I take New England’s offer. That pick could be top 10-15 and that is the chance to add real blue chip talent in a year where we will have more information. Plus you get another pick in the top 50 for this year plus a 4th. Now will the Pats do this? I don’t think so. I think Miami would offer 18 and that give you a lot of good options to pick up players this year.

  16. Trevor

    I have always been a huge fan of Pete Carrol even back to his USC days but he should never have gotten and extension this past season. The team has been stalled for 4-5 yrs now and there does not seem to be any vision. If this team had a hands on owner there is no way Pete gets an extension IMO.

    Best case scenario is they trade Russ, Adams and Bobby this off season for a huge haul and go into full churn rebuild. The team struggles next year and Vulcan sells the team to a new owner who comes in and brings a new front office to start with a bunch of cap space, young talent and draft capital for the Hawks to be legit SB contenders from 2023 -2025.

    No one likes a rebuild but I see no way this team with its roster, QB, cap space and coach win a SB in the next 4 years which is how long PC/JS are extended for.

    • BobbyK

      It’s such a slap in the face to us though if we trade all those guys away in this rebuild, only to give the Jets the 1st overall pick in next years draft. Without Russ, Wagz, and Adams… (mainly Russ) this is probably a 2-14 team.

      • dcd2

        Preface: I don’t think there’s a chance the FO deal all 3 of these guys

        If we dealt RW to the Raiders and got Carr back, along with Jacobs (let’s say)…

        Then deal Bobby and Jamal to get some capital and cap space, you could potentially have 1,1, 2, 3 additional picks along with a serviceable QB, and an upgraded RB.

        Grab Baron Browning or another athletic LB, let Blair run at SS and while we’re probably worse than last year, we’re also probably closer to having a direction and path forward.

        Feels like we’re just spinning our wheels right now with no plan.

    • Scot04

      The team doesn’t need a reset. You trade Adams and Wagner you suddenly have plenty of options to improve this team. No reason to trade your Pro Bowl QB.

  17. Qoolio

    Great points and details, Rob. To my untrained eye, this seems like the type of draft that the Seahawks should be wanting to get back into.

    Need to rebuild the lines? There is great depth at OL and good additions that can be added to the DL too.

    Want to use Pete’s coaching style to motivate a young, hungry and moldable group on defense? Great! Trade Wagner and Adams to help with cap space and find those lumps of coal to turn into diamonds.

    A draft with imperfect, incomplete, and unbalanced information favors those who know what they want and where they can find it. When all players of a game have the same information, surprises are less common.

    I feel this draft will have a lot more reaches and steals because of the asymmetry. Get more picks in Rounds 2-4. Players will slide, whether due to lack of testing, some organizations being more conservative, or inability to fully assess injury recovery. I want them to get the draft stock to be bold when others hesitate.

    Get value players (and several) in the draft and save cap space for positions of leverage on the roster (not LB and S).

  18. Mick

    I’m totally on board. Blair isn’t even that bad of an option at safety, if he manages to stay healthy. If you don’t trade Adams, which you should, see what you could get for Wagner.

  19. cha

    Pete Carroll the last couple seasons, illustrated.

    It’s in slow-mo because we all know how it’s going to end, but we’re forced to watch it unfold.

  20. Ryan

    Call me cynical but right now I have little expectation that Pete and John will trade Jamal or avoid signing guys like Rudolph or Ertz.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I have little faith in their offseason moves based on past experiences.

    • BobbyK

      They’ve made me cynical based on their actions recent years, too. I agree. Totally baffles my mind how they can have been this bad in the off-season for a number of years now and have freshly extended contracts. There’s only expectation of Wild Card round exit and no realistic expectation of being a conference favorite.

    • Rob Staton

      What the hell does any of that even mean?

      Might as well be in chinese

      • cha

        I read it as they’ve relied a lot on Russ and the draft over big free agent spending.

        And with their draft record, you can easily draw the conclusion that Russ has had a large hand in their success.

      • Volume12

        Pat McAfee: file this under ‘impossible to read’ lmaoooo

  21. Gohawks5151

    Something that is interesting to me from the latest Brock and Salk’s is the personality of John Schneider. He always seems like a even keeled, smart guy. Both say he is pissed at Russ. To me he was kind of the guy caught in the cubicle between two feuding coworkers. Just trying to get his work done. But Russ has clearly offended him and it looks like 2 on 1 now. It’s interesting because in some ways it could gone the other way. Before the extension there was talk about him leaking the Lions offer to get back some control from Pete as well. A perfect partner to break up the monopoly. With the word being JS is pissed it just seems like there are no cooler heads left to keep this on track.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t agree with B&S there.

      I think John will be sympathetic and may even agree with Wilson. I think he’ll detest Mark Rodgers, though.

      Pete I imagine is furious.

      • Tomas

        On 590 am a few weeks ago ex-Trojan and media personality Petros Papadakis convincingly stated that Carroll, when at USC, became hugely resentful that OC Norm Chow was receiving much media adulation for the Trojan’s explosive audience – to the point that Pete was calling media contacts on the down-low to assert that it was “his” offense, not Norm’s, and it would be better if the press coverage reflected this. Papadakis received such a call himself, and said he wasn’t the only one receiving these awkward calls from Pete. Ego out-of-control, Pete? Imagine how he must DESPISE” the “Russell alone guarantees nine wins” talk, minimizing his coaching contributions. I am starting to believe that Pete holds a festering resentment of Russ – and may be tantalized by the opportunity to demonstrate his coaching prowess with Russ gone. Of course, I believe Pete will fall on his face – but in his arrogance, Pete thinks he can pull it off …

        • Tomas

          950 am.

        • Big Mike

          VERY damning and to my knowledge, Papadakis isn’t a “say stuff to get in the news cycle” kind of guy.

        • Gohawks5151

          I would never have guessed anyone would be jealous of Norm Chow for anything. His time at USC and early in Seattle was about the Jimmy’s and the Joes, no the X’s and O’s. I think he knows that. Which you think would lend itself to keeping Russ. But who knows. Still Pete’s move…

        • Big Mike

          And btw, Cowherd yesterday just kind of threw out the comments that one of the reasons he would like to see Russ move on would be that it would be “interesting” to see how well Pete Carroll did without him.

        • Rob Staton

          Imagine doing that.

          I really hope it isn’t true but as you said, why wouldn’t you believe him? He can hardly make that up and state those calls as fact

  22. BobbyK

    I would take the Dolphins offer. Then I’d offer the #81 pick to the Browns for Grant Delpit if they’re that set on a SS. Then trade down once or twice in the first round to get some picks and still take Williams so they can have a stud RB. R2 could still be dedicated to LG. Might have an extra 3rd rounder or two for CB and maybe something else (DT, TE, WR…).

    • BobbyK

      Sorry, that was in reference to what Rob4q wrote a few posts above.

      • Rob4q

        Interesting Bobby…Delpit would be a player that they could do some things with. Diggs, Neal, Delpit and Blair as your safeties isn’t a bad group at all! Throw in Amadi as he can play there too.

        I went with the NE trade scenario:

        2021 2nd, pick #46
        2021 4th, pick #120
        2022 1st, unknown pick

        And did this in the draft after a few trades:

        46. Javonte Williams, RB UNC
        56. Brevin Jordan, TE Miami
        129. Aaron Banks, OG Notre Dame
        152. Jaylon Moore, OT Western Michigan
        163. Darius Stills, DT West Virginia
        168. Jaelon Darden, WR N. Texas
        185. Joshua Kaindoh, EDGE FSU
        209. Erroll Thompson, LB Miss St
        223. K.J. Britt, LB Auburn

        Would follow Rob’s idea above signing OC Linsey to solidify the OL. Russ should be happy with that and a draft like this! Just need to sell him on Waldron’s scheme and that PC will stay out of it! Lot’s of potential on offense, RB would be improved, OL addressed for now and the future, TE group would be awesome! Just need to find a #3 WR…

        This also would also follow the path of young, fast and hungry on defense. Might have to keep Bobby for one more season, but then in 2022 you could have a LB group of Brooks, Thompson, Britt.

        In the secondary, bring back Sherman for a couple years and let him work with Flowers. DJ Reed, Sherm, Flowers and maybe Dunbar on a prove it deal? Or one of the young CB’s that has been on the PS…Stanley or Stephens?

        Still would need to do something with Dunlap, but I think the ESPN idea of cutting him with the intention of resigning might work. If you communicate with him that you can’t start at $14m per year, but could do 2 years/$10m per, it might work. You also have Robinson and hopefully Taylor can be healthy and actually contribute! Drafting a project like Kaindoh to grow could add to the group.

        Probably would want a short extension for Reed as well, then you tender Poona as well. Reed, Ford, Mone, Lattimore and Stills makes a nice group! Young and hungry on defense!

        It does still seem like there is a path forward for this team that can lead to them being contenders again…will PC/JS see it that way or continue to to patch holes and get by? I think that’s what will push Russ all the way out the door. They have to change some things if he is going to stay and be happy…

  23. Rob Staton

    Chris Simms ranks Kellen Mond as his #3 quarterback in the class.

    Been saying… he’s good.

    • Chris A

      How do you feel about Simms ranking Wilson over Lawrence?

      • Volume12

        Not a huge Chris Simms fan, but he did have Lamar Jackson ranked #1, Josh Allen # 2, Baker 3rd, Darnold, and then Rosen

      • Rob Staton

        Obviously I disagree but I will listen to the explanation before judging

    • TomLPDX

      He has him ranked #4 behind Wilson, Lawrence and Jones followed by Fields and Lance. Still surprised to see him projecting him at #4 though.

  24. CanaryInTheCoalMine

    I love your scheme, Rob, especially on the offensive side. It’s solid, it makes sense. I have to admit, I really like watching Jamaal Adams flying around the field. But you’re correct, he’s not a good scheme-fit. In fact, at $16-18MM/year he’s called a ‘luxury’. So, PC/JS should salvage what they can and move on.There’s no shame in making a mistake, but compounding that mistake would be irresponsible. Move on. The silence from the SeaHawks front office is deafening. What’s going on? It would be nice to get some ‘hard facts’ since all one can do otherwise is speculate. What is their plan? Do they even have a plan? I’m sure they do, but does it have some meat to it or is it a ‘rinse and repeat’ of what’s been unsuccessful to date? Almost everyone I read or talk to, whether it’s in print or conversation, want to see a clear direction (regardless of what that portends in terms of RW’s status with the team) followed with some strong, decisive action. Yet those same voices, operating in an informational vacuum, seem to be preparing for a letdown, and understandably so. Given the track record of recent years and events of recent weeks, one gets the feeling this is not going to end well. That would be a shame because it would represent a cop-out from the SeaHawks front office. By that I mean there are multiple clear options and a failure to aggressively pursue one or another, and instead to take half-measures, would indicate disarray, confusion and lack of confidence. If PC is truly the kind of motivator he seems to be, and if the swagger JS seems to project is real, I have trouble believing that to be the case. I cannot accept PC/JS would have an attitude of ‘let Russ stew’, or Russ will ‘come around’. They know this is a serious, franchise changing situation. There are tough decisions to be made with Russ, Bobby, Jamaal, KJ, Carlos, Shaquille, etc. Regardless of if or whom you trade you need trading partners and you need to receive some acceptable perceived value. That might be why the vacuum of information. Something’s (hopefully) going down. I would think (hope) their preferred direction would be to have a ‘happy’ RW and to aggressively acquire the capital to put more pieces around him. That would seem to mean trading other assets like Bobby and Jamaal and maybe letting others walk. But who knows…Either way, the silence is deafening.

  25. Doug M

    Couldn’t agree more re: Adams. If SEA takes another RB early the fans’ heads are going to explode, but Rd 2 is probably the price to get their guy. Are there any later round RB’s that you think fit the mold for SEA? Sermon or Kylin Hill perhaps?

  26. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of Payton Turner?

    And, do you see the same similarities between Carson & Javonte William’s that I do?

    IMO, Sermon has the highest ceiling behind Najee at RB.

    • Rob Staton

      Like Turner. Some potential there

  27. cha

    GMFB did it again.

    Interviewed Shaquille Griffin, ‘coming off a strong season’ ‘had a career best number of interceptions’ (3) and ‘will be one of the most sought after free agents’

    • Rob Staton

      They should’ve at least mentioned that Griffin benefitted from LJ Collier’s breakout bonanza

      • Sea Mode


        It’s too much!

    • Gohawks5151

      I heard somewhere that a tag and trade would be a good idea…

  28. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Former Titans’ TE Delanie Walker, who took off last season due to COVID and to get 100 percent healthy, intends to play again in 2021, per source.
    11:19 AM · Mar 3, 2021

    • Pugs1

      Delanie is getting up there in age but maybe he could be a cheap option at TE. I’ve always been a fan because he went to my alma mater. Not too many Mules have made it in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      Brevin Jordan
      Pat Freiermuth

  29. JimQ

    Rob, looking at this post, I believe you have now identified 6 (or 7) —PRIME— Seahawk picks in the coming draft (—-> Please notice this RW <—- all picks are on the -offensive- side of the ball – !!!!) to summarize:

    RB-JAVON WILLIAMS, RD-1/2 – Might be the highest priority here with Carson's questionable return????
    OG-BEN CLEVELAND, RD-2 – Might be the best possible pick available with their current 2-nd round pick?
    TE-BREVIN JORDAN, RD-2/3 – Likely a mid-round-2 or early round-3 pick? Hard to judge.
    OC/OG-QUINN MEINERZ, RD-2/3, Attitude is important and this kid gets it, OG flexibility is a + too.
    –or– WR-D’WAYNE ESKRIDGE, RD-2/3, –BUT–, Maybe Cade Johnson -later- fits better at a lower draft cost?
    OT-D’ANTE SMITH, RD-3/4-ish, A B/U, long armed, OT with + potential and upside? Hell yes.
    WR-CADE JOHNSON, RD-4/5-ish, A slot receiver to potentially be a Baldwin clone? #3 WR? New RW weapon?

    Not real sure of the rankings by round, but to get all 6 (or 7) of these guys, they obviously need to find a few more of those Rd-2/3/4 picks to get the players listed & accomplish this. Adams and/or Wagner looks like the best chance of achieving same by trades and not just for more cap space, but also for adding needed "cheap" talent with the very much needed additional draft picks.

    Ideally, I’d personally add a few to this list as day 3 picks (if they are available), (1) CB -Benjamin St-Juste and (2) EDGE-Elerson Smith & of course (3) QB-Davis Mills as a Priority-UDFA or a Rd-7 pick & the new RW B/U? I also think UDFA & veteran FA signings should -mostly- be all on the defensive side for DL & DB's.

    I think, IF the required trade(s) for more picks can be accomplished, this would end up being a REALLY GREAT draft. So, Thank you Rob for this post, it illustrates how needs can be met with creative trades, I’m sure we would have a great draft if you were the actual Seahawks GM. Just a great write-up on these possible picks Rob and I agree 100% that this may be the ultimate draft to actually improve the team for years to come (and also satisfy most of RW's concerns). IF – JS/PC read this blog, they should recognize that "changes need to be made" & this would be a good road map to follow for team improvement. It's the right time – right now – to go for it.

  30. Scot04

    Watch Darnold get traded to Chicago, Prescott signed long term in Dallas, Raiders comitt to Carr and Brees put off retirement. All ends up happening in next two weeks. Wouldn’t that be a fun additional twist to the offseason.

    • Roy Batty

      Haha, I wonder which teams are on Russ’s tier 2 list?

    • cha

      That’s why if the Seahawks aren’t exploring options RIGHT NOW they could really screw this whole thing up.

      Yes, RW is the prize and a franchise QB, and yes the 4 teams should check with Seattle before making any QB moves. But that is playing games with your leverage and burn you badly.

  31. Ashish

    First few lines are of the article is perfect. Setting the tone up.

    Feels so wrong that we are talking about trading Russel Wilson. We really miss Paul Allen leadership here. We should be thinking more on getting better in offense, shuffling defensive pieces.

    If anyone should be traded my priority will be Coach Carol, Adams, Bobby Wagner like idea of Rob to tag/trade Griffin. O, GOD please help hawks.

  32. Rob Staton

    Michael Silver latest:

    Says the situation is worse than he initially thought.

    (But this is not a story, he’s not going anywhere this year, dead cap hit etc)

    • Rob4q

      Last line was great “there are a lot of balls in the air and this is not a great situation…”

      • Rob Staton

        The people who are connected — and Silver clearly is — are telling everyone this isn’t good.

        We’d be wise to listen.

    • Henry Taylor

      This is why I just want him to demand a trade and to get this over with. I can get excited for an offseason rebuild around a bunch of picks, but I cant handle the bs any longer, let’s just get on with the inevitable.

      • Rob Staton

        I haven’t been able to enjoy this off-season either. Too many questions. The Wilson saga.

        It’s not fun.

        I just want to know where we’re going, what we’re doing. Some clarity.

        • RugbyLock

          If they do trade him then maybe they should just pull the pin and blow it all up… This sucks so bad… I was thinking that we wouldn’t have to worry about the QB position for at least 5-7 years and now this… uugghh

  33. Mike

    If for any reason Russ leaves, at that point all the high cost older vets suddenly seem like they should be dealt, at least to me. Not only will we not be good next season, but we wont peak again until those guys are either retired or in major decline.. so may as well trade them and draft for the future.

    -Bobby Wagner
    -Carlos Dunlap
    -Duane Brown
    -Don’t resign KJ

    That’s a major blow. Especially to lose the few good guys in the edge of our lines. But if we want a superbowl eventually, wouldn’t it be prudent to do that? Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t agree. I don’t think throwing in the towel would be the answer. I think the challenge, in that instance, is to create a competitive team with renewed resources.

      • Big Mike

        Which would be made much easier with Carr.

    • cha

      These older players are having their future with Seattle questioned through the lens of little draft stock and little cap room. A RW trade solves those issues in big, big way. If you trade RW, you’ll be swimming in draft stock and cap room.

      • RugbyLock

        Last offseason debacle doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence

  34. Rob Staton

    For me, the Wilson situation needs sorting before free agency one way or another.

    Because how attractive is Seattle as a destination with major question marks hanging over the franchise?

    We need Wilson recruiting. And for that he has to be on board. Otherwise…

    • Rob Staton

      One other interesting thing… only Dallas has distanced itself since Wilson made his four suitors known.

      Which to me suggests the others are working away, behind the scenes, to make a run at this.

    • Ross

      Rob, Honest question: if PC has decided to give Russ some control on the offense and build up the OL – basically, give RW what he wants, then how would you (or anybody) know that the situation has been ‘sorted’? Because PC is not going to come out and say that that is his plan. Would that have to come from RW (“Hey sorry everyone. I spoke with Pete and we’re good!”)?

      It feels to me that publicly ‘sorted’ actually means traded.

      Great work, as always.

      • Rob Staton

        If things get sorted and a truce is arrange — some way, that’ll be leaked

  35. BoiseSeahawk

    Fully support your plan.

    Trade Adams
    Sign Linsley
    Draft Williams and Cleveland. 100%

    • BOHICA

      Rob, what picks do you estimate the Hawks would need to acquire both Williams and Cleveland?

      • Rob Staton

        I think Williams could go in the late first. Won’t be surprised if it’s early second instead though.

        Cleveland? Could be anywhere. I thought Damien Lewis was a top-50 prospect and he lasted into the early third.

        • Rob4q

          So do you feel the same about Cleveland…top 50 prospect?

          • Rob Staton

            I didn’t say that — I’m just saying I rated Lewis higher than he went

            • Rob4q

              Yeah, that’s why I was asking. He may not be a fit for every team, but could be for the Seahawks…

        • Hoggs41

          Agree 100% on trading Adams, signing Lindsley and drafting Williams and Cleveland. Let Blair and Neal battle it out for the safety spot. Maybe look to add Sherman and extend Dunlap and we have something good going.

  36. JJ

    Sure seems like a variety of GM and coaches have been talking to media the last couple days. Sure would like to hear from Carroll or Schneider.

    • Roy Batty

      Crickets. All we get is crickets.

  37. dcd2

    Rob, on your horizontal board; are the players within a round also ranked top to bottom, or not necessarily?

    For example, there are 9 WR’s with 3rd round grades. Do you have Bateman the highest and Rodgers the lowest of the group?

    • dcd2


  38. Mike

    I don’t comment all that often but just want to say thank you. For a while there you seemed pretty worn down and I was afraid you might close shop. Instead you’ve stayed true to yourself while putting out the best analysis about the Seahawks, draft or otherwise, online. I check the site daily because of this.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mike.

    • JJ

      That’s why I started giving what I could to his patreon. It wasn’t much, but he deserves every penny or is it quid???

      • Big Mike

        Yeah I need to donate too……….

      • Rob Staton

        All support appreciated guys.

  39. downtownjewelrybryan

    good news guys…TATER’S BACK

    (laugh crying)

    • Rohan Raman

      So is KNJ,

      Bruh moment.

  40. cha

    “I think Derek Carr has earned a lot of respect around this league from an awful lot of people,” Mayock told reporters. “I think Derek Carr had his best year yet, under Jon Gruden. I think he’s one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and we couldn’t be happier with him. …

    “If you’re asking me about Derek, I think Jon and I would both stand shoulder to shoulder and pound the table for Derek Carr.”

    • TomLPDX

      Isn’t that what he is supposed to say?

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly. Josh Rosen is our guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Clever from Mayock.

      Not ruled anything out, not said anything to piss Derek Carr off

  41. Rob Staton

    Lance Zierlein’s reports are out.

    Scout on Davis Mills:

    “He’s going to be a starter. He was a big-time player coming out, but he just hasn’t been healthy, which is the only reason he never became a bigger name.”

    Elijah Molden ‘legendary football character’ (why take that in R1 when you can spend what you spent on Jamal Adams?)

    • Sea Mode

      Are you planning on having him on again to talk some draft?

      • Rob Staton

        I will certainly ask

    • Rob Staton

      ELIJAH MOLDEN 6.33
      CHRIS RUMPH 6.33
      TOMMY TREMBLE 6.32
      QUINN MEINERZ 6.31
      TYLAN WALLACE 6.30
      AARON BANKS 6.29
      CARLOS BASHAM 6.28
      CADE JOHNSON 6.26
      WYATT DAVIS 6.26
      ERIC STOKES 6.25
      JEVON HOLLAND 6.25
      SAM COSMI 6.25
      DEONTE BROWN 6.25
      AMARI RODGERS 6.25
      TREY SMITH 6.24
      PAYTON TURNER 6.24
      JOSH MYERS 6.23
      DIVINE DEABLO 6.23
      JAY TUFELE 6.22
      DYLAN MOSES 6.21
      MICHAL MENET 6.20
      TREY SERMON 6.20
      TYLER SHELVIN 6.20
      BEN CLEVELAND 6.18
      WALKER LITTLE 6.17
      BARON BROWING 6.16
      DYAMI BROWN 6.16
      DAVIS MILLS 6.14
      ALIM MCNEILL 6.14
      CHAZZ SURRATT 6.14
      MONTY RICE 6.13
      AMBRY THOMAS 6.11
      KYLIN HILL 6.11
      KELLEN MOND 6.10
      CAM MCGRONE 6.10
      ANDRE CISCO 6.10
      HUNTER LONG 6.10
      DAVID MOORE 6.00
      CAM SAMPLE 5.98
      MARVIN WILSON 5.96
      BREVIN JORDAN 5.95
      KJ BRITT 5.94
      TOMMY TOGIAI 5.94
      ADE OGUNDEJI 5.84
      DARIUS STILLS 5.80
      D’ANTE SMITH 5.69
      TRE MCKITTY 5.64

      • dcd2

        Chris Rumph hype! Surprised few have taken notice.

    • Andy Muhs - Hawks4Ever

      His back shoulder throws are on point, can see over the line and looked like he had more speed than I initially thought he would. Sign me up for him or Mond

  42. Rob4q

    Interesting quote from the Athletic NO Saints writer about a potential Wilson trade:

    “Something tells me we’ll remember this offseason as the one where the Saints could have traded for Wilson, rather than actually pulling a deal off. I’m not saying a deal isn’t possible. There are simply too many variables for me to figure the Saints have any more than a 10% chance of a trade.”

  43. Ryan

    Omg guys Jared Cook is gonna be available too!

  44. Rob Staton

    The media cycle when a star wants out (not about Silver specifically):

    1) “No way. Fans are dumb for thinking it’s possible.”

    2) “He’s not on the block but teams are calling about him.”

    3) “Teams wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t listen.”

    4) Player gets traded

    When Russ puts teams out there that he’d go to, that’s requesting a trade. When we hear, “teams think’ll take 3 first rd picks,” that’s them setting the price. When we hear, “They’d be crazy not to listen,” that means they’re negotiating.

    Russell Wilson is getting traded in 2021

    • Rob4q

      So is there any scenario out there where the Seahawks trade Wilson in 2021 and then go on to win the Super Bowl without him?

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think there’s any scenario, with or without Wilson, where they go on to win the Super Bowl in 2021

        • TomLPDX

          And that pretty much sums it up.

          I loved Pete, but man, you need to learn to leave on a high note. This is so fricking ridiculous.

        • Rob4q

          Well then, if Russ doesn’t think he can win a SB in Seattle, he’s as good as gone…can’t see him staying if he doesn’t believe he can win.

          • Rob Staton

            Which is one of the big issues that so many can’t wrap their heads around.

            Wilson doesn’t believe in Carroll any more or the direction of this team.

            He’s 33 this year.

            He wants to go somewhere else. Brandon Marshall spelt it out weeks ago.

            For all the talk of this only being an O-line matter (FFS Gregg) or it being some kind of teenage strop from Wilson — the reality is this is a quarterback who simply doesn’t think this team is on the right path.

            He may well get his move. We’ll all be left with the consequences of a potentially disastrous reset.

            • cha

              Chris Simms said as much that is how RW is feeling.


              (post alert – the title is a little clickbait-y – it implies Simms is saying that, but he is supposing that is how RW is thinking – not stating as an emphatic assertion himself)

              • Rob Staton

                I’m listening to KJR right now.

                Dick Fain: “We can dismiss he’s being traded this year”

                No you can’t.

                Stop it.

                • Big Mike

                  Good Lord, I thought maybe they’d be better than 710. Obviously I was wrong.

                  • Tomas

                    I listen to both stations pretty compulsively, flipping back and forth. I’ve found more sanity on 950 than 710, but admittedly that’s not saying much.

            • Matt

              BINGO. I still don’t understand why many don’t get this point. Forget the “feelings” or “relationship,” RW just flat out thinks there’s no chance at a SB in Seattle, now and in the short term.

              The beautiful part about that…occam’s razor. It’s not a complicated conspiracy theory:

              RW wants to win a SB.
              Seattle isn’t a SB contender.
              Ergo, RW doesn’t want to play in Seattle.

              • dcd2

                Can’t say I agree with your police work there Matt.

                By extension your saying that
                1. No Seahawks want to win a SB
                2. No one on the team wants to be a Seahawk

                • Big Mike

                  No, he’s saying the one guy on the Seahawks that has the ability to affect change for himself is about to do just that.

        • IHeartTacoma

          If Russell leaves, who will get to a Super Bowl first, the Seahawks or Russell?

  45. Group Captain Mandrake

    This article is depressing the hell out of me. It’s so exciting what the Seahawks COULD do by following Rob’s logic, but I just have a feeling they won’t. It feels like they will double down on keeping Pete’s guy and not admit it was a mistake in the first place. I was not a fan of the Adams trade when it happened last year because it just crippled their team building for the future and eventually will result in a huge contract that damages their ability to spend on other areas of need. Is there a way we can get Rob into the GM chair?

  46. Bradley

    Given what you’ve said previously about the Seahawks needing to be more adaptable game to game to plan for opponents do you think it’s wise to try so much to “get physical” on defence? Is it not better to just target the best football player, perhaps the most adaptable one, at those need positions in the draft?

    • Bradley

      The Seahawks do have quite a lot of these mauler types on their O-Line like Iupati and had Fluker and Ifedi and they all ended up being quite meh and limited in what they could do.

      • Rob Staton

        Well define what constitutes ‘the best football player’

        Because an offensive lineman who kicks your arse probably is the best football player

  47. Rob4q

    Interesting title on the list of coaches for the Seahawks for 2021:

    Clint Hurtt – Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Line

    Does that mean if something were to happen to PC, Hurtt would take over as the “interim” head coach??? No one else on the list has the “Assistant Head Coach” title…

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s just how much they value Hurtt. That’s basically a title when you want to keep hold of someone and want to show you value them

      • cha

        Rather than, you know, giving him good players to work with

        • Big Mike


  48. Hoggs41

    I absolutely hope they target Lindsley. He may not want to come to Seattle and may choose another city but I hope we at least try. Also love the idea of adding Williams and Cleveland but could go either way on Jordan as I feel good about Dissly and Parkinson as my 1-2 but wouldnt mind adding another TE. I feel like they will try and sign Adams for between $15-16m a year and if he balks at that they will try and trade him. I dont believe that John wont cave and give him $18m+ and will take what he can get to avoid making another mistake.

  49. Rob Staton

    Back to this:

    Mike Silver is connected to the Seahawks, as mentioned before.

    When he casually mentioned last week the starting point for negotiations was three first rounders, that felt like a message to interested parties. Then, obviously, a few days later Mark Rodgers sent a message to four teams in particular to basically get their best offer together.

    Now, a few days on, Silver is saying the Seahawks wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they weren’t talking.

    Which to me — is simply a clear primer to everyone to let you know, look — the talks are happening. So don’t be surprised by anything that follows.

    And he qualifies everything by stating at the start that this situation is ‘worse than he previously believed’.

    This is trending one way people.

    • TomLPDX

      You’re preaching to the choir, Rob. We all know something is afoot and where it ends will be anyone’s guess…but we know something will happen.

    • cha

      I love the replies and Silver’s replies.

    • Sean-O

      It will be fascinating to see the reactions, aftermath when/if Russ is dealt. He’s got legitimate gripes no doubt. It was a pretty good listen to Dan Patrick when he had Ross Tucker on. Tucker basically said Russ wants to a “football Magic Johnson”. Loved the last line about Russ wanting his name in the news. This isn’t just about football folks.

      Anyone who follows Russ on Twitter I’m sure notices Russ seems to like a lot of the posts about him when referencing some accomplishment. Kind of odd right? He’s also financially invested in so many things (Sonics Area, Portland Baseball Project) in the area too so that could be awkward at some point you’d think.

      I hope he’s ready for potential backlash. He strikes me as the kind of person that REALLY cares what others think.

      • Rob Staton

        Well I think there will be some backlash. But it won’t be as big as the one aimed at Pete Carroll. Not unless they come away with some kind of insane haul.

      • James Kupihea

        Media backlash is almost non-existent if he goes somewhere else and does well. At the end of the day, none of the media backlash matters if you’re winning.

    • Submanjoe

      Man is Pete a stubborn SOB. That’s my first reaction.
      Second thought is Russ man you came on too strong.
      Next is, I dread how the team may blow the capital they get for Russ.

  50. TomLPDX

    Giants just released Golden Tate! I saw we get him and let Russ cook on that one! hehe…

    • Sea Mode

      Bring back all the TATERS…

    • Poli

      Would be awesome to have as the #3 for a couple million.

      Bring back Sherman and Tate.

  51. Paul Cook

    I am so emotionally guarded about this off season. I just don’t trust PC anymore. Period.

    –Brooks (good player, but WTF?)
    –Blair (yeah, okay, but then you trade for JA and play him out of position)

    They’ve just blown too many picks. DK fell into their lap. Lewis was an almost a had-to-draft given his availability and his stock. So few hits early on for years. Let me see…Frank Clark…umm, umm…

    Then in FAcy…no real stars/impact players.

    They have made a few good trades. I’ll give them that…Brown, Diggs, Dunlap…

    They just haven’t been good at all in recent years getting and keeping talent.

    I’ll be somewhere between surprised and shocked if they have a real impactful off season.

    Rob’s had better ideas and better plans than they have, and I’m sure he’d work for a lot less.

    • TomLPDX

      Paul, the first step is admitting you have a problem….

      Seattle, we have a problem…

      • Paul Cook

        You could probably make an argument that in the last 3-4 years or so the punter they picked was the 2nd or 3rd most impactful player they’ve drafted.

        • TomLPDX

          Pretty sad when you really think about it.

          • All I see is 12s

            This is what scares me the most about trading RW. Once we get back a haul of pics, I just don’t know if I have faith in them not pissing them away the way they have in so many drafts.

            • BobbyK

              They have no credibility anymore. They can’t keep living off drafts they had 10 years ago.

              Another thing with Wilson… he starts EVERY game. Whoever we end up getting will not be an ironman we can count on like that. Hello to the days of having an average QB where there will probably be games each season where there is an even worse backup into some key starts, too.

              • Andy Muhs - Hawks4Ever

                At least then we can move on from Carroll and get the new party started rather than drag it out

            • Big Mike

              I think pissing away about 3/4 of them is the likely outcome. It’s not changing in Seattle until Pete Carroll is relieved of his position. Before that there’s going to be several sub-.500 seasons until the team is sold and…..well you guys know all of this.

      • Gary

        And therein lies the issue … do you think Positive Pete would admit that we even have a problem?

  52. Bankhawk

    Rob: another colum; another sterling example of good, solid sense-making! Now, if I could only get my gut to tell me that there was a decent chance that some of that good sense-making was poised to find its way into the Hawks’ off season in the form of concrete actions.
    Sigh! Lie to me, baby! 🙄

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Bankhawk

  53. Leonardo

    Any hopes I had of Javonte Williams lasting until the 2nd round, let alone until pick 56, are fading fast. Zeirlein comped him to Kareem Hunt, and Danny Kelly called him a cross between Josh Jacobs and Beast Mode.

    If we aren’t aggressive in getting some picks in the 20s or 30s, we are gonna have some serious issues in our running game next year. It seems more and more likely that they’ll have to find some way to keep Carson for another season: who really trusts Penny to be a lead back? Yet again, it just feels like we’re looking for band-aids, up and down the roster.

    • Rob Staton

      Well I have been mocking him to the Steelers in R1 for about three months…

      • Leonardo

        That’s true haha, the PFN mock draft simulator is giving me too much false hope. They should update the rankings way more frequently.

    • Big Mike

      You know, a number of folks here REALLY liked Jonathon Taylor with the Hawks’ first rounder last year. Good thing they drafted a LB after drafting 2 the year before though. Definitely a position of need there. Besides, Seattle has Rashad Penny who basically didn’t play this past season so who needs a workhorse RB that doesn’t miss time (one that the Wisconsin grad superstar QB wanted btw).

  54. Rob Staton

    Not sure if this is approval of the ‘people should listen’ or approval that this is heading one way…

    (Or both)

    • Zxvo3

      I honestly hope the Raiders are the trade partner. Like Robbie said in the podcast, I really don’t want to face Russ in the NFC.

    • Sea Mode

      Sounds like both to me, otherwise why should they listen to him?

  55. Rob Staton

    Having watched most of his 2020 prior to writing my piece on him last week, I’ve started watching select 2018/19 games from Kellen Mond.

    He can play. He can really, really play.

    • Sea Mode

      And he’s never had a draftable WR to throw to IIRC.

      • TomLPDX

        Maybe not, but his receivers and TE’s along with his RBs have been pretty darned good throughout his career.

        Rob, go watch the pre-LSU 2019 7-overtime games. Mond was maddening at times with some of the lame-brain choices he made. Actually, the reason we won the LSU 7-OT game was because Kellen ended up kneeling to catch the snap on the last play of the 4th quarter, forcing a dead play (he was down). The Refs caught it and it allowed us to go into overtime. After that, it was magic. Watch the 7 OT plays he made. It was amazing and his receivers were on a roll!!! Go Aggies!

  56. Rob Staton

    Context for Mayock’s comments earlier…

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, that middle disclaimer conveniently omitted by most…

    • Big Mike

      There have been rumblings for several years that Chucky doesn’t like Carr. Mayock is the “camera” guy here but Chucky’s making the decisions. In other words, 2+2 = 4.

  57. KennyBadger

    This all makes so much sense that you can bet it won’t happen. I’m sure they’ll trade Russ for a kings ransom, screw up all the draft picks, and pay JA a brillion dollars. Football purgatory.

    • 12th chuck

      I think we get way less than we deserve, and screw it all up from there. I have lost faith in the way the roster is being filled. bunch of whiffs in the draft, bonehead trades and over priced f/a signings

    • Big Mike

      “I’m sure they’ll trade Russ for a kings ransom, screw up all the draft picks, and pay JA a brillion dollars.”

      Oh c’mon now, they’re “only” gonna pay 53rd ranked 18 per for like 5 years. Of course he’ll play no more than 75% of the team’s games the first season and then it’ll be down to like 50% the remainder of the contract until the last season because after all, he got PAID babeeeee! And that doesn’t count the games where he’s a “warrior” and plays injured while making “business decisions” and is therefore largely ineffective. The definition of a BAMF there.

      As for the draft picks, I see a couple more LBs and a FS to replace Diggs coming down the pipe. Meanwhile they let Dunlap go but hey, Darrell Taylor!………..who actually plays 2 games in unspectacular fashion before getting hurt again and retiring. Good thing Seattle has LJ Collier though. Quick re-sign Benson Mayowa (who’s on his couch eating Cheetos).

      And of course they sign a Carlos Hyde of the world to run the football because Penny never really quite becomes what they expected and then gets hurt again (while Chubb yet again helps run the Browns into the playoffs). They do have Williams staring them in the face with the 1st rounder they acquired from LV but they go FS instead because they’re busy yet again trying to prove they’re the smartest guys in the room.

  58. Paul Cook

    I think we can agree on one thing this off season. No half measures. Don’t pretend you’re just a few FA signings and a lucky pick or two in the draft away from competing for the SB.

    It starts with RW and PC. Change of philosophy or it’s a half measure.

    It goes on from there…

  59. Frank

    With as many teams have gotten to the Super Bowl with a QB on a rookie contract, and the fact RW hasn’t been able to elevate his play in the playoffs; I’m failing to understand why it isn’t more tempting to fully buy into a rebuild and trade Wilson and Addams both. I’d include Wagner in that, but would be overkill at that point with enough draft capital to get a QB, G, and CB plus space to resign Tate and Sherm, Dunlap.

  60. Red

    Trading Russ -Lockett-Adams this year makes some sense if russ is to leave after 2021 anyway.

    Lockett and Adams to Dolphins for pick 18,50, and second year G Kindley

    Russ to the Bears for C. Kmet J . Johnson and two first and a second

    So picks 18,20,50,52 for 2021 and Bears 1st for 2022

    Players added
    G Kindley 3 years of control
    CB Johnson 3 years of control
    TE Kmet 3 years of control

    Extend Dunlap Reed and Diggs

    Give DK Metcalf new contract in 2022

    Go after Dak in 2022

    And still have perhaps 40 mil of cap space available for 2022

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no sense in trading Lockett

      • Red

        Last year of contract turns 30, his market going to be 18 mil a year. If we get picks draft a WR in first round, it appears to be a decent draft for WR from picks 20-50. Not sure if Seattle willing to spend 40 plus million a year at WR in perhaps 2022-2023. Also chance he plays out contract moves on and we get nothing in return.

        • Rob Staton

          His market isn’t going to be $18m a year

        • cha

          If you’re referring to DK Metcalf, his rookie contract runs through 2022. And assuming the Seahawks extend him, the 2023 cap hit won’t be $22m.

          The Seahawks have 3 seasons before they’ll be feeling a massive DK cap hit.

  61. RugbyLock

    If they trade RW does anyone think that Brown is going to hang around for a rebuild? I don’t…

    • Poli

      I’m more concerned about Metcalf….

      I wonder about Adams and Wagner too, though I’m hoping they get dealt amyways.

      Just give Russ what he deserves, and this will all end well.

    • Scot04

      Even if we trade Russ I don’t see Pete doing a rebuild. It’s just incredibly frustrating we got to this point.
      I’ll be hoping to see an Adams trade or Wagner; preferably both. It would atleast make me believe they’re will to acknowledge issues they have and the possibility the might actually fix something.
      Unfortunately based on What’s coming from the Wilson camp, I’m guessing the only big trade will be Wilson.

    • Roy Batty

      If they get a vet like Alex Smith or similar to bridge the rookie year, why would Brown object to a pocket passer? No more wondering why the QB is still holding the ball after 5 seconds. Less wear and tear on Brown’s body. Also, the current team is going nowhere WITH Russ.

      Russ calling out his Oline on national TV probably didn’t help, either.

  62. king.

    Great post, Rob.

    The ‘Need for Value’ isn’t just a 2020-21 issue. In a capped league, the contenders are the teams that get more value out of their roster for the same outlay.

    Unless a player can provide immeasurable value, such as an Aaron Donald or an elite quarterback, a team is better off getting a slightly above average player at very low price than they are paying top of the market money to a player at a non-premium position.

    This is why it is a bad idea to spend premium draft capital for the right to pay such a player premium money.

    It’s not that a team would find a comparable player with the draft capital. It is that the team would likely find one or two players with the draft capital that provide far more value with regard to their contract than the premium player paid at the top of the market.

    I believe this a vastly misunderstood aspect of the importance of stock-piling draft capital.

    I appreciate you taking pains to emphasize the importance of roster value.

    • Rob Staton


    • Big Mike

      Great post king.

  63. Scot04

    Just a random thought.
    I realize many local writers argue Wilson ran into alot of sacks, in defense of our O-line. (Yes he did)
    Was wondering if they also include how many he avoids my running out of them; some for big plays, but I guess those don’t count.
    I’m just tired of the excuses for not upgrading the offensive line.
    Just trade Adams, Wagner and upgrade our frickin’ O-line. I don’t care who our QB is next year.

    • Big Mike

      “Was wondering if they also include how many he avoids my running out of them; some for big plays, but I guess those don’t count.”

      Very good point Scot. Works both ways now doesn’t it?

    • Roy Batty

      The irony of that is, most likely, it’s the exact reason Pete has neglected the Oline. Crap protection…no worries. Russ can scramble.

  64. Denver Hawker

    Russ is going to be traded- I’m convinced. Saw a report that Bears have a heavy offer on the table. It’s been very quiet from Hawks and Russ camp for last week. A deal is going to get done. Not saying I’m for it or against it until I see the deal, but I believe it’s done.

    Not enough crows to eat in Seattle right now.

    • Scot04


      • Denver Hawker

        It’s not super credible admittedly and mostly speaks to Watson, but the logic is sound.

        If they aren’t in negotiations for a trade, why aren’t they just coming out to say Russ is our QB, and shut all the speculation down? I don’t grasp the value in allowing the speculation to swirl if there’s there no merit to it.

        • Scot04

          I think most have figured tge Bears to be the team that would give up the largest package. My worry has been as i said before, what happens if those teams fill spots. Only difference is i had Donald going to Chicago. Any of the available QBs for trade are an upgrade there.
          It’s makes sense the Seahawks should be working on a trade, because Carroll will not likely change. Plus Wilson knows this and wants out. So if they’re not in negotiations it’s more negligence on their part. It should never have come to a point where they needed to trade Wilson. Well here we are; now they need to get it done before something happens where we go from basically 3 teams to 1, or even 0. I still have trouble seeing a fit with Dallas.
          We’ll know for sure soon. If Adams or Wagner is not traded soon, you can guarantee they’re working on trading Wilson. I just hope they don’t do another Clowney and screw themselves. Get something done one way or another, don’t play games.

  65. Kyle T

    Great read as always!

    With regards to the RW saga, and from my experience as an executive in a big Corp, this what I think Pete will do.

    He will come out and acknowledge a bunch of the points RW has made, emphasize the common ground they have of really wanting to win, stop short of doing much of what RW wants, but make it sound like he totally agrees with and supports RW. This gives RW a way to save face or look like an ass trying to keep pushing for his way or a trade.

    He ends playing another year as a somewhat unhappy QB.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see Wilson playing another down in Seattle in those circumstances

    • Big Mike

      I will say though that would be the big corp strategy for sure.

    • Simo

      What a terrible strategy this would be! Why would anyone think the answer to this current issue is to blow smoke up Russ’ butt and try to placate him with hollow words?

      I don’t disagree that some corporations operate this way, but it can never be a sound strategy for management to alienate their top employee!

      I certainly hope Pete and John have more sense than this!!

  66. DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

    Agree….trade Adams. Trade anybody but Russ if you can get away with it. Here is another scenario. Keep Adams and give him the franchise tag next year. I know things have been said about this…but are we considering everything? The tag is meant to value players based on position so he should be a good deal at that rate.

    Who else that year might be a good value on the franchise tag? Are the Seahawks considering the tag this year for anybody? The tag s will be lower this year, but given the economics of the moment, there might not be many at all.

    Also, there is much talk about Bobby Wagner and his contract. Would you renegotiate considering the dominate narrative? How about if the renegotiation is exclusively to give that money to your best Friend KJ Wright? Would he hang around for a back loaded contract that averages $6 million and goes three years?

  67. Rad_man

    Lordy that Jamal Adams trade just looks terrible now.

    Getting out fro under that and coming away with a quality G prospect and a couple of other good young prospects, rolling with Blair at SS… yes please.

    That trade was just flat out dumb and I’d really like to know who was behind it.

  68. Blitzy the Clown

    It’s true Cleveland beat up Auburn pretty badly last year. Actually, the entire Georgia OL did.

    Plays at about 2:30 and 9:15 really pop, but overall Ben had an excellent game.

    He reminds me of Breno Giacomini.

  69. Hoggs41

    Raiders released Gabe Jackson today. Played pretty well last year and played all 16 games. Could be an option for LG. Almost the exact same age as Lindsley.

    • Rob Staton

      Played so well they’ve cut him

  70. Sea Mode

    Thoughts on Daryl Williams?

    Daryl Williams
    OT | Age: 28
    The Seahawks don’t have much money to spend, but if they’re looking to assuage Russell Wilson’s concerns with the offensive line, signing Williams would be a great start. Williams started every game (19 games with playoffs) in his lone season with the Bills, rebounding from his two prior seasons with the Panthers in which he had a dislocated kneecap that limited him to one game in 2018 before returning to play in 16 games (12 starts) in 2019. The Bills would be wise to keep him, but if he hits the open market and Seattle can create space, it makes a ton of sense for the Seahawks to pursue his services.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a right tackle

  71. Mac

    What a treat it is to have a new article, I had surgery yesterday. It was nice to get a new article to dig into while I’m recovering. cheers!

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Rob I am pretty sure that Russ is pretty frustrated with Pete and I am not sure it can be fixed .and perhaps the Seattle market isn’t big enough for Russ that is a factor as are good friend Colin has said dax makes more endorsement money than Russ and mark rogers knows that I am sure Russ knows that as well. My question is if Russell Wilson plays for Seahawks next year but doesn’t want to be there how well play and his motivation be.can a couple of offense lineman fix this entire situation.

      • Rob Staton

        That won’t be possible

        It’s either resolution or trade

    • Sea Mode

      Speedy recovery, Mac!

      • Mac

        I appreciate you Sea Mode! Terrible hernia issue I had fixed.

    • Rob Staton

      Hope all is well Mac! Speedy recovery

      • Mac

        I appreciate you Rob, I got my hernia repaired. This blog is a great distraction from pain and politics.

        • Rob Staton

          I appreciate you saying that Mac. It especially makes me feel good that the blog is a distraction not only from your post-surgery recovery but also the never ending political discourse which has taken over everyone’s lives.

          Thank you for reading and here’s to good health.

    • Big Mike

      Hope the recovery is without issue and speedy Mac.

  72. Brik

    I saw in the news that Mike Mayock is saying Derek Carr is their guy, and him and Gruden would “pound the table” for him. Sounds to me like the QB sweepstakes has gotten too rich and they’re doing damage control. There goes my hopes that we would end up with a QB I would really like. Here’s to hoping Mitch Trubisky’s few games of showing promise can turn into something real. (wild guess if we need a QB from somewhere).

    I also see people saying there isn’t a combine this year. There is, just not the typical kind. There should be a lot of the similar measurables that are done during pro days.

    • Brik

      I just saw the YouTube clip you posted. As much as I would like it to be true, I think Mayock saying this means the Raiders have given their best offer and don’t think it’s enough. They plan on going in this season with Carr.

      • Brik

        And now I see cha mentioned this earlier. You guys are on top of things.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s not what I think at all

        Quite the opposite based on that answer

        • Roy Batty

          Never piss off your starting QB until the deal to stab him in the back is signed, sealed and delivered.

    • Rob Staton

      Not at all.

      Mayock’s answer said they were always listening for opportunities then he made a token gesture towards Carr

      Smart answer and didn’t rule anything out at all

      • Brik

        I truly hope you’re right. I just don’t see us as being able to get as much as people are suggesting from Vegas. Start with the 3 1st round picks, then you add Carr. People are also talking about getting other players which would be incredible to me. It just seems like a crazy idea if I was trying to win in Vegas. They need defense more than offense. Maybe it will happen, but I don’t think it’s a good move by them if it does.

        • Rob Staton

          As I’ve explained though, the priority for the Raiders is to make it work in Vegas. It’s not fixing the defense. It’s putting a billboard up on the strip saying ‘buy your tickets to watch Russell Wilson play Patrick Mahomes & Justin Herbert’.

          I think you’re also underestimating how much teams are willing to pay for an elite franchise QB. The Raiders, Bears, Saints — they’re going to be trying to work out how much they have to give away competing with each other. There’s no penny pinching here.

          • Brik

            Yea I see. I guess I don’t value Russ as much as other people do. And what I meant earlier about you guys mentioning it was just about what Mayock said. I wasn’t saying that we shared the same opinions on what he meant.

    • Scot04

      They have to back Carr. What if they don’t get Russ. Plus they want to make his value seem as high as possible in case he is part of a trade. They’re not gonna say we think Russ is far better than Carr, what good would that do them in negotiating a trade with Seattle. They approached that perfectly I thought. Basically, we’ll pound the table for Carr until we have Russ as our QB.

  73. Henry Taylor

    Just an idea I had that I thought I’d throw out there, I know a lot of you are keen on the idea of the Raiders as a trade destination because we could get a competent QB back (well more keen than the alternatives) but for me Carr represents acceptance of mediocrity, one of those players who is perfectly fine but will never elevate his team to a Superbowl unless the squad is absolutely stacked. I also find myself liking the look of Mond more and more the more I see of him.

    So what if we did the trade with the Raiders (the one Rob suggested, 3 firsts, a 2nd and Carr) but then flipped Carr to the now completely QB desperate Bears for additional picks (maybe a 1 and a 2 next year, or even a 3 if not). You are now fairly stacked with picks and can get more if you want. Invest in the great oline class, pick up a RB like Williams and draft Kellen Mond in the second round as your QB of the future. If you get the draft right, he would have a pretty good core around him to succeed early on. Maybe sign Jacoby Brissett as your bridge QB, who they’ve shown interest in before, if he needs time to develop?

    • Brik

      What happens if we miss out on Mond? Someone else likes him, and Mills gets picked as well. Then what at QB? For our type of play I think Carr is more perfect than Wilson. He likes using TEs and he has good #s on deep balls. Perfect for first downs and home runs.

      • Henry Taylor

        That’s why you sign a bridge and do your homework on where he’s likely to land, they waited until round 3 to pick Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not against that idea.

      Although personally I think if you move Wilson — you need a QB competition. And if they had Carr, I would like him to be part of that, along with another veteran and a rookie.

      I would be open to moving him down the line. After all, the Eagles got a haul for Sam Bradford before the the start of the season. But initially, I’d at least like to take a look at him to see if he’s the answer. If the rookie or the other veteran are too good to ignore, move him then.

      • Henry Taylor

        That makes sense, I’m just looking to get a head start on the rebuild with as many picks as possible to start developing these players now.

  74. schuemansky

    First of all, thank you so much for your tireless efforts. You do an amazing job of giving this community food for thought every day. I don’t know if you hope for payoff for all the time you invest, but you thoroughly deserve it and I am pretty sure it will come someday.

    Now to this offseason.
    All your thoughts lead me to believe that this is the perfect moment to rebuild completely.
    I am not sure whether you reached the same conclusion or if you still can see a path to glory with PC and RW going forward together at this point. So in case PC “wins” :

    1. the division is full of elite pass-rushing talent for the next few years which does not bode well for a pass-heavy offense
    2. in 2 years the Cardinals have to pay their QB, the Rams are using their credit card a lot and the bill will come along at about the same time, probably the 49ers have the most certain pass to a relevant future as I see it
    3. trading RW will probably lead to other necessary trades of veteran players (JA, BW, …)
    4. there are at least 3 teams that should be very interested in RW that could make significant offers and that includes the Saints that anyway have to get rid of 7-8 core players to become cap compliant so why not trade some of them to the Seahawks

    As others stated here before: let’s start from scratch. It may not work but it should be at least a lot more interesting than the alternative. The only big negative I see is not having our 2022 first-round pick. But, who knows, maybe Lattimore or Carr or Mack get traded to the Jets and the pick somehow comes back to us.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks, really appreciate that message at the start

      I would rather avoid tearing it down. I think if they do move on you can reset with your stock quite quickly. Different but quickly. But they have to do a better job of team building

      • Big Mike

        Which begins with a FAR better job of drafting.

  75. Ryan

    Rob, about the draft, do you prefer Brevin Jordan to Freiermuth, or is it just that he’d be available later?

    • Rob Staton

      Either is fine for me

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Saints are a very viable option for sure. It just depends how big Chicago and Vegas are willing to go.

      • Ryan

        “I wonder how much the Raiders would be willing to give up for the guy they desperately want,” I say, before remembering they gave Gruden a 10-year $100M contract to make the big coaching splash for their move to Vegas.

    • GerryG

      The Dallas option has never seemed viable to me. If I am Dallas, I’d rather pay Dak (assuming his medicals seem ok), if they are unsure of his injury they can roll the dice with the franchise tag. They would have to trade so much to acquire Wilson it just doesnt seem worth it to me. Id rather have Dak and draft picks.

      Now the Saints, Bears, Raiders, those seem extremely likely to bid for Wilson.

  76. SonGoku

    Rumors are the Cardinals have checked the availability of Stephon Gilmore…

    • Rob Staton

      They’re just countering the re-appointment of Carl ‘Tater’ Smith

      • Big Mike

        I admit I literally LOL’d, even if it was a sadly resigned to fate type of laugh.

    • cha

      DK won’t mind.

      • Big Mike

        If he actually has an NFL level QB to throw him the ball.

  77. Hawks_Gui

    FO not happy with RW3 and are expected to listen to offers

    • Rohan Raman

      They wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t listen to the offers. But it’s very worrying that we haven’t heard any chatter about a Russ-Seahawks brass meeting to hash these issues out. Makes me think the trend is towards a trade at this point in time.


    • GerryG

      I think they listen to offers all the time, and maybe did about Russ during the last contract negotiation.

      The catch is I suspect that JS expects to be able to get an overpay (like he overpaid for Adams, Richardson, Graham). They totally should have traded ET when they had the chance and blew it. I know Russ is a franchise QB, and should fetch a haul, but I worry JS will want such a massive haul that he becomes untradeable, then Wilson either demands a trade to one team and Seattle loses any leverage, or he holds out, or pouts etc.

      It never should have got to here in the first place, so that doesnt leave me much faith they navigate where they are very well.

  78. cha

    11 days until the legal tampering window begins.

    So much work to do.

    • Simo

      Well, they did resign Alex Collins, so at least you can cross third string RB off the to do list!!

  79. Rohan Raman

    Any thoughts on a trade with the Dolphins involving Xavien Howard?

    Seattle sends: Jamal Adams and a 2022 fourth

    Dolphins send: Xavien Howard

    Might not be ultra-realistic, but the Dolphins have lacked a talented gamechanger at safety since Minkah. There’s concerns over JA’s fit in Seattle, but as Rob has alluded to multiple times, JA would be an excellent fit in Miami. And he’d get to beat up on the Jets twice a year.

    • Rob Staton

      We need picks and cheap value

      • Rohan Raman

        Fair point. One player that I think exemplifies cheap value is Chargers CB Michael Davis. Unfortunately, there’s been a ton of buzz about him this offseason as a steal and the Chargers do have an aging secondary, so the chances he makes it to Seattle are slim. But if the Chargers decided not to resign him, the Seahawks should be all-in on trying to acquire him. I would be more than OK with letting Shaq Griffin walk if we sign Davis.

  80. SonGoku

    There we go…

    • cha

      Dianna Russini
      I was told the Seahawks are not “shopping” Russell Wilson but calls made from other teams inquiring have been answered.

      • SonGoku

        Just hope this situation is solved as soon as possible, this media saga is just awful

      • Pascal

        Ya Willson isn’t getting traded the media is making loose claims just for the sole sake of drama. Which is why Dianna first put out a statement that made it look like the Seahawks were trading Willson, then after a few minutes corrected herself.

        • Rob Staton

          • Big Mike

            I clicked on your link there Rob and lo and behold there was a picture of Danny O’Neil.

          • cha

            This is the 2020 offseason pass rush issue denial gone bananas.

            • Big Mike

              But, but Benson Mayowa
              But but Darrell Taylor
              But, but Bruce Irvin


          • GerryG

            Denial: It’s not just a river in Egypt!

    • Ryan

      Wouldn’t you consider it shopping if we’re the ones making the call?

  81. jopa726

    Dianna Russini
    I was told the Seahawks are not “shopping” Russell Wilson but calls made from other teams inquiring have been answered.

    Dov Kleiman
    · 14m
    The #Seahawks have made calls to other teams about trading away QB Russell Wilson, @diannaESPN tells @PatMcAfeeShow

    “He’s not happy [in Seattle]”

  82. Matt

    TONS of chatter…I think RW is traded in two weeks.

    Everything I’m reading…this isn’t salvageable. Get on with it…and in all honesty, I don’t blame either side at this point.

    RW wants more.
    PC wants to play a certain style that is wholly incompatible with RW’s wishes.
    End this thing.

    And do a proper rebuild.

    • Big Mike

      A “proper” rebuild means drafting well. PCJS do not. Mediocrity, thy name is Seahawks.

      • Henry Taylor

        They’ve drafted well before, I know it’s easy to be negative atm, but maybe the vigour of rebuilding the way they want to is the impetus they need to get back to that 2010-12 magic.

        Idk, probably not, but what is March and April in the NFL if not the season of hope.

  83. Hoggs41

    If the Seahawks could somehow acquire Dak Prescott and the #10 pick would people be interested in a trade with the Cowboys?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not possible

      Which is why the Cowboys distanced themselves in the week to Jane Slater

  84. SonGoku

    Don’t think they would include Waller, but Jacobs maybe.
    Carr, Jacobs + 3 R1?

    • Scot04

      No reason Seahawks shouldn’t ask for 2021 picks 17&48, 2022 1st, 2023 1st and Jacobs.
      Likely a no for Waller as Rob said when I proposed same trade 7 or 8 days ago. Makes sense they would say no to Waller, then you counter with Jacobs.

      • Rob4q

        Why not include Penny in the deal and ask for Jacobs back? And I would think they would be open to some cost controlled players coming back as well…Ferrell hasn’t exactly lit it up there so a change of scenery might be good for him. CB Amik Robertson, WR Keelan Doss are a couple others that have some upside…

        • Scot04

          I think Jacobs becomes RB1 and Penny RB2 for next year in the proposed trade scenario.

    • Simo

      I think the Hawks would have to be very creative to make this trade fit. They would need to absorb Russ’ $39m cap hit plus have to add Carr’s $22.125m hit and Jacobs $3.25m. As Rob has said anything is doable, but this seems very challenging to me.

      I suspect they would need to release Dunlap, trade Jamal and Bobby, and do a few restructures and/or extensions to be able to make this work.

      I do think it would be decent value for Russ though, love Jacobs as a replacement for Carson.

      • Scot04

        I still believe trading Adams should have been the #1 item on their list.
        Wagner a close 2nd. Especially if they want to keep Russ.
        However, if they do trade Russ; I think they should still follow that trade with those two. Still build those trenches up….

  85. JLemere

    Either PC needs to come out and say RW is the man or trade him away within the next two weeks. This drama is dragging out to long and I don’t want to hear these talks going into April. Time to decide PC: Super Bowls or to prove a point.

  86. Hoggs41

    If we do trade Russ I really dont see any way we would be competitive next year. We would already be $7m less in the cap department plus whatever the new QB’s money is. Only way to be able to add players is if it was a cheap stop gap QB and he probably wont be any good. Yes we would have some draft capitol but it would only be late first rounders and our probably high first rounder net year would go to the Jets.

  87. Big Mike

    TJ Whosyourmama on with Cowherd right now and saying very damning things about Carroll…..”wolf in sheep’s clothing”…….smiles all the time but if you’re not onboard with him, you’re gone e.g. Sherm, Earl, etc. Says Russ looks around and sees other teams evolving offensively like Buffalo and says Carroll doubles down on run more at the first sign of difficulty.

    Someone may want to post the segment.

  88. cha

    Let the oiled-up maneuvering for cap room begin..

    Ian Rapoport
    The breakdown:
    — $12.925M signing bonus.
    — $1.075M base salary
    — 4 voidable years to spread out the cap hit (technically a deal through 2025), voiding after the season.

    So, 1 year, $14M with a greatly reduced cap hit.

    FOUR voidable years. Wow!

    • Mick

      Try to restructure Wagner in a similar way 😀

  89. SonGoku

    Here’s your daily dose of denial. Unbelievable.

    • Big Mike

      Logic, truth and facts continue to escape you too Gregg.

    • Rob Staton

      Just showing himself up at this point I’m afraid

      • JJ

        Why is the local media so bad at this? You would think it would be the story of a life time to get the goods on a potential Wilson trade.

        • Martinb

          One thing about the Seattle sports media: their personal and emotional attachment to beloved players AND coaches will always override their journalistic responsibility. It’s too painful, for most, to even think that Wilson can/will be traded, let alone invest time and effort into researching the possibilities of said trade. Rob and the rest of us support and root for our team but Rob is able to separate personal and emotional feelings from actual reality. Seattle media lives in a snow globe most of the time, sad to say. We’re fortunate to have a very few media types (Hugh and most of the time Brock) who will invest in objective opinions. Personally, I tend to root for the helmet, not the name on the back of the jersey. A lot less painful that way, imo.

      • cha

        “You covered one of the biggest stories in Seattle sports history! What was it like?”

        “Well I spent most of my team yelling at kids to get off my lawn.”

        • TomLPDX

          HaHa, loved that Cha!

    • clbradley17

      Thanks for that post and link, vanhawksfan. Already knew he was a great RB, best yards after contact and on and on, but that pancake block of the safety even left him surprised. Pete has to have him now. We’ve drafted a couple U. Miami RBs a round or more ahead of their stock the last 2 years partly based on them being good pass blockers. A few years down the road, if not very soon, I’ll bet Williams shows himself to be the best of the very good RB trio at the top between him, Harris and Etienne.

  90. BOHICA

    Rob, who would you give a higher draft grade coming out Damien Lewis or Ben Cleveland?

    • Rob Staton


  91. Shaggy

    HI Rob loved the latest article and everything you have done since the beginning, I wonder if the massive miss allocation of resources to Safety and Linebackers is because Pete is an old secondary coach and falls for talent and whats toys for his passion of secondary and the DC Norton is an Linebacker that drools over his position so get me more toys. you always prioritize the spots you love before other positions

    Thanks for all the work

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Shaggy

  92. Julian Langdon

    I think the benefits of getting back into this draft (though preferably not because of a Russell Wilson trade), can be seen from this scenario with Rob’s three suggestions being taken in Rounds 3, 2 and 1 respectively.

    However, I wouldn’t take a TE in this draft before Rds 5 or 6 because; roster building is a process, looking at your needs a year ahead, and addressing immediate needs in free agency. By taking an early TE in the draft implies that we haven’t filled our roster in this position from free agency, and referring back to Rob’s previous article, personally I do think if up to 30 mill in cap space can be created, a TE at around 5 mill (and the FO should be able to get a good starting TE talent at this cost), would mean our draft can look at key positions we need to develop with top talent for 2022.

    I’m particularly thinking of Offensive Tackle, Wide Receiver and Running Back. So my Rd 3, 2 and 1 wish list would look something like Cade Johnson, D’Ante Smith and Javonte Williams. There are other Wide Receivers and OT’s that would excite me and I’m wondering, if Shane Waldron’s likes his RB’s to run in outside zones Travis Etienne could be an enticing prospect, though probably not in Rd 1 and I wouldn’t take him over Williams whatever.

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