Baker Mayfield to the Seahawks?

Baker Mayfield’s time in Cleveland appears to be close to an end

It’s been an interesting couple of days for Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. The failed attempt to land Deshaun Watson, a rejected trade request and a relationship that appears broken and destined to end.

Mayfield has let it be known through the media he’d be open to going to Indianapolis or Seattle. Then Josina Anderson posted one of her zany tweets, suggesting the Seahawks ‘have discussed exploring’ acquiring Mayfield. That, presumably, means they’ve had a discussion as to whether to consider it, which sounds at least two stages behind actually being able to make an offer.

It feels like both parties are showing a bit of leg to each other.

And why not? Pete Carroll gave a rambling yet passionate opening gambit during his press conference yesterday where he spoke endlessly about second chances. Mayfield, you’d imagine, falls into that category.

He needs a coach like Carroll. Someone who’ll give him a chance to turn his career around and deliver support and guidance — plus an opportunity to be comfortable in his own skin.

That said, I can’t get behind trading for Mayfield unless the price is decidedly cheap. According to Anderson, this is what Cleveland wants:

To me that’s too much, for several key reasons.

Mayfield has only one year left on his contract. This is doubly concerning. If he doesn’t perform well and you let him walk, you wasted a high-ish pick. If he performs at the best level we’ve seen from him so far in his career, he would have outstanding leverage in contract talks — just at the moment QB salaries are sky-rocketing.

There’d be no reason for Seattle to bite on that kind of trade. Let the Browns stew until the price comes down. There’s no leverage for Cleveland here. Use that to your advantage, don’t let them off the hook.

If you can get him for a day three pick it becomes a shot-to-nothing. Then if you walk away in 12 months there’s no lasting damage.

Short-term rentals, at a high cost, are one of the reasons why this team has struggled. They can’t keep blowing high picks on trades. Their best deals have all been when they’ve got great value.

Mayfield needs to cost as much as Marshawn Lynch or Quandre Diggs. Otherwise, just move on.

The Seahawks have not had much luck with expensive trades and the opposite is true with their bargain moves. They need all of their high picks — this year and next — to reset the team. They should also be intending, whether it’s this year or next, to add quarterbacks through the draft to really feel the benefit of a rookie contract.

Seattle’s focus right now should be the offensive line. If Mayfield is eventually available for a day three pick this year — or something similar next year that is conditional — fine.

The price-tag has to represent the risk involved though due to the fact he has only one year left on his contract. This is a rental with serious potential to be a one-year relationship, even if he plays well, due to a difficult contract negotiation that would follow.

You can’t overpay for that.

Interesting comments from John Schneider

Towards the end of yesterdays press conference, Schneider was asked about the quarterback draft class. Carroll interrupted because he wanted to steer Schneider away from talking about it. At the end of the conference, Schneider doggedly returned to his answer. He was going to say what he had to say.

I found it interesting that he chose to return to the subject to point out:

1.) That they hadn’t done a good enough job adding quarterbacks over the years, despite intending to

2.) That they could take a quarterback later on, not just early in the draft, and that players such as Tom Brady and Russell Wilson were drafted outside of the first round

It could be nothing. It’s unlikely Schneider decided he would reveal their draft plans to the media. It made me consider a couple of points though.

Could they draft multiple quarterbacks in the draft to take as many shots as possible? Could they have their eye on a possible player later in the draft?

In 2012 Washington drafted Robert Griffin III at great expense then added Kirk Cousins in round four. Could Seattle do something similar this year?

Or could they build up the rest of their roster with their three early picks and take someone like Jack Coan or Kaleb Eleby later on?

The Seahawks have to find foundational pieces

Every team has a handful of usually homegrown players who are the beating heart of the team. They don’t need to be high picks, as Seattle showed from 2010. They do need to be high quality though, not just physically tough and impactful.

The key to this draft for the Seahawks, with three picks in the top-41, should be to try and find the foundational core to add to the handful of candidates they already possess.

That’s why I don’t think they’ll trade down from #9 if a top player is available. And I think at the very least they’ll spend one of #40 or #41.

Frankly I’d happily stay put in each spot and make a pick, unless an obscene offer was made. Don’t be cute. Make picks.

One player I’m not convinced they’ll be interested in

I’ve seen Charles Cross’ name come up a fair bit — the left tackle from Mississippi State. His tape is fairly good. He’s mobile and he showed that by running a 4.95. He can get out into his sets and make life hard against a speed rush which produces a lot of value.

However — he’s not particularly large. He’s the opposite of explosive — jumping only a 26 inch vertical. Unlike Abraham Lucas, he did a poor job in the shuttle (4.61) and three cone (7.88).

To me this is not the profile of a top-10 pick.

Could they draft a running back early?

With Rashaad Penny remaining a free agent I’ve started to wonder whether the Seahawks are so comfortable with their draft options that they’re feeling quite strong in negotiations.

Penny was electric to end the season and ideally, you bring him back to see if he can re-create the magic. Yet the injury history has to be taken into consideration. Even if you bring him back for one year at $6m — it’s considerably more than a rookie.

Some Seahawks fans will have a screaming fit if they spend another high pick on a runner, yet I think it’s one of the best investments you can make in the early second round.

Firstly, the position is undervalued these days so players who otherwise would’ve gone early in round one 20 years ago now last a lot longer. Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook and Jonathan Stewart all went in the general range where Seattle owns two second round picks.

Secondly, the price and impact is valuable. Last years #40 pick (Richie Grant) had a cap hit of $1.5m in 2021. In the final year of his deal, he’ll cost $2.6m.

That’s a fraction of the cost of paying someone like Penny. Yet running backs consistently show they can make an impact early in their careers.

While it’s proven that drafting runners in the top-10 is a fools errand — the early second round can be a range where you gain exceptional talent, production and value.

I’m not sure how the Seahawks will view Breece Hall and Kenneth Walker — yet their outstanding college production plus incredible combine performances could pique their interest.

Note this line from a recent Albert Breer article:

One NFC exec told me he sees both as late-first-round types who’ll probably go on Day 2 based on how the position is valued in the league.

Hall ran a 4.39 in Indianapolis and jumped a 40 inch vertical at 5-11 and 217lbs. Walker ran a 4.38 and jumped a 34 inch vertical at 5-9 and 211lbs.

I really like Zamir White or Dameon Pierce later on. Frankly, there’s a long list of attractive running backs. Yet Hall and Walker have those special physical qualities that the star names have. If the Seahawks think either can lead their rushing attack for the next four years and cost — at most — between $1.5m-2.6m — then that’s something they might consider.

Carroll’s system can’t function without a running game and they’ve had too many injuries at the position. Finding consistency and quality is key to re-launching this team and offense.

How will the Davante Adams trade impact Seattle?

Potentially in quite a big way.

His contract is said to be worth about $28.25m a year. You can’t negotiate in this arena. What is fair value any more? The market has exploded and now teams are going to find it incredibly difficult to get acceptable agreements with receivers.

It feels like we’ve reached a tipping point at the position but it could take 2-3 years to settle down.

I want D.K. Metcalf to stay in Seattle. You don’t get better by trading away good young players who can be part of your foundation. You simply open up more holes.

However — Metcalf is not worth $25-30m a year. When I look at this draft class and the last few draft classes — they’re always loaded at receiver.

College football is churning out quality wide-outs year after year.

As such, it might be best to go four years at a time at this position then be prepared to move on. Which means potentially trading Metcalf now or next year when he’s on the franchise tag.

I’m not convinced they’d do it now unless Metcalf pushed for it. Next year feels more likely. The problem might be that nobody else wants to pay him $25-30m a year either. If the Packers won’t match Davante Adams’ demands, why would they pay a similar amount for someone else?

This market is going to give GM’s an incredible headache over the coming years.

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  1. Mark

    The shift of power to the AFC is really astonishing. The NFC is wide open right now, with the only legitimate contenders being the niners/bucs/ and rams. GB has Rodgers and a strong running game but is that enough to contend? I am not convinced on Dallas and the Cards being true contenders.

    Russell’s path to the Super Bowl is much harder in the AFC.

    • Roland (formerly Mark)

      But Russell has a second chance now. So does Pete. So might Kaep.

  2. Denver Hawker

    I’d actually love Breece Hall at 40/41. His combine was insanely explosive. Some of his highlights look like Jonathan Taylor level burst.

    I think most fans would prefer the first three drafts be core picks- pass rush, o-line, linebacker.

    • Seattle Person

      The team can take a RB in the 2nd and they might be targeting those 2 players.

      At this point, Trevor Penning at #9 seems very likely. I’ve wanted Jermaine Johnson for a long time but he might go higher. Plus the team just signed a pretty good player in Nwosu. He’s a hedge but he’s going to start. He’s a perfect Sam in a 4-3 or a very good edge in a 3-4. They might feel less of a need to pursue another Edge early on.

      The starting DL seems set and I’ll be surprised if they pick one early.

      I would not mind the following in the draft. Don’t get cute. Pick good players.

      #9: Trevor Penning
      #40: Kenneth Walker
      #41: LB/C/Edge

    • AlaskaHawk

      The more you look at our chances of getting an elite defense end when so many other teams are also looking for the same, it makes sense to have another move planned. A starting tackle is good as gold too.

  3. Hawk Finn

    “Don’t get cute. Make picks.”

    For me, this is the heart of the matter. Far too often we’ve seen this group outsmart themselves, particularly in Round 1. You’re in a position now to acquire transformative talent. Don’t get cute. Make the picks.

    • Brett in AZ

      Indeed. Studs over value. That should be the mantra this year. Don’t care where you get them, just make sure they’re good.

  4. BurchMt1

    Rob, amazing content the rebuild rename and the current state of the Hawks is appropriate. On DK, I think you trade him to Green Bay, they have a year of his rookie contract and can renegotiate his next in the two year window that Rodgers will be playing. Get the #1 from Vegas they just got and try to get their #1 next year, DK is not worth 25 million.

    • One Bad Mata'afa

      Absolutely. And this year is probably gonna be a bit of a wash at QB anyway, so max his return now. And GB has legit reason to consider it

    • Brett in AZ

      Seconded. You’ve really hit your stride. The way things worked out, with this being such a dynamic year, that’s very good for all of us. SDB with the new Rebuild podcasts is a fantastic resource.

  5. Hughz

    I believe it was reported the Packers we’re willing to match the offer but Adams wanted out.

    • STTBM

      I don’t believe it. GB is flat lying. They have to say that, or My. Aaron will erupt…

      • Hughz

        His agent said the packers offered more money than what he got.

    • yolo

      i find it very hard to believe that the packers could afford him at that price…

    • Hawk Finn

      They were “in it to the very end”

      • Roland (formerly Mark)

        I love it, Hawk Finn.

        I get that professional football is entertainment for fans, but this year I felt like I have been played for a sucker far too often. After Pete’s passionate but rambling (perfect characterization, Rob), drove that feeling home too poignantly.

  6. Russ

    Regarding Baker –

    The Browns would get a 3rd round comp pick next year for him if they do nothing and he walks. The “maybe a 2nd” feels like the Browns way of trying to do something to salvage any sort of value from how badly they messed this up.

    Maybe you could get by with a 3rd and Drew Lock or a 3rd and a 6th or 7th to move the needle. With it being a compensatory 3rd, maybe you could even get by with a 4th and someone like Kerry Hyder Jr (looking at the Browns’ DE depth – it’s not ideal).

    It’s possible that you see a team like the Colts come in and give them a 2nd, or the 2 3rds they just got back from Washington. But I wouldn’t be mad if we got him for the right price.

    • mtpgod

      What do you mean how badly the Browns messed this up? They got Watson, Baker wasn’t/isn’t the answer, so they upgreded, albeit at a steep price. I don’t feel like the league values Baker as much as he values himself, he’s a turnover machine and he got sacked a ton behind a good/great O line.

      Fwiw, Bob Condotta had a great breakdown of the haul we got for Russ compared to what the Texans got for Watson, it shows we got much more value for Russ.

    • R

      They get a 3rd round comp pick in the 2024 draft.

      Thats worth like a fifth in today’s terms.

  7. Jabroni-DC

    Kenneth Walker III looks like a future Seahawk to me. He looks bigger than 211lbs to my eye. Wasn’t Lynch listed at 215lbs? He looked like & hit like a 230 pounder. We need a feature back badly.

    I wrote a few posts back that the FO should be barred from trading picks above the 4th round & that’s no joke. We’re in a great position to get stud, core players. In Pete’s earliest years here he emphasized running the ball on offense & stopping the run on defense. Make the opponent 1 dimensional & force turnovers.

    Jordan Davis will stop their run cold & if we actually play a base 3-4 he’d be the cornerstone of the whole defense. Everything will go left or right. No one crosses the Jordan.

    Kenneth Walker will establish our running game like no one has since BM. With some OL help of course.

    I’d be stoked to nab those 2 and get back toward Pete’s core philosophy. Pete to often falls for the siren’s song & loves to trade for sexy (Harvin, Graham, Adams). He’s been burned badly by it. Forget about the puff pastry. Time to draft some meat & potato bad asses & run through a mother f@*kers face.

    • BobbyK

      If we don’t resign Penny, and they fix some things yet on the roster… I’d be more than happy to draft Walker in the 2nd and Brian Robinson in the 4th. I think that’d be a great duo.

      • AlaskaHawk

        But how can you trust Penny to put in a full season without injury? They have to find more running backs.

    • Ben

      While I’m firmly in the passrush is the most important camp, I like the way you think! Ready to run through a wall! And watch some running back games, that’s the one position I feel pretty confident evaluating.

    • MountainHawker

      I just started my rb dive because you KNOW Pete wants one. After watching Walker I think I’m set. He’s the perfect fit. Great vision. Great between the tackles. Second level burst. Top end speed. Not afraid to lower his shoulder. I would be more than happy to take him with a second. If our first three picks are de/lb/RB I’ll be a happy camper

      • Rob Staton

        Seahawks do like hard-nosed runners though — so worth remembering that White/Pierce are more of that mould.

        I would say Hall & Walker a bit more finesse

  8. Brett in AZ

    I say what the hell… bring in Angry Baker, but only if he’s cheap. Put him in a competition with Lock and whoever else, and let them cage-match. Best man wins. He will certainly be motivated if nothing else.

    Speaking of Lock, I watched a couple of his 2021 games today and did a bit of research on him. I can see why PCJS want to give him a shot. He has some good qualities:

    – Cannon of an arm
    – Nice deep ball
    – Quick feet, especially for a big guy (6’4″)
    – Athletic… moves around surprisingly well for his size
    – Good throwing mechanics, and can be very accurate
    – He’s very good over the middle, esp short-med

    The bad?

    – Makes some bad decisions, especially when off-script (kind of the anti-RW)
    – While way more mobile than expected, he can be inaccurate on the run when footwork gets funky
    – Footwork is not particularly disciplined, has a funny hop-step when dropping back sometimes
    – Can drop too deep, making OL pass pro difficult
    – Has a problem with pressure… bad when blitzed, very good when not

    He seems like very much a rhythm guy (a la Matt Hasselbeck) as opposed to a stretch it out and multi-read guy. Needs to be used in a read-one-and-throw kind of way IMO.

    Definitely NOT a big, vocal, rah-rah kind of leader. Could see him being a game manager though, with particular affinity for the occasional deep ball.

    One of our true QB guru types should give this guy a more thorough look and decide if there’s any hope here.

    • BobbyK

      I actually love Lock’s physical skills. It’s the “it” between the ears that gives me no faith. He’s not cool in the pocket.

      Physically, he’s a 1st round talent. Between the ears, he’s not worth a draft pick, imo (though he will make some great plays because of his physical talent).

      • Brett in AZ

        Yeah. I wonder if/how Waldron could scheme around those shortcomings and get him into a quick-hitter, one read kind of scheme. Like people were mentioning for Willis, for instance. That and a run game could really make him a threat in play action. Especially with DK. We could definitely use the TE’s with this guy… just not as a third read.

        • Peter

          I found if you just watch a highlight reel you could easily see what to scheme up for him. Way more multi TE sets. And like you mentioned a bit his reads aren’t great so not so much a one read system but a Shanahan place the ball “here” style.

          The problem with trading DK is he’s perfectly suited running 20 yardrs to the sideline and with Lock’s arm…well it’s pretty simplistic but simple is sometimes the way to go.

        • UkAlex6674

          Which is exactly why Fant came over with him.

    • BSLBobby

      The thing that stood out most to me in watching his highlight videos was that about 90% of the highlights, he was in shotgun. Whenever he started under center it was a play action pass, so I never saw any straight drop backs.

      To me, I wonder if this means we’d have to keep a lot of the shotgun/pistol concepts we used while Russ was playing hurt last year to give Lock a chance. Overall, it doesn’t speak well of his skill set but it’s possible he could make an Alex Smith like jump and be a good game manager.

      Another way we could set him up for success is if we speed up our playcalling so that Waldron can be in his ear and help him break down the defense at the line of scrimmage, a la McVay and Goff. I think that would be necessary to overcome his weakness in progressions.

      As for holding up under pressure… guess we need to get ourselves a damn O-line for once.

      Overall, I think he can be okay next year before disappearing into vagabond backup status. I know Pete wants to win this year, but I don’t see it happening with Lock without some heavy adjustments on Waldron’s part and growth on Lock’s part.

      • BSLBobby

        Small addenum,

        I know it’s been mentioned before that Lock came from a spread offense in college, put up big numbers his junior year and then fell off in his senior year once they added more pro concepts to the offense. I don’t think much has changed there in his time at Denver, which is why I draw the Alex Smith comparison – coming from a spread offense… that being said, I do think it’s interesting that Lock doesn’t run often for being so athletic. Maybe that’s something we could mix in more, but in 2020 he rushed for less yards than Russ did last season (his career low)… 44/160 vs. 43/183.

        • Rob Staton

          My impression on Lock — who I studied a bit in college — was that his athleticism was more shifty and enabled him to dodge pressure and keep plays alive rather than act as any kind of dynamic runner.

      • Hawkdawg

        Actually, if his upside is “Alex Smith with a gun” we could win a lot with that.

  9. BobbyK

    I’d gladly give the Browns a 3rd or 4th round pick next year for Baker Mayfield even if it turned into a 2nd rounder based on how well he played. By him playing good, that is actually a good thing.

    If he became the franchise guy as many predicted earlier and with a change of scenery – I’m not going to care he cost a 2nd round pick. If he becomes Matt Hasselbeck caliber/productive… sign me up.

    Even if Baker got huge money after next year after the season, it’d be fine. He’d be guaranteed to garner a 3rd round pick in return in ’23 because of those crazy/exploding QB salaries. Seems pretty silly to me to not be willing to give up a 3rd or 4th rounder in ’23 when we could probably get a 3rd rounder comp. in ’24 for a 1-year rental if that’s what it turned out to be (with the upside to be very good). That’s better than riding with Tarvaris Jackson Jr. for a wasted season, imo.

    I know not everyone shares that thought process and that’s fine. We can agree to disagree.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s more than that though Bob.

      You want to pay him 40m a year?

      What if he plays decent enough to lose a R2 but not well enough to justify a big contract?

      It’d be a total waste of pick… again

      • Sneekes

        Is it permitted to make the contract extension itself the condition. So we pay more if we decide to keep him?
        Just a thought.

        • Rob Staton

          A fair proposal. Perhaps. But I would want, in this instance, the original offer to be low. Such as a fourth or fifth, converting to say a second if he signs an extension.

      • Brett in AZ

        That’s a very good point.

        I wonder if there’s anyone else on the Brown’s roster they could throw into the deal that fits one of our needs to offset that risk.

        That kind of cost (2nd rounder plus $40m) isn’t scary IF he fits. But that IF is a good sized risk. He’s definitely a buy-low kind of type.

        Baker insisted on playing with a torn non-throwing shoulder all last year after week 2, and had his worst year so far as a result. It’s one reason the fan base there likes him. Then his FO pointed out he’s not an “adult”. Thanks guys!

        This is a classic second chance, buy-low opportunity. Gritty. Coming off a bad year. Something to prove.

        Cheap (R4-R5) makes this easy, But unless they get another piece to fit the build, it seems very risky to go for it at the cost of a 2 and $40m. Even getting a 3 back if he walks.

        If you really believe in the guy, then go for it. If not sure, then follow RS advice and only take him on a very low-cost deal.

  10. Gross MaToast

    Is Mayfield a significant upgrade over Drew Lock? Not being flippant, but is he going to make a noticeable difference with the offense that’s worth the pick and the cash required to bring him in? The pick and money may be better spent spread around the roster, upgrading and filling empty spots.

    DK’s value will never be greater than it is right now. The Seahawks aren’t winning anything before it’s time to talk extension. A trade is certainly worth considering, because $28.5m is this year’s price – next year tack on another 10% or more. With the quality of the guys coming out of college, it’s just not money well spent for a rebuilding also-ran, imo.

    I hope the little exchange over QB-drafting between Pete and JS was JS emphasizing his authority in the process – a welcome new dynamic.

    • Rowdy

      I would stay with lock right now. We know what baker is at this point and lock has more upside imo, I believe baker is the better player but lock is more of an unknown with better tools. The real tipping point is the cost, 18 mil plus pics is way to high giving were probably not a playoff team either way thus year.

  11. Dubb

    The PC & JS press conference was painful to listen to. I just have two issues I want to point out. First, the way the handled informing Bobby Wagner of his release is inexcusable. However, a lot of their great players left town unceremoniously ( Bennett, Thomas, Sherman and now Wagner ). Also, they claim Wilson forced this trade. If it happens once it’s an isolated incident; twice is a coincidence; four or five times is a pattern. PC & JS it’s time to look inward and not outward on how iconic players are treated on their way out of town.

    My second issue is with JS. He’s been a GM for over 10 years. Is he not capable of holding a presser by himself? Does Pete have babysit him and interrupt and answer questions for him? Why bother to even show up. It makes me wonder if he makes any meaningful decisions for this franchise.

    Hopefully, ownership will wise up and hire a president to hold these guys accountable.

    • Big Mike

      great post!

    • HawksGal


      Agree with some of your points. I was extremely upset how they handled Bobby Wagner, that man deserved all the respect!

      Secondly, I got the feeling JS was pissed with PC, the constant interrupting was rude and embarrassing! The press conf. had an edge to it, the feeling like 2 men don’t like each other anymore or JS has had enough of Pete’s kool-Aid and micro managing!

      To be truthful, Pets’s starting to bug me too. I had huge love for him as a Coach, not any more. I think Jodi giving him too much power has been the problem all along, it seems like Pete’s way or the highway!

      • D-OZ

        Insightful post Hawksgal. I saw the same. I have never posted my true feelings for PC. I try to stay away from that. I didn’t Like him @ USC and as coach of the Hawks either. Iwas really hopping to see him gone this year.

        • D-OZ

          Hella recruiter though, recruited the dawg poop outa Jody.

  12. Wayne Bellamy

    Hey Ron , nice article how is the 2023 QB class compared to last year? I know its early but are there any QB worth tanking for ? Even though we will never tank .

    • Rob Staton

      Will Levis

      • Mexican Hawk

        6 QB’s in top 12 in mock above. Maybe doesn’t end that way, but different vibe from this year’s draft. I do like Matt Corral, this year. Intangibles and grit, I would not be well versed to know if he has full arsenal.

        Ride Drew Lock plus a late pick this year and maybe another veteran (Geno can work in this regard, knows system). As John mentioned whenever possible (preferably very often) always try to draft a QB even if with a late flyer. At the least these can turn into Hasslebeck or Flynn trade opportunities, from Packers point of view.

        See how that goes, while roster builds and pounce in 2023 draft with ammo (draft capital).

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a horrendous mock though.

          Will Anderson will be the #1 or #2 pick.

          CJ Stroud will not be the #1 pick.

          Jake Haener in the top-10? WTF??? Phil Jurkovec???

          And Levis at 12???

          Behave yourself.

          • D-OZ

            Good one Rob. LOL Thank you for the hard work you put in Rob, Much appreciated!!!

  13. Spectator

    Could the comment made by JS potentially be a point about Lock? In that lock wasn’t a first round pick, but they feel he is talented? Wasn’t it said JS liked Lock coming out of college?

  14. Phil

    Baker is too expensive for a one year rental on a team that won’t be ready to make the Super Bowl.
    At $8.75M, Ryan is better value for bridging this team into the future.

    Get the rookie you want and have him compete with Matt Ryan and Drew Lock; if he doesn’t win the job, he gets a chance to sit and learn behind a true professional. And if the QB Schneider has his eye on gets picked, build up the base and wait for next year to draft the next young QB. They should even consider trading one of this year’s 2nd rounders for a 2023 first if a dance partner can be found.

    I know that Matt Ryan can often prove to be unsatisfying in the end; but this might be just the right job for him.

    Mayfield would likely make the season more exciting; but he costs more, brings more headaches, and is less likely to carry out what needs to be done in this bridge-type year.

    One Problem: I think Pete really believes that he can “go for it”, and he is likely to go with whatever guy can give him the highest ceiling this year. 🙁

  15. Romeo A57

    If their goal is to win as as many games as possible this year, which is what PCJS seem to be indicating, then you try to bring him in. Have Lock and Baker duel it out to be the starter. If one of them gets injured, then you have a better option than Geno to come in.

    I believe that they should not do this and look for a QB in the draft this year or next.

  16. JimN

    Rob, i read that the Raiders contract for Adtams was less than what Green Bay was offering. He took that as he always wanted to play for the Raiders. Wouldn’t that say that if this is so, that GB might still be looking for an ELite WR? Why not Metcalf now?

    • Rob Staton

      GB playing a good PR game here

    • Scot04

      Greenbay drafts well, plus I’m sure they’ll be able to find a reasonable replacement for alot less. Heck they could turn around and trade for Robert woods. They do a nice job there, they’ll have something done when the season starts.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Rodgers & Brady often make their WRs. As soon as they get the big bucks elsewhere the ball doesn’t land right in their hands anymore.

  17. Tomas

    Wilson called “one of the best QB’s in franchise history” by Seahawks PR. Right. What a despicable, guttersnipe organization. Enjoy your 2-15 season, Jody, Pete and John. The Broncos were not stupid enough to trade Elway and keep Reeves …

    • Rowdy

      It’s been reported that had 14 teams he liked more then seattle and was talking to manning about living in Denver before the trade ever happened. Everyone with ties to wilson in the media talked about him wanting out along with everything his agent said pointing that way too for over a year. If your qb doesn’t want to be there, nothing good will come of him staying. I think everyone wanted wilson to stay but you’ll never win with a qb that has one foot out the door.

    • Roy Batty


      Matt and Dave were great for this franchise, also. However, neither of them listed 4 teams they would waive their non-exhistent no-trade clause for.

      Russ wanted out. I’m fine with that.

      However, I see no need to coddle a former player who continuously spouted on and on about wanting to stay, only to then list MORE teams he would be willing to play for, as Rowdy stated.

  18. UkAlex6674

    Bring him in if we can get a cheap trade. Let him compete. What is there to lose? Maybe a different (with Petes college outlook to it) environment will be good for him.

  19. Poli

    Seems like Mayfield isn’t good, but he’s good enough to take away their chances at a top 5 pick next year.

    I wonder if the Jets would be willing to trade for DK to give Zach Wilson another weapon. #10 overall and #69 perhaps?

    • yolo

      the packers traded the best wr in the nfl for the #22 pick and #53. you think the jets would be dumb enough to trade the #10 and #69 pick for dk while having to pay him.. while he is also not a top 5-10 wr in the nfl? come on man…

      • Poli

        Devante Adams is gonna be 30 later this year, my guy.

        • Troy

          I would take DK over Adams every day of the week that ends with “Y”…. The age difference is a huge deciding factor and when all is said and done I’m willing to bet DK has the better NFL career. There for at this stage in each of their careers, DK’s value is higher. Also a players value is whatever the market will bear, bottom line, whatever a team is willing to pay is the value.

    • Ben

      Alright busted through a couple games and highlights for a couple different backs, inspired by Jabroni above, gotta love the run game.

      1. Breece Hall- far and away my favorite to watch. Really patient, massive burst, and just looks confident and sudden. Love his economical spin move, plays way bigger than he is, and he’s a fine size at that. He looks like Lev Bell 15 lbs lighter. He doesn’t seem like a true bruiser, but it’s not cause he can’t, he’s just got great wiggle and balance. Manages to turn contact into momentum, doesn’t bounce outside constantly, and plays with like 4 gears, excellent at mixing up his speed to set people up and can absolutely fly. Whew. Wouldn’t mind him as a Hawk. Looks like a star. Had at least some action in the passing game, couldn’t get a sense for his blocking, seemed a little lackadaisical on chips.

      Trying to think of a good comp, he’s too explosive to compared to Leveon Bell, his start stop ability is just stellar like him though.

      2. Kenneth Walker III- I tend to sterotype Big 10 running backs, and I thought he’d be more of a complete running back. He felt more like a Jamal Charles, obviously a huge compliment, and he ain’t quite that fast, but I don’t think plays big. His cuts aren’t huge but he’ll run right past people that are in great position. Felt he’s plays a tad high, but still seems like has good balance, and can make some stellar jump cuts to change the field. Doesn’t look like he likes to switch hands, though saw at least one he moved over. Just always seems like it’s a upside limiter…

      3. Isaiah Spiller- I struggle with the eval here. I tend to be biased against high cut runners and he seemed to depend on big holes being opened up or he didn’t trust it. Watching him against Alabama which I watched live but don’t recall him, I really liked his moxie. He fought really hard for yards even when hit in the backfield, followed his blocks and exploded into the open field when he managed to get through the line. I imagine some team will go after his upside.

      3. Dameon Pierce- he runs funny and he runs mean. Feet look like they are made of lead at times, but he runs so low and the rest of him seems to be made of lead too. I don’t know if it’s just that he’s a short strider or it’s a frame thing, he looks a little unique. Punishing and doesn’t go down when he should thanks to being so low and always keeping his legs moving. His combine shows what his tape does, he isn’t a crazy athlete, esp compared to Kenneth and Breece, but he’s gonna be a good player in the league, his passing chops would play great on third down. Rob I can see why you like him! Looks like a hawk.

      3. Zamir White- Zeus is a great nickname. Doesn’t seem like a special runner to me, but downhill, physical, and plenty fast. Didn’t get a huge number of carries, but again real downhill runner with decisive cuts, looks for contact, and does a good job letting things develop. I’d rather have him or Pierce later than Kenneth early, and slight edge to Pierce despite being less explosive than Zamir, he just seems like a more creative and balanced runner.

      For the last three, I think it’s more team preference. Zamir seems great for a one cut system, Pierce doesn’t have the athleticism but I love his low to the ground ferocity paired with great balance, and Spiller has more pure upside. The Bama game made me feel a lot better, but I feel the pro game might take him a bit longer.

      It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat and watched games, and I got say- Rob you put in an amazing amount of hard work! It’s not easy going through games and getting so many unique takes. The Russell situation, Jamal Adams, and the lack of picks has kinda put draft profiles in the backseat at times and I’m amped we get to get focus more on them again. Even if it always breaks our hearts…

      • Ben

        Sigh, replies are hard… but yeah- Jets seem like a good fit to me! Was entirely unsurprised to see a top WR in Davante go with how the market was shaping up. Course I never thought Davante would be moved, but Oakland being willing to pay up is a good sign for the trade market.

      • Brett in AZ

        Thanks for doing that. Very helpful summaries.

        It’s good to get a few sets of eyes on some of these guys.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Thanks for doing that Ben. I watched next to no football last season other than a few snippets. Sounds like Hall would be a get.

    • Scot04

      Atleast they know what they’re getting in Metcalf. A Guaranteed NFL receiving talent at age 24. No guarantees at pick 10 & 61.
      It would be a fair trade, but if I’m Seattle i would be asking for 10 & 35. They’ll likely say no, and counter. 10 & 61 would be my minimum. Seahawks can afford to wait until next year.

  20. samprassultanofswat

    I don’t know if I have the stomach to pay Metcalf $28.5 mil per season. Poli I was thinking the same thing. Zach Wilson definetly needs some help at wide out. Originally I was thinking may be Jacksonville. But that was before they mortaged the future at the wide-out position. Signing wide-receiver Zay Joes and Christian(Captain Kirk) .

  21. Mick

    I wouldn’t draft 2 QBs. Wasted picks when we have so many holes in the roster. I’d rather take my chances on one QB this year and one next year – especially since next year we could pick in top 5. If anything, I’d draft two tackles.

    • Peter

      Agree though I think Rob’s just doing his best to work as through the many, msny goofy yet plausible scenarios this team could do.

      I mean were it me? I’d probably choose wrong and make every single pick defense this draft. Next year with 10 (?) Picks I think that’s when I go oline, rb, qb of the future, new wr to replace Lockett, etc.

  22. Henry Taylor

    I really liked what I saw from Breece Hall before the combine, and his testing only made me more of a fan. Absolute TD machine at Iowa Star (46 in the last 2 years, scored from every range).

  23. Sea Mode

    Jordan Schultz

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Trent Brown leaves Seattle with a signed deal. (#Seahawks love him and he’ll be with them tomorrow as well.) Pete Carroll also loves Duane Brown, so 1 option for SEA is keeping Duane at LT, while slotting Trent at RT and reuniting him with RG Gabe Jackson.

    • Rob Staton

      Sign them up ✍️

    • CaptainJack

      Get it done.

    • Scot04

      I’m all in for that.

    • Sea Mode

      Corbin K. Smith

      I’m told today’s meeting went well and Trent Brown remains in town. There is mutual interest and Seahawks hope to finish the deal tomorrow, though it remains a possibility he could leave without a contract.

      • Rob Staton

        Get it done. You have money.

        • Roy Batty

          A veteran line to help out a rookie QB is just what the doctor ordered.

    • Cover2

      Signing Trent Brown would be outstanding. He is still young, so he can be a foundation player going forward. Former Pro Bowl player.

      This would be our best free agent signing since Avril and Bennett.

  24. James P

    Jermaine Johnson, Breece Hall, Abraham Lucas. Probably a pipe dream but wouldn’t that be awesome?

    • Troy

      I concur….That wouldn’t be such a terrible way to kick off this years draft.

  25. Robert Las Vegas

    I was just thinking remember a few weeks ago the news of Russ going to Denver. That DENVER GOOD bet for super bowl. Well chargers got better Mr Mack . raiders got better mister Chandler Jones mister Adams I am beginning to like are number one pick we receive from Denver next year. Maybe Rob you are 💯 correct perhaps we should hold from drafting a QB until next year draft.the AFC West is stacked. We could be in pretty good shape

    • Sea Mode

      Raiders also now reportedly making a serious run at Stephon Gilmore too.

  26. Sea Mode

    Wait, when was their desire for Dexter Lawrence ever revealed?

    Brady Henderson

    Denver took Fant at No. 20, one pick before Seattle’s turn. That was after the Giants took DT Dexter Lawrence — the guy Seattle wanted before Fant — at No. 17. The Seahawks then traded down from 21 and used their other first-rounder, 29, on L.J. Collier.

    • Rob Staton

      It wasn’t… but that’s interesting.

      It might even be a smokescreen this you know. Trying to make a point that they might fancy Jordan Davis.

      Especially with teams like LAC supposedly eager to get him. Might create a heated trade market if certain players are off the board.

      • Sea Mode

        The timing of this unceremoniously coming out now is certainly suspicious, as is the certainly and nonchalance with which Brady mentions it.

      • Brett in AZ

        I love the smokescreen time of year.

        SDB sleuths are built to suss-out intrigue!

      • bmseattle

        I think (hope) that everything they are saying right now is to feign interest in players other than the top edge rushers.
        Pretending interest in Willis or Davis might force teams to jump in front of us for those players, allowing us to get Johnson at 9.
        They have to know that they must come away with a disruptor with that first pick.

  27. FloW

    IMO the Seahawks are the worst landing spot for a rookie QB this year (and also for Lock or Baker to revive their careers).
    On the one hand, the o-line has been a problem for years and needs no further discussion.
    On the other hand, our schedule can’t really be harder than this year:

    NFC W – No chance against the Rams. Maybe we will somehow get away with one win against 49ers or Cardinals.

    AFC W – All of those teams have been good already and further improved with crazy, aggressive moves during last week. I don’t think we will win any of those games.

    NFC S – Brady is back and the Falcons or Saints will most likely get Watson. If the Falcons get Watson, our only chance to win is against Carolina because the Saints roster is still talented.

    Lions, Jets, Giants – I expect the Jets will make a big step this year. We should win 1-2 games against these teams.

    Does anyone here believe that we can win more than 5 games this year? Rob pointed out, that all QB prospects have their flaws and might need some time to develop – I fear that any of those rookie QBs will be crushed this year and will be labeled a bust after the first few games.
    Internally, PCJS might have accepted that the chance to compete in the near future is much higher, using their likely top-5 pick next year on a higher rated QB – Pete talking up Lock and John talking about mid/late round QBs could have been an attempt to temper (non-SDB-) Seahawks fans expectations of drafting a QB early.

    • Peter

      I think it’s very possible that JS was attempting to temper fans thoughts of a new rookie starting right away.

  28. Sea Mode

    DK Metcalf
    · 6h

    Let’s chill on the Drew Lock slander

    • Brett in AZ

      DK has been watching Drew’s deep ball highlights. Smart man!

    • Hawkdawg

      I like this. It is good for him and good for the team.

    • bmseattle

      I can envision DK having a big year with Lock throwing him the ball.

  29. brendon

    4 round mock on pfn!


    Jermaine Johnson
    EDGE Florida State

    Abraham Lucas
    OT Washington State
    trade icon

    Channing Tindall
    LB Georgia
    trade icon

    Nik Bonitto
    EDGE Oklahoma
    trade icon

    Dameon Pierce
    RB Florida

    Cameron Jurgens
    OC Nebraska
    trade icon
    2023 NE 2nd
    2023 MIN 3rd

    • Trevor

      I think you would have to take Jurgens at #109 but I absolutely love this draft.

      Any draft wth Johnson, Lucas, Tindall , Pierce and Jurgens would be an A++++ for me.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m telling you — Jurgens will be long gone by #109.

        These simulators need updating.

        • Peter

          Yeah. Hopefully to Seattle. Sorry to Blythe but just cause you sign a guy for a few million hopefully thst doesn’t take seattle out of the mix for Jurgens.

          Plus I agree with Jeff simmons that it seems like after a decade of goofing around on the oline WITH russell gone now is as good a time as any to actually build one worth it’s salt.

  30. swedenhawk

    FWIW, Breece Hall is Roger Craig’s cousin.

    • Brett in AZ

      Crowd sleuthing ++ FTW! Nice find.

  31. swedenhawk

    Rob, great point about the talent drop off among QBs in this year’s draft not being so great. The players available in round 4 might not have the upside of the ones being over-drafted in round 1, but they may end up outperforming them.

  32. RToots

    Seeing Carroll’s rant about 2nd chances makes me wonder which ex 1st round pick they’re going to bring in to camp this year (Think Nkemdiche, Ogbeuhi)

    Wonder if they’ll bring Isaiah Wilson in on a cheap deal to compete at right tackle.

    They do that, trade for Mayfield in addition to adding Burns, this teams gonna be full of 2nd chances.

    • Rob Staton

      I still think that might’ve been a last-gasp pitch to Deshaun Watson.

      Or otherwise a review on Drew Lock.

      • RToots

        Certainly did feel that way in real time, almost like they were going to tag a Watson announcement on the end.

        Seems like Pete is back in full on ‘compete’ mode, and with them no longer a destination for top tier free agents (not that they often went in that direction), think it will be a team of draft picks and reclamation projects, which is likely where Pete and John feel most comfortable.

        Thanks for all the coverage Rob, love the look of the new project.

        • Rob Staton

          think it will be a team of draft picks and reclamation projects, which is likely where Pete and John feel most comfortable.

          I would be comfortable with that too. I think it’s better they stick to what their core principles are. They succeeded doing this before. I want them to find the Marshawn types who need the right home to succeed. And I want them to draft often and well.

          If it doesn’t work — go out being you. A young, hungry team with something to prove.

          • RToots


            If you’re going to continue with PCJS, you should lean into where their strengths are.

            Personally would be a little higher on paying a 2nd/3rd for Mayfield than you as I don’t think he has to show much to be tag&trade option or even a comp pick – look at the value Carson Wentz still has with that contract. Sure there a risk he plays well and you get lured into paying big money, but if he has a good season could be worth two 1s. As long as you go in with the mindset of not paying him top of the market money, I like rolling the dice on a guy at the bottom of his value.

            Can also see the merits of continuing to draft QBs until you find the right guy on a Rookie deal – just not sure Pete is willing to wait for it.

            • Rob Staton

              Well the franchise tag number this year — before some of these big contracts were signed so it might grow next year — was $29.7m.

              So I don’t think it will be easy at all to tag and trade him unless he has an amazing season.

              Carson Wentz was going to win MVP pre-injury during the Philly SB season. Baker hasn’t had a season with more than 27 TD’s or a 100 QB rating. That’s despite playing with a great O-line, great running backs, quality receivers and an offensive minded coach.

              Comp picks? I think we should remember you only get those if you don’t sign outside free agents. It’s very easy to lose comp picks.

              As long as you go in with the mindset of not paying him top of the market money, I like rolling the dice on a guy at the bottom of his value.

              But that’s the problem. He either succeeds and you’re paying top of the market money (which is now +$40m) or he fails and you’ve wasted a pick.

              I would only be even considering R2/3 type picks if he had at least two years of club control on his deal.

              You’re not rolling the dice as much as consigning yourself to a horrendous decision in 12 months. Which means it has to be a ‘shot-to-nothing’ trade.

              • RToots

                All fair points Rob, you’ve swayed me a little – you do put yourself in an awful situation to make a decision next year, which I don’t love.

                I suppose the real problem is the lack of mid level QB contracts out there for a guy like Pete wants that can manage the ball and take shots when required. You’re hoping it works out and he plays at a Cousins, Tannehill type level, but both those guys ended up with deals only just off the top of the market.

                I think there’s a good chance that Baker bounces back to the level he played in
                2020 or better, and therefore would have teams willing to pay him (which was the discussion 12 months ago), and therefore see I high upside return, but I agree you put yourself in a tough spot and could just see him walk for nothing next year – not something you want in a team that desperately needs to add talent.

                • Peter

                  On the note of mid level contracts. Looking towards the time I think very soon thst the mid level market gets created. Just because every contract goes up doesn’t nean thst’s tenable.

                  Murray right now and Jackson as well. They are 50 million a year guys? At least Jackson was the mvp but both are trending to injury issue players and AZ is better now than when they drafted him yet seemingly stuck in a seahawks like purgatory of good. Not great.

            • Peter

              I’ve long felt pete is at his best coaching young players. The one’s with something to prove. His weakness is the shiny object with nothing to prove. Percy Harvin, Graham, Adams. It’s not just the trades. It’s that for whatever reason he’s never been able to see them for what they are.

              I’m kind of excited for this era. Hopefully more than anything they get this defense revived.

          • Mexican Hawk

            Love what you mention here Rob.

      • MountainHawker

        As soon as he started with the second chance rant I immediately thought Watson

  33. Ishmael

    No WR is worth 28 million p/y. There are barely even a handful of QBs who can honestly justify that sort of salary. That’s properly deranged shit that you can’t get sucked into. Every single year there are good WRs coming out of college who get picked up through all rounds of the draft and succeed.

    If that’s the market, then take advantage of it and get max capital for your asset. Get a high pick, take another WR with it if you need to, then invest the money in the trenches.

    • Poli

      28M in a PC run first offense. That money seems it’d be better spent in the trenches and defense.

    • Peter

      The only way you can make this work is if you start signing guys to very short teo year deals fully guaranteed and start taking advantage of the comp pick system when they walk.

    • lil’stink

      These huge WR deals rarely seem to work out, yet NFL GM’s just can’t help themselves. It’s the one reason why I’d be open to trading DK. I like him as a player, I’d love for him to stay, but a WR just isn’t worth 10% of your cap.

    • Cover2

      Yeah, paying that much for a WR on run first team is kind of crazy to me. Had we kept Russell Wilson and extended him paying $45 million a year and signed DK to $28 million a year…those two would be taking up 35% of the Seahawks cap space. : (

  34. CaptainJack

    Now Jermaine Johnson is being mocked to the Falcons at 8…

    With Johnson, Walker, Thibs all off the board, I would hypothetically be fine with standing pat and drafting Jordan Davis.

    • Rob Staton

      An increasing number of mocks are pushing JJ into the top-8.

      If he’s ideal for Seattle at #9, unfortunately he’s ideal for others too.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes top-five.

      — Plays his arse off
      — Complete skillset
      — 1.5 10-yard split
      — Massive 2021 production
      — Amazing Senior Bowl

      I would take him #1 if Seattle had the pick

      On Jordan Davis — we have to be realistic here.

      The chances of Seattle going into the season with Woods, Harris, Mone, Ford AND then spending a top-10 pick on a nose tackle are extremely remote.

      • CaptainJack

        eh, Mone is a nobody. Harris and Woods are old. Ford is a midget. It’s a rag tag group of castaways. Jordan would instantly be the most physically gifted DT on the roster by far, with tons of upside.

        Johnson is likely gone by 9… are you willing to part with a second to trade up to 6 and secure him?

        • Rob Staton

          Poona Ford is not a ‘midget’. He is a proven defensive tackle who has graded well for some time. Mone is a rotational big body — the type you need for depth. Harris has 12 sacks in his last two full seasons. Woods had a terrific 2021 season.

          No, I wouldn’t give up a second. I would give up a third if needed.

          • Peter

            I wouldn’t be surprised, let down to be sure but not upset,if Seattle values an inside linemen. It’s an okay group but someone to take over from inside could still provide game wrecking value.

            My preference is trade the third for johnson.

            But 1b. Is trade back if they miss on Thibodeaux, Johnson and get Wyatt and Winfrey. Or jones and Winfrey.

            I like all the guys just fine they have in woods, etc, i’m not sold who is the NT if they run a 3-4. If taylor is playing in a LB spot (?) You could justify a bigger end in Winfrey.

            • Seattle Person

              I would not be surprised if it was Trevor Penning. He screams of the pick they’ll do.

              1) It is sort of out of nowhere. No one is connecting Penning to the Seahawks.

              2) He’s super big and athletic. Tested well and had production.

              3) He went to the Senior Bowl.

              4) He can slot in at RT or LT.

              5) If they resign Duane Brown then I’ll pivot from this.

              • Peter

                It’s a good shout and they can do a lot worse than finally start the process of fixing the jokeshow of an oline.

        • Sea Mode

          A R3 is more than enough–a little too much actually–by the trade chart to move up 3 spots. They would have to send back a R5 to balance it out.

          Our R4 + R5 fit the trade value perfectly and might be attractive to Fitterer in CAR who loves to accumulate picks and currently only has six of them, including nothing in R2 or R3.

          • Peter

            I would easily send the third for johnson. This might even be heresy. And I would want the fifth back, even if we didn’t get the fifth back.

        • mtpgod

          Mone/Woods/Poona played great against the run, one of the one areas of the team that isn’t a concern. And adding Harris, if we went DT with all of our huge gaping holes elsewhere, I’d be super demoralized.

      • Brett in AZ

        Especially in a quasi 3-4.

      • Brett in AZ

        Can’t wait for that “No QB, No Edge R1” draft post, BTW.

        Not that you haven’t already showered the blog with content 🙂

  35. Rob Staton

    I have an amazing interview lined up for today.

    Stay tuned.

    Very, very excited.

    • Sea Mode

      Don’t tell me you actually got JJ…

      Been refreshing SDB and the-rebuild nonstop. Can’t wait for whatever you’ve got cooking!

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not JJ.

        It’s not a player.

        But it’s something you’ll all be very interested in (I hope).

        I will post as soon as it’s recorded.

        • SonGoku

          Would it even be possible to get JJ? I imagine it’s very hard to get a chance to interview a top-10 draft prospect if you’re not from the local media. But I think it would be very interesting hearing more about the meeting he and PC had.

          • Rob Staton

            This year has been very hard to get players to talk. Harder than last year. Not sure why. I have two irons in the fire though.

        • swedenhawk

          Fingers crossed it’s Sean Desai

          • Peter

            Fingers crossed it’s jake heaps. Or the real prize Brock huard so our guy mr. Staton can start his journey leaving us and going to the next level as a guy who gets paid real money to discuss the draft instead of a 1000 odd hacks getting paid by the big sites.

            • bmseattle

              I’m hoping for Gret Bell.
              I hear he has great sources!

        • Roy Batty

          Is it the Biebs?

          Tell me it’s the Biebs.

    • Trevor

      Looking forward to it!

  36. EP

    I would have no issue with Mayfield, Lock and a Rookie battling it out this year. As long as we don’t give up too much for Mayfield and we do not take a QB at 9.

  37. Trevor

    Rob is Abrabam Lucas strictly a RT or did he play any LT in college? If the Hawks do sign Trent Brown could Lucas be drafted as the future at LT? Perhaps even if they keep Duane Brown on a 1-2 yr deal to groom him.

    • Rob Staton

      He played RT. I would keep him there — it worked for him.

      • Trevor

        Makes sense we saw last year what happened when they moved Lewis he looked like a different guy.

      • Hawk Finn

        So don’t get mad at me for this, because my heart just couldn’t take it. But is a RT with no prospect of ever playing LT really the best use of a top 40 pick? Please be gentle.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a fair question.

          I wouldn’t say he has no prospect of playing LT — more that I’d just prefer to keep him at RT.

          But I do think RT has value that early if you get the right guy.

        • Denver Hawker

          My two cents (or four cents due to inflation): I think the RT market has increased significantly in value the last couple years nearly catching the left tackle market in terms of average APY. It stands to reason the draft value of a strong RT would follow suit. I don’t offer much explanation for this though, it’s not as if there are more prolific left handed quarterbacks.

        • Brett in AZ

          My understanding is Trent Brown has played LT. So a world where Trent starts at RT, Duane starts at LT (assuming they bring him back), both of them mentor Lucas in Y1. Then Trent to LT, Lucas to RT when Duane retires?

          That would turn a long time struggle on the OL into an enduring strength, no?

          • Derek

            I’m not buying the Trent Brown hype yet.

            I’ve endured too many years where the Seahawks have guys in for a visit, hear reports of how great things went only to watch them leave town without a contract the very next day.

            This just feels they’re “kicking the tires” on another player. Let PC do his used car salesman fur-trapper routine and then offer a fair but low market value contract that the player can come back to if there are no others, said player says things went well and he’s thinking about his options.

            The player ends up using the Seahawks offer as a bargaining chip in the next negotiations and signs with another team by the weekend.

            • SeattleLifer

              An extremely common ploy for this team in free agency. And yet they’ll pay their own players well above market value routinely, pay staggering sums in draft capitol and salary for their unicorns (Harvin,Adams etc) and get desperate later in free agency and pay through the teeth for average to trash players nobody wants along with one year rentals(Joeckel, Sowell, Finney, Clowney, Richardson – could go on and on…). Amazing this team won as long as they did considering how poor they drafted, picked up free agents and traded with third round or higher picks.

  38. Mick

    Chandler Jones on Russ, this is how you do it:

    “He thought he could get away from me, leaving [the NFC West], but I’m right here with him again,” Jones said Thursday with a chuckle, via ESPN. “So, that’s going to be fun, getting after him a little bit.”

  39. DC

    Thinking about all the holes, all the draft picks and impact players that we can pick, all I want for this next season is to be like 2011. We know we’re not that good, but the team is young and is fiercely competitive. Bunch of young guys flying around hitting people. At least make it enjoyable to watch.

    • BobbyK

      Yes. I’m thankful Al Woods and Carlos Dunlap are going to get that necessary experience for the future.

      • Brett in AZ

        Al Woods is Big Red. Carlos Dunlap is Clemons. They’re mentoring a few young and hungry newbs.

        Feel any better?

        • Peter

          I will if they get new guys. If not….fingers crossed time doesn’t come and catch them.

        • BobbyK

          Nope. Because Clem and Big Red were on the only Seahawks Super Bowl winning team ever. That won’t be the case for Woods/Dunlap. They could be Lawyer Milloy but not if the Seahawks don’t get a QB that actually good.

        • STTBM

          Big Red Bryant played LDE, on run downs only. Al Woods plays DT, mostly on run downs. They arent comparable at all. And comparing Dunlap to Clemons is silly too: Clemons bent the corner and played like a 16 sack a year guy, demanding teams account for him, and got 11 sacks with speed, moves, and some power. He was pretty good vs the run too. Dunlap is good against the run, but has far less speed and bend than Clemons had: he wins with power and leverage. He’s a brute strength guy.

          So, no, that doesnt make me feel better about Seattle’s D line.

  40. Ralphy

    Well now GB needs to figure out WR and we know Seattle loves to trade down. IMO there is now way that they stay at #9 because thats not their MO.

    So my question is, what would it take for GB to trade up to #9. Is pick 22 and 28 enough to get it done?

    • no frickin clue

      If all of the high-end defensive game-wreckers are gone after pick #8, and GB is worried that their favorite WR won’t make it to them at #22, then I could see them offering #22 and #28 to Seattle, and I could see Seattle accepting that offer. A couple of trade value charts suggest it’s a slight overpay by GB, but not by a lot.

      Given all the holes on this roster, is it really that bad an idea to try and trade down out of #9, if the draft doesn’t fall to you in the way that you’d like and the rare talent is gone?

      • mtpgod

        I’m more confident at 9 than I would be at 22 and 28, I have ptsd from Collier, Malik McDowell, etc.

  41. Big Mike

    If the Hawks sign Brown to play RT and re-up Duane to play LT is there little to no chance they draft Lucas?

    • Denver Hawker

      I’d generally say unlikely. But we’ve also see how the Hawks treat their rookies and have talked about how they draft for needs a couple years out. They seem to believe the learning curve is steeper than on other teams. It’s possible they only sign the Browns (Browns’?) to a 1-2 year deal. Lucas should start, but I also don’t put it past the Hawks to sit a second rounder sadly.

      • Jabroni-DC

        It would allow them to be opportunistic without an air of desperation.

      • Peter

        I agree with this.

        I’d still like them to consider Lucas if they resign/land the Browns. One is really getting up there in age and the other has missed 1.5 seasons over the last 3 seasons.

    • Old but Slow

      I agree Big M, as much as I like the idea of Lucas, it seems we have too many needs to add both Brown and Lucas (unless they would be able to get him later). The other possibility is that they let Duane walk, which I don’t see as likely.

      If they pass on Abraham Lucas, then I would hope for Leo Chenal with one of the #40 or 41.

  42. Sea Mode

    Ah, no.

    Jeffri Chadiha

    A scary sight at @UMichFootball pro day. Edge rusher David Ojabo sustained injury in pass rush drill. Went down clutching left leg. Not sure if ankle or leg but he had to helped off field.

    • Rob Staton

      Horrible news. Really hope it’s not serious.

    • Cover2

      If our top-3 edge rushers are gone by #9 I was hoping the Seahawks would then target Ojabo.

    • Seattle Person

      Reports say he left in crutches with a walking boot.

    • HawksLifer

      i am definitely not a Doctor but it looked like possible Achilles to me. Went down right after a jump to catch the ball like he got sniped. Just very sad to see.

  43. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I’d be fine with trading DK for a draft hall. This is a rebuild after all.
    Let Penny walk. Let a rookie RB do the same or more for less $.
    Pile up the speed defenders. Draft a QB but not with#9.

    Keep away from Kaep.

  44. Rob Staton

    Coming up on the podcast later today…

    One hour of quarterback talk with Scot McCloughan.

    Including some thoughts on the 2022 class.

    You will not want to miss this.

    • Peter


      I’m going to miss you when you’re gone from us nerds but am very excited for you and this hopefully significant phase you are entering.

      Do you think you and the family will enjoy living in mobile working for Nagy? I kid……but not really.

    • DC

      How have you not been picked up and gone mainstream at this point?! Seriously, insane amount of awesome content!

    • Sea Mode


      Yaasss! One of my favorite interviews you’ve done, ever. Beyond stoked!

    • Big Mike

      Definitely looking forward to this one

    • Derek

      woah! I am seriously lovin’ the Rebuild!

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      just finished the baker one, hit refresh….BONUS!

    • Zane

      That’s amazing Rob! Can’t wait. You’ve outdone yourself.


    I just Get the feeling the Hawks will use the draft early (9) on defense letting the best D t player on their board get chosen (Thibodeaux, , Johnson) a linebacker in the 2nd, and maybe a quarterback if Corral is still sitting there.
    Say what you want on Corral,I think they want a gutsy guy behind the center to run an efficient style a departure from the big play big whiff Wilson was providing. Move the Chains, Run the ball pass underneath to take a big shot. and if Baker is floating out there maybe add him to that mix for a fourth.

  46. Pran

    swap Drew lock for Baker and throw a day 3 pick.

    • D-OZ

      Hard no on Baker!!!

  47. Spectator

    What’s up with JuJu? Im sure i have missed something with him, but does he remain unsigned? Would he be a potential number 3 target?

  48. Kyle

    Thank you, Rob. Just wanted to give a shout-out to the old-fashioned bloggy aspects of this site. I know you’re updating for the times, but your writing is always must-read for me, while I don’t always feel like I have the time to sit through a podcast.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Kyle and don’t worry — the writing will continue as usual

  49. JimN

    Wow Rob! The interview was just fantastic. Such depth to learn so much about QB development and having the reality process be explained for us. This has to be one of your best ever interviews! THanks!

  50. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Seahawks are bringing back an old friend: DT Quinton Jefferson, who spent last year with the #Raiders, is signing back with Seattle.

    • Seattle Person

      Not horrible. His advanced metrics were better than a lot of our DT rushing options last season. I’m assuming he’s another hedge if they find a younger player that can rush too.

      They now have a lot of veteran DTs. I can see them targeting at DT in the draft but not early on. It’s setting up to be a OL, Edge, DB, LB, RB type of draft.

    • SeattleLifer

      I was bummed when Buffalo poached him from us in free agency however many years back. That Clinton McDonald type of d-line player all successful teams need and we sorely missed last year especially after letting Jarran Reed go. It’s important to have those 3rd down rush DT types in the rotation. Hopefully QJeff still has some solid tread left on the tires.

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