Aaron Murray (QB, Georgia) vs Michigan State

Murray has moments where he looks pretty good. At least good enough to see beyond his smaller than ideal size (around 6-0 and 210lbs) and the fact he’s not the kind of athletically superior quarterback the NFL is crazy about right now. Then there are other times where he struggles to find any kind of rhythm and you can’t help but question whether he has what it takes to ever become a realistic starter at the next level. Georgia has a nice defense, but they’re relying on this guy to be a difference maker on offense. He was patchy against Boise State, Mississippi State, Florida and Kentucky last season – but he looked good against Georgia Tech and Auburn.

The bowl game against Michigan State highlights both the good and bad of Murray’s play. But without ideal physical tools and because he is so inconsistent, I’m not including him in our top 40 watch list.


  1. Cullen

    My main problem with Murray is that he is way too quick to run. As soon as he senses pressure, he takes off downfield instead of trying to extend the play and find an open receiver. Coupled with his small size, I can’t help but feel this guy is nothing more than a back-up in the NFL.

    • Jmpasq

      I still think Murray can be a starter in the NFL. Ive liked him since the Auburn game in 2010 when he stood tall in the pocket and kept delivering the ball even though Nick Fairley was knocking the crap out of him every play.


  2. Kip Earlywine

    I know this might sound crazy, but purely based on the eyeball test, Murray looks like a 6’1″ version of Peyton Manning.

    Watch a video of Manning throwing and then watch Murray. Both play the game at such a frantic pace- almost as if the ball in their hands is going to explode and kill them if they don’t get rid of it FAST. They both have similar throwing styles too- very fast if slightly awkward looking. Manning is IMO the greatest single read QB of all time- I’m not a fan of QBs who go on their first read 90+% but Manning makes it work due to sheer greatness. Murray obviously isn’t as good as Manning, but he is good enough to succeed with just 1 read on most of his plays.

    If Murray measures even 1/8″ under 6’1″, he can probably kiss the first two rounds goodbye. In that sense, he could make a lot of sense for the Seahawks as a mid round option if they don’t go for a QB in round 1.

  3. Aaron

    I remember Aaron Murray from the Kris Durham tape where he didn’t show great accuracy.

  4. Colin

    Not a great arm by any stretch of the imagination, but he did lay some of those deep balls in nicely. Tons of short passes, my goodness. I don’t think Osweiler or Barkley threw that many in 2 games’ time.

    I disagree with Kips’ notion as a midround option. If we are discussing QB in 9 months, it’s time to start thinking about going big at the position, not to say Aaron Murray won’t be good enough to take highly.

    • Kip Earlywine

      I agree with you actually. If Seattle struggles at QB in 2012, of course they wouldn’t wait until the mid rounds. However, Green Bay’s philosophy and John Schneider’s philosophy is that you add a QB every year. SO IN THE EVENT SEATTLE IS SUCCESSFUL IN 2012 with FLYNN/WILSON, they will still likely draft a QB next year, it just wouldn’t be in the first round (in all likelihood). If Murray falls into the mid round range, and Seattle is looking for a good value pick to bolster the position, Murray is a good choice.

      • Colin

        Completely agree.

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