Breaking: Pete Carroll signs contract extension in Seattle

Pete Carroll has signed a deal to stay in Seattle until 2025

According to Adam Schefter, Pete Carroll has agreed a multiyear contract extension with the Seahawks.

Jason La Canfora originally reported earlier in the season that this was likely. Now, it appears the deal was struck a while ago and simply hasn’t become public knowledge until today.

Schefter says the deal keeps Carroll in Seattle until 2025 when he will turn 74.

It will coincide with the peak years of Russell Wilson’s career and would make the Carroll era a 15-year tenure.

This is good news for the Seahawks franchise. The club is currently in a holding period with ownership. A new buyer will be expected in the coming years. Until then, there’s a serious need for continuity and expertise within the football operations.

This will see the team through a somewhat challenging period with so much uncertainty due to Coronavirus. By the time the Carroll era is concluding, there’s a reasonable chance this will coincide with new ownership who will be able to plot the future path.

Carroll remains a figurehead for the city and very much the face and personality of the franchise along with Wilson. The culture he has created in Seattle is second to none. That’s not to say things have gone perfectly over the last few years. Winning the NFC West only once in the last five seasons is arguably a poor return given the quality of the quarterback. The team also has a questionable record in terms of personnel decisions since opting to reset in 2018.

Nevertheless, it’s very easy to assume things will be better with someone else in charge. Carroll has embraced the need to rally behind the quarterback due to a suspect defense this year and the Seahawks have started 6-1 this season as a consequence.

There will be big decisions to be made in the future. Coaching changes, particularly on defense, seem unavoidable in the off-season. As noted in an article a few weeks ago — I’d like to see Carroll cede some control on defense and appoint an experienced, established coordinator who can elevate the unit after several years of struggle. Ideally that would also be someone from outside of the Carroll coaching tree to provide a new, fresh perspective.

There are also key personnel decisions to make in the future with the cap situation likely to impact all teams and the Seahawks facing a sustained period with limited draft stock.

These are challenges that Carroll will no doubt embrace with his well-established vigour. And while he will always be known as the man who delivered the first Super Bowl victory to Seattle — he will equally be judged on whether he was able to deliver another between now and 2025.

The best way to celebrate this news would be with a win against Buffalo. It feels like the type of game Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Baltimore would win. If the Seahawks want to be considered in the same tier, they need to go and prove it today.

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  1. Jawbreaker

    Congrats Pete! Excited to keep you for years to come!

  2. ReconUK

    It is through the 2025 season, so hopefully this will help the team and the franchise. If it needs to be sold or whatever. Pete is here for at least another 5 years! Great news!

  3. HOUSE

    Pete and John have done some good things there. I know we don’t like losing and some of the cute crap is annoying, but this FO has completely changed up this franchise from a down in the dumps team to a contender. Hopefully we can get back to making smarter personnel decisions and not such splashy headscratchers. I for one am excited to keep Pete around. As the league makes tweaks, so will we. Let’s keep pushing forward with Pete at the helm!


  4. pdway

    Yep, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I think a good hope would be that Pete refreshes here and there on the coordinator front over the next years, and lets those people take on more gamecalling responsibilty as time goes by. Carroll is still a great leader/motivator, and seems to get on just fine w his superstar QB. All things considered, this is great stability for the franchise.

  5. Gary

    This is the worst possible news for the future of the franchise. In a division where the other three coaches are bright young innovative minds, we’ve just tied ourselves to another five years of the cheerleader that is Positive Pete and all that comes with it: poor game management, impulsive decision-making, perpetual 10-6 records, low (and misused) draft picks, and early playoff exits. I have no problem acknowledging the culture of success that PC has helped to build but this is a coach who is so far past his best-before date.

    • Rob Staton

      “This is the worst possible news for the future of the franchise”

      It really isn’t Gary. It’s as simple as this — the franchise is in a holding pattern because the current ownership structure isn’t sustainable. The team will be sold but estimations are it could take at least three years to come to fruition.

      Anyone who thinks Jody Allen was going to fire long established and experienced football people in Seattle, completely rebuild the structure and then sell up were kidding themselves.

      Now we know the situation. Carroll and Schneider are here until at least 2025. There will likely be new owners by then. You have a period to root for the Seahawks and hope PCJS deliver another title. And we also need to hold them to account as fans.

      • vbullen65

        Is John Schneider also signed through 2025?

        • Rob Staton

          Not yet.

    • Burner

      Utter nonsense Gary, Pete will still be coaching in Seattle long after the other 3 get fired.

      • Gary

        Even though two of them have coached in the Super Bowl the past two years, and if I had to choose between Kingsbury or PC to get there, you know where my money would be.

  6. MoondustV

    I already accept that PCJS would act as a “takecare cabinet” before Jody Allen sold the team. But I think Gary summed it up very well. It’s the worst possible news for the future of the franchise, at least for Russell and Schotty. Russell may not request a change but Schotty almost surely will.

    Then the glimmer of hope dies. Pete Carroll has literally build one of the worst defense in the history of NFL, and nothing suggest that he can reverse this trend. All those high picks on defense in recent years turned into busts, although jury is still out for maybe 1 or 2 (Taylor? Personally I give up on Barton, Blair and Green). Without some major changes in D coaching staff, like D-Line or DB coach, I think this defense is just a sinking ship, without much resource to salvage at least in 2021.

    And Russell’s peak years may be wasted. That hurt me most since I almost became a Russell-only fan. I can only pray that Seahawks got lucky in the turmoil of 2020 and give him another ring, otherwise…I don’t know.

    • Rob Staton

      Give over. As if Brian Schottenheimer is going to ‘request a change’.

      Good grief.

      Listen — Pete Carroll’s coaching is not going to ‘waste’ Russell Wilson’s peak years. Poor personnel decisions will. They need to improve there. This year wasn’t good enough. I’m pretty sure they already know that.

      • MoondustV

        The lesser we talk about Pete Carroll’s in-game coaching, the better…and I really don’t think they will improve on personnel decisions. The horrible draftees has been a pattern and a trend in recent years, and Carroll Clung to Cable, Bevell and Brian Schneider far too long. Personally I think the success of hiring Schotty, Solari (Starting this year) and new ST coordinator are “accidents”. I hope PCJS showed that they’re working towards the right direction, even though results are not in yet. But I cannot see that after this offseason. Maybe they will be enlightened? Pray.

    • Gaux Hawks

      glimmer of hope dies? lol… looking forward to pete proving you wrong with another lombardi.

      • Gary

        Just like Rob, I will be more than happy to admit when I’m wrong, and desperately hope you’re right!

  7. Tecmo Bowl

    “I’d like to see Carroll cede some control on defense and appoint an experienced, established coordinator who can elevate the unit after several years of struggle. Ideally that would also be someone from outside of the Carroll coaching tree to provide a new, fresh perspective.”

    This makes a lot of sense. Norton has to step his game up in the second half of the season. His contract runs out at seasons end.

    Hope Schotty is here to stay as well. Wouldnt be surprised if he got some looks as a HC.

  8. Big Mike

    Completely expected and for the most part positive. As Rob mentioned last week I believe it was, it would be great to see Pete step back from the day to day workings of the team and hire a bright young defensive mind to go with Brian on the offensive side of the ball.
    He also needs to either hold John accountable for the at times poor drafting that we’ve seen or hold himself accountable or the scoutimg dept or all of the above because there have simply been too many whiffs in the upper rounds on draft day.

  9. GoHawksDani

    Probably one of my top10 person in the whole world so happy for him…but I don’t like this for the Hawks. Pete is an A+ motivator and players’ coach but he’s not that good in talent evaluation an strategy. I would be really happy with him as HC but put down all other responsibilities. Leave the offense to the OC completely. Leave the defense to the DC and the players, roster to the GM (and to some extent the OC/DC).

  10. ABCinco

    Lol even when Rob praises the Seahawks for their decisions he still gets backlash from some people. Can’t make everyone happy.

    • Jordan E

      Side note, in defense of Rob and Pete. Do these people remember what it was like before Pete? Besides the one year with Holmgren the Hawks were not that good. Be appreciative of what you have. Pete would be hired in a heart beat by other teams if he was released.

      • Big Mike

        I remember when 10:00 AM games were near automatic losses under Holmgren. That sure has turned around.

  11. Jordan E

    Excellent, congrats Pete! Overall he is a great coach. The Hawks have been the team of this decade behind the Patriots. Develops a great positive and ethical culture. Also for the most part develops teams that consistently win.

    Agree with Rob that some improvements need to be made though. Namely, Pete can sometimes be too loyal to his guys to a fault. The defense needs to be updated. Norton is not getting in done. Need to make a hire like with Schotty. Hopefully Schotty sticks with us for a few more years while Russ is in his prime.

  12. JLemere

    I don’t know about this signing. Yes, it brings stability to the organization, but he is showing signs of struggle when it comes to adaptation. I still believe he needs to relinquish some of his power in terms of the FO (Schneider having more control in terms of free agency) and I agree with Rob that PC needs to bring in a good defensive coordinator that isn’t part of the Cover 3 defense and make modifications to the defense. If PC can make the necessary changes need, SEA might hoist another Lombardi during the last years of the PC era.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s completely adapted this year.

      • JLemere

        On the offensive side of the football yes. Will PC continue to do that though, we shall wait and see. On the defensive side of the football, no not really. The only significant change from 2019 to 2020 is they blitz more, other than that it’s pretty much the same when it comes to run defense and coverage.

        • Rob Staton

          Are you kidding?

          They’re among the happiest blitzers in the league. They’ve tried everything to find a solution on defense.

          • Ben

            They’ve tried everything to find a solution on defense this year because (as you have previously acknowledged) they screwed up their initial plans in the off-season and have to pivot on the fly to see why will actually work on a week to week basis.

  13. Josh

    I like the formula of having a good coach and quarterback. Go hawks!

  14. Caisa

    I wouldn’t assume that Jody Allen will sell the team – while she may not be the most active owner, Pete has said she’s involved. Plus there is no reason to sell the team at this time.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s already been reported multiple times that the consensus view is the team is in an ownership holding pattern and will be sold.

      It’s just a matter of time.

  15. Sea Mode

    Looks like we’ve got perfectly sunny weather. No excuses, Russ!

    • cha

      8-0 their last 8 10am E Coast games.

  16. TomLPDX

    Good news as far as I’m concerned and agree there needs to be some kind of defensive shift in the offseason. Who are some of the outstanding DCs that are out there right now, both in the NFL and the college ranks? I can think of some old ones.

  17. cha

    No big shockers among the inactives


    • Scot04

      Just wondering when they plan on bringing up Snacks. I was surprised when they decided to stay with just 3 DT’s. Hopefully they bring him up via practice squad soon. Perhaps vrs the Eagles, i think they need to see what he can do. Carroll keeps saying he’s ready; well let’s see if he really is.

    • Rob Staton

      Gutted we don’t get to see Colby Parkinson in the Luke Willson role.

  18. Volume12

    😭 Your boy is crying in the club after watching that ESPN Cover Story on DK just now

  19. BOHICA

    If I had to guess one of these options might be the next new owner of the Hanks… Mark Cuban, Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison, Marc Benioff. I would love to see the passion, energy and above all else the dedication a battle tested owner like Mark Cuban emerge as the front runner favorite to gain control of our Seattle Seahawks. The guy has done everything possible to facilitate and manufacture a successful atmosphere within the Dallas Mavericks organization that prior to his ownership was considered a complete disaster and laughing stock of the entire NBA. Imagine his massive contributions if he took over the roll of owner here in Seattle, considered that for a few minutes, let it sink in and marinate… Not too shabby

  20. jed

    I see this as good news. Pete is in the top tier of NFL coaches in the non-Belichick class. In that class, I’d add Tomlin, Reid, Harbaugh, & Payton to Pete. I think it’s tough to say which of those is better … more of a personal preference than stats. There are younger coaches that could get there, like Shanahan or McVay or others I can’t think of now, but they don’t have the decade plus of success like those other guys.

    Unless you get the next Belichick, most likely the coaching would go downhill. Add in the ownership side, where it’s easier to sell a stable, successful business, and this move makes sense in all ways for this team.

  21. cha

    I like this move. Continuity is important this year and next for sure.

  22. Tony

    Excellent news. As long as wins keep coming and playoffs are achieved then we always have a shot. Before this era, hawk football was never this fun. We are spoiled qith the amount of winning we see yearly. You can point to russ or a legendary defense, it was carroll who keeps the ship steady.

    That is to say again, that the era hasnt been perfect. But thank you pete for the best hawk years of my life. Also please fix the D.

  23. Rob Staton

    An inglorious start.

  24. Rob Staton

    ‘The defense will be so much better with Dunlap and Adams’


    They’re still all over the place, with no answers.

    • Trevor

      Wow that was awful. I really don’t think this defense is fixable mid-season.

      Pete may have signed an extension but they need to bring in some new coaches and scheme ideas if they want to stay competitive IMO. Sometimes the Hawks seem like they are playing Checkers when the other coaches / teams are playing chess.

      • Gary

        “Sometimes the Hawks seem like they are playing Checkers when the other coaches / teams are playing chess.”

        – quote of the day. Yet we just hitched our wagon to the coach who is playing the wrong game.

  25. Big Mike

    For the love of God why are we covering Diggs with a linebacker?

    • Rob Staton

      Because we’ve decided today is going to be one of those days when we sit back and get sliced and diced.

      • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        Not like we didn’t get Adams back so yeah, I get it.

  26. James P Kupihea

    Here we go, 90 minutes of watching “defensive minded coaches” with crappy defenses. Wish we didn’t tend to struggle in these kinds of game.

  27. JLemere

    Same old story: soft ass coverage.

  28. AlaskaHawk

    Lets hope this inspires the Seahawks offense to come out aggressively.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Hmm bad defense, bad offense, bad special teams play. Looks like they got all the bases covered. That’s what I call complete coaching.

  29. Rob Staton

    The Seahawks have spent too much resource on the safety position to have botched coverages like they did on the TD.

    • Big Mike


    • Scot04

      Yes alot on Safties & Linebackers, but hey look at that Pass Rush.

    • Bmseattle

      Unfortunately, none of them are above average coverage safeties.
      The Diggs situation is turning onto a major issue going forward.
      Filling that FS position is Pete’s defense is not easy.

  30. Rob Staton

    Buffalo’s defense isn’t playing scared.

    • Bmseattle

      Wilson has to show he can handle this type of defense.

    • Pran

      Cards provided blue print..

  31. CaptainJack

    Adams has to prove he’s worth the picks. Right now he hasn’t shown that.

  32. Rob Staton

    Clearly don’t need to cover Gabe Davis. Just let him run off to the sideline on his own.

    • Rob Staton

      How easy was that 2nd and 15 play????

  33. Pran

    Slow and lethargic defense.. pee wee league.

    Offense as usual…

  34. Pran

    No Pressure any where with in 5ft of Allen and no defender within 10ft of a receiver.
    Not even trying to run ball.

  35. Rowdy

    Were getting smashed today. Are game plan is to not cover anyone within 10 yards

    • Rob Staton

      The defense has absolutely zero answers.


  36. CaptainJack

    Bobby Wagner looking slow and hesitant today.

    • Rob Staton

      But at least he proved all the doubters wrong with one good game.

  37. CaptainJack

    LJ Collier = absolutely useless

  38. Rob Staton

    This is embarrassing.

    Absolutely shameful. Nobody should accept a start like this.

    • Pran

      10am game coupled with usual shit..

      • Rob Staton

        10am is no excuse.

        • CaptainJack

          Haven’t we been fairly exceptional in 10:00 am games over the years?

    • Bmseattle

      The same Bill’s team that couldn’t score a touchdown vs The Jets.

  39. Sea Mode

    Hey, guys… what’d I miss?

    Ah… crap…

  40. Matt

    Was there a game plan? Or…what am I missing here? Has there ever been an easier two scoring drives for an opposing team?

  41. Tecmo Bowl


  42. Rokas

    Never ever I have imagined I am gonna see a defense that bad in PC era.

  43. Big Mike

    Complete and utter shit. Depressing watching this defense, especially since Mr. Two 1st rounders and a 3rd rounder is back and doing zip.

    • Scot04

      The trade never made sense to begin with and I’m worried it never will. Can’t fix a Pass Rush with a Safety.

    • Pran

      If this is the defense of other team, I assume some heads would have rolled.
      Is Pete really a defense guru..had to be asked.

  44. James Cr.

    I can’t believe how slow Bobby looks. Lead shoes.

    • Trevor

      Neither did I. Truly believe they might well be the worst defense in the league. The Jets or Cowboys are thier only competitors for the cellar.

    • Trevor

      I think he has been slow all year except for the last game against SF. His contract looks pretty bad for the Hawks right now IMO.

  45. cha

    I’m fine with the way the DL is playing so far, oddly enough.

    The LBs and Safeties, I have no idea what they’re doing.

    Dunbar in particular is getting toasted. Has he contracted Tre Flowers Disease? he’s giving WRs 10 yards off the ball.

  46. Gohawks5151

    Dunbar and Tre are AWOL. 12 yards away from LOS. Easy throws

  47. DC

    Allen is going to have a monster day. Only played half a quarter

  48. CaptainJack


    • Trevor

      They have to because they sure as shit can”t stop the Bills.

  49. Bmseattle

    Let’s just give to Homer up the middle again.
    Seems like it should work at some point this year.

  50. Hawkcrazy

    Agree go for it. Seahawks defense especially corners and linebackers not playing well.

  51. Rob Staton

    This is a complete embarrassment.

    • Scot04

      Horrible, just Horrible

    • Pran

      Worst execution.. even gave up field position

    • Hawkcrazy

      Embarassing so far. Liked the play call rolling Russ out but man he is better just throwing that away. Lots of poor decision making today. Anyone notice that Bobby seems a step behind.

  52. James P Kupihea

    The helmet-to-helmet no call on Dallas is atrocious…

  53. Rowdy

    This is the rams game all over again

  54. CaptainJack

    Interception essentially same result as an incomplete. Concerning they don’t trust the any running back to get half a yard.

    • Rokas

      Buff gets a better field position, which opens a playbook a bit.

  55. 12th chuck

    i hope this stops the russ mvp talk

    • Pran

      That train has long gone..he is raining picks

  56. Trevor

    Reminds me of Jacksonville 2018.

  57. Sea Mode


    And btw, wasn’t that a pretty clear helmet to helmet on DJ Dallas?

  58. CaptainJack

    This is bad. If you can’t stop them here, it’s basically game over.

  59. Bmseattle

    Looks like they play was set up to be a pass to Homer.
    When that didnt work, we were screwed.
    Why not throw to one of our two all world receivers?

  60. Gohawks5151

    Russ should have kept reversing backside. No one there. Bad day so far.

  61. Trevor

    Despite the draft capital they gave up, unless things change dramatically their is no way in hell I sign Adams to a Jalen Ramsey type deal.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Giving up two first round draft picks for anyone on a one year contract is insane. Thanks goodness we expect more of the insanity for a few more years.

  62. Rokas

    At least I expect a lot of blitzes now 🙂

    • Dinosaw13


  63. Pran

    I hate this defense.. Pete and Ken WTF

  64. Trevor

    Could Allen have anymore time? Good lord.

  65. James Cr.

    What on earth is Adams doing? Either rush or don’t.

  66. Rokas

    we let Allen look like prime Drew Brees

  67. Big Mike

    Nice sort of blitz thereby Adams leaving him completely unable to affect the play whatsoever because he was right behind the line of scrimmage. What kind of defensive plan is that?

  68. Rowdy

    Game over

  69. Robbie

    This soft zone is absolute garbage

  70. CaptainJack

    Jamal Adams is so overrated. What a busted trade. Disgusting

  71. Big Mike

    Getting that 42-7 vs. Rams vibe

  72. Rob Staton

    That was a disgrace.

    174 yards given up in a quarter.

    • Trevor

      Looked like a Big 12 Defense

  73. Pran

    This is high school football.. Pete and JS must be ashamed.

  74. Scot04

    We all knew the Pass Rush was bad and adding Adams wouldn’t fix it… Buffalo just proving it. Why run, no need to.

  75. James Cr.

    If they give up 60 does Norton get fired?

    • Rokas

      and replaced by Quinn?

    • Trevor

      Well it is Pete’s defense and they just gave him and extension so who knows.

      • JC3

        Wipe out that contract before the ink is dry and take KNJ with him.

  76. Sea Mode

    Adams running in 3 seconds late to rush and then just jumping into the OL…

  77. CaptainJack

    How is LJ Collier in the nfl

    • Trevor

      Because he should a lot of fire and spirt at the Senior Bowl. It is laughable really that he was a 25yr old 1st round pick.

      • McZ

        I’m fed up and tired of people defending those crap picks. Every time “we give”m a chance”, “wait two seasons”, “cannot expect impact”.

        This scouting department is the laughing stock of the league.

    • BobbyK

      He dared to hollar at Tom Cable during the Senior Bowl. Seems like plenty of us fans should be in the NFL too based on those requirements.

  78. JLemere

    This defense is so soft, I could fall asleep on it.

  79. Cdn Hawk

    Is Adams not having a clue out there a Jamal thing? A Norton thing or a Pete thing?


  80. CaptainJack

    Worst defense of all time maybe

    • Pran

      Ken need to go.. does not matter who is defense it is, he is calling game.

  81. Sea Mode

    Woof… I think that was one of the worst stunts I have ever seen by Alton there.

  82. KennyBadger

    Has there been any adjustment on D? Is it possible to make one and not get smoked over the top?

  83. Leonardo

    You absolutely could have fooled me if you said Adams wasn’t back. Can’t wait to make him the highest paid safety rather than admit we made a mistake.

  84. Trevor

    What is record for most points allowed by a Seahawks defense in one game?

  85. Trevor

    You know it is bad when the Hawks announcers are cheering that they held them to a FG.

  86. Hawkcrazy

    Harsh when you hold them to a field goal and it is a win and they are still ahead by 17. Offense needs some magic right now. Defense needs some turnovers. I need Seattle to start playing with intensity and purpose.

  87. Bmseattle

    Signing Adams to an extension,when we have so many more pressing needs, would be foolish.

    Assuming (hoping?), he has any value this off season, we need to cut our losses and trade him.
    Edge rusher, cornerback, free safety…these are all more valuable positions than a somewhat effective,blitzing safety.

  88. Sea Mode

    Alex Smith is in…

    Tom Pelissero

    Absolutely gruesome-looking left leg injury for Kyle Allen. Brutal.

  89. Bmseattle

    Somehow, Buffalo is able to both put pressure on Russ *and* cover our receivers downfield.

    • James P Kupihea

      what is this you speak of, WIZARD!?

  90. Hawkcrazy

    Seahawks sure miss Chris Carson. I expect that their play without him will result in him getting an extension.

  91. CaptainJack

    DK will probably need 200+ yards if we are going to win. Feed him.

  92. Sea Mode

    Russ literally having to do everything on offense today, even pick up a yard…

    • KennyBadger

      And in him we trust. I do not trust Adams to win on any of his blitzes today however.

  93. joshua

    Could and probably should be 17-14. Not over boys!

    • Rob Staton

      It feels like it’s over to me.

  94. JC3

    I think this defensive line is getting better, but on the other hand that soft zone secondary is just gruesome.

  95. Rowdy

    Is adams game plan to take himself out of every play

  96. cha

    Pro tip, defense:

    Spying Josh Allen only works when you can cover receivers.

  97. Pran

    We are now giving 20 yards cushion to receivers .. Pete has ZERO answers

  98. Rob Staton

    How is Stefon Diggs just running around downfield on his own and then allowed to SLIDE at the end???

    • Rob Staton

      Now missed tackles.

  99. CaptainJack

    KJ Wright fallen off a cliff

  100. Pran

    Defense is playing super scared.. This is the worst defense in the history of the game

  101. Rowdy

    Hawks d playing 2 hand touch

    • Bmseattle

      2 hands?
      Your being generous.

  102. 12th chuck

    this is absolutely embarrassing

  103. joshua

    Man our corners and scheme is just horrible.

  104. CaptainJack

    We really do have the worst defense of all time

    • CaptainJack

      Dunbar… what a joke.

    • Big Mike

      Yep, this defense is an utter, complete and total embarrassment.
      Two 1sts, a 3rd and a decent player for a non-difference maker

  105. Rob Staton

    Where are all those people sending me abuse throughout the off-season?

    Come on, let’s hear from you.

    Tell us about the defense.

    • Dave1401

      Run D looking solid- only 20 yds allowed in the first half /s

    • Bmseattle

      Crickets…tumbleweed…insert analogy of choice here.

    • James Cr.

      I just can’t get out of my head the talk of having the best secondary in the NFL.

    • TheOtherJordan

      It is an embarrassingly bad defense. Anyone that can’t see it is either delusional or never watched football. It is very difficult to win football games in the playoffs when no lead is safe. And with this defense, no lead is safe.

  106. Leonardo

    Stefon Diggs sliding down untouched like a QB is going to be the image I remember of the 2020 Seahawks defense.

    • Donovan


  107. CaptainJack

    Rob, I know the personnel is terrible. But at this point you have to fire Norton because with Adams and Dunlap back the defense has somehow gotten worse.

  108. CL

    Rob, serious question.

    This Defense is bad.. it’s on an historically bad pace as well..

    but did you expect THIS today? :/

    • Rob Staton

      I have no expectations for this shite defense.

  109. Pran

    Dunbar does not want to touch the receiver and maintaining safe distance following CDC guidelines for CoVid is the story of the game.

  110. Sea Mode

    Dunbar is clearly not 100% either.

  111. Supra22ssv

    Dunbar has to get benched he is so bad

  112. James P Kupihea

    The Buffalo kicker is gonna injure himself with all this work he’s getting today…

  113. 12th chuck

    the d is getting man handled as well as the o. this is what you get when you want great athletes and not enough BAMF

  114. Scot04

    Dunbar looking very slow out there. Well i guess technically their whole defense. This definitely proves it wasn’t as much our Defense last week as it was Garoppolo

    • Pran

      Shanhan can safely make a call on 9ers QB future

  115. joshua

    Dunbar needs benched at this point period.

    • Scot04

      I thought our great secondary was going to make up for our Pass Rush….
      2021 offseason prioritiy exactly the same as last year and year before. Pass Rush.

  116. Troy

    ALL Seahawks fans need to take a hard look in the mirror and accept that with a historically bad defense, we will not go far in the playoffs. It’s just a fact.

    • joshua

      I think we all know this so not sure why we need to look into the mirror?

      • Troy

        I’m speaking specifically to the ones that don’t want to acknowledge the defensive line is a huge problems and the ones that think an MVP QB can make up for a historically bad defense. He can’t.

  117. KennyBadger

    We now have to score here and after the second half kick to have a prayer. But it’s not a game until the defense gets a stop. Assuming they do, wtf.

  118. Hawkcrazy

    I actually thought our pass defense would be top notch this year man was I mistaken. So many missed tackles today. The cushions we give even following the catch is unbelievable. Dunbar is having his worst game as a Hawk but he is not alone.

  119. Tony

    Soooo pretty sure no answer’s for this D. Bills showing the blueprint. Abandon run, spread out offense. No answer for it.

  120. Big Mike

    Two 1sts, a 3rd and a decent player for a guy that makes no more difference than the guy traded away.

    • James Cr.

      That really is painful isn’t it. I almost think Adams makes them worse.

  121. Sea Mode

    23 passes to 2 runs. That says it all: why even try the run against our “defense”.

    • Rowdy

      It just shows how good the run defense is

  122. Bmseattle

    You know things are bad when Flowers being hurt strikes fear in my heart.

  123. Forrest

    This defense is…pathetic. I’m normally not this negative, but what I’m seeing today is inexcusable.

    • Rowdy

      Same. I haven’t bashed them this bad since that rams game.

    • 12th chuck

      bad players, bad scheme, bad coordinator. historically bad in nfl history is where we are at and it shows. Shame on pete and Schneider for not doing more a the trade deadline

  124. Donovan

    Alex Collins showing well. Blitz pick up and falling forward on a run

    • Bmseattle

      In 2 plays he’s done more than Dallas the past 2 games.

      • Sea Mode


        • Hawkcrazy

          But accurate.

          • Sea Mode

            He scored 2 TDs last game…

            • Bmseattle

              Unfortunately, the blitz pickup and falling forward part have been astruggle for him so far.

  125. Pran

    I have an excuse.

    Rampant COVID in the league is forcing our defense to keep safe distance. It’s not our fault.

  126. Sea Mode

    Well, if we can score here, get the ball and score to start the 2nd half as well, it will be 21-24. Then we just have to figure out what the heck to do on defense…

  127. James Z

    Wilson will have to be almost historically good today… that pick in the end zone not withstanding.

  128. Hoggs41

    So much for our defense turning a corner. Might be even worse.

  129. CaptainJack

    Sure glad we didn’t sign Antonio Brown huh?

    • Big Mike

      Does he play defense?

      • Big Mike

        I mean Seattle’s leading the NFL in points per game and there also leading the NFL in historically bad defence now what do we need worse?

        • CaptainJack

          We just took a deep shot to… Freddie swain

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Seahawks have plenty of receivers. This offense needs to perform at an MVP level instead of whatever this is.

  130. Big Mike

    The bad news is we left them plenty of time to score some more points

  131. Pran

    Now Pete is scared to go for 4th

  132. 12th chuck

    how can Jamal Adams make this defense worse? I hope we can trade him for at least a 1st round pick, but I doubt they could without a contract

  133. Ukhawk

    Ironic that McDermott normally doesn’t blitz but I’d doing it well where PC should and is crap at it

  134. cha

    What was Adams doing on that 3rd down throw????

    He vacated the throwing lane and gave Allen a perfect line of sight to the WR.

    Good grief.

    • Big Mike

      What an utter and complete waste of resources, imo

    • Bmseattle

      It is becoming evident that his instincts in pass coverage arent great.

    • Pran

      He is an All-pro on a bad Jets team and a JAG on a good Hawks team.

      Good use of his skills

      • Big Mike

        VERY well said and VERY damning.

      • JC3

        Tell me if any player can be successful in this defensive scheme. They are just playing soft coverage and hope the other team make mistake and kill themselves.

  135. Pran

    Pete trusting his defense and taking a time out ..end up giving a FG try… lol

  136. Big Mike

    Mark my word, that giants game is not going to be as easy as it looked 6 weeks ago. They play hard and are improving.

    • John

      Have a feeling Daniel Jones shreds Seattle’s defense .

  137. BobbyK

    Seems this defense is historically horrible unless they’re playing Jimmy G.

  138. cha

    Buffalo has 18 first downs in the first half.

    They’re 3 for 5 on 3rd down.

    That means they’ve had 18 first downs and only made it third downs 5x.

    My expert analysis: That’s not good.

    • Big Mike

      With insight like that, I’m thinking a job as a color commentator is in your future cha. 🙂

      • cha

        I know. I feel like they’re missing an important voice.

    • 12th chuck

      on pace to get almost 600 yards of offense…

  139. Rob Staton

    Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace.

  140. Big Mike

    Allen 282 yds passing. Most in the first half by anyone all season. Geez how bad would it be if we hadn’t got Mr. Two 1sts and a 3rd and Dunlap in the lineup?

  141. joshua

    Anyone want to bet BILLS do what Pete would never do and keep the pedal down throwing the ball vs going prevent D and playing the clock in the second half, lol.

    • joshua

      and not going prevent D I meant sorry.

  142. Hawkcrazy

    Well we used to be good at half time adjustments and gee to we need some. Seattle just cant stop the pass. Allen has lots of time, huge cushions, lack of tackling, poor decisions, just about everything on D that could be wrong was wrong. Offense can’t convert running the ball on third down and needs a td every possession. Seattle needs to wake up. Did they actually game plan this game. If so massive fail.

  143. GlastoHawkUK

    At the half, Positives – Alex Collins looked good. As expected the usual DK, Lockett, Hollister do what’s asked of them. DJ Dallas started looking stronger until the Helmet to Helmet late hit when out of bounds (Missed by game callers and inevitably by SKY)
    Negatives – Defence which is beyond bad with exception of K.J. Heads need to roll.
    will have nightmares tonight and for next 6 nights, next up 50 points for the Rams ?

    • Rob Staton

      “Alex Collins looked good”

      He literally ran the ball once.

  144. STTBM

    This defensive scheme is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in more than 35 years of watching and playing football. Ken Norton and his entire staff should be fired. How much worse could it get with new staff from off the street? If Carrol is responsible for the Prevent D with huge cushions, then his extension is a terrible idea.

    Worst Defense if all time, by an enormous margin, and few are calling for coaching heads to roll. This isn’t all on the players. This is a scheme and coaching failure of epic proportions.

    • Gary

      Exactly this!

  145. clbradley17

    GO DOLPHINS!! They play AZ later.

  146. Troy

    Josh Allen 282 yards passing at HALFTIME.

    Coverage sucks, tackling is horrible, blitzing and still can’t create pressure.

    And no adjustments.


  147. BOHICA

    The defense looks lost and clueless out there. They seem to be playjng with fear in their heart. I’ve watched icebergs move with more purpose & determination… unf@ckin’believable

  148. STTBM

    Bills showing how to blitz. Norton pays no attention.

  149. Rob Staton

    What a start to the second half.

    Two crap throws from Wilson, then he gives it away on a fumble.

    Joke show.

    Get on the plane.

    • BruceN

      I didn’t see this coming. Totally outplayed.

    • Bmseattle

      Missing to Lockett deep,while covered by a linebacker was inexcusable

  150. CaptainJack

    I hate to say it but Russ looks cooked

  151. STTBM

    C’mon prevent D! Let’s see if we can give up 60 points today!

  152. James Z

    Stick a knife in this one…

  153. Rowdy

    The offense is trying to play up to the defense

  154. JC3

    Final got some rushes.

  155. CaptainJack

    Excited to see how they blow 2nd and 27

    • Pran

      why is Dunbar not benched.

  156. CaptainJack

    Bench Dunbar

    • Pran

      Bench the whole team. offense cant keep turning over…

  157. joshua

    WOW just WOW! Dunbar…

  158. STTBM

    Dunbar comes to Seattle and suddenly is terrible. But it’s all him….right?!

    • Dinosaw

      Norton needs to go this defence shouldn’t be this bad.

  159. Sea Mode


  160. Troy

    Quinton Dunbar. Cut him!!

    • Trevor

      I think he is clearly hurt but they don’t have anyone else to come in for him do they?

      • Sea Mode


  161. Trevor

    The 2nd Half of that Arizona game exposed the Hawks and Russ’s inability to deal with the Zero blitz. They better figure it out soon because they clearly haven’t yet.

    Wow 2nd and 27 and they convert with ease.

    • Pran

      just pretend it never happened…Pete and Russ positively say.

  162. Matt

    This is the most pathetic performance I’ve ever seen. Yes, quite possibly worse than the Rams game a few years back.

  163. Rob Staton

    The next person who sends me grief about the articles I wrote in the off-season is getting a two-word reply.

    • STTBM


    • Trevor

      That is the first thing that made me smile all day.

    • Matt


    • Bmseattle

      Hmmm… “thank you?” 😉

    • Big Mike

      Good for you. On pace to be the WORST defense in the HISTORY of the NFL

      • Scot04

        Thanks for that Rob. Needed thayt after today’s game

  164. KennyBadger

    Second and 27. Second and 27.

  165. Trevor

    Josh Allen is on pace to break the single game passing mark of 554 yds.

    • Pran

      it wont happen since we keep giving them short field position. they have to be tired at some point running the score board.

    • STTBM

      I hope to God he shatters it. Maybe then Seattle Media will ask an actual valid question. Maybe FINALLY someone in print media will call out Norton. his career as DC has shown marked worsening for six straight years, for the Raiders and Seattle. He couldn’t even do well with a younger Irvin and Mack.

  166. Troy

    This is the end of the MVP talk, too.

    Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes – step right up!

    • clbradley17

      Josh Allen too. But our D can make any QB look like an MVP. Allen, Cam, Mullins….

  167. Rokas

    When you make yourself to believe, that the defense ca not be any worse, they come back with vengeance.

  168. Rowdy

    I see russ choking some more here. Good thing he trade marked let russ cook. To bad they are and he keeps burning the dish

  169. Trevor

    The Hawks are 6-1 (soon to be 6-2) and I have not for one single second thought this team had a chance to get to the Super Bowl.

    I love Pete and he had been great for the Hawks organization but how do you give him an extension till 2025 when you have the worst defense in the NFL and he is a defensive coach?

    • Pran

      LOB has the last laugh.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m not real excited about Pete’s extension either. But it isn’t a given that another coach will do better.

      • Trevor

        I have no problem with the extension if he brings in a DC to actually install a new scheme with some fresh ideas. Also going to need some more talent no matter who is the coach on defense.

  170. Rob Staton

    Reading the media tweet about this game is really starting to piss me off.

    This isn’t because of Dunbar’s injury. There isn’t ‘a long way to go’.

    Stop pussyfooting around and ask some difficult questions about this defense.

    • STTBM

      They suck so bad. Almost as bad as Norton’s scheme.

  171. Rik

    Ken Norton was a nepotism hire, and he’s allowed to stay because we have a hands-off (disinterested?) owner. He has failed the team and its fans. This defense shouldn’t be this bad. I won’t argue that maybe it should be bad based on personnel, but it shouldn’t be the worst defense in NFL history.

    Makes me want to puke truthfully.

  172. DC

    Pete has definitely lost something. He can no longer prepare his team. This is happening more and more frequently where it looks like they don’t even belong on the field.

  173. STTBM

    Wilson panicking the mvp away. All he had to do is be methodical, let the D get the rightful blame. But he’s trying to win the game in one drive….down 17…

  174. Big Mike

    Duane Brown out is a very bad thing

    • Big Mike

      Back in. Whew

  175. STTBM

    Why are we running? Down by 17 you run into a brick wall.

  176. Bmseattle

    We cant even run when we shouldnt be running

  177. Trevor

    Where would this team be without DK and Locket?

    Also does anyone else notice how vastly different this Offense looks when Carson is not in the lineup. I personally think of all the free agents the Hawks have he is the most important guy to re-sign.

    • DC

      Probably the only one

      • Bmseattle

        That’s the sad thing.
        So much cap space, but no one to sign.

    • AlaskaHawk

      But what is Carson worth if you can’t depend on him for a full season? It’s hard to believe out of the 6 or so running backs they got, they are down to Collins, Dallas and Homer. That’s the reality.

      • Trevor

        That is the thing they need him but can they rely on him. It is quite a conundrum because they are not the same with any of the other RB the last 2 yrs.

  178. AlaskaHawk

    Looks like some signs of life from the offense. About freaking time. I do question any scheme that depends on Homer for yardage.

    Go DJ Dallas.

    • Trevor

      Agreed if I have to listen to how Homer is a great blocker I am going to throw up. As soon as he gets the ball I know the play is either al loss or 1-2 yd gain. This offense needs an RB who can break tackles to be effective. That is why Carson is so vital for them.

    • STTBM

      Offense not the problem. They are going to be fine. But the D is so bad, it looks like they are only fielding seven players..

  179. Pran

    Fox crew is bad. They didnt need the help of penalties to get down there. Both were declined.

  180. Troy

    Time for the defense to give it right back..

    • Big Mike


  181. Rob Staton

    Get ready for a 75 yard touchdown drive.

    • Big Mike


    • Rob Staton


      Colour me surprised.

      • Sea Mode

        Nice pressure there. When the blitz gets home, it works.

  182. Rob Staton

    Imagine this game… but instead of the Seahawks being totally inept on defense in the first half… they’re Okish instead.

    What a thought.

    • Pran

      Even with worst defense, take away 2 TOs its a 4 point game

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like to think the same thing about the offense. Nice to see the Seahawks star running back Homer get some carries.

  183. CaptainJack

    Alright, let’s get this comeback!!!

  184. DC

    What is this sorcery? 6 sacks, 2 by Reed? If only our LBs and DBs can pick it up as well. I’m thinking Reed is going to be a benefactor of Dunlap much like he was from Clark.

    • JC3

      Good start, at least defensive line is functional.

  185. cha

    Adams teasing DK that if he doesn’t get 2 TDs per game he’s not doing enough is rich.

    I hope DK stood over him and gave it right back.

  186. Pran

    Oh buoy…we have to add Russ to list of worries?

  187. Trevor

    What does it say when your best pass rusher is a guy you just traded for and had been in the scheme one week

  188. STTBM

    Another run?!

  189. clbradley17

    Finally a Dissly sighting! I was wondering if he was even in the game or injured.

  190. Pran

    Homer is not a RB..Please dont for the mercy of god…

  191. Robbie


    • Rob Staton

      Can’t believe they ran it twice there.

    • Big Mike


    • DC

      I like Homer in the 2 min drill, but as in the regular rotation, no!

    • cha

      I’ve been an advocate of spreading it around as much as anyone this season, but these runs with Homer and targets to Swain…c’mon guys.

  192. STTBM

    Wasted a very important down handing it off to Homer.

    • cha

      RW’s checking out of the play hasn’t provided much pop this season. He’s done it a few times with great success but I don’t understand how your response to loading the box is to call a handoff to your 3rd string RB.

  193. Rob Staton

    I don’t trust the defense to get back-to-back stops.

    • DC

      Time for turnover, then we’ll tie it, then the D will give the game away

    • TheOtherJordan

      Come on Rob. Based on their track record, what makes you say that?

  194. Sea Mode

    Lockett had a real shot at that ball. Wonder why he went for the one hand. Sun factor, maybe?

    • CaptainJack

      That was disappointing from Lockett

  195. CaptainJack

    Six sacks? I don’t remember six sacks

  196. STTBM

    Carroll’s D doesn’t work without bookend very good pass rushers. And Norton isn’t the guy to figure out anything other than what’s for dinner, let alone how to adapt the scheme to not having decent pass rushers.

    • clbradley17

      Shows what a good pass rush can do for you. Didn’t need to worry about the bad CB play when we Allen was running for his life and we got 2 sacks. Also it’s obvious Dunbar has a sprained ankle or knee and is almost limping. Maybe Stanley or Neal would be better at CB than an injured Dunbar?

  197. Rob Staton

    It took the Bills one play to suss out Seattle’s defensive adjustment.

    One screen.

    Job done.

    • Pran

      Thats one heck of quick adjustment. we lost a game with out adjusting.

  198. CaptainJack

    Defense still getting smoked

  199. Rowdy

    2 hand touch defense is back

    • Sea Mode

      Somebody come across and pop Stefon Diggs in the mouth one of these times…

  200. Big Mike

    Adams looks utterly lost in coverage
    Two 1sts, a 3rd and a decent player

  201. Troy

    Jamal Adams is a one trick pony. Blitz and nothing else. No coverage skills whatsoever.

    • Pran

      lets make him a DE

  202. Sea Mode

    We could REALLY use a turnover about now…

  203. joshua

    Adams is just horrible in coverage, maybe scheme idk. But very bad…

  204. Pran

    if the ball comes out of Allen..its a big gain.

  205. CaptainJack

    Jamal Adams is terrible

  206. CaptainJack

    Dunlap has been a bright spot

    • Big Mike

      Agree though pretty much the only one

  207. CaptainJack

    That’s all Norton. Terrible

  208. STTBM

    I be less angry if defense be less shit

  209. Pran

    Pete getting schooled by Bills. luv it

  210. Big Mike

    You live by the blitz and you die by the blitz

    • CaptainJack

      It’s true

  211. cha

    What is happening with Dunbar?

    He’s clearly hurt.

    Why is he still out there?

    • CaptainJack

      Who else do we have?

    • Gohawks5151

      He also giving 12 yards of cushion and still dropping

  212. Sea Mode

    soooo frustrating.

  213. Volume12

    These corners are embarassing

  214. STTBM

    Ryan Neal is a better safety than Adams.

    • CaptainJack

      This actually might be true

  215. Rob Staton

    My god the defense is embarrassing.

    Blitz and die or sit back and die.

  216. Donovan

    I feel for Dunbar. He can barely run out there. Don’t know when he got hurt, but he’s clearly injured.

  217. Thomas Wells

    This defense is trash. What good does getting a third and long do when you just give up chunk plays constantly?

  218. Hawkcrazy

    Even when Seattles defense has a stop they commit a penalty and give up 7. Pathetic.

  219. Pran

    3rd rd RB won against 1st rd LB.. win for Pete

  220. Tony

    That 3rd down was game. Great defense guys. Adams trade has been a disaster so far.

  221. Rob Staton


    • Big Mike

      BUT WE GOT 7 SACKS!!

  222. Troy

    At what point do we start talking about the secondary / scheme. 15 yard cushions on 3rd and 15 while blitzing. How about up in the receivers face?

  223. Dinosaw

    Norton suckered by another screen he needs to go. Give another a chance to do something with this shameful defence.

    • Hawkdawg

      Those blitz calls, on those plays, were entirely predictable. And the Bills were ready.

  224. Kyle R.

    Why can’t we run those WR or HB screens when the opposing defense is in all out blitz? It’s not rocket science!

  225. Hoggs41

    I dont care what people say about this being Pete’s defense. We will never be good defensively as long as Norton is the coordinator. We have to much talent to get rolled like this.

  226. CaptainJack

    I know the bigger story is the disaster of a defense we’re fielding .

    But Russell has been absolute shite today as well

  227. Big Mike

    Crucial penalty by Adams on that last drive due to his obviously complete lack of coverage skills
    Two 1sts, a 3rd and a decent player

  228. STTBM

    There goes the mvp. What a dumbass throw by Wilson.

  229. Hawkdawg

    Those blitz calls, on those plays, were entirely predictable. And the Bills were ready.

  230. Bmseattle

    Wait, I’m confused.
    Arent the bills supposed to be giving up a ton of passing yards to us in “garbage time”?

  231. Rik

    Russ is making some really puzzling decisions out there. He looks like a scared rookie.

    • Dinosaw

      No Carson , no defense, playing behind and against a good team too it’s just a tad too much.

  232. AlaskaHawk

    It’s not all on the poor defense. That’s the third take away that Buffalo defense has made.

  233. Pran

    Signing off…. Russ sucked big time one more game. 17 points off of turn overs.

  234. Big Mike

    I’m not making excuses for Russell but he is pressing guys

    • Big Mike

      He has not played well today either

  235. Rowdy

    Just take a knee and run out the clock

  236. Gohawks5151

    Don’t let Russ off the hook. Making bad decisions. Blitz is not an excuse.

    • CaptainJack

      Russ got cooked. He’s burned out.

  237. Tony

    Well silver lining.

    We lose to afc team. Just gotta rebound vs nfc west. Im sure itll be less bad. Lol

  238. Matt

    Boy…when RW is off this year…he is just atrocious. What a weird year for him.

    At this point, just pad DKs stats.

  239. DC

    RW is clearly past his breaking point in having to carry this team. If he had an avg D he could do it, but the weight is just too much anymore.

    • Rowdy

      Russ wanted cook, he’s getting what he wanted. This is on him too

  240. CaptainJack

    Can’t wait to read Rob’s write up. Still going to watch the games but from now on I’ll be less emotionally invested. The defense has only gotten worse and Russ is regressing.

  241. Troy

    Buffalo. Blitz and press coverage.
    Seattle. Blitz and 15 yard cushion.

    Buffalo. Screen passes and quick WR
    Seattle. Take sacks on long developing plays.

    Out coached and out schemed all day long.

    I can’t wait for Carson to get back. Screw Let Russ Cook. Let’s get back to running the ball and keeping our pathetic defense off the field.

    • Dinosaw

      Coaching issue …..

  242. Leonardo

    We’re seeing what happens when we try to plug our holes against good teams. Buffalo has so many ways to beat us, while the only things we can do are throw it to DK and Lockett and blitz every play. This should be a wake up call, any well-rounded team will eat our lunch.

  243. Hawkcrazy

    Russell has been pressing it a lot every game. He usually wins. Arizona and today well big fails. Arizona it cost us the game this week the defense was so bad I dont think we stood a chance For all of Bobby stepping up last week he fell right back this week – hasnt been noticeable at all.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, what’s up with Bobby? Is Adams being back and taking the free rusher liberties putting Bobby in tougher spots?

  244. clbradley17

    So we play a team with a good QB and a decent D and we get blown out. We’re out in the first round of the playoffs (if we make it) unless we play a team like the Eagles again with tons of injuries that loses it’s QB early in the game.

    • pdway

      Cards and Dolphins both fit that description.

      It’s one game. One shitty game, but still one game. Came out really passive, and are paying for it. Bills had a good game plan on offense too. They were a step ahead of us all day.

      • Rob Staton

        Is it just one game?

        Or is it eight games of this defense, they’ve just shown what happens when you face a good team?

  245. cha

    OMG. What a throw.

    • Sea Mode

      nice toss, yeah

      • JC3

        It is not over until its over.

        • Sea Mode

          It’s not over until our defense takes the field…

  246. DC

    If I told you yesterday we had 7 sacks by the early 4th, would you ever believer we’re losing by 21 points?

    • Bmseattle

      Evidence of how poor our coverage is.

    • Volume12

      Not down by 21, but probably. Pressure has been good all game. The coverage is f***n’ terrible. They need corners in a bad way.

    • Trevor


  247. Big Mike

    By scoring that quickly we set them up to put a 50 Burger on us

    • JC3

      If 60 burgers to get DC fire, then it is a definitely yes.

  248. pdway

    first really bad performance of the year for me.

    Dunbar can barely run. He’s been awful today. Not having Shaq and having 50% Dunbar, means we can’t cover anyone – even when the D-line has been better in the 2nd half. At least Dunlap looks good.

    Miss Carson too. Talent at RB so key for this team.

    Came out super flat and passive on defense, and have been trying to make up those initial 17 points all game. Not good enough to do it today.

    • clbradley17

      RB Henry of the Titans destroyed the Bills a few weeks ago. A healthy Carson might have also had a huge day against this team, and kept Allen on the sidelines a lot more. What happened to our glut of RBs we had going into the season? Now we’re depending on 4th and 5th string RBs. What about Penny? He was supposed to be almost ready when the season started. Now he’s still a couple weeks away mid-season when we have all these injuries? Another ? Pete needs to answer. And what are we going to do about CB next year? Dunbar has been terrible most of the time this year, Flowers even worse and Shaq has been up and down, and we probably will lose him to a higher bidder in FA. May need 2 CBs next year in addition to much more DL help, either through FA or the draft, or both. Safeties don’t look much better.

  249. Rob Staton

    FAO Pete:

    They might throw a screen.

  250. CaptainJack

    Aaaaand Jamal Adams is limping

  251. Big Mike

    Adams limping after a play. Guessing he will be out 3 more weeks

  252. cha

    Linden Stephens in for Dunbar.

    • Rob Staton

      Three quarters too late.

    • Big Mike

      Better late than never?

  253. Rob Staton

    Wilson gets spooked. He just does.

    • Rob Staton

      What the hell is he doing there???

      • Matt

        Weird year…highs are the highest. Lows are some of the worst of his career.

    • Bmseattle

      And once it happens,he doesnt get over it.

  254. cha

    “Greg Olsen was in the area”

    • cha

      That about sums up his 2020 so far.

  255. BOHICA

    Let Russ Dig!… After all he’s a big part of the reason we’re in this hole I say let him dig us out.

  256. CaptainJack

    Four letter word

  257. CaptainJack

    We’re going to find out how the defense can get even worse

  258. Big Mike

    50, 50, 50, 50

  259. Leonardo

    Russ has that Peyton Manning disposition; legendary when he’s clean, but jittery when he’s hit or if it’s wet. Doesn’t bode well for carrying a flawed team all by his lonesome.

  260. pdway

    wow russell. unexpected.

    • Troy

      We could cut Quinton Dunbar and Greg Olsen, save $5 million and the team would be better.

  261. CaptainJack

    Admirable freaking tackle by Brooks

  262. James Z

    If this game is a ‘wake-up call’ for even one SH fan they haven’t been paying attention. Look for all opposing teams to keep relentless pressure on Wilson like the Bills and Cards did and even the offense will be severely challenged.

    • Big Mike

      Run the damned ball

      • pdway

        we were down 17 so fast today though . . and no Carson or Hyde, so the talent level is a free agent and a 4th rounder.

  263. Gary

    We just signed on for five more years of this. Give me Sean McDermott. Just imagine coaching to win and not sitting back on a lead.

  264. Gohawks5151

    Say what you will about bringing a coach in on D but the O could at least use a some constructive criticism. Tired of the blitz excuse. Ask any high school coach how to combat pressure and they say the same thing. Screen or draw. Or move the pocket by rolling out. None of this has happened. Except 2 screens to DK for an 8 yard average. Go figure…

  265. Troy

    Pete will talk about the 7 sacks and not the 44 points and 500+ yards allowed.

    Russell with 7 turnovers in 2 losses. That’s not a league MVP.

  266. Leonardo

    In the first few weeks, Pete would just say “we have to get home” when he was asked about our blitzing. Well they got home today, and this defense was worse than ever. What can Pete possibly say now?

  267. Denver Hawker

    Good thing Russ trademarked “let Russ cook” this week…

    I know the coverage stunk, but I still hang this loss on Wilson. His decision making that led to 4 turnovers all either took points away of gave them short field. Whatever he’s cooking smelled like dog food today. They will live and die by his level of play unfortunately.

    He’ll bounce back, always tends to after these games. Getting a respectable running game back with Carson would help too.

  268. Sea Mode

    Oh, no. Not White. I like that dude; he’s a baller.

  269. GoHawksDani

    *Insert South Park bank meme*
    Russell Wilson MVP season?
    Aaaaand now it’s gone

    And kudos for trading house for Adams. Imagine if they’d trade for Gilmore and a second for any passrusher. This game was a disgrace, all players should be ashamed of themselves.
    OK, Dunlap played well and Flowers played better than usual (and DK is still amazing)

  270. Troy

    We could cut Quinton Dunbar and Greg Olsen, save $5 million, and the team would be better.

  271. Bmseattle

    I realize the game is essentially over…but shouldnt we be throwing it in the endzone?

  272. Big Mike

    Love seeing DK get a TD

  273. clbradley17

    Hopefully it’s embarrassing for Pete (and it should be!) that they keep repeating on the bottom scroll of the NFL network “Pete Carroll signs 4 year extension with Seahawks” on a day when they get blown out and give up 44 points. I remember listening to Brock and Salk for years when they had Pete on the day after a game, and the first 2 hours after a loss they would be saying how they were going to ask him tough ?s about this or that. But in the last hour when he came on, the would joke around and never get around to it somehow. How does no one ever hold him or the other coaches accountable for all these obvious mistakes in preparation, coaching, bad moves in the game, FA, etc. year after year?

  274. Troy

    Hot take: Coverage is a bigger issue than the pass rush. Corners are stiff and slow. Safeties not much better.

    • cha


    • pdway

      CB1 out w injury; CB2 looked a shell of himself today. No depth though.

      • Jordan E

        True but even when Quill went out. He was leading the NFL in yards allowed… can’t rum the Hawks defense without shutdown zone corners.

  275. CaptainJack

    1-2 and the Rams Cards and Eagles next. I could see us going 1-2 in those three games to be 7-4…

    • Forrest

      I’d say 2-1, but that’s me being optimistic. Buffalo is no joke, but there cannot be another defensive or offensive breakdown like that in the coming weeks or else the season is toast.

  276. Jordan E

    First legit loss. We need the running game. Russell gonna get killed and make mistakes if there is no threat of quick game or run game. At least defense able to get sacks. That pass coverage though is so bad. Not worth resigning either Quill or Dunbar imo. Least Dunlap is looking good. Wish we got AB again for that short game -_-

    • pdway

      Griffen would have been helpful today. No depth at CB.

      first legit loss is right – outcoached in the first half – dug ourselves a hole, and this time RW and the offense was not up to the task.

      D played much better in the 2nd half – gave up 20 pts, but the majority of that was on very short field after RW turnovers.

      Real bad game by Russell – combination of the early deficit, and lack of running game – but you are never going to win when your QB has 4 turnovers. There’s not much point in criticizing Wilson, we live or die w the guy, if he’s doesn’t play well, we aren’t going anywhere.

      Bills are good though, let’s not totally underrate them. They outplayed and outcoached us.

      I’m not panicked, had a bad feeling about today’s game – last week was still a really good win. And Dunlap is going to help. We’re 6-2.

      • Jordan E

        Same, you win some and lose some. This game at least showed the defensive can generate some pressure now. We need everything to click though to become a really scary team.

        Loss really highlighted the need for Chris Carson back or someone to really step up for the short game / middle. Teams are gonna start sending pressure all the time like this and just defend the long ball. We don’t have like a strong short passing game.

        • Gary

          “We need everything to click though to become a really scary team.”

          – We’re already a really scary team. I can barely watch!

          • Jordan E

            Haha. And I know. Its a big “we really need everything to click.” Probably won’t happen but at least defense showed ability for pressure. And to clarify- everything to click for the defense to be mediocre or below average. So that not everything is always on Russ’s shoulders

  277. Trevor

    I am just going to come out and say it. The coaching and scheme on the defensive side of the ball has been awful. Undisciplined, blown coverages, poor tackling and missed assignments. Sure there is a lack of talent on the DL but the scheme and level of execution has been absolutely awful. That falls on Pete and Norton.

  278. AlaskaHawk

    Kudo’s to Buffalo. I like what they are doing there. It’s a well rounded team.

  279. Trevor

    The NFL has become flag football. I know some fans love this all offense 60+ points a game but personally find it almost unwatchable. No wonder ratings are down despite everyone being stuck at home.

    • pdway

      Pretty light call on Adams on the illegal contact, at the most crucial point in this game . . .

  280. KennyBadger

    Let it rip Rob, etc. Seattle is not Pittsburgh, kc, Tampa. I’m glad fans can enjoy 10 wins, but the defense is cancerous.

  281. Matt

    Halfway through the season now…the Defense is what it is. There’s no sugar coating it.

    Is anyone really excited about Carroll being extended? I mean the *only* reason we are winning is because we are doing the opposite of his preferred offensive philosophy.

    I’m still in shock about this defense. I was a huge fan of the Adams trade…what a terrible decision that will turn out to be. I’m just kind of speechless, in all honesty. There legitimately is talent on that side of the ball but Ken Norton may be one of the worst defensive minds I’ve ever seen.

    Once again, coaching and preparation was vastly outmatched by a “good not great” football team. The Bills were at a -2 point differential before today.

    • Forrest

      I don’t really call for heads, but if Norton were fired tomorrow I’d be relieved. The group they have has some potential, but Norton seems to only get the worst out of them.

  282. Gary

    “The best way to celebrate this news would be with a win against Buffalo. It feels like the type of game Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Baltimore would win.”

    – Could not agree more with this statement. But the results on the field spoke for themselves. We are not in the same league as the Chiefs, Steelers, or Ravens.

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