Cameron Erving (T, Florida State) vs Clemson


  1. Attyla the Hawk

    Good matchup against Beasley.

    Few things I can see:

    1. Good sustained motor. Not a lot of standing around looking at his tackled team mates.
    2. He does a good job of sealing off defenders at the point of attack.
    3. Ok footspeed to get to the next level.
    4. Resets well on inside move.


    1. Footwork is kind of clunky. Not smooth. Beasley gets the edge on several occasions.
    2. Punch? Don’t see it. In fact he allows players to get into his body frequently. I might see it as poor, as Beasley isn’t a big guy and he rides him back all the way to the QB on multiple occasions.
    3. A part of #1, he tends to get grabby instead of moving his feet to mirror rushers. I saw several holds on Beasley that weren’t called.

    Ultimately, he kind of looks like depth guys we already have. Good run blockers but has physical limitations when in pass pro.

    • Rob Staton

      Definite technique issues. Also worth noting he is a converted defensive lineman in his first year at tackle.

  2. cliff

    I’m a big fan of Erving. Former DT too which Schneider has said he likes multi-position athletes and we know the Hawks like former DTs specifically for OL. I’m curious about the LSU LT, I heard he was a former DT too but I have yet to watch tape on him.

    Erving needs to work on blocking in the second level but since he’s new to LT he should only get better. Also he needs to Husserl more from what I’ve seen but again that’s fixable.

  3. kigenzun

    Thank you for the analysis on Cameron Erving Rob. I would be curious about what you think of Miami’s Seantrel Henderson, and how you think he compares to Erving and Tiny Richardson?

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I can take a stab at this one:

      relative to Henderson:

      Henderson is a massive player. He has better hand technique by miles. Actually, I think Seantrel is very good at hand placement. Henderson has much more power as a run blocker. He also has a pretty solid punch and resets well.

      Henderson has poor foot placement. He keeps his feet well wide of his shoulders and it limits his lateral movement. It also gives him poor ability to absorb a bull rush with his legs. He does compensate for pure brute strength in they upper body. But he can’t get away with that at the next level.

      Seantrel’s balance is very inconsistent to even poor. He bends at the waist, and very often you find him lunging at players and missing them entirely. What’s more important for Seattle is, his cut blocking flat sucks. He’s a real feast/famine kind of blocker. When he gets on his man, he can drive him 10 yards downfield. His knee bend is not great. and that plus keeping a very wide base leaves his lateral movement questionable.

      On Richardson:

      RIchardson is a superior prospect to either of these two. Richardson has incredibly agile feet and good balance. He doesn’t possess the raw power of Seantrel. He has excellent length, and typically keeps players away from his body well. He absorbs the Bull rush with his legs and really rarely concedes ground. His footwork is IMO the best of all OT prospects coming out.

      Richardson’s Achilles Heel move appears to be the inside rush that crosses his face. He doesn’t look like he has the strength in his punch to allow him to slide inside and reset his position. In space on an edge rush, he is frequently dominant. As in he can keep his guy off for another 5 seconds if required. He needs to improve his strength, which is not atypical of most junior OL prospects.

      Richardson is a first round prospect and a good one. Seantrel is probably a day 3 guy unless he goes Bruce Campbell at the combine. Erving looks like a day 3 guy as well.

      • cover-2

        You have obviously studied up on some of the o-line prospects. One player that I have recently watched and have been highly impressed with is Mississippi St (OG) Gabe Jackson. Have you scouted him and if you have what are you thoughts on him? Also, if you have scouted him where does he rank out of all the upper tier offensive lineman (mid-1st through 3rd round type prospects). Just my quick take on Jackson is that at 6-3 he is the perfect height for a OG, long arms, he plays with a bit nasty streak, and very good awareness picking up stunts.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I love Jackson. I don’t think we’ll take him. But if we did I’d be extremely pleased. I added an older link to your .net thread where I discussed him more in depth.

          Ultimately, this draft looks like there are a lot of really good OL and WR prospects. The two positions of most impact need in terms of both quality competition as well as cap relief for resigning Sherman. It’s really kind of a perfect storm in that regard. It’s also why I tend to think Seattle will trade out of the first if it can. Seattle/Schneider has often referred to ‘pockets’ of talent where they see value, and I expect the 25th through 50th selections will be one such pocket for either need. It’s a perfect area where Seattle would move down several spots to get closer to the 9-10 picks per year they like and still come away with guys they like. Remember, we are short our 3rd round pick. I’m guessing we’ll try to recoup that selection and more.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve never been a big fan of Henderson’s personally. I will get into this in more detail. At the moment I’m juggling a lot of work, travel and parenthood.

  4. kigenzun

    Awesome! Thanks Attyla!

  5. Kyle

    Off topic observation:

    Logan Thomas was simply atrocious today, so I don’t think any teams are going to give him much of a look as a QB. However, because of his size and athleticism I would be very interested to see if he agrees to work out as a TE during the combine and other workouts. As a QB though, ugh.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s strange how quickly his play deteriorated last year… and he’s not looked much better in 2013. Shame. He was a legit prospect at one time.

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