Broncos LOSE! Instant reaction live stream


  1. Ashish

    Draft order

    Sea at #5 thank you Russ Lets Rideee

    • Trevor

      Raiders and Broncos have the same record and LV beat them twice so shouldn’t the Hawks be picking 4th?

      • Ben P

        Head-to-Head isn’t part of the calculations for draft order.

        • Silly Billy

          What is the tiebreaker, then?

          • Josh

            SOS is the tiebreaker. The team with the easiest schedule wins the tiebreaker.

          • Hawkcrazy

            I thought head to head is the tiebreaker generally if they are the only teams that have that record (or if three teams that team has lost all games to all 3 teams). When miultiple teams all have for example 3-14 records then sos is the tiebreaker.

  2. Spectator

    Houston is almost assuredly going to get 1st overall, but second could be up for grabs with how bad Broncos look. Idk how likely, but still possible.

  3. seaspunj


    LETS RIDE keep that top 5 draft hope alive

    • Hoggs41

      We might need this thing to be a top 4 though if we want one of Anderson or Carter.

  4. Robert Las Vegas

    You know the one guy Denver should have covered was D Adams just saying.why in regulation time with the ball with less than 2 minutes in the game 3 down and 10 would you pass the ball and oh yeah the raiders had no timeouts. Denver tremendous failure this is glorious

  5. Glor

    Shocking to see the broncos fall apart like this

  6. Denver Hawker

    What an absolute gift of a season this has been as a Seahawks fan!

    Hawks are a playoff contender and rookies look fantastic along with Pro bowler Geno. Broncos hooking us up with top flight R1/R2 picks to boot.

    I thought we’d be there arching mostly growing pains this year and it feels like we’ve nearly won the Super Bowl

    • Jordan

      Couldn’t ask for more from this Seahawks season. New young core emerging, playing hard, winning more than losing, good vibes, and somehow a couple years ahead of schedule from what they could have hoped for at QB. Getting high picks from the Broncos is absolute icing on the cake.

  7. KSB

    Me too Denver Hawker.

    Going into the start of the season. I can thought the Hawks would be picking around 5 or 6 and the pick from the Bronco’s would be somewhere in the 20’s.

    Never expected that Geno would be having a season like this. Same goes with Russ. If I would of heard anyone tell me that the Bronco fans would be booing Russ and he’d be struggling like this. I wouldn’t have believed them.

    Just heard earlier today that the Hawks have a 75% chance of making the playoffs. I feel lot’s optimism that they may a playoff team and with some great draft capital going into next year.

  8. Palatypus

    I’m certain that I am in an extreme minority opinion here when I say that I don’t think that they should fire Nathaniel Hackett.

    According to CBS Sports, this is a list of coaches that were fired in their first year as head coach. The first one was fired after one year twice in a row.

    1994: Pete Carroll, Jets (6-10)
    1997: Joe Bugel, Raiders (4-12)
    1999: Ray Rhodes, Packers (8-8)
    2000: Al Groh, Jets (9-7)
    2001: Marty Schottenheimer, Washington (8-8)
    2006: Art Shell, Raiders (2-14)
    2007: Cam Cameron, Dolphins (1-15)
    2007: Bobby Petrino, Falcons (3-10)
    2009: Jim Mora, Seahawks (5-11)
    2011: Hue Jackson, Raiders (8-8)
    2012: Mike Mularkey, Jaguars (2-14)
    2013: Rob Chudzinski, Browns (4-12)
    2015: Jim Tomsula, 49ers (5-11)
    2016: Chip Kelly, 49ers (2-14)
    2018: Steve Wilks, Cardinals (3-13)
    2021: Urban Meyer, Jaguars (2-11)

    But do you really think Nathaniel Hackett is as bad as these guys? And a lot of these franchises have historically had weak ownership groups and poor executive management. This list also has “hot” college coaches on it that had no business being in the NFL. Some of them were just too damn old and way past their prime. Can you really fault a guy for being fired by the Browns? Bill Belichick got fired by the Browns!

    How many of you have watched Kurt Warner’s breakdown of Russell Wilson on his YouTube channel? It appears that a lot of the problems are correctable. Shouldn’t Hackett at least get a chance to do an autopsy this season? George Friedman, in his books for Stratfor, has described becoming POTUS as “taking over in the middle of a chess game somebody else was playing.”

    The view from the big chair is a lot different.

    • Romeo A57

      I don’t necessarily disagree with giving a first time coach enough time to figure things out. NH has improved since the week 1 debacle. The X Factor is that Broncos fans and media already have the pitchforks out. Do the Brocos want to risk too much fan apathy or potential ticket sales to bring him back in 2023?

      • Palatypus

        Here is that rebuttal.

      • Big Mike

        The other X factor is that the new ownership group weren’t in place when Hackett was hired. It’s the Wal-Mart people and money is no object to winning. If they choose to fire him, eating his contract is small potatoes.

        • Elmer

          In retrospect maybe it was stupid to make a big trade for a QB when you are hiring a new head coach (a rookie) and when team ownership is changing.

      • Peter

        Hackett actually doesn’t get it.

        He doesn’t think the raiders is a rivalry.

        He keeps playing Gordon because Gordon pouts.

        After his week one debacle he’s benefitted from Russ’ weirdness taking the blame. Because Hackett actually sucks all around as a head coach.

    • Dregur

      Didn’t Bobby Petrino leave in the middle of the season?

  9. Forrest

    Big game for the Broncos next week going to Carolina, where the Panthers’ defense has looked good. After that it’s:

    @ BAL – Loss
    vs. KC – Loss
    Vs. AZ – I’d take AZ
    @ Rams – okay, I like DEN in that one, but’s it is on the road
    @KC – Loss
    Vs. Chargers – Loss (as Chargers will like be playing a meaningful game)

    Lose to Carolina next week and things could really get ugly.

  10. Edmonton Hawk
    This kid has been the most impressive debut in 40 years in the cfl. His decision making sets him apart. Somebody will get a steal.

    • Palatypus

      Nice find.

  11. Mick

    Russ made the wrong choice of a team. I can understand him wanting out, but he should have picked a settled team, a strong O-line and a bit more of a winning culture. They have tough luck on injuries too and you can’t control that, but he should have known better. I think it was too much wanting to be the next successful QB in Denver after Manning. Having said, he isn’t as bad as the Broncos fans claim he is, and he will improve next year with a better coach, more time spent with the WRs, some of the injured players coming back and some smart additions. But I don’t see him winning a SuperBowl.

    • Peter

      It’s a fairly perfect storm for our team though.

      Potentially getting to the playoffs and a top 5 pick. Pretty great.

      I don’t know he picked wrong. It’s just a series of flukes. He himself sucked early on. Now the oline is hot garbage. One of the rbs is a liability. Tge actual good RB has been out the whole season. Who on earth is he throwing to? I’ve never heard any of those names besides Sutton.

      It’s honestly the inverse of Seattle. Seattle is a fun as heck team to watch. Knock wood, Seattle hasn’t had an injury to any important player that wasn’t at replacement level this year. New names have emerged. It’s exciting.

      Fans and media in mile high….your entire offense sucks. Every single player not just the qb. All of them. Most wouldn’t start on another team and a good chunk would be on a practice squad.

      • Ralphy

        It’s funny how every O line for Russ looks bad. Ive explained this 100’s of times to friends but lineman cannot block when they dont know where the QB is. They form a pocket for a reason. Its been enjoyable to see every Geno highlight with him standing in a pocket. Watch the QB move out of it and suddenly the lineman look terrible because the spot they are protecting no longer has a QB in it.

        • Peter

          Sure that’s a huge problem.

          But cross and absolutely lucas are the two best olinemen in a decade. That helps.

          Russ has always caused a ton of his own problems. Still is. Geno let’s get right though is making the oline play better and also isn’t playing behind the hunts of the world.

  12. Julian L

    Enjoyable stream. Another benefit of receiving a high pick from Denver, is it allows the Seahawks more leaverage with negotiationg Geno Smith’s new contract. The NFL will set his final price, in other words, what any other team might be able to offer. However, Seattle can be in a position to see Geno test the market, without them blowing the market up with an extrodinary offer in the first place, if they feel they have the fall back position to take a QB in the draft, if necessary?

    I see the Seahawks finish at 9-8. Wins against the Raiders, Panthers and once against the Rams. I think the Jets will upset the Seahawks at Lumen. Despite yesterday’s bore fest, they’re having a good season.

    • Tatupu51

      Jets have a very good defense, but their offense is imploding. They had 2 net yards of offsense at the second half againts the Patriots. And Zach Wilson told the media he did not feel responsible for the Jets loss.

      • Julian L

        I 100% agree with the logic. I just think this will be one of those illogical defeats that Seattle throw up every now and again.

    • Big Mike

      Probably interesting but behind a paywall and I can assure you myself, I wouldn’t give Eastcoastbiased Sports Programming Network a penny of my money beyond what they receive from my cable subscription.

      • Mick

        Funny it’s not behind a paywall in Europe. Their top 10 is: Will Anderson, Jalen Carter, Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Myles Murphy, Bijan Robinson, Bryan Breese, Paris Johnson, Michael Mayer, Peter Skoronski. Will Levis is rated QB2/3, Jordan Addison before Quentin Johnston, John Michael Schmitz is the #1 C, Tyree Wilson #2 at DE, Mazi Smith DT4/5, Skinner isn’t on everyone’s top 5 at S.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      Can somebody summerize? Thanks.

    • Ukhawk

      No paywall in UK

      Interesting how each commentator differs so much on top 5 positional rankings.

      I see a few of the SDB gens popping up – ahead on the game, Rob!

      Though slightly insane, Kiper’s rankings seem sensible and include some of the less talked about names

  13. clbradley17

    What is this? He must have hung out with JA “the Peacock” too much and it rubbed off on him. The rest of the team is stretching while he slowly spins with his arms out in a “bask in my greatness” pose, and a photographer (his own?) documents it all. While having his worst season, this is the epitome of out of touch self-delusion and narcissism.

    • Cysco

      I’m no RW apologist, but I believe he is praying. There’s a lot to bag on RW about, but his deep religious beliefs are not one of them IMO.

      That said, to my untrained eye, it sure does seem like he is struggling mentally with his change of scenery. So many odd stories coming out of Denver. Or maybe he’s the same and we just didn’t hear about it in Seattle? If that’s the case, all the props in the world to PC/JS for getting what they got for him.

    • Tatupu51

      He is praying and that video is from week 1, look at the Seahawks logo at his feet. At the time he was 0-0.

      • Peter

        Great catch.

        And just shows how gullible/ willfully ignorant/ or leaning into their own biases in regards to social media.

        Russ sucks. Hackett sucks. Kenny Hamler throwing his helmet one week in frustration but somehow not being able to compete sucks. It all sucks.

        But this comical breakdown of all things “out of touch,” with russ is the funniest most pathetic part of it all.

        This absolutely pointless inaccurate tweet….chefs kiss for perfectly illustrating how easy it is to manipulate people for a reaction nowadays.

        • Big Mike

          VERY well said my friend. There are however, numerous politicians on both sides of the aisle that don’t like your post.

          • Peter

            Big Mike,

            Nuemrous = almost all

            • clbradley17

              Hackett proved he sucks week 1 when he decided to trust a kicker to make a 64 yd. FG instead of go for it on 4th down when they were driving. Russ has proved he sucks at least this year as he is one of the worst (28th) QBs in the NFL in both QBR and TDs with only 7, and the 1st time his % is under 60. Might be from having to learn a new system, injuries, coaching, or all of the above, but he’s having a terrible year.

              Several Broncos fans I know were ecstatic to get him a few months ago, now say “take him back, we don’t want him”. And he was known to be out of touch by many Seahawks players, who’ve said so on TV, radio, podcasts and in books or mag. articles over the last decade. He’s not one of the guys like Geno.

              Pete even said recently there was “resistance” to the wristband before. Even Tom Brady wears one because it helps the team get the plays in quicker. Only someone who thinks they’re better or smarter than doing something that helps the team would refuse to use one.

              TL mentioned that Geno doesn’t just think about himself after a recent game, alluding to RW. Even if this is game 1 and he’s praying, it shows RW away and once again distancing himself from his new teammates. His priority is his brand, legacy, endorsements, basically himself, and he’s said so in interviews.

  14. L80

    I was wondering how Mafi of UCLA rates as a guard. I watched that game vs. USC and he was mauling dudes all over the place.

  15. Cysco

    Hey Rob, Like you guys mentioned on the stream, I think there’s a good chance the front office believes the QB of the future is already on the roster.

    I never really paid attention to Lock during the 2019 draft season. Would be interesting to hear your analysis of his Sr. Year and where you think he would stack up if he were entering the draft this year.

    • GoHawks5151

      Haven’t had a chance to listen to the stream yet so if this was covered already my apologies but I’m not so sure about this. Despite everyone else’s expectations I think Seattle is right where they thought it would be draft pick wise and unless they predicted the fall of Denver and Russ I’m not sure they thought they would have a pick as high as it currently is. Will they be tempted they to take a QB if one they like is available at 5? Schneider is a dude that knows the value of a young QB and I think he’ll take one if he has a chance

  16. Tatupu51

    Rob, congratulations on the England win, absolutely trashed Iran! After Benzema’s injury I believe England has the best collection of attacking talent in this World Cup, tied with Brazil.

    But the defense makes no sense to me, why is Kyle Walker and Arnold riding the bench? Hope Maguire’s injury is nothing serious, but he should not be starting, IMO. He is prone to errors in the worst time.

    Bellingham is awesome.

    • Rob Staton

      Walker isn’t fit yet, he probably won’t be back until the knockout rounds

    • Peter

      Love the world cup and no disrespect to any UK hawkers…..but,

      Congrats on trashing Iran?

      That’s like ringing up your local power company on a clear windless day to congratulate them for continuing to supply electricity to your house.

      I’m taking the piss here but was there a doubt that England wasn’t going to roll Iran.

      • Rob Staton

        Iran are ranked #20 in the world

        Notoriously hard to break down

        • Elmer

          Do you expect Wales to crush the USA side?

          • Rob Staton


      • UkAlex6674

        Against a team like Iran in the 1st game of the tournament a 1-0 win for us would’ve been considered a success.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          And yet FIFA has the USA ranked higher than Iran. I’ve never understood how the US is considered top 20-30 so often.

    • DriveByPoster

      I’m happy for an excelllent England win but, just to lower the tone of the place with some politics for a moment, the Iranian players & fans didn’t deserve that result. Given the way that their government treats dissenters, their protest at the start of the game was pretty damn brave. I feel for them.

    • Henry Taylor

      As Rob said walker is still hurt and I don’t think you can trust TAA to start (especially on a back line with multiple other error prone players). Trippier has also been having a fantastic season for Newcastle.

      • Sneekes

        Totally agree, strange how Trippier is now one of the first names on the team sheet, but it’s justified in my view.

  17. PJ in Seattle

    It just keeps getting better. I find it hard to believe that the Broncos still cannot figure out how to stop wasting that defense, and yet, week after week, they do. Unless something clicks on that offense soon with Jeudy’s return from injury, a top 5 pick is virtually assured with that schedule.

    We are reaching the sweetness at the bottom of the pie.

    • Peter

      It’s not hard to believe. Russ sucked very early on. And when he approaches average (read: not good just standard) there is absolutely nothing in the cupboards for that team to hang their hat on.

      It’s good for us. Hopefully we can get a game changing level player or two in the draft from them.

      • Palatypus

        I’ve seen a lot of balls sail right through the hands of Bronco receivers this year. Tyler Lockette drops ONE and it’s a crisis around here.

        • Peter

          Some guys named Hinton, saubert, whom no one has ever heard of and two runningbacks as the receiving corps would like you to focus on the high knees to distract from the lack of anything resembling weapons, Palatypus….

  18. Big Mike

    I just now listened to the livestream from last night and at the end you guys touched on the (totally shitty) Adams situation. I have a question for anyone here, especially Rob and cha……….

    Is there any chance he could be traded for even a bag of footballs and if so, how much of his salary do you think we could get the other team to pay (or if you prefer conversely, how much of his salary would Seattle have to agree to pay)? And are those kind of deals allowed in the NFL or am I living in MLB/NBA land thinking this is possible?

    • Palatypus

      I guess you could trade him for Trey Lance.

    • cha

      You can trade for players on IR. That was a rule change in 2018 but few teams have taken advantage of it.

      The problem isn’t the salary Big Mike. It’s the bonus money they’ve already paid. They need to accrue $21.3m and it’s on their books.

      The only gain they have to stand in salary is the $2.56m Adams is guaranteed for 2023.

      • Big Mike

        Crap, thanks man.
        Just cut him please Pete.

        • Tatupu51

          Why would they cut Adams? If you don’t save anything against the cap.

          If he can play and contribute next year, great! If not, it’s sunk cost by now, in 24 we get hid of him.

          • Peter

            The principle of having a player on massive money doing nothing while guys like neal are Ballin’..

            If he can contribute next year?

            Seattle needs a ring of honor just for the guys who will contribute “next year.”

            Adams can raise the flag. While procise, Thurmond, penny, and many others look on.

            Jokes aside what is going to contribute……he’s been paid a monstrous sum of money for to play in around half the games and average a pitiful 3 ish sacks a year.

          • cha

            They can gain a lot of money by cutting Adams.

            I was specifically answering Big Mike’s question about do they gain anything on salary by trading him. There isn’t much to be gained there.

            But cutting him has a very real benefit.

  19. Volume12

    Let’s ride!!

  20. Blitzy the Clown

    Let’s imbibe!


    Adam Schefter

    Broncos announced they have waived RB Melvin Gordon III.
    10:21 AM · Nov 21, 2022


    Adam Schefter

    Broncos’ RB Chase Edmonds suffered a high-ankle sprain Sunday and now is expected to miss “a few weeks”, per source.

    So no Edmonds in a backfield that has parted ways with Melvin Gordon, too.
    10:32 AM · Nov 21, 2022

    • Big Mike

      Go Panthers!

  21. cha

    Good grief the US kits are hideous.

    • cha

      Disregard. I was looking at their warmup uni’s. Game wear much cleaner.

  22. Volume12

    Anyone watched Florida St S Jammie Robinson? Dude has that dog in him. Just all over the field. Good looking player.

  23. Matt

    I find myself feeling bad for RW. I don’t say this in a joking manner; he seems to be breaking down mentally. There are way too many Hawk fans who have a weird, visceral disdain for the guy. I always found him to be a decent guy that never really fit in. He does himself no favors by putting on an act, all the time. But, that doesn’t make him a bad guy (bad teammate – sure).

    But all that said, I see a guy who is really not well and I just can’t celebrate that (not saying anybody here is).

    I hope he gets turned around and the Broncos keep losing. After this season, when the Denver draft position doesn’t matter – I hope we all just move on from the RW stuff.

    • ska

      I also hope Russ turns it around (selfishly…next year). Seems like he’s always been a bit broken, but many incredibly successful people are. I wonder if the death of his mental coach/mentor/best friend Trevor has impacted him more than people realize. It seems like he hasn’t had a typical RW game since. Obviously, it’s physical injury too, missing his first 4 games of his professional career. Athletes are only human and the amount of pressure they put on themselves combined with the viciousness of sports social media has to be hard to deal with.

      Would love a top 10 pick this year and to beat the Broncos in the SB next year!

  24. Ukhawk

    Rob. Great podcast. You mention regretting being locked into the Adams contract…bad but imagine how Denver feels?!

  25. Bmseattle

    How did Denver manage to beat the 49ers?
    And that Jags game was another that should have been a loss for the Broncos.
    We could so easily be looking at the #2 pick right now.

    Though, Denver has lost a couple they easily could gave won…so perhaos is “evens out”.

    • Peter

      You called it. It’s evened out. Nine one score games.

      Hard to believe they beat the niners.

      Same as it’s hard to fathom how Seattle didn’t beat the saints and falcons.

    • Spectator

      Well, IIRC, it was the Lance led 9ers, not the Jimmy G 9ers. Honestly, they could have probably lost to the Texans too in their other win. Idk if the close games bodes well for them or the opposite. Gotta remember, this isnt new for Russ. Going on 3 years now of these types of games.

  26. Blitzy the Clown

    Thanks for the CFB scouting report Rob. I really appreciate those.

    Levis and Richardson…

    They’re going to be the first and second pick in the next draft.

    For me, Richardson’s upside is almost unreal. I think he’s farther along as a pro QB prospect than Josh Allen was, which is a testament to his phenomenal growth over the course of this year. I can’t recall a player who’s improved so much in one season. What used to be flashes of brilliance are now standard performances for him. He might be the most naturally gifted passer since Luck. That’s quite a statement, I realize. But I see what I see.

    Levis isn’t much different talent-wise. It’s just that he plays with such a poor supporting cast (excepting Rodriguez) and he’s so competitive (a bit more on that in a minute) that he’s prone to making mistakes trying to carry his team. How many passes did his WRs drop vs Georgia? I lost count and I’m not even joking. And that Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde OL — how poorly can an OL pass block, while still managing to be respectable in the run game?

    After you pointed out Levis’ elite athleticism, I can’t not see it now. Especially considering how battered he’s been this year. His gutsy performance vs the number one team in the nation was truly inspiring. It’s funny you mention how he’s compared unfavorably with PAC12 QBs like Nix and Penix because he doesn’t put up gaudy numbers because I kept thinking to myself watching his game on Saturday was how amazing he would be if he was the Huskies QB, playing behind that OL and throwing to WRs like Odunze, Jackson or Polk.

    About USC at UCLA…

    Sad loss for this Bruins fan but what a ride. DTR lacks the size and athleticism of a franchise QB, but even if he doesn’t start, whichever team he’s on will benefit from his competitiveness. Like Levis, he’s so focused on winning that he’ll make mistakes trying to carry his team to victory. Now, to be sure, he has a much better supporting cast than Levis, so he hasn’t been forced into those mistakes like Levis has, but it’s the same reason. As opposed to someone like Stroud, who despite a similar level of talent to Levis, makes baffling, unforced errors. And at random times, for seemingly no apparent reason. Put a player like Levis (and to a lesser extent DTR) on a roster where he doesn’t have to carry the team by himself and those mistakes disappear. Stroud already has the benefit of that scenario and he still makes mistakes.

    Anyway, back to DTR. His pro value is probably less as a starter and more as a backup who can not only step in and hold down the fort, but also provide a spark off the bench. An x-factor. And that’s just during games. His real value is in practice, where he gives 100% every day. He’ll push the #1 Qb to be better or be replaced. He’ll push the scout team to really test the defensive starters. He could even play a little Taysom Hill during games.

  27. Big Mike

    I know absolutely zero about soccer so someone tell me if I’m wrong………….watching the USA World Cup game vs. Wales and it appears to my utterly untrained eye that the US have been sitting on their one goal lead hoping for the clock to run out and as a result the game has been at the US end nearly the whole second half.

    • UkAlex6674

      Wales took it to them in the 2nd half and USA took a good while to get to grips. I like seeing USA as a physical team. Really putting it about.

  28. JimQ

    I’ve noticed there hasn’t been very much mention of EDGE-Andre Carter, Army, 6-6+/260+. After his great
    breakout season in 2021 with 17 tackles for loss, 14.5 sacks, he was generally considered a close 2-nd to
    Hutchenson, who was drafted very high. I know Army guys can be a bit of a problem with the – will they let
    him play – situation and that is a negative along with the lower level of competition. His stats are down
    fairly significantly this year, maybe he’s trying to avoid injury and going through the motions? Perhaps his
    combine performance will really be something to keep an eye on.

    IIRC: Didn’t Caleb Campbell, a very BAMF, tall/long EDGE come from Army? If Carter can play even close to Campbell’s game, he may be well worth consideration, I think his combine will be very important for him.
    I’ve watched some of his 2021 tape & he looked pretty good, however, watching his 2022 tape he seems
    more subdued and hesitant. IMO: The trend of many draft eligible players sitting out bowl games may be
    extending into more lackluster regular season play to avoid injuries & keep draft hopes and big $$’s alive?

    • Rob Staton

      I was fairly underwhelmed watching him TBH

  29. TomLPDX

    And now for something completely different…

    This was a fun listen!

    • Tatupu51

      Tha channel is awesome. Peralta is really funny.

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