Breaking down Daniel Jeremiah’s mock draft


  1. Roy Batty

    Jeremiah has been relentlessly mocked about his mock by a lot of people.

    I’m guessing that’s exactly what he was aiming for. Get as many people to comment on it, good or bad.

    “Eighth overall? Eighth overall?”

    I still laugh when I see your expression.

    On top of that bombshell pick at #8, the McDonald pick at #20 leads me to believe he has relatives in the state of Iowa. And, why would Seattle take two EDGE rushers with their two first rounders? They already have multiple.

    I’m sure he will revert to a more sensical mock in the coming weeks, but this one really has some head scratchers.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Correct, he wants clicks. Exactly why Rob has been exploring different options for the Seahawks including his last defensive line draft.

    • Peter


      Open minded view. Third round grade from me. Not great in pursuit. Sort of jogs. Goes low and gets caught. Plus side to tyree looks like more moves. Faster first step.

      I would be super bummed with him as our second pick.

      • Rob Staton

        You can rest easy

        Absolutely mad mock draft

        • Glor

          Very entertaining reaction post Rob, thank you for that!

  2. Ashish

    These people so called nfl reporters or gurus still have Seattle taking CB in top 2 rounds or OL without knowing current situation. Young is still top QB, Will Lewis considered as high risk and Richardson not even in top picks. Narrations will change in next 3 months but now just check out for fun.

  3. Zorn Is King

    Maybe a Tyree comp/ perspective is Julius Peppers?

    • Rob Staton

      That’s extremely generous

      Peppers had 30 sacks in college, was a storied prospect from day one and tested through the roof

      • Zorn is King

        Frame and weight wise!! Lol. A point of comparison, both positively and negatively…peppers obviously was a superior athlete..

    • Peter

      If there was a peppers in this draft people would be running to the podium.

      His wiki page listing his college accolades is almost a joke how many awards he he got in college.

  4. Jim Spurrill

    This was a weak effort but one constant in most drafts Ive seen is the lack of players I would pond the table for. Blue collar draft
    How was your grade on Tuli Tuipulotu from USC he had production this year
    Also I noticed Cory Trice cb from Purdue for a day 3 investment
    Thanks again for all of your work

    • Win Forever

      Tuli has a relatively high missed tackle rate of about 23%. That’s about 6th most in this year’s draft class. Not sure Pete wants to go in that direction.

      • Win Forever

        I lied. The 23% was just for rush defense. He has a missed tackle rate of 31% which leads this year’s draft class.

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    Rob repeating incredulously “eighth overall?!?” reminds me of this scene 😂

    • Palatypus


      • Elmer

        Recalls Alan Iverson.


  6. ShowMeYourHawk

    So…. was much of the Josh Allen magic attributed to Daboll? Sure looks like Daniel Jones took his game to the next level, while Allen is stuck in idle.

    • Roy Batty

      To be fair, that Buffalo offensive line was imploding. I actually cringed a few times thinking Allen was going to get leveled on the blindside. I can see them doing nearly the same thing to Mahomes if they maintain this energy.

      Hand it to the Bengals. They had a great game plan. The Bills defense was struggling from the first snap. The Bengals mixed up the routes, picked on lagging DBs and ran effectively when needed.

      A Bengals/Eagles SB would be epic.

  7. Palatypus

    Like Daniel Jeremiah, I too would dismiss the concerns about character and conditioning after doing bong hits with Jalen Carter before the Ohio State game. I’m pretty sure I would have him at the top of my list after sharing several dozen deep-fried lobster ravioli in Dijon mustard dipping sauce.

  8. cha

    I miss Mike Mayock.

    • Rob Staton


      • Rob Staton

        I was stood five yards away from Mike Mayock in Munich. He was speaking to someone in what looked like quite an intense conversation, otherwise I was going to go and ask to shake his hand and thank him for being integral to making the draft fun for so long

  9. Trevor

    The Bengals are incredibly well coached particularly on defense. Average talent on that side of the ball but thier scheme each week is excellent.

  10. Ashish

    It is wise to spend $$ for good kicker.

  11. Big Mike

    I’m so jealous watching San Francisco and Dallas rush the passer and do it effectively

    • cha

      Micah Parsons ‘Reggie Whiting’ Mike McGlinchey…my goodness.

      • Big Mike

        That was so bad ass

      • Ashish

        Thats was crazy putting a OL on ground by one hand and rush just off the chart.

    • Peter

      It’s almost as if Dan Quinn may have had some hand in Seattle’s defense being good.

      • clbradley17

        Michael Bennett said Quinn was a defensive genius of a coach.

      • Rob Staton

        Nice when you get the LOB and then Parsons though

        Didn’t have a good defense in Atlanta

        • clbradley17

          They had tons of injuries every year. Safety Neal & the MLB had great rookie years, but they both were injured 2-3 years in a row after that, as were many others each year. They sure couldn’t stop Brady in the 4th qtr. & OT of their Super Bowl. Just like with us vs. the Patriots all they/we had to do was run the ball. But of course it helped immensely to have the LOB then and a game-wrecker in Parsons now.

          • Rob Staton

            Even so, he was Head Coach in Atlanta and as soon as Shanahan left they were not a good team and never fielded a quality defense in his tenure.

            Not saying he’s a bad coach but it’s also hard to get a read on him when his two spells as a DC saw him get the legendary LOB and a defense that includes Parsons

            • Pran

              Probably he is a good DC, not HC

            • Peter

              I think you are closer to right than wrong.

              I will say. Dallas doesn’t have that many names on that defense. Sure they have names we know but not big time names. But they are rolling with the amazing parsons and two other probowlers.

              I get it’s hard to gauge LOB and all that. But I ultimately think he’s a solid d coordinator.

              Terrible hc.

              Frankly I’d take solid right about now as opposed to what we’re doing.

              • Rob Staton

                In fairness to McCarthy he has won as many SB’s as Payton, Pete, Reid etc

              • Kenny Sloth


  12. Seattle Person

    That’s brutal for Tony Pollard. Hopefully it’s an ankle sprain and not a broken ankle. I believe he’s also in his walk year?

    • Big Mike

      They said at halftime high ankle sprain

      • Seattle Person

        That’s good. I just recently turned the game on.

  13. Jabroni-DC

    Joe Burrow is a freeking stud. Mahomes and Burrow are in a class of their own. Lawrence might get up there. Allen is bumping his head against the ceiling a bit. Obviously been close but no cigar.

    Rooting for the Bengals to go all the way.

    Hope Dallas dispatches SF tonight.

    • Seattle Person

      The Bengals are the more complete team. Is it crazy to think that?

      • clbradley17

        Whether it’s Stroud, Levis or Richardson that falls to us at 5, I’d like to have that potential superstar QB of the future in a Seahawks uniform soon, and not just be jealous of other teams.

  14. Seattle Person

    George…stop it…

    • Palatypus

      For an encore, after the game he’s gonna juggle cats for the humane society.

  15. Jabroni-DC

    You gotta make that pick homie!

  16. Palatypus

    This is the part of the movie where Rocky says, “Cut me, Mick.”

  17. AlaskaHawk

    It feels like a championship game! The winner is defense and Kittle tonight!

    • Palatypus

      “Cut me Mick, I can’t see out of my eye.”

    • Jabroni-DC

      Ehhh, I don’t know about that. Suspect QBs for both teams. Dak has been inaccurate. Purdy…He’s running the offense but he’s slowly getting figured out by DCs.

      • Palatypus

        I don’t think it’s that complicated. These two teams are just throwing punches at each other.

  18. 206

    Going to be some great championship weekend matchups

  19. Trevor

    Dak is the type of QB that leaves your team in the perpetual good but not great category. They signed him to a big deal but he is an average not elite QB. You need a rookie or a star QB. Average but high paid QBs result in one thing and one thing only. Early playoff exits.

    • Trevor

      This is exactly why paying Geno big $ should not even be a consideration IMO.

      • Big Mike

        1000% agree with everything you said

        • Matt

          Same here.

          A good NFL QB is like a hot chick that will only get coffee with you and go out of her way to tell the cashier, “oh this isn’t my boyfriend.” Just the ultimate tease that you continue to put your life on hold for.

        • Big Mike

          And the beauty of it is Dallas yet again doesn’t even sniff a conference championship game. 27 years and counting without a conference championship game appearance or a Super Bowl appearance but please national media tell us how great they are. Please continue to endlessly slobber all over them again next year. Please make us watch them every single week

          Or you could finally realize they are a nothing franchise that hasn’t done jack shit for 27 years and counting.

    • Frank

      I agree, the team went well out of their way creating an opportunity to draft a QB with having two first round picks. Geno is a stud, but shouldn’t change plans that have been in motion for years. I fully believe trading Wilson was only delayed by waiting for a QB class they loved. I’m moderately concerned they are tempted to wait and grab a QB in the second to fourth round envisioning a Wilson situation.

  20. Trevor

    Niners vs Bengals Super Bowl incoming.

    • Big Mike

      I don’t know. Philly is tough. I expect that to be a FG game
      Bengals by 10 cuz Mahomes can’t move and they own KC lately

    • Jabroni-DC

      I hope it’s Eagles-Bengals.

  21. 509 Chris

    The 49ers are just a better run organization than Seattle. It’s hard not to be jealous of the coaching staffs Shannon has been able to put together over his tenure. Their always getting jobs other places, amd then the replacements produce results too. They draft smart, premium picks early. They get a lot of mileage in the late rounds, and do a great job developing talent. The trade up for Lance might have been a mistake but they’ve been able to overcome it. Rant over.

    It amazes me that Daniel Jeremiah does this for a living. Our Rob works for the BBC covering football for a living, and studies American football for a hobby. His hobby studying gives a much more realistic outlook of the prospects. I never knew a lot about the prospects until I came here a few years ago.

    • Jordan

      It shouldn’t amaze you that he is able to do this for a living. He was a starting QB at Appalachian State, and worked as an NFL scout for 7 years. He has knowledge, actual experience, and connections. Let’s be careful here not to confuse blogging with hands on knowledge and experience from being in the game.

      You wouldn’t defer to Web MD over an actual MD.

      His mocks are what he’s hearing, his big board is what he sees.

      • Matt

        He’s been out of scouting for 11 years. And can we please pretend analyzing football isn’t commensurate with medical practice?

        • Peter

          I’ll split both you.

          A little of column a and a little of column b.

          I do get a little tired of the idea that people with jobs, in the business, know more than those out of them. Were that true no one would pass over wilson, mahomes, allen, Brady, etc. With 32 jobs layered with nepotism, connections and all they entail its honestly hard for me to believe everyone in an FO or coaching knows more than everyone else.

          Per example: Pete’s kid is the best wr coach out there? How? He never played meaningful football. Or better yet he was a scout before that. Alternately holmgren became a very good coach but was once a high school teacher and coach before coaches got paid just to do that. He was essentially an any-man who learned as he went.

        • Murphy

          I truly despise when people use the “argument from authority” fallacy. An idea is either right or wrong, don’t use a persons background to support a point.

      • Rob Staton

        Fantastic passive aggressive post from Jordan

        And DJ used all of that experience to… not put Patrick Mahomes in his top-50 in 2017

        DeShone Kiser though? First rounder

        What do I know though? I’m just a blogger…

      • Mick

        Knowledge and experience don’t prevent any of us from making mistakes. How do you know he isn’t sloppy with his work? His blobs don’t make it look like he’s been watching a lot of tape and he’s not really on point with team needs either (he throws two DEs at us and I would bet that we only get one with our first picks if Will Anderson drops at 5 for some reason).

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a crap mock, from someone who has consistently shown a half arsed approach to his craft

          Eg a year ago not having Boye Mafe in his top-50 published right before the Senior Bowl, then seeing him at the Senior Bowl and admitting after the Senior Bowl, he had just then watched the tape and now thought he was a R1 pick.

          So he knew he was going to be covering the Senior Bowl for the NFL Network and didn’t even watch Mafe’s tape before the event, despite him being one of the bigger name players attending

          How can you do a top-50 list if you haven’t even watched Mafe??? How can you go and cover the Senior Bowl every day, on the TV, including being the go-to draft expert on air, without having watched Mafe’s tape pre-Mobile???

          If I was the NFL Networks supposed top draft analyst, I would’ve watched him several times during the season. I know it’s possible, I do it in my spare time.

          I certainly wouldn’t be doing mocks and top-50 lists if I hadn’t put the work in

          But here we are.

          This is why this kind of thing should be called out

          • 509 Chris

            This is what I was getting at. I’m not saying you inherently know football better than DJ, just that you actually dedicate time to watching a ton of teams with emphasis on different position groups to get a picture of the upcoming draft. Then actually applying logic about what teams need or have done in the past to the mocks. The analogy about a doctor really doesn’t fit. If my doctor wasn’t listening to me and giving me advice that clearly didn’t apply to my life, I would seek another opinion. As someone said before this is an argument from authority and is a dangerous way of blindly defending establishment ideas. I was trying to pay a compliment to Rob and the other contributors here more than anything though.

          • Elmer

            I’m not getting why mocks are aligning Clemson DL guys with the Hawks. I can only hope that the Hawks are not thinking the same way at #5.

      • James Z

        I guess you haven’t been to an ‘actual MD’ lately.

        • Peter

          That time when I broke my femur and my ankle and watched tge MD’s scramble because they consistently ordered mri’s on my knee and not x-rays on my bones to check my healing progress….not once but about half dozen times.

  22. Jabroni-DC

    You made me laugh Rob. Watching your mock reaction video reminded me of the Haggling scene from Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’.

  23. Roy Batty

    I have to confess, the best image from this game was watching a deflated Jerry Jones and his equally deflated grandson standing in the visiting owners suite, watching their season end.

    • Jabroni-DC

      It’s a welcome sight every season. Just wished it was happening one week later.

      • Roy Batty

        If Hurts heals up even more, I think Philly beats anyone in the NFC, at this point. Their offense matches the brutality of their defense. Both groups continuously punch the opponent in the mouth and keep doing it until the final seconds. That’s why I didn’t really care who won the Niners game.

        A Bengals/Eagles SB would be ideal.

  24. Jabroni-DC

    11 QBs have cap numbers over $30M next season and imho 2 of them are worth it. Mahomes & Allen.

  25. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob a couple questions first thought I like drew Sanders in your Last mock draft.and my second do you have any idea what the price might be for Buckner from the colts due to their cap situation? Do you think pick 37 could get that deal done? Dan Quinn I thought did a really good job against 49ers today. And Rob quick question is Geno better than Dax ? If you are geno agent can you make the argument hey geno put up more points against the niners the Dallas did.

  26. Robert Las Vegas

    I can definitely say this Joe Burrow is incredibly good.going into buffalo and beating them that bad is pretty impressive.there isn’t many players in the league that is better than Joe Burrow.

  27. TwilightError

    That was fun 😀 Can they just bring Mike Mayock back?

  28. UkAlex6674

    I’m taking at QB at 5 and dealing pick 20 for a small trade down if the board doesn’t fall our way.

    I saw one mock at I think Draft Kings where they had us trade up to 1 to pick a QB…..but they selected Young. Another – can’t remember what site – had us take Wilson at 5 and AR at 20.

    • Rob Staton

      I rewatched Young vs Georgia, the National Championship game from a year ago

      It was a real struggle at times for Young to see the field and make plays under pressure and he looked small. It was chalk and cheese compared to the way Stroud faired against Georgia this year

      • UkAlex6674

        Agreed. The size is my biggest concern.

        My pre-combine order is Levis, Richardson and Stroud. I do think though there could be a chance Young is there at 5 and we get a trade from one of the QB needs teams below us desperate to tap in.

  29. Kenny Sloth

    He’s a 🤡

  30. Trevor

    My two biggest takeaways from yesterday.

    First the Bengals are the most well coached defense in the league and have been for a couple of years now. Average talent but incredibly diverse and attacking scheme. Pete and his coaching staff should be taking notes.

    Second Dak Prescott is exactly why you don’t pay Geno Smith big $ in a new deal. Good but not great QB who is surrounded by a good supporting cast who can excel against inferior teams. Not a difference maker however and always seems to have a turnover at key moments just like Geno.

    • Peter

      That time when:

      We had the best running attack in yards and tds in about five years.

      A true commitment was made to the oline.

      For all the handwringing about TE usage this was the first year the TE group had a first round talent, and the two others stay healthy most of the year….ever…

      Two very, very plus WR’s stay healthy the whole season

      And we’re good enough to get a 7th seed playoff spot. Go 0-4 against tge worst division this year, barely beat the back up rams in a game we “need,” to win…

      It’d a fairly easy choice for me to see Geno walk.

      And I’m not blaming him. Truly. All this just shows the team as a whole is not Geno smith and 30 odd million dollars away from competing

  31. Rob Staton

    Seahawks fans & the cult of Geno on twitter in one twitter thread:

    • Mick

      Some people are just delusional. Geno has already reached his ceiling, there’s no way but down from now on. He’s not even a better Goff, matter of fact I’d take this year’s Goff over this year’s Geno. But yes, it’s impossible to have a dialogue with them without it turning into a personal attack.

      • Rob Staton

        The go-to approach on Seahawks Twitter now is — try to undermine the person you agree with by implying they are irrational. Then question ‘why they’re so sensitive’ when you call it out. Then question your mental health when that is challenged.

        It’s a disgrace.

        • CL

          Don’t think it’s just Seahawks or even NFL Twitter related tbh.

          Twitter in general is just straight up bad right now.
          Had to manage some work related things there lately and it’s a complete mess.

          Just don’t take it too personal, we all love your content.
          At the end of the day, they might have another bad awakening, just like with the Russ trade.

          • DC1234

            This is a problem with society in general. Once people have a opinion (Geno is the answer), they dont want to be challenged on that opinion.

            Its all about winning or losing an argument. Ppl now a days do not like to be challenged on their opinions. Dont want to be wrong, its a sign of weakness for them.

            Its not just seahawks twitter, its everyone on twitter.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s so poor though that people just resort to the same undermine, insult, claim you have mental health issues tactics just because you disagree

              I used to get people questioning my mental health every week when we were talking about the Russ saga. I think they think that’s an easy win. Don’t need to produce an argument, can just claim you are unwell.

              It’s the lowest of the low

              The person in this case also claims to be a psychiatrist. Unbelievable

              • no frickin clue


                It’s both low and lazy. It shifts the narrative away from the real topic, makes it about you, and if you can’t see that you’re the problem, well, that’s your cross to bear isn’t it? Essentially it ends the conversation but without having to actually say “I don’t want to defend my argument”.

                The parent-child argument corollary here is “you’ll understand when you get older”.

                • DC1234

                  When ppl dont have a reasonable rebuttal, they resort to name calling and insults.

        • James Z

          Anytime anyone uses ‘market forces’ as a reason to accept overpaying for anything it just points to cognitive sloth.

    • Trevor

      Rob I totally agree with your take and I think the results would back up your line of thinking.

      Paying an average QB ensures one thing and one thing only and that is average results combined with an early round playoff loss. (Dak, Cousins, Tanehill etc)

      You need a competent rookie QB or star QB and we see it every year. How do Hawks fans not see this? We won a Super Bowl with a great roster and cheap competent QB on a rookie deal. Once Russ got paid the team was average at best because Russ is in that good but not great category like Dak and Cousins. Think Ravens and Joe Flacco as example 2.0

      This year for example.

      SF – Rookie Contract QB
      Phil- Rookie Contract QB
      KC- Super star QB
      Cin – Super star QB on rookie deal

      The Hawks should be signing Drew Lock to the cheapest deal possible and drafting Stroud, Richardon or Levis. That should be plan A B and C IMO. Signing Geno to a $25 mil + contract should not even be on the table.

      • Mick

        If I may disagree, Russ is way better than Dak and Cousins.

        • Trevor

          Wonder if Broncos fans would agree? My point is they are not QBs who elevate the entire team and win playoff games because of thier play.

          • Mick

            One really bad season that Russ had shouldn’t make us forget how he carried our team and won us games. Poor roster management shouldn’t be excused by not having a QB who wins under any conditions. Mahomes is as good as he is because he has top targets, strong OLine, solid D. And SF isn’t really starting a rookie QB as such, they have invested a lot of resources in Trey Lance who might be a bust, but they have a very strong roster management and very solid game plan – things Russ didn’t always have in Seattle. It’s not all about the QB.

            • Trevor

              It’s all about the QB when they wanted to be paid like they are elite. When Russ signed he was the highest or second highest paid in the league. Roster management has a lot to do with cap space as well. After Russ signed his first big deal the Hawks won a grand total of three wild card playoff games over the next 7 years. What big wins did Russ carry the team for and win us exactly?

              2015 – wild card win
              2016- wild card win
              2019 wild card win

              I liked Russ as a QB and loved his toughness but he was never an elite QB that could carry a team like Rodgers, Mahomes etc and even with those elite QBs it is hard once they get paid big $ for them to make it back to the Super Bowl. The Patriots with Brady being the only outlier. Perhaps Mahomes will be this generations outlier but that is still to be determined. Joe Burrow is on a rookie deal so the Bengals have a better roster than the Chiefs who had to trade Tyreke Hill after Mahomes got paid.

              • DC1234

                Let’s not cloud our opinions about Russ based on how bad he played this year with the Broncos.

                Russ was a elite qb that could lift his players around him. Remember David Moore? Hollister? Record breaking rookie stats from DK.

                In 2019, he almost took the seahawks to the conference championship. They were a dropped catch from potentially beating the packers without any rbs. Marshawn had to come back from retirement. Who knows what would of happened. They played the niners close that year. So its not out of the realm of possibility, they would of made the superbowl.

                I firmly believe if the seahawks had drafted better from the 2017-2020, they would of made to another superbowl with Russ. Even if they had drafted Nick Chubb or Johnathan Taylor.

                • DC1234

                  Also Russ masked how bad the seahawks were in building the Oline. I know some of the sacks were his fault. But he prevented a lot more with his elusiveness.

                  Also, Rodgers’ only superbowl was with a top defense. Mahomes lost the superbowl to the bucs because their oline was bad. Those elite qb needed help as well.

                  All elite qb can only carry a team so far.

                  • Trevor

                    Exactly you made my point for me. Sign a cheap veteran QB and draft a rookie at 5 then build an elite roster with the extra $30 mil in cap space.

                  • DC1234

                    My whole point was that Russ was a elite QB, even when be was signed a massive contract.

                    You are saying Russ is not elite. He is another Dak and Cousins. Which I think you are wrong.

                    You can win a superbowl with him Russ in his prime. Just the seahawks blew the roster management.

                    Im also in the same boat with you that I want the seahawks to draft a qb at #5 and built a elite roster this offseason.

                    I dont see Geno taking the seahawks to a superbowl. I did when Russ was in his prime.

                • Ben

                  I remember Let Russ Cook crashing and burning, proving that he wasn’t capable of carrying the team with his passing. I also remember the inability to close games in the 3rd and 4th quarter. The D eventually gave up the lead and then Wilson stepped in with 4th quarter comebacks where his luck eventually ended. Wilson seemed incapable of putting teams away.

                  • DC1234

                    “Let Russ Cook” started in 2020.

                    So you are telling me if the seahawks had drafted better from 2016-2020, Russ couldnt take the seahawks to the superbowl. For example:

                    Picked Chubb over Penny. Didnt pick some quality oline like Ramchek, Bitonio. whiffed on rebuilding LOB 2.0, didnt pick Budda. Picked Malik Mcdowald, could of had TJ Watt. Picked Collier and Marquis Blair when AJ Brown, Deebo, McCaurin was available.

                    This whole Russ was not good and he couldnt carry his team is wrong. I am glad the seahawks traded him cause it looks like his prime was over.

                    we are giving Pete and John a pass on the seahawks failures because of how poorly Russ played in Denver. While seahawks overexceed expectations.

                  • Peter

                    I remember the roster being constructed like crap.

                    That the starting running back rushed for kess than 700 yards.

                    And that year Seattle went 12-4 in a division with both the rams and the cardinals posting winning records.

                    This year: 9-8

                    Still a crap roster. Way better run game. An even weaker division.

                    And now fans want to pay Smith a boatload….for reasons I can not fathom.

                  • Ben

                    Russell Wilson was a good, and for a while great QB. But the idea that he was anywhere near Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or any other QB that could get away with being a pass-first offense was put to rest when they stopped trying to let him cook in 2020.

                    One thing that made RW great in my opinion was the read-option. Once that was dropped and he stopped running the ball, it felt like their offense was never the same. Without linebackers respecting his running ability and he was just a passing QB with decent escapability, the offense suffered.

                    I liked the Russell Wilson trade at the time, and I don’t want to pay Geno. Of course, I’ve always had the opinion that there are a lot more good QBs in the NFL sitting as backups that never get the opportunity to shine. Not a very popular opinion, but some systems are set up to help QBs succeed and good QBs don’t always end up in the right environment to shine. Rob seems to agree with this on some level by pointing out Shanahan and what they’ve done with Purdy.

                    Is Seattle actually a good environment for average QBs to succeed? 2022’s results might point to yes, it’ll be interesting to see how Pete and John roll the dice. Do they bet on themselves and stick to offering Geno a sub-par contract? I hope so, let’s get back to the read-option so it opens up the passing game and allows our offense to flourish.

                  • Ben

                    I forgot to say, let’s draft a QB and get back to using the read-option. AR15? Yes please.

      • Orcas viking

        Agree 100% here. Let’s roll with Lock and rookie QB…use that cap money and the draft to create a dominant defense and powerful OL.

      • Dustin

        I’d roll with Geno if we could get him for 20 million a year, which is going to be impossible. 25 million or more is too high for him and he may not want to go lower than 30 mill. He’s probably going to regress next year and I think we’ll be better off drafting a QB and letting him and Lock compete for the starting job. Geno was legitimately in the MVP conversation for a few weeks this year and I don’t see that happening ever again.

    • Peter

      Brutal display of stupidity. And typical online passive agression.

    • Romeo A57

      My biggest issue with many Seahawks fans is that they way overvalue the players on the Seahawks roster. Geno is just the latest and worst example of this bias. Geno had a great first half of the season and played okay during the second half of the season. At Geno’s best, he is no better than Carr, Cousins, Dak or Goff, an average to slightly above average QB. However, all of those Quarterbacks have had a much better career with several years of good play. Geno has one really good half of a season of play in 10 years. I do not see how 0.5 seasons of good play equals a franchise Quarterback.

      Even big time Seahawks homers like Huard. Salk and KJ Wright have stated in the past week that this team can’t pay Geno Franchise level money. Pete Carroll basically admitted that this team is several players away from competing with San Francisco. Too many fans just look at the 9-9 record. and the playoff birth, and see this team as being real close to a championship game. They just believe that a few good players or a new DC would put the Seahawks over the top.

      • DC1234

        Im so worried seahawks will massively overpay to resign Geno. IMO it will be a mistake.

        I just think about how Case Keenum had a great year and took the Vikings to the NFC conference championship. And Broncos signed him the following year. Keenum was just a flash in the pan. Which I think Geno is.

        Once the expectations are there next year for Geno, he will fold.

        • geoff u

          I hope somebody overpays for Geno…preferably the Colts

    • TatupuTime

      The conversation starter:

      We might be able to get a QB that is as good as (or better than) Geno with an annual cost savings over over $20M a year that we can invest in the trenches. The Seahawks should consider that if they feel they can draft a QB that fits that criteria.

      The response:

      “I’ve determined none of the rookie QBs fit that mold based on what we are reading in the media and based on the two games we actually watched of the QB”

      “You have mental health issues if you think they should consider that”

      “Geno was great in 2022. Let’s invest 4x as much in him per year and not consider the potential for some slight or severe regression.”

      “The Seahawks may take a minor step back in 2023 if they replace Geno. I think they can contend in 2023 if they cut existing players, pay Geno and replace with draft picks. I don’t care about what’s best for 2024-2025.”

      “Jalen Carter will instantly upgrade our defence on his own starting in week 1.”

      • Matt

        Yep! This is how every debate I’ve gotten into has gone.

      • Rob Staton


        Absolutely spot on

    • Gabe B

      It’s so frustrating to not be able to have a rational conversation about seemingly anything in life. Of course Geno was valuable to the Seahawks this year. Would anyone be as excited about him if we were paying $30mill for what he did? Of course not!
      Geno’s going to get a big raise. I’m sure John has his ceiling in mind – and if Geno can beat that somewhere else, he’ll be gone. Otherwise, he’ll be back – with a very large pay raise. It should be fun to debate what that number should be. Instead, it gets personal for some weird reason. Lame!

    • 509 Chris

      Rob go to a therapist and get your issues worked out already! 🤣 Someone will pay Geno, and if it’s much more than 20 mil they’ll probably regret it. I hope it’s not us. I really hope we can keep him at a reasonable price honestly. He does present the best chance for the offense to function well next year, and I wouldn’t want to start any rookie year 1.

    • Elmer

      The QB market being what it is, there is evidence to support that opinion that teams may be better off with a QB still on the rookie contract.

  32. BobbyK


    Great point on Twitter about how Geno Smiff had the second most turnover worthy plays in the NFL. You mentioned average is 80.6 of those plays leading to turnovers (normally). Smiff had 48%. That’s nuts! Sure, he made some beautiful throws this year but, man, that’s some good luck he had, too.

    I’m sure most of us watched the game last night. Dak is a great QB all things being equal, but I loved the stat they said about how he was -14% or something when there was pressure on him. He can look like a superstar if he’s playing the Yucs like he did Monday night (a defense that doesn’t bother him) but if he’s playing under duress, he sucks.

    That’s very much Geno-like. Those two have a lot in common. Smiff is very good if you could promise that he’ll have time to throw and good weapons at his disposal. Not all QBs can play at Smiff’s level under those circumstances. But get Smiff into a situation where there’s extreme pressure and guys like him and Dak just plain old suck.

    • cha

      That point about turnovers was a potent as a hot chili pepper Rob.

      Source? Is that a metric from PFF?

      I can tell you what, if there is one thing PC won’t stand for in his QB, it’s being a turnover machine.

      • Rob Staton

        Article coming later

        PFF via Hugh Millen who brought it up

        • BobbyK

          Looking forward to it.

          • Big Mike


    • MJ

      Why do you spell Geno’s last name “Smiff”? I agree with your comparison of Geno and Dak, they are very similar players when it comes to strengths and weaknesses.

      • BobbyK

        It’s because I hate him from the reason the Jets didn’t want him anymore to his DUI last year. I don’t like having a guy like that at the most important position in pro sports (and on your favorite team). And when he talks he seems to pronounce the “th” sound with something that sounds like “ff” instead. Hence, Geno Smiff.

  33. Roy Batty

    I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it, but it seems to me that a few things are starting to trend in the direction of Rob’s (and many or our) way of thinking.

    First, the rumblings by more than a few in the media close to the Seahawks talking openly about not paying Geno big money. That’s now trending towards setting a hard line and not crossing it by John and Pete. Also pointing to the second half of the season as a more reasonable estimate of Geno’s worth. QBs matter, of course, but they don’t have to be the absolute solution. A balanced roster is the key and filling the current holes is critical, not squandering what’s left of your cap on a QB.

    Second, more and more are floating the idea of eating Adams dead cap with a post 6/1 cut/trade. That’s mainly hampered by his injury, which a few, like Brock, have said to go ahead and eat it all this year, then. Just end the experiment and move on with a clean slate in 2024.

    Those are some very big trends happening that were thought sacrilege just a couple of months ago by the general media. Things are evolving and people are starting to realize that this is a team that needs a few years to complete the rebuild. A team that needs to make tough decisions that will be tough to swallow, but much more palatable in 2024.

    In short, people have come around to the SDB way.

    • Cysco

      This is directly related to a few people on Seattle sports radio that have started to talk about this stuff. The majority of Seahawks fans just regurgitate what they hear on the radio and make it their opinion. The best thing that happened for this fanbase was KIRO’s rumored losing of the Seahawks broadcast. (or is that official now?) If the hosts on KIRO are able to speak freely without fear of damaging their Seahawks relationship, I think we’ll see the tune of fans change pretty quickly.

  34. cha

    Am I the only one that thinks the NFL is missing a huge opportunity to dominate the TV landscape by splitting the CCG’s and having one Saturday and one Sunday?

    Championship Weekend!

    What an idea.

    • joe

      money and TV ratings dictate this could and should happen.

      why hasn’t it? One SB team would get an extra day of rest than the other and that would not be tenable.

      • cha

        I doubt anyone would scream about one extra day with a 13 day break.

        • cha

          Let me revise that.

          I doubt an extra day out of 13 would matter.

          People will scream about anything these days.

  35. Rick


    Say we are sitting at #5 and Stroud, Levi, Richardson, & Anderson are off the board.

    Faced with – Young – talented but small
    Carter – athletic but unmotivated
    Wilson – huge, but lets say he tests slow

    Would you make a deal to drop down to #9 with the Panthers if they really liked one of those players?
    Say you get #9 and #40.

    Would it help the defense to go with the following:
    – #9 – Brian Branch
    – #20 – Mazi Smith
    – #38 – Calijah Kancey
    – #40 – Keion White

    • Trevor

      Really want them to go QB wirh Richardson, Levis or Stroud but man I love those 4 picks on defense. Think you could probably get Mazi later than that but that would certainly be an upgrade to the Defense.

      Anxious to see Kancey and Smith arm length. Hope it does not rule them out for the Hawks.

    • TatupuTime

      This is worst case in my mind too.

      I’m still rolling the dice at 5 on Young or Carter. I still think you are better of with three like this than the four above

      #5 Young/Carter
      #20 Mazi Smith/Calijah Kancey (I don’t think he lasts to 38)
      #38 White/Skinner

      • BobbyK

        If I had to decide between Young and Carter, I will easily take Young.

        If Young falters in the NFL, it won’t be for lack of intelligence or effort. It’l be his body. If Carter falters, it’s because he’s unmotivated.

        On paper one would/should easily take Carter because of the physical profile. But between the ears is so-so-so important and Young has that in spades.

        I’d like to see Young start as a rookie if we could get him. Then there’d be no need for wasting money on Smiff (another bonus).

        • Big Mike

          100% agree with Bobby on this

        • samprassultanofswat

          I will trade down before I take Young.

    • Matt

      I honestly have no problem with Branch. He’s going to be a good player. He fits in the modern NFL. Can’t think of any “yea but” with him.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Other than the soul crushing realization that he’d be the 3rd first round pick spent on a safety in the last 4 years

        • Matt


          Just not holding that against Branch. I wouldn’t celebrate the pick but feel confident he’s a good player.

          • Win Forever

            Only 3.3% missed tackle rate for Branch. Second lowest in the draft class.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Pre Combine/pro days, there are only 4 players I’d take at 5 in this draft


      At this point, with the information we have, I’d be disappointed with anyone else.

      So in that situation where all 4 are gone, and there is a willing trade partner, I’d make the trade.

      If that’s Carolina, so be it. 9 + 40 for 5.

      I seriously doubt Mazi Smith is available at 20. I think he’s a top 15, maybe even top 12 pick. Could be higher post Combine. He’s an absolute freak.

      A relative ditto for Kancey and White — Kancey won’t get out of R1 and White will rise to the top of R2.

      • Trevor

        Those are the 4 (Richardson, Anderson, Levis, Stroud) I would take at 5 as well. Not sure about Mazi Smith going that high but agree with the rest of the post completely.

        • Derek

          I still take Jalen Carter if he’s available, my top 5:

          1- Levis
          2- Stroud
          3- Will Anderson
          4- Jalen Carter
          5- Bryce Young

          I get the concerns with Carter’s conditioning BUT he’s such a rare talent and he’s demonstrated that on tape.

          This breakdown, in particular, was the most convincing for me as it covered the TCU and Ohio State games and went into the kind of detail that I miss not being a pro like Rob:

  36. Palatypus

    I bought a tripod for my phone today so I can take some videos of the Senior Bowl practices. I thought I might upload some unfiltered footage with zero commentaries, other than what is ambient in the bleachers.

    My guess is most people here want to see the one-on-one drills between the defensive tackles with the guards and centers. That should be easy to frame.

    I better go get a bigger memory card today, too.

    • Rob Staton

      If you are able to film all 1v1s that would be… a heroic act

      • Palatypus

        Oh, yeah, easy.

      • Palatypus

        Well, I probably can’t get all of them, because the two squads are at different ends of the field. But yeah, I can get close enough.

        • Roy Batty

          Buy another phone and tripod, and a second line of service. Sit at the 50 and record both. Just make sure your phones have a good telephoto lens.

          A dedicated SDB commenter would do it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤬

          Seriously, thanks for doing that and you’re constant updates on the practices. Really appreciated.

          • Palatypus


            My plan was to just upgrade the memory card on my Galaxy S20FE. You can get right up to the front row at practice very easily. At least you could last year.

            • Roy Batty

              I have to ask, have you noticed some real fanatics there with multiple devices? Not professionals, but regular fans who attempt to capture everything at all times.

              It’s something I’ve noticed at other events. People whose entire spare time is spent on the one obsession.

              I kid about you buying more to do more, but some people are utterly obsessed with it, to the benefit of everyone else.

              Thanks again for the past and future updates on the goings on down there.

              • Palatypus

                Most of the credentialed people (with name tags) just watch the practice normally. There is a lot of discussion and networking.

                All of those coaches who got fired, will be in Mobile with resumes. Some of them are already here in Pensacola because os EXOS and The Andrews Institute.

            • Palatypus

              Okay, since the people at Pensacola Best Buy either can’t locate it or don’t know what an SD card is, I ordered a 512 GB card off of Amazon. How much video do you think it is in minutes?

  37. samprassultanofswat

    I just hope/pray that it is John Schneider selecting the players. NOT Pete Carroll.

    • BobbyK


  38. Palatypus

    NFL Network is reporting that Sean Payton is interviewing with the Cardinals this week.

  39. cha

    I think when we talk about Geno Smith, I think it needs to be noted that the Seahawks actually showed admirable restraint last year when it came to quarterbacks.

    They resisted the temptation to reach for Matt Corrall, Malik Willis or Desmond Ridder in the draft, and wisely avoided giving up any draft capital or cap room for Baker Mayfield.

    All this and they fully admit they did not plan on Geno Smith being this good.

    I think that restraint will extend into not blowing up their cap for Smith.

    And very likely will mean paying for quality in the draft.

    • Palatypus

      It’s almost as if they were drunk when they traded for Percy and Jamal and are now in rehab

    • Roy Batty

      The national narrative that Pete knew Geno was “his guy” last preseason laughs in the face of reality.

      Until Lock caught Covid, the QB competition was still undecided, from what I remember. Pete didn’t announce Geno as the starter until after that and the last game.

      Interesting times…

      • Trevor

        You don’t sign a guy to an incentive ladder 1yr deal if he is your guy. Typical media spin.

        • Ben

          Flipside is that I believe Geno was playing with the starters and Lock with the backups the first games where both were available. I was annoyed because Lock hadn’t gotten the opportunity to shine. But that ended up being the final game where he blew it.

          • Ben

            Also, they may have saved money by not naming Geno the starter. If you hand Geno the keys after the trade, he gets to ask for starter money, or at least something resembling that. Just like I wouldn’t hand Lock the keys, make whoever the starter is earn it. There’s probably an interesting QB out there that’d play for under 10 mill that’s better than Lock and willing to play cheap because he has a shot at starting.

            How much is Gardner Minshew going to cost in FA?

      • cha

        I will never say Lock would have been just as good or better than Geno, or that Lock could replicate Geno’s 2022 next year. That is like saying the Seahawks could easily catch lightning in a bottle twice. That said, I am not confident the odds are great that Geno replicates or improves on his 2022, but on $30m or more.

        It would be very, very interesting if the Seahawks signed Lock to a 2-yr incentive laden deal and told him to go out and earn his incentives, while drafting a QB at #5.

        2y, $6-7m salary with incentives like Geno’s to send it up to say $18-20m.

        • BobbyK

          I’ve been thinking that, too.

        • Gaux Hawks

          + 1

        • Ben

          I’d do this, but consider signing two QBs in FA, guaranteed at the season start. Let the 3 duke it out for a job like when RW won the spot.

          I honestly think Anthony Richardson for all his faults could be a productive QB, even if playing just 20% of snaps in his first year.

        • Palatypus

          If Sean Payton goes to Arizona the Saints might be picking before us.

        • Ashish

          +1 they should sign Lock first giving them some familiarity in QB room. I will just keep other team guessing that Hawks are interested in Geno and draft QB #5. I don’t want Hawks to miss opportunity to draft qb for next 10 years.
          If hawks wants to pay 32 million to Geno why in the world they traded the other guy to Denver?

    • JP

      I don’t buy it at this point. I do not think they can afford to go backwards next season, so they’ll back up the money truck for Geno so they can hopefully stay in mediocrity without criticism, while they figure out the future later. I mean that seemed to be the plan for the last half decade.

      Someone can correct me on this, but from what I’ve gathered, they would’ve extended Russell Wilson had Russell just kept playing the party of the company man. The biggest thing that changed was that he no longer did, and also wanted out essentially. Pretty odd to me, considering how they slandered him once he was out. So you didn’t think he was all that, but you were gonna pay him like he was anyways to be safe? Definitely sounds like the move an NFL front office would make.

      Had Geno stunk this year and they won 5 games. That’s a different story. We stink, let’s find a QB to build around. Now? You gotta hordes of Seahawks fans thinking this team is 2012 come again despite an epic collapse and stumbling drunk into the playoffs and getting blasted out.

      • BobbyK

        I swear Pete Carroll has a clause in his contract that calls for extra bonus money to make the playoffs but get bombed out once he’s there.

      • Osprey

        If Geno’s market does end up in the 30mil + range all the team has to do is claim ‘shucks we really wanted to sign him but there’s just not enough cap’.

        Of course to really sell that you wouldn’t be able to do the cost cutting moves we’d all like to see at safety, DL, etc.

  40. Sea Mode

    Since we’re on the topic of Geno, I wanted to bring up a point that has been lingering in the back of my mind.

    Isn’t it quite possible that he gets suspended several games (perhaps 6 or so, I’m thinking?) by the League next season, regardless of the sentence he receives in court? And how much could that lower what teams (especially other teams) would be willing to offer him?

    • Matt

      An interesting topic that Seattle media seemingly has no interest in.

    • TomLPDX

      This is a really good point to bring up Sea Mode. The delay has been getting his blood alcohol level back from the lab (seriously!)

      • All I see is 12s

        Agreed. They have just ignored what sounds like an ugly DUI arrest. An offence that’s more serious in WA than other states.

  41. Sea Mode

    🤔 Jerrah take over the account or what?

    Dallas Cowboys


    Dak Prescott gave away the ball twice in the narrow loss to the 49ers, in a matchup the Cowboys had a chance to win if they didn’t again generate self-inflicted wounds.

    #DALvsSF | #DallasCowboys

  42. Ben

    Someone want to explain why Mazi Smith is a 1st round pick? Half a sack over 2 years at Michigan and 6 TFL doesn’t seem to warrant this much excitement with all the criticism Jalen Carter gets for his stats.

    • Matt

      Context matters, here.

      Very few outlets discussing Smith as a R1 guy at the moment.
      A first rounders is different than a “top 5 lock.”
      Smith played Nose and had different responsibilities. Unlike Carter, nobody has made the case that Smith is Aaron Donald.
      Smith made Feldman’s freaks list – so his athleticism is rare for his size.

      • Peter

        1 minute quicker.

        Exactly. Smith is a tremendous NT. Frankly he’s someone Seattle could use. Great at stopping the run.

        And not a top five pick. But in the 20’s and beyond? Sure, sign me up.

      • Palatypus

        William “The Refrigerator” Perry was an athletic freak that didn’t put up great numbers.

        • Ben

          The Fridge?

          “He became the Clemson all-time leader in sacks (25) until his younger brother Michael Dean Perry broke the record three years later. He was the all-time ACC leader in tackles for loss (60) in his career until Michael Dean broke it by one in 1987.”

          29.5 sacks in the NFL over 138 games.

          Mazi Smith does rate as the best Run Defender by PFF for players weighing in at 315+ lbs. So at least there’s that. Keondre Coburn also rates well and is projected as about a 3rd rounder on PFF I believe.

    • Scot04

      Rob has written alot about his feelings about why he ranks Mazi as a 1st round talent. He also pointed out just because he rates a guys a 1st round talent doesn’t mean he’ll go there.
      I obviously don’t have all the links, but if you don’t mind scrolling you can find them.
      Plus plenty other have started to move him up their boards to late 1st early 2nd as well.
      He’s just a talented player. But he & Carter are two totally different players, who would fill different needs on our D-line. Carter far higher upside, Mazi more consistent & no character issues.

      • Ben

        Thanks everyone for your responses. I get athleticism can move a guy up the board, but was he always double-teamed? You’d think an athletic freak would do more, but when I watched him in the playoff game, I just didn’t get the sense he was someone I’d draft in the late first or second round.

        It just may be that I’m not good at judging NTs though.

        • Palatypus

          William Perry, I remember reading, jumped up on a 36″ training table, flat-footed, at 360 lbs.

    • Win Forever

      Excellent run stopper.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t say Carter gets that much criticism for his stats. It’s simply one aspect of a broad discussion about his pro’s and con’s. I just mocked him to Seattle at #5 so let’s not make out like we’re hammering the player unfairly.

      Mazi Smith will dominate the combine. He is extremely disruptive as a nose tackle and plays with a lot of intensity, motor. Harbaugh loves him. Short arms are a worry but if you’re a team that isn’t as concerned about that — when he runs a daft forty at his size, jumps out of Lucas Oil Field and nails every on-field drill there will be buzz about his upside.

  43. DC1234

    One thing that bothers me about the media is the new narrative about “do you need a elite qb to win a superbowl?”

    Ive been hearing this in the sports talk world.

    The whole Brock Purdy phenomenon is making a lot of ppl think you can win without elite level qb. It is extremely difficult to emulate the niners way of building a team. A+ offensive head coach, A+ coaching staff and gm. Great drafts in the first round and lower rounds. Great roster depth.

    Some ppl use the Brock Purdy argument to justify sticking with Geno. Build a good roster around Geno. Some even say Geno played the niners better than Dak because Geno had a better game last week. To justify paying Geno.

    You need a elite level qb because there will be games in the playoffs that the qb will have to take over. Produce a 4th quarter/overtime game winning drive.

    I just dont see special with Geno. He doesnt have the 4th quarter magic that Russ had. When seahawks are down by a score late, Russ will find a way to win.

    I dont know what some fans see in Geno that im not seeing..

    • Ben

      I think the discussion about Brock Purdy would end with the thinking you don’t need Geno. Not that you’d want to pay him.

      • DC1234

        But isnt the argument for some ppl is to pay Geno $30-35 mill a year? That price range is for the qb ranked #8-15? And that price range in not for elite qb (which is $45-60 mill)

        Their argument is you can win with Geno next year with that contract. Just draft all defense and you are good to go.

        So their thinking is you can win a superbowl with a above average qb with a better roster. Like the niners can win a superbowl with a decent qb.

        • Ben

          I guess that makes sense if you have Geno Smith on a rookie contract and he performed better than Brock Purdy. But Purdy’s Rating and QBR have been better and Geno Smith will cost 25-30 mill more.

          Throw on top of that we’re not getting an elite defense over night with the draft and I just don’t see the logic.

          I would see the logic of picking up a couple QBs in the later rounds and investing free agency on defense and rolling with that. That’s the more logical path the 49ers have ended up in. We are allowed to get Jimmy G for 7 mill base as a backup plan though. But also we should spend our #5 on Anthony Richardson so we have our version of Trey Lance.

          All in all, their thinking doesn’t really lineup with the 49ers at all don’t you think?

          • DC1234

            710 brought up the NFC winning without elite qb because of the Eagles vs Niners. Maybe this is the new trend in the NFL.

            I just dont think the Seahawks coaching/drafting/scouting is as good as the Niners and Eagles.

            Best way for the seahawks to win a superbowl is to draft a franchise qb. Keep on trying until you find one.

            • geoff u

              Have they seen the Eagles play without Jalen Hurts? 0-2.

              • Ben

                I’d take Jalen Hurts with the #5 pick. He’s getting better every year. 22 TDs thrown, 6 INT, 13 rushing TDs. (Includes playoffs, 15 games total)

                Mahomes, Allen and Burrow are rare talent. Missing on them, but getting Hurts is still a good result and has the potential to win multiple Superbowls. We just need to find a way to replicate their defense…

  44. JJ

    Brady Henderson is reporting we have 10 picks this draft instead of 9. We didn’t have to give up a pick for John Reid. So we have our native 7th.

    • Trevor

      Listening to Brock and Salk this morning and Brock hi-lighted DTR one of the guys you have been talking about Rob as a later round guy who could excel. Are there any other guys you like? I know you mentioned Hall from BYU at one point.

      • Rob Staton

        DTR is really the only one I think has the ‘It’ factor

        Stetson Bennett is 5-10 and 190lbs

    • Palatypus

      Great! Let’s use that pick on Stetson Bennett.

      • Jabroni-DC

        It’s a good year to double dip at QB in the draft.

      • Trevor

        Would love to see our QBs in training camp

        Drew Lock (2yr incentive ladden deal)
        Anthony Richardson (#5 overall)
        Stetson Bennett (Day 3 pick)

  45. Peppapig

    I think Brock checks this place more often than not.

  46. Palatypus

    Looking at the 10-day forecast for the Senior Bowl practices next week, it looks like temperatures in the 60s and rainy. (That’s below 20 Celsius for Rob) There is a chance for thunderstorms around Wednesday the 1st, which is bad for us. Last year, they closed the Thursday practice to the public, moving it indoors due to lightning.

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