Friday notes: New podcast, reviewing the mocks & Chris Long

This week I appeared on Real in the Field Gulls with Danny and Kenny. You can check it out below (we get into plenty of draft talk). Don’t forget our draft podcast as well — if you missed it earlier in the week here’s the link.

Chad Reuter has published a new four-round mock draft. His picks for Seattle are: Sheldon Rankins (R1), Alex Collins (R2), Leonte Carroo (R3), Will Redmond (R3) and Joe Dahl (R4).

Most fans will react very positively to this. Rankins is the best interior rusher in the class with tremendous upside and quickness. Collins would provide a formidable duo with Thomas Rawls in the backfield. Carroo adds depth at receiver (he has major character flags that need to be investigated) and Dahl can compete for any of the interior line spots (he’s best suited to right guard). Redmond would need to have 32-inch arms to pass the length test but he had first round potential before a serious injury in 2015. He could fall in a similar way to Walter Thurmond.

This mock probably assumes the Seahawks invest in the offensive line during free agency. The Redmond pick suggests a scenario where they also failed to retain Jeremy Lane.

Overall it’s a nice collection of talent. There’s a pretty good chance the Seahawks are going to take a defensive lineman, a running back and an O-liner in the first four rounds. The pick at receiver could happen — they could also look at linebacker or further help on the O-line.

Mel Kiper also has a new mock draft out. His pick for the Seahawks at #26 is Robert Nkemdiche (DL, Ole Miss).

If Nkemdiche drops all the way to #26 despite his incredible upside and potential — there’s every chance he’ll keep falling. He underachieved at college and the Seahawks have generally not drafted underachievers. Nkemdiche was supposed to be the next big thing — another Jadeveon Clowney. That never quite happened at Ole Miss.

On top of that there are some character concerns that need to be investigated. Bob McGinn at the Journal Sentinel quoted one anonymous scout describing Nkemdiche as, “A different kid. He may scare some people. He’s strange strange.” After the Percy Harvin saga, is that a direction the Seahawks are going to go?

Even so, Nkemdiche does possess more upside than arguably any other player in the draft. If he focuses on football and wants to be great — he can be one of the best defensive players in the league. He could easily go in the top-15 or sink into round two like Randy Gregory. His stock is wide open.

Kiper interestingly puts Alabama center Ryan Kelly at #18 and finds a home for fast riser Jihad Ward in the first frame. Available to the Seahawks: Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State), Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State), Mackensie Alexander (CB, Clemson), Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana), Shon Coleman (T, Auburn), Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor), Andrew Billings (DT, Baylor), Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech) Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama), Nick Martin (C, Notre Dame) and Leonard Floyd (LB, Georgia).

Lance Zierlein updated his mock draft too on He previously had the Seahawks taking Le’Raven Clark (T, Texas Tech) in round one. This time he has Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville) dropping to #26.

Rankins played well enough at the Senior Bowl to secure a top-15 grade. He’s not on the same level as Aaron Donald but they’re the same type of player. Donald was the #13 pick in 2014. Rankins might go later — but twelve picks later might be a stretch.

Zierlein’s mock is enticing for the Seahawks. Both Rankins and Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State) are sitting there at #26. So is Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State), Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State) and Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama). There’s an answer for all of Seattle’s key needs in the form of a ‘Seahawky’ type — athletic and productive. Talk about a best case scenario.

The St. Louis Los Angeles Rams released defensive end Chris Long today, along with James Laurinaitus and Jared Cook. They now have around $60m in free cap room to relaunch the franchise in L.A.

Could Long join the Seahawks? He wouldn’t count against their compensatory picks in 2017 having been released. He only turns 31 this year (it’s not like he’s turning 32 or anthing…). A couple of injury-hit, unproductive seasons (four sacks in 11 starts in the last two years) might limit his earning power.

He’s in a similar place to Jared Allen when he hit the market — and the Seahawks had serious interest there before he joined Chicago. Adding another rotational pass rusher would benefit the Seahawks — creating the kind of trio they had in 2013 (Clemons-Avril-Bennett). It could also make up for the almost inevitable departure of Bruce Irvin. Although he wasn’t ever a sack-machine, Irvin did collect 12 in 2014-2015.

Long has the kind of personality you can imagine fitting into Seattle’s locker room. However, with a real desire to keep the existing roster together and enough room to probably only keep four players on $4-5m APY — they might struggle to fit Long into the equation. They can backload a contract for Jeremy Lane or Jermaine Kearse and limit the 2016 cap hit — that’ll be harder to do for players like Okung, Mebane, Rubin etc.

As for the Rams — moving Laurinaitus opens up a hole at linebacker. At #15 they’ll be well placed to get one of Jaylon Smith or Darron Lee. Edge rusher is also a possibility now too.


  1. Colin

    If signing Long means losing Kearse, that’s an outcome I find acceptable. This team needs more pass rush.

    • Greg haugsven

      I agree, I would make that swap for sure. More pass rush reminds me of more cow bell. Maybe only funny to me.

      • Darth 12er

        I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell. That cowbell, such a classic!

    • franks

      Not in a million years. 5 sacks and declining. Still a pretty good player, id say that fits him to a T and he will ride the bench in base 4-3. Will not provide game ending sacks on consecutive nfc chamlionship games. Kearse meanwhile doesnt do anything but win every big game we play.

  2. vrtkolman

    Randy Gregory just got busted for substance abuse, out 4 games next season. For those wanting to jump all over Nkemdiche if he falls, that is the risk that comes with it.

    • Robert

      If we draft NK, he’d be the only weed smoker on the Seahawks roster???

      • vrtkolman

        I am sure there are plenty of other Seahawks who smoke weed too. However I don’t think many of them have jumped out of a 4 story building. Something isn’t quite right there, and you can only hope it doesn’t come back to bite you if you draft him.

        • Robert

          He fell 15 feet. The 4 story thing is just idiot reporters creating sensational headlines for more clicks. Indications are he probably smoked some synthetic weed. Players try that because it doesn’t show up on a urinalysis. But it can cause the user to become intensely paranoid. There’s a good chance that Robert is now afraid to partake of something that might cause him to lose his mind and think plummeting off a deck is his best move. I guzzled 1/3 bottle of 151 as a teen ager and almost washed out to sea. I woke up the next morning with round stickers from vital signs monitors all over my chest. I never drank 151 again and never drank hard alcohol without a very deliberate and measured management of the amount consumed relative to the timeline. Ultimately, I realized drinking alcohol is stupid and have not touched a drop in 20+ years. Falling down and getting back up is how babies learn to walk! FO must evaluate Robert NK and determine whether he is a good prospect for our team. I love his Alabama tape and upside potential!

          • RealRhino2

            Still, as with all these guys in college, it’s not the question of whether doing it is wrong, but how dumb/shortsighted (or addicted?) they are to do it when they know their employer tests for it and they are involved in a really long job interview that could end up in a multi-million dollar salary if they just keep it together.

            Funny that Rob had that quote about Nkemdiche, because it almost exactly mirrors the sort of quotes you started to hear about Randy Gregory last year. And, well, he just got suspended for four games for smoking weed, after he got caught having smoked weed before the combine. Player’s best ability is his avail-ability. Guess he didn’t get scared straight.

      • Colin

        Smoking weed and smoking Spice are not the same thing.

  3. Robert

    Robert NK looked pretty awesome in the big win vs Alabama! He was often double teamed throughout the game. I definitely think he’s on the PCJS radar!

  4. vrtkolman

    Rob, here’s something out of left field – what about Greg Hardy? I’m not sure what Dallas’ plans are but I could see them walking away from him. He was a distraction down there, even though he didn’t mean to be one.

    He didn’t have a great year, but he’s an elite force when he’s on his game and he’s still young. Could he go for a one year deal again? I don’t see a lot of teams lining up to sign him long term.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t even wish Hardy on the 49ers. Avoid at all costs.

      • vrtkolman

        I think I can agree with you there, I have to wonder where he ends up.

        • Miles

          The CFL or MLFB?

      • bobbyk

        The guy can’t even make many practices on time in a contract year. More headache than worth. Loser.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He is the TEXTBOOK Raider waiting to happen. Perhaps they have learned from prior mistakes.

    • Steele

      vrtkollman, Greg Hardy was absolute locker room cancer. Teammates like Jeremy Mincey couldn’t find a way to work with him. They tried. He has serious problems, and I do not think the Seahawks should try to find out about them.

      • Michael M.

        Future Bengal all the way

    • oz

      Are you serious?

  5. Miles

    CJ Wilson released by the Lions. 6’3, 290 lbs. Ideal 3-tech?

    • C-Dog

      They looked at him briefly last year. Maybe. I think he’s always played end.

      • Steele

        Good rotational type.

    • Ben2

      I think we drafted him originally under PC & JS

      • david ess

        Naw that was Ej Wilson. Cj Wilson was selected by the packers in the ’10 draft

  6. Darth 12er

    I could totally see the Rams chasing Irvin now, and that thought scares me. This will be an interesting offseason for sure.

    • bobbyk

      That doesn’t scare me at all. I’d like for the Rams to use a lot of cap space on a player I don’t think is a difference maker.

      • Ben2


  7. cyrus t

    For breakout players that is already on the roster I would look at Ryan Robinson, he was on the team during the summer and he was reportedly getting lots of reps with the ones he plays the leo and is 6’3 and 251 compared to Bruce Irvin 6’3 260 I remember Pete carol talking about him before he tore his acl and he said that he was real excited about what he could do. Another player that could breakout is either Erik Pinkins and Nick Moody, with Bruce’s potential departure the seahawks might experiment with rotating the linebackers around if they dont find a suitable replacement for Bruce Irvin they can move KJ Wright to the leo and Pinkins and Moody are both fits for wrights role in 2015. An obvious breakout player would be Paul Richardson at receiver.

    • BHarKnows

      Robinson blew out his Achilles, not his ACL. Either was tough injury for a guy that went unstaffed to come back from and play at a high level

      • cyrus t

        For Robinson i would suspect him to play a similar role to what O’Brien Schofield was for the Seahawks essentially becoming a pass-rush specialist to spell Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett to keep them fresh throughout the season

        • Volume12

          Robinson was the star of OTAs.

          Really like the guys Seattle is adding at the back end of their roster. 4-5 of these guys are gonna emerge as role players in some capacity.

          • Robert

            Agreed! Related note: Brandon Cottom is now listed on the roster as a TE! Hback???

            • Volume12

              I think so. IMO he’s the front runner for the starting FB gig. Obviously they won’t just hand it to him, but he’s got a leg up in the competition.

              Cottom is just a textbook Seahawk. Totally unique.

              • C-Dog

                Let the Brandon Cottom era begin.

                • Robert


  8. seahawks509

    A HB I wouldn’t sleep on is C.J Prosise. I am a Notre Dame fan and tried to watch most of their games. He showed good vision and was really improving as a RB. He’s new to the position (former S and WR). He can catch out of the backfield and could be a really solid 3rd down back. I am sure blocking might be an issue, but I think it could be better value than Collins. Im thinking maybe round 3rd or 4th?

    • Steele

      Sh509, a couple of us in here have been very high on Prosise. I think he can be a very dangerous weapon, on a team with a creative offense. He also has upside, which makes him all the more intriguing.

  9. Jason

    We talked a lot about Henry earlier in the week. What happens if Elliott is available end of round 1?

    • Steele

      Are you kidding? Take Zeke Elliott in a heartbeat, if they go RB and he’s there.

      • Coleslaw

        I’d leap to the podium in a single bound

  10. Volume12

    Taylor Decker at 26? What a steal that would be. He’s my man crush in this draft, so forgive me for repeatedly banging the drum on him.

    • Robert

      Tall and stiff with relatively short arms…might be exploited at the NFL level. He looks strong on tape though.

      • Volume12

        He’s not stiff at all. Does he have holes in his game? Sure. Nothing that can’t be fixed.

        I don’t believe for a second that’s he 6’8 either.

        Intense, plays through the whistle, loves to finish guys off, former basketball player, team leader/captain of a loaded Ohio St team, and his strength will compensate for any shortcomings.

        • Volume12

          Taylor Decker is ‘too’ tall, but Phil Loadholt (someone that’s an SDB cap casualty fave) isn’t?

          • bobbyk

            Maybe he meant that Decker is a lean 6’8 of “only” 315, whereas Loadholt is a thick 6’8 who weighs 350 pounds.

        • Trevor

          Decker is the 3rd best Tackle prospect in the draft IMO behind Tunsil and Coleman and would be a great pick IMO. He will be an NFL LT and that is a valuable commodity. Also seems like incredible character guy.

          • Volume12

            Trev, ya nailed it.

            If he’s not a LT, move him over to RT, which in today’s game is becoming just as important as the left side, and if he falters as a T, move him inside to LG.

      • franks

        Sounds like Jiel Bitonio

  11. Volume12

    I think CB Mackensie Alexander’s stock is gonna sink like a stone.

    Will be shocked if CB Will Redmond has 32″ arms, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that CB Eli Apple will measure in pretty small.

  12. LikwidIce

    Kamalei Correa, OLB Boise State.

    6’3″ 248lbs. Seems to be fast enough to play edge/leo. The main gripes I could find were pointed at hand-use/technique.

    • Volume12

      He said he hopes to run a mid 4.7.

      • LikwidIce

        I was under the impression the only ideals for a seahawks leo were a sub 1.6s 10-yard split and 34″ arms? Won’t know those until the combine (he received an invitation).

        • Volume12

          They aren’t gonna draft a guy that runs a 4.7 and ask him to play in space.

          He isn’t a LEO either.

          • Michael M.

            K.J. Wright ran a 4.75 at the combine. Length can make up for a lot when you combine it with good instincts.

            • Volume12

              They aren’t gonna put two guys at LB that run a 4.7. Wright alo has great length, Correa’s arms look very short to my eye.

    • Steele

      Correa strikes me as a high effort guy who lacks the athleticism and quickness.

  13. sdcoug

    Cards sign Okpalaugo. Too bad, he sounded interesting. Those jerks

    • GeoffU

      Eh. Too slow to play linebacker or end, too small to play inside (or end). His max upside is KJ Wright.

    • Steele

      Okpalaugo reminds me of Danielle Hunter from last offseason. A raw mauler who needs a lot of refinement.

      • Miles

        I was mad when I saw that too. The thing with young, raw prospects is that it’s really hard to stash them for a long time. If you put them on your practice squad you run the risk of another team plucking them to the main roster. If you put them on your main roster you have to eventually cut the player due to an injury replacement or to sign depth elsewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if Seahawks got another crack at getting him later.

        It’s what happened to the Seahawks with Darren Fells. They developed him and the Cards got to reap the benefits.

  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Ok. I have to say this…. Kiper is high if he thinks Lynch gets out of the first round. No way.
    If he is low in the first a team will trade up to grab him, but I honestly do not see him making it past pick #18 or so.

    • MisterNeutron

      More and more “experts” are jumping on the Wentz train, and most seem to believe that Goff and Wentz (not necessarily in that order) will be the first two QBs taken. That might be the case, but to keep underrating Lynch so much? I don’t get it. Was it the one bad game he had? Goff looked awful on more than one occasion in 2015. Lynch is clearly in the same league as the other two, and possibly has a higher ceiling. I would be shocked if Lynch isn’t drafted in the top 15.

      • J

        I think there will be four first round qb – Lynch, Goff, Wentz and someone from the second tier.

        There is extreme demand for even baseline competence at QB.

        • Coleslaw

          Gotta remember at least one of them will not impress in their organized throwing drills and fall

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    “As for the Rams — moving Laurinaitus opens up a hole at linebacker. At #15 they’ll be well placed to get one of Jaylon Smith or Darron Lee. Edge rusher is also a possibility now too.”

    I think their #1 target will be Spence. Doubt he makes it to 15, but he is exactly what they need. I also agree with both of the other players mentioned. Smith would be the priority pick, provided Spence is gone, if available. He might be the top player in the draft, if he were healthy… they can’t miss out on a shot on a guy like that.

    I don’t think you can rule out taking Lynch as well. They are in need a very good QB and Lynch checks some of the boxes. Scheme fit could be an issue. Wentz will most likely be gone, but he would prob fit their team a bit better.

    • Yesh

      Reports out of LA communicate that Ogletree is making the move to MLB, softening the need for LB. I know it would feel uncanny but I get the feeling Rams will try to find a way to improve that offense.

      It’s great seeing Rankins name matched to ours but I just don’t see him falling to 26, especially after the world saw what a devastating exterior/interior pass rush can accomplish.

  16. MisterNeutron

    I hope that the Seahawks are interested in at least talking to Chris Long and/or Jared Cook. Despite his lackluster last two years, Long doesn’t look done, and could easily have another 2-3 good seasons in him. Cook is an underacheiving athletic freak at TE (sub-4.5 40), and at the right price could be enticing. Chase Coffman looked good in his limited time, but Cook is a better athlete. Guessing that Coffman might be the superior blocker.

    • Volume12

      Chris Long would be a great addition. Definetly has the attitude and character to fit in this defense.

      • Miles

        I get what you’re saying about Jared Cook’s athleticism, but every Rams game I’ve ever watched he’s been so bleh. He rarely makes any plays. I wonder how many times he was a “sneaky fantasy play” and then goose-egged it?

        That being said, if you could get a TE that’s that athletic at vet minimum, could be a coup. Who knows.

        I like the idea of getting Chris Long. Would be ideal to have him rotate 20 snaps a game with Bennett and Avril and Clark.

      • EranUngar

        IMO, Chris Long is an 8-10 sacks DE that lost production in the past year or two due to Donald (and Quin) beating him to the QB by a split second.

        If we can get him at a friendly discount for a year or two he could be a great rotation weapon until the edge rusher we pick out of the outstanding 2017 class is ready to take over.

  17. GeoffU

    A lot of mocks seem to think Rankins will fall to Seattle. I hate this because I’m certain he’ll go top 20. After the combine these mocks will probably reflect that. How awesome would it be though if some good player like that falls to us for a change? Seems we’re always picking someone too early (according to experts) or trading down because the talent isn’t there.

    • Volume12

      It’s funny.

      Remember after the Senior Bowl, eveybody was a 1st-3rd rounder? Same thing will happen the week or two after the combine.

    • J

      Someone will fall and we’ll bypass them for a guy that was mocked in the third.

      • Volume12

        Not that your saying these things, but I look at it like this.

        If Seattle has say, 18-20 prospects ranked as 1st rounders, then picking at 26 is essentially a 2nd round selection anyways.

        You can’t bank on guys falling, and even when some do, not all are gonna be scheme or locker room fits.

        Sometimes ya gotta reach when it’s BPA at a need position. And it’s only a ‘reach’ when the pick/prospect doesn’t work out.

        • Michael M.

          “it’s only a ‘reach’ when the pick/prospect doesn’t work out”

          Not really. A reach is simply any move that doesn’t maximize (or come as close as possible to maximizing) the value obtained from the team’s draft capital. Now, many reaches are unavoidable, and even advisable, given the litany of other variables at play, but a reach in and of itself, is necessarily based on what 31 other teams think of a guy.

          Let’s say you make a big time “reach” for a guy that ultimately pans out nicely for you. Let’s say this guy was destined to be a 5th-7th rounder, but you drafted him in the 1st. A few years in that gives you some bragging rights, and you can go on NFL network and soak in the praise for being so much smarter than the rest of the league, but that ain’t gonna win you any more games. What does is getting guys, while expending the absolute least amount of your resources possible. (Of course the first part of this is actually getting the guy, which is why reaches are inevitable and ultimately necessary)

          If the Seahawks had taken Russell Wilson at #12 overall that would have been a reach. It would have still been an excellent pick, given what we now know, but a reach none the less since no other team was even considering him with their next pick, or even the pick after.

          Luckily for us, John Schneider is a freaking boss, and grabbed him just in time to get incredible value in R3 after already having added Bruce and B-Wags. That’s what you reap when you don’t reach… Ha!

          • Miles

            ^^^ Very strong points.

            • Coleslaw

              I’m 100% positive Rankins doesn’t get passed Atlanta.

  18. C-Dog

    I can see Chris Long or Cameron Wake both being strong candidates, especially if what motivates them most is chasing a ring. If it’s money, I think Seattle loses out to the likes of Oakland and Jacksonville, other teams that are massively under the cap.

    Rankins would be a dream scenario at 26, Decker and Coleman would be as well. If they took Decker/Coleman there, maybe they move up in R2 to bring in Washington.

    Nkemdiche, honestly, I really have a hard time with. I want to like him and his upside. On the surface, if this played out at 26, it would be exciting to see them swing for the fences on his potential, but I can honestly see another Christine Michael scenario play out. He won’t be ready upstairs coming in with all kinds of hype. It’s not even the strangeness of his off field stuff, it’s his lack of production mixed with it. Does he love football? I think that’s a very legitimate question to ask him. I can see him potentially going on a mammoth slide in the draft if he can’t convince GMs and scouts.

    Rankins is a no brainer, but I think I would rather take Washington at 26 than Nkemdiche. Washington’s incident was weird too, don’t get me wrong, but to me it was only weird in the he was an highly talented college football player from Ohio St who solicited someone. Shouldn’t this guy have absolutely no problem in the world getting action for free? Very strange, but at least he wasn’t tripping ballz, jumping 15 feet out a hotel room, and he’s definitely showed production. Also, I think Washington flirted with maybe coming out early last year, but wanted to come back and help his team win another championship, and further refine his game. That says a bit about character.

    • oz

      I don’t think Washington is the type of player the Hawk’s entertain, especially at 26. Just sayin….

      • C-Dog

        Maybe not. But maybe. I’d rather take him.

    • Steele

      Rams dumping Chris Long suggests to me that they will try to retain William Hayes, as well as draft pass rushers.

      Long with the Hawks? It depends on what he’s got left. Cameron Wake is still a beast. I think we are talking about a situational, in a Pete Carroll defensive scheme. What legitimate starting pass rushers want to play in it?

      • Volume12

        Why wouldn’t you want to play in a rotation? Prolongs your career, and he can come here and chase a ring.

        If he’s just looking to go to a team and pad his stats, then PC/JS probablt won’t want him anyways.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, there’s good reason to come to the PNW, if a rotation and a chance at a ring is your mind set. If $ and stats are more your thing, aka Jared Allen, then maybe not.

        • Trevor

          I would love to see Long join us as a situational pass rusher. Nascar package of Avil, Long, Clark, Bennet sounds pretty good to me. I think he would provide the epth we have been missing.

          Then bring in a true LB in the draft like Deion Jones to replace Bruce.

          • C-Dog

            I would still like to see them draft a pure inside guy to be a part of that rotation. Not totally sure Clark can be that guy.

            • Trevor

              That is why I like Rankins and Chris Jones so much. I think both can be 3 down guys who are disruptive.

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, I like both those guys. Kinda stuck on Washington, though. Darius Latham and Willie Henry, as well.

          • Steele

            I’m all for great situational pass rushers. The more, the better. I just wonder if the bona fide “star’ free agents, who are used to being The Man, would feel comfortable with a reduced role. All team players welcomed of course. Some won’t want that.

            • C-Dog

              It didn’t sound like Jared Allen was comfortable with a reduced role in Seattle, that’s why he signed with Chicago, I think according to John Clayton at the time. I think older veterans that don’t have a ring, maybe more open to being in a rotation for a chance at one, Seattle could legitimately be a destination.

              I could see Long probably being into it here. 1: he was already pretty much a rotational player with the Rams. 2: He probably sees what everyone else sees, still a relatively young team with probably another 3 year window to get another Super Bowl. 3: Going to a division rival and sticking it to the team that cut you just when all the exciting stuff was about to happen down in La La Land.

      • C-Dog

        This system brought in Avril and Bennett. Before that, Jason Jones. Before that, Anthony Hardgrove. Almost brought in Jared Allen. I think there’s a long track record of veteran rushers wanting to come to Seattle.

  19. Volume12

    If LSU’s OG Vadal Alexander is there in the 3rd, take him or pass?

    He might have some sneaky, good athleticism, and is blessed with a great size to length ratio.

    • oz

      Would rather have Ifidi, although I don’t think he will make it to the 90th pick.

      • oz

        Boy, there is a lot of interesting players getting released.And it is just getting started. When I look at this draft I think it is a lot deeper than some realize. GM,s are wringing their hands. Would that be an IMO?

        • oz

          Just wanna say. I like Clark a lot. Not necessarily in the 1st but defiantlyn then the 2nd.

          • oz

            Defiantly.WOW, where did that come from?

    • franks

      Take him! LSU mauler. Some versatility.

    • C-Dog

      Massive but not very athletic seems to be the word, and supposedly not a great finisher. Given James Carp was a massive fairly un-athletic type as well, I wouldn’t absolutely rule him out in the 3rd. They like LG to be road graders, I think that’s why they took Poole as high as they did. IMO, it would be nice to draft a player to play the position he played in college.

      • Volume12

        Carpenter was not un-athletic. Was he SPARQy? No. But a 108 score was above the median that year.

        • C-Dog

          Okay. Strike that from the record, council. All I remember is all the times on 950 KJR Hugh Millen constantly wailing on about how un-athletic he was at guard with no decent knee bend. I actually thought he wasn’t that bad, and think they missed him a lot this year.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Depends on who else is on the board.

      • Volume12

        What players are getting released? Please don’t say WR Alshon Jeffrey, because for a team so devoid of offensiv talent, you have to wonder why he’s being let go.

        Smart teams like Seattle, GB, Cincy, Pitt, will sit back and let other teams overpay for declining talent the 1st couple days, then swoop in and get pieces that are useful.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d pass on Alexander.

  20. line_hawk

    What if the Hawks sign Long/Lane for the cost of Jimmy Graham? I think they need to realistically think about the possibility of cutting Graham. I know they have said otherwise but it’s hard to understand their logic; it just seems like stubbornness.

    • C-Dog

      I think they feel they don’t need to cut him now. He was coming on nicely before the injury. If he doesn’t bounce back, they can make a move next year, if they need to, but I think they are banking on him playing in 2016, and playing well for them. They’ve been pretty emphatic about that.

      • Miles

        There is not really any evidence that a cut needs to happen. He’s a good player and when he’s playing good he makes us good.

      • line_hawk

        The history of his injury is too risky to warrant that much cap space. At some price point, his injury does become a liability & I think that 9M is a steep price for what he can bring to the field in 2016. If it was a homegrown player who had ground for the team and/or was a l added like Chanceller or Wagner, I would still understand. But, this is a player who hasn’t even contributed to the team yet. It would be a mistake to lose Irvin or Lane for a 50% Graham.

        • Miles

          He was starting to contribute to the team quite significantly before the injury. And while this is one of the most serious injuries, there is also a stat that something like 20 out of the last 24 patellar injuries have resulted in a recovery and ability to continue to play. Could there be risk here? Sure. And you don’t cut a perennial all-pro because you think he might be ‘too injured.’ Name a team that’s done that and I’ll show you a team that took a step back the next season. If you cut Jimmy Graham when he could be a central part of your passing game, you are losing so much. WAY MORE than the $9m in cap space you could recoup. I’d much rather have the potential for production than a few extra bucks. And I think many people overinflate the value of cap space, especially with a team that really doesn’t need to make many FA additions.

          • EranUngar

            I understand your reasoning Miles but I see more than 9M cap space on the line here.

            The full equation here is actually 19M over the next two years. That kind of money allows to resign 2 current starters to long term deals when you know you have the cap next year to back-load that contract. Those are players you do not need to replace in the draft and that enables you to go for other players at key positions.

            The recovery from a patella injury is tricky because of the big muscles attached to it. If you keep it immobile for too long you risk knee flexibility and muscle deformation. If you do not keep it immobile long enough you risk tendon deformation due to force applied before it is fully formed. Either way, you are more likely to end with one or the other than make it back to what you were before the injury.
            Add that to possibly missing a lot of games next year until you are ready and it becomes a “value” consideration.

            I’m not saying we should cut JFG immediately but it has to be on the table and monitored constantly.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, I can see the writing on the wall in the 2016 off season for the Nation of 12. Last year it was about whether they should pay Russell Wilson $20 Mill plus, and if he deserved it. This year, I can smell it in the air, and the stench is only going to get stronger; it’s going about be whether they should cut Jimmy Graham because he counts $9 Mill against the cap, but with no dead money, and he only played half a season, doesn’t know how to block, etc.

              IMO, I don’t think they are cutting him this year. They traded too much for him. He’s an elite pass catching TE. They are going to give him every shot to come back this year. They’ve said that. If he doesn’t, maybe next year they consider moving on.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve already said Graham isn’t going anywhere — there seems little point contemplating any scenario that doesn’t involve him on the roster in 2016.

      • mishima

        Even though they’ve repeatedly stated that Graham ‘isn’t going anywhere,’ discussing how that decision affects free agency and the draft seems important. Despite JSPC’s reassurances, I think the situation is too fluid to dismiss as an impossible scenario.

        What if the Hawks are priced out of addressing OL needs in free agency and no tackles are available in the draft? Can we really consider Henry or Washington in the early rounds, if they lose Okung and Sweezy and have no plan or budget to replace them? Can they afford to wait and see how the draft plays out? IMO, I think the Graham Decision will affect everything they do.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Do you really think JS/PC won’t have a plan (and a back up plan, and a back up to the back up…) to replace any of the FAs they might lose? Really? C’mon man!

          Also, the ‘decision’ that Graham isn’t going anywhere is about as important to FA and the draft as, say, the ‘decision’ that Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere. Or Michael Bennett not going anywhere. Or Kam not going anywhere. All of them are under contract, and each figure prominently in the team’s future. There just isn’t any reason to discuss a scenario where any of them might not be with the team this year.

          • mishima

            I think their plan is to ‘keep their guys’ and improve the OL with $18 million in cap space.

            Plans don’t mean shit if you can’t execute them. Confident that JSPC will see how FA and the draft shake out and change their plan.

            Last offseason, no one could have predicted or planned for Nowak at C, Britt unable to play OG, Kam’s holdout, Lynch’s injuries, Maxwell’s contract, etc. Luckily, Lewis stepped in and was average, Kam came around, Rawls was a revelation and they cut bait on Carey. Lack of depth and contract issues almost cost them their season. Doubt they’ll make the same mistakes. Like New England, their roster quality and cost will force them make difficult decisions. And those decisions couldn’t be in better hands.

          • line_hawk

            At the end of the day, football is a business. Bennett or Chancellor are not uncuttable. If Someone offers a first for Chancellor or two firsts for Bennett, they would do the trade in a heartbeat. It’s about what the cost of your asset is. They cut players like Clemons, Zach Miller, Red Bryant because they were paid too much for what their value was to the team.

            I would argue that in Hawks run-first offense, the value of a big receiver isn’t as much as we originally expected. Our offense actually got better after he got injured. Of course, some of that is on the offensive line. But not having to feed him the ball was also important. How many times did we discuss how RW is not a QB who just throws up the ball in double coverage for Graham to make contested catches? The last few wins seem to have washed away all the concerns of the first half of the season.

            If Graham was on a 4-5M deal, I would be ok. But with such a risky injury (people rarely come back from that injury), they are taking a big risk on a declining asset. I would rather cut the losses.

            Also, I think we as fans do need to question their moves. We can’t put our fan lenses on all their decisions & hope that all that they are doing is great. They have done exceptionally well to gain our trust but they have made some questionable moves in the past.

            • line_hawk

              Here is an example of a bad decision:-


              Sorry not trying to be mmqb but just pointing that their decisions are not always optimal & it’s sometimes obvious.

              • C-Dog

                Fair points.

                I think because both PC and JS have separately stated at the end of the season that they have no plans at all to move on from JG, I just choose to take that as truth. But you’re right, anything can happen. Some team could call offering a deal they can’t refuse, but how likely is that? Some young blue chip FA could be brought in Osemele or Wilkerson, and in order to afford them, they have to cut Jimmy, but that have hardly been their MO to sign big name FA’s to big initial contracts, outside of Sidney Rice and Zack Miller. Mostly always been short deals.

                To put it this way; would I be shocked if they moved on from him in 2016? No. With them, I learned to predict the unpredictable. Do I think that will happen? No, both the HC and GM have strongly said they are not parting ways with him. I think they will selectively add in FA a couple affordable pieces on the OL, maybe add an affordable DT, and then double down in the draft on OL and DL again, but JG stays on the club.

                • Rob Staton

                  PC and JS don’t tend to ‘lie’ though. If they’d said, ‘We need to see where he is’ or ‘That’s a decision we can’t make right now’ it’d be considered. They’ve both stated emphatically he’ll be back. They’ve never gone back on a statement that clear.

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, that’s very truth. I also sensed a pretty strong degree of sincerity from both when asked the question, like they both thought the question was absurd to even ask. Just don’t think that is some masterplan smoke screen. They want to get Jimmy back in this offense.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe — but the fact is they aren’t going to cut him. We have to treat him really like any other player on the roster. They have a budget that will include Graham. And to be honest, would I rather have any of the veteran O-liners out there instead of Graham? Not really. Even with the injury, I’ve got a feeling Graham is going to have a big impact for the Seahawks down the line.

          • mishima

            Not trying to be argumentative, but you’re proposing a false dilemma: veteran O-liners or Jimmy Graham. Keeping Graham could be the difference in whether they’re able to keep Mebane/Rubin (run defense) and/or improve the continuity/performance of the offensive line (run game).

            Graham may have a big impact down the line, but freeing up $9 million in cap space would have present value, allowing the team flexibility in free agency and the draft. Fear missing out in free agency and pulling a Britt move in the draft.

            Jacksonville (Gus Bradley) has $80 million and divisional rivals St. Louis and SF both have approx. $55 million in cap space: perfect opportunity to strengthen their teams while weakening ours.

            Instead of focusing on JSPC’s claims of planning to keep Graham, I’ll believe they will continue to prioritize running the ball and stopping the run. As you’ve reminded us, it’s who we are.

            • Rob Staton

              The Seahawks already have the room to keep Mebane and Rubin comfortably.

              • mishima

                You’re assuming what other teams will offer. Given their age, I could see a team overpaying either on a 2 yr. deal.

                • Rob Staton

                  Are you suggesting the Seahawks cut Jimmy Graham on the off chance a team overpays for either and the Seahawks then pay even more to keep them? Do you really want to overpay Mebane or Rubin?

                  There’s room to keep both. If a team offers a ridiculous salary (which let’s be right here, what is honestly the chances of that?) they just have to move on and replace them. Just as they did with Kevin Williams or Tony McDaniel or Clinton McDonald.

                  • mishima

                    No, not suggesting they use Graham money to overpay their own FAs, but they should plan on losing most, if not all of them, and will need cap money and/or an amazing draft to improve the team, whether it’s at C, RT, LG, DT, CB. For me, we have too many holes and should focus on finding FA value to improve depth of overall talent, not getting locked into one player (Kam, Graham, Okung, etc.) or position.

                    $18 million in cap space doesn’t mean we get to pick and choose which of our free agents should re-sign at what we perceive to be their value. That way of thinking results in Carey Williams starting at CB. Not having draft flexibility results in Britt playing RT.

                    Does cutting Graham or trading Kam hurt the TE and Safety position? Yes, but it also allows you to improve the team in other areas, here and now.

                    • Rob Staton

                      With respect mishima they aren’t going to lose all seven key FA’s, even if they lose most.

                      If they lose two run stuffers, they’ll replace them as they have multiple times already. If they lose Lane, it’s next man up from the long list of CB’s already on the roster. If they lose Okung and Sweezy — there are veteran O-liners available who won’t cost a top-tier salary and there’s the draft too.

                      $18m might not be $60m — but the Jags and Rams don’t have Wilson, Sherman, Thomas, Baldwin, Bennett, Avril, Lockett, Wagner, Wright, Rawls. There’s enough room to do what they need to do — and enough draft picks — to not fret over Graham’s salary. You don’t have to take my word for it. Carroll and Schneider have basically insisted the same thing. They say Graham will stay. They are doing what is best for this team not Jimmy Graham. And if anyone thinks they wouldn’t be ruthless — look at what happened with Harvin. They’re keeping Graham because they believe in him. And they’re not worried about having to replace a couple of run stuffers.

                • Volume12

                  There’s not that many holes.

                  They got 6 draft picks, not counting the comps. IMO they’ll address their needs with those.

                  2 OL, a rotational DT, a rotational pass rusher, and a RB. Only needs that I see.

                  • mishima

                    Don’t get me wrong, I actually agree with you and Rob: Team just needs some depth and fine tuning. We’ll still be one of top 6 in NFC.

                    Holes: RT, C, LG, DT (2), LB, CB, RB, WR, plus depth.

                    Sign Rubin and Lane and one veteran OL; fill rest through draft which is deep in positions of need.

                    I still think it would improve the team to either cut JG or restructure his contract, even adding a year. However, if the organization thinks there’s value in paying JG $18 million for a season and a half of unknown production, whatever, cool with that. I expect and hope to be proven wrong.

                    Sorry to derail the comments.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Everything is unknown production though mishima. If you sign a DT (for example) after cutting Graham and he has two sacks in 2016 (same number as Rubin) — will we say they gave up on Graham too early? Especially if Graham then goes to the Rams (for example) and scored six touchdowns in the second half of the season? We know he’s capable of insane production because he did it in New Orleans. And they have the cash and picks to fill most of their holes.

          • Steele

            Jimmy Graham is the elephant in the living room.

            The offense came to life post-Jimmy Graham. It is no coincidence.

            I do not believe that Jimmy Graham will be an integral part of the offense, and I question his big impact. Even heathy, it was and is a bad fit for all concerned. He belongs in another system, with another QB. He will never be a blocker or a physical player. Russell, JG, Bevell struggled to make it work, forced it often in vain. That it was just beginning to get better still falls short of the high expectations of a “perennial all-pro”—the perennial greatly assisted by Drew Brees and Sean Payton.

            Add the dicey injury to this, which hampers his key advantages, and you are left with a non-physical big WR (he isn’t even a TE) who moves less well, doesn’t block, and Russell will never throw for him to make contested catches.

            I think at best, JG would be a “contributor” but a faded star a la Jeremy Shockey.

            For the cost, they could greatly add to depth. I’d rather them find a young TE who is a simply a better fit in the system.

            • Rob Staton

              Steele — we’ve been over this subject many times. Let’s not turn this thread into another debate on Jimmy Graham. We know he isn’t going anywhere.

              • line_hawk

                Rob, Do you think that they should keep him? Or are you saying that they will keep him irrespective of what we think? Also, do you personally think he is worth the money he is getting? And why would the offensive problems integrating him into our system won’t happen again? just want to hear your thoughts.

                • Rob Staton

                  1. I think they should keep him

                  2. I think they will keep him because they’ve made it very clear

            • Scraps

              The offense came to life post-Jimmy Graham. It is no coincidence.

              That’s not true, period. Again — sigh — this falsehood has come up since the injury — the offense came to life before Graham’s injury.

          • line_hawk

            I think the other option is to keep him for now but ask him for a pay cut if he is not 100 percent by the beginning of the season. Do you know if his salary gets guaranteed at any point or is it a pay as you go deal?

            • Rob Staton

              Graham’s salary is guaranteed after week one.

              We had this debate a few weeks ago where someone suggested asking him to take a pay cut down the line. By the time you get to camp the benefit of having a few extra million in cap space is minimal. The free agent options aren’t likely to land you a difference maker.

              I think it comes down to this. Graham, despite anyone’s take on his first year in Seattle, is a genuine game changer. One of the leagues best. And unfortunately he suffered a terrible injury. But really it’s no different than if the same had happened to a Sherman or Bennett or Avril. You wouldn’t cut those guys. The only reason we’re discussing this is because Graham’s salary isn’t guaranteed. But the player himself is still mightily valuable and to give up on him now would be extremely premature. The Seahawks have no intention of doing it — Carroll and Schneider have not entertained that thought at all when asked multiple times. I think we need to just accept it and move on.

  21. Trevor

    What do you guys in the PNW think of Tyler Johnstone the OT out of Oregon. I am surprised he does not get more love as he looks really athletic and I think could shine at the combine.

    I know he has the ACl issues but if the medical checks out is he worth a mid round selection? When he was healthy he looked pretty good and really long / athletic.

    • C-Dog

      Injuries, I think. I thought he had some athleticism. He might interest some team in the middle to late rounds.

      • Volume12

        I like him. Got better as the year went on. He’s worth a 4th-5th.

        His knees are a concern, but they’re not degenerative like the Kouandjio brothers IIRC.

    • manthony

      I attend a few ducks games a year, and usually watch the o line since I’m never sure who’s getting the ball anyways, and Johnstons about as a Tackle we’ve had. He was the LT before injury last year and Fisher took over, ended up being a 2nd round pick.
      I think he’s talented for sure, but the injuries have to be alarming.
      I dont go back and watch tape but he almost reminds me of Bahktiari from GB in the sense that he can be serviceable against some pro defenses, but there will be plenty of NFL DL who will get the better of him.

  22. bobbyk

    I’d more than welcome Long. He can stuff the run and get pressure on the QB. If he’s healthy, that’d be a nice gain. Not saying that we will sign him but these are the types of reasons we haven’t overpaid to keep our own guys again. There could be cheaper bargains to be had and if we do lose our own guys, there are comp. picks to be gained (whereas guys like Long don’t count against that formula).

  23. Trevor

    Rob or anyone else would love to see a Seahawks focused top 50 big board that basically eliminated the QBs and top 3-5 consensus non QB prospects like Tunsil, Bosa and Ramsey.

    We have 4 picks in the first 3 rounds this year and who knows maybe 5 is we trade down. Seems like there are a ton of interesting guys who should be available with those top 4 picks.

    Going to try and do one up myself but would love to have see peoples ideas to track guys at combine then either move them up or down based on physical traits, times etc. the Hawks look for.

  24. franks

    Rankins a great pick obv and may ir may nit be realistic at 26. Next 2 picks good players that dont fill needs.

  25. Baldwin

    I love the thought of Long in SEA but another potential FA DE we haven’t talked much about is Jason Pierre Paul. He only had 1 sack in 8 games after blowing up his hand but had some 34 pressures. That’s impressive. He’s only 27 and might be looking for a 1 year prove it deal, giving him one more crack at big money while he’s on the right side of 30. Supposedly, he’s having another surgery on his hand that will help him grab and finish some of those 34 pressures.

    As for Carroo, as talented as he is, I can’t imagine PC/JS taking a guy who bashed a woman on the concrete after dealing with backlash after drafting Frank Ckark last year. I think that backlash caught PC/JS by surprise a little and I doubt they want a sequel. They can say charges were dismissed, we did our own investigation etc but they know they can’t do that two years in a row. It would bring up Clarks case too when they just want it to go away.

    • C-Dog

      I think the thing is, Seattle may be more inclined to sign veterans cut from other teams so they don’t loose any compensatory picks in 2017. That’s why speculation on Long and Wake will be high. Bruce Irvin is the last first round pick this team has, and the chance to get a 3rd round compensatory pick is probably something they don’t want to waste.

      • Baldwin

        I agree with the comp pick consideration but JPP wouldnt cost our possible 3rd for Irvin. And if he did, we couldn’t afford him anyway. Guessing JPP would cost us our Lane comp pick which I’d take wild stab saying a 5th rounder.

    • Darth 12er

      I like the idea of JPP also. Thought that for a while. It seems the Giants are content to let him walk. A prove it deal is exactly what he needs right now! I would rather have him than Long, and I like the idea of adding Long.

    • Steele

      JPP’s hand is a serious issue that affects his technique. If not for that, the Giants would not be pondering his future right now, and looking at replacements for him.

      It all comes down do how he checks out medically, whether he can even play at the previous level. JPP is definitely worth keeping an eye on. JPP with one hand tied behind his back (literally) is better than a lot of others.

      • Robert

        Maybe just close his hand, tape it up and have him use it like a club!

      • Ben2

        JPP wasn’t that great before the injury. He had a couple big years early then appeared to decline even before the injury. I don’t think he has the football demeanor the Hawks like either – I could be wrong though, I don’t follow the Giants in particular. Pass.

        • Steele

          This is true. JPP also benefitted from the Giants being loaded with other pass rushers at the time. The Giants are notorious for stockpiling pass rushers. I like that about them. Want to see JSPC going in that direction even more.

  26. SES

    I love Long’s intensity & motor but I think signing him would be a waste of cap space. Don’t you feel he was overrated and the beneficiary of a stud D-line?

    • C-Dog

      Injuries I think were his biggest thing. As a rotational guy, I think he could do pretty well in Seattle. Backup the 5 tech, and be a part of the nickel. If he’s brought in, I think the question might become how they choose to use Frank Clark.

      • bobbyk

        It depends on the contract. If he signed for a couple of million, I don’t know how anyone could consider that a “waste of cap space.” Now, if he signed for $7 million, that’s a different story and a “waste of cap space.”

  27. CHawk Talker Eric

    This is probably better suited to Rob’s last post, but if Vernon Butler, Adolphus Washington and Chris Jones are all available at 56, which would you take?

    • C-Dog

      I like Vernon Butler a lot, but Washington would most likely be the best interior pass rush option. So, Washington for me. But I’m also the hormonal one who would take him at 26.

      • Coleslaw

        If we don’t go DT first and lose mebane or rubin then Washington, but if not then jones

        • Miles

          Isn’t Vernon Butler the most polished all-around player of the trio. He might be best for the overall health of the defense. Washington will be best for the D-Line’s biggest need, so it is a kind of short-term investment. For that reason I could see Washington being a short-term addition to bolster our pass rush, because I believe he would only last one contract with us. Just guessing. Vernon Butler, we wouldn’t want to give up because he can do a little bit of everything if I am not mistaken. If we are looking to optimize our defense right now though, we need to re-sign Rubin and Mebane and get Washington in the draft.

          • Coleslaw

            All 3 are projects who could fill the need, all 3 would also be fine starters after they’re groomed. They want guys who can stop the run already and develop, like Jordan Hill (I’m still high on him). All 3 of those guys would be fine rotational players, but we could also lose Mebane and Rubin. Free agency will set our needs for the draft in stone.

            • Volume12

              Miss St DT Chris Jones might be special man.

              Can play 3 poitions, has speed to power, really like how he uses his length to change offensve lineman’s arm angles.

              The ‘underacheiver’ thing is always in the back of my mind, but I could see a DC or defensive minded headcoach falling in love with this guy.

          • C-Dog

            Butler is raw as a rusher, but is a thing of beauty against the run. He showed a nice swim move for a sack in the Senior Bowl, which made me think he could develop some rush at the next level. Washington is athletic, skilled, and versatile. I’m not convinced has can’t evolve into an every down player as a 3 tech. Just if he did that, it would be a departure from the standard big body 3 tech’s Seattle has used under Pete. He looks like he has a frame that could fill out a bit more.

            Austin Johnson might be the guy you’re thinking of as being more all around.

            • Volume12

              For me it’s Washington or Jones. Really like Vernon Butler too though, but I think he’s gonna end up a top 20 pick.

              Jones has the size, length, athleticism, to pass rush from 3 different spots. As does Washington, but…

              There’s not many 6’5-6’6, 310 pound prospects that have his ability and skill set. I’ve yet to see someone as big as he, rush from a 2 pt. stance.

              Has a funky personality too.

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, I totally agree 100%. Jones is very enticing, especially considering how much he looks like a standard starting 3 tech for them in the base, like a considerably more athletic version of Tony McDaniel. The potential of his upside is something to seriously weigh in. I wouldn’t be disappointed in a Chris Jones selection at all.

                Henry and Latham, I’d put behind him. Very interested to see what Latham does at the combine. If he’s SPARQ-y at all, I think he could be a serious climber.

                • Steele

                  Right now, I would take Jones over Adolphus or Butler. Like Butler, but I think Jones is more the type I think they should add.

                  Nkemdiche is risky, a tough one to assess.

              • Robert

                Butler seems great vs the run with more potential impact on pass rush up the middle (than our current base DTs) when the offense throws vs base defense. I like Jones a lot, as well. He seems to tire and fade sometimes. But his devastating hands fighting combined with sheer size and power overwhelm blockers often. I also like Robert NK assuming he passes FO scrutiny for leaping off buildings in a single bound! Because of the age of our 2 Base DTs, we probably need to draft a young guy that can be stout vs the run. There’s probably a mid round prospect that could be groomed to be solid anchor vs double teams. It seems that when you add some pass rush upside to those credentials, the required Draft capital goes way up!

    • Trevor

      Chris Jones for me definitely. He has the biggest upside IMO. 6-6 310lbs and very athletic. Can play all over the line. He will end up being one of the top DTs in this class along with Rankins IMO.

    • purpleneer

      Washington is a distant third for me. I wouldn’t complain about either Butler or Jones at 26. I finally got around to watching a second game cutup on Jones and don’t see the underachiever that some do (keep in mind that #2 overall recruit was far from a consensus, others had him around 20 or so, and he was listed at 250 then). He saw far more of the opponents’ attention than Adolphus Washington did and more consistently was a factor. His youth and relative newness to being 300+ are cause for concern as conditioning could become an issue, but I like him. Butler looks really good too, just wasn’t consistently aggressive in the one game I watched (could’ve used some help around him and a few plays off).

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not about him being an underachiever in terms of effort or performance in a given 2015 game. His college career was underwhelming, especially in 2014. He’s admitted as much himself.

        • purpleneer

          No doubt my opinions are incomplete and therefore have a good chance of being wrong, but it’s still fun and I’m trying to prioritize watching film that I feel should tell me more. As far as underachievement, it’s extremely common imo and his case is one of the oh-so-prevalent early expectations being too big. I think admitting it and what I see in the 2015 games helps me get past previous underachievement. Adolphus Washington is a year ahead in his career and the 2 games of his I watched looked like underachievement to me. I do like what he can do and of course being a situational guy will help, but I wish he used leverage better and showed up more against the better competition (just watched the youtube you shared and NIU had no chance, but MSU and UM kept his good plays pretty well in check, often with single blocks).
          And good lord your commitment to this blog and putting up so much content is making it way too easy for me to be less productive than I should.

        • Robert

          Isn’t there a level of competition concern with Chris Jones, as well?

          • Volume12

            The SEC?

            Or do you mean LA Tech DT Vernon Butler?

            • Robert

              Yeah, that guy. I should probably construct a spreadsheet instead of relying on my cross wired brain!

  28. cyrus t

    I thinks the Seahawks should target Kelechi Osemele in free agency even if that is the only player outside of the Seahawks free agents they could get they should prioritize on keeping Jeremy Lane as well. In the first round i would like the seahawks to take the best Lineman available at 26, Shon Coleman comps perfectly to Russell Okungs size dont know about his arm length yet though, also Adolphus Washington is intriguing. In the second round if Nick martin is available at 56 It would be a steal even though in many mocks I have seen he is going in the third round. Round three get a running back and, another offensive lineman Joe Dahl if available. For the later rounds I think the Seahawks should take at least one DB, another defensive lineman like Ronald Blair, a big body receiver to potentially replace Jermaine Kearse, and a quarterback to backup Russel Wilson. I believe that the Seahawks should draft at least three offensive lineman in this draft, and two in the first three rounds.

    • cyrus t

      de’runnya wilson is a guy i would love the Seahawks to get. If he drops he could be a good upside pick just on his size alone, He reminds me of Kelvin Benjamin.

    • Rob Staton

      Osemele is going to command major $$$$$$. Can’t see the Seahawks being players for that reason.

      • Volume12

        What about Jeff Allen?

        Looks like he’s not a priority in regards to who KC has to sign, can play LG or RT, and has a natsty disposition. He also said he wants to play for more of a contender than KC.

        His market might be down since he’s coming off an injury this year and last.

        • C-Dog

          Jeff Allen says he wants to go to a contender and he wants to be settled at one position. He would be smaller than Seattle used at LG/RT in the past, but maybe they adjust their philosophy a bit.

  29. Hawkfaninmt

    My favorite OL plan is to re-sign Okung and add Brooks from Houston

  30. troy

    Rob was just curious, would it at all be possible for you to create your own SDB “On the Clock – Mock Draft Simulator” similar to that of Fanspeak’s but more a more precise big board, realistic expectations and accurate guidelines perhaps? I think it could be a really cool feature to offer such a great tool for all to utilize and exercise their savviness and draft knowledge(or in my case lack there of) ?

    • troy

      Also an edit option for comments would be beneficial for those with habitual typos, such as myself. Haha

    • purpleneer

      Good lord, doesn’t he do enough?

      • troy

        It was just a thought, in no way was I trying to overwhelm the guy or even put any sort of time line on such an option. Its simply something I felt could be worth consideration moving forward that’s all. I was under the impression that its always a good thing to have an eclectic collection of ideas a views from multiple sources. PURPLENEER I apologize for not being more short-sighted and content with never promoting growth or change.

        • purpleneer

          Whoa there. Never meant to appear that harsh toward you. Just trying to express appreciation of Rob in a less cliche manner. Also, if he did a simulator, I would get even fatter sitting here and doing it too much.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to Troy but I wouldn’t know where to start.

      • Robert
        It’s surprising how cheap very skilled tech talent can be hired. A great App could go viral and create a nice opportunity for you to charge good money from advertisers on the page.

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t know where to start Robert — and to be fair the blog, my full time job and my two-year-old keep me busy enough as it is 🙂

          • Robert

            I don’t know how you do it, but I sure am grateful you do! When the economy tanked, I had to morph myself into an Internet marketing wizard to save our local business, house etc. Along the way, I learned how to outsource certain tasks rather than develop endless skillsets. Just let me know if you ever have any questions I might be able to answer. There are certainly ways to monetize your site without compromising User experience.

            • troy

              Very cool! This is what Im talking about, no one person needs to have the knowledge and skill set to do it all. Instead you just have to have the community and ability to network, Im guessing within the SDB we probably have a wide variety of skills. Im not suggesting that this draft simulator needs to be first on your list of agendas but something worth consideration and perhaps down the road it could be incorporated into SDB? Id definitely be willing to contribute a few $$ to help fund such projects to improve my most favorite site!! Thanks for sounding off Robert 😉

  31. Trevor

    Just spent the morning watching tape on Rankins, Washington and Chris Jones.

    All 3 guys flash tremendous potential and should all have good success as interior pass rushers in the NFL.

    I love Rankins and think he will be a top 10 pick.

    I know I have been beating the drum on Jones for a while now but after watching all the tape I could find he is definitely my favourite DT prospect for the Hawks. I think he has the athleticism and potential to be an absolute star and real disruptive interior force. People will say he is inconsistent but when you watch the tape he is really disruptive and his potential is undeniable and with proper coaching he will end up being the best DT in the class IMO.

    Here is a link to a great scouting report on Jones by a guest on Robs Mock 3000 podcast John Ledyard.

    I firmly believe he is the type of long fast twitch athlete PC/ JS will love and if he is there he would be my #1 choice in Rd 1.

    • C-Dog

      I wouldn’t be disappointed in that Jones selection at all, or the other two guys.

    • Steele

      I like Chris Jones. Yes, long, disruptive. He strikes me as a less finished product with more upside and better pass rusher than Adolphus, who might be overrated. Sorry, Rob, I don’t like the disappearing mode Adolphus lapses into. Rankins is a pretty complete package, but will he be there at 26?

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I think we are on opposite sides of Adolphus. Always see an explosive first step and disruptive traits. He’s always impressed me, and the more I look at him, I see more upside. I think he has a frame that can continue to fill out a bit more, as well. So I’m not totally sold on the notion of him potentially being merely a rotational rush guy. Like Jones a lot, too though. Can totally see the disruptiveness there as well. I can see why many would favor him over Washington, thinking his upside could be much higher. I’m kind of stuck thinking Washington would stand the better chance of delivering that sooner.

  32. troy

    Just a shot in the dark but figured a shot never the less!

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    98: R3P35

    125: R4P26

    172: R5P33

    215: R6P37

    223: R7P4

    245: R7P26

    • Trevor

      That would be a pretty amazing draft Troy. Not sure they will all be available but first 3 guys are my 3 favorites in the whole draft. Even if we got half the guys you mocked I would be pumped.

      Robinson looks like the perfect Hawks corner if the off field stuff checks out .

      • Volume12

        Robinson is gonna go in the top 100, and Chris Jones is probably a 1st rounder.

        • troy

          You both are probably accurate but there’s always an outside possibility. Crazy things happen every year in the draft, things no one imagines. But conventional wisdom says that this mock is likely just a pip dream. Its FUN to DREAM though!!! Haha

  33. Coleslaw

    I think this is the year we finally get a veteran to come play for cheap, probably an O lineman because they’ll realize how good the team could be with a good line. Russell Wilson’s season will sell someone.

    Also Rob, what do you think about the free agent receiver market? I could see Schneider aggressively going after Sanu to be our #1

    • bobbyk

      I actually think there are two chances where we may be end up signing Sanu. One is slim and the other is none. And slim just left town.

      I think resigning Baldwin is more of a priority than anything and giving big money to a new receiver pretty much ensures they don’t extend Baldwin and/or Kearse given their cap situation. I don’t think this would sit well with the morale of the team either, especially since they’ve already said that their own guys are the most important at the moment.

      If they do sign one big money free agent, I would expect it to be on the OL or DL. Ultimately, I don’t see them going Percy Harvin or Jimmy Graham (or Sidney Rice/Zach Miller in FA) on anyone this off-season.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see them adding a FA receiver personally — and Sanu is getting a lot of interest already per reports. I think the focus will be keeping their own first and foremost, then looking for value.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        @DrewBoylhart: RUMOR; There’s no chance #Bengals re-sign free agent Mohamed Sanu. #Browns, #Falcons, #Giants, #Bills are rumored as having interest. #NFL

        @NYGFANPAGE4246: Reports coming out that two players the Giants have targeted for the free agency are Muhammad Wilkerson and Mohammad Sanu.

        • Coleslaw

          Well it was a fun thought lol, if he goes to Atlanta that would be insane..

          • Volume12

            I can see Atlanta going WR in the 1st round this year.

            eh, I know DQ is their HC, but if the strength of your team is QB Matt Ryan, add playmakers. They have 2.

            • Coleslaw

              He’ll make his mark but you’re exactly right they are a different team and has ro build to different strengths.

              • C-Dog

                In a scenario where I envision Rankins falling to 26, I see Atlanta bringing in Jaye Howard to be their starting 3 tech, given DQ was his former DC at Florida and strongly recommended him as a pick to Seattle. That would free up Atlanta to use their first pick on a WR.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Who would they take at 17? Michael Thomas? Corey Coleman? Laquon Treadwell?

              Who’s the #1 WR in the draft and where does he go?

              • Coleslaw

                I think they go defense early, probably a linebacker

              • Volume12

                IDK where he goes, but Corey Coleman is the no. 1 WR IMO.

  34. CHawk Talker Eric

    Pretty interesting article on B/R about pro player comparisons in the 2016 Draft – not necessarily for the comps themselves, but because the author makes some keen scouting observations about certain prospects.

    Some highlights…

    Jonathan Bullard:
    “At the college level, it’s much easier to anticipate snap counts,
    as coaches have less time to get all their players on the same page,
    therefore they simplify some in-game aspects.

    When watching film in slow motion, it becomes obvious which
    defensive linemen have good bursts off the line of scrimmage
    and which ones are just a step ahead of offensive linemen.
    Bullard often moves even before the center does, and he often
    loses whenever he isn’t able to get in sync with the cadence.

    The cold truth is that Bullard isn’t good enough of a space player
    to be a long-term starter in the NFL as an edge defender, and his
    first step is average at best, masked by his savvy exploitation of
    college snap counts. So at the end of the day, you’re getting a
    tweener defensive tackle with average to below-average upside.”

    Deion Jones:
    “Deion Jones is a linebacker the size of a small safety with the
    closing speed of a cornerback. There are clear defenses in which
    he has value, but they need to be designed around keeping him
    off of blocks, where he struggles.

    His best comparison is to Telvin Smith, the former Florida State
    linebacker who was viewed as a Day 2 talent on film but showed
    up at the combine at 218 pounds in 2014. The Jacksonville Jaguars
    eventually drafted him in the fifth round, and he’s started in 23
    games in his first two years in the NFL.

    Like Smith, some will consider Jones as a safety prospect because
    of his size, but the rise of Deone Bucannon, a college safety who
    converted to a 211-pound linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, will
    lead more franchises in the right direction in 2016 than in 2014,
    when Smith slipped through the cracks. If nothing else, Jones is
    going to be able to contribute early on as a potential Pro Bowl
    special teamer while developing as a “Will” linebacker.”

    Shaq Lawson:
    “Lawson is stout at 6’3″ and 270 pounds. He can play either
    defensive end or outside linebacker due to his athleticism, but he
    might be a better disruptor on the ground than as a sack artist at
    the NFL level. The reason for this is that his first-step explosion,
    which translates more for tackles for loss than sacks, is elite, while
    his ability to tightly turn a corner, a sack-related trait, is average.

    He’s going to beat blocks in which a guard is designed to block him.
    Even on down blocks, he should be able to blow up power-run plays.
    That’s exactly how he led the FBS in tackles for loss in 2015 with 22.

    Lawson’s recent on-field comparison is Frank Clark, who at Michigan
    posted 34.5 tackles for loss in his career but only 11 sacks. Clark also
    officially measured in at the combine just a hair under 6’3″ as a 271-
    pounder. On film, they are spitting images of each other.

    Clark looked like a potential impact defender in the preseason, but he
    found himself buried in a deep Seattle Seahawks defense. The second-
    round pick was drafted in 2015, and as a rookie, he was able to come
    away with three sacks off the bench. Clark’s first-year production had
    more to do with how he fit on the depth chart than his true skill. Expect
    more from Lawson, who should be a top-15 pick.”

    • bobbyk

      Interesting. One thing I don’t like with the Bullard comparison is they seem to be under the assumption that some people have considered him an edge rusher. I don’t know of a single person or website who has once said they see him as a pass rusher on the edge. Pretty much everything about him is that he’s constantly said to be good sealing the edge and may have some value kicking inside in pass rush situations. Other than that, everything else looks interesting.

      The Lawson comparison to Clark is interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting thoughts. I will say though — Clark ran a 1.59 10-yard split at the combine which is elite. He also had a sensational 38.5 inch vertical. I can’t see Shaq Lawson matching those numbers.

      • Volume12

        I like Shaq Lawson. Dodd is more technically sound, but Lawson comes with more upside.

        His personality is very ‘Seahawky.’

        Lawson is a playmaker and can take control of games.

      • Coleslaw

        I’ve been debating on whose jersey to buy now that 24 is a throwback… 🙁
        But I think I’m going to get Frank’s, he’s going to be big time.

        • Volume12

          I got ET, Sherm, Bam Bam, RW, Lynch throwback Steve Largent, and Sidney Rice.

          I’m debating between MosesBread or BWagz on defense and Douggie Fresh or ‘No E’ on offense.

          • mishima

            Gotta go MosesBread.

          • Robert

            What’s your personal record for changing jerseys during a single game???

            • Volume12

              I never do. I’m superstitous. So if I’m wearing say Sherm’s jersey and win 2 in a row, guess who’s jersey I’m rockin’ for that 3rd straight game?

              As the Budweiser ‘mercial aka commercial says ‘it’s only weird if it doesn’t work.’

              Strawberry soda is my thing on gamedays too. Strange huh?

              • Robert

                In 2016, I hope you wear the same jersey for 19 weeks…and have to buy extra soda!

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Yeah when Rob puts it like that – Clark’s athleticism is just eye-popping…

          Gotta believe there are big things in his future for SEA.

          • Volume12


            Clark is a guy that can play RDE, line up inside, and with his length, speed, and explosion/10 yd split/1st step, could also line up at LEO.

            I’d imagine they got big things in store for this guy.

  35. Steele

    In Tony Pauline’s latest notes, the Cardinals are looking for a pass rusher early, and could go for Kevin Dodd. They also want a safety. I would hate to see a nightmare scnenario with them landing Dodd and also Sua Cravens.

  36. Volume12

    Regarding O-lineman, I kerp coming back to Arizona St’s Christian Westerman.

    Probably the most underrated O-lineman in this class.

    It would not shock me if his SPARQ score is up there with Jason Spriggs.

    Kind of the perfect blend of athletic, gritty, smash-mouth run blocker, with basically 34″ inch arms.

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