Some thoughts on Seattle’s current draft standing

After Denver’s latest loss to the Raiders, the Seahawks currently own the #5 pick in the draft along with #21, #36, #55 and #86 (in the first three rounds).

It’s great news, obviously, to have a pick that high (as things stand). With the Broncos still to play the Chiefs twice and facing a trip to Baltimore — it’s looking increasingly certain that at the very least Seattle will get a top-10 pick from Denver.

I have to say though — having #5 could be quite frustrating.

You’d be so close to securing one of the top-two defensive linemen — Jalen Carter and Will Anderson. Although both have had mixed seasons, they’re still head and shoulders above the rest of the D-liners eligible for 2023. After returning from injury, Carter has recently shown a destructive ability from the interior. Anderson’s season has been a disappointment compared to what he did a year ago — but he’d still be worth taking with a high pick.

Assuming the top-two (Houston and Carolina) go quarterback, you’d only need to be one spot further up the board to get a top D-liner. It might be a ‘so near yet so far’ type of situation.

Unless, of course, you’re inclined to take QB3 as the long term future. This should remain a consideration. Yet it’s impossible not to imagine what this team could be if they added quality talent and depth to the defense via the draft.

There could be a wildcard. Bijan Robinson — as we’ve stated a number of times — is likely to be the top-graded player on a lot of boards. He is an obscene talent, arguably better than other recent top-10 running backs (Barkley, McCaffrey etc).

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he goes earlier than people think. Maybe even top-five. I think he’s more likely to be a top-10 lock but we’ll see.

So what could the Seahawks do if they end up with the fifth pick and the top four go QB-QB-Carter-Anderson?

Again, QB3 is an option. I suppose Robinson would have to be too. It’s not a crucial need at all but this is a team that wants to run and Robinson is flirting with the ‘generational talent’ label. I think they’d be better off waiting until day two to add another back but let’s just mentally prepare for the possibility that they grade Bijan far higher than anyone else and opt to take the best player in the class.

What is more likely, I think, would be the Seahawks going for the next best defensive lineman. That would probably be viewed as Tyree Wilson or Myles Murphy.

There are pro’s and con’s with both.

Wilson has fantastic length (+35 inch arms) and size (275lbs) and has had some big games for Texas Tech mixed in with some performances where you’re left wondering what all the fuss is about. There’s enough internet buzz though from respected sources to believe that the league is enamoured with his potential. He just announced he needs ankle surgery and will miss the rest of the college football season (but expects to be ready for the combine).

Murphy is also well sized (275lbs) and if you look at the draft media — you’ll struggle to find any negative thoughts about him. He’s universally loved it seems. Yet on tape, as I’ve said a few times, I think he’s a pussycat against the run. He’s bigger and more athletic than most college linemen and it means he generally gets by on talent. There’s not a lot of aggression in his play. His pad level is generally poor and he doesn’t do a good enough job countering. I wonder at the next level, when his physical talent won’t shine through quite as much, whether he can do what is needed to become a top, top defensive end.

Both players are hardly prolific either. Murphy has 6.5 sacks in 11 games this season and 11 TFL’s. In 2021, he finished with seven sacks and 14 TFL’s. Wilson has seven sacks in 10 games this year (14 TFL’s) and had seven more in 2021 (13.5 TFL’s).

These numbers are no better than Calijah Kancey — a defensive tackle. He also has seven sacks in 2021 and 2022 with 13 and 14 TFL’s in the respective seasons.

When you look at PFF grades for the top D-liners this year, you can see there’s a bit of a drop-off when you get to Murphy and Wilson (who are in the ‘good’ not ‘great category):

Jalen Carter — 91.6
Calijah Kancey — 91.4
K.J. Henry — 85.1
Mike Morris — 83.7
Will Anderson — 83.6
Byron Young — 80.5
Myles Murphy — 78.4
B.J. Ojulari — 78.3
Tyree Wilson — 74.5
Bryan Bresee — 67.3

Both Wilson and Murphy would fit Seattle’s scheme as very athletic defensive ends in their new-look front — with the ability to kick into space and provide a versatile weapon. Yet neither, for me, would elevate the defense to a new level in the way Carter or Anderson potentially would. Taking either would make me want to double down with Kancey with your second or third pick — to create the kind of line that can truly cause havoc.

That said — I wasn’t a big fan of any of the top-10 offensive tackles in the draft this year. I thought Evan Neal and Ikem Ekwonu were guards and I thought Charles Cross was more of a second round-type talent. The Seahawks seemingly liked the trio a lot more than I did. Or, they simply saw the need to address a premium position with such a high pick.

They might feel similarly in 2023. They might think if they’re picking that early, just get a good D-liner. Even if it’s DL3 — just as Cross was OL3.

As it happens, none of the top rookie offensive linemen are grading that well. Ekwonu is the 66th ranked linemen according to PFF with a 66.6 grade. Cross is at #45 with a 65.3. Neal is way down at #77 with a horrible 49.8 grade. Abraham Lucas — who I did think was a first round tackle, is beating all three (#33 with a 68.1 grade).

Cross so far has been decent with room to grow and that’s more or less how I’d expect Wilson and Murphy to be when they enter the league. As such, they might be prepared to try their hand at either — just as they did with Cross.

Therefore if they did end up with #5 overall, they might settle for the best remaining D-liner. And that might be OK. I’m not sure it’ll move the needle in a positive or negative way really. But if you want an impact player, it’s worth rooting hard for whoever plays the Broncos. I do think Anderson at his best or Carter can potentially move the needle.

Despite saying last week I wasn’t getting my hopes up about a top-three or four pick, I’ve now fallen for it. I crave for the Seahawks to dominate the trenches. Both sides. And hope they’re in a position to get the best possible D-liners in this class.

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  1. Thomas

    I like the idea of Carter and Kancey. I think they might take Wilson over either, but maybe not. I really have nothing to base that on other than your comments on scheme fit. It just seems like one of those draft day surprises.

    Here’s a question Rob. Let’s say they get Carter. What would you do if Robinson, Wilson, and Mayer were all available at their second pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, unless Seattle’s season implodes, I wouldn’t expect any of those three to last anywhere close to the 20’s.

  2. Zach

    Would it potentially be palatable to look at a small trade up to 3 or 4 in that situation? I think you’d have to pay a ton to get up to get one of the QBs ahead of Houston or Carolina or whomever, but if you’re talking to Chicago or maybe Houston has two top-4 picks, you might be able to (rightly) convince them that they need more bites at the apple instead of locking in on just one guy, whereas the Seahawks would perhaps be more justified in trying to get that gamewrecker on the DL that they have not been positioned to acquire in the draft in forever.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it would be very expensive to move up, otherwise not sure why CHI or LV would do it

      • Spenny Dunks

        LV might want a QB, and be willing to trade down to get a little value to do so?

        • Rob Staton

          There would be no point unless Seattle made it worth their while

  3. Simo

    Interesting thoughts as always! Although picking at #5 might not be ideal, as you indicated, it’s still quite a bit higher than they have picked in a long time. They would undoubtedly come away with a very good player if they stayed at 5.

    What’s the possibility of trading out of #5 with another QB needy team? This draft has four first round QB’s, depending on how teams value each player.

    Also, I know RB isn’t a huge need with the way Walker has been playing, but if Robison truly is a generational talent, better than Saquon or CMC, maybe they just make that pick. They have enough stock to fill key needs with their remaining picks, and perhaps find that DL disruptor in free agency.

    Great job as always!

    • Peter

      No doubt Rob’s right on Robinson.

      Hardest of passes for me on a Runningback there.

      If I had to think the last time a generational runningback was actually a generational runningback it might be Adrian Peterson.

      Walker could still comfortably get to nearly 1000 yards and 11 tds without being the starter. There are so many good runningbacks in this draft I’d love for them to get.

      Thunder/lightning thing with Rodgriguez.

      McIntosh gives you the ability to rotate both Runningbacks without tipping your hand. Heck put both on the field and get creative.

      Charbonnet. Plus runningback skills like pass pro. Gets to speed quickly. So far very durable.

  4. Snelly

    There’s so much football left it’s hard to get a good feel for who will be above us. Also, with 3-4 top QB prospects available, there’s a decent chance of teams looking to trade up and secure one of those top QBs. May be wishful thinking but the Raiders/Bears (in addition to us) could both be targets to move down and swap with a QB hungry team.

    Great write up as always Rob. I’ve become more and more convinced of Jalen Carter being an absolute game-breaker and exactly what we need as a defense. Here’s hoping the chips fall in our favor.

  5. Tien

    Hi Rob,

    I don’t watch college ball so depend on this blog for knowledge when draft day comes. I’ll take your word for it that Robison is better than even Saquon (and I think he’s an amazing RB when healthy) and if so, I would not be unhappy if the Hawks pick him with their first pick, even with Walker already on the team. My preference is that they pick the third best DL with this pick but Robison wouldn’t be terrible.

    I’m hopeful but still skeptical that the Broncos will lose enough games for us to get a top 5 or higher pick. That Broncos defense is really good and it might be too much to expect the Broncos offense to continue sucking like it has been…though they did cut Gordon earlier today for fumbling again on Sunday.

    Even if we end up with the #5 pick, there’s always a chance that Houston or Carolina prefer Stroud or Young over Levis and Anderson…crossing my fingers!

  6. Hoggs41

    I just dont see Wilson or Murphy fitting our scheme at 275. They moved on from Dunlap as his 280 didnt fit the new 3-4. If they can either get to 290 or maybe down to 265 then maybe. I wouldnt rule them trying to trade down to a team wanting a QB ( assuming we dont) or even possibly trading the pick for a player along with maybe a day 2 pick. No one really comes to mind other than maybe one of the Commanders Liners or maybe Burns.

    • Rob Staton

      Both Wilson and Murphy are capable of playing EDGE or DE

  7. Silly Billy

    it’s worth noting that DET, IND, ATL, WAS, TB are all teams picking in the teens that are future QB needy.

    If we end up in this Seahawk “no mans land” where we are sitting at 5 and there is a QB3 available… I see a “blockbuster” trade viable.

    • Ralphy

      I agree. If the Hawks are sitting on QB3 in a draft that people think is QB loaded, we could get a huge return on a trade down with those teams. Miami moved down 9 spots in the 49ers trade and acquired two more first round picks and a third. If the Hawks do that, they have multiple first round picks in four consecutive drafts. That would be amazing, especially for all of us SDB readers!

      • Rob Staton

        Won’t be amazing though if you trade out of the best players in the class in 2023

  8. Hoggs41

    Lets say we do finish 5 and Washington finishes 17. Maybe we trade picks and they give us Daron Payne? Maybe Jonathan Allen? Who says no if they want Levis or Richardson. They arent going to want to pay all those DLiners.

    • Rob Staton

      Payne is a free agent

      They can’t afford to lose both either

      • Hoggs41

        Of course not. They can also resign him or franchise tag him.

        • Rob Staton

          Seattle can’t afford to acquire the $17-18m hit for one player on the tag.

          And moving down as much as 10 spots just to get Da’Ron Payne seems like a bit of a crap deal.

          • DW

            Da’Ron Payne on a massive deal at that

  9. TomLPDX

    As I read this I was thinking about the moves they made last year getting Cross and Abe…basically building up a potential wall for the coming years. I think Cross long-term will be an excellent LT while Abe has already proven he is a BAMF!

    Why not do the same thing on the DLine? Especially if we think Geno/Drew are coming back next year. Get two high pick guys that can anchor the DLine for years to come?

    I haven’t given up on Drew Lock at all and watched him play and learn during the preseason. He is learning ball control and ball protection…I still see a bright future there.

  10. Sea Mode

    Hey, Rob, could you link to your horizontal board in the nav menu at the top of the website? Could maybe take the place of “scouting reports”?

    Once it disappears from the last 5 articles linked on the right side of the page, it becomes a bit of a hassle to go back and find…

    Anyways, just a suggestion if you like and have time.

    • TomLPDX

      Great idea! Link to the latest bigboard! Seamode, you’re a genius!

    • Rob Staton

      I just tried it but sadly it didn’t work

      I wish I could change the site design as intended for years!

  11. Sea Mode

    Man, that sliding challenge on Bale was so unnecessary too. He was at the top of the area with his back to the goal. Just don’t let him turn onto his left foot and you’re fine. No idea why the defender felt the need to leave his feet and slide in so aggressively.

  12. Blitzy the Clown

    Calijah Kancey — a defensive tackle…also has seven sacks in 2021 and 2022 with 13 and 14 TFL’s in the respective seasons.

    Look at that consistency! That’s what you want to see. That’s something you can rely on, to go with the testing.

    Kancey is one of my 3 core prospects I want for Seattle — Kancey at 21, JL Skinner at 55 and Kenny McIntosh at 86.

    At 36 I like a top WR from this class like Mingo or Tillman.

    • Trevor

      #5 Carter
      #21 Kancey
      #36 JL Skinner
      #55 Hyatt
      #86 Macintosh

      • Gaux Hawks

        55: Byron Young

  13. Ukhawk

    Hey, Charles Cross in his last 2 games:

    • 83 pass blocking snaps
    • 0 sacks allowed

    Cross is improving and has 4 sacks on the season… Duane brown had 11 his first year.

    • TomLPDX

      He’s going to be a BAMF before we know it!

      • Peter

        Cross might be solid sooner than we think.


        I’ll believe it when he walter Jones’ guys and takes them on twenty yard walks down the field.

  14. Blitzy the Clown

    Speaking of Murphy and missing on Cross last offseason who came into the pros similarly doughy, I thought during the Munich game that Cross’s arms have toned up considerably. Anyone else see that too?

  15. Ukhawk

    I’d be ecstatic with 5th but won’t count chickens til seasons end.

    You make a great point on taking the 3rd best player in a position of need rather than a top BPA

    Needless to say, if at 5th, you’d not go far wrong with one of Levis, Richardson, Carter or Anderson is there. And if not, trade down.

    Also think we can draft later in rd 1 and even rd2 and get some dogs that fit our scheme who could be just as good … guys you’ve highlighted like Kancey, Smith & Henry.

  16. Mark

    5th overall wouldn’t be that bad, I could see a QB needy team trading with Chicago for the 3rd overall and drafting QB3 (whoever that maybe). Vegas could then potentially go DL or Bijan Robinson since they declined the 5th year option on Josh Jacobs. But it’s all hypotheticals now, the draft is so far away

  17. Gaux Hawks

    Problem Solved…

    TEAM (WINS):

    1) HOU (NA) – Will Levis
    2) LV (NA) – Will Anderson
    3) DEN (LAR) – Anthony Richardson
    4) INDY (HOU)
    5) LAR (LV, SEA)
    5) PITT (INDY, LV)
    5) CAR (DEN, PITT)
    5) CLE (HOU, PITT)
    5) JAX (DET, HOU)
    5) CHI (GB, DET)
    5) DET (CAR)
    5) NO (CAR)
    5) GB (DET)
    5) ARZ (DEN)

  18. Spectator

    Great breakdown, Rob.

    Others have said it, but this scenario could be ideal for the long term. Sitting at 5, if the top 4 are Rich, Levis, Carter, WA, you still have Stroud and Young available, and I think there will be a lot of teams calling for that pick. Even just a small trade down, staying in the top 10, could net a lot of value. Still allows us to take Wilson, or Bijan/Mayer even. Go BPA there and Kancey with our native.

    • Silly Billy

      it’s worth noting that DET, IND, ATL, WAS, TB are all teams picking in the teens that are future QB needy.

  19. Group Captain Mandrake

    Can you imagine the collective aneurysm that Twitter fandom and draft experts would have if Seattle took Bijan Robinson that high? It might be worth it just for that.

    • Big Mike



    • Rokas

      Oh for sure it might be worth it just for that. Last year they missed the opportunity to horrify these people by picking Walker III first in back to back picks, instead of Mafe.

    • Peter

      Fingers crossed they still send them in a tail spin and pick Charbonnet in the second and their phones melt from over heating.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        get the popcorn folks! I’m here for it.

  20. MarkinSeattle

    Count me in among those who love high DL draft picks. Picking one or two good DL would set this team up well to dominate on defense.

    Rob, what is your opinion on Foskey? He just passed a Justin Tuck to become the all time sack leader at Notre Dame. If we selected a DT with that first pick, what do you think of him for that second first rounder? He is 6’5”, 265 with long arms. My understanding is that he tests well. Despite constantly playing through double teams he has 9.5 sacks this year along with 19 solo and 40 total tackles, as well as two blocked points. Last year he had 11 sacks and 6 forced fumbles, to go with 38 solos and 52 total tackles.

    We may also want to look at ND guard Patterson in the later rounds. He played center and some had him pegged as a borderline first rounder a couple of years ago. This year he has been playing guard and after a couple of slow games coming off injury at the start of the year, his play has elevated quite a bit. He would offer positional flexibility on the OL and was originally recruited as a OT.

    • Rob Staton

      I just think we have enough players like Foskey already

  21. Ross

    Rob, As a casual soccer fan who loves world cup soccer, I would love to hear your take on the US v Wales game. Fun, but frustrating game. Excited for the ENG game on Friday. Go USA

    • Rob Staton

      I think Wales showed their character and spirit in the second half. A fair result overall.

  22. Rob Staton

    First mock draft coming tomorrow

    • Ralphy

      I’M SO EXCITED!!!

    • Big Mike

      Early Thanksgiving feast

    • cha

      Give us a sneak peek.

      Who goes #2 after Michael Penix Jr ?

      • Robbie

        LOL I appreciated this comment!

  23. 206

    Man, I think the hawks could really struggle trying to tackle deebo, cmac, and little in 4 weeks. I hope I’m wrong

  24. Romeo A57

    The Cardinals have absolutely given up tonight. I am concerned about them not winning any more games thisbyear and getting ahead of Denver in the Draft Standings. Giving Kliff and Kyler those huge contracts was a huge joke.

  25. AlaskaHawk

    Question for the group. Do you think that with the Seahawks issues stopping the run that any defensive tackle they pick should be over 300 pounds?

    I like Calais Kancy a lot, but wouldn’t he be better as a defensive end in the NFL, because of size? Or would his quickness work in the middle of the line?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I meant Calijah Kancey.

    • Rob Staton

      Would you pass on Aaron Donald for Seattle because he’s not big enough?

    • Peter

      In one of Rob’s myriad scenarios taking Carter and Kancey at some point you’d think they could stop the run.

      Also you can make improvements to stopping the run in several other ways. Better linebacker. Switch out Diggs for someone who stops the bleeding when the RB gets to the second level.

      Have mone active against a q who can’t push the ball down the field when you are playing a cold ass game.

      • AlaskaHawk

        It all makes sense. I was thinking a player like Kancey could also succeed at other positions like defensive end or middle linebacker (wow) – he’s just most effective as a dt.

    • Ashish

      We are rightly excited for the draft but Hawks can do something in free agency for e.g. for run stopping DL is required and not something you like in draft you can always sign one.

      Thank you Cha for sharing the excellent article from JS. I’m sure JS is thinking to get rid of Adams in best possible way, I’m at peace on that topic. We can see both or atleast 1 safety gone saving some on cap.

  26. Palatypus

    Someone on KJR today mentioned that the Lions are in the same boat as us because they own the Rams’ first-round pick and their own because of the Stafford trade. Should we be rooting for the Rams now?

    This is all so strange.

    That said, for all the fans of the franchises that have suffered mightily under the tyranny of the triumvirate of Wilson-Rodgers-Brady I have one word for you: schadenfreude.

    Oh wait, we lost in Munich.

    • Peter

      Tyranny of Brady? They could get in with that division at 8-9.

  27. Forrest

    Looking at the rest of the Seahawks season, we should go on a 3 game winning streak and end up 11-6.

    Vs. Raiders with two weeks to plan – Win
    @Rams without Cupp – Win
    Vs. Panthers – trap game, their defense is good, but – win
    Vs. 49ers – Home game! But, now with McAffrey – Loss
    @ Chiefs – Loss
    Vs. Jets – they’re 6-4 with a good D, but with that QB at home in SEA – win
    Vs. Rams – home game with Rams tanking – Win

    Sadly, if we lose to the 49ers, it probably won’t be enough to win the division. We’d likely be playing at the Bucs or whoever wins the NFC South.

    • Big Mike

      As Rob and Robbie mentioned on the stream, Seattle tends to ,lose one they shouldn’t. I see that being at Rams despite their issues (remember that McVay owns Carroll head to head) or vs. Jets meaning I see 10-7.

      • Big Mike

        And obviously I agree with you that SF and at KC will be Ls.

        • 206

          Currently dreaming of a division win and a home playoff game, what a sight that would be! However, I do fear the versatile 49ers attack.

    • Ashish

      I hope defense had worked on stopping SFO offense, they will just run the ball with Debo, CMC, etc from left right and center. They will do all day along till defense break. If you can make Jimmy throw you have good chance to win. Also how your offense can have long drives and scoring TD.

  28. Julian L

    Mike Morris in that group with a high PFF grade really intrigues me? 6’6 292lbs, he should be fit for the Ohio State game. His performance in this game will tell us alot about his projection.

  29. Julian L

    #5 pick could really work for us in a trade down scenario as Rob talked about in the stream. How far the Seahawks would be prepared to drop and for what compensation is an interesting discussion point?

    Considering the current Tankathon board, dropping to #14 to bring Indy into QB range would give us great capital this year and next to continue on the upward rebuild?

    If we’re not taking a QB this year in the draft, it wouldn’t be bad insurance to have an extra 1st in the draft next year, in case there was a big drop off in Geno’s play next year, for reasons discussed, that other teams scheme against his strengths better and he can’t adapt so well? Then the QB discussion can be had again in 2024?

    Interestingly #14 this next draft would bring players such as Quentin Johnson and Mazi Smith into value range?

  30. Doug

    Great blog and thoughts, how about this idea, Package the two 1st round picks we have (between 5-10 from Denver plus a low 20s with ours) to one of the first 3 picks in a swap. We get a top 3 pick and Carolina-Chicago-Houston get two 1st rounders. Good idea or not?

    • Peter

      In this scenario maybe only Chicago bites because they need to bolster their roster.

      Houston and Carolina need a qb with their respective picks. Not sure if Levis, Richardson, Stroud, and Young are sitting there in mostly that order either team would take an extra pick in the 20’s to pick the third rated qb.

      • Elmer

        Carolina has Mayfield and Darnold (bfd) so maybe they want Richardson and let him develop.

        • Peter

          Richardson should probably develop.

          But Carolina and Houston can’t really afford to sit him vs. Their qbs

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Who are you move up to pick? Carter? Anderson?

      Unless you’re able to trade to #2, you’re going to miss out on one of Levis or Richardson.

      And I wouldn’t trade up to the top of a draft for any player other than a QB.

  31. Roy Batty

    If no clear favorite, go BPA.

    • Mick

      Agreed, if the best option is to take #1 safety or #1 WR, go for it.

      • Roy Batty

        I just love the idea of acquiring young, cheap, hungry talent at all position groups.

  32. Tatupu51

    Twitter has today a weird discussion where some americans are claiming if Aaron Donald or athletes of that caliber played soccer, USA would dominate the World Cup.

    For sure if soccer was America first sport, USMNT would do better at the WC, but Aaron Donald is a really bad example… Donald would be dead if he had to run an average of 9km per game, during 2 halfs of 45 min without stopping.

    • 206

      Aaron donald in rugby would be insane

    • DW

      My first thoughts would be someone like Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle kind of build.

      Although in my current “Welcome to Wrexham” binge, if I have learned anything it might be that every team needs a “donkey” to do the dirty work like Ollie. So maybe a big guy like Brian Burns gets a few header goals in there.

      • Tatupu51

        Hill and Waddle have the burst and agility that would help them to be a soccer player, but without ball talent, they would be ineffective.

        There’s a soccer player named Adama Traoré, he is built like a NFL running back and he’s just an average attacker in soccer. He can outrun and outmuscle defenders, but can’t score.

        • Peter

          I mean it’s a whole cultural thing. Young, tall, and athletic? Dreams of the NBA. Live in the south, Texas, CA, heck parts of Washington and there’s a huge network to support American Football.

          I worked with a non profit to bring soccer/football to kids everywhere and it’s easier said than done.

          Where I live in rural Oregon has a big old operation for football where they do quite well. They put up a strong baseball team. With all that entails. They don’t even offer a soccer team and if for some reason you wanted to play your parents would have to shuttle the kid(s) to the next mid sized city.

          You’d have to change the barrier to entry for kids here. Soccer is as cheap as it gets after basketball. But the camps, fields (pitches,) etc, aren’t readily available in places where high school and then college football reigns Supreme.

          The great Richard Sherman from Compton and Marshawn from Oakland….you think there’s a lot of open fields for soccer in Compton or Oakland? Not really. But wealthy Berkeley? Sure is.

        • j

          You can say the same thing about american football.

          Players develop ball talent from playing the sport from a young age. If Hill or Waddle played soccer from peewee age instead of football their skillsets would be different.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I bet Aaron Donald would also beat Federer and Nadal at tennis

      And take gold in gymnastics

      Bloody Americans 🙂

      • Peter


        This is that old saw about how Georgia could beat the Texans.

    • cha

      Remember when “LeBron James can be a star tight end for the Cowboys” was a thing?

      • Roy Batty

        Frosty Westering once told me that basketball is a contact sport. Football is a collision sport.

        • Big Mike

          I played hoops for many years including NAIA college ball and I can tell you, Frosty was right.

    • Roy Batty

      Twitter also has Bigfoot sightings and flat-Earthers.

    • Spectator

      To be fair, its not like Donald would be training to be in football shape for Futbol. He would train to be able to run like that. I wouldnt be concerned about shape, almost any athlete can get into the shape needed to do that. The thing would be ball skills and just soccer IQ. I tend to agree though, that if our best athletes were focused on playing futbol their whole life, we would be dominate. But that goes for any sport really.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s football not futbol

        Because it’s played with a ball using your feet 😂⚽️

        • Peter

          Except when God intervenes……

          • Rob Staton


        • Spectator

          Im Hispanic and just always call it futbol lol

  33. cha


  34. Sea Mode

    It was supposed to be a write off, build up season for us… But I really don’t like the feeling of being 2nd in the division behind the 9ers…

    • Peter

      It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve not seen one thing that shows me the niners are better than the hawks.

      • Henry Taylor

        Well there was that game where they kicked are arse…

        • Peter

          And yet their records are the same.

          • Roy Batty

            The niners are now at full health and have CMC.

            They just put their offensive prowess on display and it can be lethal.

            • Peter

              So is Seattle’s when firing.

              Cmc. I dunno. I get he’s always the talk of the town. Pass, run, catch tds. His all purpose yards vs. Walkers since joining the niners aren’t very different. Nor are the tds except one passing.

              If he’s healthy the rest of the year I’ll buy it.

              • IHeartTacoma

                Garoppolo and McCaffrey are injuries waiting to happen.
                To me it’s the Niner defense that will beat Seattle. They have drafted really well on defense over the years. I’m kinda jealous.

                • Peter

                  This I agree with. We’re still a draft a way from consistently being dominate on defense and they are there already.

      • Mick

        If we win against the 9ers I will be really enthusiastic about what we can achieve this season. Right now I’m just carefully enjoying the success. It could turn around very easily on us.

    • Jabroni-DC

      It’s fitting that the 9ers-Hawks rivalry is back ON

  35. clbradley17

    Keep it up Russ!

    UNDISPUTED – “Broncos made a monumental mistake trading for Russell Wilson” | Skip & Shannon

    Broncos part is just the 1st 5 minutes. Shannon points out just after 4 min. that they’re last in points scored, red zone efficiency and a couple other offensive categories. They’ve lost 6 of the last 7 games and are averaging under 15 points a game in that span. And Hackett was brought in thinking they could trade for his buddy AR from GB.

  36. Jabroni-DC

    While attending UW many moons ago a history prof once stated this in reference to the World Cup,

    Germany always beats England at England’s national sport, Soccer.

    England always beats Germany at Germany’s national sport, War.

    • UkAlex6674

      England’s 1966 World Cup WINNING team says hold my cup of tea.

      • Rob Staton

        Hey, we knocked them out of the Euro’s last year!

        • Jabroni-DC

          Times they are a changin’

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        That’s kind of like if the Jets were still trumpeting their win in SB III as a big deal.

  37. UkAlex6674

    It’s not just about the yards. Having him there is someone else to cover – Kittle, Deebo, Aiyuk. The RBs. Makes them better across the board.

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m just daydreaming here but…

    Would it be that crazy if Seattle drafted Bijan Robinson with the Denver pick instead of drafting both a RB and WR later?

    Would it be that crazy if they used Robinson as the WR3 to keep both him and Walker on the field? Regardless of which (or if both) line up in the backfield on any given play?

    After watching the 49ers offensive skill position Cerberus of CMC, Samuel and Kittle rip and tear and gash the Cards defense last night, and Jimmy G playing his part perfectly, would it be that crazy to emulate and hopefully exceed that with Walker and Robinson and DK (or Lockett)?

    I worry about playing that offense in a couple of weeks. I think every playoff contender in the NFC worries about playing that offense.

    • cha

      My fear with drafting Robinson would be a sudden onset of Graham Harvin Syndrome.

      Paying an enormous price to play a player out of position and disrupting the entire offense by force-feeding him off-schedule plays to justify the investment.

      • Ashish

        I liked Blitzy idea but Cha make sense here. Pete is not built to do adjustment Jimmy TE is very good example. D Line or QB will be ideal.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Admittedly, I’d feel better about it if Kyle Shanahan was doing the scheming. But maybe Waldron could work it.

        It also makes more sense if the Denver pick is in the 7-12 range. But even in the no man’s land of 5-6 where you’re missing out on top 2 QBs and top 2 DLs, and there’s scant little else value-wise to go with.

        I’m not advocating for it. Just mulling it over. Especially if the draft falls to Seattle where Robinson is just the overwhelming prospect value for the pick and a trade down isn’t there.

        • Spectator

          Here is a scenario for you, Rams start winning and Lions keep winning. This would have the lions end up with 10 and 15 ish or something like that. They need to draft a QB and are willing to give up their 2 1st. We can get Bijan AND still have 2 other 1st to work with.

          • Peter

            I like but don’t love Robinson for Seattle.

            Another good maybe great runningback when the dline is a nonfactor doesn’t translate to wins.

            • Spectator

              Who outside of the top 2 defenders is going to be a difference maker on the dline tho that cant possibly be grabbed a few spots later? The point of this was that IF we want to get Robinson, I am not even advocating for that, but IF because he is the BPA, it would be a cool scenario if we could trade back and pick Robinson and still have 2 picks for the dline.

              Rob and many others have pointed out Robinson could be the best RB prospect in a while. Thats not just good.

              • Peter

                Much respect and awe in regards to Rob’s work but I’ve been hearing for years about “the best rb prospect,” in a while/generation what have you.

                None of them have materialized. Fournette. Cmc. Saquon. None.

                Because I don’t believe in reaches (see: every draft redo ever) kancey is a future difference maker. A real WR to be number three or even battle for #1 when Lockett falls off.

                Say we get Robinson. Cool. So walker isn’t on the field. What about this team changes?

                It’s why I love/hate the draft. Cross was rated higher than lucas but lucas is currently better. Woolen was a borderline after thought and only Gardner is (maybe) better.

                Because a dline player is “rated,” less a total package than a rb in this example by the order mind you of a few draft spots doesn’t mean it’s a colossal reach to shore up your crumbling dline.

                • Rob Staton

                  Saquon is a fantastic player

                  He’s just had injuries

                  I never said McCaffret was a generational player

                  Fournette didn’t live up to expectations

                  Bit of a manufactured counter

        • Spectator

          OR looking at the new ESPN projected draft order:

          Detroit has 6 and 11 and wants the last remaining QB. We have ourselves another 9ers for Lance scenario. We get 6 and 11

          • Peter

            Why would detroit do that?

            Either Seattle takes the third rated qb and lives with it or passes and no one else til 12 needs a qb unless the raiders are going to cut Carr.

            Unless detroit thinks Indy is going to package future picks.

            • Spectator

              Why do you think I said 9ers for Lance scenario, Peter? Not just cause its the 3rd overall, but it was arguable the 9ers werent really jumping anyone either.

              • Peter

                Detroit doesn’t need to move up is my point.

                If they like a qb if Seattle doesn’t take one no one until their pick is taking one so all they have to worry about is a team in th.e teens getting crazy.

            • Spectator

              Never said this is likely, just a scenario. We are talking draft and scenarios.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It wouldn’t bother me if they had both Walker and Robinson on the field together. If it’s at 3rd wide receiver – that’s great. If it’s two backs that will also put more pressure on the defense. Or they can play them rotationally. The hawks need playmakers!

  39. Rob4q

    Incredibly, I just had this draft on the PN Sim:

    5. Will Anderson Jr., EDGE Alabama
    21. Calijah Kancey, DT Pittsburgh
    37. JL Skinner, S Boise State
    58. Sedrick Van Pran, OC Georgia
    85. Jonathan Mingo, WR Ole Miss
    120. Kenny McIntosh, RB Georgia
    135. Tyler Van Dyke, QB Miami (FL)
    159. Wanya Morris, OT Oklahoma
    185. Jaylon Jones, CB Texas A&M
    202. Noah Taylor, LB North Carolina

    2024 CLE 3rd

    • AlaskaHawk

      That would be sweet. I like the depth of this draft. It’s a real draft scouting dream.

  40. Elmer

    Off topic, sorry. Interesting times at the WorldCup. Saudi Arabia upsets Argentina!

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