Some thoughts on Georgia center Sedrick Van Pran

I think the three best offensive linemen in this draft are Tennessee right tackle Darnell Wright, Ohio State right tackle Dawand Jones and Georgia center Sedrick Van Pran. They are all superior, in my view, to the much more touted Paris Johnson jr, Peter Skoronski, O’Cyrus Torrence, John Michael Schmitz and Broderick Jones.

I think Van Pran should be a top target for the Seahawks. He plays with a ‘wow’ factor you don’t see at center very often. His performance against Ohio State was a perfect illustration of his talent.

Look at this run by Kenny McIntosh last weekend:

See how Van Pran engages the nose tackle then passes him off, reaches up to the second level to latch onto the linebacker and spring a huge running lane.

You see this so often on tape — his ability to make the initial block and have the football IQ to kick out to a linebacker and drive people out of the way to deliver big holes. He also has the athleticism, mobility and raw power to be effective whatever the call. It’s OK having the will to do it but he also has the skill.

He can pass-pro and anchor, he can drive people off the LOS in the running game, he combo blocks with great efficiency. I find it very hard to find flaws when watching him and he’s been one of the more exciting players to study this season.

Georgia are very creative with their runs and you see several times they’ll pull the center and right guard off the snap and have the running back follow them. There was one really noticeable run against Tennessee where they did this and Van Pran absolutely annihilated the second level defender, dumping him on his back.

When he’s in pass-pro you can see he’s so light on his feet. Georgia spreads the line out and trusts their guys to block in space. Van Pran is very capable of tip-tapping across the line waiting for the moment to strike and he can switch immediately from finesse to violence when he locks on, gets into your pads and controls. He stays on his blocks so well and constantly finishes.

There are plenty of pancakes on tape if you like those (and who doesn’t?). There are subtle moments too which just make everything come together. Turning a defender ever so slightly to work an opening for the running back. Extending his arms at the right moment and forcing power through his hands and into the chest and up, arching his back and creating great leverage from which it’s really difficult to disconnect because you’re off balance before you even begin to try and counter.

His footwork is mostly clean and he can drop and set in pass-pro with a wide base.

Van Pran looks like the complete package. He has excellent size at 6-4 and 310lbs and carries it brilliantly with minimal bad weight. He has the power to line-up in front-on schemes and the athleticism to get on the move. You could argue at times there are little technical things he can work on with hand placement (sometimes he’s a bit high) and his feet but he’s only 21-years-old and has time on his side.

Zacch Pickens is one of the better defensive tackles in the 2023 draft but Van Pran had some great battles with him — working his hands inside despite some nice counters from Pickens and retaining position, leverage and finishing the blocks. That’s not easy against an athletic, powerful interior rusher. Pickens beat him on one rep due to a false step and that’s the kind of thing he needs to straighten out but he’s so close to being nice and clean.

You can see with the way he identifies opportunities to progress that he has natural football intelligence and he comes across superbly in interviews with a mature, modest approach.

There are no testing numbers through SPARQ but he was already 302lbs in High School and a former four-star recruit.

The Seahawks have needed a quality center for a long time. Here’s a potential fix. I think he’s a clear top-40 pick.

Seattle’s starting center and the two players they’ve been using at right guard are all out of contract. Investing in the O-line through the draft has worked for them recently and another couple of O-line picks wouldn’t go amiss, especially with options in this draft.

At right guard it’d also be good to look at Jordan McFadden — Clemson’s left tackle who is better suited to guard with his 6-2 height and 34 inch arms. The LA Rams scheme has often called for tackles to switch to guard. I’d even consider Darnell Wright for such a move but I suspect he will go too early and considering he shut-down Will Anderson, it’d almost be a waste to kick him inside. I’d say the same for the enormous Dawand Jones. It’d also be a shame to see him stuck at guard with his freaky size and speed combo.

If they’re willing to take a pure guard, TCU’s Steve Avila is one of the best available. I’d add Cooper Beebe to the list but he appears set to stay at Kansas State (although no official confirmation has been made yet).

There will also be some other centers worth looking at. Joe Tippman at Wisconsin is flying under the radar but he’s incredibly athletic and explosive with massive potential. Ditto Ricky Stromberg at Arkansas — another very athletic, talented player.

I’ve been grading both players in round two but they could be available later than that if the Seahawks wanted to add a player at value with upside.

Michigan’s Olusegun Oluwatimi has had a strong season but apparently he has athletic limitations. Ohio State’s Luke Wypler is steady if unspectacular. Alex Forsyth at Oregon gives absolutely everything and his effort and performance could appeal even if he isn’t expected to test particularly well.

The Seahawks have options and should be able to further add youth and talent to their O-line in 2023.

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  1. Zxvo3

    Great analysis as usual Rob. I am invested in selecting a QB with our first pick, whether that is Levis, Stroud, or Richardson (whoever John Schneider is keen on). I would not want to miss out on Van Pran so he would be my second 1st round pick. At pick 36 though, the value seems to be at the WR position. My question is it wrong for the Seahawks to select three offensive players when their biggest need to invest is in the defense?

    Another question, you mentioned Zacch Pickens. Do you think he could be a suitable option to draft with the first pick in the 2nd round? I think he’s got major upside with the potential to show out in the senior bowl.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it depends on testing for Pickens but I think he’s more late R2 or R3

      I don’t think it’s wrong to go where the value is — they should draft the best players to try and improve

    • Palatypus

      Pickens accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl. The list of interior linemen who he will be going up against in 1v1 drills include:

      Andrew Voorhess USC
      Richard Gouriage, Florida
      O’Cyrus Torrence, Florida
      Olusegun Oluwatimi, Michigan
      John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota
      Alex Forsyth, Oregon
      Steve Avila, TCU
      McClendon Curtis, Chatanooga
      Braeden Daniels, Utah
      Asim Richards, North Carolina
      Jake Andrews, Troy

      When he works on the perimeter, he is probably going to get his arse handed to him by Dawand Jones and Darnell Wright.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Make it a goal to draft the WR that can beat out Eskridge for WR 3. It doesn’t have to be R1 pick. So load up on QB, C, and Def in first 5 picks. Perhaps even trading down with #12.

  2. Troy

    Would be great to get this guy with our early second round pick.

    Rob have you published a big board yet? I imagine you would want to wait post combine but would love to see it.

    • Rob Staton

      I have posted a horizontal board and will post an updated version before the Senior Bowl

  3. Spectator

    Take this with a massive grain of salt, but I have a buddy that’s a major OSU fan, and he’s hearing rumblings that Stroud may stay at OSU another year…. I really doubt that will happen, but how crazy would that be if true. I honestly might actually really respect the kid if he did.

    • Simo

      Hmmm, I can think of million$ of reasons this isn’t likely true!!

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        If he stays, it will be for $NILilions.

    • Connor

      What’s he studying? Only reason would be to finish the degree right?

      • Rob Staton

        Well if he stays it’s presumably because he wants to try and win a National Championship

        • Connor

          Spose I assumed if it was football motivated he would be more driven to do it at the next level. Assumed it had to be for other reasons like Herbert.

      • Palatypus

        Or maybe his girlfriend is an underclassman.

      • cha

        NIL $ could play a role

    • Rob Staton

      I think it sounds like wishful thinking from a big Ohio State fan but we’ll see

      • Spectator

        I said the same thing. Says rumor is losing to Michigan 2x and not winning heisman or NC may be playing a role for him, and NIL can supplement not getting paid. Idk, I’d give him mad respect for it if so. Would suck tho, 1 less viable option for us at 3 or to push Levis to us.

      • Elmer

        In his postgame interview he said he wouldn’t want to go out on the field with anybody but his OSU brothers. Don’t that is terribly relevant here but who knows.

  4. Alex Higgins

    Rob: good stuff. Thanks as always.
    Can you comment on this scenario:
    Hawks trade down a few spots and take Richardson. How long would he last? And what return could expect moving down from 3 to X?
    Given that they could re-sign Geno, would it make sense to move down for a project at QB with a big upside.
    We have so many holes to fill that I’d love to see more picks.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think he’d last past Carolina

      I’m not sure what you’d get to move down 2-3 spots. Might not be worth it

  5. Trevor

    Rob last year your scouting reports on Abe Lucas made him my must have Seahawks pick heading into the draft and I was first pissed that we passed on him in the 2nd then beyond estatic when we stole him in the first 3rd round.

    Van Pran is my must have pick this year for the same reason. Hope they don’t try to wait till the 3rd round this year however. Personally I would be happy with them taking him at 35.

  6. Josh

    I really hope they stay disciplined and focus on the trenches. Although I’d like to see them pick up Skinner or Branch in the first two rounds. Where do you see Calijah Kancey going? I do the PFN mock and he’s been going early to mid second round. Think that would be great value.

    • Jessie

      I love branch , wouldn’t even mind our own first on him. He does everything. People would freak out because of the Jamal investment but that’s sunk cost, branch may be bpa when we pick

    • AlaskaHawk

      Kancey might slip to second round since he is undersized at 280 pounds. If he can play defensive tackle thats fine, but his best spot might be on the edge where he only has to fight the tackle. I think you have to be flexible in seeing what works for him.

  7. Jabroni-DC

    Van Pran looks like the real deal at a position of great need. I’d happily take him anywhere in the teens on down. Watching that play that sprung McIntosh you can easily envision Walker III playing to his personal strengths by hitting the hole like a cannon ball, getting through the first line of defenders & then turning on the magic.

    Is Isaiah Wynn washed up? Exploring FA options. I had a draft crush on that guy. He’s been used all over the line but seems to be off the field quite a bit.

  8. Katal

    In your previous mock I thought taking Van Pran with our second pick was boring and bad. Watched him on New Year’s Eve though and ya, would love taking him. The dude is a beast.

  9. Producehawk

    If Van Pran falls into their laps like Creed Humphrey did and they pick another receiver bust I will be pissed once again I guess.

    • Big Mike


    • Peter

      I’ll be pissed because I’m sick of hearing about running the rock then spending a full decade goofing around with projects, out of position players, or completely taking a pass when the opportunity arises.

      I don’t really care about the rams system. Robs not wrong at all to point to it as being instructive on what to look for.

      I’m just sick of giving up almost entirely at the center position.

  10. Big Mike

    Thanks for this Rob. This is the area of the offense most in need of an upgrade imo. Unfortunately considering their approach at the C position I’m skeptical they draft one, especially as high as necessary to get one of the top guys.

    • Paul

      PCJS don’t value the position even though it has been a genuine liability ever since Unger left. Joey Hunt is the only pure center they’ve drafted (Pocic was taken to play guard). A change of heart to draft a guy like Van Pran would be great, but it’s hard to see this happening.

  11. Denver Hawker

    How do you stack up Van Pran with the last couple years’ centers?

  12. ShowMeYourHawk

    Been wanting this guy for a while now. Unless we trade down slightly from #3-#5 for additional considerations, we’ll probably have to grab Van Pran with Denver’s 2nd. Really wanted Skinner with that pick but our OL needs way more help and a safety would currently be a want, not a need. A while to go yet…

    • Ben

      I’m with ya on the Van Pran thoughts but safety is a need too.

  13. KD

    Just reading all the talk about Zach Wilson lately and, man, if there was ever a prime example of why you don’t rush a rookie QB on to the field before he’s ready, there it is. Also a prime example of why you use the draft to build a team from the foundation up, not from the roof down.

  14. Evan

    Great Stuff! I’m curious to what you think of Zach Harrison from Ohio State. He looks Uber athletic with unique size and length to my untrained eye. Think he could be a good fit at 5T in the Seahawks Dline? What kind of grade you giving him?

  15. BobbyK

    Sometimes I wonder why teams don’t trade worthless players for worthless players. Like the ’21 draft. The Hawks could trade worthless Eskridge for a worthless guy from the same class like Ben Cleveland. I wonder if a change of scenery could do both good? We’d get guard depth and they’d get WR depth. Not sure how that would affect the salary cap, but sometimes moves like these can pan out because neither guy looks to be doing anything worthwhille for their current club for the remainder of the last two years of their rookie contracts.

    Ideally, we could move down from our second 1st round pick to late in the 1st round and get Van Pran. Maybe get an extra pick in the 3rd round or something (maybe even a pick in ’24). That’d make it easier to justify a QB and C in the 1st round if you could use most of the rest of the draft to go defense, defense, defense. We would need a RB at some point and our “depth” after DK and Lockett at WR is pretty horrific, too.

  16. Jessie

    Have you had a chance to look at Joe tippman, personally I like him more then van pran. He moves exactly like Austin Blythe except he is 6’6 and much more powerful so actually a good run blocker who can easily get up to the second level. He is the Wisconsin center just type in “Wisconsin o-line vs” on YouTube to see some film of his

    For me Schmitz / tippman / van pran in that order. I like van pran too just prefer like the other two more

    • Rob Staton

      Did you even read the article?

      • Jessie

        Must of missed that bleep or forgot when I posted , read it halfway over 2 different instances while cooking

        • Jessie


  17. QueenAnneGrizzly

    Was Steve Avila the right guard against Michigan? I should have been paying more attention, the right guard was great.

    • Rob Staton

      Left guard

  18. Coach

    Great article Rob! I was going to ask the community what they think of the following scenario and to let me know if they like a different player in a different round as better value for each of the following positions (I want to know who to follow and root for moving forward)!

    I took the premium positions in the first two rounds QB, Edge, C (in our case), and DL. Then S, CB, LB, WR, and G for the next 5 picks.

    Round 1
    1st Pick Stroud QB
    2nd Pick Verse/Uzomah Edge

    Round 2
    1st Pick Van Pran C Georgia
    2nd Pick Ika DL Baylor

    Round 3
    Skinner S Boise St.

    Round 4
    Jones CB Texas A&M

    Round 5
    LB Baskerville LSU
    WR Cropper Fresno St.

    Round 6
    G McMahon NC St. (can also play center).

    If we pick the right players, I think our first 9 picks could contribute next year! If you have a better name at one of the given positions, let me know!

    Go Hawks!!

    • God of Thunder

      That works for me. I like that it isn’t pie-in-the-sky unrealistic either.

      • Kilojo

        To me, Skinner lasting into round 3 seems a little unrealistic. But who knows, Lucas shouldn’t have either.

    • Peter

      I don’t know about verse or uzomah.

      I’m sure Rob will change their rankings but on his horizontal board both are in the third round grade area.

      I’d like to see testing on both. I’m not against them at all but I’d rather see interior dline. Our current dline is old, non explosive, and doesn’t pose a threat to anyone. Adding ika is nice but right now he’s a two down run stuffer/body. Which I think Seattle needs.

      Again I am intrigued by the two you listed as potential picks but with taylor, mafe, nwossu of course we can add more (always) are either of these two impact first round picks or guys that will get washed by the current line?

      With limited money and less if they resign geno its not like we are looking at anyone in FA greater than the typical cast offs.

  19. Blackthorn

    Thanks Rob! Loved this write-up. Sometimes your posts are the only thing to look forward to after rough days. Cheers my dude.

  20. Hawkdawg

    Tired of seeing Blythe chase guys back into the backfield after being blown up. This guy seems good to me. Rookie starter on this team.

  21. Zxvo3

    We seriously need to check out Keion White out of Georgia Tech. I saw Jim Nagy tweet about him a few weeks ago, and man does he look the part. I could see the whole blog falling in love with him during the Senior Bowl.

    • Peter

      Excellent find.

      If he comes in at a real 6’4″ with good arm length and looks as athletic as purported I’d be very interested in him.

      • Rushless pass

        I was just asking Rob about him yesterday. He only has one full year as an edge. He was recruited as a tight end. He’s pretty damn athletic too!

        • Rob Staton

          I have him in R3 on my board as an upside prospect

  22. clbradley17

    Always great info on prospects for us to draft Rob! The more I read from you and maybe one other the more I’d love to see us draft Van Pran. Funny how he’s not even on Kiper or McShay’s radar.

    Saw from another writer saying he’d be the best center in the draft:
    “Especially in pass protection, Van Pran played with a wide base, strong anchor and high-level hand technique for his age. In the run game, he did an excellent job working down the line and playing in space. He was explosive out of his stance, played with a very good pad level, and quickly identified players to latch onto at the second level. In terms of sustaining blocks, Van Pran showed off the grip strength and hand placement to drive defenders into the dirt.

    Against Oregon in week one, Van Pran had wow rep after wow rep. He did a great job redirecting and sealing off defenders while showing off even better explosiveness and play strength. The hip flexibility, natural movement skills and power are all fantastic, but his football IQ is the best aspect of Van Pran’s game. He is always in the right spot and never looks lost on the field. He can anticipate stunts, twists, pass rush moves, and counters.

    His floor is a long-time starter in the NFL who could be a pro bowler, but with everything he possesses, Van Pran can end up as the best center in the NFL.”

    So important to have all the attributes, not just size, speed and athletic ability. We’ve had so many OL over the years who can’t pick up stunts and let the DL get to the QB immediatley.

  23. clbradley17

    Only 3 1/2 weeks until the Senior Bowl and Shrine Bowl weeks. I noticed that our future safety Skinner of Boise St. has been added to the Senior Bowl roster. And there’s actually a few very good players at the Shrine Bowl this year – QB DTR of UCLA, WR Flowers of BC, DE Wheat of Miss. St. and LB Pace Jr. of Cincinnati.

    Unfortunately they’re scheduled for the same week again this year just like last. I miss the staggered games from 2-3 years ago a week or more apart so players like the 4 above could be added to the Senior Bowl if they played well at the Shrine Bowl, but no more now that they’re the same week. And the coverage was better from Tony Pauline and other crews when they didn’t split time/attention between the 2 games and practice weeks.

    • Rob Staton

      This is because, for some reason, the league seems determined to flex against the Senior Bowl and push the Shrine Game to be more than it’s ever been before.

      Thus, we get this stupid situation where a handful, no more, of players who should be at the Senior Bowl end up at the Shrine game.

      A complete joke.

      • Palatypus

        Because the State of Alabama tries to inject politics into everything. Remember the dust up with the Azalea trail maids?

        There is a saying in Alabama, “49th in everything because of Mississippi.” Although I think they ended up 50th in education one year because the Department of Education counts the District of Columbia as a State.

        Of course, Joes Scarborough on “Morning Joe” – an Alabama Alum – will always remind you that when it comes to football they only have to count to one.

      • clbradley17

        I didn’t know the NFL pushed the Shrine Bowl against the Senior Bowl. Maybe because Nagy and the Senior Bowl showed them up & how to do it during covid 2 years ago when the NFL couldn’t get the combine organized for ’21. DTR should be at the Senior bowl. They only have 5 QBs. Also Flowers, Wheat and Pace, and forgot to mention C Stromberg of Ark., supposed to be one of the top 5-10 centers drafted this year.

        Just remembered, are you thinking about interviewing Nagy around Senior Bowl week again this year Rob? He’s always a great interview and one of your best every year.

  24. cha

    I would be very happy if SVP was this year’s Abe Lucas. Rob endorsement, great tape, great Senior Bowl week, great combine, everyone else blind to him.

    I run mocks on PFN to ground my preferences down and make sure my I don’t get too tunnel-visioned on my favorite players.

    That said, if the Seahawks go QB-Kancey-SVP with their first 3 picks, I would be ecstatic.

    • Peter

      I hope kancey has long enough arms. Or it feels like he’s an immediate pass from this team….because their dline parameters are working out great…..

      • Rob Staton

        He has very short arms I’m afraid

        • clbradley17

          Sounds like it’s guaranteed like Kenny Pickett’s tiny hands last year. I feel great about us getting a very good QB out of any of Levis, Stroud or Richardson, especially since Pickett could’ve been a 2nd or 3rd rounder, and he’s been Mr. Clutch the last 2 weeks winning games on the last drive for the Steelers. All 3 of those seem to be a couple levels more talented than Pickett, even if Richardson has only played just over a season.

    • McZ

      Another competent game, a bit of good testing at Combine, and Van Pran is a top 10 pick. His floor is late R1, IMO.

      He’ll be gone when the Bolts make their 1st round selection.

      • Peter

        I’d like to see him gone as Seattle’s second first round pick.

        Top 10 for a center? Maybe anything is possible. The average for first round centers is around #19. +/- a few spots. So right in the wheelhouse for Seattle’s pick.

    • Elmer

      Is the S from Boise State still getting included in your mocks? Alternatively, have you concluded that they are likely to roll with their current S personnel even if it doesn’t sound like 👍 good idea.

  25. Rick


    Is there enough wide receiver talent in the draft if the Seahawks received offers on Metcalf?
    Great receiver but for the money he does not become enough of a game breaker/changer based on the Seahawks system.
    If teams go crazy like last year, would an extra first and second/third be enough compensation and is there enough depth and talent to potentially replace him?

    • Peter

      Two problems:

      1. Seattle needs a third reciever not an older Lockett and others…..

      2. If he’s not a game breaking talent and he may be and he may not be who is trading us anything for his contract? To have an expensive yet not quite amazing reciever.

      • UkAlex6674

        Come on now Peter, there are many teams that have wasted resources to have an expensive but yet not quote amazing receiver..

        • Peter


          True. I always like to think teams would make the rational choice.

    • cha

      Sorry, they cannot trade DK. It would bankrupt them. It would be a dead hit of $34m and cost them $20m more on the cap.

  26. Starhawk29

    Hey Rob, good look at an interesting player. I wanted to ask about scheme fit, as I don’t recall you mentioning in the article (could be wrong though). As you’ve deduced, the Rams’ system utilizes an often undersized but tough and athletic center to make their line work. If Sedrick Van Pran is really 6′ 4″ and 310lbs, would he really be a proper fit for this scheme? Does his athleticism (as evidenced by his skill pulling and working to the second level) negate the concern about scheme fit?

    • Scot04

      Not Rob but here’s a few thoughts. All the top Centers are 6’4 300lbs+, Seattle passed on both Humphries & Meyers also 6’4 300lbs+.
      Carroll was quoted saying he felt they wanted to move away from centers 6’4+ because of leverage.
      Since the want to run the ball maybe they should focus on just taking a fricking good Center, and not worrying about the size.
      Agility & Burst definitely more important, would hate to see them make the same mistake again.
      Van Pran definitely has the athleticism to fit the system, as do others in this draft.
      Of the top Centers “OLUWATIMI” is the only one in the 6’3 range.
      Seattle needs to grab one this year, whether it works out or not, who knows.
      It’s just too big a need to skip again; just to try to find a specific body type.
      Sometimes it feels like the Seahawks over analyze, instead of just taking a very good football player.
      Time to beef up the trenches & beat up people again.

      • Peter

        It’s stuff like the center ideas that don’t make sense.


        Give me a break. If all the best centers are size x, you are not finding a market inefficiency by taking player size y.

        For all the 3/4, air raid, etc, etc sometimes football is simple. You need a stronger, faster, more powerful player than the other team.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Or at least a center that doesn’t get knocked on his ass during a bull rush. Van Pran is fine with me, lets get the big guy.

      • Palatypus

        I say we shave an orangutan and tell everyone it’s Andy Dalton’s nephew.

  27. Ukhawk

    Hi Rob

    Been looking at these guys too as you’ve raised them.

    Love Van Pran -great spot on your part ! Must have IMHO

    Been thinking d for a q hole like yourself that we should maybe draft a OL convert someone to guard too. Like McFadden or D Jones inside, but esp Wright and Broderick Jones would be monsters. I also have watched and am interested in Tippman, very athletic, and Stomberg who’s powerful but again, importantly, both of these guys can/have played guard too!

    Hope we load up with at least a center and guard, best way to improve our offense.

  28. Ukhawk

    Been thinking for a while like yourself …

  29. Rob Staton

    According to Dane Brugler, Van Pran “had a tough outing” against Ohio State

    Errrrr… what?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s right about Kelee Ringo though

      Any mock that has him in the top-10 isn’t worth reading

      • KD

        Or Bijan Robinson at pick 26+. I’m seeing a lot of those lately and i roll my eyes every time. :/

        • Rob Staton


          • JimQ

            I just watched a few full games by RB-Bijan Robinson, and I must say I was impressed. IMO- If PC has ANY influence left in the draft room, he’ll be pounding the table hard for Robinson with the late 1-st round pick after they get their QB with the 1-st. It would kind of make some since, considering a
            strong + running game has a positive effect on rookie starting QB’s, allowing a somewhat limited playbook as they develop. I also think it would be important to draft a competent center (Van Pran) with one of the 2-nd’s so the QB and OC can BOND (and a good rookie WR as well).

            Question: IF Lynch or say Alexander were available with a late 1-st would you draft them? Some say it is a passing league now so high picks of RB’s are silly, but PC is ——> a run first guy!

            I see that the big board at tankathon has brief stats & highlight films of a lot of the players. I have
            found that I can compare players at each position easily & I can always go to u-tube for more films on my players of interest or for further study.
            Their website is:

    • Rob4q

      I saw one missed block by Van Pran that game and tons of great ones…what was Bricked watching?!?

      • Rob4q


        • Rob Staton

          Maybe watching some bricks and he just didn’t realise…

  30. JimQ

    Steve Avila, TCU, 6-4/330 Projected as a 3-rd round pick; His best attribute may be his versatility that may appeal to the Seahawks. If he were to win a job at OLG, the incumbent could move back to ORG and solidify an OL (along with getting SVP at Center (with either early or late 2-nd round pick maybe?) Could be a very solid group for years to come.

    In 2022 as a senior Avila saw action in 13 games and played a total of 899 snaps for the Horned Frogs. He allowed a solid 8 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and no sacks while playing at left guard. He has also played a lot of snaps at Center & some RT in his career. I’ve also read that he has some nasty to his game.

  31. Happy Hawk

    Looks like the Center position appears fairly deep in this year’s draft

  32. Denver Hawker

    This is pretty funny:

    Nice to see Lions fans getting hyped

  33. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob: You are exactly correct about the interior O-line being a high priority. With that 3rd pick (hopefully) I think they will get the guy they think will make the BIGGEST impact on the team. That could be a stud interior lineman (offense or defense), a linebacker, a defensive back, a receiver, or it could even be one of those bright shiny young quarterbacks.

    With a once in decades pick like that, you have to get the best player available, regardless of position. Then you figure out how to work him in. The last pick the Seahawks had near to what this year’s pick was number 4. We’ve all seen what happens when a draft that high fizzles out like the linebacker they picked. They have to get this one right.

  34. John

    Hello Rob, you have the most informitive info on the Hawks and college prospects, Ive read on net.
    Bravo! Also intellegent posters, a truly great read.
    Looking forward to championship game Monday, Avila vs Carter
    I have looked up and down but cannot find your BIG board. Where might it be? Thanks, John

    • Rob Staton

      I posted it a while ago but I am posting a new update soon so stay tuned

      Lot of players returning to school and I’ve scouted some others and added them

  35. Mr drucker

    Rob, thoughts on Henley, LB WSU? Former WR so quick and a hitter.

    • Rob Staton

      Undersized but he has some quickness. Not sure if he can do the physical, run defending thing. Is he quick enough and explosive enough to compensate? We’ll find out when he tests

      • Mr drucker

        Potential safety.

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