Mike Evans & Johnny Manziel vs Arkansas

I’m going to need some time to get settled into parenthood, but normal service will resume on the blog shortly. Here’s a chance to look again at Texas A&M’s big receiver Mike Evans (and his quarterback Johnny Manziel).

There’s no doubt Pete Carroll wants to utilise a big, fast receiver in his offense. Stephen Williams so far — for whatever reason — has been pretty anonymous. Is it just one of those things (too many receivers ahead of him) or is he not building on pre-season momentum?

Either way, his lack of field time means this remains a likely need in the off-season. Evans has started the 2013 season particularly well. His second touchdown in this game is exactly what the team is lacking for me — a legit red zone threat. The catch was similar to the type of grab he was making against Alabama. Manziel basically rolled out and threw it — in thick coverage — to his guy. And his guy made a big play.

You could just imagine Wilson making a similar move and trusting his receiver like that.

Evans is one to keep monitoring.

One final note — thank you again to everyone for the kind messages this week. It really does mean a lot.


  1. Sam Jaffe

    I agree that Evans is intriguing, but he might end up running a 4.6. I don’t detect much quickness in his steps (or knock-you-off-your-feet lateral agility). If that happens, then he becomes a legitimate third round target. But if that happens he probably stays in school for another year.

    I’m definitely not buying into the latest crest of Manziel NFL hype. He definitely has the escapability that we see in Russel Wilson (maybe even better at it). But as we’ve seen with Wilson, that’s a relatively minor (albeit the most exciting) aspect of his overall game. I see Manziel having average arm strength, better than average accuracy, good throwing mechanics when he’s on the move (again similar to Wilson) and absolutely awful footwork. When there’s no pressure, he just turns into a statue. When there is pressure he immediately takes off for an adventure instead of moving around artfully in the pocket. Combine that with his legendary lack of leadership (“I can’t wait to get out of this cow town”) and his immaturity and I wouldn’t waste anything lower than a 4th rounder and then only as a bid for an interesting backup. He’s the kind of prospect that I desperately hope Arizona or St. Louis invests an early round pick in. Looking at the arc of Manziel’s college career makes you realize that for all of Russel Wilson’s special skills, his most important asset as an NFL quarterback might just be his moral fiber.

    • Rob Staton

      Speed is definitely the main area of concern with Evans.

    • dave crockett


      you should definitely read Matt Waldman’s piece on Football Outsiders on Manziel. It’s a lengthy read, but it is really well done and balanced. To me it strikes just the right tone.


      • SunPathPaul

        Sam, not sure what tape u r watching here. IMO Manziel plays very well. He would make a team like Minnesota a contender with all they talent they have, and would spark the hell out of a team like Jacksonville. He throws well, does keep his feet moving, and escapes like the wind through the tree tops.

        I like watching him play and I bet he goes in round 1. I believe he deserves too. He will be a good NFL QB. Yes, he will make mistakes, but compare him to Geno Smith, or MAtt Flynn, and he seems like a Diamond! lol

  2. Kenny Sloth

    This is some of the more impressive Manziel tape I’ve seen. But enough about that foo’.

    Evans looks like a lumbering kind of guy. Not really explosive.

  3. Miles

    The 49ers just released BJ Daniels. I really hope we sign him to our practice squad. C’mon JS pleeease..?

  4. Colin

    I have a hard time coming to terms with this film. I’m totally baffled.

    It seems like there were just too many easy yards for A&M. Outstanding protection by the offensive line. Is Johnny really as dynamic as we think, or is he just a great player that benefits from the play of others? There’s no denying his scrambling ability or the throws he makes on the run, but I’m skeptical to see how this works going forward. He has a number of things going for him.

    As far as Evans is concerned, at this time, he’s just another big guy who outshines the smaller corners in jumpball situations. Not a burner, not particularly quick off the line. Benefits from stellar line play just like Manziel. In fairness, it’s hard to be critical about him as a WR when his QB is so unconventional in terms of passing rhythm. Worth keeping an eye on though.

    • Kenny Sloth

      His get off is full of missteps and could really be cleaned up. No-one presses him, so not sure how he fares in that category

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