Bobby Wagner’s contract? There’s nothing to worry about

Maybe it’s because it’s a quiet time in the NFL calendar but for some reason Bobby Wagner’s contract situation has become a ‘thing’.

It isn’t.

The Seahawks had a serious problem on their hands a few weeks ago. They had four key players all out of contract after the 2019 season — Wagner, Russell Wilson, Frank Clark and Jarran Reed.

By paying Wilson and trading Clark they’ve all but solved the problem. The franchise tag is free and available next year if needs be. If they can’t agree terms on a new deal with Wagner, they will undoubtedly tag him. They’re unlikely to use the tag on Reed.

In fact it’s somewhat likely, whatever happens with Wagner, that they allow Reed to set his own market in free agency before making a call on whether to retain him. They did that with Michael Bennett in 2014. It’s hard to gauge Reed’s value coming off the most productive year in his career for sacks. The Seahawks probably need to see if he can do it again in 2019. Reed in turn could make a lot more money if he goes into free agency off the back of two 10-sack seasons.

None of this really matters at the moment though. The fact is there’s no drama here. One way or another Wagner is staying in Seattle. There’s a decent chance he and the Seahawks will come to an agreement on an extension this summer. If not — he gets tagged. And they can tag him for two years if needs be — tying him to Seattle for three more seasons. By that point he’d be approaching 32.

This is all very different to the Russell Wilson situation. There’s not four players to try and keep. There’s nobody like Mark Rodgers playing silly games in the media. The franchise isn’t going to be in limbo over uncertainty over the middle linebacker like it would be over the quarterback. That’s no review of Wagner’s importance to Seattle either. It’s simply a reality. He’s a sensational player and by far the best at his position. But nobody’s questioning the future of the franchise if the Seahawks choose to tag him in 2020.

The tag actually makes a lot of sense for the team.

Thanks to the Jets, the linebacker market is in a weird place. Before free agency the highest paid players at inside linebacker were Luke Kuechly ($12.3m APY) and Wagner ($10.75m APY). Kwon Alexander, coming off a serious knee injury, surprisingly reset the market at $13.5m a year. Then, for no apparent reason other than major competition for his signature, the Jets decided to give C.J. Mosley $17m a year.

Presumably Mosley’s market was red-hot. There’s no other explanation for topping Alexander’s contract by $3.5m per season. Paying an inside linebacker $17m a year is quite preposterous. Especially for a player who is very much in the ‘good not great’ category like Mosley.

It leaves the Seahawks needing to argue their case to a player representing himself. Just because the Jets made a daft decision doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be a slave to the market. The franchise tag number for a linebacker in 2019 is $15.443m. The Seahawks could keep Wagner for a similar amount next year on the tag. Then, if no extension was agreed, they’d have to pay 120% of Wagner’s salary to tag him again in 2021.

So there’s no real incentive for the Seahawks to blow New York’s market-changing decision out of the water. Therefore the onus is on Wagner to either insist on topping Mosley’s salary or come to a reasonable agreement that works for both parties.

You might argue — but why go down this road? Won’t it create drama with Wagner? A popular player on the team?

It’s simple business. I sometimes wonder if fans and media make a bigger deal of the franchise tag than players. The tag this year led to mega-contracts for Demarcus Lawrence and Frank Clark. Lawrence was tagged twice and it never had a negative impact in Dallas. Now he’s one of the richest men in NFL history.

Indeed the only real noise we’ll hear about this will be on social media with the numerous calls of ‘pay the man’ if indeed it ever gets as far as the tag for Wagner. That’s despite the fact the Seahawks would actually be paying him extremely handsomely if they tagged him twice ($34m fully guaranteed over two years having already invested $47m in him previously).

We don’t need to overthink this. Wagner will be in Seattle one way or another for at least the next three seasons. No drama. No concern.

There’s one other thing to address — Seattle’s decision to draft two linebackers this year. Are they hedging against Wagner’s future?

No, they are not.

Here’s what Pete Carroll said in his end-of-season press conference immediately after the 2016 season:

“We need some youth at the linebacker spot now. Bobby and K.J. played 1000’s of plays this year between the two of them and were extremely successful but we need to address that. We didn’t really get anybody that made a difference in the last couple of years that can really fight to take those guys job. Think if somebody could battle K.J. and Bobby for their starting jobs? That’s what we need to draft towards, so we’ll be looking there.”

In 2016 Wagner played 99.35% of the defensive snaps. Wright played 97.41%.

There’s a very good reason why Carroll identified youth at linebacker as a vital need. He knew he couldn’t ask Wagner and Wright to keep playing practically every defensive snap.

However, the 2017 draft came and went and despite spending 11 picks none were used on a linebacker. In the 2018 draft they only added Shaquem Griffin (who was more of a blitzing nickel-LB than an orthodox MIKE or WILL).

The Seahawks have been seeking youth at this position for two years and three drafts. Simply put, none of their ‘type’ of linebackers were available until this year (this article describes their type in more detail).

That’s why they drafted Cody Barton and Ben Burr-Kirven. They ‘fit’ what the Seahawks want at the position. They finally have their youth and depth at linebacker.

Now they can spell Wagner, Wright and Mychal Kendricks. They have cover against injuries. They have special teams value. Kendricks is also out of contract in 2020 and Wright’s two-year deal has an out after one year. If they’re hedging against anyone it’s Wright and Kendricks, not Wagner.

I’ll say it again — there’s no drama here. The Seahawks love Bobby Wagner. He will either receive a contract extension or be tagged. It’s all good.

And tomorrow the Seahawks can start signing pass rushers. It should be an interesting week.

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  1. cha

    “Then, for no apparent reason other than major competition for his signature, the Jets decided to give C.J. Mosley $17m a year.”

    Crazy contract. This feels like Mosley’s agent snowed the Jets big time. Maybe the Jets were in such a panic to build around Darnold’s rookie contract they wildly overspent.

    That and Oakland paying Brown $15m/year to play RT are some pretty crazy deals that have Wagner and Ifedi drooling.

    • Eli

      If you “look under the hood” so to speak, Mosley’s contract isn’t so absurd that I would be against giving a similar one. I feel like in any contract its most important to look at the first two years. How it breaks down:

      $7.5m bonus + $7m base salary + $20.5m roster bonuses. So over the first two years if the contract he will make $27.5m in salary, and with the bonus that comes out to $35m, or just a fraction over what Bobby would get on two franchise tags. The kicker is that his 2021 salary of $16m becomes 50% guaranteed in 2020 if he’s on the roster 5 days into the new league year. So technically its a 3-year $43m contract, and 3-year $51m if they keep him around in 2021.

      I wouldn’t really look at the Kwon Alexander contract as a true comp since it’s pretty much just a one year deal @ ~$14m – kinda similar to how they structured the Dee Ford contract.

      All told I agree with Rob, getting Bobby signed shouldn’t be seen as an issue at all at this point.

      • cha

        I don’t care how you slice it. That deal for that player is insane.

      • Jamho3

        Eli thx!

    • roadwalker

      It will also be easier to sign Wagner whenever they do because there are fewer balls they are trying to juggle. Even though he signed a record contract, Russell did the Seahawks a favor by setting a deadline, because now he is signed, Clark is gone, and they can look at their bank account and know exactly how much cap space they have available for Wagner, Reed and/or free agents.

      It’s a lot harder to do anything when you have too many unknowns circling around you.

  2. Hawksince77

    The cool thing about the situation (now) is that Seattle has made it clear they will not overpay a player. Think Earl, and most recently, Clark. Seattle will let them walk, or trade them (given an appropriate partner).

    As for RW, his contract will look like a bargain in two years, three at the most.

    This holds for both Reed and Wagner. They can price themselves out of town (or into a tag) if that’s their desire.

    As Rob says, no drama. Nothing to see here.

    As for the state of the team, for the first time this year it looks like they might contend. Especially if they sign or trade for some help on the defensive line. It seems like every other position has good starters and decent depth.

    Of course, I feel like this every year about this time. Rookies and new FAs to get excited about. Very very excited to see what Metcalf brings to the party.

  3. Greg Haugsven

    If I was a guessing man I would say something like 3 years $45 million. I saw Evan Hill the other day wrote an article saying he thought it would be 4 years $72 million with a $35 million sign bonus, all that is absolutely ridiculous as he isnt getting that much.

    • Rob Staton

      He says a lot of things.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I had to unfollow him. Couldnt handle it anymore.

        • Logan Lynch

          I personally stopped following pretty much all of Seahawks Twitter during last season. I was so sick of the anti run, trade Russ, Pete is losing it, etc. storylines that came out. I understand not blinding yourself and being unabashedly optimistic, but I want to be a fan of the Seahawks. I want to believe that they can win it all. The negativity was so annoying.

          • jujus

            not to mention complete intolerance of any differing view on Social issues…

          • Volume12

            ‘The negativity was so annoying’

            Majority of Twitter summed up in a single sentence. Negativity IMO is toxic.

            • Logan Lynch

              Totally agree. Personally last season was the most fun I had watching and following this team since 2014. Maybe it was lowered expectations, but it was refreshing to see them proving others wrong again and getting back to Pete’s philosophy of physically overwhelming the other team. The most exciting thing is how young they are and the fact that there is a TON of untapped potential.

        • OaklandHawk

          Thankfully, he blocked me. He blew up over the drama about promising to get a tattoo on his chest and never followed through. Drama queen is his operating M.O. instead of the more logic-fueled information we get at SDB.

          Rob – thanks for being a voice of reason through all of the drama.

          • Rob Staton

            The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for reading.

          • Jamho3

            Oh THAT guy! [Comment deleted]

      • Kenny Sloth

        So many food takes… My eyes can only roll so much

      • TatupuTime

        I have found myself enjoying the team much more since I unfollowed three prominent Seahawks twitterers. Mostly they just seem really young. I’ve spent a lot of years rooting for mediocre and terrible teams – I appreciate everything about the PC era, from the crazy characters involved to a lot of winning. Once you let go of the narrative that there is only one way to build a team it becomes really fun to root for some bad ass bully football.

        I can’t remember who said it, but the Seahawks can win a SB with Pete Carroll philosophy if they have Russell Wilson and a top-5 defence. They’ve got Russ locked up – is anyone going to bet against PC building another top-5 D?

        • Rob Staton

          You did the right thing on Twitter. Congratulations.

    • millhouse-serbia

      He had huuuge article on seahawks cap situation before FA, and he was completely off on almost everything. He said we have enogh money for.big splash move.

      • bk

        I mean, a team can both have plenty of cap room AND decide against being big players in FA. Not to mention Seattle is in great place for comp picks next year, so waiting for tomorrow’s deadline to pass before pursuing some second tier FAs isn’t exactly a bad strategy.

  4. Adog

    Bobby representing himself and the Mosely contact certainly changed this negotiation or lack thereof. I wonder when Wagner hits that wall of age and injury? I would not lock into gaurenteed money beyond two years. The franchise tag seems ok for one year, but two years I think is a bit rich for a middle linebacker. Bobby is great, but he just sort of disappears when we play the Rams.

    • JJ

      A lot of middle LB’s have played well into the early-mid 30’s. Ray Lewis, Urlacher to just name a couple off the top of my head.

  5. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, tag for 2020 would be 16.845.000 and for 2021 20.214.000.

    If they are ready to give him that much money, they will sign multi year contract.

    • Rob Staton

      2020 is still less than $17m and paying him again in 2021 is not beyond the realms of possibility.

      I don’t see any reason to think if they’re willing to keep him on short term, ‘market value’ deals that they’d simply ‘give him what he wants’ on a long term extension. They might prefer the short term nature of the tag.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Rob, we have huuuge cap space for 2020 and 2021 and only Reed as a player who will demand big money. Wagner is too important for this team to let him go. The problem with tag that i see is that maybe Bobby doesnt want it.

        • Rob Staton

          So what? It’s business.

          This is what I referred to in the article. I think fans/media overreact to the tag. It’s part of the league and good players get tagged every year. Wagner doesn’t want a huge amount of money, fully guaranteed?

          There’s no pressure for the Seahawks to do anything here. Either Wagner works with them on a deal or it’s tag time. No drama.

          • Eburgz

            While that all may be true it seems like Schneider is opposed to the tag. When was the last time a Seahawks player played out a season on the franchise tag? Players don’t like it, that’s why they hold out and have fits when they get tagged.

            • Rob Staton

              Frank Clark would’ve played out on the tag in 2019, this year, if Kansas City hadn’t made a fantastic trade offer.

              It’s quite simple why this hasn’t happened much. The Seahawks have been very effective at re-signing the players they want to re-sign. It doesn’t mean they’re allergic to using the tag.

  6. rad_man

    just not a fan of signing a big contract to a guy with that many games under his belt. I’d be completely supportive of letting him walk at the end of the season. I realize this is a minority view. Bobby is great, but he’s very probably in the decline phase of his career. His salary will not reflect that. I’d let someone else pay him for what he used to be.

    • Rob Staton

      Wagner just had the two best years of his career. It’s not remotely the case that he’s in the decline phase of his career.

      They will have no intention to ‘let him walk’ at the end of the season because that would be madness.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Right now, he is most important player for this team after Russ. They have more than enough cap space to overpay him, and they should give him what ever he wants imo.

        • Rob Staton

          The words ‘they should give him whatever he wants’ don’t count for any player ever.

          • Troy

            THANK YOU, I HATE it when fans say this phrase, maybe this would be true for a league without a salary cap, but for a league with a salary cap doing this ensures you will not be competitive long term.

  7. Simo

    Thanks Rob, happy to hear Bobby will be wearing a Hawks uniform for the foreseeable future. He is more to the defense, and the entire team than just a middle linebacker. He’s the heart and soul, the field general, in addition to being the a great football player!

    Any leaks or leanings yet on the direction the Hawks might go with FA edge rushers? Or any indication they are pursing a big splash trade? Let’s hope something works out soon, definitely need more d-line depth, experience, and disrupters.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ll find out in the next 48 hours how bad Ziggy Ansah’s shoulder injury is. Either someone signs him or it’s serious.

    • Jared Marshall

      I’ve heard a few rumblings that his shoulder responded well, and that it is likely he could even participate in training camp if there isn’t a setback. You could say that’s being put out by his camp, but I’m not sure what good that would do them; team doctors supersede all. Like Rob said though, we’ll know in 48 hours. If those rumblings have validity, I would think he will get snatched up shortly after the deadline.

  8. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Ya, not an issue.

    Rob, I feel like you’ve more or less laid this out before — the Seahawks have a philosophy (or maybe another way to say it is they stick to their principles) for players’ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd contracts. If you play like the best you’re likely to get paid like the best in your 1st and 2nd contracts (at least it was definitely the case when RW was on his rookie deal. Now the Hawks have to be more picky about AAV and length of contracts for cap reasons — a la the Frank Clark trade). The 3rd contract, to me, appears to be about mitigating long term risk while still reaping as much reward from quality play.

    The Chancellor contract showed how badly a big 3rd contract can backfire. Sherm and Earl showed the pyschosocial negativity that can build around players with high pay expectations for a 3rd contract. While I love all of those former Hawks, Bobby is more of a stand-up guy who aligns well with the “Seahawky” characteristics. He seems to want to simply get paid fairly and get to work. I truly hope and expect they’ll find a common ground for a 3-4 year deal in the 15-17 AAV range with low guarantees for the last year or two. But, if they don’t it is not a problem from the Hawks perspective. As you said Rob, the Tag is available and definitely in play. Here’s to Wagner retiring as a Hawk!

    Now let’s go find ourselves a pass rusher and win the damn Super Bowl. Bobby & co deserve at least that much. Life isn’t about the money, it’s about the experiences (…money helps too).

  9. Volume12

    The replies to this tweet are just pure garbage. One of the more unique wideouts to enter the league.

    • Trevor

      There are a lot of haters in the world.When he lights it up as a rookie people will say all he can do is catch the deep ball.

      Rember Chris Carter getting dumped on because all he did was catch TDs and Randy Moss could not catch anything over the middle. People will always find something wrong. Just sad they are dumping on a guy before he has even played a snap or caught a pass in camp from an NFL QB.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Bunch of cry baby 49ers fans, trying to get a rise out of people.

      Trevor beings up a good point, the QBs at rookie practice were more or less garbage.
      However, even with that being a fact, several WR shined… Metcalf, Wright and Allen really lit it up.

      Damn bringing up Randy Moss, makes me love watching his highlights with the Patriots.
      OP. He was one of the most explosive threats I’ve ever seen out of the WR position.

      • Volume12

        Moss had the same freakish natural ability that Metcalf has. Doesn’t mean they’ll be anything alike, but those types are rare. A big reason why Seattle moved up to get him.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Metcalf isn’t the same jump ball specialist that Moss was at this point in his development. He has that potential but I’ve seen very little from the tape that suggests he’ll realize that in year one.

          People want to hype or dump on guys that haven’t taken a single pro snap.

          The less a man makes declarative statements the less likely he is to appear foolish in retrospect

          • Volume12

            Of course he’s not the same jump ball specialist. ‘Mossed’ DBs is a term for a reason.

        • charlietheunicorn

          He needs a fine nickname?

          Agent K
          Steel Magnolia

          • Kenny Sloth

            YDK Metcalf

            You Dont Know Metcalf

    • Kenny Sloth

      I mean…. Stop trying to show clips of him running routes in his underwear as evidence that he’s adjusting already.

      Yeah he’s not AWFULLL at route running, but that clip certainly ain’t it chief.

      Not tryna be a hater but that just isnt his game.

      So far I’m not really a big believer in Metcalf as a seahawk. I think he might hit 500 yards this year. Might pull in 7 tds and those are huge wins in this offense.

      I think the best thing he’ll do in this offense is open up space underneath. Period.

      He’s a go route guy and not really a redline winner. He has a lot to work on and finally has a staff that can help him do it.

      It’ll be sad to see half of #seahawkstwitter trying to tear this guy down when he can’t get on the field or drops a teeder.

      • Volume12

        I’m so confused by this.

        • Bigten

          +1. Are you trying to be sarcastic Kenny?
          It sounds like you are trying to break him down, while lifting him up at the same time.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Lol fair enough guys!

            I hate to be the kind of person to put a guy out , but the hype is a bit much for me. It just seems like a lot of fans are gonna be in for a let down and will in turn trash the dude because expectations are way high on the player.

            Like…. That clip is not good route running. Better than I expected from him this early? Sure. He’s a hard worker, but he’s not an elite route runner and might never be. I just hope expectations are tempered before fans start to turn on him when he isnt Calvin Johnson

            Like. It’s almost disingenuous to suggest he has CJJ potential. Because it’s potential he isnt going to reach in Seattle.

            He’s going to run 9 routes, posts, and sluggos. He does so much so bad. Including fighting for contested balls.

            Like. Kenny Lawler was a better jump ball guy in college imo.

            • Volume12

              The clip wasn’t route running. It was showing him chop his feet and release.

              He doesn’t have to run every route in the tree to be successful. He’s going to make defenses dictate their coverage.

              • D-OZ

                +12 That’s why he fell to #64. Over-analyzing. Hey even the pro’s do it.

              • DC

                This is the guy (🤞🏽) Pete has been searching for since he got here. In essence DK completes Pete’s offensive vision. I wish Doug a miraculous recovery and a couple of more prime seasons. TL, DB & DKM would make a helluva trio on top of our #1 rushing attack.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Ima jump off the DK pessimism starting right now.

                Hope I’m wrong about seahawks fans turning on him.

                He’s not Julio, he’s not CJJ, he’s not Moss.

                He’s DK. Let’s see what the dude got.

              • Gohawks5151

                It’s been said before but don’t slow his feet down. Go, slant, post. Big body, gotta use it to screen some dudes out. Play to his strengths. You don’t remember Moss for his ability to run the speed out. Nor Welker down the seam. Everyone is a specialist in this league in some way. Just being great at something with take you far

                • Hawkdawg

                  Actually, the camp clips showed an ability to sink his hips more fluidly than I expected. Will be eager to watch him play in games healthy and all coached up.

  10. kevin mullen

    4yrs, $55mil, $33 guaranteed. $13.75/yr AVG.

    • Eburgz

      Are those just random numbers or do you think Bobby Wagner is that bad of a negotiator? He will get a top of the market contract considering he is the best player at his position.

  11. RWIII

    Totally agree. This Bobby Wagner contract situation. “Is much to do about NOTHING.

  12. charlietheunicorn

    Local Seattle sports talk radio is eating up the Bobby Wagner contract bullshit.
    Wall to Wall coverage on the “Non-Issue”. I mean, Jesus, isn’t there something else to talk about? Perhaps, there just isn’t enough stuff to talk about leading up to TC or mini camps or the 2019 season…. or the OC/DC, scheme changes…. personnel fits.. etc

    I’m confident that Seattle will take care of BW. If you are a 4x 1st team ALLPRO and 1x 2nd team ALLPRO, you get taken care of….. and someday, land in Canton Ohio.

  13. Van Gogh

    Interesting note in SI’s MMQB today – Colts excited about LB Bobby Okereke. Colts had him rated in same tier as Cody Barton, behind the 2 First Rounders.

    • Brett

      Remember the Seahawks moved up in front of the Colts to pick Barton too.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        If that’s why they moved up…talk about knowing the board.

        I still can’t get over how they turned 5 picks into this draft class.

        • Hawkdawg

          Wasn’t it actually 4, before the Clark trade?

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            It was but the trade occurred predraft so they went in with 5. Either way it’s a tremendous turn around from where they were a month ago.

  14. Volume12

    Ugo and Blair are just polar opposites expressively. I find that interesting.

    Blair is quickly gonna become the guy fans love to hate.

    • Volume12

      And the thing I like about Seattle seemingly taking DBs from the PAC 12 and BIG 12 (could be totally coincidental) these guys have seen just about everything concept wise from opposing offenses. Smart when you begin to see the NFL adapting more and more from these conferences.

    • Kenny Sloth

      What do you mean by point 2 V12??

      • Volume12

        About Blair?

      • DC

        Other teams’ fans will hate him. Because he’s gonna crack’em.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Ok ya thats what I thought hahah

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think he means Blair is Sherman-esque because he’s brash, has swagger and can walk his talk, so fans (of other teams) are gonna love to hate him the same way.

        • Volume12

          You know me so well. 😉

          Seriously though, you and DC nailed it.

        • Group captain mandrake

          He may have swagger, but I wouldn’t call him brash. Dude is not a big talker.

  15. Sean Vernon

    I’m in the minority here because non pass rushing LB’s aren’t worth $15mm in today’s NFL. Just because the Jets don’t have a front office and haven’t made the playoffs since 2010 doesn’t mean the Hawks need to overpay our beloved Wags because the Jets set the market with Moseley. $17mm? omg…. The Hawks won’t pay that, Rob. Not a snowballs chance in hell.

    That is why they moved up for Barton this year. He’s already taking leadership early at the MIKE with calls, etc. Add in BBK at the WILL and the writing is on the wall.

    2020 will be the last year we see either KJ or Wags in Hawks Blue/Green. Maybe a tag for 2020 w Wags but that’s it.

    PCJS have a simple plan and they executed it this year. Get young. The only player that can dictate terms is our QB, not a Mike for $17mm in a passing NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      This is not why they moved up to get Barton. I’ve already explained that in the article. They’ve been looking for linebacker youth and depth for three drafts and now they’ve finally found it.

      Bobby Wagner isn’t going anywhere. They’ll pay at the very least the franchise tag amount to keep him.

      • Sean Vernon

        I guess we defer in opinions. I see Barton as the heir apparent in 2021. I love Wags as much as anyone but Non pass rushing LB’s aren’t worth $17mm like the foolish Jets anted up.

        If Wags wants to retire a Hawk like he states, then he’s not getting that $$. You don’t move up 4 spots in the 3rd rd to draft LB depth w/out a future plan. In 2021, Barton will be making the D calls for our Hawks.

        That’s how I see it. We won’t know until 2021 but I don’t see any 3 or 4 yr extension with Wags. Great site..

        • Rob Staton

          It’s fine to disagree. But Wagner is a cornerstone franchise talent who the team absolutely adores. They have no intention of moving on and they didn’t draft the players this year to replace Wagner.

      • D-OZ

        And Bobby can rush the passer. You may see a little more of it this year with all the safety depth.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’ve seen Bobby rush the quarterback. He just doesn’t get that call very often. He was effective as long as there was an opening in the offensive line. He’s not going to bull rush a linemen.

          And YES he is the best linebacker they have had in a long time. Keep him until he can’t play anymore. The young guns have two other positions they can fight over, and may be used for other duties like special teams.

  16. Jake

    It’s kinda disappointing to see this fan base so eager to throw a player away. Bobby is difference maker. At the end of the day you gotta pay somebody, what’s the point of having this much cap room and so much more coming in the future with Kam and Baldwin leaving. Brown is a good LT rn but he’s getting old. You gotta have some blue chip players on the team and for us it should be Russ and Bobby. He’s literally a HOF playing his best football. He’s a leader in the locker room, no off-field problems. He’s constantly always on the field. Doesn’t have a long list of injuries hindering him. Also a constant First Team all-pro. Like it would make us look bad as a team who doesn’t stick with their guys when they do nothing wrong and is a top 10 defensive player in the NFL. I hate seeing the comments that MLB is not a important in our defense. If we didn’t have Bobby Wagner we would have a bottom 10 defense the last two years. PAY THE MAN. Like of all the players you have let go and in the past years Bobby literally does not have any of their concerns. Sherman ( locker room and injury) Earl (injury) Kam (injury) Bennett (locker room problem). Bobby rises above the rest. PAY THE MAN!

    Rant over

    • cha

      “It’s kinda disappointing to see this fan base so eager to throw a player away.”

      Why even listen to it? Don’t dignify it by giving it your attention. He’s not going anywhere.

    • Roger Davis

      Jake says: PAY THE MAN!

      Jake, I agree. Now, will you please go talk to the Commissioner and order him to remove that nasty Cap thing they use to try and screw the fans into never getting the team they want their owners to buy.

      The NFL does not use the cap to pi** off the fans. It uses the cap to control the amount of the income their industry earns which can find its way back to the workers who have EARNED all that money for the owners. The NFL is not a sport, not a charity, not entertainment. It is simply an industry that uses the bruised brains and broken limbs of the participants to earn money for a select group of billionaires. Some of the billionaires see it as a toy, a distraction with which they fiddle while Trump’s America burns. It is a game. Like gladiatorial sports of other eras. People die, people pay, people get rich. You and I, we watch, we enjoy the game, we provide the money – we have no say in how that money is spent, divided up or invested. We are the marks.

      Now – that is what is. Either watch and enjoy within the parameters the games owners allow or – tilt at the windmill of your choice.

      I understand my limitations as a fan. I still enjoy the game, love the players and hate the owners and occasionally – when a player DARES to leave ME for a rival over money – well then – for a brief flicker in time/space I hate him too. The NFL doesn’t give a rat’s ass what I think as long as I buy jersey’s, go to the occasional game and pay $38 bucks for a beer and dog.

      NOW. Chill. Rob is correct – Wagner isn’t goin’ nowhere – for now. One of these days he’ll become – like Beastmode, Sherman, Kam, Thomas, Avril, Bennett, etc., etc. just a former gladiator we followed for a brief time. A gladiator we were fond of like Largent, Kennedy, Jones, Easley and other faint memories we vaguely remember liking in an earlier segment of time/space. A ghost – a friendly fond memory of a ghost – we once watched – with affection, joy and rapt enjoyment… and whom we still remember fondly.

      As it ever was, as it ever will be.

      • H

        Pretty sure the salary cap is about keeping the league competitive and therefore a more interesting product. If it was just about about ensuring profits and paying players as little as possible it wouldn’t keeps going up.

        Look im not the biggest fan of many of the owners in the NFL and im all for players getting paid, but if you want get rid of the salary cap? Get ready for a handful of big market teams to win the superbowl every year. It’s not fun.

        • LLLOGOSSS



        The NFLPA negotiates with the league about how much revenue sees its way into the players’ pockets, as it should be. The NFL is America’s favorite league in part because they have nailed the right conditions for competitive balance. It’s the only major league in the country that you can reasonably go from worst to 1st, and it makes it so the top markets can’t simply buy their way to a championship. MLB desperately needs to follow suit, and although the NBA has a cap they need to find a way to spread out the talent; only a small handful of (usually the same) teams are ever relevant each season, and the regular season is utterly meaningless in the NBA; the games don’t matter — just fast-forward to the Finals. Meanwhile mediocre players get paid like superstars because there isn’t enough elite talent to actually pay.

        If you want to talk about the NFL not paying its players the bigger problem is the lack of a middle class (huge problem for MLB, also). If minimum salaries were higher you wouldn’t have to pay the top 1% most of your cap, and the union members would actually reap the worth of their labor, instead of everything matriculating up to Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner and everybody else destroying their bodies and brains to fight for what’s left. Raise the NFL minimum wage and put a cap on the % of the cap that can go to one player, perhaps, and more money will go to the other 52 roster spots.

        • H

          I’ve grown up with the Premier League in England, and I’m a spurs fan. They’ve done an amazing job in recent years of developing young talent from their academy or signed for cheap from the lower leagues, producing many players that have been key parts of the English set up in recent years. But they’re still miles the very best clubs atm because we can’t compete with their spending. I don’t want that in the NFL, it’s one of the things that drew me to the sport in the first place.

          Your comments about the middle class getting paid more is very sensible, rookie contracts could potentially go up a little as well to increase the likelihood those middle class players have of getting to continue their careers beyond their modest first deals.

          • H

            miles behind*

          • McZ

            Evertonian here… talk about “spending power”… bwahahhaha.
            I think, the Champions league shows, that you cannot buy success in tournaments, where character and club culture matters. Damn impressive how the Kobites came back vs Barca.

            So, a warm good luck vs Ajax.

    • Sean Vernon

      I love wags and want to keep him but I don’t believe JSPC will extend Wags for some 4 year deal in the $15mm-18mm range that people mention & no home town discount, etc.

      I don’t think anyone in our fan base “is eager to throw a player away.” No Hawk fan wants to throw a HOF, core SB champ away. I just don’t think with the moving up 4 spots in rd 3 for a MIKE, that we’ll sign wags long term. JSPC targeted Barton and it wasn’t for special teams and some LB depth.

      Thus = no long term Wags deal but nobody “is eager to throw away Wags”. He’s HOF, the QB of our D. Just reality of how PCJS like to roll & execute business.

  17. Eburgz

    I think some are underestimating how good C.J. Mosley is. I watch nearly every ravens game and the dude is a flat out baller. He isn’t Bobby Wagner but he is younger than him (maybe better in this point of his career than Bobby was) he’s a damn good football player. There’s a reason he got paid the big bucks and it isn’t just because “TeH JeTz R DumB”.

    Bobby will get an extension and be paid handsomely is my prediction. Either before TC this year or next year.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody would suggest Mosley is a bad player.

      But he’s not a great player and certainly not worth re-setting the LB market to the tune of $17m a year.

      • Simo

        Actually, Mosely is worth whatever any one team is willing to pay for his services. Clearly the Jets wanted to make sure he would not get a better offer, and they had tons of cap space to work with. A bad combination when you have a big market team desperate to make moves after so many poor to mediocre seasons– and they had loads of cap space to work with. I’m sure all the other teams aren’t real happy with them for blowing up the LB market!!

        • Rob Staton

          I think there’s some nuance though between being legitimately ‘worth’ a contract and simply being defined as worthy because a team with more money than sense decided to do whatever it takes to get a certain player.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            And I think you said it well when you called out the Jets for making the move.

            It very well may be worth it — for the Jets. If you let bad teams (with, by definition, not many good players to pay) define what players are “worth,” you’ll be perpetually inflating salaries on a scale other than wins and losses (like baseball’s Wins Above Replacement). The Jets can’t afford not to be desperate. Good teams can. The value of a player is not static.

  18. James

    By the end of his contract in 2019, Wagz will have made over $47 million. The Seahawks would be glad to pay him another $70 million for the next four years. $117 million means neither he nor his children nor his grandchildren would ever have to work for a living. If that is not enough…

    Offer him a fair and generous contract, and is he declines, franchise him for a year or two. We have all had enough of pro athletes for whom $100 million is not enough, simply because someone else got a little more. I don’t believe Bobby is this kind of guy, and I fully expect to hear he has been extended by training camp.

    • AlaskaHawk

      To me, 4 years for 15 million a year with 50% guaranteed would be a fair offer.

  19. HawkfaninMT

    Is May 7th or 8th the big day? See conflicting reports, but most say “after May 7th” leading me to believe it is the 8th

  20. HawkfaninMT

    And put me in the camp of “non-story”

    I felt like RW was a non-story, although I understand why the conversation had to take place. The idea tha Bobby won’t be a Hawks through 2021 atleast, is baffling to me. He’s an elite team player, that will be paid elite money. If he won’t accept that elite money, he will be franchise tagged. He knows it, the Hawks know it… the only people lagging behind are the media that need something to talk aboit

  21. Gohawks5151

    We have become a wellspring for speculation and drama over the past several years. Any time it’s to quiet the NFL will come looking for Seattle. We deserve it to an extent, but not this time. Nothing to see here. In my opinion Bobby has to put up the act a little since he is his own agent. He can’t hide behind anyone so he has to make the statements. It’s simply not the time yet to get his contract done. I’d expected near camp. Too much of a leader to give him up. No discount but fair market value that should age well.

  22. Coleslaw

    One thing that baffles me in that we still haven’t beefed up the DL.. I have to assume they’re going to add a DT in the next couple days. We need to bad, but it’s a value position and I’m sure we’ll find someone who can plug up the LOS at least, we always do.

    • Coleslaw

      We were pretty bad at stopping the run last year and what have we done to fix it so far? DL is not set at all and probably wont be until the 53 is set.

      • Gohawks5151

        Ummm hello, Meder! 😉

      • cha

        Don’t worry Slaw, tomorrow is the best Seahawks holiday there is!

        Happy “Free Agent signings no longer count against the comp pick formula” day everyone!

        Note to the marketing team: We need a snappier title for that.

        • Juju

          Listen to coach and js.

          Free agency wave 3

        • HawkfaninMT

          Is it tomorrow? Or Wednesday?

          • charlietheunicorn

            *On 2015, this date was switched to May 12, and in 2016 it was May 10. It is believed that the cutoff date in future years will be the second Tuesday after the draft.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Wednesday morning

        • charlietheunicorn

          The Seattle Seahawk FA Tsunami

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m not so sure the problem was all in the line. Both Poona and Reed played well, and by all accounts they are strongest against the run. What if it there were issues with the newish linebackers who got caught up in the mix and didn’t fill the gaps? Kendricks never played for the Seahawks till last year – so he was learning the defensive scheme. Weren’t them some other new players in the linebacker position? And how did the cornerbacks do on the outside plays? I remember watching some big plays against the Seahawks were they just didn’t fill open holes with a body.

  23. Ashish

    Thanks Rob for addressing BWag contract situation. In general to be successful player there are multiple factors including coaching, scheme fit and obvious good player. Bobby is one of the greats but if he goes to other club he would have to adjust new system. Is it worth considering success he had in Seattle. He is on 3rd contract hope common sense prevails. Felt good and relax after reading the article.

  24. GoHawksDani

    I think they’ll tag him 99,9%
    I also think they wanna see what they have in Barton. This way Barton could learn from Bobby for 2 years.
    If Cody is really good then they might move on from BWagz and start Cody. If Barton is more of a rotational/depth/ST guy they still able to sign BWagz to long term or franchise him again.
    Not saying they ready to move on from Wagner, but I feel they keep their options open. And also think they don’t wanna make the Sherm-Bennett-ET-etc mistake to not let younger guys compete

    • Lil’stink

      Completely agree. They drafted Barton (and BBK to a lesser extent) primarily because they desperately needed LB depth. But if either guy stands out in camp and looks like a starting quality LB… Deep down I think that’s what PCJS are hoping for.

      Everybody wants Bobby to stay. You can’t replace him. But is almost $20 million APY worth it for a middle linebacker, especially when it’s a 3rd contract? This is a business with limited resources. I think the Wagner situation could be a case of choosing to move on a little early or a little late from a star player.

      Tagging Wagner makes more and more sense.

      • Rob Staton

        The Seahawks will keep Wagner, one way or another.

  25. millhouse-serbia

    Starting at 4 PM EST today, any unrestricted free agent that signs with a new team will not count towards the 2020 compensatory draft pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect the Seahawks will be ready to roll on a couple of signings at least.

      Might not be immediately at 4pm EST but they’ve met with guys and they know the situation. If they want Ansah and the shoulder is fine — that could/should happen quite quickly. It all depends on the shoulder.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Well, I know I will go to bed after midnight tonight. 😀

  26. Robeetle12

    Seems to me that with all the pre draft business with Clark, and Wilson, then the draft and today’s F.A. deals that BW will be properly taken care of in due time. Maybe within a few weeks.

    I’m really happy they drafted a couple of LB’s that fit the role of a Seahawk LB, and both are really good ST players. In fact our kick coverages were for the most part dreadful last year and I see our special teams taking a big jump this year.

  27. HawkfaninMT

    My DL hopes for today:
    Ansah (which means the shoulder checks out and will be ready by preseason) 2 yr/ 24M/ 12gtd
    Liuget 1 yr 5M
    Shelton 2 yr 6M

    • Rob Staton

      Apparently the cut off is not this afternoon. It’s midnight. So there won’t be any news today. Maybe tomorrow though.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Seemed so ambiguous to me… I was going off someones quote above stating 4pm EST today.

        Then i amend my hopes for tomorrow!

        Maybe a GoT post to keep the blog flowing today!

        • Rob Staton

          I could deliver an epic GOT rant but I’m sure it would divide opinion!

          The series is going out with a whimper I’m afraid. It’s a complete rush job, like everyone is just determined to get it out of the way and done. Finished. And it’s ruined.

          • HawkfaninMT

            I am more optimistic about the show than you, but I do get the “rush job” sense and it’s baffling to me. HBO wanted more seasons, the showrunners didn’t want it to drag on, couldn’t they have found a middle ground? It’s weird

            • Rob Staton

              I just wish they’d simplified things if they were going to rush it through. There are so many things being wrapped up in super-quick time. And I could write a list of about 30 insane dumb things they’d done in the last three series that just make no sense. I just get the sense everyone can’t wait for it to be over.

              • LLLOGOSSS

                I think the last two episodes were good, the first two were total garbage (cramming exposition down our throats to make up for time).

                But yes, completely agree the whole concept of this last season is a rush job, and I can’t fathom why they’d want to rush through it like this. There easily could’ve been another full season. The pacing of this season is totally unlike what we’ve been accustomed to.

                • Rob Staton

                  I thought episode three was the worst one apart from the zombie chains episode.

                  • Group Captain Mandrake

                    I thought the best part was the first episode when we found out how into arts and crafts the zombies are.

                • Group Captain Mandrake

                  I thought the second episode was pretty good. Lots of good character work in the calm before the storm. Episode 3 seemed like a rush and 4 was kind of garbage. I agree with Rob that they are trying to tie things up too quickly. At least it’s getting a little less overstuffed since so many characters are gone. Really cuts down on the subplots.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Episode 2 could’ve been excellent. That scene where all the characters were having a moment, with Tormund saying, ‘We’re all going to die… but at least we’ll die together’. It was touching.

                    …right up until the moment EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THAT ROOM survived the supposed big battle to end all battles thanks to amazing plot armour.

          • GoHawksDani

            Completely agree…sad to see such an epic show go out like this.
            And don’t even start me on the “too dark” topic, I was only able to see the third of the previous episode.
            Yep I watched it on HBO GO on an iPhone 8, so small screen with mediocre brightness, but not a bad screen at all. And if this is an HBO production and HBO GO is a big part of HBO then you need to deliver a show which can function in general conditions not only on a movie screen lol. And if this is the biggest show on HBO they could have make the GO software to check what kind of screen are you watching on and then postprocess the video so if it’s not as bright then add a “filter-like” postprocessing algorithm that just simply makes it enjoyable // GoT Rant OFF 😀

            • Volume12

              See, if y’all were fans of current WWE you would have set yourself up for disappointing pay offs, rushed character development or none of actually, and storylines they just totally retcon.

              Remeber, It’s all about the Game and how you play it. All about control and if you can take it.

              Then and only then will *in a having a tough time pooping voice* the King of Kings go back on his throne.

              • Volume12

                Or I guess we’re all supposed to be fired up like Charlie from ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’

                WILD CARD B*****S!!!

                • DCD2

                  He doesn’t even like get us, man.

                  • Volume12

                    This could apply to Vince Jr. or Charlie. Which one are we talking here?

                  • DCD2


                    Can’t speak to VJ. I stopped watching WWF long ago. I’d date myself by telling you which guys were around when I did watch.

              • Logan Lynch

                Haha, the HHH entrance theme lyrics killed me!

          • Kenny Sloth

            Production value out the window

          • CaptainJack

            The show ended after season six for me.

            Seasons 7 and 8 have been disasters.

            • Rob Staton


          • Starhawk29

            Totally agree, they got away from what made the show special: character driven story. Now characters just do whatever the plot requires them to do, character be damned. Dany hasn’t had a strategic thought since season 3. Where was the brave dragon girl when Euron kills her dragon and captures or kills her advisers? She made a stupid and pointless charge, then fled and let them all die. Jon abandons friends and his dog for….some reason? His whole character was built on his undying loyalty, and it just evaporated. I could go on for several pages, but I’ll just call this rant over.

            • Rob Staton

              100% spot on

            • H

              You know I’m kinda gonna have to disagree with you on this one. Whilst I’ve thought the last two seasons have been atrocious as a whole this last episode brought things back closer to what I liked about the show in the first place. With the core of the show being the talking and the scheming and not just the epic set pieces. We’ve gotten back to characters dying as a consequence of tactical blunders (unlike a certain recent episode where they all should have been dead). This last episode was as much as I’ve enjoyed the show in years.

              To your point specifically, Jon leaves his friends and his dog to fullfill an oath to Danny, completely in character for him that one. I will agree that the show runners are awful with Danny tho, they do have no idea what made her such a great character in the early years.

              • Rob Staton

                There were still so many WTF moments though. Dany not seeing the ships, Cersei not just offing them all outside Kings Landing (which now looks more like Dore), Jon not even going over to say goodbye to Ghost properly (and why can’t Ghost just stay at Winterfell?), why didn’t Dany just flank the ships and destroy them? How did they capture Missandei? Why didn’t they just kill all Dany’s troops there and then and pursue the dragon?

                Not to mention we had to endure ‘American Pie: Medieval High School reunion’ and then what should’ve been one of the better scenes of Jon’s reveal, they cut away from.

                It’s just maddeningly stupid writing. I can disengage my brain for a story about dragons but they can’t insult my intelligence. These last two seasons have been treated disgracefully. Complete rush jobs.

                • H

                  Hahaha I love your passion man. But tbh the things you mentioned here didn’t really bother me or prevent me from suspending my disbelief all that much, I.e. Jon was sad about leaving his dog so he didnt say goodbye, typical movie human dog interaction of being cruel to be kind. Why didn’t Dany flank the boats? Because she was initially angry and acted impulsively and then scared off losing her last dragon so she fled very believable action for her character (also based of last episide no one in GoT has ever heard of flanking. Lol) they captured Missandei cause she was in the water and a slow swimmer presumably? I’m guessing Cersei not executing them outside of Winterfell is somewhat related to Tyriann’s presence, you saw she had the chance to kill him (and considered it) but didn’t.

                  I defo agree about that party “American Pie” hits the nail on the head, lots of cringy hook ups I didn’t need to see.

                  It’s far from perfect, but I liked the last episode a hell of a lot more than any of the previous two seasons. That’s all I’m saying…

                • Todd

                  Cersei not killing Dany while her dragon was far back, with all the archers and scorpions on the wall was the most idiotic scene of the entire series. I was yelling at the tv, ‘wtf is happening? Why doesn’t Cersei just kill Danny? She’s right there?!’ Ramsey would have put an arrow between her eyes without hesitation if he’d been that close to his enemy.

                  The internet caring more about the coffee cup than that scene makes me mad too.

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              Question I have is this: you’re down to one dragon. Why not come back at night when they can’t see you and just burn the whole place down. How are they gonna aim super big crossbows if they can’t see you, or you are directly over them? And Jon Snow is the worst pet owner.

        • mishima

          Embarrassing end to a fun series.

          Now rooting for Cersei to win the ‘game.’

          • DCD2

            She should have already.

            Danny, Tyrion Greyworm and 100 unsullied were just sitting there in front of a thousand archers and a dozen scorpion bows. You mean to tell me that the woman who blew up a church (and a dozen blocks of homes) with hundreds of people in it wouldn’t just say ‘fire’ and end the threat then and there?

    • j

      I’m thinking 7-8 mil on Ansah on a one year deal to rebuild his value.
      Liguet that is in the right ballpark.
      Shelton two years four million.

  28. Volume12

    I swear to God. If Jeff Fisher isn’t the HC of the STL franchise in the XFL, what are they really doing?

    • Logan Lynch

      Man, what a missed opportunity! Apparently the coach is Jonathan Hayes…

  29. Volume12

    Stephen A. Smith just called into his own radio show on ESPN! God damn power move.

  30. cha

    First deal news trickling out…

    Tom Pelissero
    Follow @TomPelissero

    Tom Pelissero Retweeted Ian Rapoport
    It’s expected to be a 1-year deal worth up to $6.5 million for Veldheer. Nice deal for a veteran who has 113 career starts. And it’ll get done after the deadline for counting toward compensatory picks, which the #Patriots love.

  31. Peppapig

    I met a clown called Jade just now.
    Is it a sign?

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Rewatching some DK tape to get excited about what he can fo instead of harping on what he cant.

    Obviously doesnt (NEVER) get caught from behind.

    He all-keys got that venomous release and some real play strength to beat press. I wanted to call him looks like Tarzan play like Jane, but that absolutely isn’t accurate.

    Someone mentioned how dysfunctional his college system was and that really shows. I love DKs proactivity in working with WR guru that has coached Boldin and Fitzgerald. Probably my favorite part of Metcalfs profile is his maturity and hard working. I usually don’t put a TON of stock into NFL bloodlines, but his father seems extremely involved in his development and fostering a professional mindset.

    I stand by my reservations about his actual stat production in Pete–ball, but I think he does so much more for the scheme in dictating coverages. Look at what he opened up for AJ Brown at Ole Miss. Haven’t seen great evidence of blocking texhnique despite his huge frame and obvious strength, but if we can get Jimmy to throw a real block, we can motivate a hard ass worker like DeKaylin to really round out his game. He has awesome footwork, but honestly is more of a football player than a technically adept receiver which can possibly be chalked up to his coaching staff changes.

    I liked Jordan Ta’Amu but his play really held that offense back.

    I don’t like DKs catching technique yet either.

    Seahawks media loves making him tear up on camera though hahah

    • H

      Im glad you’re coming around, this is he time for excitement after all. I love that we got him and I genuinely believe he’ll take our offence to new heights, the final piece of the “Pete-ball” puzzle. I’m not worried about his production because that will just be a small part of the puzzle, it’s more about how terrified teams will be to do what the Cowboys did against us in the play-offs and load the box to eliminate the run at all costs.

      And yeah, he does seem like a really hard working kid, you don’t get to look like that unless you’re willing to put in the time.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Yep go ahead. Load the box with DK and Tyler on the outside. Be my guest. Touchdown Seahawks

  33. line_hawk

    Why would Wagner sign the franchise tag if it is for less his open market worth? The message that would send is if you want to get paid, then create drama like Kam and Earl. Otherwise, get ready to be paid less than your worth.

    • Rob Staton

      Why would he sign the franchise tag?

      Because the alternative is a year sat on your backside wasting time and money.

      How did that pan out for Leveon Bell?

      • JohnH

        I agree there’s zero chance Wagner would sit out instead of playing on the tag, and that it would be incredibly dumb for him to do so.

        The Lev Bell situation is different I think. It was pretty obvious that the Steelers were going to do to him what the Cowboys did to DeMarco Murray and just run him into the ground and destroy his body. The correlation between RBs who get too many carries in one season and the subsequent drop off in the following season is very real.

        • Rob Staton

          Regardless, Bell’s ill-advised hold out cost him millions. Nobody will repeat his mistake.

  34. line_hawk

    All the more reason for him to hold out this year to get a new deal. Whether he does it or not is his choice. But, it will be painful for him to see Earl force his way out and get $55M and him being a faithful and make $15M.

    Holding out didn’t work out for Bell but it did for Earl, Kam, Antonio Brown, etc, no?

    • line_hawk

      Meant as a reply to Rob in previous thread…

    • Darnell

      Both Kam and Earl returned from their holdouts without a new deal. And Earl even had to go elsewhere to get paid.

      What do you mean by their holdouts having worked?

      Duane Brown and Tyler Lockett didn’t hold out leading into the final year of their deal and were rewarded with new deals. KJ played through his contract without a new deal and got rewarded.

    • Coleslaw

      Bobby is not going to hold out. He’s on a hall of fame trajectory, why would he ruin that for say, $10M max over the length of the deal? Hes not even the type of guy who would hold out. He’s a leader and he’ll sign the tag, he might not like it, but he would sign it.

      They could also easily get a deal done. Like Rob has been saying, Bobby isnt going anywhere. Hes going to retire a Seahawk. The Clark trade all but guaranteed that.

      • Coleslaw

        And if that isnt the definition of loyalty idk what is. The team did what they had to do to make sure they could keep Bobby and Wilson. The only guys who ever proved over the entire length of their careers that they were team first guys. They’re going to reward that and set that precedent. Tell the players that if they’re that good AND are excellent teammates and team friendly, they will be much better taken care of.

        That could be the motivation for our next superbowl. The LOB didnt know how Pete would pay them. Now, players know how we kept all of our guys during our run, and now have kept select guys into “old age” for reasons listed above.

      • Coleslaw

        It’s patriot-esque in a way, and I love it. Long live PCJS

    • Rob Staton

      Earl didn’t hold out though. He came back.

      So did Kam.

      Neither hold outs led to a new deal in Seattle. Kam had to wait years for his.

      Nothing was gained from either hold out. The only reason Earl got paid is because he was allowed to reach the open market — which won’t happen for Wagner.

  35. EranUngar

    Sorry to bring up the wrong football sport but Liverpool’s win tonight is the biggest sport sensation of the year.

    GO Magpies…

  36. Coach

    3:10 and no announcement of a free agent signing yet = surprising!

    I thought they would have them ready to announce at 1:00 pm.

    I’m hoping for Ansah and Liuget! Do you think we can get both with our cap space?

    Thoughts? Anyone else out there who could help us that fits under our cap?

    Go Hawks!!

    • HawkfaninMT

      I think you’re gonna have to wait til tomorrow

      • Happy Guy

        NFL clarifies… deals cannot be made until midnight. I assume that means eastern time.

        • charlietheunicorn

          I think there might be a mini-run on remaining FAs after 0001 hours EST.

          Let’s hope Seattle get who they are targeting!

  37. Cole

    Hey Rob.

    I always enjoy reading your articles/blogs. U give a straight forward way of looking at Seahawks football as a business like Walmart with merchandise and not personalizing it with the actual human beings that are the “products” . Anyways with that said … If Wilson is the ONE player who is untouchable or immortal to the Seahawks then Wagners place on this team is just a tick under untouchable. He’s every bit the the quarterback of the other half of the seahawks! Hes as much of a verbal leader influencing the defense as much as his play inspires it!! There’s no denying he’s in his peak prime or getting close to the down slope of of his peak! Paying him isn’t the issue the Seahawks are presented with… But like Walmart they can’t accept letting him yet too much money and them lose out on a fraction of cap space .. of God forbide that!! What I’m getting at is this: just his physical presence on the Seahawks d.. in the locker room.. on the side lines..hell on the city of Seattle itself is worth more than moselys contract. However Seattle is getting exceptional play from bobby to go along with his leadership!!! One day the nfls future maybe headed toward a time where teams will have to pay a player for his actual play and what he brings to the team as a leader and teacher of youngsters.. there is incredible value in that! Seattle is well aware of these facts and would never let bobby get out the door at this moment. As sure as rain bobby will be a Seahawk for the for seeable future.. any rumors saying different is ignorant.. Seattle will follow the leagues status quo regarding market values and potential franchise tags but bobby is invaluable to them in more than just what he brings to the field amd surly will be fair with him. He’s well deserving of it but how the next couple NFL seasons for bobby Wagner financial and situational well being will be on his own abilitly to accept a fair long term deal or garanteed cash the tag provides. I assume he will still be the beast on the Hawks d reguarless.which way he decides to accept his money

    • Rob Staton

      I agree — he is an incredibly valuable player.

      The point of the piece really is I’m increasingly seeing talk about Wagner’s future like it’s an issue. It isn’t. Either he signs a new contract or he gets tagged for two years in 2020 or 2021. It’s fairly simple now that they re-signed Wilson and traded Clark.

    • cha

      Photo 23/24 (Fant toting the rock)

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Interesting to see Iupati working with the first team next to Brown.

        Also, Rasheem Green looks like he’s filled out some.

        • Coleslaw

          YES. Green looks way stronger! He can actually provide pass rush from anywhere but maybe nose tackle, and provide run support at 5T. Hes my favorite already for our most improved player.

      • GoHawksDani

        LoL, scrolled through the photos, and for a quick sec I thought Baldwin catching the ball, but after realized 19 is on the jersey. But for a quick second Reynolds and Baldwin look similar (face, body type). Agreed with the guys below, Green looks bigger. But Marsh looks pretty thin.
        And as for Fant…he might be a reason we didn’t draft Wesco.
        Fant was a TE, so they might be able to work with him with his simple routes and catching techniques, and if he can earn a couple of the hard yards, it seems a solid thing. He can line up FB, TE, 6th OL, and as a backup/emergency OT

  38. charlietheunicorn

    I kind of suspect JPP was a knucklehead….. but it is unfortunate he may have jeopardized his career a second time with the recent automobile accident induced neck injury. He was fun to watch on a bad Giants team…… except for the SB run.

  39. Ed

    Haven’t been on much or posted in a long time, hope everyone is well on both sides of the pond. I’m sure Rob had most of them pegged for the Hawks, but I also assume a lot of the “why did they draft that guy” rants happened. Saw this synopsis and thought I would post it. Best grade possible.

  40. Coleslaw

    We’ve got a lot of up and coming players who I expect to improve on last year. Green, Martin, Moore, T2, Hill, Ford, Flowers, Griffin, Penny.

    Green looks like hes gotten a lot stronger, so now he can hopefully use the pass rush moves we saw at USC for us.

    T2 is going to improve big time once he starts getting an early jump on reading plays in real time. His range will shine then, I’m still really high on him and think he can be our future FS.

    Hill might be a jack of all trades type of guy.

    Ford is so unique that he might actually be able to find a way to pass rush. If he can he could be a 6+ sack guy.

    Penny showed his home run hitting ability in limited action last year. I think he’ll get more carries this year closer to 50/50 with Carson. Stretching the field as much as we’ll be doing, Penny is a great fit, he will get the most out of those underneath plays and light boxes.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Love “the glass is 100% full” type of optimism. Go Hawks!!!

    • Gohawks5151

      Optimistic for sure, but well warranted. Green was always a redshirt guy. Young when he was drafted. A year of NFL coaching and weight room has him ready to pop this year.

      Ford, Martin and Tre got real good run last season and should also see big growth.

      Penny had the injury and slow start but his body should be better prepared and his role better defined.

      I still have hope for Shaquille. He didn’t come from a great system in college. They drafted him as an athlete. His rookie year he was protected by the vets. Learned some hard lessons last year. He has a good chance to improve.

      Hill has a role as a matchup safety. I can’t see T2s role with Blair and Amadi around.

      If he can stay healthy Simmons can be a valuable back up as Fluker and Iupati haven’t played a full season recently.

      • Elmer

        Do you agree with this? It seems to me that if Pocic is going to make the 53 man roster it will have to be as the backup center replacing Joey Hunt. Both Hunt and Pocic offer versatility in being able to play multiple OL positions, so the OL competition should be a good one to keep and eye on.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Very nice post and I agree with most all of it and you make some great point regarding growth of some of our younger players. After adding two more great LBs, not sure where Shaquem ends up or if he makes the roster. Shaquille is going to need to improve or be at risk of losing his starting spot to any one of many talented newcomers.

        I have Ben one of the few that has been underwhelmed with T2, although he may just need more time. However, his time may be running out if he doesn’t really show out as we have some alpha dogs coming in that will really challenge for his starting spot.

        PC seems to really like Simmons and he seems to play well, but I am bullish on Jamarco Jones and with some new talent, we should have a very nice OL this year.

        I think the thing I am most excited about this year, assuming PCJS will fix the pass rush need in FA, is the huge influx in rookie talent and how the level of competition will really propel the team to a new level. I love reading about the two tiers of quality teams projected and seeing the Hawks under-estimated and no where in sight on those lists.

        Although I have had mixed feeling about who I think our starters will be, I’m super excited to just let them all fight it out knowing that the cream will rise to the top and we’ll have a significantly upgraded team when it’s all done. Just the thought of Lockett, Jennings and DK as WRs, Blair busting heads in the secondary, an improved FS and CBs, an upgraded (and deeper) OL and FG Kicker are going to be huge.

        Anyone else “fired up”?

        Go Hawks

  41. Gohawks5151

    Purely by numbers you would have to lean that way with Haynes and Jamarco needing spots. Simmons looked good against good competition. Hunt was pretty good too when he had to step in as an emergency guard. Pocic needs to show up big or he is out.

    • Gohawks5151

      Previous post in response to Elmer

  42. charlietheunicorn

    *opening FA Christmas presents*

    OH MY

  43. millhouse-serbia

    Some guy on twitter:

    “Went to the Rookie Spotlight in at the VMAC on Friday. JS said they went into the draft targeting two players. Barton and BBK. Said Barton was was a great leader on a good defense, tons of energy. BBK reminded them of Tatupu. Not biggest or fastest, but could slip blocks.”

    • GoHawksDani

      I like that. I like both players…it sucks that I would be absolutely pumped about them, but most likely they won’t see any defensive action or limited times max. But that also mean that we have a real solid LB group

  44. ZB

    What do guys think about bringing in Jay Ajayi? He seems like our kind of back.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Always liked him, but his production seems to have dropped off a lot recently. Concerns?

      • Dregur

        He’s also recovering from a torn ACL.

    • icb12

      I’ve always liked Ajayi. Even when he came out and fell due to his knee. I always thought he was better than Melvin Gordon. I remember talking about his athletic profile and production being very similar to Gordon, and they trained together for the combine at the time.

      I also don’t think his production has fallen off. He only played in 4 games last season, averaging 4 yards a carry.
      Dang near averaged 6 yards a carry for the eagles the year prior. He just wasn’t starting.

      That said, the Runningback room is pretty stacked up right now. I’m not sure where he would slot in. If I was Ajayi, I wouldn’t be super excited about Seattle. Full runningback room with Carson and Penny being the obvious 1/2. I expect he would be more interested in a spot like the Vikings, or Texans, or the Colts.. Although I believe he has already met with the Colts once.

  45. Bigten

    Surprised there has not been any FA news yet today. Not just news with seahawks.
    Is it at 4pm today? Or what?

    • HawkfaninMT

      There isn’t a ton of incentive for FAs to jump on offers right now. These 2d tier FAs are guys that are veterans, and have made it through the first wave. There isn’t the cash grab like at the beginning of the intial FA period for them to stress about. Each FA knows for the most part what teams are interested and what they are offering. Just biding time to see if anyone comes in with a bigger offer is my thought. I do feel a little disappointed, but I think it is more because my expectation was too high for what this may look like.

    • GauxGaux


    • GauxGaux

      Looks like there is a lot of interest out there for Ansah… if he is healthy I imagine he’ll expensive

    • JohnH

      I believe it was midnight EST last night, but who knows for sure since the league hasn’t publicly released the date as far as I know.

    • cha

      Rapaport just tweeted that the Hawks are the front runners for Ansah. Bills in the game too.

  46. JJ

    I was just looking again at the hawks draft capital for next year. I can’t wait for college football to start. This is going to be so much fun.

  47. RWIII

    Profootball talk is reporting that Ziggy and the Seahawks have agreed to a one year deal.

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