Andre Ellington (RB, Clemson) vs Virginia

I like Ellington, even if he didn’t make it onto the top 40 watchlist. He does have an X-Factor to his game and while he’ll probably never be a work-horse at the next level, he could have an impact as a complimentary runner. Clemson should have another productive season in 2012 so he’s one to monitor.


  1. Rory

    I probably need to watch some more games on the guy, but I don’t see a whole lot there. Gets taken down pretty easily, doesn’t push the pile much. Granted, you don’t really expect those things from a guy his size. He doesn’t seem to have game breaking speed or quickness either. He’s fast, but nothing special in my opinion. The strong points for him seem to be his vision and patience. He had some good runs that came as a result of him waiting for blocks to develop and picking the right running lanes. Seems to have decent balance too.

    I wouldn’t mind taking him in the late rounds, maybe the 5th. I think we’re pretty set with RBs right now, but it never hurts to add more just in case. I see him having a Forsett kind of nfl career. Forsetts quicker and more powerful, but Ellingtons faster. Maybe I’m wrong about him though, I have only watched one game on the guy. Maybe he is the next Jamaal Charles.

  2. Misfit74

    Ellington is fantastic, and I’ve been following him for a couple of seasons now. He has a lot of the qualities that make backs like Best, Spiller, and McCoy special.

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