Arizona should take Kyler Murray with the top pick

If I were the Cardinals, I’d be letting Kyler Murray’s people know we’d consider taking him with the #1 overall pick.

Yes, Arizona drafted Josh Rosen a year ago. Yes, it’s too early to make an accurate judgement on his ability to develop into a franchise quarterback.

However, the Cardinals job doesn’t appear to be particularly appealing. They struggled to replace Bruce Arians last year and were the last team to fill their coaching vacancy.

Is it any more attractive 12 months on?

Mike McCarthy turned down an interview. So did Eric Bieniemy.

There are lots of things to consider. Are you going to get time? Steve Wilks didn’t. It’s not a franchise known for big spending or high ambition to win. Is there some potential on the roster or are they justified in earning the #1 pick?

You’re also hanging your future on the development (and success) of Rosen.

Let’s not forget, he was the fourth quarterback selected in 2018 (after Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen). There were mixed feelings about him going into the 2018 draft. He had his suitors, of course. But a lot of decision makers were lukewarm to him.

It’s very possible coaches like McCarthy and Bieniemy don’t want to put their reputations in the hands of a quarterback they don’t believe in.

Murray, for me, is the real deal. I’ve written a lot about him over the last few weeks. I’ve mocked him multiple times in round one, including with the top pick.

I think he’s similar to Patrick Mahomes. That’s not a view taken simply because Mahomes is flavour of the month and possibly the NFL MVP. Murray, legitimately, shares some of the same traits. That same ability to be running at full speed out of pressure and improbably throwing a dart downfield on a dime for a huge, game-changing completion. His arm strength, accuracy, elusiveness, creativity.

He is special.

He’s not as big as Mahomes but he’s much faster. He’s a mix of Mahomes and Michael Vick or Lamar Jackson.

Not convinced? This one throw against Alabama recently says it all:

That’s as good as it gets. Sprinting away from the pressure, probably in two minds whether to scramble and get what he can on the ground. Then instinctively he sees a small opening downfield. He launches the ball on the run without needing to reset his feet. Despite throwing off his back-foot, Murray gets it 50-yards downfield.

It’s an inch-perfect pass. The receiver has two defenders with him. If Murray under-throws that ball at all it’s picked off. It has to be on the money. And he manages to put it in the one area where the defenders have zero chance to play the ball. It hits the receiver in stride. It’s the most perfect downfield bomb you’ll ever see.

Murray might be the most exciting player I’ve written about on this blog. Seriously. We’ve been going since 2008 and I haven’t seen anyone quite like this. His range of throws, accuracy at every level, sprinters speed to be an X-factor as a runner and his elusiveness are unmatched. I think in the right scheme, he could be even better than Mahomes. His 5-9 and 190lbs frame will be a concern to some. I’m taking the chance.

Would the Arizona job be more attractive if there was an opportunity to work with a talent like this? I think so. And while admittedly it’d take Murray opting to play football instead of baseball — it’s clearly a decision he’s giving a lot of thought. I hope he chooses football. He’s too good, too exciting. I want to see if his game translates — even if he ends up competing in the NFC West against the Seahawks.

This is the first time Arizona has had the first overall pick in a generation. If Murray is available, don’t let the decision to draft Josh Rosen influence your choice. Shoot for greatness. Let them compete. More often than not you need to get the QB position right to win a Super Bowl. To be consistently great you certainly need a winner at QB.

Keep searching until you find the guy.

If the Cardinals aren’t interested — the Giants, Broncos, Dolphins and any other team without a quarterback solution should be picking up the phone about a trade if Murray declares.

He’s the best draft eligible player for 2019.

He’s by far the best draft eligible quarterback.

He’s a potential superstar in the making if he chooses football over baseball.

Playoff predictions

I don’t usually do predictions but thought I would this year ahead of the post-season. We’ll see how many are accurate…

Wildcard round

Indianapolis @ Houston

This will come down to Indy’s blossoming O-line versus the Texans’ fierce pass rush. Andrew Luck is comeback player of the year without any doubt but he’s also prone to a bad turnover (or two). Can Houston impact his play? I think they will.

Winner: Texans

Los Angeles Chargers @ Baltimore

Losing to the Ravens at home during the regular season will be a useful lesson for the Chargers. They can learn from their mistakes and make amends. I think LA’s defense might end up winning this more than the play of Philip Rivers.

Winner: Chargers

Seattle @ Dallas

This is the type of game where I think homefield is the difference maker. The Seahawks have the better coach and better quarterback. But the Cowboys have been on a roll at home. So in a coin-toss type of game, I’ll side with the home team.

Winner: Cowboys

Philadelphia @ Chicago

The Nick Foles story is extremely fun and charming. But the Chicago defense is playing lights out. I think this will be a crushing, physical and comfortable Bears win.

Winner: Bears

Divisional round

Houston @ New England

Another year, another Patriots home game in the playoffs. They’ve beaten Houston already and Tom Brady makes enough plays here to send New England to another AFC Championship game.

Winner: Patriots

Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City

The Chargers stunned the Chiefs during the regular season with a win in Kansas City. This will likely be another highly entertaining, well-contested game. This time, the Chiefs edge it.

Winner: Chiefs

Chicago @ Los Angeles Rams

Great defense vs great offense. Usually in the playoffs the great defense wins through. I just think Aaron Donald will create too many problems for Mitchell Trubisky and the Rams will make enough offensive plays to win.

Winner: Rams

Dallas @ New Orleans

The Saints will be highly motivated to get revenge for their loss in Dallas. They get an emphatic, comfortable win here to progress to the NFC Championship game.

Winner: Saints

Championship games

New England @ Kansas City

Patrick Mahomes puts on a show and the Patriots struggle to keep up. Despite their defensive issues, Kansas City rides homefield advantage and an explosive offense to the Super Bowl.

Winner: Chiefs

Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans

The last meeting ebbed and flowed throughout and this would likely be another high scoring contest. The Saints are the more complete team with a superior defense. That, plus homefield advantage, proves to be the difference.

Winner: Saints

Super Bowl

Kansas City vs New Orleans

A dream for the NFL as they get a battle between two highly productive and popular quarterbacks, both at opposite ends of their careers. Patrick Mahomes impresses to make it a competitive game for three quarters. Then, at the end, the Saints’ superior defense proves to be the difference.

Winner: Saints

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  1. Rad_Man

    Agree fully on Murray. Also not a coincidence that RW and Mahomes and Murray have a baseball background and these throwing on the move skills.

    Focusing narrowly on short term money considerations, It looks to me like the NFL is a better financial option for him if he’s picked in the first round. he’s virtually guaranteed more money than his Oakland A’s draft position, no matter what kind of player he turns into in either sport (over the short run, his quickest path to money is the NFL).

    if he’s more of a long term thinker and risk averse to injuries, MLB might make more sense, but if he’s even a moderately successful QB, he can probably make more money in a shorter amount of time in the NFL.

  2. Trevor

    Rob I am with you 100% on Murray and think he will be a star. The new rules to protect the QB will only help a smaller framed guy like Murray stay healthy.

    I think his best fit is with the Giants and he would be a star there with Barkley, Odell, Engram. If they draft Murray and fix the OL in Free Agency that would be the most dynamic offense in the NFL. They are the first team with a major need at QB as well.

    I really hope the Cards don’t take him I don’t want the Hawks having to face him the next 15 years.

    • cha

      I’m more worried that the Arizona FO and Coaching staff wouldn’t handle Murray properly. Cheap out on OL and let him get beat to a pulp. Or hire coaches that try to “convert” him to a pure pocket passer and take away his dazzling athletic ability. Etc etc.

      Feels like it would be giving a 17 year old a Ferrari. He’d wrap it around a lamppost in a few weeks.

  3. Trevor

    Agree with all your picks except I think the Colts and Hawks win wild card games and fall in divisional semis.

  4. Kenny Sloth

    Telegram for Mongo

    • Doug

      Cable Thanos is AWESOME!

      I also think that Rob talked himself out of picking the Seahawks in Dallas. The better coach, the better QB, hell yes I am picking the Hawks in Dallas.

      • Rob Staton

        I still think they are two evenly matched teams overall though with similar styles. So I sided with whichever was the home team.

  5. Sea Mode

    (No comment delay on last comment, so just testing again…!)

    Re-posting from Cha on end of last thread:

    New Cable Thanos

    • Kenny Sloth

      Lol 4 different shares of the new Cable Thanos in a row.

  6. 80SLargent

    Gotta love some CableThanos_

    Seattle has a really good shot against Dallas. I trust Russ in the playoffs more than Dak, and the Seahawks are about as healthy as one can hope to be at this point in the season.

    Oh, and I’ll eat my shorts if the Cardinals draft Kyler Murray #1. They just drafted Rosen high in the 1st round last year, and it’s pretty hard to accurately evaluate him when almost the entire offense around him is a train wreck. He needs help – A LOT of help.
    We don’t even know if Murray is going to play football. Hell, for all we know, he could pull an Elway if the Cardinals draft him.
    Also, I think the fact that Arizona just canned Wilks after one season is scaring a lot more HC candidates away than them having to coach Rosen.
    Arizona needs to trade out of the #1 pick to get more picks, and build a team around the QB they just drafted. One guy (even Nick Bosa) isn’t going to turn that franchise around. They’ll probably just end up standing pat and picking Bosa though.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness I think the article clearly addresses some of the counters here on Rosen and the coaches etc.

      • 80SLargent


        “The Cardinals have a number of needs to address on both sides of the ball and trading Rosen for pennies on the dollar to replace him with another rookie QB would not make a whole lot of sense. Instead, the Cardinals would probably be best served by going with another position with the No. 1 overall pick, or trading down in order to take care of multiple areas of need.”

        Sound familiar?

        • Rob Staton

          Sounds like a load of nonsense.

          Basically they’re saying the Cardinals are better served not having a fantastic talent at QB. They’re better off sticking with Josh Rosen, who isn’t close to Murray’s level of talent IMO.

          Personally I hope they stick with Rosen. Would be good for us. I’d rather not face an unreal talent like Kyler Murray twice every year.

          But anyone trying to argue that they are best served sticking with Rosen better provide a whole heap of evidence arguing for Rosen and against Murray. Not just lazily asserting ‘well they’ve already drafted that other guy’.

          If Mahomes was in this draft would they be best served having him or sticking by Rosen ‘just because’?

          Exactly. Just having Rosen is not a good enough or strong enough counter argument for Murray at #1. I think Murray’s the best player in the draft and have been saying it for a while. Kliff Kingsbury seems to agree.

    • Trevor

      Admittedly I have not been a fan a Rosen at any point as he could not even win in college but he showed nothing this year that would make one believe he has the potential to be a franchise QB. All the young QBs (Mayfeild, Darnold, Allen and Jackson) struggled at times but each of them at the very least flashed the potential to make you the no they monthly be the answer at QB for each of their teams. I never saw any of that from Rosen. If Murray declares then agree 100% he should be the pick and then either let Rosen compete or trade him to recoup some draft capital.

      • Ralphy

        The Cards are cheap and will trade down IMO. The haul will be too tempting and they will claim that Rosen needs more time. I think one of the teams Rob mentioned will trade up and go QB (hopefully Murray).

        Murray should choose the NFL. The first contract will be larger and there are so many levels in baseball he’d have to rise through that it makes baseball risky. We see can’t miss studs end up missing making it to the majors all the time.

        I just made a $100 bet with a buddy last weekend that Murray would be a first round pick so I’m really rooting for Rob to be right on this one!

  7. Pran

    I know what you did there…you didn’t want to jinx Hawks. Seahawks won atleast one playoff game under Pete except last year. I think Pete and Russ’s magic will take us to divisional.

    on the other hand Texans are playing bad last couple of weeks..Colts with Decent O and Good D will win.

  8. FresnoHawk

    My prediction NFC Championship Seahawks vs Eagles. AFC Championship Texans vs. Chargers

    • Hawksince77

      Wouldn’t that make the NFC championship a home game for the Seahawks?

      That’d be sweet.

  9. Ishmael

    The Cardinals have a peabrain for an owner and a drunk for a GM. They’re not going anywhere soon, even with a QB.

    I hope Murray ends up on the Giants. Don’t much like them, but would be pretty incredible to see him playing with Barkley, Beckham, and Engram.

  10. Eburgz

    So you think Steve Keim is just going to admit he F’d up royally last year by drafting Rosen? That’s what he would be doing by drafting Murray. Because I don’t… at all. He wasn’t fired with the head coach. He’s the guy that picked Rosen a couple months ago so I doubt he would make a pick that makes him look incompetent.

    Murray might be deserving of being the first pick and I don’t think Rosen is a quality qb but I’d bet Keim is hoping for a Jared Goff like turnaround from Rosen. I think Bosa is the pick unless they trade back.

    …and the hawks are beating the cowgirls on Saturday night.

    • cha

      Firing your HC one year into a 4 year contract is a pretty big admission.

      • Eburgz

        Except they didn’t use a first round pick to aquire Wilks.

    • Rob Staton

      If he says, “we have just drafted one of the most exciting QB’s to enter the league in the last 10 years” (which I believe to be true) he doesn’t have to admit anything about Rosen.

      If 2012 Andrew Luck was in this draft, they’d be taking him.

      When you don’t have a QB you keep looking until you do. Let the two guys compete.

      And even if it was an admittance on Rosen, as Cha says —- they just admitted they got it wrong with Steve Wilks.

      • Eburgz

        They didn’t use an early first round pick on the head coach. Wilks is the scapegoat for this crap season for them, the fans wanted blood. Or maybe he just sucked that bad. Rosen didn’t suck THAT bad, he almost beat the hawks twice, better than Goff in his first year.

        Maybe they should draft draft Murray, it might be a great move. He’s awesome. I’m not disagreeing with that. But I don’t think it will happen. Keim thinks (hopes/prays) he does have a QB I’m sure. In the buildup to last years draft people (former scouts included) said Rosen has the best arm talent to come into the league since Luck. They would probably trade the pick for a kings ransom to build around their young QB if Luck was in this draft. Also, Luck is a prototype qb, Murray isn’t because he’s a lil guy.

        Murray does have the perfect storm brewing for his draft stock though with the success of Brees, Wilson, Mahomes and mayfield (little guys/baseball guys/Oklahoma guy). But the league is set in it’s ways and often slow to adapt. Maybe they have learned their lesson after Russ but I doubt it.

        Murray is tough to project and he would be best served playing in a different type of offense than Rosen. Maybe Keim could justify it by saying what you said above along with the fact that he thought Murray was gonna play baseball. Still don’t see it. Go hawks

        • Rob Staton

          Firing a Head coach after ONE season is still admitting you failed.

          Drafting a quarterback with the top pick isn’t admitting you failed. It’s taking advantage of a rare opportunity.

        • cha

          You’re the guy who was stumping for Whitehurst and/or Flynn over RW, weren’t you?

          It’s OK to admit it. This is a safe space.

          • Eburgz

            Nah buddy, was/am big Russ fan. And Murray fan. Maybe my post was a little too long winded for ya to read it all.

            Remember when Russell Wilson went first overall? Because I don’t seem to recall…

            I’ll be sure to eat my crow if the cards draft him. I think it would be a pretty good move for them, lucky for me they don’t make many good moves

            • Rob Staton

              There’s no crow to be eaten.

              Nobody is predicting anything.

              It’s merely an opinion piece that they should consider taking him #1 overall. Not a prediction that they actually will.

      • FresnoHawk

        They should trade Rosen then draft a QB if they have any doubts on Rosen. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. If that happened the only person who looks bad is Rosen but if your New England, Pitts, Saints,Chargers etc.. trading a late 1st for Rosen may not be a bad idea. So in the end Everybody is happy its a good deal.

  11. Coleslaw

    Just for fun.

    I agree with almost all of your predictions, but I would say Hawks over Dallas, then we lose to the Saints. Also I would say Indy over Houston, which would mean Indy plays KC and loses. LAC would then play NE and win, Rivers carrying them to a 40 burger looking for that ring. LAC vs. KC would be the AFCCG, and I think I would pick LA honestly. I think Chargers D could do enough to slow Mahomes, with Rivers and that offense, they’re great.

    Chargers vs. Saints superbowl… the more complete team wins although the saints offense still puts up a great fight, and Rivers gets his first ring.

  12. RWIII

    Murray has the speed of Michael Vick. But the accuracy of Russell Wilson.

    Murray vs. Michael Vick. Final year in college.

    Vick. 8 Td passes. 6ints 54% completion percentage.

    Murray 42 Td passes. 7ints 69% completion percentage.

    Michael Vick with those stats went number one overall.

    MInd blowing.

  13. C-Dog

    Never been a Rosen the Chosen believer. Just think there is too much of a Cutler thing there with him.

    I know that this is incredibly homer of me, but I see Seattle making past Dallas. Just see the pressure more on Dallas and Seattle coming in playing with house money. Also sensed a certain air of confidence from Carroll in the pressers this week.

  14. RWIII

    For Seattle to win a number of things must happen. First, the Seahawks need to run for at least 150 yards. The Hawks need to go big. In addition to Brown, Sweezy, Britt, Fluker and Ifedi. Let’s bring in Fant and Dickson and play power football.

    Next Seattle needs to cut don’t on the turnovers and penalties. Especially the penalties. The Hawks must play CLEAN game. The Hawks just cannot afford costly penalties and hope to win the game.

    Finally someone on the defensive line besides Jarran Reed and Frank Clark has to play big boy football. The Hawks have plenty of candidates. On the defensive line the Hawks have Dion Jordan, Poona Ford, Naz Jones, Rasheem Green, Jacob Martin, Shamar Stephen and Quinton Jefferson had to play big time football. You know that Jarran Reed and Frank Clark will come up big. If the Hawks are hoping to advance to the next round one or two of these other players on the DL needs to bring their A-game.

    • cha

      Flowers and Griffin vs Amari Cooper too. He’s given the offense a whole other dimension. Take that away or seriously minimize it and they’re very beatable.

    • FresnoHawk

      Our defense will come to play with KJ back and the rest of the defense getting better every week. We are a championship organization that knows how to win in the playoffs, we prepare for the playoffs year round. Look at the timing of our defense becoming dominant.

  15. charlietheunicorn

    IO understand what you are saying, Cardinals should pick Murray #1…..

    however… they have not even been able to find someone to WANT to coach them, let alone interview and all that jazz. Do we trust that the Cardinals have enough ownership balls to make hard choices and all that… not to mention the GM who drafted Rosen is still with the team…. it would look “bad” if he goes QB 2 years in a row… might as well fire him right there.

    I would like to see Murray with a true QB friendly coach or OC… one willing to take it slow and also have a stable young nucleus to grow with…. which is NOT the Cardinals. The NY Football Giants, Jaguars and imagine if he went to the 49ers. Now, the 49ers could be a legit choice… the HC can work with a young QB and has a very dynamic offensive system. You got your expensive toy already in the fold, so this guy can at least develop for 1 year… then cut him loose. The more I think about it, the 49ers would be a really nice fit… they have some talent on offense and defense.

  16. UKAlex6674


    Wildcard round

    Indianapolis @ Houston – COLTS – Luck on fire and the Colts underated D cause a minor upset.

    Los Angeles Chargers @ Baltimore – RAVENS – Ravens turn it into a fight and stop LA playing.

    Seattle @ Dallas – SEAHAWKS (not just a heart over head decision either, I just think our D will produce enough stops to secure the win – even if it leaks 400 yards plus!)

    Philadelphia @ Chicago – BEARS – Philly will keep it close but Bears get the W.

    Divisional round

    Ravens @ New England – PATRIOTS – Patriots have one trick to many to get them past the stubborn Ravens.

    Colts @ Kansas City – COLTS – Luck out duels Mahomes in high scoring classic. Colts D able to make more stops than KC (i.e. one!)

    Bears @ Los Angeles Rams – RAMS – revenge for McVay

    Seahawks @ New Orleans – SAINTS – one game to far for the Hawks.

    Championship games

    Colts @ New England – PATRIOTS – NE has to much experience and gives the Colts a true play off beat down

    Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans – SAINTS – if this was in LA i’d for the Rams. But it isn’t!

    Super Bowl

    PATRIOTS v NEW ORLEANS – SAINTS win, to good in all three phases

  17. Martin

    I wonder if…top QB prospects are in short supply this draft, the Cardinals take Murray and someone else is very willing to give them a high first for Rosen.

    • Volume12

      Or, or and I know this is a wild scenario and would never ever happen, they stick with the guy who has shown positives this year and if teams are truly high on Murray they trade that pick for a ransom.

      If I’m Arizona I’m glad McCarthy turned down an IV. Dude’s washed.

      • Kenny Sloth


        And +1

  18. LantermanC

    Murray is exciting, but if I’m that bad, I’m drafting all the other positions, and then hoping to be just as bad next year and then drafting Tua #1 (or if you can stomach it, Trevor Lawrence the following year).

    • Rob Staton

      I think Murray is better than Tua.

      It’s hard to say yet on Trevor.

    • Volume12

      Trevor Lawrence is twice the talent Tua is or ever will be. Murray is superior to Tua in every way.

      • Kenny Sloth

        TLaw is the truth. Idk if I’ve ever seen a freshman that was better technically

      • Gohawks5151

        Tua is the new Russ. Give the coach, defense, running backs all the credit while he quietly does his thing. Dudes a talent and a winner.

  19. RWIII

    Tua looked good. But remember Tua was facing the Oklahoma defense. Murray on the other hand was facing a loaded for bear(Bryant) defense. Alabama’s defense is loaded with 1st and 2nd prospects.

  20. Nick

    Gosh, Seattle really doesn’t have anyone under contract that would be good trade bait. A trade back with this draft class (which appears to be pretty deep) seems inevitable at this point. There’s no way PCJS will be content with only four draft picks — especially only two in the top 100 again.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Doug Baldwin, Justin Britt and Germain Ifedi are 3 players under contrac who have replacament at current roster and maybe some trade values.

      • Nick

        Millhouse–happy nye! And yes. I was thinking Britt could be the best available option, though I’m not really into the idea of shipping off our starting C one season after re-establishing the run. I’m getting flashbacks to Unger.

        As for Baldwin, perhaps I’m too attached, but I can’t see them moving on from him that way. He’s been the heart and soul of this team thru it all—to ship him off for draft picks would be hard to stomach for the fans and for the players.

        As for Ifedi…just not really sure they want to get rid of a first round RT. Fant has been good, yes, but RT’s don’t grow on trees and they tend to get better with experience.

      • Rob Staton

        Not sure I agree there. Think Britt and Ifedi are much more important to Seattle than anyone else. Doug would have trade value but not sure a.) Seattle can afford to deal him b.) there has been some coded talk on Twitter that he might retire.

        • Sea Mode

          Retire?! Hadn’t caught any whiff of that. (don’t do much Twitter, tbh) What are the reasons/hints for that even being an option in consideration at this time?

          • Rob Staton

            Just a bunch of people in the media saying things like, “make sure you give Doug a huge reception today against the Cardinals (nudge nudge wink wink).”

            • Hawk Eye

              I don’t see Baldwin retiring and I don’t see the hawks trading him.
              this is his first year with injury bug, he is around 30, and his game translates to playing 4 or 5 more years at a high level.

              without Baldwin this year – Hawks are LAST in explosive passes
              with Baldwin this year – hawks are FIRST in explosive plays

              i think this started with Chalktalk that the hawks would move on from him to save cap room

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t see them trading him. No chance IMO.

                But if I’ve learnt one thing over the years it’s to pay attention to certain ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ situations. And my reading of this situation is Baldwin is likely considering retiring — even if he ultimately decides to play on.

                He is clearly a man with a strong interest in society and politics. He’s made a lot of money in his career. Many players step away before they really land with a big, life-changing injury. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Doug is considering making such a choice — especially in a year where maybe he’s feeling like the game is starting to take a toll on his body. Doug Baldwin is going to do something after football that is pro-active and successful. I seriously doubt he will do anything to jeopardise that.

                This didn’t start with Chalktalk either. I read a few tweets before the Arizona game. Hawkblogger for one, who has been close to Baldwin over the years. Matt Slick wrote a tweet that was retweeted by Bob Condotta saying it would be worth giving Baldwin a big ovation.

                I don’t have any insight at all on this situation. But I wouldn’t assume there’s nothing in it.

                • Hawk Eye

                  possible, never know where a player is at, but I think he is too competitive to retire unless he has serious health concerns. I think he had a bunch of nagging injuries this year, but none of them seemed like long term issues,

                  trade, I agree, no chance
                  getting cut for cap space? No chance

                  chalktalk mentioned this Nov 23 on his blog, saying it was time to move on from Baldwin and Wagner, and he mentioned it a few times after as well

                  • Rob Staton

                    I haven’t read those blog posts.

                    But as I said earlier, there’s no smoke without fire. And the tweets/comments by the people I referenced can’t be ignored IMO. Doesn’t mean he will retire. Just be prepared for it being a distinct possibility.

    • UKAlex6674

      I think Mike Davies is tradeable. Carson and Penny would be 1 and 2, then bring in someone to take the Davies role. Not saying they should, but there will be teams who would take a punt on him.

      • Rob Staton

        Davis is a free agent.

    • FresnoHawk

      We don’t need a lot of picks in this draft because our previous drafts have been so successful 10 win season proves it. We have a ton of players who will be signed on cheap contracts too. At this point the only thing that looks certain is that we’re drafting at least one CB.

  21. Coleslaw

    I really think that Seattle is gonna handle Dallas. Their OL has taken some hits, it’s not what it once was. Our DTs are more than capable of slowing the run in this game against them. Bobby is still a beast, and KJ is said to be at full speed again. This all should mean that Zeke will have a rough day. Do that and force Dak to throw? GG

    Even if that doesnt happen, Russell Wilson is a much better quarterback. Our team has been there, even though a lot of the young guys haven’t, most of the guys who are tested are champions. I just dont think Dallas is ready to play with half their offense, because Seattle is going to come to play.

    23-13 Seahawks.

    • Rob Staton

      Hope you’re right

    • FresnoHawk

      Our D Line is big and LB core Wright, Wagner, and Mingo is big. Dallas must run the ball to win I don’t think they can do it with a banged up OLine. Hard to imagine a better scenario for the Hawks defense we have all the personal needed to beat this running game healthy and in playoff form. Absolutely no excuses Seahawks defense should shut the run down.

  22. Volume12

    Doing my homework on some guys, and Penn St DE Shareef Miller (6’5, 260 lbs.) is a gem. Long, flashy, production went up each year. Gonna be a good one.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely about Miller and think he is going to be a sleeper.

      Would love to here your thoughts on Vols DL Kyle Phillips. Former 5 star recruit who struggled early but really came on this year with Pruitt as coach. Looks like a potential inside / outside rusher the Hawks could take on Day 3 and develop.

      • Volume12

        I’ll take a look. Seattle did scout Tennessee a couple times that I know of this year.

      • Volume12

        OK. I watched a game of his from last year and this year to get a feel for what you were talking about in regards to a good coach like Pruitt unlocking his potential, and I’m impressed.

        Strong at the POA, looks like an excellent run defender, disciplined, plays hard, think he’ll be a better pass rusher from the interior.

        Doesn’t appear to be a great athlete, I could be wrong, but I’m interested to see how he tests. Looking forward to him & BC’s Wyatt Ray at the Shrine game.

        Good looking player on limited viewing.

        • Trevor

          Thanks Vol for checking him out and the feedback. He was a 5 star recruit coming out so it will be interesting to see how he tests for sure.

          I look forward to the Shrine Game again this year as they always invite a couple of Canadian Kids. Last year Poona Gord shine there if I remember correctly. I am anxious to see how the edge rusher from Laval does because he was dominant here in Canada but that position does not normally translate well to the US game.

    • Sea Mode

      Will check out both these guys. Thanks for the names.

  23. H

    Whilst I think it’s highly unlikely the Cards give up on Rosen so soon, this is a fun thought.

    To add an extra wrinkle (and spell an absolute nightmare scenario as a fan of a divisional rival) what if they recruited Lincoln Riley as their new coach, under the promise of drafting Murray as his QB to build around? That would be a terrifying combination. Could probably get some high picks for Rosen as well, to assist with the rebuild.

    That would put three of the best young offensive minds all in our division. Seahawks Twitter would melt with envy.

    • Sea Mode

      And then they draft Marquise Brown at the top of R2…

  24. clbradley17

    Brady Henderson at ESPN writes “Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner and rookie punter Michael Dickson were named AP first-team All-Pros. It’s the third straight year for Wagner and the fourth time in his career he’s been a first-team selection. Those were the Seahawks’ two Pro Bowl selections.‬ Left tackle Duane Brown was named a second-team All-Pro.”

    Excellent article as always Rob. Heard Salk of Brock and Salk the morning after the Cardinals game saying how bad Rosen was on most every throw, including the easy ones, so they won’t be missing much if they move on from him. You’re probably right about the home team winning, especially since Dallas is 7-1 at home, but really hope you’re wrong, going to try and switch shifts Sat. night to take off early and at least catch the 4th quarter.

    Good article on Tre Flowers development this year at Field Gulls:

  25. clbradley17

    PC on Sweezy playing Sat. vs. the Cowboys: “He is such a tough kid, and he is not for a second thinking he’s not gonna play,” Carroll told 97.3 KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson during an interview Friday morning. “And so I’m just adding to it and building on him and following his lead. He’s one of those guys. And not everybody’s like that. But if somebody can do it, he will. If it can’t be done, then it couldn’t get done. So he’s going for it. We’ll find out (Saturday).”

    The Seahawks won their last game against the Cowboys in Week 3, but Carroll said it’s a different team that they’ll meet at AT&T Stadium this time around.

    “They’re really balanced since we played them,” Carroll said. “Their seven of last eight games they’ve won, everything’s been tight, they’ve had some good come-from-behind wins, they run the ball, they don’t turn it over, they play good D, and they’re good on teams. So they’re a really well-rounded football team and they get to play at their place. So they’re going to be tough and we’re going to have to do really well in all areas to play a good football game to get those guys.”

  26. JJ


    I am seeing a lot of the draftniks on twitter talking about this tight end class.

    1) What are your thoughts on the class?
    2) Any you like that you think the hawks should target?
    3) What are your thoughts on Vannett and Dickson? Dissly I figure is going to be an unknown until he returns from the injury.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Overrated
      2. Not seen any yet
      3. I think they’ve been perfectly fine as role players and I’m happy for the position in general to be filled by a role player instead of a high pick needing receptions ala Jimmy Graham

    • Sea Mode

      Agree with Rob, the guys the media has been hyping didn’t seem very impressive at all. So far only WVU TE Trevon Wesco has piqued my interest for the Seahawks. They love unique players, and his size with enough movement skills to line up both at TE and FB, I think they will be intrigued.

      6-4, 274 and he can move. They line him up at inline TE and at FB and he’s fast enough to pull across the formation and take on the DE. Roster spot could come from Tre Madden, who has only seen about 6 snaps per game this year on offense, instead of one of the other 3 TEs. A TE who could double as a FB for a few snaps is more valuable than Madden.

      I know the trend now is to compare half the bigger, slower TEs (e.g. Drew Sample) out there to Will Dissly, but where Wesco really does come close is in the soft hands for the passing game, something PC/JS raved about with Dissly. Check out the hands, strength, and even moves in these clips:

      I watched a couple games to see his blocking (easy to find on any Will Grier tape). Thought it was good, but I admit I’m not great at evaluating blocking.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Walters Site is trying this out for size:

      Irv Smith Jr., TE, Alabama

      The Seahawks could stand to give Russell Wilson a viable intermediate target, as Jimmy Graham has been missed.

      Irv Smith Jr. is a dangerous threat after the catch, and he has good route-running skills and nice hands.

      Pick change; previously Christian Wilkins, DT

      I liked the Wilkins pick better, but Rob was projecting him to go earlier. Also, the Seahawks have good tight ends in Dickson, Dissly and Vannett. I’ve been impressed by Dickson and Dissly’s pass catching ability.

      • DC

        “…Jimmy Graham has been missed.” lol


      • Rob Staton

        Two thoughts on this…

        1. Wilkins won’t be there for Seattle

        2. Absolutely zero chance they take Irv Smith in R1. He’s a pure receiving tight end who doesn’t block and isn’t a great athlete

        • Eli

          Agreed they won’t take him in the 1st, and I would be pretty upset if they did actually. But what I’ve seen of Smith is that he is pretty solid all around actually; he’s not an ace blocker, since he’s pretty light at 240-ish lbs, but he isn’t an embarrassment either. Every bama game I’ve watched this year has reinforced that for me. The research I’ve done on him has pointed to him making a very concerted effort coming into this season to work on his blocking technique and get stronger in the weight room.

          Also can’t hurt that his dad was a 1st round pick as a blocking tight end, and his uncle also played the position in the pros for a few years.

          • Rob Staton

            He was used as a big slot by Alabama. He took some snaps as a full back/H back type and they have him occasionally run across the line to attempt a crack back block (which he did not execute well at all for the most part).

            He’s like most TE’s in college these days. They’re not even being asked to do much blocking. He’s a big receiver but I’ll be stunned if he has a good combine. Not an exciting player for me.

    • Eli

      Comment I made on a previous post a few weeks back (with some amendments):

      There’s some good tight ends out there, gotta wait and see who declares and then tests well. The backup (co-starter?) at Iowa, T.J. Hockenson, is pretty darn good in his own right. He just won the Mackey Award as the nation’s top TE. Lot of chatter that he’s a better prospect than Fant, which I buy. If there was one guy in this class I would beat the drum for, he would be the one.

      Sternberger at TAMU caught my attention early in the year. I like what I’ve seen from Irv Smith Jr. at Alabama (just seems like a solid all around player) and Isaac Nauta at Georgia. Lucas Krull at Miami and Keenen Brown at Texas State could be some really deep intriguing sleepers. Krull in particular is intriguing – was a baseball player who decided to switch to football, ran like a 4.4 at 6’7″ 250 lbs. in a workout one day. Immediately got offered by Florida (source: The Athletic). Jared Pinkney at Vanderbilt had some early-season hype as well.

      One of my sleepers this year will be Drew Sample from UW. Think he’s gonna get the same pre-draft hype as Dissly, labeled as just a blocking TE, etc. He’s really well rounded as a player and is a better receiver than the stats would indicate. UW just doesn’t ask their TE’s to do that.

      Tight end is just an interesting position in general; there’s either the crazy raw athletic freaks or the general do it all kinda guys that might be a bit more average athletically. I think this class will have both. I don’t think tight end is one of the positions where you can call an incoming class overrated or underrated considering they usually take a few years to develop anyways.

      • Rob Staton

        TJ Hockenson was the best I’ve seen so far.

        It’s a position that is such a mess in college at the moment. Hardly any TE’s block any more. Most are just big slot receivers (eg Irv Smith). So you’re waiting to see how they test to determine whether they can be difference makers at the next level. The few who can block will always find a home in day three because some teams still want that.

  27. Logan Lynch

    I think DAL will give SEA a few chances for turnovers. If they can take advantage of those, they should win. I’m going to try and will a T2 or Flowers INT into fruition.

  28. Trevor

    4 Rookies as 1st team All Pro (Nelson, James, Leonard and out man Dickson)

    How nice would LVE or Leonard have looked lined up next to Wagner this past of season.

    Guess no one is laughing at JS for trading up in Rd #5 to get Dickson now.

    • Rob Staton

      I really, really liked LVE but I’ve never seen much value in longing for players they didn’t draft.

      Even the other day when I noted they took Pocic when someone like Alvin Kamara was available. Every time I think of that, I think about every team who passed on Wilson, Sherman, Wagner, Wright, Kam, Earl etc.

      And to be honest, I’d be happy for them to re-sign KJ Wright and Mychal Kendricks and roll with those two and Bobby.

      • Mexican Hawk

        Awesome point of view Rob. Not as per football, but life in general. It pays to be critical, but statisically it’s impossible to hit on all draft picks. All teams deserve criticism, all teams strike out. But if you dwell you lose.

        Have to learn from mistakes and move on. Same as with Superbowl play vs. Pats. Those that have moved on are attacking life with vigor and optimism (Pete and Russ), those that haven’t are still living in the past and thinking what if.

        • Elmer

          That’s right. it’s over. Learn from it and move on.

          Draft some animal defensive front 7 types, maybe a DB later. Then find a WR hiding in the weeds somewhere.

      • Trevor

        Agreed and often hind sight is 20/20. I think they will bring Kendrick’s back for sure if he can get the legal stuff resolved. I thought he played really well when he was in the lineup. Love KJ but I think it comes down to price and health.

      • Sea Mode

        Agree. And let’s not forget that many of those guys often longed for also had injury concerns. Kamara redshirted a year because of a knee injury. LVE had neck injury concerns that according to rumor led some teams to take him off their board. (I know this was highly disputed around Combine time, but either way he did have a stinger, a pinched C-spine nerve and LCL sprain while at BSU). Eddie Jackson, another one Seahawks fans often mention because he went one pick after TT, was coming off a broken leg at a time when we needed an immediate hedge to Earl.

        While I’m glad all these guys have had great starts in the NFL, and certainly wish them the best of luck as regards their health, time will tell whether those injury histories end up affecting the longevity of their careers.

    • Volume12

      Chris Ballard deserves a ton of credit for getting Indy trending in the right direction with one draft class.

      • Trevor

        +1 Grigson ran them into the ground and he has rebuilt it quick!

  29. Dale Roberts

    News Flash: Seattle trades Russell Wilson to Arizona for Arizona’s first, third, and fifth round picks in the 2019 draft after receiving assurances from Kyler Murray that he will sign if taken as the first pick in the draft. It’s a tough decision to trade a franchise QB as talented as Wilson but Murray is a generational talent and Seattle gets four years of cheap QB to make another Super Bowl run. Seattle with Murray… scary.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I have always found good sports fiction entertaining. Excellent work!!! 🙂

    • Ukhawk

      In a heartbeat

      • Hawktalker#1

        Not a chance.

  30. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob:
    Please don’t forward the idea of Arizona drafting Kyler Murray with the number one pick to the Cardinals. To be honest, I’d rather see them draft that once-in-a-lifetime Long Snapper with the #1 pick. I think Rosen will be just perfect for the Cardinals. We’ll have enough trouble with LA and the 49ers in the division for some years to come. I hope the Cardinals DON’T draft Kyler Murray.

  31. charlietheunicorn

    Is a rookie, who was a 5th round pick… voted pro-bowl and all-pro… a successful pick?

    Seattle appears to be smarter than many give them credit for nationally.

    Never count them out in any game or situation.

  32. clbradley17

    Frank Clark mic’d up vs. the Cardinals:


    Clowney to be franchised and attempted to be extended. There goes one big fish.

    • Rob Staton

      They have to. He’s too good to lose.

  34. clbradley17

    Fantastic video breakdown of Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett this season. Hopefully they will connect several times tonight, including 2 TDs in a victory at Dallas. Go Hawks!

  35. Frank

    Kyler Murray is a stud, I would wonder with being 5-9 if he has the hand size for NFL balls. His combine will be interesting, and does he have to choose before the draft if he’s going to play football or baseball? With his options, would he choose to play for a bad franchise, or rather go late first to a contender like the Pats, Steelers, or saints with aging QBs good coaching, franchises willing to spend and a solid team core. On to the playoff predictions, I can’t go against the Seahawks vs Cowboys, Andy Reid’s offensives have classical had problems late in the season, can’t see them getting past the Patriots. Billicheck vs pretty much a Rookie QB in the playoffs my gut just says no. Chargers vs Ravens is a true coin flip game too me. I’ll say it most likely Rams vs Patriots for this years super bowl, with a chance for the Hawks playing spoiler. After losing two very close games this season i think the hawks beat the Rams if they get a chance.

  36. KenC

    So, you’re saying there’s no chance the Seahawks could get Murray at Pick #32?

    • Rob Staton

      Sadly not no 😂

    • Frank

      I didn’t say zero chance, but I do think it’s an extreme long shot. We use terms like generational talent too often. I think generational talent and I think of LT, Barry Sanders, Micheal Jordan, even Labron James. We call Luck a generational talent, or Mahomes, or Murray, or Wilson. They are all within one generation, and can’t all be the generational talent that you’d trade half the franchise for. They are going to resign Wilson, he’s too good, and has too many good years left. Or depth is lacking as well and fully expected the Seahawks to trade down and take as many shots as possible finding future stars where they find value. Defensive linemen in round 1, WR, Rb, and Oline round 2-3, LBers rounds 3-4, and DB rounds 4-6 and high ceiling players beyond. Murray would be great to let sit behind Wilson as an insurance policy , and would surely be able to get a ton of draft capable back when his contract is getting close, but seems expensive for a team rebuilding depth.

  37. Kenny Sloth

    Glad Im not watching

    Im afraid we’re bouta lose tonight.

    In a coin flips game take the home team :/

    Football aint played in a vacuum and it’s unlikely to be by much but I see a Cowboys win.

    I want another shot at those Dam Rams so bad….

    • Volume12

      That’s how I feel about the Chargers/Ravens. Flip a coin. On paper it’s the most intriguing matchup for me.

      I went with Indy, Hawks, Bears, and back and forth all week with the above game. Settled on the Chargers, but wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see B-More git ‘er done.

  38. Kenny Sloth

    Honestly yall sorry for my lack of scouting updates.

    This absolute famine for cfb cutups is really slowing me down.

  39. cha

    Bruce Arians is interviewing in Tampa for the HC job. I didn’t hear he was looking for a job.

    He would be a an intriguing fit in Tampa. Whip them into shape, and have them ready to play.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s the Neil Warnock of the NFL (google him).

      You either love or hate Arians.

      He’s old but has a little magic to his coaching.

      And he threatens to retire all the time.

      Warnock and Arians are the same.

    • Volume12

      Can’t be any worse and than Dirk Koetter. All time bad coaching hire.

  40. Steve Allen

    Seahawks 28
    Cowboys 17

    Go Hawks!

  41. Nathan W.

    Whoa! Look out for those USC receivers in a few years… Bru McCoy, Kyle Ford…
    sad that UW couldn’t get the recruiting done

  42. Volume12

    USC AD Lynn Swann blocking Kliff Kingsbury from IV’ing w/ the Jets and Cards is a trash move. Always let those around you seek better opportunities if your worth a damn.

    • smitty1547

      agreed BS move

  43. 12th chuck

    win or lose, I just want a fair officiated game. I don’t think that will happen

  44. AlaskaHawk

    That Colts offense looks exceptional. I can’t believe the offensive line has handled Houston defense, Luck has had plenty of time to throw from a clean pocket. And Mack has huge holes to run through. They are making it look easy.

    • Volume12

      They look exceptional in general. I’ve been on their bandwagon for a couple months now. Big fan of what they’re doing.

    • charlietheunicorn

      The defense played exceptional.

      You can’t say enough about the GM Ballard and the HC Reich.
      They missed out on one HC, but found the right guy for the job in the end…… best move they didn’t make.

      It would be especially delicious if they punk the Patriots on the way to the SB.

      • Volume12

        They also got a projected $115 mil or so in cap space and 3 picks in the top 100.

        • Rob Staton

          Sometimes that much cap room is a hindrance. Pressure to pay, can quickly shift the dynamic in the locker room.

          • Volume12

            This is true, but I trust Ballard and his back record.

    • McZ

      Braden Smith in full control of JJ Watt and makes Glowinsky look like a first team all pro. Damn it, I wanted him so bad.

      • Coleslaw

        I beat that drum so hard they probably heard it in Vancouver. Him and Nelson are awesome, crazy the colts hit on both of them, and Leonard!

  45. cha


    Tre Madden
    Kalan Reed
    Bo Scarborough
    Branden Jackson
    Rasheed Green
    Elijah Nkansah
    Malik Turner

  46. charlietheunicorn

    Here is what I want to see tonight

    the Seahawks OL handing out pancakes 🙂

  47. Volume12

    Has Houston ever played well in the playoffs?

    • Rob Staton

      Doesn’t feel like it.

      What a flat performance that was. Not even competitive.

  48. Volume12

    I really hope Seattle isn’t done building this O-line.

  49. Rob Staton

    Seahawks offense bailed out in Q1 by somehow not losing the field position battle. That has to change or we’re in trouble…

  50. AlaskaHawk

    End of first quarter. Another slow start for the Seahawks offense. When will they ever perform out of the gate? There is a reason Wilson has had so many fourth quarter comebacks, and it is because they often suck for the first half to three quarters.

    Plus the refs missed the face mask call. Looks like everyone has something to complain about.

    Griffin made a great tackle on special teams.

    • Rob Staton

      You made this point last week too. They haven’t started slow this year with only a few exceptions, but nothing unusual for the league in general.

  51. Volume12

    Huh. Imagine that. Opening up your playbook actually moves the sticks. Incredible.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness I have no issues with it.

      Seattle wanted to come out running. Dallas knew it. They have done a very good job stopping the run so far. That commitment hurt them in the scoring drive because they’re very aggressive vs the run. You come out straight into play action it quite possibly doesn’t work.

  52. Volume12

    ‘Seattle’s drafts suck butt’

    As they find #1 corner who was a converted safety in the 5th f***ing round.

    • Volume12

      Rob. Until they started throwing it Seattle had 5 yards of offense. Russell has 9 completions, half for over 25 yards

      • Rob Staton

        You’ve missed the point I made.

    • Ishmael

      Flowers > Griffin tbh

      Stressful game to watch

      • Rob Staton

        Not a fun one for sure.

      • Matt

        Griffin is legitimately bad.

  53. Volume12

    Hahaha. Did SeaBass just pull his groin?

    • Rob Staton

      Hamstring it seems.

  54. Trevor

    Poorly played half of football on offense except for Tyler Locket. Still in his game though.

    My predictions for 2nd half.

    -Seahawks win 23-20
    -George Fant gets his 1st TD
    -Michael Dickson drop kick field goal for the win.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m really not feeling it today. Just doesn’t seem like our game.

      The first half in a nutshell — the Dallas Cowboys are playing the exact same style we do, only much better.

      12 first downs vs 4
      38 plays vs 22
      46 more passing yards
      88 rushing yards vs 22
      Nine minute advantage in TOP

      And yet somehow it’s only 10-6 because of a few good stops on defense and three big passing plays in two offensive drives.

      (And it could even be 6-3 if it wasn’t for one horrendous defense series at the end of the half).

      Seattle has to find a way to assert itself on offense. Otherwise eventually the advantages Dallas has will pay off. And as good as the defense has played, the Cowboys seems to be doing a good job protecting the ball.

  55. Volume12

    God some drop kicks sound sexy AF right about now.

  56. KD

    Gotta give Dallas’ D some credit. They’ve almost completely shut down the running game of the #1 rushing team in the NFL.

  57. Volume12

    The f*** was that?!?

  58. Volume12

    Has Seattle established that they wanna run the ball? I think we need more proof.

    • Rob Staton

      Can we leave all this stuff to Seahawks twitter?

      This is how they play. It’s got them this far.

      • Volume12

        You liked the play calling in this game? Week to week it’s as maddening as ever.

    • Kenny Sloth

      50/50 run pass split isn’t a balanced offense

  59. Matt

    Fitting end to the season. Throw away 2/3rds of your offensive possessions when you have a mediocre defense. Incredibly frustrating end to the season.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s not it Matt. Not at all.

      They’re simply not playing well enough on the night. After being a run team all year, people really expect they just throw that out the window?

      They have not played well. Too many mistakes.

  60. Ishmael

    Wish I could say I was enjoying this.

    Too tense, too stressful. The endless dives up the middle going nowhere.

    Hope it pays off in the end, but the defence is looking exhausted and the secondary is starting to get cut up. Going to be a real shame if this is how the season ends. They’ll feel like they left a lot on the field.

  61. Ishmael

    What a pick. Please, please, make the most of it.

  62. Ishmael

    That is absolutely hideous technique from Griffin on Elliot. Bolt upright and reaching? I despair sometimes.

    Credit to Dallas, but the Hawks have shot themselves in the foot repeatedly tonight.

  63. Volume12

    It was fun while it lasted.

    My worst fears about Schotty feared their ugly head in the biggest game of the season. 😢

  64. CaptainJack

    Well that was disappointing. Pathetic showing by the offense.

  65. Volume12

    That was an onside kick? Oddest one I’ve ever seen.

  66. Frank

    It was a better season that almost anyone predicted for the Seahawks. Had a bad feeling about Seabass from the beginning of the year, and really hope we go in a different direction next year. The time of possession battle was clearly dominated by the Cowboys today, and still don’t seemed to have solved our running issues. Clearly a lack of substantial pass rush hurt today, and will have to be a point of focus this offseason. It was a good year to be a fan, and for draft nerds you could argue the real fun starts today of trying to figure out what the missing pieces are in making this a championship team next year.

  67. CaptainJack

    Worst onside kick attempt ever

  68. AlaskaHawk

    It was a valiant effort! I enjoyed the last drive. Let’s see what next year will bring.

  69. Ukhawk


  70. Forrest

    Hard fought but dissapointing game. Honestly this Hawks team was always a year away from being “the team.” This season was great though, and the future is bright; no massive rebuild needed, just plugging a few defensive holes and solidifying what they have. The number of draft picks is upsetting, but I think FA will play a huge roll this off-season. Anyway, as always I remain optimistic for the future; let’s hope for the best of off-seasons. Go Hawks (from Japan)!!!

  71. millhouse-serbia

    This time next year we will be SB champions! Great season for us! Heads up, future is bright!

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