Podcast: Lamar Jackson, Alex Anzalone & Dolphins game

This week, Lamar Jackson took the college football world by storm, the Seahawks pulled out a narrow 12-10 victory over the Dolphins and we look at week two draft risers including Florida’s impressive linebacker Alex Anzalone.


  1. LordSnow

    So, posting the discussion from the previous thread since everyone will come here for the latest:

    Does Aaron Donald miss the seahawks game because of his actions against Quinton Patton?

    • C-Dog

      I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Probably going to be facing a heavy fine, and going to be playing extra p#ssed off against Seattle. That game was a flat out embarrassment.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Official word, via John Clayton, he will be playing this weekend.

  2. C-Dog

    Simulated mock draft after week 1. OL is again the big target. Feeney allows Ifedi to kick out to tackle. I’m really enamored with the idea of keeping Ifedi at guard, but I’m not sure there is going to be good value at tackle in this draft, and Feeney is the best OL prospect available.

    Love Carraway as a rush end and SAM prospect. Might love Sidney Jones even more, I can see these two picks flipping. I think Magnuson could be an interesting development tackle prospect, or guard. Vanderdoes gives the team another young rotational interior DL. I think there is something Seahawky in the Hog TE Sprinkle. Kupp will probably be drafted much higher, would be a steal in R6. Storm Norton add depth at OT. I think Seattle might draft an efficient game managing QB like Peterman.

    25: R1P25

    57: R2P25

    89: R3P25

    135: R4P32

    146: R4P43

    171: R5P25

    207: R6P24

    244: R7P25

    251: R7P32

    • Volume12

      I’m not sure who the best guard prospect is. Indiana’s Dan Feeney or Pitt’s Dorian Johnson? Both are probably 1st rounders.

      • Volume12

        And this is just me nit-picking here C-Dog and some food for thought, because I always love your mocks.

        I would’ve added a hybrid LB/S. Why?

        IMO Seattle is gonna be the 1st defense in the modern day NFL to go to a 4-2-5 hybrid front.

        • Ukhawk

          Couldn’t agree more V12 on the 4-2-5. IMO that is the reason they have not rushed to replace Irvin. In fact I think we saw that alignment a bit vs Miami and will see more of it. Whilst losing Irvin means they can’t quite be as flexible or disguise coverage as much, by having guys like Clark, Morgan, McCray they can better tailor alignments

          • Volume12


            The way the NFL is building receiver cores goes as follows:

            One big, jump ball target
            Maybe a possession receiver with average size
            And the rest are slot, shifty, punt + kick return types.

            Of course they’ll always have a big SAM ‘ backer on the roster, but when that guy is only playing 12-15 snaps, it shows you the way they’re starting to evolve.

            So for instance. Newly signed DB Neiko Thorpe who is a hybrid S-CB. Or for example a prospect like Ole Miss’ Tony Conner who already plays in a 4-2-5, can line up at S and LB.

        • C-Dog

          Nothing wrong with nitpicking, Volume 12. Always appreciate your insight. Safety/LB hybrid definitely a possibility. As you know, I gotta fondness for the TCU rusher and keep going back to the 4-3 base with 3-4 principles, PC loves to run, which is why I got my eyes on cats like Carraway. With the Raider kid on the roster, seems like they could be looking ahead at those type of players.

          I think the Rams will test our run defense more b/c they practically have to do that.

          I would take Johnson or Feeney R1. Both look like special players. Johnson impressed the heck out of me against Penn State.

          Part of me wonders if they would take Budda Baker R1 to give that three safety look.

          • Volume12

            Your not alone in wondering that my man. He’s another one of those Udub defenders that’s pretty damn ‘Seahawky’.’ I’ll lay off that word for a bit. Baker though plays much bigger than his size, has so much range which enables him to fly around the field.

            Fair to think JS has his eye on one of those 3 Udub DB’s. Baker, Jones, and King.

            I don’t think your wrong in looking at a guy like Carraway. Because we’re all fairly certain they’ll add a pass rusher somewhere in this year’s draft.

            And that’s why I say 4-2-5 hybrid front. In all likelihood, they’ll never abandon or go away from PC 4-3, just will probably see more of the 4-2-5 against certain teams and HC’s.

            • Volume12

              *As a base look. To add on to that last sentence.

              • C-Dog


  3. Vista

    I just saw that PFF gave Earl Thomas the lowest grade of any safety for Sunday’s performance

    • STTBM

      Thats no surprise. He was simply awful. Five missed tackles by my count, and numerous times out of position/running wrong defense. Guy didnt have his head on straight, for whatever reason. Looked like a rookie out there.

      But its Earl. He will fix it and be kicking ass next week. I hope…

      • Vista

        PFF also gave Deshawn Ahead the highest ranking for a CB for week 1

        • nichansen01

          Shead deserves it in my opinion. A complete shutdown performance. Outstanding.

  4. Vista

    Looks like Seattle signed CB Neiko Thorpe, according to his agent

    • Volume12

      We don’t need DBs, he says sarcastically. ?

      Obviously they’re looking for one more piece to add to our secondary.

  5. Volume12

    Glad I’m not the only one who really likes Alex Anzalone.

    Was discussing him with C-Dog this weekend.

    Big, athletic (rumored to be one of if not the most athletic LB in the SEC), high motor/high effort player, natural playmaker. He’s very Seahawky for me at least.

    • Rob Staton

      BIG fan

    • madmark

      I’m watching him also. like to give a shot out for Spencer Ware performance in the 1st week. That’s what makes this web site great my best fantasy grab after the draft. Now I like to see Seattle do is beat Rams and S.F. and we are 3-0 in league and division. James White RB keep eye on.

      • Volume12

        Another really good, but overlooked guy is Arkansas DL Jeremiah Ledbetter. 6’3, 280-285. Just consistently makes big plays. Has that size and versatility Seattle likes from their D-lineman. He stood out to for me on Saturday when watching them face TCU.

        Not a high pick by any means. More of a day 3 option, but exciting skill set nonetheless.

  6. cha

    Tharold Simon cut, Tupou cut, Neiko Thorpe signed, Tukuafu signed

    • cha

      Bob Condotta ‏@bcondotta · 46m46 minutes ago

      Seahawks signed Jake Heaps, Tylor Harris and OL Michael Ola to practice squad. Released Kasen Williams, Justin Hamilton and Rodney Smith.

      • nichansen01

        Neiko Thorpe? Who?

        • C-Dog

          Played for the Raiders last year. Another taller corner. Given that Oakland runs a similar system, they must be thinking he can come in right away. Also probably means that they are having a lot more faith in Elliot than probably many realize, which could be a really good thing.

  7. nichansen01

    With Thorpe in and Simon out…

    That leaves Shead Lane and Sherman the only corners that stuck. Elliot and Thorpe are now depth instead of Simon, Burley and Smith… As most presumed would be the case.

    • C-Dog

      I’m thinking this shows a lot of faith in Elliot, which good be a pretty cool sign of things to come. He looked great against the Raiders.

  8. nichansen01

    Poor Tharold Simon… Just couldn’t stay healthy. He tweeted out last week that he felt like he didn’t belong. That’s a sure way toss yourself out the door. I think Carroll will only tolerate players who are fully in on being Seahawks. Well I hope Simon can continue his career somewhere.

    It’s exciting to see Lane and Shead develop into elite corners though.

    I know nothing about Thorpe except he used to be a raider.

  9. nichansen01

    If Earl Thomas is able to regain form… He’ll be the bow that will tie this defense together to being the leagues best. So much experience and cohesion ihhin the front seven. Clark and Marsh finally coming into their own. Sherman still elite and Kam bringing that intimidation factor. Shead and Lane really looking improved. Both opal yes nearly flawless games Sunday. This defense can win a Super Bowl if Thomas returns to form. Potential to match that 2013 D in my opinion. The offense will improve over the course of the season as it always does. Jimmy Graham will start making big plays again… Wilson and Richardson will finally connect on some deep balls… And Rawls will get a lot more careers in games to come. It will be fun to watch.

    Go Hawks

    • Volume12

      He’ll be fine.

      That’s always been his weakness. Was the big knock on him coming out of Texas and still is.

      He was pretty pissed off he played that way according to PC. I expect him to have a huge game this weekend which is a homecoming game for like 1/3 of this roster and coaching staff.

      But yes. This defense looks hungry and possessed again. They got their swagger back.

  10. EranUngar

    Karl Nassib – I commented about him a few time before the draft. The guy was a walk-on at PEN, kept on the team for his character and incredible work ethic only and never saw the field till last year. After adding close to 60 pnds during his years at the wieght room, he gets to start last year and get 15.5 sacks during his last season.

    I mentioned at the time that he could either be the worst 15.5 sacks draft pick ever or he could just be starting on the road to true greatness.

    He had 3 tackles and a sack on sunday.

    I feel like it is a name we will hear a lot about in years to come.

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