Bryce Young’s pro-day was a low-key event

Another day, another QB selfie for the Seahawks

If C.J. Stroud set out to put on a show yesterday (read my review here), Bryce Young’s pro-day had a very different vibe. This was never going to be a platform where Young ‘won’ any points over his rivals. He kind of just had to get it out of the way. If Stroud’s was a ‘wow’ workout this was a lot more understated. If the contingent from Carolina travelled to Alabama, a day after watching Stroud, they’ll have come away from this feeling swayed. That would be my feeling, anyway.

Stroud began his workout peppering throws to each sideline like he was a human JUGS machine. In no time at all he was lobbing throws downfield with precision and velocity. It felt like he was puffing out his chest and saying, ‘watch this’ — eager to make a statement and claim the #1 spot in front of the watching Carolina entourage.

Young’s day felt a lot more like a pre-practise warm-up session. The energy was a lot lower. It started with several tune-up throws on a shorter range. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary — most pro-days start this way. Yet the fact Stroud came out flying was noticeable and different.

I didn’t think we really needed to see Young throw a handful of seven-yard check-downs under no pressure in shorts. That kind of set the tone for the workout.

There were still clear positives to highlight. Young throws with a good base and whips the ball out with reasonable velocity for his size. His arm strength is clearly weaker than Stroud’s but not to the point of it being an issue on mid-range throws. He has a stronger arm than Mac Jones and Tua Tagovailoa, two other former Alabama first round picks.

Young delivered some 25-yard outs with a nice zing to them. They were accurate and punchy with good placement. Young also tried the ‘off-platform-across-your-body’ throw that has become common at pro-days. He did it with less momentum on the run so it was more impressive and he got the ball 60-yards downfield (the pass was dropped by the receiver). There was one throw that faded a bit on the mid-range and I think at the pro-level there will be times when Young isn’t able to drive a pass into a tight window when not ideally set. Yet overall he’s accurate, he’s mechanically sound with his feet and shoulders properly aligned and he has enough arm-strength to not feel like you’ll be limited in a way Miami and New England with the other former Alabama QB’s.

He had some nice 35-yard seam throws where he dropped, set and threw very quickly — firing the ball to the target with pace and accuracy.

I really like the way Young steps into his throws. He has a very natural, fluid release and the ball comes out of his hand well. The spirals are excellent on the mid-range. Although he’s not physically exceptional, the ball gets to where it needs to go to most areas of the field.

One slight criticism I have is his deep balls were flat. While Stroud absolutely nailed the loft, velocity and touch on his deeper passes, it did feel a bit like Young was trying to throw as hard as possible and the ball came out without enough air and they were harder to catch. The receivers were dropping passes the Ohio State group were gathering with ease. I also would’ve liked to see a few more deeper throws during the session but I guess he doesn’t want to get into a physical battle with Stroud, Will Levis and Anthony Richardson.

It did feel like a ‘get this out of the way’ experience. He didn’t run a forty or do any other testing, just as he didn’t at the combine. He wasn’t weighed again. This pre-draft process for Young is essentially trying to do as little as possible, tick-off the boxes he needs to tick and crack on. There’s nothing wrong with that because again, he isn’t going to go toe-to-toe with the physical beasts at the position.

The problem with this, though, is he’s leaving the door open for GM’s and coaches (and perhaps more importantly, owners) to be wowed by the other three. He’s relying on teams being comfortable with the size, watching the tape, seeing things like him basically winning a game against Texas in the fourth quarter on his own and having someone say — ‘that’s our guy’. Someone is going to do that early, possibly even the Panthers. If not them, probably the Texans. Yet there was a marked difference between Stroud and Young and that’s in part why this felt like a ‘get it out of the way’ pro-day rather than a chance to flex.

That said, Young is clearly naturally gifted with A+ character. Personally I would draft him early. As much as his frame is a concern in terms of durability, you can’t wait around for the ideal quarterback. Sometimes you’ve got to take a chance on someone and I would take a chance on Young at #5 if he lasted.

The question is, would you take him over the others? Physical tools matter a lot more than I think some people are willing to acknowledge in the modern NFL and Young is a distant fourth among the top-four in that regard. Yet he isn’t a physical liability either and the fact he ticks so many other boxes from mechanics to production to creativity and character will convince teams he’s capable of not just being a franchise quarterback but also a highly successful one.

It is possible, though, that the other three QB’s will turn heads in a way Young simply wasn’t capable of doing during his throwing session. Stroud has already, for me, taken a big step towards the #1 pick with what he showed. Now it’s up to Will Levis and Anthony Richardson to try and stake their claims —- because rightly or wrongly, there will be some trepidation about Young’s size. Rightly or wrongly, teams like traits.

Frankly, we should learn to be comfortable with that. Justin Herbert and Josh Allen were the third quarterbacks drafted in their respective classes. Patrick Mahomes was the second quarterback drafted in his — 10th overall. All were critiqued a lot more than people seem prepared to admit after the fact.

You draft players to develop. Nobody bats an eye-lid when a high-upside, undercooked defensive lineman or left tackle is taken early with the intention of developing them. I’m not sure why, at the most important position in the sport, drafting to develop incredible upside is treated with suspicion and concern.

A GM might lose a job by trying to draft and develop the wrong quarterback. A GM can also become a team legend by siding with the right one. I’d suggest the GM who sits around waiting for the second coming of Joe Burrow to fall into their lap will eventually find it very difficult to justify their position. It’s why I think you’ve got to keep taking shots until you hit. A good owner should be comfortable with that. You need to try and find the Holy Grail.

Seattle’s QB tour is reportedly heading to Kentucky tomorrow to see Will Levis. Again, it’s also worth noting that there are other players to check-in with on these trips. Yesterday, I think it’s almost certain the Seahawks checked out and/or spent time with center Luke Wypler. Today, Pete Carroll was having a good look at Byron Young who I think would be a perfect fit for their defensive front. He also spent time chatting with Will Anderson, who is likely a coveted player for the #5 pick.

Disappointingly Anderson didn’t do any testing today — which means he’ll go into the draft with no vertical, broad, short shuttle or three cone numbers. He has no excuse for this, no injury issues or anything. It’s quite frustrating.

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  1. Phil

    I’m hoping Anderson drops down to #5 due to his lack of testing.

    What a steal that would be to get a solid building block like him!
    This Defense desperately needs a young dynamic player whom they can grow with and build around. He (along with Tariq) could give great hope for the future. Two really good players of high character and ability…at the two most expensive positions on a Defense.
    Yes Please!

    • Hawktalker#1

      Not sure I’d be pulling for this. Would hate to miss out on the QBOTF when we have the chance to select one early without trading up and losing a lot of picks in the process.

    • Edwin

      I don’t think it’s crazy to think there’s a reason he’s not testing. Maybe he’s not as athletic as we think which really matters at the next level. I’d be shocked if Anthony Richardson doesn’t test again, because he clearly has nothing to hide.

    • Andrew

      Who Will throw the ball in 2 yrs?

    • God of Thunder

      Not in agreement. I would prefer our future and long term signal caller over a slightly undersized DE. I don’t see Anderson as a Bosa, frankly.

  2. DC1234

    Do you think Anderson not doing any test is that there was a promise from a team that will draft him. Maybe Arizona told him they will draft him.

    I know NBA prospects skip workouts because they gotten promise from a team that they will draft them.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think a team would tell him that bluntly

      But I think it’s possible that he has intel he’ll be the top defender taken and therefore hasn’t taken any risks

      I still like to see a guy compete though

      • Wilson502

        I really hope this is the case, and AZ takes Anderson to remove any doubt we get one of the 4 QBs. QBOTF is more important and valuable than a defensive lineman.

      • Old but Slow

        I like guys that want to compete. I want the guy who will go all out to beat his 8 year old nephew at checkers.

        • DC1234

          I want competitive players as well. BUT if Anderson knows he will be picked top 5, why risk it. Didn’t Sidney Jones tear his Achilles during a pro day workout?

      • TatupuTime

        It’s disappointing for sure.

        Nick Saban continues to go over the top with the superlatives for Will Anderson.

        Saban said the star edge-rusher is a throwback player who will “run through a wall.” He added, “He has great ability. But he plays to that ability because he’s a dog-ass competitor.”

        My boss calls me a dog-ass sometimes, but it sounds a whole lot better when you add the word competitor after it.

  3. Demitrov

    Heres hoping Levis has a terrible pro day and drops his stock to 5. Remember when you and Robbie were talking about Levis over a year ago as the QB to look out for and now there’s a realistic shot we actually get him? But if he blows Young outta the water on his pro day I think Indy will take him and we’ll miss out by 1 draft spot and it’ll bother me for the rest of my life if he turns into a great QB.

    • PJ in Seattle

      If we end up with Richardson and he curbstomps the whole league two years from now, will you mind? I won’t.

      If Levis ends up being a stud QB for the next decade, at least he’ll be doing it in the AFC. 🙂

      • geoff u

        I’m fine with any of these four. I do worry that my hopes in getting a franchise QB is clouding my judgement, as it’s very possible one or two of these guys are a Baker Mayfield or a Sam Darnold. Which is why I was in favor of moving up, to make sure the team got who they thought was most it, but I think that ship has sailed. It ain’t no fun waiting around to pick the last QB.

      • Demitrov

        Oh man, if we got Richardson. That would be ideal. And we’d be the ideal landing spot for him too. If we got him I would even pick Mayer or Bijan at 20 and Josh downs with 37 then Whypler or Schmitz with the next pick if they’re there. Seahawks Twitter and Seahawks YouTubers would have a sudden cardiac event but could you imagine in a years time the offensive juggernaut that could be?

        • PJ in Seattle

          The Twitterverse would explode. YOU HAVE 4 PICKS IN THE TOP 52 AND YOU SPEND THEM ALL ON OFFENSE?!?!?

          Let them cry. I would like to see a DL in there though. But I have no problem taking blue chippers on O if the scouting team believes we can dig up Def gems later.

          • Peter


            Talent wins. And frankly Seattle even after FA is much much closer to being a powerhouse offense than defense.

            5 levis
            20 Wright or Jones….move Lucas to rg
            37 Washington TE…freakshow + level blocking ++ level athleticism
            52 wypler/mingo/charbonnet….either, neither

            People would be jumping off the Fremont bridge. But me? It’s nowhere near my favorite outcome but…it would signal a plan. That plan being “no NT, no worries” keep up if you can on the scoreboard.

  4. PJ in Seattle

    Thank you for the scouting, Rob. No surprises here really, except for Anderson not doing any testing. I guess he and his agent are saying ‘watch the game tape – that’s all you need’. With Carter’s whole mess of the past few months, I am certain they feel he’s going to be the first defensive player drafted so why do anything that could only potentially lessen those odds?

    At this point, it seems Stroud has cemented himself as QB1 and Carolina is going to take him. And bully for them – he has everything you would want in a franchise QB except for maybe plus mobility. He’s mobile enough, and as you’ve said, the touch on his passes is just unbelievable. Dude owns the ball and makes it so easy for his receivers.

    I’m 90% certain Young goes to Houston, which brings us back to the same old question. Does Indy, knowing they need someone to come in day one and run their team to make a playoff push, take the more game-ready Levis or swing for the fences with Richardson?

    Either way, barring Las Vegas or ATlanta selling the farm to move up, I think we’re looking at the one who’s left over. 50/50 Levis or Richardson and I’m totally ok with either one. But I’m rooting for Richardson. The fit is just too perfect for where we are as a franchise now and the ceiling is so freaking high. We are perfectly situated to take that gamble at #5.

    And if for some reason it’s QB’s 1-4, then Will Anderson is the pick. Has to be, unless Tyree Wilson does phenomenal testing at his pro day. I’ve wathced enough tape to knwo what Will Anderson is. My buddy is a diehard Tide fan and has been telling me for two years that he’s the hardest working, most BAMF they’ve ever had at Alabama. That says a lot.

    Just please, lord. don’t trade down to the teens and take some middling talent because the QBOTFs are gone. I think JS is smart enough not to do that, unless the haul THIS YEAR is simply too amazing not to take. Because there are indeed a lot impact players to be had on day two.

    • OTS

      There is something that is really refreshing about guys like Keeanu Benton who show up in Mobile and run whatever the coaches ask, at the Combine and do every single drill, and then more of the same at their pro day. Speaks to preparation, confidence, and competitiveness. On the flip side, I can see how the risk of injury and losing a ton of money factors in the workout decisions. Will Anderson has a stack of film to stand on.

      • Palatypus

        He seemed like he was really enjoying the Senior Bowl practices while I was there. Everyone could tell he had a strong work ethic. He was one of my favorite players.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Forgot to add I am #1 on Benton as well. If we miss out on Mazi, he’s a very good option at 3-4 nose with his size. Zacch Pickens is a bit lighter but could work there as well.

          Both can likely be had a lot cheaper than Mazi or Ika, who are both potential 1-2 rounders.

          • Palatypus

            That is exactly what I thought.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Yeah, I don’t like it either, but I do understand. He is clearly the #1 defensive based on tape and real game experience. He probably wouldn’t test like some freak, so why do it? God forbid you actual injure yourself in the process. You can’t go up for #1 conensus defensive pick, but you can sure go down. If I was his agent, I’d advise him to do the same. Talk to the coaches and GM’s all day long but do not do a damn thing that might lead to an injury.

        THey only one within striking distance is Tyree becuase he is such a physical freak. Maybe he tests incredible and gives people reason to pause. But the game tape is nowhere near Will’s. His get off is baffling slow to me. I don’t care what your short shuttle is if you still have your hand in the ground when when the whole damn line is already moving.

        • TatupuTime

          I can’t get over how slow he is off the snap. And it’s not just watching it in slow-mo, in real time its noticeable. He’s like the anti Michael Bennett. I think he’ll be productive and a good player in the NFL, but I have trouble seeing him as anywhere close to a star.

        • OTS

          Too true. The NFL is ruthless when it comes to guys injured during the process.

          I haven’t seen much of Wilson beyond highlights. It will be interesting to see how he tests. There are certainly times where he looks fast, on stunts and closing on the QB. Sometimes I think the slow get off is from asking him to hold contain. Those arms cause problems. This time of year it’s so easy to be swayed by workouts and numbers. It would take some big numbers to eclipse what Anderson’s put on tape against SEC competition.

          There are some intriguing DT prospects this year. Everybody wants an Aaron Donald/Chris Jones/Jeffrey Simmons/Quinnen Williams game wrecker, but finding guys above average to good is still meaningful.

          • Peter

            His speed worries me. But what really worries me are clips where he absolutely destroys the oline but can not disengage for a sack.

            It’s both very cool to watch and super worrying. He’s not new to the position. It’s just like he has zero answers.

    • IDhawk

      I actually think that it’s between Richardson and Stroud. Indy’s been linked to Levis forever, so that seems to be a lock. Likewise, there’s been so much chatter about Houston and Bryce Young. Which means whoever the Panthers don’t select would be the guy left for Seattle (assuming no one leap frogs them of course). The reports that the Panthers owner is all about Richardson could push Stroud to the Hawks if that’s the case. Stranger things have happened 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Rob Staton

        If Richardson went first overall, I’m convinced Stroud would be #2

        • IDhawk

          Stroud should be the number 1 pick this year with the way he’s represented himself. But as we all know “should” doesn’t always end up as a reality. There’s a good reason to fall in love with each of the quarterbacks this year and I think it’s entirely possible that Houston ends up liking the qualities that Bryce Young brings to the table more than what Stroud has to offer. That might sound kind of crazy, because we’re all on board with CJ Stroud here, but Young’s footwork and ability to extend is the kind of thing that a lot of GM’s and coaches salivate over. Just let me have my dream!

      • PJ in Seattle

        Oh please, Lord Jesus, let CJ Stroud fall to #5 through your divine and mysterious ways. I might literally crash through my living room window and run naked down the street. Better get the bail money ready now, just in case.

        • Old but Slow

          Rule #1: don’t watch the draft while naked.

          • Big Mike

            Rule #2: if you do not follow rule #1, leave the door open so you don’t shred yourself running through the window.

            • PJ in Seattle

              I will be fully clothed, but is Stroud falls to 5, the clothes are coming off.

              • PJ in Seattle

                And my windows are old and need to be replaced anyway, so willing to do it for dramatic effect alone.

                • geoff u

                  Rule #3: if you do not follow rule #1 and #2, film it for later hilarity

                • Peter

                  Watch yourself. That old glass is strong, sharp as hell, and if they are old and you are in the US you will definitely be exposing your soft parts to lead paint.

              • samprassultanofswat

                P.J. Don’t hold your breathe, your clothes are not coming off. Hell has a better chance of freezing over then Stroud falling to 5.

        • TatupuTime

          Stroud is the only player that I don’t see as having a path to the Seahawks. Richardson first overall, Stroud second is the worst case scenario. Means a high likelihood of Young being the guy left standing at 5 and I’m not sure if the Seahawks would take him. I’d take him in a heartbeat, but I’m not sure if the Seahawks will.

          • PJ in Seattle

            I’m happy with Young too. I have come around on the size question. He could easily be Brees 2.0 and his character, guts, and leadership are off the charts. What he lacks in pounds and inches is made up for in inticts and ability to deliver in the clutch. And the only one of these four who’s literally been chosen as the best player in college in football.

            I’ll take that at #5 and not look back if that’s how it happens.

        • Romeo A57

          If Richardson goes #1 overall, and a bunch of SDB folowers cash in, there might already be a bunch of us alredy partying naked in the streets before Stroud is picked.

          • Rokas

            100 % this. And then Rob with such a track record will create a betting advice page, which will be under expensive paywall.

            On a serious note, SDB made many of us to fall in love with Richardson, now I will be able to tolerate only 2 outcomes: he goes 1st overall, or he goes 5th overall to the SEA. Any other outcome would be a huge disappointment.

        • Elmer

          What’s the rule if he falls to 5 and the Hawks pass on him?

  5. geoff u

    Gotta say, I’m looking forward to the Levis and Richardson selfies

    • PJ in Seattle

      I will be a nice quadfectra collection to look back on during the Will Anderson era in Seattle, if that’s how it goes.

  6. MyChestisBeastMode

    Woah! When did “maybe Seahawks can get Will Levis in round 2” talk start?

    Mike Florio and Simms

    • BK26

      With those two. Their player analysis is the equivalent as a lawyer breaking down football tape and a former quarterback that watches Hendon Hooker and see’s him as right behind Young and Stroud. And thought Zach Wilson looked better out of college than Trevor Lawrence.

      If it quacks, it’s either a duck or a quack (in the definition of someone who acts like they have the skills for something but don’t).

      Not a fan of theirs.

      • Peter

        When florio talks shop, specifically his, in regards to contracts like Lamar not getting offers because no one wants to give up two first rounders and this no one wants to write the ravens contract for him I’m all ears.

        But….woof….that Hendon hooker analysis was wild. Dtr? Sure I think, heck, almost know you could do worse.

        If we didn’t have lock and also not the fifth pick I’d be giving him a lot of love here. But come on. Better than levis? Levis looked legit primed to be great this year before his RT was literally getting shoved into him all season long.

        • BK26

          Agree. Florio’s take when it comes to contracts and legality in relation to the sport is spot on.

          Simms also said that Levis was the least athletic out of the top 4. I think he’s clearly second to Richardson. The others aren’t bad at all, Levis is just more athletic.

          You literally look at 2021 when he had coaching and players around him, and then what he gutted out literally BY HIMSELF last year. I don’t get why that is so hard to understand: bad throws and turnovers because he had to take that shot or be down by 3 scores before halftime.

          • Rob Staton

            I suspect Simms has only watched 2022 tape

            • Hawkster

              No doubt 22 tape alone can get a bit rough. The Kurt Warner breakdowns (single game, two parts, one good one bad) was pretty rough on Levis. Richardson came out of it ok. His Hooker film was eye-opening to me as I hadn’t watched any of that. Lots of plays where receivers are 4 wide and a pair of them basically just jogs in place. These are single read plays, no such thing as a progression to scout. Not that he did/didn’t progress, but that there was nothing to progress to, so it simply couldn’t be evaluated. Looks like a complete crap shoot for Hooker, at least the others put 11 v 11 football on tape.

  7. Griffin

    Question for you Rob. Why do you think Pete and John are making a point of advertising that they are checking in on each of the top QBs?

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Not Rob.

      I think it’s a win-win. People know/think we need/want a QB. Denying it looks silly. This keeps all their options open for QB or other non-qb they’re secretly coveting (hypothetically).

      At pick 5 there’s a fair chance one of the top 4 QBs are available. If they want the QB available they will pick him, straight forward. Nothing they say or do is going to affect what the cardinals and colts will do with their picks.

      But also, maybe they only like 1, 2, or 3 of the top 4 QBs. Let’s say the one they’re less keen on drops to them. Now, ginning up more hype to attract a trade offer worth taking only works to their favor if they’re inclined to trade down and build up “Team Geno” for a playoff window over the next 2-3 years.

      And maybe it’s just to warm the fan base up for a rookie QB as , unfortunately, the majority of Seahawks nation don’t read this awesome site and only ever heard about Jalen Carter or bust from other media.

      • JP

        I would definitely say it’s to warm the fanbase up to the idea. A segment of this fanbase is absolutely against entertaining the idea of taking a QB. Even on the radio, half the time, you’re just listening to somebody that clearly would hate anything that isn’t defense with the first 2 picks. What is social media for? Their fans.

        Like if you’re the Raiders, why would you care about Seattle taking selfies with Levis? You should be more concerned that Geno Smith is not the long-term answer in Seattle and they would absolutely take a QB if the right one falls to them because they literally said they’re looking at the QBs.

    • TatupuTime

      I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Even if they don’t want a QB, when you pick 5 you need to be prepared for every guy that could go in front of you. Other teams can just look at Geno Smith’s contract and know that the Seahawks could be a team that takes a quarterback.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they’re making a point or advertising it

      I think they’re just having fun

      They haven’t been picking this high for 13 years. They haven’t been legitimately ‘in the QB market’ for 10.

      Seems to me they’re just having a blast going through the process

      As for the selfies — for all we know it’s just an impromptu bit of fun they had with Stroud and they’ve now decided to do it with all of them. The internet is going nuts trying to parse what it all means. Probably means no more than someone suggested an idea in the spur of the moment and now they’re just having fun with it.

      • Brett

        It also makes for some great content on social media after they draft one of them.

      • geoff u

        They get paid to play a game, damnit, this isn’t supposed to be FUN! Who do these people think they are?!

      • Bballin

        Truth is all of us have no clue what there gonna do at 5 for all we know they’ll pick bijan Robinson and Evertone on twitter will lose the heir minds

      • Olyhawksfan

        “We’re on a mission from God”.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank, half pack of cigarettes, it’s dark out, and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

      • Roy Batty


        There are plenty of other players they have there eyes on at these pro days.

        Plus, why wouldn’t they want to go on a fun road trip paid for by the franchise?

        Of all the franchises at these pro days, the Hawks were the most relaxed, laid back. It was fun to watch them watch the prospects.

    • geoff u

      They’ve never picked this high before and, honestly, I think they’re just have a blast with it.

      • OTS

        This. It’s c’mon dad, give me the car NFL-style. It’s the #5 pick! Jody relents and says fuel up the jet. Boys, we’re headed south for fine food and football players. Pack your steak eatin’ shoes.

    • Sean

      It’s an elaborate ruse to hide their plan to trade up to #3 for Jalen Carter.

  8. Jabroni-DC

    From Pauline on Liberty’s Durrell Johnson.

    Durrell Johnson, one of the most underrated linebackers/edge rushers in the upcoming draft, was impressive. He measured 6’5″ and 251 pounds — almost 20 heavier than scouts expected. On a sore hamstring, he timed 4.68 seconds in the 40 with a 1.44 10-yard split. Prior to the hammy issue, Johnson had been timing 4.55 seconds in training. He jumped 38.5″ in the vertical and 10’4″ in the broad.

    1.44 10 yard split?!?!?!

    • PJ in Seattle

      That’s certainly inriguing. Liberty U. Maybe a late round flyer or UDFA. If he can be a legit LB, I like. As an Edge, we better come out of this draft with better there between what we already have and what we may pick up in the early rounds.

      LB is not great in this class, so appreciate the shout on this dude.

    • Rob Staton

      Think it’s a typo

  9. MyChestisBeastMode

    Oh, and maybe it’s to soften the blow from the fan base if they do throw some picks at the Texans to move up to 2 in order to get “their guy” which I’m guessing is Stroud.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Meant to be in response to Griffin above. My thumbs are 👎

    • TatupuTime

      If PC/JS care what the fan base thinks about their drafts they sure have an odd way of showing it with all the bizarre overdrafts they’ve had over the years. From trading Russ and cutting Wagz last year to moving on from Sherman and Thomas – I think they are pretty pretty comfortable with ignoring public opinion on personnel decisions.

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        Fair. My only rebut is that this is John Schneider with the authority now and not Pete with the final say.

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    Pauline on JMS and Wypler:

    Last week, during my write-up on the Minnesota Pro Day, I mentioned the Bills had Gophers center John Michael Schmitz rated highly. This week it’s Wypler — another Big Ten center. If nothing else, this confirms my posting last week that the Bills will be looking for a center as Mitch Morse closes out his career.

    I was told outright at the end of the [OSU] pro day that the Cardinals will draft Wypler, and it makes sense. Presently, Hjalte Froholdt is listed as Arizona’s starting center — his fourth team since 2019. The Cardinals own a pair of picks in the third round and could use one to select the OSU center.

    It would seem if they want JMS they’ll have to take him ahead of Buffalo at 27. And if they miss him and want Wypler, they’ll have to take him at 52 ahead of Arizona at 66.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Wypler completely erased Jalen Carter in the OSU Georgia game. Not 100% if that’s a major kudo for him or a knock on Carter’s unconditioned ass, but more than happy to get him in the second if someone jumps at JMS earlier.

    • Scot04

      Arizona could easily take Wypler at #34 before our pick at #37

  11. MyChestisBeastMode

    Rob, what do you think about Zach Harrison? I saw a grade of Rd 3. I hear he’s stiff and had ok but not good production, but otherwise looks as freaky as Tyree Wilson.

    6’5 1/2″ tall, 36″ arms, 276lbs, 25 bench, didn’t test but has reportedly run a 4.47 40 and a near 40″ vert as of 2022 (probably at a lighter weight). Former top 5 star recruit. If his heart is in the right place he sounds like a guy worthy of an early mid round pick to me.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Harrison and Ade Ade would be a serious infusion of size and speed if nothing else.

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        I’m on one now. Seriously, think about it. 2 guys carrying about 280 pounds each running 4.4 40’s. It’s effing amazing. In the same box? Split wide on 3rd down pass rush. It could be a sight to behold.

        • Peter

          Wish he could have ran. His vertical, broad, and three cone would have made him a very good to top performer. Pro day results.

    • Rob Staton

      Very athletic, incredible athlete in High School

      But he can’t bend to the QB. It’s like watching a cruise ship trying to turn round

      • Roy Batty

        I’m getting “Speed 2: Cruise Control” vibes.

  12. Mick

    I believe one of the reasons Pete and John are having so much fun is that the pressure is elsewhere. The others will have to live with the choice they made, and with “how could you get Stroud when Young was there?”. At 5 we get to pick last.

    • Palatypus

      We pick aright at the edge of both sides of the chasm.

      • Geoff u

        We teeter on the brink of radioactive oblivion

  13. DCSeattle

    That kid DJ Fluker was looking ripped at the Alabama pro day. Reunion?

    • OTS

      He’s old and doesn’t fit the blocking scheme and whatever else, but I love DJ Fluker. That is a BAMF. Rams game against Ndamukong Suh. “I took him to the water…Wherever 93 needs to go, I’ll take him there.”

      • STTBM

        I love Fluker too! He straight up Baptized Suhs ass on that play! I think he’d for Seattle’s blocking scheme, he’s a badass and looks ready to go. His age and injury history are two strikes though…

  14. Thomas

    I think Pete just likes to have fun. He’s a an amiable guy. It might have been Hugh Millen who pointed this out a few years ago, but Pete never shouts at players. Or if he does, it’s a lot less than other coaches.

    Pete always comes across as warm. I like that about him.

    • OakleyD

      I met him in Hawaii this year.

      Walked over to shake his hand, he just walked straight past me and said “I’m not shaking hands” and carried on his way.

      Had my Hawks t-shirt on and everything.

      Hard to meet someone you look up to and be completely ignored/not valued.

      I get he’s on vacation and likely had been bothered all day, but just to stop and say nice to meet you, go Hawks (even without a hand shake) would have gone a long way.

      People change when the camera’s are on them unfortunately

      • Rob Staton

        Pete did that???

        • Thomas

          Don’t meet your heroes I guess. I’d still assume he’s a nice guy. Sorry that happened, though.

          • OakleyD

            I had one day in Hawaii completely written off for me, couldn’t stop thinking about it.

            Right in front of my kids too – felt so deflated.

            Is what it is though, maybe one day I’ll get another chance to thank him for the last 10-15 years he’s given us.

            • God of Thunder

              It’s important to remember that we never know what’s just gone on in someone’s life.

              Pete’s nearly 70. We know from life (and statistics) that by that age almost all men have had a health issue.

              And there could have been other, non health things on his mind at the moment. He was probably thinking about how he drafted Eskridge. It’s hard to be affable when you have a thing like that hanging over your mind.

  15. Denver Hawker

    I’m going off grid for the next month- otherwise I’m going to waste hours of my life overthinking this pick.

    Stroud is good. Young is good. I’d be over the moon to get either of them at #5. I’ll be happy with Levis, AR, or Anderson as well. All great prospects, not perfect, but worthy of top 5 this year for the Seahawks.

    On to #20

  16. Karlos

    Just wondering, if Denver lost their last game we would we be picking. It’s crazy how one irrelevant game can impact a franchise.

    • Hawks Fan 0503

      We would have had the 3rd pick.

      • DC1234

        I try to think more positive. If the Rams did not beat the Broncos on Christmas Day, the Seahawks would be picking 6th. No top 4 QB or Anderson.

        And if Tyler Huntley did not come back to beat the Broncos 10-9, Seahawks would pick around 7-9

  17. EmperorMA

    If “Always compete!” is truly the mantra, Bryce Young and Will Anderson both eliminated themselves from consideration for the Seahawks today.

    • DC1234

      With that logic than the Seahawks should avoid all players that skip college bowl games then.

      • Peter

        I think it’s pretty simple.

        Carter is in some kind of limbo. Tyree Wilson most likely isn’t a plus explosive tester. And that’s all folks. There’s no benefit for Anderson to test, pretty well cemented in top defender of this class territory. If there was any inkling that Macdonald would overtake him there might be a desire to test.

        As it is I can see Macdonald anywhere from 12 to 37. I know here on the blog we love the prospect but a ton of teams care about age and he’s already 24.

  18. UkAlex6674


  19. clbradley17

    Fantastic content everyday Rob, sometimes twice a day like yesterday, then a short video later about Drew Lock.
    Sometimes it’s 1 1/2+ hour videos with Robbie or Jeff, and still thousands of words each day in articles.

    This has to be as fun for you as a Seahawks fan as much as all of us thinking about drafting our next franchise QB and building the team between the last 2 years drafts and a great FA period this year. Like Robbie said in the a recent video, thanks so much for all you do – this if the best draft site on the internet.

    Wondering if anyone has a link to a 2023 Pro day results tracker like I’ve seen for years which lists all the players and the times, drills, etc. results by school and player. Saw only a couple last year, and almost nothing recently. Here’s an example of what I’ve seen before this year.

    Searching with various search engines, all I can find is pages of pro day schedules, or at PFN, just a few of the more popular player results. If anyone can find a complete 2023 pro day results tracker with all the players listed by school, position, height/weight, 40 times etc. like the Walter Football one above, please post it. Thanks.

  20. Hawkster

    Fwiw, given he’s turning 22 this summer I expect him to get at least a little stronger over the next couple years

  21. Olyhawksfan

    I wonder how many times Pete has depantsed John Schneider on this road trip. Boys will be boys! Que the road trip montage scene.

    • Big Mike

      I’m thinking Planes,Trains and Automobiles and the “those aren’t pillows” scene.

      • Roy Batty

        Underwear hand towel.

        Nuff said.

    • Rob Staton


  22. HOUSE

    While I will never question someone’s “fandom”, it blows my mind how different people can be. In a discussion about the #5 pick someone says “Taking a QB would be F’ing Stupid. You gotta draft Jalen Carter, he’s a future HoF. Next year we bet the farm on Caleb Williams (I don’t care if it takes 4 1st rd picks).” I told him “I have no idea who they take at 5, but if JS wants a QB and he’s there, I’d be shocked if he doesn’t take him.” He the. Proceeds to say “all you old men think you know everything”.

    I’m 38… 🤣🤣🤣

    • Peter

      I legitimately think two things are happening:

      1. A ton of the fans have very recently like post superbowl era got into the team. You hear/see this at games with the absolute pathetic incomprehensible cheering at the most random of times.

      2. I think most people are online just to be online. I personally can not tell you how many times I’ve commented something like “well, the seahawks care about testing results.” To which I get something akin to “turn on the film! Who cares about the combine!!”

      Which lends itself to the idea they just don’t follow the seahawks. They are just their for that tiniest drop of dopamine you get from a like or even a comment back.

      • BK26

        I’d add a #3: critical thinking is a dying breed. People do not want to have to think about anything, it has to be instant: defense bad, draft defense. Have quarterback, no get quarterback (and I framed them sounding that way on purpose). Any discussion turns into “Stop! My head is starting to hurt!”

        I’ll question fandom. There are some comments that you are shocked that they came from an actual human being. Some comments you just look at and think “that person probably gets confused by automatic doors…”

        • Wilson502

          These are the smooth brains I’ve been referring to. They just parrot whatever smooth brain takes they hear from media, other smooth brain fans or content creators. Critical thinking seems to be a rare trait among this fanbase unfortunately.

        • Peter

          “No get quarterback.”…awesome!

          This is going to be the 14th (!!!) Draft by the same two guys. It is unreal how many data points are out there.

          Yet I see from the seahawks cinematic universe:

          “Let’s discuss a trade back for a first round cornerback…:

          “Carter plus Kancey is my dream” (cue Steven Tyler wailing the bridge to “dream on,”)

          “Bijan at 20…Hardy har har…”

          “Maybe John wants that pick five so he can turn it into 17 picks ( an actual proposition)”

          Anything and everything but qb at five the highest pick these guys have had in around 3x the average life of an NFL front office.

          • BK26

            Everyone is 100% adamant that they know what the team is doing because it’s what they have always done or “they won’t do that, it makes no sense.”

            They have changed their draft strategy and have never picked this high, as they have said numerous times. They have said that the roster is missing top-end talent from the trade-downs and picking late. So why would they keep doing it?

            And just because it doesn’t make sense to Ted in his mom’s basement, doesn’t mean that it is wrong. They have to have long-term plans. Rookies don’t contribute anywhere near as much as most fans think so they will act accordingly.

  23. Trevor

    Was watching some tape of Wypler and JMS yesterday and both players look like capable staters but neither guy seemed like a Creed Humphries surefire pro bowler.

    Given the state of the DL / LB group I think the Hawks would be better off focusing on that and perhaps a TE or WR3 in the first 3 rounds. Get a QB at 5 then focus on defense unless one of the elite playmakers falls into our laps.

    Evan Brown will be an upgrade over Austin Blythe and next year they can target Van Pran early if Center is still a big need.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Did you think Humphries looked like a surefire pro bowler at Oklahoma? I didn’t. I thought he was solid, but surefire pro bowler? Not even close. I wasn’t the only one; he was the 3rd C taken in his class.

      It does go to show you that the top prospect doesn’t always become the top pro.

      • Blitzy the Clown


      • Rob Staton

        Humphreys did have elite testing numbers though — which the two C’s don’t have this year

        • Blitzy the Clown

          True enough. Though Wypler isn’t giving up too much in that regard.

          I really like him at 37. But as someone replied above, Arizona may take him at 34.

          If they do trade down from 20 and take one of JMS or Wypler, I prefer it be for Wypler,

          • God of Thunder

            Wypler is two years younger than JMS

    • UkAlex6674

      I think we need to put this Creed Humphrey chatter to bed now

      We didn’t draft him – we should’ve – but we didn’t. Let’s just focus on what’s in front of us C wise in the draft.

      And let’s be honest like Blitzy said he never looked a sure fire Pro Bowler in college. And I’d be as bold to say at least Scmitz looks better on tape.

      • Trevor

        Really just using Humprhies as an example. My point is how often do you even know who the Center is on a Super Bowl winning team. I don’t see it as a core building block going forward to build a Super Bowl caliber roster. Does having a really good one help, of course but do you need one to be successful? I would say absolutely not you just need a guy who can do the job, make the OL calls and not be a liability.

        Given the choice of a C or dominant DL player at 20 or 38 the choice is simple for me.

      • Scot04

        To be honest when I saw Meyers & Humphries at our Pick I was very surprised.
        I was actually a little higher on Meyers, but was figuring they would take one of the 2.
        Prior to their drop, I 100% wanted Eskridge at that pick; so I could understand the reasoning behind the pick.
        Especially since we’re still looking for that #3 receiver. Schneider seems pretty high on Dareke Young.
        All that being said I’ll be hoping for the BPA approach.

  24. GrittyHawk

    I don’t disagree. I think most fans are just so obsessed with Creed Humphrey and can’t get past not picking him (even though literally every other team passed on him at least once) that they’re massively overvaluing the center position. It’s incomprehensible the number of people who now talk about Max Unger with rose-tinted glasses acting like he was a hall of famer.

    For me it’s about the total value you can get with this draft class. Is it better to get Wypler and Jonathan Mingo? Or Josh Downs and Juice Scruggs? Would it be better to get JMS in the 20s and then get a later DE like Ojomo or Byron Young? Or is it more valuable to pick Keion White or Will McDonald at 20 and hope Wypler or even Cody Mauch is there later? What if we use an earlier than expected pick on a TE or RB, then how do we compare our need at C to our other needs at DL, Edge, and WR? The average fan just gets way too keyed in on a single position of visible need. Yeah a top C would be awesome but you have to weigh that against the downside of potentially having a 4/5th round rookie and Dareke Young backing up an aging Lockett.

    • GrittyHawk

      Oops, reply fail, meant to respond to Trevor above ^^^^

    • Peter

      I think white/macdonald, mauch might be my preference.

      Unger was actually an all pro center. It’s not quite rose tinted glasses. This team in the intervening years we have been penciling in center. Every. Single. Year. As an upgrade.

      The over value could be there. On the other hand when you profess to be a balanced to run first offense and then you let your run game from Oline to runningback fall to pieces its hard to take it seriously.

      On the note of Humphries. It’s a bit simple of a take from me but if the current nfl dynasty thinks the center position is important enough to actually draft one who actually plays that position…it might be something to look into.

      • GrittyHawk

        Unger was good but he had a lot of problems with injuries. I had no issue with trading him, but obviously trading him for Jimmy Graham who they didn’t even have a clue how to use in their offense was stupid. I don’t think we NEED a superstar at the position, we just need someone mildly competent, and it’s a huge failure of this regime that we have not been able to groom even a mediocre backup at the position. I often wonder how Joey Hunt is even in the league. He might be one of the worst football players I’ve ever seen.

    • Spectator

      Wypler and Mingo. Easy choice for me.

      Don’t exactly disagree with your sentiment. I’m not for a first round center. But there is a big difference between the top centers in this class, and later ones. And center is going to be a crucial role in this offense with a young QB.

      • JC3

        Can’t leave the draft without Keeanu Benton & Charbonnet.

    • olyhawksfan

      For me the Eskridge over Humphrey pick stings because we really needed a center. That being said if Eskridge had turned into Davonta Smith I probably wouldn’t have thought twice.

      Maybe I’m just bitter because it’s been a pattern. Penny over Chubb. Brooks over J. Taylor. Eskridge over Humphrey. But it’s easy to be a critic after the fact.

      ANNND also bitter because we had no picks in that draft thanks to the Adams trade. But I’m moving on…I promise!

      • God of Thunder

        You should move on … though Eskridge makes it hard, I know.

        But let me help you: your three examples aren’t a pattern, they are an obvious example of cherry picking.

  25. MyChestisBeastMode

    Rob, people keep throwing shade at you in other Seahawks sites. Was a watching a live YouTube of another Seahawks vlogger and they didn’t say anything but the comments section had about 5 people, unprompted, just talking trash about about SDB, you, your ego, and sarcastically saying “Rob says the Seahawks have taken Carter off their list. So it must be so.”

    It’s weird. I rarely see people her talking sh*t about other sites. I love what you do. Bummer that it rubs some the wrong way, but also maybe it means you’re on to something. Keep it up!

    • bmseattle

      Rob has a history of being right about a lot of things.
      Rob has a history of being right *earlier than everyone else* about a lot of things.

      This irritates some people…especially people who have disagreed with Rob about a lot of things. (only to be proven wrong about a lot of things)

      • Rob Staton

        And when I’m wrong I say so

        Not sure why people have such a problem with SDB

        • Wilson502

          I can answer that one. Because it runs contrary to the smooth brain narratives they’ve been fed by other “fans” , content creators and media talking heads that offer up narratives that are complete garbage.

    • Gaux Hawks

      He doesn’t sound like he’s from around here…

    • CL

      On a positive note:
      I’ve seen multiple top-comments and a whole thread about Rob’s great work on Reddit recently.
      The overwhelming majority of people would be totally fine with a QB because they trust PC/JS in that regard, and everybody agrees that the Seahawks won’t pick Carter because of the Hawks recent emphasis on high character guys (although it took longer for reddit to reach consensus there).

      Some youtubers though, are just on the level of Twitter, it can be a real ****hole from time to time..

      • geoff u

        Being controversial and antagonistic drives clicks and views and ad revenue.

        Being reasoned and thought out gets you buried by the algorithm. It’s the sad state of social media.

      • GrittyHawk

        People on r/Seahawks are kind of insane. They all seem to think their interest in the QBs is some kind of crazy mind game to trick other teams into taking the QBs first so we get Will Anderson. Someone on there today said it’s a ruse to pump up the value of our pick so we can get more in a trade back. Like… what? We are going to increase the value of our pick by pretending we want a QB, and then… immediately admit we’re not taking a QB by trading back…? People make my head hurt. All because their cognitive dissonance will not allow them to accept that there’s every chance we will actually take a QB.

        • CL

          Yeah, agree.

          Just after I posted that someone had a gem like “my (not so) Hot take: There is zero chance in hell we pick a QB.”
          It’s just that my expectations are as low as possible when it comes to social media.

          But I also saw some posts where the majority agreed that a QB is very well in play at 5 and many agreed that AR would be ideal for our situation with Geno.
          Then you’re seeing a post like above mentioned one.

          Guess there are just multiple bubbles forming and due to the confirmation bias nature of social media, many people don’t even click on thread titles they don’t agree with, but that play into your cognitive dissonance narrative.

          But my initial point stands, I also saw quite some praise for Rob, especially in the last couple of weeks

          • Peter

            The comments on YouTube with Brock Huard talking about tge selfues are amazing.

            Forget 4d chess.

            Some of these people are playing chutes and ladders.

            We’re tricking teams to trade with AZ so Anderson or Carter falls to us….

            Awesome. Like some FO is looking at seahawks Twitter like encyclopedia brown and is out there cracking the case and is on the horn with the cardinals to fall right into our carefully crafted trap.

            • Steve Nelsen

              This was so good Peter I stole it for my post on

              Thank you! I owe you one 🙂

              • cha

                What’s fantastic about the whole thing is almost the same exact people are hearing JS say things are good with Bobby Wagner and they’ve had great conversations and concluding he is definitely coming back in 2023.

              • Peter

                Glad to help!!

    • Rob Staton

      I can imagine

      I don’t get it either

    • Hawktalker#1

      Sound logic can be very polarizing. It pulls some readers close it because it makes so much sense. Other readers get pissed off because it’s not their opinion and therefore it’s obviously wrong and it was likely created buy an idiot or for the purpose of misleading others. Yep polarizing logic.

  26. Zin

    Regarding Will Anderson, he is widely regarded as the best defensive player in this draft, but it is extremely concerning that he has refused to perform any athletic testing at his pro-day. He is not injured, so this is likely a play to protect his current high draft potential (maybe his thinking is, “I’m already listed as the first defender off the board in all mock drafts, and there is no chance that testing would improve my draft position, so the only thing that could happen if I test is that my value might go down, so why risk it?”).

    While that is a smart play, it is not the mark of a competitor, or of someone who has uber-belief in their talent. If he believes he is better than other defenders, and a special talent, he should enthusiastically go around showcasing his skills. A refusal to do so, at a minimum, indicates lack of self-belief, and no player, in any sport, becomes great without self-belief.

    • Gaux Hawks

      It’s frustrating, but I disagree (high risk, low reward).

      I’m can’t bash him under these circumstances.

    • Brodie

      What if he ran all of the drills unofficially and his best times still weren’t that great?

      He’s hired a team of people who are the ones advising him to opt out. They’ve told him that the only thing he can do by testing is confirm priors or hurt his value.

      All the self-confidence in the world isn’t going to make a 4.6 runner put up a 4.4 time. He played in his bowl game – which wasn’t for a National Championship – that should be enough proof that the guy loves football, his team and competing.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      “there is no chance that testing would improve my draft position, so the only thing that could happen if I test is that my value might go down, so why risk it?”

      This has to be Will’s train of thought, a pure business decision. He ran a great, not tip top elite, 4.60 40 with a 1.61 10 ys. Chase young didnt test at all, and he went 2. Anderson’s floor is 6, at absolute worse. If he popped an acl or achilles his stock plummets, boom millions lost.

      It would’ve been cool to get a full testing profile, but personally I can’t fault his decision. Watching Anderson’s tape its hard to find fault in his effort or competitiveness. Dude is already a pro, hes been ready.

  27. Chase

    I don’t know what it is, but I’m starting to get a feeling that Levis or Richardson will fall to us. I don’t see Arizona trading out of 3 unless it’s an absolute crazy offer. Excited to see the next couple pro days.

    • Chase

      On another note, how possible do you guys think a trade up is?

      • Zin

        As Rob has alluded to multiple times, a trade-up for Seattle is extremely unlikely. Carolina, Houston and Indianapolis are all in the draft market for QBs so they wouldn’t want to trade down, and Arizona is a division opponent with a new front office that might find it hard to justify a trade down to their fanbase, especially if the QB Seattle selects, goes on to become an All Pro.

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        Unlikely. BUT, part of their QB visits has to be a bit about assessing if someone is worth trading up to #2 for versus if waiting for whoever might drop to 5. If a trade up were to happen it would most likely be if Stroud is still available at 2 imo.

        • Tien

          But if Houston wants a QB (and already has a lot of draft picks), why would they trade down and to Seattle and risk losing their QB?

    • JP

      I’m not really afraid if they’ll fall to us, I’m afraid Schneider won’t take a chance on them, specifically Levis. It’s more of a just a feeling is all.

      I just think at 5, we’re being gifted this opportunity to find our QB of the future, the most important player on the field. You should probably not watch the Lions or Raiders take that guy and watch him potentially becoming a star for them.

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    We’re not even halfway through Levis’s pro day and I’m pretty confident saying he’s guaranteed himself at least the 3rd pick to Indy.

    But if he were to fall to Seattle…hooboy!

    Just shut all the “he’s falling to R2” draftbois the eff up

    • Blitzy the Clown

      And with all respect to Young, who is an excellent technician and leader, I’m going to battle with Levis.

      Dude is a jacked up gridiron warrior

      • Brodie


        “Out here at Kentucky’s pro day, where Will Levis has just started throwing. None of the Colts’ top personnel is here from what I can see, but they do have a pair of scouts.”

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Lmao, like they’re fooling anyone

          Nope, we’re not interested…


          • dand393

            I don’t know Blitzy I have to disagree, I mean I have absolutely no background in scouting of any sort but I don’t think Levi’s looks very good today throwing seems to be quite a few misses, he looks really stiff but I will admit his receivers are not helping him at all

            • Blitzy the Clown

              There’s a big difference between a drop and a miss. I’ve seen a few drops. I saw one sure miss.

              He doesn’t have the touch of either Stroud or Young. But his arm strength is better, he’s a better athlete, and he’s played in a pro style (Seahawks) offense.

              You can work on his touch and improve, like Josh Allen has.

              But you can’t make Young bigger or stronger.

              • dand393

                True, all valid points like I said I have a very untrained eye just looked like quite a few misses, anybody know why he flips the ball in his hand before he throws seems like a very unnecessary thing to do but I’m sure that can be fixed

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    Chris Rodriguez looks good catching passes.

    He’s pretty reminiscent of Lynch at Cal. Same body type

    • UkAlex6674

      I like Rodriguez a lot.

  30. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    Maybe Levis drops to Seattle? Could it be?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Richardson would need to have a pro day to end all pro days. And even then, I’m not sure.

      Stroud to Carolina followed by Young to Houston seems like a lock. Maybe Carolina falls in love with AR at his pro day, which would upset the whole order. All bets are off then. Even another team trading up with Arizona.

      But one thing I feel pretty confident about is Indy will prefer Levis to Richardson. So if the top 2 go the way we all think, I don’t see how Levis gets past Indy for Seattle to get.

      • Jordan


        I think Seattle is the only team in the mix that is set up not to have to play one of the top 4 QBs if they draft them. Maybe Vegas with Jimmy G; but I don’t know how bold McDaniels is willing to be after his miscalculation at QB was part of his demise at his first HC opportunity.

        I just don’t think Reich/Fitterer with the impatient Tepper at owner; Caserio in Hou or Ballard in Indy have the leash/equity to gamble on upside over ready made starting QBs. Also, if you’re one of those teams and you don’t start Stroud, Young, or Levis you could end up in the Caleb Williams mix.

        Risk aversion on the part of HCs/GMs without stellar track records is a big reason why I envision Richardson to Seattle. JS/PC have the equity and the starting QB that allow them to take take that shot.

  31. OakleyD

    Josh McCown’s (Panthers QB Coach) face after he shook Will Levis hand did not look like a guy even remotely interested in making him his QB1. No enthusiasm, no emotion.

    Frank Reich (Panthers HC) on the other hand literally embraced Levis with a beaming smile, which I found interesting.

    Something tells me the QB coach and HC may not be aligned on their QB grading this draft……lol

    • Ben

      A little good cop bad cop action going on.

  32. Madmark

    I’m a new guy just getting in the draft game and I’m using PFN Mock Draft Simulator.
    5 C.J. Stroud
    20 Bijan Robinson
    37 Keion White
    52 Adetomiwa Adebawore
    83 Will McDonald IV
    123 Luke Wypler
    151 Jonathon Mingo
    154 Zach Pickens
    198 Ventrell Miller
    237 Bryon Young Alabama
    You just can’t accept that the scenario has the draft in the right order.

    • Trevor

      That would be a draft for the ages.

  33. Gross MaToast

    I like seeing pictures of Pete/JS/ & Shane Norton Jr posing for photos with the top QBs from this class – it’s like Mom and Dad shopping for a new car.

  34. JimQ

    Interesting QB evaluations of the QB class from Matt Waldman, it’s nearly an hour long but well worth it for learning more of the QB evaluation process. Waldman has been around for years and is respected by many, so perhaps his thoughts about the top 4 QB’s are fairly viable. The Richardson evaluation is “interesting”.

    • Ben

      I’ve always enjoyed his work, definitely can learn some intricacies you don’t get watching the Sunday broadcast.

  35. STTBM

    Marquise Goodwin signing with the Browns. Seattle has nobody who can play WR at even a replacement level after it’s top 2 WRs.

    No NT, no 3rd WR. Huge need at QB, and a decent sized hole at RB, then C and DE. Looks like their Draft positional wishlist.

    1. QB
    1.20. WR/DE
    2. DE/WR
    2. C
    3. DT

    That’s my guess on how to best fill positional need, given they might have to take a WR and C before DT in this particular draft.

  36. Robert Las Vegas

    The thing about Bryce Young is even if is pounding the scale at 204 at the combine who’s to say by week 11 in next year season he isn’t 185 to 190

    • Jordan

      Yes, I wonder if there is any correlation between players diminishing in-season weight and the likelihood of injury. I’d be interested to see if there was any quantitative data on lower bmi football players being more susceptible to injury.

    • BK26

      He was probably already back down yesterday. He won’t be playing over 195 most likely.

  37. Trevor

    Certain guys every year just feel like Seahawks. Last year Mafe, Woolen and Walker screamed Seahawk.

    This year I get that vibe from Will McDonald, Josh Downs and Julius Brents. Would love to see a couple of those guys on the roster last year.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Ade Ade, Keion White, Skinner, Drew Sanders for me.. Also AR

      • Peter

        Really looking forward to Arkansas’ pro day.

      • Trevor

        Love all those guys and would be pumped to see any of them picked. I was just trying to hilight guys that just look like Seahawks picks historically.

      • Hawkster

        Said it elsewhere, but Drew Sanders is this year’s why didn’t [insert name of 31 teams that passed] draft him when we had the chance?

        • Brodie

          wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks had Sanders way down their board. He had an 19.6% missed tackle rate, which is… quite terrible.

          He missed 22 tackles last year, while Brian Branch missed only 3 in his career.

          • Hawkster

            True, he is with faults. He either does a face on high bear-hug tackles or drops his head in arm tackles, both of which give fails. He doesn’t drop enough in coverage (heaven forbid a tampa 2) and gets drawn off his zone by crossers leaving a hole. I am filing all of that as coachable.

            His vision, diagnosis, block shedding, pursuit, and re-direct is excellent; that is what I am banking on.

            This LB class kinda blows, I’m thinking a year from now there is going to be some coulda shoulda.

  38. Brett

    Just heard on NFL Network that no representatives from the Colts were at Levis’s pro day today. Even though there might be some value in “hiding your intentions” I can’t imagine you’d want to draft a QB without seeing his pro day, right? I guess you could say you’ve been at enough of his games and saw him throw at the combine, but still…

    • Peter

      Houston is taking Richardson. Indy in a trade with themselves is going to move up to AZ for young. AZ is taking Anderson or Wilson.

      And we’ll take Levis.

    • Geoff u

      That’s certainly odd. Were they at Young and Stroud’s pro days? Will they be at Richardson’s? Anyone know?

      • Brett

        I actually hadn’t thought to check, but just did and it doesn’t look like their GM or HC were at the Ohio St & Alabama pro days either – just area scouts. So they’re just taking the same approach for each QB apparently, but that seems odd to me. Or maybe they’re already resigned to the fact that Irsay will be making the pick anyways haha.

    • Palatypus

      They are hiding their interest in RB Chris Rodriguez, obviously.

    • Ben

      Apparently they are bringing him in for a visit. My thought is: rather than try and hide intention, just get as much info as possible on each one… hide intention through sheer volume of contact, etc.

      But maybe they had better places to be. Or Irsay said enough of this damn scouting, let’s go with the gut!

  39. Sea Mode

    Field Yates

    The Browns are signing former Seahawks WR Marquise Goodwin to a 1-year deal, per source.

    After trading for Elijah Moore, Cleveland adds a second WR this week.

    • Palatypus

      The fastest car in the world is a rental.

      • MountainHawker

        A man of culture I see

        • Palatypus

          Only at the STD clinic.

  40. Romeo A57

    …driven by an Alabama Football Player.

    • BK26

      Really needs to be a like button hahaha.

  41. cha

    Today’s selfie

    • Steve Nelsen

      Love this.

    • ErickV

      I was gonna do a drinking game and take a shot every time someone in the comments mentioned smokescreen. Upon further review I’ve decided against it because it would literally kill me.😂😂 Gotta love casual fans on Twitter who don’t watch film outside of highlights but want to make declarative statements that a player will be a bust.

      • cha

        You don’t go through that much effort just to be a smokescreen.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Wouldn’t it be fun if these were collector/trading cards some day. It seems like a good idea for a collage of posters in the man cave.

  42. cha

    Dan Duggan
    Julian Love contract details with the Seahawks, per source: 2 years, $12M with $5.98M guaranteed, including a $4.82M signing bonus.

    2023 cap hit: $3.9M
    2024 cap hit: $8.1M
    9:17 AM · Mar 24, 2023

    • Mick

      Very reasonable. Sounds like the contract I’d give someone to take over from #33.

  43. Brett

    Ian Rapoport
    Consensus Top 10 pick Tyree Wilson is being medically cleared by renowned foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson.

    Anderson advised Wilson not to sweat while his incision heals, so he won’t work out at Texas Tech pro day next week. He plans to hold a workout for teams in mid-April.

    So it doesn’t look like we’ll get any testing from Wilson, which is disappointing but I imagine he wouldn’t have anyways since it doesn’t seem like he’s really been able to train.

  44. glor

    Meanwhile, the #6 rated safety in the NFL (per PFF) signs for 6.5mil plus 1.5 of incentives… and we are spending how much on the safety position? An none of our safeties are even on the top 25 list?

    • lil’stink

      Crying over spilled milk.

      • Big Mike

        Sure if you want to call it that. I call a gross expenditure of resources, both draft and financial as well as the trade being the worst in the history of the franchise and top 5 worst in NFL history. I feel like myself and others have every right to cry over the milk on the floor because it is RIGHT NOW hurting our chances to build a better roster and impeding the progress of the rebuild.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      We are one season away from having an out to clean that mess up without too much cap fallout. And yes, it’s quite unfortunate.

      • Big Mike

        We are one season away from having an out to clean that mess up without too much cap fallout.

        That will be a day for celebration

  45. Trevor

    Did any NFL team have two more talented OT than Ohio St?

    If you were going to build the ideal RT and LT physically it would be Dewand Jones and Paris Johnson the measurables and length are insane.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Add a good Center & top WRs to boot. Quite an impressive cast to play with.

    • OakleyD

      Thought the history of Paris Johnson at Guard was also worthy of note. He has position flexibility………just sayin’

  46. diehard82

    I love this time of year. I am a draft addict. I love finding the next article on SDB. Rob does a great job and as far as I can tell there is nothing else comparable for other teams. So thank you Rob for all your hard work.

    I also appreciate that as long as comments are respectful, they are welcome on SDB. In that vein, I respectfully have to say I have major concerns about jumping on the Anthony Richardson hype train. Is he really a unicorn, or is he a pretty pony with a carrot duct taped to his forehead? That was hyperbole of course, no disrespect meant for Mr. Richardson personally. I have no doubt he is a level headed nice guy who interviews well and has boatloads of self-confidence.

    In summary, I wish he had either played another year at Florida or entered the transfer portal and moved to anywhere he thought he needed to in order to improve his resume. I know its been said before by others on this site, but I just can’t wrap my head around only one full year of starting, with a completion percentage of 54% over 3 years, and 53% in his final year (so not improving). Only 213 completions on 395 attempts. 24 td’s to 15 int’s. We know he can run. He is an athletic freak, in a good way. He can throw the ball 60+ yards, and in gym clothes under a dome with no pressure he can be pretty accurate.

    We learn best by doing, not watching, listening or reading. And training is specific. If you want to be an accurate thrower of a football under game pressure, that’s what you need to do. Throwing in practice is great, but it’s not the same. Richardson is only 21. I think its worth asking why he came out this year. In my mind at least 1 year too early. So lets look at the completion percentages for QB’s drafted inside the top 20 since 2010 (discarding Kenny Pickett drafted 1-20 last year).

    In summary, there are 33. Most have college career comp% of 65-70%. Only one is lower than Richardson. Jake Locker at 54%. There are only 3 under 60%, including Josh Allen and Daniel Jones. All 3 had much more career attempts providing scouts much more tape to evaluate. With so little tape for Richardson, I looked at his high school stats. 4 years of high school and 53.2%. So Richardson has never had a completion rate of over 54% at any level.

    Jalen Carter has off-field questions, but on the field he is dominant. I’d rather take that chance, or take Will Anderson, than buy the Anthony Richardson lottery ticket with pick 5. When Tennessee traded up for Locker at 8, they were desperate. Seattle is not desperate. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    • Jabroni-DC

      I understand your concerns & most QBs who aren’t accurate in College (or Uni) don’t become so in the NFL. That said, if Anderson is gone & AR is the remaining QB of the big 4 left on the board I’m willing to pull that trigger because if he pans out…holy night.

      • diehard82

        It would be fun following his progress and hoping for the best, no doubt. I’m also a conspiracy theorist and I can’t help but wonder if the Hawks comments about character now being paramount, and the large contingent traveling to 4 QB pro-days isn’t in part a smokescreen trying to convince everyone they are going to take a QB at 5 when they really are just hoping Carter falls.

        • Rob Staton

          They don’t need to hope he falls

          He’s already fallen

          And it’ll go beyond #5

        • Hawkster

          smokescreen … drink

    • Peter

      Totally valid concerns.

      I guess I echo Jabroni that if it works. Night, night, rest of the league.

      Should he have played more? Probably. But here we are.

      I will say through a combination of events you can ad can not control college completion percent is a weird stat to really drill down on.

      There are a good deal of players with exceptionally high percents that never translate. Why? Could be scheme, could be supporting cast.

      Let’s flip this around a bit. I love Stroud and if a bunch of teams mess up I’d love for him to be a seahawk. That said. His supporting cast includes three offensive lieen who might all go in the first two rounds. A WR who will probably go in the first round. And a WR who next year might be a top five or at least top ten pick.

      Or the former Mike leach qbs. That air raid system is famous for great stats that never translate to the pros.

      Or our current QB. At one point in college he was getting the heisman shine. Unfortunately much of that ( and the jets being the jets) didn’t translate to tge nfl. It took him years. Heck our former qb only played one year in a pro system looking good. Prior to that it was actually pretty mediocre.

      With Richardson….I agree doing is more important than watching. But the watching will have some benefit. His first year wherever that may be will probably be rough at times with pockets of excitement.

      I hear about next year’s qbs all the time. But I would counter in tge case of say Kaleb Williams is playing in Reillys system getting extra reps helping him or hurting him? Or Penix? Or others? If the reps aren’t pro worthy.

    • Rob Staton

      Carter wasn’t dominant against Ohio State, just embarrassing with his conditioning

      Wasn’t dominant in his ability to attend meetings or workouts either, quite the opposite

      There’s a lot of stuff with Carter people don’t know and I’m asking for trust when I say it’s a dream to let go

      • diehard82

        I believe you Rob. So is it Anderson or Wilson? LOL

        • Rob Staton

          It could be either

          But it could be a QB too

          And I’m not sure why people are so allergic to that thought

          • Wilson502

            If Richardson or Levis are there and you punt to take a non-elite DE prospect, that would be a massive fail.

    • Brodie

      Is Carter dominant on the field? I keep hearing everyone say this, but haven’t seen anything to prove this point. It’s just a given that enough people have said it, so it must be true.

      He had 16 solo tackles last year. 16! All year. Shaun Dolac got that in one game.

      I guess he’s great though. Everyone keeps telling me he is.

      Per AR, I tend to agree that another year would have been great for his development. In particular if he had transferred to somewhere with a great supporting cast. That said, his goal has probably been the NFL and he’s a pretty sure-fire lock to go top 10, if not top 5. Whether you think that we should take him or not, is certainly a valid question.

      PS. A pony with a carrot duct-taped to his head is still cracking me up

      • Peter

        One of my favorite puzzles:

        You can’t look at Carters stats because Georgia was sooo good everyone contributes. Then compare him to Sapp or Cortez who both played for legendary teams bur somehow produced.

      • BK26

        It’s simple. He knew he needed a better supporting cast and coaching staff to reach his potential. So instead of transferring, he just decided to have Seattle draft him. Gets him to his end goal faster and is a win/win all around.

        And stats aren’t everything. Watch the tape, there’s enough there that I’m not too worried. He progressed within a year and that matters. He just needs more time and reps.

      • Geoff u

        Richardson won’t need another year on the college level when he’ll get a redshirt year learning the Seahawks offense

    • Glor

      Jalen Carter dominant? Maybe for the number of snaps he has played, buy the big question you need to ask yourself is why isn’t he playing more then.

      “the past two seasons, Jalen Carter has played just 396 snaps and 392 snaps. For his career, he has just 1,075. Most teams do not put in a full NFL season of snaps when you consider they usually play about four or five fewer games. Still, Will Anderson has 2,204 snaps an Georgia actually had more games played over that time. Last season there were 200 interior defensive linemen who played over 400 snaps in FBS play.”

  47. Palatypus

    Just a quick FYI. It is 185.9 miles from Lexington to Indianapolis. It is 174 from Seattle to Portland.

  48. JN

    Seahawks fans are so convinced these qb selfies are smokescreens, that they’re playing 5D chess to get a team to trade up. Talk about the most deluded fanbase out there

    • Wilson502

      It really is, I don’t think another fanbase has as many deluded smooth brains as the Seahawks.

      • Rokas

        Oh, never understimate the niners fans. They are the absolute worst. Ditto Green Bay.

        • Wilson502

          Whiners fans are definitely up there too. They are just more annoying and bandwagon than anything. GB? Meh.

  49. MattyB

    Do you think all these selfies with the QB’s is 1.just the front office have fun at the top of the draft with fun PR. 2. They view all 4 QBs fairy equally and are gauging fans opinion via social media or 3. To confuse other franchises double guessing Seahawks intentions with their draft pick????

    • Mick

      I believe we’re trying to read too much into a joke. They are doing their homework on the QBs, like they should, and the selfies have no significance.

    • James P

      Well it’s 100% not 2. God help us if fan sentiment plays a part in front office decisions.

    • Steve Nelsen

      The first one was spontaneous fun. Then I think they thought it would be fun to do it with all of them. The selfies are 100% fun.

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      My question: Smokescreen about what? They have the #5 pick. They will have at least one of the top 4 QB’s and maybe Anderson to select from. What’s to hide?

  50. MattyB

    Robs a fan!!

  51. cha

    Looks like PFF just paywalled their Mock Draft Simulator.

    Just as well. I probably burned up their servers.

    • Mick

      They first reduced it to one free mock draft per day. Well too bad, there’s still PFN and fanspeak mock draft. But I enjoyed getting graded.

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      Why does the PFF mock draft not let you see who you’ve already selected?

    • Brodie

      Here’s another free option:

      Fair warning though – it may set unrealistic expectations

    • Rob Staton

      That’s a shame

      But they just scored a massive own goal that’ll destroy their website hits

  52. Gaux Hawks

    There are 26 players in Rob’s R1 and R1-2 horizontal projections. Plus an additional 39 in R2. That is 65 players for 63 picks. There are 43 in R3, creating a spill over of at least 13 players into R4.

    So very likely we can grab two of Rob’s projections in each of the first three rounds…

    R1: QB, DE
    R2: TE, WR
    R3: DT, RB
    R5: OL, DB

  53. Happy Hawk

    We need to let the Carter talk go. He is not going at #5 or #20 to the Hawks. They have been emphasizing character in almost every interview and press conference – it is not a smokescreen. He will be someone else’s problem.

  54. HOUSE

    Anyone got any insight on him? I need to start watching tape.

  55. Blitzy the Clown

    Anyone want to calculate his TEF?

    Jim Nagy @JimNagy_SB

    Blake Freeland followed up strong @seniorbowl and Combine record 37” VJ today at @BYUfootball pro-day w/ 4.42 SS & 7.27 three-cone—both ridiculous times for any OL, let alone a 6’8” giant—and 25 bench reps.

    Best comp is #Vikings Pro Bowler Brian O’Neill.

    Checkout those feet! 👀

    • Rob Staton

      Incredible athlete

      He just struggles so much to bend his knees and gain leverage. He’s always too upright and hunched over

      • Blitzy the Clown

        You think he could play TE?

        • Rob Staton

          No, too big and cumbersome

  56. Blitzy the Clown

    Jamal Adams @Prez

    Enjoy your moments. Life is a beautiful thing. Stay safe, be smart! It’s a lot of weird shh out here if we’re being honest. A lot of hate, instead of real love & loyalty. Stay ahead! Don’t let nothin stop you. One luv! #Prez

    3:10 PM · Mar 24, 2023

    Love and loyalty. Oh.


    • Wilson502


  57. JimQ

    Competition percentages: 2022 -VS- 2021; a slight downward trend by all of the top-4 QB’s.

    C. J. Stroud, 66.3% in 2022 & 71.9% in 2021 (a 5.6% decrease).
    Will Levis, 65.3% in 2022 & 66.0% in 2021 (a 0.7% decrease).
    Bryce Young, 64.5% in 2022 & 66.9% on 2021 (a 2.4% decrease).
    Anthony Richardson, 53.8% in 2022 & 59.4% (in 8-games for 64 att.) (a 5.6% decrease).

    I know it is only 1 performance stat, but I read it as another positive to add to Levis’s potential at QB. I find it interesting that Levis had the smallest % reduction, only down slightly from 2021. This in spite of having less talent around him and a very poor OL shows me that Levis elevated his game & performed very well in spite of these problems. He carried the team offensively and showed a lot of what PC/JS describe a “grit”, not to mention leadership & desire to win. I’m sure that he’s definitely high on the Seahawks wish list.

  58. A.J.

    I admire your column, have tried repeatedly to become a patron, but w/o success.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — and sorry to hear that. Not sure what the issue is but if you send me an email to I can maybe help or send you my Paypal details if you still want to support

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