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I’ve got a piece coming on a couple of 2014 tight ends, but in the meantime here’s what the Seahawks are getting from their third round pick this year…


  1. Colin

    In light of Bruces suspension, we need others to step up. Im not terribly concerned considering how well the offense ended the year. This guy needs to bring it from the inside in a big way.

  2. Ben

    This guy is good. He was playing injured last year, he’s got something.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    You gotta love the way this kid plays football.

  4. James

    Whew….football again! I don’t need Jordan Hill to be the next Geno Atkins, I just want him to play for the Seahawks the same way he played in college (see Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner).

  5. kigenzun

    I hope everybody can see there’s a reason JSPC drafted this guy wayyy before Jesse Williams. Watch the difference on the tape. Hill is built like a brick refridgerator and fast as lighting closing in small spaces, especially to the quarterback. When he hits ya , lets just say ya know ya been hit. Personally, I believe he will be starting in Branch’s old spot at 3T next to Mebane by Game 1 and we will be a better overall defense because of it. McDaniel is insurance in case Hill needs time to grow into the role. Williams is the eventual replacement for Big Red, at 5T on 1st and 2nd downs, nothing more. Hill will slide to nose, replacing Mebane, both now on 3rd downs, and down the road into the future. IMO final take on Hill & Williams… they’re both good, and the are both the frontline future working well in tandem together… but one’s a future star and one’s not. And its pretty obvious to me the multiple Pro Bowler is Jordan Hill. I hope you guys can see it too.

  6. Eran Ungar

    Hindsight is a beautiful thing…

    Suddenly things that were puzzling if not outright questionable become simple, clear, even smart.

    I said it about Harper/Willson but it’s clearer with regards to the D line.

    Before FA and the raft the common view was that we are a team with few if any needs. Branch or his replacement, someone to replace Hill nothing major.

    We ignored the declining defense due to Red’s injory but those things happen in the NFL. A line that looks awesome today can look fragile with one injury. Remember how ineffective the mighty Aldon looked next to an injured Justine on the 49er’s line ?

    This is not a drag race this is the Dakar rally. The best car is great but there will be times when you are just as good as your spare parts are.

    Drafting Hill and Williams after taking Avril, Bennet and McDaniels in FA seemed like a bit over the top. Do we really need 5 new D line players for the 1st. ranked D ? Is that truly our most urgent need ? nt to mention that those 3 FA additions together cost more then Harvin per year…

    Fast forwards few weeks and – Clem is still recovering, Irvine is out for the 1st. 4 games(ohhh, they knew it’s coming many weeks ago), Scruggs get injured, Branch an Jason are gone. Suddenly 5 new guys are exactly what the doctor ordered.

    It seems like while we were playing GMs someone else was actually working as one. Making the simple an clear moves that were needed to keep this team performing as it should.

    No Clem ? No Irvine ? No Scruggs ? No Branch ? No Jason ? ok…we’ll start with Avrill at Leo…No Branch ? we have Williams…No Jason ? we have Hill or Bennet.

    No panic, smart and simple. LOVE THAT FO.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I doubt Irvin failed his drug test before the draft, so that’s not likely to have affected their draft choices. However, I do think his suspension induced them to sign DE Benson Mayowa after the rookie mini camp last week.

      • Ryan

        Irvin posted a note on twitter. I think he mentioned being frustrated about this getting out and depressed for a few weeks.

        • EranUngar

          Exactly. He knew for weeks that he failed the test and rest assured the the FO knew too. Not only that but i’d hope that they knew from him after his number came up for testing since unlike other seahawks – he knew what he was taking…

          I also understand that the seahawks employ a team doctor. Quite a few actually. Tomorrow morning when he gets to the office i suggest he starts his day with 53 prescription for all those poor ADHD players they have managed to put together in one team.

        • James

          Honestly, I just don’t get it… I suppose I live in the dark ages and am not current on these sorts of things. Is someone in the locker room assuring the other players to “take this” and they will never catch you; or is everyone doing it and the tests are so weak that only a few turn up positive; or are some people just as dumb as a post and have mis-filed the information that they are going to be tested?

  7. Ryan

    I really like this kid! He isn’t just making tackles. He is making plays, turnovers, momentum changing plays. he will need to hit the bench for nfl linemen but he has that special something. With a hawk D mentality of a nasty chip on his shoulder watch out!

  8. Miles

    Are one of the tight ends names’ hyphened and rhyme with Defarian-Lenkins? 😛

    • Rob Staton


  9. AlaskaHawk

    I am jacked up about Hill. He is exactly what we need!

  10. kigenzun

    No Irvin? No problem. If nothing else, I can easily imagine Jordan Hill being a stouter run defender, not fooled on the draw and screenpass, AND getting at least 2 sacks in that same role in just the first 4 games… (same rate as Irvin 8sacks/16games) Now, that’s upping the ante on the always compete! And as much as I fantasize JSPC have a hotline to Nostradamus, They must’ve known.

  11. James

    Finally, a passing-situation D-line that can get after it: Avril, Leo; Hill, DT; Bennett, DT; Irvin, Elephant….oh wait. Unless Korey Toomer has been taking adderall and turned into superman, I don’t see a replacement for Irvin, alas. I suppose they will have to go with 3 down linemen: Avril, Hill and Bennett, and 3 LBs, along with the nickel back Winfield. Then blitz KJ Wright or Malcolm Smith, and forget about an Elephant for the first four weeks. Maybe if the Giants cut Aaron Curry?

    • Eran Ungar

      McDonald was replacing Mebane on passing downs last year. So it will be McDonald and Hill at DT, Bennet and Avril at DE and possible blitz by Winfield/Wright/Smith.

      Not as great as we hoped but not that bad either.

  12. kigenzun

    With regards to James:
    Hmmm… do not think of an elephant. I get it 🙂 If we still have Red, and he goes to the sidelines on 3rd downs with Mebane, and yer already using Hill and Bennett at DT… Avril at Leo cuz Clem is on IR… hmm, let’s see do not think of an elephant… aha! Jesse Williams! He looks like an Elephant! Unleash our new “3rd down pass rushing specialist”. The Elephant Monstar Thunder from Down Under, in Irvin’s old role… I like it. Better at run stoppage than Bruce too. 😉
    If they did know, Ty Powell draftstock would make a lot of sense. Perhaps he could be being given a shot at Irvin’s role, as a poor man’s version short term. Thoughts?

  13. HawkMeat

    I hope this year the Hawks find a sweet pass rusher that went undrafted to boost the rush and defense. Much like the undrafted rookie Baldwin assisted the offense after making the team. Just a dream

  14. Kenny Sloth

    I bet they like having Williams and Hill at 3 and 1 respectively. Hill is a Mebane CLONE.. and williams plays like a mix between jason jones and alan branch.

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