Are the Seahawks guilty of short-termism?

Feel free to use this as an open thread for free agency. If anything significant occurs involving the Seahawks, I’ll publish a new article.

I suspect, however, that their priority will be to re-sign the likes of D.J. Fluker and J.R. Sweezy and let the market come to them.

As a prelude to the market opening, I wanted to discuss Seattle’s recent decision making. Can they be accused of short-term planning?

It goes back to the 2017 season. Perhaps out of desperation and not wanting an era of football to be defined by an interception on the one yard line — and in a chase for redemption — they were very aggressive.

The end was coming. They could probably sense it. There had been talk about Richard Sherman’s future and a possible trade. Within a year a reset was going to be required. So why not have one last real go for a Championship? Luke Joeckel was given $7m to try and help fix a bad O-line. Eddie Lacy was given $4m to try and provide a solution at running back. They pursued and nearly signed T.J. Lang to a big contract.

This was all just the start.

What followed was almost a desperate attempt to capitalize on an opportunity.

They traded for Sheldon Richardson, giving up a second round pick on a one-year rental purely because their top pick Malik McDowell was out indefinitely. Then they traded second and third round picks to Houston for Duane Brown to try and secure the left tackle spot when starter George Fant hurt his knee.

The Brown move has paid off because he was re-signed. Richardson was not — for no compensation. It was practically the most expensive one year rental imaginable. When you spend a first round pick, as Seattle did on Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham, they either have time to run on their deals or they’re extended. Neither happened with Richardson. And he walked, for free.

You wouldn’t be wrong in criticizing or praising the moves. After all, there’s nothing worse than a Championship caliber team drifting. The Packers wasted years of Aaron Rodgers because they sat on their hands, only winning one Championship as a consequence. Seattle was bold and ambitious. Also, reckless. They placed themselves in a market as aggressive buyers and bought at a high price.

This was arguably understandable short-termism. Merely a team wishing to give itself the best possible chance of success.

What has followed though, is a lot more contentious.

Why did the Seahawks keep hold of Earl Thomas, while knowing full well 2018 would be his last season with the team? Clearly they didn’t want to ‘sell low’. However, the market determines a players value. If the offers were only in the second or third round range, was it not better to get something rather than nothing for a player you had no intention of keeping?

They stuck to their guns and played out the contract. He’ll walk for free and if they sign any free agents over the next two weeks, the chances are they’ll get zero compensation for a player who will be coveted on the market.

Did they keep Thomas because it benefited them in 2018? Probably. But that’s short-termism. Why not get a pick, even a mid-rounder, and add someone who can be part of your roster for years to come?

Is that hindsight or fair comment?

The Frank Clark situation is a little bit different. Clearly they want to keep him — which is the big difference between Clark and Thomas. Yet how likely is a deal?

Presumably Clark and the Seahawks are not close on a new contract. That’s why Jay Glazer is dropping rumors about the Bills and why Clark’s agent is texting Ian Rapoport to announce live on the NFL Network that Clark won’t sign his tag or turn up to training camp.

With Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner also unsigned beyond 2019 (plus Jarran Reed), the chances of a second tag for Clark are slim. So right now, as things stand, he will walk in 12 months for only the outside chance of a third round comp pick in two years time.

So either the parties are close and just need to work through the process (still possible, let’s acknowledge that) or there’s a difference between the two parties severe enough for the battle to enter the realms of the media. If it’s the latter, they need to seriously think about getting the best offer for Clark.

Keeping him in 2019 might help the team this year. Aren’t they better off trying to get value now, however, before adding young talent that could be with the team for 4-5 years at a cheaper cost?

Is it not time to start preempting inevitable departures (if that’s what Clark is) and make some deals? Even if, sometimes, you don’t get amazing value?

I hate using the Patriots as an example because they are unique and masters of their own philosophy. Loads of teams try and fail to mimic them. But this is a team very prepared to ‘only’ get a second round pick for Chandler Jones and a third round pick for Jamie Collins. They also received generous first round picks for Deion Branch and Richard Seymour. The market is what the market is.

For two years the Seahawks have had weak draft stock. A year ago they had to trade down because they had #18 and nothing until round four. This year they need to trade down because they have four total picks. They don’t have the draft stock to replenish but they keep losing talent for zero (Thomas, Sherman, Paul & Sheldon Richardson, Graham) or very little (Bennett) compensation.

The salary cap era of football is developing all the time. Currently, we’re seeing players demanding more as the cap rises and being willing to roll the dice with multiple tags. Players are less inclined to ‘do deals’ to stay with a certain team. The teams and owners are described as capitalist thugs trying to keep players from getting what they’re due — and yet the cap rise isn’t necessarily keeping up with the massive rise in cost for quarterbacks, defensive linemen, receivers and offensive linemen. Even if you want to re-sign players — it’s difficult.

Cap challenges are harder than ever. Being willing to churn, while retaining an increasingly smaller core, appears to be the key to consistent success. That and good drafting.

Nobody wants to see popular players like Frank Clark leave. But it might be time for the Seahawks to plan to ‘win forever’ not just the next season. They need to start getting value for players who move on.

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  1. Snax

    This is right on the money, and some people in the comments have been saying this for the past two years. But here’s the thing, you gotta trade these players at somewhat unpopular times at their contract/age. It’s the same thing with hawks fans wanting a trade heavily weighted in their favor.

    Realistically other teams will be less inclined. You need to have the foresight to trade an Earl Thomas with two or three years on his deal remaining. A player under contract who’s 28 vs 30 is much easier to negotiate and the difference between a 3rd round offer and 1st plus some change. And we can take a look back on the last two years and say the hawks weren’t really ready to compete IN the super bowl. The o-line and offense was a mess, embarrassing at times even.

    With this approach, who have to ask whether your team can really compete, not just rely on a hope. Otherwise, get ahead of it, and get back value for players EARLY.

    • jjhanson

      Also, consider the positional differences. QB, WR, OT, 4-3 MLB: These positions are hard to draft for if you’re looking for a day 1 contributor. DE, G, DT: These positions are easier to find an immediate starter for. Sometimes even outside of the 1st round. The Clark to Buffalo rumor seems like Seahawks fan fiction to me (WAY to good of a deal to be true). If we took that deal, we’d have a top 15 pick (can get a replacement for Clark) and fill out the rest of our draft board.

      It’s all probabilities, but a top 15 rush end on a rookie contract, plus all those picks, (plus the OTHER FAs we could now afford) is much more likely to work to our benefit than keeping Clark.

      I think this trade is fake news, but it helps to frame how the hawks should be thinking about these issues.

  2. Troy

    I think I saw the comment on one of your previous posts but it seems like the true deadline for Clark is day of the NFL draft. If they don’t trade Frank by the draft, then they are essentially forced into signing him long term. And if they don’t sign him long term, they have effectively failed at their jobs of correctly handling the situation. It Fowler already signed a 1 year 14 million deal, so free agency is already starting to play out. Should be interesting to watch.

  3. jdk

    Fantastic post.

    Building and keeping an elite defense is harder than ever.

    What Pete is trying to do is so hard to do in the modern NFL and there is little evidence that, unless Seattle has a couple more off the charts draft classes and finds a Bennett and/or Avril in the FA bargain bin, they will ever be able to replicate the model that won in 2013.

  4. cha

    What does everyone think of Fowler getting $14m for one year from the Rams?

    Two thoughts:

    1-Feels like the Rams are going for broke in 2019 between adding Weddle and re upping Fowler for that much. They’re probably emboldened by the fact they will continue to get good comp picks in 2020.

    2-$14m for Fowler seems like a lot, but they’re probably trying to get in front of the market. Every year we all estimate what players will get and then FA starts and it’s +15% for the premium position groups. If the Hawks are really looking at say $19-20m a year for Clark it might be wise to see what the trade market brings in.

    • Sea Mode

      I think the Rams are right to go for it while they still don’t have to pay Goff.

      $14m is basically what he would have gotten on his 5th year option, so fair.

      And the one year deals are smart because, esp. if you get to/win the Superbowl, that talent will be on display and other teams will probably overpay to get it, and you get better comp picks in return. And if they don’t produce, you are not tied down long term.

    • C-Dog

      I think $14 mill to Fowler only further ups Frank’s asking price. Ridiculous

    • Dale Roberts

      Their super bowl window is wide open… so sure sign Fowler if you don’t have a better option.

      The Rams have some big contracts…
      Donald – $22.5 thru 2025
      Cooks – $16.2 thru 2024
      Fowler – $14 thru 2020
      Gurley – $13.375 thru 2024
      Haventstein – $8.5 thru 2023
      Woods $6.8 thru 2022

      But they drop a bunch of salary in 2020…
      Talib – $9.5
      Whitworth – $11.25
      Brockers – $11.08
      Fowler – $14

      They have $80ish in big contracts but they’ll drop $40ish in 2020 and still have a year before Goff kicks in.
      Peters will be a free agent in 2020 so both their starting CBs will be free agents and both will want big contracts. They’ll also have to draft or buy a starting left tackle. Whitworth has been talking retirement.

      I hate to say it but the Rams looks to be in pretty good shape for the long haul. That said if Goff wins a super bowl and demands a $35 mil + contract in 2021 things might get interesting.

      • Bobby Swagner

        Those are some huge contracts! How can they afford to pay the rest of the team? Seahawks aren’t paying that many people that much!

  5. Gohawks5151

    Some hard truths being brought up lately. You got to know who you want to keep long term. You got to realize the culture you built though. It is loose. You bring in a lot of dudes with the alpha and “dawgs” mentality. The low and undrafted and castoffs and last chance guys to compete. You empower them to have an opinion. You have to be ready to deal with that type of player. Most times it is not gonna be nice at contract time. The hometown loyalty and discount is not going to be there because management doesn’t have it either. PCJS are great guys but they seem uncomfortable losing their dudes. Holding on to hope a little long. The injuries have been an awful turn of luck further complicating things. But there has to be a solid plan whatever that may be.

    To me, management is not using there best tool fully. Player drafting and development is their bread and butter. Some may question the track record but overall they are great and the last 2 years look promising. They have proven they can make stars. Yet the player development is looked at as a last resort most time rather than a tool. Stop being reactionary and bet on one of your best qualities and trade a guy early to get good compensation. No one wants to be perpetually developing/rebuilding but it is more making a statement of how they will be conducting business from now on. I think people respect decisions more when they know what to expect. That said i hope they sign Frank soon.

  6. Fairlawn

    Ultimately this has been the outcome from their overall poor drafting over the past several years. There’s not enough in the pipeline so they’re in effect cannibalizing future talent stock to “win forever” today.

    I’d say that short termism is an inability to delay gratification for a future gain. PCJS have it in spades, and it’s really reflected in their inefficient use of draft stock not only going back to Percy Harvin (who, again, could have been DeAndre Hopkins on a rookie contract if you can just go an offseason without acting like a greedy child at the candy store) or the perplexing Earl Thomas non-trade or throwing away useful compensatory draft stock to sign much lower-level roster filler guys … I mean we all told ourselves that at least the 2nd rounder for Sheldon Richardson would get you a 3rd or 4th round comp pick on the way back. Nope! Or think of their reported offer of a second-round pick for Colts backup QB Jacoby Brissett (possibly a data point relative to the Russell contract confrontation but still wtf). I know John likes to trade down on draft days but on the other 362 days he seems utterly profligate with that resource.

    The Patriots are great at mining value in the personnel game and it’s not only having the discipline to give up on expensive veterans too early rather than too late. Draft-wise, they’ve got 12 picks in 2019, including four comp picks, and two day-two picks (the Bears’ second, the Lions’ third) that they got at plus value by giving up lesser 2018 picks. Again … textbook delayed gratification, insert Bob Krafft joke here. Pete and John ought to be able to have this because they have the job security of having brought Seattle its only big-league title in forever. For whatever reason, they don’t.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s down to poor drafting. Since 2015 they’ve added Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett, Jarran Reed, Shaquille Griffin, Chris Carson and others.

      I think it’s down to moving on from talent and not getting anything in return, mixed in with an aggressive approach to make the most of the end of the LOB era. It’s left them with poor depth and not enough picks to make up for it.

      • Fairlawn

        That’s a fair point and perhaps you could say that their recent behavior is the +4 years on echo of taking a snooze specifically during the 2013 and 2014 drafts. Clark and Lockett (2015) was a good class. 2016 and 2017 look more like one guy apiece to me … acceptable but nothing that’s moving the needle for the franchise.

        That said, since the Pats are the topic, they’re also not particularly great at actually executing their draft picks — they don’t hit any better than anyone else, maybe they’re even a little worse. They just know that volume counts.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If you consider a 22 person starting team on a 4 year rotation, you need to hit on 6 players a year. Either through the draft, contract extensions of existing players, or free agency. Then there are all the signings of backups to consider, and how to handle injured players.

    • C-Dog

      I think the Patriots way is definitely about killing it on the pro personnel side of player acquisition. Getting Guy Lawrence to come in from Baltimore, trading for Danny Shelton, finding value in castoffs from other teams that fill niche readers roles. It’s really impressive how they manage talent that way.

      Seattle was doing that for a while with Clemons, Avril, Bennett, Branch, etc. would love to see them get back to more of that.

      • Fairlawn

        They are dark wizards at doing that, just masters of buying distressed assets from the bargain bin. Trent Brown for a trade back, ride him to the Super Bowl, cash out with a 2020 comp pick while you’re queuing up to rent a year of Michael Bennett for more or less free. Can’t help but admire.

        • DCD2

          Something else that they do that other teams don’t seem to (often) is trade for the guy who is going to be cut. They just traded for Bennett and it only cost a move in next years draft from 5th to 7th. But that is only PART of the equation. Now they don’t have to sign him or someone else in FA, thus negating a comp pick. They are losing Trey Flowers who will sign a big contract and likely be worth a 3.

          So instead of saying to Philly: “Thanks but we’ll just sign him as a FA since you will be cutting him.”
          They end up with their guy on a contract that has the ink dry, with no competition to lose him, plus they won’t lose the 3rd round comp pick and get a 7th back for their 5th.

          Hawks burned that bridge with Bennett, but the rest of the league should have been able to beat that deal (based on expected draft position) and no one did.

          • Dream22

            Just a technical point, if Bennett was cut and then signed it wouldn’t count against their comp formula. Only free agents who’s contracts have expired count. The advantage is they get a guy they wanted and not have to negotiate against other teams and get cost certainty since he is under contract

        • C-Dog

          I agree. It’s almost like when BB looks at film from opponents, he makes special notes on players and how he could deploy them in NE. Pro scouting is as important if not more than college scouting, is almost how it feels. He can attract certain vets that want titles, as well. It’s about finding value and getting the most out of it almost regardless of premier positions

  7. AlaskaHawk

    I share the frustration. Drafting has been hit or miss over the years. A few good years leading into the superbowl. Some bad years after. High hopes for the last few years.

    I can’t help feeling that they will never get back to an elite level without some first round draft picks. One advantage being that you have them on a five year contract instead of four years. The other advantage is that they are judged to be better athletes than the rest. I know they traded for people they thought were elite, like Graham and Harvin, and traded a first round pick for them. But that only accounts for two years out of many years without a first round draft pick.

    But what I really want to talk about is Malik McDowell. Why are we still paying him years after his injury? The guy pulled an idiot move riding an ATV. He shouldn’t be getting any pay. Or he should have his own injury insurance that is paying. But the Seahawks shouldn’t be paying for him for four years. Is it in his contract? then change the darn contract. It is up to the players to stay healthy in the off season. Any other view on it – is too soft for a gm/contract manager.

    My health insurance is automatically void the minute I put some scuba gear on and enter the water. Which is why you can buy separate insurance that includes an air lift from anywhere in the world to a hospital. His contract should have been void the day he drove an ATV – I’ve had plenty of friends who have died or lost kids on motorcycles and ATVs. And how about some weekly counseling for these troubled souls? All these reclamation projects. It’s cheaper than waiting all summer and hoping they don’t show up in the police reports.

    • jujus

      we’ve gone soft.

      we got bullied by Lynch, and have been getting worked over since…

      We are still paying KAM a well. Move on ffs

      • AlaskaHawk

        Lynch definitely gamed the system. But that was a long time ago. Current issues include injured players still getting money from the team, like Kam Chancellor. Those strike outs on third contracts may lead to Seahawks not offering a third to Wagner and other defenders.

        • TomLPDX

          Lynch played the system because PC/JS let him. He was important to them at the time to help define this team so don’t dis Lynch for doing what he did. Kam played a smart game on his contract, he didn’t plan to get hurt in such a way that would end his career but he sure did plan for it in his contract. Don’t hate on Kam or any of the other guys. JS needs to be smarter on how he deals with these guys and it is a balancing act. Earl is a great example…2 years ago the gang was still together and still formidable. Last year they should have gotten some brass ones after the Richard/Kam (and Cliff!) situations occurred. Didn’t happen. Water under the bridge. JS needs to learn from this and move to the next level.

  8. Georgia Hawk

    Add Sendejo to the Safety FA market. Don’t think Earl is going to get the money he thinks….

  9. millhouse-serbia

    Dane Brugler and Dan Kadar gave us Farrell in their latest mocks.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve stopped reading mocks to be honest.

      We’re not picking at 21.

      • DCD2


      • Dale Roberts

        I agree about the poor mocks. I saw one today that had Lawrence at 28th, Hockenson 32nd, Simmons at 41st, and DreMont Jones 50th. BTW they had the Hawks taking Greg Little at 21. The only reason I glance at them is for players in the later rounds that I haven’t heard of. Curious though, if those four players were available at 21 would they still trade down?

        • Rob Staton


    • Volume12

      To do what, play the run?

  10. Jeff

    The problems go back further than 2017 I think. The Seahawks are stuck in a pretty vicious cycle where poor trades, drafts, and free agency decisions (and a bit of bad luck) are feeding off of one another. I don’t get the sense that John and Pete have much of a plan for the roster, rather it seems they’re just taking shots and hoping something pays off.

  11. Trevor

    Great post Rob and very timely!

    I personally hope PC/JS get back to what made them great and brought a Super Bowl to Seattle. They started last year by beginning to rebuild a culture.

    The plan that brought Seattle a SB

    #1 Develop a vision and long term plan and stick to it.

    #2 Create a culture of passion and comardre where players play for each other.

    #3 Churn the roster and turn over every stone to find guy who fit your culture and scheme be it Draft, FA, CFL whatever.

    #4 Develop and invest in the players you identify as your core

    #5 Once you have a SB roster use free agency to add any pieces you need to get over the hump.

    Really hope last year was the beginning of getting back to this with a purge of malcontents and reset of the culture.

    Next step is the roster churn to identify thier long term core guys. At least I hope. No more one year rentals and mid level free agent signings I hope as that screams long term mediocrity.

    • Jeff

      You forgot “get implausibly lucky with draft picks.” 🙂

    • AlaskaHawk

      Do you remember that first year when Pete looked at over 200 players? There are people out there that could contribute. Many of them will be cut in the brutal preseason rounds.

  12. Volume12

    Patriots FA Trent Brown gets a 4 year, $66 mil w/ 36.75 guaranteed from the Raiders.

    • Trevor

      Didn’t they draft two OT with picks in Rd #1 and 3 last year?

      • Volume12

        I know they drafted Kolton Miller. Not sure about their 3rd rounder. They traded Osemele yesterday so maybe someone is moving inside to guard?

        • Sea Mode

          Tony Pauline

          Told by a source close to the organization the plan is to leave Trent Brown at LT, move Kolton Miller to RT and Brandon Parker would then be a back-up swing tackle.

          9:38 AM – 11 Mar 2019

  13. millhouse-serbia

    Kwon Alexander to 49ers for 13.5mil per year.

    Bobby wont sign new contract under 15mil.

    • SamL

      I’d be fine with giving Bobby that much money. The problem is having Clark, Reed, Wilson and Bobby earning top market.

    • Volume12

      He shouldn’t him and Kuechy are 1A and 1B

      • Sea Mode

        And Bobby is healthier

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Big signing for SF. Kwon and Warner are an athletic LB pairing. If SF signs Earl and drafts Bosa that defense will be vastly improved.

      Bobby Wagner’s market value will be more along the lines of whatever monster deal Mosley gets.

    • DCD2

      Whoa. Thanks a lot 9ers.

      Kwon Alexander is now the highest paid inside LB in the history of the NFL…. coming off a torn ACL and with one Pro Bowl (where he filled in for injured Bobby Wags) to his name.

      There’s the new bar for a Bobby extension.

  14. Volume12

    Odds on Seattle taking QB Gardner Minshaw because he’s ‘just a really cool dude.’

    • Rob Staton

      Doubt it. Just doesn’t have what they go for

    • King_Rajesh

      Gardner doesn’t have an NFL arm.

    • AlaskaHawk

      How about even odds on whether any quarterback from the PAC 12 will be picked higher than the 6th round?

      I’ll also give even odds that one of these players, Gardner Minshew or Jake Browning, will be invited to Seahawks camp.

  15. richard ogmundson

    their free agent signings have been abysmal.

    there was eight million on a corner who didn’t make it through training camp.

    joekel and lacy were obviously going to be flops. joekel wasn’t that good even in college. he was just huge. lacy was like sheldon richardson. a product of his college team.

    blair walsh? a proven choker who choked again. janikowski? an old guy who predictably got hurt at just the wrong time.

    their drafting hasn’t been that good either,after a beginning which featured carrolls knowledge from college and schneiders green bay notebook.

    they have lost a lot on the intangibles front by letting go/mistreating some of their warriors as well.

    • Eburgz

      For every Lacy there’s a Mike Davis. For every Joeckel there’s a DJ Fluker. Who was 8 million that didn’t make it out of camp? CaryWilliams was terrible but he made it out of camp. For every Cary Williams there’s a Bradley McDougald.

      Your perspective is off bro. All teams miss. You can cherry pick the mistakes if you want but our free agent signings have been a mixed bag, like every other team. Drafting hasn’t been terrible either. I really liked our last draft class (last two if you don’t count the McDowell atv crash).

  16. icb12

    Just wanted to say whatever you did is working (for me anyway).
    Comments show up instantaneously and I can see all the comments that the site says should be there.


  17. astro.domine

    How would people feel about using our first pick (after trading back) on Hakeem Butler?

    • Volume12

      Sign me up. I love Hakeem Butler.

    • Rob Staton

      Not for me

    • j

      No on Butler. Don’t think he has the competitive nature to work here.

      • Sea Mode


        There was a moment in the process I thought he might have that something more as a big WR, then I saw his effort and body language in Combine drills after Rob pointed out the same thing. Small sample size, sure, but if you are loafing it in the most important (not to mention, televised) job interview of your life, I don’t need to see any more.

  18. DCD2

    Regarding Frank Clark.

    I believe there is a point when we can no longer sign him to an extension when on the franchise tag. It happened to the Steelers with Bell last year, where they couldn’t extend him even if they wanted to, which made trading for him a non-starter, as the acquiring team was bound to those rules as well (meaning he would be a FA at the end of the year regardless).

    Does anyone know when that point is? I can’t remember if it was during the season or once he signed the tag (if he even did). I know that was an odd situation, but I do know that near the trade deadline there was talk of not being able to work out a new contract due to the franchise tag rules.

  19. millhouse-serbia

    The #Lions are closing in on a deal with former #Seahawks CB Justin Coleman that will make him the NFL’s highest-paid nickel, source said. Big addition for Matt Patricia’s defense.

    • astro.domine

      Damn. Was really hoping we could hold onto him for 7-9m a year. Wonder what he got…

    • cha

      Akeem King tendering comes into focus.

      • Volume12

        That and when Baltimore gave Tavon Young his deal the writing was on the wall.

    • cha

      Rapsheet reports 4 years/$36m for Coleman.

    • Aaron

      Great in coverage but a terrible tackler. Time to draft another CB in rounds 4-6.

      • Greg Haugsven

        They found Burley, then found Coleman, they will find the next guy as well.

  20. drewdawg11

    I would move Frank to the Raiders for their third overall pick. And… that’s about it. Sign him, tag him, keep him. He’s finally blossoming into a dominant force. That’s around where you can get a potential impact DL player like Quinnen Williams, or Bosa if the Niners don’t take him. I don’t see any value in a mid-late first or a second for a dominant player.

    • icb12

      Why would the Raiders make this move though?

      It seems pretty clear that they’ve identified Defense as the strength of this draft.
      They focus on Offense in FA, sign AB, and Trent Brown, and have 4 picks in the top 35.
      They managed to hoodwink the Steelers into AB without giving up any of their surplus 1st rounders. Why would they give up one for Frank in a defensive Draft?

      Why would they want to pay Clark when THEY can draft Williams and 2 other potential Impact Defensive players, and then still draft an interior OL to replace Osemele

      If I’m Mayock/Gruden, I’ve got AB, I’ve got my tackles sorted (maybe). I may or may not have the Franchise QB. I go out and get Tevin Coleman next.

      And all that’s not to mention that #3 overall is Vastly over rating Frank, as much as I like Frank, his Value isn’t that high.

      • drewdawg11

        That’s the point. Unless they wanted to go for it and give up that pick, I wouldn’t trade him.

  21. teejmo

    So, who would’ve guessed that, for a time, Trent Brown, Kwon Alexander, and Justin Coleman would have the most expensive deals ever at their positions?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Teams have massive cap space and make silly decisions. Sometimes having that much space is a burden.

  22. cha

    Per Rapsheet, Landon Collins signs…deep breath….6 year/$84m deal with Washington Redskins.

    • cha

      $45m guaranteed over first 3 years.

    • Aaron

      As per usual, teams are just throwing money out like candy. The Seahawks are smartly waiting until the dust settles to grab up the bargains.

      • Greg Haugsven

        $14 million a year is insanity. Your right, just sit back and wait.

    • Sea Mode


      Bobby Belt

      $14m per season. Just above Eric Berry. Which is what @SlaterNFL reported Thomas wants.

      Thomas and Collins share the same agent, by the way.Bobby Belt added,

      12:23 PM – 11 Mar 2019

      Marcus Mosher

      According to @SlaterNFL on NFL Network, Earl Thomas wants a deal of two-years, $30M.

      9:52 AM – 11 Mar 2019

      • Aaron

        Two years 30mil…yep so glad we’re moving on from Earl.

      • Sea Mode

        Jane Slater

        Another layer here. San Francisco may have Richard Sherman recruiting S Earl Thomas but so far no talks with Thomas’ team about him, per source. If his numbers scare teams and it falls to 8-10M/yr #Cowboys could be in play

        12:51 PM – 11 Mar 2019

        • Rob Staton

          Would be somewhat fun to see him stuck in the 8-10m range after all this

          • Sea Mode

            Not to mention “kicked to the curb” by his Cowboys…

          • 80SLargent

            Honey Badger just got 3/$42M from the Chiefs, so that ain’t happenin’.

  23. Greg Haugsven

    Trey Flowers going to Detroit. Matt Patricia bringing back some former players (Flowers and Coleman)

    • Sea Mode

      This might help move discussions with Frank forward.

      Ian Rapoport

      The #Lions are expected to sign another former #Patriot, this time pass-rusher Trey Flowers, source confirms (as @AdamSchefter reported). It’s a 5-year deal. Should be more than $16M or $17M.

      12:30 PM – 11 Mar 2019

      • Greg Haugsven

        Thats bad news for us then. Puts Frank at or above $20 and they arent going to pay him that.

        • Eli

          The Flowers signing helps us… how would it increase Clark’s asking price? Him and Flowers are comparable players in almost all respects.

  24. Sea Mode

    Man, we sure had better take care of our comp picks this time around.

    • Josh


    • j

      Uh with only four picks we may have to fill out the roster with vets yet again…

  25. Josh

    another year and all the poorly ran franchises with new coaches and large amounts of cap room overpaying for average productivity. 9 million a year for Coleman?!? 14 million a year for Collins!?!? Hahaha, Coleman and Collins will be cut and on the market in 2 years, when the guaranteed money is out and the lions and redskins have new coaching staffs. Woof!

    • Sea Mode

      Just a reminder to all those talking about the bad decisions PC/JS have made: they got Justin Coleman for a R7 pick.


  26. GauxGaux


    Any chance you can give us your thoughts on a few current Seahawks?

    1. Putting on your draft hat, what’s your take on Naz moving to the 5-tech?
    2. Kalen Reed replacing Coleman (they have similar draft profiles)?
    3. Simeon Thomas have a chance?
    4. Kalil Hill versus Trevon Wesco?
    5. Trade Nick Vannett (5-7th)?
    6. Trade C.J. Prosise (5-7th)?

    Would be nice to have some of these more unknown guys step into roles… and/or get a little extra draft-cap from others to relieve the need to trade back so much…


    • Rob Staton

      1. It’s never been revealed why Naz ended up having a sophomore slump so I can’t really say. Wish the local media would get some answers there.

      2. I want one of these 4.4 safety runners at the combine drafted to play the nickel.

      3. Any long corner has a chance in Seattle but the ones who make usually flash early and get talked up so he’s very much still a project at this point

      4. I love Wesco

      5. I don’t think they can afford to trade Vannett they are very thin at TE

      6. Sure if you can get anything I’d take it

      • cha

        Naz – At one point late in the year somebody tweeted Naz and asked him what’s the deal with his playing time and replied with the “shrug hands up emjoji” and then deleted it. So even he was confused about what the deal was.

      • GauxGaux

        Thanks… I tend to overrate our practice squad.

      • C-Dog

        I think that the issue with Naz could be in part a leverage thing. I think as a rookie he had problems staying low even when flashing. Maybe they feel, like with Red, he’d be better served more on the outside than in. I remember being at training camp last August and thinking that he noticeably changed his body type a bit. He looked more like an end than a tackle.

    • Sea Mode


      Jim Nagy

      Jim Nagy Retweeted Brian Baldinger

      Good call, Baldy. We felt like Wisconsin’s Alec Ingold was the only draftable FB in this year’s draft so rather than invite a likely PFA we asked @twesco12 to come to the @seniorbowl as FB/TE. He did anything the 49ers coaches asked.

      Selfless+versatile+tough=longtime pro

      Brian Baldinger

      .@WVUfootball @twesco12 IF I am a GM for 1/32 I am making a big NOTE to myself on March 10th that says, “by any means necessary DRAFT Trevon Wesco” from #WVU. He will add a nasty toughness, versatility, and make our offense better day #1. Videos are coming. #BaldysBreakdowns

      5:58 PM – 10 Mar 2019

    • icb12

      Who in their right mind would give us a draft pick for CJ Prosise?
      Does he even have 100 Snaps in the NFL?

      • GauxGaux

        …wishful thinking

  27. Sea Mode


    IG MikeDavisRB

    The hard work has finally paid off 🙌🏿 thank you God

    1:12 PM – 11 Mar 2019

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a NFC West team.

    • cha

      Bills just picked up Frank Gore on a 1yr $2m deal per Schefter.

    • Cameron

      Mike Davis to the Bears, per NFL tweet, retweeted by Davis himself.

  28. Sea Mode

    Hahahaha… it’s so true what we said yesterday about the Bills!

    Cake Colombo

    Bills now have the 3 OLDEST RBs in the league under contract 🤬🤦🏻‍♂️Cake Colombo added,

    Adam Schefter

    Bills have agreed with Frank Gore on a 1 m-year, $2 million deal, per source.

    1:36 PM – 11 Mar 2019

    • Volume12

      Buncha cowards. Sign Bo Jackson!

  29. Sea Mode

    Whelp, looks like it is happening after all:

    Ian Rapoport

    Source: Nick Foles is signing with the #Jaguars.

    1:44 PM – 11 Mar 2019

    • Rob Staton

      $22m a year

      • Sea Mode

        Just like you’ve been saying: if you don’t want to pay a top QB $35m, you end up paying a mid-level vet $20m+.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s the best counter to all those who argue, ‘just get a second tier QB’. You end up paying a bang average QB a fortune anyway.

        • Trevor

          Unless you draft one and it works out like most organizations that have had success recently (Seattle, LA, KC, Phil) I am trying to think of a team that paid thier QB top of the market money and then went to the SB. Brady is the outlier obviously and he has never been a top $ QB.

          It really is the biggest issue facing teams right now you need a quality QB to win but if you pay your QB top of the market money that they all want them you can’t afford
          To build a competitive roster around them so you end up being GB, Atl, Minn etc. Always good because you have an elite QB but never good enough to win it all. You are basically stuck in no mans land.

          • DC

            ‘No man’s land’ in your example is ‘the playoffs’. In all fairness you have to get there to have any chance. Denver won a SB paying huge bucks to P Manning.

            The ‘biggest issue’ facing teams right now is the NE Patriots.

            • Trevor

              GB, Atl and Minn did not make the playoffs last year. I am not saying you can’t win paying a QB top market $ I am just saying no one has done it yet and it makes things hard with regards to building the rest of your roster.

              The Patriots have been clearly but the have a 40yr old plus QB. I would never count them out but I think thier historic run will soon be coming to a close. That being said watch them figure out a way to get Trevor Lawerence from Clemson when Brady retires.

              • Volume12

                Probably will grab Justin Houston here soon.

          • cha

            Yeah I don’t know about that Trevor.

            There’s a whole lot of SB QB’s making serious QB money.

            Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, etc.

            • Trevor

              Ryan signed his deal after SB and they have not made the playoffs since. Cam signed his big deal he year after the SB how has that worked out. Ben has not been the the SB since 2010 since he started making big $.

              Those examples all prove my point add guys like Flacco to that list as well.

              • jdk

                The Falcons spent more on the QB position than any other team in the league in 2016.

            • Kenny Sloth

              It’s a total red herring imo.

              No way does QB $ directly correlate to +/- wins or super bowls.

              It just doesnt work that way.

              Smart spenders and efficient franchises win super bowls. Not the 6-10 million you might save by going cheap at QB.

              And if you wanna throw in a new rookie signal caller every 3 years you’re guaranteed nothing.

    • SwissHawk

      2 years too late for the Jags…

  30. SwissHawk

    Another overpriced fa signing by SF? If they don’t make the playoffs this year there should be major questions asked of Lynch/Shanahan. Their roster still doesn’t look that great to my limited eye.

    • SwissHawk

      Could be fake news but just read that since 2011, only 9 players in the NFL have over 50 missed tackles. Kwon Alexander has 78.
      Classic stat if true – can anyone verify this?

      • Volume12

        He’s only played 1 full season in 4 years too.

  31. cha

    Desean Jackson traded to the Eagles per Rapsheet.

    • Volume12

      That move and WR Adam Humphries to the Titans have been my favorite so far. Little pricey for Humphries, but Mariota needs that type of weapon.

  32. DC

    If you are the Colts would you trade the #26 pick for Bobby Wagner?
    Or the LA Chargers with the #28 pick?

    • Jake

      The Seahawks aren’t trading Bobby. Especially for that price.

    • icb12

      Trade a late 1st rounder for the best linebacker in the league? Yes I’d do that.

      But If I’m the Seahawks I hang up the phone immediately. Bobby’s untouchable in my book.

      • jb9

        When do LB’s usually decline? He’s 29,
        Will he wait on a contract extension in order to test the market? I’d hate to lose him for nothing, but unless they can get a 1st, it doesn’t seem worth while to trade him.

        • Dale Roberts

          He’s 28 and still in his prime. I’m not worried about his next contract because it’ll probably be in the $15 million/year range. Not a back breaker. The only catch could be if he demands a five year deal.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Ah no, no and and to summarize no.

      • Snax

        Think it’s at least worth considering. Bobby is getting older, but he is in his prime for another 2-3 seasons. But who’s to say he’ll continue to be reliable? With his contract ending, what do you do after 2020 season? Do you really think a 30 yr old NFL linebacker will take a discount? Just like Earl he’ll want a big cash out. Do we extend him another two years or take a first round rookie on a cheap deal till ‘22. Just depends what the offer is, whether that’s a trade or what you think Wagner would sign for. The decision though, shouldn’t be about short-termism, as rob put it.

  33. charlietheunicorn

    I think it might be easy to pin the Seahawks as being short-sighted….. however, when you have an OL coach say “so and so” is his guy… and it ends up not working out, then you have to take drastic action. I wish Cable had left a year earlier and you ended up with Solari as the OL coach, just to see what he could have done with the OL earlier…. possibly, keeping the amount of draft capital being spent on the OL to a minimum. I would rather keep Sweezy and Fluker, than try another “experiment”.

    I agree, even though the draft capital was steep, Brown was a sloid get and has stabilized the OL…. and provided some veteran leadership. It is funny, 2 years later, the OL is not considered the biggest need on the team now….. secondary is of concern (S and 3rd CB as well as depth at the position).

  34. Volume12

    Anthony Barr to the Jets or does he end up somewhere else? Does Detroit have enough for him after signing Coleman & Flowers?

  35. Volume12

    Terrell Suggs to Arizona

    • Eburgz

      My #1 free agent target. Bummer, just really hope we can retain fluker and Kendrick’s at this point.

      With Coleman and likley KJ gone those (slot/will) will be the two biggest holes on the roster. I’m guessing they will find a solution to the slot with minimal investment like they did with Coleman, WILL I’m not as confident thus the need to sign Kendricks.

  36. charlietheunicorn

    And the Raiders overpay another player…..

  37. Rowlandice

    Can the Hawks rescind the franchise tag and use the transition tag to go ahead and let Frank test the market but get 2 R1 picks if someone signs him to an offersheet they don’t want to match?

    • SwissHawk

      The transition tag gives the right to match but no compensation if you decide not to. Frank has been given the non-exclusive franchise tag which gives the Hawks the right to match and 2 x R1s if they decides not to.

      • Rowlandice

        Thanks – I was wondering why teams don’t use this tag more often to set a market for both player contract value and trade value.

    • H

      That tag that nets you 2 firsts if he signs somewhere else is what he’s on now.

  38. Nick

    While I completely understand the frustrations that are being expressed as of late, it all feels a little short-termism inofitself. Last year we went to the playoffs with a roster that, quite frankly, was never going to win a Super Bowl. We drafted over three starters in last year’s draft alone! And we became the league’s best running team. We’re really not that far off of a championship…at all. We simply need to keep adding to the roster and making it more competitive. While yes, we’ve made some big mistakes—that’s a part of life in the NFL.

    I just add this to add a little perspective here. It’s frustrating at this time of year when you see teams like the Rams splashing on Weddle etc, but we just need to remain focused and build on our team as it stands today. Remember, we weren’t that far off of a 12 win season last year.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s possible too though Nick to highlight some issues with their approach recently while also celebrating the relative success of last season.

      • Nick

        Absolutely—the two viewpoints are not mutually exclusive. It’s inpodtant to be critical.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Why don’t we talk about that running game for a moment?

      Best running back is Carson. He runs powerfully, but has also suffered injuries in 2017.
      Second best is Penny – who has yet to prove himself over an entire season. He is more of a smooth runner, best in open field.
      Just lost Davis for what will probably be a moderate sum.

      Is Bo Scarbough going to move up to be third back? Or do they need to sign more? He is a power runner with a long stride.

      Should they sign more running backs? Concentrate on resigning Fluker and Sweezy? What would help the running game the most? I think they have enough backs, and will possibly get more as UDFA. Could work on getting a fullback. Resigning the guards or adding Simmons as a starter is critical to that running game.

  39. schuemansky

    The FA frenzy started quite well for the Seahawks.
    Coleman got 9 mil APY – outside chance of a 5th round comp pick – PCJS wouldn’t have come even close to that number … and rightfully so.
    Landon Collins getting a big deal for a safety these days – let’s hope ET get’s a similar one
    Flowers getting around 17 mil APY – hopefully this helps to bring the Hawks and Frank Clark closer to an agreement
    Mike Davis getting a decent contract from some team it seems – maybe another potential 6th or 7th round comp pick … or at least a deal on the right side of the comp pick cancellation chart.
    Let’s hope that PCJS stay put for as long as possible.

    • Aaron

      I really hope they can actually keep some of these comp picks this year, especially a 5th or better.

  40. schuemansky

    Coleman – 4th round hopefully

    • Greg Haugsven

      With Coleman gone and Akeem King resigned I wonder if Shaq Griffin might get some looks at slot corner? King and Flowers are both 6 3 and Griffin is 6 0.

      • Cameron

        I asked Rob about this recently, he recalled some of Shaq’s worst college tape was covering inside.

        • Nick

          If I recall correctly, in college Amara Darboh smoked him a couple of times via the slot.

  41. Eburgz

    Why are people so worried about paying top players top money? I’m ok with a stars and scrubs approach. Our stars are Russ, Bobby, Jaran and Frank; much prefer to pay home grown studs like this than the Landon Colin’s and Kwon Alexander’s of the world. You have to spend your money somewhere, better to pay good players. We can pay all these guys top of market deals (they’re worth it) but it’s going to come at the expense of mid level players like Coleman.

    • Eli

      Completely agree. You don’t develop studs just to throw your hands up and hope to strike gold twice. You build around them, and you pay them their market value. I feel like sometimes people get too caught up in the idea of having cap space

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I don’t think people have a problem with paying the stars. The problem stems from the disproportionate amount of the salary cap that will go to four players since they will all need new contracts by next year. Add to that the fact that Wilson is going to take a HUGE sum to resign and that Bobby will be 30 so who knows when he will start to fall off. It’s a lot of decisions that you have to get right or it could cause cap issues for years.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Those four players could take up 3×15 million + 35 million for RW is 80 million dollars per year.

  42. Lupe Green

    Mike Davis signing with the Bears. Happy for him.

  43. John_s

    Mike Davis to the Bears.

    So happy for Mike D to get a long term contract. With the Bears looking to move on from Howard, he could get a lot of carries

    • Volume12

      Love that move. Him and Cohen will be a fantastic 1-2 punch.

    • Aaron

      Time to pick up a 3rd option at RB then because Carson is our workhorse but needs a breather and Penny is still a wait and see.

      • Nick

        Weird way to say CJ Prosise! 😉

        • Aaron

          *Spits out water* Lol…nice one!

      • icb12

        Could always pick up Alex Collins again.

        He was waived. And is due to be a RFA correct? So if I understand, the seahawks could pick him up, put an original round tender on him. Either match what is offered or get a 5th round pick in return.
        and if his legal troubles prove extensive then could always waive him again and keep looking.

      • Sea Mode

        Ozigbo: 5011, 222, 31.25 arms, 4.54 40yd, 37 vert, 10’04” broad, 19 bench
        Carson: 6002, 218, 33.25 arms, 4.58 40yd, 39 vert, 10’10” broad, 23 bench, 4.28 SS, 7.53 3C

        The Best of Devine Ozigbo: 2018 Mid-Season Highlights | Nebraska | Big Ten Football

    • SoCal12

      Great dude. Happy he’s getting money and maybe more touches.

      I have a feeling this means we’re going to be very active in the late-round/UDFA running back market.

      • John_s

        Remember team already has JD McKissic who will compete with Penny for 3rd down back and there’s also Bo Scarbrough to be a backup RB too

        • SoCal12

          Yeah that’s a good point, but I suspect they’ll want good ol’ competition for that 3rd spot. JD is exclusively 3rd down, and we have no idea what we really have in Bo. I suspect they’ll at least bring in a couple low cost UDFA or vets to fight for the backup spot.

  44. H

    Honey Badger going to KC, was kinda hoping he might fall through the cracks to us. At 3 years $42 mil tho… I’m good.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I’ll pass at an average of 14M / year. I would rather keep ET at that price, tbh.

      On the upside, this means the money being thrown around will run out sooner than later, leading to some nice bargains for the Seahawks starting the end of this week. *fingers crossed*

    • SoCal12

      Between Badger and Collins looks like the safety market has heated back up slightly. I’m really curious how much Earl’s gonna sign for now. Much older and worse health-wise than those two but was at a higher level than those two.

      • Gohawks5151

        Earl worse then honey? Not sure. HB been hurt a lot in his career. I’d be more nervous to give him big money. I think Earl gets what he wants. Just not in SF

    • Volume12

      God yes. KC needs all the secondary help they can get. Desperately so.

  45. Isaac

    This has been a really interesting day. I feel like we lost some solid players but guys we could never afford to bring back.

    I’m beginning to realize that Frank Clark should be traced for a high pick if we intend on being a good team for a long time. Toss aside any potential return we would get. It’s the cap savings to me that is the most important. We just can’t afford to sign our top guys. Soon we will have to trade or release some guys we don’t want to.

    I feel the same way about Jarran Reed. Paying defensive tackles big money doesn’t make sense to me. It’s an over paid position. For years we had a rotation of older/cheaper guys at dt. They played great for us. Why have we moved away from that philosophy?

    • Aaron

      Before 2018 I would agree with you about Reed, but after his breakout season rushing the passer from DT I think he’s worth every penny. Great pass rushing DTs are very few and far between. Not saying he’s great yet but I’m hoping he’ll develop more into that role this year, an all around DT who is a force in the middle.

      • Coleslaw

        I think we should keep in mind that he had that good of a year with almost no help outside of Frank Clark. He truly broke out this year and deserves big money. Whether the Hawks are willing to pay that is another story.

        Do they want a revolving door at DT or do they want to sign a legit pass rushing DT? They’ve done both before. I just dont think we should assume Reed is gone, Wagner is getting older, if we let him walk and signed Wilson, we would be looking at signing Clark and Reed. Reed would be the odd man out as it stand today, but if we get a legit DE in the draft, we may trade or let Clark go. DEs are robbing teams right now. We need to find value at the most expensive positions as much as we can. The draft is a great way to do that.

      • Isaac

        The thing is. He was brought in to be a run stuffer. Ken Norton changed that and had him rushing the passer more. Now all of a sudden we gave up 4.9 yards per carry against the run. What happened to stuffing the run? Isn’t that the key to Pete’s philosophy. Run the ball/ stuff the run.

  46. Sea Mode

    I hadn’t forgotten about Penny Hart and what he did at the Sr. Bowl, he’s just so small though (5080, 180, 31 3/8 arm, 8 7/8 hand). Crowder is a good comp though. (5083, 185, 30 3/8 arm, 8 3/4 hand)

    Jim Nagy

    Jamison Crowder was a nice FA signing today by @nyjets. Crowder was a steal in the 4th round and @GeorgiaStateFB WR Penny Hart is an excellent player comp. Hart was almost uncoverable in @seniorbowl practices and he will blowout his pro-day later this week. #combinesnub

    3:48 PM – 11 Mar 2019

  47. Sea Mode

    Dan Graziano

    Source: DT Shemar Stephen plans to sign a three-year deal with the Vikings.

    5:09 PM – 11 Mar 2019

    • BobbyK


  48. Sea Mode

    Brady Henderson

    Some Seahawks housekeeping as we wait for them to join the free-agent party (don’t hold your breath): Per sources, they’ve tendered at least four of their exclusive rights free agents: Branden Jackson, Tyler Ott, Jordan Simmons and Shalom Luani.

    5:05 PM – 11 Mar 2019

  49. Volume12

    Would be incredible if Nick Foles has the Jags in the playoff hunt than in week 12 or whatever he goes down and his backup takes them on a SB run.

    OTOH, Foles bankrupting AEW is the hero we deserve.

  50. jb9

    WR John Ross for a 4th rd pick. Would you do it?

    • jb9

      Random I know.

      I’d even throw in Pocic and Prosise lol

    • Rob Staton

      No, they have four picks

    • astro.domine

      I think his talent is worth more than a 4th, so it’s tempting to say “Yes”, but there’s a few factors that make me ultimately lean, “No”.
      1) We already have small, fast receivers
      2) We have glaring needs at other positions
      3) Draft has good WR depth
      4) It could be another distracting case of “Why aren’t we using our offensive weapon???”

  51. Coleslaw

    The only thing I can say for sure about FA so far is I hope Addae lasts a week or 2. He would be awesome next to Mcdougald.

    • HappyGuy

      This move makes too much sense. And seems like such a Schneider move.

  52. Josh

    Thank you to everyone for all the updates. Rob, I love all the new material and our place to talk about the off-season. A huge thanks to Rob and all the other guys who put in a ton of time to share what they’ve learned with all of us. Keep it up dudes!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  53. Kenny Sloth


    I’m gonna puke.

    I think the new USA Soccer jerseys for the men’s team are going to actually have 3 stars on them. Each star represents a championship.

    You can’t co-opt your women’s teams accomplishments… Wtf…

    What a massive complex the federation in this country has.

    Nothing more American than man taking credit for woman’s accomplishments 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

    “🌟 🌟 🌟”

    • DCD2

      I think you’re looking for the Futbol blog.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Heard. ✌ ✌

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      They have to co-opt the women’s team success because they haven’t done much on their own.

  54. Donny Henson

    Well no chance for Anthony Barr. Signing with the NY Jets (According to Adam Schefter)

  55. millhouse-serbia

    Jets are closing in on a deal with LB Anthony Barr, as @AdamSchefter said. Barr’s a favorite of new DC Gregg Williams. A Swiss Army knife at LB.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Talks heated up this afternoon. #Jets believed to have gone where #Vikings wouldn’t, into $14M-$15M APY range.

      • Aaron

        Once again, too rich for me and I’m sure PCJS. Really hoping for some bargains again on prove it one year deals.

        • Rokas

          I really failed to grasp Rob’s optimism about potential Barr’s move to Seahawks. We are too much of a lowballers for that type of move, and he was always costing 10+ million.

          If only Rob could be wrong about Sweezy as well..

          • Rob Staton

            I didn’t have much optimism. I simply said he’s the type of player they like and they could have interest IF he doesn’t get the kind of big, long-term contract that knocks them out of contention. He did get the big offer, so it was a non-starter. Wasn’t wrong.

  56. Kenny Sloth

    Shouts out to Rob for getting the comment delay fixed ahead of the draft and FA.

    This is my one stop shop for most news because of the thorough stone-turning and eye-peeling of the commentors. So shouts to us while I’m at it.

    • Nick

      So true. The instant comments really bring life to the discussion.

  57. Josh

    Someone I’ve alwas watched from afar was Shaquille Barrett from the Donkeys. He always got on the field in Denver because someone would get hurt in the pass rush rotation. Could be a cool LB/Leo kind of guy.

  58. BobbyK

    So much for the safety position being devalued. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how Earl got screwed last year. He played in a couple games, got over $10 million to not do much of anything on the field, and got healthy for free agency to get ready to cash in for more than he would have had he signed an extension from the Seahawks last year. Just a weird, strange, frustrating, and sad scenario of a soap opera that we went through. Earl wins, I guess.

    Glad the Hawks aren’t in on these crazy deals. Players who get fat payments tend to not be as hungry moving forward. It’s rare when they do (which is why guys like Bobby Wagner are so special). Even if they’re still giving 99%, it’s still not the 100% that the hungry players are giving.

  59. millhouse-serbia

    So for now, Coleman, Davis and Stephen are counting in comp pick formula. We are waiting for Earl and KJ. Earl would be 3rd round and Coleman and KJ 4th round (11mil is margin).

    It would be great if Dion Jordan, Maurice Alexander or Brett Hundley sign contract somewhere else for 1mil+. That would mean that we can sign 5 FA’s and still get one 3rd and two 4th round picks.

    • John_s

      Shamat Stephen back to the Vikes on a 3 yr deal

  60. Nathan W.

    Time to trade Procise for a 6th round draft pick and see him become an 800 yard rusher 300 yard receiving threat with no more future career-ending injuries

    • Elmer

      How about if we keep him and put him in McKissic’s 3rd down role? Maybe he will stay healthy, it’s about time for us to catch a break with him. We are losing Davis, it remains to be seen if we will be bringing in another RB. Time for Prosise to step up behind Carson and Penny.

      • John_s

        That would be the luck. Procise staying healthy in his walk year only to price himself out of staying

  61. Bob Johnston

    I’ve seen enough circumstances blow up in the Hawk’s face to make a blanket statement that I would never give a guy a third contract unless it’s a QB or a kicker. So if it’s me I pay Russ and I pay Frank this year and Jarron next year (barring a great offer for either from another team) and I do my best to move Wagner this offseason while his value is still high.

    And I disagree with what Rob said in his article about how other teams have tried to follow the Pat’s model – most owners won’t go for trading away beloved players and most GM’s/coaches don’t have the job security or balls to do it. PC/JS are in a unique position in that they have built the goodwill over the years to do this and I think they should. Going after “impact” guys like Harvin, JFG and Richardson says that they doubt their ability to find undervalued guys or coach guys up, that goes against their history. They need to get back to their roots – find the hungry guys, get rid of the prima donnas and stop thinking that guys getting up in age are worth a high dollar third contract. I think they’re already doing that starting last year and I welcome it.

  62. Sea Mode

    Tony Pauline

    Belief in league circles is the Houston Texans will make a big push for Earl Thomas after losing Tyrann Mathieu

    1:51 AM · Mar 12, 2019

    • Aaron

      I sure hope someone does because we need that 3rd round comp pick

      • DCD2

        Rather he be in Houston than SF or Dallas as well.

  63. Spencer Duncan

    If Eric Berry gets released, what kind of contract is he looking at? If its a 1 year, cheap prove it deal then that would be worth looking into.

  64. millhouse-serbia

    Former Ravens LB CJ Mosley intends to sign a 5-year, $85 million deal with the Jets, as @RapSheet said. Jets land Anthony Barr and Mosley.

    So 20mil per year gor Bobby? :/

    • Rob Staton

      Mosley deal just made it a LOT harder to re-sign Bobby.

      • Forty20

        Does Wagner, as outstanding and integral a player as he has been for us, now become a legitimate trade candidate in light of the money we are talking about Rob?

        • Rob Staton

          No — simply because while I don’t doubt someone would pay him as much as Mosley if he was a free agent — I doubt anyone will offer a high-ish pick to go with the salary.

      • Milwaukee Hawk

        My initial gut was irresponsible money. How could the Jets do that?!!

        Oh right. They have a QB on a rookie contract so need to sign elite players- Mosley closer to elite than Alexander. Good signing for the Jets even if cost was crazy.

    • H

      This may have sealed our fate, can’t realistically keep Clark, Reed and Bobby. Someone has to be traded this off-season.

      • EP

        I don’t like throwing my hat in when it comes to discussing cuts/trades/contracts etc because I don’t know enough. If we were to move on from someone for cap room, the most obvious candidate for me and it pains me to say, would be Doug Baldwin. Clark and Reed are young, Wagner is a cornerstone. I would feel more comfortable with Lockett, Moore and any potential additions via draft of free agency covering Dougs production than any replacement for the other three. Doug seems like the heart and soul of the team though. Not saying this is likely but should be considered as a possibility.

  65. Isaac

    I’m owning the prospect of losing frank and Jarran. That’s not a popular thought but a necessary one. Trade them while their value is high. Jarran’s contract will be close to Jarran’s in dollars per year. We can’t afford that.
    We can’t pay Russell 35 mil, Bobby 20, Frank 20, Jarran 15. That’s 90 million. That’s nearly half the cap for 4 guys. It’s time to rethink how this team is structured.

    • Isaac

      I meant to say franks not Jarran a second time.

    • Aaron

      Seeing the contract some of these top DTs and LBs are getting, I’m starting to rethink what I even thought 24 hours ago. I really thought we could keep all four (Wilson, Wagner, Clark, and Reed). Now I think we need to seriously consider trading two of them and prioritizing Russ since he’s a franchise QB. The Hawks have less cap space than it shows on paper and only four draft picks. We need to consider the future and stop being prisoners of the moment.

      • Pedestrian


  66. Volume12

    I saw above that if Seattle has to pick 2 of the 4 who would it be?

    Russ and Clark for me. That’s what the league is. QBs, pass rushers, and OT’s. But is that what PC is? Ehh….

    I love BWagz, but with the NFL becoming a passing league the defenses change too. More and more teams are going with nickel and dime packages. A 3rd safety acting as a de facto LB.

    Seattle built this team through market inefficiencies like…

    Smaller LB like BWagz are what the league is now looking for.

    Could be 2 years in a row that a smaller, mobile QB goes 1st overall. Russ is better than both those dudes, came from a pro style offense, and was a 3rd rounder.

    Built a depth chart through day 3-UDFAs that the league hasn’t really seen before. Closest that comes to mind is Mike Shannahan’s Denver Broncos of the ’90s.

    And most importantly? The LOB. They forever changed the rules of the game. They’ve left a carbon footprint on the NFL so to speak. Teams are now placing a premium on bigger, longer CBs. I remember when these guys were day 3-UDFAs because they couldn’t run or were too stiff.

    Now you use your analytics and put them into play. How does Seattle continue to exploit the NFL? What’s the next step? Can it be done?

    • Volume12

      * They even tried to do it somewhat on the O-line as well. To keep up with the athletes choosing to play on the defensive side of the ball, they tried going with those same athletes but converting them to the O-line. Wasn’t unheard of before Seattle, but just another way they tried to become more effecient.

      • Isaac

        I have to disagree on keeping frank vs b wagz. To me defensive ends have less of an impact on the game vs a middle linebacker. If a defensive end gets 2 hurries and a sack during a game. Then that is considered a good game. While a middle linebacker gets 10 tackles, 1 or 2 tackles for loss. I would take the mlb due to overall number of plays directly effected by that player.

        • Volume12

          Impact in the box score? Usually yeah. Pass rushers can also reset the LOS, have a QB outta rhythm, open things up for other guys to eat. Not stuff that shows up on what sheets or gives us fantasy points.

          It’ll be a tough decision of it comes to that for sure because BWagz is the prototype for current MLB’s.

          For me personally though, Frank is younger with more upside.

        • Volume12

          BWagz also brings more from a leadership perspective and locked room influence too though. Having said that, IMO if they put that on Frank’s shoulders he’d knock it outta the park.

    • Sea Mode

      Maybe just leaning more than anyone else on the run game?

      Blocking TEs in a league that values passing TEs?

      Finding young guys like Green who only go in R3 because they need more development, and being willing to coach them up?

      I really don’t know.

      • Volume12

        Agreee. That’s a big one and something I think they’ve identified with their analytic department.

        Maybe. Not sure how valuable that is when your using George Fant there anyways.

        PC has always been one of the most willing to coach guys up.

        I don’t either nor do I envy them.

    • C-Dog

      Conventionally, you are correct, Sir. Quarterbacks and pass rushers are the foundational pieces the league tends to value more and builds around. Hopefully, they can keep all four, or at least three of the four, but I fully agree with this. You probably want to pay the quarterback and the pass rusher.

      IMO, Seattle has to figure out linebacker on this roster, either through free agency or the draft. Not only is it going to be challenging to keep Wagz, they don’t presently have diddly on the roster to line up with him.

  67. SamL

    The Bills haven’t signed any help at pass rush yet. This increases the likelihood that they will trade for Clark unless they plan to solve it with the draft. I’m starting to realize that the infamous reset that started last year is not over. I’m starting to doubt whether or not the Seahawks will extend Bobby, after all they seem eager to sign players to big second contracts but because of how the LOB went are determined to stay away from a 3rd. Which begs the question, will they extend Bobby, loose him in free agency, or trade him now? Its starting to look like it’s one of the last two. If we have to trade Bobby in order to not lose him for nothing this would be the year because trading him could put us in a range to get Devin White to replace him.

  68. Volume12

    I absolutely hate when people say ‘his sacks come in bunches.’ Yeah, and? That’s typically how it works. Guys get hot and then teams game plan for it and they hit a skid or slump.

    • mishima

      I try to look at all the variables. Quality of OL, QB, pass/run, grass/turf, etc. If a player only gets ‘hot’ against average to scrub players, not impressed. Gotta’ beat the best to be the best.

      • Volume12

        In other words, you gotta beat the man to be the man? Woooo!

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Space Mountain! Wooo!

  69. Sea Mode

    You can debate the “zero turnover” (Raiders, Ravens), but the underlying point stands:

    Jim Nagy

    Most teams spending big money in FA are run by GMs in win-now mode. Think about it, there was zero turnover at the GM level this year…that’s incredible in such a volatile league. I’m sure plenty were put on alert by their owners. This is why big spending usually happens.

    6:03 AM – 12 Mar 2019

    So glad we continue to have an owner who lets PC/JS run the team.

    • Volume12

      As long as Seattle doesn’t become a player in the 1st wave of FA, it increases the chances their impending FAs get rewarded and feel wanted.

  70. Sea Mode

    So. Much. Money. Probably tells us the absolute floor for anything we want to do with Reed.

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Browns are signing former #Vikings DT Sheldon Richardson to a 3-year, $36M deal, source said. A ton of capital on that D-line.

    6:00 AM – 12 Mar 2019

    • Aaron

      An average of $12mil+/yr for Reed…*cringes*

    • Volume12

      What’s Ndamukong Suh gonna get? Wonder if Seattle would be open to bringing him in.

      • King_Rajesh

        Why buy a rental on Suh when we don’t have the talent to compete for a Super Bowl?

        I’d rather sign our guys and develop internally.

        • Volume12

          Because they’ve had interest in him before, they always bring in veteran DTs, and he’s not gonna command nowhere the amount he did a few years ago.

          I’d rather sign our homegrown talent too, but they ain’t gonna stand pat this whole time.

  71. Sea Mode

    Tell that big high school kid in your neighborhood to start working on his kickstep…

    SportsTrust Advisors

    Four years, $51 million, $32 million guaranteed. Congrats, @JawuanJames70! #LegendsLiveHere #BroncosCountry

    6:17 AM – 12 Mar 2019

  72. Sea Mode

    I think what we are learning now is that we have to start betting on our guys early, like we did with Kam (the first time) and Lockett.

    There was no reason I can think of not to extend Frank last off-season, though perhaps they did try to and he was dead set on waiting it out and cashing in even bigger in FA.

    Resetting the market during the season may seem expensive at the time, but only until the FA “frenzy” rolls around again and bad teams get desperate.

    You think Reed at $15m is expensive now? Wait until next summer and it’s $18m-$20m…

    I have no idea atm of how to effectively allocate funds with these crazy prices. Maybe shoot for one vet and the rest rookies at each position group?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Clark was probably very happy to gamble on himself in 2018. It worked.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, but what was he asking for at the beginning of the 2018 season? $16-17m? I know we can’t know, but I could imagine that.

        Now, $20m is probably his starting point for talks.

        He did it well, the Seahawks perhaps not so much. (though once again, it’s hard to know)

        • Trevor

          I agree completely Sea Mode. They traded Bennett and knew Avril was done. Frank was our sole elite Edge rusher. Then Hunter signed with the Vikings to set the market. If they had signed Frank then even at a slight premium to Hunter then all of this drama would have been avoided.

          I think they wanted to see how Frank responded to being “the guy and the focus of offenses. Now that indecision is costing them big time.

          • cha

            I think we’re making a big assumption that the Hawks goofed and sat on their hands with Clark. It takes two to tango and it could just as easily have been Clark and his agent saying ‘we’re not interested in an extension, let’s talk after this year’. With the continual rise of salaries and the now apparent willingness of teams to overlook injury concerns, it was a smart move.

        • mishima

          My take: F. Clark has been set on getting to FA since last year. Nothing a team can do and players are realizing that. If Wilson wants to play for NY/LA, it will happen. If Wagz wants $20m/yr., he’ll get it. Reed will get Grady Jarrett money, $15m/tag or contract.

          Teams are letting players go instead of going through the tag process. Smart. If you waited too long to trade or extend and can’t get a commitment, free up the money and find new value.

          Build through the draft.

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t have been comfortable paying him $16-17m a year ago.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            It certainly would’ve been a shock, but what position group salary is going down? None of them, they just keep escalating into the heavens, we even saw the reinvigoration of the safety market this year. In my opinion the earlier you get a deal done the more you’ll save yourself in the long run, even if it seems like an overpay. Unfortunately, that’s what every club is doing, and it’s making the problem worse, but still…

            If Seattle has excersized the same foresight with Clark as they had with Kam Chancellor — paying him much more than anybody outside the organization had reason to expect — we’d be in better straights by now. That’s a phenomenon I expect to repeat over and over until something drastic happens with player salaries vs the cap.

            Of course none of that precludes said player from throwing a fit over their recently signed, recently outdated contract and holding out…

  73. Volume12

    God these are hot!

    • Sea Mode


    • DC

      As soon as we make Russ the highest paid player in the league we need to make that uni switch.

  74. McZ

    Ja’wuan James, RT, former Fin – credited with having a 6-7m market value – signs a $51m 4 year contract with the Broncos. That’s nearly double his predicted value, we are still firmly in the early FA overpay frenzy.

    At least partially. Kenny Vaccaro staying in Tennessee for $6.5m per season seems about right.

  75. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, after these numbers for Mosley, would you trade Bwagz for 1st round pick now? There is a real chance we lose him for nothing next year.

    • Rob Staton

      You wouldn’t get a R1 for Bobby Wagner.

      The cost of the salary and the pick make a trade just as difficult as a new contract.

      • DC

        Beg to differ.
        Indianapolis with pick #26, the vast improvement he brings and gobs of cap space. It works for both teams & he is absolutely worth that pick imo. The Colts are ready to challenge for the AFC.

        • Rob Staton

          They just drafted an all-pro middle linebacker in round two.

          Why would they draft a second middle linebacker with a R1 pick and pay him millions?

          • DC

            Leonard? I thought he was playing WLB. Was envisioning him playing next to Wagner.

  76. Sea Mode

    Hey, we got something still going for us at least:

    Robert Klemko

    NFL players’ Top 5 free agency destinations, according to their agents:

    1. Dallas
    2. Seattle
    3. Miami
    4. L.A. Rams
    5. Atlanta

    Bottom 5:

    1. Buffalo
    2. Oakland*
    3. Cincinnati
    4. Detroit
    5. Cleveland

    *Vegas move will change things, respondents said.

    7:27 AM – 12 Mar 2019

    Dallas though? Dallas?!?

    • Rob Staton

      Hope this proves true and/or useful in the second or third wave of free agency.

    • Volume12

      I believe there’s no state income in Texas.

      • Volume12


        * state income TAX

    • GauxGaux

      …no state income tax in WA and FL too, rounding out the top 3.
      (although the Titans are missing from this list)

  77. Sea Mode

    Dang it. Come on, Santa Clara…

    Albert Breer

    And I’m told the Texans are out of the Earl Thomas market now.

    New Texans S Tashaun Gipson is getting a 3-year deal worth a little more than $22 million, source said. Less than half what Earl Thomas was looking for.

    7:49 AM – 12 Mar 2019

    • millhouse-serbia

      Adrian Amos to Packers 4y-37mil. Who left wtith FS need?

      • Rob Staton

        Niners and Dallas.

        Seems like Earl is getting a wake up call. Nobody willing to bow to his demands. He’ll still get a deal but it won’t be what he wanted.

        • millhouse-serbia

          I am really confused with his situation…there were reports he wants 2y 30mil. I thoight that it is impossible but then Chiefs gave Mathiew 14mil per year. We know Chiefs wanted to trade for him. What is the reason he didn’t ended there???

          • Rob Staton

            Probably two things.

            His desire to want even more money and his injury record.

    • Trevor

      I think Earls options are down to SF and Dallas. Seems like Dallas wants him on the cheap. I am guessing he ends up in SF with Sherm on a deal with a big number at first glance but a lot less guaranteed $ than he was looking for.

  78. Trevor

    What would Hawks fans prefer to do with $35 million in Cap Space given the current market.

    Option A :Reed + Clark
    Option B : Reed + Wagner + KJ Wright
    Option C Clark + Wagener
    Option D Wilson
    Option E None of the above

    • King_Rajesh

      It’s a pretty flawed poll, as signing Wilson would probably lower his cap hit and free up some space.

      I’d rather do Wilson and Wagner. QB of the offense, QB of the Defense. You can rebuild the entire team around them.

      • Trevor

        Not sure how signing Wilson to a deal bigger than the one Aaron Rogers got with all the guaranteed $ will free up cap space but I will take your word for it.

        • Starhawk29

          Typically extensions tend to spread cap space out over time. Could be a bigger APY, but the cap hit for the first year or two would be smaller than what it is now.

    • millhouse-serbia


  79. King_Rajesh

    The Seahawks going all in in 2017 directly led them to this mess – the roster is good, but we can’t afford to pay anyone because Schneider and Pete killed the cap with bad choices. I’m sure the Seahawks could use another 10m this year and 15m last year to help sign our studs, but they foolishly gave it to old-in-the-tooth Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett instead. Richard Sherman cost us 2.2m last year as well in dead cap.

    Imagine, if we didn’t make such decisions at the time—terrible decisions even then without the benefit of hindsight, I must add—how much better off would we be? The team would likely have rolled cap over to 2019. We could afford to pay our new core group of studs. If we traded Earl and Sherman, maybe we ACTUALLY HAVE DRAFT PICKS.

    But alas. We’re pretty much up the creek without a paddle.

    • SwissHawk

      JS broke a lot of his “rules” 2 years ago: redoing contracts to creat cap space and trading year +2 draft picks. They were going all in big time – it also conflicts with Petes win forever mantra. I can’t help wondering if there wasn’t something else going on – is there any chance they knew of Paul’s health issues and wanted to do everything to give him one more SB. Pointless speculation I know, but it’s really odd when you look back on it.

    • GerryG

      Whatever, I am glad they went for it with that core one last time. If they didn’t lose Cam/Sherm/Avril it may have worked out much better. Damn kicker blew one too

  80. Volume12

    IDK what the deals look like, but GB signing Adrian Amos, Preston Smith, and Za’Darius Smith is nice.

    • Sea Mode

      Agree, at least they’re not sitting back and wasting Rodgers’ career any more.

      • Volume12

        They might be the team to beat in the NFC if Rodgers can get back to form.

    • cha

      Billy Turner on the OL too

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport
      35 seconds ago

      The #Packers are signing former #Ravens pass-rusher Za’Darius Smith to a 4-year deal worth $66M, source said. He gets $34.5M in the first two years.

    • Trevor

      They have won free agency so far IMO from a $ spent vs impact potential point of view. They desperately needed pass rushers. This opens a lot up for them on draft day.

    • Starhawk29

      Personally I think all of them are average players who did well while playing alongside better players. Ravens have a history of developing guys like Za’Darius Smith (see Paul Kruger or Pernell McPhee), and Amos was the 2nd best safety on his team. Preston smith has had limited production despite opportunity. Frankly I think they just wasted a bunch of money on mid-tier guys

  81. Sea Mode

    Details out for Shamar Stephen’s deal.

    Courtney Cronin

    Here’s a look at Shamar Stephen’s contract break down per ESPN’s roster management system
    3 years, $12.45 million
    $6 million guaranteed
    $4 million signing bonus
    $2.33 million cap hit in 2019 (this is an important figure…only 1.27% of total cap)
    $4.150 million average salary/yr

    6:42 AM – 12 Mar 2019

  82. Volume12


    F***ing howling with laughter over here.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s funny because it’s true

      • Volume12

        Exactly. Mr Loud reps and Mr predictable and me dying.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, I loved the first one as well when I saw it a while back. A worthy sequel!

      Should I feel bad though if I think that ADB could probably manage to use at least half of those releases effectively? 😉

  83. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    WOW. These contracts are mind blowing. Linebacker market this year imo cost us Bwagz next year. I hope they lock up Clark and J.Reed. Tag Wilson. Use next years draft picks to load up on picks this year(Idea off an article from field gulls) as well as trading our first pick this year. Imo Seattle not going to mess with the comp pick allocation this year.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      #tag Wilson next year.

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      I have to just hope that the LB market will stabilize and that the deal Mosley signed won’t be the new standard. Teams aren’t going to pay upwards of $20 million for an off ball linebacker. The Jets just have stupid cap space and seem to be comfortable throwing money at guys just because they have to spent it somehow. Maybe BW plays hardball and wants $20 million AAV but hopefully he and his agent are rational and we can get him in the $14-15 range.

      • GerryG

        Or maybe Bwags one year later will receive ET type reality, 3rd contract for a guy almost 30 with a lot of milage…

  84. neil

    Regardless of what PC says, given his age, I think he has been desperate to exorcise SB 48 before he retires.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80


    • Aaron

      *SB 49…but I knew what you meant to say

  85. Neil

    Sorry I meant SB 49.

    • Aaron

      Oops just saw you corrected yourself, but we knew what you meant.

  86. cha

    Ian Rapoport

    #Eagles standout ILB Jordan Hicks intends to sign with the #AZCardinals on 4-year deal worth $36M with $12M to sign, source said. $20M guaranteed.

  87. GauxGaux

    Rob… dying for an update! Who’s still on your FA board?
    Bummed about Barr – thought you were spot on with him.

    • Rob Staton

      My priorities are retaining Fluker & Sweezy and preferably one or both of KJ or Kendricks.

      In terms of outsiders, I’d consider TJ Lang if one of the guards isn’t retained. I’d like to sign a pass rusher at a value, one-year type deal. Could be Clay Matthews, Cameron Wake, Bruce Irvin or any of the others. Want the market to slow down big time first though. Ditto with DT’s — let the market slow. There are loads of names left and they aren’t all getting paid. I’d consider Brandon Marshall at LB.

      • GauxGaux

        Thanks, Rob. Got my fix!

        • Rob Staton

          I will add — it’ll be a win for the Seahawks to get a couple of the ‘big four’ resigned this week. That and keeping the guards and one of the linebackers will constitute a good week. Then see what bargains are available in the second and third wave of FA.

      • Trevor

        That sounds like a nice plan!

  88. Trevor

    If Russ decided he wanted to be a Hawk for life and have a Tom Brady like legacy he could walk into JS office tomorrow and sign a huge extension that would make him wealthy beyond anything I am sure he could have ever imagined as a Senior transfer at Wisconsin. Doing so would allow PC/ JS to plan for the future and make signings and extensions with the certainty that their star QB was bought in long term.

    If he wants to be the highest paid QB or move to LA or NY then I we have seen his only SB as a Seahawk at least.

    As we see now with Green Bay. If your QB is locked up long term then you can figure out ways to add the pieces you think you need even if the QB is taking up a big piece of cap space.

    Either way Rob nailed it that is issue #1 for the Hawks going forward. Clark, Reed and Wags are all important pieces but how the Russell Wilson situation plays out will dictate the direction of the Hawks organization.

  89. cha

    Mike Garafolo

    Follow @MikeGarafolo

    Plot twist! LB Anthony Barr has decided to agree to terms to remain with the #Vikings, sources say. He will not be a member of the #Jets after all.
    9:45 AM – 12 Mar 2019

  90. Eli

    As it stands the Seahawks do not have a boatload of salary cap space. What I think is being lost in this discussion is that going forward to 2020 and 2021 the Seahawks project to have a crazy amount of cap space.

    The NFL salary cap has gone up by at least $10m in each of the last six seasons. If it does so again next season we’re looking at a cap of roughly $200m. If you go to a site like Over the Cap and mess with their calculator you can see that based just off current day contracts we project to have ~$120m in cap space next season. That number will come down a little as the team is filled out but I think it’s probably fair to assume we’d be looking at a number close to that.

    If we can’t pay a player like Wilson and Clark with that much cap flexibility then what’s the point? Try to build a team of solid yet unspectacular players found while digging through the third wave of free agency, and hoping to hit on a rookie stud at one of the key position groups (QB, LT, DE) while ensuring we always have $50m+ in salary cap space? That sounds like a good way to end up 8-8 to me. We have our core, and we need to build around it – not hope that we can offload it and luck into another one.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks will have about $100m in free cap space next year, true. But it won’t be anything close to $100m when they franchise Russell Wilson and, presumably, at least retain one or two of Clark, Wagner and Reed. So it’s a bit of a red herring. And if they let those guys walk they’ll need replacing.

      • Eli

        Well, that’s really my point and not a red herring at all – we have the money to pay them. That’s exactly what the cap space is for. Unless the front office thinks we’re better off without them it would be hard to justify letting them walk. RW at ~$35m APY + Clark at ~$18m APY + Reed or Wagz at ~$11m APY would still leave us with approximately $36m in cap space, or exactly where we are at right now.

        In this situation I think we’d unfortunately have to let one of Reed or Wagz go unless theywanted to come back at a reasonable cap hit – No way we can pay Wagz like Mosley or Kwon Alexander. Or maybe Reed regresses and gets a little less than we’d expect now. We can pay our guys, the ones that really matter, if we really want to. Do we want to?

  91. cha

    Ian Rapoport

    10 minutes ago

    The #Bills are signing WR Cole Beasley, per @MikeGarafolo. First John Brown, now Beasley.

  92. ZB

    Ugh.. what a mess.

    I almost feel like we should just sign Russ for like a 6 year $200 million dollar contract and get rid of everybody else minus the O-line and Lockett/Carson and start over with as much draft capital as we can acquire and cap space to sign solid yet not elite players like Mcdougald. Maybe I’m just overreacting though…..yep I’m overreacting.

  93. Shadow

    Looks like Fluker is going to test the market. 🙁

    DJ Fluker TheWarrior

    I believe in myself. I know what i bring to the table!!! I am warrior and I play my ass off. ILL GO GET IT LIKE ALWAYS!!! THE PASSION I GOT CANT BE MATCHED!! I FEAR NO MAN!!

    10:28 AM – 12 Mar 2019

    • Trevor

      That’s too bad I was hoping they would bring him back. I thought he was a real tone setter last year.

    • Rob Staton

      While it would be nice to get a deal done quickly — I kind of felt this would be a slow burner. For the third year in a row Fluker will test the market, get hardly any offers and then be forced to pick one.

    • millhouse-serbia

      JS will never overpay for anybody. Not even for Russ. Period!

      • Rik

        Joekel, Harvin, Graham, Mingo, Cary Williams?

        • mishima

          Aboushi, Lacy…

        • millhouse-serbia

          You are speaking about bad signing(the final result show that) not overpaying.

    • McZ

      The primary team being in win now mode and needing a G are the Chargers. Either Saffold, or Fluker.

  94. RealRhino2

    Rob’s right about our short-term thinking, but I wonder if we’re really any worse than most teams in this regard. I’ve long thought one of the bigger problems with NFL franchises is that the head coach and GM are constantly fighting to keep their job in a 3-4 year window. Maybe the lesson from the Pats is really that you can operate more effectively when you know your job (Belicheck) is secure so you can do what’s best for the team?

    GMs overspend on instant fixes in FA. GMs overdraft QBs because they know it will buy them an extra year, at least. Coaches feel pressure to play high draft picks that aren’t better/ready.

    In our case, maybe it’s Pete’s age that is pushing the agenda rather than job insecurity.

    My only quibble would be when people say, for example, we held on to this player one year to long and now he’ll leave “for nothing.” It’s not really for “nothing.” You got the one year of (hopefully) great play from him. I’d take one year of known great play from Frank Clark (or Russ, or Wagz) over the potential of pretty good 3 years of play from a low-cost 2nd rounder IF you are in a playoff window. I think we are.

    Last year, for example, if Earl doesn’t get hurt, we have a whole year of maybe the top FS in football to go with our 10-6 team. If we have that, we are likely just one of three teams to finish top 10 in DVOA in offense and defense. Putting us in a good position to at least make the NFCC. That’s worth it to me.

    • Rob4q

      +1 ^^^

  95. King_Rajesh

    Trey Flowers got 18m from the Lions LOL.

    Going to be lucky if Frank signs for 20m.

    • Rob Staton

      Then they need to make a call.

      Either you make that kind of offer to Frank or you move on.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Well…yes. He will become multimilioner with new contract, and if it is so important to him to get 100mil and not 90mil.then just stop twitting about wining as seahawk. Go get your money somewhere else. You, and earl, and Bobby and who ever wants.

  96. SamL

    K.j Wright’s market seems to be a little cold at the moment. I hope the Seahawks resign him unless he gets a big offer over the next few days.

  97. RWIII

    Listening to Brock Huard this morning. He was talking about this very subject. He wants keep Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Jarran Reed and Frank Clark. He thought the Hawks would be able to keep 3 out of the four. He was asked who was the odd man out. Huard never really answered the question.

    After seeing what Mosely got paid. I don’t think the Seahawks are going to Pay Bobby Wagner 17mil+ per season. WOW!!! Four of Seattle’s five best players (the other is Duane Brown) are becoming major financial headaches.

    We all know how Bill Belichick handles these problems. He tries to move them for a first round pick. In the case of Chandler Jones he got a second round pick. Problem solved.

    • ZB

      Problem solved if you have the reputation of the Patriots, the coach of the Patriots and the QB of the patriots.

  98. DCD2

    As much as it pains me to say, I think you have to plan on dealing Russ. The problem is that we have no serviceable option behind him. I think we HAVE to take a QB this year.

    It’s not that I don’t love Russ, because I do. Everything he brings to the community, the team, the locker room. It’s that in order to sign him, we are going to have to let 2 or 3 other guys walk.

    We just don’t ask Russ to do that much (relatively) in our offense as Pete is steering it. Last year, Russ averaged 215 pass yards/game (32nd in NFL). He averaged about 27 (35th) attempts and about 17 completions. He’s not running any more (23 yards/game). The things Russ was top 5 in last year were TD/INT ratio 35/7 (3rd), sacks taken with 51 (3rd) and passes over 40 yards with 13 (4th)

    Again, this isn’t meant to disparage Russ. It’s simply the fact that what we are asking from our QB is to make good decisions, hand the ball off, protect the ball and make the occasional miraculous play where you avoid 5 tackles in the backfield and find someone downfield after 10 seconds.

    If we can get a guy to do 3/4 of those and save $20M+ that lets us keep our 3 best defensive players and nets us a more picks than we could trade Bobby,Frank and Reed for combined…

    I know this is blasphemy to some, but our situation will dictate some tough decisions sooner than later.

    • ZB

      I would rather keep Russ and Reed than Wagz/Reed/Clark

      • DCD2

        That’s fair, I just disagree. I think Bobby is the best in the game and is the QB of the defense. I think Clark is far and away our best bet to pressure the passer or draw double teams which increases our chances of getting stops.

        I love Russ, but the only starter in the league who threw less than he did was Mariotta. If we ran a different offense, sure… pay Russ $35-$40M. When he signs his next contract he’s likely going to be the highest paid QB in NFL history. It doesn’t add up to spend that much for what we are asking him to do within the offense IMO.

        • ZB

          I think you might not have considered the experience and mentality of Russ if and when we get to the big dance again.

    • King_Rajesh

      If we’re taking a QB this draft – especially one that will need to replace Wilson, we’re essentially committing to a lost season as we don’t have the talent to really compete with the Rams and a fully re-loaded 49ers team without the early picks really coming in and really producing. I don’t even think that this roster, even if it had a rookie QB, has the tools necessary to really compete. Russell gives us the best chance to exceed the lack of talent that we have on the rest of the roster because he’s one of the only truly elite talents we have.

      Pete Carroll is a defensive coach – he should be able to coach up another defense, even if Frank and Reed have to be traded.

      Pete and John have shown zero aptitude in judging QB talent outside of Wilson. Tarvaris? Yuck. Clipboard Jesus? Trash. Matt Flynn? Garbage. McGough? Worthless.

      • DCD2

        To be fair: Tarvaris was free, Flynn was free (and traded for a 5th), McGough was a 7th rounder. Whitehurst was really the only ‘investment’ at the cost of a 3rd rounder + trade back.

        However, I’ll throw in Hundley and Paxton Lynch and agree that we have swung and missed on getting a serviceable backup for years.

        When we trade back, a guy like Will Grier (who Rob has pointed out) hopefully will be available in the 3rd. I’d take the plunge there. I don’t think a 3rd round anything is going to be the difference between a SB and not, so I don’t think we’re waiving the white flag on 2019 by using that pick on a QB.

        Sign the defensive guys and know that we can franchise Russ next year when we have more cap room. Redshirt Grier and re-evaluate.

        I am saying to PLAN on dealing Russ, not trade him today with no succession in place.

      • Rob Staton

        The difference between competing in 2019 and not will not be one high draft pick.

    • Whit21

      I agree with you abd have said about the same with russ.. i think thats why Rob has done a piece on Will Grier.. noting his down field passing stats and the fact hes going to be a rookie..

      RW doesnt get asked to be a top QB with how the offense runs.. i think hes limited in his ability to be a 40 pass a game qb.. and PC kinda shields him from that.. his stats and late game drives mmakes you think he can go be aaron rodgers or drew brees.. but i dont believe so.. with that being said it would be sad to trade RW.. But if you could find another option to be close to what he can do.. u might consider the option..

      However i don’t think it will happen yet.. at the very least they franchise him and wait till 2021 when PC contract expires. I think they want to keep a championship window open.. resigning him and bobby/Frank is what they’re going to do.. if you trade him now or after next season.. its like hitting the reset button. And PC isnt going to do that at this stage of his coaching career

      • DCD2

        I tend to agree with you as well. I don’t think it will be done.

        In my perfect world, we would get the defensive guys extended and have the option to tag Russ next year. Then re-evaluate based on how the team looks.

        The way FA is going though, ALL of these guys are getting expensive. Such a tough situation.

  99. Matt

    Wow…this FA period has me really thinking about what this team needs to do. Let’s one thing out of the way:

    There are very average talents getting absurd contracts.

    How has this changed my thinking?

    I think you gotta deal Frank Clark. I don’t see him signing for less than $20M and to be honest, after looking at PFF, I am not sure he is worth it. I love Frank. I really do, but that is a lot of money for a guy who is a very good, but not elite player (see pressure rates).

    I think you have to seriously consider trading Bobby Wagner. Again, I absolutely love Bobby, but he is a non-pass rushing LB who is going to be paid an absolute premium on a 3rd contract. We have been burned on this front before. Will it hurt? Unequivocally – but the Patriots have taught us the value of not making emotional decisions.

    Try to extend Jarran Reed right now. Don’t wait til next year. Try to work a Tyler Lockett deal with him. If he is sticking to his guns with a crazy number – then I think you have to seriously consider trading him and cashing in on his value.

    QBs are expensive and hard to find. PAY RW. Yes, overpay him if you have to. If you don’t have a QB, you cannot win in this league. Do we want to pay $20M for a mediocre QB or a $36M to an elite one? Easy choice.

    Yes – it seems like I’m overreacting on the trade front, but there’s a legitimate reason I’m advocating it. I don’t think the Seahawks are particularly close to being a contender. I think even with Frank, Jarran and Bobby – we are probably an 8 win team next year with a shot to sneak in as a wild card. I don’t think that’s worth neglecting a more long term outlook.

    I don’t expect this to be a popular take – but I think the Seahawks really need to sell a year too early, rather than a year too late. Bobby will be great for the next couple years. Is he going to be $18M great? I don’t think so.

    • King_Rajesh

      I agree with everything here except trading Bobby. We can’t afford to lose Wagner with our LB corps as it is – and with no really good LBs in the draft to replace him, we’d have no glue between the young DB corps and the DL.

    • DCD2

      Haha! The exact opposite of my take above! Gotta love the off-season.

    • mishima

      I would offer RW 8/280m with 1/2 guaranteed. Has until the draft to accept.

      Restructure Wagz contract: 4/75m. Has until the draft to accept.

      Trade Clark and Reed this year. Net 2 2nds and 2 4ths.

      Or something like that.

      • King_Rajesh

        An 8 year contract? Why?

        From a team’s perspective, that’s a lot of risk to take on.

        From Russell’s perspective, if he signs a 4 year deal, he can get another bite at the apple if he’s still an elite QB with a cap that’s continuing to grow. I don’t see why he signs an 8 year deal. 6 is probably the max. And only 35m? I bet that gets vetoed real quick.

        • mishima

          Will prob never see an 8-year contract, but I think teams will over commit in years before cash. Before last year, there hadn’t been a QB that was tagged 3X, then receive a 3 year fully guaranteed contract.

          And that’s what I would offer, not what any sane team would offer or competent agent would accept. Realistically, 4/160 fully guaranteed prob gets it done.

          • DCD2

            4/160 fully guaranteed probably gets it done? Rogers is making $33.5 and the next highest is Ryan at $30M…

            For $40M/yr (guaranteed), he and his agent would be trucking kids and old ladies like George Costanza in a fire drill to put pen to paper.

            We could tag him next year for about $30M with no risk and 2021 at around$36M. If we then wanted to sign him to a fully guaranteed 2 year $94M contract, we could… and be in the same boat financially (save the cap ramifications of structure).

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t know why people are even talking about $40m. They neither need to or will be willing to make him the highest paid player in the league by a clear $6.5m a year.

              • LLLOGOSSS

                I think ~$40 mil comes from the estimation of what Russell’s camp is positioning for; if he can make AAV of $36.7 mil on three franchise tags, don’t you think their position would be appreciably higher? They may not be inclined to pay it, but certainly having no Franchise Tag available for anyone else isn’t ideal either, as we see.

                • Rob Staton

                  Three franchise tags would actually be more than that, I believe. I think Florio noted the third tag would actually take him to about $50m. So unless he misspoke — I think it’s even more than that number. But even so, if he wants to be the highest paid player in the league via $6.5m then yep, he’s going to be tagged. And will eventually leave Seattle.

  100. mishima

    Thought experiment, not a suggestion.

    Would you take a 2nd + 4th for Clark, 2nd + 4th for Reed, 1st + change for Wagner, right now? Or, hope they re-sign for 20m / 16m / 20m, respectively.

    • SamL

      I would extend clark at 19 a year if those are the trade offers, however if he insists on 20 or above I would trade him and extend Bobby and Reed ASAP and sign Justin Houston and another pass rusher to help replace Clark. I would then draft a DE with our first pick maybe Zach Allen to be the future with green and Martin and then use the second on Terry McLaren.

    • Sea Mode

      I love Bobby. He’s the leader of our D, a HOFer, and I know it would be a huge blow to many fans to see him in another uniform. It certainly would be for me.

      But $20m for a guy who will hit 30 before his next contract sets in seems all too familiar after these last couple years, even if Bobby is bought in unlike some of those other guys.

      If the R1 pick he would get us would be in range to maybe draft Devin Bush to replace him, I think we would have to pull the trigger. Go young, resign Clark and extend Reed and Wilson. Build around them.

      Idk, I just don’t see any other way. Rob doesn’t think we would get a R1 for Bobby. I think we might if traded right now. That’s exactly the type of guy a contender could look to to put them over the top. He turns 29 in June.

      There is definitely a reason the Hawks were rumored to be interested in Khalil Hodge, to hedge for something like this.

  101. Matt B.

    random idea – trade Frank Clark to the Jets who just got burned on Barr for their 2nd this year and their LB Darron Lee, gives us a young development LB on a rookie contract that they don’t seem to enamored with as well as good draft ammunition. Leaves a hole at Edge that you’d try to fill with some cheaper FA (probably re-sign Jordan, maybe grab a Markus Golden), developmental guys (Green) and the draft… Would hate to lose Frank but would give us a bit more flexibility in terms of Cap…

    • H

      I don’t believe they have a 2nd this year, lost it in the Darnold trade. I would do a trade with the Colts for that pick and change though.

  102. GauxGaux

    There seems to be a lot of panic in this room…

    We have two great franchise players in Russ & Bobby under contract (for now)…
    One of the youngest rosters in the league…
    A few great players that need to be negotiated with (or traded)…
    We’ll figure out a good way to shore up the trenches…
    We need draft capital but have the best in the business to do so in PCJS…
    Yes, we got burned on a few big swings; Percy (won SB), Williams, Joeckel, Lacy… but have also found incredible gems!

    Finally, we were torn apart by injuries; Sherman, Avril, Chancellor, Wright, Thomas, Jimmy, Prosise, Dissley, Flucker, Sweezy, etc…

    Let’s give management a break and let them do their jobs!

    I’m ALL IN

    • Sea Mode

      Agree on the injury front. It’s been brutal and has certainly altered whatever plans they had for a transition to the new core.

      Also agree that it’s a good thing we are not the ones making these decisions!!

    • Starhawk29

      Totally agree. It may be just optimism, but to me this was a team that actually under performed at times last year. There were games we could have won, but for whatever reason (i.e. the defense taking a nap, offense forgetting how to complete a forward pass, etc.) we didn’t. That happens of course to most teams every season, but there were times when we looked downright dominant this year. We’re just young and inconsistent.

      As for all of the contract stuff, just remember that 5 years ago we were concerned about the same thing with Earl, Sherm, Kam, and Bobby. PCJS signed all of them, for better or for worse. Clark, Reed, and BWagz will not be cheap, but its not impossible to get at least 2 back, even with RW making top dollar. Plus, this team has young talent in the pipeline (green, martin, moore, penny, poona).

    • ZB

      Soooo….Not a half-glass empty kinda guy?

      • GauxGaux

        depends on the bourbon.

        • DCD2

          Definitely stealing that line

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see panic. I see a group of fans who, not unfairly, wonder how they’re going to solve quite a dilemma.

      And while there’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘ah shucks they’ll be OK’ — it’s also very reasonable to see the other side too.

      • GauxGaux

        I’ll be sitting in the corner with my half-empty glass of bourbon…

  103. pob12

    The ship has probably already sailed, but I think the Seahawks defense is better w/Earl in the secondary and a random DE than with Frank & TT. I also think Frank would generate a decent offer in the trade market–not as much as Rob suggested in his article a few days back–but maybe enough to mostly restock our board for 2019.

    Given that, I’d be open to moving Clark & using some of the freed up funds to bring Earl back on a short-term deal.

    • Rob Staton

      Earl is finished in Seattle

  104. millhouse-serbia

    Sounding like there may be more of a market for JR Sweezy than originally anticipated. Not great news for the Seahawks budget but also not surprising for one of the most physically tough and rugged OG’s in the game.

    • mishima

      I think we lose both Fluker and Sweezy.

      • millhouse-serbia

        At the moment it looks like that.

      • Volume12

        Good thing this years guard class is strong. Time for Pocic and Simmons to step up if that is the case.

        • mishima

          I think they’ll still sign a veteran OG to pair with Simmons. Leave Pocic as backup C.

          Contract details for Carpenter’s 4-year deal with Atlanta will be telling.

          I’m not wedded to Fluker/Sweezy as most. Think we got lucky that they were as healthy as they were, last year. If they sign elsewhere, might have dodged a bullet.

      • Aaron

        Time to draft a guard, thank goodness we have a lot of draft pic…..crap!

  105. King_Rajesh

    Played some First-Pick Draft Simulator. Got a good draft today.

    Your Picks:
    Round 2 Pick 22 (HOU): Hockenson, T.J., TE, Iowa (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 23 (HOU): Bryant, Austin, DE, Clemson (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 24 (N.E.): Abram, Johnathan, FS, Mississippi State (A)
    Round 3 Pick 20: Adams, Trey, OT, Washington (A+)
    Round 3 Pick 22 (HOU): Butler, Hakeem, WR, Iowa State (A+)
    Round 4 Pick 22: Fields, Mark, CB, Clemson (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 21: Granderson, Carl, DE, Wyoming (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 23 (HOU): Gant, Malik, FS/SS, Marshall (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 21: Gay, Matt, K, Utah (A+)

    • JJ

      Hate to break it to you, but Adams isn’t in the draft.

    • HawkRealist

      Hate to break it to you but Seattle doesn’t have 7/21. Traded away.

  106. Aaron

    My takeaway from the first wave of FA is…PANIC…EVERYBODY PANIC!!! Time to trade the whole roster and start over.


    On a serious note though, the Hawks have lost some good players and will lose more before this is over. You don’t win a SB through FA. You build through the draft and supplement in FA. Thank goodness the Hawks have a lot of draft picks this ye………..crap!

    • ZB

      So in other words…PANIC

      • Aaron

        It’s not a total panic, but I am concerned beyond 2019 with the big four of Wilson, Wagner, Clark, and Reed all becoming FAs. Our only hope is getting a few comp picks this offseason to offset what could be a painful offseason next year. As for this year we are pretty strapped for cash when it comes to draft picks. We need to turn 4 into 8 in order to have any chance of taking advantage of this draft and continuing this reboot.

  107. Kenny Sloth

    Le’Veon Bell to the Ravens is what I’m hearing.

    Good chance to play against Steelers 3x

    Him and Jackson would be dynamic

  108. Volume12

    Don’t know how reliable a source he is, but Chad Forbes says the Seahawks are interested in FA WR Tyrell Williams.

    • Rob Staton

      Not a great source to be fair. Posts a lot of rumours but how many come off?


        Would make a degree of sense, though, as a Jaron Brown replacement.

        • Rob Staton

          Only if the price is right.

    • Sean-O

      I like Williams but it sure feels like some team (hopefully not Seattle) will overpay.

      I do think SEA addresses the WR position in free agency though. The depth after Lockett & ADB (who had two off surgeries?) is REALLY thin. Jury is still out on Moore in my opinion.

  109. Sea Mode

    Looking more and more like not even the R3 comp. 😥

    Bob Condotta

    Ian Rapoport says on NFL Network that Dallas has a value on Earl Thomas of “maybe” a little more than $11 million a season. Thomas still waiting to see if he can get more than that somewhere else.

    1:29 PM – 12 Mar 2019

    • Aaron

      Maybe in an final and ultimate sign of pettiness with the Hawks, Earl will just end up retiring because nobody will pay what he thinks he deserves and is entitled to. That way we don’t get a comp pick.

    • cha

      Scratch Oakland/Vegas off the list…

      Adam Schefter
      Follow @AdamSchefter

      Raiders are giving former Rams’ S Lamarcus Joyner a four-year, $42 million deal, per source.
      1:30 PM – 12 Mar 2019

  110. pob12

    Pelton makes a good point on his latest podcast. If trading a 2nd for Richardson when he only had one year of control remaining was a bad trade & an example of short term thinking, wouldn’t flipping Clark with one year remaining be a good deal? Presumably he’d command a bit more than Sheldon as well.

    • DCD2

      The big difference I see is that the Jets didn’t want to extend Richardson and had a pretty solid DL. Sheldon was coming off a down year (2 sacks or something) and had been suspended a couple of times. The Jets were shopping him for a year or more before we got desperate and came knocking.

      By all accounts Seattle wants to extend Frank, he’s been a positive in the locker room and community and he’s our only legit pass rusher.

  111. Sea Mode

    And there we go:

    Ian Rapoport

    The #AZCardinals are expected to sign former #Seahawks guard JR Sweezy, sources say. It’s a 2-year deal and another O-line addition for AZ.

    2:32 PM – 12 Mar 2019

    • dylanlep

      He gone!

    • SamL

      I wonder if they’re planning on having Simmons and Pocic battling for LG assuming they sign Fluker.

    • Aaron

      A lot of young and good interior o liners in this draft. I trust Solari to draft and develop these guys 100x more than I did Cable. Just hope we find a way to get more draft picks because we’re going to need it.

    • Volume12

      Wish I could say I was surprised. Had a feeling one or both of Sweezy/Fluker was gone.

  112. DCD2

    Bears restructured Mack to free up $11M…

    I’m guessing that they make a play at Earl. I have no evidence or even rumors of this. The money and the need match up though.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m thinking more Le’Veon.

    • cha

      Bears are absolutely up a creek.

      They have $25m of cap room next year (before Mack restructure) and have $120m committed to 19 players for 2020 and that 19 does not include a QB.

      And no first round pick this year and no first and third round picks next year due to the Mack trade.

      Looking at some painful decisions next year.

    • lil'stink

      They had the best free safety in the league last year. Why would they want Earl?

      • Volume12

        The FS that went one pick after Seattle took Teddy?

        • John_s

          Yep that guy!

      • DCD2

        Tis the season for wild speculation, that’s why!

        They were linked to Adrian Amos recently (SS) so that was my thought. If they think that they are one difference maker away, Earl is one of the last guys that fits that bill. The fact that his price is potentially more palatable given the lukewarm market for him…

        Not sure what that would look like with two FS, but we’re talking about putting safeties at slot corner, and have converted them to CB. My thought was more about skillset than position.

        If he feels slighted by us, maybe he’s feeling the same towards Dallas and does a one year deal with CHI?

        Was just trying to figure out where he could go besides Dallas or SF.

  113. Sea Mode

    Way OT, but hey, the author of this blog is British and covers “the other” football as well, and this is just brilliant in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet:

    The David Beckham Statue Prank

    • Kenny Sloth


      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        lol. he says “ya probably did me favor”

  114. Sea Mode

    *We now return to your regularly scheduled programming*

    Nice improvement on his 40 time by JoeJuan Williams at Vanderbilt Pro Day per Pauline.

    Cornerback JoeJuan Williams, who timed 4.64 at the combine, recorded a 4.55 laser time in the 40 today, a significant improvement. His other marks included 6.84 in the three-cone and 4.07 in the short shuttle as well as a vertical jump of 36 inches and a broad which measured 10-foot-6.


    Why was Williams so much faster in barely a week’s time? I’m told he struggled with his starts at the combine, which can be seen on film, and was able to get out of the blocks today with little trouble.

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