Jordan Matthews (WR, Vanderbilt) vs Ole Miss


  1. Colin

    Dammit. I was right (unfortunately).

    • SunPathPaul

      Rob, what do you see going on with the Winfield cut? Lane and Thurmond III just younger and better?

      • Colin

        Cheaper too. My sense is John is pairing down the $$$ as much as possible.

  2. peter


    Thanks for all the hard work during the offseason, but thank god, we (I) get to start reading your player breakdowns now that the college season is upon us!

    I hope you were able to remedy your viewing situation for the games, but if not you may seriously want to consider adding a widget for donations on your site, I for one would love to donate money so that (in my opinion) one half of the best breakdown crew, you and kip, are able to consider delivering the goods.

    Anyways, go hawks! and here’s to another season of college action where the Heisman is given out on an 8 TD day, think Geno Smith, and where small school prospects I have never heard of waste my time by having me watch grainy clips of them playing in what appears to be backyards captured on super 8 cameras!

  3. Trudy Beekman

    Rough ending to what was a very good game for Matthews. I watched this one live and I think they only briefly mention how he was throwing up as he was leaving the field after taking that shot to the stomach late in the 4th. For me he demo’d almost everything you want to see. Straight line speed, catch radius, big hands, fearless across the middle, catches in traffic. His blocking is pretty bad, and hopefully for him he shows a little more physicality and some more high-pointing ability. He’s going to have a massive stat line and I think if he can show a little more nastiness in his game, he’s the 4th WR in the Round 1 conversation for next year. This WR class is shaping up to be ridiculous.

  4. kenny

    He seems to be a very me-first kind of receiver. One that will potentially leave after his four years if he is not being thrown to 8 or more times a game. He has plenty of talent with big strong hands. That last play made me think he cannot carry the team but he shouldn’t need to. His blocking (or should I say standing around 80% of the time it of a running play) is worrisome. Especially for a run first team. I can see him excelling in a pass first offense, especially one with an established WR1. This analyses is only from this game though so I could be very very wrong. I just don’t see him as a great fit for us based on my perceived attitude issues with him.

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