Bronson Kaufusi could be Seattle’s first pick

There’s a very good argument for the Seahawks drafting Florida’s Jonathan Bullard. So why aren’t more people talking about Bronson Kaufusi?

Here’s the comparison:

Jonathan Bullard
Height: 6-3
Weight: 285lbs
Arm length: 33 5/8 inches
40-yd: 4.93
10-yd: 1.66
Vertical: 32 inches
Broad: 9-8
Bench: 23
Three cone: 7.31
Short shuttle: 4.56
2015 sacks: 6.5
2015 TFL’s: 17.5

Bronson Kaufusi
Height: 6-6
Weight: 285lbs
Arm length: 34 1/2 inches
40-yd: 4.87
10-yd: 1.69
Vertical: 30 inches
Broad: 9-3
Bench: 25
Three cone: 7.03
Short shuttle: 4.25
2015 sacks: 11
2015 TFL’s: 19.5

Both weigh 285lbs and ran similar times. Kaufusi’s forty is 0.06 seconds quicker and Bullard’s split is 0.03 seconds quicker. So basically the same.

Bullard performed better in the vertical (32 inches vs 30 inches) and broad (9-8 vs 9-3) and they put up similar numbers in the bench press.

However — look at the difference in the agility testing (important if you want either to play DE).

Kaufusi ran an elite 4.25 in the short shuttle compared to Bullard’s 4.56. The average time among defensive linemen at the combine was a 4.55.

In the three cone, again Kaufusi managed an elite time for his size (7.03) while Bullard recorded a 7.31. The average time this year was 7.50 seconds.

Let’s put those numbers into context. Darron Lee is 53lbs lighter than Kaufusi and ran a 4.20 in the short shuttle. That’s 0.05 seconds faster. Lee is considered an exceptional athlete at 232lbs and is expected to go in the top-15.

In the three cone Sterling Shepard ran a 7.00. He is 194lbs and ran a 4.48 in the forty. His three cone is 0.03 seconds faster than Kaufusi’s.

Will Fuller’s three cone is 0.10 seconds faster and he’s the most dynamic speed receiver in the draft — he also weighs 100lbs (!!!) less than Kaufusi.

That athleticism — along with supreme balance for his size — shows up on tape:

J.J. Watt, for what it’s worth, ran a 4.21 short shuttle at 290lbs and a 6.88 three cone. Kaufusi isn’t Watt — but who is? The short shuttle times are similar though.

I’ve seen some comparisons between Kaufusi and Margus Hunt. They ran a similar time in the three cone drill (7.03 vs 7.08) but Hunt’s short shuttle is way off at 4.51 — and he was 8lbs lighter.

We know the Seahawks, like most teams, treasure three key things:

1. Grit
2. Production
3. Freaky athleticism

Here are some select quotes used to describe Kaufusi:

“Plays with the motor expected from a coach’’s son”
Lance Zierlein

“Is a high character prospect who should only get better”
Tony Pauline

“A fighter that doesn’t back down or get discouraged”
Scouts Inc

Here’s how he’s described by his Head Coach at BYU:

In terms of production he finished ninth in the country for sacks in 2015:

Carl Nassib — 16
Emmanuel Ogbah — 13
Shaq Lawson — 13
Myles Garrett — 12
Jatavis Brown — 12
Kevin Dodd — 12
Jonathan Allen — 12
Ejuan Price — 12
Bronson Kaufusi — 11

That’s some nice company, including several first or second round picks and a potential top-five pick in 2017 (Myles Garrett).

Freaky athleticism? How about running a short shuttle and three cone as fast as some of the smaller speed receivers in the draft at 6-6 and 285lbs?

Grit, production, freaky athleticism? Kaufusi ticks every box.

Let’s go back to the comparison with Jonathan Bullard. While they have some similarities like weight and speed they’re also very different players. Bullard isn’t much of a pass rusher at DE but can play with stoutness, solidity and offer something inside at the one or three technique. Kaufusi can be an absolute demon off the edge — but how does he fit inside?

According to PFF, Kaufusi performed very well in that department:

Whether rushing the passer or playing the run as a 3-4 defensive end for BYU, Kaufusi was one of the nation’s most productive players in 2015, ranking sixth among all interior defensive linemen at +47.1. He led the way with a pass-rush productivity of 13.2, while ranking fourth in run-stop percentage at 12.1. He works non-stop, picking up clean-up pressure more than any lineman in the nation and he looks like an interior pass-rush threat at the next level as he continues to learn how to use his long frame more effectively in the running game.

If the Seahawks are looking for a DE-DT hybrid who can line up outside in base and kick inside on third down — this is another tick in the box for Kaufusi.

An anonymous scout recently told

“Don’t sleep on this guy. He’s a little older (25 after serving a LDS mission in New Zealand) but he’s really productive. He’s always around the ball and he’s always making plays. He could go late first.

“He’s big and very athletic. He could play in a 4-3 or a 3-4. He just needs to get stronger and I think he will.

“He has a real good burst off the ball. He looks like a basketball player (which he was his freshman year). He’s a smart kid and that doesn’t hurt either.”

It often gets said that the Seahawks like to surprise people. None of the players we’ve highlighted so far would be a surprise at #26 or after a trade down. Not Bullard, Butler, Dodd, Jones, Ifedi or Spriggs.

Kaufusi would surprise people. And yet when you compare his physical profile to the rest it stands up beautifully. He has unique athletic traits, production and grit.

The full set.

He’s also a pass rusher. The one thing that makes you pause on Vernon Butler is his lack of a pass rushing skill set. Bullard is better in that regard — but he’s not a fierce pass rusher either. Neither is Chris Jones.

If you’re taking a D-liner early, you surely want to see some pass rush?

So what does Seattle’s previous draft history tell us?

Cassius Marsh didn’t have an amazing workout pre-draft in 2014. However, at 6-4 and 252lbs he ran a 4.25 short shuttle (same as Kaufusi) and a 7.08 three cone. Those were his standout numbers.

Marsh was drafted with the eighth pick in round four. Kaufusi matched those numbers with an extra 33lbs on his frame. It might be good for a couple of rounds.

Frank Clark also ran a 7.08 in the three cone at 271lbs but he recorded a blistering 4.05 in the short shuttle. It suggests the Seahawks put a degree of emphasis on the agility tests for edge rushers. Kaufusi ran a faster three cone than Clark with a weight disadvantage of 14lbs.

People will probably hate it if he is Seattle’s first pick. Just keep this article in the back of your mind.

A quick note as well on another player we’ve talked about — Devon Cajuste. Bob McGinn has quoted an anonymous source stating the following:

“That son of a guy is talented talented,” he said. “Now he’s a weird kid but he’s talented. Not a tight end. He’d be a big slot. Excellent athlete.”

“He’s that new breed of receiving tight end,” another scout said. “Put him in the slot. I like him to a point.”

“Boy, this guy likes to sneak up on ’em. He (hit) a couple guys from UCLA and turned ’em thistle end up, I’ll tell you. … He’s one of those gliders and sliders in that you don’t have to be real fast but you time where you pop open in the seam. He’d be that fourth or fifth wide receiver who comes in on third down because he can block and catch in traffic.”

Cajuste ran the fastest three-cone drill (6.49) at the combine (all positions) and ranked fifth among all receivers this decade.

A quick reminder — he’s 234lbs, not 185lbs.

Cajuste’s run blocking, catch/target efficiency and relationship with Doug Baldwin makes it almost too easy to link him to the Seahawks.

If they can acquire an early fourth round pick — pencil him in to Seattle.


  1. chris

    Rob, do you think he will be available if we trade down?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, very possible.

      • H M Abdou

        If both Bullard and Kaufusi are available at 26, trading down is an option. I do prefer Bullard because I think Kaufusi is too lean, not physical enough.

        • C-Dog

          Only thing that bothers me watching Kaufusi is his tendency to play a bit high, but Chris Jones shows that as well. I think Bronson could be coached pretty easily to correct that in time. I’d be totally happy with him being the first pick. Great motor, played all over the BYU line. I think he’s a player Seattle could get creative with.

          • dave crockett

            That’s one of those flaws that can be coached up. Some guys never get past that, but many do. I don’t get too riled up about technical stuff with big dudes. There are a lot of restrictions on college coaching in terms of time limits.

        • Lewis

          You could be looking at those plus Spriggs, Ifedi, Neal, Kelly, and more all on the board. Unless they think that one of them is truly special, it makes perfect sense to move back.

  2. Nathan_12thMan

    This is just another situation where I am totally fine with this pick as long as we attack interior OL in rounds two and three. What I like about Kaufusi going off what you wrote is that he can play inside and outside, and he can play every down if needed. That is awesome.

    I imagine a draft like:

    R1: trade down a few picks with the Browns or Broncos who are likely trying to get a QB (so no threat to us) and acquire a 5th or 4th round pick for it. At 31 or 32 grab Kaufusi.

    Round two and beyond: Connon McGovern, Tyler Ervin, Joe Dahl, Devon Cajuste, etc.


    In regards to Cajuste, I wonder what they mean by weird haha.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve listened to a lot of Cajuste interviews and he’s pretty much just his own guy. He’s not a robot like a lot of teams want. His personality, IMO, SCREAMS Seahawks. He always talks team first, never about himself, smart, articulate, interesting. Quirky. Seahawk.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Oh haha, then that is cool. When by “weird” they mean just not a robot like the giant old white man corperation of the NFL wants then I am totally fine with that.

        I just watched this interview w/him: and I dig his personality. Seems pretty chill, smart, articulate as you said. He is his own guy it seems. BTW do you take what is in that video into account? The interviewer said he ran a 4.40 40 yard dash at his pro-day and he smiled and said yeah he did. Do you consider that unofficial and probably hand timed or what?

        Hopefully we draft him and by rolling with 1 FB (Cottom) instead of two we can carry 7 WR’s in 2016. I’d love to see a corp of Doug, Tyler, Kearse, PRich, Kasen, Kevin, Cajuste. If Jimmy is out for a few games he can be TE2 behind Luke as well. Basically while I want Cajuste and for him to start I still have high hopes for Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams.

        If Cottom works out and makes the team I think his role will be FB, H-back/blocking TE, sometimes a receiving TE/RB and big body RB for short yardage situations. I imagine if the staff was smart they had him working on TE blocking quite a bit in 2015 so this year he can spend quite a bit of time next to Webb at RT helping pass pro on the right side.

        Why does that matter? Well if he is our blocking TE for the most part (I honestly think Rawls speed negates most need for a FB) that frees up our TE’s to receive unless it is a 2-TE set where both block. If Cottom is blocking Luke/Jimmy/Cajuste can run routes.

      • Lewis

        Apparently he plays ukulele.

        • Kenny Sloth

          And piano guitar and trumpet

    • GeoffU

      There’s a reason he gets along with Doug Baldwin. . .

      • monkey

        Exactly! He’d fit in so well with all the other big personalities on this team.

    • Nate

      Couldn’t agree more

  3. chris

    We can never have enough pass rushers. Cliff avril won’t be around forever.

  4. Tom Page

    I really like Kaufusi. I noticed the same elite testing numbers that Rob is highlighting. Seahawks love production and he has it. I love his position versatility, you can from his highlight package he dropped some at BYU, seems like he could play some SAM in base defense.

  5. nichansen01

    I know Rob is skeptical of Pro football focus, however Bronson Kaufusi is highly, HIGHLY rated by their grading system.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      When PFF said Aaron Rodgers was garbage in a 6 TD game….. done with them

      • matt

        Same here Charlie. To say Rodgers 6 td performance garbage, was in fact calling their own grading system garbage.

      • D-OZ

        Obviously a lot of other scout’s and GM’s thought Roger’s was garbage also. Not enough self scouting maybe?

  6. Jon

    I have not said it often, though I may have in a past Kaufusi article but cant remember, but I think he is one to watch in a trade down scenario. One of my favorite possibilities would be to trade back to Cleveland and get 99 or 100. I love how unpredictable, within the realm of positional assumption, the Seahawks are. They always seem to pick “their guy” at the position everyone knows they want.

  7. MJ

    I like Kaufusi, but hate his age. It’s a personal thing, but I really don’t like these older prospects, especially DL/OL type of players. Why? I think in the trenches, age makes a monumental difference.

    This is completely anecdotal, but I was a D1 college athlete who started early as a freshman. The difference in physical maturity from 18 to 22 was monumental. I can’t tell you how much stronger I was, and it simply wasn’t a weight room thing. Now, by the time I got to 24-25; I was at my peak condition (both strength/endurance). If I was able to go back and play a bunch of 18-22 year olds, I would have been physically superior, and that doesn’t even include the maturity/confidence piece that coincides with it.

    This is my big issue with Kaufusi, whom I really like as a player. He’s at a monumental advantage in physical maturity, and now he’s playing against much lesser competition. This is my big holdup with him, especially if you are considering him in R1 or R2. Again, I really like Kaufusi, but I really have major reservations when a physical guy playing a physical position is anywhere from 2-5 years older than his competition (also playing against lesser talent).

    Rob, I think you are totally spot on with him being a sleeper pick, but I’m simply airing my concerns about him, simply due to age. Great work, per usual. You really have dynamite content that allows for different discussions to take place.

    • Nathan_12thMan

      Very interesting. If the Hawks do take him then I will assume until otherwise that their sports science doesn’t full agree with you or they just like him and his potential so much that they don’t care. What you are saying though makes complete sense. A 6’6 beast who has 1-3 years of physical maturity over his competition on the collegiate level…that is a factoid to sit and think about.

      • MJ

        Don’t get me wrong; I do really like him as a player and athlete. But, the age thing really does worry me, especially in the trenches.

        I will say this; Rob lays out a great case for his athleticism, that *should* mitigate the age risk (in my counter). His agility isn’t great because he’s 24/older. That’s an important point to make.

      • Rob Staton

        On the Seahawks — one thing to consider is they drafted Bruce Irvin in round one and he was a 25 year old rookie.

        • MJ

          Absolutely. And again, I’m speaking from my own perspective/concerns, not Seattle.

        • Jarhead

          But Bruce was a total freak of nature. He was like something out of a lab. Kaufusi is athletic- but is he that freak of nature like Irvin, or maybe Jevon Kearse? My question is could we find a way to utilize him other than 3rd down? A 1 down specialist is pricey in the first round

          • Lewis

            They’d never take him that high unless they viewed him as a 3-down player, IMO.

    • dave crockett

      I think you’re correct in principle, but the nuance here is that Kaufusi is an exceptional athlete. It’s one thing to dominate younger guys if you’re only average for your own age. But nothing in Kaufusi’s profile suggests some big athletic correction playing against other pros. Dude is a hoss, regardless of opponent.

      In fact, his athleticism suggests that he should age fairly gracefully. We’re just not gonna see much upside.

      • HI Hawk

        They’re all four year rentals, age is irrelevant. We’d have him during his prime 25-29 and decide then whether or not to re-sign him or take a comp pick (ala Norman and the Panthers).

    • D-OZ

      Did you like Irvin? Chances of keeping him on a second contract are pretty good if he pans out. Hey, I like him better than Irvin!!! He might be Too spendy on a 2nd.:)

    • Naks8

      You are pretty mature physically by your junior/senior year (21/22) so he isn’t at that huge of an advantage as long as the teams he plays isn’t fielding all true freshman and redshirt freshman lineman. Typically it’s harder to play freshman lineman so I don’t think his age is a huge factor. Also, when I played d3 football we had a few “older guys” and i didn’t think it gave them an advantage. If anything I thought that I was less prone to injury as a 22/23 year old versus a 25 year old

    • Darth12er

      It’s a pretty valid point. However 2 of those years were on a Mormon mission. While I’m sure he was able to work out pretty regularly, it’s not the same. Depending on where he went, you get fat, you lose weight, you get soft. He certainly wasn’t able to play tackle football during that time.

      • HawkFan907

        That’s a good point. Less wear and tear on that body. I don’t think he has had any injury issues either. I remember watching a Gonzaga basketball game a few years back when Kelly Olynyk was playing and Kaufusi would not let him anywhere near the paint for rebounds. He definitely was an enforcer on the court.

        • Darth12er

          Boy, it’s a good thing Olynyk didn’t pull Kaufusi’s shoulder out of socket ala Kevin Love.

    • Robert

      So your primary concern is the absence of physical upside a typical 22 year old prospect experiences over the first 3 years of his NFL career. I am sure there is some merit to your concern. I personally was much stronger at 25 and just as fast. But I will counter with Kaufasi’s intangibles. He has a solid spiritual connection, great character and excellent work ethic. I think these factors offset the age factor and his trajectory is pointed sharply up! Of course, time will tell. But my life experiences and observations declare that virtually without exception, character + work ethic trump most other factors.

    • Ukhawk

      Can someone explain this age bias please. What is the downside? What is the upside? Don’t get it.

      I imagine for every downside there is an upside; older players may be more physically developed, more NFL ready, more mature, more motivated (one major contract instead of more). Sure their physical ceiling may be lower but there must be also less risk the guy will develop the wrong way, get fat, slower etc.

      I personally don’t see the negative when we are in a championship window and looking for more immediate production

      I’d take guys like Coleman and Kaufusi in a heartbeat

    • Saxon

      I completely agree. There is a big difference between 18-22 and 25 in terms of what’s called “man-strength.” You put it very well, MJ. I’m also a little dubious of his college productivity for that reason. Additionally, it takes 2-3 years for a D-lineman to acclimate to the NFL game. So, just as Kaufusi is beginning to refine his technique his body may begin it’s physical decline. He’ll also be 29 entering his second contract, which makes resigning him prohibitive. I just don’t see the upside.

      In terms of level of competition, while BYU didn’t play a powder-puff schedule this year, it still doesn’t compare to the SEC. Bullard played against much better athletes in that conference, is three years younger (thus more potential to physcially develop), and was very productive. I would definitely take him over Kaufusi. .

      • Naks8

        Bobby Wagner played for usu, but that didn’t hurt his production as an nfl player. Same with Rawls, David Johnson, Chris Johnson, etc. tons of players don’t play in the sec and still have great careers

  8. Javiosullivan

    I like but first pick at 26 I think is too expensive. Trade back at 40, select Shon Coleman and Kaufusi with 56. I LOVE

    Too many options and few days… madness!!!

    • D-OZ

      Kaufusi Won’t be there at 56. Most Mock’s I have seen he is gone by middle 2nd or right before 56. I also think most GM’s are not sleeping on this guy. You know there radar is tuned in to this guy…

      • D-OZ

        their/ Sheees!!!

  9. GeoffU

    Agree completely on Kaufusi. Ogbah is also one to watch out for. If he checks out mentally, could be a great pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Ogbah’s motor/effort a potential flag.

      • GeoffU

        Ogbah is consistently rated higher on expert draft boards, but I have a feeling Kaufusi will be the better player. I certainly like him better. While athleticism is always nice, athleticism plus bring your lunch pale to work every day equals elite. Your article where you commented about Whitehair owning Ogbah always sticks in my mind. When someone has his number, will he give up or fight through it? I get the feeling Ogbah will give up in big games.

        Kaufusi also has some nice Avril-esque strip sacks.

        • Seahawcrates

          Yes to the strips. Very much a Hawk trait to do more than tackle, go for the ball too. Pete said he wants to “create more turnovers” and each time Kafusi swiped at the ball in the video, a little image of Pete’s head would pop up near my ear and whisper that same quote to me. Mmm…more turnovers.

          • GeoffU

            I was thinking that too. Kaufusi also has two interceptions for his career and consistently bats ball away at the line of scrimmage, which can give interceptions to other players. Turnovers, to Pete, also means getting the defense off the field on third down, which helps a lot when you can rush the passer.

  10. Hawktalker

    Another great article. I’m sure glad I don’t have to pay to read these, because I’m sure I would.

    • CA


  11. James

    Rob, you sneaky fellow… you have posted JJ Watt highlights and somehow digitally placed him in a BYU uniform and made up the ridiculous name of Bronson Kaufusi. If you had just gone with Rod Marinelli or something you might have gotten away with it.

    • Rob Staton

      I love the mental image of Rod Marinelli, at his current age, trying to rush the edge.

  12. HawkFan907

    I’ve loved Kaufusi from the beginning. I honestly think he will be available in a trade back. The highest I’ve seen him is 31 to the Broncos, but besides that he is going off the board in the late 2nd in the others. I say trade back, and let the first three picks we make be Kaufusi, McGovern, Haeg/Dahl and then find potential special team aces/rotation players later on. I’m all for looking for starters early and potential late.

    • HI Hawk

      Two big lessons from 2012 come to mind.

      1. A great 25 year old athlete who is graded in the mid-rounds by everyone might be #1 on Pete and John’s big board.

      2. Does it really matter if Irvin’s the 1st rounder and the franchise (Russ) is the 3rd rounder? Pick good players where you have to and to hell with the rest of the BS about “value”. I was upset with the picks lost in the Lockett trade up last year – I was WAY off, that was a VALUABLE use of 4 picks in my opinion.

  13. Sam Jaffe

    So I’m sitting there this morning thinking about something Pete Carroll once said about how Ted Hendricks is their ideal DE/Edge body type/personality. And then I’m thinking that there hasn’t been anybody like Ted Hendricks since he left the league. Then it occurs to me: Kaufusi looks like Ted Hendricks. Watch his tape and you see the length mixed with the athleticism (along with a little bit of the oddball personality to him). I thought right there “He’s going to be the Seahawks first round draft pick”. Then I open up Rob’s blog and he’s positing the same thing. The age thing might end up being the only reason why he’s available so late. I would only worry about the age if he wasn’t dominating other players in his senior season–which he was.

    One other comment about Cajuste: while watching a Stanford game, the announcers were talking about a conversation he had with them. He said Stanford wasn’t his first choice. But Shaw was the only coach who didn’t want to turn him into a TE. So he went to Stanford. That kind of personal vision about being the player you think you can be, not the player that others want you to be, sounds Seahawky to me. I agree with Rob that both Cajuste and Kaufusi seem destined to be Seahawks next week.

  14. Seahawcrates

    I would be happy with Kafusi or Bullard or Butler or even Henry if the scenario involved a trade back and an earlier 4th. A pair of 2’s, and 3’s, with an early 4th has the Seahawks all over the sweet spot of this draft. Just looking at Rob’s Hot 100 list of fourth rounders that trade would put the Hawks in range of: Cajuste, Justin Simmons, Deiondre Hall, Keivare Russell or an intriguing developmental backup quarterback: Dak Prescott.

    • Volume12

      I got ND CB Keivarae Russell penciled in, in my mock draft, and Miles Killebrew pencled in as well.

      • Seahawcrates

        I like your thinking. I also believe Hawks are hunting for a new LOB addition and it’s coming from the 4th round if they can advance that selection. Have you seen Hall? I think he would fit well in Shead,s role of Legion back up. A little slow, though.

        • Volume12

          Oh yeah. I get the appeal.

          Not a fan though.

          I think Keivarae can also play FS, but I got an UDFA in my mock for that.

          Marshall’s DJ Hunter.

          • Seahawcrates

            Just looked Hunter up. 4.37 40. 10′ 10″ Broad. Dicey past. 26 year old rookie. Very interesting. Thanks for pointing him out.

            • Volume12

              But, there’s also Marshall S Taj Letman who comps very similar to Steven Terrell.

              And Marshall WR Davante’ Allen who is almost a Kearse clone.

              Point is, their gonna take one of these guys from Marshall.

              They do it every year it seems. Work out a group of players from one partcular ‘overlooked’ team, and select 1 or 2 of them.

              • HI Hawk

                I think Jordan Payton is much more of a Kearse clone. I have Payton pretty much penned in as a late pick/UFA already. Cajuste makes a lot of sense too, but how many receivers could possibly make the roster this year with the top-4 basically set in stone. Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, Richardson.

          • HI Hawk

            Darryl Worley is my favorite late round CB. Artie Burns is my favorite early round CB. William Jackson III is my favorite CB in this draft by a mile (I think he goes top-15).

            • D-OZ

              There ya go!!!

          • Naks8

            Ya I think dj hunter would be a good pick up. He was highlighted on and seemed like a solid deathbacker

          • Del tre

            People should be looking more at Makinton Dorleant he plays opposite to hall and is significantly faster he is an interesting developmental guy like hall doesn’t have the height and length but you can’t teach spped

          • UkHawkDavid

            Looks like Rotoworld are on the same page as you in terms of D.J. Hunter:

            Round 1 (26): C Ryan Kelly, Alabama – The Seahawks can’t go through another season with fringe roster bodies at center. Kelly is clearly the top center in this class and is outstanding at reaching blocks at the line of scrimmage or the second level. Keeping the interior of the pocket clean is vital for a mobile quarterback.

            Round 2 (56): T Germain Ifedi, Texas A&M – Athletic tackles are difficult to find in this class. Jason Spriggs and Joe Thuney are possibilities, along with Anthony Fabiano late. I think Ifedi can get overpowered, and his game against Arkansas in 2014 really stands out in my mind.

            Round 3 (90): CB James Bradberry, Samford – Athleticism, size and length. He passes all of the Seahawks’ thresholds, at least the ones I know of. Bradberry’s tape is impressive and he deserves more attention than he has received in this class. Artie Burns, Daryl Worley, Brandon Williams and Deiondre’ Hall are other possibilities.

            Round 3 (97): DL Hassan Ridgeway, Texas – Ridgeway can play at the line of scrimmage, but some evaluators could see some flashes that lead to optimism for more upfield disruption.

            Round 4 (124): WR Devon Cajuste, Stanford – A big bodied but smooth receiver that the Seahawks lack. Some stated Cajuste should move to tight end. I see him as a receiver.

            Round 5 (171): TE Ryan Malleck, Virginia Tech – One of the better tight end prospects who is not receiving enough attention. I’ve seen Malleck spend time inline and motioned pre-snap as a receiving option.

            Round 6 (215): S D.J. Hunter, Marshall – I’ve been saving Hunter’s name this entire series just for the Seahawks’ draft. If anyone is the heir apparent to Kam Chancellor on the third day, it is Hunter. Athletic and a missile.

            Round 7 (225): RB Jhurell Pressley, New Mexico – Pressley is an athletic powerhouse. Darius Jackson is also possible here, along with Daniel Lasco.

            Round 7 (247): OL Connor Wujciak, Boston College – Yes, Wujciak played defensive line in college, but he might be this year’s project for Tom Cable to convert to offensive line.

      • Darth12er

        I like Killibrew a lot. I’m sure his name has come up from you Vol, or Rob or somebody else, and I apologize. I recently found out about him, and I’m sold. Vol, would he be a backup safety/special teams kind of guy, or maybe a possible deathbacker??

        • Volume12

          All three.

          Could bea backup SS, he’s already a ST standout, and could definetly play some LB.

          • HI Hawk

            I think he’s a good fit in Seattle, where he can do a lot of what he does well. Who knows where he’d end up lining up, but he’s a nice chess piece to have.

          • Darth12er

            Sounds good to me

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I was thinking Kaufusi was a late 2nd round pick, now we are saying 1st round?

    OL is a greater need to me than a DE/DT depth player in 2016/2017. I have liked him for quit awhile, but I like Ifedi better at #26… for reasons previously mentioned.

    • matt


    • Lewis

      Not necessarily, just looking at why he might be a consideration.

    • williambryan

      We all thought Bruce Irvin was a third round pick before the draft so….

      • HI Hawk

        Exactly right. I felt very confident he’d be a Seahawk back in 2012, I even put him #1 in the Fieldgulls mock draft competition – but I was thinking 3rd round. After the shock waned – I realized I was stoked that he was on our team and that certainly worked out well in the end. I think Kafusi is a lot more than depth, he’s going to be a 3rd down beast inside and can spell Bennett for now and replace Bennett in a year or two.

  16. Greg Haugsven

    I keep thinking of a guy who is projected to follow 40-50 that they would take and possibly it could be him does he does tick boxes. I must say for me that his age (25) is a serious downer for me but everything else is good.

  17. GeoffU

    Tackles for loss can be a better predictor of success for players entering the NFL. Off NCAA’s website here’s the top 10: (first number is TFL, second is TFL/game)

    1. Antonio Longino, 22.5, 1.7
    -. Devonte’ Fields, 22.5, 1.7
    3. Shaq Lawson, 25.5, 1.7
    4. Anthony Walker, 20.5, 1.6
    5. Kevin Dodd, 23.5, 1.6
    6. Tyler Roberts, 17.0, 1.5
    7. Charles Harris, 18.5, 1.5
    8. Bronson Kaufusi, 20, 1.5 <————
    -. Salamo Fiso, 20.0, 1.5
    -. Jatavis Brown, 20.0, 1.5

    Ogbah is tied at 25th with Travis Freeney. 17.5, 1.3
    Bullard is 32

    Full list:

  18. JT

    Nice article about an cool prospect. Kaufusi has a great combination of strong tape and plus athleticism.

    I think NFL scouts & decision makers may put more weight into a prospect’s age than the casual fans do. I know the Hawks haven’t shied away from some older prospects…

    If he was 22 years old he’d be a first rounder guaranteed. Chances are he goes in round 2 but who knows. Only 5 days to go!

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Mock Draft 4794

    Round 1 (1) GERMAIN IFEDI, OT/OG
    Round 4 (1) TRAVIS FEENEY, LB
    Round 5 (1) DEVON CAJUSTE, WR
    Round 6 (1) JAMES BRADBERRY, CB


    I’ve been thinking Kaufusi in the 2nd round, but now Rob has me nervous he might be gone 🙁

    • Volume12

      Watch out EDGE Josh Shirley. I think he’s gonna surprise us.

      • smitty1547

        I am a big Josh Shirley fan as well.

      • Steele

        Been waiting for Josh Shirley to be something. For years.

      • bigDhawk

        Can’t wait for the play-by-play call when he tackles Todd Gurley for a loss.

  20. sdcoug

    Kaufusi is Tyler Lockett.

    Now let me explain. For those that remember, The thought of drafting lockett was highly and hotly debated here pre-draft. I was a big fan, but it went beyond the measurables and high production at KSU. For whatever reason, I caught a bunch of KSU games on tv that year…and Lockett just had that grit, that baller mentality about him. Total heart and production, even with a suspect qb and an opposing defense that new exactly where the ball was going when ksu needed a play. And they couldn’t stop him. I think maybe some of those against the idea of drafting him saw the measurables (height, weight) and a few game clips, but didn’t actually watch KSU games to understand his presence.

    Now about Kaufusi. Again, for whatever reason I watched multiple BYU games this past year. One player, specifically his physicality and motor, kept flashing over and over. Several times I watched some random D-lineman chase down plays on the opposite sideline. He never stopped, so I looked up who it was online. Bronson Kaufusi. Total grit, presence.

    Now add in his measurables and high production, coupled with an expressed desire to add an inside/out option upfront, a potential scenario to trade back, acquire him and an extra pick, and quality O-lineman available in the 2nd/3rd?? I can totally envision the hawks making this move.

    • Steele

      Kaufusi is Tyler Lockett?


      The Hawks badly and clearly needed a special teams ace, above all else. They like smurf WRs. He fit a mold. He ticked a lot of boxes and they overpaid.

      Kaufusi does not fit a specific need or role. Not to say they can’t fall in love with a guy who doesn’t, but it is a different kind of case.

      • icb12


        Third Round is overpaying for a guy who was in the rookie of the year conversation??

        You don’t have an optimistic, positive bone in your body do you. Someday, I swear someday, I will get on here and see a positive comment from you.

        Cheer up Steele. It’s only football.

        • John_s

          He means overpaid by trading 4 picks to move up in the 3rd to draft Lockett not that he’s overpaid being drafted in the 3rd.

      • nichansen01

        They overpaid by spending a third round pick on a player that had eight touchdowns and made the probowl his rookie year?

        • bigDhawk

          All-pro kick returner too.

      • HI Hawk

        I thought they overpaid big time, then the games started. The picks they gave up were lottery tickets, we may never know what they were worth – but the real value of Lockett is well worth the price of some cheap lottery tickets.

        • amocat

          I found it pretty funny how annoyed folks were in Seattle over the number of picks it took to get Lockett. I kept hearing “he’s just a return guy!” Clearly no one had seen him play in college. The next time they draft an undersized guy in the third, maybe we should just trust them.

      • sdcoug

        You clearly chose not to comprehend the nature of my comparison. Grit. Presence. Heart.

      • Robert

        If you take off the dark lenses, you’ll see more clearly. The poster explained their comparison of the 2 players. In your reply, you begin with NO and then continue on. This makes zero sense. How can you think to contest a story from a guy who says 2 players are similar in that he coincidentally watched many games of both players and they both displayed grit and consistent, positive impact on the outcome of games? That is not an arguable point! You could have just posted your opinion without arguing the unarguable! Maybe next time?

    • monkey

      Great comparison, and agreed completely.
      I too would be just fine with taking Kaufusi first overall, provided we trade back first.
      I love the idea of trading back and adding a couple extra picks in such a deep draft, and with people already talking about the Broncos and Browns looking to trade into the back end of round one,, it just makes too much sense.

      • 503Hawk

        Steele you’re going cra cra again. How can you not be happy with Lockett.
        When they traded all of those picks for him I reminded myself that PCJS know more than I do. I think they have proven that time and time again.

  21. Volume12

    I’m gonna get killed for this, but Kaufusi is a much better player than Oregon DL DeForest Buckner.

    Don’t think Buckner can play, doesn’t impact anything or any game, and where does he win? Being tall?

    Kaufusi’s hand speed is ‘ridic.’

    Age not a concern, because if you get 4-6 good years out’ve a prospect, it’s a win.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m not sure why teams knock a guy down for being 25…. if you can play.. you might get 2 contracts anyhow. I can also see why a team might over draft a guy who is 20 or 21…. like one elite prospect this year….

      Being 25 might play into Seattle’s hands, he could slip to bottom of 2nd.. HE COULD MAKE IT TO #56!

    • Darnell

      Yep, age doesn’t bother me either.

      If this was 2010/2011 it would matter.

      But right now, for the most part, it is almost ideal to have has many guys as possible with their physical prime coinciding with RW’s.

      • Seahawcrates

        If a draftee isn’t going to be part of the core all the better to get him at his best when you are paying him the least.

        • Darnell

          Absolutely something to be said for getting a player’s physical prime on his entry level contract.

          I’m sure the Baltimor Ravens don’t regret drafting Ed Reed when he was 24. Though it does make Earl Thomas, drafted at age 20, and being a 3X all-pro and Super Bowl champ by the age of 24 look unreal.

          • HI Hawk

            It matters in Madden when you can re-sign everyone. But in the NFL, where you have to let high quality starters (Irvin, Okung) walk while they’re still in their prime, it’s pretty irrelevant for all but your franchise QB.

    • nichansen01

      Age is less about how long a prospect can play and more about how an older prospect is likely stronger and more refined as a player than their competition, inflating their production.

      • Naks8

        If this was true then byu would dominate college football every year because they have tons of players that go on missions and are older. most of the time teams only play a few true freshman , and the majority of times teams are playing 20-22 year olds. Physically they are not that different than a 24/25 year old so I don’t think the advantage is as big as you think. If we are talking a 24/25 year old nfl player than that’s different because they have a mental aspect where they are more mature. They have adjusted to game speed accordingly and football is their full time job so they can train and lift weights all day. That isn’t the same for a 25 year old college student who still goes to class, is on scholarship and has to juggle athletics and academics

        • Bill Bobaggins


          If BYU had a bunch of 24/25 year old potential first rounders, then your post might be accurate. Age isn’t everything. Conversely, if they had a bunch of 24/25 year old undrafted players (which is usually the case), they won’t match up and dominate the team of 20-22 year olds who are all potential high draft picks (like Alabama).

          Match up a developed 24/25 year old pass rusher against a less developed and less experienced 20 year old LT and the pass rusher probably wins that battle.

    • Cameron

      I have never understood the Buckner hype. The only tape I watched of him was when Oregon played Michigan St. Buckner was so thoroughly controlled by Conklin that entire game. Seriously he did nothing.

      Scouts must see some serious potential. Obviously he has the requisite physique and athleticism.

      • Beanhawk

        I think you had better watch more Buckner tape then. He will never be a first-class pass rusher, but he is going to be a ten-year starter at 3-4 end. Think Aaron and Justin Smith types: strong, heavy hands, etc. He was double-teamed all-game long throughout the year. You also have to remember that Oregon, stupidly in my opinion, asked their defensive linemen to hold up blockers last year and just provide push in order to free up linebackers. He’ll be the type of player that will not be flashy, but you’ll run away from.

        Is that worth a top-ten pick? I suppose that’s debatable, but I don’t think a team will regret drafting Buckner.

    • HawkScott


      Are you kidding??? Buckner was double and triple-teamed most of the year… and was the one dominant player on an otherwise AWFUL defense.

      That kid is gonna be a beast.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Balducci, French, Walker?

        • Beanhawk

          As Oregon fan, I can tell you that Balducci is solid, if unspectacular, and French and Walker are massively overrated based on their physical profiles.

      • Volume12

        No, I’m not kidding. Don’t like the guy. Don’t think he can play

        Could care less what PFF has to say about him.

        • Beanhawk

          Wow… I am normally with you Volume, but I majorly disagree here. Will he be an all-pro? I would doubt it based on his lack of sack production, but he will be a longtime starter in this league health permitting.

          • Volume12

            That’s alright. We can agree to disagree.

            I shouldn’t say ‘I don’t think he can play.’ Just a not a 1st round talent to me.

            • Beanhawk

              That’s what makes this blog great! And you might be right. As much as I like Buckner, I don’t think he is all that high upside. Just a solid player.

  22. Turnagaintide

    I remember how shock and disappointed I was when they took Irvin in the first round. I really liked him as a player but everyone had talked him in the second or third (not the first) so it felt like Irvin reach initially. So now, I could definitely see them pulling the trigger on “their guy” with Kafusi. I think he is a fantastic player and very deserving of the #26th pick.

  23. coachmattson

    Just so he’s not just another Cassius Marsh! We haven’t gotten as much in games from him as I thought we would.

    So, it looks like DL in first, McGovern in 2nd and my big question is who is better in the third – Dahl or Haeg? I’ve heard both touted and want to know who to root for! 🙂

    Go Hawks!

  24. dave crockett

    I had been wondering why Kaufusi wasn’t getting more love re: Seattle. His selection would be exactly what the team says it wants.

    • Steele

      Well, what he is, and what the Hawks need, are up for intense debate. Not “exactly” at all.

      • Drew

        On the defensive side it is

        • dave crockett

          Exactly. They’ve said they want pass rush. They said they want a guy who can start outside and kick inside on passing downs.

  25. Alicamousa

    Maybe a bit rich for me at 26, but wouldn’t mind it if we could trade down.

    Totally unrelated, is there a reason why people are talking about Tunsil falling? Are some character concerns cropping up?

    • RealRhino2

      Yeah, I’m okay with Kaufusi as our first pick if our first pick is in the 3rd round for some reason. Think he’ll be fine, doesn’t look special to me.

      If surprising people means more picks like Britt and Michael, I’m okay with not surprising people so much.

      • Alicamousa

        I actually like his tape, more than Bullard’s anyway. If he went at 26 I’d probably be left feeling like we could have got a bit more though. Still, that agility is freakish. I like the way he gets his hands up, he’s looking to make plays – wants to influence the game.

        He’s going to be a good player, there are just other guys I like more.

    • matt

      Been confused hearing rumors about Tunsil falling. Thinking they’re just rumors. Just don’t see how teams could honestly rate Stanley above Tunsil. Conklin rising above Stanley I can see, especially if a team needs a RT. Tunsil looks like a ‘can’t miss’ quality LT who will make some pro bowls in the next decade.

      • Alicamousa

        Right? It’s bizarre. Love to know what’s behind it.

        • HI Hawk

          I’m thinking injury related, not that I necessary agree. Tunsil’s never played a full season whereas Stanley has been an ironman.

          • amocat

            Thought tunsil was falling because teams were trading up for QBs.

  26. matt

    It’s been awhile since I’ve watched Kaufusi’s tape. I don’t remember seeing him rushing from the interior. Maybe I just haven’t watched the right games…pff obviously has more access to tape than I, so maybe he did. Really like Kaufusi, and maybe he can be a great interior pass rusher just haven’t seen it. He makes plays all over the field, great production, plus athleticism with a non stop motor. That’s all well and good, but if he can’t rush inside his role is small and not worth a day 2 pick. I’m torn on Kaufusi’s fit with our present roster.

    • Volume12

      It’s beginning to happen in the NFL. The days of designating positions are gonna be gone soon. At least on the D-line.

      Guys like Bruce Irvin, Frank Clark, Jamie Collins are just EDGE players.

      Jonathan Bullard’s, Michael Bennett’s, Bronson Kaufusi’s, JJ Watt’s are just DL.

      • HI Hawk

        When I see Bullard, Bennett, Kaufusi, and Watt together it makes the Kaufusi pick all the more likely. Bullard is not one of those. He isn’t half the passrusher of those other three.

      • matt

        I understand your point vol12, and mostly agree. Positional versatility is valuable. Just don’t feel confident Kaufusi can effectively rush the passer from the interior, because I haven’t seen him do it. Doesn’t mean he can’t simply haven’t seen it. If he can’t then how big of a role will he have?

        • C-Dog

          He spent a fair amount of time at the 5 tech and some inside at 3 tech. He’s said in interviews he prefers playing the edge, but can play 3, 1 and 0 tech. IMO, I think he can become a good interior rusher, if that’s how they want to use him, and I think that’s probably what they are looking for.

        • Volume12

          Oh, I agree. He looks like muh more of an EDGE rusher.

  27. Steele

    I was not impressed with Kaufusi’s film. You seem to place more bias on his workouts than the rest. I think he lacks the quickness and lateral movement on the field that the test results seem to obscure. He should be more of a pass rusher than he is. I think it is possible for a guy to test well but still not deliver those aspects on the field.

    That said, if Kaufusi can be made into anything like a JJ Watt kind of enforcer, he has the freakish size and height that can be problematic for opponents.

    I do not think the Seahawks should use the top pick for a DE/DT, if it compromises their ability attack the needs on OL and interior DL.

    • kevin mullen

      JJ Watt comparison is a little premature but the guy has the measurables, which is exactly what the draft is: your production vs measurables. Every evaluator always has a current player that’s compared to every draftee.

      As far as spending a 1st rounder? Too rich for my taste, honestly they try to trade down, collect an additional 2nd and 4th and then grab him. Also screw the OLine picks til 3rd, too much talent on defense in first two rounds to focus on offense.

    • Rob Staton

      I put “bias” on the things the Seahawks have looked for, as clearly stated in the post.

    • HI Hawk

      I think the assumption is that Kaufusi helps where we need him, interior DL. He also has the ability to play DE, so he’s a pretty sweet combination, as an all over passrusher. Hopefully he can be as good as Bennett one day.

    • dave crockett

      The guy was 9th is sacks. He should have been *more* of a pass rusher?

  28. chris

    If the hawks have kaufusi and bullard rated as similar prospects they will be more likely to trade down and gamble that one of them is there.

    In my opinion they will like kaufusi more and might not risk a trade down.

    • Volume12

      Gotta disagree.

      I like Kaufusi, but he is not a better player than Jonathan Bullard.

      • HI Hawk

        Why not? What has Bullard done to impress everyone? I haven’t understood the love for him at all, he doesn’t seem to do anything special or add any unique abilities.

        For 1.26 I like: Derrick Henry, Kenny Clark, Bronson Kaufusi, Keanu Neal, Artie Burns, Karl Joseph, Darron Lee, Kevin Dodd, Reggie Ragland or PIPE DREAM – William Jackson III.

        • Volume12

          I think Kaufusi is more of an EDGE.

          Think he’ll struggle against bigger, stronger O-lineman in the NFL.

          Ineffective rush standing up and doesn’t play the run or set the edge worth a lick.

          Bullard is more versatile, just as tough, just as nasty/gritty, explosive first step, can impact games from more than one position, better instincts than this guy, is extremely powerful for his size, conistently wins one on one matchups. Has more upside than Kaufusi IMO.

          • HI Hawk

            I saw a lot of TFL on run plays, so I’m not sure why you say he doesn’t play the run well. I see a lot more explosiveness and a ton more impact by Kaufusi, Bullard’s more reminiscent of a Chris Canty.

            • Volume12

              Chris Canty?

              How does Bullard comp to someone who is 6’7, 311 lbs.?

              • Volume12

                Bullard lies somewhere between Cam Jordan and Mario Edwards,jr.

                • HI Hawk

                  I’m talking about playing style, not build. He will set an edge, he will shed and tackle. But, he’s no penetrator. He’s not going to give you any wow plays.

          • Volume12

            And those aren’t knocks on Kaufusi, because I like the guy, been monitoring him all season.

            I was told by someone on here that Seattle would only like him as a TE. Huh?

            Just my reasonings for why I like/think Bullard is better.

            • HI Hawk

              Well reasoned, I’ve got no beef with your take. I like a d-lineman that consistently penetrates a bit more, just my opinion.

          • Ukhawk

            I’d love it if we could get a 5/elephant and a 3/1. Hargrave still in my thoughts

  29. Steele

    Are we getting a little ahead thinking that they have already fallen in love with Kaufusi, and that he “will be” the pick? Just because Rob wrote about the possibility?

    Have they even had a visit with him? DEN, GB, NYJ, ATL, IND, BUF, PIT & NE have.

    • Drew

      Remember that 2014 Paul Richardson was our first pick and there were no visits with him officially or unofficially that anyone knew about. After the draft it was made known he met with the teams psychologist in LA that no one knew about. Yes there is history on who they’ve had visit, but don’t let that be the only indicator of whether or not they are interested.

      • nichansen01

        Remember that the pre draft process is one of smoke screens and deception.

    • Darth12er

      If memory serves me correctly, the Hawks never met with Irvin before they drafted him.

    • Rob Staton

      Visits are no indication on whether they’ll draft him. How many visits did Russell Wilson have?

      • Lewis

        ^ yeah, I think sometimes they a live tipping their hand that they are interested in a guy IF they think they have enough info on his character and demeanor that they don’t need it.

        • Lewis

          *They avoid tipping

    • Scraps

      ‘ Are we getting a little ahead thinking that they have already fallen in love with Kaufusi, and that he “will be” the pick? Just because Rob wrote about the possibility? ‘

      Why do you put quotes around it, as though anybody is saying that? I mean, you’re talking like everybody’s saying that (and you are bravely arguing against it), but as far as I read, nobody is saying that (“fallen in love”, really!), but you also put quotes around it, as though you =really want= people to make that argument so you can destroy it.

      Why not just have a conversation?

  30. icb12

    I would LOVE the Kaufusi pick.

    One thing your article didn’t touch on Rob- He’s a turn over maker. And Pete loves guys who make turnovers.

    His career, 14 Passes Defended, 6 Forced Fumbles, and 2 Interceptions not to mention 40+ tackles for loss and 25 Sacks.

    • D-OZ

      Whats not to love about those stats. It’s all about the ball Boss. Hawk mantra-Turnovers.

  31. Steele

    If you like Kaufusi, then why not consider Nassib, who has similar size, plays a similar game, and would be available lower in the draft?

    Go ahead and compare the film. Nassib, if anything, moves better than Kaufusi. Both are gritty. Both are a bit stiff. Neither is a great pure pass rusher. Nassib’s sack totals are better.

    • HawkFan907

      I do like Nassib, but Kaufusi has better size and on tape it looks like every sack he is trying to force TOs. I think Kaufusi embodies the type of player the Seahawks look for. Nassib is a fine player, but Kaufusi is more Seahawky.

      • nichansen01

        Kaufusi is worlds away more athletic than Nassib.

        • Steele

          I disagree. On the field, not in workouts, they are similar types.

          I am not a fan of either, really.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Hahaha lol

    • D-OZ

      Kaufusi is not stiff, Nassib is.

    • vrtkolman

      Value wise Nassib would be a better pick. I don’t see Kaufusi as a 1st round talent, and even as a 2nd rounder he would be a reach IMO. Too much Cassius Marsh in his game. I see why the Seahawks would love him, but I would be fairly upset if they spent a 1st on Kaufusi.

  32. HawkFan907

    I love this highlight film of Kaufusi The best part about it is when a rival coach mentions that he looks like Goliath (piece of the same video Rob posted, but I thin Rob mentioned it was his coach when it is actually the Utah St. head coach). It shows how active he is and how much ground he can cover in a short amount of time. His SPARQ rating is also in the 90th percentile of all D lineman in this class. If he is there at 56, it is a no-brainer.

  33. Pugs1

    Was looking up SPARQ scores and we know how much the Seahawks like Sheldon Rankins who’s a 124.6 Kaufusi is 124.3. Won’t be shocked if they pick Kaufusi now. Thanks for the heads up! Great job as always!

  34. coachmattson

    7 Round Mock on has us taking:

    1. Ifedi OL
    2. Whitehair OL
    3. Ervin RB
    3. Robinson CB
    4. Sheldon Day DL
    5. Nicolas DE
    6. Feeney LB
    7. McGee TE

    Thoughts? Looks pretty good to me!

    Here is the link:

    Go Hawks!!

    • Greg Haugsven

      It’s ok but there is no inside pass rush.

    • C-Dog

      Don’t see them waiting that long for DL.

  35. Drew

    If Kaufusi is their target for their first pick I see a situation similar to 2014 when they targeted Paul Richardson. They could probably do 2 trade backs and select him in the middle of the 2nd and a couple picks in the 4th and 5th rounds providing more ammo to move up in round 3 or 4. With as much depth that’s in this class and how much we know Schneider loves it, would go e him serious ammo to work with to get their guys, unlike last year when they missed out on Morse

    • Drew

      Just watched the highlight tape and saw some awesome things. First thing I noticed was how long he is and how well he uses it to his advantage. Very active with his hands, this is one of the hardest things guys have to learn. Agile enough to use a swim move that guys his size normally can’t. He disengages from blockers well. Only downside I could see is that when he rushers around the edge he’s not athletic enough to bend the corner, but thats expected for a guy his size. The benefit is that he could play base at end and move inside on 3rd downs and as a rookie he could work the rotation. I could see him and Frank Clark being our future Avril and Bennett duo.

      • Steele

        Actually, one of the knocks on Kaufusi is that he plays too high at times.

        A first round pick has to be special. I’m not sure he is. He’s big and tall. A difference maker? A star?

        Is he worth potentially losing out on one or more possible starting OT, LG, C and interior DT? I say hell no.

  36. Ignorant

    Calais Campbell coming out (per nfldraftscout and cbssports):

    6’8″, 290lbs, 33.38″ arms
    40-yard dash: 5.00. (20-yard and 10-yard splits: 2.88 and 1.70)
    BP: 16 Vert: 34.5″ BJ: 9’3″
    20-yard shuttle: 4.63 3-cone drill: 7.19

    Bronson Kaufausi:

    6’6″, 285 lbs, 34.5″
    40-yard dash: 4.81 (20-yard and 10-yard splits: 2.84 and 1.69)
    BP: 25 Vert: 30″ BJ: 9’3″
    20-yard shuttle: 4.25 3-cone drill: 7.03.

    That’s the kind of athlete Bronson Kaufausi is. Can’t hate if it’s the pick. He doesn’t possess that elite explosion mark we’ve been looking for in this community, but he still a freak. Ideally he adds some lower body mass/power.

    • Saxon

      I think this is the post that will put the final nail in the coffin of “comparable measurables”.Kaufusi will not become 50% as good as Calais Campbell, even with the better athletic profile.

      Vernon Gholston, Tony Mandarich, Mike Mamula, Courtney Brown, Bruce Campbell. There are no athletes in this draft who performed nearly as well in their workouts as those guys. If they were in this draft the TEF meter would explode and folks would be clamoring to trade up to get them. Yet, despite truly phenomenal athletic ability, they all busted because they lacked basic technique.

      I understand that without the measuarbles we would have little to talk about, but these kinds of direct comparisons are not really helpful, in my opinion.

      • KingRajesh

        You know what they say – “only sith deal in absolutes”.

        There’s no way you can know that “Kaufusi will not become 50% as good as Calais Campbell” unless you’re a time traveler, in which case, what are you doing here?

      • bigDhawk

        I understand that without the measuarbles we would have little to talk about, but these kinds of direct comparisons are not really helpful, in my opinion.

        They **are** helpful in predicting whom the Seahawks might pick, and where. But I tend to agree that they are less helpful in determining if the pick was good. Those are two separate topics, both needing discussion. Pre-draft we should be in prediction mode, and post-draft there should discussion at some point whether our draft strategies are indeed good or if they could improve.

      • Darnell

        You think Mamula “busted” ?

        He started for the Eagles for 4 years and gave them 31.5 sacks. Injuries ultimately derailed his career from there, but don’t act like he couldn’t play and lump him in with the likes of Gholston and Mandarich.

  37. Naks8

    I can dig that pick. Especially if we trade down a few spots.

  38. GerryG

    Fully in favor of this move, and in general getting a defensive difference maker with pick #1 (regardless of when that pick is).

    Yes the OL needs help, but elite starting tackle help is most likely not available when Seattle picks, and elite interior help will be there later, so we address OL then, and address the interior.

    Defense wins championships, and this defense is in need of another dynamic talent that can affect the line of scrimmage, regardless of who it is. If a player that can do that is available, you do it, period.

  39. willyeye

    My updated Seahawks mock draft:

    Seahawks trade down their 1st round pick #26 to Raiders for 2nd round pick #44 and 3rd round pick #75. Just as a reference point, according to the old draft trade value chart, it comes out to Raiders receive 700 points, Hawks receive 675 points. This version includes a few changes from my original mock on 3-22-16.

    2nd…Pick #44- T Jason Spriggs
    2nd…Pick #56- DE/DT Bronson Kaufusi
    3rd…Pick #75- G Connor McGovern
    3rd…Pick #90- DT Javon Hargrave or T Joe Dahl
    3rd…Pick #97- RB Tyler Ervin
    4th…Pick #124- OLB Travis Feeney
    5th…Pick #171- WR/TE Devon Cajuste
    6th…Pick #215- FB Dan Vitale
    7th…Pick #225- WR Ricardo Louis
    7th…Pick #247- DT Justin Zimmer

    UDFA’s- QB Vernon Adams, WR Justin Berger, RB Daryl Virgies, G Sebastian Johanssen, C Bruce Johnson, T Ramy Kased, DT Connor Wujciak, DE Trent Corney, OLB Devante Bond, OLB Joe Walker, ILB Will Ratelle, CB Ian Wells, FS A.J. Hendy, SS D.J. Hunter, DT Joel Heath

    • Producehawk

      Boom! We can dream as big as we want. It would be great if you nailed it

    • KingRajesh

      Why are the Raiders trading up though? Their GM is competent and known to stockpile picks, not trade up.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I’m in this camp as well. Who would be a can’t miss prospect the Raiders would HAVE TO HAVE prospect in the bottom of the first…. only one name stands out to me, RB Henry. Raiders have filled most of their needs in FA, so maybe they would be more willing to trade a few picks to secure the “right” prospect.

  40. Trudy Beekman

    I think Kaufusi is a likely Seahawks target based on the his athleticism and measureables. As stated, his combine is almost exactly that of Cassius Marsh, but with 30 extra lbs., which is very impressive to be sure.

    That said his tape is very mediocre and I would not be happy with this pick unless it was in that Cassius Marsh range. His tape actually looks similar to Marsh, though I thought Marsh played with heavier hands and was better against the run. Kaufusi is maybe average off the snap, plays very high, zero bend around the edge, and doesn’t play the read-option well.

    Even in this highlight reel, where is the play where he’s not just cleaning up when the OL breaks down and the QB looks to start scrambling? There is something to be said for being in the right place at the right time consistently, and his sack production is evidence of that. He also does flash straight line speed in running down backs and scrambling QBs.

    But where is he converting speed to power? Where is he beating tackles off the edge with speed or leverage or hand use? Where is there any hint of a pass rush repertoire? I don’t see anything flash other than straight line speed for a guy that size in the highlights or in his game tape.

    At this juncture I’m a lot more on board with an Ifedi pick with the intent of trying him at RT but potentially moving him to guard. Ifedi doesn’t yet have the on-field speed and agility, or awareness, to consistently change direction to defend the edge, but he does maul in the run game.

    He does show and excellent ability to move and anchor, which I think makes him an excellent OG candidate. Taking OGs in the 1st round is probably a bad move for most teams, but I am very on board with Rob’s sentiment that RW really needs elite interior play, and the tackle play on the OL doesn’t matter nearly as much as it would for other teams with immobilie QBs. RW makes his money getting away from DEs that over-pursue when he has a pocket to step into and potentially scramble out of.

    Because the league doesn’t and shouldn’t value OG’s nearly as high as OT’s, the Seahawks are in a unique position with a mobile QB to capitalize on value at OG around the end of Rd 1. Kaufusi doesn’t feel like value, he feels like a guy that has the measureables that you try to coach up, which sounds like Rd 3 and beyond to me.

    • Robert

      Great post! I agree that improved GCG play is critical for Russ and the offense. The Rams and Panthers games drove home the fact that if teams can generate consistent interior pressure on Russ and flush him to waiting DEs who have posted up, they can blow up our offense.

  41. DC

    Kaufusi is missing something that both Irvin & Clark had coming into the draft…

    Character concerns. Are we really going to take a pass rusher with no red flags?

    • D-OZ


    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      *scratches him off mock drat list*

      / sarcasm

    • GeoffU

      Haha. Nkemdiche it is!

    • Darth12er


  42. Nathan

    Anyone hear the guys form ourlads on Clayton’s show?

    quick summation:

    Baltimore will go corner early

    Browns have 4 guys on the board for the #8 pick – Stanley(who they have above tunsil) Elliott, Buckner, Paxton Lynch.

    He hammered Ifedi, even said he wouldn’t be playing in a couple of years.

    Said Spence or Bullard would be good picks for the Seahawks at 26.

    Said Ndemkiche lacked basic football instincts.

    • Nathan

      and Clayton thought Tunsil was in play for Baltimore, said Monroe is as good as gone from there.

    • Kenny Sloth

      What did he have to say about Ifedi?

      • Nathan

        Hammered him on technique, said he looks down, said coaches will love him for his long arms and potential.

    • LantermanC

      He also called Ryan Kelly Ray Kelly, Eli Apple, Eric Apple, etc. and Hisashi Iwakuma, Hideki Iwakuma. Terrible with names. He’s a great reporter and sports personality, and has good inside info, but I don’t think much of his talent evaluation. If Rob’s a 10 (and let’s be honest, Rob’s a 10), and Mel Kiper is a 7.5, then Clayton is a 2.

      Noah Spence though, is a name we haven’t talked about much (at least not after his slow 40 time) and if we hadn’t resigned Clemons and had Frank Clark lose weight, someone I think we’d be all over at 26 or 32 (should we trade down). Still has that 1.6 10 yard split.

      • Nathan

        This wasn’t Clayton saying this, it was the guy from our lads(last name shonka I think) it was on Clayton’s show.

  43. Lewis

    I think the perfect scenario is if we can trade down to 32 with Cleveland and pick up their 77. Then we sit at the top of round 2 overnight and have plenty of time to look at who is on the board and whether it would be worth it to entertain another trade down.

    • Lewis

      Math fail. We’d be looking at their 99, not 77

  44. Richard

    Names! Names!! NAMES!!! My wife what is with all these OCD lists of names and with initials for first names, Rankin DT? Who are all these people? She says! On the computer too, Excel is locked up with lists!!!

    I just tell her don’t worry dear, it all be over next Sunday. “Youuu! mean I have to put up with this for another WEEK!!! You’re gonna need a forklift for the paper recycle!!! Yes dear. It will be fine. Just remain calm. By May day it will all be done. Yea! Just as long as its over before we go to Norway on May 15. Oh hon I can’t go….bowling league.”

    • HI Hawk

      Sounds familiar. She calls my various excel charts my “nerd papers”.

    • Kenny Sloth

      You should hear what my gf has to say about football in general.

      She’ll riff for 20 minutes about how it promotes slavery and machismo and not only is the nfl evil, but the players are, too. Individually. They don’t deserve any of that money and they’re probably all drug addicts wasting it all away.

      And she hates Marshawn’$ new beach house.

      She makes fun of me cuz i’m so short and didn’t get offered out of HS.
      “Oh what you think that makes you good at football?”

    • Darth12er

      This is so true it’s too funny! 1 more week. My wife gave up years ago, she just takes the kids to her moms house on Saturday. It’s a fight that she lost haha.

      • 503Hawk

        Dudes, you married the wrongs gals. While I’m reading my favorite Seahawks’ site (SDB), and watching NFL Network, my beautiful, charming Latina esposa brings me fresh bowl of homemade salsa & chips, ask me if I want another ice cold cervesa. Then she encourages me to enjoy my time with my beloved Seahawks because later tonight I’m all hers! ?

        • Lewis

          My charming Latina esposa doesn’t give a damn what I’m doing because she’s too busy watching the Mariners.

          • David M2

            She must be quite often depressed…

            • ]Ben-Ft. Worth TX

              My blonde beauty of 3 years just walked out of Hobby Lobby with 5 giant white boards for my top 10 in each round, and bought me a brand new grill for my 3 day draft party!!! 20 people on Thursday, 10 on Friday, and only 1 for Sat. She’s at home decorating with banners, balloons and just restocked the liquor cabinet!! Life is good in the lone star state!

  45. Kenny Sloth

    dam Brandt 1.51 (6.94 TC @ 6040, 245)
    Brandt had a 4.8 40 at regional combine. Training with Bulaga of GB. Sounds like he’s moving to LB at the next level. Plays fast is a handful. Hustle kind of guy.

    Skyler Suggs 1.55
    Underachiever in HS, JUCO, and D2 production wise. Could overlook that.

    Emmanuel Ogbah 1.58
    You look him up.

    Charles Tapper 1.59
    Tapper is a guy I can’t get a bead on. Dominates at times, but plays very contained chaos football. Doesn’t ever make the play look easy ala Fackrell.

    Tyrone Holmes 1.59
    “There are some snaps on tape that make me think he can make a roster and maybe become a player. You never really know about those small school guys until you get them in and see how they do against better competition.” — AFC West scout
    Some good tape of Haeg, Holmes switches to the other side like Ogbah/Whitehair
    Wentz seems like a turnover machine at the next level.

    Stephen Weatherly 1.59
    Enjoys chess and math… Travelled through Germany with Fulton County Youth Commission… Enjoys paintball… Plays six musical instruments.
    Grandma went to harvard his middle-namesake.
    Hate his tape. That split must be a broken Laser! He plays so hesitant!
    No pass rush plan no moves no impact.

    Trevor Bates 1.57 (6.75 3-Cone @ 6010, 245)
    Little interview of him

    I like the highlight reel I saw of him, very fast instinctual. Goes for the ball.

    Aaron Wallace 1.58 (10’10” Broad @ 6023, 242)
    Violent athletic and chippy. Volume12 here is a big fan. You should ask him.

    Jordan Jenkins 1.58
    Insane athleticism very fluid. Can be overwhelmed by strength.
    May be limited to a 3-4 olb, but thats no knock

    Leonard Floyd 1.59 (@ 244lbs. ok…)
    Extremely inconsistent leverage/pad height
    Played a little and looked skinny, but not lost there.
    I think he’s less of a pass rusher as he doesn’t really show a speed move.
    Gets most of his pressure with a really tall inside swim move.
    Pro tackles will see that shit coming a mile away.

    Tyler Marcordes 1.59
    Played qb in hs. Coach talking up his special teams play.
    It feels weird to say but he didnt look all that fast on his 95 yd pick6

    Michael Kozlakowski 1.6 (6.88 3-cone @ 6013, 248)
    This guy’s a no. He says biggie over pac.
    Jk. Relentless player. Looks light with a maxed out frame. Liitle too upright.

    Brandon Williams 1.61 (@ 6050, 256)
    Too many of these guys hahah

    Kyler Fackrell 1.61 (@ 6050, 245
    Been plenty on him.

    • Josh emmett

      I was watching Georgia tape of Floyd and for every impact play he made it seemed like Jenkins had one a few plays later. Love the length, 10 yard split, and played in the SEC. I’d love to see what he does in the Irvin hybrid role. I think Fackrell can play in space in the pass game better then Jenkins and that’s important in the Hawks scheme for sure but i thought Jenkins might be a 3rd round steal or maybe in play at pick 56. Fackrell or Jenkins would be dope IMO. I’ll have to check out Wallace!

      • Rob Staton

        If they wanted an EDGE I think Jenkins would’ve been a very legitimate option. I’m just not convinced a pure EDGE is the priority.

        • pqlqi

          I think Jenkins is a perfect fit for the SAM/WIL backup, and eventual starter. He’s very similar to KJ Wright in build and athleticism.

    • Kenny Sloth

      This was $ea Mode’s list of 245 guys under 1.6

      With some slight exceptions.

      I like Wallace, Brandt, Bates from those sleeper guys.

      Funny that most of this group were 1 year starters.

      • Sea Mode

        Nice work, Kenny! You’re no sloth at all… 😉

        I will let V12 talk us up on Wallace (unless he’s cooled off on him), and take a look at the other two guys.

        I am also giving Shaq Lawson another hard look, but that will be for a later post…

        Great job by Rob on the article. If we are looking at the possiblity of him playing inside, what I see from comparing his numbers to Rankins is basically: Kaufusi is faster (and 5.3 inches taller) while Rankins is more explosive. Actually Kaufusi is faster than A. Donald at 6 inches taller. Makes me wonder if he could put on another 15 lbs (i.e. up to 300) and possibly be something special on the interior or if his height would work against him in leverage. Rankins has almost the same wingspan (79.75) as Kaufusi (80), while Donald’s is shorter at 77.325.

  46. Josh emmett

    I was noticing some of the big sites have Cajuste listed as a TE. I wonder if that could cause him to slip a round or 2 because some teams consider him a small tight end and not a receiver?

    • Rob Staton

      The guy is a beast. Receiver, TE. If he’s there in R4 go get him.

      • Josh emmett

        They do like using that 4th round pick on receiver prospects in the past for sure, what do you think of Peake from Clemson? He had a pretty fast 40 in the 4.3’s and I know Carroll loves him some fast receivers. He always seems to love saying: “that’s that 4.3 speed” like hitting that mark athletically is a coveted measurable like 9 foot broad jump for oliners and 32″ arms for Db’s. Clemson has been turning out some pro recovers lately for sure

        • Rob Staton

          Clemson is definitely ‘WR-U’. Peake has a nice physical profile but man his hands are inconsistent. He might be an option too.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Just circle this guys name on your draft card…… then root for other teams to pass on him.. and Seattle to grab him…… I’m pretty sure 4th or maybe 5th is where he lands, but will he make it to Seattle????

      I’m not saying he is the ideal WR Seattle needs, but he is the ideal WR they need. 😀

  47. Josh emmett


  48. Samuel Baratheon

    Was looking at this film to check out Connor McGovern. Damn that dude is athletic! The way he can move laterally and absorb defenders momentum is awesome! He is the must have in this draft in my opinion.

    • vrtkolman

      Yeah he definitely is a must have.

      • RealRhino2

        Meh. Seems like a fine guard or center prospect, but I didin’t see anything special. Then again I’m not an expert. Didn’t see a lot of explosion, but of course that might be from Missouri throwing the ball 50 times and McGovern playing (almost?) exclusively out of a 2-point stance. Good cut blocker, though. At least he doesn’t whiff and fall on the ground like LaRaven Clark (or Justin Britt, for that matter).

        • HI Hawk

          At this point, McGovern could be the pick at 1.26 (or after a modest trade down). If it’s true that JS lost out on Mitch Morse last year, I don’t doubt for a second he’d do something to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

          He really is an exceptional prospect for what we do on offense, so I think I can get behind it. I would prefer a defensive playmaker or Derrick Henry, but he’s one OL that could be an actual upgrade in year 1.

  49. Kenny Sloth

    Excellent piece btw, Rob.

  50. Madmark

    Scenario is we get Butler at 26 and we get Connor McGovern at 56. At pick 90 Shon Coleman is still on the board with Haeg and Dahl who do you take?

    • Trevor

      Coleman all day long. I would take Coleman over Mcgovern as well. He is the only NFL Tackle in that group. The rest are Guard / Center prospects who could slide to tackle in an emergency.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Coleman. He is the most natural LT i’ve seen in three drafts

        • Kenny Sloth

          Maaybe Terron Armstead

          • HI Hawk

            High praise! Watching him play, I was very impressed. But I’ve seen him compared to Greg Robinson – is that just lazy journalism or is there some truth there. That scares me.

    • BHarKnows

      This real issue here is why is he still there at 90? That means most teams have passed 3 times. That won’t happen based on talent. Would be surprised if it was age. Would concern me there’s major health issues.

  51. Trevor

    Going to do one mock per day prior to draft with different scenario for each. With the rumors of Cle wanting to trade back into the back end of Rd #1 I thought I would do a Seahawks trade back scenario.

    Hawks trade #26 in Rd#1 to Cleveland for #32 in Rd#2 and #99 in Rd #4
    Hawks trade #56 and #99 to Saints for #47

    Rd#2 pick #32 Vernon Butler (DT L-Tech)
    Rd#2 Pick #47 Shon Coleman (RT Auburn)
    Rd#3 Pick #90 Joe Dahl (G/C Wash St.)
    Rd#3 Pick #97 Tyler Ervin (RB SJ.St.)
    Rd#4 Pick #124 Devon Cajuste (WR Stanford)
    Rd#5 Pick #171 Travis Feeney (LB Wash)
    Rd#6 Pick #215 David Oneymata (DL Manitoba)
    Rd#7 Pick #225 Deandre Elliott (CB Col)
    Rd#7 Pick #247 Trent Corney (DE Virgina)

    • C-Dog

      That’s a great looking draft.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice, love the wheelin’ and dealin’, but there’s got to be a way to get McGovern in there. Just a must-have for us IMO.

    • Madmark

      I going to be very blunt here, Butler at 26 we aren’t trading down. We would snap him right up.

    • RWIII

      Trevor l love your draft. But I don’t think Butler will be on the board at 26 let alone 32.

      • Josh emmett

        It’s going to be interesting at 26. There are going to be a ton options I think. Trade down or trade up plus there will be couple oliners and a couple defensive prospects the Hawks like still there as well. I heard an interview on ESPN 710 yesterday, I believe it was the draft primer for every team and there was an interview with a local sportscaster for every team and the dude from Atlanta seemed to think that Atlanta will probably look to trade out of 17 for more picks and getting a late pick in round 1 to take Neal. He was saying that Atlanta only has 5 picks as of right now and it makes sense to move back because Neal was a Dan Quinn prospect when he was coaching at the swamp and safety is a big need for them. Maybe Seattle and Atlanta make a deal so Seattle can get a guy that they want in Rankins(yeah right but we can dream), Lee, or Butler and Atlanta takes Neal. I thought that was interesting, it would be expensive to move up 9 spots but maybe they have a guy targeted they want and it makes a ton of sense. We will see

    • D-OZ

      Fine looking draft there lad!

  52. Trevor

    I love that Sherm is getting his attitude back this off season. Last year he seemed to tame things down and I missed the old Sherm.

    This team seems ultra focused this off season. Can’t wait for the new season to begin I think it is going to be a fun team to watch this year.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, seems like becoming a dad maybe settled him down a bit.

    • RWIII

      The reason Sherman is getting his attitude back is two reasons. Number one reason is because he is healthy. Last year Sherman was coming off of his elbow injury. Also because guys like Sherman, Chancellor and Thomas are completely health they are more confident.

      • Steele

        The returns of Clemons and Browner have a lot to do with everyone, including Sherm, getting their swag back.

        In addition to coming back from injury, Sherm was asked to do a lot of things in a troublesome season. Maybe he was stretched too much. Asked to be too much of leader (with Kam absent, and not leading).

        I think Sherm is better when he has support that allows him to concentrate on less.

  53. Trevor

    A guy who does not seem to be getting any love because of his injury is Max Tuerk out of USC. Pete has to have a good inside track on this guy. Prior to his injury he reminded me of Alex Mack and a little of Unger.

    What do you guys think if he is there in Rd #4. Seems like a perfect C in a ZBS scheme.

    • Sergei

      He needs a red shirt year. He is not strong enough to handle the NT’s and a bit tall to play center. I think he falls.

  54. Kenny Sloth

    My Dad wants us to take that 410 lb TE from Baylor. Hahah

    6-10 5.34 40 and said I’m Vince Wilfork with Odell Beckham hands

    Lol not my cup of tea but good story

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Imagine if the guy weighed 350, he could prob run a 5.00 flat 40….. very impressive.

    • D-OZ

      I like it!!

    • Del tre

      make him the hawks left guard

  55. vrtkolman

    4 days away! After all of Rob’s fantastic work, and some investigating on my own, I think there are more than a few “can’t miss” players (or as close as possible to can’t miss) that the Seahawks have a realistic shot at:

    Vernon Butler – Even if he doesn’t fully develop his pass rush moves, he will be a dominant run defender who can collapse the pocket. Think Mebane back in 2013. At the least, I think he would be a sizeable upgrade as a rookie over Mebane of last year (who regressed heavily).

    Noah Spence – I know there are character concerns, but if an edge rusher of his caliber is available at 26 you have to consider the outstanding value in that. I think he will be a 12+ sack guy in the NFL. His poor combine is attributed to an injury, which raises his value even more. The problem is how do you get him snaps in an extremely deep Seahawks EDGE rushing roster?

    Shon Coleman – Just a super solid player. Great character, savage run blocker, and a bully on the field. Was the best lineman in the defense heavy SEC.

    Connor McGovern – Awesome athlete and game film to match. Very explosive. Him or Coleman starting at LG over Britt would be the biggest upgrade the team could possibly make.

    Nick Martin – Wildcard pick here, but from where the in the draft they could get him he would provide outstanding value. I don’t think there is a dropoff from Kelly to him. The Seahawks haven’t taken a player with his profile before, I hope they change their minds.

    Nick Vannett – Not really an athlete, but just a solid football player. Very well rounded and could be used like a Zach Miller on this team. He comps to Zach Ertz.

    • vrtkolman

      I want to add that I think Rankins will be the best defensive player from this draft. Unfortunately the Seahawks don’t have much a chance at getting him.

    • Trevor

      Absolutely love that list! Agree about Rankins. My favorite player but not going to get past #12 NO.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I’m thinking the Giants at #10, but the Saints are a solid choice as well.

    • Trevor

      I am with you on Martin and Vannett. They don’t really fit the Hawks athletic profiles but both guys are flat out solid all round players who will be good not great for 8-10 years in the league likely. Would love Vannett and his blocking to compliment Graham and Willson.

      • vrtkolman

        It would be a really good trio of tight ends, each with their own unique skills. When do you think Vannett gets drafted?

        • Trevor

          I think the earliest we would take him is the 4th but given the bad TE class he will probably be a 3rd rounder.

        • RWIII

          Hypothetical Question for Rob. Let’s say first three rounds John Schneider takes one defensive lineman. Two offensive lineman. And another defensive player. Let’s say in the 4th round both Tyler Ervin and Devon Cajuste are still on the board. Which player would you take?

      • Madmark

        You would take Vannett to improve the Offensive Line play. Graham doesn’t do that with blocking. We took a hit and Willson contract is up next year. I’ve been looking really looking into Tyler Higbbee. He has a legal issue but I tend to lean in his favor. He could be the steal of the draft with a late 6 or 7 round this is my Thomas Rawls pick.

        • Trevor

          Vannett is a great blocker which would really help the OL I agree. I really do like the Zach Miller comp.

          I like Higbee too but that incident sounded pretty messy and until the legal issues are resolved I would not touch him.

          • Madmark

            That’s why you grab him at 247. The story is that the guy he hit was following them and wouldn’t leave his girlfriend alone. The guy followed them to a few different places. Like I said I’ve really looked into it. I read about Thomas Rawls and I thought he made a mistake. I think this incident was just collateral damage. The protected his Girlfriend and it went bad. 247 is the pick you give a guy like this.

    • D-OZ

      I really think Vannett could be in play for the Hawks…

  56. Sea Mode

    TEF ALERT!!!

    Ramy Kased, RT, Bucknell
    6071, 309, 37″ arm!, 4.73 40yd, 34.4 Vert, 9’4″ Broad

    No bench data so can’t technically calculate TEF, but 1) he would need just 21 reps to make 3.0 TEF and 2) who even cares at that freakish size/athleticism!

    The guy is in 96% SPARQ, 5th-highest OL in the entire draft, higher than Spriggs, McGovern, and anyone you have heard of besides George Fant (#1 OL)!

    Has tape here:
    (#71 RT)

    From his Bio sheet:
    MY FAVORITE ATHLETE: Russell Okung
    MY POST-GRADUATE PLANS ARE: Attend med school and hopefully become a practicing DO. (oops…)

    • Kenny Sloth

      He had 16 bench reps

      • Sea Mode

        Ok, then just apply option 2)… 😉

        (and thanks, I thought I looked everywhere for that)

        • Josh emmett

          I saw that dude too, Gilliam didn’t have a high bench either. Maybe a UDFA pickup? You gotta love that 40 time and vertical for a guy who is 6’7″

          • Volume12

            Typically gud with longer arms will struggle on the bench press.

            One small reason why Ifedi and Okung are so impressive. 36″ arms and legit upper body strength.

            Also who Cody Whitehair’s BP #’s are a bit baffling.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            That is a mighty impressive 40 time. Okung was 10th a second faster fyi

        • Kenny Sloth

          I can’t produce a source so just nix that i guess.

          Definitely saw it in the teens somewhere

  57. Jaimie Drew

    Kafusi will be available well after Bullard so we can probably get him at 56!

    Go OT at 26 and Kafusi at 56.

    Go Hawks!

    • D-OZ

      Ruetter has him going to Denver@31 in his 7 round mock. Coleman still there @56.

      • Jaimie Drew

        He does , but he also has Bullard going at 55 in his mock. On Walter Football Bullard goes 27 and Kafusi at 81. Rueter is the only mock I’ve seen Kafusi in the top 31. At the end of the day, it’s all opinions. In JSPC we trust!

  58. Josh emmett

    I’ve been loving more and more the pro day test results and Sparq scores for the unheralded and small school guys. Trent Corney from Virginia caught my eye on 3sigma and I went and checked his highlights and what little tape there is on YouTube and he looked pretty damn good on the edge rushing the passer and he had some great edge setting plays in the run game. There is a play where he just owns Ronnie Staley from ND like a boss and sets the edge by powering him all the way into the center and puts him on his booty and assists with the tackle on the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage. Lots of new TEF guys on the oline I didn’t know about. Later rounds going to be interesting

  59. Eran-Ungar

    Maybe we need to look at Neal again….

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I don’t think Seattle would bring him back for the min, to trade him. They never struck me as “that” kind of organization.

    • GeoffU

      Or just not read completely hack articles…

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt it — what exactly is ‘Chat Sports’ anyway?

      • Eran-Ungar

        I just saw it. It’s not a credible source or anything.

        I only linked it here because i hate not needing Neal enough to justify his top pick.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Neal doesn’t strike me as the type of player Seattle would go for…. he doesn’t match up with the “length” portion of what they like in DBs. He might be a fine SS in the NFL, but he just doesn’t seem like a match for Seattle’s defense as it is currently constructed.

      • Darth12er

        Rob, it has this article.

        Maybe this happens to your articles a lot, idk..

    • Cysco



      come on man

  60. Steele

    I am with vrtkolman on Kaufusi. He is not worth a rd. 1. Borderline rd. 3 maybe. He and Nassib are coin toss to me, and Nassib would come cheaper. Both guys are stiff.

    I don’t think they should waste rd.1-3 on anything but OL and interior DT. Not DE/DT.

    But if they think they can get away with a luxury pick at or near the top, take Noah Spence and his esctasy. He looks likely to drop out of the top half of rd. 1. Yes, a luxury speed rush demon who can get double digit sacks. Maybe the only guy in this draft who can.

    • Steele

      You know what Spence can do. Put Spence out there in a rotation with Avril, Bennett and Clark (if he figures out how to do it), and it’s lights out for QBs. Is that easier to project than shoe horning a guy who doesn’t quite fit, or has to learn too much, or winds up just being JAG? Spence is special. Kaufusi, no. Rankins, yes. A lot of the other DTs, very arguable.

      • Rob Staton

        You can be very matter of fact on these issues Steele. All black and white and no grey.

        • Steele

          There’s a lot of gray. But in the end, we have our opinions.

          • Rob Staton

            You could’ve fooled me!

      • D-OZ


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think the best approach is to look at what players can do, not what they are unable to do. Seattle (and many other teams) look to maximize player potential and find ways to use them in the offense or defense. Just because a player can’t bend the edge or w/e, doesn’t mean they can’t be a valuable piece or a wildcard type of player. I’m thinking of a player like CB/A/ATH Mathieu with the Cardinals … not prototypical, but makes plays.

        If they take Kaufusi, they have an idea how he fits….. if he can play, I want him on the team.

    • Darth12er

      Really Steele? Even after your first 20 posts, I still wasn’t sure how you thought about Kaufusi. Thanks for finally setting the record straight.. Your comments are getting quite redundant.

      • Steele

        If there is a limit to takes, I am not the one who is the most prolific. Or redundant.

        • nichansen01


          I respect your opinion very much. However, Kaufusi has production, athleticism, size, motor and character. He also fits a need on the defensive line (Frank Clark might be playing SAM now). What is it about Kaufusi that makes you think he will not produce at the next level?

          • nichansen01

            Personally I beleive that Kaufusi is a 6-7 sacks a year guy.

  61. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Chris Edwards, Idaho

    Edwards’ pro day summary:

    Height, weight: 6011, 218
    Arm length: (no data)
    40-yard dash: 4.54 seconds (1.53 10-yard split)
    Short shuttle: 4.32 seconds
    Three-cone: 6.86 seconds
    Vertical jump: 37.5″
    Broad jump: 10’0″
    Bench press reps @ 225 lbs: (no data)

    I lifted this info from fieldgulls, but it was an interesting read if you like to go into the 3rd round UDRFA weeds for prospects

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The number that stood out to me….. 1.53 10 yard split

    • Steele

      The LB I like, that this article calls out, is Tyrone Holmes.

      • D-OZ

        I do too Steele…

  62. Forrest

    Cajuste, Ervin, and Dhal are my three “dream” picks for the Hawks right now. Cajuste is really a no-brainer, Ervin is a dynamo, and Dhal has both the hometown aspect, and technique on his side. McGovern and Neal are also up there, but they’re probably gonna pick up McGovern anyway, and Neal doesn’t fill an immediate need…

    I can’t wait for next week!!!

  63. bobbyk

    I hear a lot about “reach” and “value.” However, to me, if you look back on someones career and if there was a re-draft… if that player would be a first-round guy, do we really care if we took him “too early” in the second or third round 10 years after the fact?

    • RealRhino2

      IMO, yes, because you likely gave up the opportunity to add another 1st-round talent to your team with that 1st-round pick.

      • Lewis

        That’s a dangerous game, though, because you don’t know for sure where other teams have a guy on their board. The notion of “reach” or “value” only exists when viewed through the eyes of a particular board. What one team considers a reach could be a value to another. Of course, you could argue that one team does a better job of setting their board than another, but that’s a different subject.

        • HI Hawk

          I’m sure there’s a network of investigators that the Seahawks employ to help them ascertain which teams are likely to pluck their particular targets, and where that might occur. I’m sure they’ll play it safe if they’re unsure, but there’s still no reason to just throw out value all together.

          • Lewis

            Yeah, I know, but the point I am trying to make is that when they take a player where they do, some analyst may consider it a reach but the team does not, based on how they value the player. We have absolutely seen their willingness to target players and move into the right range to get them, either up or down. But when you talk about someone being a “reach” that’s based on somebody else’s board, not theirs.

    • Volume12

      I agree bobby.

      Because when a prospect doesn’t pan out, it’s major reach or why did they take him when so and so was on the board?

      But, if a team hits on that prospect, then he was a steal or what a gem!

  64. Michael (CLT)

    Group think in full effect. Impressive article, Rob.

  65. Volume12

    Under PC/JS Seattle has had 56 selections. Not counting UDFAs.

    22 of them are still on roster, almost half the team, and 42 of those picks are still on an active roster in the NFL.

    Think about that for a sec. Unbeleivable!

    • Robert

      That’s crazy! I would love to see how that stacks up vs 31 other teams. And throw in the hit rate and productivity of their UDFAs. Scouting and drafting are a big part of the Seahawks’ success. And their player development systems are among the best ever, in my opinion. I’m lovin’ our chances this year…and next!

    • JakeB

      Yeah, that’s pretty wild. Don’t have the picks in front of me but I’ve gotta assume 80% or better of those picks came after the middle of the second round.

    • Robert

      Can you say anything bad about Brandin Bryant? Short arms, but ridiculously effective with his violent, ninja hands. Level of competition, but his wins are so explosive and sudden while his techniques are diverse and refined. How can his overall package of abilities not translate well at the NFL level? What am I missing with this phenomenal looking prospect???

    • Trevor

      That is the single most amazing stat when discussing how good JS has been since he arrived in Sea.

    • Darth12er

      That’s a pretty impressive stat for sure!! Says a lot!

  66. Eran-Ungar

    NFL.COM published Char Reuter’s seven round mock drat –

    All the usual suspects (Ifedi, Butler, Bullard etc.) are all there at 26.

    3rd day picks:
    99. Cleveland Browns: Adolphus Washington, DT, Ohio State
    105. San Francisco 49ers: Devon Cajuste, WR, Stanford
    109. New York Giants: Joe Haeg, OT, North Dakota State
    116. Indianapolis Colts: Joe Thuney, OG, North Carolina State
    119. Houston Texans: D.J. Reader, DT, Clemson
    122. Cincinnati Bengals: Miles Killebrew, S, Southern Utah
    129. Carolina Panthers: Charles Tapper, DE, Oklahoma
    141. Cleveland Browns: Connor McGovern, OG, Missouri !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    161. Cincinnati Bengals: Ronald Blair, DE, Appalachian State

    Seattle Seahawks

    Round 1 (26): Germain Ifedi, OG, Texas A&M
    Round 2 (56): Cody Whitehair, C, Kansas State
    Round 3 (90): Tyler Ervin, RB, San Jose State
    Round 3 (97): Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU
    Round 4 (124): Sheldon Day, DT, Notre Dame
    Round 5 (171): Dadi Nicolas, DE, Virginia Tech
    Round 6 (215): Travis Feeney, OLB, Washington
    Round 7 (225): Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn
    Round 7 (247): Jake McGee, TE, Florida

    • Eran-Ungar

      Replace Ifedi with Butler, Whitehair with S. Coleman, Robinson with Cajuste and Day with McGovern and it’s a great draft.

      • Volume12

        I think a trade down iscoming.

        • nichansen01

          I agree… This feels like a trade down draft especially if Butler is gone by 26.

          • Volume12

            I’m a big proponent of following draft trends and draft history. Not that it means they’ll always stick to the script, because they don’t and consistently, year after year, they do something unconventional.

            Point is, I’m torn on Butler and Bullard. Like both a ton.

            But, Butler doesn’t scream pass rusher, JS/PC are more likely to take a DE early, and Butler’s body type is so similar to Rubin’s, no?

            • Rob Staton

              I’m in the same boat V12. Butler has some things they like (size, attitude, grit) but they have never drafted a DL early who doesn’t offer much as a pass rusher.

              And there are question marks over Bullard too as a pass rusher. And it’s this type of stuff that makes me think they will go OL first or look at someone like Kaufusi after a trade down.

              • Volume12


                Butler moves extrenely well for his size and is disruptive, but better than Rigeway in round 3 for example? IDK.

                I just like Bullard’s versatility, explosion, instincts, and his ability to set guys up. Don’t get me wrong, he’s far from a perfect pass rusher.

                This is the 1st year in a long time where no one stands out to me available with their 1st selection. I actually like rounds 3-7 better.

                • Rob Staton

                  There’s not an obvious explosive athlete who will be there late first. And usually there is — someone with freaky traits.

                  I think that’s why they might just focus on Ifedi’s size, length and explosion and go down that road.

                  • Volume12


                    The one guy that is obvious and does stand out, L’ville’s Sheldon Rankins, ain’t gonna be there.

                  • HI Hawk

                    Rob, there isn’t an obvious explosive athlete IN THE TRENCHES that will be there late first.

                    But, there are some highly explosive DBs and a freak athlete RB that should very well be there. If they feel comfortable with their Rd 2-4 targets in the trenches, couldn’t they just add great players and athletes. A lot of contracts will be up in 2017, we’re going to need to keep the defensive talent flowing in.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I think the explosive DB’s though are more R3-5 though and they haven’t taken one early since Earl.

                      Henry is unique but are they going to go there? I’m not convinced.

              • Eran-Ungar


                Any guy you pick at 26 will have a few questions marks that pushed him out of the top 10-20. There are question marks regarding Ifedi/Kelly too.

                It will all be decided according to the specific value they see in those guys compared to the guys they already have and what they believe they can get later.

                IMO, the biggest argument against Ifedi at 26 is Coleman at 56….

                • HI Hawk

                  This is why I think they need to focus on the freak athletes that are available. The DBs and Henry.

                  Safety (Chancellor is likely gone in 2017, unless he takes a paycut): Neal and Joseph are first round Safeties with the toughness and athleticism to replace him.

                  Corner (Lane may be best in the slot, Shead and Simon are FAs in 2017): Jackson and Burns have the ideal length, production, ball skills, and are first rate, freaky athletes to boot.

                  Running Back (Rawls broke down last year, Michael is a wildcard): Henry is as unreal an athlete as you’ll find for his size, his burst is so underrated its criminal. He is not a plodder, there’s nothing slow about the guy.

                • Rob Staton

                  It’s not about players pushed out of the top 10-20. It’s about guys they can find in the range they’re picking that they like.

                  And I know you’re a fan of Coleman, Eran, and you know I am too. But neither of us know how the league feels about him with his illness and injury. Carroll said they need to get healthier on the O-line and that’s worth noting.

                  And I’ve said it before and it still stands true. He only even lasts until #56 if the injuries or health are an issue. He’s too good otherwise. So the Seahawks might not even consider him at #56 if he’s falling due to health.

      • Volume12

        FWIW Eran, as I put together this mock draft, I’m kinda seeing what you meant about the O-line.

        The guys on day 3 look more like the kind of O-lineman Seattle targets.

        One O-lineman early to compete or start at LG/backup RG, a developmental RT later on, and another interior O-lineman later to push Patrick Lewis, because Sokoli looks to be the C of the future.

        • Eran-Ungar

          Thank you Vol. That was my take for the past 2 months. Get your top potential day one starter and get the red shirts for Cable’s school on day 3.

          As for the Bullard/Butler/Kaufusi dilemma:

          Every draft has big (275-290lbs) DEs that are primary EDGE but can play inside. Kaufusi and Bullard are great members of that group.

          Every draft has big run stuffers too.

          For me, Butler could be a different breed. He certainly has the size and strength to man the inside and dominate against the run but he is explosive enough to collapse the pocket. I think that is a vital element that could improve the whole DL performance. We have a lot of edge talent (Avril, Bennett, Clark, Clem etc.). They were not as effective last year because QBs climbed up the pocket to escape the pressure. Bennett was double teamed inside and QBs had their 3 seconds to complete the play.

          Butler’s presence, while effective against the run will press the pocket enough to prevent that option and enable the edges to find the QB at the end of the curve.

          Those big guys with enough pocket presence are rare. If one is there for us this year I say we get him and add prime DE talent next year. For me, it’s not about who gets those 6 sacks from the inside, it’s about who collapses the pocket so that Bennett, Avril and Clark/Clem get 2 more sacks each. We’ll face a lot of running teams next year (Buff, ARI, RAMS, CAR, NYJ are all top 10 running teams). We’ll need to keep a proper run stuffing DL against 11 looks (3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 RB). Having that run stuffing guy that can push the pocket back on passing plays will be crucial next year.

          • Volume12

            I agree with all that.

            Not a hue fan of this EDGE class either, but I’m a sucker for versatility. And I like the guys we have. Clark, Benett, Avril, Marsh, Clemons, developmental guys in Robinson and Shirley. I do think they could add a LB that rushes and cove
            Sacks aaeare absolutely overrated. Disruption =production. And that’s what they need, yes.

            It’s coming down to three guys for me. Ifedi, Bullard, or Butler.

            Ecspecially in a trade back which IMO is on it’s way.

            • Eran-Ungar

              I just typed it in response to Rob,

              IMO, the biggest argument against picking Ifedi at 26 is Coleman at 56.

              • HI Hawk

                I am with you there. Or Coleman at 40-something after a couple of trade downs. I like this CB class. If we could add a 3rd round pick, we could nab Daryl Worley, and not lose out on the very good interior OL class.

                • KingRajesh

                  Do we really need another CB?

                  We’ve got 11 on the roster right now. Does any CB drafted in the 3rd round or later even beat out Tye Smith, Mohammed Seisay, Tharold Simon, or Douglas McNeil?

                  We known Sherman, Lane, and Shead are locks to make the roster, and that Tye Smith, Burley, Simon and Seisay are probably going to make the roster as well.

                  Do we have room for an EIGHTH CB on the 53? I doubt it.

                  • HI Hawk

                    You know what Tye Smith, Mohammed Seisay, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Trovon Reed, and George Farmer are going to be?

                    Simon has missed more games than he’s played in – his feet are all buss up.

                    Shead is a backup for the entire LOB and a great special teamer.

                    Worley is a much better prospect than every single one of these guys, only Jean-Baptiste was highly drafted and he was jettisoned by New Orleans very quickly.

                    • KingRajesh

                      Tye Smith, Mohammed Seisay, and Tharold Simon all have experience in the Pete Carroll system – a rookie CB will never see the field in any significant way, which is why it’s worthless to draft them early. If they can’t run Pete’s “step-kick” system, they can’t get time on the field.

                      You want your 1st to 4th round guys to help you win ASAP. A CB wouldn’t help the team in that way because he has to learn how to play like how Pete wants.

              • KingRajesh

                Honestly, I’m not sure if Coleman makes it to 56.

                In every recent community mock draft (like the one on /r/nfl_draft that has each team with its own war room with multiple people debating picks), Coleman gets snapped up in the late 40s-early 50s.

                • Volume12

                  You play to the strength of the class. And it’s loaded with athletic/hybrid CBs that fit Seattle’s style.

                  I think Seattle takes one earlier than usual or not at all. Meaning, look for 3-4 UDFAs all built the same and pick one.

                  Farmer is a PS guy still, Shead inconsistenr but getting better, Lane oft-injured and a deal they can get of easily, Simin oft-injured, SJB and Seisay are what?

            • matt

              “Not a huge fan of this EDGE class either…And I like the guys we have. Clark, Bennett, Avril, Marsh, Clemons, developmental guys in Robinson and Shirley.” Vol12

              Agreed. I know you’ve said in the past that the 2017 EDGE class could be loaded. We have a nice hedge in Clemons to wait until next year to draft a big time EDGE player.

              • Volume12

                It is loaded. Freaky type guys too. Just to name a few…

                Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall, Mizzou’s Charles Harris, BC’s Harold Landry, Ole Miss’ Marquis Haynes, Stanford’s Peter Kalambayi, ‘Bama’s Tim Williams, Tennesse’s Derek Barnett, Auburn’s Carl Lawson, L’ville’s De’Vonte Fields and Trevon Young. LSU and USC each have a guy but their name escapes me.

                However, the more I think about it, the more appealing Kaufusi becomes. His play style is similar to a Michael Bennetts, but he’s built like a young Tony McDaniel.

                Went back and watched him more and more. Thing that stood out to me? Kaufusi plays like a man possessed. An animal or dog let out of his cage.

                • matt

                  Watched a bit of Bama’s spring game, and Tim Williams was absolutely killing it! That’s an impressive list with a ton of talent.

                  Can absolutely see Bennett in Kaufusi’s game. I like Kaufusi quite a bit, but would like to get a player who will get a higher % of snaps in 2016. That’s just my opinion, I mean we did take Clark last year who only played 30% or so of defensive snaps. Irvin was only a 3rd down edge rusher his rookie year. Personally I’d like to see Coleman or Ifedi, but could see JS/PC taking a Kaufusi, Bullard, Butler with our first pick. Think a trade down if definitely in the cards.

                  • Volume12


                    Ifedi and Kaufusi would be a great get with our 1st two picks.

                    And I’m tellin’ ya, Miss St DT Chris Jones might be the 2nd or 3rd best interior rusher in this class.

                    I get that he’s an under-acheiver, but he’s also a former 5 star, his flashes are ‘wow’ plays, LSU’s Leonard Fournette wanted nothing to do with him, character concerns, but his personality might tilt the room for a team like Seattle.

        • Lewis

          The more I have thought about it, the more I have been thinking the same thing…that maybe they only need one O-line early (assuming they have the faith in the current guys they say they do). But a lot depends on how the draft falls. I’m not saying they wouldn’t take more than one, but that they won’t necessarily feel like they MUST.

          • Volume1

            Absolutely it depends on how the draft plays out.

            I think they go one early, one in the mid rounds (mid-late 3rd or 4th), the high upside/developmental guy in rounds 6 or 7, and of course they’ll pick one up in UDFA.

            Long story short, they need 2 O-lineman to add to the 53 man roster.

    • D-OZ

      Ruetter has Kaufusi going to Denver @31…

    • D-OZ

      Reuter has Kaufusi going to Denver @31 IMO.

      • Volume12

        Can’t see that.

        I don’t think Rob was saying Kaufusu is a 1st roundtalent, but rather, a 2nd rounder that would surprise fans if he were to be selected by Seattle in the 1st.

        He’s a late 2nd-early 3rd round type for me.

        Wouldn’t hate him in round 1, but would love him even more in round 2.

  67. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I look at the 1st 3 rounds this way….

    Which player would help the Seahawks in 2016 and beyond….

    This is why I go with Ifedi in the first. You can plug him in and he can start from day #1 at LG. Massive upgrade and possibly solidify the left side of the OL.

    The above mentioned Kaufusi could be had late 2nd round, imo. He would not be as big of immediate impact, but could project to be a solid player in 2017 and beyond.

    Round 3, which is a bit dicey, McGovern would be able to step in and prob start at RT from day #1.

    Are any of these 3 guys sexy picks, probably not, but this is a meat and potatoes draft. If they grab the right guys, they can put 5 more years onto a SB window (2021 or 22). Very important draft imo.

    • Volume12

      Starting to think that might be exactly what their 1st 3 picks look like.

      And App St DL Ronald Blair blew his pro day up! Pretty freaky actually.

    • mishima

      Agree, but see them trading down and up to secure 3 value picks to draft Clark, Bullard, McGovern. Not sure they need or can keep 9 players.

  68. nichansen01

    A while a go we were talking about Feeney as a second round selection. What is behind the consensus now that he’ll be a fifth round pick?

    • vrtkolman

      I think that’s where he belongs… I’ve watched most of his UW career. Great athlete but his football skills leave a lot to be desired. I have never seen him shed a block and some of his angles he takes to ball carriers are dreadful. Basically he’s great if he has a straight line to the ball and no one is in the way.

    • KingRajesh

      Injury concerns manifested themselves after the combine.

      • matt

        Yep. Athletically Feeney is a day 2 pick, medically he might be a UDFA. Split the difference and you’re looking at round 4-5. Multiple shoulder surgeries on a player who clearly lacks strength is not a good thing.

  69. Bill Bobaggins

    I will be thoroughly disappointed if the Hawks don’t take OL with their first pick. I’m so tired of seeing them “experiment” with their o-line. Let’s get some real offensive linemen in there that know how to play the position and can do it NOW. For God’s sake…draft Ryan Kelly, Nick Martin, Joshua Garnett, Ifedi, McGovern…and please don’t wait.

    • vrtkolman

      This is the thinking that got us Justin Britt. I hope they go OL early too, but if the talent isn’t there at their first pick, I hope they don’t force it.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        Justin Britt didn’t have a 2nd round grade on most draft boards, from what I hear. Carpenter didn’t have a 1st round grade on most draft boards, from what I hear.

        My point is that the Hawks FO seem to get too cute with their drafting of o-linemen. There will be talent at 26 that you won’t find in the later rounds.

    • matt

      I’d like to see us go OL early too. If JS truly has confidence in Webb at RT then we can afford to wait until at least #56. There are a handful of good looking options in day 2 especially for the interior OL. While I too would be disappointed if we don’t take a OL early, I fully trust JS/PC to knock this draft, as a whole, out of the park.

  70. vrtkolman

    Mel Kiper said that Leonard Floyd is almost a “lock” to go top 5. That is surprising. I don’t see him as a top 5 talent. Does anyone else? He looks like a less athletic but more skilled Bruce Irvin to me.

    • matt

      Another case of Kiper’s hair clouding his judgement. Floyd a top 5 lock?! C’mon man.

      That’s a good comparison vrtkolman. Feel the same way, and brought Floyd’s name up early in the draft process as a possible replacement for Irvin because athletically they’re very similar. For the Hawks I don’t think he’d be worth our #26 pick, but could see a 3-4 defensive team taking him top 15. Chicago would be a great fit for him at 11.

      • Steele

        Floyd is not a top 5 but he is as close to a one for one Bruce Irvin replacement as there is in this draft class.

        • matt

          Absolutely. That’s what I was trying to say…you said it better Steele.

  71. cha

    Schefter reports Bradford won’t participate in Eagle’s OTA’s and is requesting a trade.

    That was fairly predictable I suppose.

    What’s his trade value in terms of draft capital?

    • vrtkolman

      Probably not a lot, unless the Eagles eat a lot of his salary. A team like Denver would be interested though. Do the Eagles actually know what they are doing? Wentz needs a year or two to sit on the bench before he starts. They are setup perfectly with Bradford to do this. Why is he demanding a trade though? Did they tell him their new QB is starting right away?

      • matt

        If Philly got more than a 5th rounder for Bradford and his contract, I’d be surprised. It’s understandable for Bradford to be butt hurt over the situation, but he’s not in a position to be making demands. He’s an average QB with a MAJOR injury history.

        • cha

          What is funny / sad is he’s apparently upset he’s going to be unseated in time by the new QB. But in forcing a trade he’ll essentially be doing that to his new team’s current QB. But I guess as long as HE feels OK with it, then it’s OK [eye-roll].

          • matt

            Good point cha. I guess he can’t handle having to actually work for a starting spot, and a 8 figure salary isn’t enough of a reason to go to work. smh

    • GeoffU

      I can’t decide who’s the bigger fool in this, the Eagles or Bradford. Might just settle for a tie. Fool’s all around!

      • HI Hawk

        Bradford’s no fool. He’s getting paid one way or another, besides this is the first example of actual competitiveness I’ve seen from him. I like that he’s standing up for himself. I’m sure he was given assurances that he was the guy for at least this one year and then the Eagles went out and got a bridge QB (who played for the new HC and knows the system) and a top-2 pick. He knows he’s the odd man out.

  72. Fatty Acid

    Wow, Casserly has Darron Lee and Sheldon Rankins available a 26!!

    • sdcoug

      Probably due to the fact Casserly wasn’t a very good GM! Haha

    • Cysco

      pipe dream

  73. James

    Let me take a stab at pros/cons of some of the likely R1 prospects for the Seahawks, and implications for R2:
    – Germain Ifedi. Often mocked to Seattle, due to our huge need at RT/OG. Pros: prototype body, huge with quick feet, athletic enough to profile to the Seahawks; Cons: as with most college OL, fundamental flaws make it difficult to project performance.
    – Le’Raven Clark. Don’t sleep on this guy. 2/3 of analysts have him R2, but some top guys (Farrar, etc) rate him higher than Ifedi. Pros: ideal frame, ultra long arms which could be employed to ward off any and all elite DEs; Cons: even more fundamentally flawed than Ifedi, can Cable fix him?
    – Jason Spriggs. Rob has brilliantly developed the TEF metric that clearly indicates that Spriggs will be the Seahawks pick, so why are we over-thinking the obvious? Pros: another Gary Gilliam elite sparq-god, quicks to protect Russell Wilson; Cons: more a LT than a RT, needs a little more sand in the pants.
    – Ryan Kelly. A debate rages: Rob argues that the Seahawks commitment to the TEF formula only allows for a Center of the athletic abilities of a Sokoli, Connor McGovern or Mitch Morse; Holmgren and many others argue that drafting a C is more akin to a QB, and requires a special skill set with all the intangibles. Pros: a C from central casting, no sacks or penalties since the Eisenhower era; Cons: probably doesn’t have the quicks to get in the way of Aaron Donald on the expressway to Russell Wilson.
    – Vernon Butler. Given that Sheldon Rankins will not be there at #26, Butler is the only other DT who warrants a R1 pick, in my view. Pros: only 21 years old, the perfect package of grit and quicks, a 3-down DT; Cons: the Seahawks seem to be content to find a DT in FA, and is Butler too far removed from Aaron-Donald-type-talent to select him over the desperate need for an OL?
    – Robert Nkemdiche/Noah Spence. Get our your prayer beads with these guys. Nkemdiche has the talent to be the next Aaron Donald, but is 90% likely to be a character bust, with only 10% chance to be the man. Spence is the perfect Leo (save for a 4.5/40), and less a character risk than Nkemdiche, but is still high risk. The Seahawks are just a few solid players away from their next ring, and probably don’t need to roll the dice?
    – Jonathan Bullard/Chris Jones/Kenny Clark/Andrew Billings/Emmanuel Ogbah/A’Shawn Robinson/Austin Johnson/Bronson Kaufusi. Any of these guys are R1 talents at the DL, but are fairly equal in ability, and would be more likely to be the target of a trade-down into R2.
    – Maliek Collins/Hassan Ridgeway/Willie Henry/Sheldon Day/Adolphus Washington/Javon Hargrave/Carl Nassib/Kyler Fackrell. If the Seahawks go OL in R1, any one of these guys would be ideal R2 picks, and have far more talent than you see in a normal draft around #56. If John & Pete go DL in R2, it will be because this draft has a wealth of riches at that position.
    – Connor McGovern/Shon Coleman. Conversely, if the Seahawks go DL in R1, then one of these two guys would be the ideal #56 pick. McGovern is an elite TEF talent who can certainly play OG from day one, could project at C, and could even be the backup OT. Coleman is a R1 prototype RT who could fall due to health and age concerns. It is almost certain that the Seahawks go into this draft with a plan to acquire a RT, since J’Webb can hardly be envisioned as the solution there.

    • H M Abdou

      Excellent job!

    • Sea Mode

      Nice rundown, James.

      I think we are at the point where we pretty much know pretty much everything we can about these guys from an outside perspective. But what we won’t be able to predict is what the front office has repeated is the single most important thing they try to find out: what is in a man’s heart.

      Can’t wait for the draft and we will find out what they think and how they decided to approach this deep draft class.

      • James

        …I totally agree. At this stage, I think we have all done a fine job, led by Rob, of narrowing down the “Seahawky” prospects, but we have little information about the character and grit of the player, and that will be the deciding point.

  74. Josh emmett

    I’m loving the last mocks to be released on DJ has the Hawks taking Rankins at 26 because the saints take Lynch. Then Casserly has the Hawks taking Darren Lee at 26 with Rankins going 27. Oh man, having a talent like Aaron Donald, Kawan Short, Gerald McCoy, or Suh at DT for the Hawks in Sheldon Rankins would be a game changer

    • matt

      “Teams are split on Rankins. I think he’d be very disruptive in this scheme.” Jeremiah

      Can only hope this is true. DJ definitely has ties to inside info,although I’m sure that a lot of what he’s being told is smoke. If he falls to 20 gotta think JS would be working the phone with NYJ and Washington, who have both been rumored to want more picks.

      • Volume12

        Talking to Rob last night and we were saying how this is the first time in quite a few years where there was no standout explosive, absolute unique talent. There are, but nothing obvious.

        However, Rankins is THAT guy. Getting him would be like getting Lockett last year. Every other pick would just be icing in the cake.

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