Apple Cup & college football open thread

November 25th, 2016 | Written by Rob Staton

For any thoughts or notes on the Apple Cup, head into the comments section. I haven’t got access to the game but will be watching Arkansas @ Missouri, Baylor @ Texas Tech and they’re replaying NC State @ North Carolina later tonight.

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  1. Vista says:

    Huskies already scored and recovered a fumble.

  2. Elliott Atkinson says:

    Rob just curious, what are your thoughts on Miles Gaskin as pro prospect? So you think he was a future in the NFL?

  3. hb says:

    Would Lavon Coleman be a good fit with a late round pick or udfa? Seems to be faster and more decisive this year. Also seems to be decent in pass protection and makes tackles on special teams. Seems like he would be a good third or fourth back especially since he can contribute in special teams. UW has a ton of talent but it seems like Coleman and Pettis would be good late round or udfa pickups.

    • Volume12 says:

      He’s very intriguing. Coleman. Pettis too though.

      Coleman has that size at 5-11, 228. His combine will be one to monitor. He didn’t test well coming out of HS IIRC, but bodies change so much.

      The more I watch Coleman, the more ‘Seahawky’ this guy looks. IMO Seattle will draft a RB and grab one in UDFA.

    • Ukhawk says:

      I like Coleman a lot. However is it just me or does it feel like he bounces outside too often? Would love to see him run between the tackles more often and behind his pads more.

  4. PPast says:

    Is D. Pettis a J. Kearse comp, or is he faster?

  5. SamP says:

    Luke Falk with a bone head interception in the end zone toward the end of the half.

  6. Volume12 says:

    Iowa O-lineman Ike Boettger is a sleeper man. Former TE, plays RT and LG, looks the part, great length, good technique.

  7. Volume12 says:

    Pete Carroll calls George Farmer ‘kind of my special project for some time now.’

    He loves these hybrid, offensive weapons. Its why it wouldn’t surprise me if they like or have interest in Ohio St’s WR/OW Curtis Samuel.

    • vrtkolman says:

      I’m excited to see Farmer Sunday. I’m actually excited to see a lot of the young guys getting play time. We have no idea what happens with ET3 out, who knows Terrell could be a legit backup. I have major doubts but I’m done questioning the PC/JS team. Farmer is a stud athlete, if he has learned how to play RB a bit he could be a weapon.

      • Volume12 says:


        Looks like Britt is a game time decision. And PC said Shead had an explosive workout and is as close to returning as you can get. Also a game time decision.

        Excited to see Farmer in that 3rd down role as well, but also excited to see Alex Collins.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Man, I don’t want him to rush these dudes.

          Bet if he starts ET and Shead one of them gets a hip or knee (knock the hardest on wood ☝).

          • Volume12 says:

            ET is out for sure. Shead? Who knows.

            Britt might not start, but my guess is he’ll be suited and active.

            • STTBM says:

              Britt being out is far worse than losing Shead. Shead has capable backups, but our backup C in a very undersized rookie, and that’s bad news on so many fronts. Not a disaster, mind you, but certainly not something I’m looking forward to.

              Cant this team field their starters for two weeks in a row?! Such luck, lol!

              • Rob Staton says:

                I suspect Britt plays. When PC was asked who would be the backup center to Joey Hunt if he has to start, he replied, “Britt won’t be out”. So at the very least he’s suiting up.

                • STTBM says:

                  Glad to hear that Rob. Really hope Britt can play, and hold up. He’s been the biggest surprise aside from Fant for Seattle–and as much as I like Hunts potential I can’t see him being ready to start a game.

              • Trevor says:

                I like Hunt as a backup actually but your first start opposite Gerald McCoy is not ideal that is for sure. Still can’t believe that Britt is now the rock on this OL.

            • Kenny Sloth says:

              I say give Jeremy Lane and Kelcie McCray the starts.

              Joey Hunt, I’m not super certain of, best to get his trial by fire against a young hungry team with some pieces.

              Looking for Germain to step up and hold shit down.

              Time to show our depth.

              This is gonna sound super ‘soccer-y’, but we can afford to drop a game, IMO to swallow a learning experience

        • STTBM says:

          I must say, given the stunning lack of speed shown by Collins running the ball in his limited role thus far, I am absolutely NOT looking forward to seeing him with the ball. I’d much rather see Farmer, who looked pretty lost but fast enough in preseason, and who has had the entire year to get better. You cant teach speed, and you cant change slow.

          • Rob Staton says:

            Collins didn’t look slow when he had that big run vs Oakland in pre-season.

            The guy has had more than one carry in a game twice — he had two carries against the Rams in week two (when Seattle couldn’t move the ball for toffee) and four against the Niners. In every other game he’s either had 0 or 1 carry.

            Let’s give him a chance before we write him off.

            • Volume12 says:

              That’s what I’m saying. 10 carries or whatever he’s had is too small of a sample size.

              The O-line is much improved and having Rawls will help wear down the defense.

            • STTBM says:

              I haven’t written him off yet, just would rather see Farmer. Collins wasn’t even beating Michaels out for reps even though Seattle apparently totally soured on him. We don’t get info on how he’s practicing, but it’s safe to say he’s doing enough to stick on potential, but not enough to get reps in games.

              You guys are right on to bring up his limited reps as being hard on a player, whether it’s Kearse, Richardson and McEvoy or Pope and Collins or Odhiambo. But Seattle expects guys to perform in limited roles before granting them any more. Perhaps Collins will get some carries down the stretch–reports from camp were his hands were way better than Seattle expected, so that’s a plus.

          • Seahawcrates says:

            Saw Collins take a flair pass 80 yards in the training camp scrimmage. Earl caught him as he crossed the goal line. He may not be a burner but he isn’t slow. I’m guessing he has had bad blocking compounded by tentativeness with just enough opportunities to leave an impression, but not enough to come to a meaningful judgement.

  8. vrtkolman says:

    Mike Leech is a moron. This is a pretty entertaining game though. Washington’s D line is feasting with a 3 man rush.

  9. C-Dog says:

    Apple Cup thoughts:

    This game would be a lot close if cougar receivers not named Gabe Marks weren’t dropping balls.

    Lavon Coleman looks like a Seattle running back.

    I’d love to see one of these husky corners playing in Seattle’s D. Ditto the Husky DTs.

    I think Luke Falk could go play on Sundays with the right tools around him.

    If Seattle drafted John Ross R1, I wouldn’t complain.

    Maybe it’s me, but I could see Gane Marks going to New England and doing well there.

    • Volume12 says:

      Coleman absolutely does. He put himself on the radar today.

      Hits the hole so damn hard and has that Rawls mentality. They treat every carry as if its the last they’ll ever get.

      Coleman’s traits match his production too. 79 att., over 600 yds rushing, 6 TDs, 8.27 YPC, 7 att per game, 60 yds per game. This guy will be a better pro than college player. Nowhere near maxed out.

      • C-Dog says:

        Love the way he keeps those legs moving through contact. Reminds me of a certain someone who used to carry the rock in town. My favorite run was in the second half, running right, nothing there , but kept the legs going and willed himself through maybe three tacklers for like a nine yard gain or so. These are the runs you like to see fourth quarter when you are trying to but the game away. That got me really excited.

        • nichansen01 says:

          I don’t understand why Gaskin started over Coleman this season. Coleman is stronger and faster… less of a pass catcher but a better running back imo.

          • C-Dog says:

            They may like the big play ability out of Gaskin more in that offense. I think Coleman looks more NFL ready.

          • TannerM says:

            Because up to this year, Coleman had never really shown anything while Gaskin ran for 1300 yds as a freshman and still has over 1100 yds this season at 6.2 ypc. It’s kind of hard to fault the Husky staff for deciding to stick with the guy with actual production. That said, props to Coleman for not letting the success of his younger teammate get to him and instead focus on becoming a better back.

        • Volume12 says:

          That run was special.

          And the TD run in the 2nd half when he was weaving, zigzagging, running laterally? Reminded me oh so much of that particular back you mentioned that used to tote the rock for us here in the PNW only a year ago.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Not to be contrarian, but I’d be super underwhelmed with John Ross in the first in this loaded class.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Ross could go top-20 anyway. Absolutely explosive in terms of athleticism, great character. Showed genuine grit to fight back from the injuries. Major production. Special teams value. He’s Brandin Cooks plus. It’s not an amazing year for WR’s at the top end so he might go earlier than a lot of people are projecting. If he’s there for the Seahawks I wouldn’t rule it out. We know they love twitchy athleticism and guys who conquer adversity.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          How you like the Desean Jackson comp, Rob?

          I’ve not studied him intently, just think there is better value at receiver late. Is he a plus red line winner?

          Evidence of high point potential?

          • Rob Staton says:

            I see more Brandin Cooks than D-Jax. I actually think D-Jax is a pretty unique player. His ability to glide and eat up space with minimal steps is special. He is without doubt one of the single most dynamic athletes to enter the league in this generation of players. If he had the attitude of someone like Doug Baldwin he possibly could’ve been one of the true greats statistically too. It’ll be hard for anyone to compare accurately to D-Jax.

            I see Ross as more of a Brandin Cooks plus. Kind of in the space between D-Jax and Cooks. He offers more than Cooks — looks faster, more special teams value, better athlete. But not quite on D-Jax level perhaps.

            • Trevor says:

              I agree completely with the Cooks comparison.

              Desean Jackson is a truly special athlete and IMO opion a top 5 deep ball threat talent wise in the history of the game. Can you imagine him in this offense with the way Russ throws the deep ball. If he even get half a step on you on a go route it is over. Even Sherm has tasted that.

            • JT says:

              That’s high praise man. Cooks caught 130 balls for 1700 yards & scored 18 TDs his junior year. He was a great prospect and an even better athlete. He ran a 4.33 and his agility scores are in the 99th percentile. Cooks was also a lot bulkier than Ross is, and was more of a contested catch weapon, despite his stature. I like Ross, and can see the Cooks comparison, but it’s hard to justify him as a better prospect.


              • Rob Staton says:

                I don’t think it’s that hard to justify. Ross might not be as thick as Cooks but there’s a lot of talk within Washington that he’s running in the 4.2’s. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility he matches Cooks’ time. Plus I think he’s a smoother athlete overall — a bit more sudden. He has the production too if not in terms of yardage but certainly in terms of TD’s (17 total so far). Washington’s offense isn’t quite as pass-happy as Oregon State’s used to be either.

                • JT says:

                  Cooks was a 20 year old when he was drafted, and was taken 20th overall in the year of the WR in 2014 (Watkins, Evans, Benjamin, Beckham, Matthews, Landry, Robinson, etc).

                  I can’t find Ross’ age, but he’s 4 years removed from high school, so he’ll be at least 21-22 by draft day. It’s also a weak draft for top end WR talent.

                  Ross is probably worthy of a 1st round pick, and I can see him being compared to Cooks as a prospect. I just think it’s a stretch based on all the scouting info available to say he’s a better prospect than Cooks was.

                  • Rob Staton says:

                    We’ll have to agree to disagree then. I’m not sure age is a sufficient counter.

                  • JT says:

                    I suppose. Age certainly matters in scouting tho. A younger player who is otherwise identical to another theoretically has more upside. It’s why guys like A’Shawn Robinson are drafted highly

  10. Nathan W. says:

    Game after game I watch with Coleman in at tailback, he just continues to show that he’s the prospect that was once heralded in seven win steves 2013 (?) recruitment class. He traded in his dancing shoes for boxing gloves. The future looks bright, DJ Beavers made some nice impact plays filling in for Azeem Victor.

  11. Rob Staton says:

    This Baylor vs Texas Tech game is awful.

    The Big 12 is a joke show. Anyone can put up yards (passing or rushing) in that conference.

    • Volume12 says:

      It is. Why do they not play defense in the Big 12? The only teams that even resemble a good, adequate D are K-St and W.Virginia.

      Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes is pretty ‘toolsy.’

    • Trevor says:

      The absolute lack of anything resembling defense makes the Big 12 unwatchable to me. How can NFL scouts even evaluate the players with the games being played this way. Stats mean nothing in this conference.

  12. Volume12 says:

    W. Michigan has a couple really good O-lineman. RT Taylor Moton is a strong dude and better off inside at the next level, but their LT Chukwuma Okorafor, while raw, looks to have some crazy potential and is a huge kid.

    • Volume12 says:

      Wow. Toledo TE Michael Roberts with 15 TDs. For a TE in college?

      Doesn’t seem overly dynamic, but he’s a big dude that blocks well and looks/seems to be pretty athletic.

  13. hb says:

    I don’t know how to respond to my own comment or I would vol 12…if someone could tell me it would be appreciated. But id believe last year that Coleman didn’t test well but this year he seems different. Much quicker and faster than last year. Kearse seemed like he was a big play wr with bad hands coming out of college. Pettis seems to have better hands and is a lot more shifty which is something I don’t think you can teach. His floor is kearse I think

    • Volume12 says:

      Oh, just click on reply below whoever answers your post.

      I agree about Pettis. He’s not exactly a Kearse clone, but he absolutely gives off a Kearse vibe and is similar.

      Not completely sure about Coleman’s testing, but I seem to remember it wasn’t great. However, your right in that he does seem quicker and faster. Its a good baseline and gives you an idea of what kind of athlete they may be when looking at SPARQ #’s in HS, junior pro days, etc., but by no means are they the final result. Bodies change so much, you can train for certain drills, strength & conditioning programs are huge at the college and NFL level.

      Coleman doesn’t appear to be a bad athlete by any means.

      • hb says:

        Haha seem like an idiot now. i swear it wasn’t there on my phone but now it’s there on my computer

        • Nathan W. says:

          Met starting RG Andrew Kirkland at the bar then there’s night – says Lavon Coleman is the third strongest guy on the team.

  14. Volume12 says:

    Rob, what do you think of JuJu? USC WR JuJu Smith-Schuster that is.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Not crazy about him. Doesn’t look special in any way — decent size but not freakish, not an amazing athlete. Hit and miss production. I think any prospective high pick at WR for the Seahawks has to jump off the screen at the combine and I don’t expect that from JuJu.

      • Volume12 says:

        ‘I think any prospective high pick at WR for the Seahawks has to jump off the screen at the combine and I don’t expect that from JuJu.’

        I 100% agree there.

        Should’ve clarified that I didn’t mean as a potential Seahawk, just was curious as to what your take was on him.

      • KD says:

        So the Rams or 49rs will take him in the 1st round. Good to know.

      • John_s says:

        I’m a fan of Juju as a 3rd rd pick. I think he can be physically imposing being 6’2 220 lbs. He can play with a chip on his shoulder. He’s got long arms and huge hands. He’s a rac guy.

        His motor can run hot and cold and he can do better catching with his hands, but I think he would definitely be an improvement over Kearse and Richardson and he would offer a different skill set to Lockett and Baldwin.

  15. red says:

    Rob what do you think the market for Deanglo Williams will be next year 4mil? We have cap space not loving the RBs after the top 4 or 5 in 2017 you think sony Michel from Georgia comes out?

    • Elliott Atkinson says:

      To old, and sort of injury prone as of late in my opinion. I think the Hawks would rather draft an RB with a high ceiling and try to develop him, rather then spend money on an aging RB who probably doesn’t have that much left in the tank.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Williams’ cap hit this year is only $2.5m (and it was $1.4m in 2015) so I doubt he gets anywhere near $4m. He’s 34 in April so there’s a chance he might retire at the end of the season or go back to Pitt as the backup on a cheap deal.

      Sony Michel hasn’t had the year expected so he might well return. His stock isn’t exactly flying after this season.

  16. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    John Ross…… I’m of the opinion he will go higher in the draft than most anticipate. Rob mentioned a top 20 pick…. I can see it as well. When there are not 2-3 outstanding “large” WRs, then you take the tremendous slot type of WR. OBJ having success will remind teams that just because a guy is smaller, doesn’t mean he can’t dominate in the NFL level.

    Jets, Rams and Bills are very likely landing spots.. all are going to be top 20 picks. All also need some WR depth and help…. Rams would be an especially attractive fit since you would have a young QB and WR growing up together…. best fit imo. And let’s face it, the WRs for the Rams are terrible.

    • Elliott Atkinson says:

      I would hate for him to go to the rams, Jeff Fisher would find a way to squander his potential.

    • KD says:

      John Ross reminds me a lot of Tavon Austin. Honestly, I have no idea why the Rams felt the need to trade up to get him. If they wanted to trade up to to a receiver, they could have taken Hopkins.

      John Ross is an amazing player, but how a team values Ross will determine that.

      • Barry says:

        The Rams and many around the league felt Austin’s skills compared well to Percy Harvin’s. Who was hot off the SB with the Hawks. In his defense Austin has the tools just never know if it’s the QB, the system, or all of the above.

    • C-Dog says:

      I think there’s a good chance he does top 20.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Eagles REALLY need some WR help too, as we saw first hand. Not sure if Ross is the guy, but will be interesting to see who they target.

      • C-Dog says:

        They’re pretty loaded on the defensive front, they might go corner early, but I would think giving the young QB an electric target like Ross might be something Doug Pederson would love to see done.

  17. Rob Staton says:

    Just finished a Seahawks seven round mock. Expect to see it over the next few days.

    • KD says:

      So you are not going to do a full 7 round mock draft for all 32 teams and try to predict all 250+ players drafted for each and every single team?

        • KD says:

          Ugh. Now you’re just getting lazy. Those guys from BR and WF regularly go through all 7 rounds with extreme accuracy [/sacracsm]

          Anyways, very glad to hear that you and the family had a positive experience in Seattle. What was the favorite place to eat?

    • Troy says:

      Im just going to guess and say theres a high probability the first four rounds of your board dont fall this way for the Hawks?!..

      RD 1 OT- Garett Bolles

      RD 2 DL- Chris Wormley

      RD 3 SLB- Obi Melifonwu

      RD 4 WR- Jehu Chesson

        • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

          RD 3 SLB- Obi Melifonwu

          He is going low 1st or high 2nd round……

          • Troy says:

            Is he?

            • TannerM says:

              If he’s truly as athletic as his coach says he is, yes. Just look at Byron Jones – he wasn’t really on first round radars anywhere, and then he broad-jumped a mile at the combine. Obi is a full twenty pounds heavier than that former first round pick, yet it sounds like he could match his former teammate’s workout numbers. Match that with his tape, and it’s not really that unbelievable to imagine him as a first or early second round pick.

  18. KD says:

    Has anyone watched Ed Oliver, DT from Houston this year? He’s a freshman so he’s not a draft prospect at the moment, but his numbers are incredible for a freshman. There are a few Houston games on youtube from this year that I want to watch now, but does anyone here have an opinion on him so far?

    61 Tackles
    19 TFL
    5.0 sacks
    290 lbs

    • Rob Staton says:

      Yep he has the potential to be special.

      Not sure he’ll be over the moon though if Tom Herman jumps ship for LSU or Texas. Remember, Oliver was a big time 5-star recruit with offers from Alabama and basically every great team in the country. Herman convinced him to go to Houston with a load of other great recruits.

      • KD says:

        When a team like Cleveland drafts (as you have said Rob), they seem to look at a player and pick the player available who had the most sacks (or the most in this or that stat). My favorite stat to look at is TFL, because that tells a much different story IMO. TFL shows a sense of awareness that no other stat can show.

  19. rowdy says:

    Rob, or anyone. There was talk about who Ross comps to in the nfl and djax and cooks were the 2 mentioned. I think will fuller is a closers comp to Ross and will probably go around the same spot in round one. What’s your thought?

  20. 503Hawk says:

    Britt / Hunt… I for one am excited about the possibility of Hunt playing. From the little bit I’ve seen he is another Jeff Saturday.

  21. Volume12 says:

    Arkansas TE Jeremy Sprinkle has some Martellus Bennett in his game.

  22. Volume12 says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if this is who JS went to W.Michigan to check out.

    RT/G Taylor Moton- 6’5, 325 lbs., big, athletic, plays through the whistle.

    He dominates Illinois DE Dawaune Smoot.

    And then this closeup. Definition of washing his man down the line.

  23. Dawgma says:

    I’m thinking they might really like Kevin King. He’s listed at 6’3 192, very long, but more importantly he’s incredibly instinctive playing the ball in the air. Rare to see a college guy with his ball skills and body control, especially it that length they love. He’s also incredibly athletoc; he posted a 39.5 inch very and 10’10 in the most recent combine UWdoes as an end of off-season showcase, and also posted team best times in the three cone and short shuttle.

    Times on those things tend to get really exaggerated (UW had 4 guys below 4.4 in their forties…sure) but he still beat some serious talents in those drills. I could see the FO really liking him.

  24. Kenny Sloth says:

    Virginia-V-Tech is an ugly game. Same with Kst-Kansas

    Have to watch OSU-Mich

  25. Kenny Sloth says:

    Is Peppers> Woodson in college? I don’t think so.

    • Volume12 says:

      Peppers isn’t a DB at the next level.

      Why would you want that guy moving backwards and not attacking downhill?

      Whoever drafts Peppers and doesn’t play him in the box is gonna ruin him.

  26. Kenny Sloth says:

    Mason Cole definitely not a LT at the next level

  27. Trevor says:

    This is one of the best Safety classes ever right up there with 2010. If the Hawks are going to add youth to the LOB with some high end talent this is definitely the year to do it. The two in the OSU / Mich game Peppers and Hooker are both worthy of top 10 picks IMO. Adams from LSU could be as well.

  28. John T says:

    Toledo RB Kareem Hunt,20 rushes for 200y and 3 rec. for 73y on W. Michigan. I know the knock on him about no second gear, gets caught from behind and such. However 760 carries and hasn’t turned the ball over once, squats 500 pounds, 240 rushes for 1355 and 8 TDs this year. Runs into and through contact and wont run out of bounds. I love this kid for a later round option this draft.

    He’s 6 foot 1 and 225.
    760 carries for 4825 with 42 TDs and 71 rec. for 529 with 1 TD career.

    A couple runs from Fridays game.”“

  29. C-Dog says:

    I’m about to pull a Kevin Costner, scribble this on a scratch piece of paper and hand it to John Schneider: Taco Charlton no matter what.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I know all the hype is around Peppers, but Charlton is the best player on that MICH defense. At least he is today.

      I was hoping for a blow out by either MICH or OHST so UW could move up into the top 4. But how can either of these teams drop out of the top 4 after this game?

      • C-Dog says:

        I thought there whole DL was terrific. IMO, Ryan Glasgow is a very underrated player. Wormley looks like he can be a really solid player on Sundays, and Hurst has some wheels, but for my $, Taco is special.

        If Seattle took him R1, let him rotate in with and learn from Mike B for a year or two.. couple years down the line have Frank Clark starting on one side and Taco Charlton on the other, that could be pretty special.

        • Volume12 says:

          Frank Clark was his mentor at Michigan too. FWIW.

          • Volume12 says:

            Glasgow is very good. Has 33″ arms too. Charlton’s are almost 35″.

            Ryan Anderson from ‘Bama BTW? 30″ arms.

            • Volume12 says:

              Thought Curtis Samuel was Ohio St’s best player too. That kid has game breaker written all over him.

              • CHawk Talker Eric says:

                Charlton reminds me a lot of Carlos Dunlap. And maybe Ziggy Ansah even though he’s technically superior if not quite as athletic.

                I like Glasgow as a ‘Bane-type 1T.

                Samuel was fantastic today. Haven’t seen much OHST this year, but he flashed big time today.

                Also enamored with Adoree’ Jackson.

            • C-Dog says:

              That’s encouraging with Glasgow. not so much with Anderson.

              I’ll be very curious to see how Glasgow tests at the combine. I think he might be more athletic than some realize.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        Michigan has 2 losses now would be my response. I know what you mean but losses are losses. Huskies kick Arse and deserve to be in the playoff’s if they win the pac12. Huskies rule!

        Go Team!

        • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

          They win convincingly the PAC12 championship, they would have a strong argument to get in the playoffs…. if they stub their toe, they are out. Let’s say they win in a squeaker, then all bets are off.

          • RealRhino2 says:

            But a win is a win, even if it’s ugly. Still better than a loss. I don’t trust these clowns on the committee at all. Their logic is all so circular: Look, it was a close game, so both teams must be great!

            Michigan’s great! How do we know? They beat Penn State. And how do we know they are good? Because they beat Ohio State, so they must be good! How do we know they’re good? ‘Cause they beat Michigan! Oh, and Oklahoma. Never mind that Oklahoma at that time period also lost to Houston, who lost to two crap teams this year.

            This is the same SEC nonsense that we get stuck with every year. If a lower tier Pac-12 team beats a team at the top, shows the top team wasn’t very good. If a lower tier SEC team beats an SEC team at the top, shows how AMAZING the depth in the SEC is, where even the lowest teams are great. Give me a break.

  30. The Hawk is Howling says:

    Man I want the Hawks to draft Dante Pettis so bad. He’s so elusive and just makes play after play after play. He holds U-Dubs record for punt return touchdowns with 5 and just has to be a Seahawk. I know he’s thin and wirey, but he’s such a football player. I looked at draftnek or one of the other 7 round mocks out there and he wasn’t even on it? He has 14 touchdowns this year and I realise that has quite a bit to do with Jake Browning but seriously? I’d draft him as soon as I could if I were John Schneider. He just seems like he’s a Seahawk waiting!

    Go Hawks!

    • cha says:

      That jump ball yesterday where he went up and got it over the corner was impressive. The Hawks can always use more guys like that. Very Kearse-like play.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        I know Cha! He just goes up and get’s those contested throws. I love him. He is my draft wish right now.

        Go Hawks

    • sdcoug says:

      I would take the Pac-12s all-time reception leader gritty Gabe Marks any day over Pettis, but hey…I’m a coug

  31. The Hawk is Howling says:

    Also I’m hoping for Coleman and King from the Husky’s!

  32. Volume12 says:

    Taco Charlton man. This guy is gonna fly up draft boards. With his athleticism, ability to make plays in space.

    • C-Dog says:

      Want to see him in Seahawks blue on Sundays in the worst way. Don’t think he’s going to be there when they pick.

      • Volume12 says:

        He might be a top 10 pick. Hands down one of my favorite players in CFB along with UCLA’s Takk McKinley.

        • C-Dog says:

          I’d take either one of those guys in a heartbeat.

          • Volume12 says:

            And I don’t know that Charlton is a top 10 pick, but I could see why a team would take him there. Much better player than Arik Armstead (who I like better than this next guy) and DeForest Buckner who both went in that range.

            IMO he goes late 1st.

            • CHawk Talker Eric says:

              He’s gotta be a Hawk if he’s still available when SEA picks…

            • C-Dog says:

              If he goes late R1 to Seattle, I’d be doing cartwheels down my block.

              • Coleslaw says:

                Been banging the drum for Charlton since last draft season, he looks like a faster/bigger Michael Bennett. Albeit shorter (I think, looks like it) I think he’s just as much an ideal pick for us as Sheldon Rankins was. I bet he runs the 10 yard split in high 1.5s

        • Trevor says:

          Love both those guys as well Vol and either would be an absolute steal at the end of Rd #1

  33. The Hawk is Howling says:

    I’d be even more down for Taco if his name was Burrito!

  34. The Hawk is Howling says:

    Oh good to know, I assumed it was not his given name unless he was conceived or born in a Mexican restaurant.?

  35. Volume12 says:

    Got a good game going here in a storm, between ND & USC.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      AJax is electric

      • Volume12 says:

        He is.

        I doubt it would ever happen, and not sure about his length, but if a DB guru like PC ever got his hands on a guy like Adoree Jackson, the sky would be the limit. His athleticism is insane. Its just his technique that needs to be cleaned up.

  36. C-Dog says:

    Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, #96 USC = Monster. Notre Dame, say hello to USC.

    • Volume12 says:

      Dominate player. Does the fact he’s 25 play into that though?

      Seattle likes someone on this USC team. They’ve scouted them 3 times. It could always be an underclassmen, but whatever the case, someone has them intrigued.

      • C-Dog says:

        Yeah, perhaps a little bit like Bolles, he could be playing like a man among boys.

        He could be someone Seattle is looking at. He’s got that powerful low base they like at nose. They might be looking at Chad Wheeler as well. If he has his head on straight. Maybe Andoree Jackson if his arms are long enough?

        • Volume12 says:

          Any of the 3 could be possible.

          Adoree is such a dynamic athlete. Hard to say, but his arms look plenty long enough. Whoever drafts him is getting a Devin Hester type return man worst case.

  37. The Hawk is Howling says:

    Why would Dante Pettis get no love from draft sites? Is just because of his frame? There’s alot of wirey receivers out there in the Not So Fun league.

    What was I going to say?

    Oh yeah!

    Go Hawks!

    • C-Dog says:

      I’m a big Dante Pettis fan, and think he’s a bit underrated. I think his game has picked up big time this year.

  38. Volume12 says:

    You guys seen this Courtland Sutton cat? WR from SMU. Very interesting.

  39. Volume12 says:

    Wisconsin S Leo Musso reminds me so much of Chris Maragos its crazy.

    Looks like an ideal STs pickup in UDFA.

  40. nichansen01 says:

    Looks to me like UW is out of the cab playoff with OSU and Penn State winning big today…

    Unless Clemson drops their game to Virginia Tech. I guess that is the last hope…

    • nichansen01 says:

      CFB* not cab

    • cha says:

      I wouldn’t exactly term Ohio St as “winning big”. They made some questionable decisions, had a weird day on special teams and benefited from several Michigan mistakes and a classic Harbaugh meltdown for a penalty and squeaked out a win in OT.

      I’d say the biggest challenge the huskies have is the Pac12 South winner in the championship next week. Colorado or USC will both be tough. But if they win that game, it would take a real miscarriage of justice to keep them out of the playoff.

    • MJ says:

      I feel incredibly strong that PSU has no business in the CFP. The eye test shows me a massively overrated team who eeked out a (albeit good) win against tOSU. There entire playoff resume hinges on that win. Additionally, I don’t think it’s acceptable for a team to have a loss against an unranked opponent while also having a 39 point loss to a ranked opponent on that same resume.

      We shall see, but as a UW fan, I’m rooting for a sloppy Wisconsin Win in the Big Ten championship and UW handling Colorado.

  41. Volume12 says:

    Is there a better backfield in the country in terms of a RB & FB than Florida St.?

    Dalvin Cook is special. Complete back. And Freddie Stevenson just lights guys up in the hole.

  42. ROBERt Las vegas says:

    It’s kinda weird because Penn State won the conference right I mean they have the tie breaker over Ohio State how can you play the national championship if you can’t win your conference

    • cha says:

      Somebody is going to miss the playoffs this year and have a legitimate gripe. I just really hope it’s not the Huskies. They can make their case Friday night by beating Colorado.

    • MJ says:

      Penn State is really screwing this thing up, this year. Quite frankly an overrated team who eeked out a (great) win against tOSU. If they win the Big Ten, I’m afraid UW misses out on the CFP, which is a real shame because PSU has had a similarly weak schedule and an additional loss versus an unranked opponent.

      Not to mention, PSU lost by 39 (!!) to Michigan, which in my opinion is an automatic disqualifier against another Conference Champion with one less loss. Wisconsin winning the Big Ten still doesn’t get them into the CFP because of already losing to another CFP team. Is that fair? No, but I’m not terribly sure how you would take Wisc over a 1 Loss UW team in this scenario.

      We shall see what happens. UW needs to win (obviously) but I think Wisconsin needs to have a close W against PSU in order for UW to secure that #4 spot. Otherwise, I’m afraid PSU gets in. If they do, Alabama might beat them by 50 and hold them to under 100 yards on offense. I just think PSU is that overrated (if it wasn’t obvious).

  43. Nathan W. says:

    This Buffs D is feasting tonight…

    • Volume12 says:

      S Tedric Thompson is a ball hawk. I like this cat.

      • Volume12 says:

        7 INTs and 11 PBU. That’s big time stuff. And he’s got right around 60 tackles too.

        • Nathan W. says:

          He’s got crazy ball skills, but is a real thumper too. Nice size and speed. The D played their hearts out for each their to punch their ticket to the PAC 12 Championship.

      • Derron James says:

        Kevin King would be a great asset to Seattle what do you guys think

        • Nathan W. says:

          He shows some good athleticism and has made an amazing one-handed INT vs ASU. Would love to see him indoctrinated into Carrolls system.

  44. Volume12 says:

    Florida St’s DeMarcus Walker is just unstoppable when lined up inside at 3-tech. Good base end against the run too.

    He’s very intriguing especially as an undersized interior pass rusher.

    • Volume12 says:

      There he is again inside. Before that he gets his 15th sack of the season.

      Heard the announcer say he’s a student of the game. No one will outwork him. He studies and prepares like a pro, and understands run & pass keys better than anyone on the team.

      His combine will be one to monitor.

      • Volume12 says:

        Love his personality and swag too. Calls his play style ‘Black Mamba mode.’ ?

        And a self professed film junkie.

        Dominant performance from that FSU D tonight led by their Alpha DeMarcus Walker.

      • Cameron says:

        Michael Bennett – 6040 274 lbs
        DeMarcus Walker – 6040 273 lbs

        Michael Bennett will be 31 years, but can you imagine Bennett, Avril, Walker and Clark?

        He’s pissed off for greatness and extremely Seahawky.

        • DC says:

          Yes I can happily imagine the 4 horsemen of the Seapocalypse.

          Gotta believe that Seattle is going to come out of the draft with the best interior pass rusher they can find and it’s probably an inside/outside capable guy in the MB mold that you put up. Others who measure very similar (pre-combine) and have some intrigue are,

          Solomon Thomas – 6030 273 lbs (he’s a redshirt SO)
          Taco Charleton – 6050 272 lbs SR
          Daeshon Hall – 6050 270 lbs SR
          Walker is a SR also.

          These are all guys that have been mentioned on the site. Walker seems like the kind of disruptor that Seattle would covet.

          • C-Dog says:

            I think all for of those guys are likely targets.

            • Volume12 says:

              Walker is more of an early to mid 2nd rounder for me. I worry about his athleticism out on the edge. Inside? Not a problem.

              • DC says:

                Very possible that that is where Seattle makes their first pick after the obligatory trade down.

                It will be telling what we do in FA. Interior pass rush is a great need imho. I still hope to snipe Jabaal Sheard to join the edge rotation which would allow a pick like D Walker to be a situational interior rusher in his first couple of years.

                • Volume12 says:

                  ‘Very possible that that is where Seattle makes their first pick after the obligatory trade down.’

                  Yup. I’m curious if they trade outta the 1st or 2nd.

                  I like Sheard, but if NE is leaving him at home on road trips due to his poor effort and motor, like FA Mario Williams last year, I question whether he’ll even appeal to Seattle.

                • C-Dog says:

                  I think trade down is probable unless a player they really covet is still there. They traded their native 4th last year to move up for Q Jeff and the 5th was taken away. This draft, I think they are going to want more picks.

  45. DC says:

    7 round Hawk draft

    1 – DeMarcus Walker DL, FSU
    2 – Derrick Nnadi DT, FSU
    3 – Damien Mama OG, USC
    4 – Kevin King CB, Washington
    5 – Chidobe Awuzie CB, Colorado
    6 – Pharaoh Brown TE, Oregon
    7 – Psalm Wooching LB, Washington

    • Derron James says:

      can you imagine Kevin King on a TE and possibly some nickel

    • drewjov11 says:

      KEVIN king won’t last nearly that long. I’ve watched every game Psalm has ever played… he’s not an NFL player.

    • C-Dog says:

      Love doubling down on the DL early. Definitely think Kevin King is a Seattle type corner, and Awuzie is a really interesting play.

      • Volume12 says:

        Rumored 29″ arms on Awuzie. He’s a safety at the next level.

        • Volume12 says:

          I like that Tedric Thompson kid from Colorado. Built like a strong safety, but has enough range, ball skills, and speed for FS. They also line him up outside at CB in press man looks.

        • C-Dog says:

          That might even take him off the list for safety for them. Didn’t they bring in a gator armed corner to the VMAC last year? That corner from USC?

          • Volume12 says:

            Oh, uh, Kevon Seymour? I think so. Same with Will Parks. But, I think they were 31″ or something.

            I don’t know if they have a threshold for arm length at safety like they do at corner. I’m guessing they probably do, but is it the same?

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Pharoah Brown and John Mindy are interesting TE’s from Oregon

  46. Volume12 says:

    If Seattle ever goes corner early, one of those Florida CBs, Teez Tabor or Quincy Wilson, put on a show last night in front of their scouts.

  47. Volume12 says:

    Would Seattle draft Clemson WR Mike Williams if he were on the board?

  48. Volume12 says:

    DROY has gotta be SD’s Joey Bosa or Jacksonville’s Yannick Ngakoue right now.

  49. Volume12 says:

    Missing 5 starters today in ET, Shead, Bennett, Morgan, and Britt. Plus Prosise and Moore.


  50. Volume12 says:

    Impressive opening drive by TB.

    Too many missed tackles, what was Terrell doing there on that last play, and w/o Shead in why is Sherm not shadowing big Mike Evans?

  51. C-Dog says:

    I want a SAM for Christmas.

  52. Volume12 says:

    Ifedi man. He’s gotta start picking up those stunts.

    • JT says:

      The rookie OLs got abused on that 3 & out

    • Trevor says:

      If we don’t go OL in Rd #1 I really hope they move Ifedi to RT next year.

      • JT says:

        Even if they do go OL in R1, I’d prefer to see Ifedi at RT. Fant is not an NFL quality player – plain and simple. They need a real LT. Odhiambo looked better in his brief appearance last week, maybe he’ll get a chance if Fant continues to get torched

  53. Trevor says:

    Wow our D looks awful those first two drives. I knew we would miss Earl but that was embarrassing.

    • C-Dog says:

      Giving up a lot on the outside. Good play calling by Tampa. The one thing this D misses is Bruce Irving, IMO

  54. Trevor says:

    Mike Evans is a beast and the kind of big WR Pete loves but not against us.

    • Volume12 says:

      I love the ref on the sideline taking to Evans telling him that’s it. We ain’t letting you get away with any more push-offs.

  55. Trevor says:

    Noah Spence looks like he did at the Senior Bowl. Great 2nd round pick!

  56. rowdy says:

    This game is looking like a blowout right now

  57. Volume12 says:

    That should be a safety. He pulls him down inside the end zone.

  58. Volume12 says:

    Sowell in for Gilliam huh?

  59. rowdy says:

    Offense and defense = pathetic right now

  60. Ishmael says:

    If this is the post-Earl future, I don’t think I like it very much.

    Tampa going ham, and we’re still only down 9. Need a huge second half though, big adjustments needed.

  61. rowdy says:

    Just when you thought they couldn’t get worse

  62. nichansen01 says:

    Wow… is Joey Hunt just messing up all the protection calls or something? If Britt is dressed PUT HIM IN

  63. rowdy says:

    This is usually the hawks sweet spot. Score here and we’re in great shape. Go hawks

  64. Ishmael says:

    Also holy shit how good/important is Justin Britt looking right now? Pay that man.

    -6 passing yards almost to half time and we’re still only 9 down

    • rowdy says:

      Hawks don’t pay any oline men. Hunt will probably there guy next year

      • Ishmael says:

        Doesn’t have to be big money, just competent NFL starter money. They’ve got the room, and if this is the alternative…

        • Trevor says:

          I agree Ishmael Britt is must extension is off season to start building some continuity on the OL.

  65. Vista says:

    Glow’s block on Spence was nice to see

  66. JT says:

    FFS Cable! How many times does Fant have to get abused until he gets pulled?

  67. Vista says:

    And Wilson throws a pick

  68. rowdy says:

    The whole team is trash right now. Absolutely nothing good to talk about right now

  69. Trevor says:

    That was the worst half of football I have ever seen the Hawks play under PC and we are only down 9. How is that even possible after that half of football.

    • Ishmael says:

      Ha, was just trying to think of a worse one. Some of the Rams games? Maybe that Tampa one in 2013, the first half anyway? The NFCCG last year? Again the first half though.

      The coaches normally adjust pretty well at the half. That really was dreadful though.

  70. vrtkolman says:

    Ahhh, now there is the Seahawks I love! Coming out flat against an uninspiring opponent, check. Wilson and Fant played the worst half of their careers and strangely I’m quite confident we will end up winning.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Well TBB did just play as good a half of football as they’re likely capable of, and SEA as bad a half as they can, so there is room to turn that around. But I’m not so confident this will end well for us.

  71. C-Dog says:

    Well, I for one, am really interested in seeing what kind of halftime adjustments they roll out with. We’re lucky to be only down 9 points.

    Credit the Bucs.

  72. Vista says:

    God, I am sure enjoying the Oakland – Carolina game

    • Vista says:

      That is the second time I have seen the ref for this game call a “disrespecting the official” penalty. The other time was against Mike Evans and they ejected him

  73. Vista says:

    Sadly, our best play of the first half was a pass interference.

  74. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Terrific hit by KJ to end the half. He personally prevented TBB from possibly adding another FG.

  75. rowdy says:

    And more shit

  76. icb12 says:

    Oline getting beat like a rented mule


    • rowdy says:

      Can only blame the coaches for that

      • JT says:

        You’re kidding right? Sure the coaches haven’t called the best game, but look who’s doing the blocking. A severely undersized 6th round rookie C and an undrafted LT who’s essentially never played football before. It’s not like we have studs at the other OL positions either.

        • rowdy says:

          And they were all hand picked by the coaches. They weren’t called of the street or even the practice Squad. They were all hand picked

  77. John_s says:

    Hey look another OPI by Kearse. It’s time to move on from him.

    • Hawktalker says:

      When he is the worst guy on the team, then it can be debated. Currently he’s not at risk.

      • John_s says:

        The only reason he’s not the worst guy at his position is because one is a converted safety and the other had two ACL surgeries who weighs 120 lb soaking wet and can’t get off a jam

    • sdcoug says:

      You got my vote. Kearse adds nothing to this team.

      • Lord Snow says:

        The whole seattle offense looks slow. I prefer Kearse as a #3 or a #4 and would like a better athlete out there. He has his fans on this board, but it’s not about not playing him. It’s about putting him in a role where he’s not one of your main guys. It seems clear to me that defenses are letting him go one on one and doubling everyone else, not fearing Kearse in any way.

  78. vrtkolman says:

    Not sure that running Tukuafu behind Hunt on 3rd and short is a smart play…

  79. Nathan W. says:

    Ouch… big hit on Lockett.

  80. Vista says:

    Well, Martin just fumbled. Seattle recovers
    Hopefully this can jump start something

  81. Forrest says:


  82. rowdy says:

    Let the shit show continue, seattle should just take knees the rest of the game to prevent injures

  83. JT says:

    yikes Ifedi’s getting smoked here

  84. Ishmael says:

    What do you even say about this game?

    A total mess from start to finish. They’ve played bad games before, see the Rams at the start of this year, but this has just been a shocker. Complacency + injuries not a great mix?

    • rowdy says:

      They never showed up. No heart no fight. The team simply quit today

      • JT says:

        Dude I understand the frustration after a tough loss, but some of the negative remarks you’re saying are ridiculous.

        No heart or fight? The defense, without perhaps its 2 most valuable players, fought to put a bagel on the scoreboard in the second half.

        Today was brutal, but this team always has heart.

        • Trevor says:

          Agree JT I thought the D showed incredible fight.

        • rowdy says:

          The defense did the second half the offense didn’t at all. You would think you would see some passion out of them but you never did. Rb didn’t run oline didn’t have any effort wr weren’t finishing there routes, wilson first pick is all on prich he simply gave up and didn’t care.

      • Ishmael says:

        Not sure about that. Even without arguably the two best players on defence, Earl and Bennett, they managed to hold TB to zero points after the first quarter and forced a safety, a fumble, and grabbed an interception. The Bucs defended really well, and it turns out that Rawls – despite the thoughts of some self-satisfied pundits – is not the messiah.

        Converted 1/11 third downs, which is just… Not good. Giving up six sacks is also not good.

  85. Lord Snow says:

    Pretty uninspiring performance today. If this offense depends upon Justin Britt, well we’ve got problems.

  86. vrtkolman says:

    This illustrates my greatest fear about the Seahawks – the offense is capable of looking like trash against anyone. Tampa’s defense is not good and this happened. This is why Dallas terrifies me, they are going to score against us and I’m not positive we can score on them back… It depends on which team shows up.

  87. Nathan W. says:

    Bucs came ready to play today. Tampa playing very physical defense and controlled the LOS. Nice to see Russ using his athleticism again, and the defense did pretty well despite giving up 14 in the first quarter. Who would have that we’d be desperate for Justin Britt’s return? A world without Earl is a desolate one.

    • vrtkolman says:

      The defense was fine today, they single handedly kept Seattle in the game. Terrell didn’t really do anything wrong either. Sherman got torched early and the pass rush was never really a factor.

  88. Forrest says:

    Hey! It’s a miracle! The Hawks maintain their streak of not losing by 10 or more points!

    Yeah, that’s the only positive I can think of…

  89. Volume12 says:

    No pass protection, RW was not himself, they miss Prosise more than I think some thought they would, and the inability to convert on 3rd down. And 3 TO’s in TB territory. Trap game.

    Defense played great ball after the 1st quarter. This one is on the offense like always.

  90. Forrest says:

    The defense was great for 3 quarters…and there were no major special teams mistakes. The offense though was absolutely putrid. Russel Wilson’s worst game. The WRs and TEs were non existent for 95% of the game, and mistake prone for the other 5%. The O-line desperately needs Britt back (never thought I’d type that). Also ET and Shead. Terrell is a fine player, no big mistakes this game, but ET needs to get back pronto. This game reminded me a lot of the 2013 Cardinals game at the CLink (for totally different reasons…but still similar).

    I’m not too worried about the team overall because I know they can bounce back, and this was sort of a trap game to begin with. I still think they can beat the rest of the teams on their schedule, but unless Dallas shits the bed I don’t see the #1 seed as a possibility. #2 seed is very likely though. Go Hawks!!!

  91. Hawktalker says:

    In a somewhat garbage game like this one, I had hoped to see more work from Farmer and
    Collins. Would have been a great opportunity to see what they have. I know that thought can be countered by the inability for that to happen due to the poor play of the OL, but still why not try?

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s hard to imagine the scenario they would’ve featured though. Rawls only had 12 carries — and he didn’t really have much room to produce.

      • Hawktalker says:

        True but just thinking if any game, this may have been the one to get that figured out by testing those two guys. I’m challenged somewhat knowing they have two roster spots and the team doesn’t even know if they are really worth keeping since their production abilities haven’t really been tested . . .