Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TE, Washington) vs California

Very, very intrigued by this guy.


  1. MJ

    I prefer Colt Lyerla, but ASJ is a beast. And to add, his DUI situation will have very little effect on his draft status. He’s a legit kid that made a stupid mistake (ASJ).

    Rob, is TE your #1 target for the Hawks next year, considering Miller’s health/money status? ASJ can start Day 1 and be an above average NFL player, but I think Lyerla has the physical ability to be one of the top weapons in the NFL. His movement skills and playing strength are ridiculously rare.

  2. Aaron


    On the subject of tight ends, given our lack of depth at the position and conversely our surplus of talented corners (like Walter Thurmond III), I’ve been wondering about the possibility of a trade this season for a mid-level TE.

    Trades seem to be relatively rare in the NFL, and I know PC/JS value depth at the corner position, but if there was ever a situation where a SB contending team was ripe for a potential mid-season trade it seems to me that this could be it.

    Reports are that WTIII is back and performing well. I’m sure he’ll get some chances to show his skills in the early season, splitting time with Antoine Winfield. And the Seahawks seem to be able to just churn out high-end corners with their unique scouting, so it might be an acceptable loss from their perspective.

    I’d love to get your opinion on the likelihood and efficacy of such a move. Thanks.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the teams depth (and reputation) at corner lends to a situation where they could potentially trade one of the CB’s. They’re not going to be able to stash all of them after all. But whether they’d be able to generate much value remains to be seen. If they know of a similarly young TE who’s on a roster but not a #1 they might be able to swing a deal and for the right guy that would make sense – unless they really do trust Willson, McGrath and Wells.

      I’ve looked through the list of NFL TE’s and struggled to find anyone who fits the bill. Well, there was one possibility. Michael Egnew was apparently on the teams radar in the 2012 draft. He was taken in round three by Miami. He’s had a pretty hopeless first 15 months in the NFL including a bad start to camp this year. Would they bite for a good young corner? Possibly. But then would Seattle have interest in a player who has flopped as spectacularly as Egnew?

  3. Fletcher

    Though I haven’t heard anything about it at UW, I played against ASJ in high school and he was kind of a whiner. He would complain about every time you hit him and did not really want to have to give any effort.

    • Rob Staton


  4. Aaron

    I’d be thrilled if we landed either ASJ or Lyerla in the draft, but that would almost certainly require us to trade up — which I would support.

    I think right guard might end up being a competing priority though. I’m hearing that while Sweezy is much improved, especially in the run game, he’s still a liability at times in pass protection. And Moffitt is more consistent, but really just serviceable at both run and pass.

    I’m too superstitious to even mention left guard at this point. 😉

  5. shams

    No point in coveting what we can’t have– we’d have to lose eleven games to take him, right?

    • Turp

      Remember when we used to feel that way about Matt Barkley? Yeah….

    • Rob Staton

      I’m seeing a lot of early late first/early second round grades on ASJ. I have him higher than that, but then mine’s just one guys opinion.

    • HawksMeat

      You never know. Way too early to tell and after the college season ends there usually is some players off radar that blow up. Point being he could be the first TE taken, or the 3rd.. Who knows

  6. drewjov11

    Austin has grown a lot physical since he was in high school. He’s almost impossible to cover with a linebacker, but his blocking and toughness has improved a great deal. He was basicay the enforcer when he played hoops, last season.

  7. MarkinSeattle

    TE’s don’t often go higher than 15, and even good ones often end up at the end of the first round or into the second. ASJ’s challenge will be whether or not he tests well with his speed (especially for the Hawks).

    I am also not convinced that we won’t be looking at a pass rushing specialist with our first round pick this year. Especially if Irvin proves successful in his move. Avril is probably not a long term signing and we have a lot of talent along the DL but no one proven yet to replace Branch.

  8. Elijah

    Hard to not like ASJ, he’s a solid all around TE in the traditional mold, being that he is a willing and able blocker, and a very good receiving option as well. For what it’s worth, I do think Colt Lyerla would add a different dimension to our offense from the TE position, but that might be what Luke Willson was drafted for. I see ASJ as more of a replacement for Zach Miller.

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