Barkley stays at USC, Seahawks won’t get a QB in 2012

In 1993, the Seattle Seahawks drafted a quarterback with their first round pick. It was the last time the Seahawks spent their first draft choice on a quarterback. By 2013, they’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of that event because this situation isn’t being resolved next April.

Matt Barkley’s decision to return to USC next year wasn’t totally unexpected, but it’s completely changed the complexion of the draft. Seahawks fans can almost certainly forget about addressing the team’s biggest need in round one. While there was a pool of three players, they had options to move around and possibly be aggressive to trade up. With Barkley gone and speculation that Robert Griffin III may also return to Baylor, that pool could be down to one player – Andrew Luck. The Seahawks will not be trading up for the #1 pick. Matt Barkley and Pete Carroll have a mutual respect, they’ve worked closely for a long time and I believe a lot of work would’ve been done to reunite the pair in the NFL. He could’ve been the guy Seattle’s front office has been talking about, the player they’d be willing to break the bank for to lead this franchise. In my mind, that opportunity has now gone.

In some ways this allows us all to move on. We can draw a line under the situation and concentrate on other areas of the team. In recent weeks I’ve mocked the like of Courtney Upshaw, Kendall Wright and Devon Still to Seattle and this is the discussion we’ll be having from here on in. It may be frustrating, but that’s the hand that’s been dealt.

This won’t necessarily have a knock-on effect for other quarterbacks. Players like Nick Foles, Ryan Tannehill and Landry Jones had no place in round one to begin with and while the need is huge at quarterback for a lot of teams, I don’t expect to see a cluster of Christian Ponder-style reaches next April. The most likely to be over-drafted is Tannehill purely down to his greater athletic qualities, but even that seems like a stretch. The Seahawks are simply going to have to try and make the most of their picks again, just like they’ve done the last two years. That’s not such a bad thing as they rebuild this roster, but I suspect until they find ‘the one’ at QB, they’ll always be just short.

The big problem created here is the stretching of the talent pool. While Barkley would’ve been an early pick in 2012, he could easily have been the third quarterback off the board. The 2013 class of QB’s was looking incredibly weak – I haven’t identified one current sophomore or junior worthy of a first round grade so far. Now Barkley is the hot favorite to go first overall. Ultimately, the Seahawks will find it harder to trade into the #1 spot than a place lower in the top-ten or early teens. If the depth of quality is permanently spread thin, how can a Seahawks team avoid being terrible and still address this issue?

Griffin may still declare, particularly now that Barkley is going back to USC. If he makes the move – and he should – he’ll be the most desirable player in the entire draft purely because he’s the next in line after Andrew Luck. Every team needing a QB will be desperate to get him, it’ll create a bidding war where the price will be far too high. The Seahawks need to be aggressive, but Griffin is much more of a project than Barkley even if he does have a higher ceiling. Chasing after Griffin wouldn’t be a wise move if it comes at a huge price.

Matt Flynn isn’t the answer, let’s get that straight right away. The Seahawks really need someone who can realistically start at a decent level by 2013, so they won’t have an eternity to groom a long-term project. Tarvaris Jackson has performed above expectations, but he’s still not a player realistically capable of leading this team to the promise land. It’s a serious problem for Seattle – this team is building into a contender, but they still need that player capable of duking it out with the best in the league.

People will want to mention Josh Portis in this debate, but he’s still such a major unknown. Nobody has enough knowledge of Portis to judge whether he even has enough talent to be a good back-up. The Seahawks have basically red-shirted him this year but if he isn’t the #2 quarterback behind Jackson in 2012, when is he going to make that move? We’ll learn a lot in the next 12 months even if Portis isn’t on the field.

It’s probably not what Seahawks fans expected a few weeks ago, or what they even wanted, but the team’s first pick in 2012 is going to be about BPA and adding to the talent pool already created. I just hope they don’t force this issue by making a bad decision at quarterback – just like Arizona and Kevin Kolb – leaving themselves handcuffed and the situation unresolved. I’ve been banging this drum for a long time now, but Austin Davis at Southern Miss would be a wise choice if they’re looking to add a player with eventual starter potential – but we’re looking at quarterbacks beyond the first round now.


  1. Don


    Even before this news I have been thinking about the possible scenario of pass rusher in the first round and Austin Davis in the 2nd. Thoughts?

  2. TJ

    This is unfortunate for the Hawks. Maybe the Colts will be willing to trade the #1 pick afterall. I read that Irsay said in an interview that if Manning plays next year, it WILL be for the Colts and that they will take a QB “IF” the right guy is there. Not sure what “if” means – if that is a veiled message, disinformation, or pure BS. Time to just root for the Hawks to finish strong.

  3. David

    I would like to see a pass rusher in the 1st maybe or maybe a kicker, ok im kidding but the pass rusher, OLB like Jarvis Jones unless he didnt declare, dont remember who declared or not. I would like to have a DeMarcus Ware like player

    1st pass rusher/CB maybe Clairborne
    2nd pass rusher
    3rd QB maybe Austin Davis unless he moves up to the 2nd round which would be a nice pick and have TJ start ahead of him.
    4th rb LaMichael James ro pair with Lynch

    beyond this i dont remember what picks we have.

  4. Glen

    Schneider had an interview on Sirius NFL radio 2 weeks ago and mentioned specifically that “we need to more good drafts to get the talent where we can contend for championships year in and year out…”

    My gut feeling is that we may not have seen the splash we all expected had MB7 come out, although I trust Rob’s source much more than my gut if that’s where Rob’s thoughts stem from…

    Say we have another solid draft maybe PCJS feel better making that splash in the 2013 draft…at this point seeing how 2 drafts have worked out I’m confident that PCJS will continue to upgrade the roster…

    Pass rush or dynamic playmaker in rd 1…Austin Davis in round 2 please…although I fear Davis will be pushed up the board with MB7 returning to USC…

    Boy the draft is awesomely frustrating!!!

  5. Tom

    It’s absolutely no surprise that Barkley returned to USC, none at all. Let’s re-visit Dec 9th forum.

    “I wouldn’t go that far but there’s no doubt in my “eye test” that RG3 has more NFL upside than Barkley, who I now see returning to USC.

    Matt’s always wanted the Heisman (see recent interview) and that snub will motivate his competitiveness, he has 2 elite receivers returning, USC is BCS bowl and national championship eligible and could be the #1 selection in 2013. Does he want to potentially be the 3rd QB taken in 2012? Nope. I see Matt returning to USC.”

    I saw Barkley as the 3rd QB off the board and #1 projected QB for 2013, so why wouldn’t Matt have gone back to USC? Pretty obvious Matt was headed back to USC after the Heisman snub and all world performances and accolades by RG3.

  6. Jarhead

    Hey all is not entirely lost. I still don’t believe a value pick for pass rusher is available while we are drafting, no Aldon Smith’s here. BUT there are many ball handlers who could impact the team immediately. Lamar Miller will still be available, he would a nice 1-2 punch with Lynch, as well as several receivers. We are deep at receivers, but DL and LB are looking awfully thin from our draft position. Richardson would be great but not exactly worth trading up for. I honestly feel that we need more help on offense than defense, so I hope we go playmaker. Unfortunately none of the playmakers can pass themselves the ball but time to move on make the most of a bad situation. Cause we’re improving which is great, but are any of us going to be thrilled with a another 8-8ish season next year? Didn’t think so, it’s time to compete for the NFC Crown!

  7. SteadyHawk

    What about trying to trade down assuming there are no shockers that fall to us in the first round? This would give us ammo for next years draft. If Ruskell could trade a second round pick for a 1st round pick the following year I couldn’t imagine Schnieder not capable of the same feat. I’m more concerned about the 3rd-7th round picks. That’s where we seem to be striking gold.

  8. Seachicken101

    While pcjs have been doing well in the later rounds, that doesn’t lessen the value of 1st and 2nd round picks. And what qb are we trading up for next year? Cuz once again the best qb will be going number 1 and I don’t see being close enough to get there. Also I highly doubt the worst team next year wont need a qb.

  9. JC

    Lets not forget that Rick Mirer captained this ship through the 1996 season and some scrub named Hasselbeck showed up in 2001. I guess he did okay, for a 6th rounder.

    Granted, the Warren Moon years weren’t great and the team should have figured out Matt’s successor a few years ago, but simply saying the Hawks haven’t drafted a quarterback in 20 years hardly touches the heart of the problem. In fact I think what I said above is more important. Mirer was a 1st Rounder and wasn’t that good while the afterthought from the late rounds got us to the Super Bowl. It’s not where a guy is drafted, but who is drafted that’s important.

    Lossing out on a persumable trade up for Matt Barkley is a little deflating, but it’s hardly a barrier to entry into the playoff or even to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Buck up, fellas, there’s other fish in the sea….did I just say that?!

  10. JC

    Then you’d better hope Josh McDaniels gets the Kansas City gig, Steady. There are some right and true boneheads in the NFL but it’s hard to think of one as ghastly as Herr McDaniels.

  11. Ryan


    After tonights performance from INDY lets say they win out. What do you think happens with the first pick if St. Louis is on top? would they draft luck and trade bradford? trade the first? Thoughts?

  12. David

    I love the thoughts of getting some sort of Pass rush like Curry, but i also like Derek Wolfe from Cinci maybe in the 3rd round

    a defensive playmaker (claiborne)

    I am also not against a Offensive threat, it would be nice of Dwight Jones slid down to us at 15 or so. I still believe the 1st few rounds (maybe 1-2) is are the Offensive rounds while everything else seems to be Defensive, there are alot of D-line that are gonna be steals in the 3rd-5th round.

    it sucks making all these speculations because we still have to wait for the Pro days and the Combine.

    I try not to follow Walter Football too much and this is why, they have updated their Mock draft today and they still have Barkley going to the browns.

  13. SteadyHawk


    The Raiders look to have their 1st round pick for 2013 since they appear to have missed the playoffs. That could be an option. I did see some Lambs fans talking about McDaniels getting interest as a possible HC candidate. Who would do this is beyond me, but if it did happen you’re on to something. That’s two trade partners right off the bat. What about Daniel Snyder?

    Okay, so this idea isn’t going to be easy but it might be a much better year to be loaded up with draft picks than this one as it seems pretty weak.

  14. Cody

    I have always really liked Austin Davis, ever since he was brought to light on this site. How he plays is perfect for this system. And, after some of the quotes i read of his, I think he screams Pete Carrol QB. He never gives up, he knows his own limitations, he works within himself, athletic, game manager, etc. I just really think he could be a great success story, and possibly talked about as a late rounder that everyone missed (kind of like Tom Brady).

    I know I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but I really like this guy. And if we can pick up a good pass rusher/ CB in the first, then LaMichael James in the second, and Austin Davis in the third…. wow.

  15. Kip Earlywine

    Actually, I wouldn’t rule Seattle moving up for RG3. Its very possible they would have RG3 higher on their boards anyway. Further, as the draft order is right now, there isn’t a team seriously considering QB between picks 2-6 EXCEPT Cleveland, and Griffin isn’t an ideal fit there. Plus, Holmgren has shown a strong preference for getting QBs later or acquiring veterans from elsewhere. He’s also keen on dealing down if a good offer is made.

    Its funny, because I could barely give Griffin a 4th round grade just three months ago, but I’m already starting to think that I’d be willing to “do what it takes” for Griffin at this point. He’s made real progress in real games since then, as opposed to guys like Tebow and Clausen who tried to pretend they were reformed with staged offseason workouts. Griffin is risky and wouldn’t contribute immediately, but in just about every way he’s a perfect fit for the offense and Pete Carroll’s image.

    There’s also the issue that Seattle will probably not be in an obvious position to draft a QB next year either without a huge cost (Barkley is a lock to be a top 5 pick).

    Now if Griffin decides to just annoy us all and go back to college like Barkley did, then yeah, its time to start thinking VERY long term for the QB position.

  16. Rob

    Hey Ryan,

    It’d be a big test for the Rams, because the moment they even consider trading Sam Bradford, that trust and relationship between QB and team is lost and they get past the point of no return. At the same time, they’d have to consider drafting Luck. Tough situation, trading the pick may be the best situation for them in that they can back their trust in Bradford while getting as many as 2-3 first round picks for Luck.

  17. Peter

    I’m starting to think it’s going to be Decastro, or ANdre Branch. Though interior line help is not flashy, imagine the having a young(ish) line for years working together for years regardless of the QB. Or Andre Branch to generate more pass rush. I know a lot of people here like Claiborne, but I can’t help think how great our DB’s would truly turn into with consistent pressure besides an aging Clemons. I can’t see Claiborne lasting to us, and Sherman and Browner have turned into something pretty special, now that Browner has rolled back on the penalties and increased the interceptions (9 int’s combined for the two, 14 passes defended) when was the last time Seattle’s CB’s weren’t the problem?

    I’m now more concerned that with Senior bowl/combine/ pro days, that QB’s who shouldn’t be moving up are going to start to like Kaepernick/Dalton/Ponder forcing teams to make odd to bad choices in a shot of desperation. I just hope it’s not us.

    I can’t see St. Louis dumping Bradford. To me that guy needs some weapons, at least one good to great TE and a WR like Kendall Wright who can stretch the field. Right now that team doesn’t have anything like that. If they dump him and take Luck, they will still be a 2-4 win team until they address their numerous needs.

  18. SteadyHawk


    Holmgren did try to trade up for Bradford, so with two first rounders it wouldn’t shock me at all if he deems RG3 “his guy” to move up. My question with Holmgren was more towards how he feels about McCoy at this point.

    If I were running this FO, I would try to acquire as many first round picks as possible and give it a go next year. The only player that would stop me from moving back at this point other than RG3 would be Trent Richardson. Those two aren’t falling past the top ten anyway.

    I think we should look for a QB in the later rounds at this point. I don’t want other teams second string garbage. I’m tired of being mediocre.

  19. Daniel

    I wonder, if St. Louis ends up with the 1st, do you think Cleveland moves up to grab him? They have 2 firsts this draft, and a need. I don’t know if Luck fits their offensive scheme, but from what I’ve read he fits whatever you can throw at him.

  20. John

    I agree with Rob’s reasoning but not his conclusions. The train is leaving the station right now, and if we don’t find a quarterback to conduct it, it’s not getting where it wants to go. A quarterback next year doesn’t do us any more good than a quarterback in fifty years – by the time the player is ready to contend, the talent pool will cycle, we’ll lose talented players to free agency, and the same window we’re opening now won’t be open.

    The players to grab were actually in last year’s draft (Dalton and Mallett). But we still have a chance, and that chance rests entirely on drafting a quarterback in this draft. Barkley was one guy, and while he represented both a talented individual player and a diluting element in the market for quarterbacks, he doesn’t kill it completely. There are some fascinating players in this class, and while I’m happy to rattle off a list of players that Rob will characteristically strike down and ridicule as unworthy of the first-round pick we “need to spend” on the player, it bears noting that while we should take a quarterback in the first round, it’s not a necessary or sufficient condition to winning.

    First, the seahawks can still trade up for either Luck or RG3. The Colts will be put in a tough situation if they end up with the pick and Manning can still play, and with their win over the Texans last night, the Vikings (and maybe, but probably not the Rams) could conceivably end up with the pick. Either way, I’d be fine with sending 2, 3, 4, or 10 first round picks (Or, hey, two firsts, a second, and trufant) to a team to get Luck, if the front office believes he’s what this team needs to advance in the playoffs. RG3 will be less expensive, but still expensive.

    Second, there are a number of high quality quarterbacks being severely overlooked. If the steelers can win super bowls with Ben Roethlisberger and the ravens can contend with Joe Flacco, the seahawks can contend with someone they take 17th overall. This is a broad quarterback class. We can expect the seahawks to identify a quarterback they like between Brandon Weeden, Austin Davis, Russell Wilson, and the other players available. If they do find someone they like, and he’s available, they should take him and see what they can get done.

    I understand, and agree with, the desire to wait for an elite signal-caller and contend for super bowls. But assessing these players isn’t simple, and nobody, even Luck, is a guarantee. Our quarterback play is the one thing standing between us and greatness, and refusing to address the situation is the only mistake they can make. They need to pull up to the table and play a hand, even if it doesn’t seem palatable to do so. They’re already a year behind the game – if we’d drafted Dalton or Mallett last year, we’d be in the playoffs this year and contending for a title next year.

    I really hope Schneider and Carroll won’t let the perfect be the enemy of the great. In Schneider, at least, I have a little faith. With Carroll, all we can do is hope. Hope he doesn’t fall in love with Tarvaris.

  21. lol

    Mallett doesn’t fit at all in what Carroll and Schneider are trying to do.

  22. JS

    I’m glad they passed on Mallett, but I agree that being proactive and making something happen this offseason is needed. Acquiring picks and waiting until next year is an option but equally as risky as spending extra picks to move up. My biggest hope is that the bidding war is for Luck allowing the Hawks to swoop in for Griffin who will take a little time probably. As Kip wrote earlier Griffin has proven that he can make dramatic improvements within a year in game situations. I like the gamble on Griffin’s upside. If he costs 2 firsts and 2 seconds I would pull the trigger. He’ll probably kill the combine potentially driving up his price, but if #1 is made available for trade perhaps everyone will be bidding for Luck.

  23. kevin mullen

    What’s crazy is that if the commitee deemed Barkley not a 1st round quality, how does one grade 39td’s and 7int’s with 3500yds?

    Andrew Luck’s 2011 season: 35td’s, 9int’s, 3100yds.

    Robert Griffin3 2011 season: 36td’s, 6int’s, 4000yds.

    Do they study mechanics and footwork too? I’m lost on why they would say that Barkley should stay…

  24. Michael (CLT)

    If an X’s and O’s guy that requires some guidance is not a “fit” for the Seathawks (Mallet), then there are very few that are a “fit”. In fact, the fit is Jackson, if the range is that narrow.

    Davis: Too short
    Cousins: Too slow
    Jones: Badge Judgement
    Weeden: Too old
    Tannehill: Too raw
    Linldley: Too innaccurate
    Moore: Too short
    Foles: Too slow
    Keenum: Soft Arm
    Wilson: Too short
    Jefferson: Not a QB
    Persa: Northwestern players suck

    Take a good look guys. Mallet is head and shoulders better than this entire list. Good thing we passed.

  25. lol

    It’s pretty clear that Carroll desires mobility in a quarterback to run his offense… something that Mallett’s 5.27 40 time can’t really provide.

  26. Rainchild

    I’m lost as to why no one is seriously talking about Nick Foles. His numbers are fantastic and very comparable to the top three this year. He has a big time arm, a good upbringing, completes almost %70 of his passes. He is a stud! If we can get a good pass rusher in round 1 and Foles in the 2nd I’ll be exstatic! I’ll take some guy named Chris Polk in the 3rd since everyone has forgotten what a beast he is too.

  27. Tom

    RG3 takes another forum uppercut to the jaw.

    “he’ll (RG3) be the most desirable player in the entire draft purely because he’s the next in line after Andrew Luck…..but Griffin is much more of a project than Barkley even if he does have a higher ceiling.

    Purely because RG3’s next in line and more of a project than Barkley?

    I like Barkley and really like RG3 but isn’t it time to finally admit that RG3 is an excellent prospect and not use project when describing him?

    Smarts, reads, pocket presence, athletic ability, playmaker, decision making, mobility with eyes looking downfield and makes all the NFL throws with a wicked arm that Barkley barely measures to.

    RG3’s assent and winning the Heisman, 1st team AP All American QB and college player of the year and Barkley’s Heisman attendance snub are a few of the reasons that Barkley is returning to be BMOC and future 2013 draft star instead of the 3rd QB taken in the 2012 draft.

    It’s about time you give RG3 his due props instead of continually calling him more of a project and reason he’s in demand because he’s next in line to Luck. 🙂

  28. Colin

    Tom, you do realize RG3 was never considered a 1st round pick this time last year- right?

    It’s alot to think that after one exceptional year in college he is going to light up the NFL in year one.

  29. Rob

    We’ve spent ages praising Griffin, Tom. We don’t need to give him any more props.

  30. Hawks 101

    Please don’t reach at a qb in 2012 I’d like to see tannehill in hawks blue behind Jackson next year learning and starting in 13′ I think tannehill has major potential take a pass rusher #1 and hope you can get tanne in round 2 or vice versa I think you could still get a good pass rusher in the second round

  31. Michael (CLT)

    Anyone who has seen Foles play in person knows the truth of him. Slow footed, first read, average arm guy. Bad feet, spotty mechanics, turnover machine.

    Foles Seahawk

  32. Marty R

    We need to trade up and Draft RG3.
    He fits our run first offense, He has speed, accuracy and explosion. There is no doubt in my mind we trade a 1st this year and our first next year to pick him up. Our new offense is built around the run, guys like Cam Newton, MVick, RG3……QB’s that will beat you in the air and on the ground, Double threat with Lynch and RG3 Running and throwing. This is a no brainer and exactly what the hawks need to take their game to the next level.

  33. Tom

    “Tom, you do realize RG3 was never considered a 1st round pick this time last year- right?

    It’s alot to think that after one exceptional year in college he is going to light up the NFL in year one.”

    Colin, you do realize that Cam Newton was never considered a 1st round pick this time 2 years ago and prior to his one exceptional year in college where Cam is now lighting up the NFL in year one. 😉

    I suppose he was also a developmental project.

    Nice try, Colin!

  34. Tom

    “We’ve spent ages praising Griffin, Tom. We don’t need to give him any more props”

    Maybe we have different meanings for “spent ages” and “praising”, Rob.

    In November, you couldn’t decide whether RG3 was a 1st round pick.
    Then in the 12/7 Mock where you had us taking Kendall Wright, it was only because of Wright that RG3 was being given Heisman consideration.

    Then in the 12/21 mock, you called RG3 a “developmental” player who would sell tickets in Miami and might go higher because of the hype.

    Now you call RG3 a project?

    I analyzed tape on RG3 and with his leadership, pocket presence, athletic running ability where he keeps looking downfield with his arm cocked to release, how he stands tough in the pocket to get drilled but flicks his wrist for a 15 yd laser, his ability to throw all NFL route tree combinations with ease is called giving props.

    Saying RG3’s a developmental project who only was in Heisman consideration because of Kendall Wright is FAR from giving the Heisman trophy winner, 1st team All American QB and college player of the year, props…

    That’s what you call spending ages giving RG3 praise? 😉

  35. Rob

    I’ve also had RG3 in the top 10 of every mock draft I’ve done but one, when he went #13 to Seattle. I’ve written several articles praising him. One simple search of ‘Robert Griffin’ in the archives will prove this. So yes, we’ve spent ages praising Griffin.

  36. Mark


    What is the basis for the statement that Matt Flynn doesn’t have a realistic chance of starting at a decent level in 2013. Obviously I haven’t had a chance to see him play much, but presumably he’s been developing for the several years he’s been behind Rodgers. What makes you think he’s still in the “needs to be developed” stage rather than at a place where that groundwork has been laid and he’s ready to be given a chance to start?

  37. Rob

    Hi Mark,

    The two sentences were not related. I wasn’t saying Flynn needed development, just that I don’t think he’s the answer. Reading back I see how it could be perceived that I was still talking about Flynn, but that wasn’t the intention.

    Here’s the thing – people are only talking about Flynn because he’s the backup to the best QB in the NFL right now. He’s on the bench, not playing and people want to believe Green Bay have this hidden gem waiting on the sidelines. It’s compounded when he comes in for a game and doesn’t look awful – but it’s not enough evidence to promote the guy to being worthy of a degree of investment. Neither is the fact he beat out a higher draft pick from his class in Brian Brohm – after all – is he even still in the NFL?

    This isn’t a guy who slipped through the cracks in college football – he won a National title with LSU and was even the game’s MVP against Ohio State. Despite all of that attention, the NFL decided he wasn’t worth anything more than a late round flier. From a physical and technical standpoint I never saw Flynn as anything more than a servicable backup, which is what he’s become. I can honestly see him re-signing in Green Bay because the NFL is not going to watch that New England game and say.. “Ok, we’re wrong on this guy.” He’s thrown five passes this season, one was an interception. In that New England game, he blew hot and cold. Ultimately I expect he’ll have more value to GB as a player who knows their system than he will be to any team looking for a starter. It’s like Charlie Whitehurst – we always want to believe in the unknown.

  38. Dan

    I’m of the opinion that given our current position in the talent cycle we need to capitalize now, pay whatever it costs, and move up for whichever QB the front office likes. I’d prefer Luck, but if RG3 is who the office likes that’s fine too. Trade whichever picks you need to and throw in Trufant as a sweetener.

  39. Tom

    I’m with you, Dan. I hope we give up what the market is and do it. If not, there’s a chance to take Ryan Tannehill which has Tavaris starting in 2012 as Tannehill learns and another mediocre season.

    Luck or RG3 step in from day 1 and take us back to the playoffs.

    In our history, we’ve had great success moving up into the top 6 to draft. Curt Warner, Shawn Springs and Walter Jones come to mind. Whatever we gave up was well worth those selections. The same will be said for RG3.

    Let’s do it Pete and John! Move up!

  40. Max

    Before anything else, Hawks better keep their own. And the first one on top of that list I hope stays isn’t a player… Tom Cable.

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