Breaking down Jordan Reid from ESPN’s mock draft


  1. Jabroni-DC

    Stetson Bennett is a little feller to be sure but I’ve got to admit that he impressed me in the game vs OSU. Georgia needed every bit of what he had to give to advance. I see you’ve got a 4th round grade on him Rob in your first horizontal board. Any additional thoughts since that was made? Obviously there is one huge game to go. If he was bigger…

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s a fair round for him. Older player, more athletic than people realise. Has been a nice playmaker for Georgia but I do think at the next level he will face some limitations. A day three flier for someone will be good value.

  2. Connor

    Thoroughly enjoyed, thank you sir.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  3. Oly

    Rob I love these but would prefer you release them as podcasts as well as YouTube isn’t the best way to follow you if I want to listen while driving or doing something else.

    • Palatypus

      Look, I know you do open heart surgery, but THIS IS IMPORTANT !!!

    • D

      he does release them as pods as well look for The Rebuild: A Seattle Seahawks podcast

    • Rob Staton

      Subscribe to ‘The Rebuild’ podcast they’re all on there apart from the live streams

  4. Andy J

    Speaking of signing a veteran LB…. there’s a strong class of free agent LBs. Some with familiarity with the scheme. Some with wow traits. It’s kind of an undervalued position salary wise. Maybe even room for two. Certainly easy to upgrade the position. PC/JS do like to sign draft hedges. Seems like a weak draft class at this position. Target Geno [insert other name] and 1/2 of the names here sounds like a good plan for free agency.

    Roquan Smith
    Alex Singleton
    TJ Edwards
    Tremaine Edmunds
    Leighton Vander Esch
    Kwon Alexander
    Lavonte David
    David Long
    Devin Bush
    Deion Jones

    • Rob Staton

      I would always prefer to fill in veterans and draft LB’s later

      It’s a fungible position IMO

    • Mick

      If I could pick, TJ Edwards seems like a good choice, but he’s having a good season with the Eagles and prolly they extend him.

      • Andy J

        I’m Team Roquan Smith + Alex Singleton.

        • Peter

          Sportrac estimates that roquan smith will be on a 90 mil. 45mil guaranteed contract. Around 18 million ish a year.

          It’s a pretty big pass for me.

          • GerryG

            Hard pass AF

            • Andy J

              I hear you.

              I’d prefer closer to $15 mil to $20 millie.

              But TJ, Tremaine, Leighton, and maybe Lavonte are going to command close to $15 million, and of those I think Roquan is the best of this group, and maybe only game wrecker (to use the parlance of our times). I’d rather pay the extra $3 million to inject some top-tier talent on the defensive side of the ball. Plus, it goes against brand for PC/JS to really swing for the fences in free agency and I think it’s beyond time for them to zig instead of zag. Think about it… wouldn’t you prefer 1 All-Pro to 2-to-3 journeymen?? There’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the cap situation in future years. With those bigger contracts they can kick the can a bit on the cap hit. Roquan has experience in the scheme and with Desai. He is very young, was drafted high, and outplayed his draft position. There’s a legit dearth of talent in the years draft at the LB position. Finally, I really don’t think it makes sense to count on Brooks next year (or in future years… I bet they say “No” to that 5th year option). There’s a huge hole at the LB positions, multiple starters, not just this year but next year too.

              Probably optimistic to hope that you can sign Roquan + Singleton for $20 millie/yr, but it’s in the ballpark. He’s familiar with the scheme. His PFF is one of the 5 best this year at the position. The new regime in Denver might undervalue Singleton. He was signed for a $1 millie this year. He is a former Seahawks UDFA. He’s been the straw that stirs the pretty amazing Denver defense this year. I peg him as a big upgrade on Cody Barton and a much needed draft hedge.

              Regardless… I think there’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic about a good LB free agency class to augment the weak LB draft class. Re-sign Geno, Myers, Neal, and a stud LB… maybe grab some compensation picks finally… and the draft and last minute free agents can handle the rest. Would create a lot of flexibility with the Adams, Diggs, Jackson, and Harris + Woods + Jefferson + Mone contracts. Team might actually be in contention soon!

              • Andy J

                Goddamn! Sportrac has Geno’s 2023 expected market value at $37.7 millie/year. Let’s fucking hope not!

                • Rob Staton

                  Hard pass on that

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Most names on that list are either very expensive or getting on in age.

      Give me Bobby Okereke. Or if you want to spend more, I’ll take Rashaan Evans. Either one of them over any of those guys.

  5. Dustin

    I wonder how much Pete and John like Drew Lock. If they both see a lot of potential in him then they’ll probably focus on DL I’m guessing. They helped Geno have a career turnaround, and they might now be confident they can do the same thing with Lock. If they think Geno is going to be too expensive though, then a QB will obviously be on the table, even if they like Lock. Maybe the best option is to let Geno walk, get Lock prepared to start in 2023, and get an elite QB prospect to sit behind Lock, who they can start if Lock struggles.

    • Rob Staton

      Even if they like Lock, you don’t pass up the opportunity to draft a QB you like at #3-5 because you want to ‘give him a chance’

  6. Rob Staton

    Oh Chris Carson

    • Olyhawksfan

      Oh that’s good. Shut they guy down.

  7. Erik

    I listened to the whole thing, Rob, and enjoyed it. My vote is for you to do more like it. Thank you.

    • Erik

      Rob, if Mayer and Bijan were both available with our second, first round pick, would you draft either of them, and if so, which one?

      • Trevor

        Not Rob but an ideal scenario for me would be to draft the QB of the future at 2-5 and then get Mayer with that second 1st round pick to be his safety blanket while he develops.

      • Rob Staton


  8. Happy Hawk

    Jared Verse decided NOT to enter the draft. Rob this was fantastic – do another! The more I look at this draft the more I think Seattle should pick their QB qith their number one pick and trade down from their number 2 pick ( unless Mayer is available). Seems to be a huge drop off in talent after the 3 QB’s go. I actually like the guys Rob has targeted in the second round better than the ones being picked on mocks in the bottom half of round one.

  9. Ukhawk

    Loved it – keep it going, Rob!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Agreed. Very enjoyable. And a little surprising.

      I’m not an ESPN Insider so there’s that. But more to the point, I’d have stopped reading when I got to Bresee at 6. Seriously?

      But then there were some picks later in the 20s that I thought were pretty plausible.

      Keep ’em coming!

  10. Trevor

    Rob if the Hawks end up picking at 5 which I think could well be the likely landing spot. What are the odds that Richardson makes it to 5? Seems like the teams who need a QB and someone who can start day 1 might prefer Stroud, Levis, Young. The teams that make the most sense at the Texans at 1 as Mills could be a placeholder and is under contract and Seattle if they sign Geno or Lock.

    Can’t really see Carolina or Indy trading up to take a guy who made need a redshirt year. Does this make any sense?

    Love Levis and Stroud but for me Richardson is the guy because with his physical talent he could be a once in a generation type player with the right development and scheme. A faster version of Cam Newton with an even better arm and intangibles.

    • Scot04

      Hope you’re correct Trevor, I’m going worse case scenario for me & thinking Carolina trades up to #1 after Houston beats Indianapolis today. Plus have Denver beating the Chargers backups.
      Figure this way I can be pleasantly surprised if all turn out wrong.
      I prefer Levis, Richardson, or Stroud; but could see all gone by pick #5

      • Trevor

        Perhaps you are right but for a GM to sell the idea of trading up for a QB you know is going to need a red shirt Year would be a tough sell. Agree completely with Stroud / Levis being 1-2 off the board with Richardson to the Texans being the wikd

    • Rob Staton

      We won’t know Richardson’s range until the draft season because he is someone who is going to wow at pro day and in meetings etc

  11. Scot04

    Thanks for all you do Rob.
    All the Blogs content was exceptionally good in 2022 & has continued on into 2023.
    Got us through our most crazy offseason in forever; and given incredible insight for the present & future of the team.
    Loved the Draft breakdown & the closer it comes to the combine; it definitely looks as though your assessment of Carter, Anderson, or one of the QBs should be our pick.
    I’m hoping we get shocked & see Stroud/Young go #1/#2. Don’t want Young as our last QB option.
    With Baltimore sitting Lamar & assuming the Chargers play their backups; I see us at pick #5.
    Just not confident about Indianapolis winning.
    I would not like but could easily see the below:

    1. Carolina/Levis
    2. Houston/ Stroud
    3. Arizona/Anderson
    4. Indianapolis/Richardson
    5. Seattle gets to chose between Carter & Young

    I’ll definitely be rooting for the Chargers backups & Indianapolis today. Not anticipating an surprises from AZ. We need to keep #3 & at minimum #4.

    • All I see is 12s

      As much as the ravens are struggling, the Bengals no longer have anything to play for either. So we may see their back ups versus Baltimore as well.

      • Scot04

        🤞would be nice to see Baltimore squeeze it out & Chargers go allout.

      • Scot04

        I think you’re wromg though. I believe Cincinnati needs the win to guarantee homefield advantage. Otherwise I believe there could be a coin toss involved.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        According to an article I. ESPN, the Bengals need to win to avoid a potential coin toss decision on playoff game location, so they have something to play for. And the charger’s coach said they aren’t sitting starters.

        • Big Mike

          Vegas moved the line on the Chargers game like 6 points so they don’t believe their coach.

  12. Big Mike

    Lovie tanked for Jameis when he was at TB. I believe he does the same this week for whoever the Texans want and the Hawks end up at #4 cuz unfortunately Denver beats the Chargers’ backups.

    • Rob Staton

      If fans want hope…

      LA hung 50 points with their backups against Denver

  13. Perry'-Stock-Very-Fluid

    I know the MSM is often behind the times when it comes to draft prospects and whatnot, but thought this was interesting. Mel is high on Levis, though there is a lot of time between now and the draft. Could be an Abe Lucas/Jermaine Johnson situation where we get a steal on a guy that goes later than what we’ve anticipated.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t expect that to happen

    • cha

      This feels like that classic disinformation campaign to try and sabotage Levis’ stock to make him slip.

    • Peter

      Silly season is right around the corner.

      Read an article citing an exec that said levis doesn’t have the pocket awareness of Allen.

      Yikes. If Stroud has the prettiest passes then levis has some of the sharpest decisions with his feet in the pocket I’ve ever seen.

      Also. Exec didn’t say if he was talking about allen now after working with Allen working with dabbol for a few years or when he was facing the intimidating likes of csu and montana.

      • Rob Staton

        We’re going to read all sorts over the next two months

        And people will forget how much criticism from anonymous sources Allen/Herbert/Mahomes etc faced when they were coming into the league

  14. Palatypus

    Damn Rob, you really ripped that to shreds.

  15. YoTeach

    It looks like the Broncos got pernission from the Saints to interview Sean Payton.

    • Rob Staton

      Would be ideal for them

  16. Rob Staton

    British TV ran a clip of an interview with Doug Pederson today

    Lot of teams are going to be kicking themselves they didn’t appoint him a year ago and let him end up in Jacksonville

    • Big Mike

      And there were a number of us here pining for him to replace Carroll. I was one of them and yes, I’m patting myself on the back.

      • Rob Staton

        Feel free to pat.

        I’m quite content that the coaches we talked about the most — Daboll, Pederson and McDaniels have all shown to be good coaches.

  17. Stuart

    Rob, it seems the simple way to get Hawk fans excited about drafting a QB is to keep bringing up the 49ers when they passed on Mahomes and went for DL Solomom Thomas at pick 3.

    Not only was he a bust, but a couple years later, the 49ers gave up the farm to draft a QB who will never be close to the quality of Mahomes.

    You could talk about what the draft hype on Thomas was like then and how it compares to this years crop.

    I am sorry but i dont want to draft QB Bryce Young because of his size. As good as he is, he may never play a full season in his entire career. He is going to take a beating and maybe he ends his career very early for health reasons?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve tried that strategy and I usually get replies saying things like ‘Herbert, Allen and Mahomes weren’t drafted in the top five so if you take one in the top five they will defo be a bust”

      Like being 5th or 7th is a determining factor of success

      Absolutely mad some of the stuff I’ve read from Hawks fans over the last two weeks

      • Peter

        And yet those three should have gone #1. Hindsight being what it is.

  18. Ukhawk

    Really like Drew Sanders @ all LB spots

    Former 5 star and played all over the place this year

    Not sure if he will last but I like him in R3/4

    • Rob Staton

      The concern I have for Sanders is he’s very much a downhill player who they use a fair bit to rush the edge. He has some skills but when Alabama tried him as an orthodox LB it didn’t work and he transferred. Lot to like about Sanders but also some question marks

  19. Romeo A57

    Kansas City is up 18 points with 6 minutes left and they let Mahomes drop back and get sacked. This seems crazy to me to put him in that situation for a slim chance at getting injured. Who cares if KC wins by 25 or 18 points?

  20. Gaux Hawks

    Move down a few spots from our native first and maybe have a few guys fall to us in the later rounds:

    1R23: Anthony Richardson
    1R23: Sedrick Van Pran
    2R23: Nolan Smith
    2R23: Siaka Ika
    3R23: Byron Young
    3R23: Kenny McIntosh
    4R23: Owen Pappoe
    4R23: Jake Bobo
    5R23: Dalton Kincaid
    5R23: Abraham Camara

    • Palatypus

      How did you pick 23rd twice in every round? That is some managerial magic right there!

      Keep it quiet or Wongers will sue.

  21. cha

    McVay considering walking away this offseason

    • Rob Staton

      The Rams are going to be a mess for some time

      Feels like a great time for the Seahawks to launch a new, fresh era…

  22. cha

    Derek Henry chose violence

  23. Palatypus

    Great call by the officials. That was a fumble.

  24. Julian L

    Correct call, but the Titans losing was a blow for the Seahawks native draft position, if they suffer a defeat against the Rams. The highest Seattle can pick now has gone from 10 to 11.

  25. Jeff

    Rob, I enjoyed the mock draft review. I’d love to hear your thoughts in a future post or pod about the top CBs in this draft and the possibilities for the Hawks with their own first rounder. I know it’s not a position they’ve drafted early over the years, but I’m wondering if it could be a match with need and value there.

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