Seahawks cut day live thread – never boring in Seattle

I’m using this as a live thread. As events, I’ll post them on here.


That would be a great story for Coleman. I was rooting for him to make the roster due to his background and performance against San Diego. It may be that Michael Robinson re-signs in a couple of weeks on a cheaper deal when he recovers from illness. But what an opportunity for Coleman. All power to him.

Sealver Siliga has also been cut. Along with Howard’s departure, this spells good news for Michael Brooks. Brady Quinn is also out, along with Darren Fells.

UPDATE — Jay Glazer is reporting that Antoine Winfield has decided to retire.

Given Seattle was supposed to announce its cut list 49 minutes ago (and hasn’t) it’s no surprise they’ve done a deal. D’Anthony Smith is a former third round pick out of Louisiana Tech who was born in Germany. He’s 6-2 and around 300lbs. Smith spent the first two years of his pro career on injured reserve and was supposedly released yesterday. Apparently not…

The deal is for a conditional draft pick. This trade doesn’t say much for Jaye Howard. The Seahawks are desperate at defensive tackle, one of the biggest needs going into 2013.

Other reports say John Lotulelei made the roster.

Headline reaction:

– Chris Harper has been CUT
– Winston Guy is OUT
– Michael Brooks doesn’t make the cut
– Clinton McDonald has been cut
– Sean McGrath doesn’t make it

There are some shocks here. I never expected Sean McGrath to be cut, especially with Cooper Heflet also getting the chop. Michael Brooks doesn’t make it despite numerous other cuts at tackle — including Clinton McDonald.

Chris Harper — a fourth round pick taken before 49ers prodigy Quinton Patton — lasted one pre-season.

Who made it?

Heath Farwell — underrated special teams demon and key member of the team. They’re happy to pay him at a time other veterans are being used as financial pawns.

Benson Mayowa — no shocks there. He deserves to make it.

Mike Morgan — part of the USC backup crew. I’m not shocked he makes the cut.

John Lotulelei — a little overrated in my view but clearly the team believes he can grow into a contributor.

Allen Bradford — the transition to linebacker finally pays off. He had a solid pre-season.

Mike Person — versatile offensive lineman makes it as one of ten offensive lineman.

Derrick Coleman — gets the chance to make the full back position his own.

Spencer Ware — Seattle stashes the former LSU runner and possible full back convert.


  1. James

    I’m more surprised by Jaye Howard than by Mike Rob or Antoine Winfield. We have been underestimating the salary cap issues facing the team for the next couple of years, and carnage among the veterans should have come as no surprise, It will be far bloodier next year. But Howard seemed to play well of late. This must mean they are keeping Siliga and McDonald in addition to Mebane, Bryant, McDaniel and Hill.

    • Rob Staton

      Siliga is out too. I think it’s good news for Mike Brooks, potentially.

      • James

        Wow….big congrats to Mike Brooks. Not easy to beat out Jaye Howard, especially with Quinn an early supporter. Is Brooks this year’s version of Greg Scruggs?

    • Colin

      We will see a number of deals restructred/terminated within the next year. I think John is going to try and get Earl, Richard and Russell all locked up when the time comes. It may not be possible, but I think we can safely assume that John won’t allow a Steve Hutchinson scenario to happen.

  2. Erik

    Here’s a great post on Mike Brooks by the legendary former fieldgull John Morgan. I really like the comparison to Bennett as well as the mentioning of the “great roster botch of 2009”.

    • Rob Staton

      Brooks has been awesome for me. It’s a shame he didn’t get more early snaps in pre-season.

  3. Miles

    Hmm.. Seems like the D-line rotation will then see McDaniel playing the bulk of downs with Jordan Hill mixing in for passing downs and Brooks getting in on obvious passing downs..?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m happy with that.

      • SunPathPaul

        Is there a site you are finding out these cuts so fast at? is way behind


        • Chris

          • SunPathPaul

            Thx Chris!

            • Chris

              You’re welcome. The link is compliments of @BigWalt at Field Gulls.

  4. CHawk Talker Eric

    Clem taken off PUP and put on active roster. That bodes well for the DLine.

    • Rob Staton

      No surprises there, after all they had Carp on the active roster 12 months ago. But good news nonetheless.

      • SunPathPaul

        Do you think Carp will play week one? Start? …or be on rotation w Mcquistan?

        • Rob Staton

          I can’t see him starting. Seems like a backup to begin, possible rotation.

        • Miles

          I don’t think Carp has seen enough time at guard to warrant that decision this preseason. I think they’ll continue to see about Carp in the first few weeks of the season. If he plays well enough he could take over for McQ and McQ could move over to right guard depending on how Sweeze starts the year..

  5. AlaskaHawk

    I am saddened by the cuts of Howard and Siliga. Seemed like they played well in preseason. Howard pressured the QB a few times… Hopefully the rest of the line will stay healthy.

  6. PatrickH

    Apparently Winfield has suffered a knee injury, and is going to retire (confirmed by Pete Carroll).

    • Miles

      Wondering what the trade rumors were all about if he was going to retire anyway.

      • Rob Staton

        According to Twitter teams were interested in Winfield. I’m guessing he didn’t want to play for a bad Jaguars team.

    • Steven

      I’m not familiar with the payroll rules. If he retires, are we still on the hook for the guarenteed money?

      • PatrickH

        I don’t think Winfield’s salary was guaranteed, although I don’t remember whether he got a signing bonus. If he did, then that will count against the salary cap this year.

      • Rob Staton

        I believe in this instance, the Seahawks are not on the hook for the $500k in guarantees.

        • Miles

          Looks like Winfield actually gets the money because the Seahawks designated him as cut, not retired.

          • Rob Staton


  7. Patrick aKa HOUSE

    What is your thought on the Smith trade? Is he really an upgrade over Howard or Siliga

    • Rob Staton

      He’s barely played since entering the NFL so hard to say.

  8. Jeremy

    With Coleman on board, what should that mean for Ware?

    • Rob Staton

      He made it.

  9. Miles

    Seahawks trade for D’Anthony Smith frpm Jags. Give up a conditional pick.

    • Miles

      6’2″ 300 pound body at defensive tackle.

  10. Miles

    Seahawks cut Michael Brooks AND Clinton McDonald. Very surprising! Is this a testament to the health of McDaniel and Hill to be ready for the season opener? If not I can’t see cutting all three of Brooks, McDonald, and Howard. That plus Pete Carroll might covet D’Anthony Smith.

    • Miles

      I don’t think this is over. No way Seahawks are carrying only two tight ends. McGrath was cut, which means we must be adding another tight end and making one more cut, whom I would think to be Farwell.

    • James

      PCJS seriously unhappy with their DL….Howard, Siliga, McDonald, Cherrington and Brooks all cut. It does seem, even adding Smith, they are short handed at tackle, and TE also of course, look for further transactions.

  11. James

    If the Seahawks add a TE and DT off the waiver wire, which 2 roster guys are at risk to go? LB, RB and OL over-represented at this time.

    • Miles

      I think Farwell should go pending an addition. Too much money for a guy who is listed at linebacker but can barely play it. Bradford can play special teams effectively too and play linebacker.

  12. erik

    We should have drafted that DT from UCLA that GB took in the first. The consequences of the Harvin trade begin now.

    • Miles

      Overreaction right here. Percy Harvin will pay-off in the long run; we may deal with some inconsistencies along the D-line but nothing I don’t believe that will be earth-shattering.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Why is it an over reaction to expect our 60 million dollar receiver to be healthy? His contract will probably result in our losing 2 people in the secondary next year. Yes I hope he is worth it. But it takes 22 players to get to the superbowl.

        • Miles

          Firstly we don’t even really know to what extent his contract is going to affect other contracts. In fact I don’t believe it will affect our ability to re-sign other players all that much. Percy Harvin is making more than everyone on the team and far more than the second-highest paid player. Aside from Harvin, the Hawks really don’t spend a lot of money on the current players. From a money aspect I think they’ll be fine. That is to say, the big three (Earl, Russell and Sherm) will be safe.

          The overreaction here is that the Seahawks should have kept their first round pick to select a D-tackle. This is an overreaction because A) Jones has played one preseason and though he may have played well he has made zero impact on the NFL thus far and B) It is highly highly unlikely Jones can have the kind of impact on this team that Percy can. C) Percy Harvin is out for awhile and this is definitely concerning yes, but the Seahawks are built to take that kind of blow; barring Percy suffers another setback in the future (knock on wood), I think his health will be an afterthought once he gets back to playing full-speed.

          • Miles

            The two DBs we may lose next year are Walter Thurmond and BB. I think that after pursuing the market these two will find out they won’t garner much on the open market (especially BB). We will probably be able to sign BB back for very reasonable money and if we can’t we can let him walk. Why? Because we have Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane who are good enough to start, not to mention the other players who could be competing for that spot like Tharold Simon.

            Thurmond can probably get more than BB but I’m thinking other teams will classify him as a nickel corner and may not value him as much as he’d like. Though I believe he can play outside.

  13. SunPathPaul

    I kinda figured Chris Harper was gone, but Sean McGrath? Leaving only 2 TE’s?
    Maybe they want one of the cut guys from the Patriots? Ballard?

    Then we cut lots of DT’s only to trade another pick from next year away to get a guy who has been hurt A LOT in his first 3 years??? WTF?

    Oh, well…like Rob says- “Never Boring in Seattle!”

    I agree with other that more trades/cuts are to come… Yeah for Mayowa/Coleman/Willson & Ware!

    • CC

      McGrath is a bit of a stunner given no depth at TE – wonder if they have someone in mind who was cut. I’m guessing Harper makes it to the practice squad.

  14. MikeE

    Hi Rob, its me from the 53 man prediction post.

    Seattle cut WR Chris Harper. Told U

    Seattle has 24 on O, and 26 on D. Told U

    I know my shit. That is all.

    • James

      Out of your 53, which ones did you get wrong?

    • Rob Staton

      Extra special congrats on making the douchiest post on the blog in a while.

      • Kyle


      • chris


      • kevin mullen

        Haha… Love it.

    • stephan

      …some people.

    • Miles

      What else have you accomplished in your life? Do tell.

    • Patrick

      There’s going to be 27 on Defense including Irvin. Nice try though

    • Dylon

      I read this as “Na Na Na boo boo see what I told U”

      Go be a CHILD on somebody else’s blog.

    • glor

      You believe this is our final roster?

    • Bob Dole

      Can we officially remove him from our fanbase?

  15. PatrickH

    So on the defensive side, here are the ones who made it to the roster:

    4 DTs – Mebane, McDaniel, Hill, D’Anthony Smith
    2 5-tech/DT hybrid players – Red Bryant, Mike Bennett
    4 Leos – Clemons, Avril, Mayowa, Schofield (plus Irwin on suspension)
    7 LBs – KJ Wright, Wagner, Malcolm Smith, Farwell, Bradford, Lotulelei, Mike Morgan
    4 safeties – Thomas, Chancellor, Jeron Johnson, Maragos
    5 CBs – Sherman, Browner, Thurmond, Lane, Maxwell

  16. glor

    Hopefully this will shut up the folks blinding chanting in PCJS we trust. They just cut a 4th round pick folks. They are human.

    • SunPathPaul

      Chris Harper is human… He dropped a sure TD in the end zone with zero CB interference…
      In time maybe he worth something, but compared to what Stephen Williams is doing in his natural position, I think PC/JS got that one right!

      Others R puzzling, but they are not done…we have no inside info on what else they plan…

      Stressful a bit I agree though…

      • Miles

        I wish they would not have drafted Harper in the first place quite frankly. Why not spend that 4th round pick on a defensive tackle or a safety? Seemed like they were just drafting Harper for sake of need when there is a much better crop of WR talent in the 2014 draft.

        • Colin

          WHat if… they should’ve…. they could’ve…. but…..

          Whatever. They took a shot on a guy and it didn’t work out. Big deal. We’ve seen plenty of other late round and early round successes. Not every year is going to be 2012.

          • Miles

            You’re totally right. It’s easy to make the right call in retrospect.

    • Miles

      Correction. They just cut TWO fourth round picks, that would be Mr. Jaye Howard. Not only did they cut him as a fourth rounder, but they cut him despite the fact he plays a position the Seahawks are in need of bodies right now.

      • SunPathPaul

        After Rob’s post on Quinton Patton, I would have taken him over newbie Harper…

      • RJ

        They should just trade all their 4th for 5ths and 6ths. Thus eliminating the 4th round bust factor.

        • Colin

          Is KJ Wright a bust?

    • CC

      Uh, even before the draft, Petey and Johnny said it would be hard for a draft choice to make the team. So, what they said was true – and yes, in Petey and Johnny I trust!

    • A. Simmons

      In PCJS we trust to build a great team.

      We also trust that the 4th round is a bad round for PCJS.

      Does your comment make you feel any better? It was a completely unnecessary comment. You certainly can’t build a better team, so not sure why you even care if people like what PCJS are doing. Nothing any of us can do about the team anyhow. What else are we doing to do but trust the guys running it? Comments like yours make no sense.

    • JR

      PCJS drafted Harper knowing that he was a project. He has only been a receiver for 2 years and he played for KState who does not really have a passing offense. So Harper has to learn all the route trees and route progressions that it takes to be a NFL receiver. Give him a time on the practise squad to learn these things and next year if not sooner he will be on this team.

  17. Colin

    I think Mike Rob has to be coming back. There is no way we can go into the regular season with Derrick Coleman and Spencer Ware as leadblockers. The Hawks will want to be able to run some I formation and 2 back stuff.

  18. JeffS

    Five Leos when Irvin comes back is obviously too many. I can imagine them trading Avril. His coaches at Detroit more or less openly acccused him of malingering at least once. If JSPC suspect that,he’d better play well when he gets in there or it won’t be long before they cut ties with him.

    Seven LBs also too many. My guesses for cuts:Morgan and Lotulelei,who they may think has a better chance of getting through waivers later.

    To some degree, the chaos at DL reflects poorly on JS. when Branch was allowed to decamp,they knew thay needed a solid run stopper as a repalcement. Alternatively,I wonder if the new coaches have a very different take on the talent that was just cut than the previous ones did.

    • Colin

      Paranoid much?

      They aren’t trading Avril. That simply isn’t going to happen.

      Yes, JS and Pete could have a better situation on the DL. But it’s far from bad- this isn’t 2010 where they plugging in mediocre talents to start all season.

      You need to get a grip on reality.

    • Patrick aKa HOUSE

      When Irvin is slated to return, I’d expect Farwell/Schofield/Morgan to be the 1st cut. When Percy Harvin returns, one of the other 2 could be the player to go and it’ll balance things out a bit

      Missing Tony McDaniel for most of the preseason/training camp hurt. When he played the 1st 1/2 in Week 3, he looked like the EXACT replacement for Branch. Where he lacked in weight (30lbs lighter than Branch), he made up in leverage and about 2.5″ in arm length. Rotating Bennett/Hill in on rushing downs, the DL should gel by week 3.

  19. Rob Staton

    Sammy Watkins. Wow.

    • Colin


      • Patrick aKa HOUSE

        He’s a freak… He should be well off the board before we get to even sniff at him

  20. SunPathPaul

    Boyd and Murray looking pretty solid for game 1 too…

    • Rob Staton

      Like the speed of Clemson’s DE Vic Beasley. Had a few plays last year, just had another sack here. One to watch for Seattle.

  21. James

    I have to admit that it took a while to figure out what PCJS were thinking in releasing Howard, Siliga, McDonald, Cherrington and Brooks at DT and replacing them with the ever-injured D’Anthony Smith. This to go with Mebane, McDaniel, Hill and Bryant. But Smith is the clue….he has taken up permanent residence on the injury report….so there you have it, the Seahawks released all their healthy DTs and kept only the injured ones: Mebane, Hill, McDaniel, Smith, or just one foot removed from injury…Bryant. If all your DTs are injured, then it makes it easy to determine the inactive list for each game. Find two guys half-way healthy that week, or play Ware and Coleman at DT, and make the rest inactive, and there you have it.

    • Glor


    • James

      …can probably add Bennett to the injured DTs also, just for good measure.

  22. Michael

    So we’re only gonna carry 2 TE’s into the opener? That seems odd.

    • Miles

      I seriously doubt it.

      • A. Simmons

        I would be extremely surprised if Schneider and his staff aren’t sifting waived/cut players with a fine tooth comb. We’ll see some moves made once waivers are cleared.

  23. SES

    We all know P&J aren’t done tweaking the roster yet. (Are they ever?!) No doubt we will see another TE, perhaps another WR, and a lot of stashing of young talent that they can groom on the PS.
    Yes, fourth rounders seem to be a “curse”, yes P&J are human, but I still trust them. And when I think of alternatives in the front office… Well you get the point.

    My big concern is getting some healthy bodies back. If they can stay the course till Clem & Irvin come back, and some of those big DLs heal up, I think we will be alright on D. Certainly, they will have to rely on scheming to get to the QB, at least for the short term. (I still see 2-2, or at best 3-1 after week 4.)

    On the O side, I am comfortable w/ only 3/5 of the line. The OGs are really a weak link in this line. I hope Carp can stay healthy. Love Sweezy’s heart, but he’s got a long way to go to be a dependable NFL lineman.

    No concerns on ST, barring injury. Anybody have a clue of the KR guy? C Michael?

    Next Sunday can’t come soon enough!

    • Colin

      I think we’ve been spoiled by the number of great late round finds they’ve had. We need to try and remember they aren’t going to find starters every year in the late rounds. Sometimes getting depth is good enough.

  24. Hawk meat

    I was bummed Patton was not drafted over Harper. I was baffled then, and bummed now that Harper did not make the cut. Patton looks like the better pick, so far. Too early to tell, but Patton made the 49ers.

    • Rob Staton

      Patton’s personality would’ve divided opinion. He’s a talker. I have to think that contributed somewhat to his fall on draft day because he looked like a second round talent.

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