And… we’re still waiting for Percy news

So the wait goes on.

The Seahawks aren’t saying anything today. Percy Harvin isn’t saying anything today. And so far the usual gaggle of national journalists haven’t been able to prize any definitive answers out of his agent.

And the fans just sit here waiting. Wondering what on earth is going on.

There are so many questions that need answering.

But it’s hard to disagree with Mike Florio, who suggests no news may be bad news…

It’s… possible that the recommendation from Dr. Bryan Kelly was for surgery, and that ultimately Harvin may decide not to start his time in Seattle by going under the knife. Until he makes a decision, there’s no reason for anyone involved to say anything.

And so everyone involved is saying nothing. And the silence quickly has become deafening. It could only be a matter of time before we all find out that, indeed, Harvin will have surgery to repair the slight labrum tear in his hip.

Harvin’s gone from “flying around” at OTA’s one minute to possibly needing season-ending surgery the next — and it all just seems a bit innocuous, a little surreal.

For a guy who’s had a laundry list of issues in his career, this move to Seattle was supposed to be the clean break he needed. And before a ball has even been thrown his way in anger, he’s already creating a season’s worth of drama in just a matter of days.

I do fear the worst and I don’t think there’s anything knee jerk about that. Rest assured a lot of people are going to be asking questions about this trade, even if he decides — after all — that he’s ready to start working out at camp and skip surgery.

Because once again, Harvin’s in the news for the wrong reasons.

The only way he’ll answer those questions is with production on the field. That’ll be tough to do stood on the sideline in a hoody.


  1. hawaiihawkfan

    We have him for six years so I figure just get the surgery and hope he makes it back for the playoffs which we should make it to without him. The other option as long as it won’t permanently ruin his hip or career would be to play through the pain and get the surgery after our last game this year. Say he gets the surgery next February, he should be good to go early next season.

  2. Aaron

    Interesting speculation by Florio, but if I read it correctly, it would still be pretty good news all things considered. He’s guessing that Percy “may decide not to start his time in Seattle under by going under the knife.” That would mean that he plays this season. If he makes the decision that he’s healthy enough to play, at least for now, I’d consider that as no news being good news.

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