C.J. Stroud pro-day notes & Adetomiwa Adebawore a target?

Pete Carroll watched C.J. Stroud’s impressive pro-day

It has been said that a pro-day, for the most part, is a waste of time. You’re throwing against air. You expect a pro-quarterback to excel in this situation.

Even so, the truly class players have a way to shine through — even in an environment set up for success.

Two years ago I wrote a fairly scathing review of Trey Lance’s pro-day:

I can’t recall a recent pro-day with so many balls hitting the turf. I saw overthrows and under-throws. He’s toesy with his feet and his technique needs further work to sharpen up his accuracy.

It felt obvious that this was a player who needed a lot of work. His physical upside was his only redeeming feature. I was surprised Kyle Shanahan had his head turned by the people pushing for Lance in San Francisco’s front office. He was never a good scheme fit and nothing about his pro-day or tape suggested he was destined to fit with the 49ers.

Then there are other pro-days where you’re left mouth ajar. Josh Allen, still to this day, had the best pro-day I’ve ever seen. Everyone knew he was physically impressive yet at his event, he made everything look natural and easy. It was a stroll in the park for Allen to throw 60-yards downfield, effortlessly. He was having fun, he was showing off. He hit the mark to all areas of the field and just oozed charisma doing it. There was no doubt from that point that despite any flaws he showed at Wyoming, he was worth taking a chance on.

Stroud doesn’t have Allen’s ridiculous physical upside. Yet his pro-day was reminiscent of what Allen showed. He looked in complete control.

Firstly, the effortless throwing motion. Stroud began his session churning through touch passes to each sideline. He was rolling, just setting and throwing with tempo and pace. It was like a factory production line — each throw landing perfectly with consistent touch and accuracy.

There was no messing around either — no short-range throwing, building up to a big finale. He cut to the chase, progressing to mid and long range passes quickly. His ball-placement was perfect on all but a couple of throws and even they hit the mark.

It’s so easy to think back to that Lance pro-day, where balls were hitting the floor all the time. Stroud’s session was like watching a Madden video game practise. There was never any danger of a pass hitting the floor. His throws were so crisp and precise, it was like he was handing the ball off 30-40 yards downfield.

Based on film review, I’ve said a few times I’ve never seen a better touch-passer. His ability to throw with perfect velocity downfield, with the ball landing cushion-like into the hands of a receiver, is special. This was all on show again today. Receivers don’t have to work to catch Stroud’s passes. He doesn’t need to overdo the loft to get the right downfield pace. He’s like a snooker player the way he judges angles, precision and touch.

Stroud’s body language oozes ‘I was born for this’. He’s so on his game from a mechanical, physical and accuracy perspective that this challenge of a pro-day — with numerous key NFL personnel watching on including one owner — was a walk in the park. He’ll have no problem handling the spotlight of being the #1 pick, if that’s what Carolina decides.

He also didn’t have any of the gimmicky throws we’ve seen creep into pro-days to get social media traction. None of that ‘run to the left, throw across your body with sweeping momentum, get some fan-boys to applaud in the background’ stuff. This was a proper pro-day. Ohio State are doing an excellent job developing mature, pro-ready players and it’s no surprise this set-up was so efficient and organised.

Stroud’s footwork was generally good with only some minor tweaks needed when he runs to the more uncomfortable left hand side. Overall we’re talking about one of the most naturally talented, complete football players to enter the league in a long time. Yes — he’ll need to adjust to the pro-game and cope without his hand being held like it was at Ohio State. He showed against Georgia however, that he’s more than capable of doing that.

He’s an exciting player, worthy of being Carolina’s present and future.

It’s no surprise the Seahawks were there, en masse, to watch his pro-day:

It’s been reported that the contingent will now travel to Alabama and then Kentucky to watch Bryce Young and Will Levis. A week today, it’ll be Anthony Richardson’s turn.

It’s worth noting from the picture above that Stroud admitted a few years ago that he was a Seahawks fan. Even if that was a loose ‘bandwagon’ style fandom as Seattle became a top franchise, or whether he just admired Russell Wilson, it seems it was still clearly enough for Stroud to get a selfie with the group when they met later on (and let the Seahawks use it).

Pete Carroll and co will have been impressed. Everyone attending will have been impressed. The timing is ideal — because now they can compare all of the other pro-days to this excellent performance.

I think they’ll grade Stroud incredibly highly. John Schneider reportedly loved Patrick Mahomes in 2017 and there are Mahomesian elements to Stroud’s play. Unfortunately, they’re unlikely to have any realistic shot at drafting him.

It also needs to be said that these trips will also provide Seattle’s group a chance to look at other players. Luke Wypler is an obvious fit at centre and I bet they spent time with him at Ohio State. Alabama’s roster is chock full of prospective picks — from Will Anderson to Byron Young and Emil Ekiyor and several others. This won’t just be a quarterback scouting mission — although obviously they’re doing their due diligence on the top QB’s, given this rare opportunity to be picking in the top-five.

In other Seahawks news, they reportedly had Mario Edwards Jr in for a visit this week. He spent last year in Tennessee. I think this is very interesting. Having already signed Dre’Mont Jones, they reportedly were also trying to add Zach Allen. Now they’re looking at another player in the 6-3, 280lbs range.

To me it indicates that while the’ll undoubtedly be adding some beef to the defensive front at some point, they’re also after another disruptive player in this size range.

There just so happens to be a 6-2, 282lbs prospect with elite testing, excellent character, with a brilliant Senior Bowl on his résumé and his profile indicates ‘special’ potential.

Increasingly I think they’re going to be very interested in Adetomiwa Adebawore. He’s exactly the type of player they seem keen to bring in. Yet he’s also a 4.49 forty runner, a 1.61 10-yard split runner, a 4.26 short shuttle runner, a 37.5 inch vertical jumper — all with 34-inch arms and big 10.5 inch hands.

When’s the last time you saw a player with this profile?

He has every tool in the box. Explosive power, quickness, attitude, leverage. Look at what he did at the Senior Bowl below. Nobody else on the D-line got the rest of the participants howling like ‘Ade Ade’ did:

His testing profile — and the flashes he shows on tape and during those Senior Bowl practises — suggests he could be someone who just takes the league by storm. It’s not unrealistic he comes in, swiftly develops into a very accomplished player and we all wonder how he lasted as long as he did in round one. Let’s not forget, Aaron Donald lasted to the #13 pick.

I wonder if Edwards will be seen as a potential hedge for someone like Adebawore? If he’s still there at pick #20 — and that no longer feels like a sure-thing — he could easily be the man Seattle takes to add to their defensive front. Adebawore and Jones combining on passing downs would be a scary prospect for opponents and as long as they can get some run-stuffing bigger-men to secure the interior, this would be an attractive proposition.

If you missed my interview with Adetomiwa Adebawore, watch it here:

Finally, Cameron Young mentioned in this interview that he’s had a meeting, possibly two meetings, with the Seahawks. A long-armed, powerful defensive linemen who really shone at the Senior Bowl — he’d be a tremendous mid-round option. He’s definitely someone to keep an eye on as the process unfolds.

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  1. Murphy

    Obviously it would be great to be higher than 5 and have a choice. However, there is a level of calm that comes with picking number 5 with 5 choices I’d be excited about. Do you end up with the Mahome-esq prospect, the creative and Uber talented point guard, the physical stud whose played in Seattle’s system, the generational physical freak that needs time, or the pro ready edge who will set the culture of your D? I’m not sure how you come away from that not being excited about the future.

    Regarding the rest of the picks, I really hope to see some aggressive move to go and get their guys. Maybe jump from 38 to the back end of round one, if someone falls…. Why is it still March?!?!

    • Malc from PO

      Thanks for those wise words, Murphy – puts each of those players perfectly in their own context, with each being worth a top 5 pick to the Seahawks.

    • Scot04

      I only come away not excited if we trade down.

  2. Sea Mode

    Thanks for the write up! Love them both. Unfortunately, it feels like they will be two players just out of Seattle’s reach at both spots. But hey, stranger things have happened in the draft.

    • Mick

      I start entertaining the thought of us moving up at #2 to get him, if he doesn’t end up with the Panthers.

      • Rob Staton

        Houston won’t move off #2

        • Mick

          Yes I think so too.

          • TatupuTime

            Best plan of attack for the Seahawks is to approach Stroud and ask him to don a gas mask full of smoke. Then have someone release it on social media on draft night. About the only way he’ll get to play for the Seahawks if he truly is a fan.

            • Rob Staton

              *Googles bong gas mask*

            • Roy Batty

              Wasn’t it his Uncle or step dad who released that video?

              • Big Mike

                Uncle iirc

            • geoff u

              That’s kind of brilliant… And then if Seattle picks him that can’t knock them not taking Jalen Carter, because then they can still say, “Well it’s just Pete taking the usual risk on a risky player.”

              • Peter


        • Wilson502

          U think Seattle should have made a bigger push to move up to #1?

          • geoff u

            I don’t think they were ever seriously in the running. IIRC John sounded like he was caught off guard on the trade. Also, they really wanted DJ Moore, so Seattle would probably have had to give up Metcalf or Lockette to seal any deal. It’s a pretty steep price, especially if at 5 they still feel they have a good shot at one of the QBs, and assuming they rate the QBs pretty similarly.

            • Wilson502

              If JS was truly caught off guard, that’s another problem entirely. How was Rob able to predict that move with such accuracy, but a GM gets caught off guard?

            • Cambs

              Wonder if that price will look so “steep” come 2025 … or even come September.

              Or was the steep price actually the one that we chose to pay by “trading away” CJ Stroud for a couple of linemen, some future day-two pick, and four years of DK Metcalf?

              • geoff u

                Possibly. But we could also still end up with all those picks, DK, and Levis or Richardson

  3. Ian

    Testing profile aside, how do Ade Ade and Keion White compare and contrast as football players?

  4. Big Mike

    Thanks for this Rob. Appreciated as always.
    Seemingly there’s no way Carolina passes on CJ, but with a too involved owner as a possible wild card anything is possible I suppose. Zero chance he lasts to 5 tho.

  5. PJ in Seattle

    Sure hope Ade Ade lasts to #20, but I agree that it’s looking less and less likely. If we somehow came out of this draft with him and either Mazi Smith or Siaki Ika at nose, I think we could have one of the better and more disruptive D lines in the league next year.

    And going from 35 year old Al Woods to 30 year old Jarran Reed as the old, grizzled vet on the line would sure bode well for the future.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Ika is a very overrated player — Smith I’m down with

      • PJ in Seattle

        Well established and I appreciate your perspective on Ika’s lack of effectiveness against the run. I see him as a poor man’s Vita Vea, which I’d happily take at the right price. But I have an admitted bias for big butt Polynesians in the middle of the line. 🙂

        • Rob Staton

          I think poor man’s Vita Vea is a kind review to be honest. It’s a bit like saying Alton Robinson is a poor man’s Von Miller

          • geoff u

            Perhaps you could say he’s a homeless man’s Vita Vea

          • PJ in Seattle

            Ouch. Touche. lol

            A person experiencing homelessness’s Haloti Ngata, maybe? 🙂

            • Brett

              A Silicon Valley Bank’s version of Vita Vea

  6. SpennyDunks

    Really looking forward to Richardson’s throwing session.

  7. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Interesting film analysis of AR15 by Kurt Warner.
    Good and bad. Honest and positive review.

  8. Roy Batty

    Ideally there is a run on DB’s and the best OT’s between 5 and 20. Then you sprinkle in JSN, Mayer, Robinson being sought by teams and maybe Ade filters down to 20?

    • Rob Staton

      Not impossible, for sure. McShay and Kiper predicted #20-31

      • Roy Batty

        It will be interesting to see which position group will be the first to go on a run on day one. My money is on “who the hell knows”.

        This draft, outside of the very top, is such a toss-up.

  9. Bmseattle

    So, as of this moment, Reed would be our NT, right?
    It sure seems like they have painted themselves into a corner at that position.
    Even if we draft a guy fairly high, we can’t really expect that player
    to just step right in and be an effective starter for us.
    We need at least a decent hedge who can start for us while a rookie develops.

    • Rob Staton

      They have definitely put themselves, currently, in a position we hoped they would avoid

      They are forcing themselves to take DL

      I hope they address this before the draft. Not sure why they cut Woods after the first wave of cuts (Jefferson, Harris) but before the draft if there wasn’t something lined up. Unless they’ve already spent his money.

      The fact they haven’t registered the Love signing also suggests they are working on something behind the scenes to create money

      • Big Mike

        Please let it be a post 6/1 cut of Adams. Please 🙏

        • Rob Staton

          I think they would’ve done that by now

          • Big Mike

            *Bubble burst*

      • geoff u

        I certainly hope they’re not planning on a rookie starting NT, since them having an impact in their first year would be pretty rare.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Why do people keep saying a rookie NT won’t be effective. It’s not like he has to cover pass routes. He just needs to hold his position, shed blocks and takes on double teams. It’s grueling but it’s not rocket science. And none of these guys are Aaron Donald so don’t expect him to come sprinting up the gut to make a tackle. He fills holes and takes on blockers.

          • geoff u

            You’re probably right.

      • Spectator

        Rumored Ed Oliver is being moved, could he be why? Hes not a nose, but maybe they are trying to get a little cap.

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t expect any trades

      • John

        Isn’t this the reason we argued they shouldn’t resign Geno? We were discussing not even paying him $20M because that’s a pair of good DTs. Now we are excited about the team-friendly deal, but prior to it there was a lot of “don’t sign him for more than $10m” talk.

        • Glor

          We are just glad it’s only 20mil, as it was easy to see the hawks being stupid and giving him 35. I’m sure we would have been happier with less or running with Lock this year.
          Every good rebuild needs a tank year I say, FO doesn’t agree.

    • Steve Nelsen

      As of right now, Seattle’s nose tackle is not on the roster. Jarran Reed is not a NT.

  10. T.J.

    If Richardson and Anderson are gone at 1.5, I could see a trade down into the mid-teens where the Hawks seek a 2024 first round pick from a team they think might struggle next year and then use that pick on Ade.

    I also get the impression the Hawks are going to spend a relatively early pick (1.20 or 2.37) on a tight end. I really wish this wasn’t the case – the Hawks simply don’t utilize tight ends well – but I can see it coming based on some of the comments in interviews with Carroll.

    • Rob Staton

      On all levels, this isn’t happening

      They have talked about the rare opportunity to pick fifth

      Trading that away, just to hope next years pick is as high as five?


      If there’s a player worth trading up for, they’ll take him themselves

      • T.J.

        It depends on how they view Levis. But, if they value next year’s QBs much higher, then this might be the rare circumstance where a first rounder next year has more value than a pick this year.

        • Aaron

          When they made the Wilson trade last year I wonder to what degree replacing Wilson via this year’s draft was part of the plan. They would have two first round picks, one with a shot at being pretty high (theirs), which would give them draft capital to move up to select a QB. Somehow Denver’s ended up at 5 so they don’t have to trade. Levis was just coming off a great year at UK and played in the new Hawks’ offense. Levis has “traits” like Rob likes to say. I wonder if Levis is who they always had their eye on.

          • Rob Staton

            I’ll be surprised if JS isn’t a big fan of Levis

            • Peter

              I still keep him in mind. Looking to the trade I just think he would have been a qb Johnwould have been thinking about for this year. Over young for Suze reasons and frankly Stroud for reasons you stated most of the season prior to the Georgia game.

        • Rob Staton

          Sorry, this is going to sound abrupt and harsh. But please can we not do this again?

          The whole ‘next year’ thing is so painfully frustrating. We have no idea who will or won’t declare. These players have to get through a season injury-free, stock intact. The Seahawks can’t predict the future and having one extra pick, unless it’s top-two, won’t do much for their chances of actually getting at the best QB’s.

          They already hit the ‘trade’ jackpot thanks to the Broncos. They are perfectly sat in the top-five to get a good QB this year within a good QB class. They don’t need to wait a year, for a chance to see if a top-five pick turns into a pick in the 20’s instead.

          • Wilson502

            This lines up with my train of thought as well. This whole ” draft a QB next yr” is such a smooth brain takes it’s not even worth engaging. People act like a good elite QB prospects would last until the Seahawks pick and if they wanted to trade up it would be exponentially more expensive to do so.

          • Purpleneer

            Absolutely my thought about passing on QB here. But aren’t you doing just that, but without the extra capital if you take Anderson at 5? I’d be more excited about him, but you’ve said yourself “he’s no Bosa brother or Garrett” and he seems to either be locked into a 3-4 or require a position change to involve a ton more coverage responsibilities, which very rarely works out well. Who since Boulware LB to S?

      • T.J.

        Sorry, meant to address this in a prior post, but I don’t see the trade up possibility. You said it yourself, Arizona is unlikely to trade with us. Even if they like someone enough to want to go for that, it may not be within our control, unless we overpay.

    • T.J.

      And then they will miss on Mazi Smith, settle for a more limited NT option in a later round, and we’ll be left wondering why they prioritized a position they never use over a position of desperate need.

      • Mick

        Mazi Smith might be the best option at NT, but this doesn’t make him a 5 star prospect and if we draft him, we shouldn’t spend a too high pick for him. We might anyways be much better off with a QB and a cheap solution at NT, say Keondre Coburn.

        • Elmer

          How much does it cost for the GOOD job? We need a good NT, not just a cheap one. If the good NT turns out to be a rookie, so be it. Hoping they can provide some interior pass rush too.

  11. Bankhawk

    So-we seem to be going all in to up our game regarding ability to pressure passers, but it looks like we’ve let our capacity for run-stuffing slip dangerously.
    Am I off base. Anybody with a perspective to allay my anxiety? Where’s the beef?

    • Big Mike

      It certainly makes you wonder tho I will say our ability to stop the run last was practically non-existent so there’s that. I do wonder if rightly or wrongly, they figure getting a guy like Mazi in the draft will be sufficient with the thought process that despite being a rookie, playing run D isn’t that difficult for a first year guy?

    • cjjo

      As much of a surprise releasing Woods was, he did not play extensive snaps and would probably be playing less this year. Management will find a big body for NT, one way or another.
      I think the ILB position is more critical myself. Does not matter the “wall” upfront, as RB will hit the crease/gap and the need for the 2nd level D is enormous. We have NONE.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Mario Edwards was highly rated against the run last year according to a Seattle Times article this morning. Andi I believe Dre’mont was as well. So they are also attempting to bolster the run D as well. And let’s be honest, other than Big Al, no one they have gotten rid of was particularly stout last year.

      • Scot04

        Dre’mont not great vrs the run, but very good at interior pressure. At only 26 we just need to hope the run defense portion improves. If it does he could become a difference maker.


    I just wonder if we are going to see a “different” kind of defense? Here is what I mean… when Carrol first got here he moved DT Red Bryant to DE, brought in safety sized CBs, and LB sized safeties. With no established NT currently on the roster and no real game wrecking types in the draft, I wonder if we are going to get a different “type” of defense, much like when PC/JS first got here? Food for thought…

    • STTBM

      We had ONE lb sized safety. And Kam wasn’t some Master Plan pick Carrol designed his defense around. He was like Tom Brady, a late round flyer that ended up being a diamond in the rough.

      Earl was tiny and fast, hardly a LB sized safety, and he was as much a lynchpin for the D to function as Kam. That’s why Seattle paid Diggs so much.

      Sure, Seattle may adjust their D, but you’re giving Carrol way to much credit for planning when the reality is he got lucky and was just smart enough to realize it and adapt.

    • GrittyHawk

      This was my thought as well, but I cannot begin to imagine what the “different” defense will look like, other than undersized. I know it’s a passing league now, but teams more than proved last year you can win by running all over us. It just seems so un-Pete-like to have a horrid run defense and then not really do anything to fix it.

    • Madmark

      You forgot Brandon Mebane.

  13. MarkinSeattle

    I have become a big fan of Ade Ade this off season from reading all of Rob’s posts as well as others. His ridiculous combine numbers gives me the feeling that he will be a star. I just hope he slips to 1.20 for us to snag.

    On the QB side, it seems like all four have a chance to be very good. Given the Seahawks success with QB’s, I think that whoever we select will be decently good to very good in this league.

    • Peter

      He’s fun to watch.

      I’m not Mr. Highlight reel but his pursuit is stupid. One thing I noticed is he has a distinct lack of moves at this time but is so fast on snaps its ridiculous. And it’s fairly evident that his power is off the charts. I saw a play against Maryland where he doesn’t even get his hands up like he’s sprinting to the qb and the olinemen gets “blown,” to the side because he’s practically still in his stance as Ade Ade shoulders passed him.

      Get him some moves ad use that strength to start chopping at arms? I doubt many olinemen would want to deal with that all game long.

      • MountainHawker

        Imagine if we had a specialist pass rushing coach in the building….oh wait

        • Peter

          I hope that guy is actually good.

  14. Forrest

    I love Mazi’s potential, his build, his frame, his interviews, the Freak’s list, etc. But when I look at his highlight tape, it leaves me wanting. I don’t see penetration. I don’t see tackles for a loss. I see a huge run stuffer without the tape to back up the hype. Same with his combine testing.

    I’m worried we’ll draft Mazi because we need a big nose and there are limited options in the draft and plenty of 3-4 teams that need a nose with his profile, rather than because the profile matches the tape.

    • Purpleneer

      I’m not concerned as much about penetration from the nose as I am about pocket pushing.

      • Forrest

        I didn’t see him pushing the pocket.

  15. Joshua Smith

    I know this unlikely but it’s a scenario I like to entertain. Pleas don’t plunder it because it’s not a realistic scenario 🙏. I’m fully aware it is not realistic. Lol
    How many free agent nose tackles are available in free agency?
    Are any of them stand outs above the rest?
    If no, then why rush to sign one? Maybe there is a wink to Harris or Woods that we will bring you back on or after the draft? Or just sign a guy at nose because none of them are stars in free agency and you just want a solid guy to eat up space. And one will certainly be available later…
    Right now a lot of talking heads are increasingly pushing Carter to the Seahawks at 5 because it fills a position of need. Could teams like the Lions, Raiders, etc. feel less pressure to move up to get a QB? Assuming that the Hawks are very much in play for Carter who so many see as the “best talent” in the draft.

    • Peter

      I think if vegas wants to move up regardless of us it’s to AZ. To get ahead of Indy.

      I don’t even think the Lions are considering qb. Especially now in that division. Tighten up that defense and who stops them in the north?

      I’d think maybe Atlanta but I also could see them saying “duh, Bijan robinson is BPA.”

      • Peter

        Side note about Goff. I’m not sure people realize he’s pretty young for seven seasons in the league and last year played at a pretty high level.

        I think a lot of us dismiss him because they mighty rams let him go

      • Joshua Smith

        Agreed on Vegas.
        My thought was they (Lions/Raiders) might like all 4 QBs and believe there is a good chance Seattle passes and takes Carter. If youre right and the Lions like Goff and pass on QB the Raiders won’t feel the need to trade up. It was a stretch of a thought but my mind goes there a lot.
        Seahawks are definitely giving the impression they will draft a NT in the early rounds.
        It won’t be Carter at #5 but the Hawks are sure making it look like that’s what they’re doing.

        • Joshua Smith

          Meaning the Seahawks are intentionally trying to dissuade other teams from trading up to 3 allowing people to create their own impression they are going to take Carter. Because “he’s the best player in the draft”.

          • Peter


            On detroit they are in the same position as us in regards to qbotf. But….I just have a hunch they would think they could really make some noise next year with goff.

            • Joshua Smith

              That’s a good point. I suppose if Geno was 28-29 I would feel a lot better about not taking a QB with 5.
              As it stands I will be fine with DE/Edge as the pick but I so badly want one of these rookie QBs…

              • Pugs1

                I’ll say this about Geno he’s a young 32. He started five games between 2015-2021. Without the wear and tear of the past seven seasons I’d say he’s about 28-29 in QB years. Part of the reason I believe he was the only QB who took every snap for his team last year.

                • Rob Staton

                  This comes up a lot

                  Age is age I’m afraid

                  You don’t magically stop ageing because you’ve played less

  16. Dusty

    Another fine article from the site with the most thoughtful Seahawks coverage on the internet. F field gulls.

  17. The Other Jordan

    Just had to say your analysis of Trey Lance was spot on Rob several years ago. And your analysis since last summer of the four QB’s this year has been even more impressive to see. Well done.

  18. Peter

    But your scenario only works if the last QB left, if there is one, Seattle doesn’t like.

    I’ve crunched through nearly every trade in and into the top ten since Pete has been here. It is the rarest occurrence that a future first pick gets nade for a positional player. Since there’s no Julio Jones or absolute locked on best LT in this draft I don’t see it.

    For qb trades. If say ATL or LV wants to move up to us and they just don’t love the guy a trade that slight could net as little as a single additional second.

    For a comparable trade example look to Josh Allen. Let’s say the titans want Levis and we don’t. It’s very possible based on past trades they could move from 11 to five with two seconds and a throwaway fifth.

    Then next year whether they are good, bad, or indifferent all we have is our first rounder, probably in the teens or at 20-ish, our late second rounder, and Tennessee’s second round pick.

    How do you package all that up to get Williams, maye, etc? I’ll tell you how. You now become the team coughing up future firsts for a qb.

    Try this out. Say the 2022 pre season betting line went chalk. And Denvers pick was the 20th and ours was the fifth. Would we even be having this conversation? No. This pick is a gift. Seattle is in such a cool spot of having pick five and not be objectively trash to do something big.

    • Peter

      Reply fail to T.J. but frankly it works for anyone dreaming of a trade back.

    • Spectator

      Question: In this scenario, where do we see QBOTF if its Anderson that is left? I agree wholeheartedly in what you are saying in principal. We need to end up with one of the QBs. Just questioning what they do at QB in your scenario if all QBs are gone.

      Dont think ive seen anyone say we should trade back if Levis, Stroud, or Richardson (or Young for that matter) are still on the board. Honestly, run to the podium with any of them.

      If we take Anderson at 5 with no QBs left, we will still “become the team coughing up future firsts for a qb.” Even in your scenario, if PC/JS dont like Levis, or whomever is left at 5 of the QBs, then the option is to stay put and pick Wilson/Anderson or whomever is left. And again, next year we will “become the team coughing up future firsts for a qb.”

      • Peter

        Spectator apologies. My post was a botched reply to an above thread.

        I am very against trading out of five unless all qbs are gone. I’ll be content with Anderson if he is who is left.

        My post was in regards to the idea that JS doesn’t rate the qbs the way we might.

        And your point is aligned with mine. Even if they are all gone and we select anderson, trade back, etc, we will be that team that trades multiple picks in the future for qb most likely.

        Which I hate being this close to the top of the draft.

  19. STTBM

    I can’t understand being ok with taking Anderson at 5 I stead of a QB. You HAVE to take a shot when you have a chance at 1 of 4 qbs prospects with this much talent. Anderson isn’t even considered a great talent, just very good.

    Given the cost to trade up into the top 5 to get a QB in the future, it would be malpractice for JS not to grab one of the top 4, no matter what it takes: the cost will only be higher to trade up high enough in the future because as weak as our roster and staff are, they aren’t likely to earn a bottom-5 pick soon.

    I’d advocate trading whatever it takes to move up to get one of the top 4 qbs. Otherwise, we get to add to the roster this year, then end up having to loot future drafts even worse.

    I’m sure Carrol is doing what he can to get a defender at 5 and hold onto his picks. He’s not going to give a shit about Seattle’s next decade: but JS had better, because his career is on the line, and with new ownership coming, like it or not, he’s auditioning for his job here and jobs elsewhere. Being Carrols lackey and mortgaging the teams future to win at best 1 playoff game per year won’t impress anyone but Homer fans. He needs to get his QB of the future now, it’s his best shot. If it fails, that’s better than kicking the can down the road, and it’s not like Anderson will result in us being Super Bowl contenders.

    Here’s hoping JS has the power and the guts to go get his QB. And that no other team trades with AZ to hose us.i for one am going to be sick if the qbs go 1-4 and were stuck with Anderson or worse and have to overdraft Hooker.

    • EmperorMA

      If JS had the power and guts to “go get his QB,” he would have already done it by trading up.

      At this point, there is no way he gets anything but the last leftover by standing at #5. His current strategy, if he is indeed planning to pick a QB, is to let four other teams determine if he gets to pick one of four QBs at the top of the draft. One of those teams also happens to be a bitter division rival that would like nothing more than to trade down a few spots to make sure the Seahawks don’t get a QBOF.

      If the Raiders can’t entice a trade from the Cardinals, there should be a QB left at #5. Of course, the talking points by the Seahawks’ FO after the draft will be something along the lines of, “we got our man” and “we got who we wanted all along.” I mean, what else are they going to say?

    • Wilson502

      This completely echoes my thoughts. This is EXACTLY why I wanted them to trade up. This was the yr to do it and they whiffed.

  20. cha

    Rob I just went and doubled my Patreon.

    This is ridiculously good coverage.

    • Jeff matson

      I agree Cha, and followed your lead, doubling my Patreon as well. I encourage everyone to sign up, support SDB and Rob. Just the cost of a Starbucks once a month 😎. Where would else would we get this level of Seahawk content ???
      Ps, love your contribution as well Cha.

      • cha


  21. Trevor

    If he Hawks plan to play this 3-4 then Mazi Smith might have more value than expected. Perhaps the sign A’shawn Robinson and there is no need to take an NT early but if not I think they take him at 20.

    #5 Richardson
    #20 Mazi Smith
    #38 Keion White
    #53 Derrick Hall

    They fixed the OT spot last draft and the DL this draft.

    • Jeff matson

      This would be the most epic 4 picks Trevor.

    • MountainHawker

      I don’t see any way Mazi goes at 20 with the likes of Ade or McDonald on the board. Maybe if his testing was better but it wasn’t. NT isnt THAT important. A freaky pass rushing flexible dt and a freak edge are far better value.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Get Ade Ade or McDonald at 20 if possible, then grab Smith at 38 and I’m down. I don’t think a NT warrants a pick at 20 unless he is absolutely amazing.

      • T.J.

        I agree with you, but might need to trade back up from 38 to get Mazi then.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I think I’d be okay with that depending on what they have to trade to move up.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I am praying they are working on something to get A’Shawn. Every hour that passes without him signing with the Giants, I pray a little harder.

      FIND A WAY!

  22. Kerren

    Unlikely but what if AZ decides Wilson is a better fit for their D line than Anderson and takes him at 3 and Hawks have choice of QB4 (likely Levis or Richardson) or Will Anderson who do you take. Personally I go QB but it’s an intriguing but not impossible situation. Great work as always Rob

    • Wilson502

      Id like to get Rob’s thought on this scenario as well. At least for me YOU TAKE THE DAMN QB. Anderson doesn’t even project as an elite prospect, punting on one of those 2 for a not elite edge rusher is a massive mistake in that scenario.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Rob has made it clear in several articles that he thinks if it’s between Will Anderson and Anthony Richardson, Seattle will opt for Anderson.

        I don’t know if he personally agrees with that, though he has said numerous times if Seattle pass on a QB it’ll mean they just don’t rate them as highly as we do. I think that’s sort of a “in John we trust”

        I personally don’t agree. I will be stunned if Seattle were to pass on one of the top 4 QBs for Anderson. Not just disappointed mind you, but stunned. And I’d probably lose a lot of faith in the FO.

        Just my opinion

        • Wilson502

          I for one would be so livid if they did that, and at least for me, it would really undo all the goodwill and “benefit of the doubt” JS has garnered since last year. Just punting on a such a rare opportunity to take merely a “good edge rusher” is an unforgivable mistake in my eyes. They would have traded away a franchise QB, got a top 5 pick in a top heavy QB class, then decide to not to take a QB? Thats just mindboggingly stupid.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I think Will Anderson is better than a “good edge rusher”

            But I don’t think he’s an elite EDGE. I don’t think he’s a game wrecker.

            He’s also redundant to two EDGE players on roster — Taylor and Mafe. And while I agree he’s better than either of them, I don’t think he’s significantly better.

            But even if Carroll wants another excellent EDGE prospect, I could make a strong argument Will McDonald is the better choice for Seattle. And he’d cost a lot less.

            QB? If they miss on of the top 4, that’s it. I do mean “it” for the long term.

            They will never get this close to being able to draft a top QB again under this FO.

            I don’t see Schneider making that mistake. So if that’s how things end up, it’ll confirm for me Carroll still calls the shots, and that’s why I’ll be really disappointed.

            • Kerren

              Worst case scenario is AZ trades out with someone (LV ATL) and all 4 QB’s go nothing we can do about (thanks Colts for tank on the last game) Since AZ won’t trade with us (Rob has explained very rationally why) I fear that if these QB’s continue to impress that someone does offer a ransom to AZ that they can’t refuse. I’m disappointed but happily take Anderson and try to maximize rest of draft.

            • Wilson502

              I’m right there with you on that. I’d like see Rob’s thought on this particular scenario and whether he feels the same. I just think punting on a potential franchise QB for an EDGE that doesn’t project as elite is a massive mistake no matter how you cut it.

  23. awm

    This NT issue is worrisome. What if the Steelers swipe Mazi Smith at #17? Then what? Maybe Rob can do a piece on our options?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      At this point I’m not worried about NT. It’s clear Seattle are constructing a DL of disruptors who will play aggressive, upfield and attacking.

      The main thing they’re gonna need from a NT is to occupy space. They won’t need him to be anything more than that.

      • PJ in Seattle

        PJ Mustipher can do that. That’s probably all he can do – be a slow space eater – and could be had for a 7th round pick after his horrible testing.

    • Madmark

      Not everyone goes to the combine there are NT out there. How about a unrestricted free agent after the draft and bring in a Robert Cooper from Florida St.

  24. geoff u

    Apparently Stroud also planned and managed his pro day himself, rather than having someone on the coaching staff or a qb trainer guru do it, as the usual for most QB pro days. And it was a well oiled machine. Odds are he is going to be a hell of a QB.

    Stroud and Young are most likely going to be gone, which is why I focus on Levis and Richardson. More high risk, IMO, but they do have all the tools needed to get there and seem to be bright guys.

  25. Blitzy the Clown

    The timing of Woods being cut suggests he wasn’t looking to be on the FA market, or they’d have released him in the first week to give him the opportunity to sign with another team.

    It also suggests that they probably wanted to keep him, but only if they could reduce his cap hit, which it seems he wasn’t willing to do. Hence the late cut.

    Still too soon to say whether they just don’t rate NT as that important to the scheme (kind of like how they rate ILB less now), and will sign a FA jag or two for TC competition to go with a Day 3/UDFA prospect, or they’re still working the trade lines to being in another big name for the DL.

    • Peter

      Little strange to not rate NT in a 3-4. But it’s Seattle who prioritizes the run and has yet to draft a center to be a center so in some ways that’s squares.

      On the thought of deprioritzing NT. I don’t live it but maybe Seattle just feels they need a wide load there and not a high ish pick?

  26. Happy Hawk

    Another great article Rob! My gut is telling me that Levis ( he is getting little or no discussion) is the guy most likely to be available at #5 and I think he was the Hawks target all along.

    • EmperorMA

      I can maybe see Levis as being “the Hawks’ target all along” at #5, but there is no way in hell I see him as being their favorite QB.

      If Stroud and Levis were both available (as they would be if the Hawks had traded up to #1), they would not pick Levis.

      • Brodie

        Impossible to say. If we would have traded RW for Cleveland’s #1 pick in 2018, I’m sure people would have said we were moving up for Darnold, not Allen.

        Levis is as close a comp to Allen as there is in the draft.

        Everyone threw a gasket when we drafted Bruce at #15. “Reach”, “WTF?”, “Good pick – in the 3rd or 4th round”
        Then we heard that a number of other teams had him graded as a top 15 player and were prepared to draft him right after we took him. Our info was based on media mock drafts, as it is now.

        The media has collectively determined that Levis is QB4 or even 5. Thus any team that takes him as anything but QB4 or later is going to have a disappointed fan base. This will be despite the fact that their team’s front office believes differently. I could easily see Levis being QB1 on Seattle’s board. I could be dead wrong though too.

    • Rob Staton

      Indianapolis need a 2023 starter — that points to Levis over Richardson IMO

      • Matt

        (said without sarcasm)

        Do you really trust Indianapolis to do the smart/right thing?

        • Peter

          I’m looking forward to Indy giving AZ a future first for no reason.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, I like Chris Ballard

  27. Thomas

    I didn’t see Indy’s GM or coach listed as attending Alabama’s pro-day. Hmm…maybe nothing. Maybe they just hadn’t confirmed they would be there yet.

    I wonder if they’ll trade down. I wouldn’t think so, but it would be odd for them not to be there.

    • Peter

      Indy on a trade down?

      Their more likely to lose their minds and trade up to AZ for a qb.

      If Chris Ballard doesn’t get a qb at pick 4 this year he should probably polish up his resume and get a real estate agent for selling his home.

      On young and the colts. Irsay already said “that kid from Alabama is a helluva qb,” which is about as nuanced as irsay is gonna get

  28. Robbie

    I’ve gotta be honest, I’ve really grown fond of Stroud. He just looks like he’s got it. That it factor that people look for. After his Georgia performance it’s just grown and grown. Though there are no certainties, it’s a shame he will not be there at 5. He looks poised and ready! He’s a Seahawk fan as well. What more could you ask for!

    • PJ in Seattle

      It would be wonderful if it could happen, but virtually guaranteed he’s playing for Carolina or Houston next year.

      • Peter

        Fingers crossed that the reason why Houston stays Houston and indy has become indy…..holds fast and a few of those teams over think the obvious choice at qb.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, would have been perfect.

    • Matt

      He was created in a lab to play QB for a Pete Carroll offense. And the fact he’s overcome incredible hardship is just icing on the cake. I’ll be rooting really hard for him.

  29. Ian

    I’m in the Don’t Worry Be Happy camp. Rob has 65 players in the first two rounds on his most recent draft board. We’re going to get four of them, and that’s pretty cool.

  30. Roy Batty

    To be fair to Young, though, they do have two years of exceptional film on him.

    They aren’t trading down. They are desperate for another rookie QB. The ghost of Luck is still haunting them.

  31. KitsapHawk

    In today’s episode of **all together now** “Absurdly Stupid Mock Drafts!”, Charles Davis has the Seahawks, after taking Tyree Wilson at 5, selecting CB Deonte Banks at 20 with Will Levis still on the board *headdesk*

    • Peter

      If we had not just cut proven player Dunlap I’d be fairly into Wilson at least before his pro day numbers come out.

      But we did cut dunlap. And they are a bear carbon copy in size.

      Just heard two seahawks heads talk about corner in the first.

      I mean I get never say never…..but why? It’s like Pete’s one demonstrable on field skill. Sure he’s had misses. But the biggest of hits as well with the corner position.

    • Big Mike

      Don’t know why you find this a stupid mock. I mean look at at all the corners Seattle has drafted in round 1 over the years.

      Charles is absolutely my favorite color analyst by a comfortable margin. Personally, I find him better than Collinsworth, Romo and Aikman even tho he’s the number 2 guy at CBS behind Romo. However, it would appear he ought to stick to doing that with Ian Eagle and stay out of the draft prognosticationgame.

      • KitsapHawk

        Better than Aikman or Collinsworth is a low bar. Personally, I enjoy listening to Romo.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Interesting that Davis and Jeremiah both have Levis dropping way down the board. Looks like theyve been fed some info, maybe from the same ‘source’ maybe not. Doesnt make much sense tbh

  32. Dubb

    I’m not a big fan; but we need low cost players on the defensive line. Jerry Tillery is still out there. He’s 6’6” 295; I like him over Mario Edwards for a depth piece for a 3-4 defense.

    • BK26

      Per wikipedia (so a credited source), he was resigned by the Raiders last week.

      If memory serves me correctly, he also had some decent issues coming into the league. Didn’t love the game enough to go all out.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Liked Tillery as a DE fit. DT Carl Davis would be a solid get at this point.

  33. geoff u

    Bob Condotta
    NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo just reported from Alabama’s Pro Day that Bryce Young will meet with Seahawks contingent there today. Pete Carroll, John Schneider expected to be there.

    • Roy Batty

      I would think that’s a given.

      Not meeting with him would have been more eyebrow raising, by far.

  34. Sea Mode

    Slightly ridiculous hearing this expression used in reference to a prospect’s weigh-in instead of testing numbers. 😂

    Mike Garafolo

    Bryce Young did not weigh in this morning at Alabama’s pro day. He’ll stand on his 204 pounds from the Scouting Combine.

    • Mick

      I bet he weighs least 15 pounds less, not that there’s someone left who has problems figuring that out.

    • Geoff u

      So weird. It’s not like we, and the teams, don’t already know what’s going on here.

      • Peter

        JSN and ohio’s track do not like this comment.

    • LetArichCook

      I’m still standing by my college weight. Not to worry

      Stroud, Bryce, or AR. One can dream

    • Big Mike

      Water dispensing machine must’ve been out of order.

  35. Rob Staton

    Will Anderson not doing anything at his pro day, including a short shuttle

    Very disappointing

    • Big Mike

      So in a situation like this is it likely he has done it without anyone around other than someone timing him and not done it well?

    • ska

      I would think this makes it less likely he goes to AZ at #3.

      • BK26

        Shouldn’t change anything. He’s still the best pass rusher. If Wilson tests well, that could make a change.

      • Simo

        I think he already knows, with near certainty, the range in which he’ll be drafted. It’s disappointing for all of us who want to compare his stats, but what does he really have to gain by testing? He probably has more to lose, so no reason to do it.

        • Jack Frost


        • MyChestisBeastMode

          Ya, ask Sydney Jones his thoughts on this. Not that he didn’t have anything prove, but boy did he have a hell of a lot to lose. Several million dollars less rich thanks to his bum Achilles and no 1st round $$$ contract.

    • Thomas

      I would think McDonald is knocking on the door right now…

      He just sounds like a better pick.

      • ska

        I don’t think McDonald is in the running for the #3 pick. Would love him at #20 thou! My concern is that with Carter likely falling and now Anderson creating some questions around his athleticism, is AZ more willing to drop to #7 and trade with the Raiders? Say, they preferred Anderson, but are now fine with either Anderson or Wilson. Do they risk the Seahawks and the Lions drafting their top 2 choices? I would guess if the top 4 picks are all QB’s and AZ is at #7 they risk both Wilson and Anderson being gone by #7, so hopefully it doesn’t change AZ’s thinking.

        • Rob Staton

          Vegas would have to give up a haul to go #3

          Can’t see it

          • Wilson502

            I swear AZ better not trade down with anybody except us. Otherwise we will miss out on the opportunity of a generation. Sorry, Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson isn’t a good consolation prize for missing out on a great QB class, especially since u had the resources to move up.

            • Rob Staton

              I doubt they’re going to get an offer that works for them

    • Scot04

      Possible AZ told Anderson they won’t let him get past #3 & to avoid injury at Pro-day?

      • Rob Staton

        I doubt any team would be as blunt as that

        But he might have intel that it would be a waste of his time, that he’s a lock to go within a range he’s comfortable with

        I still want to see guys compete

  36. BoiseSeahawk

    Hey Rob where do you see LB Mohamoud Diabate going in the draft?

    Seems to be flying under the radar for some great production at Utah and Florida.
    Late rounder? 4-6?

    • Rob4q

      I would add Tenn LB Jeremy Banks and Florida LB Ventrell Miller as late round LB’s to look at as well. I know Rob liked the tape on Miller, but he may have some athletic limitations.

    • Rob Staton

      Not watched him

  37. Brennan

    That Senior Bowl tape of Ade Ade is crazy. He just blows everyone up. Was that Mauch that was able to at least re-direct him around the outside and stay between him and where the QB was supposed to be? I’m climbing on the Ade bandwagon, make some room will ya!

  38. CL

    Here’s the short piece from Garafalo:

    He says the Seahawks “who are potentially in position to make a short jump if they want to go get him”.

    For the blog regulars, makes you wonder who they’d want to trade with. Because I think Rob is spot on, that the Texans or Cardinals aren’t likely to trade picks with us.

    • ska

      The Texans are probably the ONLY team we could trade up with. Cardinals and Colts, no. Panthers? No.

    • LetArichCook

      And we wonder why the Texans aren’t sending their staff to these QB days

  39. Madmark

    Alabama pro day I’m going to be looking at is Bryon Young right DE. He got the size at 6,3”, 294lbs, 34 3/8” arms, 81 5/8” span, and 11”hands. The guys a monster and he’s built to stop the run. No one talking about this guy in fact he slid from 91 to 223 in mock simulator. Before the senior bowl and combine this guy was ranked top 71 and consider a 3 down player. Like Abraham Lucas slid to 3rd round last year this could be had at 83. After today I’ll know if I need him at 52 or if I can get him at 83.

  40. JimQ

    Rob: I GREATLY admire your writing abilities and think you are at the very much “top of the heap” in player analysis. I was once blocked on field gulls by Kenneth Arthur for having the gall to suggest that he “proof check” his articles before hitting “send”. I hate to be critical of writers but assume you won’t block me over this minor critique. You are indeed a very excellent writer. However, in this article you hit one of —my— perhaps –irrational– “HOT buttons” when you reference in this article the “ground” as the “floor” – TWICE & they are obviously outside doing their workouts.

    When I see TV shows or movies where they are obviously outside and they reference “floor” as well as when inside and they reference “ground”, I YELL at the screen “your outside nowhere near a floor” or “your inside and not falling to the damn ground.” This happens frequently and is a VERY MINOR use of terms, but it does seem that MANY people use the “floor” and “ground” as if they are the same thing & interchangeable. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but maybe I’m a just a little more critical than some. I hope you aren’t offended by my “nit-picking” of a minor point. I certainly do not mean to offend anyone with this post, it’s just one of MY “obsessions” with these words that I frequently see used completely incorrectly.

    • Hawk Finn

      Words do exist outside colloquialism. That’s why we have an ocean floor rather than an ocean ground.

    • MountainHawker

      I’m floored over this

  41. Rob4q

    Anyone looked at OkSt Safety Jason Taylor II at all? Could be a late round flier if they still want to add a Safety…

    • JimQ

      RE: S-Jason Taylor II, 5-11/206, *32″-arms*, 4.50/49, 1.52split, 43″-VERT, 10′-9″-BROAD, 14-reps. Currently ranked as an UDFA. Seems like a “late bloomer” & well worth an UDFA signing or drafting in rd-7? See site below for info. on his attributes and performance. He’s raw & has minimal experience but has improved each year. I really like the site below for their “player analysis”, but not necessarily their rankings.

  42. Ulsterman

    DT Cameron Young has met with Seahawks.
    Where do you think they would have to take him Rob?

    • Rob Staton


      Really good player

  43. Belgaron

    If Stroud, Young, Richardson, and Anderson are gone. How likely are the ‘Hawks to draft Levis over moving down slightly and making Skoronksi their starting Center or Left Guard?

    • geoff u

      I personally think they run to the podium and draft Levis 10/10 times

    • Rob Staton

      They’re not using their top pick to draft a guard

      • SwedenSeahawk

        Can’t help but wish for Levis at 5 and then Mayer at 20.

        I know we need to go defense with 20 but that duo would be entertaing to follow.

        Saw both their combine interviews and just feel that the offense would be set up for years with those two, KWIII, Metcalf and hoppfully a good line.

        • Madmark

          I prefer Darnell Washington Pete likes to run the ball.

          • Rob Staton

            Mayer can run block brilliantly

            Far more rounded and consistent (and better) player than Washington

            • Madmark

              Talent wise they have Michael Mayer 21 and Darnell Washington 22. Look at 20 I want one of these guys. I like MM but I think he’s gone before 20.

              • Peter

                Your persistence has won me overr to Washington buy at #20?

                I just think bpa and need meet at 20 with dline over TE.

                I get talent and I get thinking to the future but zero nt’s, reed, an occasionally injured jones…I just don’t know about TE there.

                I guess I would e fine with the next two picks on dline.

                • Madmark

                  This is like WR pick that I would get later when I’m working on the defensive line.

  44. Madmark

    If you would Rob I would appreciate if you post Byron Young agility test if he does it. He looks like a DE that has the size like a Bruce Smith from 4 time super bowl contenders Defense.

  45. BK26

    I find it odd (in a good way) that Mike Garafolo and Albert Breer both mentioned Seattle in passing for teams that could move up. And sending EVERYONE to Columbus? I wonder if John has his quarterback and knows that he is just out of range.

    Could be as simple as checking the current value of iron. But to me, if you are checking the price, you are already prepared to pay the…iron price…………. -_-

    I’m milking this as long as I can!

    • cha

      Never hurts to do some opposition and future prep as well.

      The #1 pick is going to Carolina, who the Seahawks play next year and seemingly every year.

      And never hurts to find the next Geno Smith if you need, a high pick who didn’t pan out with his first team.

      • Peter

        Waiting almost a decade on Stroud is some almost interdimensional chess. The good people of Carolina are a bit more aligned with Seattle than the folks in the Meadowlands, turn pike, Trenton area.

        Geno never really stood a chance there vs. Stroud even being just capable + for the panthers.

    • Peter

      No need.

      Florio posits Levis falls to the second round.

      And Simms seems to think this team doesn’t want to make it all a out the qb…which is weird because if we had Allen it would still be about the qb Right now.

      • cha

        Florio also said the Seahawks shouldn’t draft a QB at 5 because that despite structuring Geno’s contract, despite PC and Geno both saying all the right things about drafting a QB at 5, despite Lock having no guarantees at all, it would ‘make the QB room uncomfortable.’

        • Peter

          Yeah I caught that.

          What a weird statement to make from an otherwise very smart person.

        • Rob Staton

          Well that settles it then

          Thanks Mike

        • STTBM

          Florio is like a lot of east coasters: thinks Seattle is boring, and it would be much more interesting if the fourth QB ended up drafted somewhere sexier.

          Very weird.

          I can’t see Seattle being a high pressure spot for a rookie QB, quite the opposite. His butt will be buried third on the chart, and he can acclimate to the NFL in peace, as Rob has preached. Best possible place for a rookie QB.

          • cha

            The funny part is, Seattle is probably the lowest-pressure destination in the whole NFL when it comes to questions for the coach from the press, and thus the fans.

            The fans might scratch and claw and make noise, but the reporters aren’t going to beat PC to death about it in their press conferences. And when they do, Pete is the master at deflection. Always positive, always smiling, rarely providing concrete information that he doesn’t deem necessary to get out.

    • Purpleneer

      Are we all just ignoring the way “the iron price” doesn’t work at all? That it isn’t even a price at all, but means to take by force?
      Or am I unaware of a different reference?

  46. Gaux Hawks

    I’m pro-QB with P5… but imagine ANDERSON, ADE, JMS/WYPLER, BENTON/PICKENS with you first 4 picks! Throw in CHARBONNET and MINGO with the next two picks… wow!

    • STTBM

      And we have Geno at QB, until he gets hurt, then we have Locke. Hurray?!

      Is Anderson worth 3 first round picks and change? Cause if we take him, that’s what it’ll cost us to move up to get a shot at a good QB in future years.

      I don’t think Anderson is worth even two first rounders, so in my mind he isn’t worth our pick 5. Just because he’s the best pass rusher in this draft doesn’t mean he’s a top-5 talent.

  47. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I don’t see anyone here calling for Jalen Carter for #5…. Just thought I’d add that.

    • Hawktalker#1


  48. Brodie

    DJ Fluker looks like he’s in great shape! I could think of worse ways to use a vet minimum contract.

  49. Madmark

    The question is you wait to 37 for Center and JMS leaves the board do you grab Wyler at 37 or wait for 52?

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      No reaching. Take BPA if our guy isn’t there at our pick. We have a perfectly adequate hedge center and can wait another year if need be imo.

  50. cha

    Jim Nagy
    Bryce Young left no doubt at

    Threw with excellent anticipation and had good late life on throws that require legit arm power.

    Spoke to multiple teams that met with him and he blew them away.

    Decision between him and C.J. Stroud will not be an easy one.

    • Ely

      This is great news. Levis and Richardson will almost certainly impress as much and suddenly the QB hype train is in full blown overdrive months after Rob already had most of us on board.

    • redhawks

      I have kind of been assuming he would go before Levis and Richardson anyway… it does perhaps solidify the rare situation where he ends up being the only QB not taken at 5 that the Seahawks may take him.

      I hadn’t been super excited about it compared to Levis or Richardson but tbf the guy is a winner and a great QB in his own right. I think as Rob has been saying “any of the top 5 are probably really good options” – atm I am least excited by Anderson simply b/c I feel we need to pounce on this opportunity to solidify QB of the future.

      You have to think the chances we are in the teens at best draft-wise is the likely scenario next couple of years.

    • STTBM

      Unless he blows Stroud out of the water in athleticism, poise, or football IQ, he’s going to come in behind him due to his lack of size. He wouldn’t have refused to weigh in if he wasn’t trying to hide his lack of heft. He knows damn well it’s an issue.

  51. Brodie

    Between Adams, Diggs and dead money, we’re paying a little over $54M this year.

    Yet, Matt Thomas (the capologist) receives constant praise from John – He was just on Wyman and Bob talking him up. Here we are with a skeleton crew of a DL and no money to spend though.

    • cha

      To be fair, their cap guy likely doesn’t get to make any decisions.

      He works with the team (and probably agents too) to work out scenarios, provide options, and do analysis. But the decisions rest on JS & PC’s shoulders. What they choose to do with the information he gives them is their responsibility alone and not his.

      • Brodie

        Good points. I see a messed up cap situation and my thought is to curse the cap guy. In the end though, it’s likely been Pete driving the decisions that led us here.

  52. Brodie

    John did confirm that they will be going to the Texas Tech pro day on the radio. Tyree Wilson is the only guy worth making the trip for, so he must at least be under consideration.

    • redhawks

      I think they should cover their bases period… it serves their interests to have all the best info on any top 10-30 prospect given they have picks at 5 and 20… AND it allows them to remain a bit mysterious in their intent, which I think may be slightly overrated; but it does provide some marginal benefit at least.

    • Peter

      If he tests could be very important to the draft.

  53. samprassultanofswat

    Rob mentioned in a earlier article. He thought Indianapolis would take Levis over Richardson. Because the Colts want to take someone who can start asap.

    I totally agree.

    The perfect place for Richardson would be Seattle. Because there would be no pressure for Richardson to play right away.

    2023 Draft: Talent over need!!!

  54. ErickV

    Well, the Seahawks posted their Bryce young selfie. I assume we’ll get the Levis selfie tomorrow and then AR-15 next week. 😂 Please John , ignore these fools on Seahawks twitter and take a shot on our QBOTF.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve unfollowed a couple of my final ‘Seahawks Twitter’ follows today

      I can’t be dealing with the absolute triggering they get every time a quarterback is linked to Seattle

      It’s like an alarm goes off in their heads and they have to push back against the possibility. ‘Smokescreen!’

      I’ve found it so weird. The team can’t even have fun on Twitter any more.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Agreed: Following twitter is a waste of time.

      • Wilson502

        It’s across all social media u see these smooth brain reactions from fans. So much of the fanbase has been brainwashed by media talking heads that don’t have a clue and of course the Jalen Carter cultists.

      • ErickV

        It’s insane how so many people in the fan base are vehemently opposed to taking a QB. It’s like they forget that the teams that are consistently making deep playoff runs and winning Super Bowls have elite quarterbacks. I understand the risk factor , but every pick is a risk. I’ll risk drafting one of the most productive college qbs with Young or the most athletically gifted QB in the history of the Combine with Richardson.

        • Wilson502

          Hate to say it, but most of the fans you are referring to are brainwashed idiots who have bought into garbage narratives fed to them by media and other clueless fans.

        • Rob Staton

          There are people who are vehemently against even considering the idea of going QB

          Which is crazy

          • Wilson502

            What makes it even crazier is people like Hawkblogger and other Seahawks content creators are pushing that same garbage narrative that you see in most of the media talking heads.

            • ErickV

              Yeah I was so disappointed seeing them do the mock drafts and passing on the QBs. It makes sense that so many people want the team to fix the defense cause it was terrible last year. But I see the opportunity to build an elite offense and that gets me excited far more than Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson. I really enjoyed seeing Mel Kipers mock draft that had us taking AR and JSN. We’ve got other picks that can go towards the defense.

            • Rob Staton

              And I wish they wouldn’t. I wish they would be more open-minded.

          • Denver Hawker

            Ordinarily, it would be a pay no attention to my idiot son sort of thing- but some of these momos have large Twitter followings and probably get more eyes/ears than the sober radio voices.

      • Hebegbs

        I really don’t get it. This is OUR time to finally draft a QB for the future. There are 4 of them! I believe in the next month all 4 will be highly rumored to be the #1 pick. If all gone and we are left with Anderson, so be it. But QB has to be the target at 5. When was the last time 4 had the chance to go top 5 and all 4 rumored as potential #1. All 4 have star potential in different ways.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Stroud has locked in the #1 pick to be honest

  55. samprassultanofswat

    Early predictions

    1) Carolina – C.J. Stroud

    2) Houston – Bryce Young

    3) Arizona – Will Anderson Jr.

    4) Indianapolis – Will Levis

    5) Seattle – Anthony Richardson


    Possibility 1: Indianapolis and Arizona could swap picks.

    Possibility 2: Arizona trades down for a team that wants one of the top 4 QBs.

    If Arizona would trade down. Then the first four picks would be QBs. If that is the case. Seattle would have Will Anderson Jr. available.

    • Wilson502

      Having to settle for Will Anderson would suck, there’s only 1 chance at getting a QB in a top heavy class. This opportunity may never come around again. Just hoping AZ doesn’t trade down really is a crappy feeling. I’m getting the feeling they should have paid the haul and moved up to 1.

      • Jordan

        Sure, there would be slight disappointment in not getting one of the QBs; but I don’t agree that getting Will Anderson would suck.

        Go back to the day Russ was traded – if we would have been told that the Broncos pick, not the Seahawks native pick, would land Will Anderson we would have all signed up for that.

        With Anderson it is a bit of paralysis by analysis, overthink, and familiarity fatigue that often happens with guys who start as freshmen for bigtime programs and have spent 3 seasons pegged as a top 5 pick. We’re talking about a 21 year old with 34.5 sacks and 58.5 tackles for loss in 41 games in the best conference in college football.

        • geoff u

          The day Russ was traded I assumed they were going to use all that draft capital to trade up in this draft for a franchise quarterback, so we could be set for the next 10 years of competing for the title. Anderson is not going to do that. Geno is not going to do that. And yet here we are at #5, so close without having to give up any other picks (yet) — so needless to say I would be extremely disappointed.

          I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment here, but what exactly is the plan if not to get a franchise quarterback??

          • Wilson502

            This is seriously where im at and seriously don’t understand where so many in the fanbase and media got their smooth brain narratives. People seriously overvalue the value of a defensive lineman vs Long term QB. Defense doesnt win championships anymore, its all about offense and high level QB play. Will Anderson doesnt move the needle hardly at all to make this team a super bowl contender, but a potential franchise QB? Now were getting somewhere. Not coming away from this draft with a potential long term answer at QB is a massive fail, and completely destroys the value of the RW trade for me.

            • geoff u

              Defense won championships…two decades ago. But I’m not even so sure about that, look at all the Super Bowl top competing quarterbacks in history since the start. Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Staubach, Griese, Tarkenton, Bradshaw, Plunkett, Stabler, Montana, Simms, Elway, Kelly, Aikman, Young…

              I don’t get it at all. Do Seahawk fans want to win championships or not? I forget who said it, but you either have a franchise QB or you’re looking for one, and right now we’re looking for one. That is by far the most important thing right now, period. End of story. Can we not blow this amazing opportunity?

              • Wilson502

                💯. I’m just thankful these smooth brains in the fanbase and media aren’t the ones making the decisions. I still stand by my drum banging for moving up even to #3 if we have too and pay the premium. This opportunity won’t come around again and getting Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson as a consolation prize will suck when u consider what could have been. Neither of those 2 players move the needle much for this team. I think a lot of the smooth brain homers are perfectly content being a medicare 1 and done playoff team that is going nowhere. I really wish such a large percentage of the fanbase falls under this loser type of mindset, but I guess that’s the “Seattle” way. U see the same thing with Mariners fans too

                • Wilson502

                  *really wish such a a large percentage of the fanbase DIDN’T fall under the loser type of mindset.

            • Rob Staton

              I think a great defense can win you a Championship

              But building a complete, elite defense is a lot f*****g harder than people are willing to recognise

              • Wilson502

                Thing is though Rob, and Im sure you are aware of this, teams with elite defenses arent winning superbowls anymore. If you look at the last several SB winners, its all been top tier Offenses and QB play (lot of Brady and Mahomes). The last “elite” defense to win a SB was the 2015 Broncos, and that was almost a decade ago.

                • Rob Staton

                  Sure — but there isn’t an elite defense in the league right now of the caliber of the Seahawks in 2013 or Broncos of 2015

                  Passing football and the spread was a big factor in 2013. It’s not a new thing. The Broncos set records for offense and were blown away in that SB, then won it two years later playing great defense

                  So I think this is more a case of showing how hard it is to build an elite defense, rather than show that an elite defense can’t win you a title.

                  • Wilson502

                    You know as well as I do that this is a QB driven league now, and rule changes also since then have benefitted offenses rather than defense. KC won 2 SBs with a below average defense because of elite QB play. Great QB play and winning the time of possession battle are much more important factors to winning SBs than having a good to great defense. Having a merely average defense with great QB play is a much more viable route to winning a SB, than trying to build some all time defense that can never be replicated.

                    • Rob Staton

                      It was a QB driven league in 2013 too

                      Stop acting like this is a new thing

                      Most passing TD’s ever in a season:

                      Manning — 55 — 2013
                      Brady — 50 — 2007
                      Mahomes — 50 — 2018
                      Rodgers — 48 — 2020
                      Brees — 46 — 2011
                      Brees — 43 — 2012
                      Brady — 43 — 2021
                      Warner — 41 — 2001

                      Tell me an elite defense of the level of Seattle (2013) and Denver (2015) currently in the league? They don’t exist.

                      Having a merely average defense with great QB play is a much more viable route to winning a SB

                      This isn’t relevant to the argument though

                      We’re not discussing the ‘best route’ to winning a SB

                      We’re debating whether an elite defense can still get you a Championship

                      My argument is yes — because all of the things you’re talking about (offensive friendly league, high-octane passing, spread systems) are not new inventions. They were here in 2013 and 2015 too.

                  • Wilson502

                    Reply button is missing on your last comment, but maybe I should rephrased “elite” defense to “top 5” defense in the league. Building elite defenses like that requires finding elite talent at LB and in the secondary. Teams nowadays seem more focused on defensive lines than secondary. A team with a truly elite defense can win a championship, sure, but is that the easiest most viable path? I argue its not given the recent trends in the league. Thats really what my main point was.

                  • geoff u

                    Not only is it much harder to build an elite defense, but it’s also much harder to maintain one. How many repeat elite championship defenses has there been in the modern era? 2000 Ravens? Nope. 2002 Bucs? Nope. Yes for the 2003/2004 Patriots and 2013/14 Seahawks. However, as we also know, both these teams had elite franchise quarterbacks as well.

                    • Rob Staton

                      You’re right — it’s very difficult to maintain

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Getting Anderson would be great in a vacuum. It’s just that there are not very many chance to get a top shelf QB unless a team consistently sucks and gets multiple shots at it. The opportunity to get the QB of the future is just too close to end up with a defensive lineman.

          • Wilson502

            Couldn’t agree more.

        • Rob Staton

          With Anderson it is a bit of paralysis by analysis, overthink, and familiarity fatigue that often happens with guys who start as freshmen for bigtime programs and have spent 3 seasons pegged as a top 5 pick. We’re talking about a 21 year old with 34.5 sacks and 58.5 tackles for loss in 41 games in the best conference in college football.

          I don’t agree that’s it’s paralysis by over-analysis — but I am also not opposed to taking Will Anderson at #5.

          I think it’s fair to question it though. He isn’t a ‘special’ pass-rusher. We are not going to get a difference making game-wrecker with Anderson. When you watch the tape, you do see an incredible amount of unblocked runs into the backfield to gather a lot of TFL’s. He is not a naturally bendy edge who dominates the arc and terrorises pass-blockers with speed. If you watch him, his get-off isn’t that good really. He’s not a sudden, dynamic speed rusher. I can see why people are thinking they’re better off taking a QB over a player with this as a fair description.

          What I think about him — and other people ‘in the league’ have shared this view since I started voicing it during the season — is that he’s a very good but not great player. Tough, physical and very capable of playing his role at a high level. He will be a force against the run and his technique and power to engage then read/react is excellent. He can explode into blockers and win with brute force and if he gets an angle, he can chase down from behind in the running game and he can chase after QB’s. I think he has a great chance to be a solid 10-sack man a year and then you add in the benefits of his character, personality and locker-room influence.

          He would be a very safe pick at an important position and he’s someone you can build a culture and defense around. He’s just not special. I’m comfortable with him — I can see why others want more.

    • Hebegbs

      Think your original top 5 is spot on Sam.

  56. Bertelli

    I’m baffled that CAR, IND, HOU and others never kicked the tires on Lamar Jackson. I get that nobody wants to fully guarantee his contract and that he’s injury prone, etc., but it seems like these front offices could find a way to blow him away with money without fully guaranteeing it and that Baltimore wouldn’t or couldn’t match it.

    Take Indy. They could work a deal for Jackson and still have the #4 pick. Carolina is playing in a winnable division. Would you rather have Lamar Jackson and the #1 pick or just CJ Stroud?

    It sure would be nice to have one less QB needy team ahead of us.

    • JJ

      It’s not just the contract. Teams also have to give up 2 first. He has missed the end of the last two seasons. I think also after watching how Wilson and Watson played after signing new contracts teams might be gun shy.

      • Bertelli

        That does change the equation…I knew BAL had to have more protection than I was seeing. Thanks for the reminder on the picks. Maybe someone will trade for him.

    • geoff u

      Non-exclusive franchise tag. Any team signing him would have to send two first rounders to the Ravens, one this year, one the next. So if the Colts sign him, the Ravens get their #4 pick and 2024’s first rounder. They could wait till after the draft, then send the Ravens their 2024th and 2025th first rounders, but it’s still a steep price.

      It’s unclear to me, for teams like the Lions or Seahawks with two first rounders, which first rounder the Ravens would get. Probably the native one?

    • AC

      They could just have a handshake agreement and be waiting until after the draft.

      Say Indy wants him, do they want to give up #4 and their first next year or draft a guy at 4 and give up (optimistically) later picks in 24 and 25.

      Does Jackson want to sign now with a team devoid of a first rounder, or sign after the draft and Indy promises to draft OT or WR1?

      It takes a lot of trust because Indy could just go back on their word and draft Levis, or say Stroud falls for some reason Indy might not want to be tied to Jackson. But if you have that trust it’s mutually advantageous.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s quite obvious to me why nobody is kicking the tires.

      He’s impossible to bargain with because he refuses to appoint an agent and basically has his mum do everything. He’s had injuries. You have to set-up a specific offense for him. He wants a Deshaun Watson contract which nobody in the league wants to offer. If you approach him, there’s a chance the Ravens will just match any offer sheet.

      It’s not that attractive.

  57. Taco

    Suppose Carolina becomes enamored with the athleticism of Richardson at 1. And Houston picks their #1 QB Bryce Young at 2. How much are you willing to give up to go from 5 to 3 to get Stroud?

    • geoff u

      That’s only half the battle though, would the Cardinals be willing to give their division rival Seahawks CJ Stroud?

      • ErickV

        There’s no way Cardinals would give their division rival their QBOTF unless they have a Godfather offer.

  58. cha

    Just a couple thoughts on the thinness of the IDL at the moment.

    Jarran Reed and Dre’Mont Jones are snap eaters. The outgoing DL players were not nearly as much.

    2022 Reed+Jones+Myles Adams snaps = 1,611 ( 3 players )

    2022 Woods+Shelby+Poona+QJeff+Mone snaps = 2414 ( players )

    So the Seahawks (if we’re just doing a flat, unadjusted look) need to find 803 more DL snaps.

    Myles Adams only had 190 last year. It’s not too much to ask him to take another 103 snaps, which brings them down to 700 or so.

    Maybe they can find another Adams type player out there (Jerod Hewitt?) to take 150 snaps.

    I’d also wonder if they could take advantage of their edge depth and work up some NASCAR packages on passing downs – say Robinson-Jones-Nwosu-Taylor or Reed-Jones-Smith-Mafe to soak up some snaps.

    But ultimately they ideally need to find about 550 snaps in free agency or the draft right now. (For reference, Shelby Harris played 562 last year, Poona 642 *cough* )

    Of course – of course – it’s not just about snaps, it’s about quality of play. They need to get better in stopping the run. They are are light on the interior.

    But last year, the team was #30 in yards allowed on defense and #30 in most snaps faced on defense. It’s not like the bar has been set very high.

    One solid eater and one very lowkey guy and they could be in good shape.

    Of course, the coaching has to vastly improve from last year too.

    • Hebegbs

      Would love to see S Harris come back. And get a rookie NT

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