An interview with Scot McCloughan

It was my great pleasure today to interview Scot McCloughan. We talked quarterbacks, including his thoughts on the 2022 draft class. I suppose I would say this — but I think this is an unmissable hour of content for NFL fans.

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  1. HawkfaninMT

    Felt like he was an integral piece in putting together the LOB and SuperBowl contender we all enjoyed. Was sad to see him go…

    Looking forward to listening!

  2. Sea Mode

    Grand slam for The Rebuild! Your previous interview with him a couple years ago was my favorite you’ve ever done, and this one is twice as long! I can’t wait to listen to it later this evening!

    Thank you so much for this amazing content.

  3. Sea Mode

    Jordan Schultz

    FA DT Jarran Reed is visiting the #Bengals, per league source.

  4. Sea Mode

    What was the verdict on the rumor that the Hawks offered Russ for the Browns #1 pick in 2018? Was it ever discredited (by more than just Hue Jackson, I mean…)?

    I would like to think that they would evaluate players differently based on several years playing in the League, but with how much the have talked recently about acquiring guys they “loved coming out”, I wonder if they still might hold this same admiration (?) for Baker…?

    • Rob Staton

      The feeling was they would take Josh Allen at #1

      • Mexican Hawk

        Have seen it mentioned a couple of times. The version I have heard the most was from Chris Simms. There is in interview of him on the Dan Patrick show where he states that he knows for sure that Russ was offered for the #1 Browns pick.

        What he says he can’t guarantee is that the pick would have been Allen. He thinks it was Allen, but he can’t say for sure. What he does say is a certainty was that those talks between the Browns and Hawks existed.

  5. cha

    Mental note: take prospects out for pancakes before you draft them.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      lol! was it kentwan ballmer?

      • Osprey

        Kentwan Balmer is the only player who fits the description. Kinda sad really.

        • Ben

          I kinda wish Scott would have pressed a bit more of the team failing him. He obviously alluded it wasn’t a fair situation, and the pressure that comes with being a number one pick. But man that’s just awful a crappy situation. At first I was pretty annoyed at that scenario mattering, but the way he wasn’t accepted by the team is just shitty, get what he’s saying. It just shouldn’t be the talent evaulator or the players fault, it’s coaching failure. In some ways it feels akin to baseball teams paying incredible contracts to star players but then barely supporting the minor league prospects the stars have to come from. You’re setting your own investments up for failure.

          I’ve been thinking a lot recently what a GM would say to a fan/analyst/blogger about what we don’t understand, since boy it feels like we know better sometimes. Definitely valuing make up and fit is pretty important and well known that we can’t fully know. I wanted the hawks to pick this player so bad, and remember be amped we traded for him, interesting to hear a side to that story.

  6. z$

    Long time lurker and just wanted to give everyone an extra nudge to leave a review on Spotify/Apple. Rob puts out truly incredible content and it takes less than 60 seconds to write some nice feedback. Really helps with the podcast platform algorithms. Thanks for all you do Rob, really a special thing you’re (re)building here.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

    • Dingbatman

      That’s a great idea! Hadn’t thought of that.

    • Glor


  7. BobbyK

    Rob – kudos. This is a Babe Ruth type of get. I’m looking forward to listening when I get time.


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Bob

  8. Rob Staton

    Can you share this around guys if you can? Other forums, RT’s on twitter etc

    • Z$


    • Ben

      Will do! Just amazing job you’re doing. Love these kind of interviews, football philosophy is just fascinating!

  9. pdway

    You have really upped the ante these last few weeks – all this content is making the off-season so interesting. Appreciate it all.

  10. KennyBadger

    Great get Rob and a great interview. I don’t know how you find the time to eat and sleep.

  11. doug

    Congrats on a great interview Rob! Listening to Scot talk about Ryan Leaf made me think of Wentz and his struggles.

  12. Rory McCulloch

    Great listen! Thanks Rob, well done!

  13. CL

    [Anderson] I’m told the #Seahawks would ‘prefer to add an experienced veteran starting quarterback.’ Inquiry* calls have gone out to the #Falcons about Matt Ryan, Cleveland on Baker Mayfield and others, per league source.

    • Mick

      I just can’t believe it. You know you’ll trade your QB. You know since last season. How can you not have a plan? And how can your plan be Matt Ryan or Baker Mayfield? You’ll end up trading all you got for Wilson and you don’t bring the team any step further.

      Rob the content you deliver never ceases to amaze.

      • Big Mike

        She’s clueless. Every single Josina out there will link Seattle to every available or even possibly available QB from this point forward because of trading Wilson.

  14. Henry Taylor

    After revisiting Breece Hall I think I would prefer not to sign Penny, at least not unless he’s really cheap. With what he did in the combine combined with the tape and production he has the look of a bell cow back who can help carry an offense that lacks elite QB play.

    We cant just roll with Penny and Carson this year, they need a back they can trust more than ever. This guy does it all, long and short TD runs, has the ability in the hole to beat a man and turn a loss into a decent gain, he blocks, he catches. Breece at #40 please.

  15. Hand of God

    One of the less discussed things to monitor about this rebuild process (and one that i am particularly EXTREMELY excited to witness) is seeing John Schneider in action over the next 2 seasons with draft capital, support from owner + coaching staff, more control over the team’s decisions (assumption) and A MASSIVE CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER. Despite recent drafts, i still have massive confidence in his skills: yes, we botched a number of first round picks lately, but we all too easily ignore some fantastic mid-season trades like Duane Brown, Clowney, Diggs, Coleman, Dunlap…finding hidden gems like Reed…etc. He feels invigorated, a man on a mission. I might have to eat my words down the road, but i think we will see some really interesting things coming (i do hope he is truly in control and Pete takes the passenger seat during the draft).

  16. Saucetrich

    You’re absolutely crushing it Rob! Fantastic content. It’s really cool to get the GM perspective on QB evaluations, he mentioned some things that I wouldn’t have ever thought of. Also, the pancake story was a hilarious anecdote. Thank you for making the Seahawks off-season much more enjoyable than it otherwise would’ve been.

  17. cha

    Five things on Matt Ryan

    1.Seahawks have inquired per Josina

    IG: JosinaAnderson
    I’m told the #Seahawks would ‘prefer to add an experienced veteran starting quarterback.’
    Inquiry* calls have gone out to the #Falcons about Matt Ryan, Cleveland on Baker Mayfield and others, per league source.

    2.Widespread reporting about his 2022 cap for an acquiring team is wrong.

    It was reported that the Falcons reworked his contract to give them more cap room and Over The Cap went with it and updated their numbers, and it showed an $8.75m salary for Ryan in 2022.

    It was later reported that the reworking wasn’t formalized. OTC decided to keep the numbers as if the reworking had been done. Many were working off of that information.

    3.Ryan is assessing his options, and appears amenable to working with the Falcons if they do in fact land Deshaun Watson, and has a no trade clause.

    Adam Schefter
    Just a reminder: Falcons and Matt Ryan agreed to push back the $7.5 million roster bonus due to the Atlanta QB today until Tuesday, giving Ryan four extra days to vet his trade options, per sources.

    4.OTC has now updated their numbers back to reflect what is Ryan’s current cap hit.

    The team acquiring Ryan in trade would have a $23.75m cap hit in 2022

    5.If Ryan is agreeable to waiving his no trade clause to come to Seattle, there’s a possibility it could work.

    If the Seahawks massage the contract and the trade compensation is right there is a pathway to him coming to Seattle without wrecking the team’s cap and stock of draft capital too severely.

    • RugbyLock

      I gotta say Cha that I get better information here on the blog from the likes of you and Ron than I do anywhere else! Brilliant stuff!

  18. Robbie

    Absolutely brilliant! Very impressive.

  19. Canadian Hawk

    What a terrific conversation.

    n a world of 60 second snippets, this long form conversation on talent evaluation was both educational and highly enjoyable.

    Well done Rob.

    • Rob Staton


    • Brett in AZ

      This is what makes Rob’s content so unique.

  20. samprassultanofswat

    This was a fantastic interview. Maybe the best I have ever heard. I wish every Seahawk fan would hear that interview. They would have more patience. I hope that Jody Allen, Pete Carroll and John Schneider understand about patience.

    Everyone talks about the 2012 Seahawk draft. That was an excellent draft. Well Scott McCloughan was part of the Seahawks scouting organization until 2013. I remember when he left. I didn’t like it. Since he left the Seahawk organization the Seahawks have not drafted as well as when McCloughan was with the organization. Schneider has hit on quit a few. But he also has had plenty of swings and misses. Since McCloughan left the organization, the offensive line has suffered. Jlhn Schneider does seem to have a keen eye for QBs. But they have struggled with the offensive line. Part of the blame with the OL falls on the shoulders of Tom Cable. Cable was a good coach, but he had some goofy ideas. One thing he would do is pick defensive linemen and try to turn them into offensive linemen. He was successful with J.R. Sweeny. But after that if failed miserably.

    Since the 2012 draft. They have not been very good at draft picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

      Scot was fantastic. I hope the interview gets a big audience because it’s great listening to him

  21. Big Mike

    Anyone do any research to figure out who it was they drafted in round 1 at interior d-line in Frisco that ate his pancakes with his fingers (a sad story to be sure)?

  22. Spectator

    Awesome interview, Rob! Amazing. That is top quality content.

    On the draft side, with Atlanta exploring the market for Watson, should they not get him and he goes to the Saints, is there an thought that Atlanta could then be interested in Willis?

  23. Group captain Mandrake

    Fantastic interview Rob! I loved that you could ask a really simple question and then Scott would just GO OFF. It’s really interesting to hear about this stuff from an insider that has had a lot of experience and success. Gives us a whole new perspective on the process. If only they could rehire him…

    • Rob Staton


  24. Big Mike

    He is a great interview and you asked the good questions Rob. Thank you! I sincerely hope this becomes an annual exercise with him.

    • Big Mike

      Really appreciate the question about Corral.

      • Brett in AZ

        Yep, that was a very good discussion. As was the 10-15 minutes before it. The whole in-depth look at bringing along a draftee according to a realistic plan so you can get the most out of him is gold.

        This is the best explanation I’ve heard about why reaching for guys based strictly on physical makeup is a bad idea. If you’re gonna up-draft, the player needs a particular mindset so he won’t be overwhelmed with the whole NFL experience.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mike

  25. CL

    The #Seahawks are bringing back an old friend: DT Quinton Jefferson, who spent last year with the #Raiders, is signing back with Seattle.

  26. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Seahawks are bringing back an old friend: DT Quinton Jefferson, who spent last year with the #Raiders, is signing back with Seattle.
    12:08 PM · Mar 18, 2022

  27. Hawk Finn

    Seahawks are bringing back Quentin Jefferson. Hopefully didn’t overpay for more mid-level talent. I think this all but rules out interior DL in the draft

  28. Scot04

    Was an outstanding interview really enjoyed in depth analysis, & answers to your questions.
    Felt so important in terms of where the Seahawks currently are, & what they might do.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Scot

  29. Kuya

    Great interview and insight into Scot again. He is well respected around the league and was instrumental in building our D last during our super bowl window.

    • Rob Staton


  30. D-OZ

    David Ojabo- Looked like left achilles to me?

    • Big Mike

      Damn that is a shame. Feel so bad for kids when this type of stuff happens.
      2nd round, later now?

    • Gross MaToast

      If serious, it would almost assure that Jermaine doesn’t make it to 9.

      • Big Mike

        Hawks gonna have to go up if they want him and that’s very unlikely.

      • Rob Staton

        I think JJ’s floor is 8 — even if Houston end up in that spot

        Although I don’t rate Charles Cross

      • D-OZ

        Didn’t think JJ would make it to 9 anyway. IMO

    • brendon light

      That’s awful! I just tore my left one 2 weeks ago and had the surgery to repair. It is a long road to recover. 9 months at least! I feel bad for the guy!

  31. Big Mike

    Q Jeff coming back………….whoever had “second chance” on their Pete Carroll game board gets another box ticked.
    PFF had him at 51.5 for the season. Not great but he did have 6 sacks so maybe that grade is held down by run defense and he’ll be used in pass rush situations? Sure hope it’s for a very reasonable amount of money.

    • Mick

      Yet another Irvin-Mayowa move. This is not how you rebuild a team and also not how you get stronger to win now.

      • Rob Staton

        Well, it’s a depth move on the DL

        They wanted Irvin and Mayowa to create a pass rush. They’re not asking QJeff to do anything more than rotate in

        • CL


          [Anderson] DT Quinton Jefferson adds that “it’s a 2-year deal worth $9.5M that goes up $11M. My old D-Line coach from when I was in Seattle before is the D-coordinator now. It just made sense to go back. My house is there, my friends too. It’ll be good to see some familiar faces.”

  32. Rob Staton

    Did you know that Josina talks to players on the phone?

    • Mick

      Maybe she could give you Wilson’s number so you can interview him for the blog 🙂

    • Big Mike


    • EP

      She tweets while she on a phone call. How rude!!!

  33. Roy Batty

    McCloughan’s take on Pitts is exactly how Fant should be viewed. He is simply a big, fast receiver, not a true TE. Use him appropriately. Put him in the slot, out wide, or in motion. Utilize his strengths and don’t square peg in round hole him with blocking duties. That’s what the $8 million Dissly is for.

    • Big Mike

      Jimmy Graham, is that you?

      • God of Thunder

        Haha BM lol

  34. cha


    Adam Schefter
    Seahawks are releasing DE Carlos Dunlap, per source.

    • Roy Batty

      And so it begins.

      There’s got to be a lot more cuts coming.

    • Zxvo3

      Idk if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand it’s making your DLine weaker but on the other hand it’s kind of setting up the Seahawks to be drafting an EDGE at #9, so maybe it’s JJ?

    • cha

      Eating $5.6m of dead cap.

      If they post-June1 him they pick up $5.1m of room. If not, $900k and that makes no sense.

      Maybe after that silly snap count thing last year he asked to be released.

      • Roy Batty

        Officially post 6/1.

      • Big Mike

        Well if they did him a solid that’s great though considering their treatment of Bobby’s exit I have some doubts. That said, this looks like bad cap mgmt.

        • Big Mike

          OK if as Roy said it’s officially post 6/1, that makes more sense

    • GoHawks5151

      Carlos Dunlap has been streaky and is getting up there in age. Maybe he wanted to chase the ring. Alton Robinson gets a chance to pick up some snaps. Interested to see what the next moves are. Please Jermaine Johnson

  35. Roy Batty

    Dunlap just released.

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Seahawks are releasing DE Carlos Dunlap, per source.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Does this make JJ/KT more likely at #9?

      • Roy Batty

        Definitely screams complete change to 3-4 defense.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          If that’s true…

          As much as I’m awed by Jordan Davis, I’m not interested in him at #9 because as much of a freak of nature as he is, he’s basically a one trick pony in the NFL. He’s a two-gap human roadblock NT for a 3-4 defense. Yes, he has the athletic chops to push a pocket and pressure a QB, but that’s not his bread and butter. What he is is a foundational piece of a 3-4 scheme. If Seattle truly are going full on 3-4, then I guess Davis at #9 makes sense.

          That’s my 2¢ on Jordan Davis.

          • Roy Batty

            They’ve signed too many DT’s for them to have interest.

            I’d be looking at what Rob speculated. They might trade up if they are really wanting a game wrecking EDGE.

          • Peter

            All true but Seattle still needs a NT

            • Rob Staton

              Seattle doesn’t need a NT

        • Brett in AZ

          The moves so far certainly back that up.

      • Big Mike

        Yes but what if they’re not there? There must be someone else they like an awful lot, right? I mean they have a plan, right? LJ Collier was a plan, right?

        • Paul

          LJ was panicky fallout from being unprepared when Denver drafted Fant.

        • Mountainhawker

          It certainly seems like they have a plan with the signings and releases. I would imagine if the players they want to before #9 they’ll trade back. If they don’t have a trade offer they’ll “overdraft” their next target.

        • Steve

          I’ve been wondering if a switch to 3-4 might be a better fit for an LJ Collier. Like moving Red Bryant to big end was a better fit for him.

        • Joshua Smith

          I believe teams would only trade back if they have multiple guys they like. Maybe Fant was their top guy in that moment. If he was the ONLY guy they wanted then you take him. You don’t trade back. But if you have a few guys you are ready to pick then trading back makes sense.
          Fant 1
          Collier 2
          Etc… Just an example
          Collier was a good player out of college. Just not alot different from the next 20-30 guys picked after him. Had we picked Fant we’d probably be talking about his lack of production right now..

    • Aaron


      Maybe we betting on getting a OLB or EDGE or DE at 9???

  37. Mick

    DT Quinton Jefferson adds that “it’s a 2-year deal worth $9.5M that goes up $11M…

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Deshaun Watson has decided he wants to play for the Cleveland Browns in a stunning change of events, per sources. Watson has informed the Houston Texans that he now is willing to waive the no-trade clause in his contract to be dealt to Cleveland.


    • Roy Batty

      They gave up the farm, I bet. Only way they win that lottery.

    • Big Mike

      Best roster of the teams pursuing him
      Cleveland fans are so starved for a winner they won’t care about anything but a happy ending to their football fortunes

      • Peter


        • Big Mike

          Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

          • Brett in AZ

            We’re going to have to up our drama game if we want to play in this soap opera.

            Geez, what a roller coaster. Big realignments all around the NFL so far this offseason.

    • Dregur

      What the hell is going on? This off season has been crazy drama.

      • Big Mike

        It seems as Rob and several other smart folks here suggested, once teams saw what the Rams did in terms of aggressively trading for/signing players and that leading to a championship, others would follow suit.

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport
      Deshaun Watson gets a fully guaranteed 5 year $230M contract. That is $80M more than the previous record for fully guaranteed money at signing ($150M). This deal was negotiated by David Mulugheta of Athletes First.

      • Brett in AZ

        Will be fun to see RW’s extension in Denver.

        • cha

          Broncos screwed up. They should have conditioned the trade on an extension -OR- signed Russ on the tarmac.

          Maybe Mark Rodgers said no and they wanted their man.

          But that will cost them.

        • God of Thunder

          Glad it’s not the Seahawks dealing with it!

      • pdway

        fully guaranteed? Wow…

        sea change of a deal

  39. Blitzy the Clown

    Would assume Mayfield is part of the compensation?

    • lil’stink

      That would be ideal as it would hopefully take both Mayfield and Ryan off the market for Seattle.

  40. Roy Batty

    Hyder released.

    • Big Mike

      Looks more and more like a serious defensive overhaul and like an EDGE at #9 is in the offing.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I for one am glad to see it. Hyder, Mayowa, even Dunlap at his age. These are not the building blocks of a BAMF defense.

        Even if their guy is gone at #9 and they trade down, there are numerous prospects in this draft that fit the BAMF mold.

        I’m excited. And a little anxious they might still blow it. But so far, I’m encouraged.

      • Roy Batty

        Young and speed at OLB. Dumping anyone outside not in that mold.

    • Brett in AZ

      As far as quantity of moves and roster turnover, this is feeling a lot more like the original PCJS rebuild than the 2017-19 ‘reset’.

  41. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter
    Browns are giving Deshaun Watson a new deal, per sources. The $184M over the first four years of this contract is a $48M raise over the $136M he was scheduled to make over the same four years on the previous contract – a $12M a-year raise in that span.

    • Big Mike

      46 per. Dayum

  42. downtownjewelrybryan

    kinda makes sense…a bunch of his accusers are probably down south

  43. Roy Batty

    Scratch Matt Ryan off the possible list.

    Thank god.

    • Big Mike


    • cha


      But Ryan had a week to ponder what it would be like playing for another franchise. He may have enjoyed the idea more than he thought he would.

      The Falcons also have some fence-mending to do. “We were never really interested in that pretty girl, it’s you.
      It’s always been you!”

      Flowers, chocolates, holding the getto blaster outside his bedroom window, the whole nine yards.

      • Brett in AZ

        Cha, you should write for TV.

  44. EP

    Rob do you feel yourself improving at scouting as the years progress? As in do you self scout to some extent and reassess how you judge players? Listening to the chat with McCloughan it’s clear how much more in depth the process actually is, at least compared to the general drivel you hear from NFL Network etc. And in my opinion you are able to provide a borderline professional coverage of the draft, far and above the run of the mill stuff you hear from the mainstream. It is extremely impressive especially considering your limited background in the game. Clearly you didn’t grow up playing American Football. I am just curious as to how you developed your passion for the draft etc and how you developed this immense skill.

    Once again can only thank you for the effort you put in. It really does keep the Seahawks interesting over and above the actual on field play and I hope you can continue to move onto better and bigger things.

    • Rob Staton

      Rob do you feel yourself improving at scouting as the years progress? As in do you self scout to some extent and reassess how you judge players?

      Every year. I make notes on everything I got wrong. I’m already imagining potential mistakes this year and trying to get ahead of the curve to avoid them — but then I guess others will emerge.

      But as with anything — if you trial/error you’ll eventually get a bit better, even if it’s only marginal.

      I am just curious as to how you developed your passion for the draft etc and how you developed this immense skill.

      I just love the game. And have a bit of an obsessive personality like a lot of blokes.

      But I have actually worked in scouting too — in English football. It was a bit weird how it came about but I worked for 18 months as a scout for an organisation that had clients in the football league over here. I even did one Premier League game for Roberto Martinez who was at Swansea at the time. Bolton vs Reading — they were playing one of them in the cup. But most of my games were low level. Was a great experience though, especially given I then went into journalism with a bit more background in the game.

      • EP

        That’s interesting. Would you give up your continued involvement in football if that meant full commitment (an income) from NFL content?

      • God of Thunder

        Scouting for Bolton: “is the lad tall and strong and do his elbows work?”

      • pdway

        soccer or rugby player, or both, back in your prime Rob? Just curious.

        • Rob Staton

          Played both. Decent knock around footballer. Was best at cricket.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            Start a cricket blog just to explain the rules. I imagine there’s a few years of content.

            (I’m an ignorant American)

  45. Denver Hawker

    Now reporting Watson deal is $230MM fully guaranteed, 5 years.

    Russ gonna be a billionaire.

    • Roy Batty

      Anyone else happy we don’t have a top 10 QB due a new contract?

      • Big Mike

        Will you be happy if we’re 5-12 and Denver is 12-5?

        • Peter

          Not particularly

          • Big Mike

            Ditto, but that’s about what I expect.

        • Roy Batty

          The Seahawks are headed to 5-12 no matter what Denver does. The trade was going to happen. A new contract was not.

          So yeah, I am quite happy to go 5-12 in a rebuild, get a top ten pick, again, and watch Denver churn through a brutal slog in the AFC, where Denver going 12-5 will be very tough. Everyone keeps forgetting that Denver’s Oline isn’t exactly lights out and all their opponents are stocking up on pass rushers.

          Watson is still due for possible suspension and just got an insane contract. Denver traded two years of top picks and two good players for Wilson. Wilson and his agent just watched Watson get a massive haul. That all adds up to $50+ million per year and a huge percentage as guaranteed money.

          • SeattleLifer

            Looking at the schedule I too had them at 5 or 6 wins, 6 if New Orleans missed out on Watson.

            Hawks have a pretty brutal schedule this year.

            Broncos have a bunch of patsies on their schedule. Even though they have tough division foes and a couple of others they still have a pretty gravy schedule and I actually think it played a real part in the Broncos brass giving up a 1st and 2nd next draft versus a 3rd first round pick even farther out (in a presumably tougher schedules year after they win more this upcoming season with Russ and the aforementioned easier schedule).

          • mr peapants


        • glor

          We would have a decent 1st next year for the new staff to use.

        • Brett in AZ

          That’s not a bad quesstimate of where next year could wind up. And the happy factor would depend on who we draft with our top-3 pick at 5-12 vs how much RW is getting for his age 36-40 years.

      • God of Thunder

        RW will be what 34? when signing that contract. I’m happy we won’t be signing an older, slower QB to a massive contract even if that QB is Wilson whom I’ve liked and admired.

        • Brett in AZ

          Russell turns 34 this coming season. He is signed through next year, his age 35 season. Extensions will go beyond that.

  46. Big Mike

    If as Blitzy speculated Mayfield to Houston, what’s the chances Mills is available in trade?

    • CL

      Mayfield is not part of the deal per Rapoport

      • Big Mike


  47. Roy Batty

    These cuts are very, very encouraging. Wholesale change on the DLine. Speedy, young talent is the way to go on the outside.

    And all that extra cap now available for Brown and Williams to sign, then extra money for another possible splash player.

  48. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter
    Every dollar of Deshaun Watson’s new five-year, $230 million deal is guaranteed, per sources, setting a new record for the highest guarantee given to an NFL player.
    and Watson’s agent
    combine to make history.

    Um, wut

    • Big Mike

      wut indeed…………..didn’t Kirkers get the first fully guaranteed contract and isn’t Rodgers getting more per year?

      • Roy Batty

        Plus, you gotta wonder what the language is in that contract? What did they hedge against, or did they just say Eff-it and keep it simple in order to make sure Watson agrees to the deal.

    • Peter

      A lot of money for a guy who has yet to do anything besides one good though not Rodgers level year. A bunch of baggage. And missed a year.

      • Big Mike

        Went 4-12 right?
        Cleveland desperate to win, desperate to unload Baker.

        • Peter

          Same as mills.

      • CL

        [Peter Schrager] I was just told this is a “HERSCHEL WALKER like trade”… 3 firsts and “a lot more”. More to come

        Really curious what the final trade will be haha

        • Peter

          Oh Cleveland if this doesn’t work they will have set their franchise back a decade.

          • Big Mike

            But hell, they’ve pretty much been shit since coming into the league in ‘099 I believe it was so why not gamble?

        • downtownjewelrybryan

          dayum…did russ ever consider cleveland or vice versa?

          • Roy Batty

            I don’t think Russ could sell Cleveland to his wife.

        • Rob Staton

          Schrager’s lot more means basically late round picks

      • pdway

        i mean…come on…he’s had three very good years, has a career passer rating of 104.5 over his 4-yr career, and he’s 26.

        And before the all-the-wheels-fell-off for the franchise year in 2020, he’d led them to records of 11-5 and 10-6 the previous two years.

        HIs off the field stuff is a diff issue – but talent/age wise he’s a top-5 asset in the league.

    • Brett in AZ


    • Henry Taylor

      Imagine guaranteeing that guy that much money. One more off the field issue and he could be out of the league.

  49. Peter

    Great interview Rob.

    Re: Willis. Per mcloughan i have long been a bit concerned that Willis didn’t bet on himself but instead went to be the best player in a crummy college level. Again maybe he’s super religious but why not transfer as a former Auburn recruit to a program with some competition?

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      He is going to be a First round pick, that is one reason.

  50. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter
    Browns and Texans still are finalizing official trade compensation for Deshaun Watson, but it is expected to include three first-round picks, a third-round pick and potentially a fifth-round pick, league sources tell ESPN.

    Five picks for Watson.

    • downtownjewelrybryan


    • Denver Hawker

      Hawks did very well in their trade by comparison.

      • Big Mike

        Agree though let’s see if players are going to Houston too. Even if they are, about the worst we did is break even it would seem.

      • pdway

        agree w you. we really did.

        Watson is damaged good via the suspension hanging over him – but he’s a lot younger than Russ.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I dunno. The haul we got for Russ lookin pretty decent if the Watson trade is market-setting.

      Two 1sts and two 2nds is like three 1sts. The 3rd is whatever. And plus Seattle got Fant (former 1st) and Lock (former 2nd) and Harris.

      • cha

        Two 1sts and two 2nds is like three 1sts.

        It’s actually better.

        The 2023 2nd Denver traded to Seattle is the equivalent of the 2024 first Cleveland gave Houston.

        So it’s the 2022 2nd (and swapping a 4th for a 5th) vs the 3rd and 5th

        And that’s before we talk about Lock, Fant, and Harris.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Excellent point. I like our trade better.

        • Denver Hawker

          Turns out the 5th is actually a pick swap for a 4th- Hawks did even better.

        • Mexican Hawk

          Agree Cha.

          I like Hawks haul. 2 firsts plus that 40 this year in a known commodity draft equals a 1st as has been mentioned previously by Rob and others. Draft stock next year gives team ammo to trade up for QB if that is not settled this offseason.

          It’s very comparable or even better than what Texans got, considering Watson is younger.

          I hope they stick with Lock and a late flyer like Coan and build team and trenches this year. Would prefer to not go for Baker.

          • Mexican Hawk


            On trade compensation, using the Fitzgerald-Spielberger chart. I guess that is not the ole Jimmy chart.

            • cha

              Keep in mind the money. That’s a big factor I’ve been spouting about since the Russ drama started.

              Russ’ cap hits

              2022: $24m, only $5m guaranteed (roster bonus)
              2023: $27m zero guaranteed

              And his contract can be massaged to move some 2022 money to 2023.

              Watsons hasn’t been processed yet obviously, but his Houston contract was

              2022: $35m all guaranteed
              2023: $37m split between $20m salary and $17m roster bonus

              Probably now more like

              2022: $40-42m all guaranteed
              2023: $44-48m all guaranteed

              That is a serious salary gap. A franchise player difference, two if you manage the cap hit.

    • Scot04

      Houston didn’t want players involved in the trade and had 3 teams involved; so to me the Seattle deal definitely looks fair value.

      In our trade the pick swap value wise was like us giving up pick #152 so a high 5th. So changes compensation look a little value wise.

      Seahawks get two 1sts, two 2nds, Lock, Fant & Harris for Wilson & pick #152.
      Houston gets 3 1sts, a 3rd, & 5th for Watson.
      Not bad, comparable value.

      Very risky though for Cleveland with 22 civil suits still out there. Great trade for Houston.

  51. Big Mike

    So CL said above that Schefter is saying Baker is not part of the trade. Cleveland gonna eating a bunch of his salary too then.

    • Brett in AZ

      Baker Mayfiled is on a path to be the angriest, second-chanciest player in the NFL.

      • Roy Batty

        Dan Patrick had a funny thing to say about rumors that Cleveland wanted an “adult” as a QB, that’s why they were going after Watson.

        Patrick was, like, really? Watson is your idea of an adult?

        • Big Mike


          • Roy Batty

            That ownership group is just so, so bad at this.

        • Peter

          Literally could hear and see Dan patrick saying that!

  52. cha

    $9.55m in dead cap money accumulated between releasing Mayowa, Hyder and Dunlap.

    Good on the org for making the tough calls and moving on.

    But telling KJ ‘thanks but no thanks, we’ll drop those three guys in coverage instead’ remains a disastrous decision.

    I sure hope they really mean their arrogant days are behind them.

    • Denver Hawker

      Hope it’s even an entire philosophy shift.

      In fairness (I come in peace), KJ regressed quite a bit last year. Saw he gave up 16 completions on 17 targets and played a third of defensive snaps. That would have also saddened me to see performed one a Hawks jersey.

      • cha

        Compared to how those three did in coverage I’d still take KJ.

        • Denver Hawker

          Fair point.

          • UkAlex6674

            With Hyder/Dunlap/Mayowa being cut and freeing up nearly 10 million, is there a chance they are setting themselves up for a trade of some sort?

            • Rob Staton

              They’ve got something going on for sure

              • pdway

                hopefully more evidence that the new defensive hires are exerting influence

    • Brett in AZ

      Again, am left wondering if these changes in approach indicate a slight change in operating structure that we’re just not privvy to?

      • Big Mike

        And is Desai part of that shift?

        • Brett in AZ

          Based on what we’re witnessing, I’d speculate that Desai/Hurtt, Waldron and Schneider all have a louder voice. And Pete’s onboard.

  53. Blitzy the Clown

    This makes Mayfield a must trade. No, a MUST TRADE.

    He’s $18.5m dead cap right now. They can’t pay him and Watson. Should be a buyer’s market for Baker.

    I’m ambivalent on Mayfield. I don’t really think he’s an answer. But I can’t ignore his raw talents and Pete’s ability to get retreads to buy in and to conure a bit of magic in a true QB competition.

    If Cleveland give Seattle a Day 3 pick to take Mayfield and his contract, I’m cool with that. But if Cleveland want a pick for him, I’d do it only for a conditional 2023 Day 3 pick.

    • SeattleLifer

      Agreed they have to get rid of him. I frankly am not that interested in him – as Rob has said before he played for a complete offense, good o-line, rb’s and wr corps and still never excelled. I don’t see why you’d swap out Luck with Mayfield just to try to chase another win or two? Do they really think Lockbis that bad? Apparently so, and that makes it seem like the Broncos pretty much made us take Lock against our wishes.

      Anyways if they do get Mayfield it better be for no higher than a 6th round pick especially now that Cleveland has lost their leverage because they have to unload him now.

    • HOUSE

      Crazy enough… Earlier I was thinking Hyder could’ve went in the deal for Mayfield. Let’s just give them Jamal Adams and call it a day.

      Since the team looks like it is rectifying mistakes of seasons past, moving on free of Adams would be amazing!

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Ohhhh, the dream.

  54. SeattleLifer

    Desai and Hurtt have real say!

    Schefter saying Dunlap released. Condotta saying Hyder is next. Lots! I’d change on the d-line, new sheriffs in town for sure and frankly shows you how poorly we’ve done with our patchwork bs in free agency on the defensive front lately. Now if we can just get the same kind of fresh eyes/reset going on the o-line as well….

    • Derek

      I have to say, this feels like early PC/JS. Cutting bait and moving on when it’s clearly not working. I’m not completely convinced but I’m opening up to it.

      With the current salary cap and top QBs signing $50/year.. I don’t know how that’s sustainable. QBs on a rookie contract are so valuable now.

      Plus the move to Hurtt and Desai and the flurry of defensive adds and cuts, it’s at least exciting to be a Seahawks fan right now.

      • SeattleLifer

        Agreed on all you said and definitely nice to have some exciting/encouraging things going on rather than the same stale (and poor) roster building/retentions.

      • Brett in AZ

        With all the money being spent on QB’s & WR’s, it sure would be an opportune time for LOB 2.0 to show up in the league somewhere.

  55. Mick

    I like the Dline moves. While we’re at it, we should cut Carson too.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      No news to go on, but it really smells like Mayfield will be starting QB for the ‘Hawks next season. If history is any indication, Pete LOVES taking chances on former first round picks that either flame out or somehow become available. If this is the move he and JS make, it’d damn sure better come at a savings, either in the draft pick heading out or in CLE eating a large chunk of the salary next season.

      Also, when can we finally dump Carson and use his, Dunlap’s and Hyder’s savings towards locking up La’el Collins and Trent Brown?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Ack. Reply fail. So…. when does the site get the new re-branding and look again? 🤪

      • CL

        Seems like the Colts could be the frontrunner though, let’s see.

        • Big Mike

          If I’m the Colts I much prefer Jimmy G to Baker.

    • Buf

      Im very ok with cutting carson. I like him, but its clear we are paying him a lot for 4.5 games a season.

      Id sign Penny and Fornette today. Get a true 1:2 that are both dual threats. Let em compete to see who gets to be the starter. Back to Pete’s basics of running the ball..which we will need with our QB. Bet Waldron would love it. Plus they are young enough to be on the team with where its going.

  56. Peter

    Finished the interview. Matt corral in the second? Is there a coach more secure in tis league who doesn’t have a qb and could actually sit a qb for a year than our very own PC?

  57. lil’stink

    Danielle Hunter is probably better in a 4-3, but I would love to see us go after him if the price is right.

  58. NYCHawk

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re clearing room for Danielle Hunter. Vikings looking to ship him out this weekend. 3rd + 2023 3rd should probably do it.

  59. Anita_Cocktail

    Hi Rob,

    Long-time lurker for many years, I’m just not the commenting type (sorry), but I so enjoyed listening to your interview of Scot that I am moved to say thank you. It was so interesting to hear his perspective on talent evaluation vs. actual on field performance and truly just how many pitfalls and traps that can doom a pick and/or franchise. Really Scot talks a lot and I appreciate your style of just letting him do so. I think a lot of interviewers interject their own opinions far too often, again just a riveting hour for a football fan.

    If you haven’t listened yet, highly recommend you do.


    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

    • DriveByPoster

      I completely agree. It isn’t just that Scot is experienced & knowledgeable, he also so obviously enjoys sharing (or showing off) that knowledge. Just wind him up & let him go! I really enjoyed the first intrview you did with him & this one was even better. A great listen!

  60. Denver Hawker

    If the Hawks are keen on a QB in this draft at 40/41, maybe they should try and trade back in to R1 to get that 5th yr option. Seems like it worked out with Lamar and with the QB market where it is, seems valuable if the drafted QB hits.

  61. BobbyK

    I’ve often said that you can have morons, criminals, etc. on a team, but not as the face of your franchise. Why the Browns went there is why the Browns are the Browns. Great lesson to teach the children of America, too. Be a dirtbag and we’ll reward you if you’re good enough.#sickening

    • Brett in AZ

      It’s not difficult to imagine a handful of ways this could really turn South on them. Some real boomerang potential there.

      • Mick

        I’m glad we dodged that bullet. I’d be happier with Mayfield, Lock, Eason or a rookie than starting Watson.

    • Hawk Finn

      To be fair, that’s capitalism in a nutshell.

      • Leonard

        Please keep the high school understanding of politics to yourself.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Just a reminder, he’s not been found guilty of anything to date. That could change and he could spend a while in and out of civil court but they’re still just accusations until that time. Thankfully, we don’t assess guilt solely on internet outrage.

      • Roy Batty

        Yeah. Worst case is he was using massage parlors to pay for sex, which is a known vector for the sex slave trade.

        But other than that, he isn’t guilty in a crime court.

        The guy is dripping with slime.

        • Peter

          Robert kraft does not like this comment

          • MychestisBeastmode

            Do they have internet on Epstein island?

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Don’t forget that regardless of whatever happens in a court of law, the NFL could still from the hammer for basically any length of time they choose.

      • D-OZ

        Well he has plenty for civil suit payoff. Witch is the way it will most likely go down. Swept under the carpet. Interested as this will go down with Goodell?

  62. Hawk Finn

    Just here to note that with Benson Mayowa released, there are exactly 0 remaining members from the Super Bowl championship team.

    • Brett in AZ

      You know Hawk, the more I think about this comment, the more I think that might be a good thing.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Ya. It was 9 years ago. That’s just about a whole NFL career for most. Anybody left is on the wrong side of 30.

  63. Buf

    Should the Hawks splurge and get both Terron Armstead and Trent Brown to be bookend tackles?

    I know a lot of people are talking Duane, but he isn’t compatible with the youth movement. Not saying either Terron Armstead or Trent Brown are young, but it’s reasonable to assume they can be productive for another 5 years. If we get a rookie, or wish to lure a top tier QB in a season or two, having stalwart protection has got to be a big recruiting asset. Even if its just to boost Lock’s value in a future trade.

    Obviously we could look to add a tackle in the draft too, but I wouldn’t be opposed to loading up and having the rookie as a backup for when there’s an injury, rather than sliding him in Day 1 and hoping he can hold his own. O-line (especially T and C) seems to be one of the headier positions with a sharper learning curve.

  64. BobbyK

    Anyone dumb enough to think Drew Lock could be the answer:

    Spoke with an NFL Scout a bit ago (will spend part of Easter weekend with him) and he feels bad for me about Drew Lock. Great talent. No pocket presence. Bad decisions (he agreed with my assessment). But he added that Lock is a “do the minimum” type of guy. He’s never early, doesn’t stay late (he has friends throughout the league as well). Not a leader.

    He’s a backup. Nothing else.

    • Denver Hawker

      I’ve seen him close up here- he’s even a scary backup. He makes some amazing plays that make you sit up for sure. He basically couldn’t play when drafted, had to spend a whole offseason with a special VR program to help him learn how to read defenses and improve decision making. He lost a QB competition to Teddy Bridgewater who can’t throw more than 10 yards down field. I put a reasonable chance he’s even cut pre-season.

      • BobbyK

        Some of these Seahawks fans who want to give him a chance are delusional.

        Thanks for the hometown assessment.

        • uptop

          ill give him a chance lead the tank

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          The only way I’d give him a shot at being a starter is if you can’t find anything better and don’t sell the farm for some other questionable quarterback. Even if they draft a QB this year, I don’t really want to see him starting unless he has to or he has rare rookie presence like Russ did. Otherwise, he’s just a camp body that was thrown in at Denver’s request.

        • pdway

          well crap…that’s a 1-2 punch of despair. oh well. had a thin sliver of hope. you guys are probably right.

          • Denver Hawker

            I’ve always thought this rebuild will be about restocking talent and drafting a QB- this year or next. If next year, someone needs to start this year and that someone needs to be cheap. Lock makes sense if he can pull his out of his ass, but so does Geno, or another vet if that’s the path. Lock is no long term solution and never was.

            • pdway

              agree w that. build the defense this year. maybe add O-line, and then just a placeholder at QB.

        • D-OZ

          Bobby You and have agreed on a lot of issues over the years. T.j.Watt for one, as we were pounding the table for him. The worst trade down in the PC era. When I compared Aron Donald to John Randle before any media outlet ever got a sniff. I got a little negative reaction. Kudos to Rob though for reevaluating his opinion after the SR Bowl. Same goes for Yannic although I overestimated him. Defense is my side of the ball.Avalon, street& Smiths, ESPN, Mell Kiper were my go to magazines while fishing in the Bering Sea since 1966(Retired Off the Northwestern in 2004) Love the horizontal board. Long time since I’ve seen it.
          Rob has become very good @ evaluating the offensive side of the ball. Rob you have become a better D evaluator over the last couple of years, cheers…
          I would rather take a chance on Lock than Baker. You have a lot of fixing on Baker over Lock. I think they can make Lock a better Trade chip than Mayfeild. (Headcase) If Mayfeild had been picked between 15 and 32 he may have been a better prospect to develop and reach his potential.
          OK I have got to send this off, my wife is lighting candles and it isn’t even dark yet.
          Happy trails Matti!!! Shout -Out to Micheal Jackson-Rose Bowl MVP and textbook Linebacker whose career was cut short by a devistating knee injury… I am wearing purple today by the way. Hey. Go Hawks!~!!!

      • BobbyK

        Put Teddy Bridgewater’s brain into Lock’s body and you’ve got a Pro Bowl QB. Separate the two and you’ve got two crappy QBs. Bridgewater started because he’s a good guy, a leader, etc. even though Lock clearly had the physical tools.

      • Brett in AZ

        This is a perfect example of what McCloughan was getting at in the interview. If you bring a guy with great physical traits into the NFL, and it turns out you rush him and he doesn’t have the right mental makeup… you can really mess up his career.

        If FO’s didn’t make these kinds of errors, there wouldn’t be any ‘buy-low’ chances I guess.

        • BobbyK

          I’d argue the biggest mess up could be from the player for a lack of work ethic.

          • Brett in AZ

            If that truly ends up being his M.O., then I agree with those who predict he’ll get cut in camp. The Lendale White track.

            There would be value in that too, from an example standpoint.

            Let’s hope he applies himself better than that.

      • Big Mike

        Boy that fills me with hope

        • Peter

          Your hope is going to brim over when he throws over the middle. Too bad there’s going to be four defenders on the guy. Thus the near 1:1 td/ int ratio.

        • Denver Hawker

          I’m probably a little hyperbolic, but the door couldn’t hit him hard enough out of town. The believe that cling to his tools as a reason to keep him on the field, also blame Broncos coaching- not helping him more. In truth, Fangio just hated him.

          • Peter

            Loved eisen on vic dangio afrer Wilson trade:

            Really….now you get a qb?

    • Mexican Hawk

      Never early/doesn’t stay late, not good. Little things only those that have seen it up front know.

      Those are the intangibles Corral seems to have and Wilson had in spades.

      • BobbyK

        He said he loves no QB in this draft. Says Willis is the best in terms of tools but he’s nowhere ready to start as a rookie. He needs a year to just sit and learn (not the best use of a #9 pick).

    • CaptainJack

      what a snide and arrogant comment, Bobby. Give Drew a chance to show something in a new situation before you write him off. I think he deserves a look… am I “dumb enough” to think that? Yeah, sure I am because you found some unsubstantiated claim on the internet that he’s lazy. Dear lord. Do I feel confident he’s our next franchise qb? Of course not, but it’s a rebuild year and he deserves a chance to compete and prove himself as much as any other qb we bring in.

      in the words of DK,,,, chill on the Drew Lock slander.

      • Spectator

        Not that my opinion even matters, but I’m with captain on this. Pretty ridiculous to post the way you did. If you have an opinion, that’s one thing. This is another. Screams of a self aggrandizing “look at me and who I know” post.

        As far as having a scout friend, let’s remember more than one “scout” also had Collier as a first round talent. “Scout” really means nothing. It’s a nice and interesting anecdote, but nothing more than that. Makes me want to root for Lock to show something even more.

        If PC/JS choose to give the kid a shot, I’m all for it. He flames out? High pick. He shows out? Maybe we have something. Exciting times.

      • Henry Taylor


      • BobbyK

        Did I hear this from an “UBNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIM” from the internet?

        Or did I hear it from a former student of mine who I’ll be spending part of Easter weekend with?

        By the way, he’s a paid NFL scout (no longer low on the totem pole either). Pretty sure I’ll take his “take” over your feel good story of believing in lipstick/pig.

        • TomLPDX

          You know Bobby, sometimes it’s best to just not respond.

          • CaptainJack

            Far as I am concerned BobbyK posted a public comment. I took issue with it and wrote a critical reply. He disagreed with my issues. Fair enough, that’s where it ends. I don’t really have anymore to say on it.

            It’s within my right to criticize Bobby and well within his to criticize me in return.

            • TomLPDX

              Yes indeed, you do, and I was glad you responded as you did! I thought it was a snide and arrogant comment as well.

    • Henry Taylor

      Calling fans dumb for wanting not to over invest in the wrong QB and being ok with giving Lock a shot for a year, accepting that it probably wont work and that’s ok. Nice.

      • BobbyK

        Apologies. You have more information than this NFL scout.

        • Henry Taylor

          Way to actually read my comment dude.

          • Chris

            His scout buddy told him he could respond without reading first.

    • HOUSE

      While I can see you’re dropping knowledge from a first hand account and that info can/probably is valuable, you’re coming off as you know better cause you know someone and everyone else is stupid.

      As a teacher, I would think you would know a thing or two about message delivery…

  65. Sea Mode

    Fully guaranteed?! Browns gonna Brown.

    The League should make him wear #22.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      and “all-22” saw how much his new deal is
      worth. cha ching!

  66. Mick

    I hope the cuts today are made to clear money for signing Trent Brown. Mayfield isn’t worth 18 mil.

  67. Hand of God

    Also, his 2022 cap number is 1MM – if he gets suspended this year, Watson’s lost salary is capped at 1mm

  68. Erick

    Progressive Insurance Commercial…

    Baker Mayfield knocking on local homes and businesses, informing them that a sexual predator has moved into the neighborhood.

  69. Sea Mode


    Ian Rapoport
    · 1h

    The #Browns were told they were out… but never stopped recruiting. Now, they get Deshaun Watson. WILD

    AJ Schulte

    Not stopping when being told no seems to be pretty common in this whole Watson story

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Oh, my.

      • Whit21

        Its like in Family Guy side scene… James Bond “50 no’s and 1 yes means yes”

  70. pdway

    One thing for sure…I think this is THE craziest nfl off-season ever…

  71. Big Mike


  72. TimDB11

    Absolutely outstanding interview. I could listen to Scot M talk football all day long. Rob what I loved u asked the questions that we all wanted to hear and u just let the man talk. BAMF interview. He is right. Let a qb sit for a year and learn build a team around him. I forgot Patrick sat his first year, and Aaron sat a couple of years. Shows those Qb hits to the ground compound.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tim

  73. Hand of God

    Josina Anderson is saying that Quinton Jefferson will sign a 2 year agreement with the Seahawks, worth 9.5-11MM….not great

    • CaptainJack

      He had six sacks last season from the interior as a rotation piece. That’s decent production.

    • Carl

      Q Jeff, is a decent rotational piece, can probably play DT or DE in a 3-4, cap hit is probably 3 million this year seems like a fine deal to me.

    • Sea Mode

      This is the flashy amount always given first to the media to make their new signing and his agents feel good. When the details come out, it’s almost sure to be less.

  74. Scot04

    Seahawks get better deal according to OTC

    • Big Mike

      Refreshing change after the Adams debacle.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Yep. Rob’s initial impression was spot on. Good to see it stood the test of time (even if only a couple weeks) when compared to Watson.

  75. Trevor

    I think about Mayfield and how he played when the Browns were run first and he just had to manage the game. He excelled in this situation. Pete and Baker might be a marriage made in heaven in that regard and you know he will have a chip on his shoulder.

    I say trade one of the 5th round picks for him. Bring him in and let him and Lock battle it out and hope one of them steps up. If not then you focus on QB in next years draft.

    • Sea Mode

      Thing is, I think Cleveland is going to try and make us outbid Indy, who also has extra picks to dangle from the Wentz deal. So I doubt a R5 gets it done.

      From Baker’s perspective, Indy has the stud RB and OL for him to manage, and we have the stud WRs. Not that he really has much say.

      • Peter

        Indy should do it. I have as much interest in mayfield as i do Lock. Zero. Just get exciting players this year and go to the next draft with all your picks.

      • Paul

        I don’t see John Schneider getting pulled into a bidding war. If SEA is actually interested in Mayfield, they will determine a value for him and not go beyond that.

        • Rob Staton

          They seem to be playing it right.

          Taking a back seat, letting Indianapolis lead. Then if an opportunity arises, you make a call.

          Sensible IMO.

          • Trevor

            Agree completely Rob I kind of like the idea of brining him in but he is definitely not getting into any kind of bidding war for.

  76. V

    “Talked to a few people at the Michigan work out. David Ojabo the potential first rounder injured his Achilles. Horrible news.”

    • Rob Staton

      Probably drops him a round

      • Troy

        Might be smart to use one of our 2nds on him, could pay off tremendously as a high value player at a bit of a discount.

        • Sea Mode

          Possibly, bit you never know if or at what percent he will get back to as far as get off and change of direction. Achilles might be the worst of all in that regard.

      • SoCal12

        Would you use 40/41 on him and save #9 for OL, Wyatt/Davis, Sauce/Stingley?

  77. Blitzy the Clown

    Finally got a chance to listen to the interview and WOW! I freakin loved it!

    There’s almost a little John Madden to Scot, especially when he gets into the weeds of QB evaluation and overall talent management/athlete psychologist. Just loved it.

    Also lmao Rob kept going “just one more question…” I was like keep asking! Keep asking!

    Truly entertaining and might I say unique. Fresh. Different.

    Left a 5 star on the podcast too

    • Big Mike

      New nickname: One More Question Staton

    • Rob Staton


  78. Sea Mode

    Jordan Schultz
    · 34m

    Just spoke w/Trent Brown, who tells me he had a very good visit w/#Seahawks. SEA laid out a great plan for him and believes he can help usher in new era of winning football up front. Brown, a Pro Bowler, is still just 28 yrs old. Deal could very well get done over the wkd.

    • Big Mike

      Not believing it til Josina is on the phone with him verifying.

      • Sea Mode


    • Peter

      Please don’t let this be an overpay. Dude misses tons of time.

    • Denver Hawker

      Isn’t this what they do with all free agents? This Jordan guy. The whole tweet says very little unfortunately.

      He’s fit well with the Pats it seems, but his time with the Raiders wasn’t looked upon very favorably. Some pieces out there on his lack of work ethic, attention to the team, non-interest in watching tape, etc. This doesn’t totally reconcile with how he’s viewed by Pats, but they’re also not backing the truck up for him either.

      I good with it, but hope it doesn’t break the bank and has an out after 2 years.

      • CaptainJack

        Who cares how much tape he watches? He’s dominant on the field. As long as that’s the case, let him have a life outside football as well.

  79. UP Hawk

    DJ Moore on 5th year option getting 4 year, 73 million extension. Maybe this is closer to DK’s market as a player a year from free agency getting his insurance now with the ability to hit a 3rd contract at a reasonable age if things go well. Further reason to make a decision now if he is going to be a foundational piece of the future core.

    • Peter

      41 million guaranteed. I think DK will be getting much more than that. Moore has 1000 more yards and half as many tds in four seasons.

      • UP Hawk

        For sure and I totally expect DK to probably be more than DJ. But DK at Adams or Hopkins money? I think not. He disappears in games. Sure, we can try to blame Russ not being able to throw over the middle, or his finger, or Geno throwing to him. But the best receivers transcend those challenges on a weekly basis, and we haven’t seen that from DK. If he thinks he’s getting top 3 money, unfortunately it’s time to trade him. I love him and think he is the big bodied wideout Pete looked for early on in Seattle and could never find. My money is on us keeping him, but thinking an AAV of closer to 22 million than 27.

        • Roy Batty

          DK is a national celebrity. He is more than just his on field numbers. He sells tickets and merchandise. That’s huge in the minds of owners and GMs. Especially anyone looking for a spark to get their fan base energized.

          He would easily demand $25 million. Easily, and get it.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            And should get it from us. We have the money. He is young and talented. The type of player teams prioritize in keeping as part of a core to build around.

  80. Brett in AZ

    Must say, am really looking forward to Rob’s next podcast where he reviews & comments on today’s crazy events and the trends we are starting to see develop from SEA.

  81. Blitzy the Clown

    What about DK for #13 + #44 + Mayfield?

    • Sea Mode

      O’Brien’s no longer in Houston giving out gifts…

    • j hawk

      I would go for 13,44,Mayfield. Perhaps there might be better offers out there without the QB attached.

    • Denver Hawker

      #13 is gone now though isn’t it? Browns all in.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        D’oh! 🥴

  82. Troy

    Fantastic interview Rob, you can just tell how great of a football mind is Scot is while he answers the questions, I would LOVE if the hawks brought him back for this upcoming draft.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Troy I. Would love to see McCloughan in the Seahawk war room.

  83. Hawk Finn

    I feel like Rob missed an opportunity with his rebrand. “Just Staton the Facts” could have dominated the interwebs

    • TomLPDX

      Love it! Well played Hawk Finn.

  84. samprassultanofswat

    I can’t believe I how fast that 53 minutes went. The McCloughan knows so much about football.

  85. ShowMeYourHawk

    Well, Kyle Fuller was re-signed, so… there’s that.

    • Big Mike


    • Denver Hawker


    • TomLPDX


    • SeattleLifer

      Too bad Hurtt and Desai aren’t in charge of the o-line cause I’m certain they would’nt have allowed Fuller onto our roster.

  86. Rob Staton

    Eisen & Breer on the possibility of DK Metcalf to GB

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Haven’t seen the clip of them yet but would you make the move for the OAK 1st they acquired for Adams and their natural 2nd @ 60?

    • TimDB11

      I really hope Seattle doesn’t trade Metcalf. I got have somebody to root for get excited about. Trade Tyler to Green Bay for a third

      • Ashish

        Sorry Tyler is 100 times better player than DK

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Not a fact. They complement each other very well. Or maybe better put, Tyler complements DK. Metcalf would be a WR1 on any team in the NFL while Lockett is an excellent WR2 who’s route running is silky smooth, hands and body positioning are on par with best in the NFL. DK garnering most double teams gives Lockett the freedom to spread his wings and fly.

          Plus, DK young, Tyler older at 29 (not too old though but closer to being NFL old than NFL young). DK is freaky big and fast, Tyler is petite by comparison and more quick than fast.

          And I think we are going to see just how good of a back shoulder catcher DK can be. Something tells me he wanted more that, got a small taste with Geno, but never got many looks in that form from RW. Those passes are easier to make with big bodied types as they can more easily box out defenders.

          Point is, they’re both great and DK’s raw intangibles give him a ceiling as high or higher than any WR in the NFL at this time, including Tyler.

    • CaptainJack

      It may make more sense than I’d like to admit. If they don’t think dishing out a massive, massive contract to a receiver with many technical flaws in his game is within the cards… it might make too much sense if you are getting offered a first.

    • cha

      “They’ll have an idea by the time we get to the draft, of whether or not DK is gonna on the team past this year.”

  87. TimDB11

    Rob have you considered Seattle going to Detroit and saying we will take Goff and his contract of your hands and give Seattle a draft pick or say swap 3rd round pick….something along those lines. Goff knows the system and a bridge to our next QB. Let him and Lock battle for starter and backup. Goff gets his revenge opportunities

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure why Detroit would do it

  88. TimDB11

    Get out of Goff contract and clear up cap space. They Draft their QB this year. Seattle has a stop gap for a year or two. To let their QB of the future mature. Pete gets his seasoned vet

  89. Derek

    Just saw the news that John Clayton passed away today.

    While his recent journalism hasn’t been on par with his past, he has been a face for Seahawks reporting as long as I can remember. Decades. He was a Hall of Fame journalist and an overall great guy.

    RIP John. We will miss you.

    • drrew76

      He honestly seemed like just the most kind hearted guy.

      I know he became a bit of a punching bag here, but at his best, he was one of the best NFL writers ever, and I’ll choose to remember him for that instead of his diminished later years.

    • Rowdy

      I can’t believe it, I always loved Clayton. I know he’s been working from home because his wife is sick so this is a shock. He had some goofy takes recently but he’s always been a numbers an analytics guy not a analyst. So I’ve always gave him a pass on it and thought the hate for him was ridiculous.

    • Denver Hawker

      Boy, I feel like an ass now. He missed a few segments recently after Russ was traded due to medical issues. I and other even on the radio mocked him for his defensive positions on Russ trade possibilities.

      He certainly shouldn’t be remembered for being horrifically wrong in his later years. Absolute legend.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Ugh. RIP. I definitely partook in passing judgement on his cognitive processing I’ve le the last couple years. So, fuck me.

      I’ve always enjoyed his bits on ESPN and was proud that he was a northwest guy in making his name on the East coast national sports scene. Honestly didn’t know he was dealing with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) or at least that’s what I was able to find about him passing – not confirmed so please take with a grain of salt. Nothing but love for the guy and feel for his family and those who knew and cared about him personally. Truly a great reporter.

      ”im John Clayton damnit” will always be one of my favorite reporter stories.

    • Russ

      No question. The man was a legendary sports journalist. Seahawks, Steelers, golden era of ESPN. Lot of times during the Mike Sando ESPN days where he was the other voice I looked forward to hearing most.


      • Peter

        I miss when ESPN was interesting and hired oddball quirky people like the profesor from around the country.

        Just watched a news tribune video from superbowl weekend (broncos v. Seahawks) and he was having the time of his life hanging out with slayer and not bothering breaking down the match up because “seattle has the better roster this is a no brainer (sic)”


      RIP to a favorite. Also starred in one of my favorite of the old ESPN commercials.

    • Gross MaToast

      Gross MaToast would have never existed without John Clayton. He seemed like a good guy who loved the game. Condolences to his friends and family.

      ‘Gross MaToast’ is going to the big stadium in the sky and won’t return.

      I’ll be back with a new moniker next time.

      • Denver Hawker


  90. Ashish

    RIP John Clayton

  91. Aaron

    “The Professor” John Clayton passed away

    May he rest in peace

  92. 12th chuck

    “Mom, I’m done with my segment!” rip jc

  93. samprassultanofswat

    John Clayton has past away. WOW! Terrible Terrible news. Sad! Very sad! I can’t believe it. I loved listening to John Clayton. I learned so much from John Clayton. I am really going to miss him. I am going to miss him BIG-TIME. What a great human being. I just can’t believe it.

    RIP John Clayton.

  94. samprassultanofswat

    John Clayton truely was the Professor.

  95. Jordan

    RIP professor.

    A friendly reminder to try to avoid speaking poorly of people who may be struggling; as you just never know what they may be dealing with. There was a lot that was unkind said about this decent man just because he was struggling with his work.

    • Huggie Hawk

      Amen to this – you said it a lot nicer than I was going to. RIP to a legend.

  96. SpennyDunks

    Can someone show me where it was confirmed that we are switching to a 3-4 defense? I must have missed that. If it’s just based on the moves we are making, to me it seems like a true reversion to Pete’s old “3-4 personnel in a 4-3 base”. Big beefy 5Ts a la Big Red Bryant. A pass rushing SLB like Nwosu in Bruce Irvin’s role.

    If this is the case, the plan seems relatively simple. Try and get JJ or KT at 9 to rotate with Taylor as THE Leos. Add another LB to complement Nwosu and Brooks, and a tone setting RB like Breece Hall. Take a chance on a QB in the middle rounds (I know Rob likes Coan). Then try and grab some corners. Lots of long corners in the middle rounds fortunately such as Montaric Brown or Jalyn Armour-Davis. Once again, Corner seems like a pretty big need but they tend to avoid drafting CBs early.

    RIP John Clayton.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Clint Hurtt referenced 3-4 in a presser shortly after being promoted. Can’t recall when, but believe Desai has as well. Both come from Fangio tree who runs 3-4. Pete also referenced 3-4 but downplayed the degree of difference from our traditional 4-3 under (which is more or less a mix of 4-3 and 3-4 concepts). So, what it looks like is anyone’s guess, but does at least sound like it will look more 3-4 than years past.

    • Seattle Person

      Not officially confirmed by the team. However, the moves so far suggest strongly they are going to more 3-4 looks. Dunlap being cut. He doesn’t fit a 3-4. Same with Hyder and Mayowa. Nwosu can probably play Leo, Sam, or the OLB position.

      • Peter

        I wonder if they cut Dunlap more for age and thst he has never really played in a 3-4? His size should be fine as an end but he’s a pass rusher and I’m sure he’s fine in the run game it would be tough to have him collapsing the pocket without that being his strong suit.

        Won’t be surprised if they look at two LB’s in this draft. I get taylor playing outside LB but Barton? Hope they look to upgrade from him…doubt it…but hope so.

  97. 206

    It’s easy to talk smack, but when shit gets real and people pass, things come into perspective. RIP John Clayton and prayers to his family and friends.

    • Ben

      Ahhh man John! May you Rest In Peace. I always loved seeing the space needle behind him on ESPN, always knew he’d have the right insight when he came on. just a stellar person with a huge heart.

  98. Dave

    RIP John Clayton. Always enjoyed listening to him and learned a lot from him. He was a great character and seemed a very decent person

  99. Jacob Kresse

    First off RIP to the professor, terrible news.

    Hey Rob there used to be a website you referenced years ago that had charts of players Sparq scores. Way back when we had that dt turned o lineman from Buffalo. Do you remember the. Site?

  100. Rob Staton

    RIP John Clayton

    Will always remember fondly the Super Bowl runs when 710 first introduced ‘Clayton’s Morning Drive’. Might sound strange now but at the time is quite exciting to have Clayton doing a daily segment on Brock & Salk — finishing with a ‘wild card’ question which was always fun.

    Something as simple as a small scheduling tweak during the playoffs made everything feel ‘big’ on the radio and I appreciated that. And when they said John would be there every morning until the end of the playoff run, it just reminded me how great it would be to have it last to the very end of the season.

    He had a quirky charm to him. Getting names wrong actually made him more endearing, I think. And ‘Utah Gross Ma Toast’ was one of the funniest things I’d heard in a long time.

    Thoughts with John’s family.

    • bmseattle

      I agree that his pronunciation quirks were endearing.
      They were a part of his persona for years… it wasn’t just a recent thing.

      I used to listen to Clayton on Saturdays back in the day. I always appreciated that he stayed local, even when his popularity was booming around the country.
      He has an extremely loyal following, which is evidence of what a good person he was, as well as excellent reporter.

      I didn’t love the way he acted toward some folks over the past year, re: the Russ situation, but I give him credit for sticking to his guns and then admitting when he was wrong.

      RIP John Clayton.
      Hugely influential career.
      I feel for his wife and family.

    • cha

      John’s database was awesome. He was the first one to really have access to the kind of info we can get on Spotrac and OTC now. The cap was a mystery to everyday fans and John was very useful to unlocking it.

      I always enjoyed how he rubbed elbows with league insiders but also took calls from the public regularly. It helped fans feel connected that way.

  101. Henry Taylor

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but Davante Adams’ contract isn’t actually as bad as it looked at first.

    His cap hits the first 3 years are 8.1m, 30.5m and 21.3m, which averages at about 20m per year. After that it’s 40.1 the net 2 years, but the Raiders can cut him in those years with just the prorated signing bonus penalty of 7.7m and 3.35m respectively.

    So basically I don’t think extending DK will actually be that damaging. I guess the issue is that if we structure the deal similarly, we’d be cutting a 27 year old rather than a 33 year old.

    • Ashish

      Other way to look at DK case is he is not on expensive contract this year if we trade him and get 1st round may not be best used this year. Next year when we need to jump ahead for QB, DK might be used as a trade compensation.
      Risk is his play might drop depending on 2022 QB.

    • Peter

      Thst’s a pretty interesting look at Adams contract.

      One difference is with Adams age you have to create an out. Whereas DK iy’s hard to see him getting cut at 27.

      Just me but if I were DK I would look to sign a three year nearly fully guranteed contract. Then he has one final chance to cash in big time. Instead of a bloated fake money deal with restructuring, etc, if the market for WR’s stays hot great for him if it cools then great for the team.

      I have a hunch that DK will be fine stats wise with Lock. What lock does rifling it down the field and DK’s speed will match fine. The problem for DK is (same with Wilson to a degree) not sure he’s going to improve other areas of his game….with Pete’s brand of football and Lock, geno, person to be named later.

    • AL

      DK’s trade value will be better this year than next year when he will be demanding a huge contract.

      If the Seahawks aren’t prepared or willing to sign him to a Davante Adams type of contract, than they should trade him now to get the best value.

      Rob has said and I agree that draft classes — they’re always loaded at receiver. College football is churning out quality wide-outs year after year.

      The question moving forward is, does it make sense to sign QB’s and WR’s to these huge contracts, might there be a better way to go?

    • cha

      Yeah it’s basically 3 years $70m + 2 non-guaranteed years $70m

      • AL

        So, about 23 mil a year. So the question is, does it make sense for the Seahawks to sign DK to a contract around 20 mil a year or more given that they most likely won’t be a play off team in the next two years?

        • AL

          Maybe a better question is, are Pete and John willing to sign him to a huge contract?

          • Peter

            You have to have weapons. In short order Lockett will be winding down and the team will have only one weapon. That to me is why the cost isn’t an issue.

  102. Ashish

    Rob, i read new article and was about comment and now article is gone.

  103. Pran

    Adams is #1 or #2 receive in league and all-pro. Who is DK

    • Peter

      It’s not an apt comparison. One is almost 30. And the other hasn’t yet got to the point where the brain and body are at their full potential.

      • Peter

        Also DK was a way better reciever than Adams at the same point in their careers.

        Yards. Tds. And for all the people talking about DK and his skills just look up Adams receptions vs. Targets. His first two years he barely gets over 50% receptions on targets for a pretty measly, compared to DK, amount of receptions.

        The Adams that everyone thinks about doesn’t even get started until year three and even then he’s “just,” as good as DK. Not better.

  104. Gary

    I want to thank you not only for the awesome content and all the work you’ve put into this, but also for building a community of reasoned debate. Caps off to everyone here!

    Absolutely fascinating interview with Scot. Lots of insights about the mental aspect of building a successful quarterback. But it left me wondering about a curious paradox in Russ — how could someone who had the rare combination of competitive spirit and other mental attributes necessary to come in and be successful immediately also be so insecure that the franchise was scared to draft other qbs for fear of upsetting him?

  105. Turnagaintide

    Amazing content Rob! The work you do is incredible. Love the new platform and can’t wait to hear all of the upcoming interviews with some of the greatest minds in the NFL and in the draft the will be future stars in the league.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 🙏🏻

  106. samprassultanofswat

    My gut on DK Metcalf is that he is looking in the neighorhood at least 25mil. per season. It also wound not surprise me if Metcalf wants Davante Adams money. Earlier I was thinking of maybe Jacksonville as a potential trade target. But now they broke the bank at WR. So maybe the Jets. They have cap space. No doubt Zach Wilson needs a target at Wide Receiver.

  107. Ukhawk

    Been reading a lot about the Fangio defense that is gaining a lot of popularity – the one which Hurtt and Desai seemingly will be transitioning the Hawks to. Please see some links below.

    It’s effectively a 4-3 under with some nuances that are different the one Carroll has employed previously.

    My hope is, that by the Hawks utilizing the Fangio scheme, we will gain a lot more flexibility and become much less predictable in their approach.

    By extension, the setup and talent required to support the scheme, might go support some of the personnel moves we are seeing.

    Gone are traditional 4-3 ends who were older players. Now they have retained edge players incl Taylor, Nwosu & Robinson who are needed to rush, play the run as more OLBs and also be required to drop and play zone coverage. Gone are the larger 4-3 DEs like Hyder & Dunlap and probably Colliier’s option won’t be taken after 22. Another young, dominant edge player would certainly be great to add however this may not happen in the draft given JJs rise and Ojabo’s injury.

    For the defensive front, esp where the 2 of 3 DTs are expected to 2 gap alongside facing double teams, they have retained 3 DTs (Mone, Ford, and Woods) and signed 2 DT more (Harris & Jefferson) all of whom can play multiple spots across NT, 5T & 3T. After next year, only Harris and Woods are signed on for 23 hence it wouldn’t be surprising if DL was added in the draft. .

    The ILBs are expected to be highly active in run defense and play man to man coverage from the middle. Given this, it should be no surprise there is talk of Brooks maturing and Barton stepping up as well as the Hawks looking to add youth and athleticism in the position this draft.

    For the Safeties, which play generally 2 high, these are required to be highly interchangeable and tend to also backfill run defense between them. Given the need for multifaceted players with extremely broad responsibilities for each, it’s no surprise that Diggs was resigned alongside Adams. Sometimes Fangio’s defense calls for 3 safeties so hopefully Neal and Blair can also step up. Looking at the 23 roster, some turnover should be expected.

    CBs are generally larger in stature (6ft plus) within the Fangio setup and expected to play more man to man outside coverage. Based on this fact it shouldn’t be a big surprise that they’ve decided to resign Jones, add Burns and drop Reed. Given the uncertainty in future years, it’s likely they could look to add depth and possibly talent to a position that will be critical to support the scheme.

    Based on the above breakdown in terms of where the defense may go schematically, and given the number of gaps in quality across the board as we move forward, it feels very much like we shouldn’t rule out picking up other pieces besides edge IF that’s the way the draft falls. The area of most importance within the Fangio scheme is said to be ILB, CB and NT (not to mention 3T and 5T) which could all get a serious look if the right players are available at the right spot in the draft pecking order.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, and I don’t think anyone is ruling anything out.

      But they’ve added three DT’s in the last couple of weeks. We shouldn’t ignore that either. And there’s every chance Ford and Mone are extended plus I thought QJeff was a two year deal.

      So let’s also embrace that a ‘nose tackle for the future’ — as fun as Davis is — is probably unlikely

  108. Ukhawk

    Not ruling anything out nor specifically advocating Davis

    I could see us go in a number of directions which could include ANY of the defensive positions

    Again there needs to be a Plan B if an edge rusher isn’t available.

    And let’s be honest, signings aside, there isnt a difference maker on the interior line – one who causes needed inside pressure per Scott M.

    Wouldn’t rule out Winfrey & Wyatt either. Don’t believe for one minute that 32” arms will hold Wyatt back given the success of other former all star 3Ts with sub 33” arms such as Atkins, Young, Randle and Sapp.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, and I’m not ruling anything out either

      But I think we also should acknowledge actions that are informative such as how much they’ve added to DT this week.

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