Louis Riddick’s mock draft is fascinating

So this is interesting for three reasons:

— Louis Riddick is connected but not in a way that’ll have agents and teams using him to put out bad information (as we see occasionally from the big ‘news breakers’)

— Riddick highlights some of the ‘chatter’ we’re currently hearing — Tunsil might fall behind Ronnie Stanley, Cleveland goes OT (before potentially trading Joe Thomas) and Vernon Hargreaves is set for a fall

— It’s unlike any other mock draft we’ve seen so far — and yet there are no stand out bizarro picks

The ideal trade down scenario?
The Seahawks have worked out or met with Reggie Ragland, Kevin Dodd, Vernon Butler, Germain Ifedi, Jonathan Bullard, Derrick Henry and Chris Jones. All seven are still on the board when they pick at #26. By the time the first round ends — only Ragland is gone.

With two teams (Arizona & Denver) selecting quarterbacks after Seattle’s pick — the Seahawks might be able to generate interest in #26. Cleveland, Dallas and New Orleans are just three teams that might want to jump back into round one.

Likewise a team like Baltimore might be interested in grabbing a defensive playmaker.

With so many potential options still on the board, moving out of round one would make a lot of sense for the Seahawks if this scenario plays out.

It screams trade down.

What about Ryan Kelly?
If the Seahawks draft Kelly, you won’t hear any complaints from me. He’s a tough, solid, intelligent center. A lot of fans want him to be the guy at #26 and I understand why. It’s equally understandable why a national analyst like Riddick would pair Kelly with the Seahawks.

That said, I’m not at all convinced he’ll be their pick. It would be a distinct shift in philosophy compared to their previous first round picks.

The Seahawks under John Schneider and Pete Carroll have generally gone for difference making athleticism and unique traits early in the draft. You might well disagree with that approach — but there’s no disputing that’s what they’ve done.

Brock Huard did a good job breaking down Kelly on ESPN 710 while acknowledging he probably won’t be their guy (click here and fast forward to 24:37).

Huard sums it up perfectly. There is a lot to like about Kelly’s game — but is he a Seahawk? His physical profile doesn’t stand out. He doesn’t match-up with TEF. He jumped only an 8-7 in the broad.

You can ignore this if you want to — but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Based on the options available what would they do?
Certainly trading down is a distinct possibility. I think it’ll ultimately come down who is the most explosive defensive or offensive lineman available with the grit they cherish?

Of the players they worked out (Kevin Dodd, Vernon Butler, Germain Ifedi, Jonathan Bullard, Chris Jones) they all have different qualities. Butler is a tone-setter who players gravitate towards, Bullard plays with his hair on fire, Ifedi has explosive athleticism and a hulking frame, Dodd has the production and size to play inside/out while Jones has freakish size/length/athleticism but a questionable motor.

If they move down and grab any of that group — they’ll probably feel pretty satisfied.

Unless they truly believe in Ifedi or Spriggs — the percentages add up to going D-line first and taking two of McGovern, Haeg and Dahl (or Coleman?) in the second and third round range.

Any disagreements with Riddick’s mock?
If we’re going to see quarterbacks propelled into the late first — I think Cardale Jones and Christian Hackenburg — rather than Connor Cook — will get the push.

Cook isn’t just a character concern for teams. Some of his throws have to be seen to be believed. Hackenburg and Jones didn’t have Cook’s production at college — but they have much higher ceilings.

Keanu Neal will go in the first round in my opinion — and people will act shocked. He is a terrific, excellent football player. The Cardinals will probably run to the podium if he’s there at #29 — but keep an eye on Washington and Pittsburgh too.

That’s really about it. This is a very interesting mock draft that is different but makes a ton of sense across the board.


  1. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The ex-Panthers cornerback has signed a five-year, $75 million deal with Redskins, Ian Rapoport reports


    • Tien

      Wow, probably an overpay for a player that is about to turn 30 but whatever. I’m kind of glad that 49ers didn’t sign him.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Makes the Sherman deal look like a bargain now.

    • Darth12er

      He will be a cap casualty in 2 years without the Panthers front 7!!

  2. Steve Nelsen

    You knew Washington would be in charge of that division before too long as soon as they hired Scot McCloughan as their GM.

    • Rob Staton

      Exactly Steve.

      McCloughan just a great football mind.

      • Greg Haugsven

        This is good news. It weakens one of our greatest competitors

    • Trevor

      You are exactly right Steve he is one of the best player evaluators in the league. Best hire Snyder made in a long time. Hopefully he can keep the rest of his life in check. He is clearly making a Seahawks version in the NFC East.

  3. GeoffU

    Other than Rankin’s falling, looks like a perfect draft for us. Can’t see us taking Kelly at all, unless the Nowak experiment really gets under their skin. This would be ideal for a trade down, or to take a player the Seahawks really love. Really depends how they rank those remaining players and where Schnieder thinks they’ll go. Really would love to pick up an extra day 2 pick. Great draft for it.

    • Rob Staton

      The thing about the Nowak experiment that a lot of people don’t realise — Nowak was an awful athlete. Bad TEF, bad SPARQ.

      I’m not sure what they saw in him but it wasn’t athletic upside.

      If anything I think his major slump might encourage them more to focus on an explosive physical profile for the OL.

      • Will

        Kind of strange. Can we really project their ideal Center? No real Center draft picks. Pat Lewis and Lemuel don’t seem like they’re so explosive. Maybe they value intangibles at the center position? Probably don’t value the position that highly at all.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think it’s too difficult because ultimately they just drafted last year the best athlete in a generation to enter the NFL and moved him strictly to center. To me it was a sign of an absolute desire to find a terrific explosive physical profile for that position.

          I also think — and people will hate this — that the idea of intangibles and ‘knowing the position’ is overrated. Multiple teams have started rookies in recent seasons. I think like other positions it’s something that you just have to learn on the run. At the end of the day you might be facing 60 snaps against Aaron Donald. You need to find a way to fight fire with fire.

          • Madmark

            I think McGovern is a perfect center with his strength. He’s definitely a Stud Guard.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Max Unger did just fine….. he prob would be a baseline of what they are looking for… and he might just pop loose from the Saints.

          • Hughz

            Does anyone know Unger’s TEF?

            • Jeff M.

              If nfldraftscout’s numbers are right it was abysmal–they have him broad jumping 7’9″ at the combine…

            • Nolan

              They didn’t draft him, they did resign him but that makes him more akin to Webb then a draft pick, when they have nfl film they don’t care as much about measurables

              • drewjov11

                And Unger was considered a good athlete in college because of his mobility and the fact that he was always pulling and getting to the second level with ease. Broad jumping doesn’t really happen in a game. This is why I don’t really buy into this formula. It’s like, explosion is great, assuming a guy can get proper leverage and use good technique to lock on to a defender. However, good athletes who can’t seem to actually block people are pretty worthless. Draft Garnett and don’t worry about guard for ten years.

                • vrtkolman

                  Obviously it doesn’t happen in game but when someone is said to have an “explosive first step” that’s probably correlated to a high broad jump.

  4. GeoffU

    Rob, if Seattle does trade down, how far do you think Ryan Kelly will last beyond 26?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I mocked Cleveland taking him at #32 (pick #1, round 2)

      • GeoffU

        And I see Rob has him going 35 to the Chargers. If Cleveland wants a QB not of the top three, they could be a great trade partner. Could pick up #99 or #100 and still get Kelly (If that’s who Seattle wants).

    • Rob Staton

      I think he might go early second if not in round one.

      Personally I’d be more enticed by that collection of explosive D-liners available (and Ifedi).

  5. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I can’t find the article right now or I would give it proper credit, but keep this guy on the 6/7th round / UDRFA radar…. BRANDON ALLEN, QB out of Arkansas. Lacks all the measurables (height/hand size) but has been extremely productive in a pro style offense. I believe he has had 3 OC in 3 years and has been able to be productive with each change. Played behind one of the largest OL in CFB……. gosh, this sounds familiar for some reason. Ah the HC is the former coach at Wisconsin with RW…… intriguing.

    He projects as a quality NFL back-up.

    • TatupuTime

      I’ve watched a couple of his games and really liked him. Those 8.5 inch hands really hurt his cause.

      • JimQ

        IIRC, Allen was the QB during the combine that they did a piece on how he used massage & stretching exercises to actually increase his hand size from 8-5 to 8-7/8″, almost got to 9″, again IIRC. As a player, I like him a lot, seems to have some fire and maybe a little of the famous “it” factor.

    • GeoffU

      Yep. Pro style offense, 66 completion percentage, 9.9 AY/A. I’m not much of a scout, but I don’t see him being much worse than the top three guys… Stupid thing to say I know.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        His HC said he has many intangibles like a certain other QB … RW.

  6. Volume12

    The Christian Hackenberg is the only head scratcher to me.

    Love Louis Riddick. He’s one of those guys that tell us things we don’t know. Not, ‘the team that scores the most wins. Or, ya know what makes QB Phillip Rivers good? He’s a really good thrower of the football.’

    Gotta agree about Ryan Kelly. IMO he is the best C in this class, not by much (Nick Martin), but I just can’t bring myself around to jumping on the hype train.

    Really think they go D-line 1st and then OL Connor McGovern. Just a gut feeling.

    • Hawktalker

      I agree. Gonna be hard to get away from Butler if he is there. Perhaps even a little trade up for Coleman. I’d almost call the draft a success at the early stage!!!

      • Volume12

        As much as I love Kevin Dodd’s man made style, production, and versatility, he tested worse than Ryan Kelly. So I’m not sure it’s him.

        For me it’s Butler, Jones, or Bullard in a trade back as Rob pointed out 2 days ago.

        And I know Jones has his question marks, but IMO he’s a better player than Butler is.

        But, then ya got Butler’s hungry/lead dog mentality and magnetic personality.

        So, right now it’s a toss up for me.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t have any numbers for Dodd. He didn’t appear to work out at the combine or pro day.

          • Volume12

            I guess his numbers aren’t that bad.

            Tested in the 19th%.

            4.86 40, 2.84 20, 1.69 10, 4.44 SS, 7.32 3 cone, 22 BP reps, 30.5″ vert, 9.17″ broad jump.

            • Rob Staton

              According to NFL.com he had a 7.18 three cone which was faster than Noah Spence.

              Short Shuttle time is decent for 277lbs. Has the +9 broad which is good. Not bad for a guy who is only 8lbs lighter than Jonathan Bullard.

              • Volume12


                For some reason I thought they were worse than that.

                Looking at the 3sigma chart it’s easy to get guy’s numbers mixed up.

                • Rob Staton

                  First two words in his NFL.com profile:

                  “Relentless competitor”

                  Not a special athlete if they see him as a pure edge — if they think he can do inside and out (in particular inside on third down) his profile is a lot more impressive.

                  • Volume12

                    I like that.

                    His get-off doesn’t bother me either, because he can win so late in his pass rush, which is what guys coming out of college struggle with as you know. How do they counter-act their bull or speed rush being stalled?
                    Dodd is a technician man. And Pauline said he did the LB drills at his pro day and was apparently impressive.

                    PC could do some cool things with this guy. Not that he’d make his bones droppung off into

                    Came from a military academy, mature beyond his years, said to be a fantastic teammate.

                    And that production. Oh my gawd!

                    • Rob Staton

                      His hand technique is exceptional. Some of the best I’ve seen.

                      Just wish he had a couple of years doing it. Always fearful of a one-year wonder. But his length and size is intriguing, especially if they think he can dip inside.

                      Weird thing is — I think Bullard will offer almost nothing as a pass rusher playing DE in the NFL but he will play stout in base and could be effective inside. Dodd for me could cause teams problems off the edge but he might be overwhelmed inside. The difference is — we don’t know about Dodd because he never really did it at Clemson. He might actually be really good as a nickel interior guy.

                • Volume12

                  All good points.

                  He might just be scratching the surface though too.

                  I think they have to see him as someone that could disrupt inside, because like you said, he’s not an overly explosive edge player.

                  He is a bit of an enigma, but man his skill set, size, and length (34″ arms caught my eye too) are so tantalizing.

                  We know PC hates his guys to be labeled. Could be another ‘athlete with a passion for the trenches,’ as Frank Clark said.

        • C-Dog

          I’m with you, Volume 12, on that order. I’d go Vernon Butler all day every day, then probably lean towards Chris Jones right behind him. There is something pretty genuinely intriguing about what Jones’ ceiling might become, but with Butler, you’d never question his desire and want to. For me, that tips the scale, but I’d be pretty stoked about either becoming a Hawk.

    • Ukhawk

      Didn’t Hawks meet with Lawson too? Hearing he is favoured to Dodd given better measurables and current health.

      Been reading Spende is falling, also that he injured a hamstring in senior bowl which resulted in a 4.8/1.62. He improved on this time on his pro day. Just saying he may be a sleeper TEF stud.

      Point is I’m wondering if either Spence or Lawson fall, would they be a potential pick at 26?

      • vrtkolman

        I’d be good with either, probably more excited about Spence. I don’t think there is an edge rusher that matches him in this draft.

    • vrtkolman

      Hackenberg is a “legacy first round pick” I think, kinda like Hargreaves. Analysts were all over Hackenberg his freshman season, calling him the next superstar QB. He has been nothing but horrible since.

  7. Josh emmett

    Besides Justin Britt who was drafted out of pure need a few years back at the end of the second round, the highest pick used on an oliner is pick 130 of last years draft on Terry Poole. That’s the second to the last pick in the 4th round. I really believe that there has been a philosophy shift in how the Hawks take olinmen. Yes the oline is not the best group in the league but they are young and cheap and that gives the Hawks a huge advantage that a lot of teams don’t have. Now I know a lot of people will say they were so bad last year especially in the playoffs and against the Rams. That’s because of Aaron Donald and Kawan short not the oline. Those guys are monsters. I honestly don’t see them going oline early and often like everyone thinks and just because they take 3 point plus TEF scorers doesn’t mean they the top scorers like spriggs and McGovern. They picked Poole before Glowinski who has a higher Sparq and TEF score then Mcovern or damn near close. They usually take guys in the 6th and 7th rounds for the oline in all honesty. I would love to see them splurge and take Ifedy in the first round but I think the oline picks will come later. They are a defensive run first team

    • Volume12

      They always draft for need early. Always.

      What are the 2 bigget needs? D-line and O-line.

      Had KC not sniped and shocked Seattle last year, Mitch Morse woulda been our 2nd round pick.

      They can still take an O-lineman in the 6th or 7th. What’s stopping them from doing that?

      • Josh emmett

        I’m just saying that they will maybe take one oliner in the first 4 round not Ifedy, McGovern, and Dahl in the first 4 rounds like quite a few people think. You think they take Morse over Clark if he was there last year? I think they still would of gone with Clark. I believe they will take a few oline prospects in the later rounds for sure like they always do, cheers!

        • Rob Staton

          Nobody has suggested three early pick O-liners to my knowledge.

    • Rob Staton

      I can see you missed our posts on TEF Josh.

      Here’s why they took Justin Britt where they did: https://seahawksdraftblog.com/how-tef-helps-explain-the-justin-britt-pick-in-2014

      Here’s a breakdown of what they did last year on the O-line and why: https://seahawksdraftblog.com/tef-follow-up-2015-class-thoughts-on-the-center-position

      It’s not a case of deliberately waiting until the later rounds and just taking ‘athletes’ and neither was Britt a reach ‘because they had to’. It’s a much more calculated thought process, emphasising an overall explosive physical profile.

      When they took Britt he was the last TEF qualifier available until Garrett Scott in round six, who they also drafted. Not a coincidence. When they took Poole, Glow and Sokoli they were three of the five overall TEF qualifiers left available to them in the entire draft (starting with their pick in R2). The two they didn’t take went in round seven when they’d already addressed the need. Again, not a coincidence.

      The Seahawks know what they want, who qualifies and they go for their guys — whether it’s round one, round two or the later rounds.

      You’re focusing too much on trying to argue why they won’t draft Connor McGovern (multiple posts in the last 24 hours — and I don’t really understand why you are so opposed to the idea).

      • Josh emmett

        Not opposed to McGovern being drafted by the Hawks at all just not in the second round like everybody thinks or the 3rd. They had the best offense in the league the second half of the season and all I’m saying is from their patterns of drafting olinmen since cable arrived they don’t attack that group early in the draft. You don’t think they overdrafted Britt? I see maybe one olinemen in the first 4 rounds is all. I see them adding players that can get their hands on the ball early in the draft. It’s all about the ball right? Just shooting the breeze and enjoy having the discussion rob, thanks for all your hard work!

    • Josh emmett

      Players drafted since Tom Cable arrived. Not talking Okung or Bigg Carp

      • Nolan

        But that’s not fair because future drafts were effected by having Okung and carp in the fold that’s two out of three line positions filled plus they had unger so 3 out of five. The fact is the next time they had a hole to fill in the line they addressed it in the 2nd round

        • Josh emmett

          They have their left tackle in Gilliam and paid Webb at RT so they have 2 out of 3 of their tackle positions filled(LT, RT, and LG) just like they did with Carp and Okung. They picked up Sowell because he has experience starting at LT in case Gilliam has Nowak-like start to playing LT. Carroll and Schneider said they haven’t got the line right quite yet and they have addressed it in the offseason. They have Lewis, Gilliam, and Britt returning from the starters. I think they have learned from last year not tinker with the group too much. I think they feel that Glow played last year in a division game and did well enough for them to feel comfortable with him starting which makes the RT the only real big change for them which they are used to having BIgg Carp, Giacomini, Britt, and Gilliam manning the right tackle with 2012-2013 the only time there wasn’t a switch. I would not be surprised if they take 3 oliners in the first 4 rounds like most think. It would be a bold move to make the weakest group on the team a strength but they just haven’t put that much draft capital in that group and I think it’s by design. They always address needs in the draft but I wonder if the need on the oline is great enough to change how they have been doing things for the most part the last couple years. I’m rooting for this oline this year: Gilliam/Ifedy/Sokoli/Glowinski/Webb. I hope they release the Kraken like Dave Wyman likes to call Sokoli, haha, it would be rad to see a huge improvement and get to see him against Aaron Donald a bit in week 2 to see where he is at, cheers!

  8. GerryG

    I agree with Spence going somewhere around there, wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one other edge guy go in the first too, teams will over draft for edge and QB. Hoping this mind set will allow us to trade back about 10-12 slots. I want to trade back and get an extra pick, but only if it’s top 10 rd 2

    • Hawktalker

      The Titans could be a good trade partner as they could provide the pick numbers we’d want.

      • Wall UP

        Good eye Hawk. I’ve got Tennessee dipping back into Rd1 using LA’s 2nd(43) & their 3rd(64) for 26. It is a bit generous on Tennessee’s part. But, with what may be there @ 26, that may entice such a move.

        Why would the Hawks trade dn to 43 when there’s an abundance of options @ 26? There are 200 on their board in this deep draft, and they’ve been known to take calculated risk. With this year’s deep draft I see no change in their approach in acquiring talent.

        Taking risk is part of the ways to maintain a high level of talent when others fear the consequences of failure. This is a great draft to take a few risks. These are a few risk with a high reward that the Hawks may take:

        43. Robert Nkimdechi DT – Should be hungry to prove everyone wrong for not taking him in Rd1.
        56. Shon Coleman – Meds have not allowed him test his true abilities. He also has a chip on his shoulder.
        76. Jaylon Smith – The next risk with the greatest ceiling. Perfect time to take this risk.
        90. Connor McGovern – No risk here. He’ll fit well @ C/G.
        97. Tyler Ervin – OW that will cause the LBs nightmares, and Bevel to do cartwheels.
        124. Devon Cajuste – WR/HB/TE that will also play ST. DB & Sherman will welcome another Stanford Grad.
        171. Matt Judon – DE that mirror Bennett having the same measurables that’s strong enough to go inside.
        215. Micheal Pierce – DT that’s the surprise pick of the draft. 6-0 326, 9-7 BJ, 4.98 40, 1.69 10yd split, 28RPs
        225. Joel Heath – DE/DT/(OL)?
        247. Torian White – OT/OG versatility lineman with upside. May not be an UDFA if not picked.

        • Ukhawk

          Loving the first 6!

          • troy

            That would be Saweeeeet!

          • Hawktalker

            Good stuff, nice post.

            Also, I have a hard time getting a WR out of my mind that there is some evidence ran a 4.10 40. Also, has some serious shake and bake and a pain to catch in the open field. I know, also risky draft and may be a little overkill, but I’d much rather have other defenses try to catch him as our guy than us trying to catch him as theirs . . . Jakeem Grant

        • vrtkolman

          Way too risky with Nkem and Jaylon Smith, I like the ballsy picks though!

  9. AndrewP

    My only disagreement in the “two of the McGovern/Haeg/Dahl combo”. I think they grab one of those three, and someone they can envision possibly playing LT at some point if Gilliam doesn’t work out.

    • Volume12

      Haeg is an OT in a ZBS at the next level for me.

      Not a guard. Lacks the functional strength, and bubble.

      Can he play there in a pinch? Sure, but I don’t think it’s his natural position.

      • AndrewP

        I guess when I envision their OL draft, I see:

        1- Would be a ‘Stud LG/Good RT/Adequate LT’ type
        1- ‘We’re pretty damn sure this is a good interior lineman’ type
        1- ‘Athletic as hell’ convert type

        • Volume12

          And that’s a completely fair vision to have.

          McGovern checks that middle one off, a guy like W. Kentucky’s George Fant checks off the last one.

          They might take a LG/RT type that doesn’t match the TEF.

          As PC keeps saying, ‘there’s always exceptions.’

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            36″ long armed exceptions 😉

          • Kenny Sloth

            Oof I want Ifedi sooo bad. What a huge huge, long, strong, smart dude.

            Hahaha but only if it’s in the second frame.
            That guy wants to be a first rounder soo bad, it might fuel his fire all year if he falls and kills the TAMU 1st rounder streak

            • Kenny Sloth

              Okay I won’t say anything else about Ifedi until the draft lmao

              Except he’s good friends with Patrick Lewis, still

          • Ukhawk

            You nailed it with Fant. TEF freak

  10. Seahawcrates

    I’d love this scenario if it would yield a 4th or 5th rounder with a trade back. Still get your guy and take an extra shot at a WR or RB or athletic profile DB in an area where the value is right.

  11. Colin

    Would love Kelly but it would go well against the grain for them to select him.

    Rob, what would you think of a Chris Jones selection? I don’t think he has the SPARQ or TEF numbers of a Vernon Butler, but man. The film of the guy is pretty intriguing.

    And if Nkemdiche is there at 26…. boy. THAT would be a hard pass.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Chris Jones looks great in pads. He looks like an elite defensive lineman. His tape has some flashes but there’s also a lot of ‘meh’ too. The biggest question I have is his heart, hunger, desire, grit. All things that matter in Seattle. You see things written about him like ‘underachiever’ and suggestions he thinks he knows everything already. That bothers me and it’s the only info we’ve got. I’ve not heard anyone dismiss that. The Seahawks might have an inside track on him but he’s not really the kind of guy they’ve bet on early. If they move down into round two? Could be much more likely.

      2. Nkemdiche is a total, total, total non-starter IMO. I think teams will run an absolute mile. He might not go in R2.

      • Colin

        I’m now mentally preparing myself for them to trade down. Feels inevitable, almost.

      • mwstretch

        I disagree with you on Nkemdiche. He was an All American and SPARQed through the roof, and can be a 3 down DT. As for the character/personality issues, after reading the ESPN piece this week (http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/15159447/should-teams-worry-robert-nkemdic-nfl-future) I can see him being misunderstood for the same reasons Michael Bennett ended up not getting drafted.
        I don’t see the Hawks taking him at 26, but if they trade down, I could see them taking him in the 30’s.
        I will add that his line coach is Chris Kiffin (son of Monty, brother of Lane), so the Hawks have the right information on him (and it might be different from what I just said – they may agree with you, and I’m OK with that).

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t recall Michael Bennett having a drugs problem he won’t admit, a record of violence or his photograph plastered all over the internet smoking a bong: http://a.fssta.com/content/dam/fsdigital/fscom/ncaa-fb/images/2014/10/13/OKStKs/nkemdiche%20bong.png

          Why do you think that ESPN article even exists? It’s because his agent has contacted them with an opportunity. ‘Hey! You wanna go bowling with Robert and see what a great guy he is?’

          C’mon man.

          The guy has serious, serious, SERIOUS issues. He has a major bad influence of an older brother who might just happen to catch the first flight to the city that drafts him and how are you going to stop that happening? This isn’t just a guy that had one bad mistake in college (that somehow ended up with him jumping out of a window and nearly killing himself…). This is a track record of nightmarish activity.

          If he’s on Seattle’s board — I’ll be stunned. Teams are going to run an absolute mile from this guy. See what happens this week.

          • mwstretch

            Bennett comparison – Bennett’s said more than once that he felt he wasn’t drafted because he has a “different mindset than most players, and coaches didn’t like it.” When that was brought up in the espn article, that the system isn’t geared for certain personalities, it made me think of Bennett (Also, forget Nkemdiche for a second, it was a GREAT article for that, just pointing out flaws in the NFL combine system).
            As for defending Nkemdiche, I won’t. You may be right, or he may be a kid with bad press. I really don’t know. But I am comfortable that whatever the Hawks information on him is, its from one of their more trusted connections.

            • Rob Staton

              But here’s the thing — if the only issue with Nkemdiche was that he has “a different mindset than most players” then it’d be no issue at all. That’s not the problem. The problem is the history of violence, drugs, bad influences and just a cocktail of all the things that have teams running a mile.

              This isn’t a bad press. He has very serious issues. And that’s why a guy with a top-five physical profile might still be available in round three and will simply be ripped off several boards including, potentially, Seattle’s.

              The window thing, BTW, was described as such by Tony Pauline during a podcast with Ross Tucker:

              “Lot of off the field issues that could really push him out of the first round. You look at him physically and you see a guy that should really be a top-15 pick… The fall out of the window is just the tip of the iceberg from what I’m hearing. There are some significant off the field issues and maybe they’ll make their way to the press but it’s definitely going to hurt his draft stock.”

              • mwstretch

                Bruce Irvin was a hs drop out with burglary and drug (and jail) in his past. Just last year, Frank Clark had a well documented incident that got him kicked off of Michigan just months before the draft.
                With Clark, Schneider said to ignore the bad press, this is a good kid, they did their homework.
                Tell me what Chris Kiffin told Carroll and Schneider, and I’ll tell you whether the Hawks are going to run, or if he’s on their board, and where.
                Also, an hour of Prince? Why must you make an entire bar so melancholy?

    • Volume12

      Better numbers than Butler on everything but the vert and broad jump. Lacks the lower body explosion, but might have more upside.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I could see the Hawks possibly taking him at 56 but no way at 26. To much guaranteed dollars.

        • C-Dog

          I can see the Hawks taking him at 26, if they were satisfied with what went on during his visit, though.

    • Hawk406

      The thing I think the Hawks front office is smarter and more metric focused than others. Sure some great players don’t grade out well but I’m a firm believer they would rather take his that score well athletically than a good college player.

      Since PCJS took over they have seldom drafted for need and even then those players were still ranked highly in athletism metrics and pure athletic ability. I can’t see them taking anything other than game changer athletes or trading down round 1.

  12. James

    I will continue to argue that you basically have to throw out the sparq/tef metrics when judging QBs and Cs. You would have to be insane to pick a QB based on his sparq score, and similarly lacking in lucidity to judge a C by his sparq/tef.

    Let’s ignore the Sokoli factor, for if he does turn out to be an elite Center, with his athleticism it would turn the NFL

    • James

      …upside down, and we know Pete would love to do that, but the factors of leadership and the intangible elements to the Center position just lie outside the athletic metrics. Kelly has to be judged on those same intangibles and leadership traits that apply to the success or failure of a QB.

      If Sokoli has those elements, too, then he will be a home run, but there is no way to measure them except wins and losses. Kelly has that in spades.

      • Rob Staton

        Intangibles and leadership don’t block Aaron Donald.


        • Eran-Ungar

          Aaron Donald is not a problem. he plays on defense.

          If you can keep the RAMS offense on the bench all game long, you’ll do just fine against Donald.

        • Josh emmett


    • Rob Staton

      Let’s ignore the Sokoli factor — the only center they’ve ever drafted.

      Why would we do that?

      You can have the greatest line caller on the field and that won’t be any use to you when he’s flat on his back because his explosive profile is considerably weaker than the guy lined up right in front of him.

      There’s a reason why the Seahawks moved Sokoli strictly to center. And I think it’d be foolish to ignore that move because it offers the only recent insight into what this team is trying to find at C.

      • Colin

        Rumors floating out he might be moving to guard.

        • Rob Staton

          I think those rumours are just based on one photo of the guys doing some snaps in LA and he lined up at guard. If anything that might be more down to the fact Justin Britt wasn’t there because his wife was giving birth and they needed a guard.

          Carroll only said in his end of season press conference that they would be keeping him at C.

          I’d happily see what he has at guard — but PC has been quite adamant on this one every time he’s been asked about it.

          • Seahawcrates

            In training camp, he was the first of the many experiments to replace Bailey at left guard. Obviously much earlier than Pete’s end of season presser, but I will be very interested in camp reports this year and the possibility of wiggle in that vision. Really hoping Sokoli is a gem they are confident about and that allows them to limit the draft to two offensive linemen.

          • Jarhead

            Yeah Sokoli is going to get a good hard look at C and I for one can’t wait. I don’t get why people want to be so skeptical when they haven’t seen him play in a year. There was one photo where he was at G when half the OL weren’t even there to practice. I am very excited to see what Soke can do.

            • Josh emmett

              Release the Kraken!! Haha, I’m pumped to see his progress as well! Love the way the Hawks take a guy and say you fit this athletic profile for our professional football team so we are going to draft you then change you to a postion you have little to no experience playing and turn you into a starter in a league full of athletic freaks. Pretty ballsy, love it!

      • Madmark

        That’s why you draft a McGovern and convert him to be center. Strength in the middle. That’s of course soko can’t take the job.

        • Rob Staton

          Great thing about McGovern is he can play all three positions. You only dress seven on game day.

          You could look at him at guard or center in camp. Ditto Joe Dahl.

          • Hawk406

            I think the Hawks are after good depth. Guys that can play more than one spot in the line. That’s why I like McGovern, Benenoch, Dahl, Semalo (the C from Oregon St.) and I’m sure there are others. Same for D-line. When they won it all in 2013 they basically played 4 “DEs” on the d-line.

          • HawkFan907

            I agree as well. It is also the same reason they should pick Ifedi over Spriggs. Ifedi is a better candidate to play inside or outside. I really hope they end up with McGovern. I hope they learned from not grabbing Morse last year.

      • icb12

        The most explosive guy on the field won’t do much for you at center…. if he can’t play center.

        But he will look great blocking Aaron Donald while the ball sails over Wilsons head…

        Sure you can teach somebody. But a big part of being good at anything is experience. That’s just life.

        • Saxon

          Nah. You just need athleticism. Take a big fast guy playing hockey, throw him in at center, and watch The Cable Guy develop him into a Hall of Famer. Experience is overrated, just like Malcolm Gladwell proved in Outliers.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He’s literally said ‘I can make a garbage man a pro bowler’

            While probably not true, he sure believes it.

            • DC

              No wonder we don’t have any pro bowlers on the O line.

              Better take a closer look at some of these guys resumes. We love your film, TEF score and grit so only one more question, do you have any experience in the field of sanitation?

              • Josh emmett

                They don’t have any Probowlers because most of the Probowlers are great pass blockers and that’s what is considered Probowl qualities now IMO. The Seahawks covet run blocking and don’t care about pass blocking as much by design. It’s kind of like with KJ Wright who will never get a Probowl nod unless he causes like 10 forced fumbles or get 7 picks because guys like Justin Houston are linebackers too but have 20 sacks. They are one of the top 5 units run blocking IMO every year and I think that’s what they like but yes they don’t have any Probowlers. Haha, hopefully Rawls runs for 1800 and maybe one will get a Probowl

            • Volume12

              TC never said that, but he beleives it.

              The godfather of the modern day ZBS, Alex Gibbs said that.

              He won 2 SBs with Denver and was a part of that dominant USC stretch with PC.

              • Sea Mode

                Plus, you gotta stay cheap at some position groups if you’re gonna load up on elite guys elsewhere.

                • Steve Nelsen

                  This is a big point that doesn’t get talked about often enough. With 22 starters and a salary cap, you can’t afford pro-bowlers, or even mid-range veteran contracts, at every position. If you are fortunate enough to find pro-bowlers like Seattle has, you need starters at other positions on inexpensive contracts.

                  Seattle’s championship formula emphasizes defense, rushing first and an efficient explosive passing game. The zone-blocking system that Seattle uses is perfect for getting rushing production withou pro-bowl blockers as long as you have the right back. Thomas Rawls is the right back.

                  I do think there is room for improvement in pass-blocking and a need for increased athleticism at the interior positions to match up with the top-tier defensive tackles. McGovern is the one offensive lineman that I want the most in this draft because he has excellent athleticism, superior physical strength and I am confident he can learn the new techniques of the zbs. He could compete at left guard right away and potentially learn center if Sokoli doesn’t work out.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Of course it was. I thought I’d heard them both say it.

                Loved Gibbs. Is he still a consultant??

        • Rob Staton

          But you’re assuming under this premise that the most explosive guy on the field is incapable of learning the position.

          You’re asserting that only a player who has played center in college can succeed — even if they are totally inferior physically.

          And one of the main reasons you play center in college and not left tackle is, sadly, you’re a greatly inferior athlete. And that’s at the college level.

          This to me is something we need to fight as NFL fans. It’s the type of conventional wisdom and football rhetoric which a.) simply isn’t true and b.) isn’t what this team goes for.

          It is very possible to learn the center position (see: Mitch Morse) and it’s very possible to match-up dynamic defensive athletes vs capable athletic O-liners.

          You just have to be open to the idea and not keep telling yourself unless you played four years of center in college you have no chance.

          • bobbyk

            I’m going to float this one out there. I think Patrick Lewis is going to be our starting center in ’16 and Sokoli is going to take over at C in ’17.

            In the meantime, they may give Sokoli a good look at LG this year. It may make his transition better/easier for ’17 and he could very well be an upgrade at LG this year, too.

            Maybe there’s a chance they go with:

            LT Gilliam
            LG Sokoli
            C Lewis
            RG Glowinski
            RT Webb

            If that’s the case, the Seahawks could absolutely shock us by going with a RB/DL or DL/LB in the first two rounds and then grab a couple of OL in the third. Crazy idea and against what all of us think, but if they truly love Sokoli, then I wouldn’t put it past them. Crazier things have happened and I don’t see them taking an OL in the first two rounds if they love Sokoli, as they aren’t going to take someone with either of those picks who doesn’t have a good chance to start in ’16.

            • Rob Staton

              Lewis could easily be the starter in 2016 — although I think they will add some competition. That’s why I think McGovern or Dahl will be drafted. Guys who ‘can’ play center and can be tested there, but can also compete at guard or even right tackle too. Find the right combo in camp.

  13. Brando

    Hey Rob i would love to know your top 50 prospects in this years NFL draft if you have one. This won’t be based on anyone else but your opinion of the prospects or the seahawks preferences on the prospects. Thanks

    • Mark

      A 100 to watch list was uploaded yesterday(?) You can find the link on the right navigation.

  14. Hawk406

    I think the front office will still draft BPA 1st round. The reason being that the middle rounds are full of good quality depth players. They don’t really need to fill any starting roles with the exception of maybe LG, but with all the depth on the line via practice squad, and free agent pickups + Britt developing in their minds I doubt the o-line is as big of a need as we as fans project it.

    That being said I see them taking Floyd if slips, Shaq Lawson or Derek Lee. Might not be a popular opinion but wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Rob Staton

      Floyd and Lee will almost certainly go top-15.

      • Hawk406

        I agree Rob, but if they slip for whatever reason maybe a rush on o-line or QB then I can see the front office going BPA or trading down.

        • GeoffU

          I think almost every player they have graded in the top 15 they would seriously consider taking at 26, it’s just very unlikely to happen. Certainly crossing my fingers for a pass rusher to fall myself..

  15. Madmark

    Here’s my scenario. Rankins and Butler are gone. Germain Ifedi is the only other pick at 26. It could go we don’t find a trade down they’ll do it if not they take him.
    26 Germain Ifedi OL
    56 Connor McGovern OL
    90 Austin Johnson DT
    97 Tyler Ervin RB
    124 Deoidre’ Hall CB
    171 Rees Odhiambo OL
    215 Tylar Higbee TE
    225 Andy Janoviche FB
    247 Vernon Adams QB
    if a trade down great Austin Johnson sooner and use the other pick for Willie Henry.

    • Madmark

      NO one has said anything about Austin Johnson from Penn St. I want some feedback about this guy. PLease because if I can get him at 90 I think he’s a steal.

    • Hawk406

      Unless they go Butler or Bullard I bet it’s one DT late round like the kid from FSU. I see more focus on edge rushers who can kick inside, similar to 2013. I don’t think they take a QB unless Dak Prescott falls dramatically otherwise they go UDFA with someone like Boykins from TCU.

      • Volume12

        They like that QB from Gannon. Liam Nadler.

  16. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob: I’m not in the loop as much as you are, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them take Henry, the running back, if he’s still available at #26. The situation at running back is far from secure with Rawls coming back from injury. This is still a run first offense. The worst that could happen would be a Rawls / Henry tandem. I have read that the Raiders are interested in him as well, though.

    • HawkFan907

      I don’t see Henry getting past Dallas in Rd. 2. They are a potential trade partner with the Hawks as well if we move back and they would take him with the 26th pick. I think we would trade down before we draft Henry.

      • Hawktalker

        I sure hope you’re right.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’,m wondering if we are missing something.. as a collective… everyone is assuming Settle with zig (OL or DL early), but what happens if they zag (RB/WR for example) in the 1st round… talk about the blog blowing up with comments.

    • Lewis

      Not really, unless they gave up in picks rd 2 or 3 to move up to get something other than DL/OL. There are going to be good players available on day two.

    • rowdy

      I think an early RB is very plausible. They expect Rawls to ready by week 1 but they said the same about Harvin and prich at this time. If he’s not ready to by preseason he probably won’t be in game shape to start the season. Rb could be a priority for them and a position they neglected in the offseason.

    • Saxon

      The only thing that will surprise me is if they don’t surprise me. The assumption of OL/DL is bandied about like it’s a fait accompli. I’m preparing for some curve balls.

      • Lewis

        Not fait accompli, just what Rob has spent the most time on because it seems the most likely scenario both in terms of team needs and who is likely to be available at that spot. But he has also discussed other possibilities, e.g. Keanu Neal

    • GeoffU

      Thing is, even if we needed a RB/WR, none of those available at 26 seem all that worth it for me. Still seems best to trade down or take the BPA where it is: OL/DL

  18. Seattlerules

    Thoughts on:
    1. Treadwell
    2. Shon Coleman
    3 a) McGovern
    b) Deion Jones
    4 CJ Prosise

    In this scenario we get help on the O line a proper ‘big’ WR for Wilson to throw it up to and has a massive chip on his shoulder, and then Deion jones to replace Irvin? The D line depth is so good I think we could get help later on as we don’t seem to like taking D tackles too high (unless rankings is available in R1)?

  19. Hawktalker

    Yeah. I think that would suck.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Watch Chris Jones against Texas A&M.

    Especially rushing from the right C;

  21. rowdy

    Anyone know how Norman’s contract effects comp picks? Will the Panthers still get one or does he count as a cut player

    • abark

      Yes, 3rd round comp most likely.

      Amazing job with TEF and appreciate the continued analysis Mr Staton

    • Hughz

      Norman never signed the offer sheet so they will get the como pick.

      • HI Hawk

        3rd round pick for Norman – guaranteed.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Pay Norman 15M a year vs a 3rd round comp…. take the comp

  22. Darth12er

    I like Riddick, I record NFL Live every day and I enjoy when he’s on it. I can’t stand Dominik though, there’s something about that guy that irks me. I don’t see the Hawks taking Kelly. PC singled out Sokoli for C at his end of season presser. You all know that, but if they add competition for the C spot, I’d think it will be with a later pick and with a higher TEF score. For some reason I keep going back to Keanu Neal in the first. Not quite my favorite, or my first choice – stranger things have happened.

    Rob, it’s been said by others, just wanted to thank you too. The draft wouldn’t be the same without you. This site has grown into a part of my every day routine. Every post is appreciated! Now if only there was a way to turn the screen black and the words white so the light doesn’t wake my wife in bed every night haha!

    • GeoffU

      I don’t know what to make of all this Sokoli talk. This could be a make or break year for him. Pete-speak isn’t always indicative of a players future, there’s times he’ll speak high of someone and the next week they’re gone. I remember being so excited to see what Deon Baily could do after Pete’s comments and history with him, then after one game that’s it. Have to see it on the field before I have any faith in Sokoli amounting to anything.

      • Volume12

        Can’t imagine that they were too thrilled with Bailey sitting on the sideline yawning before the St, Louis game last year.

        But, the main thing was that play in the 4th quarter.

        Seattle was waiting for STL to make that throw all game long, and when they finally do, he fails down? That’s HS level stuff. If Bailey stays on his feet, game over.

        • HI Hawk

          Come on, people fall down – it happens. I think the hook was way too fast with him, but maybe they felt like they had to have the roster spot once they demoted him.

          • Volume12

            Yes people fall down.

            But when you’ve specifically trained to defend that exact throw, the kind Seattle wants you to make, and you slip and fall on turf which is built for speed umimpeded, behind the play, it’s a no no. That was a play with the game on the line.

            It just showed he didn’t have the recognition or ball skills.

            Wasn’t coincidental he was cut after that game.

      • Darth12er

        I was big on Bailey too. I thought he looked great in the preseason. I was thinking even if Kam did come back they need to find ways to keep him on the field. But then he was a complete non factor in game 1. Plus, that blown play….and I was fine with him being cut.

        I can’t imagine the Hawks not bringing in competition for center. I would be fine with Kelly. To get the best center in the draft, and to solidify that spot for the next decade would be great. I would like it even more if McGovern was picked to compete there.

      • BHarKnows

        I agree with this. As much as I’d love to see Sokoli come in and be a boss center for the next as several years, there’s zero information to suggest it’ll happen. I get that’s what Pete and everyone say they want, just doesn’t mean he’ll be able to make the transition. I hope they draft guys like McGovern or Dahl would could be used as a hedge if (or more likely when) Sokoli isn’t ready.

    • Joe

      Just invert the colors on your smartphone. It turns black into white and vice-versa. Only way I can read the net in bed.

  23. Eran-Ungar

    The Donald argument:

    Whenever we look at the desired traits for inside O-Liners, someone will be quick to point to what is needed to stop Donald. It is a good question.

    It is a question that can not be answered by Guards or Centers around the NFL. It is a similar question to how do we stop Rodgers or Brady or Watt or Gronk. It’s very hard to stop those guys from doing what they do best.

    How do we stop the LA RAMS is a very different question. Many teams in the NFL found a solution to that question (8 last year). Most of those teams found that answer on the other side of the ball by limiting the RAMS offense. In other words, if after scoring 31 points at STL, the defense was able to hold the mighty Nick Foles from driving down the field to tie that game we would have started the season 1-0.

    When someone asks you what should we do to stop Donald the correct answer is not simple. You stop Donald by getting him on the field again and again and again. You stop Donald by keeping the RAMS offense off the field.

    In other words – the solution to stopping Donald is not by drafting a Center or Guard in the first round, its by drafting Butler.

    • Volume12

      I’m going back and forth on Butler and Dodd. If Seattle trades back, I think it’ll be Bullard.

      However, I look at it like this-

      Rankins is ‘their’ guy or 1.
      Ifedi is their 1 on the O-line
      Butler is their 2
      Chris Jones is a fallback on those 2 DTs
      Bullard might be their 1 at DE/DT position.
      Dodd might be 2 at the DE/DT position.
      Or maybe Dodd is 1 and Bullard 2

      So, when I think about it, Rankins is the type of guy this D has been lacking and we can all agree (well 85-90%) that would upgrade and fill a need.

      What’s the next best thing or who comps the closest to Rankins? Gotta be DT Vernon Butler.

      At the same time, it’s so unlike this team to take a DT in the 1st and someone that isn’t a pass rusher from the interior.

      • Eran-Ungar


        I am with you regarding the DL breakdown. Butler is a reasonable consolation prize when Rankins is gone.

        Drafting a DT in the first has never happened so far. Drafting an O-Liner that wasn’t a LT in college never happened either.

        Butler looks explosive enough to be able to press the pocket on passing plays. He may not be a sack artist but he will compress the pocket and penetrate enough to prevent the easy “climb up the pocket” escape. That would leave QBs at the mercy of Avril/Bennett/Clark/Clem.

        Compared with Siliga, it would be an immediate upgrade on day one. (Butler-Siliga) is much greater than (Ifedi-Britt/Webb).

    • Sea Mode

      This is true, Eran, which is why we try to control the clock and possession with our running game. But I don’t think it would hurt to mitigate the Donald effect a bit by upgrading the interior OL either, which would at the same time help bolster our run game and allow us to keep Donald on the field even longer.

      Whether that needs to happen in the first round or not, depends. And that’s what we’re here to discuss on this blog!

      I’m kind of with Vol.12 on the fact that Seattle’s draft history points to DT later on (earliest Jordan Hill in R3), though I don’t doubt they would pull the trigger if a potentially elite penetrating DT were available. (only Rankins as I see it now)

    • vrtkolman

      I think the Donald argument is more about the future of the game. As the years go on, there are going to be more and more Aaron Donalds in the NFL without any comparable interior lineman to counter them. What happens when you have 10 teams a season with those kinds of defensive linemen? The Seahawks, like other teams, are trying to think of ways to counter this.

      • Eran-Ungar

        Very good point. I can get behind it.

        Personally, I think that the Donalds and Watts are an essential reaction to the changing rules of the game. As the rule books keep changing in favor of the passing game, it has become easier to manage without a good OL. On the other hand, every super athletic big guy is immediately directed to play defense to help counter the all mighty pocket passer. No O-Liner will get the kind of money that Suh/Oliver get.

        If those guys will become too effective against the pass, the NFL will come with a rule forcing them to line up 2 yards back or something….

        • Joe

          Eventually those guys will start playing OL when elite lineman start getting overpaid (like DL are now). It will take time but eventually the college ranks will start putting their most explosive freshman lineman on offense to counter the glut of talent on the other side. Ebbs and flows.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody said they need to stop Donald.

      I said ‘block Donald’. The point is to fight fire with fire. If you’re going to have any chance of slowing him down you won’t do it with a fiercely inferior explosive physical profile manning your interior O-line.

      • Eran-Ungar

        I understand the logic behind it Rob. I even tend to agree that so far, the Seahawks seem to be picking the road you are pointing to.

        My argument is not with you since you just represent what you think the Seahawks will do. My argument is about the logic behind what they do as it pertains to blocking Donalds.

        I have two points to make regarding that road –

        1. I am not sure that spending top draft capital to ‘block Donald’ a bit better is the best and most valuable use of that pick to win more football games.

        2. Even if the no. 1 goal is indeed to delay Donald a bit longer before he gets free (that is a more realistic goal), I am not sure that fighting a forest fire with a better lighter flame is the way to go about it. I can’t see the kind of “matching athlete” O-Liner that has enough “fire” to fight Donalds “fire” athletically. Maybe a smart consummate technician is more likely to buy that extra second than a guy who is a stud among O-Liners and still clearly inferior physically to Donald.

        To me, blocking Donalds is a not the leading “better OL” incentive.

        I believe that Cable is aiming at the ultimate Gibbs super ZBS line. Get the best athletes and physical/mental candidates while slightly ignoring their current level of play and build them into a fully functioning super fast/strong ZBS. A Gibbs line made from “garbage men” as far as their technique and level of football molded into a unit that benefits from their exceptional physical talents.

        They will not block Donald much better on his way to RW but they will run block that well that they force the whole defense to play the run on every down and allow an easy passing game.

        • Rob Staton

          Donald is just the example of a fantastic DT. It’s not about blocking one guy. It’s about blocking the increasingly freaky DT’s that are in the NFL and guess what — more are on the way (eg Sheldon Rankins).

          And that counts for run or pass. If D-liners are much more explosive than the O-liners then you aren’t going to win in either facet of the game.

  24. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of UCLA’s Caleb Benenoch as a LG/RT option or vice versa?

    I know he’s been pointed out on here before, but this dude can play.

    • Rob Staton

      Wasn’t crazy about him based on the one game I watched specifically to see him — but I’d need to do more work to be able to judge him appropriately.

    • J Boy

      What do you think about Stephane Nembot? Doesn’t quite meet the TEF requirements, but he’s a big, smart dude with tackle experience a la Ifedi, and i was impressed with his tape. I’m hoping we come out of this draft with either Nembot, Ifedi, or Coleman to compete at LG (and provide depth at tackle).

  25. Sea Mode

    Alright, guys, here’s what I’m thinking at this point. Everything I know about the prospects is thanks to Rob, all of you, and a little further reading as you will notice.

    Last year, they said they had three players they didn’t want to leave the draft without, so I’m projecting three as well this year. I’m also following Schneider’s tendency and recent hints about trading down.

    TEN gets: R1-26, R3-90 (700+140=840) + 2017 R3
    They got their big WR last year (DGB) and now want to move up for one of Fuller/Doctson/Coleman.
    They give up the picks acquired from the Rams and still have a pick at the top of R2.

    SEA gets: R2-43, R2-45 (470+450=920)
    Great positioning in the money rounds to target the players we want while also saving a bit of cap space.

    R2-43: Shon Coleman, RT/LG
    The Seahawks take advantage that he was unable to test and falls due to health concerns, but they know from the tape that he meets their athletic profile and is the definition of nasty. They said they want to become the bullies again, this is a definite step in the right direction.

    R2-45: Jonathan Bullard, DE/DT
    Insurance and eventual Michael Bennett replacement. Off the charts character and motor who just finds a way to get it done. His versatility gives the Hawks a lot of options and depth on the DL.

    R2-56: Connor McGovern, LG/C
    Has the size, top-notch athleticism, and strength to beef up the interior OL and provide competition and depth at all three spots. One of the guys they can’t leave the draft without and they don’t take a chance by waiting any longer, especially since KC picks right after them at 59…

    R3-97: Tyler Ervin, RB
    Electric offensive weapon. Provides a 3rd down/change of pace homerun option and opens up a Bevell of gadget plays in the playbook again. He’s the another one they won’t want to leave the draft without.

    WAS gets: R4-124, R7-247
    McCloughlan has said he wants 12 picks. As of now he only has 8. An extra one from an old friend for just four spots down? No problem.

    SEA gets: R4-120
    Why lose a pick for four measly spots? To jump in front of WR-needy teams ahead of us (Vikings, Bengals , and maybe Steelers) and not miss out on the other guy we don’t want to leave the draft without:

    R4-120: Devon Cajuste, WR
    SPARQy receiver with size and good hands. Excellent blocker who maximizes his targets in a run-first offense. Fits like a glove for what Seattle needs to add to the WR room after letting Chris Matthews go and losing R. Lockette. And he already looks up to Doug Baldwin from their days at Stanford.

    R5-171: Travis Feeney, OLB
    Teams will be worried about his multiple shoulder injuries, but he only actually missed one game over his last three seasons at Washington (please correct me if I’m wrong about that). He’s a team captain and has the size, elite speed, and production the Seahawks look for at the position. They pounce on the chance to get him this late.

    R6-215: James Bradberry, CB
    Well, it wouldn’t be a Seahawks draft if we didn’t take a late-round CB, right? Our depth there this year makes it a R6 pick instead of the usual R5, but we still get a guy second to only Jalen Ramsey in SLA measurements. 6006, 211, 33 3/8″ arm. He’s in 92% for size and length and 71% SPARQ.
    “Competitive, does not back down to a challenge and a good open field tackler” according to Pauline, “He has enough size to get consideration at safety and should be a special-teams asset.”
    “Deep speed is a concern” (4.5 40yd), but Earl Thomas helps mitigate this in the Seahawks scheme.

    R7-225: David Onyemata, DT
    Very raw, but tested as the #1 most explosive DT in the draft per wTEF. High upside project.
    He’s a Sheldon Rankins clone athletically. Watch what happens in TEF when we bring his 34 bench reps down to match Rankins’ 28:
    S. Rankins: 6011, 299, 33.4″ arm, 79.75 wing, 34.5″ vert, 9’10” broad, 28 bench. (TEF 3.45, wTEF 103.24)
    Onyemata: 6032, 300, 32.5″ arm, 82.50 wing, 33.0″ vert, 9’11” broad, 28 bench* (TEF 3.44, wTEF 103.22)
    *Adjusted as noted above.

    Priority UDFA
    Darius Jackson, RB: Top SPARQ RB in the draft. Competition for C. Michael and Rawls.

    Lene Maiava, G: Has the size and likely the athleticism. We don’t have results of his personal pro day, which was held later since he was still recovering from a minor knee injury, so no TEF score yet. But he was a VMAC official visitor, so the Hawks certainly know. Could be a very nice stash at G.
    “Fires off the snap into blocks, explosive at the point and plays through the whistle”, says Pauline. I’ll take it.

    • AUSTIN

      Would love this draft. Nice work

    • BHarKnows

      I would lose my mind if we got all that talent! Dare to dream.

      • Lewis

        Can we just print that and call it done?

        • Landhawk

          This looks like a great projection…I think I’d take that draft right now!

    • SoTac

      Awesome work SeaMode. I really like this draft. You performed a lot of magic. Any chance you could wave your wand and find a way to get Kyler Fackrell? That feels like the only missing piece, a replacement/competition for the Bruce Irvin role.

      • SoTac

        Scratch that, I just realized T. Feeney is in the mix. You can put your wand away. Save the magic for the games.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I can;t say this is a bad scenario…. grab some impact players and most likely 5-6 make the roster.
      There is another RB rated higher now, Daryl Virgies

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      This outcome would be insane. You can be GM for this draft haha.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      That’s two potential first round talents (Bullard, Coleman) and three second rounders if Feeney rises to his potential and overcomes his injury concerns. Wow!

  26. C-Dog

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    97: R3P34

    124: R4P26

    171: R5P32

    215: R6P40

    225: R7P4

    247: R7P26

    Going back to Vernon Butler on this one. Seattle showed interest in him at the Senior Bowl, took him out to dinner that night before his pro day, and flew him out to Seattle for a visit. If he lasts to 26, I think he’s probably Seattle’s pick.

    After going DL with the first pick, I think Seattle could go on an offensive spending spree for a while. McGovern becomes a great candidate at 56 to play center or guard. Haeg adds depth at tackle. Ervin and Cajuste add two offensive weapons.

    Then back on the defense with Feeney available at 171, who might be available b/c of injury concerns. Then Weatherly adding more edge rush competition.

    Burns adds more corner depth, but is drafted to take some of the return load off of Lockett as he works more into the offense in his second year. Vitale is a pass catching FB and H-back.

    • Nolan

      Sign me up get all my favs and butler is a good first round pick

  27. Ukhawk

    Interesting take on taking a lower round DT Onyemata and comparing him to Rankins


    • Coleslaw

      I wouldn’t mind letting him get a roster spot to develop. In the end of the article he talks about Michael Pierce, that guy is a monster! I posted about him once in here but he just pancakes anybody in his way. He’s just hulkish.

      • Kenny Sloth

        30 1/2 inch arms

        • Sea Mode

          Kenny, I’ve got 32.5″ arms. Where are you getting your info on him?

          David Onyemata Pro Day Results: Arm Length: 32 1/2″, Wing Span: 82 1/2″ Hand Width: 10 3/8″ Ht: 6.032 Wt: 300 lbs Bench Press: 33 reps
          — gary lawless (@garylawless) March 14, 2016

          Mayock even says 33.5
          “He looks like you draw them up. Just a big, long guy with 33 1/2-inch arms. He was born in Nigeria and played ball in Manitoba. He’s only been playing football for five years. As about five different coaches told me at the East-West game, he’s about as raw as can be. But he’s intriguing.”

          • Sea Mode

            That 33.5 looks like it comes from the Shrine Game:

            And here’s a tweet from his Pro Day. Look at the 2nd picture:

            I think we can be pretty sure he’s not a T-rex.

          • J

            Pierce has 30.5 arms

            • Sea Mode

              Ahhh, thanks. He was referring to Pierce.

          • J

            Onyemata had 33.5 at the Shrine Game. Lost an inch at his pro day.

            • Sea Mode

              That must have hurt…

              Just kidding, but it does make me curious how they measure. From the shoulder, armpit?

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                Socket (armpit) to wrist I believe…..

        • Trevor

          Not sure where the 30.5 inch arm number is coming from Oneymata was measured at 33.5 at the Shrine and 34″ at the CFL combine.

  28. Coleslaw

    I hope we draft Vernon Butler, I’m convinced a beefed up D line like 2013 will get us back to the superbowl. If they’ve identified players they want in later rounds they could be more inclined to give up a third to move up for their guy in the second. Like last year, I think they go after their guys hard.

  29. Sea Mode

    Interesting article by Danny Kelly over at SB Nation:

  30. AUSTIN

    Fackrell is a guy who I think is in play for Seattle in round 1 or in a trade down. Hes not Irvin but can cover and is great off the edge. Fits what they want to do. Am I crazy?

    • H M Abdou

      I’d like for them to draft Fackrell, but not early round 2 and certainly not round 1. Way too early. If they miss out on him because they wait too long, there are other comparable players who can be had later than round 2.

  31. Sea Mode

    Well, on paper he’s a Frank Clark athletic copy…

    Frank Clark….: 6030, 271, 34.4″ arm, 1.59 10yd, 4.05 SS, 7.08 3-cone, 38.5 vert, 9.83 broad, 19 bench
    Skyler Suggs: 6023, 268, 35.5″ arm, 1.55 10yd, 4.17 SS, 7.06 3-cone, 34.6 vert, 10.0 broad, 8 bench

    Missed Sr. year at Lindenwood with torn MCL. “Highlights” from his Jr. year. Well, at least he’s quick…

    Ogbah is the best comp. otherwise, although his SS (4.5) and 3-cone (7.26) come nowhere close.

  32. Cameron

    The highly respected and well connected Bob McGinn has produced an in depth report on the top OL prospects in this draft. It’s definitely worth a read.


    • Sea Mode

      Great read, thanks for posting. Interesting take from different scouts on a lot of guys we have talked about.

      A couple things that caught my eye about our TEF qualifiers in case anyone doesn’t have time to go through the article:

      – Ifedi has smarts (Wonderlic of 27). Ranked as #5 Tackle. Two scouts see him better at Guard.

      – Spriggs is #6 Tackle and his lack of nastiness stands out from two different scouts. “He’s not a knock you in the dirt guy, but if you’re at left tackle you can play that way. He’s the most athletic. If you can determine he’s aggressive enough then you’ve got a left tackle.”
      “I never see him finish blocks. Never see him climb somebody and knock him down. I don’t want him.”

      – Ranks Whitehair as his #2 Guard, praising his technique and solidity. Then has McGovern at #8 and quotes a scout as saying he is “very similar to Whitehair. Technically sound.” Technique we like in Whitehair with the athleticism Whitehair lacks, sign me up for some of that.

      – Thuney is #7 Guard and has highest Wonderlic (39) of the O-linemen. Scout: “He’s been underweight his whole career and has played all over the line out of need.” If this is true, then he might be able to add weight from his current 305 and come closer to Seattle’s ideal at LG.

      • Cameron

        Yeah the notes on McGovern and Thuney piqued my interest as well. It doesn’t look like McGovern is getting that late pre-draft buzz that Mitch Morse got. I’m more and more convinced he’ll last into the 3rd round or beyond.

        Thuney’s only knock at this point is his 32″ arms, but he can play all over (Cable likes that) and has the requisite athleticism (+3.00 TEF). He’ll be one I’m watching.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Forgot abt the wonderlic ahaha

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        “I never see him finish blocks. Never see him climb somebody and knock him down. I don’t want him.” ~ Tom Cable 🙂

  33. Sea Mode

    Here’s the list of EDGE/OLB guys over 245lbs (Bruce Irvin’s weight) with 10yd splits of 1.59 or less (Frank Clark). Any LBs smaller than this I figure are redundant since we already have Combine King KPL.

    I have made a couple sleight exceptions if they were special elsewhere, as noted in parenthesis.
    Only 14 in total. 9 without the exceptions.

    Combine participants are in bold. Unfortunately I have no arm length for non-combine participants. If you find it for any let me know.

    Adam Brandt 1.51 (6.94 TC @ 6040, 245)
    Skyler Suggs 1.55
    Emmanuel Ogbah 1.58
    Charles Tapper 1.59
    Tyrone Holmes 1.59
    Stephen Weatherly 1.59

    Trevor Bates 1.57 (6.75 3-Cone @ 6010, 245)
    Aaron Wallace 1.58 (10’10” Broad @ 6023, 242)
    Jordan Jenkins 1.58
    Leonard Floyd 1.59 (@ 244lbs. ok…)
    Tyler Marcordes 1.59
    Michael Kozlakowski 1.6 (6.88 3-cone @ 6013, 248)
    Brandon Williams 1.61 (@ 6050, 256)
    Kyler Fackrell 1.61 (@ 6050, 245)

    If any of these more unknown guys have decent production and/or an interesting backstory, let us all know so we can try to find some film and see if there is anything to see. Leave no stone unturned!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Good work as usual Mode. I’ll take a look into these guys after work

      • Sea Mode

        Awesome. I also think we might give Jordan Jenkins another look. Rob, what were your thoughts on him again? Here are the numbers:

        6025, 259, 34.25″ arm, 11.25 hand, 83 3/8 wingspan (90.9% Size and Length)
        4.8 40yd/2.71 20yd/1.58 10yd, 4.32 SS, 7.39 3-cone, 38 vert, 10.25 broad, 19 bench

        Just the 40 time. Everything else is freaky.

  34. kelly smith

    I love that mock. So many options for us. Pairing Hargreaves with Sherman sounds mighty tasty. I can’t help but think Treadwell will be a hawk somehow. http://espn.go.com/blog/seattle-seahawks/post/_/id/18385/pete-carroll-makes-good-impression-on-wr-prospect-laquon-treadwell i just feel like there is something there.

  35. Elmer

    Been wondering whether Vernon Adams is a consideration as a late round QB draft pick.

    • Rob Staton


  36. Volume12

    Rob, anyway Texas Tech OL Le’Raven Clark lasts until pick 56?

    I think Seattle might be onto this guy.

    • mishima

      Agreed. If Butler isn’t there at 26, I see them trading back for Bullard or Clark.

    • Hawk406

      Wouldn’t surprise me if they went DE or BPA in round 1, Clark who has probably the highest ceiling in round 2 and then started drafting interior lineman competition/future starters in the mid rounds since a lot of solid interior o-line seem to be mocked in rounds 3-5.

      As far as him lasting I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m predicting a big rush on qb in round 1, we already know the first 2 picks will be QB. Maybe causing a few other teams to get nervous and over draft a QB. Could push several other guys down the board as well.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s possible but a lot of talk about top-40 or top-50. Bit of a TEF outlier though — didn’t hit 3.00. And is he a guard or a pure tackle?

  37. Volume12

    I’ve been trying to say that you better have more than good tape to be a Seahawk.

    How many guys are they interested in, brought into the VMAC, worked out where you watch the tape and go, ‘uhh. That’s rough.’

    I can count at least 10-12.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’ve always been of the opinion they are doing “intel” gathering on what other teams are interested in prospects… to help set their draft board for each round or get a feel if a guy will make it to be a UDRFA. Maybe I’m reading to much into it, but when the Patriots employ an ex CIA guy to “help” them, you have to wonder about the NFL cloak and dagger underworld.

    • Rob Staton

      You are 100% correct.

      They back themselves to coach guys up and shoot for greatness.

  38. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I like the idea of s light trade back for a 2nd and a 3rd pick, then a slight trade up with the 3rd round picks into low second…. get 3 bullets in the 2nd round essentially…. this “area” of the draft will have some outstanding prospects, who may outshine the 1st rounders in some cases.

  39. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Anyone know much about Daryl Virgies RB Virginia-Lynchburg

    I had never heard of the guy, but his SPARQ is 2.4 and he is 5’10 and 217.
    He is not in the top 50 RB prospects and there is very little about the guy on the internet.
    Dropped a 4.4 in a pro day and 11.3′ broad jump.


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