Appearace on KJR with Softy

Have a listen below. I was invited onto Softy’s show on KJR to talk about the Seahawks in London, the coaching changes and the draft. Check it out:


  1. Trevor

    Love that you are getting more appearances with Sea local media etc. Rob!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Oh he’s about to take over! And it’s about time!

    • Realrhino2

      Yes, congrats Rob!

    • Volume12

      Very cool. Long overdue.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I’m Happy for you Robbie! A Dream of mine is that one day Rob Staton is the GM of your Seattle Seahawks!

        We would so kill the draft every year!

        Go Hawks!

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Edmonds or Davenport are very tempting at pick #18

          Anymore else here would you rather trade back and get enough trade amunition to take Sony Michel and Dante Pettis which is my Hope as of now.

          Carson- Michel- Davis- Mckissick/Prosise and I still want to give Rawls another shot, he proved his potential in 2015 with those 2 two hundred yard games and his rush per average to justify one more chance to being that player is capable of. Injury baring this would be a great group and diverse!

          Dante Pettis takes over for Paul Richardson and would eleviate Tyler Lockett from returning punts to just kickoffs.

          Dante has this ability with his body control and elusiveness and is awesome at jump balls. He’s special as a Reciever, not the fastest, quickest, but very sudden, intelligent and he just has that IT factor!

          This is my hope this is my Wish!

          Who’s with me on this idea? Anyone!

          Go Hawks Draft!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks guys appreciate the kind words!

  2. Trevor

    One option I would like to see the Hawks consider for the OL coaching position is LaCharles Bentley. He has his own camp he runs and has a ton of current NFL guys who work with him in the off season. They rave about him. It might help with recruiting free agents as well. Not sure if he is interested in coaching with a team but I hope they at least give him a call.

    If they do would love to see them bring Walter Jones as a part time consultant to work with Fant and Ifedi etc.

    After saying all this perhaps they will wait till they hire an OC then let him pick the OL coach so they work well together.

    • Gohawks5151

      Excellent suggestion on Bentley. He was a great player. Talented and technical. Only left the league after injury.

      • Hawk Eye

        I wonder why he has never been hired. I assume he does not want to be a coach and prefers to do his thing on his time without the stress and time commitment that a full time coaching position requires.

    • Mike

      I would love to see Walter Jones and may Ray Roberts both on our sidelines as resources for the young O-Linemen to talk to. For those who do not remember Ray Roberts was a 1st round draft pick to be our left tackle before Walter Jones and he was TERRIBLE for the first 3 years (ala Ifedi) but finally got pretty good in his 4th year and then left for free agency. He ended up being a Pro Bowl LT for the Lions after we spent all that time building him up. I would love to have him be able to pep talk the young guys who are still adjusting with Jones being the impossible standard that everybody should try to achieve

      • BobbyK

        Ray Roberts was terrible. In his prime he was still a notch lower than below average, imo. I don’t ever remember him making a Pro Bowl? Which Pro Bowl because I’d be shocked if he ever did? Unless it was a case where the top 10 other conference tackles backed out of the game.

        • RWIII

          Don’t know how you can say Roberts was terrible. Ray Roberts played 10 years in the N.F.L. If Roberts was terrible how did he manage to play 10 years in the N.F.L.?

          • Hawk Eye

            Pretty sure he made the pro bowl when he played for the Lions. Probably a lot more O Linemen make the pro bowl after 4 years in the NFL than before. I heard his interview, he sounded extremely knowledgeable and gave reasons and facts behind his opinions. Actually gave me a lot of hope for the o line going forward with a new coach. The problem is more the way Cable teaches them and the system they are using than the talent on the line. Most other teams and experts had Ifedi as a 1st round or early 2nd round talent and Roberts explained how Cable has him not using his strengths in pass protection. He also explained why Brown got worse in pass blocking as the season unfolded, and it was due to a technique Cable wants his guys to use.

          • BobbyK

            Do you remember watching him play? He was terrible. How many teams let good left tackles leave for nothing? There’s a reason he wasn’t wanted in Seattle anymore.

            I said, in his prime, “he was still a notch lower than below average.” There are plenty of starting players who are a notch below average who can make careers for themselves. That’s fine. I think of Rob Sims, who was a bad Seahawk and became a Lion and had a respectable career. Not a good one.

            For all this Pro Bowl talk, which is funny for those of us who watched the Seahawks during this time and remember it well, I can’t see any Pro Bowl roster he was ever on.

            • BobbyK

              Just went through every Pro Bowl roster from the playing career of Ray Roberts he never was in a Pro Bowl.

  3. Trevor

    There are two guys who should be available in RD #2 who could come in and start at LG and make a real difference next year IMO.

    Isiah Wynn whom we have talked about a lot on here and for good reason.

    The other is Will Gonzalez. Gonzalez is a nasty dude and might be exactly what this OL needs to get an edge back. I can imagine him and Duane Brown on the left side to run behind WOW. He is not as refined or polished as Wynn but he is athletic and an absolute beast.

    If we come out of this draft with either guy or Price in RD #1 I truly think this OL could go from a weakness to a strength next year and going forward.

    • Nick

      I honestly have no clue how they view their G options right now. I think Rees makes a lot of sense for LG and Pocic showed promise at RG. Spending a 2nd round pick on the o-line, while obviously needed, is again a huge investment to make three years in a row.

  4. KD


    • 503Hawk


    • Rob Staton

      And yet it’s spelled Ah-loo-min-i-um 🙂

      • CestrianHawk

        Only in the rest of the world outside the USA, apparently. (don’t know how to add a smiley)

        • Hoberk Unce

          That’s the metric spelling.

          • Kenny Sloth

            💂 metric smiley

      • KD

        You call fries “Chips”
        You call actual chips “Crisps”

        Your language is silly and confusing.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s our language 🙂

        • H

          Nah man, you guys say “I could care less”…
          Its “i couldn’t”! I could care less means you care any amount between just above zero and infinity, ergo it means nothing
          Yanks cant speak english, you came up with a cool variation on Rugby with forward passes and helmets and stuff though so Ill give you a pass this time.

          • Myfanwy365

            Let’s not forget NUC-U-LAR

  5. peter

    thanks for this, sir

  6. Trevor

    Re-watched some Georgia games last night including championship game.

    I cam away with 3 very clear thoughts.

    #1 Sony Michel is the Georgia RB I hope the Hawks draft. I know he is a favourite here on the blog but Nick Chubb would not even be on my draft board. I see a guy who is OK running between tackles with decent vision but has no quickness getting to the Edge what so ever and looks nothing like the guy he did before the injury IMO.

    #2 Lorenzo Carter is an athletic freak with tons of upside but WOW is he inconsistent. Make a ton of splash plays but absolutely disappears at times.

    #3 Wynn and Roquan Smith are going to make the teams that draft them incredibly happy.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I even liked what I saw out of Dominick Sanders until that last play.

  7. peter


    to continue from the last post. I think with harris not declaring this year the best back is Chubb (not counting barkeley, but I’m not convinced those two are that far apart). I think he’s going to put on a show at the combine. he’s been great or very near great for his whole time in college.

    Carson to me spells any back. he’s an awesome back as that he doesn’t have to tip the plays when he comes in. not a “third down back.” read: smaller, obvious pass play. but like you I worry that he’s a 500 yard back. maybe I’m wrong.

    but too my point about Michel though I’m leaning a bit towards jones, is that seattle has a terrible oline. just terrible. and with no easy fixes maybe jones is the best bet because USC had a bad oline and he still produced. Seattle now needs great lateral agility and explosion because next year unless there’s big changes any running back will need to make their own way.

    • Trevor

      Peter I think we agree about most prospects but I could not disagree more about Chubb. I know he is a favourite here on the Blog but I just don’t see it. He looks nothing like the RB he was prior to the injury IMO.

      I see a guy who runs hard between the tackles and has decent vision but has very little explosion and lacks the quickness necessary to get to the edge. He looks great against weak competition but when he has played against quality front 7s

      -ND 13 carries for 63 yds /4.8 per carry. Sounds decent but take out the one 30yd run and it is 12 carries for 33yds

      -Auburn Game #1 11 Carries for 27yds / 2.5 per carry

      -Auburn Game #2 13 Carries for 77yds / 5.9 per carry better with an 18 and 20 yd run. Take those out and you have the same #s as game #1

      -Alabama 18 carries / 25 yds /1.4 per carry

      Even more than the stats he just looks slow. He runs hard but I just don’t see an elite RB.

      I think Guice and Chubb are both way over rated.

      • peter

        fair points all. and I think Michel is the better back for seattle.

        I’m not convinced about the lack of explosion. against OU in the semis on his 55 yard run it’s clear to me that as he sees the oncoming defender he turns up another gear.

        I think Michel has a faster first step so I’ll go with you on that. the thing for me is that both players have monster runs. nearly all there big games. anytime you see a player getting over 100 yards on 14 carries it’s more often good runs and one big one and not 14 carries at 7 yards a pop. any running back that truly got 7 yards a carry (not an average) would just get the rock play after play. in fact penny out of sdsu is maybe the only back who has 20+ carries and great yards per every game.

        the thing for me when parsing these two particular backs is that there’s almost no history of Michel getting the majority of the carries. so it’s hard to see what he would do like that because in seattle he may have to. I will agree that Michel turns the corner faster for sure. buuuut….in the NFL that’s so much harder to replicate. outside runs at least last year for this team felt like a near guaranteed loss.

        I’d love to see Michel running behind wynn. that may be my favorite improbable scenario. but I think, like nkemdiche and the highlight reek big hit a few years ago before him there’s going to be some recency bias at the draft and maybe move michel to the 18th spot. however I think seattle is going to do seattle and trade down for a late third missing him altogether.

      • Mark Souza

        Agreed, Trevor. Chubb isn’t even the best prospect on his own team. While running in very tight gaps between the tackles against a strong Alabama line, Michel managed to find space and slashed for 4 to 6 yards where Chubb was getting stoned. I didn’t know much about these two backs prior to the game, and whether one was more talented than the other. The Alabama game opened my eyes. I’d be on-board with Michel. He’s shown he has the vision and short area quickness to take advantage of the smallest crease. Chubb reminds of Thomas Rawls the last couple years, bouncing off the backs of his O-linemen for no gain.

      • Logan Lynch

        I agree about Guice. I know I’m not the first person to say it, but he really does remind me of Rawls. Seems to run a bit out of control like a bowling ball of knives. Granted, that could be a good thing if he was like second 2015 Rawls. Makes me wonder how SEA views him? If they think he’s good Rawls, I could see them loving Guice. That being said, they have to be completely turned off by Rawls’ performance this year and that might make them skittish. Either way, I don’t think he’ll end up with SEA.

      • Volume12

        Interesting. It’s your opinion and it’d be no fun if we all agreed on everyone and everything, but why do you feel they’re overrated?

        • peter

          I might be going over to the darkside with guice….been really re-watching games.

      • D-OZ

        I like Penny over Chubb. Early in the season I also though Guice was overrated until I recently watched full game tape on him. I like him, but not as much as Jones. To me with Guice it is availability. I will say though Guice has great balance and above average vision With decent hand’s. He run’s hard. I think he needs more strength though. Although I could say the same about Jones. I also like both of the Auburn backs. In comparison, both different animals though…

        • drewdawg11

          Recency bias is strong on this board. Bama has their number when Chubb was in the game. There were many extra bodies at the LOS. They keyed on him. That’s the best front in college football. One game and people on this board think he can’t play. And anyone who chooses Guise over Chubb, I can’t help you. Michel got placed in more advantageous situations and that’s his role. They get him innspace more and he is a force in the passing game as well. It’s one game, guys.

          • peter

            that’s why I still like Chubb over Michel. though Greg has posted some cool data about the two backs, I still am thinking about how if Michel is more “effective,” then Chubb, then why did the coaches run Chubb a full seasons worth of Michel carries over their same four years?

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think anyone on the board is writing Chubb off — but it’s now two games (vs Alabama, vs Auburn) where Chubb hasn’t been able to create yards. Michel, for what it’s worth, was still able to find a way to get up to virtually 100 against Alabama. And while Chubb certainly has his qualities, this is ultimately why some scouts have Michel ahead of Chubb. As good as they both are, you can scheme to get Michel involved against a tough front seven. That might be harder to do with Chubb who is very north-south. And Michel at least has the size (220lbs) to be used as an early down runner too.

            • peter

              That’s a fair point about Michel. Being able to scheme around him. I do wonder how he would be pounding the rock straight ahead into the pile. Sometimes the hardest thing is to run the clock out over the last quarter just concert simple down and distances and keep burning the clock.

              He is extremely explosive and you can probably do a lot with him.

              All this Chubb/Michel talk makes me lean towards Jones however. I think you get the weapon factor, the creator with a bad line or break down factor, and even at his “size,’ I think you get a grinder. Between him and Carson I think the team could be well dialed in come next season.

              • drewdawg11

                I think if you are the Seahawks and you draft Michel, you are doing so with the intention of pairing him with Carson because as explosive as he can be, he doesn’t seem like the type to carry it 20 plus times in the NFL, despite his weight. Also, I think Jones would be in that same boat. He’s tough, but you aren’t using him as a hammer to run out the clock in the fourth quarter. You get creative with those two and get them in space. If you take Michel early, it’s great. I just know that some people think Chubb isn’t as good anymore because of the last game they saw. He’s a different type of runner. I still say he’s a lot like Shaun Alexander, but he’s tougher. The tough thing about having the two star backs is coaches will always find ways to get them into the field and they will pidgeon-hole them into specific roles and they rarely cross over. We don’t know how good Chubb would be in the passing game, because Michel was so good at it. We don’t necessarily know how well Michel would do with toting the rock in a 4 minute offense because that was Chubb’s job. The good part about the tandem format is they won’t have nearly the mileage on their bodies. Sony is like a year older than many coming out, I believe, but he’s got half of the miles as say a Guice.

  8. Greg Haugsven

    Good listen, him asking questions about British words got kind of annoying but that isnt Robs fault.

  9. Kenny Sloth

    Prediction for the Derby Rob?

    2-0 blades for me if the defense can stay compact

    • Kenny Sloth

      Weird Cameron Carter-Vickers isn’t starting is he hurt?

    • Rob Staton

      Just back at the studio after, wasn’t expecting 0-0!

  10. Drew

    Rob – any chance you’ll be able to get a media pass for the Raiders game in London? That would be awesome for you!

    Always great to hear you talk Hawks. I imagine it won’t be too long until somebody starts calling you with a job offer in the states to get you to do some analysis/scouting.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes absolutely. Going to go to all the press conferences and media practises plus the game. Should be some nice content for the blog.

      • Hawk Eye

        if you keep up doing what you are doing, there is a very good chance you will find yourself with some sort of full time job doing this. It seems you are making steady progress and increasing your connections etc.
        best of luck, just try to remember the little people on the way up:)

        • Rob Staton

          Haha, I appreciate that Hawk Eye. Whatever happens in the future I’ll always appreciate this great community. Nine years on we still have a comments section that is practically unlike anything else on the internet. I’m amazed at how respectful this group is — and how supportive too. Means a lot. Would be a dream to be part of covering the NFL full time but if it never happens, we’ll always have SDB 🙂

          • drewdawg11

            This is hands down the best Seahawks fan forum on the planet. Thank you, Mr. Staton.

            • CestrianHawk

              It’s the best of any sport blog/forum that I’ve come across. High on knowledgeable content and low on what I call ‘hormonal angst’ and ‘Salem Witch Syndrome’. A valuable and worthwhile daily read. Thank you Rob.

              • Rob Staton

                Thanks for reading!

            • Rob Staton

              Appreciate it man

      • BobbyK

        That will be an awesome feature! Looking forward to it.

  11. LeoSharp

    Above all else I think a Seahawks lead back needs to be the embodiment of the team and that means physically dominant and tough. Of the running backs who are gonna be available in the draft which backs meet all of the following qualities?

    1) Physical
    2) Durable
    3) Workhorse
    4) Pass catching ability
    5) Explosive

    • Volume12

      No one. This is a RB we’re talking about not a QB.

      When Gurley came out, he wouldn’t have checked off the durable box. When Fournette came out he wouldn’t have checked off the pass catching box even though he isn’t a bad pass catcher. When Derrick Henry came out, he supposedly wasn’t physical enough nor was he gonna hold up in the NFL.

      • Nick

        McKissic and Prosise both are pass catching backs. Carson can do it as well. I’m going to guess that all three make the roster next year (if Prosise is healthy). Therefore, I’d expect them to go for someone who is physical, explosive, and has the capability of being a workhorse. They need to protect themselves if Carson goes down again. We effectively had scat backs running on first and second down and that just wasn’t good enough.

        With this in mind, I think they go for a grinder. Freeman, Guice, or RoJo. Now, I know RoJo doesn’t have the power and size you’d necessarily want, but his film shows he is plenty physical and can deal out some punishment.

        • peter

          I’m doing my projections based on Seattle’s current roster and of course how they recently played. but if things change I’m super into Freeman, coming around on guice

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            I think the chance of Freeman landing in Seattle is actually more than 50/50….

            • peter

              I’ve been catching up with Guice and Freeman lately. I’ve got to say the Freeman to Shaun Alexander comps may not be too far off. He may not have great vision, I wouldn’t really know but he just sees to know his outlet lanes and where the pressure is coming from.

              • drewdawg11

                Freeman shrinks when you pop him. He needs to prove that he can take that pounding. I’ve seen him have amazing games and he’s so fluid and versatile. I also saw JoJo McIntosh nail him in the chest last year in a swing pass and he folded up to tent after that. He’s an excellent player, but that’s the missing piece of his game.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Rashaad Penny.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Im definitely starting to come around on Penny.

        • JimQ

          Many of the local & National “experts” aren’t aware of Penny’s complete stats beyond the 2017 seasons #1 in FBS with 2248 rushing yards (& 7.78-ypc) which aren’t talked about AT ALL, however,
          Penny also has a few other pretty nice accomplishments, to name just a few………..

          –2017, Penny has TD’s 4 different ways this season, 23 rushing, 2 receiving, 2 KO-ret. & 1 punt-ret.

          –Penny holds the NCAA career record (since 1956) with 7-KO returns for TD’s & has 81 career KO returns for 2449-yds, a 30.23-avg (IF, the Seahawks were to draft both Penny & Pettis, the kicking game would be really amazing.)

          –2017, #1 in FBS in “all purpose yards” with 228.77-ypg. & 2974 yds. total. Other potential Seahawk among the RB’s in the TOP-50 rankings of “all purpose yards” for comparison purposes:

          (#1 Penny= 228.77-ypg & 2974-yds total.)
          -Saquon Barkley #2 with 179.15-ypg, & 2329 yds., (a difference of 640-yds & 49.62-ypg.)
          -Bryce Love= #3 with 165.46-ypg, & 2151-yards., (a difference of 823-yds & 63.31-ypg.)
          -Royce Freeman= #16 with 136.58-ypg, & 1639-yards., (a difference of 1335-yds & 92.19-ypg.)
          -Ahmad Bradshaw, #20 with 134.31-ypg, & 1736-yards., (a difference of 1238-yds & 94.46-ypg.)
          -Ronald Jones II= #21 with 133.62-ypg, & 1737- yards., (a difference of 1237-yds & 95.16-ypg.)
          -Kerryon Johnson= #25 with 132.08-ypg, & 1585-yards., (a difference of 1389-yds & 96.69-ypg.)
          -Miles Gaskin= #37 with 124.38-ypg, & 1617-yards., (a difference of 1357-yds & 104.39-ypg.)

  12. Greg Haugsven

    Here is some stats that I did that took me an hour or so Michel vs Chubb. I picked 5 games with three being earlier ones and the last 2 being the Auburn loss and the game against Alabama.

    Chubb…69 total carries
    Michel…51 total carries

    % of the time they had 0 or negative yards.


    Carries they had 1-2 yards


    Carries they had 3-5 yards


    Carries they had 6-10 yards


    Carries they had 11 + yards


    Basing my opinion off of this I would much rather have Michel. These stats I did Michel only had one negative run play. This means he gets what he can out of the play and this leads you to shorter third downs.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Over 50% of the time Chubb was getting you 2 yards or less where Michel was only getting 2 yards or less 1/3 of the time.

    • Trevor

      Thanks for this Greg! Awesome info.

      So despite being known as a home run hitter / speed back Michel excels in not having negetive yardage plays. That has been a huge issue the last two years for the Hawks.

      What I find is that Michel often gets something when it appears nothing is available. It also seems like defenses are less aggressive when he is in the backfield.

      In the Championship Game when Chubb was in the game the Bama defense just swarmed the line of scrimmage. When Michel was in the game they didn’t. Why? Perhaps they were coached to play more controlled to contain him and eliminate the potential for the big run.

    • Drew

      Sounds great in a vacuum, but how many more 8 man boxes did Chubb see than Michel?

      • Greg Haugsven

        These stats were all taken from the same games. They both had carries in the same series many times. I would doubt a team would add the 8th man to the box just because its Chubb or Michel but I guess its possible.

        • peter

          greg I love data. love the work you put in. so here’s the question….why if Michel is more effective and I think he is in many ways, does Chubb have more carries not just in your data set but as a whole over all games they both played?

          • peter

            an addendum to my question: over 4 years both players played 47 games but in that time Chubb carried the rock 160 more times. which is nearly Michel’ s season average: 150ish carries per season. I’d be curious as to why Georgia gave Chubb more carries.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Good question Peter. Only answer I have is that Chubb was the starter. It could be the same for Alabama. Scarborough was the starter even though Harris had better numbers.

              • peter

                it’s probably as simple as that. it’s a fascinating case to see between the two players. one better numbers but not ever the starter or bulk of carries over a pretty long run for two players.

                • D-OZ

                  They use Chubb to pound on em a bit to loosen em up. 🙂

                  • drewdawg11

                    Against Bama, Sony wasn’t seeing the 8 man boxes on third downs. He had bat one 3rd and 20 conversion which definitely helped his stats. First and second downs Bama was bringing extra people up to the line. They keyed on Chubb.

    • AlaskaHawk

      How is Michel at blocking blitzers?? PC won’t play a running back that can’t block.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Im no scout but from what I have seen he seems better and more willing than Chubb.

        • peter

          except that auburn game. they both were terrible in pass pro.

    • Sea Mode

      Interesting info. Thanks for taking the time.

      I prefer Ronald Jones anyway at this point now that Harris has decided to return to school. Complement Carson and give us a different style of back to go to when things aren’t working, or even when they are just to keep the defense on their toes.

      • Greg Haugsven

        When I get a chance I’ll run some Ronald Jones number up against Chubb and Michel to compare. I’ll just pick 5 games with mixed yardage results against the Pac 12 teams.

    • C-Dog

      These stats tend to back up what my eyes have seen. I can get behind the interest in Chubb, but Michel gets me more excited.

      • Greg Haugsven

        A combo of Carson and Jones does sound fantastic. That sounds like a little thunder and lightning

        • mishima

          Carson, Jones, McKissic, Prosise…

          With the right OC, imagine the possibilities. Not much you couldn’t do.

          • BobbyK

            Prosise will be inactive (hurt) for 14 of the games, but I do love the idea of Carson, Jones, and McK.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Jones is also 18 months younger than Sony Michel. With the short careers of running backs thats a season and a half.

              • C-Dog

                Absolutely love the idea of Jones II mixed with Carson.

                • peter

                  Ha! I’m reading the posts backwards and just was getting ready on one of your posts to write this. Carson/Jones. That’s working quite well for me.

            • mishima

              Agree: Prosise will break. However, until he does, would like to see them use him the way the Panthers use McCaffrey.

    • mishima

      Cool/thanks. However, those stats tell us nothing about situational usage. For example, if Chubb is used more on short yardage plays when the D knows the likelihood of a run, his numbers will be skewed, trend downward. Or, if Chubb is used to wear a D down, then Michel comes in in the 2nd half and takes advantage, resulting in longer runs…

      Rushing context.

  13. Volume12

    I got a feeling that depending on who the OC is that Seattle might take a smaller, more explosive back to fit a an up tempo, RW led offense.

    • Volume12

      That’s really going out on a limb huh? 😉

      Still think they draft 2 RBs, two different types, and will probably sign one as FA too.

      • Trevor

        Vol what are your thoughts on Pettaway or Ballage as a mid-late round RB pick to convert to FB?

        • Sea Mode

          I think Ballage could almost be a WR conversion project. Just so hard a nut to crack as to why he wasn’t used more.

      • peter

        Bryce love anyone?

        • Sea Mode

          I really love watching his tape, but I want to see at the combine if he is really as elite an athlete as he looks and as well McCaffery before him gives me something to think about. All the production and ypc in the world at Stanford, then:

          McCaffrey struggled to establish a rhythm in the running game. He finished the year with 117 carries for 435 yards (3.7 average) and two touchdowns.

          The passing game is where he made a major impact, recording 80 receptions (a franchise record among rookies) for 651 yards (a franchise record among running backs) and five touchdowns.

          He’s more of a guy who lines up in the slot and cameos at RB. But Love doesn’t even have that kind of receiving production, so that makes me even more concerned, or at least hesitant.

          • peter

            his first season 15 catches 250 yards. that’s pretty good production for love

    • schuemansky

      Have a look at Akrum Wadley. Millhouse pointed him out this morning.

    • C-Dog

      Now you are talking turkey. I think this could be it, and more over, a back that will be a counter punch to Carson.

      • peter

        That brings me back to Jones. He’s a tiny bit smaller than Seattle goes for normally.

  14. Ishmael

    Congrats Rob, great to see you breaking through.

    Not thrilled that the Hawks are apparently interested in interviewing Brian Schottenheimer, hopefully that’s just his agent putting in work.

  15. H

    Really interesting info on the running backs above guys.
    Like many im most interested in RoJo now, with Chubb getting nowhere against Bama (still thought he ran hard but my expectations are lower) and i like Michel but if we’re going for that kind of back I honestly just see more upside from Jones as an every down back
    What i wonder about is why he is still underrated, his production this year was fantastic this year and he looks good doing it.
    Do you guys think he’ll be one of those players that just rises up mocks during process or is he going to end up being a huge steal for someone, like Jamaal Charles was?

    • peter

      I think you nailed it already with Jones. USC sputtered to end their season and as such Jones is sort of being slept on.

      I never want to be a contrarian for the sake of it and Rob usually has a good sense of a players worth but he has made a lot of Jamaal Charles references to Jones and I do see it. Charles was also a third round back and I wonder if Jones doesn’t have a similar slotting.

      We’re gifted with having Rob’s viewpoint from having watched tons of games but 4.5 is the average number of backs taken in the first two rounds. I’m not saying Jones isn’t a worthy back at all. But it seems to me that it’s Saquon, Michel, Chubb, Guice early then Jones?

      I know the community has sort of slept on Guice but I think some GM’s will think of him as the best after Barkeley.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would prefer to get a back from a team that made the BCS. They have better competition, more like the pros in defense. The running stats are more consistent with pros.

  16. madmark

    Well, I had to hit the bank and grocery store. In that time I listen to ESPN 710 KIRO and I thought I write some of the different things I heard. The first was Doug Baldwin interview. The second would be Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable firing. The third is that my pick for the draft will be returning to college.
    I’m going to start with Doug Baldwin who I love and I’m sure Russel Wilson loves also. The 7th round draft pick who came in here and won his job and his contract with a can do additude. I listen to what he said and he’s right the players need to buy back into Pete’s formula because it been proven to work. The offense on the other hand needs to change. A stat someone put out said that this offense hadn’t scored a TD in the 1st Quarter of a game since the 3rd game of 2016. If that’s so then you know why the Offensive Coordinater and Offensive Line coach are gone. Funny I think about when cable came here and he literally pasted a offensive line from scratch. Lynch came to Seattle for the last 3 or 4 games of 2010 and of course had the run of his life to put us into playoffs but the next year he had a bad first 6 games and I remember a story. The story talked about how Lynch went to Cable to learn about the ZBS and after that he got better fast. I wonder if the other RB who have past thru even made the attempt to learn it like Lynch did. I think Zach Miller was brought in as TE who already knew the system. Worse of all my RB Damien Harris has decided to stay in school and I’ll see where we at after next year. Just some thoughts for the day.

  17. Greg Haugsven

    OK I ran some number for Ronald Jones off of 117 rushes and this is what I have to compare to Chubb and Michel from up above,

    0 or negatives yard rushes…18%

    1-2 yard rushes…21%

    3-5 yard rushes…33%

    6-10 yard rushes…13%

    11 = yard rushes…15%

    • H

      Interesting, would imply michel is the best option still, the comparison obviously not as like for like
      Jones had a worse line to work with and had to shoulder a larger burden. Its the fact that he succeeded under those circumstances that makes him most appealling to me

      • Patrick Toler

        Very worthwhile to compare Michel and Chubb (thank you for doing so) in this way – same line and same opponents, if different game situations. But not much to glean from comparing a RB on a different team, against different opponents.

  18. Ishmael

    Seattle writers/media people do seem to be taking the Schottenheimer stuff reasonably seriously, so I guess I should too. He does like to run the ball, a lot. And he’s coming back somewhat from coaching purgatory, so I guess he’ll be okay with doing what PC wants? Sando thinks he’s underrated, Colts guys seem to like what he did with Luck last year, but man I really don’t know.

    • Hawk Eye

      remember 9 years ago when the Hawks hired some college guy who had been fired twice in the NFL and most people said he was not going to make it in Seattle? Failure is an important part of success when you recognize it and adjust because of it. We all want the new, young genius, and that would be nice. But I think we should all hold off judgement until they make a choice and we see what they can do.
      Cable and Bevel were not a failure for 7 years, it is just the last few where they became ineffective and a change was needed.

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Answer #1) Sony Michel second round

    Answer #2) John DeFilippo

    Answer #3) Jack Del Rio

    You can figure out the questions. 😀

    • Ed

      Would be upgrades for sure, but of the 3, I only see #2 as possible. If Michel makes it to 2nd round, will probably be the top 5. As for Del Rio, Richard has not been fired yet, so I doubt he comes here as a position coach.

  20. Old but Slow

    Has the team announced any interviews for OC? It seems important that they get someone on board soon, as they will need to build their staff and then help with draft planning. There has been speculation galore, but movement?

    • peter

      I have to think they are looking at a guy still coaching in the playoff right now.

      • Old but Slow

        At this point I am anxious about the direction the offense will take, so I would like to see them begin interviews now, get the Rooney rule out of the way (I support the rule) even if they have to wait for other targets.

        • peter

          That’s fair. All of it. Plus you never really know what another party is going to do. Meaning they may have their eye on someone but that person isn’t interested at this time, or they have other plans themselves.

          • Myfanwy365

            Is the Rooney rule for all appointments or just HC?

  21. Ed

    My wishlist mid/end of season:

    1. Fire Cable. Check
    2. Fire Bevell. Check
    3. Fire Richard. Gave him the ability to leave
    4. Hire DeFillipo from Eagles. Rumor he is on their short list
    5. Hire a man/man OL scheme. No rumors on OL yet
    6. Hire Patterson from Vikings. No rumors on DC yet, since Richard still here
    7. Trade away/cut aging expensive defensive players. MB/RS/KW/ET.
    8. Let all FA go unless BM contract is reasonable.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I wouldn’t wish for all of MB/RS/KW/ET to be cut or traded this off season. That would decimate our defense. It isn’t reasonable to expect to lose all that pro-bowl level talent at once and be able to replace their collective production through the draft and/or trades.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, if your going to move on from some of the older guys it might be wise to do it in stages.

  22. House

    Notes this morning:
    – Cable is headed back to Oakland
    – DeShawn Shead has claimed he’s a UFA and it sounds like the team are giving him the opportunity to be such
    – Maxwell is looking like a priority to stay on the team

    • Ed

      -As long as he isn’t here
      -Good for Hawks for doing the right thing. Hope he stays though
      -As long as it isn’t too expensive

  23. Greg Haugsven

    Here is a post about the Seahawks potentially moving to a college style offense.

    • Ed

      I saw that. I don’t think it means read option all the time, but to me it means taking advantage of RW in the 2 minute style offense. Sort of what Patriots do with all the smaller quick WR and then big Gronk. Which is what we have been yelling about, let RW be RW. Can you imagine how exciting it could be actually scoring early in games. It will be a necessity with the defense going thru a transition, but man.

      If this is the case, I would try and get Landry as a FA (unless too expensive). The offense should be a lot of quick guys and RW gets the ball out fast and have his WR make plays. Baldwin/Landry/Lockett with JD in the backfield and then Darboh and Vanentt for big packages.

    • C-Dog

      H E Double Hockey Sticks YES

      This is fantastic news. Should help RW and the OL immensely. Been saying it all year that when they spread things out and go into attack mode, RW plays a whole heck of a lot better.

    • Hawk Eye

      PFT is the TMZ of sports. Listen the audio from that same post by Florio. Nauseating. Looking for conspiracy theories about how hw the team hates Wilson. For a former lawyer, he does not rely on facts or evidence to make his claims, maybe that is why is not a lawyer anymore.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It was the read option that got them to the superbowl. But you have to accept that your QB may get injured. Still, with the way the line has blocked, maybe it is better to plan getting hit instead of getting blind sided.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Not sure you want him running all the time. I think our offense does go to the next level though when he keeps that run option. Especially when he does it early.

    • Al

      If Kubiak gets in on that action I’d be giddy.

    • H

      I like the idea of that.
      You guys mention getting a reciever like landry to fit that sceme, how about Miller out of Memphis?
      We spoke about him on the blog earlier in the year, but with a focus on rbs and a desire to get a bigger reciever he’s had less mentions.
      In that kind of a scheme as our second pick after a trade down and a running back he could be a really dynamic weapon

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    I don’t pretend to have any insider information, or to know any more about this subject than anyone else. What I say is based entirely on my own observations, recollections and logic.

    I’ve been a CFB fan for most of my life, and I lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. I vividly remember Carroll’s tenure at USC. I vividly remember Sarkisian on Carroll’s staff. I vividly remember the rapport they had (both personal and professional), the success they had, the mutual respect they shared.

    I know times change, and there’s a lot of water under the bridge since Sark left ‘SC for UW.

    But I would be truly surprised if Sark isn’t PC’s #1 choice for OC. Dan Quinn’s comments be damned.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      No sooner did I write this that Schefter reports Schottenheimer will be SEA’s new OC

  25. Al

    Being reported the Seahawks are set to hire Schottemheimer as the new OC…

    • Volume12

      I like it. Huge fan of the Schottenheimers.

      • Del tre

        I think his run first and love for the checkdown will balance out Russell’s desire to make the big play. Russell missed so many first downs in favor of passing down the field this year.
        I expect some big spending on the offensive side and most of our draft capitol to be invested in the defense, trying to make it faster. The roster is in a good position if they can be creative with the cap.

    • H

      Would be thoroughly underwhelmed by that signing honestly.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I’m not sue how I’s nice having a guy with experience but he also got let go twice as an OC so I guess we’ll see.

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