Breaking: Seahawks trade for Carlos Dunlap

The Seahawks had to do something.

They couldn’t continue with their 3% sack percentage, the most yardage conceded per game and a horrible third down conversion rate.

There are no cure-all solutions on the trade market. Not in late October. Yet the alternative was to do nothing, have the same results and deal with the predictable consequences.

It shouldn’t have come to this, of course. From March onwards, it was clear and obvious the pass rush and defensive line was inadequate. The Seahawks are having to make moves now to fix the bad decisions they made earlier in the year.

However, at least they’re doing something to try and avoid yet another season that ultimately ends in a missed opportunity.

The deal is an A+. They are trading a seventh round pick and B.J. Finney. The seventh is neither here not there and Finney is a poster child for their mess of a free agency period this year. He was highlighted as a priority signing when the deal was done, given an $8m contract and delivered absolutely nothing.

Along with their questionable decision to squander cap space on a bunch of mediocre RFA’s, spend over $10m on Greg Olsen and Jacob Hollister, another $10m on Bruce Irvin and Benson Mayowa and anything else you want to throw in there — the Finney signing was an expensive failure when you consider what they could’ve had for the $50m they spent.

Carlos Dunlap turns 32 in February so this is very much a rental situation. He’ll cost just under $5m for the rest of this season and if they need to, they can cut him at the end of the year without any cost.

He has the great size and length they love. He can play early downs and deliver against the running game and rush the passer.

He had nine sacks last season on a bad football team. Throughout his time in Cincinnati, he has produced at a very consistent level with 82.5 career sacks.

It’s unclear how much he has left in the tank and clearly things have turned sour with the Bengals. That said, he might’ve been the best and most realistic trade candidate available.

My question now is — can they do anything else?

I agree with Jason La Canfora — one move isn’t going to fix the defensive mess. Is their any capacity to make another trade? La Canfora suggested in an article today before the Dunlap deal was announced that Seattle should try and acquire both the Bengals pass rusher and Washington’s Ryan Anderson.

Quite frankly, I’m game. Especially if they can make it another cheap player-for-player swap. They’ve got to mix things up. The current pass rush group isn’t getting it done.

If it’s not Anderson, why not Takk McKinley? His contract is dirt cheap and the Falcons are reportedly talking to teams about a potential trade.

Again — it might not fix things. It’s hard to do that in October. If you can add two pass rushers at a bargain price, it at least gives you a shot to change your fortunes.

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  1. pdway

    ok, first step then. hope he’s got something in the tank.

  2. SteveLargent80

    We got someone. This is a start, if we can get Takk McKinley as well, this defense could go from bottom to 24th or something

    • Chase

      This is the most mind-boggling part. We really only need to be a middle of the pack defense for a chance to be lethal, its scary to think we could have been an elite defense with all the cap space we had to sign pass rushers. Here’s to them at least acknowledging our mediocre pass rush.

  3. Cortez Kennedy

    Yes! Now just keep blowing Clay’s phone up!!!

  4. cha

    It’s Finney!!!

    Ian Rapoport
    More on the trade of #Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap to the #Seahawks
    : Seattle sends OL BJ Finney to Cincy along with a pick, per
    and me.

    9:26 AM · Oct 28, 2020

    • dcd2

      News doesn’t get better than that!

    • cha


      Adam Schefter
      Compensation update: Seahawks are sending OL B.J. Finney and a 7th-round pick to the Bengals in exchange for DE Carlos Dunlap, per source.

      • dcd2

        For the second time this morning, I stand corrected!

      • Elmer

        Are they over the cap now? Have to shed more salary?

    • Norman

      Still pending what pick was sent, but unloading Finney while bringing in quality edge help, JS with a big step toward redemption!

      • Norman

        And now I see above that it was only a 7th! JS I’m ready to love you again!

  5. ABCinco

    Also got rid of BJ Finney’s contract in the process according to Rappaport

    • Rokas

      The fact that we sent Finney to Cincy made the trade more expensive. Interested which pick we sent.


        How’s that? Finney’s salary was a sunk cost this year, and iirc next year was not guaranteed money anyway.

        • Rokas

          My initial thought was that it frees prorated salary cap for the remaining season. I might be wrong. Also, since it’s only 7th rounder, then who cares. Good job, Seattle.

  6. pdway

    good work moving Finney.

  7. Sea Mode

    Here it is:

    Adam Schefter

    Compensation update: Seahawks are sending OL B.J. Finney and a 7th-round pick to the Bengals in exchange for DE Carlos Dunlap, per source.

    • Jordan E

      Theres the Pete & JS I grew up idolizing lol :’)

      But real talk!! Great move!! Hopefully we keep going and add Clay in. Any WRs or other DL possibly available??

      • Sea Mode

        Reportedly DT Dontari Poe will be cut or traded by Dallas. Not sure if he is still any good, but he was a big name from a couple years ago.

        • BruceN

          Poe is done. Not worth a flier even.


        Takk McKinnley reportedly available. Wouldn’t be expensive and he’s young enough to provide some fire. Hope for the double-dip… we need it.

  8. James Cr.

    Schneider must have nude pictures of Mike Brown. That trade is CRAZY good.

    • Sea Mode

      Nah, I don’t think it’s that kind of “steal”. It’s just a solid, win/win move for both sides:

      – Dunlap was likely going to be cut in a matter of hours anyway, so CIN gets some OL help and a late pick for him instead of nothing.

      – The Seahawks:
      1) dump Finney’s salary in the process and can move that to Dunlap.
      2) don’t have to fight off other teams and overpay to lure him to Seattle.

      • Rob4q

        Exactly Sea Mode – it’s good for both teams. Cincy had to move Dunlap at this point and Finney might actually fit their system better and be a decent C/G depth piece for them. Seahawks get a proven pass rusher at a reasonable cost that can hopefully help.

      • Uncle Bob

        If Dunlap still has some juice we did well…………very well………as not only dumping a salary drag from a bad FA pickup, but also Dunlap has two years on his deal so is “captive” for next season as well. ’21 is just over 13m which won’t be bad in today’s market if he’s very productive.

        • James Cr.

          We can cut him after this year no penalty.

      • BruceN

        Getting rid of Finley’s contract alone makes this a good trade. A 7th rounder has little value. Getting Dunlap in return, who while far, far from his prime, still is better than what we have on the roster makes this a plus trade. Overall, a very good trade that gives us flexibility to possibly get another player.

    • CaptainJack

      There was talks Cincinnati could just cut him

  9. Catharsis50

    That couldn’t have worked out better. Got rid of the money stuck with Finney at the same time.

  10. DancingBuddha

    For Finney and a 7th? It may be damage control but good job trading a 7th and the worst move of the offseason onto someone else in return for a vet pass rusher. That’s Schneider this offseason, elite at not making the obvious move, good at damage control.

  11. SteveLargent80

    So a 7th and a third string center for a decent-to-good pass rusher, from the Bengals, who have made two midseason trades since 1985.

  12. Wade

    Sounds like the Bengals were going to have no choice but to release him. Dude forced his way out.

    Apparently the value of a 7th round pick slightly outweighs the negative value of Finney’s contract.

  13. Phil

    This is the exact trade I would have wanted…if I had been positive enough to hope Schneider could pull of a heist like this! Getting rid of a dude that was wasted money. Barely any draft cost….and a player who has been highly consistent until he became dissatisfied with his situation. This is a better trade than we could have possibly hoped for!

  14. Brandon

    Now go get Ryan Anderson from Washington and I’ll be happy

    • JD

      I’d prefer they go and get Takk Mckinley. They are shopping him and he seems more of a fit of what they like compared to Anderson.

      • Lewis

        Either one. Let’s move a TE and get it done.

        • Wade

          Perhaps Will Dissly and a lower level pick? How good is Takk?

          • Jason

            If they move Dissly I will cry. I’m not joking.

            • Lewis

              Agreed. Not Dissly.

            • Rokas


            • Wade

              Love him too, but too many TEs on the roster. If they really are going all in this year, I’d rather they move him in an exchange than a high pick.

              Dissly’s an amazing run blocker, but in a Russ Cookin offense (which we will be for the next few years, considering the state of our D), do we *really* need him for 10-20 snaps a game? Seems to me he’d be more valuable on a team with a strong D but a weak QB… like, say, Washington.

              • Lewis

                Not only yes, but hell yes.

              • Jason

                He’s the long-term answer at the position, and he and Russell have a pretty special connection. Not goin’ nowhere. If anything, Hollister has about the same value.

            • CaptainJack

              Olsen or Hollister

              • Mike

                Yeah i get being cutthroat, but frankly id rather deal hollister. Dissly is a good catcher and great blocker. We have rookie TEs that could fill in a hollister type role. I dont trust them to fill in a dissly type role. He is the best blocking TE, who eliminates the need for a jumbo TE/offensive lineman. He holds up well, while remaining as an actual threat in the passing game.

                Besides, a 2 TE basically requires his skilltype. Olsen is only so-so at blocking. Hollister isnt a blocker.

          • cha

            If the Hawks trade Dissly straight up for Takk they’d wipe out a lot of the goodwill they just generated in the Dunlap trade. Let alone with a pick. Awful idea. Aint happening.

            • GoHawksDani

              Dissly is a nice guy…but as a passcatcher he’s invisible.
              They won’t move Olsen so it depends if they want a more productive move TE (Hollister) or a dude who blocks well and has a receiver upside but also injury history (Dissly).
              Straight trade Dissly-Tak would be a win

              • cha

                10 games of a banged up Takk will cost them more in salary than 10 games of Will Dissly + 16 games of Will Dissly next year (when he’s the only TE on the roster with NFL experience and a working relationship with RW).

                Just because the Hawks are being cautious with him this year doesn’t mean he is invisible.

              • Jhams

                Dislly was a beast each year before he got hurt. Just because he hasn’t recovered from a bad injury and returned to his previous form yet through 6 games doesn’t mean he’s washed or invisible. I think he’ll continue getting better as the season goes on, and be a monster again next year.

                • Mike


                  If i recall correctly he was our leading receiver last year before the injury. All our TEs this year have basically disappeared. It’s not like Olsen is a key cog in the offense either. This is schematic game-planning, not skill.

                  • Jhams

                    Dissly was as good or better than Kittle pre-injury in both his first seasons.

                  • Wade

                    Exactly…couldn’t agree more Mike. Sorry to take us down the rabbit hole. Was merely trying to thinking of *anyone* on our active roster who might have considerable value to other teams while being expendable-ish in our win-now quest. As you said so well, Mike, its scheme, not talent, that has led to the downturn in numbers for Dissly. Less 2 TE sets, less play action. The Seahawks know this. So does every other team in the league.

                    We can’t act like Hollister would fetch the same return. He was overpaid by the Seahawks this winter, or at the very least given market value.

                    I doubt the hawks trade Dissly, or anyone else for that matter. The NFL doesn’t do trades like this often. But if I was GMing (and it’s a good idea I’m not), I’d look to flip players like Dissly who would have more value elsewhere for someone who would have more value to us. Edge is a huge, huge need. We can’t act like trading more 2021 picks is the answer either. Our draft deficiency is already going to kill us two years down the line, and we can’t afford to make it much worse. Is Russ going to want to play for a team with 10 high-paid vets and a bunch of practice squad players 2-4 years from now?

                  • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

                    Who else to trade in win this year mode? Marquise Blair. A team that is crashing this year but with a quick recovery next year? Dallas. Is there a LEO there? Yes.

                  • Wade

                    Love this idea DJ

      • Brandon

        Anderson was a force at ‘Bama and just feel we could unlock him. Never have been a fan of Tak besides his draft night

        • Scot04

          Takk 24 and has the speed and length Seahawks like. Can also play both sides, so they can move hime around. Anderson more of a power guy. Short arms and not much length. Still both better than current situation. I prefer Takks speed and length off the edge.

          • Hawkdawg

            An important part of having “length off the edge” is arm length, though….

  15. JD

    Very happy with the trade and compensation.

    Anyone have more insight on to Dunlap as a player and what he brings?

    The contract situation is good in that if he fits, we get a DE next year for a reasonable price. If it doesn’t work out, he can be cut. A good scenario in my eyes.


      Imagine if Ziggy Ansah wasn’t rushing through jello last year and that’s about right. (As an aside, Ziggy autocorrects to “Soggy Ansah,” which is the correct interpretation).

      I’m no expert, but Dunlap has great length and size, I think he is stout in the run game, had good closing speed last year. He’s not a speed demon, he’s a balanced DE who can win matchups, and probably be an upgrade in run defense too.

    • Sea Mode

      Idk how much he has left in the tank, but I sure hope he comes over pissed off and ready to prove a point to his old coaches that he did deserve to play more this year.

      • Uncle Bob


    • GoHawksDani

      Some Bengals fans were sad losing him and said an A+ character zero concernes and wants to play more. Probably not a Clark-like guy but one who can set the edge and get 4-5 sacks for the remaining games

  16. downtownjewelrybryan

    cant wait to fire up last year’s week 1 game later…dunlap was a menace

    • Gohawks5151

      For what it’s worth I haven’t seen a huge drop off. They are just phasing him out for the youth movement. He was not the only vet to complain about this. Just the loudest.

  17. Hawks_Gui

    Sounds like we are interested in Ryan Anderson too

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, Rob linked that report in the article as well.

      I’m game to dump any of our other under-used signings (Hollister) in order to take as many stabs as possible at adding to the DL (Takk, Kerrigan, Anderson, whoever).

      • Hawks_Gui

        Did not see it, sorry, but i`m all for it as well.
        We could move hollister, barton, LJ collier, especially for Takk, i think that his speed is what we miss the most


      Does everyone mean to say Ryan *Kerrigan?

      • CaptainJack

        No, there are two Ryan’s on the WFT defensive line.

        Ryan Anderson hasn’t played much but was a good player at Alabama.

        • CaptainJack

          It’s hard to get snaps over Montez Sweat and Chase Young.

      • HOUSE

        I’m trying to find the same thing out. There is a DL/LB Anderson that plays for WAS, but I thought Kerrigan was the target. I was calling for him near the beginning of the year. WAS needs help at TE right now… A Pick and Hollister? Parkinson is returning soon

        • CaptainJack

          I honestly think Ryan Anderson would be the better trade target. Only 26 and had 4 sacks last year in a rotational role. Could be a piece for the future instead of just a one season rental.

          • HOUSE

            I would look at Anderson as well, but we have a bunch of journeyman rotational guys. Kerrigan would bring instant pressure, but the price tag would be considerably more

          • BobbyK

            Ryan Anderson is in the last year of his contract though.

  18. Michigan 12th

    This is good news. He will definitely have to play better for us then he has for Cincy this year, but hopefully he can help keep teams to under 30 points a game.

    I got to tell you I was properly upset when I saw Detroit got Griffen for a 6th, and we still had none.

    This at least puts a smile on my face. Now if only we can get a DT that can play. Please send us Cox Philly.

    • Chase


      DT not likely, imo. Already signed snacks, already paying Reed, and somehow Bryan Mone is actually our best DL every single week according to PFF.

      • Michigan 12th

        “Bryan Mone is actually our best DL every single week according to PFF.” It breaks my heart to have to agree with this. What a shame. I really hope the new scenery and a chance to compete for a Superbowl, big stretch unless defense is fixed, inspires Dunlap to rush the passer like he’s in his mid twenties again.

  19. CaptainJack

    The best part of this trade is shipping out BJ Finney

  20. Sea Mode

    Well done, JS. Just don’t be done quite yet!

    • CaptainJack

      Ryan Anderson or Takk please!

  21. 12th chuck

    question I have now, are we somewhat content and go for corner help now? or go for another d.e. and get apple ( I know )

    • Mike

      I mean one DE doesnt fix the pass rush, so another CB would still be negated. I think a DE2 first then another CB

  22. Gohawks5151

    I don’t think anyone can argue that this was a good deal in our bad situation. I wrote earlier that Dunlap and Talk would be a nice late season haul. I guess we’re halfway there! I still wonder if we’re not done selling at least to recoup a day three pick. Hollister? Kerrigan would be shooting for the moon. Maybe a later pick and a wide receiver? They could use that.

    • 12th chuck

      my guess is we will need some more pass rush help to keep players fresh

    • Tecmo Bowl

      The Dunlap trade is ideal. Add a Tak or Kerrigan and we’re looking at a, potentially, marked improvement at DE! Ryan Anderson…meh. If he was a FA maybe give him a shot. Otherwise Id rather give Alton a chance to grow.

  23. BobbyK

    This move is pure genius. Before I get too complimentary – lets not forget signing Finney in the first place was complete trash, though. But to move a worthless player making millions for a disgruntled DE (who wouldn’t be disgruntled playing for the Bengals) who can help is a huge move at this point in the season. I am much more hopeful moving forward.

    As many have suggested, can they do something else? Before Dunlap, they had zero quality EDGE rushers. Now they’re at one. Can they improve this number to two? After all, when the game is on the line late in the fourth quarter in the playoffs – they’re going to need two EDGE rushers on the field.

    There’s still work to do, but this is a heck of a good start. We’re not going to have a good defense, but with our offense – we may only need to be good enough on defense to not fully suck. Dunlap makes us less sucky.

    • Michigan 12th

      I personally believe we need more help in the middle than on the outside. We need a DT that can stop the run and pressure the QB. Bring in Cox. Make it happen, and our Dline will be adequate.

      • Chase

        The eagles just restructured Cox’s Contract which likely means they are going to retain him.

        • cha

          Slight, slight chance it’s a precursor to a trade. Restructure makes him more attractive to suitors.

          I say slight because that’s usually the kind of thing you announce in conjunction with a trade and not days before.

          • Chase

            Forgive me because I am salary cap inept, is the restructured Cox more attractive because his cap hit this year would be lower? I assume something along those lines.

            • cha

              No worries.

              If he is traded, the salary goes with him (and certain bonuses like roster and performance) but the main prorated bonus hits Philly’s cap.

              Philly converted salary to bonus. So a lower salary means the team getting him pays him less. Obviously, better incentive to trade and better trade compensation comes back.

              • cha

                I say slight chance because a restructure is usually a part of a trade negotiation.

                Team A: We want Cox, we’ll give you a 4th round pick

                Team B: No way. 2nd round.

                Team A: We need something else back for our 2nd. How about a 2nd and you take on $5m of his $16m salary?

                That sort of thing.

        • Michigan 12th

          Bummer. Well then hopefully Reed will step up in a big way now that he has some help!

      • Simo

        Cox would be awesome on the Hawks DL, no question! Unfortunately, he makes way to much money for us to fit him into this year’s cap. Also, Philly is likely the favorite in the NFC Least, so they won’t be trading away their good players just yet!

  24. BobbyK

    Sure would be nice if they could dump another player like Hollister and his salary for some pass rushing help (or even a CB).

    Wonder if they try to sign Britt to a league minimum contract now? He sure would be quality depth moving forward.

    • CaptainJack

      Shipping out Hollister would be dreaming, with Parkinson coming back

    • cha

      They really seemed to like Fuller. He was listed ahead of Finney on the depth chart and in PC’s preseason comments at times. He’ll definitely be active Sunday.

      After that, we’ll see.

      • BobbyK

        Agreed. I’m just thinking that you can get your former starting center back for league minimum… you really can’t get any better depth than that.

        • cha

          I wouldn’t feel comfortable assuming Britt can be had for league min.

          • TomLPDX

            Why not though…nobody is knocking down his door to sign him and Britt would be a perfect addition to our OLine backup situation.

            • cha

              He’s had visits with the Hawks and Packers and hasn’t signed a deal yet.

              He has some injury settlement money and has banked over $21m in career earnings.

              Very possible he’s not going to want to come back from a knee injury in a COVID year to play for $500k when he could reenter the market fully healthy at 30.

  25. Henry Taylor

    Well this is extremely positive news, especially after how dumb struck I was they didnt get in on the trade for Griffen.

    Can Dunlap play this week or is there not enough time to clear the protocols?

    • Chase

      IIRC you need 5 days of negative tests before you can even practice.

  26. Group Captain Mandrake

    This doesn’t make up for the off-season mess, but it’s a good start. I’ve yet to understand why Steeler fans seemed upset at losing Finney. He hasn’t show a damned thing. I don’t know that Dunlap is a starter at this point anymore, but I think he’s really solid depth and will get plenty of PT.

  27. HOUSE

    I see DAL could be moving on from Dontari Poe and Daryl Worley. Could Worley be decent CB depth? I know he hasn’t played well in DAL, but maybe a change of scenery???

    • Gohawks5151

      If Dallas is selling they should at least call on Aldon Smith. He only signed a one year deal. He was also DAP ing it up with Russ after the Dallas game. Couldn’t hurt bringing in a guy Russ likes after a tough week for him.

      • Denver Hawker

        I’m happy to see that at least did something.

        I have very low expectations though given his production and usage this year. Hoping a fresh start lights a fire in him to stay on the roster next year.

        Casting away Finney is fantastic- don’t we carry some dead money there too though?

        We gave a 7th, which normally is inconsequential, but gosh, at this rate, Rob will need to rename his Blog. They barely have a draft now.

      • HOUSE

        Poe and Worley could be released today. I’m not sure what Smith would take.

  28. Chase

    Press Conference questions going to be like:

    “What’s Dunlap bring to the team?”

    “Has Dunlap Registered to Vote?”

    “How did finny handle the COVID protocols during his time here?”

    Instead of:

    “During the off-season you mentioned the pass rush as a priority, what lead to trading for a vet in Dunlap 7 games into the season?”

    “What was the plan for finny when you signed him to a 2-yr 8M contract before the season? What happened?”

    “Are you going to continue to be active in the market until the trade deadline? Or do you feel this is enough to push your team to a SB?

    • Jordan E

      Add in what do you think of the protests going on in Philadelphia right now lol

      • Matt


    • Rokas

      I can try to answer these questions in a way I would expect Carroll to answer them:

      1) We felt the opportunity was too good to pass. Carlos is a terrific football player. He will come and compete right away, will be in the mix of our Dline rotation. Also will be a great leader for a young group of players we have already. Very excited about seeing him on the field. We were unfortunate to lose Bruce, and Taylor who we really like, is still healing from the injury. Excited to see how this group continues to progress.

      2) We thought we needed to provide competition at Center, after losing Justin. Pocic just took the job from day one and left us with no other chance, I am very happy and excited for him, and still there is so much for him to improve. He is a good football player, has all the tools to become a terrific football player. Finney competed hard, a great great guy to have in a locker room, we wish him all the best in his future career. We would love to keep him, but as we are a bit tight under salary cap, we felt that we had to make this move and get Carlos here.

      3) John is in every deal, working the phones and monitoring the situation. If the opportunity presents to make our football team even better and more competitive, we will not shy away from that. If not, we trust our guys we have to make plays and to continue to improve. We off to a good start, Russ is obviously playing great, Tyler, DK, these guys making plays week in and week out, I am very excited to see what the future holds for us in the remaining of the season.

      • Rob4q

        Wow Rob, I didn’t know you did impressions too?!? Sounded just like Pete I could almost hear his voice coming through!!!

        • Rokas

          When I was writing this, I could also hear Pete’s voice in my head. Made the task a lot easier, and funny 🙂

        • TomLPDX

          I was going to suggest that Cha just come cut and paste these answers for today’s press conference recap on the blog. Well done! I heard Pete’s voice when I read this!

          • cha

            not gonna lie, I’m tempted

        • God of Thunder

          Absolutely spot on impersonation and this is, moreover, exactly what Pete should say. Why trash your players or in this case ex-players with the truth. A good coach, a good mentor, builds people up.

  29. CWagner

    Yep my immediate thought was ” great, now who else can we get?”

  30. Darnell

    For those looking for a John Schneider interview, he was recently on the Huddle & Flow podcast with Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter.

  31. Denver Hawker

    I’m happy to see that at least did something.

    I have very low expectations though given his production and usage this year. Hoping a fresh start lights a fire in him to stay on the roster next year.

    Casting away Finney is fantastic- don’t we carry some dead money there too though?

    We gave a 7th, which normally is inconsequential, but gosh, at this rate, Rob will need to rename his Blog. They barely have a draft now.

  32. Duceyq

    Perhaps Stephon Gilmore?

    He would be worth the 2nd rounder and gives Seattle flexibility with both Shaq Griffin and Dunbar being FA’s. Add Gilmore to this secondary and it would truly be a championship move.

    • cha

      There’s about $10m left on his 2020 salary, so they’d likely either have to rework his contract and free up some money elsewhere.

      And they’d have to be willing to have no picks in the first 3 rounds of the draft.

      It’s doable, just not sure how much this FO will want to mortgage the future.

      • Duceyq

        I think the trade could involve another player on the roster with a possible pick…like the Cincy deal…It could offset the money…the future is now and getting Gilmore upgrades them next year..much more than any pick they could possibly select.

        Flowers can’t continue to be on the field if they have any desires on winning it all this year or next. Gilmores contract may be lower than what Shaq could get on the market next year too…so there’s insurance in this deal too.

        • cha

          Sure but I don’t know who the Hawks would trade to offset that much salary, and we’re back to the 2nd round pick and not having any picks next year.

          Belichick isn’t trading the DPOY for Jacob Hollister and a late round pick.

          • Duceyq

            I would think a TE and/or WR…maybe Moore…

            • cha

              Moore, Hollister, Olsen, Dorsett are all UFA’s next year.

              Belichick isn’t trading the DPOY for a rental.

              It’d have to be Dissly to get any value.

              And then we’re back to weakening the offense.

              • BC_Hawk

                And then they still retain close to 9mill..not gonna happen for the best player on tehir team and DPOY.

                • cha

                  Jedi mind tricks don’t work on Belichick.

                • Duceyq

                  Cha, I do think your point is valid..Dissly could be the target and if I’m BB I’m driving that bus. But Seattle may not have buckle. But if that were the lynchpin in the deal Seattle should still make it. The positional value alone dictates you make that trade. Olsen and Hollister are adequate enough for the position, you also have Parkinson…Gilmore should be a target for Seattle.

                  But I think where we disagree is what BB will do with Gilmore next year? He seems like the classic BB cap casualty next year and every team knows that. It’s why he’s being shopped. I think it’s why his trade value isn’t as strong. A 2nd plus Hollister or Moore can get it done.

                  • cha

                    I think it’s more the classic BB “sell high on a top veteran”. A low 2nd and a 10 game rental on a role player won’t get it done.


      This wouldn’t be a scheme fit, we just don’t play enough Man coverage to justify it. He’s not a Zone CB.

      • Duceyq

        I think they play more zone now because of the CB’s they have. They played more M2M when they had Sherm/Browner/Thurmond and Sherm/Maxi/Coleman….add Gilmore and you could see Quill/Gilmore/Dunbar…more M2M single high looks could improve the defense immediately.

    • Volume12

      It’s gotta be extremely tempting. However, there’s some really intriguing DE options starting to emerge in CFB.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t see any chance of a Gilmore trade

  33. John Gryffys

    Yup – hoping the next trade is with Dallas. Watch Jerry is going to cut us a sweetheart of a deal.

  34. TomLPDX

    But, but, but…what about Sully! 🙂

    Finally, JS did something. Don’t stop John, you’re on a roll!!!

    • CaptainJack

      At this point I’d rather see sully out there than Shaquem.

  35. Jawbreaker

    Carlos Dunlap
    2019: 740 Defensive Snaps, 9 Sacks, 13 TFL’s, 21 QB Hits, 89.7 PFF
    2020: 277 Defensive Snaps, 1 Sack, 2 TFL’s, 4 QB Hits, 53.9 PFF

    Everson Griffen
    2019: 848 Defensive Snaps, 8 Sacks, 11 TFL’s, 24 QB Hits, 77.6 PFF
    2020: 281 Defensive Snaps, 2.5 Sacks, 3 TFL’s, 6 QB Hits, 56.6 PFF

  36. Happy Hawk

    Great move have always loved Dunlop! Now we should “go for it”:

    Go get Stephen Gilmore and add Tak M/ Ryan Anderson or Clay Mathews to the mix. Gilmore is on the market and NE needs help at TE and WR where we have some depth and send back Griffen or another corner

    Adams and Gilmore on the back end. Wagner and Wright in the middle and Dunlop and others up front and make a move ala the Ravens or Niners.

    Happy with the move today but still more to do!

    • Submanjoe

      Great trade. A real defensive end, with experience. Keep him next year, reasonable cost, assuming he is productive. Like Duane Brown on the offensive line, maybe he can bring proven veteran leadership to the defensive line.
      Now bring in in someone else please!

    • Michigan 12th

      Would love this move, move Hollister back to New England plus our 2nd for Gilmore. I doubt that would be enough but if it is there we need to take it.

      • Scot04

        You could probably get him for a 2nd, but the cap hit for a 17m player would be tough. We would have to extend lockett and restructure Wilson at a minimum to fit him.
        The key is our Pass Rush though. We need to add one more.
        Guessing they could trade Hollister to get under the cap now that we’re over with Dunlap.
        Will be interesting to see if a couple other moves coming. Both in and out.

        • Jordan E

          It will be slightly lower no? Since hes traded and NE will be paying some of the contract.

          Absolutely would be worth it though even in the long run. Shaquill likely wont be cheap and he’s not a shut down corner. Dunbar may be worth retaining since he’d likely be cheaper due to the legal drama and performs relatively as good as Shaquill.

          Would absolutely love the addition to S. Gilmore to the team but dont see it happening.

  37. Volume12

    I like the move in the sense that they had to do something. Plus it’s a 7th & a guy not factoring into your depth. Just fingers crossed that Dunlap can rebound. Which, he should considering his snap count will drastically improve & he gets to play for a contender.

    • Volume12

      BTW, did Pete Carroll recruit Dunlap?

      • Tecmo Bowl

        From wiki: “Dunlap was listed as the No. 1 weakside defensive end in the nation in 2007.[4] He chose Florida over offers from Clemson, South Carolina, Auburn, and Tennessee.”

        PC probably contacted the 5* Dunlap at some point. Looks like he chose to stay closer to home in NC.

    • Trevor

      Seems like a no downside trade really. The basically traded a 7th to dump Finney’s salary and fit Dunlap in cap wise. Not sure how much it will help but it certainly can’t hurt and is a start in the right direction.

      Now add a Kerrigan or Mckinley.

      If you add Snacks, Adams (back from injury), Dunlap and say either Mckinley or Kerrigan then the defense looks a lot better IMO”.

      He probably did recruit him or at least he was on the radar.

      • Volume12


  38. Big Mike

    Finney gone? Seriously? So now who’s gonna get the other o-linemen water when the D is on the field.

    • TomLPDX

      Sully of course. They are also going to try him out as a swing tackle. 😉

  39. clbradley17

    Excellent move with the very late pick and getting rid of Finney and that salary. Would love to see us also get back Jacob Martin, or Tack from the Falcons, or the rotational DE/LB Uchenna Nwosu of the LA Chargers. Nwosu has played about half the D snaps this year and has 3.5 sacks, 13 pressures, 8 QB hits and 6 hurries in 7 games.

    Carlos Dunlap’s 2019 highlights:

  40. pdway

    Here’s the snippet from PFF’s top 100 players last year:

    The Bengals as a whole had a dismal season on their way to the No. 1 overall pick, but they weren’t without individual standout performances, one of which came from Carlos Dunlap. He ended the season with the highest overall PFF grade of his career at 89.7, racking up 50 total pressures, forcing a pair of fumbles and batting down four passes at the line of scrimmage to go with registering the best run-defense grade of his career. This marked by far the best season of Dunlap’s impressive career since 2012, and it came with less help than he has had previously

    • Simo

      Let’s hope that’s the guy we are getting, sounds like a legit player!

    • Sea Mode

      Good info, thanks!

      And I imagine he’ll be highly motivated to prove a point to his old team.

    • Gohawks5151

      Any idea how he has done this year? I know he has limited playing time but it would be interesting. Pressure rate etc.

  41. Gaux Hawks

    is Carlos Dunlap a LEO ??

    • Hoggs41

      Not in the traditional sense but he does play against the other teams right tackle most of the time.

    • Volume12

      Probably. He’s not very good against the run.

      • Hawkdawg

        Not true up to 2019, according to PFF…

      • clbradley17

        PFF says different about the run, and with his size (6’6″ 285) he’s batted down or tipped tons of QB passes at the line. Here’s a part of the Seattle Times report today:

        “Dunlap had 9.0 sacks and two forced fumbles in 14 games in 2019, when Pro Football Focus gave him a grade of 89.7, the highest grade of his career. That ranked third out of 104 defensive ends and 42nd among all NFL players.

        PFF earlier this year named Dunlap to its all-decade team, calling him “one of the most underrated players of his generation.” He’s more than just an edge rusher, too.
        PFF has also graded Dunlap highly as run stopper, giving him a 86.3 run-defense grade in his career. That ranks 10th among all defensive ends since 2010.”

        Strange how his 2019 highlights starts with Dunlap beating the Seahawks several times last year in game 1, then later he beats our current RT Shell when he was with the Jets. And he looked great against Carson, the 49ers and Cardinals for TFLs/run stops in these highlights.

    • BruceN

      He can play both LEO and 5 Tech.

  42. BC_Hawk

    Not sure the likelihood, but it would be interesting to see if we could get Smith out of Dallas. As reported, dallas wants to trade or cut Poe. Packaging Smith and Poe up to Seattle for a 6/7th would save Dallas 1.1mill in 2020 on Poe, and Smith is a UFA in 2021. Only issue would be depth on their roster at DE/DL after losing Poe, Smith, and Everson.

    To Seattle, we’d get another interior DL piece and a true DE for a total of 2.73mill for 2020. Release Poe in offseason for $0…potential to re-sign Smith before FA..

  43. JD

    Adam Caplan reported “Seahawks were talking to Bengals for about a week and were able to close the deal today”

    He then responded to that tweet and said “Wouldn’t be a surprise if they reeled in another DE…”

    Seems like he knows something and it’s along the lines of what we’re all hoping for. Fingers crossed.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Yeah Caplan sounds pretty confident that more help is on the way.
      5th for Tak+ 7th. JS make it happen!
      A Rotation of Dunlap, Takk, Mayowa>>>Mayowa,Moore,Robinson. May not be SB worthy, but certainly a vast improvement to what theyve been rolling out.

      • CaptainJack

        If they get either Anderson or Takk I hope they just cut Mayowa. He adds nothing.

        Rather give those reps to Robinson and develop him.

        • dcd2

          This makes zero sense. Eat $2.5M in dead cap by cutting away what little depth we have, so that we can throw a 5th round rookie into the fire more often?

          Mayowa is failing because he’s been put in a position to fail. Put him in a rotation and keep him fresh and he adds plenty.

        • TomLPDX

          Actually, I disagree CaptainJack. I think the biggest issue with Mayowa is that they are asking him to do more than he is capable of. If he were to drop his reps down closer to 50% I think he would have improved effectiveness. At 90% he is worn out. He is a good rotational player.

          • BobbyK

            At best, Mayowa is an overly expensive 3rd or (ideally) 4th option at DE. His bonehead play vs. the Cardinals aside, he’s more assignment sound than a rookie like Robinson. I like Robinson as DE depth for 2021 but not on a team with Super Bowl aspirations (not in terms of playing much).

      • BobbyK

        It’s still not a strength by any means, but it’s not the horrific black hole we’ve been experiencing either. It would be enough to give me hope.

    • Rob Staton

      JLC hinted at the same and has a source in Seattle.

      Hope they are right.

  44. CaptainJack

    Field gulls is a bunch of turds

    • Rob Staton

      Why what’s happened now 😂

      • Rowdy

        They posted a article about needing to blitz more. I didn’t read but probably that

        • Wade

          John Morgan is actually pretty stellar. Read the article.

  45. cha

    Some snips from PC’s call with the SF Media

    Cam Inman
    Pete Carroll, on call with #49ers media, had positives to say about Fred Warner, Brandon Aiyuk, Shanahan/Lynch, Russell Wilson … and then he was asked about his NFL-worst defense:
    “In rope-a-dope mode, we haven’t played very well. … It ain’t gonna stay like this”.

    David Lombardi
    Pete Carroll on Brandon Aiyuk: “We had him in high regard, too” (in the draft process)

    Keiana Martin
    HC Pete Carroll on #49ers linebacker Fred Warner:
    “You can’t watch the defense and not see him. He just jumps out at you.”

    Jake Hutchinson
    Pete Carroll on the Seahawks’ weirdness, close endings:
    “Well, I don’t know. You’re right, we’ve been in a lot of those kinds of games over the years… We’re just used to it. I can’t tell you why as much as how we try and handle it.” #49ers

  46. lil’stink

    I wonder if WFT would have any interest in a lightly used Cody Barton.

    • cha

      I’ll start up a GoFundMe for one plane ticket from SeaTac to Dulles.

      • Robbie

        I’ll pitch in for that Cha! I’d almost be tempted to pay for the plane ticket myself…..

        • cha

          Middle seat, no kosher meal and if he wants headphones he has to pay for them himself.

          • Sea Mode


          • TomLPDX

            and make it one way only…

  47. McZ

    The Seattle Football Team just got better… hopefully.
    Let’s just hope, this is not another career cemetery move.

    Btw, has anybody called Josina?

  48. Ukhawk

    Need a speedy LEO now… Takk or Uchenna Nwosa please

    • BobbyK

      Yes. One more pass rusher! I really don’t care at this point – just another speedy guy… Kerrigan, Anderson, Fackrell, McKinley… another one would be great. Mayowa and Collier need to be 3rd and 4th or 4th and 5th DE options they are, rather than two starters. Severely limit the amount of snaps those two take in a game and good/better things will happen.

      • Big Mike

        How about Alden Smith Bobby? Is cheap and wouldn’t cost much and Dallas is in sell mode. Probably have to give up a 2022 7th rounder but they might go for it

  49. cha

    The plot thickens…

    Tom E. Curran
    Gilmore’s home is on market. Listing says offers due by next Tuesday at 5 p.m. … one hour after NFL trade deadline.

    • Jordan E

      Pete & JS. If you get Gilmore…. I take back everything negative I’ve said XD

      • BC_Hawk

        Not gonna happen; no way NE trades their best player (DPOY to add!!) and eats ~9mill in dead money next year for loose change. 1st Rounder ++++ at minimum to talk. 9mill is a lot of Quan. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

    • BobbyK

      I know “where there’s a will, there’s a way” but that contract in an awful lot of money and it’d cost at least their second round pick. That’s a pretty hefty price.

      If they can trade a 5 for Takk or something – I’m hoping they can use that second rounder to trade down several times in the 2nd/3rd to acquire some extra day 3 picks.

      • DC

        Send over Quil Griffen and a 4th.

        Only give up that 2nd rounder for a good pass rusher.

      • Jordan E

        It is, but wont Pats have to pay a lot of it (reduced cap hit for Hawks)?

        Also, I’d imagine Shaquill and Dunbar wont be cheap to retain. Maybe Dunbar. But Shaquill would probably want 10+ million a year. I think the improvement of Gilmore over Griffen is worth the extra in cap. Lets get that SB before the window closes!!

    • Henry Taylor

      He’s also a terrible scheme fit.

      Not that Tre Flowers fits anywhere, but I’m not giving up serious draft picks and taking on that contract for such a questionable fit.

    • Duceyq


  50. DC

    At this point, I’d be looking at shipping Hollister off as he could be a good complimentary piece for someone, and dumping Barton as well and even consider Collier in a player for player swap.

  51. Hoggs41

    I saw that Will Fuller is going to the Packers. Great fit for them if accurate.

    • TomLPDX

      Wow, that’s big for the Pack if he can stay healthy. That guy is an amazing WR.

    • Sea Mode

      Where has this been reported?

      • clbradley17

        I googled Will Fuller just before 8PM EST, and it’s been reported that GB contacted the Texans about Fuller, but mostly it’s speculative articles about trade rumours from different sites. So far no trade.

  52. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Cowboys are cutting DT Dontari Poe and CB Daryl Worley, source said, after trying to trade both. That’s three veterans jettisoned in two days.

    12:56 PM · Oct 28, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      I’d take a butchers at both

      • Ralphy

        Poe was a favorite on here. I’d take a stab at him (or a butchers)!

        • Rob4q

          Per the story:

          “Poe signed a two-year, $9 million contract in Dallas this season as part of an offseason revamp along the line that has utterly failed. Poe has been dreadful this season against both the run and pass. Despite playing 253 snaps — most of any Cowboys interior defender this season — the 30-year-old has generated just seven tackles and zero sacks. Pro Football Focus charted Poe with one single hurry in seven games, his only pressure of the season.

          Worley has been no better, giving up chunk plays in the passing game, and has allowed 10 of 12 targets his way to be completed. Worley has played 246 snaps for the Cowboys this season, behind only Jourdan Lewis and rookie Trevon Diggs.”

  53. RugbyLock

    Per Profootballtalk:

    “The Falcons ruled out defensive end Takk McKinley for Thursday’s game against the Panthers. He has a groin injury that kept him out of practice Tuesday and Wednesday.

    The injury kept McKinley sidelined in Week 6 before he played 23 defensive snaps in Sunday’s loss to the Lions.

    He is the only player with an injury designation for the Falcons.”

    • DC

      I imagine a trade for him will be announced Friday.

  54. Turp

    This thread is much better than jumping all over twitter for the next trade :P. Adam Caplan suspects we are not done trading for pass rush

  55. Happy Hawk

    Saw this today

    Let’s move a linebacker over to the Eagles?

    By the way how can Phil be a “buyer” when they are 71 mil over the cap. Hawks should go get Gilmore as it seems being over the cap is over-rated!

    • God of Thunder

      How? They shop in the bargain bin, that’s how!😉

  56. cha

    Wed Press Conf w PC

    “Kicked into high gear. Game on. SF played really well last couple weeks. Terrific division opponent again. Good to be home.”

    [john boyle] Process of getting past loss? “Every Wed get back on track, real routine about it. Big wins just as tough as a loss. In our routine, should take care of getting our minds right. Good hard day today of practice.”

    [Gregg bell] Dunlap fit? “Process not finalized yet, can’t comment.”
    [Gregg] Need outside edge pressure? “Critical to develop rush, complement with rest of game. Break down pocket. Huge. Nothing new, nothing we haven’t talked about forever. Built in need.”
    [Gregg] Know you were rolling the dice w personnel? “Look what we did in the draft, picked up 2 guys in FA. We were working on it. Losing Bruce a big deal. Him and Mayowa. Hoping Darrell will be a factor, Alton in rotation. Still developing. 6 or 7 games, that’s where it is and we’ll get better.”

    [Curtis crab] Evaluate DEs through 6? Cohesion. Been battling, working real hard. Rotating keep guys fresh. Benson 8 sacks 300 snaps. Didn’t think we’d have to play him this much. Gotta keep working to collect wins.”

    [corbin] Guys can sub in at RB this weekend? David Moore? “Guys like that, yes. Check out and watch guys on injury list. Have to make some moves in prep in case don’t get back. Wait until week is over.”

    [tim booth] Hyde, Homer, Carson? “Hyde hamstring not a major hamstring. Find out in next couple days. Homer bruise knee, moving way better. Chris something in foot. Won’t know until weekend.”
    [tim] Adams? “Limited practice today. Tomorrow really important day. Friday too. Wait and see how he does.”

    [brady] COVID testing, won’t be available this weekend? “Right, can’t make it. Not enough time to work w player. Have to stay ahead of it. Versatility with guys needed.”
    [brady] Traded player? “Same. Start all over again with protocol. Same as outside.”
    [brady] Shaquille? “Concussion protocol, give us the week.”

    [] Green? “practice with us this week. Out there.”
    [] Neal? “Came out for a couple plays, I don’t know. Wasn’t hurt.”

    [neko] Adjustments after loss? “Get truth of what happened, figure it out, evaluate what happens, see what needs to fix. Don’t ignore last game, grow and get better. Continually trying to improve fundamentally. Don’t want to lose sight of that. We think we can get better. Take info and make sense of it and apply to plan.”

    [Jackie] Shanahan/Saleh dealing with their injuries on D? Scheme? “Haven’t seen them change much. Don’t have Kittle you make changes of course. Really bright coaches, use their personnel well. Very creative. Game plan according to who’s available and what they’re up against. Heck of a plan.”
    [Jackie] Kittle? “Great blocking. Feet, base. Tough and physical. Consummate player, can do the whole thing. Jusczyk too. Highlighted players in their off approach.”

    [joe fann] Bengals announced trade. Can you comment? “Hang on (off cam). Sorry haven’t got word. Don’t’ want to get bounced.”
    [joe fann] Metcalf 2 catches last week? PP taking him out or Tyler? “Nothing to do with DK. Game went to Tyler. Didn’t intend to throw 15 passes. Thought matchup would be good, but he made a spectacular night out of it. 3 catches some guys would be best of their career, he had 3 in game. Just unfolded that way.”

    [maz veda] Jimmy G confidence in offense? “Clean looking group when he’s in there. Efficient, doesn’t hold ball. Passing game designed off running game. Will run the ball all day long if you let them. Certainly understands everything they need to do to be efficient. Rather not be in a throwing game shootout.”

    [art thiel] Collier 39 snaps, 1 TFL, living up to expectations? “In the sense he’s playing a lot. That’s a lot of plays for a DL. Playing hard, tough, throwing game came out quick. We got minimal pressure. Like to see him get clean, free in backfield more. Pleased with him.”

    [michael shawn] Defense 2 weeks in affect philosophy? “Adj to personnel as best we can. Haven’t felt continuity in first couple weeks. Adams special player draws attention. Not having Dunbar effects. Brooks too, doing a fine job but just a couple games in. I don’t like being patient but it’s gonna be a bit before it gets to its best.”
    [Michael shawn] Workload challenging guys? “Learning mode totally. Neal example, Brooks, Alton, just new. Just is what it is. Added Benson and those guys play right off the bat. Assimilate quickly. Diff than the new guys. Not bad or hard just what it brings to you.”

    [jen mueller] Hollister what does he bring? “YAC guy. Really nice all around FB player. Versatility. Last couple weeks, didn’t get the turns with the ball coming to him. Stepped it up getting him to ball. Like to continue that.”

    [] Wagner blunt on defense last week? “Really wanted to see if we can get going in a direction we feel better. Takes time. Totally am planning on us being in the top end of our game. Keep battling, get it done. I agree with Bobby, he’s on point. Guys riding, need to be really clean with our execution. It’s coming. Don’t know how long I can keep telling you it’s coming but our best FB ahead of us.”

    [Jackie] RW opening a charter HS in Seattle? “RW assembled a team around him allows him to act with his heart. Support that good work. Admire the heck out of him and Ciara. Loving people. Find ways to help. Unmatchable desire to be active and mindful.”

  57. Rob Staton

    Good to see the proper, serious questions are getting asked about Seattle’s defense…

    • Sea Mode


    • downtownjewelrybryan

      that guy is literally the worst.

      “so pete, growing up did you play multiple sports?”

  58. Sea Mode

    Jamal Adams and Rasheed Green both practicing. That’s at least a step in the right direction.

    • BobbyK

      I thought that Green was slightly better than Collier. That’s certainly not saying much. But improvement is improvement – no matter how slight.

      • Gohawks5151

        Well he is the returning sack leader… Take that as you will

      • Spencer Duncan

        He’s not great but I do think Green is better than Mayowa, Collier, and Robinson (currently). Adding Dunlap and Green and pushing everyone else back really does help our depth. Curious what they do with the roster though. They currently have 3 DT and 5 DEs. They will probably add Snacks soon, leaving us with 4 DTs and likely a DB going back to the PS. Bullard has unreasonable great scores according to PFF, and Moore has looked pretty good as well especially on ST so I wonder if they try and keep one of them around in lieu of an offensive player or another DB or LB.

    • cha

      I want Jamal back for this game for all the obvious reasons, not the least of which is his ability to diagnose and disrupt their run game. If he can blow up some of their fly sweeps and misdirection garbage early, it’ll get them out of their comfort zone. Especially if the offense gets a couple TDs ahead.

      • Big Mike

        Wish in one hand….

        I kid. Seriously I don’t think hes going to make it back. I’m really discouraged about him. But on the other hand I didn’t think they would trade for a pass rusher either so hopefully I will be eating crow twice this week varied

  59. TomLPDX

    What kind of shape is the 49er RB room in right now?

    • BruceN

      They’re in a state of flux. Their best back (Mostert) is on IR, Devin Coleman may be back this week but Wilson Jr. who had a great game last week is out with high ankle sprain. They also lost Debo last week. Jordan Reed should be back this week. It is impressive how they dismantled the Patriots with all their injuries to key players like Bosa, Sherman, Ford, Mostert, etc. Credit should go to Shanahan with his game plan and Lynch who’s put together a good roster.

    • Justaguy

      Estimate good enough for this Sunday

      • Chase

        49ers are in a situation where the best running back is the one who is starting, Shanahan schemes very well for his guys.

  60. cha

    Carlos Dunlap
    Carlos Emphasizes “ Hungry“ #GoHawks

    Quote Tweet

    Leger Douzable
    · 6h
    Hawks you got a player that is hungry and ready to get after QB…

    • Darnell

      Imagine having to be a Bengal for 10 years and then getting traded to a 5-1 Pete Carrol team. Like an oasis in a desert.

      Seahawks don’t even lock their Gatorade coolers like Mike Brown does.

  61. Hoggs41

    Off topic a little but if Brooks plays well tbe rest of they year do we think they could look to trade Wagner? He would have a $7.5 dead cap charge but they would save $10m in cap space plus about $14m in cash. Just a thought to save some space and recoup some draft capital.

    • BruceN

      I suspect he will be with us in 2021 and be gone in 2022 when his CAP number goes to $20M and we’ll only have $3M in dead CAP. But I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets moved in 2021 ($17M CAP number, $7M dead money and $10M saving).

      • Jordan E

        I dont see it personally. Hawks have never traded one of their guys even when they should have (Earl Thomas, and arguably Kam Chancellor since he got injured that year). Im happy though Kam wasnt traded. Deserves to retire in ring of honor.

        • BruceN

          Wags is one of my favorite players. A very good player (also a team player) with class who is the QB of defense. But at $20M/year and his play starting to diminish a bit it might be time. Unless he agrees to restructure his deal. Which I doubt he will. He definitely deserves to be in the ring of honor.

    • Big Mike

      I’ve suspected all along Brooks was drafted to take over for Bobby. They just did it a year too soon.

      • Rob Staton

        And I still don’t buy it.

        I suspect if you gave them truth serum they would pin Wagner’s struggles on an inadequate DL.

        • Gohawks5151

          This for sure. Also the amount of turnover. I’ve watched him literally putting new and young players in the right spot all the way to until th ball is snapped this year. He’s been stretched very thin thus far

    • Pran

      Defense needs talent addition not subtraction.
      i’ve serious doubts on draft and develop theory. It took us several drafts and kings ransom to replace Kam, forget about Earl, Sherman, Bennett, Clark, Clowney. It will be a nightmare when Bobby, KJ leave and we are still drafting to replace gods knows who..

  62. Sea Mode

    At least someone finally just calls it as it is, no more euphemisms:

    Gregg Bell

    Defensive coord Ken Norton Jr. says #Seahawks have been watching Carlos Dunlap “from afar” and that “there’s no question he can step in and help us.

    “Can’t WAIT to get him here. …We are in an urgent situation right now.

    “We need as much pass rush as we can get right now.”

    • BobbyK

      It is “urgent.” That’s why I can see them getting someone else to pair with Dunlap. Because even with Dunlap, the DL is pretty terrible at getting to the QB.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve got my hopes up now that a second DE will be on the way, following the tweet from Caplan and the article by La Canfora.

        • BOHICA

          If nothing else could Cameron Wake be an option to add to our pass rusher(or lack there of)? I know the cap is tight and trading away the limited draft capital we have is painful so thinking maybe why not give Wake a call and see if he feela like giving it a go?!

    • Simo

      Ken Norton Jr has taken a lot of heat lately on the blog, and he possibly a fair bit of it, but he’s not an idiot! He, and all the coaches have known for some time that the pass rush, and DL in general, was a mess.

      Hopefully there’s another addition soon, they surely need more. It will require some creative cap management though, as they are right up against it with the addition of Dunlap.

      Get it done John!

  63. clbradley17

    Dunlap played great against the Eagles with 9 tackles, and has hardly been used since then. Saw this video “BREAKING: Seattle Ain’t F’N Around; trades for Carlos Dunlap!!”. Finally! We’ve been F’N around for the rest of the year since March, all of FA, most of the draft and season until now! Plays from mostly the Eagles game doesn’t start until 2:40 of 9 min. video.

    • Jordan E

      Love this guy. Provides actually entertaining film analysis and you can tell he knows his stuff.

      • Ralphy

        Great video!

  64. Rob Staton

    This year has aged Pete. He just looks exhausted:

    • cha

      Body language and tone isn’t that of a guy who is thrilled to get a difference-maker.

      It’s of a guy who has been trying to hold this defense together with both hands and now that some help is coming he can unclench and the adrenaline drop is the equivalent of hitting a wall.

      • Lewis

        He also just had surgery. Being in pain all the time, even dull pain, takes a lot out of you.

      • Jhams

        It’s an election year in the middle of global pandemic that’s killed over 200,000 with massive social unrest, and the 70 year old who just had surgery looks tired? Obviously it’s because the Seahawks defense hasn’t played well.

        • Rob Staton

          Last time I checked Pete Carroll is responsible for the Seahawks defense, not the global pandemic or social unrest.

          • Jhams

            Last time I checked even football coaches can be affected by things outside of their immediate jobs. Come on man, don’t be daft.

            • Rob Staton

              You’re being ridiculous.

              Of course Seattle’s horrendous defense is the sole cause of Carroll’s weariness.

              As if he’s sat up at night worrying about anything else.

              Come on.

    • BruceN

      He’s not used to seeing his defense getting steam rolled week in and week out.

    • TomLPDX

      That wasn’t my take. Pete is ok.

      • Rob Staton

        He looks absolutely knackered.

  65. Noah Parker

    Anybody have the PFF grades for the defense (all players) for AZ game? I tried Reddit but you cannot actually see the document, its too blurry…

    • Pran

      they are so good none bothered to put it out including PFF

    • Spencer Duncan

      Poona and Mone were the top 2. Brooks grades out well. Both Griffins played bad. Thats what I remember.

  66. Rob Staton

    The new podcast is now live at the top of the article.

    It’s on the Dunlap trade & the 49ers game.

    • TomLPDX

      Loved the podcast. You finally showed me that you are just another Seahawk homer like the rest of us! Your poor wife! And rooting for the Broncos is ok…my brother is a Broncos season ticket holder and when we kicked their ass in 2013 he didn’t really have anything to say about it!! It was grand!!!!

  67. Pran

    Checking the cap situation
    Hawks paid $2m this season and $1m next for Finney. Bengals owe him $1.5m rest of this season.
    Hawks will pay $4.9m this season to Dunalp while Bengals assuming $6.9m.

    Net cap hit of $3.4m to Hawks in 2020 with a free cap of $1.2m. Expect few more transactions to clear some space.

    • clbradley17

      Won’t Harrison and maybe Kendricks count at least half yearly veteran min. more when we bring him/them up from the practice squad? Without trading or cutting some more players before signing anyone else, not sure how we can afford another player, unless Russ, Wagner, Brown or Lockett re-structures their contract(s).

  68. Gaux Hawks

    trade is brewing… i can feel it in my bones. speed, speed, speed.

  69. Brik

    Just want to say how relieved I am right now. I know we want more, but this helps out our team drastically. I believe we can go to the Super Bowl now, even if it’s not in convincing fashion. One pass rusher can change everything, even if they aren’t Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack. He will make the whole line look better.

  70. JD

    If there is a trade in place for Takk but he doesn’t pass his physical because of his groin injury, is there any way for the trade to go through? Does he have until Nov 3rd to get healthy and pass the physical?

    Does anyone know how that situation would work?

    • DC

      If a player fails a physical then the trade is null and void unless other terms are specified in the agreement. For example, when we traded for Duane Brown we included Jeremy Lane. He failed the physical, so instead of voiding the entire agreement, we included an additional draft pick.

      • JD

        Thanks. I keep going back to that trade for reference as well.

        I guess my real question is can we trade for an injured player and have the trade go through despite that?

        • BC_Hawk

          As DC mentioned, he needs to pass his physical. His physical is performed by a Seattle Team Doc, so a mending groin that is 60% might be passable. In addition, with the 6 day COVID protocol, that might be taken into account too.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            Quandre Diggs missed the first 2 games after we traded for him last year. Hamstring injury, if I remember right, soft tissue issue. The docs were fine enough with it to complete the deal. Guessing if we do trade for Takk that the docs wouldnt stand in the way of the deal.

    • Bankhawk

      I fully grok the ‘make the whole line look better’ proposition, but I want to throw this out there for comment as well: apart from a synergistic step forward due to the addition of Dunlap’s physical skills, do you see possible benefits that might rub off on some of our younger D-Line personnel due to a’ vet-mentoring’ effect?
      Which players might be best positioned to receive such a boost from his presence/example due to similar skill sets and/or scheme niche?

      • Robert

        Hopefully lj Collier, robinson, and Taylor.

      • cha

        I’d say the biggest benefit will be Mayowa returning to his proper level of snaps. He’s already in 6 games passed the number of snaps he logged in 15 last year.

        • BobbyK

          His proper level of snaps is about 15 total per game.


  71. Sea Mode

    Send him to train in Snacks’ Weight Loss Program…?

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Cowboys released DT Dontari Poe yesterday, but it doesn’t sound like anything is imminent for him signing anywhere else. He never felt right after last year’s injury and will use the next month or so to work himself back into football shape. A possible late-season add.

    • cha

      He played in every game and averaged 52.5 snaps per game. I would hope it wouldn’t be a weight issue but an injury rehab issue.

      And if that’s the case, I’d question Dallas medical staff’s competence.

      Sounds more like he just has nothing left in the tank.

      • BC_Hawk

        I’d have to agree Cha. The lack of interest in a proven Vet and Dallas’s willingness to cut him with guaranteed $$ in evidence of this. If it is truly just a conditioning thing (52% of snaps says no), should see him pop up on a PS in no time.

      • Volume12

        Stating the obvious but they wouldn’t have released him had they been winning or had a winning record. They have receivers and not much else. Time to blow it up.

      • Sea Mode

        “When you’re 30 pounds overweight and you’re not doing anything about what’s keeping you from performing well on the field, there is no reason to get into the other stuff,” [Jerry] Jones told ESPN.

        The “other stuff” was specific to a question as to whether Poe’s being the only Cowboys player to take a knee for the cause of social justice during the national anthem factored in to his release Wednesday.

        • cha

          Ah yes, and JJ is well known for his calm, rational explanations.

          I’m not trainer or nutritionist but a guy playing 52 snaps per game for 6 games, and you’re upset with his weight? Either

          a) your weight goals for him are unrealistic
          b) he’s eating so many cheeseburgers and milkshakes the team itself is negligent, or
          c) you’re just looking for a way to say you blew it on your evaluation of him before you signed him and he’s not the player you thought.

          • Sea Mode

            You sure ain’t gonna see me dying on the Jerrah hill, I was just passing on the quote that prompted me to mention Snacks in the first place.

  72. pdway

    you see that pft story that the Hawks did due diligence on AB and decided not to pursue?

    Think it’s just cover – or actually what happened?

    • cha

      This whole thing is ugly.

      This reeks of “yeah the pretty girl who said no when I asked her out? I’m relieved – I didn’t want to take her out anyway.”

      • Rowdy

        I think its a case of russ really wanted him and the hawks wanted to make him happy. But would only pay league minimum and wouldn’t budge.

        • Rob Staton

          I suspect it’s exactly how Jay Glazer spelled out on Sunday.

          Seahawks wanted him, his intention was always to sign with Tampa Bay.

          Seattle allowed themselves to be connected to a player they had little chance of signing, dragged up a whole heap of negativity and then were left empty handed.

          My only surprise is how willing those people were who kicked off about Brown’s potential signing were so willing to give the Seahawks a pass when they missed out.

          • Pran

            Sounds another Clowney episode….
            oh boy…Pete’s positivity has gone too far and being taken advantage of.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s embarrassing.

      Whoever fed that to Florio at the Seahawks should be ashamed. Own your interest in him.

      And I hope Florio was promised a scoop in return for such blatant PR.

      • BobbyK

        Maybe he wants a job at and wants to show them how loyal of a servant he can be? That’s my only guess. lol

    • Volume12

      They probably did want him. He chose Tom Brady over RW. Dont think there’s anything more to it than that.

  73. off.grid.iron

    Do you think Carlos Dunlap will have to take a pay cut if Pete switches him from defensive end to the 17th man in the tight if the rotation? In half a mi

    • BobbyK

      He’s strictly a TE for the Seahawks. We have Sully now. He counts as 2 DE/EDGE rushers!

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        Let’s have our TEs cover their TEs!

        A rotation of Olsen/Dissly/Sully on Kittle. And when they’re not locking Kittle down they can help our anemic pass rush.

  74. Frank

    So many things will have to condense, but agreed the AB thing was embarrassing, to the Hawks, journalists, fans, and players. I’d have far rather stayed quite far away from that mess or just quietly signed him and taken the PR hits for something in return. Maybe PC is so player friendly, and has such a good reputation for caring about players that it was personally worth it to take a PR got to help AB get on the field, the type of good faith move that gets him on a team, but makes the Hawks an attractive location in the future. I’m not a fan of the idea of AB on the team, but like with Clowney it seems like something the Hawks keep a friendly relationship with over a period of years waiting for the right situation to present itself, so I’d suspect a door for the future is just being secured.

    The trade for Carlos Dunbar was a master stroke, and with the Bengals no less. I know there’s a good bit of frustration with the offseason choices, and failure to properly address the pass rush. I totally agree and have been frustrated for years that the Hawks have been unwilling to pay the going market value, to not have this be the new Achilles heal, It seems there is a belief, that a defensive line can be put together on a shoe string budget and still preform and so far the results don’t look promising.
    Dunbar is a good player, and will appreciate the Hawks after Cincinnati. Sitting pat on a big free agent end didn’t matter much in the first five games as far as w/l, so I can understand them waiting for their market until trade line, but having serious questions about if it’s enough. I can’t wait to see Snacks, Dunbar, Adams all on the field at once, but still question if it’s enough to be average. The idea that defense line can be put together from scraps to save money needs serious review, each individual step the Hawks make are savvy and efficient, but it’s the underlying belief that needs challenged much like the offensive lines where for years before Brown. Side note, I don’t know what Poe has left in the tank, but he was a physical freak at the combine. I haven’t seen him look like that guy in awhile though. I’d rather add Williams and finish pulling the meet off the Jets and help their tank job 😂.

  75. Happy Hawk

    The more I see the more I think Tak McKinley could be in play for the Seahawks:
    * The falcons failed to pick up his 5 year option
    * He is a former 1st round pick out of UCLA
    * Young – only 24 years old
    * Put on the injury list and ruled out with a dubious injury
    * Six feet Two and 265lbs – ideal size
    * Makes only $1.8 million this year
    * Combine Measurables: 34.7 Arms, 4.5 40, 33 Verticle, 122Broad, 4.3 20 yard shuttle, 7.4 3 cone
    * The falcons fired their coach and are 1-6 and going nowhere
    * 18 sacks since 2017
    What kind of compensation would it take to get the deal done?

    • Rob4q

      I think there was a report that said they were asking for a high-ish draft pick and that was unreasonable, which is odd. Plus he has a groin injury that is lingering which is keeping teams away…and he has had other injuries in his short career.

      • Sea Mode

        Idk, wasn’t it his draft night that gave me vibes he might be… let’s leave it at “an interesting personality”.

    • BobbyK

      Would be ironic to get him because the Seahawks are the reason he’s a Falcon in the first place. Hawks traded that pick to the Falcons 4 years ago (we picked up a late-3).

      • Hoggs41

        I would do it for our 5th rounder and that is it. The problem is that leaves us with only three selections for next year. They also need to try and find a way to trade Hollister.

        • Robert

          Hollister for Mckinley?

  76. Scot04

    I think 6th would be about fair value. Key is his hamstring issue.

  77. Big Mike

    Wow. Pretty much the definition of irony

  78. Big Mike

    Response to BobbyK post above

  79. Scot04

    I just hope the Seahawks can get another deal done by this Saturday so they can hopefully have their additions ready for Buffalo. Was nice to see Norton say what we’ve been saying all along about the Pass Rush. Only so much he could do with the D-line he was given.

    • BobbyK

      Exactly. A Pete led team will never (thankfully) criticize players the way a hothead like Jim Mora would (blame the kicker!). He’ll stick up for them and that’s an admirable trait. Now, don’t forget that Pete can’t get too mad even if he wanted to because he’s a main reason the DL sucks so bad due to their roster construction. I’ve read some “fire Norton” stuff and have never felt it was fair. How are you supposed to do anything defensively when you have the worst set of edge pass rushers in the NFL? And the CB depth is pretty terrible, too. It’s like getting mad at Norton for not serving chicken salad when nobody gave him any access to chicken. Just a dumb cop out by the “fire him” people.

      • TomLPDX

        I just hope KNJ isn’t the scapegoat at the end of the season. And you just had to dredge up that Mora name…

      • Gohawks5151

        The only true time I’ve seen Pete mad is when Barton hit him in the nose with the football.

    • Rob Staton

      I just had a nap and dreamt Rapoport tweeted the Seahawks were leading the race to acquire an unnamed top pass rusher.

      Was gutted when I woke up and realised it wasn’t real.

      • Elmer

        Maybe it is real. Maybe you have super powers. 😁

  80. BobbyK

    I wonder if there is a situation where we could send Collier to Football Team for both Ryan’s (who are each in the final year of their contracts). Football Team could think they’d be adding another (former) first round pick to their DL who is under contract for two more years and we could actually get serious and immediate help now and actually have good edge rushers. Don’t see it happening cap wise but you never know.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’d be lucky to get a 7th for Collier.

      He’s shown absolutely nothing.

      • BobbyK

        Agreed. Pipe-dreaming.

        • Rob Staton

          The 2019 draft is quite the case study.

          You trade away your only pass rusher because you think it’s a good DL class and you’ve got a chance to save some money.

          You then sit back and watch all your targets come off the board, trade down and watch other possible targets go off the board, panic and take Collier, look thoroughly miserable in the press conference and end up swapping one of the most explosive DL players in the league for a jag.

          And in the same draft class you take DK Metcalf.

          It’s one of the all time worst draft strategies I think you will ever see with their high picks, off the back of the Clark trade. The problems on the DL today 100% stem from the way they arsed that up.

          Yet the move up for Metcalf was one of their best moves in 10 years.

          • Rob4q

            So now that we’ve had a little time to see that 2019 draft and how those players look in the NFL, who are the stars? Does it look like that DL class was really that good? I would say Bosa for sure, maybe Q. Williams if he wasn’t on the Jets, Josh Allen & Sweat have been okay but not great…anyone else? The rest look like a lot of average players and and some busts.

            So the true stars of that draft look to be K. Murray, Bosa, DK Metcalf and T. Mclaurin. Anyone else jump out at you? Minshew has been a starting quality QB in the NFL, which is saying something for where he was drafted.

            In hindsight, maybe they should have just paid Clark and lived with the draft picks they had…

            • Rob Staton

              There are many more playing well than just those.

              Devin White looks the business. AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel and Josh Jacobs are studs. Hockenson would be better anywhere other than Detroit. Christian Wilkins, Brian Burns, Jeffery Simmons all playing well. Johnathan Abram has a lot of talent. Cody Ford, Mecole Hardman, Cody Barton.

              Loads of top players.

              • Rob4q

                Ah, you know I totally forgot about that Cody Barton guy…LOL!

                Yeah, Debo Samuel has been good and so has AJ Brown for sure…so the WR class appears to have been pretty strong. I did see Simmons play a little and he did look good.

          • Henry Taylor

            It’s a case study in showing that sometimes doing the obvious thing, taking the big physical freak that everyone’s excited about, is better than reaching a round and a half for “your guy”.

            • Rob4q

              You mean not outsmarting yourself?!?

            • Rob Staton

              Yes x10000

          • Elmer

            Now we trade Moore and Dorsett to the DC’s for McLauron. Stop worrying about 3rd WR.

    • JC3

      I rather they keep Collier and have him do nothing because they might somehow trade up into the 1st round next year and take another 5 tech….

  81. MyChestisBeastMode

    My brother lives in Houston TX. He’s hearing a lot of local buzz that JJ Watt is ready to go to a contender. And it sounds like most local fans my bro knows agree they’d be surprised if he stays with the flailing franchise.

    I’m not saying it’s likely, but I am saying it’s not impossible that he goes somewhere. If a 2nd rounder is enough then maybe, just maybe the Hawks can pull off a miracle.

    • BOHICA

      I’d gladly give up our 2nd RD pick and anything later than it if it meant we would get JJ Watt in exchange. There isnt anyone even remotely close to having the same impact in this draft that we would get from JJ Watt. Dunlap plus Watt would be a step in the right direction. ;l

    • Rob Staton

      I would LOVE them to bring in JJ Watt.

      I just don’t see how it is feasible.

      There’s no reason for them to do it unless it’s for a good pick. And how are Seattle paying him this year unless Houston essentially buy a draft pick and pay his salary?

  82. TomLPDX

    This was a good video from Florio/Simms about Dunlap.

  83. Happy Hawk

    I would be all in on JJ Watt. The right skill set, the right attitude, the right leader, and he can still take over a game and require off coordinators to game plan him. Giving up our only remaining draft pick of value would hurt but the time to go for the title is now! Dunlap, Watt, Reed, Snacks coupled with Adams coming back would make a huge difference. We have a history of trading with the Texans as well.

    • Robert

      I am all for getting Watt. But to give up our 2nd rounder would be huge. Is there any way we could try to trade Hollister and maybe a wide reciever for Watt? This is when it would be nice to have Bill O’brian at the texans coach.

      • Rob Staton

        Hollister and a receiver for a legend???

        • cha

          Fine. We’ll throw in Cody Barton but we’ll need them to kick in some cash.

          • AlaskaHawk

            A lot of cash LOL.

        • McZ

          Outside of Metcalf, I can see no deal.

          • Rob Staton

            They will want picks.

            Nothing in R1 or R2 next year. They’ll surely only consider moving him to change that.

            Best hope IMO is to swap a R2 for a R3 and give up something else reasonable. Maybe a 2022 high pick.

            I might write about this today.

    • BobbyK

      I don’t see where the Seahawks can afford him (financially or draft pick compensation).

      If I’m Houston – I don’t want to get rid of good players for the sake of it. After all, if there’s ever a year a team like that should want to win… it’s now. How utterly embarrassing would it be NOT to have your first and second round picks in a draft where you don’t actually own them.

      • dcd2

        Yep. He makes about $1.2M per game. If we got him next week, we would owe about $10M for a 9 game rental as well as the pick.

        I was wrong in that we did actually do something with Dunlap, but right about only being willing to part with a 7th round pick or player we weren’t using. This remains a chincy, patchwork approach to addressing a priority.

        I still can’t see us trading our #2, nor being wiling to restructure contracts around enough to afford a player like Watt. Anyone else we add will likely be a cheap addition of someone else’s unwanted player.

        • Scot04

          In the case of a Watt trade; could we extend him for a few years to lower the cap hit?

          • BobbyK

            As much as I love Watt… he has been the picture of being injury prone these past years. If we’re going to go all-out for a guy we can’t really afford – what will fans say if we acquire an injury prone player and he gets hurt and it’s back to full-time LJ Collier again? They would deserve unrelentless criticism. It’s not like it’s getting a guy like Ryan Kerrigan (although he missed 4 games last year – he’s basically been a guy who plays 16 games every year).

    • pdway

      I wouldn’t give up the farm for Watt. Obviously, he’s much higher ceiling, but he’s the same age as Dunlap (31) – and here are his game played totals for the four years preceding this one: 3, 5, 16, 8.

      Awesome player, but a big health risk at this point.

      • Ukhawk

        Defo a health risk but said he was healthier coming into this 2020 than any other season since 2015.

        The definition of pissed off for greatnesses.

        Whilst a risk, he is the one player who could have a Reggie White effect.

        What the financial impact and could he fit in out cap ? Full salary 15m is deadcap to the Texans, next year on 17m

        • Ukhawk

          Would be such a PSJS move

  84. McZ

    Btw, Rob… what are you making of that new Edge makeup at Michigan, Kwity Paye and Aidan Hutchinson?

    • Rob Staton

      Obviously only seen one game this year so far but I like Paye’s upside and will study Hutchinson more.

  85. Sea Mode

    Breer has some interesting tidbits. Says Hollister has drummed up quite a bit of interest around the league:

    • Teams out of the race aren’t the only ones that could have assets for sale. Over the last week or so, word around the league was that Seattle was trying to create cap space to add a pass rusher, and TE Jacob Hollister was available. Now that B.J. Finney was traded and Carlos Dunlap has been acquired, the Seahawks have pulled back on that. But Hollister drummed up so much interest across the league that I don’t think it’s impossible someone will put something in front of the Seahawks they have to consider.

    Also, FWIW, he says Watt is supposedly off-limits:

    • We told you last week that the Texans were waiting to see how the game against the Packers went to chart their path. Well, Houston lost that game 35–20 and, it seems, is now open for business. The Texans have told other teams that four players are off limits: QB Deshaun Watson, DE J.J. Watt and OTs Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard. They’ll listen on anyone else (though they’d probably be less likely to move guys they just signed extensions with). They’ll get calls on their receivers, and could move Stills, Fuller or Brandin Cooks.

    • TomLPDX

      The interesting thing here is the WRs…I can see GB going in for one of those guys, each a quality WR. I’ve been blocking the JJ Watt talk because I don’t want to get excited about something that won’t happen…but could you imagine having JJ on our team!!! Wowsers!

      If Hollister is a could trading piece we should take advantage of it. He isn’t a bad TE and could add actual value to a team that needs a good TE.

      • Hoggs41

        We need to trade Hollister to recoup some draft stock.

  86. Sea Mode

    I’m finally gettin’ my supew staws…

    Gregg Bell

    Russell Wilson on #Seahawks trading for pass rusher Carlos Dunlap: “That was huge.”

  87. Sea Mode

    Also, interesting insight via Breer on Sanu. Wonder if he’s worth a tryout/PS stash?

  88. Jordan E

    New reports coming out that Hawks were trying to get Aldon Smith… Its not over!

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