Arizona State’s Christian Westerman is very intriguing

Christian Westerman’s tape is very impressive

It’ll be reassuring to any Seahawks fan concerned about the offensive line that this is a decent class at every position.

Plenty of tackles are going to go early — and once they’re gone there isn’t much left. Laremy Tunsil, Taylor Decker and Ronnie Stanley almost certainly won’t make it to #26. Jason Spriggs’ expected performance at the combine could push him into the top-20. Jack Conklin still figures to go in round one and Shon Coleman deserves a first frame grade.

A rush on the position could lead to a high upside project like Le’Raven Clark going earlier than he probably should. Germain Ifedi is likely to get bumped up too. After that the best option might be Ole Miss’ Fahn Cooper and Nebraska’s Alex Lewis.

The Seahawks could feel obliged to take a tackle in round one if they lose Russell Okung. If they fear a day one rush they might have to come up with a different plan — either finding a way to keep Okung or signing a veteran replacement.

If they pull this off they can focus on another area in round one (D-line, linebacker, cornerback or even running back) knowing there are plenty of interior options to come in rounds 2-4.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to check out Arizona State left guard Christian Westerman until today. He needs to be added to the watch list.

There is a slight caveat. Westerman’s calling card is gritty athleticism, not size and power. The Seahawks have generally gone for his type at right guard. Whether they re-sign J.R. Sweezy or promote Mark Glowinski — it’s one of the positions where they at least have some kind of an answer. The same can’t necessarily be said for left guard (Justin Britt struggled) or right tackle (they might need to move Garry Gilliam to the blindside).

I’m not sure how open they are to starting a different type of left guard. Generally they’ve gone for converted tackles with major size and power — signing Robert Gallery, moving on to James Carpenter, trying Alvin Bailey and then settling on Britt. Terry Poole was drafted to compete at guard last year and he’s listed at 6-5 and 307lbs — a considerable difference to Britt (325lbs) and Carpenter (321lbs).

Westerman’s tape hints at a player that might be worth serious consideration at left guard — even if he’s only 6-3 and 296lbs. So why might they look beyond his size?

For starters he’s a good athlete and a former major national recruit. He generated interest from all the top schools — Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas and USC. He committed to Auburn before eventually transferring home to Arizona State.

You can tell he’s an athlete — his back pedal and set is very good and he anchors well off his back foot. He loves to get to the second level and unlike many prospects — knows how to lock on and make a block. He also appears to sit well in his set as a natural knee bender.

Westerman’s a good wrestler in a phone-booth and knows how to contain. You don’t have to block a guy for five seconds or put him on the turf to win — sometimes a subtle turn is enough to create a lane. He also has very busy feet in pass protection.

There is an edge to his game. Against USC he drove a DL to the ground and finished. He pulls very well as you’d expect given his mobility. Westerman gets that initial jolt at the POA and turns the defensive lineman.

I’ve seen his power questioned in places but I didn’t see any evidence of that. He seems to have excellent upper body strength and his ability to get movement off the LOS is no worse than most of the top-tier prospects in this class. Is there a lack of a big initial punch? Yes — but that’s not really any different to the Martin’s, Kelly’s or Whitehair’s.

Need convincing about his natural strength? How about this:

I can bench just over my own body weight. The thought of benching 315lbs makes me want to cry. Even if you think he’s not showing a comparable level of game strength — you know the potential is there.

On the downside there wasn’t any real evidence of a successful combo block. Conklin and Tretola do this very well, getting initial contact before quickly moving onto a second target. If you execute well here you can create wide open lanes and make a lot of money in the pro’s. It’s an area Westerman can improve and a reason why Conklin and Tretola will interest a lot of teams.

There were a couple of occasions where he adjusted to a stunt or blitz — you don’t often see this level of recognition in college. Having read up on Westerman after watching the games he’s been praised for his work ethic and technical awareness.

Length isn’t an issue (33.5 inch arms) and there’s plenty of upside here. He might not be a converted tackle with massive size but his attitude, athleticism and strength will be appealing. He’s not an overachiever in college who made himself great — he’s a former four-star recruit who always expected to perform.

Scouts Inc are grading him in round four and Tony Pauline has him in round five. From what I watched today I think he’s destined to rise after the combine, possibly into the second or third round.

If the Seahawks don’t address the offensive line in round one — or even if they do — there are good options to fill out the interior beyond the first day. Westerman could be an outsider for the #56 pick and if you can get him any later than that — consider it a high-upside steal.


  1. CHawk Talker Eric

    What about trying Westerman at C?

    • Rob Staton

      Very possible.

    • Volume12

      I was kind of wondering that too. Thought I read somewhere that he wants to get up to 305-306 lbs.

    • Wall UP

      Agreed. I have him as the center option for the Hawks if Martin, Allen are gone @ 98. He has played center before, briefly.

      • Volume12

        I’d take this guy over Allen in a heartbeat.

        He comps very favorably to Nick Martin too. Not as polished, but more raw power.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Definitely stronger. He has a shot to set the Combine BP record. He needs a bit more strength in his base, but that’s a matter of time spent with NFL trainers. He has big mitts – 10 7/8 inches – good for solid snap exchanges.

          A couple of tweets about him:

          @LedyardNFLDraft: Christian Westerman is one of the best prospects in the draft that no one is talking about. Gonna be a high end starter for a long time.

          @JoshMenschNFL: Christian Westerman is a load at LG. His functional strength at the POA is top notch. Working w @OLineWorld65 will only aide his development

          • Volume12

            He can play in any scheme, 3 interior positions, and LeCharles Bentley aka ‘The O-line whisperer’ will work wonders with him, as you point out.

        • Wall UP

          The difference between the two is that Allen is a center and Westerman can play center. Perhaps, greater upside, but also having a greater learning curve. Line calls and leadership are intangibles that are valuable for a center. Allen is no slouch strength wise either. The combine should entertaining.

          • Greg Haugsven

            315 lbs 20 times is pretty impressive. I think I just dislocated my shoulder thinking about it.

          • Rob Staton

            I know you’re a big Allen fan, Wall Up — but Mitch Morse made a seamless transition from tackle to center. Westerman doesn’t lack leadership or intangibles. The ceiling and upside between the two is incomparable.

            • Wall UP

              The learning curve I was referring to were the intangibles of the position, not the physical upside or ceiling. Making the correct line changes was one of the major issues for their OL struggles.

              Westerman would have a learning curve that might put more pressure on Russell again as a starter. Allen is more adept at making correct calls when needed, having more experience at the position. He could start day one for the Hawks, and successfully lead the OL.

              • Rob Staton

                Allen would face virtually the same learning curve joining a new team with a much more complex playbook.

                • Wall UP

                  I disagree with the same learning curve with regard to the position itself. Allen has been at the center, for most part, his entire career. He’s like a wily vet when it comes to making line calls and inducing offside snaps by the defense.

                  As far as the position itself Allen has a leg up. Does Westerman have a greater upside down the road, no question. That’s why I mind if they went with Westerman at center. I just think they’d get out of the gate sooner with Allen under center.

                  • Wall UP

                    Wouldn’t mind.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Pro offense far more complex than any in college. Allen would face a steep learning curve just like anyone else. And the edge he has in experience doesn’t really compare to Westerman in terms of physical upside.

              • matt

                “Making the correct line changes was one of the major issues for their OL struggles.”

                Agreed making a seamless transition from G to C is not a given. Nowak was completely inept making line calls. I like Allen too. He was great at MSU and had a ton of snaps in a pro style offense, but is he an upgrade over Lewis? Drafting Allen looks like a sideways move with Lewis. Both solid- not great.

                • Wall UP

                  Allen is more stout against inside push and adept at line adjustments. But has hasn’t had a snap in the league as yet. They could go with Westerman and not draft a center. Lewis would start with Westerman as backup G/C. That would allow time for him to learn the position.

                  • Wall UP

                    We’ll see. I was thinking Avery Young for the multi position player @ 172 5th Rd comp pick to compete @ LG. He has a more bulk to anchor for the LG.

                    Allen or Westerman would make Cable happy. I hope it’s Allen. He’s got that huge sequoia tree on his shoulder from trying to prove all the naysayers wrong about his stature. This is the next step in his journey at being a champion. Brock had a good read on Allen after digging into his make up, ” An Alpha. A leader of men”.

                    The C/QB exchange of Allen/Wilson would be a great story. Two at their positions who were doubted because of their stature, together winning championships.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Unlike Allen, Wilson doesn’t need to take on 6-5, 300lbs defensive linemen 1v1…

                  • Rob Staton

                    Too many assumptions here Wall Up. And Mitch Morse started week one at center for the Chiefs after converting from left tackle. There’s no reason why Westerman couldn’t pick up the line calls.

                  • Wall UP

                    Don’t let that 1 v 1 drill fool you Rob. That’s not a real game scenario. Game tape gives a better perspective. Throughout his career he’s held his own in the trenches, and then some. I’d love to see any game film to show otherwise. : – )

                    • Rob Staton

                      I’m not talking about a drill. I’m talking about coming up against NFL offensive lineman every snap. Guys who are bigger and much more athletic than you. And guys who are going to need to be matched up physically because effort and attitude isn’t going to be enough alone.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Westerman will go 2 rounds earlier than Allen, for a reason.

                  • Wall UP

                    That’s what is so intriguing about the draft. You have a set amount of picks and you make those by prioritizing the needs.

                    If Coleman is available like most believe @ 26 you have to take him to fill a need for RT/LG. Jordan Jenkins, Deion Jones are possible options to replace Irving @ 56. Do you take Westerman @ 56, or do you let the draft come to you and fill the need OLB/DE or WLB, & take a center @ 90?

                    Westerman may not be available @ 90. If he is, that would be a good pick. The same holds true for Allen @ 90. I just don’t think picking a center before the 3rd Rd would be right move based upon need and the available centers after Rds 1 & 2.

                  • Wall UP

                    I know you meant ‘defensive lineman’. But, that’s what he’s been doing his whole career. This is his next big challenge. I’m not alone, but others too believe he has a chance to succeed in the NFL.

    • 75franks

      there seems to be quite a few good centers in this draft. so why not draft one of them and just play this guy at his natural position.

      • troy

        I would be very satisfied with Avery Young in the 5th especially if we’re able to take his teammate Shon Coleman. At center take Martin in the 2nd if hes there or Glasgow in the 4th.

  2. Volume12

    Was wondering when you were gonna get around to him Rob.

    I’m a huge fan. After Taylor Decker, he’s my favorite O-lineman in this class. Was also on Bruce Feldman’s ‘2015 freakiest athletes in CFB’ this summer.

    Beginning to think he’s this year’s O-line version of Tyler Lockett.

    He’s a 2nd round talent IMO,

    Love everything about him.

    Thanks for doing a piece on him my man. We need to kep our eye on him.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Yep. Been saying for quite some time he’s my top rated OG (not OT to OG convert).

      Very much have a man crush on him and have projected him one of our R3 picks.

  3. Draft Nix

    I’ve heard speculation that the Jets might cut Breno Giacomini. If that happens, any chance we bring back? He could bring size and toughness to LG, or play RT if Gilliam gets moved to the blind side.

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t rule it out. Happy to have Breno back.

      • Naks8

        That would be great to shore up the starters on the outside. Then we can draft a developmental guy for the future. Like you said, there seems to be so much interior depth that we can easily draft someone who can play right away or compete. Then we could use the rest of our picks to fill other “needs”

      • C-Dog

        This lends into my new crazy thought.

        Jets cut Breno, Hawks bring Breno back.

        Saints cut Browner, Hawks bring Browner back on a veteran min.

        Eagles cut Walter Thurmond, Hawks bring Thurmond back.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Thurmond is not getting cut, he played a very solid safety for them. He was a bright spot on their dreadful defense.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I don’t think he will come back, but I wonder if he can play LG….. the determination at grit would be an asset on the OL. If they could somehow keep Sweazy and add Giacomini… that is a nasty nasty OL waiting to happen.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Someone like Breno or Loadholt will be SEA’s back up if they can’t resign Okung to a reasonable extension.

        I think they’d like to sign him to a deal that keeps the 1st year cap hit as close to $6M as possible. But that requires a multi-year deal, or for Okung to sign a 1-year ‘prove it’ deal (which sounds kind of unrealistic for a former first round pick who still has as many years left in his tank as he’s already played.

        • Volume12

          I’d rather have Jeff Allen over Phil Loadholt, but that’s just my personal preference. I do like both though.

          Would love to have the ‘Big Russian’ back.

          Yo Beastmode. He’s Brazilian and Italian!

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I would like to see a 4-8-12 deal for Okung. Each year his deal goes up 4M. But guarantee maybe half the coinage. It would be good for both the team and him. Otherwise, he may never get another big payday.

          • Greg Haugsven

            With his shoulder issue it would be hard thinking he would get much coin. Unles the Jags or Raiders come in, they have to spend to get over a certain amount of money. I’m not buying the fact his shoulders not really hurt.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              He is due for surgery and not able to do anything until June.. according to himself.

              • Greg Haugsven

                He said it was precautionary. Not sure I believe that. I’ve dislocated my shoulder before and it’s no good.

          • Wall UP

            More like 6.5-7 with a 10 option for the 2nd yr. He could be a FA again soon, allowing Coleman or Gilliam time to adjust to the LT position.

    • Trevor

      Would love the Big Nasty back as a LG ideally or even the RT in a pinch. Great guy in the locker room too. What sort of terms did he leave on? I don’t think there were any bridges burned by either said when he left. I really hope they bring him back.

    • lil'stink

      Breno didn’t look that great last year. If he were to be released and then come back it would have to be on a deal that would make it easy to part ways with him. If we are going to spend money on outside FA’s I would rather it be for rotational DL help.

  4. CharlieTheUnicorn

    If this guy (Westerman) was indeed available in the 3rd round, not a bad fit for Seattle. Upside, experience at guard and play technically sound. He is one of my 2-3 guards that I could defiantly see Seattle grabbing. How he fits, most likely at RG, but if he has all the underlying tools…. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be a fit at LG, provided he can gain 10-20 lbs….. which seems very likely in the NFL training/workout room.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t have “too” good of combine. 😉

    • Volume12

      I’d take him in the 2nd, and if he does end up rising, I’d take him in the 1st. He’s that good IMHO.

      Seattle will take ‘their’ guys, even if it’s early.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The 1st round is way too high, but I could see second round….. if he interviews, tests and doesn’t have any hidden medical issues.

        • Volume12

          No it’s not. Not if he rises into the 2nd round.

          I’m telling ya, don’t sleep on him.

          Every year around this time we see guys get into the 1st. Who had DJ Humphries, Laken Tomlinson, and Byron Jones in the 1st?

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            As RW says, no time for Sleep. I’ve been on his train for a little while…. just trying to figure out what pick/round he would fit…. I originally thought mid 3rd round, but all the press will push him into the 2nd round with a solid combine.

            • Volume12

              After the combine, everybody that tests well will be a so called ‘1st or 2nd rounder.’ Just like after the Senior Bowl.

          • drewjov11

            Yeah, he’s not a first rounder. If he’s not there at the end of the second then oh well, but don’t cry over not over drafting him.

            • Volume12

              Am I supposed to feel some type of way about this childish comment?

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Westerman was a 5* recruit coming out of high school. I’d expect him to do well at the combine.

  5. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Does anyone think Seattle might go OL with 3 of the 1st four picks?

    (examples) LG Tretola, C Martin and RG Westerman …. then perhaps bring in recently cut RT Giacomini and play Gilliam at LT. That would be alot of youth, but I could get really excited about it as well. Add in some spot starts by some seasoned guys already in Seattle….. this could be a top 16 unit… and that would be good enough to get to the NFCCG at the minimum.

    • Volume12


      I think they’ll take 2 O-lineman with their first 4 picks, add a cheap FA, and then either take one late on day 3 or in UDFA.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        This is the conventional wisdom approach to the draft, but then we are talking about Seattle. 😛

        • Volume12

          Exactly. But let’s rule out Christian Westerman as a late 1st or early 2nd rounder.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            You can convince me, if they happen to trade back a few spots into early 2nd round…. then I could see it. But I’m not convinced they would reach at #26 for a……. crap the drafted Irvin way early, compared to where everyone thought he would go LOL

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I expect them to take UFA losses + 1. If they lose both Okung and Sweezy then I expect 3 guys, two in top 4 picks.

    • C-Dog

      I think they certainly could. I think there’s also a pretty realistic chance they could add two veterans. Maybe Jeff Allen to play LG, and Breno back at RT, with Gilliam moving over to LT. Westerman could still be drafted to either play RG or C. Or Martin to play C.

    • nichansen01

      Personally I think that it is unlikely that 3/4 are offensive linemen. I suspect early picks will also be spent on linebacker, defensive tackle and running back.

    • J

      I think it’ll be one OL in the first four. Probably with the second rounder. Then a couple more towards the end of day three.

      • RealRhino2

        This is my thought, too. Running various projected mocks, almost all of the OL picks feel like reaches while so many other good players go by. Best combination so far seems to be grabbing one of the good tackles early unless a too-good-to-pass-up DL falls, then you can feel like you’ve really shored up the OL (a guy like Coleman or Conklin or even Ifedi gives you a guy you know can play RT but could also play G if they happen to resign Okung and keep Gilliam at RT. Then you can find that DT, RB and WR/CB/LB, coming back to grab a guard or center on Day 3.

  6. Volume12

    Regional combine today. Any standouts?

    • matt

      Devonte Robinson-Utah St.

      6’2″ 190 lbs-4.33 40-39.5″ vert.

      Nice jet sweep run at 2:20 showing off a spin move and the 4.33 speed. Check out the catch at 5:30. Wow! Didn’t do much at Utah St. 44 catch 552 yards 4 tds for his career. Potential UDFA target.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He will get drafted, if he does indeed drop a 4.3 at combine.

      • Coleslaw

        6th round possible

  7. nichansen01

    What are peoples feelings towards Alvin Bailey starting at Left Tackle next season? I think it would be an improvement over Okung.

    • Rob Staton

      As a stand in he can do it. As an every week starter? Scary.

      • nichansen01

        Why exactly? The offensive line improved markedly after Okung went down in our divisional playoff loss to Carolina.
        I view center and left guard as bigger daft needs than tackle. I view Bailey as the Kelvin Beachum type (A shorter tackle but a great player)

        • Greg Haugsven

          I agree nichansen01 , let’s build this beast from the inside out.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks were losing 31-0 when the marked improvement occurred. I think it’s fair to suggest the Panthers were playing a little more conservatively. Britt, Lewis and Sweezy had a nightmare early in the game and were much more responsible than Okung for the issues.

          Bailey was basically given the keys to the left guard spot a year ago and blew it. He’s been patchy in spot-duty. Nothing fills me with confidence that he should be protecting Russell Wilson’s blindside every week in a year where consistent O-line performance is the teams self-confessed priority.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I get that but when the pocket is clean we see what happens. When there is edge pressure he has the chance to escape. He has no chance when the pressure comes up the middle.

          • nichansen01

            Left Guard is a completely different position than tackle. I respectfully disagree and I would gladly give Alvin Bailey a second chance to be named the starter at an offensive line position, especially the position he is used to playing.

            Next man up has to work if you are subscribed to the “win forever” philosophy. We can not find new starters at every offensive line position in the draft, not to mention doing this while finding defensive tackles, a new linebacker and a new running back.

            Sokoli, Bailey, Glowinski, Poole and Gilliam really have to step up next year, because I just don’t see “it” in Britt, Lewis, Sweezy or Okung.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s not about the position (although I’d argue a guy who can’t convince at left guard isn’t likely to be a NFL left tackle, but that’s by the by). It’s the fact they gave Bailey every opportunity to win the job and he just looked so unconvincing in every way. Follow that up with the woe is me tweet — and this is the player we’re putting at left tackle?

              Carroll made a point about the O-line as the priority. Let’s be right here, they aren’t going to be relying on the Bailey’s, Poole’s and Sokoli’s on the O-line in 2016.

              • Seahawcrates

                And Bailey lost the left guard competition early in training camp. From the first week of August it was a speed dating opportunity at that spot b

          • Robert

            I endorse this assessment!

        • bobbyk

          There were times Bailey replaced Okung and didn’t fare too much worse. However, there were a few times when he’s replaced Okung and you could tell. Remember how badly Greg Hardy worked Bailey after replacing Okung? #76 held his own against Hardy, but then when Bailey came in it was if Hardy were in the backfield before anyone. Bailey can get you by in spot starts but it’d be quite noticeable if he was a full time starter.

          If you’re a back-up on our terrible line, you’re not exactly full-time starter material for most teams.

    • C-Dog

      They’ve gotten by with Bailey at LT in a few pinches, but no way is he better or as good as Okung. Teams would game plan against him pretty easily over time. He’s not a LG either, my goodness gracious, they had to move Britt there. I would feel more comfortable with Gilliam at LT and Britt back to RT before I’d feel good about giving the keys to Bailey at LT, and I don’t feel exactly rosy about that scenario either.

  8. Greg Haugsven

    I’ve axed a couple time if anyone has watched any tape on Kyle Friend, center from Temple. This dude will be a serious combine freak.

  9. KHawk

    His uniform in the picture is interesting. Is it designed that way or did he really tear his knees and spill black tar/marks all over his helmet?

    • Rob Staton

      The funky helmet was designed that way — as for the knees, he’s wearing a brace like a lot of O-liners to support when they set. His pants are resting just above the brace.

      • Volume12

        The majority of college football teams make their guys wear braces.

        The most awkward thing a human being could do on the football field is move backwards and try and set while a 260-300 lb guy across from ya is trying to push you back.

        • matt

          That and the braces protect from getting rolled up on causing a major tear or sprain.

  10. James

    Hey Rob, do you think Westerman could play RT? He has okay length (same as Britt), and his footwork/agility/power combo (20 reps, wow) sounds impressive. I haven’t watched him yet so I’m just curious.

    • Rob Staton

      I did wonder about that. Mirrors well in the few times he has to. Hard to say though without seeing it.

  11. Steele

    Rob, glad to see you get around to Westerman. I saw him projected rd. 4 but I suspect a Mitch Morse kind of a climb soon. Good prospect who ticks many boxes for the Hawks.

  12. Trevor

    I watched a ton of tape / players today and Westerman was one of the guys who stood out for sure.

    One thing is pretty clear to me there is a ton of talent in the trenches in Day #1,2 of the draft this year. If we trade back with our 1st pick as is always in play with JS then we could potentially have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and completely rebuild the trenches on both sides of the ball.

    So many guys seem like they could be late 1st rounders early 2nd rounders that some of them are going to fall to the middle / end of rd #2.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      How far should Seattle trade back…. and what should they get back in return for picks? If they could squeeze a high second and 4th round pick and a swap of 3rd round picks for slight trade back (6-8 picks) then I think that is very viable. I would not be comfortable with trading back more than 8 spots, for fear of missing out on some very high quality DL and OL prospects. I would not want to get to cute with the trading back, if they really like a guy, they should just grab him with their native picks.

    • Robert

      Tempting, but I think somebody very high on our board is going to drop to us and be hard to resist.

  13. C-Dog

    New Mock featuring Westerman, and a surprise at 26










    Spence drops to 26 in the quake of the Randy Gregory suspension. Teams will be too scared of his admitted Ecstasy addiction even thought he starred at the Senior bow. Great replacement for Irving.

    There might be twitchier DTs available later, but Johnson is a special talent that can start at 3 tech, offer rush for a big man by relentless power, and is a tackling machine. Too good a talent not to take here.

    Westerman is can start right away at guard, but might eventually be the starting center down the line.

    Clark is an great athlete, but maybe too much of a project for teams to consider in round 1 and 2, but great value here for Seattle.

    Dixon is a great complement to Rawls. Kaufusi is a tall long DL project that might offer versatility in their 4-3 with 3-4 personal philosophy. Lyons is a big physical CB project. They view Johnston as another athletic tackle for the OL. North adds more height at WR.

    • Robert

      Ugh, ecstasy addiction is a whole different level of drug addiction than smoking a little weed.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, but to his credit, he has been pretty candid about it. Maybe one sign that it is past him, but still something that would understandably make people in charge nervous.

    • david ess

      I love this draft but Kenneth Dixon there in the 4th is very unlikely. he is gaining steam through out the draft process. If we want him it may have to be done in the 2nd

  14. bobbyk

    I know most people have Mark Glowinski penciled in at RG this upcoming season. I know I do.

    However, say the team does draft Westerman. What about Glowinski at LG and Westerman at RG? Glowinski is bigger. Granted, he’s 310 and Cable has historically liked them in the 325 range but if our guards are going to be Glowinski and Westerman, it makes more sense to have the one who weighs more at LG.

    Also, there’s no rule that says Westerman couldn’t play RG and Glowinski could find himself at RT. I watched all of Glowinski I could find after the draft last year and I see a guy who is nimble. I think he may have those RT skills. He did play tackle before transferring to West Virginia. I don’t see this as likely (like most of you are probably shaking your head at right now), but if they find value on the interior in the draft and they want to get their five best OL on the field, I wonder if this is something they would consider.

    I wonder how comfortable Breno would be at LG? I can’t imagine him making much on the open market at his age. He could be more valuable to us than anyone else.

    • Volume12

      I was thinking the same thing. About Glow at LG. Looks like he has the frame and length to add 5 more pounds or so without it being a hindrance.

      • C-Dog

        I think they genuinely really like Glow. They’ve pegged him as a RG, but there’s a lot of folks around the team that think he can be their starting LG. Nemhauser has brought that up, Greg Bell has mentioned it, too.

    • Rob Staton

      The only issue here bobbyk is — if they were willing to try him at LG, why didn’t they ever entertain it in camp? When Bailey blew his opportunity to win the gig, they never even considered Glowinski. He stayed at RG exclusively.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Maybe, but that might also be because they had more 2 non-rookie candidates for LG – Bailey and Britt. This year’s TC might go differently, especially if Sweezy resigns and depending on who they draft.

      • Willyeye

        I’m pretty sure that Glowinski is staying at RG. I believe that Glowinski was drafted with the intent purpose of letting Sweezy walk in Free Agency. That’s why he wasn’t even given a shot at LG. One thing a lot of people don’t stop to consider is that the Seahawks will try to get their 4 comp picks for 2017 (they lost one pick for 2016 by signing Cary Williams), and that means letting at least 4 guys walk this year. I see them saying goodbye to 4 of the following 5 guys: Okung, Sweezy, Irvin, Mebane and Rubin. And they won’t lose any of those picks if they sign players that have been cut or FA’s after June 1.

        • matt

          “I believe that Glowinski was drafted with the intent purpose of letting Sweezy walk in Free Agency. That’s why he wasn’t even given a shot at LG.”

          Nailed it. With a year learning the system Glowinski will be ready to start at RG for the next 3 seasons.

          The Hawks didn’t lose a comp pick from signing Cary Williams. He was cut by PHI therefore doesn’t impact comp picks. The growing list of cap casualties is more the list to watch, as opposed to UFA’s, because of this. JS has flat said how much they value the extra draft picks. They’ll be even more valuable starting 2017 when teams can trade comp picks.

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    So, I was fooling around on one of the mock draft simulators. Here is what I got. IF, you actually take the Jaylon Smith pick and toss it out and move all the other picks up 1 spot…. might be very close to what happens.


    • C-Dog

      I played around with probably the same simulator and came up with Spence at 26. Kind of laughed, but I also sort of think it could happen in the quake of the Randy Gregory suspension. That fanspeak simulator is kind of a grain of salt device (no way Robert Blair, Darius Latham, Fahn Cooper, or Alex Max last until R7), but fun to play with.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Try the different “settings” with where to pull data from….. walterfootball, CBS, etc Wildly differing results. But it is fun, because I actually recognize some of the names from this website/discussion board. 🙂

        • C-Dog

          Thanks for further feeding my addiction. My wife will love that!

  16. C-Dog

    Interestingly enough, NFL.Com comps Westerman to Alex Max. Maybe is should be considered a day one pick.


    BOTTOM LINE Quick-­twitch, athletic guard who comes from a football family and has been working on his strength and athleticism from a young age. Offensive line coaches will appreciate Westerman’s technical savvy and zone scheme teams will covet his fluidity and blocking ability on the move. A move to center is not out of the question thanks to his body type and quickness and his draft stock may be helped by a potential ability to offer roster depth at several offensive line positions.

    • Volume12

      It’s funny to me man. This is just me talking in general, not about any one guy in particular.

      If ya bring up a prospect that’s got a mid 2nd round grade on him, there’s no way he’ll be there when Seattle picks. Suggest taking a prospect a round earlier thah they’re projected to go, and that’s a reach. Absoutely not!

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I don’t really buy into the whole reach thing, myself. If he’s their guy at 26, I’m totally good with it. Mel can take a chill pill. They need help inside the OL more than anything else. If it works, it’s not a reach, it’s a great pick.

        • Willyeye

          This would be a great reason to trade down the #26 pick for like the 8th-12th pick of the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The only problem is whether any team in that part of the draft would be wanting to move up for a #26 pick. It would give us 5 picks in rounds 2 and 3. Too much to lose on taking a risky pick at #26, and might save reaching for a guy at #26.

  17. EranUngar

    How about bringing Jason Jones back?

    He should not break the bank, played for us in 2012, 6-5 275 solid DE, can rotate with Bennett on base downs, sets the edge against the run well, offers some pass rush (4.5, 5 sacks in the last 2 years for DET) ?

    • EranUngar

      Or Quinton Coples, 26 y.o., 6-6 290, was productive in his first 3 years for the jets (5.5, 4.5, 6.5 sacks), tarded to MIA mid last year and had a poor 2015. Again, could be a cheap rotation inside pass rusher?

      • Volume12

        I always liked Jason Jones. He’d be a good addition. A guy that can get ya a handful of sacks

    • EranUngar

      Or Robert Ayers, he’ll be 31 this year, 6-3 275, played the last 2 years for the giants at less than 2M a year, had 9.5 sacks in 2015….?

      • lil'stink

        Ayers is one I’m interested in as well. He’s projected to get around $6 million APY, but if we can get him for a little less it could be a great pickup. Jason Jones, Tyrunn Walker, William Hayes, nand even Henry Melton (who should be dirt cheap) are all guys I hope we look at.

        The DL free agency class looks to have quite a few nice players in it besides all the high profile guys that are going to make huge money. I would really like to see a rotational depth sort of guy brought in for the DL. I would make that my third priority in FA after Rubin and Lane. I’m thinking the OL free agents that are brought up on this blog are all going to cost too much or are too old, not that they aren’t decent players.

    • matt

      Randy Starks got cut by Cleveland where he was a poor fit as a 3-4 DE. He was a consistent 4.5 sacks a year his previous 4 seasons in Miami. That’s the solid interior pass rushing production we missed in 2015. Starks is 32 so it’s unlikely he gets a garners a big/long deal. Not affecting future comp picks is a big plus.

  18. Wall UP

    26. Coleman RT/LT/LG
    56. Jordan Jenkins OLB/DE – Irving’s replacement
    90. Allen C or Westerman OG/C – whichever is available
    98. Javon Hargrave DT – inside push missing from McDonald
    125. CJ Prosise RB – passing threat out of the backfield on 3rd dn
    172. Avery Young OT/OG – could play every position except center
    215. Joel Heath DT/DE – McDaniel role in the rotation
    223. Ugonna Awuruonye DE
    245. Marquez North WR

    • Wall UP

      Okung, Mebane, Rubin, Kearse and Shead are resigned. Lose Sweezy, Irving, Lane for future comp picks.

      • Willyeye

        With all the injury history, Lane might not even sign for enough to get a comp pick. Okung, Mebane and Rubin will end up costing over $20 million…I don’t think there’s any chance they re-sign all three of them. For some reason, I think Mebane, Okung, Irvin and Sweezy are all gone (and that gets them their 4 high comp picks). I think Okung has the best shot at staying, but I don’t think they’ll value LT as much as the interior for 2016. And then they’ll still have money to pick up some cut players and FA’s after June 1 (then they won’t lose any of the comp picks).

        • Wall UP

          Baldwin is making 4/yr, and I doubt they pay him more than that. So, 3/yr for four years escalating 1/yr for 18mil. Okung @ 7 1st yr and 10 2nd yr as an option yr, allowing him to become a FA again. That will also give Gilliam or Coleman time to adjust playing LT.

          Mebane @ 3 & Rubin @ 3/yr for 3yrs. Shead @ 2/yr escalating 1/yr for 3yrs.

          Okung and Kearse may get better offers & not be resigned. But you try to keep them.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’d be a nice draft Wall Up. My only quibble is that 90 is too early for Allen, and too late for Westerman.

      • Wall UP

        You can always use the slot @ 90 to trade up or down as the need may be. Realistically, Westerman may be gone early 3rd or late 2nd. You might trade back to gain another pick, or take your guy early.

  19. Martin

    Rob I would Ike your thoughts on Quinton Jefferson DT from Maryland. I was watching tape on the DE from there and kept seeing this DT in the backfield. I liked what I saw. He had a hussle int against Michigan, and a 1 handed grab on a batted ball. I could see him as a pass rushing interior lineman.

    • oz

      Good eye. I have watched some tape on Jefferson. I like him a lot. Sleeper pick on third day.

      • oz

        In fact, I would take him with one of our 3rd rounders if he was still there. I think he will move up the board come draft time. What a DT class!!!

        • Martin

          I believe that he will rise. Over on draft insider he has a 7th Rd grade. I could see spending a 6th possibly a 5th if they do not think he will be there. Of course that all depends on how he comes out of the combine.

  20. GoHawks5151

    Staying in the Pac 12, gotta rep Issac Seumalo. Former 4 star guy recruited hard by USC and others before going to Oregon State. A coaches kid. All conference as a Freshman and sophmore at Center. Missed a whole year due to injury before returning this past season playing guard and tackle. Good, strong hands. Very quick laterally. Stout and can move bodies at the point. Also very good combo blocker, being in the zone scheme. Knows when to drive and when to wall off a second level guy. Injury history could drop him.

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