Are you ready for these?

This is the color rush jersey to be worn by the Seahawks when they host Los Angeles in week 15.

NFL_Leaks (twitter here) has the scoop. The NFL introduced monochrome uniforms for Thursday night games last year, with mixed results. Some of the combinations this year look good (see: Cincinnati, San Diego, Oakland and a few others). I’ll leave you to make your own mind up on Seattle’s entry.

‘Action green’ as it’s described by Nike is a unique accent to the home and road jersey’s and, like it or loathe it, is part of the teams identity. Picturing the Seahawks in an entirely ‘action green’ uniform is a different matter. Especially when you consider the Rams will be wearing golden yellow.

It’ll be like two different varieties of mucus, meeting to finally determine which is tougher to cough up.

Week 15: The Mucus Bowl

If you’re so inclined, the Seahawks will have the largest variety of player name/number options to purchase. They’ll also be introducing the following:

Some of these look very good. The Bengals ‘white tiger’ uniform particularly stands out. Seattle’s will be an acquired taste. Kudos to NFL_Leaks for the info.

Tonight we’re doing a podcast where we’ll discuss some of the college football/draft topics from the weekend. No doubt we’ll also get into the Miami game and Russell Wilson’s ankle.


  1. David

    Love it. Then again, I love the variety of jersey’s that college teams wear (esp Oregon), so I’m apt to like any new jersey the Hawks get to wear. Just wish they had them in Madden…

    • Hawkfan086


  2. cha

    I like the Hawks color rush. More of a natural green than the “nuclear waste” green they wore for one game in the Mora days.

    Other favorites: The Vikings all purple & gold (husky colors), the Bengals white ones, and I think the Charger medium blue will absolutely pop.

    Hate: the Jacksonville ‘spicy mustard / Dwight Schrute work shirt’ brown

    • Hawkfan086

      I loved the old jersey. I 35 and thought those with the Dark blue pants really stood out in a great way. I hate how 80% of teams are blue/white/grey. I can’t really separate the teams with a cursory look or explain which team is which.

  3. elliottatk

    Pictures aren’t working for me on mobile or PC, not sure if it is on my end or if the photos got deleted.

    • Aaron

      Me either. The twitter link to the images is broken. The tweet was probably deleted.

      • Volume12

        Or me.

      • cha

        They’re still up on twitter. If you click the Twitter Link Rob provided and scroll through his feed, you can see them.

        • Volume12

          Didn’t see ’em. Only Cindy’s. My favorite jerseys are the Chargers powder blue.

          Too bad they made that rumba** rule where you have to wear the same helmets, or else it would be sweet to see this current Seahawk team in the original blues and greys.

          • Volume12

            Jesus. Not Cindy. Or rumba**.


            • David M2

              Helping translate for V-12 and his relatively ambitious spell check function that would be dumba** and Cincy…

              • 503Hawk

                Hilarious!!! Way to be his wingman!

  4. bigDhawk

    The NFL just wants you to sell you more $300 game jerseys.

    • Rugbylock

      It looks like the Toxic Avenger had a head cold and blew his nose on it… yuk…

    • lil'stink

      Yup. And the NFL knows it will work like a charm as people will line up to buy these hideous creations. I admit to collecting jerseys as being a guilty pleasure of mine, but I gotta draw the line at these.

  5. Trevor

    Just watching MNF. News Flash the Steelers offense is pretty awesome. How has Todd Haley not been considered for another Head Coaching gig? Imagine that offense with Bell and Bryant. Wow

    • Volume12

      Too volatile man. Some guys are just better as OC’s and DC’s. Not sure Haley is a leader.

      RB DeAngelo Williams was a huge get for them 3 years ago.

      Love what they did in round 1-2. CB Artie Burns and DB Sean Davis. Love LB Ryan Shadier. If they could ever get anything out of LB’s Jarvis Jones and Bud Dupree, wow!

    • David

      Not every team can pull off going deep on 4th and 1. That’s only a good call when it works.

  6. Volume12

    Rams don’t appear as talented. QB Case Keenum? No Janoris Jenkins at corner, no James Laurinaitis at LB, S Rodney McLeod is one of the most underrated single high safeties in the league. He’s gone. Still no weapons at receiver, bad O-line.

    And SF HC is gonna expose LA HC Jeff Fisher.

    This Rams team looks like they have no fight.

    • cha

      It appears the Niner OL has fought the Ram DL to a draw in the first half, and might even be winning the LOS. Stunning.

      • Volume12

        They match up well with us, but other than that they aren’t going anywhere with Jeff Fisher.

        They made that trade with Washington for RG3 and have what to show for it? No 1st this year either.

        • cha

          I read somewhere that the Rams SAID they are extending Fisher and Snead but haven’t signed on the dotted line yet. Maybe they have by now. But I would wait too if I were Kroenke.

          Kerley looks like a real nice veteran pickup for the Niners.

          • Volume12

            Good. I hope they do. Awful move.

            This is one of the most on undisciplined, backwards thinking, teams of the last 5-6 years. Please let that continue for our sake.

            And if anyone thinks this Seattle team isn’t gonna be jacked up to play in PC’s old stomping grounds, and where a lot of these guys are from, well, I don’t know what to say. Haha.

            Hopefully LA runs out Ogletree at MLB, Barron at SLB, and the 185-190 pound Joyner at WLB again next week too.

            • cha

              Anyone know if the ejection comes with a one game suspension? I wouldn’t mind not playing a ticked off Aaron Donald next week.

              • Volume12

                If he’s ejected, it’ll be 4 quarters. So yeah, he should be.

                • arias

                  Seriously? An in game ejection comes with an automatic 1 game suspension the following game now?

                  • cha

                    No rules expert but I did search and I couldn’t find anything that says 2 unsportsmanlike’s and an ejection automatically trigger a suspension.

                    On the other hand, physically contacting a ref certainly might.

                    Donald didn’t help his case by slamming his helmet to the ground and shouting profanities.

              • lil'stink

                Throw in the helmet punch that Donald threw and there’s no question that he should be suspended. Doesn’t seem like there are any firm rules about him having to be suspended, though. We will see if the commissioner’s office really tries to push for it. This Sunday will be their first game in LA, and you know the league doesn’t want to see the Rams get waxed 2 weeks in a row.

    • KD

      It’s hard to tell if SF has improved since all I can see if how flat LA is. They have absolutely nothing tonight and it’s just making Chip Kelly look better than he deserves

  7. rowdy

    I always thought forest green would off been a better color for are Jersey. They said they picked colors to match the colors of the NW. How does action green match anything in the NW?

    • Volume12

      It’s all about Nike. Oregon’s popularity with recruits had a big part in it too.

  8. CharlieTheUnicorn

    49ers / Rams

    Terrible football

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Aaron Donald got tossed, likely out for Seahawks game.

      • nichansen01

        Would be a blessing. LA has the most overrated defensive line in football. Draft status aside. LA didn’t register a single sack against a middling Sam Francisco online playing against on the leagues most underwhelming quarterbacks who has no receiving weapons of his own. Pathetic.

        Both teams (niners, Rams) are pathetic. If Donald is out… no excuses for a Seahawks loss.

        Rams lost so much talent on defense this off season… And then added Cam Thomas who was awful in Pittsburgh as a depth guy and Dom Easly… Whose career has been ruined by injuries.

        The Rams will make the Seahawks look silly again as they always do, even if they are not a good team. I’m prepared for a very frustrating game. I can’t wait for Ifedi to get back.

        • Volume12


          No ST errors on our part, shut Turkey down, it’ll be a long day for LA’s offense.

          Now, offensively, yeah that’ll be probably be different.

          2 TD’s will be enough to beat this team. Of course a couple FG’s too, but that’s a given. RW should have some extra incentive this week too.

          • Volume12

            Haha. Love how the spell check changes Gurley to Turkey.

        • vrtkolman

          Robert Quinn hasn’t been the same guy since his numerous injuries the past few years. He looks like a JAG out there. Good news for us.

      • Darth 12er

        If he’s not suspended for that, something is seriously wrong!!

  9. cha

    The most exciting thing about this game was the play by play on the fan that stormed the field. Kevin Harlan said so, so it must be true.

    “He runs to the 40! The guy is drunk! But there he goes!”

    • Volume12

      That was hilarious.

      ‘Now he’s ripping his shirt off!’ ‘He’s running down the middle of the field at the 30, now he’s at the 40.’

      ‘Hope it was worth buddy. Now you get to spend a night in the clink.’

      That was classic. Let this man call NBA and NFL games on TV.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Best line was…. “this was the best play of the night at Levi’s” LMFAO

  10. nichansen01

    On the color rush jerseys… Not quite as offensive as I thought they would look. Will take some getting used to.

  11. nichansen01

    Can we take a moment to laugh at the Rams for drafting Goff? Especially funny that he’s not even the backup. Even more funny that the starting guy is Case Keenum of all people… Who was probably the least productive quarterback this week. Even more funny is that the Rams mortgaged their future drafts away for this one quarterback… who hasn’t been as good as the guy taken second… Carson Wentz… Who looked phenomenonal week 1 for Phili.

    • Barry

      The problem I found when scouting Goff was he was maybe a point higher for me than Mark Sanchez. The assessment I had back then was decent mobility not great, decent arm not great, decent acumen, both showed guts and Goff has supposedly better than average accuracy. Wentz scored high on everything but durability and big time competition.

      So yeah you are right, Nichansen01. Unless Goff really shows us something soon or in year two wow, what major setback for the Rams.

    • vrtkolman

      Goff still doesn’t know how to handle snaps under center. He is so far away from being NFL ready it’s pathetic they spent so much for him. The Rams are staring at a 4-12/3-13 type season and the Titans must be loving it.

    • cha

      In an attempt to curb my glee at the Rams’ terrible showing last night…

      it’s only one game. Heck, it’s only one season. By the end of 2013, RG3 was the future of football and western civilization as we know it, and RW was still struggling with ‘yeah he’s done well but he’s got a great running game and a defense and he’s still not the prototypical size for a QB’ baloney. Now look.

      • cha


  12. Barry

    Rob, I’m not sure if you have mentioned him and honestly tonight might be the first night I’ve watched a decent amount of tape on him. But have you assessed Kalen Ballage?

    • D-OZ

      WOW!!! Whats not to like about Ballage. Great name too.

    • Rob Staton

      Seen the 8 TD’s but not the whole game. Heard his interview after which was incredibly impressive. Very keen to see more — looks big, powerful and fast.

  13. D-OZ

    Another great draft class for RB’s….

  14. Jarhead

    Everyone has their own opinion, but those jerseys are the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I have never liked the lime accent, but thise are awful. We already have all blues, all whites, and all greys- color rush should have been a no brainer. These are as bad as the mustard brown from Jac. And Cincy gets those rad uniforms. Eesh

    • STTBM


  15. 503Hawk

    “Everyone has their own opinion”; agree. So, with that said…

    If I were Paul Allen, I would have gone back to the Silver and Blue, watermark feather pattern on the entire helmet (great backdrop for our unique, regional logo), minimal green highlights and definitely NO NEON GREEN NIKE GOLF TEE on the shoulders!!! I do love the front horizontal stripe w/ the “SEAHAWKS”, though.

    Current color combos I like are:
    1.) White Jersey w/ blue pants (SB48)
    2.) ” ” gray pants
    3.) All white
    Obviously, I’m not a big fan of the all blues or the blue w/ white pants.
    Aren’t opinions great?!

  16. East Side Stevie

    If you guys have a snapchat account, the seahawks snapchat story today featured Doug Baldwin and Thomas Rawls modeling the color rush uniforms In my opinion they looks bad ass on those 2 guys so I am excited for the game we will wear them in guys theres nothing wrong with something different ,change is always good I dont know why some of you are hating on the color way

  17. East Side Stevie

    If you guys have a snapchat account, the seahawks snapchat story today featured Doug Baldwin and Thomas Rawls modeling the color rush uniforms In my opinion they looks bad ass on those 2 guys so I am excited for the game we will wear them in guys theres nothing wrong with something different ,change is always good I dont know why some of you are hating on the color way

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