Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Cowboys 13-12

The Seahawks had to grind their way to 4-4. That’s not such a bad thing.

It doesn’t feel like the most satisfying win. The NFL public cares about style points. Nobody is going to give the Seahawks big licks for this performance. They beat Matt Cassel by a point. That’ll be the perception.

And really, you shouldn’t care one iota.

The Seahawks can take plenty of positives out of this one. The defense did what it had to — limit the damage in the running game and shut down Cassel. Dallas had four field goals for their efforts. That’s it. The Cowboys had 220 total yards in the game. Compare that to the 460 they had against the Giants last week.

Cliff Avril continues to have a brilliant season. It won’t show up in the stat column — but what he did against a very strong Cowboys O-line deserves respect. Michael Bennett came on strong at the end and Jason Witten was a non-factor. Don’t underestimate that by the way. Seattle has struggled against tight ends mightily.

On offense they generally moved the ball. Marshawn Lynch had 71 yards but it felt like more. Jimmy Graham had a nice 75-yard game. Luke Willson was an x-factor with the only touchdown. The Seahawks didn’t give up a single sack despite having to start Alvin Bailey at left tackle.

At times the offense lacked rhythm. Yet when it mattered in the fourth quarter they secured a 17-play drive starting at their own 15 for the game winning score. Given the inability to finish games on offense this year, that drive was a huge plus point.

Overall this was a good, solid road win against a desperate team. The Seahawks are 4-4 with three home games to follow. There was a lot of pressure to win today. A defeat puts you three games behind Arizona in the NFC West and the Wild Card group would be drifting clear. They had to win today. Job done.

There’s one big issue they need to resolve during the bye week.

Third downs.

For too long now, third down conversion has been an issue for the Seahawks. For some reason, despite a lot of time, resource and attention dedicated to addressing the issue, it lingers.

A great example was a third and four in the third quarter. Seattle threw a low percentage fade to Jimmy Graham. The score was 10-9 after a long, time consuming and punishing Cowboys drive. Three-and-out. The Seahawks punted.

The Seahawks have a perfect blend of weapons for third and short. A mobile quarterback. A punishing, brilliant running back. One of the best move-tight ends in the game. Even the pass protection was good today. And yet third and manageable remains a major headache.

Seattle finished the game 4/14 on third downs. If they convert at 50% they pull away in this one. Anything more than that and it’s probably a blow out given the way the defense played.

Teams generally have stock plays on third down. It’s the bread and butter of an offense. ‘This is what we are’. On 3rd and short — you kind of know what a team is going to try and you just have to stop it.

What is the Seahawks’ best play on third and short? We can all make a suggestion, but we don’t know a definitive answer. We should know by now.

The trade deadline is on Tuesday. There’s been some talk of possible moves by the Seahawks. They play Arizona in Seattle two weeks today.


  1. Ehurd1021

    That last drive was great…. FEED THE BEAST. Should have done that all game long. The O-line played very well to me personally – no sacks allowed AT ALL in this game against a very good defense and pass rush, Russel had a very solid to good pocket all game long to step up in. The only issue I have with this game at all is the fact that we didn’t run Marshawn as much as I would have liked. To me that last drive to take the lead was perfect… we ran the ball with power, used play action for the pass and to free up Russel on the run, and got Jimmy involved as well. Even though the drive stalled, it was key and timely.

    Ugly game but I will take it. This has to feel good for both the offense and defense… both side exercised some demons – the offense took back the lead in the 4th for the first time all seasons and the defense closed out a game on the final drive.

    Now we get the buy which is gonna be crucial. We get some more guys back and we get the next 3 at home. And in response to the article… I would give a finger to get Joe Thomas or Alex Mack!

    • Michael Terry

      The offensive line didn’t play well. That’s a mirage created by the fact that Wilson hardly takes deep shots anymore. Wilson is getting the ball out faster than ever, and his stats, the ones that matter, are worse than ever. Getting the ball out fast isn’t a panacea that covers up for an inadequate line.

      2/3 of NFL champs since 1940 were in the top 3 in passer rating differential. Forcing Wilson to get the ball out quickly and not take deep shots is costing Seattle dearly.

      • Miles

        Actually the offensive line played one of its best games of the season, against a damn good pass rush.

      • TwistedChopper

        I see you’ve moved from the Hawkblogger comment section to the Seahawksdraft blog comment section. Always love having different viewpoints here.

        • Rick Darcy

          Bailey was a road grader, especially in the initial drive. He man handled Hardy who had dominated the previous 2 games for Dallas. I was surprised at Bailey’s pass rush prowess. Alvin doesn’t have a position & gets thrust into the LT role & voila, played well.

          The screen to Lynch, which was telegraphed by RW (stared at beast from the snap) and subsequent missed cut block shouldn’t have been attempted. A cutblock on a stationary athletic guy like Hardy won’t be successful. RW had no business attempting that throw.

          Bailey was so tough on Hardy that I saw Hardy & Lawrence switch end positions. The one Hardy hit on RW was when Hardy jumped the snap count and had a jump on Bailey.

          After re-watching the game in the condensed version, It was BY FAR, the best our OL played in both pass protection & road grading grades. One problem I counted was how easy it is for opposing defenses to know what play is being called & it falls on Bevel.

          I tracked (surprised no one has ever done that) and noticed that when the Hawks ran a 20-22 formation set, we’re running 95% of the time. When we have an 11 formation package, we’re passing 95% of the time. This went back to the Cincy game, where their D knew exactly what the Hawks were running.

          That is why I’m not a Bevell fan. Besides lacking any play creativity & cohesiveness, it’s simple to diagnose Hawk plays based on formations. Not Run, Run, Pass but 11 formations, 20-22 sets. That is why our Offense looks so stagnant & am shocked PC hasn’t figured this out because if he did, Bevell would no longer have a job. It’s that simple.

  2. Colin

    They have to be more creative in pass plays. Dallas sat in the hip pocket of receivers on non play action plays. They have two weeks to create wrinkles.

    But, all in all, a win!

    Dallas were clearly scared of throwing downfield on Seattle. They should have been.

    4-4. We’re in the position we want to be. We control our own destiny.

    • Rob Staton

      You know, I didn’t sense a lack of creativity in the passing game today. Execution was off on third down. But they found ways to get Graham and Willson open. That’s the creativity I want to see.

      • cha

        I thought the offensive play calling was well above average for today, particularly given the backup LT was covering their best pass rusher.

        That rollout away from Hardy to find Baldwin on the sideline was a terrific call.

        If anything, RW again started out inaccurately. If he makes a couple of those early throws it’s a different game.

      • Hoberk Unce

        They converted a 3rd and 6 at the 5:36 mark in the 4th quarter with Graham out wide running an in route behind a pick. That’s a difficult route to cover for the average DB. I’d really like to see more of Graham in the slot or out wide and Willson at TE on 3rd and short.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I felt like they stole part of the Patriots playbook in this game. Play designs were similar on a few screens.

          • Hoberk Unce

            That’s a good sign. If they’re looking around the league for plays that work (i.e. Brady to Gronkowski) and writing them into the playbook, the piece that’s missing is on field execution. That, I think, has been Rob’s point against Bevell bashing. Most times it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between 1) the play call would have worked if executed correctly and 2) the play call wouldn’t have worked if executed correctly. No reason to hang the OC when on field execution isn’t there.

      • Colin

        Problem is, weren’t those all on PA? I’ll re-watch tomorrow morning and save further judgement for later. And maybe that was by design having Bailey at LT.

        • Volume12

          I thought RW won this game for us.

      • Rick Darcy

        The Carolina Panthers are our twin brother. Rivera pounds the rock. Some play action. Some read option. A pass catching TE. Cam vs RW, Stew vs Beast, Olsen vs Graham, Brown vs Lockett. You just can’t find another team that is old school.

        When you watch the Panthers play, their Offense has some cohesiveness and some semblance of a game plan. They’ll mix in a reverse or pitch out of the read option getting the D to flow left & it’s a pitch to Brown going left. Have we ever used Lockett in that fashion. That is just one small example.

        Their whole route tree passing concept is leaps & bounds more effective & their talent at WR is no better & Olsen vs Graham should be a wash. Carolina utilizes the seams down broad street for Olsen but we rarely have Graham on any combo routes. Seam to Post, Seam to Corner, Seam, Post/Corner.

        When you compare our twin brother to us, our twin has a more advanced & cohesive game plan. Running & Passing in what is really just a simple game. Why is that? Bevell & his conservatism & vanilla formations at the incorrect area of the field. I took off the Blue & Lime green shades & didn’t like what I saw.

  3. MJ

    Great read and totally agree. This team should dominate on 3rd down. Which brings me to the topic everybody hates…

    We need to upgrade the OC in the offseason. The main reason I say this isn’t because of a play call, etc. It has to do with that this offense has ZERO flow. There’s nothing organic about it. It feels mechanical and disjointed. Every drive feels like a new experience. What will we see now?

    The team has the personnel to pick an identity and stick with it. There doesn’t seem to be any conviction with the offensive design. That’s my biggest issue. I can’t fault inconsistent execution when the play design/calls are horribly inconsistent. I want someone who will be aggressively convicted in the offensive design. Pick a style and stick to it. Until then, the offense will continue to look “weird” (for lack of a better term). I want something that flows and feels like everybody on offense knows how to approach their job. It’s just too disjointed as of right now.

    • Rob Staton

      MJ, I respect your right to voice this opinion. But please, not today. The Seahawks won a tight game. Darrell Bevell didn’t tell Greg Hardy to pull off that masterful interception. He didn’t block the field goal. The Seahawks had a 75-yard, 17-play drive to win the game where they ran, ran, ran. Jimmy Graham had 75-yards.

      It wasn’t a fluent, perfect offensive display. Far from it. But the other team has a chance to make plays too. Every time the offense doesn’t click at 100mph from minute 1-60 we don’t need to call for Bevell to be fired. Leave that to fans of other teams.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I actually thought some of the play calls were perfect for the situation. Sadly, the execution of the play was not a crisp as was required.

      • MJ

        I thought I provided a pretty rational explanation of why I think a change needs to happen AFTER the season. Guess I will refrain from now on.

        • Rob Staton

          No need to refrain. I just don’t think we need to go back to Bevell every time the offense isn’t perfect. There’s a lot to like today. I’m surprised after a tight, much needed win people instantly turn to Bevell instead of the positives.

          • MJ

            I really wasn’t trying to be negative, hence me prefacing saying “great stuff and totally agree.” I don’t want to belabor any points or be petulant, but again, something is systemically wrong on offense. Putting it all on Bevell is unfair, but I do think the “architect” has a lot of fault in the broken design. Through 8 games, I think we can now identify trends. That’s all.

            I will hold off on OC talk until the offseason. I very much appreciate your insight Rob and look forward to more great content. Cheers.

      • franks

        Did you notice on the last three downs, before the fg that should have been a td, when we ran it on first down and the defense swarmed the ball? Tackle in the backfield forces a second-and-Bevel. Why is it he never, ever, EVER calls PA on first down? But it’s a go-to on third and long, and Russell didn’t even bother selling the hand off. I don’t blame him, what’s the point? FG ensues, and Seahawk fans thank god that Romo was out.

        Every first down is a run. Every single one.

        Bevel apologists need to wake up. This offense ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH, and it’s not lacking in talent. The OL was fine today.

        • Hoberk Unce

          There’s a counter argument–why are we not running for 5+ yards per play on first down? We have Lynch and a run first oriented attack. That’s our identity–in theory. I would much rather hold the players on the field accountable for executing the play correctly. Lynch swarmed in the backfield is poor blocking and suspect protection calls. Passing on first down sounds like a good solution, but how many first down incompleted passes followed by 2nd and 10 calls do we expect the offense can handle?

          • franks

            The reason were not gaining more yards running on first down is they know we’re going to do it and they swarm the ball. If bevel ran the third down p.a. on first down, his name wouldn’t be Darryl.

        • Rob Staton

          And yet as many people want Seattle to run on first down. I mean, we can all call plays. The only plays I had an issue with today was a low percentage fade on third and manageable and the shot to Baldwin that had no chance in the fourth quarter. Two plays in a full game, not bad.

          And for those thinking the grass is greener — look at the Lions. How did their OC change play out?

          • franks

            I like running on first down too, but it isn’t effective when you do it every single time. It leads to longer yardage on the later downs and we spend entire games digging these holes and then digging out. When the defense is forcing turnovers and we get the ball with field position, we end up with fg’s. When the defense forces a punt, the offense punts back and sometimes this is a win because they’re offense now has a long field against the legion of doom. But it’s not offense that makes this a win, it’s the defense, carrying the burden when they shouldn’t have to. There’s so much more talent on offense then what we’ve been showing.

            Touche on the lions. I’d have confidence in Pete and John to get someone better though. Bevel wasn’t a bad choice for a rebuilding franchise but the offense is holding us back now and it’s full of good players. Anyone who says it did enough against the cowboys, or just about any team we’ve played this year, isn’t giving the defense it’s dues.

      • Rick Darcy

        Bevell did call for a screen on the short side of the field with a new LT going up against an Athletic DE. Even that screen looked like the Hawks have never ran an effective screen before. It was diagnosed & RW stared it down.

        If it’s not a play that we’ve practiced & executed well, why run it on the short side of the field, with a new LT who is asked to cut block Hardy?.

        Now if we set it up for RW to move to his right & faking a pass to Baldwin, who’s DB was 7 yds off of him, then o.k. This would pull Hardy down the line, even a yard, at which point, Bailey can under cut Hardy. RW then wheels around and finds Lynch open. There just wasn’t enough room on the weak side to make it work. Plus, on screens, the key is for the OL to allow the DL to move in (normally they do when we don’t want them to) so they can get out to set up a convoy of blockers (w/out a illegal man downfield)

        I’m responding to the Bevell didn’t tell Hardy to pull off the interception and until the Hawks can execute a simple screen play and yes, that is a simple play, then Bevell shouldn’t be calling one on the short weak side of the field.

    • Hawksince77

      Interesting take. It’s tough for me to question Bevell lately. Right or wrong, I have really liked the more aggressive pass offense. It hasn’t worked well, sometimes, but I would rather see the attempts and imperfect execution than the run/run/pass/punt series that were far too common not so long ago.

      Wilson hits just two more passes earlier in the game and the win looks almost dominant. I don’t know why they can’t convert more on 3rd down, particularly with only 4 or 5 yards required, but oh well. Wilson made it happen when the game was on the line.

      Defense was lights out. Offense did just enough. Awesome Seahawk win.

      • MJ

        Honestly, my rationale comes strictly down to “it doesn’t look right.” I’ve made the analogy before, but it looks like a kid learning to hit a baseball for the first time. Clunky, mechanical, unnatural. It just looks off and has looked off for quite some time.

        Here’s what I see: we have ferrari/mercedes car parts but operate like a Chevy. Most of the time, it looks like a Cruze. Sometimes, it looks like a Corvette. Perhaps the OL is just so bad that he doesn’t feel comfortable with a certain philosophy. Just disjointed.

        • franks

          Good comparison. Today I’d say “Cavalier”.

        • WALL UP

          Man, lighten up! They’ve won two in a row now, both on the road. Chill on the negativity. Enjoy the win and the time off to work on things. I can see light at the end of tunnel. I think everyone else as well, except you.

        • sdcoug

          I’m with you MJ. I agree with Rob and posters to a certain extent who claim it won’t matter if the execution isn’t there, but come on…this has been such on on-going issue with little improvement.

          Four years. Still horrendous in the red-zone and on 3rd-downs. Has it been lack of player execution for four years? First it was T-Jack so what can you expect, then well…Russ is a rookie and it takes time to learn. Then it’s Russ just doesn’t have the weapons. Now Russ has weapons and it’s a bad o-line.

          So at what point do we look a little closer at the one constant over the those four years? The guy responsible for finding a way to make our parts work. I posted it last week, and Rob alluded to something similar in his re-cap: with our style of offense (and chess pieces) we should have a lethal short game. Unstoppable plays to move the chains. Yet we struggle over and over, and instead routinely throw fade passes down the sideline on 3rd and short.

          You can jump all over me as much as you want, but as much as our players need to execute better, so does Bevell. This is his offense.

  4. C-Dog

    Credit Scott Linehan for calling a decent game for Dallas attacking the interior depth of Seattle’s D line, and mixing in short pass plays that kept them in 3rd and short.

    Surprised Bevel didn’t stay with the run more often, considering how well we did out of the power I against the 49ers, but it was great to see them get back to it in the 4th.

    Hopefully we can pull off a trade for an O Lineman. Don’t think it’s going to be Thomas or Mack, but a quality starter would be nice. Also, looks like their reported trade bait in Chris Matthews got injured late in the game.

  5. CC

    A win is a win is a win – no one cares about the score. Very happy with the way the defense played and came up big in the 4th quarter. I was also happy to see Russell make some plays in that last drive – it seems like he needed something good to happen.

    The offensive line played solidly – but also because Russell knew the rush would be coming and got the ball out very quickly. That was a good combination, and let’s hope this trend continues. It also shows that this o line can be okay, but everyone has to be on the same page – Bev, RW and the line.

    It did seem like Marshawn could have had a very big day if a few more runs were called early on.

    CMike – well, watching him dance around after he had one good play followed by a drop and a run into the pile – reminded me why he didn’t fit in as a Seahawk.

    Okay – a week to heal up. Maybe a trade for Mack or Thomas – and time to beat AZ twice!

    • Volume12

      They need another RB to take pressure off Lynch. I like ‘Lou’ Rawls and he may very well be that other guy, but right now he’s a good backup.

    • Jarhead

      No one cares about the score? Stay away from the boards at ESPN. Haha According to most AZ and Rams fans- we barely squeaked by this week against a team that we should have blown out. Oh yeah, and according to GB fans the PAck would have hung 60 points on this Cowboys team. I always say a win is a win- if you win the Super Bowl 3-0, you are the best team in the world. But I guess when a team like the Seahawks has dominated your franchise for the last couple of years- you will start to project your insecurity about your own teams ability to beat us by claiming that close wins are invalid. I just can’t wait for the next game against AZ. I think they are about to meet a buzzsaw that is just winding up

      • Volume12

        LOL. I agree. Great point about other fans reactions. Brady or Rodgers gets a win like this, and everybody says what a ‘ballsy’ performance and ‘great teams find ways to win no matter what.’

      • CC

        This season feels a bit more like Russell’s rookie season – we lost some close ones, but then all of a sudden the offense went crazy. I’m hopeful this happens from now on!

        Lots of teams peak in Sept/Oct and they usually fade and don’t make it to the SB. However, many teams who got hot in December did and won it. It seems we’re right on course.

        STL and AZ – the reports of our demise has been greatly exaggerated!

    • bigDhawk

      I care about the score because it is an indication of what can be expected against future opponents. From what I saw today this offense loses to every team left on our schedule except the 49ers.

      • Hawksince77

        Wow, someone who doesn’t understand the dynamic between an elite defense and a fair/average offense. What I am interested to see is the powerful Cardinal offense go against Seattle’s defense. That will tell.

        • franks

          Another smug bevel defender. You guys need to get off your high horse and smell the coffee. The defense won the game today, they beat both offenses. The only td we scored didn’t actually cross the plane. One of the TWO tds last week, against the NINERS, came only after a fourth down conversion and around 37 consecutive run plays. Any other defense and that woulda been a FG or t.o. on downs.

        • bigDhawk

          Wow, someone who doesn’t understand the dynamic between an elite defense and a fair/average offense.

          You will fit in better on lots of other forums around if you want to be trollish. Not here. Your statement only makes sense if Dallas is the elite defense. In no other game this season has an opposing offense failed to score less than 20 points on this ‘elite’ Dallas defense, including 30 by NE and 20 by NYG with Hardy on the field. So I don’t know what you point is here.

          • Fake Anonymous NFL Scout

            The Giants Offense only scored 13 points against the Cowboys Defense. They had a pick 6 and a 100 yard kick return TD. They also had 6 less first downs and about 40 less total yards against the Cowboys than the Seahawks did. The Patriots only managed 1 more first down than the Seahawks and about 30 more total yards, they just did a much better job scoring TDs instead of FGs.

            • Fake Anonymous NFL Scout

              I should clarify those Giants stats are for their second matchup. In their first matchup the Giants Offense managed to score 19 points against the Cowboys.

            • franks

              Do you guys not see how loopy these statements are?? Scoring REd instead of field goals is a huge deal.

              • franks

                “Scoring touchdowns instead of FGs”

          • Ed

            It’s both funny and ridiculous how people think they are right and everyone else is wrong. I don’t even think if Brady and Rogers got the win it would be thought of as gritty. If would be thought of as they struggled but snuck out a victory. The real point is, they never look that bad (although Rogers did tonight). The Hawks have struggled on O for the better part of PC era. Maybe the formula doesn’t work anymore. They got the win, great, but the offense still struggles and when they play better teams, barely beating a team with their 3rd string QB does not give me a lot of confidence

            • sdcoug

              exactly. as I posted above, it’s been four years and there’s been very little improvement in the red-zone or on 3rd downs.

            • franks

              Yeah it is. It’s like winning isn’t a function of the score.

          • Hawksince77

            You guys are funny. I was responding to the following comment:

            “From what I saw today this offense loses to every team left on our schedule except the 49ers.”

            I am not a Bevel apologist, a troll, nor was I being smug (drop dead drunk, actually). To put forward the notion that the Seahawks are unlikely to beat any other team this year and finishing 5 and 11 is comment-worthy. Could it happen? I suppose. But they are far more likely to go 7 and 1 the rest of the way and not 1 and 7.

            Anyway, troll on.

  6. Tien

    Big win that shouldn’t have been that close. Granted it was Cassell at QB but the defense played great and for the first time this season, it felt like the dominant defense of the past few seasons. Offense again was inconsistent and I agree with you about the third down problems Rob. I remember two occasions on third and five or less and we had Russell throw inaccurate long passes to well covered receivers on the sidelines. Why? When your offense has had problems sustaining drives all season, shouldn’t you be calling for short quick hitting high percentage passes to get first downs? The OL was frustrating and competent to bad at times but I guess we better just get used to that. Ugly win but we’re back at .500 and hopefully, will be refreshed with a second win for a run after our bye.

    • cha

      “I remember two occasions on third and five or less and we had Russell throw inaccurate long passes to well covered receivers on the sidelines. Why?”

      That was what RW chose to do. That may or may not have been the first read of the original play call.

      • Bjammin

        They have consistently called up longer developing downfield plays on 3rd and short to manageable. Stubbornly, even. That was the play there, again. Gotta draw up better plays on 3rd down, quicker, higher percentage.

        • RealRhino2

          They do that. Wilson misses those, too. Throw behind Graham, OB to Baldwin (?), on the ground to Kearse, etc.

  7. Volume12

    Ugly game, but a gutsy, gritty win. The defense played lights out. 2 games in a row we’ve allowed 0 TD’s.

    This game should of never been this close. It was like waiting for one more big play to break the game open, but it didn’t come. RW gives them 3 points on the INT, the McFadden fumble should’ve been our ball, we got a freakin’ FG blocked, not converting in the red zone and on 3rd. Yet, it’s still a win.

    O-line played much better. C is a huge weak spot and man did they miss Okung in the run game going left.

    Sherm was fantastic today and the player of the game IMO. What a performance.

    BTW, my thoughts and prayers go out to the ‘Rocket.’

    • cha

      The refs did not have a great game. The McFadden fumble/no catch, Willson’s butt appearing to touch before crossing the goal line and that no-penalty game reset at the end of the half were some big points of controversy.

      • Volume12

        Yup. How was the McFadden call not a fumble? If he woulda crossd the goal line making that same move, they woulda ruled it a TD.

        • cha

          Every week getting more silly that this league can’t clearly define what a catch is.

  8. Volume12

    FWIW, receiver looks to be becoming a bigger need, week by week.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Lockette got banged up and Mathews came up with some type of leg injury…… good thing we get mite might back.

      • Volume12

        Yeah I understand that part of it. But, they just seem to be missing another possession receiver. Matthews just hasn’t done it for me this year. Probably why he’s on the block.

        • cha

          What is the issue with Matthews I wonder? Has he let up since he had the game-changing play in the NFCCG and a good SB, figuring he’s got a spot locked on the roster locked? He just doesn’t appear to be doing much when he gets his chances. RW sailed a pass on him and he didn’t even make an an effort to go up and get it.

        • John_s

          Glad you’re coming to my side my man ;-).

          Just kidding. Hopefully PRich can come in and take over some of Kearse’s snaps. It will add another dimension to the offense.

          I agree with what you said earlier that Rawls is a good backup but we need a true Lynch replacement for when Lynch hangs up the cleats.

          The offense is completely different when teams have to respect the play action fake.

          I have like the fact that Graham has been running more than 5 yard outs or ins. The 3rd down catch in the 4th qtr is exactly what this team traded for him. Now they have to figure out how to get him the ball in the redzone

          • Volume12

            No it’s alright. You right about the receivers and I failed to see some of what you were seeing. We’re on point now.

            About another back. It doesn’t even have to be another Lynch, at least not yet. But, a guy that can catch passes out of the backfield and give us 10-15 for now. Ya know who’s perfect for that role? UCLA’s Paul Perkins.

            • John_s

              I’m liking Perkins more each time you mention him.

              What do you think of Kelvin Taylor?

              • John_s

                2017 is shaping to be one of the best crops of RB’s in years.

                Fournette, Royce Freeman, Samaje Perine, Dalvin Cook all will be draft eligible juniors

                • Volume12

                  Truly a class for the ages. Kelvin Taylor could be part of this group too. And keep an eye on Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon. Dude is a grown man.

              • Volume12

                Taylor has impressed me this year that’s for sure. He’s obviously just a natural, being the son of Fred, and I originally thought he needed one more year. He still might, he’s a little raw, but some of the moves he made on Saturday was NFL style stuff. I’m still forming a well-rounded opinion on him as we speak.

    • david ess

      I disagree..i think we need Oline help more so. I don’t worry about WR because we have good young guys. Oline is what we need to help with keeping RW off his ass..pardon my French haha.

      • Volume12

        Not what we’re saying at all.

        Pretty sure we’re in agreement that the O-line has to be focus of the off-season, but they are missing another solid guy. Does a WR have to be one of the first few selections? Absolutely not. But at least for me, it’s gone from a day 3 or UDFA type of priority to more of a mid-round need.

  9. Ed


    -Wilson got rid of the ball quicker and let receivers make yards
    -OL played pretty well (Britt/Sweezy really enjoy run blocking)
    -All around D played pretty well (Sherman looks like Sherman)


    -3rd down (some playcalling was perplexing)
    -Inability for Wilson to change the play (Graham was single covered outside plenty of times)
    -Not much pressure on the QB
    -Too many gashes by McFadden

    It’s a win. I hope Bevell keeps getting the ball to Graham and devises some better 3rd down plays

    • Volume12

      What was wrong with the 3rd down plays? All the ones they failed to convert on were either bad route runnning, or RW making a bad throw. That’s not executing. The plays were there to be made.

      • Ed

        What wasn’t and hasn’t been. 37% is not just bad execution. If you think it’s all execution, can’t even have any banter about it. They need to drastically improve and playcalling has a lot to do with it.

        • Volume12

          And if it’s all Bevell in your opinion, then no need for the banter. He’s not the enemy my man.

  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Honestly, this felt like a very satisfying win to me.
    *check* Held a team in check in 4th quarter.
    *check* Clamped down when you had to.
    *check* Come back and score in 4th quarter to take the lead.
    *check* Get back to 500 and head into the bye week.
    *check* RW didn’t get sacked
    *check* the overall TE game in the offense looked respectable

    • Volume12

      Nice checklist my man. One thing I think may help more than any other is RW marching down the field doing what he does best and leading us to the W. He needed that drive and it’ll hopefully/should be huge for his confidence going forward.

      We also get P-Rich, Okung, and Burley back.

      • Ehurd1021

        Don’t forget about Jeremy Lane – who I hope comes back, competes with Williams, takes his spot and kicks Williams inside. Now this might be wishful thinking everything I said past him coming back but I think Williams needs someone to push him.

  11. Ehurd1021

    I know this is off topic but seeing Colins in a Cowboy uniform pissed me off, especially with the overall O-line situation on this team. I know its random but seeing this first round talent on a already stacked O-line with multiple first rounders that simply fell into Jerry’s hands was excruciating!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      It was BS how the whole thing went down. The Cowboys should have to give up a pick for him, even if it was a 7th.

    • Trevor

      Collins is going to be a Beast and another pro bowler on the OL. I said draft day I wish he had taken a flier. Now even more so.

  12. Mark

    It’s not just a problem on third downs. It’s a problem on the consistency of the offense in general. They simply don’t have enough positive gain plays on average and it catches up to them on third down. I think the offense is the biggest limiting reactant of this team right now.

    • Rob Staton

      I disagree here. They’re in 3rd and manageable a lot. And that’s when they appear lost. If you’re getting to 3rd and 3/4 then you’re making early gains.

  13. Ehurd1021

    Rob…. Are you concerned with are pass rush at this point? Because its concerning me at this point in the seasons. We aren’t getting pressure the way we did and need to on crucial 3rd downs, in obvious passing downs and in the late stages of the game.

    I don’t know if its because we are lacking depth – at least compared to 2012, 2013 and 2014. If it is because of something we are doing schematically – which this might have to do with lack of depth or more issues you see, this is most likely the reasons we are blitzing more often. I thought the overall pass rush would pick up with Jordan coming back but it really didn’t make that much of a difference to me. We still cant flush a QB of his spot and either force him left or right and this has been constant for two years now. What is more concerning to me is that Avrill and Bennett aren’t winning their one and one match ups against good O-lines. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that both of them are seeing their minutes rise compared to the past two years. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this or if I might be off on this but it worries me.

    • Bjammin

      Bruce has had big sacks on late drives in multiple games. Cliff, Bennett doing pretty good IMO. Partly due perhaps to other’s missing like hill and nickel secondary options. Laurels will improve as burley back and ESP when lane comes back if he’s still effective.

    • cha

      Fox ran some kind of graphic during the game that said Bennett & Avril have 70-something hurries/pressures/hits/sacks in 7 games (I forget what they called them). An average of 10x a game the QB has had to adjust to the defense. That’s pretty good.

    • Hawksince77

      Funny comment in a game that the defense gave up less than 100 yards passing. The only offense Dallas had was running the ball. When Dallas had to throw (the last drive) they had no chance AT ALL.

      If Seattle gets up early in the game, and Dallas tries to throw more, you would have seen a sack-fest.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not concerned with the pass rush. Going into week 8 Michael Bennett was tied for the NFL lead in sacks. Cliff Avril has been sensational all season. And Frank Clark is starting to have an impact. Plus Bruce Irvin is collecting a few sacks too.

      • Volume12

        Marsh has been impactful plays in the run game and gotten decent pressure too. The pass rush has been excellent all season. Seattle’s pass rush scheme isn’t all about sacks. Being disruptive is just as important.

  14. Bjammin

    KJR had a really good night. Bennett made up for his bonehead penalty on the next play. Sherman lights out. Bruce came up clutch again. Avril once again excellent. Thought earl and bobby could’ve wrapped up better. Russ was clutch down the stretch. Oline was actually decent. Bevell/cable better job helping them out. Heard they were focusing on pass pro and it showed. Liked moving the pocket more. Helped with effective run game. Jimmy was solid, Willson 2 huge catches/plays, lots of 2 te sets. I thought besides the ill-advised third down fade to jimmy, good play calling overall on off. Cassel running success was more than aggravating but can see why it’s last priority vs run, des and witten. Nice to see a good te be a non-factor. Maybe biggest threat before game looking back at other games vs sea. Close game and had some weird aspects (blocked kick, hardy tip int as bailey whiffed on a cut) but both off and def closed it out. Felt in control at end despite one point lead. Nice to head in to bye on a roll. Can’t wait for Ari, rams may end up greater threat in the end. Suspect they will be, though ari may have something to say about that. They sure were crowned early as kings of NFC west, bit premature really.

    • Bjammin

      Kj wright, sorry typing on an iPad that autocorrects constantly.

  15. Forrest

    Dallas got two really lucky plays near the end (INT and blocked FG), but overall dominant performance by the Hawks. Still took about 3 years off my life though…

    The Offense still needs 3rd down fine tuning, and also limit the number of 3 and outs, but they still looked a lot better than usual. Grade: B+

    The Defense was dominant. No other way to describe it. No flashy stats, just dominant Hawk’s football. Grade: A

    ST still continues its trend of being meh, but if not for that holding call on Sherman I would have said they deserved an A. Grade: B

    Close, ugly, but dominant. The bye week is going to be a great boost right now. The Defense just needs to keep honing their skills, but the Offense still needs some tweaks, so I hope that’s what they focus on over the bye week. Arizona doesn’t look all that scary…but still, proceed with caution!

  16. Trevor

    To me that was exactly the type of win this team needed before the bye. It was actually a pretty typical Seahawks win. Ugly for sure but that is OK.

    *The defense stepped up and looked aggressive.
    *Russel looked like Russel in the 4th quarter running and making plays to drive us down for the winning score. I hope this gets his mojo back because I think th SB hurt his confidence a little.
    *OL had its best game of the year with a backup LT and switching centers mid way through the game.

    Hope the injury to Willson was not serious as I think him and Graham are going to be critical to our passing offense in the 2nd half.

    Finally I have been a huge Britt basher but I thought he had one of his better games today. Gilliam as well.

    I dfinitely feel better after that ugly win going into the Bye.

  17. DC

    Put me in the camp that the O line needs to come together THIS SEASON. We are in year 4 of the Russell Wilson rookie contract Championship Window.

    If we do not acquire any OL help at the trade deadline (I hope we do) I propose going outside the box. For whatever reason, and I’ve seen it now since his rookie preseason, Bailey is a passible LT as a pass protecter. At LG & RT he looked like a complete disaster in all phases. So with a bye week to work it in, would this be a completely insane & desperate idea? I know it is very unlikely:

    LT Bailey
    LG Britt
    C Lewis
    RG Sweezy
    RT Okung

    Gilliam moves to TE/Swing T

    I’m getting crazy here up in here.

    • Ed

      Britt/Nowak/Sweezy played pretty well. They are run guys and really get after it. Let them gel for the year. I would say play Bailey, he looked pretty good in replacing Okung.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I thought Bailey played a pretty solid game. No big whiffs that I recall.

        Perhaps OKUNG is not as good in rush blocking, than pass protection. Now the team is in a pickle, do you spend big money on him in the off season, or let him walk….

    • onrsry

      Bailey let hurries, caused that interception, couldn’t stand against Greg Hardy.Was bad i think,O-Line’s overall run blocking was awful too.

      • Ed

        And Okung doesn’t? 0 sacks and played a lot of one on one vs a top DE. Wilson should not have thrown that ball

        • onrsry

          Maybe but there were 0 sacks because of Wilson throwing so quick,that time didn’t work.Russell tried to avoid another sack with quick passing but his throw was very low,Hardy played great.

      • Rick Darcy

        I beg to differ onr. Bailey pushed Hardy around all game long & held his own in the pass rush. 1 hurry was when Hardy jumped the snap count & the screen pass should never have happened. I’m not blaming Bailey for whiffing on a cut block on a stationary athletic DE. You set the edge & drive Hardy inside. Not dive for his legs.

        Bailey looked good but I’m going more on my 2nd view but we all have different angles when watching a game. My angle said Bailey played well vs Hardy and you thought he couldn’t stand against Hardy. I just wanted to give my .02 which is worth just that.

    • bigDhawk

      I’ve been saying this about Bailey for quite a while. He is a serviceable pass protector at LT. He is worthless everywhere else on the OL.

      • Volume12

        Didn’t Nowak get pulled in the 1st half? Or was it an injury?

        • Rob Staton

          Injury. He returned.

          • Volume12

            Was wondering about that. Thanks for the clarification.

  18. Dumbquestions

    I was not so bothered by the lack of D-line pressure – Dallas has that great O-line, and I assumed it would be tough.

    Agree very much with Rob on the offensive flow. It’s so hitchy. Good opening drive, then nothing until late. The lack of run calls at certain points, especially with the need to burn clock, still bugs me.

    Also agree on third downs. It’s driving me nuts.

    Other observations:

    – Lynch on sweeps is not his best use. Screens, yes – don’t know why he’s not seeing more of them.

    – RW’s improv touch passes/lobs (usually a strength) were way off today; I think defenses are getting wise to that drill anyway, but the point guard threw some air balls.

    – Sherman was awesome. Avril was everywhere.

    – Earl, you can’t knock a running back down with your shoulder and nothing else.

    – We seem to have solved the Graham problem (except on third and short and the red zone).

    – The two-TE packages with Willson and Graham are my favorite when they work.

    – People who say the defense merely stifled a pair of crap QBs (plus Claussen earlier) are right; but here’s where a hoops analogy fits. You have to beat the lousy teams. Doesn’t matter how.

    – I like the coming Arizona matchup at home after a bye. It’s been a long time since Palmer has seen the LOB. You know what’s coming. I wish Jeremy Lane would get back.

  19. Forrest

    So, we don’t have to worry about covering Steve Smith in the Ravens game, and most likely we won’t see any of Bell in the Steelers game either (MCL). The Steelers without Bell is big, if they can’t establish a run then they’ll have to throw into LOB territory more often!!

  20. lil'stink

    A win is a win, and there were certainly some positives from this game. But our last in league red zone offense didn’t look any better this week. At this point I’m not sure who deserves the blame for it, but if there isn’t a big change for the better I think it will be our undoing.

    At least we are relatively healthy and have an easier schedule the second half of the season.

    • bigDhawk

      Baltimore went on to win SB47 after finally having enough and firing their OC late in the season.

      Just sayin’.

      • Rob Staton

        How did the Lions do yesterday after firing their OC?

        Why are people talking about this after a good win?

        • Volume12

          IMO people want to fall back on what they perceive to ‘hold us back.’ The usual suspects.

          There has to be a reason why Seattle plays the style they do. Wouldn’t be PC’s philosophy would it? Nope it’s all Bevell. Off with his head! LOL. Good grief. What’s the alternate guys?

        • mrpeapants

          probably because we see the same problems over and over. lousy red zone and 3rd down percentage. lynch not getting enough carries. bad 3rd &-5 calls. I don’t believe we should fire bevell mid season but if the o continues to struggle, then it has to be considered at seasons end. theres too much talent not to be better. with that being said, I don’t believe PC will ever fire Bevell or cable even. he likes his guys and sticks with em. go hawks

          • Rob Staton

            And people also only focus on the negatives. Against Dallas the Seahawks offense had a 75-yard, 17-play drive to win the game. There are issues, of course, highlighted with the third down struggles. But there’s been some issue for three years now. Three years in which Seattle have gone to the Super Bowl chance and now they’re fighting for a third appearance. They must be doing something right.

            • mrpeapants

              thats the point! there not getting better. theres always a reason. whether it be no big targetl, bad line, young qb, etc.. bevell has had 4 years to master his offense with a lot of the same players and i expect to have at least some of these issues fixed or better and there just not. there is no more excuses. we have the weapons. can we still win games with bevell? of course.. can we get to the third straight SB? maybe. are we gonna maximize the talent on this offense and become the true dynasty we all want? I don’t know. now again im not calling for bevells head yet. i would just like to see some improvement. a dominating performance. go hawks

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t see excuses mrpeanuts. I see positives people choose to ignore with this offense in favor of lingering on the negatives. Then using those negatives to constantly berate the offensive coordinator because, hey, who else are people going to moan about?

                This team has achieved so much that people now expect perfection. There’s a reason why Pete Carroll continues to employ Darrell Bevell and will continue to do so. And nobody trusts his judgement, after all that he’s achieved in Seattle. Which is a shame.

                • JeffC

                  This is not just seattle though. This is pretty much all NFL cities once the bar is raised and they get accustomed to winning. People want it to go on forever. Look at the yankees, the cowboys, the niners, and celtic fans. Really, the negativity here is nothing like those cities when their teams don’t meet expectations.

                  Football is like breathing air in this city, or eating breakfast. Esp when you’ve waited 37 years to get a championship and your team was associated with phrases like, “If seattle wins the super bowl, that is a sign of the times that the end of the world is at hand.”

                • WALL UP

                  The entire staff can see the flaws,PC,JS,Cable and Bev. They’ve ‘On it’ as PC would say. We should take a deep breath and ‘relax’. The next few weeks after the bye, with better C play, things will be turned around. They will improve over time. Not entirely fixed. Next yrs draft, with a balanced PPro/Zblkg selections @ OT & C, we’ll see the improvements in the OL, early in the season, that we all want the Offense to display.

                  Who knows? They may make it back to the SB again in despite the OL. Things will improve. ‘There On It, Relax’

                  I stated this last week in response to all the concern about the OL. This coaching staff are a group of professionals, highly successful I might add. Very few have had back to back SB appearances with a possibility of a third. They know what they’re doing. That includes Bevell. I think there are still a few things under their sleeves that have not been shown. Ex.Mathews @ SB.

                  I’m a new participant to this forum. It is hard to go thru all the reads of negativity, even after 2 wins in a row on the road. It makes me groan as did Aikman when Russell escaped the pocket and scrambled for that crucial 1st down in the final drive. To bad there isn’t a venue just for those whining to vent their frustrations. Then others can choose to ignore it and listen to a more constructive forum.

                  We all just need to RELAX and let the staff do their Jobs and just enjoy the ride.

                  • mrpeapants

                    I just don’t see whats wrong with wanting to improve your team. its not whining, its discussing how to make things better from our point of view. I guarantee u that if the offense gets better, shows some improvement, the DB talk will die down. but until then its a legitimate discussion. the fact the some refuse to acknowledge there is an issue is just silly. again im not calling for DBs job but I can at least understand why people feel the way they do.
                    go hawks

                  • JeffC

                    Mr Peapants I don’t see what’s wrong with it either. I read this blog because of the dissent and the ideas that spring from it. Do people seriously want this forum to become like Fieldgulls where you get 50 posts in a row that say:


                    Over and over?

                    Okay, have at it.

                • franks

                  I don’t think people are expecting perfection, Rob. They just want an offense that has some flow, scores a TD here and there and doesn’t repeatedly crumble when you need them. The record on third down and in the red zone is abysmal, and the play calls are blindingly obvious at times. Why not mix up rushes and PA on first down, why not bootleg Russell off PA on running downs with someone in the flats, why not throw screens to Marshawn when they blitz, why not run short routes when the OL struggles, why can’t we find Jimmy Graham on a simple hook, why doesn’t locket get the ball and how come ADB doesn’t put up consistent numbers? Many questions continue not to be answered.

                  • RealRhino2

                    I just think people don’t want to hear the answer; they’d prefer it be Bevell.

                    To me, the answer is Russ Wilson. He does a lot of good things, but he also has been doing things poorly. He misses open guys quite a bit. What’s blindingly obvious to me, but nobody seems to want to talk about, is how even his running is not as effective this year because he got bigger and slower. He’s been run down twice now by DEs that didn’t have an angle on him. His sack avoidance is worse because he’s not as quick or as agile. Whoever convinced him he needed to bulk up and try to add straightline speed should never work as a trainer again.

                    Russ had two chances to win the SB last year if he had just run for a first down instead of trying to pass it to covered receivers, but he made the wrong choice both times. He’s done that several times this year, as well, or has chosen to throw a low % fade rather than look to other options. He had Graham yesterday and ADB early but made bad throws (or didn’t throw the ball, which seems to be a problem for him this year).

                    We’ve done the things you suggest, sometimes with success. We’ve rolled Russ out with a guy crossing in the flat as a run/pass option. The Hardy INT was supposed to be the screen you suggest, but Bailey failed to get his man on the ground. It’s not Bevell, it’s execution.

    • JeffC

      This team misses Golden Tate and Sidney Rice. Tate may not have the size, but that 2013 seahawks NFL films disc is a Tate highlight reel for getting to the endzone. Kearse really is a third receiver. I’ve grown to like him, but he’s not a red zone guy. We need more.

      • Hoberk Unce

        I would really like to see Lockett and Richardson outside, Graham in the slot, and Willson at TE. My perspective is that there aren’t many NFL secondaries that can match up well with that line up. I could certainly be wrong. But at minimum it would bring back some of the spark we had when Tate and Rice were onboard.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          You might have seen the best secondary working last night…. Broncos can shut anyone down.

          • Hoberk Unce

            Yeah, they were playing well. Should put them in the ‘not many’ category. That said, clearly I’m just an armchair coach, but I’d rather go with Lockett/Richardson/Graham/Willson against Denver’s secondary than Kearse/Lockett/Baldwin/Graham.

  21. Old but Slow

    This game scared me, to a degree, playing in their stadium, while they are a bit desperate, and we are not playing at our best, so I am very happy with the win. As much as I appreciate Russell Wilson, I wish he would not wait to the last few minutes to play his best football. The Seahawks are a better team than the Cowboys, and we deserved this win, with better numbers all over the place, except for time of possession.

  22. mrpeapants

    you guys pretty much covered everything, but a few things I liked/disliked;
    I liked the win!!!
    disliked bevels 3rd and short bombs(pun intended) he has been doin that since day 1 and its not smart football
    I liked RW leading the team to the game winning fg
    disliked the hardy pick. say what you want but he just should’ve tossed it in the dirt
    liked the d stepping up in the fourth
    disliked how close it was considering it was cassel
    liked lynch but wish he got more touches/ disliked lynch goin OOB near the end, he knows better
    really liked what sherm did today even if it was cassel, thought he showed some fire today

    happy we won az will be a great test go hawks

    • Volume12

      The Hardy pick. That one’s on Bailey. Yoy can’t block low on a pass like that. Get up under your guy so he can’t get his arms up in the passing lane. He does that, Rawls woulda still been runnin’.

      • mrpeapants

        I agree to a point. you are right bailey whiffed that badly but hardy was right in RWs face. just dump it and live for the next play. I do have to say though that RW did a great job stopping hardy from scoring. that was huge.

      • Ed

        It wasn’t Rawls, it was Lynch and the S/LB was running over, so it wouldn’t have been that big of a play at all. Did Bailey miss, yes, but he was right in Wilson face the entire time. Bailey whiffed, Wilson should not have thrown that ball.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The play was designed to have a chop block on the DE/LB by the OT… opening up the passing lane to the RB in the flat. Missed taking Hardy down…. he made an outstanding play. End of story.

  23. Trevor

    Have to hi-light it because I have been his biggest critic. I thought Britt had his best game as a pro yesterday. I had to go back and watch the tape again because I was in shock but he was actually decent. He was still not great and did not get much movement in the run game but a definite improvement and gives me hope going into the bye. I thought the middle of our line was much better tonight and the scheme was alot better.

    • Volume12

      I also noticed his right arm didn’t seem to be bothering him as much. The first few weeks of the season that arm was holding him back. He tried to block guys with one arm, wold favor his left side, had an arm sleeve to try and help. He’s been really good these past 2 weeks or so.

  24. JeffC

    Glad to go 1-0 esp on the road. No complaints about a road win from a team perspective.

    Without having read all the comments above, some things that bug me from the game, despite the win:

    – WHy doesn’t Marshawn follow his blockers? Esp in that key last drive for the go ahead field goal, he totally bailed on his blocker and goes out wide and then gets forced out of bounds to stop the clock?

    – Why in short yardage does Marshawn always run so upright? Lower your head man and get the fricken one yard.

    – RW really lacks consistency, esp on his throws in crossing routes, Get more accurate for a 20 million dollar qb. Enough already. Don’t talk about improving. Improve.

    – I like explosive plays as much as anyone. But damn, in a close game when you need 5 yards on a 3rd down it just seems RW has too many instances where he chooses the wrong guy to throw to and tries to make the difficult play

    – Bennett, stop with the stupid penalties, my god. Key situation, and you get a fifteen yarder? Ridiculous.

  25. Ed

    Rob, I sense your frustration. I think this place is a great sounding board for everyone. You are taking the few offensive positives and shining light on them. Everyone else is taking all the offensive negatives and shining light on them. I would say we are picking on Bevell if the Hawks were constantly putting up 28 points. They are not. Was there some great things, yes. Did Wilson make some bad reads, yes. But you have to admit, 3rd down and redzone calls have to get better or the Hawks won’t be making it to the playoffs, much less the SB.

    Nice bye week to get ready for a nice run at home. We beat AZ at home, we could still be in the drivers seat.

    Go Hawks

    • JeffC

      We’re accustomed to winning now. Are we spoiled? Yes. Expectations have been raised. RW exploded on the scene and he set a high bar for himself, so we expected him to become a Rodgers level of qb, and since he’s not, his game gets picked apart. Does he deserve this? Of course. He makes 20 million a year and takes up a huge chunk of cap space. You’re not paid in the NFL for what you’ve done and any bargain you gave us, you’re paid for future expectation.

      The defense will forever be compared to the all time greats. So when they don’t play like it and give up 4th quarter leads…it’s hard to accept. Football is an emotional game and watching it is emotional.

      My own take, I’m okay with Bevel the past few games. I think the offense has bogged down because of execution and RW has NOT taken the next step and he needs to. Marshawn is still there, but the offense is RW’s. he ‘s more than a point guard qb now. Presently, this offense is not super bowl calibre. It all depends on RW, his reads, and his consistency (assuming the oline settles a bit). I think they still need a mismatch WR for the red zone, but the weapons in this offense should be enough, but it just isn’t there yet.

      Defensively, it appears that Richard is adjusting and calling a better game. I think the switch of Sherman shadowing the best WR is long overdue. McFadden gashing us didn’t bother me too much. Dallas has the best oline in the NFL and they did the same thing to us last year. If Romo played in this game, Dallas beats us, so I’m happy to get out of there with a win.

      We’re 4-4. You are your record. This idea that we “should be” 6-2 or better is laughable. Every team in the NFL could claim that “if this happens” or “we got that call” they’d be playoff bound. We’ve gone 2 wins, 2 losses, 2 wins, 2 losses and half of those wins are against backup qbs. While some see this season as setting up like last year, I’m seeing an eerie similarity to that hawk team that went 2 wins 2 losses all season long until they finished 8-8. I think it was 1988 or 89. I think in two weeks is the biggest game of the season, and it will be no cakewalk.

      If this offense is to break out of the funk, it has to come from RW.

      • cha

        Bobby Wagner did not have a great game. He missed a couple tackles which is uncharacteristic for him. He must still be dealing with that injury. If he’s his usual self, McFadden has about 20 less yards.

      • Volume12

        Is 60 yds. rushing considered ‘gashing’ an opponent?

        • JeffC

          In the first quarter, he was. Dallas was on a pace for about 150 yards rushing for the game thru the half, but Richard adjusted.

          The first half rushing yards didn’t bother me a bit considering it was Dallas’ oline blocking. But if Romo plays, 13 pts doesn’t win that game. The offense has to be better.

  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    To me, the biggest storyline from yesterday’s win is this:

    Before yesterday, SEA led the NFL in QB sacks allowed.

    For the 1st time since SB48, SEA did not allow a sack even though they were without their best OL – Okung.

    Even more, his replacement, Bailey, went toe-to-toe with one of the very best pass rush DEs in Greg Hardy, who had 3 sacks in only 2 games before playing SEA.

    Giving up sacks was SEA’s single biggest problem on offense – maybe even on both sides of the ball.

    Well done to correct that.

    • Steele

      The only reason they did not give up sacks is because Russ was running for his life on virtually every down. The o-line was beaten all day. It has not improved much if at all. In addition to no time in a pocket, Lynch was stoned on far too many attempts at runs.

      The o-line is the number one story of this season. Other problems on both sides of the ball as well, but that o-line is a mess.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Russ has been running for his life all season AND he’s been sacked multiple times in every game but yesterday – with a backup swing tackle at LT vs the Kraken.

        Give them some credit.

    • Volume12

      Thought them giving up no sacks was a huge bonus for this team and their confidence. No one wants to give Bevell any credit for helping game-plan the way this line played though.

      • Tien

        The OL is still our biggest weakness but it is improving. Unlike the first couple of games, the OL did occasionally open holes for Marshawn yesterday and we just need this effective run blocking to be more consistent. Hardy may not have sacked Russell yesterday but it wasn’t due to great blocking by Bailey, who Hardy beat easily with one quick move so many times. Russell didn’t get sack I’m guessing because the game plan was for him to get rid of the ball quickly. So I agree Volume12, Bevell’s play calling (but then on third downs, we get long developing pass plays down the sidelines when all we need is 5 yards or less…I don’t get it.) was a big part of Russell not getting sacked yesterday and also some improvement on the OL’s pass protection. If we can get the OL to steadily improve so that they’re more consistently competent when we’re in the playoffs, we’ll be a dangerous team…but that’s a big IF.

  27. Barry

    I gave the game ball to Bevel. In the second half with Wilson struggling to find a rhythm with around 5 mins left in the game he went to a hurry up offense to get Russell in a rhythm and it worked as we mounted a much needed drive down. Even though it sputtered at the end it worked. Wilson has struggled all year to maintain a consistent rhythm to his game other then in a two min offense.

  28. cha

    Did I hear right that the Hawks’ opponents defenses haven’t been flagged even ONCE this year for pass interference, holding, or illegal contact? Through 8 games?

    If true that is insane.

  29. M

    On the road. Cowboys. One of the best O-lines in football. Negative TO differential. A tough, grind it out win with Seattle reversing the script and coming from behind to win it in the last minutes of the 4Q.

    To me, these are the types of wins that define a football team more than when you’re blowing out someone.

    Don’t look now but I believe the the D is both top 3 in both points and yards allowed and that includes those ugly 4th Q collapses. By season’s end, if healthy, they have a great chance to be the best D in football again.

    Offensively, there’s plenty of work to be done but the O-line is playing better (everything’s relative) and I like the way Graham and Lynch were featured together plus the way they used Willson. Far from a great outing for the offense but the identity taking shape behind Lynch, Wilson and Graham? Makes a lot of sense to me and we really haven’t seen them in sync and in tandem all year.

    The trade front is intriguing primarily because the O-line issues don’t go away after this year. Even if the O-line reaches the next level, they could very well lose Okung and/or Sweezy next year. Back to square one. Hindsight’s 20/20 but passing on Bitonio is really coming back to haunt them.

    The real question is does trimming receiver depth, draft picks, a potential starter and their salary cap position all add up to a meaningful upgrade for the O-line (and the overall team) now and in the future. It’s a tough equation to make work but it’s possible.

    Trade or no trade, I actually like where the Seahawks stand at the bye. They’ve survived a lot of controversy and adversity. They’re relatively healthy and they’ve played some great football in stretches. Can they find consistency and can the team fire on all cylinders?

    The Cardinals game looms large but I have a feeling that this team is better than believed and the Cardinals not quite as good as believed. Should be a great game.

    • Volume12

      ‘To me, these are the types of wins that define a football team more than when you’re blowing out someone.’

      Bingo. Could not agree more. Seattle’s style ain’t pretty and there’s going to be games like this every season,

      Their STs is a top 5 unit too I believe. McCray has been a monster for us there. He was a good get.

  30. TwistedChopper

    Don’t mean to be nit picky here, but the Seahawks converted 5-12 first downs. It was Dallas at 4-14.

  31. Volume12

    2 of my favorite players at their respective positions appear to be rising according to Tony Pauline.

    He says that some view ND C Nick Martin (brother of Zack) as the top rated C and a possible 1st round pick. Hmmm…

    And Udub LB Travis Feeney, 6’3-6’4, 226-230 lbs., who was all over the field Saturday night, as a 3rd rounder. Dude is a stud, plus athlete, backed by some impressive length.

    Travis Feeney, OLB, 2015 stats: 38 tackles, 13.5 TFL, 6.5 sacks, 3 FF. 6’3-6’4, 226-230 lbs.

    • onrsry

      Possible Irvin replacement? Bruce is good but if SEA can replace him with a 3rd rounder and get similar production,it would be very nice,would free some cap space to spend on OL.

      • onrsry

        I didn’t know Nick was brother of Zack Martin, it sounds great.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          The less athletic brother of Zach Martin

          • onrsry

            Even though he would be solid at least. I hope

    • Daniel

      isnt he a sophmore though

      • Daniel

        Travis feeney i mean

        • Volume12

          Feeney is a sr.

          I think Seattle does need to address the SAM position next year. Does he have to be built like Bruce? Only if they want him playing with his hand in the dirt. Schofield was 6’2, 235 lbs when he came out.

          Even a guy built like Malcom Smith works there too. Someone that can cover TEs and slot receivers, play the run, make plays in space, rush the passer, albeit better than Malcom, and have that dynamic/athletic playmaking ability, with the versatility to possibly play 2-3 of the LB positions.

          Oklahoma’s OLB Eric Striker is perfect for this role. Also can act as an extra ‘in the box, roving’ safety too.

    • Wall UP

      Vol12 as you know I’ve scoured the list of Cs that may be available for the Hawks. Nick was one early on in that process. He moves well to the 2nd level and will fit well into Cable’s scheme. Then, I start looking at the identity of the OL and came with zilch, nada nada, not a thang.

      There’s no true leader of the OL group. A Chancellor of the LOB. A Bennett of the DL or a Beast of the Offense. So, began to look for a type of player that will fit the type of leader the team this is known for, that can blend in as one of the leaders of the team.

      Then I came across Jack Allen. When I saw him throw aside Adolphus, a big 6-4 300lb D-lineman, knocking them to the ground, then planting them on their backs and hovering over them as they tried to get up. These were grown men he was pushing around out there and there was nothing that they do about it.

      What I saw in Jack on film made me realize what leadership that is needed for the OL group. The type of leader that will blend in with the leaders they already have, a mean, relentlessly and punishing identity that could be the face of the OL group.

      I dug deeper into the man and found out about his past. The 5yrs of success of the OL group and I found he’s the straw that stirs the drink, the engine that keeps the bus moving. MSU was known for their toughness, and Conklin stated it all starts with Jack.

      I firmly believe that Jack Allen would bring the perfect attitude not only to the group, but also fit in with the leaders of the team. Russ would love him. They both were told they’re too short to play their positions, but would not take no as an answer of whether they’ll succeed. This is a must get of the draft.

      • Daniel

        Is he to big to play center? I don’t actually know what the ideal height is but 6’4 seems a little large

        • Wall UP

          He’s listed @ 6-2 300. Adolphus was the 6-4 grown man being thrown around by Jack

          • Daniel

            ohhh. thanks

            • WALL UP

              Here’s some tape. Conklin is featured here. But, keep your eye on 66 @ center against Ohio St. Adolphus 92 & Bennett 93. I like the 4:18 & 7:15 marks.

              A interview with him several days after the Ohio St. game.

              Against Michigan he gives a constant push when needed & doesn’t allow push up the middle either. I wonder what Frank Clark has to say about him?

              • AlaskaHawk

                Wow- thanks for the info WallUp. A leader would help the offensive line, but it would have to be a tough rookie like Allen that could take that role.

            • Volume12

              Max Unger was 6’5.

              • Volume12

                2 other C prospects who are more mid-late round guys, but somewhat sleepers, and 2 of my favorite at the position.

                TCU’s C Joey Hunt. Love this kid. Former freak athlete on the D-line.

                Utah’s C Siaosi Aiono. A bit like Max Garcia from last year. Highly mature.

    • MJ

      I have no doubt that Travis Feeney will be a Seahawk. When he started to get time his RS FR year, he just played like a Seahawk.

      He’s a mid-late rounder who could shoot up a round or two when he blows up the combine (if invited). IMO, he could be an extremely effective 3rd down player in the NFL. He will have to grow into a base role, strictly due to his size.

      Mentioned below, but I do like him in the Bruce Irvin role. Not sure he will be as effective as a pass rusher, but I think he offers a unique skill on blitz packages. Not to mention, the length + athleticism just screams Seattle.

  32. Daniel

    I thought britt played really well this week but know one seems to be talking about it. Am I just imagining that he had a good performance

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      When you are not mentioned.. and on the Seattle OL… then you did something right.

    • John_s

      I’ve been hard on Britt but he had a heck of a game

      • Daniel

        He also played well against san fran. could he finally be figuring things out

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He also had good 1st halves vs CIN and CAR. Now he’s putting it together for an entire game.

      I thought the OGs and C did a good job of blocking at the line, but they kinda missed at the 2nd level vs DAL. It was the first game this season where Lynch was running up the back sides of his downfield blockers.

  33. Daniel

    agreed, although I thought that Britt still had some nice second level blocks

    • Wall UP

      Like I said give him a little time. He just has 5 games under his belt @ LG.

  34. nichansen01

    Britt could be an excellent guard… Come the start of next year… Needs to work on strength and footwork over the offseason…

  35. Wall UP

    Britt & Glow should work out together. Perhaps they will help each other.Glow has good footwork.

  36. Kyle

    Any news on trades going down? Or is it just the Vernon Davis trade so far?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      RapSheet: On the #Browns: I hear they want more than a 1st for Joe Thomas, wanted a 3rd for Alex Mack, want a 3rd for Mingo. Steep on all accounts.

      AdamSchefter: To be specific, Browns were asking two 1st-round picks for OT Joe Thomas. They won’t get that.

      ProFootballTalk: Report: Broncos offered Browns a first-round pick for Joe Thomas

  37. nichansen01


    Lockettes injury gets me emotional everytime I think about it. First the superbowl int and now this, tough breaks this guy (who has a pretty amazing backstory) has been having lately. Terrifying sequence to watch unfold.

    Our O-Line can be turned around if britt keeps improving… next year that is. A rookie center and right tackle might be starting for us, but that might just be what it needs to be. Plenty of good tackles this year that we have discussed extensivly about. Not as much talk on centers but still many solid prospects such as Nick Martin, Jack Allen and Austin Blythe. Drew Nowak coul still develop into a capable player over the course of the year. The problem with Britt and Nowak developing is that these games arent practice, each game is vital to our playoff hopes.

    Mccray has been really good for us on special teams, Mccray and Lockett definetly turned our special teams unit around. I wonder if he cold play slot corner like shead does or even take snaps as a third safety… I saw highlights from when he was in Tampa Bay and he looked GOOD.

    What ever happened to Matthews? The big body receiver that was suposed to compliment Graham? Really sad that he hasnt done much at receiver… Anyone know whats up with him?

    What is Terry Pooles future role with this team? Everything everywhere predraft called for him to switch to guard… He hasnt yet as far as I know. Seems to me that Seattle wants him to be a swing tackle… I see no reasin for Gilliam to not be with the team next year… I also doubt we keep three swing tackles, assuming we draft a new right tackle (we have to pretty much, gilliams not very good at anything). One of Bailey, Poole and Gilliam go. If we switch him to guard backuo guards could go from Sokoli and Glow to Sokoli and Poole. Switching just makes sense for him.

    I like having Nick Moody on the team. I feel like he brings something positive, adds fresh depth in loss of Brock Coyle.

    Bryce Brown… I think he has real talent. This sounds heartless… But Ricardos gruesome injury does open up a roster spot for Prich to return without us ditching Brown. It woukd be crazy, i know, to have six running backs on the 53. But something to think about?

    Beating Arizona will be a statement win. We would finally be about .500 for the first time this season, we would only be one game behind the division leaders and it would reaffirm this team in the eyes of the doubters, a 10 game winning streak to close out the season sounds like an impossible task… Its not…

    Beating the Cardnials will require Wilson to throw more than 1 TD… His lack of production at QB has been concerning to say the least. Hes on track for a lowsy 18 TD season.

    Go hawks

  38. line_hawk

    Kap benched! End of an era? Ridiculous to think how far that team has fallen in less than two years.

    • Volume12

      Wow! Who they going with Blaine Gabbert?

      Does Kap go to Philly if Sam ‘Bad-ford’ doesn’t get his ish together?

      • line_hawk

        Word is Gabbert is the man. I would guess Kap’s cap is too high for Philly to trade for but they can certainly pick him up if he gets released.

        I am worried about the Rams this year. They seems to be finding their groove on offense with Gurley running wild and they have a pretty easy schedule to get to 10 wins. Again, they could Ram themselves but they could also easily win the division or wildcard with that defensive line (and they have division wins over Hawks and Cards).

  39. Volume12

    PC said this was Britt’s best game. If ya rewatch the game, Lynch runs behind him on the majority of his rushes.

    BTW, Cleveland C Alex Mack is staying put. Now, he’ll more than likely opt out in FA and could be the most sought after FA on the O-line? Could Seattle afford him? Doubt it, but he might want to play for a winning team.

  40. Ukhawk

    Vernon Davis traded for 2 mere 6th rounders with a 7 going the other way, final year of contract

    Word has it Staley is on the block, would SF trade with SEA?

  41. Ukhawk

    Looking at tape on a couple of OL prospects, curious on other peoples takes:
    With Nick Martin now being touted as a potential R1 pick, and seeing Hawks prioritising OT > C, what later round Centers peak interest? I’m liking Tuerk who has NFL size, athleticism and may now go post R1 due to injury. Don’t like some other centres floated due to size/strength limitations. Also curious about Dan Volz WIS; he is highly ranked scouting wise, handled the Alabama front well in their matchup (tape on draft breakdown under WIS OT prospect) but he is not really being talked about and kind of under the radar

    Also looked at Zach Banner USC may turn into an athletic, power guard at 6’8 360. In his draft breakdown tape he pulls and gets into the 2nd level quite often. Absolutely man handled the Stanford DE

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