Browns open to trading Joe Thomas & Alex Mack?

I’m currently travelling so can’t embed the report, but Ian Rapoport says the Browns have engaged in talks about trading their star left tackle Joe Thomas and excellent center Alex Mack. There’s no suggestion that a deal is close with another team with the trade deadline on Tuesday

The Seahawks haven’t been named as an interested party either, but they’ve been as aggressive as anyone in recent years when it comes to trades. The O-line is the biggest weakness on the team. Jason La Canfora is also reporting Seattle is working hard to trade for a veteran O-liner and is willing to deal receiver Chris Matthews.

The Browns would expect a big return. Thomas is arguably the best tackle in the NFL. Mack is one of the top center’s. Either player would command a princely sum.

The Seahawks could package picks and Russell Okung plus a receiver to possibly interest the Browns. That might get you one of Thomas or Mack. Even then it’s pure rosterbation. Madden 16 would reject the offer it’s that fanciful.

Still, the Seahawks know they’re in a Championship window that won’t last forever. They’re the ultimate win-now roster with maybe 2-3 years at the very top to come. Making a deal and giving up 2016 draft stock isn’t something they’ll be concerned with it helps them win in 2015.


  1. Bryan C

    The Seahawks have $672k in cap space with $13M in dead money. I’m don’t see them working out a trade unless they somehow re-work a deal for an existing player to kick the cap hit into the future.

    • BrianH

      I believe I remember reading that they had significant cap space next year… would it be possible for them to trade for guys and then have them sign back loaded deals?

      • Bryan C

        Yes, but you still have to pay whoever you sign for the remainder of the year. The rumor of offering Chris Mathews makes no sense, but offering Kearse does make some sense. Kearse has no dead money hit and frees up about $1.2M in cap for remainder of the season that could be used to pay for new player. If the Seahawks were to make a trade say, Okung and a draft pick (or Kearse and Okung) for Joe Thomas, they would still have to clear cap space to get Thomas.

      • Bryan C

        To answer your question about 2016 cap, Seahawks have $23M in cap space next year assuming the cap rises by $7M to $150M.

  2. Rooky

    Please God make this happen to get Mack! Athletic center for Cable to help stabilize the OLine…PCJS be brave!

  3. Ed

    This topic was brought up in the last thread with “no way it would happen.” I thought why wouldn’t the Browns blow it all up.

    Okung (starting LT)
    Kam (starting S)
    Wright (starting LB)
    Matthews (possible starting WR)

    That gives the Browns an adequate LT, possible starting WR, and two defensive studs on a team needing defensive players for Thomas and Mack. Do it.

    • Colin

      You’re batshit crazy to make that trade.

      • Ed

        Why. Okung is up next year, will demand 9/10 per year and is average LT at best. Kam has not played well, but more because he wants to get paid and the Hawks can’t be willing to repeat history next year. Wright is solid, but they would still have Irvin and Wagner. Getting those two for a couple of years really extends the SB window and also allows them to go best available in the draft.

        Looks like maybe 49ers looking to part with Boone and Staley too. It’s divisional, but weirder things have happened

        • Colin

          Because you would be upgrading one position, Center, slightly upgrading LT and downgrading the defense. That does nothing for winning a championship this year. Foolish.

          • Ed

            Thomas is a huge upgrade over Okung. Probably the 1-2 LT compared to 18-20. That’s not slight. Kam has not been Kam, and may not be Kam again. Trade while high. Wright is solid, but not spectacular, keeping Irvin would leave one LB spot for a young hungry athlete.

            • Colin

              Yeah, trade your locker room leader and replace him with who exactly?

              Trade KJ and replace him with KPL. Not a downgrade at all…

              Do you not get you are MAKING THE TEAM WORSE with this trade? The offensive line will be better but the defense will now suffer. That’s not how you win a championship.

              • Ed

                Got to trade something to get something. Yes, you take 2 starters away from D, but you forget we will be adding 2 starters to the weakest part of the team. So you may go down a notch on D, but you could be gaining two-three notches on offense. Imagine keeping Wilson clean in the pocket. Imagine getting more 3 and 1 or 4th and 1. Our defense would stay off the field more.

            • Alex H

              And you’re also getting a below average run blocker in Joe Thomas. I would be willing to trade for Thomas, but I need to see the terms.

              Also, Okung is better than 18-20, even in his sub-optimal physical state. There are hardly 20 if even that many “true” left tackles in the league.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would agree with trading Okung and Kam for the reasons you stated. I Don’t think we would gain much from trading Mathews, Irvin who has played well and needs to be resigned would be a better choice then Wright.

          Collin if you got a better plan lay it out.

          • Colin

            I don’t have a better plan, but I sure as hell know trading two starters on defense to upgrade the offensive line does not make this season more likely to win a championship. This is insanity.

          • Rob Staton

            They are not trading Kam.

    • Cameron

      Yeah, no thanks

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Mack has a no trade clause, and he can void the remainder of his deal. Basically, it’s entirely up to him. Not the Browns.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Jason_OTC: Remember Alex Macks contract voids which is why it makes sense for the #browns to try to move him. Not sure I get Thomas speculation

        • Miles

          But also what would we do to relieve the cap room? We would have to trade or release someone with a high cap number too, or the the Browns would have to pay the majority of this year’s salary. I don’t know what is possible, but speculatively you could try to trade the Browns Mebane on top of picks. If trading for Mack, you would then add another $2.5m to your payroll. Which would probably require parting with another player, probably Kearse. Agghh..

    • C-Dog

      Yup, that’s crazy Madden trading. Pretty sure they aren’t willing to significantly weaken the defense to improve the O Line. Maybe if this was a Holmgren coached / Holmgren GM’d version of the Seahawks they would pitch that offer. I am going to guess that if Seattle is willing to part with the WR who is 4th or 5th on the depth chart, they aren’t looking to land the best LT and C in the league. More than likely, they are probably looking to land a C or RT who is capable of starting. Considering the pass blocking issues at RT, that’s probably the target.

    • Rob Staton

      What? You want to trade three core players?

      Are you serious???

  4. Colin

    I don’t think moving Okung + stuff to get Thomas is as useful as moving PRich or Matthews + stuff for Mack. The cap may not make that possible, however.

    • Bryan C

      That was kind of my point. I am not an NFL executive, but the Seahawks may have to seriously mortgage the future to make a trade work.

    • RealRhino2

      My thoughts exactly. Thomas PLUS Mack is one of those fantasy sports trades, where you start dreamcasting trading your spare parts for all all-star team.

      Thomas doesn’t make sense to me. He’s presumably the most expensive piece, but at an area that is probably no higher than fifth on any list of reasons why the Hawks have stumbled a bit out of the gate. Having a better LT does almost nothing to improve this team, as there would still be an open gate at LG, C, and RG, sometimes RT.

      Mack, OTOH, would represent a bigger improvement at a position of greater need. Forget Thomas, try to do the smaller deal. PRich for Mack. And the cost should be low given Mack is already getting paid big money, he’s not at a glamour position, and it sounds like he can opt out, so the club trading for him isn’t getting a whole lot of value, honestly.

      I like the idea of PRich, but not sure he does much for this team. Lockett can be a downfield threat, and I’m not sure PRich has the strength to make contested catches even as well as Kearse.

  5. CHawk Talker Eric

    Another source has named Barkevious Mingo as someone whom the Browns are shopping. And word is NEP will get him.

    And Alex Mack has a no-trade clause in his contract. He can void the remainder of his contract after this season.

    RapSheet: Joe Thomas has no guaranteed money for 2016, but a salary of $9M. Alex Mack could opt-out of his deal. Would want value if he’s gonna bolt

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    Stafford has a cannon for an arm, but he can’t read a defense to save himself.

    Travis Kelce is everything you want in a TE.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    And before we all get too excited, there’s this:

    fishsports: Trade Talk is fun. But: From ’06 to ’12, NFL teams combined for total of 10 deadline trades. That’s 1.42 trades per season. ‘Fun,’ tho

  8. CHawk Talker Eric

    From Jason La Canfora:

    The Seahawks, one of the most aggressive trading teams in the league under dynamic general manager John Schneider, are attempting to bolster their offensive line before the deadline and are willing to move a younger depth receiver to do so, sources said (though not rookie Tyler Lockett).

    • Ed

      Richardson and Matthews have shown glimpses, but neither would be a huge piece in a Thomas or Mack trade.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        If SEA wants Thomas, they’ll need to pony up their R1 pick + players. But if they want Mack, CLE might give him away for much less.

        • Alex H

          Yeah, I can see Mack. Not Thomas. The upgrade for LT would only be marginal and we’re consuming more cap space when we don”t have any. Further, LT is probably the position of least worry along the OL. I’m far more concerned about the RT and LG positions.

  9. sdcoug

    Fun to imagine, but this really feels like a team that has no real intention to deal either stud. Happens all the time; float “availability” to see if another team blows their door off with an offer. As a rebuilding team, makes sense. If that king’s ransom doesn’t materialize, no harm no foul.

    Hawks will have interest, as will 30 other teams. Question is, just how much is too much to offer up

  10. JC

    I don’t see any logic in a losing team trading for Okung as a rental. Losing teams want youth and cheap club control years, if not the preferred option of draft picks. If the Seahawks were sellers, sure it may make some sense, but health minimizes Okung’s trade value and there isn’t the depth to warrant such a trade for the Hawks in a move that would further endanger #3 and the functionality of the offense.

    Depending on today’s result, the willingness to part with draft picks for o-line may change. 3-5 may mean standing pat or swapping of soon to be free agents to match needs. 4-4 and perhaps there’s more aggression.

    • bigDhawk

      Okung is tradeable as a rental because of the compensatory pick if he is not retained.

  11. Miles

    It sure is awesome to think there’s a way to get Mack or Thomas. However, if you trade Okung for Thomas, it’s not really a significant improvement to the O-Line is it? Trading a star left tackle for a slightly more valuable left tackle. I think the only way the Seahawks will do this trade is if they can move it with picks. I would seriously consider trading two firsts for Alex Mack plus a player or a third. If that’s not enough, move on. But the opportunity to get a center of Mack’s caliber is a screaming opportunity.

    • Ed

      Okung is bottom half LT (16-20), Thomas is a top 5 LT. It’s a big improvement.

      • Alex H

        Okung isn’t that bad (just go to Spotrac and look at all the LTs). Also, Thomas is a top 5 LT on a passing team, not a running team. He is a below average run blocker. Not very sure about the fit. He would be an excellent LT for a team like the Patriots, Saints, or Chargers who just air it out. Conversely, he would be a poor fit for run heavy teams like the Jets, Seahawks, Panthers, Rams, or Cowboys.

        It’s similar if we traded for Andrew Whitworth, who is perhaps the best pure pass blocking LT currently in the league, but he would be a HORRIBLE fit for us for his poor run blocking.

      • bigDhawk

        That, and Thomas has never missed a game, if I’m not mistaken. So it’s not just judging the upgrade from Okung to Thomas, but also the upgrade from an Okung replacement like Bailey to Thomas for the games Okung is inevitably out. That’s significant.

    • Colin

      Okung isn’t a star left tackle, but I see your point and agree. Upgrading one position a little bit is big if we aren’t subtracting from STARTERS on the team right now.

      Depth pieces + draft picks and I’m in.

    • Ben2

      2 firsts for Mack? A center already getting paid? PRich + our 2nd is about where I’d be at.

  12. CharlieTheUnicorn

    There is this thing called the cap, seriously doubt this would fit / make sense for both teams.

    It appears to be a “we will bundle our crap” for your probowlers. Won’t happen.
    If this were the offseason, then I could see it, since you would have time to manipulate the cap.

    • Miles

      You could make it work if you were willing to include in the trade and/or release Mebane ($5.5m) and Kearse ($2.5m), plus some picks, for Mack ($8m). That would be an even trade in cap money, by my calculations. Whether that’s enough to make a deal happen, I don’t know. Both Kearse and Mebane are in the last year of their deals. Browns could probably extend Kearse after the deal though, and maybe Mebane.

      Would anyone trade Kearse and Mebane + a first-rounder for Mack?

      • Rik

        I personally wouldn’t trade a 1st or 2nd round pick for Mack straight up. He’s got a big cap hit, and a center drafted in the 1st or 2nd round comes with a low hit and 4 years of club control. I’d rather use our draft picks and add free agents to fix the line in the off season.

        • Miles

          Yeah but also consider it’s possible you could never find a center of Mack’s caliber through the draft, in a league that is bereft of O-Line talent.

        • Wall UP

          Agreed. You can get your starting center in 3rd-4th Rd of the draft that will man that spot for maybe 10yrs. Cleveland is aware of this as well. Still have Allen as their next center at much less cost.

          • red

            It all depends how comfortable seattle is paying a center 8mil a year going foward plus he has 4 mil left this year of cap this year Kam suspension probably free up 1mil. It might make more sense to trade Jax for Wiz he makes maybe 1 or 2 mil left this year and is FA next year. Thomas is going nowhere.

      • Alex H

        That sounds like a BAD deal for us. Quality centers can typically be found in the 2nd or 3rd round and we’re going to trade a 1st round pick plus 2 more players for him?. As important as that position is for the communication along the OL, it’s typically not a position that’s highly drafted. In that sense, you can say the position is undervalued in the draft.

  13. nichansen01

    What about a trade for David Bowie…

    • nichansen01

      Hahaha Michael Bowie

      • bigDhawk

        Cleveland would love that. They steal him from us for nothing then sell him back for draft picks.

  14. WALL UP

    Out of all of the options mentioned thus far, though being an upgrade talent wise and cap disabling, a more realistic fit now and in the future could be sought elsewhere. You would have to give up too much to acquire Thomas and Mack, much less Thomas alone.

    It may have been brought up before, but Osemele does pose a potential fit now & in the future for the OL @ (2) positions LG & RT. He played both for the Ravens:

    • Started all 14 games he played at LG (missed two games with a knee injury) in 2014 for an offense that established franchise single-season records in yards (5,838) and points scored (409)…Helped QB Joe Flacco establish career highs in passing yards (3,986) and TD passes (27), completing 62.1% of his passes (344 of 554) for a 91.0 QB rating
    • Part of an O-line that allowed just 19 sacks (second fewest in NFL) in 2014

    2012: (16/16, 4/4) Started all 16 games at RT as a rookie and helped the Ravens score the second-most points (398) in franchise history (409 in 2014) and gain the third-most total yards (5,640) in team history, including a then-career-high 3,817 passing yards by QB Joe Flacco and 1,143 yards and 9 TDs rushing by RB Ray Rice.

    Osemele can provide an option @ both of our most vulnerable spots on the line without giving away the farm. And he’s 26yrs old. You keep Okung @ a more cap friendly cost. This would be only if they were able to reach a agreement on a new contract & he has his Achilles checked out.

    Perhaps a better LG than RT. He could play LG & Britt can go back to RT. They did go to the SB with him there.

    • Trevor

      Why do you think Baltimore is going to just let him walk?

      • Wall UP

        I’m with you. Browns may pull this off and get a good look at both Thomas and Mack.

        Regarding Osemele, the main reason is that this is his contract year and Yanda just got his new money. One of the pitfalls of assembling a good OL is that you can’t keep everyone. With Monroe, Yanda and Osemele above a 6mil cap hit, it would be challenging to keep all of them, besides Urschel is ready to take over. It’s similar to Irving. Wright and Wagner make it unlikely that Irving can get his as a Hawk.

        Both not being able to paid well provide comp picks for both teams. However, Osemele’s comp pick may be 5-6 range. So, a 5th & WR for Osemele could happen. They do need WRs.

        So much for help from Cleveland.

        • Trevor

          Cleveland really is a joke. At least we still have them on the schedule.

          I just looked at some clips of Osemele as I did not know much about him and he looks good I have to admit. He was effective in Kubiaks ZBS so he would definitely be a good fit depending on the $ he demanded.

          Maybe with the Ravens being out of the playoffs we could get him for the WR and a 5th as you mentioned and plug him in at LG or RT.

          Makes sense if we want to make a push this year and can’t make a deal for Mack or Thomas.

          Nice idea!

          • Wall UP

            Thanks. I guess it doesn’t matter if JS & Ozzie don’t agree. Both strong FOs. It’s a win win for both teams.

  15. Trevor

    On a positive note Arizona looks like they are falling into the old standby trap for west coast teams going east and playing the early game. If they fall to Cle that is huge for us.

    • Rik

      Cleveland is having their way with the Cards. Go browns! Until they play us, of course.

      • Rik

        I take it back. Brown’s defense is sucking in the second half. Too bad.

        • Trevor

          Typical Browns man can you imagine being a fan for that team. We panic when our team has a couple of bad games. The Browns have had a bad decade.

  16. Trevor

    Looked at the Cap #s and you could make trade for Mack work if you were willing to move Mebane and Kearse + a pick. I think it would be a great move but Mack would have to want to do it as he has an opt out and no trade clause.

    Then in the off season I would love to see us trade Kam to the Browns for Thomas. Then use our 1st pick on Coleman at RT and our second on a guy like Sua Cravens to replace Kam.

    Can you imagine a line in 2016 with Joe Thomas at LT, Mack at Center and Shawn Coleman at RT. I think I could play RG or LG with those 3.

    • cha

      Hard to imagine the Browns not wanting to trade talented pieces for younger players and stockpiling picks. If you’re getting rid of two of your best players, you’re not playing for 2015 or 2016. 30 year old Mebane will not have much value in 2017 to this team.

      They already have a good SS in Donte Whitner.

      Kearse could be had next year in FA for a reasonable price so unless you want to trade for 4 months of exclusive negotiating rights on a #2 at best WR that doesn’t make sense.

      • Trevor

        Yeah I forgot about Witner so they would definitely not be interested in Kam. I was thinking about when they lost their safety to the Broncos and forgot they replaced him with Witner.

        Mebane would just be a throw in to make the cap # fit for this year. They would really be trading Mack for the draft pick as he is likely not going to play for them next year anyways so they may as well get something for him.

  17. Trevor

    Man oh Man Todd Gurley looks good no great. He is the best looking back to come out since AP.

    The Rams have stolen our formula of great defense and run game. It worries me because their defense is as good as ours and I think they now have the best back in the division as well. I know Nick Foles is just average but the Rams scare me far more than the Cards this year and definitely going forward.

    • bigDhawk

      With over a decade of top-10 picks it’s almost impossible for the Rams not to close the talent gap at some point.

  18. Trevor

    I had a bad case of insomnia last night so I watched as much tape as I could find on Center prospects this draft.

    The guy who stood out at as ideal clone almost of Max Unger and perfect center for our ZBS scheme was Max Tuerk out of USC. He is injured and if he falls would be a great 3rd round pick IMO.

    If his knee checks out and we could get Tuerk and at DT like Grossis out of G-Tech in the 3rd with our pick and the comp pick for Max that would be dream scenario as I love both players and they are both a need IMO.

    • Wall UP

      At 6-6 290 he could do well in College @ C. In the Pros LT/RT may be his best position with added weight, about 15lbs. His versatility is a great asset to an OL group. Could be an alternative if Coleman & Hawkins are not available.

      • Alex H

        Centers typically are light compared to the rest of the line. He just needs to bulk up slightly more and he’ll be fine. Centers need to communicate and know where and when to ask for help. Don’t forget who was the center of the Dallas O-Line during the Jimmy Johnson years- Mark Stepnoski. I’m not sure if that guy is even 280 while the rest of the O Line were all over 320 lbs and the dude still made the 1990s NFL All Decade Team.

        • WALL UP

          ‘We come a long way Bebe’. The lineman are much bigger and faster then in the 90’s. At 6-6 leverage can be challenged by a 6-1 325 DT coming at you. Den, GB and NE have Centers @ 6-2 to 6-4 300-315lbs.

          It also helps Wilson’s vision with a shorter center. Lewis 6-1 and Nowak 6-3. Playing LT/RT will also save his knees that are already taking a beating.

  19. Wall UP

    Jack Allen MSU @ 4th Rd. If picked he could start the next 10yrs.

    • WALL UP

      In case you haven’t read, this article gives a overview of what Allen will give the OL group. Don’t worry about the height. Focus on the heart. He leaves it all on the field.

    • Trevor

      Allen was my 2nd favorite guy watching the tape. Really gritty and tough guy. Not nearly as athletic as Tuerk but he would be a good fall back option and if you got him in the 4th it would be a great pick. I hope they use the 3rd round comp pick on a Center.

  20. Trevor

    If Bailey plays well today I hope they move him back to LG or RT and Lem starts playing C. They would not be as athletic an OL but i think they would be much more sound in pass pro.

    With Okung out this is the worst I have felt about our OL. I am truly worried about Russ with the Dallas pass rush.

    If we can win this game and come out healthy our playoff hopes are definitely in tact.

    • cha

      Today would be a golden opportunity for Bailey to win back the confidence of the coaches & front office after a bad offseason, camp, and those cryptic tweets about not wanting to be in Seattle.

      • Alex H

        He didn’t give up a sack, but he consistently yielded pressure (sometimes in less than 2 seconds). Hardy ate him for lunch. It basically confirms what I thought of him. He’s really good at mirroring defenders, but his feet is too slow to keep up with his mind. Against the slow power edge rushers, he is fine, but he struggles against the people who can fly off the edge. Run blocking wise, he’s at best average and a definite downgrade from Okung.

  21. Nathan


    Just call me ‘the insider’ from now on.

    • Trevor


      • Nathan

        I floated the idea of trading for Joe Thomas in the Thursday notes thread.

        48 hours later it’s a story.

        • Rob Staton

          Is it a story though? I mean, the report says they’re open to talking. Which might mean they’re willing to deal him. Or it might mean they’re looking for two first round picks and therefore won’t happen. Alex Mack, who can void his deal after the season and be a free agent, appears to be a more viable target.

  22. CHawk Talker Eric

    Terrible review-reversal of that fumble. Just atrocious. It was clear in real time (hence the call on the field), and even clearer in slo-mo.

    Just awful.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a catch-fumble.

      But for some reason, if there’s even the slightest possible doubt — they err on the side of caution.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Had to be the very slightest then.

        At least this defensive series was much more Seahawky 🙂

  23. Forrest

    Lockette went limp…this doesn’t look good…

    • KD

      Very, very worrying

  24. Wall UP

    That is why Bailey will not be LG. That was a typical Zblk for a LG.

    • Wall UP

      Dive blkg is not in his repertoire. He can Drive blk mirror his man, but not Dive blk his man.

  25. Forrest

    I am very upset with that interception…

    • Alex H

      A failed cut block by Bailey partially contributed to that. The other half is Hardy simply making an amazing play.

  26. Forrest

    Two more good offensive drives with points for the Hawks, and this game is done…but we all know that won’t happen…

  27. Wall UP

    That’s the player I thought would be a Hawk. They had him in for a look and should have bit on. The DV scared them off. Clark & Irving was too much I guess.

    • Forrest

      Yeah he’s good…just to risky to pick up…

  28. Ed

    I’m sorry, but whether the Hawks win or lose, Bevell has to go. To have 10 points on so many 3 and outs and terrible 3rd down efficiency, he has got to go. He can’t adjust to the game, he has no ingenuity etc……

  29. WALL UP

    He was my 6th Rd comp pick 178

  30. Wall UP

    Did you hear Aikman groan? Home announcer I guess.

  31. Forrest

    Son of a biscuit, I hate these nail biter finishes!!!

  32. Wall UP

    They should take it home! All the way.

  33. Forrest

    A TD would be preferable here…

  34. Wall UP


  35. Forrest


  36. Wall UP

    A win is a win is a win no matter how ugly.

  37. Forrest

    My heart…

  38. Wall UP

    That was ugly but good!

  39. Forrest

    This bye week is gonna be huge…they need to go back to the offensive playbook and do some major revisions…

  40. Wall UP

    NO SACKS!! I guess they’re improving. Give them a little more time to gel and they’ll be fine. Not great, but they’ll get the job done. Cable will get it going right with good play calls to protect Wilson. Bevell is adjusting as well.

    • Trevor

      Have to give them props. It was not pretty but the OL got the job done.

  41. Trevor

    I know he never got the cut block on Hardy for the Int but I thought Bailey played pretty well all things considered. The did a better job all around getting the ball out and chipping with Backs and TEs

  42. Trevor

    Sherm traveled today and basically shut out Dez. He stepped up and did a great job to be sure but it is amazing what a difference Romo makes to that team. I think his critics will be much more appreciative when he comes back.

  43. Wall UP

    You’re right! He’s best @ where he is. A good backup LT/RT. He could also excel in a power scheme.

  44. Ehurd1021

    That last drive was great…. FEED THE BEAST. Should have done that all game long. The O-line played very well to me personally – no sacks allowed AT ALL in this game against a very good defense and pass rush, Russel had a very solid to good pocket all game long to step up in. The only issue I have with this game at all is the fact that we didn’t run Marshawn as much as I would have liked. To me that last drive to take the lead was perfect… we ran the ball with power, used play action for the pass and to free up Russel on the run, and got Jimmy involved as well. Even though the drive stalled, it was key and timely.

    Ugly game but I will take it. This has to feel good for both the offense and defense… both side exercised some demons – the offense took back the lead in the 4th for the first time all seasons and the defense closed out a game on the final drive.

    Now we get the buy which is gonna be crucial. We get some more guys back and we get the next 3 at home. And in response to the article… I would give a finger to get Joe Thomas or Alex Mack!

  45. Wall UP

    The D was outstanding. No TDs. QB do make the difference. Wilson was a bit off on some but did well.

  46. Wall UP

    Regarding the deadline, do nothing that will weaken the D. The OL did well. A peak @ Osemele might be the least invasive to depleting the roster and enhance its depth @ the same time.

  47. WALL UP

    Regarding Osemele. He can provide an option @ both of our most vulnerable spots on the line without giving away the farm. And he’s 26yrs old. You keep Okung @ a more cap friendly cost. This would be only if they were able to reach a agreement on a new contract & he has his Achilles checked out.

    Perhaps a better LG than RT. He could play LG & Britt can go back to RT. They did go to the SB with him there.

  48. Wall UP

    I thought center play did well on calls for protection. There was good communication from Russ as well. Osemele would be a good pickup for this yr. Next yr add your LT/RT & C from the draft and they should do well.

    As much as hate to suggest, but a straight up P-Rich for Ose could be done as well if not Kearse. Lockett has taken the #2 receiver slot and Smith will do well from the PS.

  49. Wall UP

    Another sacrifice that could be made that I hate to suggest is add Sokoli to a deal with the WR instead of Glow.

  50. Michael M.

    Wanna talk about rosterbation? What if we Traded for Thomas and held onto Okung and swung him over to the right side? Never gonna happen, but it’s fun to imagine the best LT/RT combo we’ve had since Walt retired.

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