This needs to stop NOW

Bruce Irvin. Brandon Browner. Winston Guy. John Moffitt. Allen Barbre.

That’s the list of Seahawks players suspended in the last couple of years for taking performance enhancing drugs. Richard Sherman was also charged, but won an appeal against his suspension.

Seattle needs to get a grip on this — and fast.

Everyone needs to take responsibility here. The players need to wise up. Learn what you can and can’t put into your bodies. Engage your brains. The vast majority of NFL players manage to avoid suspension. Why? Because they don’t allow substances like Adderall into their blood stream. It’s not that difficult.

The coaching staff needs to do a better job disciplining the players and making sure they realise the consequences of being suspended. These four-game absences are costly. The Seahawks can’t afford to lose Bruce Irvin with Chris Clemons and Greg Scruggs suffering ACL injuries. Irvin will miss a crucial divisional game against the 49ers. His absence won’t define the contest but you’d rather have him out there on the field instead of sat at home watching on TV. What a waste.

The Seahawks are getting a reputation here that undermines all the positive hype as they grow into a contender in the NFC. The Tweet below is in jest, but it’s the kind of thing you’ll hear more of:

Do you want future success to come with a question mark? People talking about asterisks? People wondering if that guy who won that game was cheating? “Oh yeah, the Seahawks won that game… but they’re all on PED’s.”

And yeah, I know that Adderall doesn’t exactly turn you into the Incredible Hulk on the football field. I’m led to believe it helps you concentrate, keeps you alert. Big deal. It’s banned. Therefore you don’t take it. Simple, really.

It’s time to act like professionals. You’re not the only ones getting caught, but is there another team in the league that’s had five players suspended for PED abuse?

It’s all well and good apologising, but it won’t change anything. Irvin posted an apology on his Twitter account. Bruce, seriously, you can’t play the “haters” card today. True, loyal fans aren’t just the blind faith brigade. Sometimes the truth hurts. You made a mistake. Deal with it, move on and please learn from this.

This is a problem. It has to stop NOW. No more suspensions has to be the maximum going forward. Zero. And everyone is responsible for making sure that happens.


  1. Nick

    Yep. Bruce being suspended is far less concerning to me than the trend that has taken shape.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s it. It’s not Bruce being out that’s the biggest issue. It’s five guys now. I’m sat here wondering, “who’s next?” That can’t be right.

      • glor

        The frustrating part about this whole thing is that these idiots could be taking any necessary medication with the proper blessing of the NFL.. WTF, damn this makes me mad.

        • JH

          Dude let’s not be naive. This is not necessary medication for these guys. The ones who need it have a doctors note. The ones who are getting caught can’t get a doctor’s note. The rules are clear and have been repeated ad nauseum. This crap is making the Hawks look bad. Has to stop. I don’t want to hear anymore about a rampant ADD outbreak in the NFL. At least Irvin didn’t pull that card.

          • Brian

            Some of them have had a doctor’s note. Moffitt did. He just didn’t clear it with the league. It is definitely an issue, because it doesn’t seem like the guys are pushing the envelope trying to do stuff illegally – it seems like it’s just not knowing the proper procedures and policies.

  2. JW

    This isn’t helping the “cheater, bailed on USC” image that many hold of Pete Carroll, either.
    And losing Irvin Vs. Kaep and 49ers is disappointing.

    Was hoping Irvin had turned a corner but looks like he’s still being an idiot.

  3. Dave

    What I can’t understand is how this is still happening even after the Sherman fiasco. I would have thought that would have been a massive kick up the ass forcing them to get their shit together. What’s it going to take to put an end to this problem. Embarassing

  4. Colin

    When you draft guys with shady backgrounds, you can expect shady decisions. I’m disappointed, angry, but not shocked.

    Pete needs to get this under control. Unacceptable. There is clearly becoming a bad pattern emerging on this team and it must stop.

    The offense is going to have to pick up some of the load early on, and thank God they are good enough to do it. Hope Bennett and Avril are ready to provide some help.

    Better have some good blitz packages ready.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure this has much to do with Irvin’s background. He’s been out of trouble for a long time now. It’s a bad decision and he should’ve known better. No different to Browner, Moffitt, Guy etc.

      • JW

        Irvin got arrested just before the draft for kicking a sign off a car. The man hasn’t built up a great track record of making wise decisions. It’s not like he’s built up any equity in this department.

        • Rob Staton

          No but there’s a tendency sometimes to linger too much on the past. Plenty of players make bad decisions and it’s not always because you had a difficult upbringing. Irvin has clearly moved beyond that. I look at this as a separate thing, but something he really should’ve avoided nonetheless.

          • JW

            Right. I guess we’re using different concepts of “background”. Maybe history of bad decisions is more apt for what I’m feeling. I’m not so concerned about his ‘upbringing’ as opposed to his track record of decision making. I mean, the guy was just arrested a little more than a year ago, right before the draft. I know charges were not filed, but…how many times must reality smack him upside the head before he sorts it out?

            Anyway…Pete gets criticized for being a ‘player’s coach’, ‘not strict enough’ and because of what happened at USC, for being lax on rules. He also raises eyebrows for drafting guys with troubled pasts (Just drafted another dude arrested right before the draft). He also promotes a pretty extreme “No job is safe”/”always compete” mentality. They also want to build a team that can win a 11 on 11 fight that may or may not include a football (Schneider’s recent phrasing). Maybe the combination of all those things is contributing to some of this problem.

      • glor

        I agree, I don’t see Irvin as having a shady background, this is an issue of locker room culture at this point.

        • JW

          I think he has a shady background, he hasn’t gone all that long staying out of trouble, AND there’s a locker room issue.

          • glor

            No offense, but if you think he has a shady background, then you had a pretty sheltered one.

            • TD

              Right, because most people spend 3 months in jail and have been arrested multiple times.

              • glor

                From the places he came from? actually the answer is most likely yes.

  5. geoffu

    I wonder when this test took place. End of last season? If now and if Adderall, don’t see why he’d be thinking he needed for OTA’s. Something seems weird here.

    • Kip Earlywine

      If my understanding is correct, the NFL likes to announce these type of PED suspensions during the offseason, but Browner and Sherman were leaked early which required them to take early action in both cases. It could be that Irvin was busted around the same time but his case wasn’t leaked early. Again, speculating, but that’s my guess as to what happened.

      • HawkMeat

        It would ease my disappointment if the group used it during the same time period. If he took the substance much later it brings even more questions into team discipline, and players not demonstrating the ability to learn from others mistakes.

        No way to find out unless Bruce released more info, I suspect.

  6. woofu


    It is a play now-pay later stratedgy/ coaching decision. It could be interesting to know why and when each of them took it.

  7. Josh

    I think its a massive loss losing Bruce for some really important games to start the year. I thought he was going to have a great year. Still hope he does.

  8. glor

    How often are these guys tested?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m guessing all the time now given Seattle’s record over the last two years.

      • Bryan C

        These guys are likely tested as often as possible under CBA because the team has proven there is a cultural issue within the locker room that leads to acceptance of this type of behavior.

  9. Chris

    For me, we’ve now reached the point where the blame for some of this stuff has to also include Pete Carrol.

    • Rob Staton

      Everyone is accountable. They have to get this sorted. They can’t afford any more PED related suspensions. Eventually it’ll cost wins and the teams reputation.

  10. James

    This is bad, my brothers, very very bad. Not only is Bruce not available as the backup Leo behind Avril, and we have to desperately hope that Cliff can stay healthy, but Dan Quinn has spoken several times of his plans to alter Irvin’s role. Last year, when Bruce came in on passing downs, Gus Bradley would launch him into a frontal assault on the ROT, where he was usually stopped cold. Bruce had a decent season, but it was clear to many that his talents were being wasted. Quinn has acknowledged this, in so many words, and talked of using Bruce in more of the elephant role, moving him about more as a LB, as the Packers do with Clay Matthews, and blitzing him from anywhere. Now, this whole plan is undermined, for there is no clear replacement for Bruce as the “elephant,” at least until Clem returns. If this costs us even one game, it could cost the divisional championship and home field advantage. Shame and blame on everyone involved.

    • Dan

      At least they have the whole offseason to change things around. Though with Scruggs already gone, our pass rushing nickle package is getting thin.
      I hope Bennett remains healthier than Jason Jones did and Jordan Hill is the real deal.

      • JW

        Ty Powell is pretty fast, but totally unproven and pretty ordinary on the agility drills.

        I agree with James. This is a blow. And it blows.

  11. Michael (CLT)

    Irvin has a long road to hoe. I would be surprised if he sees a second contract. Something just does not click. He is what he is. I suspect we will all see that by 2015.

    • Robert

      I Predict You Are Neither A Farmer Or A Gardener…Lol. But Rows Are Hoed…SorryAboutPhoneCapsProblem.

    • pqlqi

      I predict you are neither a talent scout nor a patient judge of character.

      • dab

        He doesn’t need to be patient. These guys are considered professionals and should be held accountable as such. He’ll make millions over his short career for goodness sake.

        • HawkMeat

          This suspension alone will not impact a second contract. His performance and the ability to avoid further suspensions and issues will however.

  12. Miles

    I think a lot of people are blowing this out of proportion. Yes, we’re going to be missing Irvin for four games and he was going to be our guy for pass rush downs. But he likely wouldn’t contribute much on first and second downs. Though it’s disappointing that we’ll be missing this “spinner”/”elephant” role for a few weeks, it’s only four games. At the end of the day, his lack of presence may elude the Seahawks of two or three sacks tops, and possibly some key pressures.

    But that’s why it’s good we have Avril and Bennett. Despite the loss of Irvin, we can still align those guys all over. Avril can play linebacker. Bennett can play d-end but also move inside. We also seem to have a pretty capable pass-rushing DT in Jordan Hill. Take Irvin away, and his D-line is still pretty stacked. And after four games, when we’re 4-0, we’ll all be cutting Irvin slack and he’ll be here for good now that he realizes his mistake came back to bite him.

    This is disappointing, but Irvin really is a luxury at his pay scale and our d-line is still heavily fortified. Not to mention if Clemons is able to come back for Week 1.

    Additionally, I don’t think this is part of a larger problem. If it were, I believe Hawks players would have been suspended in chunks this off-season. It’s not as if Seahawks players are tested one-by-one; they are randomly tested on a broader level. So, to me, it’s very possible Irvin was the only one taking PEDs, and he’ll pay the price for it. But the fact that he’s having “sleepless nights” and being generally humble about this tells me he’s learned this was a dumb decision, and he’ll get through it, just like he’s gotten through all the problems he’s had in his life.

    Speaking of which, if you’re a Hawks fan and haven’t seen this video on Irvin, you need to.

    This made me feel a lot better about his “character issues” back then.

    • Rob Staton

      But it’s five guys in two years. I think that’s the issue people have really, not so much that it’s Irvin who will be missing. There have been too many suspensions and if there are any more, it’s going to tarnish the reputation of a talented roster. There cannot be any more. Simple as that. And if there are, it won’t be acceptable. Five is already too many.

      • Jim Q

        If adderall is allowed with a prescription, can’t the team doctor write prescriptions? Future tests could potentially avoid these troubles if the drug is allowed with a prior prescription? In other words why can’t the team doctor issue prescriptions to those who choose to use this drug (perhaps under the guise of learning the playbook inside out) and simply get the prescription before the drug.

        • Rob Staton

          Technically yes. But I prefer this alternative — just don’t take Adderall in the first place.

        • glor

          It is allowed with League approval, just a prescription doesn’t cut it. Your doc has to convince the NFL that it is really needed. At the end of the day, there are docs out there that will write you a prescription for anything.

    • Michael (CLT)

      nearly 10% of a 53 man squad has tested positive and been suspended, with another avoiding suspension due to technicality, and you are saying this is overreacting. Most of these guys are top performers.

      The point you make is the enabling factor that allows for it.

      • Miles

        I don’t think I’m enabling at all. You don’t think I had a forehead-slap reaction to the Irvin news? It’s very disappointing, both how I feel about him as a person and how I feel about him as a contributor on this roster. I just don’t think we need to be calling out Pete Carroll for this; As much as he is a player’s coach, I don’t think he will allow this to continue. Yes we have had five guys suspended, but two of those guys are either off the roster or struggling to stay on it (Allen Barbre and Winston Guy). Two more of them were our starting cornerbacks, and those was the most disappointing ones of all. I think that five suspensions is a lot, but like I said, players get tested in droves. This is not part of a larger problem because if it were, a larger percentage of our roster would be getting suspended.

        Is the concern that more players on the roster are taking PEDs? Because if they are, more would be getting suspended. Period. That is, unless they are taking some kind of drug on the side to hide drugs in urine tests, though I don’t know of such a drug.

        Irvin is still a young man, like you and me. And he made a mistake. This mistake is his and his alone, and I really don’t think it’s part of a larger problem within the Seahawks organization. If there is a problem, it’s one the NFL environment should help to address, considering the league is a high-pressure environment where only the very elite can thrive. This is what happens in major professional sports; players “cheat” to keep up with the rest of the league.

        But this cheating can be found on a case-by-case basis. Like I said, Irvin is young, and he did something he knows he shouldn’t do, and my feeling is that he made the mistake on his own. And given what little else we’ve heard on the suspension front as of late, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more in the coming months. If we do, I’ll change my user name to “WrongAboutPEDs” or some other variety.

        • Michael (CLT)

          I would like to think with millions and precedent, I would learn from my peers.

          Instead, Irvin has proven he is fearful of failing. He is, like Sherman, on the edge of failure, and damn scared of it.

          I see a lot of the M’s Smoak in Irvin.

          • Michael (CLT)

            There will be no accomplishments now without stain.

            Carroll is on the hot seat if another is uncovered. Imagine that. Our golden coach is one more suspension from being viewed as a cheater.


            • Rob Staton

              Now I think you are going OTT. Hot seat? Not really.

              He needs to speak firmly to players and make sure this doesn’t happen again. But if it does, that doesn’t automatically put the coach on the hot seat. You can only do so much. Now this is an embarrassing episode and another failed test would be a PR disaster, but Carroll isn’t going to live in fear of his job.

              • Michael (CLT)

                I am overreacting for sure. Apologies.

                I am crazy angry. This team can win without advantages. We need guys to play within themselves.

                Again. I am overreacting. Apologies.

                • glor

                  The team can win without advantages… you do realize why the NFLPA is resisting HGH testing as aggressively as they are right? I’m sorry, but I tore my MCL two years ago, and it still isn’t perfectly right. There is a reason AP, and Griffin are recovering as quickly as they are from horrendous injuries. All the teams have people taking banned substances, Adderall doesn’t do jack to help Irvin pass rush, it will however help him sit and study with full concentration. I’ve got no issues with him or anyone using it if they have ADHD, they just need to be smart about it and get league approval 1st.

    • HawkMeat

      I am disappointed that Bruce is another hawk that is in trouble for PED’s. My disappointment and frustration is felt more towards the Hawks office, managers, coaches, etc. I should not have the feeling another shoe is about to drop. The team has been busted 5 times, 4 if you don’t count the appeal won on a technicality. My home team, my favorite professional sports team, my beloved Hawks, and favorite athletes are being suspended for behavior or PED use. My concern will not wane during the season. I almost feel Pete should make a statment since so many of his players are caught up in this fiasco.

  13. Robert

    Embarrassing. Our Reputation Is Tarnished…

    • Miles

      Stop it.

      • glor


  14. Miles

    Just a thought but maybe this means we’ll take a look at Freeney or John Abraham to fill the gap if the price is right. I know there has been almost zero interest in Abraham, so we may be able to get him for “pennies,” for lack of a better term for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    • Michael (CLT)

      Are you willing to give up cap space to sign Sherman next year to have Abraham?

      How much are you willing to sacrifice for this year?

      • Miles

        I really don’t think Abraham would ask for much to play on a Superbowl contender. It’s realistic to think he’ll get vet minimum with incentives given his age and how few teams have actually shown interest. The market this year has been dry and not even the more elite pass-rushers like Avril got that much.

        How much am I willing to give up? Probably not much more than that, but again, I think it’s a realistic asking price, especially for an elite contender like the Seahawks.

        He may not even become a big contributor. There is a degree of risk in the signing, because he’s 36 years old and once a D-End loses that edge burst, it’s gone for good. But he had 10 sacks last year. He still wants to play. Isn’t somebody going to take a chance on him? Why not the Seahawks?

        • Michael (CLT)

          Are you willing to give up Sherman and Thomas in 2014?

        • Miles

          Especially if all you’re asking a guy like Abraham or Freeney to do is come screaming off the edge on third downs, I think one of those moves would be a good get for us. 🙂

          • Miles

            “Are you willing to give up Sherman and Thomas in 2014?”

            Of course not. But like I said, the amount of money we’d have to spend for one of those DEs wouldn’t affect that. At least I wouldn’t think so. Do you really think $750,000 to a $1 million on a one-year contract is going to affect our long-term plans? I certainly don’t. A deal like that wouldn’t really affect the cap in 2014 and ’15.

            • Michael (CLT)

              Abraham will make at least 2-3M a year. It will just take time… and some injuries, to make it happen

              • Miles

                No, I don’t think so man. Look at it this way: Cliff Avril will make $1.5 million this year. Michael Bennett? $4.8 million, and those guys are in the primes of their careers. So there’s no way we give Abraham anything close to that, or anybody else for that matter. Freeney on the other hand has been getting some interest lately, and I guess he could receive $2 to $3 mil if some team thinks he can still burn tackles off the edge.

                But like I said, it’s very possible both of these guys make under a million next year. So if that’s the case, the Seahawks can let another good deal fall to them and get Abraham or Freeney. I’m not saying we should definitely do that, but given Irvin’s situation, it doesn’t hurt to check it out. I know we kicked the tires on Abraham earlier this offseason. What did we think of him?

                • Michael (CLT)

                  Who has leverage in this conversation now. Seattle or Abraham?

                  • Miles

                    You’re the ultimate pessimist aren’t you? Haha.

                    Seattle has the leverage in most free agent dealings right now. With how good our team is, we’re always in a position to let the deal come to us because we don’t have any big needs. That’s how it was with Percy Harvin. That’s how it was with Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, and that’s how it will continue to be. Not having Irvin for four games does not open up a “need” by any means, but it does open up the option to have an Abraham just to possibly ensure our third-down pass rush doesn’t relapse.

                    I’m not saying we should get on our knees and beg Abraham to come here. If that’s the case, we shouldn’t get him. But the reality is, we can give his agent a call, say we’re willing to put him on the roster for at or near the minimum, and let that thought ruminate in Abraham’s mind while nobody else shows interest.

                    So yes, the Seahawks have leverage here.

                  • HawkMeat

                    The team has the leverage. Who is still looking for work? Who is still without a team beyond his prime? What team states they are always willing to walk away if the price is not right?

  15. Christon

    Amen. Rob. Amen.

  16. nolan want to take adderalll just find a crooked doc to write a script then its all good not only is Irvine irressponsible he is lazy

    • Rob Staton

      Oh boy…

      • JW


        • Jrockrichards

          I had no idea it was that easy.

          • James

            If a perfectly healthy person can find a Dr. Feelgood to write a Rx for “medical marijuana” then he would certainly be willing to write one for adderall, in exchange for $$$. I believe they even advertise in those free so-called newspapers in the boxes around town.

    • glor

      it’s not that easy, you need a doc who can convince the NFL that the player needs, it. Again, League Approval is required, not a prescription.

      • nolan

        Adhd is one of if not the most commonly overdignoside medical issues in the country he coupd probably find ten or telegram docotors to write it for him

  17. Jim Q

    Locate “the source” and eleminate it. Somebody has to be dealing this stuff.

    • glor

      The source very well could be a doctor, there is nothing that says he didn’t have a prescription for the medication.

  18. Eran Ungar

    Raise you voice…it’s time…

    A good manager will not raise his voice when he is upset or mad – He will raise his voice when he thinks the best way to achieve his target is for the people under him to hear him raise his voice.

    The FO has been very very silent about the whole substance abuse. They acted as if this is some privet issue between the player and the NFL. Like it’s a force major, an act of god, something they need to adjust to.

    I would like to assume that in privet things were different. I would like to believe that the offender got their butt kicked. I would like to believe that something was said to the rest of the team especially after the “buy 1 get 1 free” last year year 4 weeks before the playoffs.

    Even if it they did all the above – it’s time for the manager voice to be heard – LOAD, CLEAR and IN PUBLIC.

    Keeping the dirty laundry in house did not seem to do the work.

    It’s not the NFL players doing something wrong and being punished for it. It’s your players John, your players Pete. Whatever you do about it better be fast and all out. I want to know that from now on every player will not take an advil unless the team doctor approved it. Hell, i want every player to check the list of ingredients on a PEZ dispenser.

    I want them to know what the team will do if they don’t. I want it out on the table for all to know and see.

    Yes, us fan too.

    Raise your voice – NOW !!!!

  19. Kenny Sloth

    I’m really diggin’ the idea of Abraham on this team. I suppose he could “coach up some young guys” (if that actually even happens) or whatever. That’d be cool. Maybe he could even help Irvin clean up his game when he comes back.
    But I think if that doesn’t happen, Ty Powell almost just got assured a roster spot. He’s got the measurables and if they let him roam around and wreak havoc we could take advantage of that.
    I actually think I agree with the sentiment that our reputation is tarnished. I think there might be that asterisk associated with us. I believe this is officially a problem.
    Back before we traded for Harvin and we were all drooling over Alec Ogletree, I commented that I was terrified that our team would get the dirty label like the Steelers. We had Breno and Kam with their penalties. All our players with PED history. A few arrested players. Sherman’s mouth. I like the Bellichek style team. The one that just does it’s job. And I have respect for classy organizations like the 9ers and Ravens. I just don’t want to hear about how this team is dirty all next year. Plus other fans have stuff to heckle us about now.

  20. A. Simmons

    I don’t much trust Pete to clean this up. I hope John Schneider takes an active part as general manager making sure this situation is halted. Amongst the two Pete is “friendly Uncle Pete”, the guy all the kids love, John is “Curmudegonly Uncle John”, at least compared to Pete Carroll. Carroll’s about being positive, having fun, and playing great football. John takes care of the dirty work like making sure the kids in stay in line. You don’t hire a guy like Pete to make sure all the kids are as disciplined as possible. He doesn’t have it in him. I hope Schneider takes the measures to correct this.

    There must be a source that this came from. It started happening after the 2011 draft. It started with the offensive lineman Moffitt and Allen Barbre. I’m starting to wonder if Cool Guy Moffitt has been offering advice on the benefits of Adderal to others. I don’t like to focus on a single player, but there has to be a source when this many members of one team are showing up positive. It’s ridiculous.

    C’mon John, help Pete get this cleaned up.

  21. Wes

    BJ is such a dumbass. Normally I do not buy the adderall excuse because I know no one want to have steroids attached to their name, but BJ might actually be stupid enough to just take adderall without a prescription. In interviews he can barely put a sentence together. I’m not surprised by this episode of stupidity and selfishness.

  22. Phil

    Five players is a small sample to make any projections from, but it’s interesting that 4 of the 5 are on the defense. Sounds to me that someone is secretly praising the performance improvements he has experienced with Adderall and players are incorrectly assessing that the gain outweighs the risk of getting caught. Could be a player, could be a coach, could be a trainer …. In any case, it’s got to stop.

    Pete’s mantra “I’m In” has got to include “I’m Clean”. He and JS have got to set a standard (e.g., “Next guy who uses Adderall or any other PED is not going to be playing for us in the future”) and then stick to it.

    * * * * *

    I’ve been out of the country for the past month. It’s time to extend my annual thanks to you (Rob) for hosting this great site. As a way of expressing my thanks, I used your website to order 2 RW jerseys this past week so I hope this small gesture puts some $$ in your pockets. Regarding the jerseys, RW (and Andrew Luck) is coming to my area (Williamsburg VA) to participate as an instructor in William & Mary’s summer football camp and my wife and I are hoping we can snag some autographs from him if we sit in the stands wearing our jerseys, holding a “Go ‘hawks” sign.

    • Rob Staton

      Really appreciate that Phil – it’s a great gesture and enjoy those jersey’s. And good luck on the Russell autographs, I’m sure he’ll oblige when he sees the sign!

  23. Scott B.

    I’m all for believing the players, but there is the possibility that these suspensions have not been for adderall. The league does not disclose what they actually tested positive for, it is the players who come out and say that. Adderall is a much more appealing PR move because it is for the most part harmless. If it is in fact something else, I do think the Seahawks have a serious issue and it needs to be dealt with. Regardless, Irvin will be missed in the Niners game. I think they should be safe for the most part in the other contests.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Dave Mahler of KJR-950 AM is reporting that Irvin tested positive specifically for Adderall.

  24. glor

    Rob, maybe you should post something regarding the fact that this is not a “taking medication illegally” it is an issue of not having League Approval. A prescription does NOT equal League Approval, and it seems that most of the commenters here just haven’t made that connection.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      While Adderall doesn’t seem like that big of a deal in the spectrum of drug violations (IMO it really should be labeled as a violation of the NFL Substance Abuse Policy rather than a PED violation), the concern is that players take Adderall to mask the presence of genuine PEDs, something that is far more disturbing.

      Regardless, however, this whole episode is extremely disappointing.

    • Rob Staton

      I think my issue personally is that whatever the rules are, the Seahawks need to do a better job of making sure they adhere to them. It’s not acceptable whatever happens, whatever this situation is. This isn’t a subject I want to write about or even particularly look into, but I found yesterday’s news frustrating to the point I had to write.

  25. Jeff

    The use simply doesn’t bother me, most players in the NFL are on something. Getting caught is bothering me. And if it is Alderrol, why the hell aren’t these guys getting prescriptions? I am sure they can find a doctor to give them one. Just dumb.

    • HawkMeat

      Even if they get a doc to prescribe the league is not required to approve it.

  26. Brendan Scolari

    If anyone actually believes these guys are taking Adderall I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    But in all seriousness, the league lets players say they took whatever they want unfortunately. Of course they say Adderall, it’s a drug without much stigma and it’s not even illegal normally. But in no way am I buying that multiple millionaires with a fistful of advisors and teammate precedence “forgot” to get a prescription. Ridiculous.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Irvin never said that he tested positive for Adderall. All he said was that he took “a substance that is prohibited in the NFL without a medical exemption”.

      Moreover, at least one sports journalist is confirming that Irvin’s positive test was specifically for Adderall.

      And finally, Irvin didn’t “forget” to get a prescription for Adderall because no legit medical doctor would prescribe that drug (or any other) for someone who doesn’t need it. Sure you can find unethical docs who would, but none of them are affiliated with an NFL team, so a prescription from one of those docs wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s written on (at least as far as NFL policy purposes are concerned).

      Having said all that, however, I do think it’s likely he took the Adderall to mask the presence of true PEDs.

    • dave crockett

      And if you think “sources” in the league office aren’t telling reporters what players are taking I have a bridge to sell you back at twice the amount I paid.

      The story said “according to league sources” from the start.

      As for stigma, there isn’t much of a stigma for non-recreational usage in the NFL. Any number of “star” players have served this suspension with absolutely no impact on their careers.

  27. T-CARP

    What I don’t understand is how can anyone, even with a prescription, can use Adderall on a football field? We know it’s effects increase focus. And I mean VASTLY increase it. But there are reports of many players in the NFL using this substance with a doctor’s note. Either outlaw it completely, start game day testing, or just allow it and see how much of an effect it really has.

    The good news for Seattle is that there has been no issues of steroid usage or HGH. Those are now officially taboo.

    • dave crockett

      One thing people are not considering is that professional athletes are likely legitimately overrepresented among those with ADHD. A LOT of little boys with ADHD, diagnosed or not, are steered into sports. My wife is a 5th grade teacher. I see this all the time, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it.

      As I understand it, getting league approval for an Adderall subscription is next to impossible (precisely because the league doesn’t want to open that can of worms). You basically have to be dysfunctional without the medication. I’d bet that a lot of these guys don’t even have a formal diagnosis before college. Drug-testing policies err substantially on the side of the testing body rather than the athlete.

      • T-CARP

        I agree that players who have a well-documented case of ADHD should undoubtedly be able to medicate themselves accordingly. What I would like to understand is whether or not their game play benefits them in an unfair way. The way I understand it is for most people, Adderall would speed things up and for someone with ADHD it calms them down. I don’t want to discriminate against anyone’s ability to make a living playing this awesome game. Just a thought

        BTW… Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane, Tony McDaniel, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Jordan Hill, Jessie Williams, and the players to be named later as PCJS certified studs. I think we will be able to COMPETE.

        Go Hawks!

  28. diFuria

    This needs to stop – are you kidding me!? That’s all that is going on. PEDs are a fact of professional sports and Irvin is clearly juicing. Like the rest of the Seahawks, Bruce no doubt had Browner’s dealer on his speed dial (pun intended). Virtually everyone on the team, and the league, is chemically manipulating their body chemistry with banned or not quite banned substances constantly. Wonder how a no-name defensive tackle becomes a first round draft pick with a multimillion contract? Irvin is 250 lbs and ran a faster shuttle/40 than only a handful of receivers/cornerbacks at the combine. Come on.

    I remember people speculating about Lance Armstrong. It was like the OJ trial — he would never do such a thing. But everyone close to cycling knew that not only was Lance on the sauce but so was every one else (which has subsequently become obvious as winner after winner tests positive). You know all that smoke involving Cano and Arod’s PED connection? Hmmm. Jose Canseco was underestimating the number of MLB players “cheating”. You do remember our second baseman Boone bombing 40 dingers in Safeco field, followed by the road rage in the parking lot? In retrospect, kinda obvious.

    An underground pharmaceutical network exists in all professional sports — and they don’t take credit cards. How bout our new running back? A 220 pounds man whose feet – from a standing jump – are close to 4 feet off the ground. Hmmm. As I understand it, the NFL drug policy allows players keep the actual drug that was the basis for the suspension on the QT. Must have been the…..cough…..ADD drugs. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Certainly, not the deer antler spray. As that comedian on Conan said: look, your just mad because our roided-up guy beat your roided-up guy.

    The juice now is not like the anabolic steroids of yesteryear with the acne and shrunken testicles. They help you perform better, heal faster and recover more quickly, which does come in handy when you spend the weekend in what is essentially a live-action car crash. Before long, the drugs will get much better and safer and we will all be taking them. In the meantime, we pretend rampant PED use is not happening for the sake for the kids. Let’s not be so naive.

    What about these young men make you think pass on the chance to have a competitive advantage? That they would forgo the chance to be a modern day gladiator and all the spoils that go with it? A sense of personal honor? Which, btw, is not not appreciated given how easy it is to beat the tests. I think not.

    • Rob Staton

      This is just conspiracy theory talk with no merit.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It’s also utterly dismissive and disrespectful to every legitimate athlete in pro sports, of which there are many (including our new RB).

    • A. Simmons

      I think bodybuilding is the only activity that doesn’t lie about the need to use drugs to be competitive. You can’t not use steroids or other drugs in bodybuilding to succeed. I imagine other sports are always looking for an edge as well. Because the other organizations police more thoroughly, it isn’t as prevalent. Though as we have seen baseball had a real problem. The Player’s Union wouldn’t be fighting certain drugs being tested for if there wasn’t going to be a problem if the league did started testing for them.

      If drug use isn’t common amongst the players, then why is the league still trying to find an agreement with the player’s union for HGH testing? If HGH weren’t an issue in the NFL, then it should be easy to test for it, right? There is probably a ton of stuff going on we don’t know about. Remember Lyle Alzado and John Matuzak? They were both known steroid users. You think they were alone? I doubt it.

      It is a big deal to protect the image of a sports organization. Of course they aren’t going to retroactively talk aobut any problems they have.

  29. Zane

    We don’t even know it’s Adderall for a fact, if it is, that’s silly.

    Adderall is BARELY a PED and helps with motivation, but is definitely not worth taking as a professional athlete. Rather Adderall than HGH though

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