An interview with Will Levis (QB, Kentucky)

Check it out…


  1. Big Mike

    “I realized I wasn’t giving up, I was betting on myself”. LOVED hearing that.

    Thanks Rob! Outstanding interview as always.

  2. TomLPDX

    Excellent interview, really like Will even more now. Humble yet confident in himself. Would love to see him in Seattle!

    Did you tell him you are going to be at one of his games this fall? Would be cool if you could get a live interview with him.

    Winning the SEC East is a tall order this year. We’ll see if they have what it takes to do it.

  3. Mick

    I thought it would be with Drew Lock but this interview is better :-). Great job, Rob!

  4. cha

    Excellent piece Rob. Impressive to get him as an interview subject, then asking good questions. Resisting the temptation to ask about silly stuff like eating bananas whole.

    “I think I’m the best quarterback in the country. I think that any other quarterback that doesn’t have that mindset is crazy.”

    Oh yeah. That’s the money right there.

    • swedenhawk


  5. Robbie

    You’ve out done yourself! Going to be hard to top this one!!! Nice work man!!

  6. Chuck

    Great interview, Rob, thanks for that! Also, it’s clear you aren’t skipping gym days! You’re gonna need a license for those guns soon!

  7. Rob Staton

    Appreciate the nice feedback everyone

    If you are able to share the interview on other sites/forums/Reddit’s it would be much appreciated

  8. cha

    Positive news coming or passive-aggressive swipe that it hasn’t?

  9. HawkFanGA

    So badly want to see this guy in a Seahawks uniform. He is my top QB choice at the moment. Thanks, Rob!

  10. CJ

    PFF made a top 10 College QB list and Levis is nowhere to be found. Make it make sense?

    • Rob Staton

      What a nonsense list

      • samprassultanofswat

        Rob: Agree. It is projections like this that could increase the Seahawks chances of landing Levis.

    • cha

      Said it before, I’ll say it again.

      PFF is awesome for their statistical analysis and gradings. Unparalleled.

      Flip it 180 and that’s how bad their summer rank lists are. I have never once read one of their lists and thought ‘that was a good use of my time.’

    • uptop

      What a joke. Spencer Rattler at 3?

      • Hoggs41

        The guys that work there are all math and stat dudes. None are talent evaluators.

    • KD

      The entire point of trash top 10 lists like this is click bait. I saw a list a while back to the top 10 movie sequels of all time and Fury Road was #1. There sure were a ton of angry comments and clicks for that sweet ad revenue.

  11. AlaskaHawk

    Great interview Rob. He’s very articulate and driven to succeed.

  12. JimN

    Excellent Rob. You asked the right questions and got him to reveal his thinking, such an important part of the QB position. I hope the rest of the nation doesn’t get ahold of this and start liking him, like they did when you kept promoting Kyler Murray!

  13. Trevor

    Can’t remember the last time I wanted to see a college player in a Hawks uniform before the season even started but Levis would be a dream pick for the Hawks I think.

  14. Canadian Hawk

    Well spoken, a quick study and a drive to win that’s a necessity in this league.

    What a great conversation.
    Well done Rob.

    Hope you’ll be talking to him many more times as a Seahawk in the years to come.

  15. Ishmael

    Impressive kid. Hard not to think he’s going to make a team and fan base very happy.

  16. Ashish

    Will it be difficult to draft him if we don’t get top 5 pick? Looks like people are already following him. Good season will have him in top 5 conversation.

    One more time Rob you are ahead of nfl Analyst.

    • Rob Staton

      They can always trade up

  17. Montanamike

    Good job Rob, i’m in

  18. cha

    Brown, who played at left tackle last season, which has long been his desire, is aiming for top-of-the-market money at the position (roughly $23 million), but Garafolo reports the Chiefs’ offers have been consistent with top money for a right tackle ($19 million).

    This seems presented very strangely. Brown wanted out of Baltimore so he could play LT, he got traded to KC and played LT, and now KC wants to pay him RT money?

    Maybe it’s just a nice way of saying ‘we don’t think you are worth top of the market LT money’.

    Chiefs needs to get this figured out. If he holds out I would not be all that confident facing Crosby/Chandler Jones and Bosa/Mack 2x next year.

  19. ShowMeYourHawk

    Great piece, Rob. HOWEVER…..

    I can’t help but feel that once again, you’re going to get us to fall in love with a player that’ll rocket up the draft board, causing him to slip out of our reach. If Geno or Drew (some mishmash of both?) have even a mediocre season, we may be on the outside looking in at this kid. I can’t get hurt again….

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      They have enough draft capital that they could move up if he is THE ONE. My worry is that they think there is someone else who fills that role.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Unless the Seahawks record is 3-14 or worse I don’t think they will be getting Levi. There is a small chance that they can trade up if they are 4-13. Last year there were two teams with 3-14 records and three with 4-13. That’s top 5 teams for drafting.

      Outside those numbers, it would take an idiot team to trade away a chance to draft Levi. Or whatever quarterback is rated in top 2 or 3. Even if it’s the same idiot teams that mismanage things year after year. It won’t matter if they get a quarterback last year, this year, or whatever, if they have a 3-13 record they will take him.

      So maybe we should look at which quarterback is rated #3-6. Because that’s what the seahawks will end up with.

      • Rob Staton

        They can easily trade up, even if they win 9 games

      • AlaskaHawk

        Sure they can trade up. They often do. I just don’t think they will be in range for the #1 qb off the board. Or the #2.

        As a fan it’s a horrible choice. I want them to make become better and to try to keep games close. But I need them to lose and draft a great quarterback.

        • Big Mike

          My gut tells me if they aren’t able to trade up high enough, they’ll have Tyler Van Dyke fall to them. His numbers are likely to be suppressed by Mario Cristobal running his offense that makes Pete Carroll’s look positively wide open.

        • Rob Staton

          It depends who picks early

          We’re only a few years removed from the Rams trading into #1 overall and the Eagles #2 overall because the teams in those slots didn’t need a QB

        • Starhawk29

          While I appreciate the point you’re getting at, I think it’s worth remembering that the 1st QB taken isn’t necessarily the best of the lot. Just because we pick the #3 guy doesn’t mean he’ll be bad, it’s still a crapshoot. Sure it’s nice to have the pick of the litter, but in the long term it doesn’t guarantee you got the best of the lot.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t worry too much — they have the ammo to trade up if needed

    • Big Mike

      If he doesn’t end up in Dallas I’ll be very surprised. And it would suck if he does because he’s just the guy that could make them playoff relevant yearly and maybe even win a Super Bowl (God the media slobbering would be unbearable). My only hope if it does happen is that Jerruh will find a way to meddle to the point of screwing it up yearly.

      • TomLPDX

        That’s assuming that Jerry will let him be in control. With Jerry, I doubt it.

  20. Troy

    Great get rob, fantastic interview and questions as always.

    Will seems like a very bright and talented kid, hope he has a good year and that the hawks are able to draft him.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Troy

      Appreciate all the positive feedback for the interview from everyone

  21. Bankhawk

    Another great interview, Rob! Sure wish we’d see some movement on Metcalf.

  22. 509 Chris

    A lot of people are worried we’ll end up with a #10 pick or so and not be able to draft Levis/ whoever rises up. Maybe he throws a lot of interceptions this year and the entire league isn’t sold. Maybe we draft number 1 and they take Stroud. Who knows how things will play out. Also looking back, often the the best qb in any draft was the second or third taken. Maybe even a 3rd rounder.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt Stroud goes #1

      • 10to80

        Won’t know till the season’s over. Teams have short term memory, and today’s touted might still be on the radar come draft time.

        The QB in Arkansas is a good example. Not talked about much now, but he would shoot up the charts of he’s good against a tougher schedule.

        It’s a wait n see

        • Rob Staton

          Won’t know till the season’s over.

          Well yes, I know. I didn’t say ‘it definitely won’t happen’. I said I doubt it will happen, which is a perfectly acceptable opinion to hold at this juncture.

          The QB in Arkansas is a good example. Not talked about much now, but he would shoot up the charts of he’s good against a tougher schedule.

          1. He’s been talked about.

          2. Not sure what you’re actually trying to argue. What has a player emerging in a way you propose here got anything to do with my opinion on Stroud? If anything it validates my original claim.


          But what I will say is unlike a lot of people I’ve actually watched these players in depth.

  23. swedenhawk

    I’m not religious, but of curiosity I decided to look up (i.e. Google) the verse tattooed on Levis’s throwing arm: ‘But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.’

  24. Seahawkwalt

    I’m at a concussion conference at Vanderbilt and I met Steve Hutchison.. super nice and well spoken. I told him I was a huge fan. He lives in Nashville and is a consultant and head scout for OL. He really likes the draft class.


    • Seahawkwalt

      Sorry… trying to upload photo

  25. AL

    This week, Jeremy Fowler suggested that everyone might want to keep their eyes on the Seattle Seahawks regarding potential suitors for Jimmy Garoppolo. It would be unexpected if the San Francisco 49ers traded the quarterback to a division rival, creating a situation where they would have to face him twice a year. However, if there are no other suitors, the Niners might have to consider it at least.

    Per Colin Coward, due to his injuries Jimmy Garoppolo will only bring a 5th round pick. San Francisco believes they can get a 2nd round pick for Jimmy, but only from Seattle being they are a divisional rival. Colin goes on to say there is no Trevor Lawrence or Andrew Luck in next years draft and over the next two years Jimmy Garoppolo is absolutely going to be better than CJ Stroud, Brice Young or Will Levis.

    The Niner’s almost have to give Trey Lance a shot this year and having a popular Jimmy Garoppolo in the locker room isn’t going to help.

    Pete Carrol’s age and the fact that they have considered trading for Jimmy Garoppolo.

    This could explain the restructuring of Shelby Harris’s contract.

    It sounds like it makes a lot of sense for both teams. I could see this happening.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks will not give SF a second round pick

      There is zero chance of that

      People are just bored. If he’s released he might end up here. Otherwise, he won’t

      • AL

        I know people are bored and all right now. I just thought I’d throw this out there as it at least bears consideration.

        The Seahawks will not give SF a second round pick? I still haven’t got the jamal adams trade debacle out of my head…

        I wouldn’t be opposed to this and it could make for an interesting season!

        • cha

          It’s a bit of a catch-22.

          The Niners need to clear his cap space and the Seahawks don’t have enough cap to take his full contract on, absent converting salary to bonus and tacking void years on.

          Nobody’s going to pay him $24m, including the Niners.

          And he’s coming off shoulder surgery. That presents even more uncertainty to a player who really cannot stay healthy.

          So there isn’t a good reason to trade something as high as a 2nd round pick for him.

          There’s probably a Baker-type deal coming, if anything.

          Jimmy takes a paycut and there are conditions attached to the draft pick comp, if anything.

          • cha

            So spitballing a scenario where Jimmy comes to Seattle and they have him as a stopgap until they get their QBOTF as Rob’s piece walked through….

            The Seahawks trade a Baker-type pick, a 5th that moves to conditional 4th based on playtime or some other incentive. Niners agree to eat $10m of salary just like the Browns did with Baker. They save $14m on the cap and clear the way for Trey Lance to take over as undisputed #1.

            Seahawks tear up Jimmy’s deal and sign him to a 4year $80m contract (hear me out) with a $20m bonus and $29m guaranteed.

            Cap hits:

            2022 – $6.2m all guaranteed ($5m bonus pro+ $1.2m salary)
            2023 – $15m with $12.8m guaranteed ($5m bonus pro + $7.8m salary)
            2024 – $25m with $5m guaranteed ($5m bonus pro)
            2025 – $33.8m with $5m guaranteed ($5m bonus pro)

            Jimmy is definitely a Seahawk for 2022 and 2023. The Seahawks have options in 2024 and 2025.

            Jimmy banks $31.2m in 2022 ($20m bonus + $1.2m salary from SEA and $10m from SFO) and at least $7.8m in 2023 instead of being cut and having his salary slashed in a sell off. Also gets to play with Metcalf and Lockett and plays the Niners 2x a year.

            The Seahawks get a stopgap. Even if Jimmy gets injured or doesn’t beat Drew Lock the Hawks aren’t hammered.

            The dead cap in 2023 would be $22.8m if they need to move on from him. But it goes down to $10m in 2024 and $5m in 2025.

            This is a deal not unlike Charlie Whitehurst. It’s an investment in draft picks and cap but not a crippling one. They can keep him or move on.

            But is Jimmy worth the investment over Drew Lock? Pete has to decide whether he really does want a quick-passing YAC style offense that can be supported by a defense that can make the regular Jimmy turnover blunder stand up.

            • TomLPDX

              I like the premise that whoever is our QB this coming year will also be our QB in 2023 to allow our rookie QBOTF to get a year on the bench learning how to be a bonafide NFL QB. Is it Drew, Geno, Jimmy G? I don’t know.

              You’ve laid out a feasible plan for Jimmy G that rewards both the player (good money in 2022 and 2023) and the team (lower cap hits in 24 and 25). If it is Drew or Geno, we would have to do something next year to enable their 2023 season to lead the team.

              Jimmy’s problem is his health. You still need a sound backup for when (not if) he goes down.

              Keep making us think about possibilities, Cha, I appreciate it!

              • cha

                I’m not sure the Niners would want to eat $10m for a draft pick when they could just cut Jimmy and gain $24m.

                But yeah.

                • BruceN

                  I’m not sure the Niners will pay $10M just to get a 5th or a 4th round pick, vs. outright releasing him and saving $24M off the CAP. The late surgery really screwed them. Texans may still bail them out with a decent trade offer.

            • AL

              Cha, thank you for explaining how a deal for Jimmy could work. It will be interesting to see where Jimmy eventually lands and what the deal will look like.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Jimmy G might be better than Stroud/Young/Levis as rookies, but there is no way that he can say he will be better than them in the long run. Dude is a joke. I wouldn’t waste time listening to him.

  26. Dave1401

    Great interview!

  27. Happy Hawk

    I want Levis even more now. Thanks for another great interview! Rob do you sell any The Rebuild merch?

    • Rob Staton

      I have looked into it but not being the most tech-savvy, it went a bit above my head

      But I’m hoping to get some T-shirts and hoodies out there to help with running costs for the blog

  28. Joshua Smith

    Thanks Rob!
    This is an impressive kid. I was trying not to get my heart set on one prospect but I love the way he speaks. He’s very human and personable. He’s not a camera schmoozer and presented himself very well.
    I will be watching all the top college QBs this year more closely but, man, now I think i’m rooting for the Hawks to take Levis…

  29. Gaux Hawks

    Awesome interview… Susan Lax needs to launch her own non-fungible token!

  30. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: Loved the interview. Only one thing wrong. It was so short. I could listen to Levis for hours. Someone said he is a guy that is confident but humble. I totally agree. 100%

  31. Rob Staton

    Brilliant from Mike Florio:

    The 49ers have repeatedly bungled the quarterback position over the past five years, from passing on Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 draft to trading for Garoppolo instead of waiting for Kirk Cousins in free agency to saying “no thanks” to Tom Brady in 2020 to making a desperate move to the No. 3 overall pick in the draft in 2021.

    And an important lesson on patience and judgement

    • 12th chuck

      in a roundabout way, shows how much you can bungle things up at the most important position, draft well, and make deep runs in the playoffs

    • Ashish

      Agree, but how many GM rated Mahomes will be super star? What Mahomes is today how much it attributes to Andy Reid vs other team coach where he might have been selected.

      In boils down to from team who identify talent, GM and HC who makes the decision. Hawks is critical phase where the choice they make will define next decade. Glad they were not on Baker bandwagon and i don’t them to take Jimmy G.

  32. Dave1401

    Reminder to everyone that tickets for the Munich game go on sale tomorrow at 9am BST or 1am Seattle time. Really hope I get a ticket but the demand is going to be crazy. Good luck everyone!

    • Julian L

      Rather naively and due to work, I logged on at 10:10 CET, was a lost cause.

      Amazing the popularity of the NFL across Europe, especially considering the time difference. Watching a game invariably means starting the week nakered on a Monday morning. Takes a certain dedication to American football to start each working week feeling like it should be Friday afternoon.

  33. Ukhawk

    Anyone get tickets?

    Don’t think I will as didnt realize a queen started 30mins before ticketing opened

    • Ukhawk


    • Dave1401

      Nope, joined the waitroom 30 mins before and ended up with 450,000 people ahead of me in the queue. Still going to Munich but will probably be watching in a bar

    • Rob Staton

      I think it was virtually impossible to get them

      I’m going to apply for media accreditation

      • Ukhawk

        Hope you all make it over one way or another

        I’ll be there with or without a ticket

  34. Dinosaw

    No joy for us either this morning . Still going as have flights and hotel booked. Never been to Munich so happy anyway. Watch Game in a Bar with a stein and pork knuckle.

    • Julian L

      Good call. Munich is a great city. Years ago, I worked there (when Brits still could) for 6 months, whilst travelling through the continent. I loved the place.

  35. David Ashton

    Another failure here I started at 75k in queue. Was dead on it too.

    Intent was to buy max allowance and then do face with other hawks fans but such is life.

    Close but nowhere near close enough

  36. cha

    Why haven’t Boye Mafe and Kenneth Walker signed their rookie contracts yet?

    The Texans gave Jalen Pitre at #37 a fully guaranteed third season and John Metchie at #44 $800k guaranteed on the third year of his rookie deal. About $800k-1m more than the 2021 draft picks at those spots got for their third season.

    It’s logical to see the Seahawks haven’t signed #40 and #41 yet because a new condition has been introduced to negotiations.

    If that’s the reason for the holdup, that’s just ridiculous. The Seahawks spent like drunken sailors on Diggs, Dissly, Q Jeff and Mone but are holding a tight line on spending an extra $2m in 2024 for two hopefully very big pieces of their future.

    I hope it’s not that. That it’s something silly, like they’ve got their agreement all worked out but they’re waiting for the players to move to Washington to avoid the income tax.

    • cha

      Actually check that.

      We’re not talking about spending an extra $2m we’re just talking about guaranteeing the money they’ll pay anyway.

      • Big Mike

        Why they STILL not signed DK?
        Why do they consistently let the market dictate to them on signing guys like him and Frank Clark?
        Why do they overpay for mediocrity?
        Why do they pay big for positions successful teams in the NFL do not?

  37. cha

    Panthers are running out alternate helmets and NYG just announced throwbacks for two games this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect Seattle are going to do a huge thing around throwbacks and the production of the uni will be a more significant change introduced next year

    • Sea Mode

      Now that I’m thinking about it, why don’t NFL teams produce a new uniform variation for each season like soccer clubs do? Is there some rule against it or just hasn’t become tradition in the sport? It creates a bunch of off-season hype and marketing opportunities.

      From a business perspective, seems like a lot of potential money left on the table. From a fans’ perspective, sure you get some duds, but at least they only last for one season and you also get a bunch of absolute gems.

      I like our current uniforms probably more than many other fans do, but they feel outdated simply because we’ve been using them for 10 years now.

  38. James

    Here is what Nick Saban said about Bryce Young this week:

    “Bryce was an outstanding player in high school,” Saban said. “I think they won a state championship, lost a state championship in the finals. But he was very productive, very collected in how he sort of led his team and the choices and decisions that he made and played the position a lot like a point guard in terms of how he distributed the ball in the right places to the right people at the right time and very accurately.

    “And he’s got all the right stuff when it comes to the kind of competitor he is, the kind of preparation that he does, the work ethic that he has to continue to try to improve. So I can’t say enough good things about the kind of player he was in high school and his attitude about how he’s developed as a college player.”

    Where have I heard these attributes before? Oh yes, Pete Carroll on his ideal QB. Bryce had the Tide in the lead going into the 4th qtr of the title game, even though Alabama was down 9 starters vs Georgia having every starter on the field. Bryce had lost all his top WRs and had to go to freshmen who had multiple key drops, and that was that. Levis and Stroud are outstanding players, and the Seahawks may wind up with one of them, but if Bryce is there, Pete is picking him no doubt.

    • Rob Staton

      if Bryce is there, Pete is picking him no doubt.

      Wayyyyyyyyy too early to say things like that

  39. jed

    Good thing cha posted a nice, long article to distract us from this Will Levis clip. I’d never do it, but I think I want him on the Seahawks more now.

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