Colt Lyerla arrested for possession of cocaine

He started the year as one to watch. Now, he’s probably one to forget.

Colt Lyerla was arrested on Wednesday for unlawful possession of cocaine and interfering with a police officer, according to the Lane County (Ore.) Sheriffs Department.

The news follows his recent departure from the University of Oregon, after a troubled career that included much controversy.

The report states police observed Lyerla snorting what appeared to be a white powdery substance in a parked vehicle in Eugene. He admitted to using cocaine.

This probably ends his hopes of playing in the NFL. There’s simply too much baggage.


  1. Jake

    Talent usually wins out in these situations. I would be shocked if he didn’t get a UDFA invite to camp next year. Maybe Aaron Hernandez (also an uber flexible/athletic TE), scares 31 teams off – but it only takes one.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s too much going on here even for that. It’s just one thing after another at the moment. What’s next?

  2. MJ

    This is really, really tragic. It’s tragic because a kid who could become a great football player has pissed his life away, let alone just his football career.

    This appears to be a case of no guidance/accountability growing up, and now he feels he is above the law.

    I absolutely love Lyerla as a football player and was a favorite of mine leading into this year as a prospect for the Seahawks…now, I want no part of the kid, no matter how “buy low” it my seem. “When keeping it real, goes wrong…”

  3. House

    This kid HAS a bright future, but it is completely in his hands. Going into the season, He was arguably a Top-50 pick, he leaves Oregon/gets popped for cocaine and now will be lucky to sniff an NFL field. His next move is what teams are going to be looking at the most.

    I will pray for this kid as I never want to see anyone get caught up in drugs and ruin their life. The kid needs a life mentor and needs one now!

  4. Fletcher

    The Bengals might give him a tryout, but past that it looks like he has thrown away his chance to play in the NFL.

  5. Miles

    What a shame.

    I don’t think this is a deal breaker for his NFL career, but it’s going to be one hell of an uphill climb from here. From now on he’s got to have a complete change of mindset and show everyone he can change. Even then it will be hard for him to get an invite to camp. But there’s still a chance.

    If anyone would take a flier on a guy like this, it’s Pete Carroll. Or maybe Bill Belichick. Carroll drafted a guy who had literally just been arrested in the very first round of the 2012 draft, for example.

    • Colin

      Breaking a sign at a shop and having coke addiction issues are a little bit different.

      • Miles

        Players go to jail for years at a time and return to the league. Professional sports is apparently the only non-entry level workplace where going to jail doesn’t eliminate you from job consideration. There’s still a chance he makes it back; it’s just a matter of him making a drastic change to his life to get that shot. I wouldn’t say he has a good chance of making it, but a chance at that.

  6. Brendan Scolari

    For shame. I saw the Arizona game last year and was so impressed with this guy.

    I still think he’s got a chance to play in the NFL someday, but it would have to come as a UDFA camp tryout and working his way up rather than as a 1st/2nd round pick with a couple million already in the bank and lots of room for error.

  7. dave crockett

    People still do cocaine?
    Who knew?

  8. oz

    Much harder to fix things when there is impulsive compulsive behavior involved. I wish him luck though.

  9. adog

    who gives a shit? What’s the difference between cocaine and the “rumored” amphetamines Browner, Irvin, et al. were supposedly popped for for? It puts him in the UDFA status, but i don’t think it’s a deal breaker. I’m sure the Seahawks will be sniffing him out.

    • House

      It comes down to the stigma of cocaine. Is an owner going to invest a player that not only could see suspensions/bans, jail time and/or even death. Not saying marijuana/adderall are MORE accepted, but the addiction factor will play a huge role.

      You are completely right that an UDFA with so much talent would be worth a sniff IF they know he’s clean and they are willing to accept the risk. The Seahawks have given guys chances (A. McCoy: weed before the draft), Irvin: his history, Simon: weed during draft)

    • Rob Staton

      So we’re comparing rumours to an actual arrest?

      And let’s be right here, this isn’t just one issue is it? There’s a growing list when it comes to Lyerla.

      • adog

        The NFL cannot suspend players for rumors. I was referring to that actual substance when using the term “rumored”. Carrol\Schnieder have shown that they will bring in big time talent with off field issues and give them a chance. They seem to have a solid leadership in place since the only issues i have noticed coming out of the Seahawks are not off the field, but on the field PED suspensions.

  10. Justin

    Bummer. He seemed like he would have been a great fit for the Seahawks offense. Hopefully for him he can turn things around.

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