B.J. Daniels is a Seahawk

Kip will be happy… He wrote this piece about Daniels in March.


  1. YankinTa

    I am very happy too. 🙂

  2. Miles


    This means we have to add him to the active roster though. This is the only way we could secure him, but now it means we have to cut someone, and there just aren’t too many players on this team who it’s easy to let go. You’d love to cut Jason Spitz and/or Caylin Hauptmann (Bruce Irvin will also need a spot cleared for him), but I believe by NFL rules, when a player is signed during the season he is owed a roster spot for three weeks. So then you have to jump to the players the Seahawks have backstocked for the future, like Benson Mayowa and John Lotulelei. PC/JS must really love what Daniels can do, and so do I, but it’s going to come at a price.

    Depending on the severity of injuries to guys like Spencer Ware and Jeremy Lane (hamstrings), we could IR one or the both of them to clear roster spots.

    But the good news, for now, is we got the guy we were all sort of salivating over this offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      Mayowa might be in trouble. Hard to see him sticking unless they really believe he’s a future starter.

      • Miles

        Here’s the transaction from Seahawks.com:

        10/02/2013 Released LB John Lotulelei. Signed QB B.J. Daniels.

        It’s unlikely Lotulelei will clear waivers, in my opinion.

        Mayowa might be next once Irvin returns. But I’d much rather them cut Heath Farwell. He only has two tackles through four games, well below his pace of previous seasons. Then again he’s the special teams captain.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m glad Mayowa stuck. He has much more potential than Lotulelei IMO. Never really understood the appeal with Lotulelei (apart from the epic hair).

          • Hawkspur

            I’m hoping that Mayowa survives the cut for Irvin too. Ideally Unger will have healed adequately so that they can release Spitz.

    • Chris F

      It was interesting to hear the the FO had actually been looking to pick up Daniels maybe as a UDFA before SF drafted him with a 7th rounder.


  3. Ukhawk

    Rob. Better late than never, he was on your Hawks draft watch list last year, no?

  4. Scott Allen

    OMG!!! This is awesome. I can’t wait to see him playing for us in the preseason next year. Its gonna be awesome!

  5. dave crockett

    I was never a big fan of Daniels’ in college. He has tools, but made enough mistakes against even decent competition to offset the chunk yardage plays. Perhaps Seattle sees him as a slash player, because I don’t see it with him even as a backup QB.

    Pre-season highlights (poor quality video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V09SANtmso

    • Miles

      He’s a developmental player. As any Seahawks evaluation scout would probably put it, there are many kinks in his game but he possesses enough rare and positive attributes that the SEA offense looks for to give him a roster spot this year and a crack at the backup job next year.

      • Michael

        Gotta start saving a buck wherever you can. If he can be the backup, that presents a decent savings over T-Jack.

  6. James

    T-Jack has looked so good in his limited opportunities that some other team this off-season is sure to offer him more $$ than the Seahawks can afford to pay their backup QB, particularly with salary cap concerns taking center stage for the next few years. It makes perfect sense to have a backup to RW who can run exactly the same offense. ….I would not be surprised if Lotulelei clears waivers and lands on the practice squad. He just is not stout enough at the moment to play LB in the league and needs a year to bulk up. Will hate to lose Mayowa for Irvin, but that is probably the only possibility if they have to hang onto Spitz and Hauptmann per league rule?

    • Miles

      I think Kellen Davis can go. As long as Willson stays healthy, keeping Davis over Mayowa is somewhat troubling.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Agreed. Davis has drawn more penalty flags than receiving opportunities.

  7. SunPathPaul

    I agree with James that this seems like a thought and action for next year. T-Jack will want a crack at a starting job, if possible, and having a 7th round backup will be inexpensive. Plus B J being the same height w a similar game to DangeRuss, might prove helpful and interesting…

    We have to keep Sherman and Earl Thomas, so any money saved is 2 greats staying at home in Seattle!

  8. James

    BTW, anyone else ya’ll want me to acquire for the Seahawks? When PCJS drafted Chris Harper I told my friend that I wish they had drafted Q Patton instead…..then fast forward to end of August, after watching the preseason games, and I then told him that I wish we had drafted BJ Daniels instead. Voila! Anyone else I should pick up? Has to be a low-round rookie, to make it work, maybe a sleeper O lineman?

    • Miles

      Jordan Mills is obviously a guy I wish the Hawks would have scooped up in the fourth last year instead of Chris Harper. Hindsight being 20/20, you know the Seahawks would love to have Mills on this roster right now, particularly with how banged up we are and how well Mills has played (so I’ve heard) in Chicago so far in his rookie year.

      Another guy I really, really wanted was Corey Lemonier. Before the draft, the two players I wanted the most (in a realistic sense) were Lemonier and Christine Michael. I figured we could only get one of them, but lo and behold, when our third round pick came around Lemonier was sitting right there. He was really one of the most complete LEO prospects in the draft, but we passed up on him for Jordan Hill. While I really like him as a player, I can see now why the Hawks didn’t draft him given that we’ve now got four LEOs we can rotate on the line (Clemons, Avril, Irvin, Mayowa). The fact is Lemonier would have had a hard time cracking any playing time and would be clogging up a roster spot to essentially do nothing this year. Now that Jordan Hill’s back, he’ll likely play at least sparingly and serve a purpose for 2013 as that interior pass rusher/backup 1-tech.

      Another guy who was intriguing was Kyle Juszczyk. He went to the Ravens but he would have been a nice player to plug in at fullback. I would be pretty surprised if PC/JS weren’t trying to draft him in the late fourth/early fifth; I just think the Ravens held him at slightly higher value than they did. His college tape was amazing and he is so versatile, like you see from Colt Lyerla. He can play fullback or tight end and that kind of versatility could have really improved our team, and our depth at other positions. With Juszczyk here, I could envision us cutting Derrick Coleman and/or Spencer Ware and only keeping two tight ends, listing Kyle as the fullback. We could line him up all over the place, and while I am not really disappointed we didn’t draft him (Coleman is playing pretty well), it would have been awesome to have a guy who can play both tight end and fullback. Had we drafted him, I do wonder whether we would have drafted Luke Willson as well. Hard to say.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I’m right there with you. Mills and Jusczyk were two guys I really thought could help. Particularly Jusczyk as he showed awesome blocking potential and we”ve been startlingly deficient in that regard.

  9. James

    Jordan Mills…..consider it done, though it won’t be easy to arrange for the Bears to place a starting OT onto the practice squad for PCJS to steal. I think it will need to be a blow-up with the coach, maybe an outright fist fight?

  10. Misfit74

    Sweet. I was surprised that Daniels didn’t beat out Colt McCoy for the #2 QB job in SF, but then again Jim Harbaugh is a complete douchenozzle.

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