Tuesday notes: Thoughts on free agency so far

March 12th, 2019 | Written by Rob Staton

J.R. Sweezy is signing with the Cardinals

So much for keeping the O-line together. Now they need at least one replacement. D.J. Fluker, meanwhile, posted some vague semi-angry tweets. He also retweeted a fan calling out Pete Carroll, demanding he stop wasting time and re-sign Fluker.

This is a difficult situation for the Seahawks. You’ll hear people say it’s a good thing Sweezy moved on. They’ll hand pick the snaps where he wasn’t great in pass-pro and suggest this is no great loss.

Seattle’s line did more than anything else to re-establish the identity in 2018. They set the tone. There’s a reason Pete Carroll announced it was a priority to keep both guards. Neither Sweezy or Fluker is flawless. They ‘fit’ for this team though and helped establish the leagues most productive running game.

At the same, they wouldn’t and couldn’t overpay for two players who they picked up as cheap free agents. They had to wait this situation out and try to get some value because both Sweezy and Fluker have had injury issues in the past.

So who replaces Sweezy? They could go back in for T.J. Lang but at what cost? The rest of the free agent linemen are unappealing. There are options in the draft but Seahawks fans know by now how difficult it is to plug in a rookie starting offensive linemen.

Even so, it might be the best and most cost-effective solution. One name stands out to me. Oklahoma’s Dru Samia. Tough and physical against the run. Angry. Extremely aggressive and carries the same kind of intensity as Sweezy. He squares everything up and blocks to the whistle and beyond.

He’s not the only option but he’s one to keep an eye on. Boston College’s Chris Lindstrom is the best physical match to Sweezy. Samia is nasty though.

How do they replace the others?

Akeem King will get a chance to replace Justin Coleman but keep an eye on a deep class of fast safety’s. A lot of the safety’s in the draft played nickel in college. There will be ample opportunity to add someone who can fit into that role. I’ve watched three games of Iowa’s Amani Hooker and came away incredibly impressed. USC’s Marvell Tell III also makes a lot of sense. You could add several others to the discussion too.

Losing Shemar Stephen is no big loss with Poona Ford playing so well as a rookie. Sweezy we talked about above. Losing Mike Davis is a shame but they should be able to find a #3 running back. Nebraska’s Devine Ozigbo or Penn State’s Miles Sanders could make sense.

Brett Hundley is joining Sweezy in Arizona. The Seahawks already signed Paxton Lynch.

The Seahawks have had a quiet start

This is a positive thing so far. Sweezy is probably the first free agent they’ve lost and might’ve expected to keep.

The first wave of free agency is simply a chance to overpay for middling talent. The elite players barely ever reach the open market but elite salaries are still handed out.

We’ve been saying for weeks the Seahawks don’t have the money for a ‘splurge’ and so it proved. Really though, they probably weren’t going to indulge anyway. They are still in a re-set.

Price tags will start to drop now. There are still several intriguing players available. The key is to get value and build a competitive roster — not blow most of your remaining cap on one player.

Let’s point this out again — the Seahawks don’t have much money to spend. Even with all the spending that’s occurred they’re only in the middle of the pack for available cap room. They have about $30m available and can create a little more when they cut Kam Chancellor.

At the moment one player on the open market might cost $13-17m. That’d be half your cap space. They were never going to be big players in the first wave of free agency. They have a small number of contracted players for 2019 and they need to fill out their roster.

Earl Thomas is getting a wake-up call

Why couldn’t the Seahawks get a first round pick for Earl Thomas? Because of the current situation. Thomas has an inflated view of his own value. His high demands are clearly not being met and teams are happy to look at alternatives. Landon Collins, Tyrann Mathieu and Lamarcus Joyner all have deals. Earl? Sat, waiting.

His options are shrinking and teams like the Niners and Cowboys appear happy to wait for him to accept the situation and sign on their terms.

While many complained at the Seahawks for refusing to ‘pay the man’ — the rest of the league refuses to do so too.

One of three things will happen now. Either Thomas will win the day and one of the few remaining teams interested will pony up to get him. He won’t get $15m a year though like he wanted. The second option is he will accept the situation and sign in Dallas (hometown) or San Francisco (revenge mission). This seems unlikely because Earl’s pride will take a hit. The third option is he sits at home for weeks and weeks like the safety’s a year ago until he comes to the realisation that actually, he isn’t valued as highly as he thought.

And no, he won’t be coming back to Seattle. That ship sailed ages ago.

What is the key for Seattle?

Wait it out with D.J. Fluker and hope that you can come to an agreement that suits both parties. Wait it out with Mychal Kendricks and K.J. Wright and try to get them back.

Then it’s a question of where the value is. Does a receiver come into play because the value dropped to a point where you’re interested? Are any of the tight ends appealing? Are one of these pass rushers going to become available in a range where you feel satisfied in adding them?

Free agency is about rounding out your roster sufficiently and setting up your draft. That is what Seattle will do.

What is the priority now?

The same as it was two days ago. Re-sign your guys (the ones left) and try and tackle the 2020 dilemma of the ‘big four’. We’ve been talking about Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Frank Clark and Jarran Reed being the big problem since the end of the season. That’s clear for all to see now. We have absolute clarity there.

Can you get any of these guys signed up? Can you have at least three signed up by the end of the year? And if deals with any of the four are impossible or highly unlikely — get some value for them now.

Which names on the open market appeal?

Brandon Marshall (Linebacker) — tested well in the short shuttle at his combine and would fill a hole at a good price if they lose Wright and Kendricks

Clay Matthews, Bruce Irvin (EDGE) — all have enough juice left to play on a one-year deal and offer some help to the pass rush

Tyrell Williams (Receiver) — he has the height (6-4) and speed (4.4) they like, he makes big plays downfield and surprisingly he’s still available (one year prove-it deal?)

Daryl Williams (tackle/guard) — liked him in college and could possibly fill a hole at right guard if Fluker moves on

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394 Responses to “Tuesday notes: Thoughts on free agency so far”

  1. Michael in Reno says:

    Hey Rob, first time poster. Love that we are waiting things out. What are your thoughts on Nick Perry. Cut today by the Packers. USC connection, some good edge skills. Kinda under achieved in Green Bay. 1 year prove it target?

    • Rob Staton says:

      To be honest I’ve never been a big fan of Nick Perry. Either when he was coming into the draft from USC or subsequently in the NFL.

  2. ZB says:

    I’ve always liked Brandon Marshall and I think it would be a really nice pick up. Cameron Wake for a year and try and trade Frank Clark away might be a good option as well.

    I hate the feeling like we are just getting worse all the time though.

    • Darnell says:

      Wake always feels like the one that got away. He came out of the CFL a year too early for us. No way Pete lets that dude get from Vancouver to Miami if he had been the Hawks HC at the time.

  3. Sounds a lot like they’re faced with Fluker commanding what they expected/hoped to pay for Sweezy and Fluker combined…If that’s the case then they should wait it out and see if that price tag is still so high when the endorphins wear off. If Fluker is going to command $10M or more, you might as well drop a little more and get Lang.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Fluker isn’t getting close to $10m.

      The problem is this. Fluker likely wants a reward of sorts plus a commitment from Seattle. Especially considering how glowingly they speak about him. He’s also not daft — he knows the impact he had in 2018.

      At the same time, there appears to be barely any market for him. Which was exactly the case in 2017 and 2018. So the Seahawks are practically bidding against themselves. If they wait out, they can agree terms at their value. At the moment, Fluker probably feels slightly disrespected. But the Seahawks can’t just give him money for the sake of it — especially if, as I suspect, there’s minimal interest in him.

      • Michael in Reno says:

        What do you think a fair annual salary/deal would be for Fluker?

      • Unlike last year, Fluker actually built a market for himself and has momentum. Remmers getting 4 years $44M, and Sweezy being a Cardinal tells me I should take you on that bet. If 3 years $20M was possible, I don’t think any of this would be an issue. This might end up somewhere in the middle where he gets $10M — but on a one-year deal.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Fluker had no market in 2017, no market in 2018 and is currently shouting on twitter about ‘knowing his value’ and retweeting fans saying Pete Carroll should pay him. He has barely any options. There is absolutely no chance he gets a $10m contract.

          • Would you say it is safe to say Fluker and Sweezy are in similar boats? I think they are. That the Cards were able to come in and eviscerate months of intense and optimistic negotiations means they threw out a number we wouldn’t even touch. That number isn’t going to be way way off from Fluker’s — in fact I’d call him the more appealing of the two. Sweezy’s contract details will fill in the blanks. Keep in mind though; this would be the fourth year in a row where OL prices way outpaced sanity.

            • Rob Staton says:

              Clearly they aren’t in similar boats. One has a contract in Arizona. The other is complaining on twitter.

              Fluker is not getting $10m. I don’t know what else to say dude.

              • AlaskaHawk says:

                I personally think the guards and center of the line are worth about 5-6 million / year if they are good but not elite talent. I have no problem with that being put into a 4 year contract with most of it guaranteed.

                I don’t see any reason why the guards and centers can’t be replaced = other than the Seahawks had a hard time developing them under the old coaches. I’m trusting the new coach to do his job and produce some decent offensive linemen.

                • GoHawksDani says:

                  I like the numbers, but no way I’m giving Fluker a guaranteed anything more than 50% that dude is injured every year

              • Hard to argue with the angry on Twitter part. It just seems weird that Sweezy could cash in if Fluker can’t. Is there a glaring reason their FA trajectories could be so different? I’m basically basing everything off the deal Remmers got. I see Cards fans hoping it is for OL depth money — and I think they’re delusional. Hopefully I’m right about Sweezy, but having a heaping pile of crow on Fluker for dinner. I trust your got, but I’m a chronic worrier.

  4. Elmer says:

    Maybe what we are seeing IS the Seahawks doing longer-term planning. Pare down costs except for the “absolute core” so you maximize the dollars available to retain that core. Go younger, faster, cheaper, less injury-prone with the rest of the team.

    Not sure that their definition of “absolute core” would be the same as yours or mine, though. It might be smaller. We’ll see.

  5. Sean Harker says:

    Hearing now via Will Blackmon on 710 Seattle that Earl has not ruled out a return to Seattle

    • Rob Staton says:

      The Seahawks might have a different view on that.

    • Aaron says:

      1000% hard pass on that

    • C-Dog says:

      I would love it if he came back on a two year deal.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Never say never. Especially if it’s option 3. Would undoubtedly be when upgrade. Never discount that Pete has a hard time getting rid of his babies

    • It makes so much sense to sign him and bring him back if they can. If they can get him at a price that works for all involved, then he would certainly upgrade our secondary. Also if he is signed to a deal longer than one year, it makes it easy to trade him. Possibly the reason he is not getting offers is because he values himself to high, but if he signed a three year deal worth 10mil per year, maybe teams would be willing to give us something for him. If not then we would still have his services and have one of the best safeties in the league. Seems like a good path to pursue to me, unless Earl is so disgruntled that there is no chance of making amends. But then I guess we would not be speculating that he might be willing to return.

      • Whit21 says:

        Im not going to hold my breath and wait to see him re sign in seattle.. But i will admit it would be nice because it helps the 2 year window of a solid run for a championship.. Marshawn flipped off the sideline.. not once did they quit on him.. he just wanted to leave for the raiders..

        time heals all wounds.. like.. a broken leg.

      • It really feels like Hawks fans are getting excited about the possibility of him returning and I am not sure why. Earl has been one of my favorite Seahawks for the past decade and his high level of play speaks for itself. But it’s over man, he doesn’t want to be here and I think the team has made it clear they are ready to part ways as well. Given how things have played out, I would think Seattle is one of the last places he wants to (or will) sign. So it really feels like fans are setting themself up for a letdown and ignoring the reality that the ET3 era done.

  6. Michael McGlynn says:

    Hi Rob, have you watch any of the Alliance of American Football? Do you see Seattle poaching any players? Perhaps a kicker or corner. Keith Reaser the from Orlando was graded by PFF as the highest in the league and was formerly with the Chiefs. Then Damotre Moore who I believe Seattle took at look at during the season has been a beast as well as Shult from Salt Lake City (former Panther). Shult has shown a lot. Have you heard any rumblings. There is also a linebacker from Memphis that screams Seahawks. What would the process be? Do they have to wait until the end of the season to sign these guys?

    • Michael in Reno says:

      Jamar Summers, a former Steelers DB has been a shutdown corner as well. Seems to be some talent there.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I haven’t seen any of it unfortunately.

      • Michael McGlynn says:

        Games Started a little rough and sloppy, but there is some great talent there. Pretty entertaining actually. NFL really needs a developmental league. Read last week they are discussing partnering with the NFL for practice squad guys to get game experience. Some very interesting prospects. If you wanted to scout, check out Keith Reaser and Jamar Summers. I am assuming they would not count against our comp picks to do a futures contract or give a try out. Just hoping PC/JS have some scouts there paying attention. Could find a diamond in the rough.

  7. Michael in Reno says:

    Also just wanted to thank you for all your work Rob!! Amazing work. Always a must read. I look forward to reading your stuff daily this time of year.

  8. Coleslaw says:

    I thought Tyrell agreed to terms with the Browns?

  9. sbb says:

    Has there been a dollar amount mentioned yet for the Sweezy signing? I haven’t seen anything…

  10. I still and have always thought that Suh would be the main target.

  11. Trevor says:

    Hundley getting a 1y $2-3 mil deal. Will that count towards comp picks?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Yes — won’t get us a pick but means we can sign someone without risking the rest.

      • Trevor says:

        So that is 5 departures and 0 signings so far if my math is correct. Earl was a jerk with the way he behaved last year but I still hope he signs a big $ deal. Would be so nice to have an extra 3,4,5 next year.

      • How does the value work with comp picks? Like if there are 5 departing FAs sign, and let’s say 3 of them sign for big money, but the other 2 sign small deals, then Seattle signs 2 players, do they get the picks that correspond to the value of the 3 big deals? I hope that makes sense, just trying to figure out how it all works. I have tried to read up on it, but nothing I have found explains the whole process clearly.

        Also, at what date/stage of free agency do signings no longer count toward comp picks? Again, haven’t been able to get clarity on that one either.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Basically the comp pick system is to balance out losses. So if you lose five but sign three, you’re +2. At the moment Seattle has lost enough players to comfortably add a couple now. The big problem a year ago was they probably expected Joeckel and one or two others to at least get signed.

          The date where comp picks don’t count is a fair way off yet. I don’t have a specific date.

          • DCD2 says:

            My understanding is that you take the net of gains VS losses and then count your biggest “Lost” FA signings for the comp formula. In your examaple LWH, the net is 5-2=3 and you would get to use the 3 best lost players regardless of what the new guys sign for. Again, that’s my understanding and someone may need to correct me.

            What I read on the second part of your question is that the 2nd Tuesday after the draft is when FA signings no longer factor in to the comp pick equation.

  12. lil'stink says:

    I thought Irvin kind of plateaued and stalled fairly early as a Seahawk in terms of being a pass rusher. But he seemed to be turning into a better all around LB his last year here. Assuming KJ goes I wonder if Irvin couldn’t be a cheaper version to play SAM/WILL.

  13. SoCal12 says:

    I wonder what the office’s assessment of Ethan Pocic is right now. If we don’t sign someone like Lang i think we might go super-cheap on LG and have Pocic compete with a budget veteran, a draft pick and maybe Jordan Simmons.

    • Milwaukee Hawk says:

      If Simmons hadn’t gotten hurt… again… I would have little anxiety about the interior line. He played great last year but guy has had several serious knee injuries. Make you nervous to count on him.

  14. Josh says:

    Sweezy out. Carpenter is a free agent and he plays left guard. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him back

  15. Nathan says:

    Everson Griffen now may be available after Barr returned to vikes.

    • Aaron says:

      If he wants to play for under 10 mil a year then we’ll take him. However, he had some personal mental health issues last year, so I’d be cautious to go after him. Maybe he’s on a better path now. They would need to make sure of that before they even thought of going after him.

    • Kenny Sloth says:


    • Aaron says:

      I’d tell OBJ “Welcome to NFL Purgatory” but I’m pretty sure the dour ownership and losing culture will do that for him.

      • King_Rajesh says:

        Lets not throw stones at the Browns. The Seahawks had a losing culture for most of our existence outside of a few random years until Pete arrived.

        The Browns are turning it around.

    • Snax says:

      Well if OBJ decides to do peeing dog again, at least there will be some relevance to the mascot lol

  16. TomLPDX says:

    If Earl is willing to come back at the right price on a multi-year contract we should welcome him back into the fold. Earl is a highly emotional being and if this happened, he would have the biggest chip on his shoulder and play lights out. Let’s not hate on our LOB guys…they were the best of the best and they knew it…now, not so much.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Earl’s done in Seattle. I know people are regaining hope. But it’s faint hope. He’s gone.

      • TomLPDX says:

        Actually, I think JS is smarter than that. If Earl is available, JS will get him. Remember, this is a business, not personal, as much as we hate to say that…Earl took it personal and JS is keeping it business. Chances are very low Earl stays but in the end, it is a business decision not a personal one.

        • Rob Staton says:

          It’s more than a business decision. The guy flipped off the sideline. He ran into the Dallas locker room and told them to come get him.

          ‘Always put the team first’ — one of PC’s rules.

          It’s done.

  17. Trevor says:

    Went back and watched any Maryland games I could find this past weekend to check out Darnell Savage.

    I think he is going to be a top 50 pick all day long. Would love to see him as a Seahawk just don’t think we have the draft capital to take him with all the other needs we have.

    • HappyGuy says:

      I was really hoping that Savage would last until the 3rd round. I don’t think it’ll happen. One of the guys I’ve been excited about…and then he had a great combine.

  18. Coleslaw says:

    Giants getting the Bowns #17, Browns 2nd 3rd round pick and Jabrill Peppers for OBJ.


    • mishima says:

      Surprised. Great haul for OBJ.

      • King_Rajesh says:

        Are you kidding? That’s all the Giants got? They got WORKED. A hall-of-fame track WR just got dealt for a mid first, some change, and a mid-tier safety.

        • lil'stink says:

          No they didn’t. They ditched a high priced diva at an overrated position. Draft picks, cap space, and they got a promising SS who has 2 years left on a cheap deal. Peppers isn’t “mid-tier”.

          Who are the top 5 WR’s in the NFL? AB, Julio, Hopkins, Odell, AJ Green. How many rings do they have? ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. NADA.

          Funny how that despite being a passing league having an elite WR really doesn’t mean much in terms of wins.

          • Ben says:

            AB, T. Hill, OBJ, A. Green, D. Hopkins

          • H says:

            I’m fairly sure all those teams are much closer to bring SB contenders with their star recievers though. It’s about having talent, can’t be saying “well the best players at this position havent won a SB in a while therefore it must be worthless.”

            I’m genuinely shocked that anyone would think this is a bad deal for the Browns. Does everyone just default to hating on them?

            • Starhawk29 says:

              Love the deal and the aggressiveness by the Browns, but lil’ has the right idea. Top receiving talent has no correlation to SB wins. None of the top guys have won one. Julio got close, but *cough* 28-3 *cough*. SI just published an article citing last 10 SB winners and their number 1 receiver. Best 3 on the list were Edelman, Demarious Thomas, and Anquan Boldin. All 3 are good but not great. Frankly, I’d rather have 3 solid guys than a “true number 1” and spend the money elsewhere, like on the line and QB.

        • mishima says:

          ODB still owed approx. $75m/5 years. Dude’s contract has bonuses for working out and attending training camp…

          You can find a decent receiver with fewer distractions for $15m/year. So, the Giants got WORKED by ridding themselves of distraction/drama and, in the process, picked up a 1st, 3rd, Jabril Peppers and player(s) X and maybe Y ($15m value)?

          Agree to disagree.

          • Snax says:

            Damn. Old Dirty Bastard got paid!

          • H says:

            Is he a distraction though? By all accounts he’s a well beloved teammate and locker room leader. He never gets into any real trouble and, yeah he throws lifeline tantrums from time to time, but so does Tom Brady.

            The Giants got worked by ridding themselves of a generational talent.

          • Unfortunately, I think you will be in the minority on that one. They gave up a generational talent and top 3 WR entering his prime and that is all they got? Should have gotten a second 1st rounder minimum. I don’t think Odell is as big of a distraction as he is made out to be, by all accounts he is a hard worker who just wants to win and he was stuck playing for a FO that couldn’t get out of its own way.

        • Volume12 says:

          Gotta agree.

          *whispers* draft picks get overrated every year.

    • Coleslaw says:

      Should be clear that’s 1 3rd round pick. The browns had 2.

    • lil'stink says:

      Great deal for the Giants. Everyone loves WR’s because the make the highlights. But if the Giants play their cards right they could very well rebuild their defense in FA and the draft.

      I’ll trade an overpriced, diva WR to rebuild my team any day of the week.

      • Gohawks5151 says:

        Gotta agree they got worked. Lost a top 5 WR. Talent is talent. Don’t kid yourself, all WR are divas. Replaced Collins with a worse version and got 2 picks. I know we love them but draft picks are still lottery tickets. The Giants are worse today

        • lil’stink says:

          They’re rebuilding. You don’t rebuild around a WR unless it’s Jerry Rice. This isn’t Madden. You get what you can for them in order to move forward. This is a point nobody seems to talk about.

          You think Baldwin and Lockett are divas? They’re anything but. If the Giants hit on their picks they will be a much better team. It’s a big if, sure. But as good as Odell is, how many W’s would he actually bring the Giants next year?

          • King_Rajesh says:

            “You don’t rebuild around a WR unless it’s Jerry Rice.”

            Well… About that…

            Jerry Rice through 3 seasons: 200 catches for 3,575 yards and 40 touchdowns

            Beckham JR through 3 seasons: 288 catches for 4,122 yards and 35 touchdowns

            OBJ has a shot at being a Hall-of-Fame WR and threatening the top of the WR records. Maybe he doesn’t get to Jerry Rice, but he could get up there if he can stay healthy.

            • lil'stink says:

              Completely different eras, though. Can’t compare stats. And Jerry had a will to win that was unmatched. Nobody worked harder. Nobody had more of a killer instinct. That’s why I said maybe, MAYBE, you would build around a WR if it was Rice. Odell draws attention to himself by wrestling a kickers practice net.

              Odell is great. That’s not a question. But he’s not a QB, LT, or pass rusher. You don’t need a guy like him to win. And you don’t build your team around him. Only time will tell. But I think everyone saying the Giants got fleeced need to wait and see. I think it’s a good trade for both sides. But you know there will be a ton of drama from Odell in Cleveland before it’s all over.

    • 80SLargent says:

      The Giants ate $16M in dead cap to complete this trade. They ate $8M more when they traded Vernon – also to the Browns. Ouch.

    • Doug says:

      Does this set the Giants up to trade for Russ? Could trade two firsts this year +++ for him.

  19. Troy says:

    New team to watch…the Browns! Baker Mayfield QB, Kareem Hunt RB, Odell Beckam JR and Jarvis Landry at WR…I wanna watch the Browns play this year.

    • Snax says:

      Never thought I’d say it, but me too! Damn, they’re going after it this year. But good luck managing all those personalities in the locker room tho

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      They finally turned it around after dwelling in the cellar for years. Doesn’t hurt to have all those cheap first round picks to rebuild with.

      • SwissHawk says:

        Let’s see how they play together first. Plenty of teams have collected big names and won zip. Browns doing the smart thing though by making the most of their rookie QB window.

  20. Trevor says:

    Russ supposedly wants to go to NY.

    Perhaps Giants trade Odel to get cap space and draft capital they need to make Hawks an offer? It’s a stretch I know but with no Hawks signings to discuss had to throw it out.

  21. Nathan says:

    Cameron Wake get’s $25 over 3 years from Titans. Wow.

    I’m guessing they were smart and can drop the axe after 1 year for relatively little cap pain.

  22. SeahawkeyezSubj80 says:

    just for fun…both giants first round picks this year…and a first next year. what would you do? only way this is even a possibility is pc/js are in love with a qb in draft. kyler murray probably goes to arizona

  23. mishima says:

    Hearing KC is about to trade Dee Ford to SF pending new contract. Will be interesting to see what KC receives and Ford signs for. Could see a Clark trade sooner rather than later.

    • Trevor says:

      Who is going to trade for Clark though? I guess Buffalo or the Jets could make sense. I just don’t see anyone giving us much more than a 2nd if they have to sign Clark for $20 mil apy.

      • Coleslaw says:

        DE is a premium position. Teams who are looking to win will do what is necessary to get one. Look at Khalil Mack. Obviously Clark wouldn’t get that great of a return, but most likely a 1st rounder at minimum.

        • Rob Staton says:

          There’s absolutely nothing to say Seattle could get a R1 for Clark.

          It’s possible. It’s also equally possible his price is about the same as Dee Ford’s given the massive contract that is also required.

      • lil’stink says:

        Indy makes the most sense IMO.

    • Nathan says:

      Didn’t SF change to a 4-3 defense a year or 2 ago?

      That seems an odd trade.

      • FresnoHawk says:

        +1 head scratcher!

      • Volume12 says:

        Could use him as a JACK.

        9ers could have a front 7 that features Dee Ford, DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Solomon Thomas, and potentially Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams?🔥

    • Trevor says:

      Looks like SF are only giving up a 2020 2nd rounder for Ford if they can get a deal done for him. Likely what we could expect for Clark.

      • red says:

        Ford is solid but has injury history including surgery on back two years ago. Risk involved more tan flowers or clark.

  24. charlietheunicorn says:

    2 Rumors

    1. ET might be headed back to Seattle after all…..
    2. The Browns are FOR REAL in 2019.

  25. So what do we think? Is the Dee Ford trade a good or bad thing for the Frank Clark situation?

    • Aaron says:

      Good in the sense of getting a 3rd round comp pick in the 2020 draft for Clark if something similar happened.

      • mishima says:

        Hearing it’s 5/87.5m.

        • GerryG says:

          There is massive $$$ getting thrown around to good, not great players.

          Despite that the pass rushers are getting “fair” $. Nobody is overpaying Brandon Graham, Flowers, Ford, Clowney the way they have some of these other players.

          To me this is a good thing for Clark hopefully resigning. There is nothing out there this far to give him 20/year imo. Give him bragging rights over Flowers, <20, and call it good.

        • So I’d say it is a mixed bag. The trade compensation isn’t what we want. At the same time that deal Ford got makes it extremely unlikely Clark will get anywhere close to $20M. What I think this does is make it almost assured Clark will remain a Seahawk. He’s not really beating that contract by much, and we’re not beating that trade compensation by much.

    • Lil’stink says:

      Not great. It’s not even a 2019 2nd rounder.

      It all comes down to what the priorities of PCJS are. I’m starting to think that between Wilson, Wagner, Clark, and Reed that at least one (and quite possibly two) of those guys won’t sign another multi year deal here.

      • GerryG says:

        The LB $ is crazy, but none of that is going to third contracts right? Bobby is not getting 20 from any team a year from now

        • lil'stink says:

          Maybe not, but it might change how Wagner approaches things. He might think “why would I sign an extension now when the bar has been set so high”. It would certainly seem to make it more difficult for us to keep him. All it takes is for one team to offer him that huge deal, and we’re seeing more examples of players betting on themselves for one season to get a huge payday after that.

          All in all Bobby’s price just went way up to extend him.

    • As odd as it sounds (since SF just acquired a very solid player) I think it is a good thing. If the Chiefs had gotten a 1st rounder and then some, I think Seattle would have to seriously consider the market for a trade. But all they got was a 2020 2nd rounder, which tells me the trade market for tagged DEs isn’t as a hot as you would think (strange given the type of money that is being handed out) so I think that closes the book on a potential trade and now they need to get a contract done. And Ford actually signed less than Flowers, which is the other good news. I think the framework of Ford’s deal is what Seattle needs to offer Frank, maybe with a couple extra million in guarantees or something. But after Flowers signed, I assumed the tagged edge rushers would end up in the 20mil AAV neighborhood, since they are all a cut above him, but Dee just signed for 17.5 AAV so that is good news for Seattle. They have a solidified market now.

  26. Josh says:

    Cleveland is getting ridiculous. They are going be like the “dream team” eagles that didn’t do anything that cost Andy Reid his job. Can you imagine that locker room full of goons next year? Hahaha

    • TomLPDX says:

      If they play together as a team they’ll win the SB…we’ll see.

    • King_Rajesh says:

      Why are people hating on the Browns? We were right there with them in the cellar in the 80s and 90s… especially in the mid-90s where we were wasting the career of Tez Kennedy.

      Freaking ’12s need to learn our history. I sat through almost 15 years of trash tier QB play in the Kingdome and at Seahawks Stadium/Qwest Field/CenturyLink Field outside of a 2-3 year window when Matt played over his talent level.

      We shouldn’t throw stones when we live in a glass house. Get rid of Russell and have Pete and John try and find a replacement and we’ll be right back in the cellar.

      • Hawktalker#1 says:

        “Freaking ’12s”? Easy there big fella . . .

      • Tecmo Bowl says:

        QB history that includes spending 3 first round picks on QB’s in a 5 year span(89-93). Stouffer, McGwire and Mirer were all garbage.

        • icb12 says:

          Mid 90s. Remember Howard Ballard? The House! Monster of a RT. Can you just imagine that guy lining up next to DJ Fluker? Poor guy went to 4 superbowls with the Bills with nothing to show for it, and then signed with the dumpster fire that was Seattle to finish his career.

          Glass houses indeed.

  27. Dale Roberts says:

    You notice who else isn’t throwing money around free agency… the Patriots. Just sayin’.

    I just read an article from 2008 by Ross Tucker where he discusses the difficulty in playing each position on the o-line. He states that right guard is by far the harder of the two guard positions. Why? Because the left guard gets help on almost every pass play while both the right guard has to single up because the RT and TE are blocking an elite rusher. It’s an interesting article: https://www.si.com/more-sports/2008/04/04/oline-rankings

    My questions are:
    1. Is it still true that left guards get more money? and if so, why?
    2. Is the left guard still the “speed” guard and the right guard the “heavy”?
    3. How does being a run heavy team change the needed profile for a left guard?
    4. Why haven’t the Hawks been able to fill the position since Hutch?
    5. Is Samia a better fit for either side?
    6. Who in the draft specifically fits the left guard profile?

    • David says:

      I think its more of a stereotype than an actual rule. I think teams tend to like to put their best athletic football players on the “blind” side. Where then you can get the big guy on the right. If he gets beat on pass pro its in the QB’s Vision.

      I don’t really think any team needs to follow that. I don’t think anyone would say Nate Newton or Steve Hutchinson should have played right guard because of their size.

      I honestly think teams only follow that because they can’t find players that are good all around players so they try and typecast a player into a position rather than letting a bigger guy like Fluker have a shot at left guard.

      That being said I think a lot of players prefer a side where they are more coordinated and if you play right guard your whole life its hard to move over.

  28. BobbyK says:

    First of all, we don’t need to trade Wilson to the Giants for their first round pick(s) this and next year. Basically, they’ll probably get a Russell Okung, Earl Thomas, and a James Carpenter type of player (different positions). Maybe sub it for Okung, ET, and Bruce Irvin? Is that getting “value” for trading a franchise QB? Who’d we replace Wilson with? Seriously. And what would his salary be?

    Do you think the Browns are going to trade Mayfield in four years because he’ll make too much? Did Peyton Manning deserved to be paid all those years ago? Sure, Manning didn’t make as much as a Kirk Cousins, but the cap was much less too. Trading franchise QBs is simply mind boggling. Think the Chargers would be better without Rivers and extra cap space? Just crazy talk thinking of trading a franchise QB unless it was something like: both Giants #1s this year, #1 in 2020 and 2021, in addition to a player quality young player who will be under team control for about three more years. That’d still be dumb, imo (unless a 2nd rounder was thrown in every year, too).

    If Wilson is traded – who replaces him? A journeyman like Kase Keenum, Ryan Tannehill, or whoever. Eli Manning had a cap hit over $23 million in 2019 – how about him? It makes so sense to have a clown QB making around $20 million+ to create $20 million in cap space. The QB position is going to be so much worse and there’s no way an additional $20 million will make up the difference to make a team better (assuming Wilson signs for $40 or whatever).

    If they need to clear cap space for Wilson – so be it. Wilson is still going to be a good/great QB when he loses a step. He’s got great years of production left in him.

    If they need to trade a guy like Clark (for draft picks this and next year, who knows – but if Dee Ford is only going to get a 2 in 20… who knows?) and another… maybe even Reed who may have even more value since he has a cheap year coming up to enhance his value… I don’t know, but they need many picks (and to hit many of them) to have a talented roster of young guys under team control with a QB set to make $40 million.

    If they do want to trade Wilson for a Kings Ransom (to replace him with a clown), then they’d be best looking into trading Clark and Reed for multiple draft picks because there’s not going to be any serious winning happening in the next couple years. Accumulate picks and cheap players and then close your eyes and hope they don’t draft Kelly Stouffer, Dan McGwire, or Rick Mirer. Been there. Done that. Sucks.

    Side note: I think teams are weary of Fluker getting injured as much as he has the past few years. At lease Sweezy just had the one injury and he tried playing through it in the playoffs. Other than Sweezy missing that full year, he’s played in almost every game in his career. Fluker doesn’t have that track record. I’d like him back, but not at a crazy contract that they’re not going to give him.

    Pocic starting anywhere other than C scares me. And we don’t need a C.

    • DCD2 says:

      I don’t think anyone is advocating for a clown to be our QB. I would like to point out a couple of things to get your take…

      Looking at the highest paid QB’s from last year and whether they made the playoffs:

      Rogers $33.5 – No
      Ryan $30M – No
      Cousins $28M – No
      Garrapolo $27.5M – No (injured, but they were 4-12, so…)
      Stafford $27M – No
      Carr $25M – No
      Brees $25M -Yes
      Luck $$24.5M – Yes
      Alex Smith – $23.5M – No (injured)
      Flacco $22.13M – Yes (lost his job in week 9)

      So, 8/10 of the highest paid QB’s didn’t get their team to the playoffs. I guess you could say Flacco played a role, but that’s still not good odds.

      Of the teams who did make the playoffs:

      KC – Mahomes (rookie deal)
      BAL – L Jackson (rookie deal)
      HOU – D Watson (rookie deal)
      PHI – Foles (“Journeyman”) or Wentz (rookie deal) take your pick
      CHI – Trubisky (rookie deal)
      DAL – Dak (rookie deal)
      LAR 0- Goff (rookie deal)

      7/12 playoff teams featured QB’s on their rookie deals.

      I just don’t see how anyone can look at those numbers and jump to the conclusion that the only way that we’re going to not going to sink into the pits of despair is to pony up $40M for Russ. The only Super Bowl to our name came when Russ was on his rookie deal!

      • Eli says:

        Just to play devil’s advocate here,

        2017 playoffs:
        Patriots – Brady
        Eagles – Wentz
        Steelers – Roethlisberger
        Vikings – Keenum
        Jaguars – Bortles
        Rams – Goff
        Chiefs – Smith
        Saints – Brees
        Titans – Mariota
        Panthers – Newton
        Bills – Tyrod
        Falcons – Ryan

        Only 4/12 teams with QBs on a rookie contract. In 2016 only two teams in the playoffs had QB’s on their rookie contract. While its certainly true in this instance that not every QB was on a record setting max contract, I think it’s fair to say there isn’t exactly any conclusion to be drawn other than its a crapshoot when it comes down to it. And when it does come down to it, I’d rather have Russ than an unknown or second tier QB.

        • C-Dog says:

          Thank you.

        • DCD2 says:

          Salaries for 2017
          Brady – 20th
          Wetnz – 28th
          Ben – 11th
          Cousins not Keenum – 3rd
          Bortles – 25th
          Goff – 27th
          Smith 14th
          Brees – 10th
          Mariotta – 24th
          Newton – 7th
          Tyrod – 22nd
          Ryan – 4th

          So 4 guys in the top 10 and 6 guys not.

          It’s not just about being on a rookie deal, though that is certainly the easiest and best way to get there. It’s about not spending a disproportionate amount of the cap on anyone. Not to mention that those highest contracts, just 2 years ago were $23-$24M. The cap has gone up by like 6% this year, yet some are saying that we should be shelling out $40M or about 40% more than the highest paid ‘successful’ QB of two years ago.

          The top 5 QB’s from two years ago were: Flacco, Palmer, Cousins, Ryan and Tannehill. Flacco lost his job this year, Palmer is retired, Cousins was allowed to walk as franchising him got too expensive, and Tannehill is hoping to land a backup job with the Jets.

          Again, I’m not saying that we absolutely shouldn’t extend Russ or that he’ll end up as the next Flacco or Tannehill. I’m saying that I disagree about spending more than a quarter of our teams cap on Russ alone, while needing to trade our two best DL away to make room for it. Just using some recent history to make my case.

      • Gohawks5151 says:

        This thinking for us is outdated though. We had our shot with a QB on a rookie deal. We had success with it. But we are not in that part of the cycle anymore. The most successful teams of the past decade kept their guy when they found them. Brady, Manning(both I guess), Brees, Rodgers, Roethlisberger. The reason they are not on this list is because they signed longer deals and we’re not part of this era of QB inflation we are in, but make no mistake they we’re paid. And Brady continues to prove he is an all time winner by taking less money than he could get. It makes sense that Russ is the core that the team is going to build around because it’s the hardest piece to get unless we go full tear down and get higher picks. It would be a miracle to find a possible HOF QB in the 3rd again. Especially since Russ shattered the QB prototypes. It’s why the Rams are going in so hard. The Eagles did too. And so are the Browns and Chiefs. Everyone will have to pay. You just home you can win in that window and that the QB will be good enough to carry your team afterwards.

        • DCD2 says:

          Maybe I’m coming at this from the wrong angle. I’m not trying to say trade Russ today. I am saying plan to franchise him next year, by extending Clark/Reed/Bobby or at least some combination of two of them. I’m also saying we HAVE to draft a QB this year.

          When we drafted Russ, he wasn’t even supposed to be the starter, as we just signed Flynn. Rodgers was drafted when Favre had 5 more years left in the league. Brady was drafted when Beldsoe was the unquestioned franchise QB of NE.

          I just don’t think the approach should be “pay Russ whatever he wants and trade whatever we must to make it so.” Draft another QB with a decent 3/4 round pick.

          I mentioned it in the other article, but we don’t ask Russ to play QB like Brady, Big Ben, Brees, etc. We were 27th in the league in passing last year. We were #1 in rushing. Like it or not, that’s the identity Pete is going for and paying our QB the highest salary in the league to be the #27 passing team doesn’t make sense to me. Russ thew for 215 yards/game last year. That’s fine, because it’s what Pete asked him to do, but I don’t think you can’t spend 25% of your cap to that end.

          • H says:

            This line of thinking completely misses the point of Pete’s philosophy. We ranked low in passing yards (which is an terrible way of rating passing success btw) but extremely high in efficiency. Thats the key to Pete’s philosophy; “complete the circle.” Take an elite QB out of the equation and we’re just the Jags, because it’s easy to stop the run when that’s all you have to worry about.

            • Snax says:

              Ranked high in efficiency? You sure about that? If so, then I’d add ranked high in inconsistency too. Time after time Wilson made a bad throw, didn’t see a wide open receiver, held the ball too long, or just flat out made the wrong decision. Sure some of it can be chalked up to play calling. But Russ is out there making adjustments. Plenty to be frustrated with in his game

              • H says:

                In 2018 Wilson ranked 3rd in passer rating, 3rd in TDs (despite far fewer attempts than the other leaders) and 9th in yards per attempt. So yeah I’m pretty sure about that. Does he miss some throws and make some mistakes? Sure. Does every QB, including Rodgers on an easy third down attempt against the Seahawks this year? Absolutely.

                The Russel Wilson hysteria of this fan base is bonkers. He’s either a flawless superhuman only being held back by Pete’s antiquated offence, or he’s some mediocre schmuck who could be replaced by Case Keenum without the offence suffering much.

              • AlaskaHawk says:

                I agree with Snax. But I’ll extend it to the entire offense. For whatever reason, the offense can look really horrible. If you looked at last years entire season, I think it is fair to say that they looked bad for half their time on the field.

                Fumbling, bumbling, can’t get a first down to save their lives. What worries me is that the pattern continues each year. I don’t know who to blame, but the quarterback is running the show.

                What am I talking about? How about failing to make 11 third downs against the Cardinals? The perennial can’t score or get a first down in the first half of games?

                And this is on a year were Wilson had HOF stats, yet the offense still looked bad half the time.

          • betaparticle says:

            25% of the cap? you think Wilson is going to get a $45 million contract? I’d be shocked.

    • Snax says:

      Bobby, we’ll disagree and that’s ok.

      In my opinion, Wilson’s production comes from escaping the pocket. We saw how he performed stuck there on a bum ankle/knee. If that is any indication of the player he’ll be at 32-34 years, you might be wishing we had traded him. Instead we’d have made signings and draft choices in the commitment of believing he’d always be the same player. This isn’t throwing shade on the player he is now, but rather looking at his strengths and criticizing whether those strengths greatly reduce his playmaking ability.

      So here we are at a cross roads, to decide whether to give Wilson a multi year extension at a very large % of the team cap, or trade him and begin the rebuild.

      With the tough decisions to come on the big four extensions the team is looking at, its obvious players will either walk or need to be traded. We seem to be leaking talent year over year. So when people say we’re close to contending for the SB, I think they’re forgetting that the team has been leaking talent for some time and worsened by gambles to ‘win now’ with the aggressive trades that landed us with four picks this year.

      The difference between all the players you compare Wilson to was they had strengths that lent well to an aging player and a system to work within. And if we’re comparing, Nick Foles, a journey man, won a super bowl just recently.

      The choice depends on whether Wilson will sign for a reasonable deal. And I think he has ambitions that’s says he won’t. IMO it would help the team get back to the big game faster if they traded Wilson. I would rather get ahead of the issue, and sure nothing it’s not guaranteed we find a replacement. But there sure have been a lot of great QBs to come into the league in just the last few years, and with several first round picks in hand, I see plenty of tantalizing opportunity to find the next face of the franchise. Murray, Tua, Ehlinger to name a few.

  29. Coleslaw says:

    One guy I cant wait to see sign is Tevin Coleman. I hope he gets a shot to be the #1, hes so fun to watch.

  30. Coleslaw says:

    Also I think Adrian Peterson would be an excellent 3rd string RB on a cheap 1 year deal. The dude can still play, let his get 5 carries a game and step up if need be.

    AP, Gostkowski, Addae, Dorsett, Fluker, and Kendricks are my dream players for us to sign now that the rest are gone lol.

    • Dale Roberts says:

      Shouldn’t our third string guy be more of a specialty guy like McKissic otherwise he’d better be a big contributor on special teams. Ricky Prosise would be ideal with his pass catching ability but he’s too fragile to contribute on special teams or I guess on offense for that matter.

  31. red says:

    Ian Rapoport

    Numbers on two #Falcons deals from earlier today: ATL agreed to terms with G Jamon Brown on a 3-year, $18.75M deal with $12.75M guaranteed, while G James Carpenter is signing for 4 years and $21M, source said.

    These contracts are probably a guide to what Fluker will get. I am thinking 3 years 19 mil for Fluker.

    • Dale Roberts says:

      If we give him three years how many games do you think he’ll play in?

      • red says:

        guaranteed money in first two years third year team can walk with basically no penalty.

        year one 6mil guaranteed year two 7 mil 3 mil dead year 3 6 mil 1 mil dead

    • Rob Staton says:

      I don’t think it’s much of a guide.

      Again — Fluker had no market in 2017 or 2018. And he’s unsigned and currently arguing on Twitter about not being valued by Seattle.

      He’s one of those guys who fits with one team (Seattle) and everyone else is saying, ‘pass’.

      • Georgia Hawk says:

        “Yes pass as in not this time, but also pass as in we actually PASS, and you are not good for that…”

  32. charlietheunicorn says:

    So at least one news outlet is floating the Cleveland will also pick-up ET to bolster the secondary.
    That would be very intriguing. I guess if you are going big….. go BIG and load up on all the talent you can scrape together. They are in a 2 year win it all window, with a cheap QB deal, so WHY NOT!

  33. Grayson says:

    Any thoughts on the future of Blake Bortles? He might be too pricey but he seems like an interestig free agent.

  34. nichansen01 says:

    My dream draft, after some trade downs:

    2. Anthony Nelson
    3. Trysten Hill
    3. Josh Oliver
    4. Rodney Anderson
    5. Dru Samia
    7. Jamal Peters

    I really love Anthony Nelson’s testing numbers. A nice big highly athletic defense end.

    Rodney Anderson is perfect for losing Mike Davis. I love Trysten Hill’s testing numbers and tape! I’m thinking Peters could be a good strong safety candidate and you could pick up Jordan Miller and Derek Thomas in UDFA. Oliver is really interesting to me as an Ed Dickson replacement.

  35. red says:

    lots of talk about who the hawks can keep between Wilson Wagner Reed and Clark. So the question is do you use 45% of the 2020 cap on these 4 players. Say Clark is 5/100 Reed extension 5/75 Wagner 4/68 and Russel gets the tag or extension at 38-40 year to year. Say we cut J Brown Mingo and Kam that gets us to about 40 mil in 2019 so we extend Bobby and Reed and clark this brings to about 30 mil under with 3mil more for Bobby and Clark off the tag 17 to 20 and say add another 5 to the cap for reed in 2019. Say we sign Fluker for 6mil a year now we are at 23mil under for 2019 from here we can add depth at LB DT OL 15 mil for this .


    90 mil for 4 players above 110mil cap space 110-90= 20 cut kam britt frees up 20 more and if you want to do Baldwin we are at 50 so I think it is possible but would have to draft well and find a few cheap veterans.

  36. GoHawksDani says:

    I’m absolutely bummed. I don’t want to be a negative Nelly, but we don’t have a clear starting nickel CB, a clear starting LG, a clear edge rusher apart from Clark. #3 WR and RB is a question mark. We also don’t have CAP space or draft capital.
    And there’s also the big 4 coming FA thing.

    This wants to be an inside rushing team mostly. But we just lost one of our guards and the other is a FA.
    This wants to be a dominating defense, but Clark may be unhappy with the tag and there are holes in this defense.

    I’m not really happy with Carson-Penny-Prosise-McKissic (first two good, but if Carson got hurt or Penny we’re not so good)
    I’m not happy with Simmons-Fluker-Pocic as guards. Simmons played well, and Fluker is a beast. But Pocic is bad. And Fluker is injury-prone.
    I’m not happy King as a starting nickel CB. He’s might be fine covering TEs and bigger receivers, but he doesn’t seem that fluid and quick to cover Lockett-like guys.
    I’m unsure about the Clark situation.

    I’m happy they didn’t give Davis or Sweezy a big contract. And I’m happy they didn’t make big splashes in early FA.
    But having this many holes with no real and easy way to fill them (no money or picks), this could lead to mediocrity.
    And I’m not a fan of mediocrity. If Clark is really unhappy with the tag, extend him or trade him.
    I want at least 2 guys to be extended from the 4 major FAs coming up.
    If it’s hard to negotiate with them, try to trade 1-2 of them.

    This FO needs to be really-really smart right now. If they mess up even a little bit this team can be stuck in the 7-9 to the 10-6 range with just missing PO or be a one-and-done in the PO for a long time.
    I would take 3 bad years (3-5 wins only) and 2 mediocre (8-10 wins with wildcard and short PO appearance) and an SB win over 6 years with 10 or 11 wins and short PO appearances

    • Rob Staton says:

      The only thing to be alarmed about is the big four problem in 2020. The rest will take care of itself.

      • Trevor says:

        +1 I think that is why everything else is kind of in a holding pattern. Until something gets done with at least one or two of those four things are kind of at a stand still.

  37. Sea Mode says:

    Backing up the point Rob has made over and over again about not needing a top safety to replace Earl (because there just aren’t that many that truly tilt the field):

    Scot Mccloughan

    No I didn’t want to. In all the years I’ve been in the league, I can only think of a handful of Safeties that are capable of changing games….but what do I know 😂

    .@MccloughanScot what are your thoughts on Landon Collins? Didn’t you want to draft him before NYG leaped us?

    8:47 PM – 12 Mar 2019

    And while we’re on the topic of Earl, all those saying he might want to come back to Seattle… sorry, but IMO that’s about the most obvious (and weak) media leverage play we’ve seen to date. Only Cowboys, 49ers, Browns in market for him and none want to meet his demands, so he leaks info that he hasn’t ruled out a return to Seattle. Come on…

  38. Sea Mode says:

    So Dee Ford got $17.5/apy and he’s 2yrs older. Still think Clark is just waiting for Lawrence/Clowney to sign.

  39. Sea Mode says:

    Perfectly stated:

    Months after paying him a $20 million signing bonus, they traded one of the league’s best young players at any position to the Browns for the sort of offer the computer would reject in a video game. 😂


    Because the Giants are eating the $20 million signing bonus on Beckham’s deal, the Browns are getting a relative bargain as part of this contract. Cleveland essentially has OBJ signed on a five-year, $77 million pact with $19.5 million guaranteed, all but $2.75 million of which comes this season. From the Browns’ perspective, his deal averages $15.4 million per season.


    Although it took about 2 seconds after the trade was announced for this to pop up…

    Ian Rapoport

    Odell Beckham Jr saw Antonio Brown receive added money without adding New Years upon being traded to the #Raiders. My understanding is Odell wants the same thing from the #Browns.

    6:11 PM – 12 Mar 2019

  40. Sea Mode says:

    Vol, you were asking the other day about market inefficiencies to exploit. Here’s one:


    • Volume12 says:

      Before I got to the bottom of the article, I was like ‘Philly does this just as well as NE’ until I saw the writer of the article mention Howie Roseman and Philly.I

      It’s a great strategy and highly effective. One I would like to see Seattle use.

    • TCHawk says:

      I agree this is an area JS has not been very good at exploiting. It seems we feed this inequity, not feast from it.

  41. Sea Mode says:

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Seahawks tendered RFA DL Quinton Jefferson at the original round level (5th round), source said. Started 12 games last season. Could be in play on the RFA market.

    6:09 AM – 13 Mar 2019

    There’s one way to possibly get another R5.

    • Sean-O says:

      I’m all for getting more draft picks but as this team sits currently, QJeff seems more valuable than a 5th round pick. As least SEA gets the option to match if someone else signs him.

    • mishima says:

      Some team will pick him up. Any word on what round they tendered Fant?

      • Sea Mode says:

        No, but I understand we’ll find out at 4pm EST today if it doesn’t leak before.

  42. C-Dog says:

    Stay patient, Seattle, and let the market come to you.

    DL’s still on the market.
    Muhammad Wilkerson
    Bennie Logan
    Allen Bailey
    Christian Covington
    Corey Liuget
    Tim Jernigan
    Johnathan Hankins
    Tyeler Davison
    Malcom Brown
    Danny Shelton
    Brent Urban

    Edge players still there
    Ezekiel Ansah
    Alex Okafor
    Bruce Irvin
    John Simon
    Shane Ray
    Derrick Morgan
    Justin Houston
    Nick Perry
    Shaquil Barrett
    Aaron Lynch

    LBs still there
    Jake Ryan
    Brandon Marshall
    Mark Barron
    Deone Bucannon
    KJ Wright

    DBs there
    Pierre Desir
    Eric Rowe
    Ha Ha Clinton Dix

    OL available
    Quinton Spain
    D.J. Fluker
    TJ Lang
    Daryl Williams

    Offensive Weapons, backs, and receivers
    Tevin Coleman
    Alex Collins
    Ty Montgomery
    Golden Tate
    Tyrell Williams
    Jermaine Kearse
    Donte Moncrief
    Phillip Dorsett
    Austin Seferian Jenkins

    Tyrod Taylor

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Awesome list. Kind of puts things into perspective. We are only in the first few days of FA. Easy to get drawn into the mess. Covington and Brown were dudes i liked in the draft at DL. Didn’t realize Buchannon was out there. He would be an interesting get. S/LB hybrid dudes were all the rage a few seasons ago and i still think the league is moving that way albeit slower than many thought. Dude can tackle, blitz and not the worst in coverage. Still untapped potential.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Bucannon already agreed with Bucs. Bruce Arians reunion.

      • C-Dog says:

        I would love to see them grab one of those younger DLs to take a flyer on kinda like they did with Alan Branch back in the day. Someone with some upside who can be a hedge for Reed.

    • Volume12 says:

      TJ Lang should retire. I have no desire to see him suffer another concussion

    • Bigten says:

      Danny Shelton back in the PNW? What are thoughts on him

  43. Sea Mode says:

    Well, that was close to having Bell in the division…

    Tom Pelissero

    Live on @nflnetwork, our guy @MJD says he spoke to his agent — Adisa Bakari, who’s also Le’Veon Bell’s agent — and Bakari said the #Jets were the frontrunner all along for Bell, though another strong offer came from the #49ers … who acquired Bakari client Dee Ford last night.

    7:09 AM – 13 Mar 2019

    • Volume12 says:

      Bell is an idiot. Said he wanted $17 mil, turned down a 5 year/$14 mil a year from the Steelers, and then signed with the Jets for $13 mil?!?

      He left money on the table in the prime of his career. He got less money than he would’ve had he just signed the extension in Pittsburgh and didn’t sit out. All in all, galaxy brain stuff. A strategy so effective we’ll never see it again.

      • SebA says:

        ^ This x1000 – well put!

      • Sea Mode says:

        Not only did he get a slightly lesser deal than the one PIT offered last year, he also missed out on $14m for sitting out last season that he will never get back.

  44. Jujus says:

    Word on the street we signed Tyrell williams

  45. Volume12 says:

    JS at Oklahoma pro day.

  46. King_Rajesh says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want Earl back unless its for significantly less than he was playing for, like 6-8 million? I can deal with a humbled Earl Thomas, but I’m not sure the Seahawks need the man he is now.

    Dude thought he was bigger than the team, kept Bobby from asserting himself as a leader on the defense, flipped off the coaches, went into business for himself by not having surgery to fix his broken leg…

    If Earl really disagreed with the cancer that Sherman became, why didn’t he try and shut that down in the locker room? He was the oldest guy in the locker room, why didn’t he pull Sherman back into line?

    We don’t need that attitude on the new team the Seahawks are becoming.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m not fussed either way.

      If he came back it’d be a redemption story of sorts. He is still a good player, albeit one who is picking up injuries every year now. If he signs somewhere else, I’m long over it.

      I think there’s next to no chance it happens though. The Cowboys will probably match anything Seattle would be willing to pay. And I kind of get the sense PCJS have moved on.

    • Volume12 says:

      We don’t need great players?

      • King_Rajesh says:

        We don’t need great players that are also old, injury-prone, selfish, and not willing to respect the coaches.

        When was the last time Earl played a full season? 2015. That’s three straight years he hasn’t helped the team the entire season, for one reason or another.

        Banking on him being able to go 16 for another 3-4 seasons is not a bet I’d want us to make. We already saw what happens when you invest in an injury prone safety in Kam Chancellor and it cost us over 20m in cap space last year and this year.

        • Georgia Hawk says:

          Kam’s injury was a fluke injury that could happen to anybody “injury prone” or not. The only significant time he missed due to injury prior to this injury was 2015. 5 straight years of 14 games prior to that.

        • Volume12 says:

          I’d take Earl Thomas and his headaches every day of the week over Tedric Thompson of the $ was equal.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        I would like to see if his body and leg will hold up before I get too excited about retaining him. Most of his value was from him being fast enough to cover the entire field and deliver hard hits. If he has lost some speed, he isn’t the same player we remember.

        • Volume12 says:

          That’s just flat-out false.

          So much more you can do with Earl Thomas. Watch him play in the box in Baltimore and excel.

    • McZ says:

      Through Adam Schefter, ET will sign with the Ravens, 4y/55m, 32m guaranteed.

  47. Volume12 says:

    Who’s the prospect this year that NFL teams will overthink? Doesn’t have to be a 1st rounder.

    Last year Desmond King was a perfect example.

  48. Rob Staton says:

    Earl Thomas to the Ravens. Four-years, $55m.

  49. EP says:

    Not Seahawks or Free agency however, on the OBJ trade and the Giants perhaps lacking direction. I think they’re perhaps loading up on stock to pursue pick number 1 and Kyler Murray. The future for them is a new QB not a WR.

  50. ZB says:

    Looks like ET got his money and is a Raven now for 4 years at $13.75 million per.

  51. Volume12 says:

    Happy for ET. Break a leg Earl!

  52. C-Dog says:

    Jason Myers is a Seahawk

    • cha says:

      4 year/$15-16 deal

    • Volume12 says:

      Finally got a K. About damn time!

    • astro.domine says:

      Interesting turn of event!
      Meyers made 91.7% of kicks in 2018, compared to Janakowski’s 81.5%.
      He was tied for the most 50+ FGs made in the league (6).
      He did, however, have the 4th worst % made for extra points.

    • Volume12 says:

      Wait. Is this the guy they had last year, cut, and are now bringing back?

      • DCD2 says:

        Unfortunately, yes, he’s the one.

        • Volume12 says:

          The f**? lol

          This team might be more guilty of 20/20 is hindsight than short-termism.

          • DCD2 says:

            Ya, the kicker has got to be one of the strangest thought processes for us. Our team is designed to keep things close and play low scoring games. With that in mind, we’ve skimped at K for YEARS.

            Not only that but we save what, like $250k by going cheap? Then we go and drop Tom Johnson for 0-snap special teamer Luani, so that we can eat $1.8M last year and this year (after getting us one whole tackle). Or $8M on Joeckel… meanwhile we lose multiple games due (directly or indirectly) from not having a reliable kicker.

            For all the things John does great, he sure makes some head-scratchers as well.

        • Sea Mode says:

          Better late than never. How is it he goes to the Pro Bowl and then isn’t extended by his own team?

          Love this move for us. No more pinching pennies on a guy who could decide so many games for us.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        A good move considering some of the Seahawks close finishes. To bad they didn’t do it last year for less.

  53. Rob Staton says:

    Predictions and free agency primer going well so far…

    — No splurge
    — Get the kicking situation sorted and spend a bit of money there if needed

    Only flop so far is them not keeping Sweezy which I thought they would.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Spot on. Hard to call it a flop if we simply got outbid. Curious what he got.

    • Volume12 says:

      If they can add another 3, I’d love for them to tap into the strength of day 2 with the safeties and guards.

      Give me Iowa’s Amani Hooker (BTW, you finish your viewing of him?) and Wisconsin’s Michael Dieter.

      Kinda get the feeling, WR or pass rusher is what they go for with their 1st overall selection.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Thoughts on Iowa pass rusher Anthony Nelson?

        • Volume12 says:

          I like him. Great techniqiue. Excellent at setting the edge. Uses his length extremely well. Good speed-power rush. Elite agility. Has some Jared Allen to him.

          Late round 2-mid round 3 for me.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I have watched five Iowa games now. I really like Hooker. Not as a rangy free safety but as someone who can play up and work the nickel — I’m all in.

    • Rob4q says:

      Seems like Arizona might have offered a little more than what we were willing to pay for Sweezy…too bad for us but good for him. Outside of our internal guys (Simmons & Pocic) who else might we be looking at to replace Sweezy?

      I like the Jason Meyers signing – fixes the mistake made last year. It was hard to know he was going to have the year he did, but should be a good young kicker for us for a while.

      There are still a lot of good players out on the market and I’m sure they have they’re sights on a few of them. Waiting for the market to settle down always seems to make the most sense.

      Great job staying on top of everything – this has become my place to get the latest info!

    • I’m anxiously waiting on the financials of Sweezy’s deal! Just because I am extremely curious what AZ gave him.

      I don’t mind one bit that we spent some money on a kicker – Jason Myers is a really good option. Have always liked that PC/JS don’t hesitate to admit when they made a mistake.

  54. Sea Mode says:

    Adam Schefter

    Former Chargers’ WR Tyrell Williams intends to sign with the Oakland Raiders, per source.

    7:00 PM · Mar 13, 2019

    • SoCal12 says:

      I’m honestly pretty okay with not spending any significant money on WRs. Lockett/Baldwin is a solid 1-2 and if we need a third I’d rather use it to develop our own draft picks. We’re not a pass first offense either, so I don’t see a lot of value to be had in spending our limited resources on the position.

  55. Tecmo Bowl says:

    Washington released LB Zach Brown. He might be too expensive, but would be a great fit next to Wags. Potential comp picks would not be effected either.

  56. Whit21 says:

    Looks like they got back jason myers from the jets.. shocking.. jk. They needed a reliable kicker and he only proved thar after they pick janikowski

    • SeaTown says:

      Well, not sure why they didn’t just go with the younger guy last year. Another JS move that leaves me SMH.

      • Rob4q says:

        It’s always easy in hindsight to second guess a decision, but coming into camp last year Meyers was still an inconsistent, mostly unproven kicker and SeaBass was a future HOF who still had the leg. Sometimes it works out and sometimes not…and I’m guessing that decision was more PC than JS…

        • Sea Mode says:

          I’m guessing they would have signed him to a 1-year deal and would have to pay him now anyway all the same after making the Pro Bowl.

          • jb9 says:

            They’d still have to pay him, but they would’t lose a comp pick

            • Sea Mode says:

              They won’t lose one anyway, since they lost more than 6 players. (but it would have been nice to have a Pro Bowl kicker last season!

  57. cha says:

    New Kicker:

    My spilled-milk scenario is if they make some kicks the they missed the last couple years there’s a couple more wins/year on the scorecard, and the general consensus would shift away from draft/trade mistakes and losing the glory day players to how well the Hawks have transitioned to a new core.

  58. Sea Mode says:

    Wait, so Coleman’s deal is essentially year to year?

    Aaron Wilson

    Justin Coleman (Lions) $36M, $19M gtd, $10.145M signing bonus, salaries $805K (gtd), $6.95M (gtd for inj at signing, $5.05M gtd for skill, cap at signing, $1.9M gtd for skill-cap if on roster 3rd day 2020; $8.95M ($1.1M gtd if on roster 3rd day 2021); $8.95M

    7:34 PM · Mar 13, 2019

  59. Madmark says:

    Not really a new kicker since he competed in camp last year and he probably from opinion should have won the spot on the team. I love the signing and this was one of the most important weakness Seattle had last year. Seattles games are a grind and for the most of them are always close games where the kicker is needed. I absolutely love this signing and I fill we don’t have problem in this position anymore.

  60. Sea Mode says:

    Akeem King contract details in. Like the INT incentive!

    Aaron Wilson

    Akeem King (Seahawks) $1.4MM, $400K signing bonus, $750K base salary, $15,625 per game 53-man roster, up to $650K playtime, interceptions incentive

    11:48 AM – 13 Mar 2019

    • CaptainJack says:

      I LOVE this. Akeem King had a great showing against Kansas City. I think he can be our new nickel back.

  61. Its interesting we havent seen any Colts signings. Thought they would have done a lot since they were a rising team with a tone of cap space.

  62. I know Mr Staton may disagree but I still believe Suh will be a Seahawk. Just throwing that out there.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Not out of the realms of possibility, Suh claimed to want to stay on the west coast, and he’s from Portland. Seahawks had interest in him last year.

    • Sea Mode says:

      The way he apparently mailed in the regular season this year though I doubt fits with the culture we’re trying to build.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Mailed it in? Seems like he was decently productive on a team that won the conference.

    • snax says:

      No thanks Mr. Suh. Locker room headache, over the hill in his career, and admitted he took snaps off last season.

      Money is better spent elsewhere.

  63. jb9 says:

    Still hoping the Hawks sign Ziggy Ansah if he can be had for 12-13M, whether they trade Clark or not.

    • CaptainJack says:

      That would be a dream signing.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Not at that price…

        Turns 30 in May, always injured. Would have to be a much much cheaper prove it deal IMO to interest the Hawks at all.

        • jb9 says:

          I doubt he’ll sign for less than a 1 year 12-13 million. Thinking about it more, I’d actually even give him 2 years 24-26 million with the injury risk.

        • CaptainJack says:

          You take that risk. Phenomenal talent.

      • jb9 says:

        Cutting Mingo and Ed Dickson would free up an extra 8.5 million this season. That cold go a long way to bringing in a pass rusher.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m not paying Ansah $12-13m. Would be content at the same level as Suggs in Arizona. Ansah too injury prone, too hit and miss.

  64. Sea Mode says:

    As of right now, we are in line for these comp picks per OTC:

    R3 Earl Thomas (4 more FA signings over $13.75m/apy to knock it down to R4 = very safe)
    R4 Justin Coleman (3 more FA signings over $9m/apy to knock it down to R5 = moderate risk)
    R6 Shamar Stephen (4 more FA signings over $4.15m/apy to knock it down to R7 = highly likely)
    R6 Mike Davis (3 more FA signings over $3m/apy to knock it down to R7 = highly likely)

    R7 Brett Hundley (just means we can sign an outside FA without putting our top 4 at risk)
    TBD JR Sweezy (anything over $6.25m/apy gets a R5 for now)

    R3 cutoff: $12m/apy
    R4 cutoff: $8.5m/apy
    R5 cutoff: $6.25m/apy
    R6 cutoff: $3m/apy

    Some guys who could still get big deals?
    Ndamukong Suh
    Ezekiel Ansah
    Ronald Darby
    Daryl Williams
    Golden Tate
    Ha Ha Clinton Dix
    Bryce Callahan
    Shaq Barrett
    Tevin Coleman
    Danny Shelton
    Jared Cook
    Tyrell Williams
    Clay Matthews

    Top FA who were cut and don’t count against comp picks:
    Justin Houston
    TJ Lang
    Jamie Collins

    Luckily Jason Myers was cut, so he doesn’t count against the formula.

    If KJ leaves and nets a R5, and Sweezy nets a R5, the hope would be that we could end up with R3, R4, R5, R5 comp picks for next year!

    • Aaron says:

      I’m really holding out hope for four comp picks next year

      • jb9 says:

        Still am peeved the Seahawks signed all those journeyman vets last off-season. They lost a 4th,2-5ths,6th,7th rd comp picks this draft because of it.

    • jb9 says:

      So because Myers was cut last season by the Seahawks, it doesn’t cost a comp pick even though the Jets lost him?

    • Sea Mode says:

      My bad, Jason Myers was not cut. Shouldn’t affect our top 4 comps though at only a reported $4m/apy.

      2018: 33-36 FGs. 6-7 from 50+

      I’ll take it!

      • jb9 says:

        I’m confused. Myers makes about 4 million per season. Shouldn’t that take away the comp pick from Shamar Stephen or Mike Davis?

        • DCD2 says:

          Yes, it will. Hundley will now count, but one of those two gets offset by Myers based on ~$4M/yr.

    • cha says:

      Get round up SM, thanks!

      Hundley might tumble off the board due to low/no snaps but that’s OK.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Good point.

        Last year, anything over $2m/apy got a R7 comp, so he would have to get all of his bonuses to hit it.

        Either way, I think he still offsets an outside FA we sign (Jason Myers, for example), right?

        • cha says:

          Oh yes very likely. I don’t think the full NFL comp pick formula has ever been explicitly spelled out but OTC is about as good as it gets in their projections. The snaps/performance piece is the hardest one to project because it isn’t clear what values it is based on.

          If Meyers has another Pro Bowl year that might bump him up to offsetting a Sweezy or Mike Davis. But that’s a great problem to have.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Sweet. OL Daryl Williams back to Carolina, so one less possible big deal to mess with our comp picks.

    • WALL UP says:

      Josh Sitton is another option that will not count against comp picks, released by the Fins.

  65. Sea Mode says:

    Get this man a Seahawks deal for his birthday!!

    DJ Fluker TheWarrior

    Blessed to see another year

    11:07 AM – 13 Mar 2019

  66. Madmark says:

    Well, I’m having a cup of Joe and caught up on the news front. The combines over and I’ve been doing some digging on the TE position which’s a position I played, so it makes me partial to it. I loved your write up on Trevon Wesco. When I look at him he really is a jack of all trades but I see more of his sets being in the backfield and I would think he be devastating on special teams with his size and speed. I even like the thought of old school of running for 3rd and one yard dive play to fullback up the middle hehe.
    Trevon Wesco TE/FB West Virginia, 6’3″ 267ibs., Arms: 34 3/4″ Hands: 9 1/2″ 40: 4.89 BP:24 VJ:31″ BJ: 117″ 3cone: 7.18 20ydshuttle: 4.38
    There is just so much you can do with this guy. he could make it on the team as special teamer and fill backup slots at FB or TE. I don’t see him thou inline TE that we need to replace Will Dizzly who I think will be on pup list when the season starts. Its my thinking I would double down this draft. The other 2 guys I’ve come up with are more inline TE.

    Drew Sample TE Washington 6’5″ 255ibs. Arms: 333/8″ Hands: 9 5/8″ 40: 4.71 BP: ?
    VJ: 33.5″ BJ: 115″ 3cone: 7.15 20ydshuttle: 4.31
    I look at this guy and I think he has the potential to be one of those guys like a Chris Gray type player. A guy that during his time here he’s a player you try replace but you never do. He’s there every year ready with that working man’s attitude. Only wish he had a more nasty demeanor like the other TE.
    Foster Moreau TE LSU 6’4″ 253ibs. Arms: 33 1/2″ Hands: 9 5/8″ 40:4.66 BP:22
    VJ: 36.5″ BJ: 124″ 3cone: 7.16 20ydshuttle: 4.11
    He loves to block and he has a nasty demeanor to his blocking, I think he needs a year in an NFL weight room and add 5ibs of muscle to be super effective. I really like this guy and have a great feel he’s going to be good pick for anyone who takes him. I think he will go in the middle of 4th round.
    Speaking about draft picks so far what comp picks will we get from Earl Thomas, Justin Coleman and a J.R. Sweezy?

  67. cha says:

    Chiefs just cut Eric Berry per Rapsheet

  68. Trevor says:

    Love that we have both kickers locked up for the next 3 years. One is going to be a perennial All Pro and the other was a Pro Bowler last year so obviously has that potential.

    That’s one postion group we should be happy about that can have direct impact on wins and losses. Took them a while but seems like PC/JS have figured those positions out.

    Hope they can get back to being an elite special teams unit next year. Kickoff and punt coverage really needs to be better.

    Just trying to find something positive to take about with not much free agent news to get excited about.

    • Sea Mode says:


      Peace of mind

      • Sea Mode says:

        And a good deal too (provided he performs). $3.8/apy ties him at the 7th highest paid with Vinatieri and Lambo. (8th if you include Robbie Gould’s tag and 9th if you assume Gostkowski will get as much or more of the $4.3m/apy he had on his last deal.)

        Manish Mehta

        Details on Jason Myers’ deal with the Seahawks: 4 years, 15.5 million with $7M in guarantees.

        Jets had marginal interest in bringing back their Pro Bowl kicker

        1:28 PM – 13 Mar 2019

  69. Sea Mode says:

    No wonder we lost interest quickly…

    Adam Schefter

    Raiders giving former Chargers WR Tyrell Williams a four-year, $44 million deal with a max value of $47M that includes $22M guaranteed, per source.

    1:58 PM – 13 Mar 2019

    That’s one more that bumps Coleman comp closer to R4.

    • Rowlandice says:

      Thanks for keeping track of this Sea Mode. Next year’s draft will likely be a good one to have some extra picks. They’ll be a quarterback feeding frenzy (maybe even by the Hawks) and with our “big 4” contract situation we may need to reload as well.

  70. Sea Mode says:

    So, Fant was tendered at a R2, will cost $3.095m.

    Jefferson at original round, which will cost $2.025m.

    Bob Condotta

    Seattle tendered all of its RFAs and ERFAs except for Tre Madden (RFA) and TJ Green, Tevon Mutcherson and Ricky Ali’ifua, each ERFAs.

    1:50 PM – 13 Mar 2019

    • mishima says:

      Smart move, provides some OL flexibility. Depending on what happens in FA/draft, insurance if Ifedi needs to move inside.

  71. Dale Roberts says:

    Rob… What do you think of Danny Shelton?

    • millhouse-serbia says:

      One-year deal for LB Mychal Kendricks at around $4 million to stay with the #Seahawks, source adds.

    • mishima says:

      1 year / $4m

      Great news!

    • CaptainJack says:

      Does this mean goodbye to KJ? And it’s still possible he’s not available to play a single down the entire season with his legal stuff coming up…

    • Sea Mode says:

      Love it!

    • SoCal12 says:

      I wonder if this means the FO knows there’s a good chance he won’t get much jail time or at all. I feel like we wouldn’t tie money on someone who we think is likely to be legally unable to compete.

      Great signing if it all pans out though.

      • LLLOGOSSS says:

        Or maybe the price has his unknown availability factored in. $4 million is very cheap.

    • GauxGaux says:

      hopefully that cash is going torwards his legal fees…

      • Actually thought they would get him for less than that. Not knowing his legal outcome hurts because now your kind of in limbo for the position.

  72. Sea Mode says:

    Dang it, nice signing.

    Adam Schefter

    49ers signing Tevin Coleman to a two-year, $10 million deal, per source.

    2:51 PM – 13 Mar 2019

    • Coleslaw says:

      WOW. not only in our division, but now I wont be drafting McKinnon or Coleman in fantasy… sad day

    • cha says:

      So between Coleman, McKinnon and Juszyzyk they have about $16m tied into their running game next year.

      Seahawks? Less than 1/3 of that.

    • Volume12 says:

      I like Coleman and it coulda just been a down year for him, but when Devonta Freeman went down last year Coleman dropped the ball. Figuratively speaking. Was thoroughly outplayed by rookie Ito Smith.

  73. Bruno says:

    Rams Corey Littleton looked like a baller last year. Could he be a young option to hedge for Kendricks and Bobby? Playmaking, long armed backer with great special teams value. Offer him $2M over 2nd rd tender and at worst, pull a little cap space away from Snead and McVay. If he signs, Mingo gets waived to pay most of the transaction.

    Any other RFAs out there worth exploring?

  74. Sea Mode says:

    Doubt it, but in case anyone is interested in an old DB project reunion (too bad Desir got away from us).

    These players were not tendered by their teams and are now FA:

    Jean-Baptiste, Stanley (BAL)
    Powell, Tyvis (SF)
    Smith, Tye (TEN)

  75. cha says:

    Excellent. That guy got beat like he stole something last year.


    Ian Rapoport

    5 minutes ago
    The #49ers re-signed DB Jimmie Ward on a 1-year deal worth $5M, source said.


  76. Trevor says:

    Watching Kyler Murray’s Pro Day today all I could think was how much I really hope that somehow Arizona pass on him. He looked so natural and fluid throwing the ball and they never even hilighted what he does best moving and throwing on the run. He has sick arm talent!

    • It would be a double negative if the Cardinals take Murray. If they do who is waiting in the wings for the Niners to snatch up. (Bosa)

      • RWIII says:

        This is no slight to Bosa. But I would take Quinnen Williams over Bosa. You can’t lose either way. But all things being equal I would take Quinnen Williams.

  77. John_s says:

    My favorite part of the Jason Meyers signing is how pissed off Seahawks Twitter are about it lol.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s worth an extra million on the deal

    • Volume12 says:

      What are they salty about? Having a good to great kicker with a run first/heavy offense is important.

      • John_s says:

        They overpaid, he’s inconsistent, just because you spent money on a kicker doesn’t mean he’s good, you paid RB money on a kicker, the signing could affect comp picks, etc

        • Volume12 says:

          I love how the majority of us can’t even man age our own finances yet everyone is a cap expert.

          • Volume12 says:

            * manage

          • Sea Mode says:

            wE prACtiCe oN MaDDeN…

            Haha, and I posted it earlier, but I loved this description by Barnwell of the OBJ trade:

            Months after paying him a $20 million signing bonus, they traded one of the league’s best young players at any position to the Browns for the sort of offer the computer would reject in a video game.

            • mishima says:

              I still would have made that trade.

              Context: It’s not about talent, but removing a distraction, getting some value, resetting the roster. Cut your losses and move on. That said, Gettleman’s a clown and will fail miserably.

              The Giants lost that trade, but are prob better for it.

              • Sea Mode says:

                I think it’s because they are starting a re-build and will be drafting a young QB and didn’t know how OBJ would act in that situation.

                Either way, how do you hand him that extension just a year beforehand?

                btw, I thought this was cool. Hopefully a new start and Landry by his side will help him show if he really is this kind of guy:


                • mishima says:

                  Not sure they could have traded him without extending him, first. In a sense, they paid his signing bonus for a 1st, 3rd, Peppers and future savings. Bonus: Rid of a distraction.

                  I could see them trading for Rosen, trading down from #6 (for a team wanting Haskins), then restocking the defense.

                  I’ve seen worse trades.

    • Sea Mode says:

      *Drops everything*

      Heading there now.

      (jk, I don’t even know who they are tbh, nor do I care to know)

    • mishima says:

      Tweet that he’s only being signed to compete with Sam Ficken.

  78. Sea Mode says:

    😬 How is this possible? This is not what I saw on tape.

    First N Goal

    Buffalo LB Khalil Hodge, ran a 4.95 40-time, a 9-1 broad jump, and a 29″ vertical jump, at the #UBBulls pro day this morning. #NFL #NFLDraft #Bills #BillsMafia

    2:13 PM – 13 Mar 2019

    • DCD2 says:

      Pretty unexplosive. That’s too bad for him. Maybe he’s the guy that gets passed on and “over-thought” per the comment above and falls to the later rounds?

    • Nick says:

      What the heck? Wow. Disappointing numbers. But now it seems likely we get him UDFA. The one year Kendricks deal is essentially a hedge for this weak linebacker draft, right?

    • Aaron says:

      Well there goes another option in the draft. The Hawks want explosive LBs and he’s not one of them. Good thing we signed Kendricks to a one year deal. We still need a third LB imo from somewhere, preferably someone young, hungry, and cheap.

    • Volume12 says:

      What’d WR Anthony Johnson do or did he not perform? Saw a stat today that he led all WR & RBs in explosive plays the past 2 years.

      • Sea Mode says:

        Ran a 4.50 40yd (no electronic time, but that was the consensus). Didn’t see any other tests results listed for him, so he must have stood on his Combine numbers for the rest.

        Note he is the oldest WR and one of the oldest prospects in the whole draft. Will be 24 years, 7 months, 7 days old as of the opening day of the 2019 regular season (5 Sept. 2019).

  79. DCD2 says:

    Wonder what Eric Berry would cost on a 1 or 2 year deal. Wouldn’t want too much in the way of guarantees and not even sure that we can afford to be a player. That being said, he was cut, so doesn’t factor into the comp picks and would be an upgrade if he can stay healthy.

  80. DC says:

    Can we resurrect Markus Golden’s career when bargain shopping begins? If AZ does select Murray Frankie is going to need some help. 1 or 2 year deal and prayers for complete healing. It’s fun to poach division rivals too assuming the signing works out.

  81. 80SLargent says:

    While I like Eric Berry and his story, I think he’s pretty much just a name at this point in his career. Seattle needs to let Pete do what Pete does, and coach up a young/hungry secondary, and save whatever cap space they can to sign their core guys.
    Let a team like Cleveland overpay for him.